VP Biden Disrespected, Vaccine Debate NOT Allowed, Economy Still Tanking

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 472 3.19.2021)

Vice President Biden (stealing an election does not make you a legitimate President) is being disrespected globally.  They know Biden has dementia, and surely they all know he was cheated in by the Deep State globalists (this includes Republicans like Mitch McConnell).  Vladimir Putting has challenged VP Biden to a debate.  Of course, Biden, I mean his handlers, declined.  Kim Jung Un of North Korea will not accept a phone call from VP Biden, and the President of Mexico is the one who is going to crack down on the illegal immigrants on the southern U.S. border that is facing a meltdown.  There are consequences for fraud, and the entire world knows Joe and his crew are illegitimate and incompetent.

We are being told to take the CV19 vaccine by virtually all top politicians, but we are not being told much else.  Nobody admits or talks about all the CV vaccines being totally “experimental.”  That is a fact.  Even President Trump is telling people to get the vaccine.  Mr. President, can’t we have a debate about this “Warp Speed” project, which some experts in vaccines say has some big downside risks?  The answer is NO.  Debates are not allowed.  You are only allowed to submit and keep quiet or you will be removed from all social media.  Drug companies and politicians have no idea what the long term effects of CV vaccines will be.  There are also lots of reports of problems, including death in some cases that go unreported or under-reported.  This is nothing short of the biggest live drug trial the world has ever seen.  We are told that the multiple CV19 vaccines are safe, but many doctors say they have NOT been proven safe.  Some doctors also adamantly say to not take any CV19 vaccines.  Instead, take HCQ, Ivermectin and other treatments early on, and you will be cured.  All this to say you will not hear any debate on CV19 vaccines or alternatives to treat this virus.  As I said, debate is not allowed.  You are supposed to roll up your sleeve and agree to be a Guinee pig in the biggest global experimental drug trial in history.

The economy is still sucking, and a fresh 770,000 new unemployment claims this week proves it.  Some areas are doing better such as construction, but many other areas are far from back to normal and may never get there.  All this while the Fed and our politicians continue to spend money on a pace never seen before in human history.  What could go wrong?  Are we about to find out?

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 3.19.2021.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Nick Barisheff, CEO and Founder of Bullion Management Group, will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Barisheff says gold and silver’s best days are ahead, and Fed policies guarantee it.

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  1. paul fulton

    Hi Mr. Hunter.
    I am on your site and there are alot of ads. One is from Money Metals.com. I thought you only used that one woman, so are you getting paid for all of these? It was after I clicked on this latest report on the 18th of Mar.

    Thanks for your work



    • Greg Hunter

      I have google adds and I have no control over the. That said, I am totally committed to Discount Gold and Silver Trading. Ask for Melody Cedarstrom, the owner, at 1-800-375-4188.

      • david

        Greg please please arm yourself i cannot believe the threats you get.i pray for you Greg be safe…. alot of freedom fighters are being murdered watch where you eat and drink. i donate as much as i can.ill pray for your protection.CHRIST send your helpers and angels to protect Greg and his family from any harm….

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks David!

    • Paul in OZ

      Paul you might try a different browser … one that doesn’t track you like the brave browser … the only ad I see is from a sponsor.

      • Shirley Thompson

        Paul, install an ad blocker. But remember this is how Greg generates revenue to pay for the servers and web site maintenance. Nothing is for free.

    • Anthony Ulfig

      Greg I have followed your work religiously for 6 years. I was the guy that suggested you to get Dr Paul Craig roberts a couple months ago and you did it the next interview. That made my week lol
      Anyway I’m on here now and I share these videos everywhere too. Keep up the great work brother. God bless you

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Anthony for the suggestions and the viral promotion!!!

    • Steven Coffey

      Greg change your button to say video and story. It isnt clear you have videos

  2. Mr. miller

    Hey retard, the only for certain that is illegitimate is the BS that comes out of that big mouth of yours.

    Surprised you are still around but idiots like you will be gone before the end of the year and by gone I mean gone. People with your low intelligence and totally delusional thinking have no place on this planet and that will soon be rectified.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mr. Miller,
      I am only posting this to show what “totally delusional” evil we are facing. I “Fear Not.” Oh, and this is your last comment–moron.

      • InYeshuasHolyName

        Haaaaha, tight reply Greg bwaaaaha lmaoooooof 💪🏼🤠. Good show ole boi 😂.

      • AndrewB

        Well said Greg!

        I know you like to maintain an open forum for debate – and you and I have had our differences of opinion – but IMO you should never allow thugs like ‘Mr Miller’ the oxygen of publicity. Their threats add nothing to debate, they pollute the atmosphere and have no place on USAW.

        • G.T. Hood

          WOW!!! Gina finally did get that sex reassignment surgery after all…. Too bad the surgeons couldn’t remove the excessive obnoxious from her/him… whatever

      • Marie+Joy

        Thumbs up, Greg.

      • Steve Carter

        The military is still sitting on its hands. Everyone in the Country knows this is all fake including Biden’s CGI meetings etc. White House is DARK ! When do you think this will end ?

      • AL HALL




        • Freebrezer

          Al – I wonder if the president prize is really going to go to Pelosi. Will good ole Nancy find something that will knock Harris out? Pelosi is third in line! Harris had the worst polling numbers early in the race; 1st to drop out per the female candidates; questions swirled around if she could even be president (US citizen of parents) … Pelosi is a dangerous, evil beast, thus do not discount that she could take it!

      • Splish_Splash

        Greg: I cannot even begin to know the kind of abuse you must have to put up with. Our culture seems to be an excellent breeding ground for it. God Bless you Greg!

      • Spooner.

        It certainly seems that something “Triggered” Mr. Miller. The venoms spews (vomits) when facts disrupt his/her world view. He knows all about the depopulation agenda by his/her comment and supports it. Not realizing that he/she is on the disposal list of his elite masters. Do you think it’s hair is blue or cotton candy?

      • jim giordano

        Greg,do not give the trolls any response.

    • wayne hardin

      Bully .
      The most surprising thing is somebody hasn’t put your teeth
      down in your belly .

    • Paul in OZ

      Insulting comments like yours are a disgrace … and make you an embarrassment to those you know … differing opinions should be encourages as should mutual respect … your lack thereof speaks volumes about your character.

    • Chemist

      Hey Miller, there is a broad swath of people who are “willfully ignorant.” These are people who can’t see what is going on. People who ignore mountains of evidence, people who are utterly brainwashed by the 24/7 lies that are being broadcasted around them. People who utterly lack discernment. Miller if you don’t see the complete upside-down world we live in right now then I can only wish that one day you will see the light.

    • Anti-George

      Put a cork in the bottle “george”.

    • Russ McMeans

      So Mr. Miller: who is supposed to take Greg Hunter’s place when he is “gone”. A politician like that lout Jim Kerry or Joe Biden or Harris? Totally corrupt people? You know nothing. You’re just a little troll.

    • Anni

      You think this is a real person? Really – surly you know of AI. that being said it is a good example of the true nature of the left. They turn into that “being” when you disagree with them. Hard to not take them serious when it’s your brother.
      Buy the way what are these channels of Aik Rider, Sur Paglo, Kissy Slimes, on YouTube? Are they more AI?

    • Paul ...

      Hey Miller … Wake up … anything that breathes or $#!@$ “will be exterminated” by Gates and the Bribe’n Demon-rats (in favor of AI robots) … this means your sorry ass is toast also!!

    • david

      mr,miller.making a death threat is a very serious crime.i already have you address and name phone # i have notified local authorities and mental health officials also irs since you are far behind on your taxes.i will also be contacting you for you to explain your threats to me and my attorney.if you refuse the meeting i will sue you for threatening Greg hunters life and the lives of his listeners….

    • Lazlo

      You’re obviously a very low paid troll. And still over paid.

    • Ann Mercier

      You need to get your Low-IQ temperature checked; it seems to have caught the virus. You’re just a reminder of who “we who support GH” don’t want to be like (miserable) because you’re not interested in truth or a real cure.

  3. Charlie Montoya

    Thank you for reporting the truth, so refreshing to see, I know there are others that do, I AM so sick of all the lies, fear, and propaganda circulating. Peace, Love, and Blessings to you and yours!!!

  4. Kelly

    Also not considered is the fact that insurance companies will not pay out to people if they are taking experimental medical treatments.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for adding this fact!!

      • JC

        Check this out regarding insurance death benefit rumors.

        “The Department is aware of information circulating on social media sites suggesting that receiving a COVID-19 vaccination would result in the death benefit not being paid on existing life insurance policies or would result in an individual not being able to obtain new life insurance. Other information suggested that life insurance policies do not cover death due to COVID-19. This information is false.”


        • Paul ...

          You know … now it is the time … for us to stand up to these evil murderers and not go to our death without a fight … if some “Warp Speed” Nazi thug in medical dress comes up to me and says: “You have to take the shot” … I’ll simply tell them (with my shotgun in hand): “You shoot me … I shoot you” (for violating the Nuremberg Code of Medical Experimentation) as the Covid-19 vaccine “is experimental”!! … and the United States (of which I am a citizen) has justly condemned, prosecuted , convicted “and executed” Nazi goons like you who call yourselves doctors but forcibly violate the International Nuremberg Code “like you did during your previous extermination efforts against the Jews” … so get it straight buddy … the law is on my side … and no jury in the world will convict me for defending my life and the lives of my immediate family from anyone out “to do a silent kill job with a jab” … as the Nuremberg Code does not allow medical experimentation “on all people”!!

          • Paul ...

            As for Big Pharma … who think because they paid off the politicians to give them immunity from lawsuits … that they are immune from our wrath (as they proceed to exterminate us at Warp Speed) … well they forgot one thing … they are not immune to our moral judgement … we can easily “jab them back” by boycott the vaccine manufacturers like J&J, Pfizer, etc. (all their products and their stocks) … since Merck rejected the vaccination program we should buy all the drug products we need from them … and put the Big Pharma “murderers” out of business!!

            • JC

              Maybe you should email the Purchasing Departments of U.S. hospitals and let the Buyers know that you want them to stop purchasing medical supplies from J&J, Pfizer, etc.

              • Paul ...

                That’s an excellent idea JC … we should all do it … and put all the Hospital directors on notice that “they are supporting medical experimentation” in violation of the Nuremberg Code (by buying products from J&J and Pfizer, etc.) … and that they should switch all their purchases of medical supplies to pharmaceutical companies like Merck (who disavowed anything to do with the “experimental” vaccine)!!!

        • Rich M

          I think the insurance companies are talking about wrongful death suits, not life insurance claims as far as I know. With a life insurance policy, after 2 years a person should be covered for anything. Even intentional death which would be too bad.

      • Kris Krespi

        I still have samples of the fake snow from Texas. are you interested??

        • Greg Hunter

          Try to burn it and post a link here!!

      • Diana Brown

        Im with you 100% Greg on the experimental vaccine. What I chose to do early on, last year, after watching the Frontline MDs in D.C. is that I contacted one, had a telemedicine “visit” where in I requested HCQ in prescription for use as prophylactic and also obtained suggested zink supplement. I had to go out of state to obtain this completely safe protocol and the prescription also had to come to me from out of state. I mention this to you (and All) so as to suggest similar protection. I have it as back-up in case of need and created a pathway to obtain more in case of specific need. I did not use it as prophylactic I have it on hand “just in case” as I was unwilling to trust mainstream medicine or those in my state to block it from me.

        • Steve Bice

          I did the same thing, Diana, including saving it “just in case”. The odd part is my wife also contacted them after my “test run”, and we got a different number of tablets even though we are about the same weight.

