War Could Cause Financial Domino, but We Could Have a Domino Without War-Eric Sprott

15By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

$8 billion fund manager Eric Sprott says there is a big opportunity surfacing in precious metals.  Sprott contends, “I’ve always believed there is more demand than supply for the last 14 years.  I’ve documented it.  I am suggesting the western central banks have very little gold left.  I think the whole decline in the gold price is the liquidation in the ETFs to supply some of that shortfall.  I think manipulation and relief from the manipulation and the ongoing demand, well in excess of supply, is going to power gold higher.” 

On precious metal price manipulation, Sprott charges, “We seem to get more and more evidence of it all the time.  The German equivalent to the SEC saying the possible manipulation to gold would be worse than LIBOR, and I think worse is a very important word here because there can’t be more money involved because LIBOR is way bigger than gold, but worse means the egregiousness of the price decline.  Furthermore, we had another group come out and say the LBMA fixed the price . . .  the price was manipulated 50% of the time.” 

On the question of western central banks running out of gold, Sprott says, “We might already be there when you think back to the German situation where they got all of 5 tons last year.  Isn’t that a de facto ‘we’re not delivering the gold?’  I think that is such tokenism to the extreme.  I have always thought there would be tightness.  Whether it shows up in the COMEX one day or the fact that premiums blow out in China because they can’t get delivery, we are going to see that. . . . The supply demand numbers get better every day.” 

What is Sprott’s forecast for silver?  He says, “I think it’s safe to say every time gold has gone up, silver has gone up some multiple of that, and I wouldn’t expect any difference going forward here.  What is Sprott’s price forecast for the yellow and white metals?  Sprott predicts, “I have said many times that gold will exceed $2,000 an ounce this year, and silver will exceed its previous high of $50 this year. . . . On a linear trend line, gold should be $2,100 right now . . . and if you throw on another 15%, you are looking at gold at $2,400 by the end of the year.” 

On China’s possible financial collapse, Sprott worries, “Anytime you have a financial collapse, the last place you want your money is in a levered bank and/or a government bond, and for that matter, most stocks.  So, what’s left when you exclude those categories?  Gold is the place you turn.”  Sprott goes on to say, “On a corporate debt basis, China has one the most egregious leverage ratios out there.  You could get this domino type of effect.  Anytime there is financial uncertainty, that is what gold thrives on.” 

On the possibility of a Ukraine/Russia war, Sprott says, “There are two fears.  One is war, which would be just devastating for everybody.  The other fear is there could be a financial domino fall away from this.  Perhaps the banks in the Ukraine, which are already facing tremendous strains because of demands on deposits, fail, and because somebody else is invested with that bank, they end up with a problem. . . . . War could certainly cause a financial domino, but we could have a domino without war.  There’s a huge bank run going on in Ukraine.  The currency is crashing.  The ruble is crashing.  It is surprising how far all these currencies have gone down.  We also experienced a huge decline in the value of the dollar . . . it fell half of one percent in one day.”  (There is much more in the video interview.) 

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Eric Sprott, the CEO of Sprott Asset Management.

After the Interview:  

Sprott is having what he calls an online live “Gold Roundtable” on Tuesday March 4th at 2pm Eastern Time.  If you would like to attend this free presentation, you may (click here).

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  1. allen ols

    A note yestarday on my e mail, Jim Willie writes;

    just confirmed by The Voice……
    maybe for all Russian crude oil & natural gas supply to Europe
    fuck off & game over for the USDollar, victim of Ukraine backlash
    first attack against Russian Gazprom was in Cyprus, a hidden attack made to look like a bank confiscation event
    second attack against Russian Gazprom was in Syria, a false flag attack made to look like chemical weapons event
    third attack against Russia Gazprom is in Ukraine, done by CIA and Izzrieli security agents
    the theft of money in Ukraine has only started, funds gone to Swiss banks, the full betrayal to be seen soon
    WITNESS THE BIRTH OF THE EURASIAN TRADE ZONE, the birth pangs heard in Ukraine
    the United States and Great Britain will not be included
    the Eurasian Trade Zone will span 14 time zones and will settle in gold
    additional attacks on the Russian Ruble by Wall Street handlers will find the gold-backed Ruble launch
    welcome to the Third World, US and Britain, in the backlash

    • allen ols

      The jackass sent some more thoughts, events transpiring;

      Jim Willie CB
      7:58 AM (4 hours ago)

      to me
      the US Nazis want to cut off the main Russian Naval warm water port
      it is incomprehensible
      kind of like Russia trying to cut off the US Navy at the Chesapeake


      Allen Ols [email protected]
      2:58 PM (21 hours ago)

      to Jim
      Ukraine is a gigantic multi-step trap
      the result is birth of Eurasian Trade Zone
      gonna get ugly
      / jim

      let me interpret that into my pee brain thinking; “the ukraine situation is an organized trap, of which, will cause russia and china, to push fwd with their plan to introduce the eurasian gold trade zone, and the yuan gold backed trade certificates, of which putin is orcestrating, while USA and the obama ilk, are unawhares of, because it is a trap, set by putin, the master chess player, and china backed.

      Jim Willie CB
      3:16 PM (21 hours ago)

      to me
      watch Western Ukraine lean hard to the West
      only to find its riches stolen by the nazi f***.

      • mohammad


        Do not be surprised when the pedal hits the metal to find China is aligned with US against Russia/Germany alliance!
        Just a thought that very well could be wrong.

        • lastmanstanding

          A sound comment Mohammad.

          If I was China, I would be telling the US: Don’t devalue our investment into your country. Make good on your debt to us however you can.
          That includes supporting and siding with us militarily against any enemy of the Chinese nation.

          The final outcome of all of this remains to be seen.

          • mohammad

            If we are agreeing to the fact that China is the owner of our assets since China is the largest creditor to our nation then that by itself aligns China with US, why would any one think that China will let its assets be destroyed?
            Nothing will surprise any more, and i won’t be surprised to find the bear is waking up to a big surprise from the dragon in his back when he thinks it is secured!

        • Galaxy 500

          Not buying German/Russian alliance

          • mohammad

            Gas supply to the power house in EU is coming from where?
            Do you think for a second that Germany can entertain cutting off that life rope?
            Why do you think Germany is asking their gold back if they are on the same page as US.
            Why did Germany kicked us out of our bases on its land?

            Not all that glitters is gold!!!!

    • lastmanstanding

      Al. A bit of a personal question regarding JW. You have been a HTL sub for a while.
      Where do you stand with his analysis/advice? I grew up in the same neck of the woods as he…you don’t just walk into Carnegie-Mellon and get a PhD in SPC (statistical process control) or ‘Statistics”. To get to my point, if he is using SPC in his analysis (based on his real world experience/exposure) math and repeated probabilities/solutions do not lie. If facts continued to show up and repeat themselves, regarding history, a serious statistician with worldwide connections would present what he is proposing.

