War Cycle Means Worldwide Trouble-Charles Nenner

4Greg Hunter USAWatchdog.com   ( Early Sunday Release)

Renowned financial and geopolitical analyst Charles Nenner says the war cycle that started in 2014 will take years to play out. Nenner explains, “When cycles in war and peace show we are going to have wars, then everywhere in the world you are going to have trouble. I have been saying that the major war is going to be China and Japan about the islands over there (in the South China Sea). The news today goes in that direction. So, for now, we don’t have major wars, but I think it’s not going to be stable in the world, and we are going to end up in a big war (on the scale of a world war). We predicted it would start in 2014, and it will grow slowly until 2021. Why do I think it will be China and Japan? Because the aerospace industry went through the roof, and so something was cooking over there. So, China is preparing something. It should slowly get worse during the next two years.”

According to Nenner, war is also coming to Europe right along with the refugee crisis. Nenner, who is being interviewed from Amsterdam, says, “You have millions of Syrians coming to Europe and that are already upset that they see certain values in Europe that are not their values. . . . So, in Europe it is going to blow up very soon. It just goes to show you, every market goes down when the cycle is down, and every country is in war when cycles show we are going to have war.”

Nenner thinks the west, namely the U.S., is in danger from an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP attack. Nenner warns, “Something is going to blow up in New York, Washington or Miami. You can have a boat in the harbor of Miami, shoot a rocket straight up into the air and nobody dies, but it blocks all the satellites. There is no water supply, no phone supply, no nothing. It will be very interesting if you can stop the voltage from functioning. The world would be in disarray, and you don’t have to do so much.”

On the economy, Nenner predicts, “If you look at the business cycle, then you see the whole thing is turning down. It’s very regular. The problem is that we are not turning down from a GDP at 6%, we are turning down from a GDP of 1%. So, soon we are going to be very negative, and we are going to be in for a very negative deflationary crisis. It doesn’t mean the stock market is going to collapse now. It’s going to be the end of 2017. It’s one and a half years away. I think we could rally before the end of the year, but it will be a catastrophe in 2017. The Dow is going to 5,000 . . . by 2021. I have been saying this for years. If you are not safe before 2017, you can lose everything you have.”

Also, on the economy, Nenner warns, “It’s going to be very bad. My cycles show now unemployment is going up, which is another deflationary problem. Profits of companies will be very bad. . . . Everything is going to turn down. . . . The dollar is getting ready to go into a bear market, and next year will be the year of the Euro.”

On gold and silver, Nenner says, “I don’t think it will test the lows again, and it will take off in the first quarter of next year.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with analyst Charles Nenner of the Charles Nenner Research Center.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Charles Nenner also said that the stock market will likely rise, but if the Fed raises interest rates, then all bets are off. Nenner believes that the Fed will not raise rates for two years, and at that point, the Fed will be forced to raise them. There is free information, articles and charts on CharllesNenner.com. Nenner also has a subscription service, and you can get a free one month subscription by mentioning Greg Hunter or USAWatchdog.com by clicking here.

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  1. jim chudzinski

    I am going to have to disagree with charles, there is no way in hell that this system will take another 5 years to totally fall apart. and i can`t believe he is still investing in the stock market. His view on thing makes me question his research.

    • Ross

      Here is Bo Polny warning of imminent disaster. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSDo8OWo_JY#t=443 If a horse race is rigged like our markets , how can anyone predict a winner ?
      I agree Jim. Markets are based on confidence and this will play out sooner than anyone who predicts the future through their pet cycle theory.

      • frederick

        This Bo Polny guy has been wrong so often that İve lost count The commenters on Silverdoctors seem to laugh at him on a daily basis Just my observation Ross

      • Steve Miller

        Frederick, three things in reply:
        First, if you take the time to listed to the Polny interview at the link provided, he has had numerous RECENT near perfect calls on the stock markets and dollar… so might be worth you time to have a listen. I was intrigued.

        Second, SilverDoctors.com is full of trolls and people just bashing Gold and Silver. Negative comments are all over that site. In complete contrast, Greg does an excellent job on monitoring his website comments.

        Last, you might want to check out Nenner with Greg in May 2014 (LINK: https://usawatchdog.com/dollar-collapse-starts-in-late-2014-charles-nenner/) stating Timing is our business, and we’ve always said the dollar is going to collapse in end of 2014.” And then again in May 2015 (LINK: http://www.hardassetsinvestor.com/videos/5904-video-charles-nenner-says-dow-jones-to-crash-to-5000-by-2020.html) he states, ‘We are totally out of the stock market, we expect a Crash with a target date for a possible top is around June 6 (2014)”.

        Nenner too has had some questionable BIG misses and Armstrong called for October 1, 2015 crash and we are all still waiting! Polny called the July 2015 top and now is calling the downturn to start this coming week… Well, we will all know soon enough!

        • Dan1000

          You said, “Armstrong called for October 1, 2015 crash ” …. That is not exactly true … he stated rather that it would mark the change in his Economic Confidence Model … and that political change would follow.

          Furthermore, he stated clearly beforehand that the date would not mark a crash in the market or the dollar.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Perhaps the United States is already in the midst of an economic death spiral? Here are just a few headlines to consider:
      Banks Saying No To Cash (Wall Street Journal)
      Illinois Is Broke (Chicago Tribune 10/18/15)
      Another Health Exchanges Collapse Because of ObamaCare! (x22report.com-Episode 793)
      House invokes “Martial Law” to speed vote on Spending Bill.
      The economic bell weather Wal-Mart Disappoints…
      No COLA increase for Social Security…
      The much looked for collapse may not come with the expected Hollywood flourish, just a long protracted whimper. Stay strong and don’t be deceived.

    • aaron

      How do you know what will happen. As the whole world was melting down in 2008 did you think there was any way this would hold together as long as it has? I know I didnt. It took something like 200 years for rome to fall apart.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Even though history emphatically shows all empires and fiat currencies have a limited self life. I made no claim to be the man-that-could-see-tomorrow, my point was simply to show that our Government/MSM “facts” don’t align with their vaunted recovery. This should really come as no surprise since the government is no longer restricted in on how it can use propaganda to manage the perception of its citizenry. So, if you wish to be amazed by the “con” (like stealing the money from our future generations, sacrificing the truth and the “Rule of Law”) I’m sure you can convince yourself the good times are just around the corner! Good luck selling that “tripe” to the 94 million individuals no longer involved in the “red hot” Obama economy.

    • Angie

      I too must agree with Jim that there is no way this continues for another 5 years – I am surprised that we have made it this long to be honest.

  2. Ross

    All markets like never before are manipulated via money printing , yet analysts continue to make predictions based on past history. We have never been here before and our financial masters seem to be changing their plans to suit new scenarios.

    No one knows the moment it will implode but it is better to be a 2 yrs early than a second too late.

  3. JC Davis

    Short Interview Greg. Kinda confusing, So we make it to 2021 as a nation. No mention of the new structure of CIPS. The China aerospace has created a way to take out our satellite’s. Remember when China claimed it was a rouge rocket that took out one of our satellites ? It was proven to come from China military. Nenner is right it will be a EMP, but I believe it will never be know who did it. I don’t see the( Dollar ) making it to 2021. Euro will collapse to the new system already working. with CIPS, AIIB,China saw this years back and warned America the world could not sustain a 18 trillion debt for a world currency. Things are changing much faster then Nenner described. Weak interview. You know I love you. I don’t like complaining Feel free not to post this. Buy gold stocks.. LOL Sorry Greg. Well you did show the flip side on this one.

  4. jim chudzinski

    And another thing, Why is it that no analyst talks about california`s drought , because they will not be getting any rain in the next six month`s, and 36 million people will be forced to leave there homes and business, and that will start a economic collapse in itself.

    • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

      Jim –

      I live in Santa Cruz on the West Coast. This is going to be a wet Winter, mark my words. Our house has been regularly inundated with ants since September. This is always a precursor for a wet Winter. The ants have been absent for the last four or five years which were dry ones. I would love to see a few million people leave here but that is merely wishful thinking on my part.


      • Greg Hunter

        Stan SHTF,
        Please keep up reporting to us all here on this. I am happy you folks will finally get some rain. I hope it’s enough and not way too much at one time.

      • jim chudzinski

        Wish full thinking on your part, or just not very aware of the weather manipulation in your area. For your sake I hope your right. But I would not be counting on it, I would be worried .

        • Angie

          ” Weather Manipulation” .. that is interesting and not that far out there. The extended forecasts have been really off for the last few years — really off. As for manipulation, I know that they can but to what degree? If we truly have a wet one coming than can they really divert it entirely or just partially. We usually have some floods every 20 years give or take and we are way pass due. As for watching the ants or other creatures I would believe them over many of the network professionals.

      • jim chudzinski

        Stan, I hope your not putting all your faith in a bunch of ants. Maybe you should be wondering if the ants are smarter than you, ( getting out when the getting is good)

        • Jerry

          I think you might be onto something. I hear there selling beach front property in Arizona.

        • Linda louin

          Stan may be right about the ants. In the animal kingdom (maybe insects too), creatures can react prior to earth changes. For instances, I once lived in an area of the US where earthquakes were not uncommon. We lived on a ranch with lots of animals. Directly prior to earthquakes , our horses were nervous/anxious (horse sense), and that was my Q that something was up. Beyond this point, I’m in agreement with you because I couldn’t be paid to live in California anymore.

      • Tony

        I live in Arizona. It near never rains here in October. This year has been wet – 1.5 inches in the last week. I agree that this will be a wet winter. As an old Arizona boy I can tell when things are breakin’ from normal and this year is it.

      • WD


        Is is it enough to make up for 5 years of hard droughts? I hope so because I want as many of you Californians to stay put where you are….

  5. Sayonara

    Very interesting interview. Most of the guests this year have been predicting economic implosion and wars. Based on the ongoing events it is certainly setting up that way. The only area that everyone is struggling with is what will set it off and when. September and October have come and gone. Nenner believes we are still a couple of years out. Others firmly believe before the year is out. I am still in the camp that it will be from anytime now to deep into next years Presidential election cycle because I believe that it will be Obama’s Grand Finale in the Transformation of America. He has been extremely successful in doing so and not only without opposition, the supposed opposition has been assisting him as well.

  6. James Hastings

    I always enjoy Charles Nenner. Most of your guests provide a piece of the puzzle. I’m working in Miami….and have recently felt an urge to call it short and go home to Georgia. I just want to go home. So….I’m going. SOON. I hope, in time.

  7. charles turner

    Some of Charles cycles and predictions seem very close to Martin Armstrong who is now claiming that people are copying his work. I have no idea of the extent of Charles work since he left Goldman Sachs. However, I can’t Martin Armstrong inviting him to Thanksgiving. (Said tongue in cheek of course).

    • Greg Hunter

      Nenner’s work and predictions are his own. You are making an unfounded charge.

      • art barnes

        Greg, a felony conviction means nothing, many people who have them were poorly represented and or innocent and couldn’t fight the charge(s), I don’t have any law problems, never have, but it can happen to anyone, a crooked police officer among many reasons to get into the system. That is not to say that the vast majority of felons deserve the conviction, its just many were given out by crooked police and public prosecutors and kangaroo courts which, believe it or not, are alive and well all over this country; albeit not the majority to be sure. Wait until all your bloggers, including yours truly and you Greg are determined to be an “agitator” of the new world order. Let me state right and here and now: I will be guilty of the charge!

        • Greg Hunter

          I should not have made that comment and edited it out. Armstrong is a very bright guy and I like him. Who knows who is going to be correct on what is exactly coming at us. Thank you for all your comments on this site.

          • David B.

            The common theme is among your guests is something wicked this way comes.

            I’m hearing that a little more from the rare times I encounter MSM outlets.