          I got eleven and she got six. We were unable to get an explanation as to the difference. They said it was up to the doctor…and there is no easy way to reconnect with him.

          So, our plan is to basically divide the total into two treatment regimens…which at one per day, will get us past the critical first week when it is so important to prevent viral replication. We will supplement with quercetin for a “second” inonophore/zinc combination each day if we get sick. We are content with our approach in the absence of rigorous support by the medical community, which should be an all-hands-on-deck approach to off label re-purposing treatments. Sadly, that is not the case.

          Finally, there is some anecdotal information out there about Lysine supplements having a prophylactic effect (Dominican Republic clinic is one example.) Our prophylactic regimen is D3, Quercetin, Zinc and Lysine daily.

          None of this is medical advice or advice of any kind. It is simply what we are doing…

    • Lilefler

      I just emailed a request to Anthem Blue Cross, my insurance company, asking them if they would cover any medical care/treatment if I or my husband would suffer any adverse reactions from receiving the experimental mRNA gene therapy “vaccine.”
      It will be interesting to see if I receive a response…

      • Greg Hunter

        Please come back and tell us what they say Lilefler!

      • Paul ...

        Blue Cross will be in violation of the Nuremberg Code “if they sanction the use of an experimental vaccine” by paying for the injury caused to people “forced to take it” on threat of losing their job, etc., etc., etc. … but their lawyers may be able to avoid huge class action lawsuits if they can somehow prove the people who took the vaccine “volunteered” to take part in the “Warp Speed” medical experiment!!

        • Paul ...

          People getting vaccinated “should have those administrating the jab” Sign a Legal Document that States:
          I (Dr.’s Name or Nurses Name) am injecting the Covid-19 vaccine into the arm of (Patient’s name) on this (Date, Time and Year) against their free will and take full legal responsibility for any ill effects this Covid-19 vaccine will cause or produce in this patient in the future … and any monetary or legal costs this patient may have due to the vaccination I am now administering. Patient currently objects to taking the vaccine … but is being forced to take it by me (Dr’s Name or Nurse Name) only to keep their job, fly on an airplane or be able to have a barbecue with their family on holidays.

          • Paul ...

            Err … replace “Covid-19 vaccine” in the above legal document by “experimental Covid-19 vaccine”!! … and I also forgot to add in a clause that states the vaccination procedure is in “Full Violation of the Nuremberg Code of Medical Experimentation”!!! … everyone should carry such a legal document on their person at all times … and definitely not take the shot unless the Doctor (Nurse, Military soldier, etc.) administering the Covid-19 shot … signs off on it!!

            • Paul ...

              And this “Legal Certificate of Forced Vaccination” should be uploaded onto your computer … so it can be easily retrieved for use by your attorneys if you happen to faint (or your front brain lobes melt away) and you are unable to remember or tell your relatives where you put the document for safe keeping!!

    • John

      What amazes me is that millions are rushing to be guinea pigs. What if there are long term side effects. Would it not greatly weaken the country? Thanks Greg for trying to turn the herd.

  5. William Glaser

    The Certificate Of Identification Artificial Intelligence ( COVID19) The Masks, Lock Downs, The Riots and The Election BS are all distractions. The real Goal of the Bad Boys is to Murder 231 Million of us and Totally Enslave the rest of us within the next 4 years. The means that will be used to do this is the shot. It has NOTHING to do with Medicine. The Shot will change your DNA, Cut you off from God Forever, No Redemption possible. Your Brain will be directly uplinked to the Satanic A.I. You will no longer be human, You will be a cyborg and a GMO, You will fall under patient law and will be owned by Big Pharma. You will be branded with an invisible tattoo like sheep or cattle called luciferase. You will be forced to preform prescribed body movements to get your Crypto Currency for food. You will be totally surveilled 24/7 down to your thoughts. Your immune system will be destroyed, the next cold you get will kill you. So do not take the Mark Of The Beast vaccine.
    The only solution and our only hope is Jesus Christ. Accept the fact that Jesus is the son of God The Creator, that Jesus lived a Perfect Life here on Earth as an example of what we should be as Human Beings. That Jesus died on the cross, shed his Blood as an atonement for all Mankind’s sins and rose from the dead after 3 days and has prepared a place for all of us in Heaven. Ask for forgiveness of your sins, stop sinning as much as you can and have Faith in your mind and Heart that you are saved from Damnation and you will be saved. That is all that is necessary, accept Jesus’s free gift of salvation.

    • Jacob

      Hi William,

      So great to see an accurate comment on what is coming down the road for those that get vaccinated.

      And for anyone that has doubts about William’s comments just remember that this all started off with, “just wear the mask for two weeks”. Look where we are now. The sad progression of events will accelerate into what you are describing, of that I am sure, and more. This is only beginning.

      I spend a great deal of time in the Bible. Of course, to try and get closer to the Christian way of life as Jesus explains, but also to examine the prophecy side of what is written there. I’ll admit my approach is unusual, but it is allowed and I point to the Holy Spirit for that justification as many mysteries are to be found there. The Holy Spirit is in control now.

      One thing I have determined is that the life and events in the Gospel – they are symbolic in that they represent, or can be applied to End Time events. The one I’d like to mention now is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It represents the death of Christianity during the final period of the anti-Christ. Without going into everything here, I’ve found that one aspect of the crucifixion is very telling and that is that it was prophesied in the Old Testament that at the crucifixion that Jesus would be pierced and that is what happened. I believe, and I’m pretty sure I’m correct, that this piercing can be applied to the End Times as well and that it identifies the receiving of the COVID-19 vaccine as being the major event that signifies the spiritual death of a Christian in God’s eyes. My research in this area continues, though, as I am researching several aspects now at the same time.

      Jesus is clear when he says that the time will come when even those that claim to be Christian will no longer be welcome in Christ’s Kingdom. Again, I have concluded, based on scripture, that this happens when a person voluntarily gets vaccinated.

      All of what is going on ties back directly to the parable of the binding of the tares that Jesus told us about, for with the vaccine comes a binding together of people that will permit them to be controlled as a group, amongst other things. Those being vaccinated are without a doubt being bound together if one considers the technical aspect of the vaccination.

      Well, so much more to say, but your comment should not be ignored by anyone that reads it. I am hopeful that the timeline of all this coming to pass is many years from now, but I don’t know. It is people like Greg Hunter that give me hope that this can be delayed or possibly even modified by God to some degree, as God at times does modify his decreed events at times in the Bible. What Greg does can not be overstated in terms of spiritual importance. He is truly doing God’s work.

      I have a white paper I’d like to share with you. If you want, I will send it to you. I give Greg permission to share my email address with you if you are interested.

      We must all repent and continuously strive to get closer to Jesus Christ by following his teachings. I think the main aspects I focus on lately is that first and foremost we must always see the joy, the wonder, the miracle of life no matter what current strife exists. Jesus says that is an integral part of anyone that follows him. Also, the love we have for our neighbor can not be minimized. We must extend our love to others, both in an earthly manner and also in a spiritual manner. Any honest person knows these two aspects of his teachings require continual effort.

      May God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit fill your life always. And, you too, Greg. May you always be protected by the Holy Trinity.

      • Paul ...

        You know … we should all be going to mass and receiving the Holy Eucharist (placed directly on our tongue by a Priest with his hand that has touched the tongues of other parishioners) … this is the “God given way” to develop herd immunity … but Big Pharma makes no money doing it God’s way … so they bribed the politicians to forcibly close down all the Churches … and instituted “social distancing” (to make sure people do not interact) … for if people interact … it foils Big Pharma’s plans “to hold back herd immunity” until they get their vaccine out … and make trillions of dollars “at Warp Speed”!!

  6. Eric M.

    I agree Biden and Harris are illegitimate President/Vice President, and it is scary that election fraud that amounted to a Coup took place and no one in government cares, and acts like it did not happen.

    • Felix A Renteria

      I disagree with with what you said,most is correct but people who ignorantly take the shot don’t renounce their love for CHRIST if they are ignorant of the poison they are putting in these garabage vaccines.The mark of the beast is you worship the anti christ which is coming.

    • Charles H


      You are totally right. A modern-day coup; in the worlds best and ‘free-est’ country in the world. How did we secure a generation of Benedict Arnolds?!??

    • Spooner.

      I’d like to here Vlad Putin call Joe Vice President Biden.

  7. John Nordstrom

    Can we get a new poll? perhaps – are you going to get the ‘jab’?

    • Greg Hunter

      Done. Thanks for reminding me to update it.

      • Shirley Thompson

        given the surveillance state we live in – WHY would people respond to a poll and expose their resistance? Please do’t poll that question. There are far too many ignorant people who would respond and set themselves up for a visit…

        • FC

          Apart from a few trolls who comment on this site, what you’re saying is that most people here are ignorant?

          I believe to the contrary – no one will be getting a visit, as Paul… explained in his comment above, their shot will be met with his shotgun and they know that.

          The more likely scenario is to restrict ones freedom and purchasing ability to a point of compliance or ones own death from starvation……….prepare accordingly.

  8. Graham Leadbeatter

    Want the vaccine? Ok, roll up your sleeve and roll the dice.

    • JC

      The international news channels are bombarding us on a daily basis with images such as seen here. Masked, gloved medical personnel, hypodermic needles, vaccine vials, jabs in the arm, etc. It’s a massive PsyOp.


    • Paul ...

      Those who want to volunteer to take the “experimental” vaccine should tell their family … “I totally absolve you (my family) from all moral or legal or monetary responsibility and any burden for taking care of my sorry ass if I happen to get sick taking this experimental vaccine” … and the family members should have the volunteer sign this document stating as much before a legal notary (so the volunteer will not become your legal burden for the rest of your life) … if we are not burdened with such a “soft kill” on our hands … we will better be able to fight the Satanic “commies” now implementing Warp Speed!!

  9. SouthernPatriot

    So you say the deep stated has put this great nation in debt, to the tune of some 30 trillion. I have just one question to ask ” are you/we dam fools or what”? According to our sacred document called the Constitution, this Republic is to provide for a United States Post office and a well regulated Militia. Our elected leaders do not respect our Constitution and most have there own idea’s how America should be run. There was a survey on “who do we trust” taken some time ago and politicians where below that of a used car sell’s men! So why did you have to compromise you ethic’s and sell yourself and your/our country out, so you could have a larger refrigerator full of ice cream in it?
    I no longer will listen to the evening news’s and I will no longer give a single penny to the Gop. Please don’t send me a political brochure asking for a penny that will be matched by some rich dude, by mid-night tonight!
    I’d like to give every dang one of you a pink slip and a boot up your as*. Then send you packing. Then dis-mantle all of the un-necessary Barbara Streisand spending that we do not need! Slash unwanted and unnecessary problems and departments! Mr. Greg Hunter, you continue to be my source of reason. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and Donald J. Trump is still my President! And you are the most trusted reporter that I know!
    My health is declining and I only hope that my last thought’s will be expressed in a Free country and not a communist nation full of useful idiot’s, who had no sense at all. In closing, the last thing I will remember is something I was taught to sing in grade school, “God Bless America, Land that I love”!

    • Charles H

      Thanks S P,

      I’m in the same boat – declining health. I’ve been working on my house, involving hand-mixing and pouring cement into a narrow, perpendicular mold – where I have to be on a ladder. It so tires me that I have to rest two or three days to get my strength back.

      At 67 years of age: I come from that time when televisions had knobs to turn the channels; and the radio just got the “new” transistor; an old Schwinn bicycle had a solid front fork; and quality American manufacture was the BEST in the world. Crime and fear weren’t a problem – we didn’t lock our doors until AFTER the ’67 Detroit Riots.

