Voting, Vax & Economy Frauds Will End Quickly

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 554 11.4.22) 

As an investigative reporter for two TV stations and two networks (ABC and CNN), I did a lot of financial stories that centered around some sort of fraud.  The biggest thing I learned is that frauds end quickly.  I use Bernie Madoff as an example.  Madoff conducted a $60 billion Ponzi hedge fund for 20 years.  It all ended Thursday, December 11, 2008, when Madoff was arrested, and he died in prison.  As Forrest Gump said, “And then one day it was over, just like that.”  The gigantic voting fraud scheme that put Biden into office is showing signs it is falling apart.  How much fraud do Democrats have to commit when the leader of their party has about a 10% approval rating.  That is a record my sources say going back all the way to the Civil War.

The CV19 vax fraud is also coming to an end.  It started with Dr. Deborah Birx admitting on FOX three months ago that, “I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection. And I think we overplayed the vaccines.”  It was all downhill from there.  Now, every week, there are reports from around the world of people just dropping over dead, usually from a heart attack.  Millions have reported vax injuries.  600 million doses of CV19 poison were injected in America alone, and we are just getting started.  The big tell the Vax fraud is coming to an abrupt end happened this week with an article in the Atlantic asking to “Declare a Pandemic Amnesty.”  These evil bastards know what’s coming, and it won’t be pretty.  The public response has been vicious and vile against the lockdown lunatics and the CV19 clot shot pushers.  Soon everyone will know they have been scammed, poisoned, injured and murdered by a bioweapon.

Finally, the financial fraud going on for decades is coming to an end.  It was all turbo charged in the 2008 meltdown.  The Fed fixed it all with money printing and never stopped.  Now, inflation is raging at 16% or more, but they tell you it’s only 8%.  Total lie and the money printing that caused it is a total fraud.  We were told this week that the Fed was going to “pivot” and cut back on the rate hikes.  We were told the Fed was going to raise its inflation target to 3%.  It was fake news at its finest, and Fed Head Jay Powell said just the opposite when he announced another .75% rate hike and said they were going to keep coming until the Fed hit the old 2% inflation target.  The pain coming from the interest rate hikes are just beginning, and the end of the economic fraud based on free money and low rates is coming to a screeching halt.  Remember, frauds end quickly.

There is much more in the 1-hour and 6-minute news cast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 11.4.22.

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After the Interview:

Renowned geopolitical and economic cycle expert Martin Armstrong will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post. It will be an important update on war and the economy.

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  1. Rodster

    Obama was stumping for Democraps and he was shouted down when they started chanting F##k Joe Biden. It was so bad he had to stop and say, “Come ON, come on, now come on”. And the crowd which were black democraps in the audience just kept chanting.

    Even their liberal base is realizing the idiots in charge have turned everything upside down and have made their lives miserable. But right on queue is Joe Bidet setting up the right for an excuse to blame them if violence ensues.

    They blamed the attack on Paul Pelosi on conservatives when the attacker was a liberal nut job who so happens to be a “Gay Hustler”. That is according to James Kuntsler.

    • Marie Joy

      PP seems desperate to stay in the closet and/or keep up the illusion. It’s an odd position for a democrat to take. I would think they’d get more democrat votes if he came out.

      • Gully

        Believe me…………ready or not, he’s OUT. The closet door banged shut loudly, (& thru the entire media), ‘behind’ (get it?) him.
        It wasn’t only him in his underwear!

        • Earth Angel

          He would have to be gay (or bi at one time or another?). Can anyone imagine what misery it would be to be married to Nancy Pelosi?!.. Not much different than the Hilldebeast and Bill’s situation I’d imagine. I can’t think of two couples more deserving of one another’s miserable company. ; )

          • geezer

            The parties and sex must have been screaming exotic for the first decade or so. Have you seen the picture of young Nancy w/ President John F. Kennedy? Oh ya Jackie was out of town, hubba – hubba. Satin rules her brain now.

        • BDS

          “If I had a Hammer” by Peter, Paul and Mary

      • RTW

        I wonder if Paulie P knows a like minded gentleman by the name of Ed Buck. Seems like they visit the same web sites. Just asking!

    • Warren B.

      I will stick with my original forecast…that FAKE POTUS JB…will have a sudden death after the mid-terms….his planned exit from the BIG STAGE. DEMS ARE DONE not just on an election basis…their Seats in both Houses will shrink……and GOP will get Majority. Watch what happens.

      • Marie Joy

        The problem is the republicans don’t do anything with the majority because they, too, are Deep State.

        • Craig

          So true!

          • mark deacon

            People are going to reject the Republicans as a party if they like every time before refuse to bring beneficial change to the population.

            I am not American but this is what every Republican voter I know is thinking.

        • Paul

          Rather than Republican red wave rising, it’s actually a wave of conservative God fearing, law abiding, family based, gun toting, sovereign, constitutionalist, tax paying, hard workers. Hold our politicians to this or get them out of the way.

          Paul from arkansas

    • Sam

      The Satanic “Globalist Terrorists” and their evil “buddy terrorists” working in Government and Private Corporations are trying to make nice ordinary people “into snakes” (just like them) by manufacturing snake venom in our bodies. It is all explained in the attached interview!! –

      • Sam

        These “Demon Snakes” from Biden to Pelosi who exhibit the highest levels of immorality should be tossed out of office – and we should pass a law that says: “All votes not counted on election night automatically become invalid” – why do we allow these demonic criminals 3 days to fix an election?? – these Demons are not God’s – yet Biden wants to be like Jesus Christ – and have his Party rise from the dead in 3 days after being crucified on election night!!

      • Tanya

        Dear Greg,

        I’m 11 minutes in and the Intercept story is a Limited Hangout and fraud itself. Check out this video by Dr Shiva, all of it AND MYCH MORE were exposed 2 years ago via his lawsuit, regarding election fraud. He does drop some f bombs, but I think anyone can relate to his anger.

    • Michael Janket

      It’s easy to say “idiots caused all these problems”. However, when I look out at a nation rotting at the core, I see nothing but calculated evil. These “mistakes” were deliberate and part of the movement to destroy America. Birx uttered some gibberish that they “overplayed their hand”. Their hand was on the nation’s neck, they had murder in their mind. Let them pay with their remaining time on earth, let they suffer and let them be exhibited in the town stocks like in colonial America. They tried to kill us, now the noose should be placed around their scrawny necks.

      • h-ARP

        I agree. These are not idiots, and they are clever enough to cause mass contagion through the media outlets they own. Unfortunately, they know the sacred formula to propagate their agenda: affirmation, repetition and contagion.

        Affirmation: “The Vaccinations Are Safe And Effective.” (TVASAE)

        Repetition: “TVASAE . . . TVASAE . . . altogether now . . . TVASAE,” blah, blah, blah . . .

        Contagion: “We, the people, believe TVASAE!”

        Then, the coup de grace: an image of a needle in an arm, broadcast trillions of times around the world couple with an announcement to make you feel shame if you did not consent.

        Here’s a condensed list from Forbes (Oct/Nov 2022) of America’s richest people selected for their ties to media Laurene Powell Jobs is #50. She owns The Atlantic magazine. Stay vigilant: see and hear clearly. Watch for the formula: affirmation, repetition and contagion.
        #1 Elon Musk – Twitter
        #2 Jeff Bezos – The Washington Post
        #3 Bill Gates – The foundation funds too many publications to count. (If you own an island in Hawaii, you most likely think you own the world!)
        #5 Warren Buffett – The Buffalo News. He sold 31 local papers to Lee Enterprises for $140 million in cash as reported in Forbes 01/29/2020.
        #6 Larry Page – Alphabet Inc
        #7 Sergey Brin – Alphabet Inc
        #9 Michael Bloomberg – Bloomberg News
        #10 Jim Walton – Community Publishers (newspapers in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma)
        #11 Mark Zuckerberg – Meta: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Oculus VR, Onavo, Beluga
        #13 Charles Koch – Koch Media
        # 50 Laurene Powell Jobs –  The Atlantic magazine, Apple, Disney
        #143 Marc Benioff, owner of Salesforce and Time magazine.

    • Paul Anthony

      Love this Rodster Thanks for the update I DO think we need to wake up more .. many more !

    • Galaxy 500

      Wasn’t Nutsler pushing peak oil, saying we were running out a decade or so ago?

      • Rodster

        He’s right that we are running out of oil and that oil is the “Cheap Oil” that had a high energy return on investment. Now in order to extract oil you need to frack shale rock or tar sands or go offshore. That costs lots of money to get to. Long gone are the days of the 1940’s and 50’s when the stuff was shooting out of the ground.

        I encourage you to watch Chris Martenson’s “Crash Course” on energy. He discusses this very topic in a very easy to understand manner. We are at the point where oil is priced too low for the energy producers and too high for the average consumer.

        It’s the reason why the economy slows and tanks when oil starts to hit $85 a barrel. The energy producers need around $120 a barrel so they can reinvest it to find new oil. When oil gets to $120 a barrel you get an economy that looks like 2008 or 2022. If Joe Bidet had not released oil from the nations emergency storage, quite possibly the economy would implode. Why? Simply put the average consumer would then take money out of the economy to pay to fill up their tanks. Also everything begins to cost more when oil hits the $100-120. Saudi Arabia says they need oil to be at $120 a barrel.

        There’s a website dedicated to this topic. Gail Tverberg runs the site and it”s called Our Finite World.

        • Chip

          Peak oil was predicted by “King” Hubbert in 1956. It was to occur in 1970. This was a scarcity tactic used by Rockefeller to keep the price of oil high. Oil is NOT fossil. It is “abiotic” meaning it is being continually formed deep in the earth’s mantle. In this aspect it is “renewable”. This has been scientifically proven in Russia and elsewhere but TPTB want to continue with the “fossil fuel” narrative to continue the scarcity arguments… Chip

          • Pete+only

            Well put Chip. When I was in the 5th grade (about 1969-70), we were taught in school about peak oil, so it’s been 50 years plus and the Rockefellers now are still using it to enslave us, along with carbon foot prints and so called climate change. It’s just poor government policies that have made the price of oil so expensive.

        • Rodster

          Also I might add which has been confirmed by Chris Martenson, Gail Tverberg, Art Berman, Steve St. Angelo and others who follow the oil industry ,that global oil production is in decline.

          In other words they can make as much as they want and it’s not the same amount they were getting out of the ground in previous years.

        • Chazz

          Oil is abiotic. “They’re” pedaling fear. Surprise, surprise.

  2. Rodster

    Greg, who do you have on for Saturday? Hopefully Martin Armstrong!

  3. fred finger

    Russian ambassador has ‘evidence’ UK special forces involved in attack on Black Sea fleet
    “The nuclear war cannot be won and it should never be fought. And we stick strongly to this statement,” Moscow’s ambassador to the UK, Andrei Kelin, told Sky News.
    Samuel Osborne Thursday 3 November 2022 21:53, UK

    • Sam

      When Russia releases and reveals to the entire world the hard evidence it has obtained that it was the US and Britain who blew up the German/Russian Nordstream Natural Gas Pipeline to freeze all the people of Europe and damage the entire European economy – we could see NATO switch sides and throw the US and England out of NATO – and then pledge allegiance to Russia)!! –

  4. Marie Joy

    President Trump signed an Executive Order stating all assets of traitors can be confiscated. First confiscation. Then hanging. I don’t know if genocide falls under Treason but I’d like to think it would if, only, we have the backbone to pursue it.

