Dollar Collapse Starts in Late 2014-Charles Nenner

44Charles Nenner: War is Coming and US Dollar Collapse in 2014By Greg Hunter’s 

Renowned financial analyst Charles Nenner has been studying cycles to predict all major markets for the past three decades.  Does all the global manipulation in the markets make a difference to the timing of the cycles?  Nenner says, “It doesn’t . . . all these things have nothing to do with the way the markets behave.  They are part of the market behavior.”  Nenner gives Former Fed Head Alan Greenspan as an example.  Nenner explains, “Greenspan and his guys were part of the market.  So, if it would be so that you could manipulate the markets, then we could not predict; and since we predict with much success, then it proves there is no influence whatsoever.” 

On the inflation/deflation question, Nenner predicts both, but first deflation.  Nenner says, “We are holding on to the deflation scenario.  I think we are going into deflation.  I still think we are going to a Japan scenario.  It doesn’t mean that in a couple of years we won’t have super-inflation.”  Nenner adds everything is on a cycle, including interest rates, and goes on to say, “Interest rates go up 30 years and 30 years down; and if you start counting back, in two to four years, we should go back to the old highs of 18% or so.”  Nenner says governments “want” and “need” inflation.  Nenner explains, “Everybody in the end wants the inflation; otherwise, the deficits are going to be huge.” 

On bank bail-ins, Nenner says, “In Cyprus, there was an example made that they could just confiscate your money.  I am very worried about it (bail-ins).  A couple of years ago, I said we should start a new crisis in 2014, and it will end in 2020.  God only knows what governments intend to do.  I think they should just leave the market alone, but they are not going to do it.  So, they are going to make things worse.”  

So, where is Nenner telling people to put their money for the next six years?  Nenner says, “You know I am Dutch.  I always say ‘how do I not lose money.’  Americans want to know how to make money.  So, in a deflationary period, it is very difficult to make money. . . . We are totally out of the stock market, and we are getting ready to buy back gold.  We got out of the gold market at $1,900 (per ounce) and our major cycle low is in July.  The risk on the downside is not more than $100 (per ounce), but we are still holding off and we think the bull market (in gold) will resume.  Nenner thinks the bottom in gold is close and contends, “We can still go to $1,150 (per ounce).  If you are afraid, you can buy physical gold because a lot of people are afraid of the financial system. . . . I am loading up on very long term calls on GLD.  So, it doesn’t matter if I am a couple of weeks off and I just wait.”  Nenner goes on to predict, “I think that because of the monetary situation, that gold will outperform silver.”  Where does Nenner think the gold price is going between now and 2020?  Nenner predicts, “Our first target is $2,100 (per ounce), then $2,500; and if it breaks that, gold could go parabolic.” 

On the U.S. dollar, Nenner predicts, “Timing is our business, and we’ve always said the dollar is going to collapse in end of 2014.  There are different reasons for this.  The government has loans outstanding that are very short term.  If interest rates only go up a half a percent, they are already in trouble.  Also, the United States doesn’t have the power to force a lot (of Treasury bonds) on other countries because the United States has decided not to be a power anymore.  So, of course, the dollar goes with it.  Oil is going to be much higher, and inflation is going to start moving its tail.  This is the start of inflation.  Five years from now, you will see inflation started in 2014.  It’s not that everything happens in 2014, it’s just the beginning.” 

On war, Nenner predicts, “I still do cycles of war, and I have been predicting a big war is in the making in 2013.  And, when they ask me does it start with a bang, I say no, it starts slowly without us noticing.  In ten years, you will look back and see it started in 2013. . . . I still think the big war will come from the Middle East.”   

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Charles Nenner of the Charles Nenner Research Center.

(Much more in the video interview.)

After the interview:
Charles Nenner is also a medical doctor, although, he does not practice medicine.  In late 2006, Nenner warned of both the housing and stock market crashes that happened in the 2007 and 2008 period.  Charles Nenner sells a newsletter.  He puts out at least four reports a week. If you would like a free trial for one month, please click here.  The price of his information varies with the level of service you need.