      Young folk nowadays have NO IDEA how safe and secure America was back then; how prosperity was palpable, and a future was only limited by how hard one wanted to work. Sex and sexual perversion were unknown to youth and children played together with little fear someone might accost or abduct them. Of course, there was a uniformity or homogeniousness of of culture and society: which served the nation well – as it really was the best context in which to grow-up: which is completely opposite of the ‘Diversity’ crap now ruining everything and everybody.

      Now they want 16 year olds to vote. How about only Honorably Discharged veterans being able to vote? At least they have their skin in the game; and it would cut down on the buffoons in Office for the big money. Heck – only let veterans into Office! OH!, too late: the Armed Forces are compromised; have become a social experiment; and are a laughing-joke among the world’s other armies.

      America the Beautiful has become America the Hijacked.

      • JC

        Great post Charles H, on the money.
        Diversity crap, yes, it’s definitely crap.
        In the early 60’s I used to walk to kindergarten alone… and walked home… alone. It was normal life back then, even in an outer borough of New York City. The neighborhood wasn’t “diverse,” it was “safe.”

  10. ONTIME

    I fear for my country when a fraud like China Joe is in-charge and is the Rodney Dangerfield of the entire world……How much more of this embarrassment are We the People supposed to endure as a result of a stolen election by socialist thugs?

  11. barsoom43

    I’m not taking the vaccine.. I did take regular daily doses of zinc and Vit D.. I didn’t have so much as a cold since this C19 became an issue last year. I always get a cold every year.. but not since taking those supplements..
    My wife got the first of 2 vaccinations.. She was lethargic and slept all day on the day of the inoculation but since then, she’s been her normal, irascible self… so I guess she’s OK.

    • Paul ...

      George … The bad news is (if you don’t die quickly) the vaccine creates degenerative diseases starting at about 4 months all the way out to about 20 years after getting the shot … it is like “a time bomb”!!

      • JC

        Who is George?

        • Paul ...

          Sorry JC … my comment should have been directed to “barsoom43” … my mind tends think on different tracks “at the same time” … I happened to be thinking about how JFK Jr’s “George” magazine didn’t have long to live (after his Dad was given the “shot”)!!

  12. barsoom43

    In the past, the US military has used its personnel as guinea pigs.. After WWII they tested atomic weapons in the Pacific using target ships left over from the war.. Some sailors reported they were sent to board the ships which were still hot after the detonations. US soldiers were sent into the desert after atomic tests.. In RVN, they sprayed Agent Orange everywhere and then put the troops into those areas.
    So, it’s no wonder to me that the Government would use our entire population as test dummies for an experimental vaccine..
    Also, isn’t there a Globalist program to kill off most of us? Just asking for a friend..

    • Paul ...

      barsoom43 … The US Military has been overrun by a bunch of Nazi’s who were brought back to America under Operation Paper Clip after WWII … and these Nazi’s were placed into high positions of power within our Military and Government … these Nazi’s do not abide by the Nuremberg Code … and routinely do medical experiments on people (without the consent of the people they are experimenting on) like they are currently doing with Operation Warp Speed!!

  13. O'Malley

    Nice wrap up. I look forward to these every week. Sometimes I even stay up late Thursday night to watch it early.

    Also, YouTube is toast. It’s great to see the side effect of all of their censorship be the rise of all of the alternate platforms. So glad that I signed up for your emails long ago. It seems like everyone I follow is being banned these days. We’re getting a front row seat to his communism comes to power

    • Paul ...

      O … If we all awake … and loudly Boo the commies every time they speak … we can flush these evil perverted pedophile transgender Satan loving criminal demons down the toilet … just like we do every day in our bathrooms (when we want to get rid of pieces of $#!@)!!

  14. Shane L

    The nefarious political motivations to overblow the response to CV19 and push experimental “concoctions” which pass for “emergency” vaccines are many, large, and are obvious to anyone who is accustomed to value actual truth above their favorite creature comforts ( ie comforting lies they tell themselves). The great number of sheeple that are unquestioningly pro-vaxx mostly just don’t want in any way to jeopardize their job, mortgage, pension, value of house, etc etc so they go along with the narrative. Same with questioning the stewardship of the monetary system. The “powers-that-believe-they-be” are simply, like always, using the fear greed and laziness of the sheeple against them in order to control them.

  15. Allen Freeman

    You are too good. Maybe we can get you a Friday slot on Dan Bongino’s
    new radio show gig. It’s time for you to monetize that talent, bigly!!!
    Great show as always.

  16. Connie Sponheim

    I sincerely enjoyed your terrific report this evening. Thank you for all of your Truth reveal as well as your spiritual reference in closing.

  17. Clayton

    Great work Greg

  18. That Guy

    The problem with the vaccine is that a successful vaccine simply means that NOTHING HAPPENS. There’s no way to prove that taking the vax KEPT you from getting ill. It’s not a cure. I haven’t had the vax and I’m 75 and healthy. Do I claim that avoiding the vax has kept me safe? Nope. If I knew where to get quality Ivermectin in an appropriate dosage, would I purchase some–sure!!! I want a cure, not a rushed to production FrankenVax.

    • charles michael johnson

      Ivermectin can be had easily and cheaply (safely too).
      Go to Ebay: Durvet Paste Apple
      Tractor supply also has it.

      But please please research this if your not sure. YT believe it or not has the info.


  19. FreeMpg

    May the Good Lord shower you with blessings. You are an American treasure.

    • charles michael johnson

      Ivermectin can be had easily and cheaply (safely too).
      Go to Ebay: Durvet Paste Apple
      Tractor supply also has it.

      But please please research this if your not sure. YT believe it or not has the info.


  20. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for a great WNW472!

    You refer to recent new info from Dr Judy Mikovits. It would be appreciated if you could provide a link so I can forward to friends and family. Many thanks.

  21. FC

    This short film was made 5 years ago, are they trying to tell us something?


    • Cathy

      10+ years ago, an ex-Texas Ranger warned me to never get any vaccine because ‘that’s how they will do it.’ At the time , I didn’t understand but heeded his advice. I don’t nor will ever willingly take any vaccine.

    • Paul ...

      FC … What they were tell us was … it’s not a vaccine that boosts your immunity … “it’s a virus that manufactures more viruses” … that they are injecting into us!!

    • Southern Girl

      WOW!! I and my brother are the only ones to not take the experimental drug (they call vaccine, but does not meet the criteria) out of 6 other siblings. My youngest is a nurse. I’m so frustrated I thought my siblings could think for themselves…most went to college for crying out loud. I won’t be able to go to their funerals because I refuse to wear a mask. I tell them sheep is not my first, middle or last name.

  22. Rachel

    Hi Greg, really good wrap up.

    Thanks for speaking about China. I have noticed they are acting more weird than usual lately and I think there is a fair bit going on with them at the moment. Some footage of them meeting American diplomats in a meeting you mentioned in your interview was shown on our news today and they were portraying themselves as the world dominant force already. They were also quite forcefully preventing the American diplomats from speaking about their other allies. I think they are going to talk down any alliances between other countries and tackle these countries individually to weaken them. They have their tactics in place and the world needs to overcome this somehow. I don’t think the world fully appreciates the threat that they really are.

    Probably Biden’s attempts to bait Putin will be futile as Russia has already stated they think he is senile.

    I am looking forward to listening to your upcoming interviews with Bo Polony and Nick Barisheff.

  23. InYeshuasHolyName

    Guess she’s okay……it is written ” one will …..and the other will ……” Seek Yee His Face and He guided you , He won’t have that connection He has with You , messing with the walls of the dna that Yah created is creating a nephalime my brother a nephalime 💪🏼🙋🏼‍♂️.

  24. That Guy

    Hundred car-long trains are rolling thru Idaho and Washington State all day and night. Grain, coal and oil cars. Thousands per week. Where do you suppose all that stuff is going?? China maybe?? Chinese HISTORIOGRAPHIC cycles show that every regime change has always been preceded by FAMINE. Flooding wiped out the Chinese grain fields. Swine and fowl diseases have destroyed those food sources. Pork and ham processors are being bought up by China–wealthy Chinese want their pork disease free. The profits from the low wage production facilities in China are supporting massive imports of food, fuel and raw materials. President for Life Xi is not stupid. Meanwhile, we continue to run massive debt, have huge unemployment and underemployment thanks to the Chinabug fear and Beijing Joe. Enjoying your holiday ham?? No?? Maybe because China is strip mining this country–ya think??

  25. Robert Coleman

    IRISH DOCTOR EXPOSES ‘Great Reset’ Agenda Behind COVID HOAX


    A doctor from Northern Ireland has come out strongly against COVID hysteria and the sinister agenda behind it in a viral video spreading across social media.
    Dr. Anne McCloskey, a general practitioner from Derry, issued a stunning rebuke of global medical tyranny in a video released by the Freedom Alliance Island of Ireland.
    “Across this island and across the world, there are millions of people who are awakening to the understanding that this current health crisis, this so-called ‘pandemic,’ is a trojan horse, which has been used to introduce a new era for humanity,” Dr. McCloskey says at the opening of her statement.
    “‘The Great Reset,’ the ‘4th Industrial Revolution,’ ‘Building Back Better’ – whatever catchy, chirpy name the bankers and billionaires are calling it – is not good for you and me, for the ordinary people.”
    McCloskey asserts all relationships, from the familial to national levels, are being “fundamentally” transformed.
    “They are coming for you, your family, your jobs, your savings, your home, your pension, your culture, your freedom, your very way of life,” she warns.
    “This is not a conspiracy theory, but the outworking of a scheme written by people who hate the human race. Agenda 21 is being implemented now and will come to pass, unless we unite to resist.”
    McCloskey acknowledges a respiratory virus swept across the planet last year, killing many elderly or vulnerable people, but compares its impact to that of typical season illnesses which often claim many lives.
    “These PCR tests measure nothing, they are an illusion to create a crisis,” she says, reminding viewers that international bodies such as the W.H.O. “changed the rules” about how infection “cases” and related deaths are categorized and reported.
    McCloskey warns despots are using the “smoke and mirrors” of COVID to impose totalitarian reign across the planet and urges citizens of every nation to participate in a Worldwide Rally for Freedom on Saturday, March 20th.
    Posted originally by Dan Lyman March 17, 2021 of InfoWars.com

    SIGN UP FOR FREEDOM – Worldwide Rally for Freedom on Saturday, March 20th, 2021

    • Lake M

      A Warning from Dutch Dr Gert Vanden Bossche, Top Worldwide Virologist. https://lbry.tv/@mentealt:1/covid-vaccine-genocide:0

      One of the World’s Top Virologist and vax designer/creators working in industry and university settings, has come over to the other side and issued a worldwide alert
      that mRNA vaccinations for covid be stopped IMMEDIATELY !! The covid mRNA vax programs the body for SPECIFIC antigens while the mass inoculation program
      puts enormous pressure on the virus to mutate. Which is what they do to survive.In less than 10 hours, it can mutate into a new variant. He says the mRNA vaccines are the wrong weapon for a highly infectious corona virus because it only produces a suboptimal result. Before the vax can induce a specific immunity, the virus will have mutated and now the vaccine you received no longer works as the virus has moved on. Natural antibodies in a healthy immune system are not specific. They are the clean-up crew, for the virus killed by the body’s natural killer cells NK in the immune system. The vax will suppress our natural immunity effectiveness while favoring the specific antigen that the mRNA vax delivers. The Dr says the treatment will cause the virus to become more virulent and more dangerous worldwide. The vax is allowing the virus to become a super spreader, deaths and impairment will appear later, difficult to link directly to the vaccine. Pfizer and Moderna never even sequenced the whole virus before making the design profile. The whole exercise is using worldwide inoculation to test their design without the years normally taken to test the safety and efficacy of their vaccine, greatly reduces development time. A huge boost to pharma profits if successful for future vaccine development. Those to be injured and killed by the vaccine are collateral damage. Big pharma, with its own immunity from prosecution, has little to lose and much to gain from these heinous actions. If the global elites are embarked on the culling of the population, it appears the scamdemic can be very effective in meeting that goal.