    • Sam

      Lets use the RICO laws to take away all the blood money the “Globalist Terrorists” earned killing millions of us and our children (with snake venom) – they now beg for amnesty (yet want to keep all the blood money they made killing us) – lets “make them happy” – by allowing them to live “owning nothing” (six feet under inside a sealed coffin – with “nothing” to eat but the bugs they can find)!!

      • Marie Joy

        “allowing them to live” doesn’t work for me. They killed millions and because everything is hidden, we will never know how many,

        “allowing them to live” ensures this will happen again. Killing hundreds of millions across the globe should not get a slap on the wrist and a “Go eat bugs’ punishment. There should be public hangings, tarring and feathering, and leave one hell of an impression on the next group who think they can get away with this kind of mass murder.

        This punishment should leave one hell of an impression on everyone on this planet to the point where some are horrified. Only then can we be sure such a thing will go a long time before it happens again. IF they live, they will try to come back. They will never give up.

        Public hangings, tarring and feathering and worse because I do NOT want this to happen again and I do not want my children’s children’s generation to have to go through this because I was too weak to do what needed to be done.

      • Earth Angel

        You are so right Sam! We must show these ba#t@r&’s the very same mercy they have planned for us. That would be NONE.

  5. Roger Stamper

    tks for post GREG

    • tim mcgraw

      Roger Stamper: Are you one of the Stampers? (“Sometimes a Great Notion” and “Armaggedon.”

  6. Lon Bell

    The Ingraham Angle 11/3/22 FULL HD | BREAKING FOX NEWS NOVEMBER 3, 2022
    40,918 views Premiered 3 hours ago The Ingraham Angle 11/3/22 FULL HD
    J. Sumner 2 hours ago
    To be perfectly frank, I do not particularly care about Fetterman’s health. I just do not want him in the Senate.
    Lonnie Huston 2 hours ago
    Congratulations Laura and fox news . America loves the truth ! Your Team at fox is the greatest . We love the truth and you have
    brought us the truth . As an American who loves his country , I say this : Believe in God
    Not the hear sayers . We the people want the whole truth.

    • Brad Skiles

      Same corrupt news…presstitutes. Fox News is a part of the problem.

    • Mike king


  7. Anna

    Is it me? It’s me isn’t it… I don’t see a video to play on this page…


      I have problems lately as well. But I’m in France and they’re censoring stuff. So I use Hola Free VPN to watch it. Hope that helps!

  8. Marie Joy

    One, of many, reasons this happened is because we were apathetic. We trusted our traitor politicians and it cost many, of us, our lives. I urge all of us to become as active, politically, as we can, so this doesn’t happen again. Vote traitors out.

    Communists will not give up power easily. In fact, I wonder why we have not seen a second, worse, 9/11 type of attack… I’m thinking chemical or biological attack that is serious enough to kill many and enough to declare Martial Law and cancel elections.

    Today’s communists were bred in our schools with our tax dollars. Please, run for school board.

    “It’s ain’t over ’til it’s over.” Yogi Berra

    I think they’ll come for our guns, hard.

    • Sam

      The “commies” in Washington “are the terrorists” – but they use reverse psychology and “try to call all the normal people” (protesting against the stealing of elections and the killing of their children with snake venom) “the terrorists” – these “terrorist politicians in Washington AC/DC” have shut down our oil and gas pipelines (so there will be no diesel fuel to deliver food to our supermarkets) so those who refused the “jab” will starve to death!!

  9. James Hascomb

    Hi Greg,

    I just recently started listening. I listen to Gerald Celente and he mentioned your name a while back.

    I like your comment about all frauds ending quickly. That is certainly true. I’m wondering if you think that the ending to the fraud is imminent, though. Your comment about Bernie Madoff is a good example. He lasted 20 years. If we saw the fraud in year 15 of that run he had, we would have still been five years from it ending.

    And the whole climate change fraud comes to mind as well. Even though it’s been exposed many times over as a fraud it just doesn’t seem to be ending abruptly any time soon.

    Well, I hope the fraud you speak of ends abruptly, and now. I suspect, though, and it is my fear, that this fraud we are experiencing is of such a global scale involving so many entities that they may have strengthened to the point that we won’t see it end abruptly any time soon.

    Just my sober assessment. I have no fear, of that be assured. And, I Iive optimistically, but at the same time being able to see things as they really are has proved to be just as valuable I’ve found.

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Warren B.

    Talk about Rats desserting a SINKING Ship…..
    Dr Michael Yeadon is pulling no punches with his current accusations…
    He’s actually naming “Names”……those in BIG PHARMA…..are responsible for releasing these deadly gene altering / blood clotting/ heart-lung-organ damaging shots. Wow….and see what the reaction is…..this is just the start ….those in Government who played along with those in the Disease Spreading /Institutes of Criminal Health/ World Depopulation Organization. They are all seeking to resign and take leave permanently…..mere futile attempts to disassociate/distance themsleves. They are ALL on record for what they have committed. Crimes against Humanity will not go unpunished. The worm is turning accross the world.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Warren,
      Great catch. Thanks for the link. Mike Yeadon has been a humanitarian hero from the start of this debacle.

      • Sam

        All these “Demonic Terrorists” who have inflicted mass murder upon humanity “don’t have the balls to resign” and give up their jobs (the way we unvaccinated did)!! – which goes to show “these Judas terrorists” are spineless cowards who would euthanize their own Mother to the WEF Nazi’s “for a few silver coins” (as they coldly look upon their Mom as simply as parent number 1)!!!

    • Paul

      We will never forget what the eugenist, communist have done , and we will not go away ever. Their nightmare is just beginning, so get ready , we’ve got a huge mess to unwrap and prosecute.
      Start of charges:
      Count 1: 18 U.S.C. § 2331 §§ 802 – Acts of Domestic Terrorism resulting in death of American Citizens
      Count 2: 18 USC § 2339– Conspiring to Commit Acts of Terrorism
      Count 3. 15 U.S.C. §1-3 – Conspiring to criminal commercial activity
      Count 4. 18 USC § 175 – Funding and Creating a Biological Weapon
      Count 5. 15 U.S.C. §8 – Market manipulation and allocation
      Count 6. 18 U.S.C. § 1001 – Lying to Congress
      Count 7. 15 U.S.C. § 19 – Interlocking directorates
      Count 8. 18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy

      Some of the charges

      Paul from arkansas

      • Paul

        Regarding our border laws broken and dangerous substance entries into the United States –
        Failure to adhere:

        Paul from arkansas

      • Paul

        Thanks Greg
        For being God’s anchorman

        Paul from arkansas

      • Sam

        We must launch our War on “the Terrorists in Washington AC/DC” on November 8th – and “completely purge our Nation” of all the Demonic Criminal Perverted Queer Pedophiles and Eugenicists (that hit themselves in the head with hammers for sexual gratification and put snake venom into the vaccines they are mandating for our children)!!!

  11. Rose Mont Sellick

    Oh SH*T, Did Putin just expose this? The U.N. shut it down | Redacted with Clayton Morris 90,263 views Nov 3, 2022
    The United Nations says that it will not look into Russia’s request to investigate U.S. biolabs in Ukraine. No thanks! Not interested. This is an outrage. The U.S. State Department admitted that they were there and so has Congress. Why can’t we get a straight answer on this?
    Ask Victoria Nulands husband!

  12. Vernon Locke

    In full: Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks at a think tank event
    Sky News 5.82M subscribers Streamed 7 days ago
    Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks at a think tank event.
    Ruben 5 days ago
    I love how he said: “If the west wants to have nonstop pride parades and talk about their unlimited genders, they are allowed to do that. But other countries should have the right to govern themselves as they want too”
    Kamulegeya kim 3 days ago (edited)
    Thanks Sky News for being impartial…. and posting this for the world to see.
    5 replies Libelle 7 days ago (edited)
    Reminds me a lot of the speech he held in the German Parliament in 2001, about the developed countries working together to solve the world’s problems. They slammed the door in his face.
    batmanfromthesteppes 6 days ago
    Thanks SkyNews for airing this!
    Mac Nicolson 5 days ago
    So strange for us in the West to listen to a politician who articulates clearly what he really thinks – and is decisive and clear.
    14 replies
    Silvia Argent 6 days ago (edited)
    I’ve seen 3 hour Trump speech , 4 hours Putin speech and 10 minute Biden speech
    😹4 days ago (edited)
    “We have to treat one another with respect, and I know that” – Vladimir Putin
    magicisnow 5 days ago
    We live in an age where intelligence and honesty is viewed as which craft
    Kevin Quinn 6 days ago
    Putin speaks cogently for three hours, covering a huge breadth of issues; geo-politics, international relations, history, culture, philosophy.
    Not bad for someone that Christopher Steele and Richard Dearlove alleged was at death’s door.
    There is not a single politician in the West with the capacity to address an audience in this manner.
    Truss 3 mins of soundbite maybe? Biden 30 secs maybe?

    • Barry Nicholson

      The Ukraine is where Billions of the current Politicians money is laundered…Both sides.
      Taiwan is the second money laundering spot…Consider that Billions are being sent and no one outside the corrupt system can get any accounting as to WHO is receiving the tax payers stole money.
      China and Russia both know this and WILL stop it at the peoples destruction on both sides. The people that claim to trust in God are the root of the evil.

      • Shiloh1

        Biden, Pelosi, Kerry and Romney families for starters. McCain and Graham there in October 2016. All in place before what was to be “Her Turn” in November 2016.

  13. Mike G

    Dominion will always vote for the deep state party

    • Sam

      The only place they should have Dominion is in Hell – all voting should be by paper ballot (and any ballots submitted after election day should be declared invalid) period!!!

  14. MJ Quinn

    We have the most extensive AND inclusive voter fraud operation in US political history – Biden, 2020

    Put it on his gravestone ?

    • Sam

      And Biden just used it in Brazil to put a “commie” in office down there!!!

    • Rusty Warren

      No Evidence?
      Donald Trump on election integrity: ‘This is going to be a fraud like you’ve never seen’
      CNBC Television

      And slow mo Beijing $3.8 B with a billion Joe O’Biden, concurred!
      Joe Biden said he was confident to win the 2020 US election
      oldnotweak 1 year ago
      because he knew it was being rigged. he knew he couldn’t lose

      The whole enchilada….
      Joe Biden Breaks Down Donald Trump, Climate Change and The Election | Pod Save America / Pod Save America 372K subscribers 405K views 2 years ago
      Democratic presidential nominee @Joe Biden joins Dan Pfeiffer and Jon Lovett to talk about what’s at stake for our democracy in the 2020 election, his final debate with Donald Trump, his plans for tackling the climate crisis, Vote Early Day, and what everyone can do to help in the final days of the campaign. …
      First few of, 5,796 Comments
      alan mail 2 years ago (edited)
      19:22 – “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
      119 replies
      ivicanuck 2 years ago
      This was a great interview, not boring at all. The only thing missing was Lovett asking him about daylight savings! 🙂
      Pod Save America
      2 years ago
      I love it how Biden does an interview on a channel called crooked media lmao
      Ignacio Javier Kairuz Eguia 1 year ago (edited)
      Pod Save America
      ·Hazel Love 2 years ago
      Thank you fellows for being the voice in the wilderness. Much respect. You are appreciated.
      Matt MacKenna 1 year ago
      Just remember folks, when your brother/sister/mother etc get locked up for their political opinion, not their criminal actions, this is the world you asked for…
      Chris InBlackpool 2 years ago
      So Dan, Jon… you just managed to get more out of Joe RE plans etc than two debates, a shed load of adverts and news anchors all over America – GOOD JOB gentlemen!!!
      Pod Save America
      Trisha Cullen
      2 years ago
      Best intro line ever! “The only presidential candidate to ever win three debates just doing two.”
      2 years ago (edited)
      OMG! This is so much better than …
      Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV.
      Thanks guys, for an informative session that was much needed. Great questions that needed answers.
      1 year ago
      Damn is like he knew they outcome of the election.