      To me, you are one of the most self-reliant, prepared individuals on earth with “old school” knowledge. What does your “gut” tell you.

      Frankly, I have always relied on a gamut of others “reports”, “opinions” and “gut”. I’m at the point of “report information saturation”. “Gut” is what I am now looking for and far more my style.

      If I am out of line with my question, just ignore me and accept my apology in advance.

      Thank you as well Greg for your “gut(sy)” reporting.

      • allen ols


        No problem, first let me say this, forecasting the future EVENTS, using past trends is how gerald celente describes HIS modus oprindi, when writing the trends research journal, plus his knowledge of human nature, ie jim Sinclare forcasting gold will go to 2000.00 bucks an oz way back in early 2000’s, Jim S. used his knowledge of events in gold market. NOW CHECK THIS OUT, 🙂

        Forecasts made long b4 happening, THE JACKASS WINS;

        (and dates made):(all 2007 and early 2008)
        1. Demise of Fannie Mae and Lehman Brothers
        (all 2005, all 2006, all 2007)
        2. Housing Market Bust, from Exhausted Unqualified Buyers
        (all 2005, all 2006, all 2007)3. Mortgage Market Bust, Triggered by Subprime Mortgage Failures
        (all 2006, all 2007, all 2008)
        4. Insolvent US Banking System, from Mortgage & USEconomic Bust
        (early 2007)
        5. China from Trade Partner to Rugged Adversary to Trade War Opponent
        (autumn 2010)
        6. Dubai Credit Bust, from Overdone Construction
        (autumn 2010)
        7. Southern Europe Sovereign Debt Bust
        (late 2008, early 2009)
        8. USFed Move Down to Zero Percent, after US General Systemic Bust
        (early and middle 2009)
        9. Dismissal of Green Shoots in USEconomic Recovery
        (summer 2009, all 2010, all 2011)
        10. Later, Zero Rate Policy Forever (ZIRP ad Infinitum, no Exit Strategy)
        (early 2009 — WRONG — NOT!!)
        1. Sharp USTreasury Yield Rise due to $1 Trillion USGovt Debt (XXX)
        (all 2009, all 2010, all 2011, all 2012)
        12. Repeated USGovt Deficits over $1 Trillion
        (all 2009, all 2010, all 2011 — APPARENTLY WRONG)
        13. Introduction of the Nordic Euro Currency as German Core Splits (XXX?)
        (late 2009, all 2010
        14. Installed USFed Bond Monetization Program, aka Quantitative Easing
        (all 2011, all 2012)
        15. Later the Bond Monetization ad Infinitum, aka QE to Infinity
        (March 2011)
        16. Japanese Yen Currency Rise to 125 After Earthquake & Fukushima Event
        (all 2012, all 2013)
        17. Rising Global Cost Structure & Capital Destruction from USFed Policy
        (all 2011, all 2012, all 2013)
        18. Growing Spread Between COMEX Gold Price versus Physical Gold Price
        (all 2011, all 2012, all 2013)
        19. Irrelevance of Group of 8 (aka G-8) and Ascendance of G-20 Nations
        (May 2012)
        20. Rally in USTreasurys after London Whale Exposure by JPMorguen

        (late 2012, all 2013)
        A. Fall of the House of Saud, the end of Saudi Arabian Regime (happening)
        (middle 2010, all 2011, all 2012, all 2013)
        B. Death of Petro-Dollar, the USMilitary Displaced in Persian Gulf (happening)
        (July 2013)
        C. Global Dumping of USTreasury Bonds, the Return to Sender (happening)
        (June to July 2013)
        D. Three Big Banks at Failure Risk — Barclays, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank (happening)
        (all 2007, all 2008, all 2009, all 2010, all 2011, all 2012, all 2013)
        E. United States Falls into De-Industrialized Third World (happening)
        (middle 2012, all 2013)
        F. Split of USDollar into Domestic Version and Intact Foreign Version
        all 2012, all 2013)
        G. Arrival of Gold Trade Settlement with Intermediaries, begun in the East
        (summer 2013)
        H. Metamorphosis of BRICS Bank into Gold Trade Central Bank
        (all 2011, all 2012, all 2013)
        I. Price Inflation Impact to USEconomy from Global USDollar Rejection
        (since Lehman failure in 2008)
        J. USGovt Debt Default & Restructure under USMilitary Escort
        (August 2013)
        K. Move above 3.0% in USTreasury 10-year Bond
        (all 2012, all 2013)
        L. Increased Isolation for United States on Global Basis
        (July 2013)
        M. USFed to Begin Monetization of Municipal Bonds

        LASTMAN; ….so with a TRACK RECORD OF THIS HIGH CALIBRE, one can only stand up and say, “the KIDS GOT GAME”.
        I used to listen and email Bob Chapman “the international forcaster” for yrs, and Bob was weak as he got older, but nailed alot of events. Celente says the same thing over and over, and can be boring at times, wheras the jackass, is fresh, connected to rob kirby, the voice, euroraj, me on the inside, secret fresh stuff as it is happening. No other comentator has this connection. take peter schiff, he has made some gutsy calls, and been right.
        The Jackass has made 20, with ONE WRONG, and the Willie, is forthcoming with “I was wrong” attitude. I like that.
        When Jim posted in the hat trick that fema camps were complete with 2 story ovens and gillotines at 7 locations, my missionary friends told me of their friend that saw them in a warehouse in the N. West, got scared and fled and wen back to Italy, my GUT TELLS ME THE JACKASS IS GUTSY, RELIABLE, INFORMED, CONNECTED, TO SECRET GRUNTS IN MILITARY, AS WELL AS PERSONS CONNECTED TO THE “WHITE DRAGONS”, that the chinese would be buying gold to have a gold backed currency and then “china starts shipping a 1000 tonnes a year starting 2 yrs ago. My Gutte tells me, “GO with the Jackass.” A more recent forcast by completed was “a yr ago Jim said we would begin to see dead bankers sooooon” guess what , “Its Raining bankers” 🙂 another forcaste to be added to the list.

        thanks for asking, i appreciate it.

        ask the Jackass for a complimentary issue of the last issue in jan. so u can see his complete style. He is very funny, serious, audacious, pissy, but SOUND. Bob Chapman would send out a comp. issue.
        I would advise u to spend 110.00 bucks for a 6mon sub. to try it out, best money spent in this day and age.