      There is a publication called the Deagle report, which is linked to a guy, Edwin Deagle.
      Having recently passed, he was a Vietnam hero, US military academy, associated with Harvard, CFR, Rockefeller Foundation. In the report it lists population of various countries in 2020 and 2025. The US is listed as having nearly 34o million people in 2020 and around 125 million in 2025. What happened to 2/3 of the US population?

      I urge all to listen to what Dr. Vanden Bossche has to say. He is not an anti-vaxxer.
      He is against the mRNA method for vaccine delivery in this case. He probably has ruined his career by coming out against it.

      By the way, the J&J and Russian Sputnik vaccines are old school and do not
      have live virus in them. They use the adenovirus or a variety of the cold virus in their formulation. The EU has rejected the AstraZenca vaccine and are trying to
      obtain supplies of the Sputnik vax to distribute to their population.

  26. George (Bill) Heuschele

    Nice job Greg. Another great show. thanks for all you do!

  27. Trudie Struth

    While vitamin D may not be a suitable treatment for COVID, once your down with this cold, flu and pneumonia. The biggest money maker and it’s killer treatments in all medical history! Where more will die and are dying of the treatment than this so called pandemic, it is not! All previous studies have concluded that being deficient in vitamin D may be what’s harmful amid this planned pandemic, that never really came to the mad scientist wanna be Gates, wet dream fruition. His mad dream, stopped in the suburbs. Because of a little vitamin, Granma and grandpa take regularly. In September, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that those with vitamin D deficiencies were 77 percent more likely to test positive for COVID/AKA cold and flu, than those who had adequate vitamin D levels. And an October study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that 82.2 percent of hospitalized COVID patients were deficient in vitamin D and had lower levels of vitamin D than those who were not infected with the virus.
    So what does this mean? You black and never heard of vitamin D3 and live in the urban north? Ever heard of operation Mockingbird?
    What is the real skinny? Well baby-boomers, Bill Gates is not Will Robinson from Lost in Space fame! Billy Mummy is, sorry. Wake up, boomers. Gates is totally mad, as in crazy eviler mad! Were all now living in his giddy, wet dream nightmare and day mare. Along with his enablers Dr. Fraudci and David M. [who’s got an axe to grind] Axelrod. Axe head, is the best known eugenicist and chief handler and strategist for Michele Obama, using husband Barrack’s never ending presidential ambitions at payback on the backs of the American people for reparations, that the American’s both north and south paid dearly for already. In the bloodiest war in American history and our greatest president, that got a shot of lead in the head for, Abraham Lincoln. The concealer n’ chief Obomber, who himself wanted to be affectionately know as, in his waning days of official presidency admitted, despite his proclivity to conceal his position often, for political expediency….;
    Barack the Bomber – Droner and Chief, “you will never see it comin!”
    These knucklehead, knuckle dragging enablers, of Bill Gates mad dream of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World disorder. A future world in which monogamous love will become a crime and man is subordinated to his own inventions!
    Friends, our only hope in this operation Mockingbird. Is the man in the spirit of Nikola Tesla. He has warned us of these mad men and they’re machination’s. Inventions of they’re crazy minds, both mechanical, physical and flesh blood. Lets put they’re machinations to good use and hold them to their own expiration dates! That they want us beholden too, of which Dr. Fraudci is way past. What is the date? Ask Axelrod. Your 75, the end of your time line!
    An Issue of Life and Death

  28. Nick de la Gaume


    God Bless

  29. John Mills

    Just the News ! / Just the Truth !
    Excellent Wrap-Up Greg !

  30. S+W

    CGI Press Interview
    Looks like they are already using CGI (Computer-generated imagery) press interviews for biden aka sock puppet. Start the video around 9 minutes in. You can see his hand go through the mic. https://youtu.be/Qt_hmNGQUYw

  31. Robert Dziok

    Here is some information from shows at “Bards.FM”:
    1. Biden was not picked up by any government plane for “Inauguration” held at 11:47 while Trump was still President. He had to fly on a private plane. First time in history that occurred. Also, Inaugurations always done at 12:00 when prior President’s term is over. Military at Inauguration did not have identifying emblems such as rank. Three gun salute at Inauguration instead of 21. Three gun salute used for funerals.
    2. Biden does not reside at White House in DC. His “White House” settings do not match in many ways. His “White House” setting is Castle Rock studios in “Hellywood” and /or Georgia locations. “Hellywood” is major location of CIA second only to it’s Langley VA location.
    3. Biden has never flown on the REAL military equipped Air Force One that ALL prior Presidents used regularly.
    4. The DC White House goes dark every night.
    5. President Trump still flies on military planes.
    Gee, I wonder what all this means/implies? Really think Biden is “President” and in control?

    • Rich


      How is trusting the plan – working out for you?

  32. Louis

    Another Great Program !

  33. Larry Brunson

    Did you hear the one about the two rats sitting at the bar having a drink, one turns to the other and says ” are you going to take the jab ? “. He responds, ” No I think I will wait until they finish experimenting on the humans”.

  34. TrudieStruth

    Brave New World is Aldous Huxley’s 1932 dystopian novel. Borrowing from The Tempest , Huxley imagines a genetically-engineered future where life is pain-free but meaningless. The book heavily influenced George Orwell’s 1984 and science-fiction in general. Read a character analysis of Bernard Marx, plot summary, and important quotes.
    Brave New World: Study Guide | SparkNotes

    THE CBS RADIO WORKSHOP [Pt’s. 1 & 2 Respectfully]
    Brave New World
    Starring Joseph Kearns and Jack Kruschen.
    Broadcast 01-27-56. 02-03-56

    BREAKING:Biden says US to hit 100 million vaccine goal on Friday
    By ZEKE MILLER, Associated Press 2 hrs ago
    WASHINGTON (AP) — With the U.S. closing in on President Joe Biden’s goal of injecting 100 million coronavirus vaccinations weeks ahead of his target date, the White House said the nation is now in position to help supply neighbors Canada and Mexico with millions of lifesaving shots.

    • Ned Long

      Aldous Huxley was a eugenicist who believed that 95% of the world’s population was not intelligent enough to rule themselves so he would fit right in with the Gates-Fauci thugs.
      Huxley’s saving grace was that he was anti-Nazi and anti-racist. He was a complex character.

  35. Manuel

    Thanks Greg , I don’t miss a single rumble video. Best to you ! I’m with you, Faith over Fear !!!

  36. Dave

    Through people’s cult like belief in an unnecessary and dangerous vaccine we can see what it will be like when the anti-Christ appears on the earth. He will embody evil, people will bow down and worship him, including many “Christians”. People need to learn to discern.

  37. Dan Rappaport

    It takes a certain bravery to speak the truth as you see it and to put your reputation on the line weekly. We all know the evil that the DEMs perpetrate against us and humanity on a daily basis. The question is what do we do about it. Please invite some people who have specific ideas on how to combat the ruthless Leftists. One such group is MakeAmericansFreeAgain.com. Whatever happened to Gregory Mannarino and Dave Janda, some kind of falling out?

  38. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for all that you do. Thank you for reminding us of the illegitimacy of the Biden regime.

  39. Rich

    Thanks as always Greg,
    More than one “Mr. Miller” in the world, and one in a million still wouldn’t be complimentary!! Of course they are almost always hiding behind something when they attack, these days quite often, a real mask!!
    Boo!!! I say!!!! (that usually takes care of them, ha ha)
    all the best

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rich. I get threats every week. I don’t post them.

  40. William J. Greene


    You are over the target and on fire my friend.

    Flame on, Brother!!

    Great WNRU!!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks William!!


    Keep up the fight Greg.

    I can’t wait for a leader of another country to say publicly – preferably live on TV to Biden’s face – that “You stole the 2020 election from Trump and you are an illegitimate president”.

  42. Rich

    hello again,
    I emailed the Russian Embassy this morning …..
    ……”An apology to your President on behalf of many sensible and mannered Americans (85,000,000?).
    I do support my President, ….but he is not “Bad Joke Biden”.
    best regards,”……

    I don’t know Mr Putin but don’t see any reason why he should be insulted by the likes of our Commie “Thief in Chief”. It does seem an ironic possibility that Russia is being attacked by Communists from without!!

    Now if we could only see Camelher cross over into North Korea univited to be greeted by President Kim’s sister…..that might be worth a pay per view!!

    Thanks again so much for being brave and providing us with the information you do, in a voice that has become nicely “familiar”!

  43. Tony

    Why make a vaccine unless they have serious consequences and this one tops them all. Sorry for the sarcasm but they all cause injuries.
    Keep up the good work.

  44. john wereschuk

    hi greg love your work i do alot of heavy work before covid hit i took 50 mg of potassium daily to help stop leg cramps i felt great .not long after covid hit all the drugstores here in canada pulled potassium from there shelves i asked pharmacists why they were pulled they told me that it was bad for your heart and you could die from an overdose so they didnt want to be liable . so the other day i went on the alberta health services website to see what was in the PHIZER vaccine one of the main ingredients was POTASSIUM go figure what a scam i still dont know of anyone who has had covid and i deliver to homes everyday.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting and sharing!

  45. Dozer Phillips

    Thanks Greg for all your hard work and dedication. When you stop and look at where we are as a society, I can’t imagine humanity will last another 30 years… The great American eclipse was the start of the serious downfall in morality. God help us stand up for truth and be firm in our beliefs.. Jesus wins in the end.

  46. Rod Brumley

    Biden is Brain Dead and the nation has no chance against China. Putin would eat Biden’s lunch in any debate!!! DemoRats are destroying the United States. Biden is not the President – voter Fraud was beyond imagination. Country being destroyed from within. Remember the pollster that said Trump would have to win Pennsylvania by 5% to win the state – he was Right!!! The Dollar will be devalued by 50% – it is Coming!!!

  47. Da Yooper


    IF there is one thing I have learned from a lifetime of investing & observing the corrupt wall street bankers is that they do not get into any investment that they cannot control & MANIPULATE . Sooo those who invest in bitcoin beware I have no doubt they will do to bitcoin what they have done to the gold & silver markets. Keep in mind they have the computer power to figure out or by now have figured out how to rig it other wise they would not touch it with a 10 foot pole.

    Just my .02 & YMMV

  48. Tony

    Greg, Bo does some good market work but has got all of his biblical predictions wrong. As a friend, I ask you to consider if it is wise to have him speak about biblical things?
    Here is a Bible quote for you to think about. Am I now become your enemy because I tell you the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      You told me your opinion Tony. Polny did NOT get “all of his predictions wrong.” Not by a long shot, and that is a fact not my opinion.