            • Greg Hunter

              David B.
              You know it must be bad if the MSM feels compelled to report a black financial horizon. They simply will not be able to get away with “Nobody-saw-that-coming-deer-in-headlights,” excuse they used in 2008. Hey guess what? These MSM guys read the internet, as the alternative media has a much louder voice! Nice observation! Thank you.

              • David B.

                Semper Fi.

        • Galaxy 500

          I think Armstrong was railroaded. He has the singular displeasure of spending more time in jail for contempt than anyone else.
          However, his accuracy is what I question. He made some great calls and made money, he also made some stinkers and bankrupted himself. His theories worked well in a time when we didn’t have instant trading and other things that sped up transactions. Smart guy but don’t follow him with Moe than you can afford to lose

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you 500. I know you did a big research project on Armstrong in college. You even got him to answer some questions about his career via email. Thank you for adding this perspective.

      • Charles Turner

        Hi Greg,
        I don’t believe I made an unfounded charge, I said some of Charles cycles and predictions were similar and that Martin Armstrong is claiming people are copying his work. This was merely an observation and no personal view was given either way. I love the variety and intensity of all your guests and tune in each week.
        all the best Charles

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Charles, you did make an unfounded charge as you have no real proof that Nenner is copying Armstrong’s work. Both work on cycle theories, and both do their own independent work. They both publish news letters and do private consulting. Nenner has an analytical career (in some very big banks) going back three decades. Nenner has a sterling reputation-period. http://charlesnenner.com/about-us/ I like both guys, and they both say some interesting things. They do agree on some points, but then great minds would from time to time. Thank you for your comments and support.

  8. James Sullivan

    Hello Greg;
    So, all this confidence is based on cycles, eh? I can’t share his faith in cycles when the crooks are in power…..other than whenever a previous empire failed, it was either due to the greed of those in power, or they found it an easy time to take advantage of the fall.
    Either way, the ship is sinking. We shall see.

  9. Dolly Dogger

    Hi Greg: No matter the intellect/ perspective of the guests, you always give us your best. That is enough for me as a four year Sub here. . . Nenner? Hmm, jury out on this one. But I suppose he will appeal to the person who requested a more moderate POV last week . LOL.

    If possible please bring back the insightful and straightforward Ellen Brown. She lays things out pretty lucidly.
    Peace to you & all those on here,

    • Greg Hunter

      I try to bring on a variety of views and do not know exactly what folks are going to say beforehand. I put these interviews up with very little editing so folks can judge the info and analysis for themselves. Thank you for your support and comments.

      • Gthomas

        That would be the right thing to do. Seems some folks come here to just hear like-minded individuals validate their opinions and/or conspiracies. A bit close minded and displays a total lack of objectivity and conviction in one’s own supposedly rational, intelligent and personally engendered conclusion as to what is ahead of us. Ridiculous.

        I’m of the opinion you do not interview contrarians much at all, ergo, an easily conceived notion of incredulity with respect to the opposing view but shtf sells. Don’t get me wrong, I like your work. At least you’re not KingWorld but we accuse, accurately, that pmsnbc is biased but sometimes in the interest of an opposing view we are apt to not be dissimilar.

        • Charles H


          It is interesting when newcomers, like you, show up and take pot-shots and side-swipes on this site. It is like a child who knows they are doing wrong; but wants to try to see how much they can get away with before giving up or being punished.
          The mixture of condescending half-compliments, combined with stinging criticism shows some skill in composure: but you miss the point. Rather than reinforcing the flow and nuances of comments contributed, with material or considerations which build argument: you essentially tear-down others and cast dispersions about.
          Harpooning Jerry, because his predictions are revised or changed is feckless. Nothing is ever as unpredictable or variable than timing. In dealing with catastrophe – being safe than sorry weighs in earlier than later. Other than that – Jerry has contributed mountains of citations and sources and correct observations: which other here vet. I let that go until I read the above.
          Side-swiping Greg Hunter above was really telling. Dancing around verbally, in an overdrawn description of Confirmation Bias; then inferring closed mindedness and lack of objectivity that only concludes being ridiculous. Wow. That is high-order intellectual snobbery.
          Your second paragraph, though lacking better punctuation, is clever. You infer “shtf sells” as an innuendo, which does NOT fairly apply to Mr. Hunter. Greg Hunter isn’t “selling” anything at this free site – but the derogatory implication is he’s lining his pockets or profiting by the genre he creates here. A fair use for half-truths, but ignoble. His choices of those to interview follows a needful thread or weave; which are more helpful than profitable. Contrarian views would detract from building consensus, and profitability toward those who subscribe to contribute.
          And I must strongly differ from you. Those, in the main, who contribute positively to the gist of this site’s purpose: are NOT taking the easy intellectual route to ‘one-sided-ness’. To the contrary – it takes greater moral character to discuss and interpret symptoms and facts which lead to a decidedly unfavorable conclusion; than it does to take pot-shots at strangers because they aren’t interested in arguing in a waste of time.
          Don’t get me wrong – your clever composure is perhaps the best veiled insult I’ve ever read. But clearly you are not a contributor; only a detractor: therefore you do not belong. Whatever your accomplishment in language may be: take your childish subterfuge elsewhere.

          You sure are drawing a lot of flack. Someone is definitely turning the heat up – as witness what is crawling out of the woodwork lately. You, as always, have full discretion on this comment. I think ‘professor’ here is testing and ridiculing – believing no one will catch what he is effectively doing; like an intellectual coup d’etat – where he treats us like imbeciles, and wages we don’t know it. It’s a childish attempt at establishing superiority; and a venue to run-over others.

          • Collateral Damage

            CH, Very well said.

            Thank you,


            • dbcooper

              In my mind and humble opinion … the reason that most all of GH’s listeners do attend is because we share the same view as GM and that is that the entire world is functioning in FRAUD … everywhere … therefore a lot is wrong and we want to hear convincing opinion and evidence that this is so and what we all might do about it… therefore we do not need anyone here stumping for Billary, for example, … Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

          • Jerry

            Thank you Charles.
            Unfortunately since this is a free site, sometimes the dogs come in when Greg leaves the door open. That would be the case with Gthomas.

          • Old Dog

            The eyes read; the reader’s heart interprets.
            One should be careful to discern the true source of venom.
            It may not come from the writer.

            • Old Dog

              Let me correct that:

              The venom may not be coming from the writer’s heart.

              • Charles H

                Luke 6:45: “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.”
                Were it not for a consistency in multiple comments: I would have not written anything.

                • Old Dog

                  I remember your first post, years ago. You gave a brief bio on your biblical training and ministerial service.
                  Over 20 years, if memory serves correctly.

                  Taken from Luke 12 about the faithful stewart: From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.

                  Yeshua’ words:
                  Turn the other cheek.

                  King Solomon’s wise words: A soft answer turns away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

                  But all this, I am sure you know.

                  • Charles H

                    Time in ministry is less important than finishing the race; and I am still in it.
                    The portion of Scripture you refer to is an indictment of servants who knowingly or unknowingly do NOT the will of their Lord; and are therefore condemned and punished. May I plainly state that I am about my Lord’s business, and looking for His immanent return. This context begins in Luke 12:35 and continues to verse 48, which you use. To marry this teaching and parable with another distant and unrelated Scripture is wrong.
                    You quote from Luke 6:29 from the Beatitudes, which is completely out of context to compare with Luke12:48. To suggest that if I do not ‘turn the other cheek’, then I am being a disobedient servant and therefore worthy of stripes; and casts dispersions on all my years of service: is farcical. These ARE the elements of your comment in reverse order. It is a clever arrangement, but it is fundamentally erroneous. Please DO study Biblical exegesis, if you are going to bandy Scripture about. And if you are intent on crossing swords over Scripture: you have to learn to “rightly divide” it. What you do here is like cutting phrases out and pasting them together; only you are using whole sentences: but it is the same error.
                    There is a time and a purpose for everything under heaven. My reply to Gthomas’ comment was an exercise in discernment and ‘judging righteous judgment’. The analysis and conclusions concerning the elements he used are correct. Gthomas calling someone a “carnival barker” is not detraction?!??
                    My reply to Gthomas did not include Scriptural references: it was a simple analytical reflection, with conclusions. I would suggest you stick to what you know: and not make a Frankenstein out of a Holy Bible.
                    As to ‘turning the other cheek’ – I have some experience in that too: but it doesn’t apply to taking an active part in an important real-time, real-life vanguard of world events type internet community – when someone appears and starts swinging.
                    By their fruits, ye shall know them. Or colloquially – birds of a feather flock together.

                  • Old Dog

                    No sir, I have no intention of crossing swords over Scripture. That would be wrong, in my mindset.

                    I am simple in my faith. I am as unlearned as Peter the fisherman.
                    I have no desire to exegete scripture.
                    It is enough that in the Bible, the Light was shed that as we mature in the Lord, He expects more out of us.

                    I am sorry you are offended.

                  • Charles H

                    Old Dog,

                    Thank you for your kind reply listed below. I am not offended.
                    You are correct in that – those who know much; much is required of them. It seemed that I was being called to into question, when it appears now this was not your intention.
                    Please accept my apologies for the terse-ly worded reply. CH

                • Old Dog

                  Thank you.

          • Gthomas

            You took “shtf sells” quite literally; you should not have. Thank you for your embellished comment.

            • Charles H


              You will forgive my frankness, I hope. The “but shtf sells” comes at sentence end; serves as conclusion to the two preceding clauses; and there is no more articulation or clarification to your statement. Did I take it literally? Yes: what more was there?
              I may be unfair at this point: but I take your disclaimer as an evasion: like it is my fault that I didn’t understand what you wrote. I don’t think that’s the case. We will simple agree to disagree.
              The ‘Thank you’ at the end is a ‘playing nice’ touch. Good for you. Playing nice and taking things with a grain of salt will go a long ways. (I was Navy; I know about salt.)

        • Old Dog

          You are right, in today’s paranoia SHTF sells.
          I think most of us understand that “shft sells” is an idiom for people are so “catastrophe-minded” that they don’t want to hear anything else but when and how the catastrophe is going to take place … and for goodness, hurry up and happen.

          It would be like the LORD telling Noah just as he was nearing completion of the ark, that He changed His mind and He was not going to send rain.

          Jonah had that kind of experience when the LORD told him that He was not going to destroy Nineveh (the people repented of their wickedness). Jonah got angry at the LORD for being a “gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abundant in lovingkindness, and one who relents concerning calamity.” So ole Jonah went and sat on a hill overlooking Nineveh to watch for the LORD to destroy it. The Lord didn’t at that time, but He did 150 years later.

          Perhaps all us watchers, who have been watching for a long time for this coming catastrophe, have developed a Jonah-mindset. Perhaps we have forgotten that the LORD is gracious and kind, slow to anger … or as Peter wrote (2 Peter 3:9): The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some esteem slowness, but is patient toward you, not willing for any to perish, but all to come to repentance.

          I would like to think the LORD is not in a hurry to bring great suffering upon mankind, but is patiently giving mankind time to repent, like Nineveh, so He can relent of the calamity He has warned would befall a disobedient mankind.

          I guess it just depends on how you look at this coming catastrophe: Is it just manmade or God-directed?
          I personally think it is God-directed. And it would not hurt my feelings at all if the Good LORD decides to hold back the tide of misery for awhile longer.

          This scripture rings loudly in my heart:
          Amos 5:18 — Alas, you who are longing for the day of the LORD, for what purpose will the day o the LORD be to you? ….

          Seeing how we are not 100% sure what is going to unfold, we can not know how we will “fair” when it does come. For when the LORD decides it is time, mankind will not repent, I believe it will unfold to be multiple times worse than anyone ever imagined. So I can have patience, for as long as the LORD has patience.