        AL OLS

        StatCounter – Free Web Tracker and Counter

        • allen ols


          reply from Jim;

          Jim Willie CB
          5:56 AM (2 hours ago)

          to me
          yes, the raining bankers is another correct forecast
          but so is the imminent pension fund confiscation by the USGovt
          I called that in 2012
          the Mexican failed state was forecasted in 2007
          in my book another correct one, but hard to prove
          I dont use any Statistical Process Control learned at Carnegie Mellon
          instead, the forecasting methods come from the 22 years of industry experience in
          quality control, sales forecasting, and marketing research
          the marketing research was most valuable of the three
          since it taught to sift through much info and determine which are the most important “driving factors”
          that part is an art, not science
          thanks for all you do

          • lastmanstanding

            Al. Thank you for such a detailed reply. That is why good people will get the earth back one day soon. The reason I asked was over 30 yrs ago, I was pursuing a degree in engineering (PSU) and statistical quality control was a key element. In what I do today, I need to produce a final product that withstands the forces of mother nature. I am constantly running scenarios in my mind, on paper and in the real world with my 30+ years experience (my gut) as my guide. Sounds like Dr. Jim does the same. You take in as much as you can, keep what works and throw the bs out.
            Thank you and him for taking time to answer my inquiry.

    • allen ols

      Judge Jeanine: “Lights Out: Danger to U.S. Power Grid”
      by securefreedom

    • allen ols

      Judge Jeanine: “Lights Out: Danger to U.S. Power Grid”
      Uploaded by securefreedom
      Like · Comment · Subscribe on YouTube

      • JC Davis

        Allen Ols Speaking of gut feelings, I truly feel in my gut the first, and maybe last strike from one of many countries that now despise America will be 3 EMP bombs . Sent from one of Chinas invisible, and undetectable submarine’s. I can see it clear as day.

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      confirmed by the Voice? Forgive me, is that a TV show by Jesse Ventura? I am always suspect of secret unnamed sources.
      Mr. Willie has a good track record but I have a problem taking anyone calling himself a “Jackass” seriously. He may be telling the truth.
      Russia exports about 5 million barrels of oil per day plus about 2 million barrels of refined oil products. At todays price of about $100 BBL and $1332 troy oz, you have about 12.87 tons of gold/day at the current pricing. works out to 4,700 tons per year on just the crude oil that is exported. If Russia does ask to be paid in gold, one thing will happen. The West’s phony price fixing of Gold will crash and burn in real time.

      This article talks about Gazprom going after Cyprus gas field. Seems more likely to me that Russia put Cyprus in a bad way as it was widely publicized that foreigners got there money out and it was the Cypriots that got screwed for the most part. Gazprom didn’t lose a ruble.
      Keep the info coming. I enjoy your posts

  2. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    You asked when the regulators are going to do something. Since it’s the fed and the treasury doing the manipulation I suspect not to soon. Perhaps right after they get to the bottom of the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc. Or perhaps they’ll just take a cue from our former Secretary of State and potentially our next President and just throw their hands up and ask ” What difference does it make”.

    • wddeni

      Nicely put Allen,

      What a great point…especially since Russia has bought tons and tons of gold to solidify their currency! Very well put, great angle.

      I am also still convinced that Snowden delivered something EXTREMLY CRUCIAL to them!!

      • allen ols


        as greg says, we are in for a terrrible times and, Jesus said ,”perils times”, soon to be revealed the antichrist, who will come as an angle of light to solve problems, bring peace to israel and arabs, and the setup is evident and near,–here is a quote from the jackass, mocking our gubbmnt, and the manipulators–
        “we are gods who control the weather, genetics, money, and food we are godswe are from Lucifer’s kitchen” JW

        I see these events, process info from everyone, but use the jackass as second to last for my compass, the WORD OF GOD BEING MY FIRST. I ‘M not sure about snowden, good question for Jim W.

        tks al ols

  3. Troy

    Landmines and brushfires every where.
    Isn’t it just a little strange, to value real money in fiat and as it is inflated and worth less, you think your getting rich?

  4. Turk

    Greg great interview looks like a great time to be in Gold and Silver.

  5. Fraser

    Greg – breaking news from Syria :
    • طلقني 3 مرات و لكي يعيدني إليه عرض علي أن أتزوج من صديقه ليتزوجني من جديد…ما رأيكم ؟
    • بسبب فارق العمر بيننا نصحوني بأن الحياة بينا في المستقبل ستكون متعبة أفكر أن أطلقها … محتار بأمري
    • ابنتي بعمر 18 سنة عصبية المزاج و تريد التحكم بأفعالنا بالبيت …ماالعمل؟
    I’ll let you know when I know more!

    • Fraser

      The thing I like about Eric is that his view is consistent. He is not one to suddenly “change religions”. But sitting atop that empire, he must know more and it is a shame he won’t divulge any “news”. I mean he must have an inkling about what’s happening at Comex and the LBMA, what the supply and demand is, who’s doing what to whom, how much money is moving in and out etc etc. Next time, ask him to “man up” and tell us something that he has not already told us ten times before!

    • Peter

      yes it’s a great time to be in GOLD & SILVER . Eric Sprott is backing up the truck ?
      Still calling for gold to $ 2000 – $ 2400 in 2014 – about 9 month away …LOVE IT !
      Many have missed the bottom I guess but not Eric !!!! He needs to recover the $$$$ millions he had lost from 2011 – 2013 .

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      Have you a translation? Google translates it as:
      “divorced three times and brings me back to him in order to show that Ali marry his friend to marry me again … What do you think?”

  6. Jerry

    Greg this was a very validating interview. I agree 100% with Eric’s assessment of the ” dollar taper” (79.78) that occurred on Friday. If my instincts are correct, we are at the beginning phases of the collapse of the U.S. dollar, and not a market manipulation to drive down Gold prices. At some point supply economics will overcome manipulation, and when it does, its game over for the Banks.

    Greg take some money out of your billfold. Look at the print date on it. I would be willing to bet (outside the $100. dollar bill) you can’t find any paper currency with a print date newer than 2010. What does that say when our Treasury Department has not printed any new currency since 2010? Just asking? I have my own theories.

    • lastmanstanding

      Jerry, I was shocked when it didn’t blow back in May 2011…Metals looked to be the only game in the world. USD 72ish and no one had anything good to say about the $. On May 25, 2011, my dinky little local coin shop did over $250k in 8 hrs. These were just from clients that he had done biz with over the years. It was of epic proportions. We all know what happened the next day…and here we are again.

      No one knows if this will be the last time. I believe that there will be another epic rush as the metals scream upward to earthly value. I believe that may will part with their (tightly held fiat/401k/whatever they can muster), place an order, wait for delivery and receive nothing…that includes getting their money back. When that day comes and if I have some spare fiat around, I will only buy any pm’s that I can walk out the door with. If none available, food, ammo, fuel, etc.