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  1. Ugly

    I’m not Dutch, but I have his same thoughts on not trying to make money, but more so not to lose it all. Basically as he says, how do I not lose all that I have worked for?

    • HECTOR


      • HECTOR


    • Max Weber

      Missed that one didn’t he. Ouch!

  2. Justin King

    Selling the idea that “timing is our business” makes him stand out in the financials field where no one else is willing to tread.
    But are cycles REAL in this 21st century communications paradigm shift ?
    Is he a dinosaur holding on too long, or is he the knowing, steady voice that is desperately wanted to assuage our now chaotic fears ?
    —– Jim Rickards & his Currency Wars is still my mainstay.

  3. Spanky


    be careful in believing too much from a Goldman Sachs guy. obviously he knows nothing about gold as he recommends GLD which is now a “debenture” fund and has no gold at all. one of the main reasons to have gold is to have no counter party risk which means it has to be in your possession. When the system crashes possession will be 99% of the law, and a futures gold contract or any other form of paper gold will be just as worthless as a bond. Don’t forget that gold is now leveraged 114:1 so when the mad scramble starts most people who thought they owned gold will get paid off in paper. Did you know that if you own less than 100k shares of GLD that they can redeem you in “shares” of the fund? what do you think these will be worth when it is widely disclosed that the fund has 100 claims on the same ounce of gold. If you MUST go with an ETF , because you are investing via a pension plan etc. I would recommend Sprott or CEF. at least they are in Canada a country that has no history of gold confiscation.

    I also don’t agree with Nenner on his thesis of “deflation” coming before inflation. Inflation is already getting started with a vengeance, just look at food prices , insurance, cars, gas, and all the other things that REGULAR folks buy on a weekly basis . the true rate of inflation is now well over 10% per year, but that is nothing compared to what is coming later this summer.

    I would go with physical gold and silver at these cheap prices , don’t worry about the price volatility and hold on for dear life…….. this sucker is going DOWN!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I think everyone should go physical everything–food, water, toilet paper, land–physical everything. I am one of those people who is afraid of systemic collapse. I am beginning to think there is no way to avoid it. Thanks for the comment.

      • Midnight Lightnining

        You are right Greg, there is NO way to avoid it. It is as crystal clear as fountain water. The problem lies in our minds, for it is so simple yet so unbelievable obvious, that we are living in the greatest ponzi scheme ever created in the history of mankind, and we very well know how ponzi schemes end.
        So let´s take action for it is the action that changes our reality!

      • Midnight Lightnining

        And congratulations since you have the best guests!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Midnight!

      • DaveD

        I too believe in a systemic collapse, it is the time scale of such a collapse that eludes me and yet is critical in the preparation phase. Will the system collapse is weeks, month or years? I can see realistic scenarios for any of these, but preparing for a collapse that takes weeks is radically different that one that takes years.

    • armando

      Spanky: I agree with you on ALL points, you´ve covered almost everything I wanted to say, so I´ll just add one thing. Even if Mr. Nenner is correct and Gold ¨could¨ go down to $1,150 before begining its meteoric rise – if you´re still in the market for further aquisition of metals is it worth taking a chance and waiiting and end up being late for the party? The answer is clearly No!

      Greg: Interesting guest and good interview.

    • lastmanstanding

      Spanky, you are correct, there will be NO deflation. I have thought about the inflation/deflation thing before. In times of REAL turmoil, nothing of any value deflates…NOTHING. Items from the earth are the only thing that have any real value.

      In the past, we had crashes of various financial bs. These were done to steal the hard-earned wealth of those who weren’t paying attention. Can’t run a scam for 100’s of years taking all of everyone’s earnings all the time. Funny how all the theft takes place at the end of boom periods. IMO, these thefts take place several times in ones lifetime with the hopes that their one world order plan will be achieved. Humans are the link that they need. Freedom is the last stand. We are so close to losing it completely. Look at most of the world and then look at Americans. Frankly, it is not fair. I’ll leave it at that.