      I’m Not a CROOK-Richard Milhouse Nixon
      In his own words, with video cameras rolling, Biden described how he threatened Ukrainian President that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, sending the former Soviet republic toward insolvency, if it didn’t immediately fire the prosecutor investigating Burmisa Holdings, who Hunter was on the board of. .“I said, ‘You’re not getting the billion.’ I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money,’” ….(Quid Pro Quo)…. “Well, son of a bitch, he got fired. Biden told the Council on Foreign Relations event, insisting that President Obama was in on the threat. Interviews with a half-dozen senior Ukrainian officials confirm Biden’s account, though they claim the pressure was applied over several months in late 2015 and early 2016, not just six hours of one dramatic day. The prosecutor that got fired was leading a wide-ranging corruption probe into the natural gas firm Burisma Holdings that employed Biden’s younger son, Hunter, as a board member. Also a few weeks ago the head of Burisma Holdings, has been INDICTED by Ukraine’s Office of the Prosecutor General for money laundering and corruption! There are laws against Bribery.
      Barkeroni 1 year ago
      Wikipedia article on Joe literally says this never happened. Absolute hilarity

      Get Ready;
      ‘Cold Civil War’: Maher Warns MAGA Election Deniers Fueling Trump Coup 2.0
      MSNBC 5.31M subscribers
      Crocodile tear’s, the writing’s on the wall. iT’S MUCH MORE THAN HALF, WILLIAM. CIVIL WAR fALSE fLAG event, ANYONE? ww3? wAG A DOG?

    • Efrin Zimbalist Jr.

      MJ QUINN 11/04/2022 • Reply
      We have the most extensive AND inclusive voter fraud operation in US political history – Biden, 2020 / Put it on his gravestone?

      Right out the horse faced pony soldiers, efrin mouth, MJ QUINN

  15. Astraea

    This is really, really worth listening to.

    • Jim Hall

      Thank you for your suggestion of the video. Harley Schlanger is a very smart man and I watch him on the Schiller Report frequently.

  16. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for WNW554 – brilliant!

    Off topic: I have been trying to reply to a ‘EvG’ comment by Maria Das Santos and, despite NOT including any hyperlinks, my comment fails to post. Instead I repeatedly get this message –
    Error 404 Not Found
    Oops! We couldn’t Found this Page.
    I note the grammar is incorrect? Big Brother is watching . . .

  17. PersonaNonGrata

    To continue – ‘Off topic’:
    Maria Das Santos observed, “The UK seems to have a great ability to pick awful leaders.”
    My response – which in its original form will NOT post – details that ‘we the people’ do not select our leaders, the ‘elites’ do . . .

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Off topic, continued:
      I gave as an example – albeit from the EU – of Nigel Farage once ridiculing ‘democracy’ in the EU by pointing out that the European Parliamentarians had a choice of JUST ONE candidate for the most powerful position of President of the European Commission.

  18. Carol Waters

    A passionate survey for our times, Greg.
    Thank you for your undauntng commitment.
    History will be taught with the textbook you are writing now.

  19. Some duck

    I took online advice including from yt pastors, & experts, and bought 50 lbs of silver this year on the dip side. The problem is the IRS, I just learned, doesn’t accept PM as a tax payment. In fact many taxpayers on Reddit are saying the IRS ignores their usd payments rec’d & won’t credit their payments on their taxes owed. The IRS would rather default people on owed taxes to keep them in penalty & compounding interest hells.

    • tim mcgraw

      Some duck: I am confused about your comment. What is “PM”? I thought the whole point of a government currency was to force us to use it to pay the extortion (tax) payments.
      The IRS is obviously a criminal organization. Do they have any rules at all?

      • stanley skrzypek

        ANY…..any…..IDIOT knows what a PM is……..for a real “smart guy”….it doesn’t surprise me that you dont have a clue………P—-Precious……M—–Metals… are a real smarty pants

        • tim mcgraw

          I wasn’t talking to you stanley.

          And what unit were you in Vietnam?

  20. Earl Thornburg

    Short circuit the voting machine logarithms by only hand write in your candidate on each and every position even if the name is printed. This forces your ballot to be hand counted and added to the machine manipulated tally.

  21. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter, love how you get clearly to the point of the story. Utterly enjoy how you sign off and remind us of the control that Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Ghost are all in control.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Maria for all your years of support!

  22. Randall

    The Lord warns all men everywhere to repent and come out of the Babylon/Rome apostasy, the second great fall of humanity away from the ways of God to the ways of men 2 Thess. 2:3-11; Rev. 18:4; Acts 17:30; Gen. 2:17-4:12. Satan, the man of sin and antichrist pretending to be God is identified 2 Thess. 2:3,4; Rom. 5:12-21. His seven lies and wiles that allowed him to rule over men and have sealed up the Bible are being broken by the Lord Rev. 5:1ff, as the second coming of the Lord is at hand Rev. 22:20.
    The perfect preacher, His Bible, and one faith Christianity are back in these last days or the end times of the ways of men and the rule of Satan Heb. 1:2; Dan. 2:44; 12:4; Joel 2; Acts 2:17-21. Foreshadowed, by the building of the second temple, after the Babylonian apostasy in 531 BC, not only has the second age of Christianity begun, but all the ways of God and every spiritual blessing in Christ will be back in 40 years after the second coming of Lord Micah 7:15; 1 Cor. 13:9-12.
    Likely you are in good shape before the ways of God return Rom. 5:13; Acts 17:30. If, however, you cannot now repent of the ways of men Rev. 18:4; Acts 17:30, then you will suffer tribulation from: FIRST, supernatural objective truth from God, SECOND from the destroyer or cosmic weather 2 Pet. 3, and THIRD other subjective truth and pseudo-science religions of men; fascism, atheism, communism, environmentalism, socialism, etc. John 15:18. If we make it alive through the 40 years of spiritual warfare without repenting, then we will be burned up with the heavens and earth just before the second coming of the Kingdom of the Lord, which will continue for the last 750 years of men on earth cleaned by fire Acts 2:17-21; 2 Pet. 3; Lev. 10:1-3; Ecc. 7:8.

  23. Breck

    Michael Yon describes the vaccine as being part of gigacide – genocide on a global scale. Added to the attack on the food chain supply and energy supply, which he says is going to bring famine on a global scale, the goal of the “evil weasels” is the murder of the people of the world.
    Michael Yon would be a good guest for you. That said, your guests over the last two years – Clif High, Martin Armstrong, Dr. David Martin, Dr. Elizabeth Eads, CAF and Bo Polny have all warned of the global genocide coming.

    • Sam

      The “terrorists” murdering the people of the world with their snake venom bio-weapons – and instigating thermo-nuclear weapon warfare to get WWIII started to kill even more people – are keeping themselves in positions of power by stuffing the ballot boxes up to 3 days after the election – how long are we going to allow these demons to rule???

      • Sam

        It’s time to make them cry “uncle” on November 8th!!!

  24. Really Awake

    Regarding the “Covid Amnesty”. I say only blood settles this and brings closure, viz., the death penalty. No amnesty whatsoever.

    Mercy to those of whom were really fooled; but anybody (even unknowingly) who coerced or forced others to submit, they also need to pay a penalty. And whatever profits were made must be taken and heavy fines must be imposed.

    There has to be punishment, the kind of punishment that’s historical and never forgotten.

    • Greg (not Hunter)

      Spot on……there is no amnesty for these kind of crimes. That would be like giving amnesty to the Nazi’s.

  25. chris

    Thank you Greg.

  26. Cmoore

    Great Presentation!!! Thank you!!!

  27. Jim Hall

    I don’t think that Lloyd Austin is stupid, it’s far more nefarious than that. He is EVIL, you think that because you’re a good man you assume that everyone has your morals. I wish that this was the case because the world would be a different and wonderful place. Biden is demented but this could be forgiven, he is that, but he is far more evil than his dementia problem. This covid goes far beyond the governments, the msm, and the medical community making an honest mistake. This was a deliberate poisoning of the people that they are supposed to be helping. Imagine that they are trying to destroy the career of Dr Peter McCullough and trying to send the previous interviewee, Dr Bhakdi, to prison in Germany. And we’re supposed to just forgive and forget. I don’t believe in capital punishment, but they should pay a heavy price for what they have done to people. The pharmaceutical companies executives should get prison time for their part, not just pay a fine and walk away. This equates to just making this a cost of doing business. God will be the final arbiter of their crime. This is a war between good and evil. I know that God will prevail, but I still anguish over the people who have been deliberately poisoned and the harm done to them and their families.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jim for your very insightful comment.

    • tim mcgraw

      Jim Hall: Great comment. Thanks!

  28. Joshua Porter

    Hi Greg, Your weekly news wrap ups are the best! I enjoy your interviews,but I look forward to the wrap ups more.

  29. CJ

    St. Louis County has been corrupt for years. We cannot get an investigation into the 2020 election results, down ballot. When I asked the SOS’s office about it in Dec. 2020, I was told the machines had audits done on them to ensure the election results. The AG only refers me to the SOS. It’s like asking the fox to investigate the hen’s murder. Now we have Greene County’s clerk suing citizens for requesting information on the 2020 election info. He’s up for re-election, but will win because he’s running unopposed. Not investigating election fraud and then suing citizens for asking for info…I don’t trust either side.

  30. Randol Lee Larson

    ZeroHedge has reported that Central Banks are buying gold at the fastest rate in 55 years. At first glance, the assumption would be to prepare for more inflation and prevent further debasement of their currencies. I’m sure that’s part of it; however, oftentimes deeper reasons are not so transparent at first glance. The article states that the purchases are by foreign Central Banks such as Turkey and India. India is already a member of BRICS, and like Saudia Arabia, it’s being reported that Turkey wants bilateral trade agreements and also wants to join BRICS. It is also rumored that the BRICS nations want to use gold as backing, so this could be another reason since Turkey has been the largest purchaser this year.
    But, I think the primary reason is more than this, I believe there is a coordinated effort to dump the United States dollar. To my knowledge, gold is priced in United States dollars, and to purchase gold and other commodities a country must secure the dollar. There are trillions of dollars outside the United States, and eventually, those dollars may come back to us, and when they do, it’s Katie bar the door. 17 percent inflation, we haven’t seen anything yet in my humble opinion. Godspeed

  31. CJ

    I have that wallet in that color from Happy Hollow Farms. I love it! I used it for a wallet in my purse, or just carry it as a clutch. Great quality. I hope they come out with a conceal carry purse. That’s the only reason I haven’t order one of their purses. I NEED a place to put my defense equipment.

  32. Tanya

    Dear Greg,

    I’m 11 minutes in and the Intercept story is a Limited Hangout and fraud itself. Check out this video by Dr Shiva, all of it AND MYCH MORE were exposed 2 years ago via his lawsuit, regarding election fraud. He does drop some f bombs, but I think anyone can relate to his anger.