      As far as printed fiat, a group of us have been looking for over 3 years. None of us have found anything over 2009. Even the new 100’s are dated 2009.

      That really makes me wonder… just how long have they have been printing the “new 100’s”? Now we have 2 different $100 bills…hmm.

      @allen ols…I wonder if they will recall the new gold $100 from US circulation (to send abroad) and leave us with the old “scheiss/shit” dollar! lol. Run that by Dr. Jim for kicks!

      Oh folks…don the full armor of God and…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • Jerry

        Where I live we have a history of butting heads with the Feds with the likes of Bloody Bill Anderson, and Josie Whales.

      • allen ols


        I thought about that, easy to do, just make the sheeple turn them in b4 hand, making them non negociable in usa, and make everyone turn in gold, make it illegal, like guns, anyone caught will be fema camped, it was done b4. You will need a special stamp, on forehand or forehead, to negociate (cant understand spellchecker) currency or gold, of which must be deposited in your sdr accnt, done electronically; enter the gillotines, and ovens.

        al ols—buy food

        • allen ols


          Jim Willie CB
          6:03 AM (2 hours ago)

          to me
          very possibly the new US$100 bill figures in with the domestic Shit Dollar launch
          HTLetter subscribers in Tokyo and Sweden both told me in messages that they were rejected at their banks abroad
          sounded like a CALL HOME of the bills

          • lastmanstanding

            Thanks Al. Regardless of which one stays or goes it pisses me off that a handful of satanic bastards create it out of thin air, share it with their evil friends and purchase real tangible items.

            We have 2 businesses and we work damn hard just to keep the same modest standard of living that we have always had. My goal is to buy one oz of silver a day. To save our families future

            Who knows what it will be worth some day. if it only means surviving, that will be good enough.

            We only believe in real things that you can hold, people that will stand together and our faith in God and the earth that he created for our benefit.

    • Gary

      Hi Jerry,
      Unlike coins, U.S. paper currency can be issued for multiple years with one date.
      The year is changed when a new Secretary of the Treasury takes office, or when a newly designed note is placed into circulation.

      The actual amount of paper in circulation has little bearing on the fiat money available. In fact, thanks to the electronic fractional reserve system, paper dollars are only a small percentage of the money supply.


    • Calgirl

      All that newly printed money is sitting in the big banks vaults where it is drawing interest which is paid to them by the Fed. The Fed doesn’t want that money circulating as it would cause massive hyper inflation. So much for quantative easing being “for stimulating business”. It’s really for protecting the ponsi fraud and greasing the banksters personal bank accounts. The Fed is owned by banksters and promotes their agenda.

  7. Chu


    I just listened Dr. Jim Willie on a talk show. He did discuss China with the host.
    He said that the problems in China are not as severe as reported. It can be contained because of hugh liquidity.

    I did follow most of the Mr. Jim Richarks’ interviews and I respect him a lot. But he believes US still have 8000 tons of gold in Fort knox and China can level the playing field with the US if reach at 4000 tons. China is still working on this number. Dr. Willie claimed that China has 15,000 tons and the US has nothing.

    I don’t know who is more accurate and it will be interesting to ask them directly in your interview. One thing I am sure that it is almost impossible to get the accurate economic data in China. Unless you have a very strong network there. Therefore everyone is guessing based on some data which leaked out to the public.

    Thank you

    • JC Davis

      CHU interesting interview. I remember questions posted as to what value is gold in a dollar collapse. Answer= What ever gold backed currency replaces the dollar can be traded for food. There will still be a world currency just not the USA dollar. Jim Willie
      has a distinct way of revealing things clearly. Thanks again.

    • Rodster

      So JW thinks they are next in line for world reserve currency holders because they are bigger cheaters than The US Fed? I could only imagine what they would do with a gold back currency.

      I tend to side with Egon von Greyerz who said on KWN:
      Will there be a (monetary) reset and a new reserve currency which will include gold? My fear is that the world will be in such a mess during the hyperinflationary period that no permanent solution can be reached.

      • allen ols


        conversation btwn the jackass and myself on egon von greyerz;


        Allen Ols [email protected]
        Mar 2 (2 days ago)

        to Jim
        Governments and central banks worldwide will print unlimited amounts of money that will lead to a hyperinflationary depression. But there will also be social unrest, famine, and wars. Eric, I am not a pessimist, but I see no other (possible) outcome.

        Previously there has only been hyperinflation in individual countries, not worldwide. Therefore, the consequences will be much greater this time. Will there be a (monetary) reset and a new reserve currency which will include gold? My fear is that the world will be in such a mess during the hyperinflationary period that no permanent solution can be reached. Instead, there could be a deflationary implosion of the system after the hyperinflation.

        Jim Willie CB
        Mar 2 (2 days ago)

        to me
        BIG YAWN, EGON

        Allen Ols [email protected]
        Mar 2 (2 days ago)

        to Jim
        🙂 thats funny

        Jim Willie CB
        6:05 AM (23 hours ago)

        to me
        about as interesting or valuable as Bill Murphy telling me the COMEX has a big short gold position

        • Rodster

          Does JW believe they will be good stewards of a world reserve currency, backed by Gold? Isn’t he the least bit concerned that they have done everything the US cheaters known as The Fed have done and them some? Doesn’t that concern him in any way? I would be. Cheering on the Yuan as the World’s reserve currency is like falling in love and trusting the woman who just broke up your marriage.

          If the Chinese acted fiscally responsible, did not build ghost cities, did not encourage a massive shadow banking system, did not pump 4-5 times the cheap money The Fed did. Then yeah, let’s have their gold backed currency. But when they act more brazen and with more corruption than the Federal Reserve and Treasury then that should set off alarm bells.

          • allen ols

            I agree, corrupt they are!, Jackass makes it clear, “The Bricks gold trade” and the “eurasian gold trade certificates” will exclude usa, and uk, enter third world status.

  8. Ugly

    People need to look at PMs if they can afford some. When I bought some Canadian Maples last week, a gentlemen before me bought a ‘bunch’ of silver. I asked the owner if silver was moving fast and he said that everything that I see behind his glassed-walled counter will be gone before 5:00. That is why I am sticking to my plan that whatever I have bought by May 2014 will be my last purchased no matter what. I don’t even want to think about PMs after that. My main focus will still be on debt reduction, a food storage of at least 6 months for 7 folks, get both our garden spots ready, and other stuff in general.
    With the way the economy is going anything can happen to ‘one’s’ life overnight. Need to plan with what could be ‘bad’ days ahead. One of the best things you can do is get your debt down so that you can use that income elsewhere.