      Folks, they don’t want you to have anything. They want you to serve them. They don’t want you thinking about how to survive in an earthly manner. They don’t want you thinking period. They want you broken, weak, pathetic so that they can ultimately mold you into exactly opposite what your Creator and his earth bore.

      The ultimate satanic experiment. F that. Hope you all get it. Sorry for the rant.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • Paul from Indiana

        I’ll be proud to stand with you and many of other USAWatchdog participants on the ramparts of the new Alamo, coming soon to locations near you and me. Best always. PM

      • allen ols


        u are correct sir; totally!!!!

      • Jerry

        I’m not sure where you live, but where I live, people have lived by the code for generations. Most of them would rather be buried on their land than give it up.

      • lastmanstanding

        Thanks fellas…on your side to the end.
        Standing fast in Big Sky Country.

      • JJ

        No deflation?? When it hits the fan… just watch the stock markets and real estate DEFLATE!! Yes, inflation is getting HOT… I agree that his use of GLD is a large red flag on his cred… why not PHYS or even SGOL? Anyone have any feedback on a potential currency reset in July?? I think that is an IMF scam… and China and Russia and most of the other “BRICS” will not play… I doubt we make it past Obunga and his cast of insane clowns… nice job, Greg… appreciate your work!

        PS: your guest can’t afford a shave and a haircut?? Just kiddin’!! 🙂

    • smaulgld

      Mr. Nenner was an interesting guest, although I agree with you more than him on GLD and inflation (although he did mention that a drop in the dollar would create higher prices on imports but failed to mention HOW much of an impact, since a large portion of what we buy is imported).

      The one point where I agreed with him was on the dollar collapse- it’s not going to collapse in one day, if it does collapse it will happen over time. In some instances he didn’t give reasons for his positions (why gold will perform better than silver) and I don’t believe things happen in cycles no matter what-human intervention and different facts and circumstances throw off cycles. Still it was a worth while listen and highlights that there are a lot of views and we will all just have to decide for ourselves how to arrange our affairs. I don’t think anyone would disagree with Greg that you’ll never go wrong with food and water; after that everything is debatable.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Depending on where you draw the “start” line, you can “identify” a cycle. We had horrendous interest rates in the late ’70’s to early ’80’s. Fast forward 30 years. We should have had high interest rates again in the late years of the first decade of the 2000’s. We didn’t. So, either I can’t add, or the cyclical periods are arbitrarily identified. At one point, Nenner says basically, wait until a development occurs and count back. Heck, I can do that. I guess I’m an expert. We all know this is a crock. What we don’t know is what is going on behind the scenes to keep it all going. Best always. PM

      • Jerry

        You don’t think this balloon is big enough to pop? It sure looks like it to me .

    • lastmanstanding

      Also…you have to decide if you are going to live locally or globally. Nenner sounds like a globalist. I am a local guy. I don’t need to go more than 50 miles from home.

      When people used to travel, it was on foot. History shows this. It was a crusade, an adventure, a journey…a life changing experience that took balls…not a vacation.

      Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

      • allen ols

        how can we be on the same page, i dont know, 20 mile radius was my home town!!!!

      • Winston Churchill

        Game theory says otherwise about a gradual decline in the USD.
        Every holder of UST’s is eyeing the emergency exits right now.
        He who panics first, panics best . Everyone else will find out that door
        is an open elevator shaft. Then comes a tsunami of dollars trying to buy anything of real value before the paper become worthless.

        • Greg Hunter

          Priceless comment and brilliant in its simplicity especially “Every holder of UST’s is eyeing the emergency exits right now.”
          I’d say you are correct that big money is very nervous holding USD liquid assets.