    I wish I could be optimistic re elections but I am not. There are so many people in high places doing their dirty work, that I think the end result will be more of the same. America, like my country Canada, is riddled with people sucking off the tits of the old sow and they have everything to lose. They ain’t gonna give it up. I don’t trust Biden , let alone democrats;
    Look if people are willing to kill unborn babies, or newly born, or support drugs that kill, or refuse to eliminate drug dealers that kill, does any one think they will go quietly into the night? They are killers! You, Greg, do a wonderful job. Look under your car in the morning I don’t trust them!

  34. Eric Thorp

    Yes they lied about everything! People fail to recognize how far the lies go. Practically everything we have been taught from infancy and believe to be real is fiction.

    Hitler started WW2, man walked on the moon, germ theory, evolution, nuclear weapons, the heliocentric model, America is ruled by the people for the people, Putin started the conflict in Ukraine – it’s all fiction – big gigantic lies, all of it. By keeping everyone in fear and in total ignorance, the masses can be easily controlled and manipulated. The majority of people who believe that they have been redpilled, still have a long way to go to get to grips with reality.

  35. ron martin

    Greg, you are a great and good American and I wish I could share your optimism. No sir, the vax scam is not ending. The darkside is developing new plandemics and new toxic “cures” as we speak and most of our fellow citizens will line up for their shots. The “red wave” is a myth. Even if somehow the GOP squeaks out a slight majority Biden, McConnell & McCarthy will still stay the course that we are presently on. We will still be hellbent on inviting a nuclear conflict with Russia, China, North Korea & Iran. Energy, inflation & starvation will still eliminate the middle class and global warming will still overrule our belief in God. I’m 79 with kids and grandkids and do not utter these statements lightly. I trust only in our Father and His Son come what may.

  36. Sllvrwllwn

    Mariners have an advantage for preparedness. Should a wokean monster try and illegally enter my house, I have a boat flare gun with shells that look like shotgun shells to back me up. My neighbors will be able to observe the would be intruder running down the road with flaring red reports lighting his behind up. It offers a nice little *pop* at the end too!

  37. Fred Engel

    It is amazing they’re still running w/vax compliance. They always over play their hand, in the process expose themselves.

  38. George E

    Greg: All of recent history was fortold back in 1971 by Lyndon LaRouche in his warning that a floating exchange rate monetary system (close of gold window) where wild currency speculation allowed the destruction and looting of the Physical Economy; the result would be banker fascism with a return to fudalism. Heads up Dian Sare is running against Chuck Schumer in New York a vote for her is a smack in the face against the WEF.

    • Sam

      On November 8th “WE” need to vote to expel Chuck Schumer and all the other DT’s (Demonic Terrorists) from every seat of power in the Blue (and Red) States – and finally begin the process of bringing decency, morality, humanity and civilization back to our once Great Nation!!

  39. chris

    And,,,,,,,,,,,,,,biden said,,,,,,,,,it’s not who votes,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s who counts the votes! Good ole oprah endorses fetterman! These people are wicked.

    • Sam

      Our DT’s might as well be ET’s (as they are without a smidgen of humanity)!!


    Do you remember this: I don’t trust Greeks bearing gifts. Trojan horse. I am not optimistic re this election . Government is riddled with democrats who won’t go into the night quietly. I don’t trust anyone who allows, wants, encourages killing. Social murderers, abortions, drug pushers, big pharma, regime changers, Libya, Somalia Grenada, Afghanistan, Iraq, did I miss any. These people have a vested interest in killing, oh yes Ukraine. I don’t trust them!

  41. James PTY

    The spike protein is a bio-weapon, corona virus was an inefficient delivery system, the injections a much more effective one. If the purpose of a weapon is to kill and maim and the intent of the injection is to function as a weapon and genocide then Ms Kingston’s premise for the last patents presented seems dubious: What is the ultimate outcome desired for the injection weapon/genocide or parasitic control of people? It seems naive to think either outcome is not already known from previous human trials/experimentation during development, so the inoculation of billions has a specific desired result and culling the herd while defeating a perceived enemy is the most obvious.
    The US Dollar: a visit to
    shows today’s value compared to $1.00 in 1913 is $0.034 why would anyone think there is some desire to “protect” the Dollar? There is nothing left to protect! Everything the Fed is doing or not doing, all the political shenanigans constitutes the controlled systematic abandonment of the debt based system in preparation for initiating the new financial and social system.
    Slowly a much deserved sense of outrage is forming over the abuse suffered, the lies told, and betrayal by those institutions people have in the past trusted the most. It will be interesting (in a sad frightening sort of way) to see what the final slap to the face is that really sets off humanity seeking justifiable retribution.

  42. chris

    I think the people with BLM and Antifa, might have been over these last 2 years, secluded in a very nice hotel……………..filling out 1000’s and 1000’s of ballots, until such time as they are needed to riot.

  43. Doug W

    You say, fraud ends quickly, Yes, but it took twenty years to do i !!!!! That Madoff family should of been striped of every thing !!!!! Oh but the old lady of his got to keep like a multi million apartment ( ????) some other crap. I suppose she worked at Mcdonalds to help make ends meet , that’s way she got the keep the apartment !!!!!! JUST SAYING…………………………………………

  44. Larry Serflaten

    Hey Greg, all the bad news must be taking its toll on you even if you don’t show it. Its nice to hear some good news once in a while, if you can find it. And I think it would brighten your own outlook if you had some good news to report on a regular basis.

    For that reason, I was ‘inspired’ to suggest you take a page from the book of Paul Harvey and add a good news story section that highlights God’s work in the world. Whether that be a miraculous healing, or saved from disaster story, or interesting fact of creation, you could share a little weekly brightness in the midst of our current tribulations. You might call it; In God’s hands, and like Paul’s tag line “Now you know…” yours could be ‘The world still is, … in God’s hands.

    I really think you might enjoy that, if you give it a try, but it is just a suggestion! Keep up the good work!

    • Sam

      The only good news I want to hear is that a plane crashed into the UN building making it fall (like Bldg 7) into its own footprint!!

      • Sam

        I enjoy good news “when we can get it” – like when the Georgia Guidestones were taken down (the same way the Washington “terrorists” did it on 9-11)!!

    • tim mcgraw

      Larry Serflaten: I like your idea of a good story at end of the WNW. Something that shows the kindness in us all. A story that shows there is good in this world and it is worth fighting for.
      Here in Healdsburg my wife and I shop at a small grocery store. The groceries cost more than those at Safeway or Big John’s, but those big stores are run by the Big Guys who insisted on masks and social distancing, etc.
      At our little local store, I just wore a medallion saying I had a medical exemption and everything was fine. One clerk yelled at me one day to wear a mask. I showed him my card and he got derisive. “Oh, he’s got a card! A card!”
      I wrote an email to the owner saying that I would not put up with this behavior from one of their employees. (It is literally a Mom & Pop store.)
      The owner apologized to me and the clerk was no longer working there when I returned to the shop. We spend over $1k at the grocery a month. It is expensive to live here.
      The staff at the store and I are friends. The girls bag and carry out my groceries. The store stocks what my wife and I like to buy. I tip them, but I think they’d do it anyway.
      It’s a small town.
      Is that a happy story? I hope it cheered you up some.

      • stanley skrzypek

        ……..”Something that shows the kindness in us all”………..
        ‘…..I wrote an email to the owner saying that I would not put up with this behavior from one of their employees……..
        …..”clerk was no longer working there “………
        SCUMBAG… a kid fired cause he ‘OFFENDED” you…….How does it Feel to think you are IMPORTANT?…….

        • tim mcgraw

          stanley: Much as I am flattered by having my own personal troll, I do wish you had more wit.

        • William Wilhelm

          Stanley, were you mumbling or was that your mask getting in the way of you speaking? Like Tim stated, the clerk was rude and unprofessional. No way to be in a service based industry. Mask don’t work against one of your world’s most deadly viruses. Enjoy your world!

  45. Marie Joy

    2000 Mules

  46. chris

    My husbands sisters husband died from a heart attack 2 weeks ago……..vaxed. My sisters husband 3 months ago had a horrible headache…….. the next morning he literally dropped dead on his way to the shower.He too was vaxed, they assume he gad a heart attack.Thank you for sharing the very sobering, horrendous truth about these shots.

  47. Scott Manhart

    In the late days of Obama when Bernanke was on his 0% interest run Alan Greenspan gave an interview discussing interest rates. He noted that for over 2000 years the “natural” interest rate ran between 3-4%. He suggested that given this history there must some intrinsic features to this rate given its stability overtime. He stated if that is true then the only option we have is how interest rates get back to that level; either slowly and controlled or disruptive and violent. I guess we get the latter.

  48. Doug W

    Oh.. I see some lawyers getting “RICH” off the NFL….. JUST SAYING……. I have a question , are the un-vaxxed going the be lead by the “FREAKING” Gate’s of the world ???? God help all the un-vaxxed……………..

  49. Paul Anthonu

    Just s tid bit I recently found out through my aunt

    This is the doctor who delivered me June 17, 1970 – he is a holocaust survivor.

  50. Paul Anthony

    Thanks for all you do Greg I am more up to date with real news in part because of your real news – thank you

    Paul Anthony

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paul for your very nice comment of support.

  51. frederic w dunn

    I pray the elections are fair , but I remember what my pillow guy says, if they stole it before , nothing done, what’s going to stop them again. We see what happens when you show the evidence of election crimes ( True the Vote).

    • Sam

      They did it again in Brazil (warming up for November 8th??) – Biden is asking for 3 days after election day “to change the voting results” – Don’t Give It To Him (any votes submitted after election day should be made “Null and Void”)!!

  52. Doug W

    I am really sorry to say this, ( really Doug, don’t you lie. ) I have to say this, Howard Stern is an Idiot, always was an idiot , I ” hope ” he dies knowing the vaxx did him in….. JUST SAYING………………………

  53. Carol

    Hi Greg,

    I hope we can count on you and perhaps Gerald Celente to cover the mid-terms! Your election coverage of the Presidential election was outstanding!


  54. alfy

    I think we are about to learn. is the republic still here or is it gone, replaced by a despotic empire that is controlled by the criminally insane.

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      That day is miles away. Do you realize how many Patriot families with a well stocked supply of guns live in this country? Even if things went for Obama and his Looney dream of owning the United States he still couldn’t do it without disarming America. Not gonna happen.

  55. Sally

    Candance Owen is a member of the Puritan Society. Look it up. She is loyal to England only.

  56. Dan

    Speaking of signs, a blood red Moon is coming right before the Election.
    Yes, it’s going to come crashing down on these wicked ones soon.

    • Sam

      You know how planes keep crashing into our food processing plants – well, why don’t we hand a sign on the “jab” supporting UN saying: “Meat Processing Center”!!!

  57. Marie Joy

    Public hangings are appropriate.

    • RTW

      If tickets were sold, even at a nominal price, we could eliminate our debt because the crowds would rival those of a Super Bowl game and one could be held weekly. The good part is there wouldn’t be a shortage of participants so the revenue would keep coming in.

      • Sam

        And unlike 50 – 50 … the “entire amount” collected can go toward paying off the National Debt!!!

    • Sam

      But not for our children!! – because when we hang Horrori he could be hanging from the end of the rope, kicking and wheezing and trying to breath “for an hour or more” (because he is so skinny) – as for Klaus Schwab (who is extra heavy) he will probably “lose his head” when he falls through the trap floor and hits the end of the rope!!