      • Tony

        Greg, I’m surprised at your lack of balance as an investigative journalist in this regard. Be honest here. I like Bo also and he has made some big market calls but look back at his calls where he fits it into the Bible. The biblical timeline, the new era of time, the ark and the whole shemta thing. I know you will get mad and claim I’m a troll but that would be your opinion. Take this in the spirit in which it is intended with NO malice. The Bible says iron sharpeneth iron: so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 27:17

        • Greg Hunter

          Tony you are welcome to you opinion but don’t pass it off as a fact. This is a free site and you are free to say or go. I put Polny on because he has made some really good calls that is a fact. I also know nobody is 100%. You disagree with how he reaches his conclusions. I just care about the conclusions.


  49. Bill

    Just the fact that ill Gates is pushing for all to take the vaccine shot, should tell you something. I would never trust that carpet bagger. God bless you

  50. Lydia Harvey

    I don’t think Obinden will last four years. He is a laughing stock for our nation. I believe this country will fall as a supper power just what the globalist want. I pray for the people who can’t see it. When they do it will be to late unless something is done to stop it. The people need to read our constitution and bill of rights mostly those in congress. I don’t trust that vaccine yet. God bless and keep up the good work.

  51. Russ McMeans

    I’m getting Moderna vaccine next week. They bumped me up due to damaged lungs from pneumonia when I was young. I’m very aware I won’t survive a weaponized Chinese bat flue so I’m doing the vaccine. My choice due to compromised lungs. Also: I still remember regular flue I got 6 years ago. I had a terrible time breathing.
    Greg: I need to contact Melody Cedarstorm because I can not buy bullion from my gold country Sierra foothills dealer right now. They aren’t getting any as of lately. I want to buy some more coins. But I did score progresso soups at $2 per can. Good score. My truck is really nice and fixed up too. Zero debt. I’m lucky on that end. Barely made it.

  52. Nancy McDaniel

    Yehovah changed the beginning of the year from Rosh Hashanah in the fall to the month of Nisan Passover month in the spring which started on March 15th this year. The most frequent messages in the Bible are REPENT and FEAR NOT. Thanks for your hard work.

  53. Robert Hood

    Greg, I think people should use caution with any cryptos including Bitcoin. Now that the “Big” boys are diving in, you will likely see unexpected sharp corrections as these scum manipulate the markets skimming off the profits form newbie investors. The four year
    bitcoin cycle will likely top out before the fall and an eleven year Elliot wave A,B.C correction will follow the peak. That could be an epic drop. I’m in but I will try to control
    fear and greed and hopefully get out well before the top. I watched my Litecoin drop from $440 in Late December 2017 down to $23 several years later. Scary! Four years later and Litecoin is still down by 50%.

  54. Russ McMeans

    I totally forgot an important point: that vaccine might change our DNA. Yes. But getting the bat flue that they tweaked in a Wuhan lab changes our DNA too. I have done a lot of studying on this. Also I know I won’t just be 98% “fine” if I get it. My lungs can’t take another fall of Calitopia wildlife smoke, let alone this evil virus.

    • Paul ...

      Russ … If you are over 65 … aren’t you taking a big chance you may actually be hastening your death??

  55. Shirley Thompson

    On President Trump pushing vaccines… Remember we’re at war. President Trump has never shared his strategies or plans with anyone. In my view he’s merely trolling the oppostion and playing possum.

  56. Russ McMeans

    Greg is correct on Biden. No leader in the world respects him. He’s our faux Pass president. Look up that French word. He’s a joke. And Harris whored herself to power. I voted against her when she ran for Ca attorney General. Obviously most Calitopians were stupid and voted her into office. Willie Brown was her groomer. She’s evil folks. Mark my words.

  57. Shirley Thompson

    Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qu8PlB4yQ4k&t=1s) – he backs the warnings of backs up Dr. VernonColeman (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pNyLLRQSTc)

  58. John Fast

    I’m thinking that the free states need to separate from the commie states. The differences are becoming too great. A house divided cannot stand.

  59. Loop Garoo

    Even though Texas ended the mask mandate, MOST business still mandate masks. Nobody should control MY HEALTH but me and my mom. So, I am fighting back by not giving my money to my enemy. Let’s all blacklist the communists and freemasons.

    • Albert Dziennik

      I live in W TX and never wore a mask to enter a business…there were a few who required it but I steered well clear of them…and now with the face diaper mandate lifted only a handful of the hopelessly stupid fools are seen wearing those ridiculous and idiotic things. By the way a brief dive into biology enlightens us to the fraud…as it is well known that cloth does not stop virus crystals from passing through.

  60. Kate H

    My mother follows you faithfully and she has now put every bit of her savings in to silver for when we go back to the gold standard. She refuses to get the vaccine even though she is 70 and has COPD. I wish more of you would realize how far in to a hole you are pushing our elderly population in to. The hole is filled with fear and half truths and it is killing our seniors mental health. There needs to be some balance but when Trump never again sets foot in the White House and we never go back on the gold standard, I don’t know what my poor mother is going to do to herself. Please think about it.

    • Rich M

      Gold standard or no gold standard, her investing inSilver is extremely wise based on the metals own merits alone. Think of it as a store of wealth…. a protection of her purchasing power as the dollar WILL be devalued endlessly. Also silver is in short supply especially with EV and Solar use ages for it. Remember, in the early 1900’s, it took a single 90% silver dime to buy a loaf of bread. Now, it costs about $3.50. Thats 35 non silver dimes for a loaf of bread. Just some food for thought. :). That is sweet of you to watch out for your Mom but she sounds like a very wise woman.

  61. Shirley Thompson

    People need to be prepared. The ONLY gains are tech equities and other select equities and Bitcoin. Ask yourself “Who” controls both? This is the greatest wealth transfer heist in human history. What you’re watching is a psyop with Bitcoin and equities markets. People are being lulled into thinking there are inmeasurable gains to be had – toss your hat in. When the manipulated money hammer falls – incredible wealth will be lost. Not the wealth of the elites but the wealth of American mid-sized business and upper middle Americans. Small business and the avg Joe have already been striped of their assets.

  62. MickieKnows

    Thanks Greg!

  63. Donna t

    I was escorted to the door by security at our local hospital because I refused to put on a mask after I was screened with no temp. I was told I didn’t have a right to be in the hospital…..even though my husband was having surgery…
    I call administration and told them the coppa needs to know the difference between a right and a privilege that the Constitution gave me my rights not some security nit wit.
    The weird part was NOT ONE PERSON stood up to say a thing they all sat there with there heads down…AS I was leaving I told them to stop being sheep!!!
    I refuse to wear a mask or get a jab!!
    follow the money check out PATTERN US 7220852 SEE WHO IS IN ON THAT PATTERN

  64. Donna t

    ALSO CHECK OUT Scotty Mar 10 his videos are short and direct cover so many issues and shows documents also check the comments under feb 19th Hangman video there is PHD with tons of information in the comment section……………..about covid

  65. GLORIA

    This is a great article. It is so nice to see someone putting the truth out there.

  66. andyb

    I will never take the vaccine because
    1. I have researched and fully understand the psychotic elite agenda of depopulation
    2. I have researched the science of vaccines and know that what they are injecting is not a vaccine, rather it is an experimental gene altering biologic experiment
    3. I am fully medically covered by the VetAdmin (VA) and have 100% disability from my tours in Vietnam. In the first few years I got the flu shot in the Fall and every winter got the flu which the Zpac cured after 2 weeks. For the last 15 years, I rejected the shot and haven’t had a sick day in all that time. “fool me once……”
    4. I am aware that the “pandemic” crisis has engendered creeping totalitarian control, and that the death toll and # of cases has been manipulated. Many corrupt ME’s and coroners are mislabeling causes of death and the statements that hospitals and ERs are full is pure Bullshit Propaganda.

    Thankfully I live in Florida so I won’t need a “passport” to leave my house, shop or otherwise live a normal life. My Governor, the next Republican President, will ensure this fact. Those who live in the EU or blue states won’t be as fortunate.

  67. Jennifer Updegraff

    Thanks so much Greg. I have a line-up of websites I check every day and you are there. I am grateful for the truth and your honesty and your kindness and the terrific folks you have on. You are endeavoring to follow the Lord and I love the end of every video. Blessings. It would be great if , like one post before me , if you could go on with Dan Bongino or someone and really get a huge following.
    The trolls are hard to even scan as they are filled with so much hate. It is the worst punishment I would think to just have to inhabit the body with such and angry and hateful heart at the center. God save them but you do not deserve to be shot full of poisoned arrows. Glad you put it up and more glad for your reply.

  68. Jennifer Updegraff

    Thanks so much Greg. I have a line-up of websites I check every day and you are there. I am grateful for the truth and your honesty and your kindness and the terrific folks you have on. You are endeavoring to follow the Lord and I love the end of every video. Blessings. It would be great if , like one post before me , if you could go on with Dan Bongino or someone and really get a huge following.
    The trolls are hard to even scan as they are filled with so much hate. It is the worst punishment I would think to just have to inhabit the body with such an angry and hateful heart at the center. God save them but you do not deserve to be shot full of poisoned arrows. Glad you put it up and more glad for your reply.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jennifer!

  69. Pam

    Send all the illegals to NY and put them up in all those empty buildings. Let NY foot the bill with all our tax dollars the democrats sent NY to thank them for helping to install our fake president.

    • Paul ...

      You know Pam … the way Cuomo put Covid -19 patients in Nursing homes “to kill off the old people” (even though he had plenty of room at the Javis Center and hospital ships) … the Demon-rats likely won’t use the empty buildings in New York to house the illegals … they will more probably forcibly send them to live in our homes “to kill us off economically”!!

  70. Victor Mason

    I had Covid, my doctor put me on HCQ, Zinc and Zpac. Was over it in 8 days. Wife was over it in 10 days. We do have residual issues, weak smell and taste, byproducts of the bio weapon but the treatment kept us out of the hospital when the peak has the hospitals over flowing in Dec 2020. I’m not getting a vax when i already have the antibodies.

  71. Hugh McDanel

    Thanks for your time, and information keep up the good work!

  72. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    The covid death jab will kill 50 million people in the US alone. Alex Newman had Lee Merit on and talked about how dangerous this was. It would be good to have one of these doctors on your show (Mikovitz, Lee Merit, Tenpenny, etc.).

    Thank you for what you do and God bless you!!!


  73. Garrett


    Praying for you and your family! And wishing you equanimity and wisdom in these difficult times.

    Can you please provide links to the paper that Dr Gert van Der Bosch published, along with his open letter? I have not been able to find anything on that. Maybe it is scrubbed from the ‘net? (Not doubting you, sir… just need to provide backup to my own debate points when talking with leftists)

    Love you, Brother!!!

  74. Scott

    Greg, please supply the link to the Vanden Boschee paper

    • Paul ...

      Vanden Boschee’s warning must be taken seriously by everyone …otherwise stupid politicians (Trump included) are going to wipe out large parts of our human population … Bill Gates and his eugenicist buddies couldn’t think of a better strategy to achieving a “huge gain of function death efficiency” … by turning a relatively harmless virus “into a bio-weapon of mass destruction” … and what the current Covid-19 vaccines does is “turn vaccine recipients into asymptomatic carriers of the virus …who are “continuously shedding the virus and its more deadly variants” to the rest of the human population who never got sick in the first place … this Covid-19 vaccine is “an insidious Trojan Horse” … that Satanic Eugenicist Demons conjured up in their laboratories to achieve their Georgia Guide-stone population goals … and bring about by 2035 – 2040 a greatly reduced population that are all sterile and can never reproduce or have children any longer … if this is not the world you want for yourself and your progeny … we must all stand firm now … against the eugenicist enemies of mankind (i.e. Bill Gates, Fauci, etc., etc.) and their dumb greedy “payed off” political hacks (like Bribe’n, Cuomo, Schumer, Pelosi, etc. etc.) … make the world we save … a world we (as God created human beings) will own!!