    • Clive Crashcup

      At the start of Titanic’s first and last voyage, in the movie Titanic, Jack Dawson was King of the world! The abrupt end of the voyage found poor Jack at the bottom of the Atlantic. Rich or poor, leader or follower, elite, or one big delete, CIA or NSA, were all in the same boat and as Spanski say’s………this sucker is going D O W N ! ! !

      • Jim

        Remember what was happening on the deck as the great ship went down. “The band played on.” I feel we get a taste of that on some of the business channels when the talking heads don’t give minimal time to the types of subjects covered on Watchdog. Might not be good for selling advertising. Yes, “the band plays on.”

        • Greg Hunter

          I will say when the subject of CNBC and their low ratings came up Nenner immediately said “CNBC is dead” and added that he “doesn’t really get to say anything when he’s on CNBC.” I don’t think those folks want to hear that he’s “totally out of the stock market.” I am a slave to content and viewers always have been since I was working my way up from the small markets in TV. Put on good content, and the advertising will take care of itself. Thank you for your comment.

    • Stu

      Spanky, you are spot on. Mr. Nenner said a lot of things that I agree with but wholly disagree with owning GLD or other paper. Own physical Gold & Silver or prepared to get “Spanked” (Pun intended). Also, disagree with his thesis on velocity (two year period). Actually, the exodus has already begun, but nobody has yelled, “Fire!!” in the theater yet. Both China and Russia have been amassing huge quantities of gold. China has also been on a non-stop physical asset shopping spree in the form of Real Estate and other physical investments in the US and many other nations including South America for years. Note that they are paying for said investments with the USDollar assets on their balance sheet. Russia has been doing the same (i.e. Cyprus Gold Market). Once the Chinese and Russians have reduced their dollar exposure beyond critical mass they will face the theater from the exit door and scream, “Fire!!”. By then, it will be too late and anyone holding paper including GLD will be screwed.


    • MrPM

      I agree,

      I’m very skeptical of his Predictions that don’t take account for money printing.. His track record is FAR from perfect. In 2011 he called 5000 on DOW by the end of 2012. We all know how that worked out- Over 17,000 now….

  4. TOM

    I don`t agree with everything he said. but he made some good points. inflation is out of the bag. we may see a combination of inflation/deflation. like inflation for food and imported goods. but deflation for real estate. I think a false flag is in the cards. one that will allow the government to clamp down everywhere. with the result that America resembles cuba!

  5. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    I partially disagree with your guest (as you did). There is reason, every cycle has its dynamic, and the dynamic has changed. The things are happening much more faster then a decade or two ago, due that fact the technology is changing much more faster then the generation change is happening not to mention the communication is near instantaneous (in other words the “social time” passing much more faster).
    So, he just miscalculated how fast are things going to happen.

    Your thoughts.

    PS: I agree with Spanky.

    • Greg Hunter

      What is happening today has never happened before in human history at least not on this scale. I think everyone is feeling their way through the dark. I do see a consensus forming from the experts and that is a big fall will occur. It is just a matter of timing.

  6. Merc

    Charles Nenner is one of Jim Sinclairs go-to people I think.

    • Greg Hunter

      He is and a good one too.

  7. Mouse Click

    When it comes to money, I don’t trust nobody. However, people should be prepared for all occasions – job losses, deflation, inflation, or systemic collapse. Listen to a wide variety of people, as the truth is somewhere in the middle. I think we have reached the point, where it is more about wealth preservation.

  8. SharkBit

    You are really a great guy Greg. I wish the world had more people like you. Honesty, Integrity, Humility, sense of fairness. I wish you all the best.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Shark for your support and kind words.