          And you are right. It would be good to hear views from the opposite spectrum.
          I would also add. It would be nice to hear about other concerns than just economic concerns. Hearing from John L. Casey on global cooling would be excellent; an update on Fukushima would be nice. And so much more.
          I wouldn’t mind hearing some other drum than the “gold and silver” drum being played.

          I think Greg is a seasoned reporter able to accept critique. You can’t be thin-skinned and be a reporter. Greg is a good reporter.

          • Old Dog

            And besides …
            “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

            I see nothing wrong with mixing praise and critique.

            An Old Dog Reporter …

          • Gthomas

            You are right, in today’s paranoia SHTF sells.
            I think most of us understand that “shft sells” is an idiom for people are so “catastrophe-minded” that they don’t want to hear anything else but when and how the catastrophe is going to take place … and for goodness, hurry up and happen.

            Yep. Simply saying… why not an opposing view on timelines or results? If it doesn’t fit your paradigm, it should be muted?

        • frederick

          the difference is that İ firmly believe from the bottom of my heart that Mr Hunter is completely sincere and as a christian is totally committed to being his brothers keeper

  10. FC

    EMP, is the most effective method of depopulating the planet without harming the environment.

    As reported, climate change is our greatest security threat………..what better way to combat this threat by using the best known fertilizer in world, Blood and Bone, as we slowly self destruct in our primitive surroundings.

  11. Calgirl

    Major war between China and Japan? Is Japan going to print some more money to finance a war?
    Is the US supposed to go to war with China to back up Japan? I’m certainly not qualified, nor do I have any special knowledge but it seems to me that Japan doesn’t have a pot to cook beans in and the US is backing down all over the planet. We’ll see what the U.S. Does in response to China’s latest warning: I’m bettin’ we just sail around in international waters and avoid China like the plague.

    With US Warships En Route To Islands, China Asks: “What On Earth Makes Them Think We Will Tolerate This?”

    I don’t think the world can last much longer without a major financial crisis. History says that is when countries go to war, but today ALL countries are broke. It’s getting harder and harder to get countries to take our worthless currency…….we can tell because they are dumping our treasuries as fast as they can. So just who are we going to buy armaments from with our disgraced dollar? This gentleman forgets about the derivative market which needs only the smallest spark to ignite, infact it may well be in progress now! As for the aerospace index going “thru the roof”, I don’t doubt that China and Russia are beefing up! Heck, you never know when the US will decide to change their regimes and institute Neocon democracy! Wouldn’t you beef up to if faced with a US out of control? Also as their countries become larger world players, I would expect the to beef up their defenses.
    How is the EU going to remain in tact when France, Portugal, Spain and Greece are imploding? One country exits the Euro and it implodes. I don’t think I will sell my silver to buy any euros!
    Is Russia wrong for wanting to support a democratically elected president who asked them for help? If he wants his money due him by Syria, I don’t see anything wrong with that. At least what Russia is doing in Syria is legal unlike our invasion which was not!
    China does not have to necessarily set off an EMP bomb..they already have satellites in orbit that can disable any satellite they choose. All they have to do is take out the GPS satellites and our military is stopped in their tracks. It’s hard to maneuver rockets without GPS! And finally, I hope no one runs out and buys gold stocks based on his interpretation of our fraudulent numbers published by our government. Cycles, cycles……….all based on worthless numbers! How does a business stay in business when no one has any money to buy their products? The Fed can only prop up these markets for so long, then it all explodes. The world is running out of silver, gold is selling like hotcakes and he says to buy some gold stocks. He doesn’t say which companies to avoid as they are going bankrupt! And with all the miners shutting down, it will be a decade or two before they are mining commodities and gold again. Just my take on this interview.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I don’t know if this qualifies them as ready for a “major war,” but… .


      • Calgirl

        Yipes! That’s pretty impressive, but, and Abe print oil and munitions like he does yen? He’s such a puppet…. JMHO

    • Tony

      I mistakenly posted my response under the wrong person. Here it is.

      That was a vibrant and well spoken commentary. Completely logical and from the heart. Thank you.

      In addendum, you hit every point that really matters.

    • WKSwanson

      Nice rant, Calgirl. The Chinese don’t need to use an EMP, just go after the SCADAs (supervisory control and data acquisition systems) that run our infrastructure. This is largely what an EMP would accomplish anyway, but going through the internet gives much greater plausible deniability. That or they go after the financial system, or both. Ouch.

    • Art Barnes

      And, what is Japan going to fight China with, a few outdated destroyers which are always in harbor waiting to be knocked out before they can get to sea? Japan doesn’t have any fight in them, they lost the will to fight 70 years ago and never got it back; why else would they remain happy with such small defenses forces as they have. Note I said “defenses” forces as Japan has very little offensive forces to do anything with. The only thing Japan will do to China is argue/protest against it at the United Nations, and you know how far that will get you.

    • Art Barnes

      And, what is Japan going to fight China with, a few outdated destroyers which are always in harbor waiting to be knocked out before they can get to sea? Japan doesn’t have any fight in them, they lost the will to fight 70 years ago and never got it back; why else would they remain happy with such small defenses forces as they have. Note I said “defenses” forces as Japan has very little offensive forces to do anything with. The only thing Japan will do to China is argue/protest against it at the United Nations, and you know how far that will get you. Also, China & Japan are large goods trading partners, they won’t war with each other, China has put Manchuria behind themselves as well. China needs Japan to establish Asia for Asians which is their real goal, a Monroe Doctrine so to speak in Asia…..

    • Linda Louin

      When you say that the world cannot last much longer without a financial crisis, I think that you’re right on target. With our entire planet in such turmoil in every sector (world experiencing labor pains as never seen before), it doesn’t make sense to rely on past cycles as an expectation for the future any longer. Nothing is as it seems on the surface now and everything is manipulated… It’s best to be as prepared as possible now, and hope for the best…

  12. Honor Blackmore

    Currency War: Dragging the World Toward World War III
    Echoes of 1934 are thundering with increasing intensity
    In 1934, United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt outlawed the private ownership of gold. After confiscating billions in bullion, Roosevelt shocked the world by revaluing it. The cost for an ounce of gold, previously set at $20.67, was suddenly $35. Overnight, Roosevelt devalued the dollar by 69 percent.

    The president told the country that it was a radical effort to stimulate America’s economy. A cheaper dollar would make America’s exports less expensive and help American companies sell more products to the rest of the world, he said. More money would flow into America, and more jobs would be created.

    It did those things. And it also marched the world another giant step closer to war.

    From the October 2015 Trumpet Print Edition »

  13. country codger

    Hi Greg,

    Everything I have done is pretty close to what Mr. Nenner is saying. I think (or hope) a major war will hold off until at least Spring of 2017 and run until 2023. (The really bad part comes after 2024. Unfortunately, Pastor Cahn is off on his Shemitah year, which falls in 2016. After the sabbatical year is the war cycle which will run for 7 years. (Lev. 26).

    God bless you and yours,

  14. Galaxy 500

    I was thinking it wouldn’t be five years more but to be honest, I have been thinking it would crash at any moment for nearly ten years.

    • Calgirl

      Me too! Every prediction I rush out and buy those last minute things in preparation. Well, needless to say, I’m pretty well stocked now! My prediction? It is inevitable…that’s all.

      • Collateral Damage


        As for practical matters, please help us out here, what are the last minute things that you buy in preparation? I really would like to know. I am convinced that i am missing a little more than a little something.

        Thank you for your response.


        • Calgirl

          Collateral D
          I bought some fish hooks…..Just in case. And I went to Northern Tool and picked up a small solar panel to charge a 12 V battery. I wanted to be able to charge a 12 V battery which I can place wherever needed and have light using a RV type lamp.
          A while back I bought a camping type propane heater and two large and 2 regular sized propane tanks which I keep in the garage. I also have a setup at the main electrical panel which I had an electrician install, where I can switch over to a (I think it is a 3400 watt) portable propane generator with a plug-in spot on the outside wall for the generator. I had that installed years ago for hurricane season…..I live in Northern Florida. When I first moved here from Ca., there were two hurricanes back to back, since then nothing, but at least I’m prepared. That set-up powers some plugs in the kitchen and the refrigerator and is also set up to run my water pump and sewer system.
          I have a small solar setup on the roof with enough power to run some lights, small freezer, computer, and a roll-around AC . The solar power is routed to my “bug out area” which is an area I plan to section off if we lose power. In that small area I can run the AC/heater and be comfortable.
          I can cook using the plugs in the kitchen or in the fireplace. To bake bread etc., I will use a box setup that uses the sun. I built it off of some plans on YouTube. I have an EMP proof metal trash can where I store electronic stuff to be used to allay boredom. I have a 6 month supply of food, medical, toiletries, etc. and two guns. I’ve stored plenty of electronic books and craft type info on USB drives.
          Since my house is large, I have a DIY type perimeter monitoring system with a voice alert for safety.
          I live in a gated community about 20 miles from the city. Our lots are around ¾ to 1 acre each. I don’t expect any roving gangs will come out this far but am prepared just in case. That’s it!!

          • Collateral Damage

            Thanks so much CG!

            I am sure that your very practical suggestions will be heeded and will profit some others out here besides myself.

            Best Regards and Thank You!


    • Anne Elliott

      I thought the same thing, G500. This whole system has lasted a heckuva lot longer than I ever dreamed it would. It’s amazing what TPTB can do to prop the system up; but every Empire runs out of tricks after a while. It’s only a matter of time before this one does too.

      • Galaxy 500

        Currency and banking are faith based. Look at what Jim Jones had people do. And as my sailor friend says, the bigger the ship, the longer it takes to respond.

      • Collateral Damage

        Talk about things that Empires do to keep on keeping on as an Empire.

        Perhaps we are closer to the end of their ‘extraordinary measures’ than we thought we were. How many days of no spending can the U.S. undertake in a row?


        Quote from Lew:

        “Our best estimate is November 3rd is when we’ll exhaust what we call extraordinary measures; those are things we can do to manage things. I will run out of things that I can manage on November 3rd,” Lew told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

    • WD

      G 500,

      It should have collapsed had it been allowed to… this is a ponzi scheme that can be kept going because of money printing.

      Thats it! Its manipulated at every level so its not real in so many ways…

      • Calgirl

        I think it is the derivatives that will crash the system. The first derivative that defaults will case several others which in turn will mushroom out. The stock market will look unphased initially. Bill Holter says that something big happened in September……..maybe that something was the first derivative! Time will tell…….

    • VShook

      And everyone has been thinking the same thing about Japan’s economy for the last 25 years. There is a lot of ruin in a nation and it’s currency.

      • WD


        One thing to remember is that the average Japanese citizen is a very dedicated saver. They live very simply and efficiently. How this ties into their currency I don’t know but I believe their proclivity to save money has helped their “survival”>>>

        If you can recall when Fukishima happened the community came together and bonded quickly and efficiently….look what happened when Katrina happened….very stark difference!

  15. Jerry

    I think most of us here can agree we are all worn out waiting for the proverbial shoe (economic collapse) to drop, and at times become critical of others who might have important information to share with us that might really make a difference of where we will be when the SHTF.

    For example.
    By the sheer fact that the system hasn’t collapsed yet under its own weight of debt should tell us that we are no longer working under normal market conditions, much less world market principles. But yet we’ll sit and argue about the timing of it never realizing its being manipulated.

    Can anyone really argue that 7 years of QE and 0% interest is a normal? In my 63 years I have never seen anything like this.

    Many times I read comments from people who argue about things they don’t understand. For example the September blood moon. Did you realize that the cycle started on 09/28/15 and doesn’t end until 09/28/16? We are in the cycle now. Why is it hard for people to understand that everything that God creates occurs in cycles? Even if you don’t believe in God surely you can see that in the world around you. Spring. Fall. Winter. Etc. There are some things beyond the control of man.

    And then you have this. Richard Russell says countries around the world are preparing for a global fiat currency collapse by buying Gold.