  75. Scott

    LaNina year Greg. It will be hot a and dry. We will still get enough food for the US but the rest of the world will quickly see the return of 1960’s starvation

  76. Jack

    Please steal this letter to the Editor. Send it to everyone you know. I would love to see it in every newspaper in America with your name under it. It’s 296 words including your name.

    The “Big Truth,” the election was stolen.
    Unfortunately today, many liberal Democrats are delusional and have lost touch with reality. This mass psychosis is due to endless propaganda broadcast by the liberal left controlled media. Liberal hate for common sense has given birth to their totalitarian Cancel Culture which aims to silence, censor, and erase anyone that opposes their opinion. We must never allow this culture of hate and violence to mature in America as it did in Nazi Germany.

    Watching the impeachment hearings, we repeatedly heard Democrats say the election was fair and honest. Democrats repeatedly stated that Trump’s “Big Lie” was that the election was stolen. The left keeps repeating that there was no election fraud. Joseph Goebbels, a famous Nazi propagandist said, “tell a “Big Lie” and keep repeating it until it becomes the truth.” We all witnessed the election theft and must never allow this “Big Lie” to become the truth.

    So here is the “Big Truth,” the election was stolen.

    We all watched the videos of the election theft. Democrats kept Republicans at a distance. They put pizza boxes over windows. They sent Republican’s home and continued counting fake ballots pulled from under tables all night long. They spiked the vote for Biden with thumb drives. They ran stacks of unfolded mail in ballots over and over again. The Senate hearings in five States exposed mountains of evidence and produced 1000 sworn Affidavits attesting to the election fraud. Just because our corrupt court system refused to look at the evidence doesn’t mean the crime never happened. This injustice is called the “Color of Law.” The fact that our Government is corrupt enough to steal a Presidential election, is the greatest threat to our Republic since it was founded.
    Your Name

  77. wayne hardin

    God has to be astonished looking down upon us .
    Thinking not only did i send my son to die to give them the power they need .
    But i even wrote them a manual of how to live ..
    He is looking here and thinking that’s dum and looking over there and thinking
    that’s dummer .
    And then says read the manual dummy’s .
    So simple .

    • wayne hardin

      Like trying to put a engine together with out checking the clearances .
      It will start and run .
      But it will blow up .
      That is where me are today .

  78. TJZ

    Excellent commentary!
    At length, I warned an individual yesterday about the evils associated with the Covid shots. He replied, “If traveling requires a Covid passport, he and his wife would get the shots”.
    Ron White (Comedian); “You can’t fix stupid”.
    Best wishes

  79. Paula Davis

    Surge happening now…https://headlineswithavoice.com/2021/

  80. iwitness02

    I’m beginning to wonder if the powers that be have gotten to Trump. Have they made him and offer/threat that he can’t refuse? Seems as though the entire Trump clan is moving to Florida. Seems as though they are circling the wagons. There are so many big things going on in the world all at the same time. This time in history is so different from anything else I have experienced in life. I don’t like what I see. We have had a solid year of doom and gloom. I am getting to the point where I just want to get “it” over with, come what may. Getting impatient. I love this country that I was born and raised in, but I have come to hate the government that controls this country. Corrupted, cruel, greedy, perverted and murderous. Stealing everything they can get their hands on. It must be nearing the end of its shelf life.

    • Self Exiled

      I think God’s purposes have been served by Trump. I doubt he returns. Events are moving even faster now. Trump is a hated man being hunted. Until you have experienced that, life is steadfastly different. Your reflectiveness about life and events always inspires a comment from me. I appreciate your affect on my thinking. I have disliked my observations for 58 years. I agree about shelf life. It’s not only the US but I think humanities shelf life is in question. Example: there was a shoot out in this country between the DEA and the Police at a mall; killed, 1 informer and 2 police. At first authorities thought it was a drug bust gone bad, now they think it was a drug ”turf ” war [between two law enforcement offices]. Yes; ”corrupted, cruel, greedy, perverted and murderous”. Yep—everything is breaking down. Governments, medical systems, presidential degradation [Biden falling down], communication—even between individuals, between governments, financial implosion, morality destruction, child sexual sacrifice, educational eradication, family annihilation, Trump extremist elimination. Canada is 6 months ahead of US concerning covid controls, vaccine passports, vaccine deaths, vaccine caused variants. Because lawlessness is increased, the love of most people will grow cold. Matthew 24:12. So what do we do as individuals? I have set the LORD continually before me; because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Psalm 16:8.

      • iwitness02

        Self Exiled,
        It is always good to hear from you.
        You did a nice job of rounding out my comment to include the other concerns you listed. That could probably still be considered the ‘short list.’
        I believe that Trump bought us some valuable time to get ready for the government’s onslaught of controls they seek to bring against us. Like you, I don’t believe Trump is coming back. Things are moving too fast now. The only power that can resist this tidal wave of evil is Christ. Our Rock and our Salvation.
        I loved my time in the PI. Hope all is going well for you and may God bless you and keep you safe.

  81. Rick Hayle

    Yea Greg , & just think of what is going to happen when the bride of CHRIST is taken out of the world on top of all those things you were talking about happening & going to happen in the economy . Not long ago , we were really the only economy in the entire globe that was working decently . OBIDEN started working to destroy that on his 1st day in office shutting the Keystone Pipeline down while waving his middle finger at our Canadian “allies.” BTW , the ” Day of Atonement ” is Yom Kippur not ” Rosh Hashanah . GOD bless you sir for being a purveyor of TRUTH in this topsy-turvy insane world .

  82. Thomas Surguine

    Sir Greg….Please know that my Phillipina summa cum laude grad.in Chemistry, who has taught chemistry 4 years is absolutely opposed 2 any/all Vax 4 the simple reason that all of them carry who knows how many “Adjuvants”…everything from formaldehyde 2 aluminum, etc.as well as most of them were not “field tested” and shoved them thru’ FDA on “emergency” basis. In other words, if u value your life, stay FAR AWAY from the “jab”. I most certainly will have NO JAB, & I am 91….
    Expat tom, in Manila……

  83. eddiemd

    Another older article on ACE2 receptor distribution. Still surprised it is online.

    This coronavirus bioweapon was an excellent choice by the globalists.

    The vaccine is the part of the bioweapon. No surprise that the msm, .gov, WEF, and many others are promoting an unproven experimental gene therapy.


    “The most remarkable finding is the surface expression of ACE2 protein on lung alveolar epithelial cells and enterocytes of the small intestine, ie cells in contact with the external environment. Furthermore, ACE2 is present in arterial and venous endothelial cells and arterial smooth muscle cells in all of the organs studied. These data are consistent with previous findings that low levels of ACE2 mRNA are found in many tissues and that ACE2 mRNA is highly expressed in renal, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal tissue”

    Get your probiotics…Kefir, yogurt, kimchee, sourkraut, root vegetables, fermented drinks….you are what you eat

    It is no wonder that the Chinese were doing anal swabs…the ACE2 receptors and perhaps viral shedding is occurring and they are interested in poop…

    another reason I never wanted to be a gastroenterologist…who really enjoys the smell of bowel gas while doing colonoscopies

    • eddiemd

      Repost on this excellent article describing gene based stealth bioweapons being used as “Vaccines”.


      • eddiemd

        Papa was a rolling stone.

        Spanish word for rolling stone—> holgazán= slacker, bum


        Will add this word to my Spanish vocabulary when speaking about democrats.

      • eddiemd

        Interesting article on use of nanoparticle/nucleic acid mixed technology to target at cellular level.


        “Currently, there are only a dozen of successful examples of therapeutic nucleic acids approved for clinical use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration7–14. The reason for this is that the clinical application of therapeutic nucleic acids is often limited by factors such as their chemical instability, targeted cellular delivery, and off-target inflammatory immune responses that are detrimental to the host15–17. ”

        The gene therapy “vaccine” fits right into these “detrimental to the host” application.

        We are here. Soon to be given over completely.

        Romans 1:18-32
        18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, 21 because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Professing to be wise, they became fools, 23 and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man—and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things.

        24 Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, 25 who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

        26 For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. 27 Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.

        28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; 29 being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, 30 backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31 undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful; 32 who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.

        • Self Exiled

          WHO else could identify that many issues 2000 years before they would occur and clarify them with such psychological and spiritual accuracy and clarity.

      • Paul ...

        Exactly eddiemd … like a Trojan Horse … the Covid-19 common cold virus is being used as the means to inject humanity with their “bio-weapon extermination vaccine” … that does the real killing once inside … past the “Gates”!!

        • Da Yooper

          The vaccine ……………IS ………the virus.

  84. Wayne Scott

    Hi Greg,
    Read that L-lysine is also a inexpensive prevention and cure.
    Linus Pauling got a heart-attack-cure patent years ago comprised
    of Vitamin C and L-lysine.

  85. SLindung

    Hi Greg, I am viewing your page and using Google as my search engine, there are two Re-elect Nancy Pelosi ads on USAWatchdog.com Just letting you know. I have reported both as inappropriate. Very informative wrap up, I look forward to every Friday.

  86. john+duffy

    If you are thinking about getting vaccinated for covid-19 you may want to listen to this first………starting at 29 minute mark.


  87. Coalburner

    First of all,
    CHRISTOPHER WRAY is a bald faced LIAR right to the public, IN Congress. So lets be clear no one in the fbi can be trusted for a ten thousandth of a second. And
    I worked with them a few times back in the day! Total disgrace to America, I would cancel the whole fbi! Totally pisses me off!

  88. Trinacria

    Greg: thank you for a great report. I am with you – the vaccine is a total experiment – I don’t think it will turn out well. Sad.

    Question: you mention HZQ and Ivermectin and I agree – so, say a person contacts the virus and early on wants to take this medicine…should the person take one or the other, or both? Do you know what the research says? I know that one should consult a physician, but just asking if you knew out of curiosity.
    Finally, you talk about the Sec. of State in Michigan and , in the past other Soros backed left wing lunatics. I have been reading that Myanmar has seized Soros Open society foundation (really a closed and repressed society is what he wants) bank accounts. Other countries are expelling his foundation and go after them – thank goodness, some countries have a brain. Then there is the president of the Philippines (Duterte) who said that is Soros steps foot in his country, there is a bounty on his head! Wow !!!
    So, was wondering if you could maybe cover in a future report, countries that are going after Soros and his foundation and some of the results.
    Thank you and take care.

  89. Coalburner

    I have been studying and talking to some smart people. I feel lucky to know one! Yes I said smart, I mean it! He and other s think Bitcoin is here to stay now. Bitcoin is in too the level of approximately 1 trillion and has at least 9 trillion to go. Also these big boy investors are trying to protect their wealth and that kind is much protection is not available in Gold. They probably have a pile anyway. You have to keep and carry your gold. Bitcoin can be accessed from anywhere and exchanged any place in the world. I think Bitcoin is more risky than gold but the dollars have to be stored somewhere. I agree with Bo telling us the market will fall, I think it is already being gutted out. The money is going over to Cryptos and Commodity’s.

    • Paul ...

      C … As long as you realize crypto “is not a real store of value” … yes you can gamble on it being a safe place for your money (and it will seem so … as long as it keeps rising and blooming like a beautiful tulip)!!

      • Rachel

        speaking of which, Paul I think we should do an IPO for our fictitious alt coin EMP at 666 cents to reflect its true nature and the true nature of all alt coins. What do you think?

        • Paul ...