  58. chris

    As my husband and I watched President Trump being flown into the Iowa rally last night by a charter jet……….I wondered if his pilot was vaxed. Our world has dramatically and horribly changed by this evil. I shop on QVC and I know they must be struggling by their website. Things are not right, the correct items they have available are not updated, and the shipping and returning of products is not efficient.Everything has being affected by this wickedness to decrease our population.We pray for justice for these depraved people . But if not in our world……….. there is a heaven to gain, and a hell to shun. I heard Juan Osavin last week share Jesus talked more about hell, than He did heaven. The bible tells us ,it’s a scary thing to fall into the hands of The Living God.

    • chris

      The bible says it’s a dreadful thing………….not scary.

    • Sam

      If the pilot listened to Trump and got vaxed – Trump would most likely not be flying in that plane – so – I can (with almost 100% certainty) tell you that the pilot flying the charter jet “was not vaxed”!!

  59. Frank D2

    You were on fire again today….bravo!!
    Frank D2

  60. Jane Hill

    This was the # 1 Best compiled TRUTH I have Ever heard,

    Thank You.

  61. Judith

    Greg, don’t the Russians have the technology to take out our satellites??

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes. Try being blind in a nuclear exchange. Our leaders are evil and stupid.

  62. George

    USA see the writing on the wall UN don’t want to investigate 🤣😂 the world knows.The pero dollar is back by faith and confidence only by American people who are wising up to value of dollar 🤔

  63. Diana Brown

    Thanks Greg. I look forward to your weekly wrap ups every week. Have you seen this regarding this rediculous amnesty plea?

    If you Want Forgiveness, Here is your Program. Brilliant post by Karen Kwiatkowski. Google it. It comes after this lame request for amnesty by those who constantly attacked people that refused experimental shots. The woman is spot on. Personally, Im looking for prosecutions rather than amnesty or forgiveness.

    • Sam

      The am nasty they will get – will be at the end of a rope – at sunrise!!

  64. Jeffrobbins

    In the end, each state and county has to clean up their election process and remain vigilant . I am sure there has always been some cheating and always will be- it’s human nature. Being vigilant to watch for the big, over the top cheating is what has to be done away with. I live in Washington State and remember well how Dino Rossi lost his bid for governor back in ‘06 -ish. Ballots were found with each recount and as soon as he lost- that must be a good count- election over. I seem to remember at one point some ballots were found behind a copier machine. My trust in government at the state and federal level is long gone (how about Clinton’s state trooper buddies?). Without recognition of Jesus as Lord by at least a handful of these politicians- they will not have any fear or honor anything moral. I look for every opportunity to avoid paying taxes and fees. Why support a corrupt organization? I hope i not going to be another old man yelling at the television. Until the last few years, never understood that- now i get it.

  65. Jeffrobbins

    Everyone should be on high alert during the upcoming lame duck congress. No idea what’s coming but the ingredients are in place for big problems and bad legislation to address it.

  66. Matt

    The Democrat party is more overt at ripping off and coercing America. Republicans are no better. Always keep in mind that the modern day two-party system is designed to divide the people and create strife between citizenry.

    While political infighting occurs, the central banking system juices the monetary system to create easy liquidity for lobbyist and Congressional politicians to further their agendas. This dereliction of Capitalism has become nothing more than a system that robs nations of real wealth, directing it towards their constituents, while impoverishing a majority of its citizenry.

    If this problem isn’t address, all other approaches for repairing the Republic are nothing more than window dressing.

  67. aaron sierra

    in las vegas they are offering free rides to voting or vaccine sites if you are a democrat.

    crazy !!!!!!

    much love Greg, keep the info coming.

    • stanley skrzypek

      aaron…….How else are they going to get rid of Homeless Americans to make room for the ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN INVADERS?…….

  68. aaron sierra

    in las vegas they are offering free rides to voting and vaccine sites if you are a democrat.

    crazy !!!!!

    keep the info coming Greg. much love broski.

  69. Marie Joy

    I don’t know if Deagel is right but the 70% of Americans who are vaxxed could explain the severe drop in America’s population by 2025. IF you’ve been vaxxed, I strongly suggest you listen to Greg’s medical guests who suggest ivermectin, and more, for treatment of the shoulder tap.

  70. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg spot on. Never hold back …….never.

    I have to believe at some level – corporate – political – judicial – medical – military- banking etc. They were told to push this but not take it. They knew this was an intended genocide. They must be held accountable.

    From the local communist fish wrap front page top right.
    Woman dies after minor Marquette Township accident.

    “According to the Marquette County Sheriff’s office , the 37 year old woman crashed into a curb in a local mall parking lot due to a “suspected medical emergency” she succumbed to her “medical condition” at the hospital
    …….vaxxident ?

    • in fact

      What did Deagel predict about Russia? I don’t remember. But here’s something:

      “Vaccination against Covid – 19 in Russia began on December 5, 2020 from Moscow. Russia became the first country in the world to approve a publicly available vaccine against COVID-19, and the second after China to start vaccinating the population. However, compared to most other European countries, the vaccination campaign in Russia is slow, mainly due to the distrust of the population towards vaccines and the state.

      as of January 28, 2022, according to official data, approximately 83.7 million vaccinations with the first component and approximately 79.3 million complete vaccination courses were carried out in Russia; these figures include both primary and repeated vaccination. Portal on the same date, it reports smaller figures (76.4 million and 69.6 million, respectively), which do not include re-vaccinated.”

      And so:
      “Vaccination against Covid – 19 in Russia began on …as of January 28, 2022, according to official data, approximately 83.7 million vaccinations with the first component and approximately 79.3 million complete vaccination courses… Portal on the same date, it reports smaller figures (76.4 million and 69.6 million, respectively), which do not include re-vaccinated”

      “November 30, 2021

      The death rate in Russia over the past year has become a record since the war

      In the period from December 2020 to November 2021, the death rate exceeded 2.4 million people, and the population decline approached 1 million Russians

      Excess mortality in December 2020 – November 2021 could exceed 622,000 people. […] This is the worst period since 1945. The natural decline of the population, excluding migration, has crossed the mark of 990,000 people over the past year[…]The situation was more deplorable only during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. […]If we take the mortality rate of 2019 as a conditional norm, then it is higher than this norm from October 2020 to September 2021. about 607,000 people died, and from last December to November – at least 622,000 people.

      The total population decline in Russia from December 2020 to November 2021 exceeds 990,000 people. Population losses (in excess of the 2019 loss) may amount to about 665,000 people.

      Until 2019, the mortality rate was decreasing. For example, in 2015 it was 13.0 per 1000 people, and in 2019 it was 12.3, according to Rosstat data. This year it has already grown to 16.8 ppm”

  71. Marc Elias Brother's BigBOY

    Democrats’ Your Only Move, Your only chance,
    Against This Red Tsunami, [ Is CHEATING[[BIG TIME!, November 3rd 2022
    America’s populist movement, the light on the hill. NEEDS to watch & share this explosive interview!
    Alex Jones joined Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast to raise alarm over how Biden’s latest speech, was a total inversion of reality and actually revealed the desperation globalists to only have, is to openly hijack the midterms from the American sheeple.
    “They know there’s a massive political realignment, not just against leftists and globalists here, but all around the world,” said Jones to Bannon Thursday morning. “They know they’re over done toast. All they can do now is, to bring in a dictatorship like Hugo Chavez did, when he was no longer in the cat bird, operation mockingbird seat.”
    “[Biden] is preprogramming,😵. ..that questioning the election – when they steal it – is an act of terrorism and☣ is violence.☢”
    Galvanize the pro-liberty & pro-human movements in America, Europe and points east, across the world! False Peace and Insecurity? THE AWAKENING is HUGE! It’s now or never, or forever hold your piece of the pie!

  72. Linda

    I knew when they told people not to go to the hospital until they turned blue that they were planning to mass murder people. IT WAS MASS MURDER. When you turn blue you are DYING!

    • Sam

      These “terrorists” who killed many of us – will get their turn “to turn blue” – at the end of a rope!!

  73. Marie Joy

    My cousin, Joe Grimes, Born 1898, Died 1978, worked for the FBI. In the 1960se was second, only to J Edgar Hoover in the FBI, and had some strange beliefs, He believed Jews are our masters and he wanted everyone, on earth, dead. In the 1960s, there was an entire faction of FBI workers who were Depopulationists. Joe was one f them. It appears Joe’s faction has gained a lot of power.

    • Ray

      …….and Joe Grimes……from 1978 and through eternity, will ROAST in the bowels of Hell.
      God will not hear his screams, not offer a way out of his darkness.
      Nor should He.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • stanley skrzypek

        Oh Boy boomerang roy… and God are on the same wavelength……. so tell me….where am I going to spend eternity?…how bout you….and as an added Bonus…..would you ask what this weeks Lotto numbers are going to be….(just between me and you)……you are a real man of god….no?

        • Paul

          You got a thorn, remove it.
          No sense leaving it in.

          I wish you well
          Paul from arkansas

        • Ray

          Got no idea what the lotto numbers will be next week Stanley……what does knowing lotto numbers have to do with God?
          Got no idea where you will spend eternity either.
          But……as the great “Buster Scruggs” would say, “given the brief inventory” of what I have encountered of you Stanley, I would expect that when your life does come to its eventual close, you will regret being the loud mouthed, shoot from the hip bigot you appear to be.

          There endeth the lesson.
          Quiet prayer in honour of all boomerangs is permissible for loud mouthed bigots over the next few minutes.
          Ray, Canberra, Educator of Loud Mouthed Bigots.

      • stanley skrzypek

        Just re-read you’re comment, boomerang ray……….and….it DISGUSTS me……Who the HELL do you think you are……doing our Heavenly Fathers Judgement work?……..sending someone you know NOTHING about to eternal Damnation……you are a fool….and………..a loser…..ONLY our CREATOR knows his heart…

        • Ray

          Please add either pertinent comment, or at the very least, some semblance of wit to your drivelling statements, otherwise, make renewed effort to remove yourself from this platform of wise, elegant and considered discussion.
          You are a troll.
          Please get back under your bridge.
          There’s a good lad.
          Ray, Canberra, Boomeralia.

    • Sam

      Joe’s Crimes did not go unnoticed by God the Father!!

    • Bob

      Did Hoover know about this? Was he talking about this when he said “the individual is handicapped by being confronted with a conspiracy too monstrous to believe”? Was he for or against it?

      • Marie Joy

        Hoover was against it.

  74. Jerry

    What else can you say? This tells you all you need to know.

    Of course they’d piling up gold. Market manipulation at its best. In my opinion when the gold runs out, they’ll pull the trigger on the reset, and from what I’m hearing the new digital will be backed by gold.

    • susan

      Oh Jerry! I am so glad you are back! I have been praying for you continuously. How are you? I sincerely hope you are doing well.

  75. Joe Stalinovich


    Conspiracy Author David Icke Banned From EU, Labeled a “Terrorist”
    by Paul Joseph Watson
    November 4th 2022, 4:59 am
    Icke was set to speak at event in Amsterdam this weekend.
    The conspiracy author, David Icke has been banned from entering the EU and designated as a “level three terrorist,” [playing level three chess?] according to his son Gareth Icke.
    The public speaker and former BBC television host was due to attend an event in Amsterdam this weekend, but will now reportedly be prevented from entering any country in the European Union for a period of two years.

    Judge Napolitano: Biden Administration’s Big Tech Collusion Is ‘Fascism’
    by Kelen McBreen / November 2nd 2022
    ‘This is the worst form of fascism the United States has seen,’ says Judge Andrew Napolitano.
    He also said the leaks are ‘worse than what Snowden revealed because it’s all being done behind a shield of private enterprise.’
    Judge Andrew Napolitano made an appearance on “The Alex Jones Show” Tuesday to touch on the breaking news proving the Department of Homeland Security directly instructs social media companies to censor certain topics and even specific posts.