    If countries around the world are spooked that something is about to happen, shouldn’t you? Just remember graveyards are full of skeptics who acted to late to save themselves or their families. In this party you don’t want to be late.

    • Greg Hunter

      You said, “Can anyone really argue that 7 years of QE and 0% interest is a normal? In my 63 years I have never seen anything like this.” I am with you man. This is weird, and it’s supposed to be because this has never happened before in our 5,000 year recorded history. Thanks for all the comments and links!

      • brian

        Greg, you don’t look a day over 45, who are you trying to kid with this 63 years crap HA!

    • Gthomas

      Lol @ KingWorldNews. Dude, please. I’m with you but have done well on the other side of your trade. Richard Russell? Brahahahahahaha.

      Listen, I’m 57 and haven’t had a mortgage since 42; I have no debt, 50 k in pm’s, 50 k in cash not in a bank and plenty in, water and food storage and guns/ammo. I’m retired military also so I know how to use my munitions. So you’re worn out from your ignorant predictions and false prophesies to pan out? My wife is simply training for an ironman event while you wear yourself out. Think about it. Go to a beach or something and just be prepared without the need to say I told you so. You are a carnival barker.

      • Calgirl

        Mr. Gthomas,

        Good for you, rolling in cash and PM’s. House all paid for and no debts. I’m sure many on this board are very envious of you, military training an all!!!!
        Some of us in times like these read and listen to many opinions. We all do our best to prepare. I’m sure many here are soooooo proud of you and your accomplishments, but how about a little understanding and compassion?

      • Jerry

        I may sound like a carnival barker, but you’re just another sniper on Greg’s site with nothing of substance to offer but criticism. You only confirm my last statement :
        “I think most of us here can agree we are all worn out waiting for the proverbial shoe (economic collapse) to drop, and at times become critical of others who might have important information to share with us that might really make a difference of where we will be when the SHTF”

        It sounds like you have it all figured out. But you’re a fool if you think all you need is PM, food, and bullets. Its going to take a hell of lot more than that to survive what’s coming. But you sound like a smart guy so I’m sure you’ll figure it out when the time comes.

        You’re right about one thing. There really isn’t much left to say here. I have posted what I know, and at this point people will either make the choice to act on it or they won’t. In the end it all boils down to choice.
        Good Luck.

      • Collateral Damage


        I know a 60ish year old retired military man, with no kids, who is very educated and very intelligent. He pulled himself up from a poor town in one of the poorest states in the Union and he road the Military Gravy Train through relative peacetime. Now being retired, he has it made, comparatively speaking, with so many others of us in this country.

        I applaud him for his decisions and for his incredible luck to be at the right place at the right time to be able to benefit from the largess of this country.

        I abhor his attitude, (which incidentally reminds me of your attitude as stated above). I abhor him because he acknowledges that things are going to hell in this country/world but he self-proclaims that he doesn’t care because 1) ‘He has His’ now and in his words, “He will be dead by then.” (when he thinks that this country/world will go to hell and become a Fascist State.

        I think is outlook is pathetic.



  16. Jerry

    RMB may get drawing rights. When? In the IMF November meeting.

    I’m not saying this is “the event” but it does culminate with the G20 meeting on November 15th. Does anyone want to bet what will happen to the dollar if this happens?

  17. Mike R

    I followed Nenner for awhile. His predictions are maybe at best 50/50.

    A market event that no one can forecast or call in terms of timing, is most probably going to be liquidity related, or lack thereof. Cycles won’t work for this sort of thing. Liquidity has been draining since 2006, and now is so bad, that the FED has actually been doing near continuous reverse repos. Back in 2008, Lehman was the il-liquidity event, and the reverse repo’s SPIKED in the $100 billion range. since early 2014, reverse repo’s are now well over $100 billion on a continuous basis. So no matter what anyone tries to tell you, the FED has continued to do QE. (even though “officially” the FEd has everyone believing QE3 ended long ago. It did not.) So obviously, we had a blow up financially behind the scenes a couple three weeks ago, and the reverse repo’s spiked. Now its times higher than Lehman days. Try a $670 billion FED (injection) reverse repo on for size. That was pretty much right the time, when the Dow tanked 1000 points, and flash crashed. You can see how this crap is spiking right here at the St. Louis Fed. https://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/series/RREPT.

    What people need to understand is that HFT (high frequency trading), derivatives, and the constant skimming of profits on every single trade, have evaporated (sucked away) liquidity, along with a ZIPR policy. There is no amount of QE that will ever overcome this. Thing is, they have kept this game going for 7 pus years now, so who knows ? They maybe will figure out how to keep it going several more years. BUT, any market event today ( or whenever) and catalyst will definitely be a function of no liquidity. No cycle work will ever predict the timing. Nobody in the world can forecast when.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      In case folks missed it, Zerohedge posted an article this weekend, about HFT’s and the illusion of liquidity:


      If credit markets go no-bid, heavens-to-Betsy, that’s a monetary system EMP.

      • Collateral Damage

        Thank you! “O” so wonderful Blogger!

        I haven’t heard “Heaven’s to Betsy” in years. 🙂

        I felt like I was talking with my long passed Mom again.

        Thanks for the memory. 🙂



    • Freebreezer

      You say liquidity is drying up … here is a small but great example: in Illinois they are now giving IOU’s to all Loto winners over 600USD … that is one big ouch if you win, a piece of paper! I wonder do the winners still have to pay taxes on the winnings?

  18. al

    Greg, I get his newsletter (rather expensive) and I am now confused as his newsletter pointed to a short term top in the market last week in line with Bo.P.
    I don’t want to give out too much info because it’s a paid for service and I have to say I’ve been making money following his updates but nowhere did I see that we’re going to have a year end rally nor did he mention being long on the market in general. Also, his gold stance is long from last week. That’s all I’m going to say.
    Keep up the great work and yes, utilize adsense, I watch the ads because I know you make money on them.

  19. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Thanks as always for your diligence in delivering a variety of doses of information and opinions outside of the nonsense presented in the mainstream- “on the Boobtube” as my dear old Dad an others of his generation would jest…….In a world where everything is so manipulated, it is hard to put too much credence in studying historical trends and charts.

    In my hunger for truth, as I once discover this great channel, I stumbled upon BestEvidence by John Titus. He is meticulous in his research of the Fed’s own data to present the case against them, exposing their criminality. He would be a great guest for you to have on.

    Keep up the great and inspirational work!


  20. Your fan in Japan

    I’ll post since there was a comment about war between Japan and China- and I live here, in Japan. I have talked to people on the street here and they don’t see that happening. The economies are too linked-lots os Chinese living and wrking in Japan- lots or Chinese tourists come and buy all manner of goods. Not sure of the the number of Japanese tourists to China, but Japan’s trade with China is BIG. That being said, there was a confrontation/collision between a Chinese miltary and Japan SDF ships last year( or was it in 2013) anyway, that was blown up saying, “look that Chinese ship rammed us in our territorial waters) There is video footage of the event. Anyay, the media were playig it up. Since the military is not under the command of the populace, who knows what could happen militarily. And the other question is how will this new TPP deal affect trade between China and Japan-create or reduce friction?

    • frederick

      @Your fan in Japan İ understand what you are saying about trade between japan and China however if you look at history you will find that this same situation existed between Russia and Germany who were large trading partners right up until the very day that Germany invaded Russia in 1941 so i would question that assumption that you made based on this historical fact.

      • Your fan in Japan

        Frederick, point taken. Ironically, I just saw Abe on TV yesterday on some Japanese military ship with Brass and sailors behind him. This is new here. One NEVER sees civilian government leaders on military vessels. So, I am reminded of a point made by historian Warren Carroll, “events don”t make history. People make history.” Considering that, who knows what will happen. (as an aside, I keep on my desk the fromt page of the local newspaper showing how they rammed thru the security law- just as a reminder. But of course, Greg will tell me to fear not

  21. Cryptic Little Sister

    My August posts that people copied on the comments under the previous article are the ones that I am referring all of you to. The post is about the NDAA. Watch closely for the President to sign the bill. He will sign it just before the stock crash and dollar devaluation.

    For those who are stating that no one knows the date of a crash: please think about what you are saying. It may sound incredible, but there are people who do know what is coming. They know enough to warn others of the sequence of events that are driving the crash and the eventual collapse.

    I would highlight what I said, in that August post, about exposures and resignations. The Hillary Clinton server scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. You will see many more of these exposures in the months to come, and throughout next year.

    I also stated there that tensions would increase between the U.S. and China. This will continue throught the coming weeks.

    There are things going on that are being suppressed in the media. Stocks have crossed downward against gold and silver. There is tremendous pressure on stocks now. There is a great deal of selling underneath the surface. Do not be looking at the Fed interest rate or at the IMF. What is being planned will not be the result of those things. Again, look to the 2016 NDAA. It will be signed by Obama. He will not veto it. This I know.

    How I know it, will have to remain with me for right now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Two questions: Why did you chose USAWatchdog.com to put out this warning? (If true, I am happy you are doing it.) Is the sell off you are warning about being reflected in the back-to-back all-time highs in the CBOE Skew Index?

      • Beligarant

        I did a quick search and appears the 2016 NDAA has already been passed by Congress and waiting for Presidential signature. To confirm CLS this is the event you are forecasting and could happen at any time. Note the article below is from Oct. 15, 2015:


      • brian

        I just want ‘lil sis to share with us what she is doing to prepare for all this, that alone would shed some real light on where she is coming from and what exactly she believes is going to wind up happening here.

    • matt

      No decrees or legelastive laws are passed unless THEY plan on using. It’s like a heads up. We speak of gold/silver etc. People,ammo,guns off the books first. Water,food of course.

    • Macray

      Cryptic Little Sister
      Would you please have the courtesy to respond to Greg’s questions?
      I really look forward to your next Friday’s post!
      You also stated in months past “I can tell you that China has been complying with sanctions against Russia, to bring them to the table over Iran.”
      Trade between China and Russia reaches new high as sanctions continue to hurt EU

    • Sayonara

      We all know what is coming. I was the one who posted your recent August 14th post in the previous article. I have been reading you like a hawk. Like everyone else, you are merely speculating as to timing. If it happens when the traitor President signs the NDAA, you look like a genius and you get a gig on CNBC or you are just speculating with what I call the “Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious.” Nonetheless, I am calling you as a JAMF.

      • WD


        I am with you …any body can go to house website and see what bills are pending. Eventually we knew Uke was going to get money for weapons.

        Still not convinced…

        • Silence is Golden

          True you can do that. BUT DID YOU ???
          Then how do you make the connection between the Bill and the Stock Market/USD Crash.
          What on Earth could a Bill have to do with a crash ?
          Everybody here that has been questioning CLS has not even bothered to ask about the CONNECTION between the NDAA and the crashing market!!!
          WHY ??
          Where is the capacity to think beyond black and white ? Critical thinking is what is required to understand/interrogate these issues. I don’t profess to possess high levels of critical thinking …but the above did cross my mind when CLS first posted the “tell” back in August. My gut told me that there must be a reaction to the Bill from some sector…..but where and who ?
          Meanwhile….we have ….”Who is your source”, “what inside info / intel have you got”, “what clearances do you have”…..etc….etc….etc…..!! Puuuuuhhhhhhlllllleeeeeeeeeeeease !!!!
          Is any of this real ???????

          • WD

            The NDAA Bill financing Ukerainian war…that is what I am talking about….That is easily accessible

          • WD


            No offense but lighten up. CLS has a very “checkered past” here and there are ways to get information without “secret sources”.

            She never made a logic bridge connection, seemed more f a coincidence.

            • Silence is Golden

              Get off your high horse WD.
              CLS never made the connection….did you ?
              Nothwithstanding your innate ability to scour the house website !!
              Out of all the commenters here on this blog, I was the only one who posed the question about the relationship between the increase NDAA budget and the impending crash. Go figure. Everyone is caught up in bashing the messenger.