          Excellent idea Rachel!! <(:-})

  90. Linda

    Hey there, Greg, Good job today re: the vaccine. I could not agree with you more. Thanks, as usual.

  91. Jack A Hunter

    Dear Greg Hunter, Thank you & Bo Polny for the heads up
    on the Jubilee of the Fiat, non gold, system.
    I never would have thought of counting from ’71.
    I have a contract & a tenth part of Silver.
    God gave it to me & it is God’s. I am grateful but I
    “Trust in God” & just have silver to use.
    I truly enjoy your verbal essays because you are sincere.
    I trust sincere & honest men. God bless you.

  92. Mike+G

    The pandemic was an excuse to shut down economies world wide. It has worked and it is an prelude to the Green Deal. Americans consider Global Warming a sham, but egads a virus, don’t want to kill grampa. Flatten the curve, so many sheeple so little time.

    • Paul ...

      Mike … The “Green Deal” is a fraud designed to give the eugenicists cover to spray us like insects (claiming it is all being done to save the planet) when the real goal is to exterminate all life … if they really wanted to cool the planet they could put solar shields in geosynchronous orbit above the poles and over the oceans to reflect excess sunlight away from the Earth!!

      • Paul ...

        And “our criminal government” (now spraying aluminum on us) wouldn’t have to steal another 21 Trillion dollars to build these life saving solar shields above Earth’s poles and oceans … as the solar shields can have a secondary use … besides cooling the Earth and preventing methane gas from being released … these solar shields can be used as solar panels to generate electricity (that can be beamed down to Earth at receiving stations located hundreds of miles from high population centers) … and thus … this program to save the Earth will pay for itself!!

  93. Ken Landon

    To anyone owning any Crypto currency PLEASE Get your Crypto currencies off of the exchanges such as (Coinbase, Kraken,) 0r any other place you bought them. No exchange is Insured or Federally regulated. This means if and when the “exchange” (the seller of cryptos) goes out of Business, you Will LOSE ALL YOUR CRYPTO’s ! Download them to an Electronic wallet such as Nano Ledger S, Trezor or any other Electronic wallet. You will then be in possession of your own Crypto currencies. Remember the maxim “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it!” Buyer Beware! Yes, I have taken this advice from Bix Weir who hammered this home in multiple videos. Thank you, Bix Weir!
    One exchange based in Japan Mount Gox claimed they were hacked (not true) the owner ran off with all the cryptos. Those people have had NO Recourse, whatsoever. They lost cryptos that would have made many of them financially independent (Rich)
    Had they downloaded their cryptos to a wallet they’d have them today. Please don’t delay on this. I paid a computer guru to do this, so I couldn’t screw it up. The best money I ever spent. I rest easier (literally) having done this.

  94. Deborah Bennett

    Thank you Greg for keeping us well informed, I love your fearless courage! I just wanted to let you know that I watch your videos on Rumble all the time, without fail. I heard you say you don’t have a Rumble channel but that is how I am able to watch you with Roku. God bless you and your family!

  95. Dusty Dude


    Ivermectin paste. I’ve got two tubes on the shelf.

  96. Albert Dziennik

    Just like gravity bringing things down…usury of money will bring the entire money system down. Man’s flawed thinking which created fraud in the money system, caused the entire mess we find ourselves in, today. Need to produce fake virus and other mind-bending diversions, are designed to take your eye off the ball, so to speak, and give an excuse for the inevitable collapse they caused.

  97. Paul R Veenendall

    I am a born again Christian and I know you are as well. I watch your news show USAwatchdog.com love it doing a great job as long as God permits I look forward to hearing more from you which is? THE TRUTH!

  98. eddiemd

    Israel preparing for war. Speaking with EU people.

    Things heating up on multiple fronts…Yemen/SA, Ukraine, South China Sea, Syria, Eastern Med,…

    Uncle Joe is not in control. The luciferians are running the USA.

    Turn off the iPhone and read your Bible.


    Ecc 8:4-6

    Where the word of a king is, there is power;
    And who may say to him, “What are you doing?”

    He who keeps his command will experience nothing harmful;
    And a wise man’s heart discerns both time and judgment,

    Because for every matter there is a time and judgment,
    Though the misery of man increases greatly.

  99. Jay

    The vaccine debate is already over. Don’t take it if you want to live. If you are threatened with losing your job if you don’t take the vaccine, no big deal. You lose your job anyway if you take the vaccine and die or are permanently disabled and in convulsions for life.

    • Chip

      Exactly. I’m blessed to have skills that allow me to get work in any situation. I’ll never take the vaccine even under threat of imprisonment or death. I’m gonna die someday and proceed to life everlasting. I won’t take a chance on ruining that opportunity to spend eternity with my Lord.

  100. Jay A.

    Instead of a Biden/Putin debate lets have a peeing contest to see who can hit the toilet bowl. My money’s on Putin!

    • carrie

      Amen to that brother!

      Thank you Greg, clicked on a link on Steve Quayle, I always read when I see you! 🙂
      That Mr.Miller dude, was highlighting in real time the very point you are making about delusion and blind to facts. So many I encounter are like that here in the UK.
      Never mind what is in the Frankenstein injection or the truth of what harm it really does,
      I want to go on bloody HOLIDAY, they say.
      Absolute MADNESS abounds!
      Jesus told us so many times to trust him and “fear not.”
      Let God be true and every man a liar.
      As has been stated already, we are all going to die one day anyway,
      how blessed to leave this vapour of a mist life to go out defending the TRUTH.
      As a Pastor I admired once said:
      ”We are ALL going to be believers one day anyway!
      God bless you and keep you powerful, wise and discerning.
      Love you .

    • Paul ...

      Jay … with all the hormones the eugenicists put into our food … Americans are lucky if they can pee at all!!

    • wayne hardin

      You would lose .
      sleepy sits down to pee.

  101. Chip

    Amazing looking at your drought maps. It would appear that they are trying to move the population back to the East. Troubling times ahead. Weather warfare to accomplish their goal. Thanks Greg for your service and dedication to inform us. Unfortunately I am beginning to disagree with supporting Trump. He alone probably had the power to reject this global plan of Reset using the fake pandemic to further their intentions. Warp speed to eradicate the majority population. I truly believe he was compromised. Probably they threatened his family if he didn’t go along.

    • JC


      People wrongly believe that being president means you are really in charge. That is such a fallacy it is laughable. That was the problem with Trump. He was firing people left and right when he first took office because he discovered that they had surrounded him with people who had no idea that he expected to be a real president as if he was running a corporation. That is not the way Washington runs.


  102. wayne hardin

    Do i like what is happening NO .
    But God is in control or he is not .
    I chose to believe he is .
    Trump will do what he is meant to do by God .
    God will harden hearts blind eyes cause strong delusion or what ever it takes .
    To make his word to come to pass .
    I know that makes people mad to hear / it makes me mad to .
    Just get ready for what is coming it cant be stopped .
    I will stand against wrong until the end .
    But me standing against wrong will not change the word of God .
    But it will let the world know that i believe in God and Jesus Christ even if they kill me .
    And the way i read it they will kill us while thinking they are doing Gods will .
    They are calling the truth hate . And say we Christians are haters for wanting
    people to be born again and go to heaven .
    Just as the word says everything will be backwards .
    Good will be called Evil … Love will be called Hate and so on .
    It also says if the world loves you you are doing something wrong .
    Jesus said they hated me and they will hate you .
    It is not easy to be hated when you have done nothing wrong .
    But if you read the bible it shouldn’t be a surprise .

    • Paul ...

      Wayne … I know what God the Father “definitely did not want” Trump to do … tell us to take a vaccine developed by that “fake god” Bill Gates (that totally destroys the immune system that our “Real God Almighty” created for us) … and an untested vaccine at that? … at Warp Speed??

      • wayne hardin

        No but he allowed it .
        If God definitely did not want any thing to happen he would stop it .
        I guess we can say that was dumb for him to say .
        I guess we can say who ever gets in line because trump told them to are dumber .

  103. wayne hardin

    People keep saying God changed his mind .
    On that i agree .
    But that was before the word was written .
    The word be be fulfilled as written .

  104. JohnF

    The Corona Virus Plandemic – The Whole World Believed ‘The Lie’.

    11Therefore God will send them a Powerful Delusion so that they Believe the Lie,
    12in order that judgment may come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.
    2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

    • eddiemd

      Right on target. The deception. It is going to get much worse.

  105. Steve

    Great job Greg,I haven’t missed your wrapups,,im tuned in,and appreciate your hard work

  106. Paul Anthony

    I dont even know what to say anymore. Everything is crazy. Just keep doing what you’re doing I’ll keep watching and trying to spread truth. Thanks for everything you do. I still watch every video you put out but I don’t usually comment don’t really know what to say everything is just insane. My wife and I pray every day that the country gets saved and we keep our freedom. I don’t know what else to do.


    Paul Anthony

    • Greg Hunter

      Keep Praying Jesus hears us. Don’t lose your faith.

  107. Kay

    My family member got the vaccine even though we warned against it. It breaks my heart to hear all the bad elements of these experimental vaccines. What evil minds working overtime in order to come up with this plan. Thankful God is on the throne. Thankful for Jesus as my Savior. What a wonderful God we serve.

  108. Roy

    For those who still think these vaccines are going to save us, had better pay attention. There is a major problem that is being suppressed by all the main stream press, what a surprise. Recently Armstrong’s blog run an article on his site. It is about a doctor in Europe who is pleading with all governments to stop ALL vaccinations now. This doctor has been the coordinator of all the vaccine production for a very long time across Europe . He has worked with all the big Pharma , even the Bill Gates foundation . If there is anyone who knows what is really going on with the Vaccine production, it would be this doctor, Geert Vanden Bossche PhD. First of all, the present Covid19 vaccines are made from a corona virus spreading in China, in January 2020. The corona viruses now spreading globally have mutated so much , the present vaccines are of little use. The short version of what this doctor is so upset, that he has put his reputation and career on the line, maybe his life. Even if the vaccines are good, which most are not safe. All the vaccines take about 3 months to produce anti bodies. So now you have all these vaccines suppressing your immune system. At the same time you are being exposed to live mutated corona viruses. The vaccines are looking to stop Covid19 strain, which is basically gone away. Giving vaccinations during a global pandemic, is the perfect way to create large amounts of super mutations. Each corona virus mutation is getting stronger. A corona virus mutates every 10 minutes, many die, but those who survive become more deadly, not weaker. The race between making new vaccines and the mutating viruses, the corona viruses will win. It is a direct threat to the human race ability to survive. That is why this doctor is pleading with all governments to stop all vaccinations now. Today some news stories about the new third wave spreading in multiple countries. It is the new stronger mutations now spreading in the third wave. The highest infection rates, are in the regions that have the highest vaccination rates. This proves that this doctor is correct, that the human race in very deep trouble. Some of these vaccines will permanently suppress your immune system. Then even a common cold in the future could kill you. For folks who have taken one of these mRNA vaccines, it is too late to reverse the process. Has the Economic Forum crowd planned this mess, or is it an untended consequence, not fore seen by their arrogance. In January I had the Covid19. The HCQ and Zinc stopped it in 3 days. I am an older guy with lots of preexisting conditions. There has been other virus research doctors who have also been predicting the super corona mutations last year, due to these rush to market Vaccines.


  109. donald mcleod

    The CABAL wants you dead.

  110. eddiemd

    The media frenzy on violence against Asians is nothing new. Remember the Rodney King riots. Black on Korean and Korean on Black violence was ignited during the riots in Koreatown and south central LA.


  111. Not So Free

    This could get interesting. Of course, we are violating the Nuremberg code as well.