    • pessimist

      Actually, IMO, the most important priority is to be able to bug out as they say. When the SHTF, they are not likely to allow you to stay home and tend your garden. In any emergency, the people are always relocated. Look at Katrina or any natural disaster or war event.

      Have a backpack with survival rations (5 to 10 days of freeze dried rations) plus a good knife, something to make fire, water purification tools, and handgun/ammo (if possible) and of course some place to go hide out in the country until things settle down.

      • Ugly

        I think your first strategy should be to try to survive in your home in your own neighborhood. If things get really bad, then a person needs to have a BOL. Most people have zero skills in the wild, thus death would happen anyway. If a BOL, then need a area that has shelter, fireplace area, water, etc. Times are coming very soon where people need to think about this stuff….

      • allen ols


        5 to 10 days will not cut it, have 4 locations away, anywhere, and stock each with min 2 yrs supply food, sawyer water filter, your medications, inverters.
        see Jeanne Pirro, lightsout, interviews former cia director jim woolsey, former sec. of energy, a navy seal whose job it was to disable elect grids, former sec of neuk defense, a Maine congresswoman, a prepper, and more. See only the 39 minute interview, not the 7 or 10 min interview.
        Quote, Janet Napaletano former DHS, and Jim Woolsey;

        It is not a matter of if our grid will go down, but when, and the 2000 transformers each are custom built and take a year to manfg, 6 mon. to install, and NINE OUT OF TEN SHEEPLE WILL BE DEAD IN ONE YEAR.

        I see this coming buy food not gold. al ols

      • pessimist

        I agree with you both Ugly and Allen.

        My point was prioritization – as in for those who have yet to begin preparing. Ugly’s initial post laid out a plan to 1) reduce debt, 2) store 6 to 7 months food supply, 3) make a garden ready, and 4) other general stuff.
        I awoke to the coming crisis about 2 1/2 years ago and began preparing in same order as you propose. Had I known what I know now, I would have prioritized my preparations differently and that is why I said the very first thing to do is to make a bug out pack ready for you and each in your family as the first thing to do.

        I’m still not as fully prepared as I would like. The first thing I did was to try and get out of debt as fast as possible and I wish I had taken that much slower. I do now have about 6 months of non-perishable food stocked up and I’m in the process of building food garden right now (consider research into aquaponics and wicking beds for best bang for effort/time/money). I have managed to save up enough silver to trade (even at current spot price) for and acre or two of land 40 to 50 miles outside of the city where I live.

        I agree and you’re right about the importance of joining and/or building community “IF” you already live out in the country or very small town. However, if you live in a city (or the suburbs as I do), I assure you that the government will implement a “mandatory” evacuation of your home in the case of a catastrophic event — be it natural or man-made from hurricanes, fires, and mud slides to power outages, water contaminations, and teens running around the city with guns. So for people who live in the metro areas (which is the majority), a bug out strategy should be priority number one. And I concur with Allen that having multiple locations stocked with supplies would be ideal if you can somehow arrange such a plan. I’m also aware of the fragility of our infrastructure, and not just the power grid, but water and everything we currently take for granted.

        To complete my plan, I need to purchase land away from the city and build a completely self-sufficient earthship-style home with a permaculture designed food forest … I just don’t think I’m going to have the 3 to 5 more years I’m going to need.

    • lastmanstanding

      Ugly, a good date. A friend and I are buying as we can until it reaches $30. Then done.

      Mr. Sprott says $50 by year end. I am with him. They can’t hold real value and honesty forever.

      Gardening season is just around the corner…Lots of snow here in Montana. I pray that hydrates the earth for a bountiful year of food. I built a couple Hugel beds last year. They should be super saturated with what moisture we have.

      For what it is worth, you have a great plan. In fact, it is a good backup plan as well. Take care. lms.

      • Ugly

        Aloha from Eastern Idaho, the Pocatello area. Hope things are well in Montana! Big Sky country….Yes, no matter what, I will buy silver until May 2014. Then I will quit. I don’t want to worry about it anymore and will focus on food-stuff such as #10 cans, 5 gallon buckets, garden produce, purchases from local farmers, informing neighbors and friends to a point (if they listen then I will continue, if not then it is up to them)….

        We live in a good area. I cant think of a better area than Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, parts of Utah and Colorado and Nevada. We are lucky. Keep preparing and living. Good luck….

        • lastmanstanding

          I’m a bulk guy…mass staples: rice, beans, wheat, grains, pasta, major dried veges and lots and lots of spices. I will supplement this with my own canned veges and fresh that we grow. I have sourced local eggs, chicken, pork, lamb, beef and of course wild game. I hope that I personally can leave the wild game alone. This may sound ignorant, but there will be many that will think nothing of destroying every wild animal they can in a desperate attempt to survive. Survival will take careful thought and considerate action with nature… ignorant humans will be the major problem.

          We are lucky. The best decisions to all here at USAW.

  9. Sandman

    A firestorm on facebook over a 6 month old touching an empty bolt action rifle, bolt action retracted, mag well empty. An unloaded weapon is a piece of metal. It does bring out unrealistic fears in the gun hating crowd but a piece of metal is just a piece of metal. I guess you could use it as a club but personally, I’d rather have a good Louisville Slugger than an unloaded rifle in a fight. Emotion to trump reason is a liberal/socialist hallmark.

    • Mark_BC

      As opposed to Sarah Palin who just exudes sound logic and intelligence; no “emotion trumping reason” from her…

      The contrived liberal / conservative dichotomy is for simpletons with one dimensional, narrow-minded thinking. It’s a ploy hyped up by the elites, used by the media, to keep the masses fighting amongst themselves and not paying attention to what the elites are doing to us. I like Greg Hunter’s site because it delves deep into the “conspiracy theories” (most of them facts) while still keeping both feet on the ground, not sinking to the level of of the Tea Party / knuckle draggers.

      • Greg Hunter

        There are both good and bad people in all the parties including the Tea Party. Thank you for your comment and support.

        • Dan

          Amen brother – people who still try to blame liberals vs. conservatives, democrats vs. republicans and red states vs. blue states are STILL missing the BIG picture. Try to think in terms of central banks vs. everyone else!

  10. Liz

    Am shocked at dirty politics in US.U r lyk my family cz i’ve bn visitin ur site 4the past 6yr.I feel bad on what wil befall US bt His judgement is a must so as2 seperate wheat from chaff.Am in kenya. whateva will befall u..may God comfort ur hearts.Some of ur citizens hv already moved here 4bizness n i pray that some of u can do the same.
    We are a praying nation n always fightin against witchcraft within our government- so far so good.The LORD is vindicating us especially the upcoming generation.