  9. Jerry

    Greg very interesting interview. Its always refreshing to get a different perspective from someone else’s point of view outside the U.S. What I don’t quite understand from Dr.Nenner’s analysis, and others you have interviewed, is they seem to think we have much more time, for these economic events to unfold, than what I’m seeing. Everyday it seems a new market is opened up using alternative currencies for exchange outside the dollar. The Gazprom deal between Russia and China (two superpowers) was huge. Its only a matter of time before we see a petro Yuan. At this rate its only a matter of time before the pressure is to great, and the dollar will collapse. And can you imagine the mass exodus from the dollar, if my source is right and NATO should get their clock cleaned by Russia by the middle of July? Something to think about.

    Greg you just had a poster yesterday who does international trade, that told you they are accepting alternative currencies already outside the dollar. The evidence is piling up everywhere that the dollar has lost its position as world reserve currency. And to Woodrow and the other kool-aide drinkers. Name one deal the U.S. has made with any major country in the last two years to help lift up our economy? Having Belgium buy our Bonds doesn’t count.

    • Al hall

      Jerry- you are correct. I have two inside friends- Greg know of one of them. This is a planned event from decades ago- to collapse the USA. Obama was put in office for this destruction– spend us into oblivion as it were. Obama is a CIA educated and backed by Henry Kissinger. He just does what he is told by the New World Order gang!! Obama follows Cloward and Piven to collapse this ONCE great nation.
      Daddy Bush head this up in the USA- he was the first to openly say there was a New World Order coming and they would win. View the Georgia guide stones and there 10 principles- especially #1.- it’s coming!!!


  10. George Silver

    Well Greg that was like pulling teeth. You tried hard but he wasn’t exactly an easy interview.
    It’s very appropriate that someone from Holland is fixated on cycles. The country is flat and they do have a lot of cycles.
    The trouble with people like Armstrong and Nenner is that they have a “system” and they believe their “system” can tell the future. They have never learnt that nobody can predict the future especially in a World economy where there is so much interference and manipulation.
    His typical “push” on GLD was straight out of the Goldman Sachs playbook for fools.

    • wd


      Excellent point! So much of academia relies on various models. And they die by them.

      Since I was a child I rmember the hurricane predictions based on multi layer models and they were never right. But so many people took them to heart. In the land of hard core academia they disregard emotions, intuition, the flow of energy. Its as if the models always know more( infallible). They all live in a cocoon.

      Just look around you what do you see, one of the best indicators of a dying economy!!
      And all else will follow, the macro-effect!

  11. Paul DeCorsa

    My word! He also recommended Rabo Bank. This is the bank that defaulted (along with ABN Amro) on gold, and informed their customers that they can only redeem their stored gold for cash- no physical for you! Moreover, I would not trust Goldman with a paper clip, let alone my stock portfolio.

    • Mickey

      Good catch on the RaboBank issue.
      Trying to time gold esp if you have physical is a fools errand. Assuming his top call at 1900 was the only top call he made, the reason for having physical as most of us know is for a crash of some sorts, which, if its the crash of the dollar when was the last cycle on a dollar crash? And what were the conditions?

      And whats worse lets say you sell at 1900 and you target 1400 as reentry but gold goes parabolic as he said and you cannot get back in as there is no gold to be bought.

      I found John Williams a heck of a lot more interesting and relevant.

  12. Doc Casull

    Dear Greg,

    USAWatchdog continues to be an invaluable resource. Dr. Nenner is one of your best interviews. He escaped GS and appears to be fighting for light. He correctly called the top in housing, dow and AU79. Ignore at your own risk. His advice on how to buy gold was perfectly sound: physical if you worry about bail-in. OTTMC if you do not…

    Boston Marathon Bombing Aftermath (False Flag Fiasco, Blame the Tea Party!, Cordon & Search)

    The Watchdogs must understand it is not just about the dollar. Take a look at the above documentary. Consider discussing the bigger picture facing society. Can somebody explain what went on in Boston? Has everyone simply brushed it aside?


    • emeniag

      Yes Doc, I can explain. Russia warned us about those guy’s and we told them we don’t need their help, case closed.