  112. American Citizen

    My very close friend in Hawaii called me up because her sister called her up to say that 4 people in her family died in less than 48 hours after getting the covid-19 vaccine, then my friend says that a person at work had his aunt kick the bucket in less than 48 hours too, making 5 people dead.
    For that reason I will not be getting the covid-19 vaccines (not to mention that they turn people into covid protein manufacturing plants, shedding covid protein all over the planet)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the information “American”!!

  113. Judy Jackson

    Greg: AARP Dashboard of Covid Nursing Home Deaths shows NC. has the highest number! My state, VA. comes in second. NEVER REPORTED ON LOCAL NEWS HERE.

  114. Truth Up

    Umm, you do know, Greg, that Trump and Melania received their Covid vaccinations in January, just before leaving the WH?
    The weasel didn’t broadcast it to the public. Why not? Because he is a greedy, self-absorbed, lying weasel, Greg.
    And you STILL support this man…still?!?

  115. H.Craig Bradley

    Suggested Guest: Ms. Sydney Powell

    Her story reads as a thick plot of a Hollywood suspense thriller. Thermite car bombs, bullets in the head, and Republian/Democratic operatives slinking about, as well as unnamed “dark” operatives about our Capital. She is on a quest to uncover the newest American Conspiracy Theory. ( Greg Hunter LOVES a Good Story, after all )


    • JC

      This is a different “JC” than the JC of comments seen above and previously. I never post just a link.

  116. Marie+Joy

    Years ago, I had surgery, was asleep, and woke to find a nurse about to give me a flu shot, in my sleep. I said “NO”. I fear another hospital visit will get me a covid vaccine. I will do my best to avoid that.

  117. al

    I don’t take vaccines of any sort, I don’t wear masks, I shake people’s hands when presented, I get close to people, it’s part of my job and overall persona.
    According to the MARXIST ENEMY MEDIA, the lying whore mouthpiece of the deep state, I SHOULD BE DEAD !!!
    I’m considered a Senior in age. I SHOULD BE DEAD !!!!!
    I live in a normal State where there is NO MASK MANDATE! So I don’t wear one. I SHOULD BE DEAD !

    Last time I checked UV-C light kills viruses and can also blind you if you look at it directly. The Sun, that bright ball in the sky? You know, the very thing that cured the 1918 pandemic? Yes, that thing… IT EMITS PLENTY OF HEAVY DUTY UV-C LIGHT!!!


    UVC radiation is a known disinfectant for air, water, and nonporous surfaces. UVC radiation has effectively been used for decades to reduce the spread of bacteria, such as tuberculosis. For this reason, UVC lamps are often called “germicidal” lamps.

    THIS IS A MORONIC WORLD AND WE HAVE A MORONIC FAKE “president” that’s the joke of the Millennia!
    History will see this as the time the world went RETARD!

  118. al


    Merck Stops COVID Vaccine: “Studies Showed People Better Off Catching Virus and Recovering!”


    In other words, you’re better off becoming a case. Every case is an antibody production aiding in herd immunity. That’s NATURE! and it’s powerful.

    • Paul ...

      Buy Merck stock and buy their pharmaceutical products … SELL J&J and Pfizer stocks and avoid buying all their pharmaceuticals … the immoral criminals violating the Nuremberg Code of Medical Experimentation may be immune from lawsuits … but we can “jab them” another way!!

  119. Smokey Joe

    Hi Greg,
    I’m a long time listener and really look forward to your Weekly News Wrap-Ups.
    Please don’t stop talking about the stolen election, and PLEASE keep warning people about the dangers of talking the experimental “vaccine”.
    May God bless and protect you and your family.
    Smokey Joe

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Joe!! I will. This 2020 election was the biggest theft in history and noting less!!

  120. Pat

    No one must accept the Pretendancy!

    • Greg Hunter

      Love the new word: “Pretendancy”!!!!

  121. Pat

    Greg, BTC and other crypto are the third option which we didn’t have during prior economic disasters. It’s our “screw you” money to the global money changers. They can’t stop it or take it from you. They can’t prevent us from using it instead of their phoney fiat. Some crypto is a technology like THETA Token which will be like internet 2.0. don’t trade, HODL (hold on for dear life). You’ll benefit bigly.

  122. Greg Morrissey

    Just found it this morning, hope this will give us all hope that God is in control and the truth is coming out on his time line.
    Ariz. State Senate To Order Hand Recount Of 2.1M Ballots Cast In 2020

    You do a great job Greg
    Thank you In Jesus name

  123. RTW

    These are the worst times that I can remember occuring in this country in 72 years. All that’s happening has been a well planned project for years just waiting for the “right” time to implement it. Whomever is behind it has been extremely patient, as well as calculating, laying the groundwork for this to work. They needed to get control of the educational system and the media first, which they have and then came the government itself. Trump was a minor annoyance to them which they dealt with by rigging the election and stealing it from the American people. They also did it in a way that was so blatant to tell the country that there is nothing you can do about it. They also found the best/worst two candidates on the face of the earth to be the frontman. Best for them, worst for us. Again, they knew as well as the rest of the world did, that biden is non compos mentis but that didn’t matter, he was the perfect vehicle to get things done and it’s being played out right in front of our “lying” eyes. The catylist for their plan was THE virus in order to scare the hell out of, at least half the country, and make them compliant, paving the way for the coup de gras. Soon the “vaccine” will have been administered to millions of people with the affects becoming known many years later when it’s too late. This could very well be the crime of century.

  124. Anrae Wimberley

    Greg, your Weekly Wrapup is the highlight of my week! I have a monthly subscription to USAWD and have cancelled YouTube Premium. I contracted covid in January and it was worst flu experience for three weeks. I survived! Tried to get HCQ, Ivermectin from Kaiser at beginning and was met with a wall. I don’t want to take the vaccine so I’d like to get the HCQ/Ivermectin stash just in case. Can you recommend a Dr in CA or a website to purchase it?
    Love you. If you weren’t married, I’d probably stalk you. Kidding!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Anrae!! You are very kind and funny too!

  125. Sue Sherrill

    share this with healthcare providers or anyone under the misinformation that ‘there is NO effective treatment for the Covid 19’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypxrJhSg5xU

  126. john treadwell

    hi Greg, love your show, been watching for 7 or 8 years. What is it about Bitcoin ? I bought one for 600$ a few years ago … sold 1/2 of it a week ago for 26,000$ I think Bitcoin was designed to devour all the failing FIAT in the world… and all the debt. It will end up over a million each, may take 2 years may take 10…. before bitcoin it was a Mad Max future of only silver and gold…. now there is hope for humanity’s future with a digital non-confiscateable decentralized currency that is trustless and requires no bank or governments permission to use…. I can send a million in BTC to someone in Japan and they can confirm they got it in minutes and there is no wire transfer fee… banks are obsolete and bankrupt, the FED is obsolete and bankrupt, big money is fleeing into Bitcoin for survival.

  127. wayne hardin

    If we want the power to stand against what will befall us .
    We will have to pray as Jesus did in the garden right before he was to die .
    He asked God the father three times if there was any other way that Gods will
    could be done bring it to pass .
    And he then said your will Father not mine .
    I haven’t heard many payers ended with your will Father God not mine lately .
    That prayer is the only one that will give us the power to stand even unto death .
    Just as Jesus knew the Father was in control .
    We also know .

  128. Greg Hunter

    Thanks Dr George,
    Please admit that the “vaccines” are “experimental” and this it in fact a live drug trial using humans. Please also admit the mRNA will permanently alter your DNA and you have no idea what the long term effects will be. One last admission: Please tell everyone that the vaccine manufactures have zero liability for the damage done. We both know hundreds of deaths have occurred along with some other painful complications. I am in strong support of scientific debate and truth. Let’s consider also the open letter sent to the World Health Organization from top Vaccine expert Geert Vanden Bossche. He is hardly an “Outlier” and even worked for the Gates Foundation. Bossche says we should stop these CV19 vaccines right now: https://fos-sa.org/2021/03/12/open-letter-to-the-who-immediately-halt-all-covid-19-mass-vaccinations-geert-vanden-bossche-dmv-phd/

    This entire CV19 is a scam and it has nothing to do with public health. It’s about making mass amounts of money and we both know that too.

  129. Frank

    Great job, Greg. Love your work and all of your guests!

    Really good if grim presentation of the dangers of the “vaccine” from Dr. Tenpenny here:
    Shot in the Dark – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains COVID Injections And Their Differences – http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=229813

  130. Zack

    The massive drought doesn’t surprise me. If we look at history it’s clear that God is extremely displeased with all this transgender stuff, etc., etc. — God’s wrath falls on nations at that point. The Creator set it up, “male and female created He them,” but increasingly corrupt man wants to add 57 more genders. The Good Book explains how nations fill up their cup of iniquity — “It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law.” Psalms 119:126.

  131. Kurt

    I made a short video analyzing the deaths reported from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) data base for the last 5 years. The results are shocking: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/shocking-analysis-of-recent-data-of-the-vaers-database_dRh4zoMNZV77HaQ.html

  132. Faith

    Mr. Hunter,

    Do not let up on Biden being illegitimate!

    God bless you. Long time fan and subscriber of your show.

    • Greg Hunter

      The November 2020 election was nothing short of the biggest theft in world history!!

  133. Jeff

    Greg, please check your e-mail. I just sent you a link to Dr. Lee Merrit’s (past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons trained in bio-weapons) interview stating covid -19 is a man made bio weapon and the vaccine will stop the body from recognizing the next strain , causing death within days. Thanks

  134. Great report USAWatchdog.

  135. R Williams

    G’day Greg, I was wondering will God except the people who have had there DNA Changed..???

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s what Noah and the Great Flood was all about.

      • H.Craig Bradley

        Greg must be referring to the legend of the Nephilim prior to the Genesis Flood. The Genesis flood wiped-out defective, immoral individuals and clans while cleansing the gene pool of any freak genetic mutations or such .

  136. Robert Ralstn

    Vaccines don’t alter your DNA.
    Astra-Zennica is 100% effective against serious disease.

  137. Roy

    Thank you for another great show.

  138. H.Craig Bradley


    A good friend of mine’s wife is from Taiwan. She watches their news online every day from Calif. She reports that after walking-out on President Biden following his criticism of their human rights violations, mainland Chinese soon dawned T-Shirts with the following on their backs: ” We don’t care what you say” . ( I too am adopting a similar attitude with a lot of people whom I am not particularly fond of at-large )

    This kind of immediate action by mainland Chinese soon after their envoys walked-out on President Biden suggests this was all prearranged by China and like Khrushchev at the U.N. Meeting, he came to the meeting with an extra shoe to pound on the desk to get attention and make his point.

    Sino-American relations have been in decline for the past couple of years or more before Joe Biden was elected. Joe may have just triggered the Chinese reaction by his curt and rather provocative accusations intended for his political base here at home but not necessarily for Chinese officials. It may have back-fired on Old (Sleepy) Joe.

    The Chinese are possibly getting ready to pull something in their region. In addition, we could have surprise default on Treasuries (lengthening durations) or even a major failure of a Large Bank or Mid-sized Regional Bank such as JP Morgan Chase or U.S. BANK.

    If the U.S. Dollar did a flash crash in April, then T-bonds would go way down at the same time and interest rates would spike, causing chaos in equity markets. We might just have to close down the NYSE for a time if it gets too chaotic. Investor stop loss sell orders might all be triggered or not with a flood of robo-sells. Lots of possibilities for our next shaking or Schemata this Spring. “Interesting Times”, indeed.

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