              • Greg Hunter

                You we’re stop on to ask about the connection. Very good point. Well President Obama Vetoed the $612 billion NDAA. So it looks like (according to CLS) we are safe from a crash and $ devaluation for the moment. Both you and WD are valued on the site.

                • Silence is Golden

                  If I recall CLS said something to the effect….”at the last minute”…implying it was an impromptu increase. Safe for how long?

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Good question?

              • WD

                No, but it was never my intention to make a connection. NEVER!!
                Dont know why you are going bezerk

                CLS made a statement about Uke getting 1.2 bil in funding. What I was saying was that if one does enough research one can find these things on line.

                The bill was vetoed, Lil Sis didnt predict that.

                If Uke gets 1.2 bil in weapons support, I will gladly stand corrected, but I am pointing out lil sis’s checkered past on this site.

                I have many doubts about CLS sources and motives….so when I tell you about oranges dont get hysterical about apples.

                You are acting as if I am a threat to you….calm down as that is not the case.

                Still dont know why you are upset with me.

                And have no idea about what you mean about me being on my high horse…that

      • Collateral Damage

        Say it again Say….

        I am highly inclined to agree with you on your analysis of our Cryptic Little Poser.


      • brian

        whats’a JAMF, I’m not hip to all the keyboard texting jargon. I still use the traditional haha instead of that stupid lol crap.

      • Clare Doll

        I was just going to post the same thing but OLD DOG outposted me!

      • Old Dog

        If you want to know who Cryptic Little Sister is, go to the websites listed in the above post.

      • Silence is Golden

        Ahem…..comment posted in response to Mary Casey and David’ s comments 09/14/2015….
        Silence is Golden 09/14/2015 • What makes you think CLS is a female ?
        IF the source is this referenced article….could it be that CLS is in fact the author ? aka….James Bailey.
        The messages are IMO… prophetic.
        Interestingly both sources for the article are religious sites.

    • JMiller

      Here is a statement that Cryptic Little Sister made back in August that should tell us how well he/she is connected.

      “Pay attention to Obama: at the very last minute he will increase the budget for Ukraine in the 2016 NDAA passed by congress. The final amount of aid will be 1.2 billion dollars.”

    • NC Gal


      I just checked and that bill was finally passed by Congress on October 7. The next (and last) step is Obama’s signature, so we have to assume he has it and can sign it at any time. MY sources have told me that my husband’s paycheck on October 21 will be his last, so your prediction might just come to pass between October 22 and 28 (his next payday). We shall see…

      • WD

        NC Gal,

        Why would it be your husbands last paycheck? Who told you? Do your sources include your husband, does he even know?

        • NC Gal


          My sources are higher-density beings who refer to themselves as the Hosts of Heaven. I call them my “angels,” because they say they reside in the same frequency band as angels and archangels. My husband gets paid on Wednesdays. On October 7, after I verified his paycheck had been deposited in our bank, I paid some of the current bills and was just getting ready to enter his October 14 paycheck in the check register, and the Hosts said, “There will only be one more after that.”

          Since there is no question that my husband would not be laid off for performance reasons, I have to assume that before his next paycheck (on October 28), there will be something that prevents that transaction from taking place. The one thing that makes the most sense is that a “bank holiday” will occur before then. We shall soon see what it all means.

    • Curious George

      I don’t understand the mechanism of such a devaluation and stock market crash. Dollar weakness has always correlated global dollar supply. As eurodollars increase with global dollar denominated debt increasing, we had a spectacular boom across all asset classes including the stock market. Now further dollar weakness would entail larger increases in eurodollars and would likely mean further risk on trades. Crashing stock market would mean a collapse in the eurodollars and thus a flight to the dollar (increased demand for dollars).

      So how would you be able to achieve a 30% devaluation in the dollar at the same time the stock market crashes?

    • Jerry

      According to my count, the white house has 10 days from passage to veto or sign the bill. The bill passed through congress on 10/17 so that leaves them until 10/27 to make a decision. From Military Times.

      The White House has 10 days to veto the legislation once Congress finalizes the bill. Staffers are expected to send the measure across town early next week, starting that clock. If lawmakers can’t muster enough votes to override a veto, they would need to restart the authorization bill work all over again — possibly with different compensation changes.

      This was put out on the 17th of October. There you have it CLR. Your timetable is set. A lot of people here are watching you.

      • Silence is Golden

        True that.
        But who is watching the Watchmen & Women ??
        Finger pointing, note taking, innocent bystanders & tire kickers ??
        No one here professes to be ALL knowledgeable.
        Nothing in this world is free either ….none more truer than any advice given/received. You do what you want with it…discard it to the bin if your opinions differ. Stop wasting time and energy… life is too precious.

      • NC Gal


        That bill passed Congress on October 7 (see https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/114/hr1735), not October 17. If what you say about the 10 days is true, it should have already been signed. I can’t see that it has been signed, so perhaps that detail has been overlooked by the White House. It hasn’t been following the Constitution on other matters, so why should this be different?

    • Faith

      CLS: You claim to have some type of privileged knowledge but don’t give a source nor do you give any type of action plan that could be taken.

      The one thing you keep saying is to trust you because “you know.” That is complete and utter nonsense. Nothing you have said has been proven and you don’t cite any sources (other than yourself).

      In my book that makes you one thing, a con artist. Plenty of folks like you out there, leading people on. If people want to listen to what you say that is up to them, but in my book you are nothing but a fraud. Good luck with that.

      • Beligarant

        @Faith : Most likely you have hit the nail on the head. On these types of sites there has been an non ending parade of Seers claiming to have insider contacts making predictions. So far I have yet to see one of them be correct. If anything it seems they are paid trolls intentionally planted to create confusion or give out bad advice. Anyway we’ll know shortly if CLS will be a Hero or Zero.

        • Faith

          @Beligarant: I am always a skeptic. Always. People that make extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence.


      • susan

        A con artist gets something for their con. CLS gets nothing and she has done nothing that indicates will improve her status by whatever she says. I, for one, appreciate what information she gives. Thanks CLS.

    • BluBird

      I’m not sure how the President can just add a line item of 1.2 billion to a bill without congressional authorization. Fairly certain that would be unconstitutional.

    • frederick

      @CLSister İt would appear from the comments that your credibility is wearing very thin(like the FED) so if you want to be relevant to any intelligent conversation i would suggest to you that you reveal something about yourself and your supposed sources Just a suggestion of course Cheers frederick M.

    • rich

      For what it is worth:

      Date mentioned / shown in the “Back To The Future” movie – October 21, 2015.

      Also, another one that is interesting is one of the USA Today headlines (there are three).
      “The President says she’s tired”

      I am not saying anything, just passing along some interesting items in the movie.

  22. Hans

    Hey Greg,
    There is a connection between a countries birthrate and the likelihood of war.
    The higher the birthrate of a country the more aggressive a society becomes.
    War cycles? Yes, but I can hardly see a war between Japan and China
    They both have very low birthrate. Japan has the fastest growing old age population on the planet.

  23. Don

    Greg, the Bush family purchased almost 100,ooo acre ranch in south America, in Paraguaya, according to the nation’s PM, it sits on a large natural gas supply. He also purchased large tracks of land along the north south route, as outlined by the NAFTA. How’s that for a former American resident. It was estimated the land values along that route, would increase in value, by the millions once the high way route was finished. Besides betraying the American people, the Bush family has for many generations done all sorts of things like this. A person would be surprised if they traced family trees of Bushes, Chaney’s, Obama, and the like. Many were distant cousins, with ties to Queen Elizabeth and others of blue blood descent.

    • Art Barnes

      Don, if what you are saying is true about the ranch purchase in S. America it wouldn’t surprise me one bit as I always figured the Bush & Walker family(ies) were self sustaining elites who would jump ship if and when the SHTF.

      • Art Barnes

        Did some research, sure enough its true, water and natural gas, and the Bush’s own it; what a bunch of patriots LOL!

    • WD


      That land they bought also has billions of gallons of fresh drinking water, maybe one of the biggest in the world!

    • Donna S. from Arkansas

      The Bush’s also bought several thousands of acres that sit on a natural water spring that supplys water to many down stream!!! The Bush’s were just as crooked as all of the others. Bush in my opinion knew about 9/11 too. Just look up the Black Eagle Trust Fund. The planes took out Cantor Fitzgerald and another brokerage firm that handled it. The gov’t was also investigating this and where the plane hit at the Pentagon is where this department was! The Black Eagle Trust Fund was to be due on Sept. 2, 2001!

      • Calgirl

        I agree with you…….Bush knew as did many others. What I can’t fathom is how one can call themselves Christian and kill so many people! 3,000 people! Same thing in Iraq……they all knew Sadaam had of WMD…..120,000 people died. Even Colin Powell was in on the scam. All a bunch of psychopaths. I just shake my head. All crooks. Treason. Kissinger is one of the worst, IMO. And they all parade around with their Secret Service Protection and their government pensions. Same thing in the House of Reps……pass Obamacare and exclude themselves from the law that the rest of us suffer under. It’s beyond my comprehension!

        • susan

          A con artist gets something for their con. CLS gets nothing and she has done nothing that indicates will improve her status by whatever she says. I, for one, appreciate what information she gives. Thanks CLS.

      • frederick

        Well Donna S. from Arkansas yeah!

  24. FC

    Governments and Central banks, have been stumbling along for years trying to resolve this financial mess that they have created and will continue on doing so, while lining their own pockets, by using the same old failed policies.

    The digital trail of such corruption between Governments, Central Banks and Wall Street would be enormous and what better way to cover up a lie, than to delete all digital evidence of such event by using an EMP.

    This will also solve their dilemma of how to handle bail-in’s with the deletion of all deposits at the same time, leaving banks faultless, against circumstances that are out of their control and Governments will blame terrorism on the financial collapse, while we the people are left to fight for our survival, only to have salt rubbed into our wounds from bankers taking the homes of people who don’t hold a physical Title of ownership…………….Mission Statement accomplished, by the Globalists.

  25. Occasnltrlvr

    Just a notion, for consideration.


    What, in blue blazes, might one mean? The MSM, and the uneducated or obtuse, look at equity market indices, and somehow think that these distill into how rich or poor they’ll be. This is true only to the extent that one is long in equity markets.

    Illiquidity in credit markets is vastly more frightening than a drop in equity markets. So, by saying “crash,” does one mean a sudden, violent rise in interest rates (Fed be damned, the market sets rates, not the Fed)? (I.e., the feared “Ice-9” event in credit markets.) This would bring commerce, and much economic activity to a violent halt, as well as wipe away vast amounts of perceived “wealth.”

    Is a “crash” a sudden revaluation of one currency against other currencies (regardless of the mechanisms by which it might happen)?

    Is a “crash” some sudden drop in the true, collective, economy of the world? People the world ’round have basic needs, the meeting of which is the basis of true economic activity. This, it seems, shan’t change suddenly: we all eat, poop, and want to be warm.

    Any sudden change in one’s circumstances might be labelled a “crash.” But, in trying to predict what the future might hold, the term “crash” is, almost uselessly, ambiguous.

    My, possibly belabored, point? I suggest no one talk about a “crash,” unless they first define the crash about which they are concerned.

    My sincere thanks to Mr. Hunter, for providing this forum.

    • Calgirl

      You are great! I mean it, but a little heavy in the philosophy arena maybe? I remember in college stapling a $10 bill and re-submitting my returned paper on abortion. That was the same day I dropped the class! My understanding of “CRASH” is what a tomato looks like after it has been stepped upon! Now you u/s why I would have failed philosophy!