    Greta Thunberg Calls For “Overthrow of Whole Capitalist System”
    by Paul Joseph Watson / November 1st 2022
    Mask off moment!
    Climate activist Greta Thunberg has gone fully mask off and is now calling for the overthrow of “the whole capitalist system.” The Little Commie!
    Thunberg made the extremist comments during an appearance on Sunday night at London’s Royal Festival Hall to promote her new ‘Climate Book’.

    Whose Marc Elias Brother’s BigBoy? OBOMBER!
    He see’s no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil! Just his minions.
    Except when he’s bombing!
    Looks more like sore arse……

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      The same opportunist morons that installed an evil demented clown into the Oval office is also using this naive teenage girl to push their agenda. They are the globalist cabal set on destroying the population and setting themselves up as the world authority. They have many tentacles that lead to the same one eyed monster.

  76. Martin Coombs

    On fire yet again the hunter of the truth , God bless you Greg praise the Lord in Jesus name 🔥🙏🌈❤️🕊

  77. Wadsworth Binghamton

    ‘Everything is fine’ with Joe Biden: Democrats’ ongoing ‘gaslighting’ campaign /Sky News Australia 2.99M subscribers

    Senator Marco Rubio, [D-FL] the American Sheeple will save us.
    This LUNACY!

  78. Vickie Bass

    “Trump’s Method Needed in Ukraine” – Top Hungarian Official
    by Hungary Journal / November 4th 2022
    Trump’s method to promote peace should be applied in connection with the war in Ukraine, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in New York
    Former US President Donald Trump’s method to promote peace should be applied in connection with the war in Ukraine, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in New York on Friday.
    The foreign ministry cited Szijjarto as saying on his way to the United Nations Security Council session that following years of unsuccessful attempts to achieve peace in the Middle East, it was Trump’s approach that resulted in the signing of the Abraham Accords.
    The US government managed to convince countries to rebuild their channels of communication following long decades when they were at war or at least in deep conflict with each other, he added.
    “This is the key to success in Ukraine, too”, he said.
    “In order to achieve peace, the belligerent parties should open channels of communications because peace will never be restored without negotiations.”
    The minister also stressed the need to start Russian-American negotiations on the matter. Szijjarto noted that the purpose of setting up the UN had been to promote global peace and this must be kept in mind even today.
    Considering that the UN General Assembly has a Hungarian chairman, Hungary has an opportunity to contribute to the start of dialogue between the sides that stand against each other, he added.

  79. Pamela Hankins

    What are you talking about? I don’t understand any of the reasons you insist on clinging to as though they matter. They didn’t matter last time. All of the laws, the knowledge that they cheated, the fact that Trump obviously had the overwhelming majority of voters did not matter the last time. They still did what they wanted to do, and I can’t help but think they’ll do it again, by hook or by crook. They don’t care if everyone knows it, that just makes it more fun. All of the atrocities they have committed they think of as resounding victories. The usual methods for dealing with evil in this country have been rendered impotent. Money is what matters, and those who have perpetrated the financial fraud on the whole world are the same people funding the NWO. That’s what it’s about, and that’s what the Scripture tells us will happen. THEN…AFTER THAT, God will destroy “them that destroy the world”, Revelation 11:18.

  80. Ratherbanon

    Thank you Greg! This is a wonderful summary of the last few years and issues that have been troubling me and of course many others. Let’s hope the ‘everything fraud’ will come crashing down.

    I still have a terrible feeling that stupid will win the day. For example. The left right paradigm of ‘all kids must be vaxxed to go to school based on cdc guidelines’ (stupid left) or ‘no abortions for any reason ever’ (stupid right). I’m sure neither side absolutely believes in these arguments, but when politicians are done making laws we will be stuck with stupid…

    Keep up the fight.

  81. F.Gunther

    NBC Reveals Paul Pelosi Answered Door When Police Knocked, Walked Back Inside Toward ‘Assailant’ And ‘Away from Police’ November 4th 2022
    Pelosi answered door for police, did not alert them of emergency, but instead went back inside home where assailant was.
    NBC later deleted video report claiming it did not meet their ‘reporting standards.’

    Germans want more diplomacy over Ukraine conflict – survey
    55% of those polled said they wished Berlin would more actively pursue negotiations to achieve peace
    Germans want more diplomacy over Ukraine conflict – survey
    More than half of Germans want their government to increase diplomatic efforts to bring an end to the Ukraine conflict, a recent opinion poll has shown. Over 70% of respondents believe there is no need for Berlin to further ramp up its weapons supplies to Kiev.

  82. None

    Most people who got the CV19 injection didn’t get the mrna part. Because the force used (by untrained/non medical people) to push the syringe plunger causes pressure inside the needle, this pressure breaks up the lipid nanoparticles (container of the mrna). The mrna is set free before it can be smuggled into the cells by the container, which causes the body to destroy the mrna before it can do what it was intented to do (produce spike proteins by gen manipulation of the cells).

    The source for this is Stefan Hockertz, he is german and now lives in switzerland. He said it in an interview on a german radio station “Radio Muenchen” 18. and 19. mai 2022.
    Link to the interview part 1:
    Link to part 2:

    Kind regards, I like what you do.

  83. Susan R

    Yes, we need an awakening and it is coming. The problem would be solved if everyone listened to USA Watchdog. A friend from college who I hadn’t talked to for a while recently said she thought Biden was doing a good job and releasing oil reserves. I only said we would have to agree to disagree. How can very intelligent people think this way! Swimming with the shoal for too long!

  84. Eve de Noches

    2022 – 5G radiation pouring out upon the Evangelical congregation:

    2020 – at President Trump’s direction, the Administration announced that 100 megahertz of contiguous, coast-to-coast mid-band spectrum will be made available for commercial 5G deployment.

  85. Galaxy 500

    Great broadcast

  86. Donald

    Dynamite Presentation! Always proud of your courage. Maranatha

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Don.

  87. Lora

    Yes we are reaching CRITICAL MASS and this illegitimate Administration is going down very soon, along with all the crooked weasels (in both parties) who have infiltrated our Country under false pretenses to destroy our American Republic. We’re going to see the same result in multiple countries where many whistle blowers are coming forward to expose this entire global scheme. I can’t wait to watch all these infiltrators start turning one another when all the filth is exposed.

  88. Lucy

    Greg WHY are you still promoting the left-right paradigm?? IT”S FAKE. BOTH SIDES are in on the Plan. People have been deceived long enough. And ALL of our elections have been fraudulent for decades. They just put it in our faces this time so they could try to start a civil war. I hope to God the dumb sheeple don’t fall for it.

  89. Christy

    Funny how some comments are never posted on here. Or are deleted quickly. Use discernment please. Don’t fall for the left right paradigm. It’s another fraud.

  90. HyperInactive

    I’ve developed a nagging anxiousness: I watched the last US election with great interest and so, obviously, I was horrified by the cheating and collusion. I really didn’t expect that that tactic would fly in America. But with much aid from the media, tech companies and celebrities, etc., the Dems managed to pull it off. But now, America has a porous southern border thanks to the Democrats. The people coming through do so without vax mandates while actual US citizens had/have no choice. And we know all about the vax. The Dems are desperately trying to get these illegal aliens into a situation where they can vote. Hmmm. I live in Canada and I can see that both our governments are as corrupt as actual Hell. I think pretty much the rest of the world sees this, as well. My concern is that Putin sees this with crystal clarity also, and in light of the proxy war that the US is fighting in Ukraine, I’d bet he is very interested in the result of these mid-terms. I think he knows he is fighting the democrats (and the people they represent) and if they somehow, some way pull off another cheat…well, I think he’s getting tired of this war in Ukraine and it won’t matter if they’ve cheated their way in again. The anxious feeling I mentioned at the outset is this: If the Dems cheat their way to a “victory” again, then I think the US is more open than ever to being a victim of a nuclear first-strike. Just thinking out loud…

    • Nicholas Burgoyne

      Makes sense to me too, Hyper. Why should Put’s wait till we develop anything near enough to take, RUSSIA’S FIRST STRIKE CAPABILITY! That they have now and in a war with NATO. With they’re state of the art Hypersonic missiles and subway stations deep under ground in solid rock. In both Moscow and St. Petersburg. They could, just f**k it and launch and have their metro masses, safely snug in, as a bug in a rug! The war would essentially be over and offer our sub commanders and any other survivors a white flag of truce and start a real reset, minus the wicked witch of the west, Hillary and Daughter Victoria~!
      That’s why we must rid ourselves of these selfish, prigs! Soros’s, Clinton criminal cabal and they’re master puppeteer, Obombo!
      They’re running us lemmings like, off a cliff of nightmarish proportions and nuclear war is at the top of they’re list! The only list we will all be on, is an earth wide graveyard and Hill’s only goal in life now, is to be the richest in that graveyard! I’m sure Hillary thinks her other daughter Jacinda, will be waiting with open arms. Well she’ll never make it, unless she’s got a fast plane and takes off in the nick of time.
      She’s mad, you know. Listen instead to, On The Beach. By Neville Shute, screenwriter John Paxton (CROSSFIRE) and acclaimed director Stanley Kramer (JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG).
      The war is over. Nobody won. Figures,_only the inhabitants of Australia and the men of the U.S, submarine Sawfish have escaped the initial destruction that wiped out the US. and USSR. Captain Dwight Towers (Gregory Peck) takes the Sawfish on a mission, to see if an approaching radiation cloud has weakened, but returns with grim news: The cloud is lethal. With the days and hours dwindling, each person confronts the grim situation in his or her own way. One (Fred Astaire) realizes a lifetime Grand Prix ambition; another (Ava Gardner) reaches out for a chance at love. The final chapter of human history is coming to a close. , comes this spectacular movie landmark – a film masterpiece with a message that will resonate as long as the world has the power to self-destruct at it’s own fingertips. Co-starring Anthony Perkins and Donna Anderson.
      That’s all there really is to this movie as far as the plot goes. The movie deals with relationships and is more of a very sad romance than anything else. Towers falls in love with a local… ahem… single and available girl, named Moira, (Ava Gardner) who is not into relationships and neither is he. Because he can’t come to gripes, back in north America, his wife, kids, friends and family members are all dead and for that matter. Probably everybody else! . Another part of the story deals with how an Australian naval officer, assigned to the Sawfish handles his wife and newborn. The other subplots of this movie deal with how the remaining people decide to go about the remainder of their lives. For example, Julian Osborne (Fred Astaire) a scientist, enters an auto race and risks his life despite the fact he has never driven a race car before, A sailor decides to spend his final days in San Francisco, etc.
      The ending is sobering and will leave you feeling empty. Why? Because, back in 1962 a young and level headed president of the United States, back then at least. Put his foot down and demanded and old fart, fat Russian president remove his nuclear missiles out of Cuba, only 90 miles from our shore’s, as he Khrushchev, put his foot down and ponded on his UN. desk, saying, we will bury you! Today the shoes on the other old fart O’Biden and his poppet masters aren’t budging!
      Khrushchev’s U.N. Outbursts – Decades TV Network
      On the Beach (1959)

      EXPLAINER: How impoverished N. Korea finances testing spree
      Story by By HYUNG-JIN KIM and KIM TONG-HYUNG, Associated Press • Yesterday

    • Sam

      I’m thinking the same way – if the “terrorists” now in control of the US Government cheat their way into power once again – it is “nuclear” curtains for all of us!! – we need to use the “terrorist laws they passed to eliminate us” – Against Them!!!