  11. smaulgld

    Mr. Sprott has been saying for quite some time that eventually physical demand for gold and silver will overwhelm the paper manipulation games.
    Maybe 2014 will be the year it happens

  12. Charles H.


    It “LOOKS LIKE” the tide is turning for Precious Metals; but under a very dark cloud. People like Eric Sprott, who deal in the commodity, have suffered greatly – not just being thrashed economically: but in reputation and personally over a matter of years. I would like to think that – now- patience has paid-off: but I must reserve my hope, for now.

    Those in Washington essentially JACKED THE SYSTEM to enact Obamacare – making an un-vetted, unilateral policy into Law. It was shoved down America’s throat. Now these same idiots are meddling in international affairs. Well, tolerant Americans the world is not. Eastern Europeans and Russians WILL take up arms and kill. Washington simply cannot treat the rest of the world as if they were home-bodies. In fact, most the world now views the USA as a nation lead by incompetent buffoons; and dangerous for the disingenuous stupidity in enforcing policy with threats and bullying. Such immature and irresponsible behavior will, at some time, have to be “called”.

    I tend to believe that at some point – Russia and China will have to agree together formally to force the US to either grow-up or sit in a corner. Were Russia to suspend gas to Europe because of frozen assets in the Euro-Western financial system AND China to sell enough Treasuries and Bonds to bankrupt the US: we’d become a Third-world country – and deservedly so. I begin to wonder IF we will survive the current administration.

    This would finalize the deterioration of America, and begin the process of consuming itself – emergency taxes; extraordinary measures; and even confiscations. Draconian measures may even force civil unrest and loss of freedoms. People who behave badly – hardly ever reform. So, I would like to think we are turning a good corner and PM’s will prove a profit those who have vested themselves through the recent hard times. Nothing, however has given me any assurance or confidence that any of us are safe from the bad behavior of those in power.

  13. John

    Great job as always Greg,

    However, there is one thing that is driving me crazy. For years, I’ve been waiting for somebody to flat out tell me I’m a fool for investing in Sprotts gold and silver ETFs. I keep hearing over and over – if I don’t have it in my hand, I don’t own it. Would somebody please ask Sprott if people invested in his ETFs are going to lose because they don’t have the actual gold and silver at their home where it can be stolen.

    Thank you much Greg


    • Greg Hunter

      I would never have all of my PM investments in a fund, even if it is run as honestly as Sprott’s. You need to have some of your Au and Ag exposure in hand. I sell nothing, so I don’t care where you get it but get some physical under your direct control. That is my best advice–anyone else?

      • Dan

        Agree 100% – if you don’t hold it, it you don’t own it!

    • lastmanstanding

      John, home invaders break into your home and your family is in grave danger… and your firearms are in vault downtown.

      Take control of your life and your assets.

      • JC Davis

        Practice before makes perfect in time of need.

  14. wddeni


    I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes up to 9/11…two years ago I called people who thought it was a “random act of terror” conspiracy psycho paths, I did research and came to the conclusion that there was no way this was random. ALso I saw a video of one of the towers coming down from an upward angle….man did it look like a controlled blast, a chill ran through me…

    But, I have to disagree with you on Snowden, I believe he delivered something extremely crucial and important, something buried deep within those that did not want this to get out.

    I thought that one of the 5-star generals said, “he gave them everything”… This may be just a hunch but, he brought multiple laptops…and I can’t believe the Russians just wanted this because the NSA was spying on us.

    I also believe in some way we (US and EU) will be hoodwinked and scalped in this situation. Putin smells blood in the water, and he HATES us and he thinks Obama to be a joke, along with Kerry.

    They will not heed any of our “warnings”

    • Greg Hunter

      Make no mistake, America is in very serious and deep financial trouble. I am happy you are awake and taking steps to protect you and your family.

  15. mohammad


    What Eric predicted for PM is easy to see in the light of the world getting ready to turn upside down with WWIII (Covertly it started long time ago).
    Ukraine is still a rolling fire ball that is just getting bigger.


    “Russia’s military has given Ukrainian forces in Crimea until dawn on Tuesday to surrender or face an assault, Ukrainian defense sources have said.”

    And here I would like to advice the Ukrainians not to fall in the trap the Syrians fell in, I pray to god to save them the blood shed the Syrians went through!

  16. Jerry

    My take on the Obama press conference today. In short ” The Mouse that Roared”. Obama is not going to do anything to upset his plans for this country. If the truth be known, he probably already knew about the Ukrainian invasion months ago. Its just a trade-off for a bigger favor he may ask of Putin. Just my opinion.

  17. Dwain

    The US manufactured Ukraine crisis is just a way for government and banksters to provide cover for themselves and redirect blame for present and any future economic bad news. “Stock market takes hit over tensions in Ukraine” “Gold rises as tensions mount in Ukraine”. These sociopaths will murder in order to perpetuate lies and line their pockets. The mind can’t find words for this evil.

  18. Coalburner9

    Well, Bibi was in town today. Getting the same bums schuffle from Ob that the Saudi’s and the Ukrainians are getting. If A Ols is right! And I figure he is! I saw some others calling it a back stabbing last evening. Now, today Putin just pushed another bean up their nose. No suprise here. The down side is that Putin will make hard money shine. Maybe that is an upside! No, no humor intended. Too humiliating!

  19. Joey Romanus "Johhny Utah"

    I wonder what happened to all of the gold reserves the Bank of International Settlements stole from Libya after the BIS had their Sock Puppet, Obama, murder Gaddafi by U.S.-backed forces?

    • lastmanstanding

      They still have it…research the bis and Switzerland for that matter.

      Funny how Switzerland is the only country to have been “neutral” in both World Wars… and is the home to the bis, the central bank of all central banks…coincidence? I doubt it.

      • Liquid Motion

        Not coincidence.
        Swiss neautrality is sanctioned “FOREVER”.
        Royal / Oligarchial Wealth will continue to remain safe and free from plunder. Also look to the flight of Capital into Swiss bank accounts of the same Elites in the order of US$300BLN p.a. . There is undeniable evidence to support the neautrality as provided by the Jesuits and their Freemason allies.

  20. Ken

    Hello Greg, here we go again. The hypocrisy is palpable. The corporate owned presstitutes are demonizing yet another country while ignoring our countries obvious transgressions. The economy is already in the tank and I think this time it will be Russia who blows our house of card down if we are stupid enough to get further involved in Ukraine. When will we ever learn?

    They presstitutes turn the truth upside down, a divergence of reality! Fear Porn is plastered wall to wall on the MSMs toilet papers of record as the stuffed political suits are dangled from their marionettes.

    It’s the alibi and pretense used for militarism in attacking another country or our very own country to steer popular opinion in one direction or another.