  26. Michael Harvey

    Monday 19th October 2015
    Dear Greg
    The Cycle Theory
    One example of how experts get hooked on the cycle theory can be seen from the link I have pasted. In short this gentleman staked his reputation on this prediction and to date it has failed to materialise.
    Basing the outcome of events on cycles may have worked in the past, however, times now are different for the following reasons;
    1. Debasement of currencies by virtually all countries around the globe.
    2. Zero interest rates.
    3. Negative interest rates
    4. High Frequency Trading
    5. Manipulation of markets by governments
    As we know this is all experimental and has proven to be exremely unhealthy.
    Structural Change
    Governments and Central Planners are bankrupt of ideas and without massive structural change and reform around the world we will continue on a downward spiral.
    Plan the strategy and work the strategy
    Too much is at stake for there to be a crash, this will be a planned unravelling of events and A ‘Master Plan’ already exists to accommodate this.
    The crashes come about due to the high frequency trading and once this has been corrected and taken out of the equation the true fundamentals will be triggered and come to the notice of the masses (this has still not happened).
    “The essence of lying is in deception, not in words”. John Ruskin
    To date the the masses have been clouded in illusion and deception through massive money printing and the deception of their governments.
    Mike Harvey
    Resident in Ireland
    P.S. The ‘War Cycles are ramping up very steeply which are all part of the Master Plan.

    • Calgirl

      A cycle in the computerized present day has to be much shorter than a pre-computer cycle.
      “Buckminster Fuller created the “Knowledge Doubling Curve”; he noticed that until 1900 human knowledge doubled approximately every century. By the end of World War II knowledge was doubling every 25 years. Today things are not as simple as different types of knowledge have different rates of growth. For example, nanotechnology knowledge is doubling every two years and clinical knowledge every 18 months. But on average human knowledge is doubling every 13 months. According to IBM, the build out of the “internet of things” will lead to the doubling of knowledge every 12 hours.”
      Knowledge Doubling Every 12 Months, Soon to be Every 12 Hours
      By: David Russell Schilling | April 19th, 2013

  27. Ted


  28. Ted


  29. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Am I missing something here?
    At the 12.01 mark Nenner announces that “the Euro is going to be the currency next year”.

    Correct me if I am wrong but most analysts, including Nenner himself and in this very interview, publicly acknowledge that the Euro zone is an economic disaster. This was the case even before the enormous social and economic challenges that have been thrown up by a refugee crisis that is unprecedented in the history of mankind.

    Common sense tells me that the EEC will not survive much longer and neither will the currency!

    • Jerry

      I have said from the beginning China was setting the table for world reserve currency status. (check my post). I have backed up each post with a news link. CLS comes on makes a bold prediction without anything to support his statement and everybody follows him like a pied piper. The Euro is toast. Every country in the EU knows it.
      – AIIB
      – CIPS
      – Gold backed RMB
      All confirm who the next big player on the world economic stage is going to be. When the Gold Price Fix comes (sometime before the end of the year) that is the end of the western fiat Ponzi scheme. They will not be able to suppress gold prices any longer, and the dollar will collapse.

      I fully expect on my November 15th timeline that something in Europe is going to happen before the final phase of the paradigm shift with China takes place. Its either Deutsche bank imploding or the derivative markets imploding. Take your pick, they’re both on course to hit the economic iceberg.

      • OutsideIn

        Agree 100%, CLS is a joke, and the desperate follow like lemmings. China is and will implement its plan, it can’t be stopped. The doom n gloomers here, you just may get that crash after all. But don’t guess on the timeline, you just make yourself look foolish.

      • Faith

        @Jerry: You and I are on the same page. I was furious when I first learned about CFETS last year! There was nothing in the MSM financial news about this event! Nothing! I agree with your date as well. I hope I am wrong.

        By the way did you happen to catch the BBC coverage of the PM of China meeting the Queen of England today? It was over the top!

        • Jerry

          I saw that on Bloomberg. China just completed a huge RMB currency swap agreement with England that’s worth almost 87 Billion. Not a peep from our MSM.

    • Silence is Golden

      Clearly Nenner believes the USD has peaked.
      The Euro is the mirror image of the Dollar.
      It will move opposite to the rise and fall of the Dollar.
      A vote for the Euro is implying Gold is the beneficiary.
      I agree with Nenner notwithstanding the economic basket case that EUR currently represents.
      Where else does the money flow to when all and sundry are moving away from the Dollar ? RMB ??? JPY ??? Not yet !!!

      • frederick

        İm not sure i would put much faith in Mr Nenner considering that he is a Goldman Sachs alumni Wasnt it those guys who were caught joking in interoffice emails about how they had fleeced their sheep?

    • Calgirl

      I don’t think you are missing anything! The Rmb (yuan) will be accepted into the SDR. Then the dollar collapses and there is much talk about making the SDR the new reserve currency……..eventually we go worldwide onto a gold AND silver standard. JMO

  30. Calgirl

    Of interest:
    Judge Says Texas Can Continue Denying Birth Certificates To Immigrants’ Kids

    Leaked Drone Docs Reveal Why Pentagon Kills Innocent People

    5 Most Powerful Families That Secretly Control The World
    5 minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3bn24qdZ7c

    • Honor Blackmore

      California Gal,

      Interesting too, Is the factoid that some of the neo- conmen & women [John McInsane, Hill’tler &Vic’sheious, ect, ect. . .] old puppet master’s, want Barry out for disobeying so many of their orders!


      What’s the real skinny on the upcoming Bengayzi show trial. Let me give you a hint, it’s not about anybody standing down, but why the ne-conwomen [u- no who] kept pressuring Stevens to be a gun runner, running weapons thru our embassy to the liver eaters in Syria!

      Pulitzer-Prize Winning Reporter Sy Hersh: Benghazi Is a HUGE Scandal … But Not For the Reason You Think
      Posted on April 15, 2014 by WashingtonsBlog
      Beyond Partisan Politics: What Benghazi Is Really About

      Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh – who broke the stories of the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam and the Iraq prison torture scandals, which rightfully disgraced the Nixon and Bush administrations’ war-fighting tactics – reported last week:

      In January, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a report on the assault by a local militia in September 2012 on the American consulate and a nearby undercover CIA facility in Benghazi, which resulted in the death of the US ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and three others. The report’s criticism of the State Department for not providing adequate security at the consulate, and of the intelligence community for not alerting the US military to the presence of a CIA outpost in the area, received front-page coverage and revived animosities in Washington, with Republicans accusing Obama and Hillary Clinton of a cover-up.

      That’s the part you’ve heard about: failure to protect the personnel at the embassy.

      But then Hersh breaks the deeper story wide open:

      A highly classified annex to the report, not made public, described a secret agreement reached in early 2012 between the Obama and Erdoğan administrations. It pertained to the rat line. By the terms of the agreement, funding came from Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the CIA, with the support of MI6, was responsible for getting arms from Gaddafi’s arsenals into Syria. A number of front companies were set up in Libya, some under the cover of Australian entities. Retired American soldiers, who didn’t always know who was really employing them, were hired to manage procurement and shipping. The operation was run by David Petraeus, the CIA director who would soon resign when it became known he was having an affair with his biographer. (A spokesperson for Petraeus denied the operation ever took place.) READ THE REST AND WEEP;


      Was CIA Chief David Petraeus’ Firing Due to Benghazi? yES! 0F curse!

      CIA boss David Petraeus suddenly resigned, admitting to an affair. But Petraeus was scheduled to testify under oath the next week before power House and Senate committees regarding the Benghazi consulate. Many speculate that it wasn’t an affair – but the desire to avoid testifying on Benghazi – which was the real reason for Petraeus’ sudden resignation.


      Putin shoots down PM on Syria: You must not arm fanatics who eat organs of their enemies, he warns
      Vladimir Putin’s comments follow tense talks in Downing Street
      He strongly defended Moscow supplying arms to the Assad regime
      Putin also stressed he wanted diplomatic solution to the crisis
      PUBLISHED: 12:47 EST, 16 June 2013 | UPDATED: 03:14 EST, 17 June 2013

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2342700/Putin-issues-blunt-warning-Cameron-West-arm-Syrian-rebels-eat-organs-enemies.html#ixzz3p4sANYWe

      Face-to-face with Abu Sakkar, Syria’s ‘heart-eating cannibal’
      By Paul Wood BBC News, Syria

      “Mr Putin told a G8 summit news conference: “These are people who don’t just kill their enemies, they open up their bodies, and eat their intestines in front of the public and the cameras. Are these the people you want to… supply with weapons?” SEE Abu Sakkar, THE ‘heart-eating cannibal’ AND HIS RESPONSE TO THE CHRISTIAN, CIVILIZED? WEST.


      One wonders if he is in fact still even eating?

      Soylent Green anyone?

  31. Calgirl

    and this:
    China’s Next Super Weapon Revealed: Satellite Destroyers

  32. paul

    The question we USAWatchDodders must ask ourselves is: “does the economy move in predictable waves and cycles”? … if the answer is yes … then we have to give credence to people like Nenner, Dent, Armstrong, Kondratieff, etc. who use economic cycles to predict recessions, stock market peaks and stock market crashes based upon demographics like population changes for instance to determine future supply and demand.

    However there is a “weakness” in their theory … and that is that the numbers they use to make their forecasts can be “manipulated” by the powers that be just like the supply and demand of gold, silver, oil, etc. have recently been manipulated “to paint the tape” and produce changes in investor psychology that fits their agenda.

    Now you may be asking yourself … how could the powers that be change demographics … like population for instance? … well they could “open the borders” to allow illegal immigration from Mexico or bring in people from Syria, etc., etc. … so the data “can be manipulated” … either for profit or political reasons like votes … so we should be aware that the powers that be can manipulate things to their advantage … look at the weather for instance … say there was “a predictable cycle” that said the price of food will be going lower … and you as a big food industrialist had the power to manipulate the weather with chem-trails, microwaves, etc. … might you create a drought in California (an abundant food growing region) in order to keep food prices high and thus manipulate and change the normal downward price cycle … so if a government, or big corporation, or the military do not like what the people who chart cycles are predicting … they can either lock them up or fire them (which is a part of the manipulation they want to achieve) … so the bottom line is … are people like Nenner, Dent, Armstrong and Kondratieff correct in their cycle work? … the answer is yes! … for the moment … but always remember they are making such predictions using “past data” … the government or the powers that be can manipulate and change “present data” to void the prediction … they could change population trends, change the weather, create peace instead of war, print exorbitant amounts of money, etc., etc. to reverse or at least “significantly modify” the cycle forecast.

    So is the rest of this decade going to be pure hell for the United States? … Is China and Japan going to war? … according to the cyclists “yes” … but we USAWatchDoggers must also look at what the powers that be are doing “to change and manipulate the data” that the cycle forecasters are basing their predictions upon … for instance are population demographics really changing as Dent believes? … are the war cycles that Nenner forecasts being manipulated toward “peace” instead? … we must look beyond the “past data” that underlies and supports these “cycles” … and ferret out whether the government, industrialists or military are working to change and manipulate data so as to “modify the outcome” for their own advantage.

    We must ask ourselves (if someone like Dent for instance … who is predicting “massive deflation” and telling everyone to hold dollars because they are in short supply) what would the manipulators do? … to change Dent’s forecast? … now if I were a “manipulator” and did not like Dent’s deflation forecast for some reason …  I would print massive amounts of dollars (QE) (so that they would not be in short supply) and thus counteract the “deflation” the cycle theorist sees coming “with inflation” … so even though the cycle theorists “may be correctly predicting” what could happen in the future using the data they have accumulated “from the past” … it is our job to look at what is “occurring in the present” that may modify the prediction from actually happening … ask yourself questions like … what does combining Mexico, the US and Canada into “one economic entity” do to the demographics Dent is using to make his forecasts? … what does massive worldwide QE do to Armstrong’s prediction for $300 dollar gold? … what does the Iran deal and Russia moving into the Middle East do “to stabilize things” and China/japan economic deals do to counter Nenner’s prediction for war? 
    In conclusion I would say even though economic cycle analysts have correctly predicted recessions, stock market peaks and stock market crashes in the past … we must look “beyond the data they are using to make their forecasts” … because the powers that be (who may not want the forecast to come true) could do things “to manipulate current data” in such a way as to “invalidate” the cycle forecast.