    • John

      Dave McGowan does a good job in his 16 part series which analyze photo discrepancies and such.

  13. vic


    Enjoy his work, thanks for the interview. I find many in our camp, including me, suffer from “most recent comment complex” that is the most recent story seems to carry the most
    weight until the next one comes along. My recent objective (fail most days) is to completely turn off the noise and sleep well knowing I’m doing the right thing. Honestly it really doesn’t help when folks like Jim Sinclair post Nenner interviews the day after he talks up Bo Polny calling for a moon shot in the metals by May’s end. I did want to share with you a piece by Pepe Escobar one of Willie’s favorites that pretty much sums it up.

    The Fed is arguably monetizing 70% of the US government debt in an attempt to keep interest rates from heading skywards. Pentagon adviser Jim Rickards, as well as every Hong Kong-based banker, tends to believe that the Fed is bust (though they won’t say it on the record). No one can even imagine the extent of the possible future deluge the US dollar might experience amid a $1.4 quadrillion Mount Ararat of financial derivatives. Don’t think that this is the death knell of Western capitalism, however, just the faltering of that reigning economic faith, neoliberalism, still the official ideology of the United States, the overwhelming majority of the European Union, and parts of Asia and South America.

    So it will work until it doesn’t and honestly who can possibly know the day or week????

    All the best appreciate what you do

  14. RMJ Atkinson

    Peter Schiff has been saying the very same thing for several years now.

    • Greg Hunter

      I like Schiff. You reminded me to have him back on. Thank you.

      • Al hall

        Greg: have these guests with the same views– tie them together- their thoughts, etc. Have several of them on together in a round table type event?? Only a thought?
        also need Karen Hudes on again and see if she is making any headway against the New World Order gang??

        al Hall

      • allen ols

        pepe escobar pls.

      • DanL

        It would also be nice to have Williem Middelkoop, author of “The Big Reset” in your interview.

  15. Jerry

    Another reason the dollar is in trouble.
    We’re so pathetic we can’t even do a midlevel project like the Keystone pipeline. I hope the environmentalist are happy when gas goes to $10.00 a gallon.

    • Anne Elliott

      Isn’t that the plan?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, it was Obama’s continued spitting out the bit on Keystone that convinced me (finally) that he is just a bought-and-paid-for front man for the NWO types. They needed a charismatic but no-talent shill, and they got him. Too many of us fell for him. Woe to us. See you at the last round-up. Best always. PM

  16. Galaxy 500

    Thank for putting this guy on. Ive never heard of him. Its going to be fun to see if he really predicted any of what he claims.
    Timing is the holy grail of trading. But it is unadulterated B.S. that manipulation doesn’t effective timing. And he uses Greenspan as an example. Greg, the manipulation going on now is exponential greater. So I dont buy that it doesn’t impact the timing. While anyone can look at history and see cycles, unlike Armstrong and this guy, I disagree that they move at predictable intervals. While planets move to God’s music, financial cycles move to its own music (and yes nothing is beyond God but he gave us free will to screw up as we please).

    • Jerry

      Galaxy I agree with you. When I heard “that market manipulation doesn’t affect timing” I went. HUNH! Lets see the top three reasons the Chinese are leaving the Britton Woods system is:
      1. Market Manipulation
      2. US dollar tanking
      3. Gold theft by the Cartel

      • Galaxy 500

        It like saying adding momentum and extra mass to an object doesn’t increase its kinetic energy. There is no way I buy that.

  17. Jim

    Another great guest! I sometimes feel like we are living in a giant puzzle. Your “top drawer” guests all have some pieces to the puzzle. It is up to us listeners to use these to figure out what is going on and how to best position ourselves. Most of my friends and acquaintances don’t even seem to want to know what is actually going on, much less how to position themselves. I appreciate your hard work and I am going to send you a donation.

  18. Tom Walters

    This guy is fronting for a future false flag.