    We have been a country for a short 238 years and have been at war for 219 of those years. We have a military presence in over 150 countries. Our military spends more than all the other’s on the planet combined. We’ve killed millions of people and have displaced even more.

    Our economy is bankrupt and we actually gave a guarantee to Ukrained that we will provide them economically with whatever they need to come out of their economic collapse. That’s rich isn’t it, a bankrupt country bailing out another bankrupt country? If they don’t know by now we don’t go around the world spreading democracy, we spread terror. Orwell’s 1984 is here!

    If we think we have this right because we are the “exceptional” people or country you need only go back to the 1940’s to see which other psychopaths espoused this philosophy.

    If Putin or Xi Jinping began building a missile shield on land masses around the US we would immediately retaliate militarily. Yet we constantly encroach on the sovereignty of Russia and China. The asleep sheeple don’t even know about the US NATO Missile shield being built in Europe. They say it is in response to Iran’s nuclear aspirations. You can literally go back to the 1990’s when the presstitute rhetoric was blaring that Iran was 3 months away from a Nuclear weapon. Just like the Gulf of Tonkin lies, Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction lies, Syria using chemical weapons on its citizens lies, etc… the presstitutes are promoting and building justification for yet another US military intervention. US intervention in Ukraine will be viewed as an attack on Russia. The idiot sheeple will stand in line again just like they do at the airports and do nothing to stop this madness.

    Russia and China have hydrogen bombs and if the American people haven’t thought that far ahead, if we attack them, they will reciprocate and we will have to wait awhile to watch American Idol and Keeping up with the Kardashian’s episodes becuase we will all be playing Survivor the home game.

    Putin and rightfully so will not allow America and its minions to encroach any further on their sovereignty. Who died and made the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORP god? Just like the good thinking American people stopped the attack on Syria, we are needed again to stop another self inflicted suicide attempt.

    We are not in the G8 or G20 country club. The elite don’t care about us, they don’t give a f#ck about us. They are busy dividing up this planet using us as their indentured slaves to till the land, mine the planet, pump the oil, fight their corporate wars and spend the pitiful allowance we slave for back into their coffers.

    War, what is it good for? Absolutley nothing!

    • Dan

      Couldn’t agree more – nice post!

    • Fraser

      Great rant Ken! The problem is that the once great American business model has descended into one of “kill and steal” and the rest of the world is now suffering fot it. Another problem is that the American people are either incapable or are unwilling to restrain their leadership and stop “the horror”. On this course, it will only end when enough countries (probably led by Russia and China) band together and fight WW3, which will be nuclear and will cause billions of casualties. My hope is that enough Americans can be woken in time to dismantle their military-industrial complex and prevent this, or that America implodes economically before they finally get to kill and destroy all life on this beautiful and fragile planet. Either way, we are on a very slippery slope and the out-look is grim!

    • OnThe Beach

      Survivor the home game! LOL, Good on ya KENly!
      I thought id see the day, now I see it and cant believe my eyeballs!
      So place your bets: King OF North ~ King OF South?
      How bout a third option, King OF God’s Kingdom?
      Daniel 2:44 (Living Bible)
      “During the reigns of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed: no one will ever conquer it. It will shatter all these kingdoms into nothingness, but it shall stand forever, indestructible”.

      You made the truth your own? Take your side, make your stand.

      SEE: Bing Crosby Great Day youtube (1929)

      a R M a—g E T T i n—oUTa—HERE!

    • allen ols

      the good people did not stop the attack on syria, Putin called cammeron and said stop it or i will cut off your LNG and u will have a cold winter, and eco. collapse, notwithstanding multiple chinese, russian war ships positioned with sunburn carrier sinking missles, sa400 missle defense, in mediterrian, off coast of syria. 🙂 al ols

      • emeniag

        al ols,
        Too right, remember Putin’s remark,”your a liar and you know your ah liar?” Putin is just one big pain, in the PTB’s, rear end’s! To think he also allowed the liar an chief, to save face too. Like Dangerfield, Putin just cant get no respect, can he, or thanks, for that matter, LOL! He’s one tough monkey, and making us all,(the west), look like bumbling Idiots, that we are. Maybe we should require all our dear leaders to take Judo? Now the liar that knows he’s a liar is prancing all across Europe, asking for money, for Ukraine and just last month before the Olympics, his assistant secretary of state Vicky Nuland told Ambassador to Ukraine Geoff Pyatt, (F*#%) Europe!
        Watch out,”incoming, incoming,” Incoming Sunburn, “ouch”!

  21. Coalburner9

    Col Ralph Peters almost said it on Fox toinight so I want to beat him too it. Putin will now keep invading more and more until he is stopped. He is going to keep coming west as long as no one says with big guns, enough! We better hope Ukraine fights and dies and the next and the next or Putin will be in DC before Obama’s three years are up. The idea of attacking the Ruble is a joke. The dollar is so near death that Obama and his bankster buddies are stabbing every body in the back they can to avoid a dollar default. Yes Saudi’s and Isrealis, and Ukrainians. Kiss up to the
    Shitites, Obama and hope to delay the dollar crash. Mohammad I think you were wrong, no offense, so was Brandon, and Ken , No I don’t want to go to war in Ukraine, but if I lived there, I would be running as fast as I could for the border.
    And “NO” I don;t think Putin will stop and I don’t think Obama can stop him. Putin is destroying what is left of Obama’s Presidency and Obama has blundered over and over like a mouse in a cats game or a make believe Stalinist up against a real blood and guts Stalinist. He will get his just desserts as the worst Dufus in American Presidential History. It is a rough world and you must be willing to fight or make them think you will. Sad but just like High School. Bully’s are the same at every level of life. They must believe you will bust them even if you lose the fight and that is why Isrial will save us in the end. I believe they will bust them. Tiny little Isrial will stop the Great Bear. All they have to do is call that phone on that suitcase nuc already stashed in Terhan. Putin will decide he has enough for a while. He could tell you it is what you do not what you say. OBama was busy smoking pot the evening he should have learned that lesson.

    • allen ols

      coal burner


      AL OLS

  22. Vess

    Mr. Sprott has completely discredited himself in my eyes. He believes that for the last 14 years gold supply has not matched gold demand? Then he believes that fundamental economic laws do not exist. He believes that the fall in gold price “is the liquidation in the ETFs to supply some of that shortfall”? Then he does not understand how the gold ETF works. That might be excusable for the man from the street or explainable for some gold promoter, but for a financier managing billions it is inexcusable. As far as I am concerned, he is just another charlatan. He should be simply ignored. It is not even worth arguing with him.

    • Jim

      Would appreciate some explanation of how the gold ETf’s work. Always open to enlightenment.