    • paul

      Here is what I think … the powers that be don’t want a depression … they will manipulate economic data to show “growth” … so we know where they are coming from … and therefore they will “print to infinity” if they have to to fight the cyclic forces of depression people like Dent see based on their economic cycle work … now if nothing is done to change the situation Dent will be right … however … what we can clearly see is the world is printing … look at Japan, look at the Eu, look at China, etc. … more and more dollars, yen, euros and yuan are not going to make them “scarce” … massive worldwide printing will counteract deflationary forces and create inflation … create inflation and the price of gold and commodities will rise … and so will the stock markets of the world (in nominal highly deflated dollars).
      If you believe “the powers that be” will succeed in their efforts “buy gold” … if you think they will fail “hold currency” … I do both … I buy gold (and silver) and I also buy nickels!

      PS: The nice thing about nickels is that if “the powers that be succeed” and create massive inflation that knocks down the dollars purchasing power my nickel hedge that contains a significant amount of copper and nickel will gain in value right along with gold and silver … if the “powers that be fail” and depression ensues gold (being it is the only real money) may or may not lose value but commodity prices will definitely fall dragging down the price of copper and nickel … but my nickles will not be dragged down in value with falling commodity prices because “five cents” is stamped on it … so it will retain its “money value” even when commodities fall.

      • paul

        Those with an economic interest in selling gold and silver will never tell you this … but I can … you really don’t have to own precious metals … the nickel … is “the perfect coin” for people to hold … and nothing else … in deflationary conditions it never falls in face value (while the price of gold and silver can be manipulated downward) … and during inflationary conditions the nickel can rise to above face value because of its high copper and nickel content! … so those who say “hold cash” under your bed have it “partly right” … the “cash” however should not be “paper cash” … because paper cash is not the perfect hedge the nickel is … as “paper cash” in a hyper-inflation becomes worthless … the nickel holds value in a hyper-inflation because of it’s metal content … and so the lowly nickel (that people discard and turn in at coin machines) is the “perfect hedge” better then even gold and silver that can be manipulated downward in price (they can’t manipulate the price of a nickel below what is printed right on it) … yes it is heavy … yet because of that fact you don’t need to pay storage fees to keep it safe … you can keep them right at home in the open and the most a thief can likely steal is a couple of boxes … and maybe not even that … because he will not want to get caught trying to spend them … you can easily buy food with your nickels because the grocery clerk will recognize nickels “as money” without you trying to explain to the clerk how your silver dime is worth “two dollars” worth of meat and vegetables.


    Greg, Mr. Neener could be right on this timeline. Greg, you did a interview 2 or 3 Mo’s with Dane Winington, GeoengineeringWatch.org . Most of the comments were of a negative type or worse. I’ve spent over 300 hours on the subject and found Dane is 100 percent right about weather manipulation over the US. One of the last transcripts posted on his site, is pure Gov’t involvement and awareness. If anyone wishes please see or go to his site and read US Document on National and Global Weather Modification. The story comes straight from the United States Senate with Congress and executive branch knowledge. ICAS report 1971, Defense Department, Federal Aviation Department 1976. This was a document dump from a insider. It also includes many universities involved MIT, Stanford, with HAARP, so on and so on. I have no horse running for or against Dane Wigington. The man has uncovered something very clear and dangerous. Please, read the info GeoengineeringWatch.org

  34. Russ

    Thanks Greg, interesting interview. With the trouble brewing in Europe with the influx of M.E. refugees and Europe ready to blow up, how does that dovetail with a forecast of next year being the year of the Euro? Cycles are cycles and all things being equal thing continue to churn round and round, but when a major issue happens, all bets are off. Cycles can be seriously disrupted when war breaks out. Does Nenner’s algorithm account for the refugee crisis? So while the comments are interesting, taken together I am forced to fall back into a wait and see mode. BTDT.
    Thanks again.

  35. Art Barnes

    Hey Greg, Obama & Company wants Israel to show restraint on knife stabbing terrorists. Any idea what Washington D.C. and the other police forces of the U.S. do to knife stabbing attackers in the U.S.; THEY SHOOT THEM! Any wonder why I suggest that Obama is a closet Muslim, his actions and statements about the religion of peace even after they shed innocent blood is telling on him. Shame on him for once again siding with the criminals.

  36. Jerry

    Does anyone want to split hairs over the interpretation of DOJ head John Carlin’s recent statement?

    It should be clear by now that we live in a police state that is preparing for martial law, and that if you believe in the Constitution or disagree with the government in any way, you will be classified as a domestic terrorist. We are all in grave danger.

    • Faith

      O’Reilly said it clear enough on FOX news tonight. There is no rule of law in the US now. There is a two-tiered system. The laws that apply to the elite and oligarchs and the laws that apply to everyone else.

      Every day it seems more and more as though “1984” has become reality. The DOJ has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with criminality. I call the Department of Justice the Department of Criminals or the Department of Injustice. Eric Holder allowed HSBC to import cargo planes loaded with cash from the Mexican cartels and allowed that money to be laundered through HSBC. Was anyone charge with a crime? No. Eric Holder deemed that prosecuting anyone at HSBC would be detrimental to the US economy.

      I fully understand that by posting on these forums I am making myself a target and an enemy of the state. As an old Cold War veteran I suppose I am still naive enough to believe in the US Constitution.

  37. Jerry

    I normally don’t post comments about U.S. international affairs, but this is just to rich. Iraq inviting Russia in to fight ISIS is just to much. The United States is the laughing stock of the world. Why would anyone doubt that our allies will flea the dollar after seeing this?

    • Sven

      Jerry, I agree. The US is watching its credibility circle the bowl as we speak. Such a shame to see another great nation plundered and left for dead. I see the states breaking apart and some regions faring better than others. Unfortunately, good people will suffer.

  38. Pierre Bernier

    Hi Greg,

    Just sent you an email proving that global warming is a political hoax. It’s a political ploy for more taxation.

    Objet is : chainsaws and axes.

    Hope you fing someone to come and comment because I’m sick of politicians having only self interest in mind and no care for the people who elect them.


  39. Rock

    The good news is that I am not the only one that has an outdated photo on their website.
    I feel a little better… 🙂

  40. glen

    with PD season due to start in a few weeks there will be enough distractions at the domestic level for ‘things to slip by unnoticed’,
    there may even be a collective PD action that stirs things up rather than a series of individual events.

  41. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    Some uninformed folks talk of war as if its a bad thing. My friends, war is our chosen tool as Americans to preserve US hegemony around the world. Al Capone once remarked that in a tough neighborhood, it was much easier to get a favorable result with a kind word and a gun than just a kind word alone. Such is the nature of the world and so we must fight. We must fight for freedom and democracy and for the American people. Our enemies are numerous, but our resolve is steadfast and we will defeat any enemy of freedom and liberty. Putin is no match for an aroused democracy, which is a most formidable fighting machine. A new day dawns for America and death and destruction draws near for our enemies. Terrorism and blatant abuses against international law will be dealt with in the harshest terms.

    • susan

      ?? With Obama as commander in chief????? You have got to be kidding!

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I don’t know if this is a real person or a web-bot, but, everyone, take notice of the caliber.

      To me, this makes clear: they are ITCHING to take us to war.

    • brian

      You have an absolutely dry sense of humor and I love it. Keep the jokes coming “Airman” haha…good stuff.

  42. Night Ranger

    I think you guys need to ease up on CLS. If was really a government insider do you think he would tell you? His credibility isn’t any different than anyone else’s here. FYI the NSA monitors this site.

    • Faith

      What does the NSA not monitor?

  43. Explicit Little Mister

    Sound familiar?
    “Then on March 1 2015 the Lord showed me the sign to watch for. In a dream I saw a proposal sent to President Obama for $200 million in military aid. I saw him increasing the amount to $1.2 billion. That was the stand taken by the United States, which I saw in the previous dream, which caused tensions to increase throughout the world right before the crash of the stock market and sudden devaluation of the dollar. I shared that dream in my previous post, The Event Before the Event.”


    Be careful of any temptation to sell the family cow and buy puts on SPY based on CLS advice. I find it disingenuous and unethical that he has not stated clearly that his information comes from his own dreams. Remember, our dreams are often a reflection of our unresolved/unfinished mental activity from waking life.

    How many prophecies and date setters have been wrong since 2008? How many have made big bets on cryptic anonymous suggestions that seemed valid because of the overall economic climate we are in? Yes, prepare! Yes, be ready for the end of this broken and corrupt monetary system and difficult times ahead. Cryptic Little Sister may be right on his timing, but that doesn’t excuse the sin of withholding information that can give readers their most informed opportunity to make their own decisions.

    In fact, the withholding of information (in the banking/mortgage sector) is what kicked off the financial crisis to begin with….

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I am very surprised that it took this long for someone to connect these dots, and post this. I would have just now (Tuesday evening) were this post not here.

      However, it seems as if you are making an assumption that this is the same person, and there is no evidence of this. One writes of direct knowledge, whereas the other writes of a prophetic dream.

      • Old Dog

        Circumstantial evidence is strong that Explicit Little Mister has connected the dots correctly.
        Too much circumstantial evidence to be coincidence.

        Although “she” could be one of his faithful followers, posting his commentary without permission.

        • brian

          You know what? This is just getting too weird; my money is on lil’ sis, the mister, airman treadwell and that gina clown being the same person or persons…I mean who says the stuff they say?

    • Silence is Golden

      If CLS is putting out information/giving advice which is then acted on…surely one would have to consider the nature of the advice before acting.
      CLS has asked for no remuneration, compensation, compassion, sympathy, acceptance nor is he/she compelled/required to provide the information from the outset or subsequently. How much attention has CLS received for making such bold statements ( I dont see any requests for applause or congratulatory wishes either). Still there is anxiety over the need to present clear and factual details of sources.
      Why is it a SIN to withhold information ? If you were a POW and had highly classified information would you divulge it …because it was a SIN not to share it ?(Edward Snowden is an exception…..he chose a path that he could not retrace and has lost all opportunity to return to his birthplace). Put that into context.
      CLS has no made financial gain. Again I say whatever is posted on the internet is to be taken at face value. As adults we are required to be of sound mind and judgement. There needs to be full interrogation of whatever is provided. If it is not understood or incomplete…then seek other’s opinions for clarification.
      Dont play the DUMB card. Oh I didnt win all the marbles….I’m going home attitude. That’s a sign of immaturity…..still room to improve.

  44. VegasRob

    Greg, first off THANK YOU for the service you are rendering to us in the form of these interviews. I review your site and comments of the interviews more than I visit google 🙂
    I and my family adjust our planning at times based on the content of your site…

    This particular interview threw me for a loop as it was so out of the typical as you mentioned in a comment earlier. This comment is in no means mean to impugne the integrity of Mr. Nenner….but at what point do we realize that not only are the markets and the data being manipulated…but so are the commentaries of some of the “experts” !

    • Greg Hunter

      And for what it’s worth, every single expert and money manager is saying a crash is coming. We, at this point, are only talking about timing and how bad it will be. Thank you for your support.

  45. Cryptic Little Sister

    When the dust settles, and you finish shouting at me and at each other, watch the following. It shows the reason why I did not want to tell you how it is that I know what is coming.


    We see things. We are seers. We have seen what happens before it happens. We remain anonymous because we will be vilified. We choose web sites where we can remain anonymous.

    Be patient. Watch closely. What I have told you will come to pass.