  91. Galaxy 500

    A government Printing money, basicly devaluation, is like taking poison, it eventually kills the currency. There is a reason why all fiat currencies fail and its just that simple.

  92. Michael Johnson

    If Trump “refused” to accept the results of the 2020 election, then why is Biden in the White House? They can’t keep their lies straight. All Trump has done is simply talk to people and occasionally back candidates for public office.

  93. James Hall

    We still need taller players, next week maybe ????????

  94. Cry Me a Ruble

    There cannot be a better soundtrack for what’s going on right now than the Police.

  95. al

    Thank you Greg. I needed that. I’m so bummed out, I stopped listening and reading anything to do with Trump and our MAGA movement. That’s what they wanted, despair..

    And the only amnesty the Lockdowners / Death Jabbers and Maskers are getting is at the end of a rope !!! Period !!! Sounds harsh? HOW ABOUT ALL THE PEOPLE THEY DISPLACED, IMPOVERISHED AND KILLED DUE TO THE COVID HOAX !!!?
    No, hangings are too good for them. It’s too quick. Many died a painful and slow death.

    I’m holding on to your words. All it takes is one day like Burney Madoff. I want to witness that Madoff moment… I’ll pay dearly to watch it happen!

  96. Steve

    I just read an article about RSV in children on Citizen Press. Scary for parents with this huge out break. I wonder how many of these kids were vaccinated for Covid or there mothers were while pregnant. Maybe the Covid vaccine has nothing to do with it, but I wonder all the same.


    Now it comes out Boston University also A collage in London Have come out (thru the miracle of science) have come out they have developed FATAL STRAINS OF COVID.. I believe somehow down the road when country’s stray from the communist model . This to
    will leak out of a lab. And of course There will be another injection to save our lives. Except only if your in their “cool book” will you be able to get your life saving injection( and this time it will be for real). You talk about population control? Thats whats coming . To me its clear thats how the subjugation of the planet will occur…

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Not saying your info is wrong – I don’t have the facts – however, on its face, it sounds to me like yet more fear porn. We were informed, propagandised, to believe the first wave of ‘Covid’ was deadly. Lie! All cause mortality during the (unvaxxed) year of the raging ‘pandemic’, 2020, was less than the average of the previous five years. Doh! People made scared for their lives rushed to get vaxxed in 2021 – and THEN, all cause mortality started to rise above average and continues to climb. Now the truth is coming out and vaxx hesitancy is a growing trend and, according to what your report, London and Boston universities have created “FATAL STRAINS OF COVID”. Why did you put it in caps? Let’s not forget that it was the infamous Neil Ferguson from Imperial College London who ‘predicted’ massive deaths from ‘Covid-19’ to kickstart the panic.

      ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me’.

  98. Warren B.

    Absolutely on target PNG.
    There is no democratic process. We must come to terms with the fact that the ruling class ( The Monarchies of Europe) rule surreptitiously ( and this applies to America unfortunately as well). For those with their eyes and ears truly attuned …..these innocuous events (resignations of Public Officers and replacement with Party chosen individuals) ….are a facade. Sunak , Truss and her predecessor Johnston…are really just puppets chosen by the Aristocracy/Nobility. Interesting point on Sunak….he married into wealth….his father-in-law is a tech billionaire in India. Him and his partner are reportedly more wealthier than the new King.
    As for the next innocuous event in the politico-merry-go-round… what occurs with Biden….and his replacement…soon after the mid-terms…( all well scripted). Biden is a distant relative of UK Royal Bloodline….that’s not well known….but further evidence how corrupted government is.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Warren,
      Totally agree. Our ‘leaders’ are pre-selected. Liz Truss, an obvious idiot, was selected to be the notional leader during the blowing up of the Russian under-sea gas pipelines AND the introduction of a disastrous budget which led to massive devaluation of the British pound. Job done! After only 48 days in office, she was thrown under the bus – with a massive pension for life (payoff). Next pre-selected ‘yes man’ please step forward. Ah, Sunak, ex Goldman Sachs, perfect!

      ‘He who pays the piper calls the tune’.

      • Sam

        Yep! – No one elected Klaus Schwab to be the Ruler of the World!!

        • Cry Me a Ruble

          Exactly. This is a manufactured emergency. The left is all about never let a crisis go to waste yet most of the crisis they create. They want to depopulate the planet yet if every person living on Earth right now stood shoulder to shoulder they would easily fit into Texas and then some. This is nothing more than an old fashioned power grab by the globalist left using the environment, artificial intelligence, and pharmaceuticals to push their agenda to completion. Their sincerity bores me.

  99. Anita

    Thanks Greg, goop wrap up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Anita.

  100. Greg

    Another fabulous show Greg. Every week you just keep knocking it out of the park.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Greg,
      That’s good to hear because I spend a lot of time on the WNW! Thank you!!!

  101. Brian Dougan

    A bit off topic: Big Pharma/Assorted government heads…It’s time to “Forgive and forget.” Even serial killers wouldn’t dare utter such insensitive; breathtakingly insolent words. “We made a mistake.” To err is human; la de da. These wicked psychopaths constantly lie through their blood stained serpent fangs. Hang every single one of them, and leave their bodies in the streets. Shake your head at them, and then toss their corpses into a wood chipper.

  102. Not So Free

    Now the vax pushers are asking for amnesty for their collusion. To that I say:
    NO !

  103. Justn Observer

    Greg. More revelations about the shots down yonder?—Here-is-What-Really-is-in-the-Vaccines:d

  104. Errol Flynn

    These evil psychopaths will regret the day they were born when the fake vaccine narrative unwinds.There will be no rock on earth these bastards will be able to hid under.Add rope to the shortage list.

    • Tim K

      Hi Errol,

      That is what I have been saying.


  105. Randy

    US ICBMs also go mach 23 (takes mach 25 to reach orbit so anything going into low earth orbit has to be doing mach 25 minimum) or about 15,000 miles per hour at terminal velocity. Nothing new, nothing new since the 1960s technology. First US MIRV was on a Minute Man III in 1970.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s much more than that:

      • Randy

        Yet in the Business Insider article you linked, it says, “Yet Satan 2 is not exactly unique.” It’s not, it’s an old dog with some new tricks. What we should be worried about isn’t the Russians, it’s Xi’s DF-17 which is now fielded. Satan 2 is unlikely to send our carriers to the bottom of the ocean, DF-17 is more then capable of doing so with it’s highly advance capabilities which America is unable to match.

        • Greg Hunter

          good point

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Randy,
      ‘Traditional ICBMs have to reach escape velocity and then fall back toward their target at similar speed – true. However, the novelty about Russia’s new scramjet missiles is that they are steerable. Thus, their trajectory toward target is unpredictable and they can evade existing counter-measures. This was / is a power-game changer!

  106. Felix

    Good wrap up greg,sorry but I couldn’t stop laughing when you did the fetterman slobbering.What scares me is that dummies vote for these lying charlatans,even as their world is being destroyed around them,mind boggling.The sad thing is these luciferiand like politicians,the fbi,the cia will bring out the full totalitarian boot and destroy this nation.Arm up americans and band together because satan will be knocking at your door.These satnic scumbags are under the spell of the devil,plain and simple.GOD bless patriots

    • Randy

      Hey PNG,

      It’s not really a game changer because our National Ballistic Defense System was never designed to counter USSR/Russian Federation’s launch capabilities in the first place. It’s there basically for defense from one or more ICBMs from North Korea. Our MIRV with decoys will do just perfectly fine against Moscow’s ring of ballistic missile defense systems on initial counter wave. By the time the second wave is inbound from our SLBM in the following days/weeks, Moscow’s defense systems will be greatly degraded if not eliminated. On the other hand, Xi’s DF-17 is a true game changer with the utility behind it.

  107. James

    Wonder if a blood test has been or will be made to test if a person has or has not taken the jab(s).

    • Sam

      What if the blood test is in reality an m-RNA “jab” in disguise??

  108. scotty

    Greg, your right they lied about everything with Covid,
    The biggest lie of them all is the virus itself…
    Please interview Christine Massey, Dr.Tom Cowan , or and Dr Andrew Kaufman.
    You’ll see it so clearly it can’t be denied…

  109. Vince Osburn

    I can’t help but wonder if the good old USA ain’t the “woman riding on the scarlet coloured Beast” who is “drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus”. Who shall be hated by the world “and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.”

    • susan

      Makes sense Vince, doesn’t it?

  110. tim mcgraw

    Thanks, Greg for another great WNW. Inflation is high here in Sonoma County. I was at the local grocery store last Tuesday and the clerks were putting new prices on everything.
    “Prices going up?” I asked.
    “Oh, yeah. The inflation you know.” The young woman replied.
    “Ya gotta love the Fed printing all that currency,” I said.
    “Oh, yeah.” The two young women said and smiled. They understood what was going on.

    • stanley skrzypek

      ……“Oh, yeah.” The two young women said and smiled. They understood what was going on.”………
      NO……they were afraid of “Getting Fired” from some scumbag that got their “brother worker” fired for “OFFENDING You”…..if they didn’t agree with what you said…

      • tim mcgraw

        stanley: You are following me around and trolling me like a mad dog. Do you need a rabies shot? I’m sure you can get one for free at the VA Hospital.

  111. tim mcgraw

    Dr. Sundari Mase is the Sonoma County Health Officer. She was educated at Berkeley, U., and worked for the WHO (Bill Gates) in India on Tuberculosis treatments. She was hired by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors in March 2020.
    I emailed her this letter below:

    Dear Dr. Mase, November 4th, 2022

    I just read in the Healdsburg Tribune that you are mandating flu shots for healthcare workers in Sonoma County. The article says that you have the authority to do this because of a regulation and code. Those aren’t laws passed by the legislature. You are overstepping your authority with more mandates for medical treatments as you did with the Covid lockdowns and pushing those worthless and dangerous “vaccines” which are still experimental.

    The premier of Alberta has apologized for requiring Covid “vaccines” for government workers. The Supreme Court in New York State just told NYC that it had to hire back, with back pay, all government employees fired for not taking the “vaccines.”

    The Covid war is over. Your side LOST!

    The children will be damaged all of their lives for those two years of lost schooling and wearing those stupid fecking masks!

    Businesses have closed. Families are divided. The elderly died alone in nursing homes.

    Because of YOU!

    You disgust me, Dr. Mase.

    Tim McGraw
    Healdsburg, CA

    I doubt if I will get a reply. I never do. TJM

    • stanley skrzypek

      ….you sure are quite the “vigilante letter writer”… she’s scared to answer your letter for Fear of being “FIRED”… are after all a “very impotant” citizen….and… and pop store customer…..impressive…..very impressive……

    • Sam

      I’ll reply – Good Job Tim!!!

    • PersonaNonGrata


      • tim mcgraw

        PersonaNonGrata: Thanks. I try to burst the bureaucrat’s “bubble” that they live in down at the County Government in Santa Rosa. The County is the single largest employer in Sonoma County. About 4,000 employees.

  112. Linda Locascio

    They will have to have a nuclear war to cover for all the people dying from the jab.😩

  113. Stan

    I was shorting Gold like crazy on Friday.

  114. Da Yooper


    IF you have not done your interview with MA could you ask him about this?

    Governor Of Dutch Central Bank States Gold Revaluation Account Is Solvency Backstop

    “Astonishing response by Dutch central bank Governor Knot when his solvency is questioned due to coming losses: use gold revaluation account.”