      • Vess

        A gold ETF (like GLD) has the goal of tracking the gold spot price as closely as possible. It is an open-ended fund, which means that shares are created and destroyed at will by its managers, in order to achieve the goal stated above.

        When there is more demand for GLD shares than there is for gold, the managers create GLD shares, sell them to the public (to satisfy the difference in demand) and use the money to buy gold. This increases the demand for gold – performing in essence an arbitrage function that brings the price of the shares and the price of gold together.

        The same thing happens in the opposite direction. When there is more selling pressure on the GLD shares than there is on gold, the fund managers sell some gold from the fund’s holdings and use the money to buy back (and destroy) GLD shares – again performing an arbitrage function and bringing the price of gold and GLD shares closer together.

        The movement of gold holdings in the fund is by no means any indication of global gold demand, of gold shortfall, of gold moving from the West to Asia or any of the other nonsense the gold promoters would have you believe. It is simply an expression of the difference of demand between gold bullion and GLD shares. It doesn’t matter if the spot gold price is going up, down or sideways. It doesn’t matter what the gold demand or shortfall or whatever is. All that matters is the relative difference in demand between physical gold and GLD shares. It is perfectly possible for global gold demand to be falling but the gold stocks in the ETF to be increasing – if people are selling GLD shares slower than they are selling gold. The opposite is also true – global gold demand (and price) could be rising while the amount of gold in the ETF could be falling – if people are buying GLD shares slower than they are buying physical gold.

        • mohammad


          If I understood you correct GLD is a buffer to physical gold, like in our body there is the PH buffer to our changes in acidic or alkaline status and that buffer smoothes our PH changes to absorb big swings. Am I correct in understanding? Is GLD’s function is to buffer physical swings?

  23. Nathan

    I was wondering what Putin’s next chess move would be if we put sanctions on them . Here it is :http://news.yahoo.com/kremlin-aide-says-u-may-face-consequences-sanctions-081601584–finance.html

  24. Nathan

    And here’s the next big news that supports my theory that China , Syria , Iran , North Korea , and Russia are working in cooperation to apply immense pressure on us . If you don’t believe it just follow John Kerry on flight tracker for a month . http://news.yahoo.com/china-says-military-respond-provocations-073840601.html?bcmt=comments-postbox

    • JC Davis

      Nathan, and Greg. The information I get from the posters on this site far exceeds the interviews. Better then all main stream media combined. If I could afford to I would donate 20 bucks every month. That is a lot for me. Nathan I have not herd anyone talking about what Russia could do. It would change everything.

  25. pessimist

    Paul Craig Roberts site has some interesting, if not chilling, view of what is going with Ukraine issue.

    He seems to have a very strong belief that the Obama administration is too stupid and incompetent to realize that the insane neocons have taken control of the situation and that life on earth is in great peril at the moment and that the American people are too ignorant to understand what’s actually happening.

    • Galaxy 500

      I have to agree. This is what happens when you have an amateur running your country. It is scary that Obama is so incompetent. He has a demonstrably incorrect and fatally flaw view of the world … and reality.

  26. Jerry

    Greg I have an interesting question for you. Have you ever wondered who the major holders of U.S. Treasury Security’s are? If you guessed China as number #1 you’d be right. Can you guess who number #11 is ?


    That’s right Russia. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Lets make Putin mad and let him dump those Bonds back into the market and see what happens.

    • JC Davis

      A chain reaction.

  27. Ncdirtdigger

    I like Mr Sprott, however, one must remember he is ‘selling his book’. Diversify.

  28. Sandiegoman

    China is a timebomb and it looks ready to go off this year. However, there are many saying that gold will skyrocket. Will it? If China blows up gold could tank. Gold tanked during the 2008 crisis and why will this be different? Why does everyone believe that gold, which has been imported like crazy, not begin to get exported or at least stop the importation which will reduce the demand for gold dramatically. Long term there will be hell to pay. Short term I am not sure which way gold will gold. Long term up.

    • Galaxy 500

      Outside of gold having intrinsic value not related to my grandchildren’s slavery, I can’t think of any.

  29. Jerry

    Greg I hated to post again but I have a gut feeling that we are in a checkmate scenario just like we were in Syria a few months ago. Only this time Putin won’t be there to bail us out. The whole picture seems murky to me. Either this is a staged false flag event to set a smokescreen for something much bigger to happen, or we are on a collision coarse caught between two narcissistic personality’s in Putin and Obama. In any event we are in serious trouble and I would encourage your readers to take whatever steps are necessary to prepare for some type of major event to occur.

    I hope to God I’m wrong, but whenever I get this sick feeling in my stomach something bad usually happens. The last time I had it was just before 9/11.

    I’m really hoping that thus situation can be worked out peacefully, but whenever you have two godless men fighting for power, historically it ends badly. Neither Putin or Obama are old enough to have any first hand experience with of the horror ‘s of war so it doesn’t give me any comfort. Even worse, if this is a staged event by the Banking Cabal to cover up the collapse of the dollar, they will definitely light the fuse to this bomb. They have no choice.

  30. Liquid Motion


    Always nice to see Eric and hear some of his pearls of wisdom. He doesnt disappoint and always calls a spade a spade.

    What seems to be getting enormous attention here is the Ukraine / Russia/ West Standoff (rightly so). Indeed the last thing the World needs now is another war.

    However, attention should not be removed from the developments in the Middle East. In particular the House of Saud.

    Recent data hints that the Saudi’s Gold is disappearing (from Allocated Gold accounts) faster than short sale futures contracts are being generated. What goes through their minds (Saudi’s) when they discover that they have been totally raped and left on the side of the oil fields to rot.

    Of even more concern is the day of reckoning…when the Saudi’s look to have their hundred’s of billions of dollars in UST repaid. When they discover that the whole system on which they were bribed into partaking, will collapse …only to prove that the mountainous paper wealth that was created , was in fact a mirage. Their debt instruments are held in worthless and bankrupt entities incapabe of repaying the debt obligations. The Elitist Banks will not be held to blame. They have long past on the debt intruments to avoid culpability.

    Seems the Saudi’s are not alone in their ill-treatment. Many now are questioning the motives and actions of the USA. Soon the only friends to be counted will be of the same ilk as Criminals.

  31. Noel

    What makes this current situation in Ukraine so tremendously dangerous is that in a very practical sense, the only bullets USA has left are bullets. Through a succession of either incompetent fumblings by previous administrations, or willful dispensations of non-military instruments of power, the USA and the West has been placed in Sun Tzu’s death zone. Prepare accordingly.

  32. Galaxy 500

    Here is a Kay Hagan . Its really pathetic how she is revising her history.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have been predicting since 2013 that she is gone after the 2014 mid-term elections. I predicted this when she had a 17 point lead. Just saying.

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