    • Greg Hunter


      The President is holding up the NDAA, at the moment, because he wants the lid on domestic programs to be raised too. So what you are saying it there is going to be no crash until or unless the NDAA is signed into law? One of the commenters here asked why the correlation between the NDAA being enacted and a crash in the markets and the USD? Can you tell us why the NDAA has to happen before a crash in the USD and the markets? Thank you for your information. Explaining this might help people understand a little more.


      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Remember what I told you about this crash being manipulated. The world will be looking in the wrong direction when the crash comes. This should be obvious: you are already looking in the wrong direction. It won’t have anything to do directly with China’s gold. It has more to do with what the last minute billion dollar increase will be for. Tensions are going to increase over the coming weeks. The mood in the world will be very tense when the President signs the bill.

        Let me be very clear: I am not telling you that he has to sign itin order for a crash to occur; I am telling you that he will sign it. I am telling you that there will be a crash when he signs it. I am telling you that the crash will be so sudden and severe that you will not be able to call your broker or the banks while the crash is going on. After that the dollar will recover on a small bounce, and then it will continue to drop, until a point next year when even it will collapse.

        There were many things that I could not share, because they were not the sort of things that an “insider” would know. Sometimes, one has to appear to be something one is not, so that one may help others to believe.


        • Greg Hunter

          Interesting. Probably the best clip you posted to describe what is going on with you. So does the “future change every time you look at it”? Or, do you keep seeing the same thing. I will say, the financial facts (overt and covert) are so awful that what you describe could easily happen.

        • Maggie

          **Sometimes, one has to appear to be something one is not, so that one may help others to believe. **

          Wrong. For something to be good and of God, all parts of it have to be good – the beginning, middle and the end. If any part involves deception even to achieve a so called good outcome it is not from God. That is Catholicism 101 Discerning the Spirits.

          Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. You are a false prophet. No legitimate prophet or seer was a liar.

          • Greg Hunter

            Good one Maggie!

          • Cryptic Little Sister

            Then why do you not keep all of the Mosaic law?

            And why did the angel Raphael disguise himself as Tobit’s kinsman Azariah?

            And why did Christ decipher in private to his disciples what he spoke in parables to his flock?

            And Pilate asked Him, Art Thou King of the Jews? And he answering them sayest unto him, Thou sayest it.

            Did I ever say I was an insider? Thou sayest it.

            • Greg Hunter

              The President vetoed the NDAA 2016. What is going on?

            • Maggie

              Your “sources” (demonic spirits) were wrong as expected. You really need a better spiritual path. In the words of one of the great Doctors of the Church “He who has himself for a spiritual director has a fool for a spiritual director.”

      • Silence is Golden

        Finally…thank you Greg.

    • Donna S from Arkansas

      What the hell did the clip from “12 Monkeys” have to do with any of this?!?!?! I do not understand why you, CLS cannot post in the typical fashion as everyone else!!??!!? Oh, lets just say straight and to the point!!!!

      • Faith

        @Donna S from Arkansas: CLS is a flake. I didn’t watch the video. The last video this person linked to showed the survivors of the Titanic.

        Too random for me. Not surprised that they are now posting links to an old movie as some sort of proof. It isn’t proof. It is idiocy.

        • Cryptic Little Sister

          Ironic, isn’t it, I knew that you would have that reaction. The clip from 12 Monkeys is very much about people like you.

          • brian

            Well, one thing is for sure lil’ sis, one cannot deny giving you your due credit for livening this place up a bit. Well done I guess. Now I guess we all go back to trying to figure out what it is exactly that we are preparing for, since we cannot avert or at least reduce the blow that is coming….or can we?

          • Faith

            @CLS: One of my favorite areas of study is dystopic fiction and science fiction. I prefer to read books as opposed to watching movies but I am familiar with the movie “12 Monkeys.”

            So not only are you able to predict the future but you are also able to read minds? Thank you. You proved my point perfectly.

    • BluBird

      Most likely they won’t. Nothing you say makes any sense. Stock market crash along with a dollar devaluation… Won’t happen. Stock will crash either in nominal or real terms. But dollar and stocks aren’t going to fall precipitously together.

      Neither will those predictions that Jerry keep making over and over that anytime now China will pull the plug. China is just as messed up.

      What mostly likely will happen is a recession by next year and a significant fall in the stock market. QE4 will be introduced along with NIRP with possibly a ban on physical cash because can’t have NIRP if you just let people opt out of the banking system. Then if all else fails we get helicopter money.

    • Silence is Golden

      IN summary:
      CLS is not an insider because he/she knows things that an insider wouldn’t be privy to.
      CLS speaks of future events as if speaking/knowing of the past. Certainty of an event occurring at a given time in the future, is a planned event, not a mishap or coincidence. The structure of the event (especially the triggering point – increased budget at the last minute) makes it extremely plausible . One has to have absolutes to be able to know this. I suggest that “KNOWING” has a lot more credibility than conjecture or opinion.
      Can we conclude therefore that CLS is something other than what we may have assumed.
      What else does CLS know and cannot share with us ? In the context of the link that CLS posted above (12 monkeys) would it be safe to assume that ….should he share …would he lose credibility (“because his warnings sound like mad ravings”) ? I would read between the lines on this and suggest that if in fact CLS is aware of other perhaps “Devastating” news/facts/events….that he in fact cannot or is not willing to share them.
      When CLS speaks of “We” is he referring to us as a human race….or is he being subjective and speaking of the Group that he belongs to ? The anonymity aspect is important to decipher….because the suggestion is that CLS either sees the future in minute detail ……or….. understands the past sufficiently enough to be able to formulate and extrapolate a probable future scenario.
      CLS has still not made the necessary connection with the NDAA and the “Crash” other than saying that there will be a crash after it is signed off by the CIC. This implies that the crash is engineered/manufactured…..not dependent on the NDAA event…..but merely a reaction to it. So in this case the NDAA is merely the RED Flag.
      I hear WAR drums beating in the background.
      That, I believe, is the connection that needs to be made (considering what the increase in the NDAA is for).

    • Old Dog

      Does God act in secrecy? Indeed the Word says:
      Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord God will do nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophet.

      We are instructed to go to the Scriptures to test everything.
      2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness.

      1 John 4 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world ….

      I know of not incident in the Scriptures where a true prophet of God heaped glory upon himself.

      You write: “We see things. We are seers. We have seen what happens before it happens. We remain anonymous because we will be vilified. We choose web sites where we can remain anonymous?”

      What is missing from that statement? GOD! Where is God’s glory in all you say?

      Also I know of no prophet of God recorded in Scripture who remained “anonymous” because he might “be vilified.”

      Hebrews 11: 32-38
      And what more shall I say? For time will fail me if I tell of Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, of David and Samuel and the prophets, who by faith conquered kingdoms, performed acts of righteousness, obtained promises, shut the mouths of lions, quenched the power of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, from weakness were made strong, became mighty in war, put foreign armies to flight. Women received back their dead by resurrection; and others were tortured, not accepting their release, so that they might obtain a better resurrection; and others experienced mockings and scourgings, yes, also chains and imprisonment. They were stoned, they were sawn in two, they were tempted, they were put to death with the sword; they went about in sheepskins, in goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, ill-treated (men of whom the world was not worthy), wandering in deserts and mountains and caves and holes in the ground.

      And Yeshua’ words in Luke 11:
      Therefore also said the wisdom of God, I will send them prophets and apostles, and some of them they shall slay and persecute: That the blood of all the prophets, which was shed from the foundation of the world, may be required of this generation; From the blood of Abel unto the blood of Zacharias which perished between the altar and the temple: verily I say unto you, It shall be required of this generation.

      I am aware, scripturally, of NO prophets that cloaked themselves in secrecy when proclaiming the words of the LORD. Nor did they dare take GOD’s glory to themselves.
      But they boldly proclaimed: THUS SAYS THE LORD and many died for God’s words they proclaimed.

      How great was Yeshua’s admonition to us who would live in the age of the Great Deception. Three times in Matthew 24, did Yeshua warned us about the MANY false prophets and false teachers.

      verse 24: For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before. (He has warned us in advance!)

      One last admonition from the Word of God:
      2 Corinthians 11:12-15
      But what I (Apostle Paul) am doing I will continue to do, so that I may cut off opportunity from those who desire an opportunity to be regarded just as we are in the matter about which they are boasting. For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.

      Matthew 24:4: And Yeshua answered and said unto them, TAKE HEED THAT NO MAN DECEIVE YOU.

      Take heed and test all things by the WORD of God.
      This is the age of the Great Deception.
      God holds you responsible to not allow yourself to be deceived.
      For false prophets will “show many great signs and wonders.”

      • Explicit Little Mister

        Well done, Old Dog.
        Beautifully reasoned and expressed.

  46. Grafique

    How many dozens or hundreds of prophecies did God make in the Old Testament about Israel’s future?
    Are you saying that when God said these things, he didn’t know that Israel would reject Christ?
    Was God taken by surprise when Israel rejected Christ? He didn’t know it would happen?
    Why does the New Testament say, “All Israel shall be saved”?
    Why does God prophesy in Revelation that 144000 Jews will be sealed? Why does God go so far as to even list the twelve tribes of Israel in that prophecy?
    Why do you think that Israel’s sins were too much for God? Do you believe that God is really that weak? Do you believe that the blood of Christ isn’t effective enough for Israel?
    Why does the book of Amos prophesy that once Israel had returned to its land, they would never again be made to leave?
    Why does Zechariah 12:10 prophesy that the Spirit would be poured out upon – not just Israel – but the House of David, signifying Jewish Israel?

    Why do you believe that although God can forgive you for your sins, he is unable to forgive Israel?

  47. Coalburner

    Night Ranger, I agree!
    Want to Bet? Probably half of NSA agree’s with this site. That is the way it is …. Most of them are us! Sorry but I mean that. IT is not them, it is the subversive politicians and manchurian candidates. Guess who elects them? IT is not DOD or NSA or FBI, THese are agencys with people who have balls whether men of women and I say that with compliments. It is the Libtards that elect the likes of socialist, anti Constitution, greed ridden politicians because they promise to gimmie” gimmie” , tax, tax to the other two thirds. The dangerous agencys are the same crowd. When there is no one else working to pay for the free sugar, that is when it is going to change. Same as when China and the rest of the world stop giving us free money that we wont pay them back to supply that free sugar. But the gimmie crowd will want our one third to supply the blood to defend them.

  48. Explicit Little Mister

    CLS wrote: “When the dust settles, and you finish shouting at me and at each other…”

    Is someone shouting? I’m not hearing that.

    CLS wrote: “Sometimes, one has to appear to be something one is not, so that one may help others to believe.”

    So, you’re saying you are conning us into believing you or believing what you want us to believe? …because we can’t handle straight talk?? Why couldn’t you just point us to your website.

    From the CLS website: “I started this site in November 2012 to provide end-time news before it happens.” http://z3news.com/w/aboutus/

    Can you describe and document any instance that you have correctly predicted some future event since starting your website in 2012?

    CLS, no matter what happens with the NDAA 2016, in my opinion, you owe Greg Hunter and the readers of this blog an apology for your naive/immature tactics. You withheld information that may cost people money they don’t need to lose. And, the fact that your website is evangelical is just too much – I would rather you had tried to sell me a monthly investment newsletter.

  49. CAK


    What do you know of John Titor, and time travel?

    • brian

      I personally am of the persuasion that traveling in time is a bridge burning affair..wherever you go you cannot go back.

  50. JK

    Ripping off Martin Armstrong’s War Cycle research l see. Please post a link as to the earliest time Nenner called for 2014 to be the start of the war cycle and 2021 to be the end.

    The earliest time-stamped report from Armstrong l could find is August 2013: http://www.armstrongeconomics.com/archives/13896

    Call on the dollar demise: ha!
    Call on Dow: Ha!

    Hope ya’ll don’t lose too much money.

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