  115. Luciano Granie

    From JFK to 911 to the covid 19 and the election cheating….Rotten to the core.

  116. Craig

    Thanks Greg!
    I can’t but feel like you are preaching to the choir here today, no offence.
    People really need some instruction on how they can help to stop this madness.
    Maybe what companies to avoid doing business with something like, The Weeks Worst.
    The Woke companies to avoid that are stabbing us all in the back, like Airbnb.
    Vote with your wallets folks! No need letting those Woke simmer in the background destroying our country.

  117. Mike G

    Greg you are on fire, you the man.
    But this is your FINAL WARNING! Quit speaking the truth.

  118. Ben Golan

    I have an honest question. If Russia and China on multiple occasions have threatened to take out communications satellites then isn’t it prudent to look at other possible modes of communication like CB or Ham radio? Is it ethical to push satellite phones in these circumstances? Or do you think Russia or China in a conflict with the US would never consider taking out our communications satellites?

  119. Ben Golan

    Why can’t I post a comment?

    • Greg Hunter

      What are you posting?

  120. Traverse City, MI.

    727,805 views Nov 3, 2022
    Filmmaker Michael Moore joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber on the midterms in the final week of campaigning, predicting a Democratic sweep, adding that Republicans are “not going to win next Tuesday.” Moore also responds to conservative activist Grover Norquist saying on “The Beat” that no Republicans “wielding any power” will push to raise the social security or Medicare ages. On media reports that there may be a “red wave,” Moore balks: ” I know I take a minority position on this… No actually, we’re not going to lose. There’s more of us than there are of them.”
    He looks like he’s about to cry.

    294,794 views Oct 29, 2016
    Michael Moore says Trump will win. Here’s why –
    I know a lot of people in Michigan that are planning to vote for Trump. They don’t necessarily like him that much or agree with him. They’re not racists or rednecks, they’re actually pretty decent people. So after talking to them I wanted to write this.
    Donald Trump came to the Detroit economic club, and stood there in front of the Ford motor executive and said, “If you close these factories as you’re planning to do in Detroit, and build them in Mexico, I’m going to put a 35% tariff on those cars when you send them back and nobody is going to buy them.”
    It was an amazing thing to see. No politician, republican or democrat, had ever said anything like that to these executives and it was music to the ears of people in Michigan, and Ohio and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. You live here in Ohio, you know what I’m talking about.
    Whether Trump means it or not, is kind of irrelevant because he’s saying the things to people who are hurting. And it’s why every beaten down, nameless, forgotten working stiff, who used to be part of what was called the middle class, loves Trump. He is the human molotov cocktail that they’ve been waiting for. The human hand grande that they can legally throw into the system that stole their lives from them.
    And on November 8, Election Day, although they lost their jobs, although they’ve been foreclose on by the bank, and next came the divorce and now the wife and kids are gone, the car’s been repoed, they haven’t had a real vacation in years, they’re stuck with the shitty Obamacare Bronze Plan where you can’t even get a fucking percocet. They’ve essentially lost everything they had, except one thing — the one thing that doesn’t cost them a cent, and is guaranteed to them by the American constitution: the right to vote.

    They might be penniless, they might be homeless, they might be fucked over and fucked up it doesn’t matter, because it’s equalized on that day – a millionaire has the same number of votes as the person without a job: one.

    And there’s more of the former middle class than there are in the millionaire class.

    So on November 8, the dispossessed will walk into the voting booth, be handed a ballot, close the curtain, and take that lever or felt pen or touchscreen and put a big fucking X in the box by the name of the man who has threatened to upend and overturn the very system that has ruined their lives: Donald J. Trump.
    They see that the elite who ruined their lives hate Trump. Corporate America hates Trump. Wall Street hates Trump. The career politicians hate Trump. The media hates Trump, after they loved him and created him, and now hate.

    Thank you media: the enemy of my enemy is who I’m voting for on November 8.

    Yes, on November 8, you Joe Blow, Steve Blow, Bob Blow, Billy Blow, all the Blows get to go and blow up the whole goddamn system because it’s your right. Trump’s election is going to be the biggest ‘fuck you’ ever recorded in human history and it will feel good.

    Who said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot, fool all of the people all of the time.”?
    A Man Who got A Lead Ball in the Back of His Head, as John F. Kennedy did almost a hundred years later in the form of a bullet. They’ll be back!
    _________We Need a New World to Come

  121. Clay Lane

    Weekend under SANCTIONS in Russia. St Petersburg on Saturday Night. LIVE
    Baklykov. Live 21.6K subscribers
    509 watching now Started streaming 51 minutes ago
    Live stream from St Petersburg, Russia on Saturday night, the weekend under 8 months of unprecedented sanctions imposed on Russia and Russian people.

  122. Prospector

    A new narrative is taking shape about the elections. You can know for a fact a Psy-Op is being prepared when multiple mass-media outlets all parrot the same talking points with only slightly different wording. ( Like they all got the same memo from on high )

    Theme : We will not know the results of the mid term elections for days !
    ” You may not know full Michigan results on election night , here’s why ” – USA Today
    ” Why it’s OK if we don’t know results election night ” – St. Louis Post Dispatch
    ” Why early results on election night may be misleading , again ” N.Y. Slimes
    ” Why election results may not be known right away ” Yahoo-Sports
    Add to these , many op-ed and ‘ guest editorials ‘ that are nearly identical across many newspapers / outlets.

    See for yourself how many results you get by searching the term ” We wont know results election night “

  123. Frank S.

    Greg, Yesterday I posted a link to a news site called It rates stories’ Left/Right bias, Factuality and more. They collect news from all over the world. I thought your audience would be interested in giving it a look. No, I’m not shilling for them, I’m merely passing along what I discovered. I’m posting this again now, because it never passed “moderation”, apparently. I’m not a Troll or a Spammer, just a person. OK?

  124. Sara Young

    Written by the great Robert Barns

    • The Covid Authoritarians beg amnesty. Too generous an amnesty only begets the recurrence of the original sin. My answer: Never Forget. Never Forgive. Hold the Line.
    • Let us remember their sin. They arrested us en masse in our own homes. They shuttered the schools of learning for our children. They stripped us of simple joys like a visit to the beach, a family trip to the park, a long-planned vacation. They denied us the sacred rituals of church and family alike. They refused us celebrating a marriage, a graduation, a life well lived. They stole from us the chance to say goodbye to our loved ones on their death beds. They robbed decades of dreams from small businesses across the land. They fired us from lifelong jobs we’d spent a lifetime of loyalty to, for the simple request of respecting our bodily integrity and deepest spiritual beliefs. They reallocated wealth from us to Big Tech oligarchs and connected pols. They demanded medical sharia law of masking our faces to merely walk into a store or take a trip, as even autistic kids were shamed or denied a simple plane ride. They corrupted our elections under the guise of pandemic policies, and awarded the most powerful office in the world to a perverted derelict on the cusp of world war and global depression. They coerced unwanted, dangerous drugs into our bodies, drugs that beget disability and death, often for the youngest amongst us.
    • When we asked questions, they censored us, they shamed us, and they outcast us. They gleefully celebrated lost jobs, lost businesses, and lost lives, for our dissident questions and critiques. They demanded our public flogging and walk of shame for their sins. And now they ask for amnesty?
    • No, there will be no amnesty. Never Forget. Never Forgive. Hold the Line.

  125. Edwin Meyer

    Just a clarification Greg, In a real nationwide SHTF situation, SATELLITES WOULD BE SHUT DOWN! HAM and shortwave radios will not.

  126. Anti-Atomist

    Look, Harvard University sells THE SATANIC BIBLE: 50th ANNIVERSARY

    and he said to them, “Why are you sleeping? Rise and pray that you may not enter into temptation.” Luke 22:46

  127. k33j88

    The red tsunami will overtake both houses of Congress, Biden will be impeached and removed, the election will be shown to be fraudulent, President Trump will be re-instated to his rightful place, all of Bidens’ executive orders will be rescinded, and those responsible for the massive covid-19 vaccine fraud will be imprisoned. Just one man’s humble opinion.

  128. Oscar Klugman

    There are three types of Federal employees, those that are there to hand out free stuff, those that take your hard earned pay away, and those that are there to lie all the time . What ever happened to personal responsibility, living within your means, pulling your own weight?

    The Federal Register lists some 434 Agencies. and this is just is what they admit to.
    I think we could get by with ten.

    Until we axe the Federal agencies, cut Federal employees by 90%, gut it down to minimum to keep America ‘America’, nothing will improve, they will just create new and expand the number of persons and corporations that get free money for nothing.

    I for one think getting free money or even a rebate or break is not right. If all people just pulled their own weight we could slash the expenditures by 75%. But that will never happen. Things will get worse day after day until the end, and then they will claim it all happened by surprise, or blame Trump. [Remember when they use to blame Bush and before him Nixon for everything?]

    The way things are going, the money stolen by taxation won’t cover the cost alone for welfare, medical, etc etc for goldbricks and those ‘poor’ morbid obese and entitlements. As the economy sinks day by day, the more people are just going to say suck it, I ain’t working just to support the 150+ million moochers anymore.

    You can track the amount of excess money in the system by watching fat people and the age/make of their elephant SUVs. Look at the blimps that illegally park in the handicapped spaces and ask have these blimps no shame. Some of these people are in their twenties. And in the store isles with those electric elephant scooters — no no, you did this to your self, yet my taxdollars are keeping you in Butterbricle.

  129. Sean

    Greg, excellent Friday update as usual. Thank you for staying the course on reporting on vax. Enjoy listening to this topic as this is the biggest worldwide cover up ever.

    FYI – Yes, NY Supreme Court judge knocked down vaccine mandate. Please continue to follow this because it’s not done. NYC law Dept filed an appeal which basically halts this judges decision. So now it goes to Court of Appeals. Not sure when that is, but good thing is that COA is known for not supporting mandates. So until COA rules, this is still not finished. Fingers crossed COA decides in same way as NY judge.

  130. Kathy

    Greg — Just to let you know, your Dry Element water filtration is absolutely excellent. I have never tasted better water. Everyone should know the filters fit the Berkey and are so much less expensive. Thanks for having them sponsor you because I’d have never know about this product otherwise. Blessings to you and the wonderful people at Dry Element.

  131. Linda Majors


    Please post this comment. Thanks!
    It is predicted that Communist Chinese hackers will hack the elections on Tuesday in the states that are considered most critical for Republicans to win, such as Arizona. It is believed that the Chinese stole the presidential election in Brazil, because Lula is a Communist, and a Globalist. Bolsanaro is considered the Tropical Trump. According to reports, the hacking will begin late Tuesday, and early the next morning. (Ref. link.)

  132. richard

    a BIG thank you from the u.k Greg. its people like you who make all the difference in this mad malevolent Machiavellian world we live in today . it always picks me up to listen to you, its so refreshing to know that there’s other folks out there trying to expose reality . George Orwell once said “in a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act” and if being on-board with brothers like you means me being a rebel then i say bring the revolution on because there’s no not much worth having in life which inst worth dying for , truth should be our only religion and i’m an abject sinner Greg. your a good man who gives people hope Greg .

  133. terry shead

    Spot on Greg, the truth?

  134. kenneth kendall

    this is an intriging EO and certainly genocide should fall under it.what is more treasonous than the deliberate killing of your own citizens. maybe someday trials will occur but right now i dont see it happening unfortunately.

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