  19. Michael Haller


    Have you ever heard of fofoa or ever interviewed him?

    • Greg Hunter

      I think so but not really sure. Tell me more.

      • George Silver

        FOFOA knows more about Gold than ALL of your guests put together.
        He is very illusive but if you could get him on your show to be interviewed it would be a real feather in your cap.

        His blog:-

        • Greg Hunter

          No doubt FOFOA knows what he’s talking about. My only real problem is I think he is anonymous. Do you know his real name or his experience?

      • Beligerant

        Freed Gold and FOFOA seem to be in the same camps. Here are their websites:
        Either one of these would make a most interesting interview!! They hold to the camp that gold will get revalued and it will only apply to the phyzzzz. At the same time paper gold will collapse to its true worth.

      • Michael Haller


        I don’t know his background but he has obviously been deep down the rabbit hole. I know he has done an interview with an Indian Magazine. He also occasionally does video question and answers with his blog members.

        [email protected]

    • Randy

      M Haller,

      I posted a link to a fofoa post(s) regarding deflation/hyperinflation, some of his best work imho, it was in response to the latest John Williams interview. Obviously, I am not sure how many read it but it is fascinating. As far as Greg getting an interview with fofoa,(and I have great respect for the reporting here) unfortunately highly unlikely, as far as I know fofoa has never been on camera interviewed.

  20. Galaxy 500

    isnt it illegal for the US govt to deal with terrorists?
    So big deal…whats the worst that can happen? We can destroy what is left of the US economy…to me a big deal but to the wannabe Frenchman Kerry, its nothing.
    Someone steals a billion dollars
    Why should anyone be surprised…everyone experiences the weather and we hear all the gloom and doom predictions that fizzle out only to be told that the reductions in hurricanes and the harsh winter are also global warming.

  21. Mr.Lee

    Mr. Hunter:

    I could not agree more with you and Spanky. Physical asset ownership is the way to go. It is the old adage, “procession is 9/10ths of the law.” As for inflation/deflation. I think we are entering an era of Bi-flation. You are already seeing this. Some items such as homes and other durables are stagnant or even dropping in price. While food commodities, fuel and others are raising in price. This is surly to stay this way while the Fiat Currencies continue to get debased.

    • Galaxy 500

      Is it real “deflation” when a computer, cellphone, or other tech drops in price as the manufacturing processes become more efficient and the newness factor fades? I think not. Deflation is where you have many goods chasing few dollars and credit is all but unavailable.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are correct sir, and might I add, it also includes debt destruction.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Actually, Greg, deflation magnifies debt by making it more expensive to pay off, as the dollar, or currency unit, becomes more valuable with more purchasing power in a deflation scenario. It is inflation that destroys debt, figuratively, by allowing the debtor to absolve his obligation with currency units that have progressively less purchasing power. In Weimar Germany, debtors actually fled the presence of a debtor who wanted to pay in the inflated currency. A more accurate way to put it would be that deflation also includes/implies DEBTOR destruction, just as inflation implies/includes CREDITOR destruction. Those that have significant debts in a deflation are usually wiped out. As you know, I believe the government will stack the deck to assure that both sides lose in this scenario. I am not convinced that property rights survive. Best always to you and yours. PM

  22. eM

    Deflation first? We have been living in that world for several years now. Watch the commodity indicators that other anylists watch, i.e. Sugar, Wheat, and this link to Feeder Cattle, a double in 3.5 years :

    Where are we now, the start of a Re-flationary period.

    Charles Nenner interview very good Greg.Thanks for your work.

  23. Al hall

    Greg: He is in near total agreement with John Williams from Monday’s interview. I have know this was come for years- and it is now here to face head on. Mr. Nenner is very knowledgeable about his predictions, but a little dry with his personality, so be it.
    Great interview as always!!

  24. Larry

    Mr Nenner is not exactly Mr. personality, but some who follows cycles all day long is not particularly adept at the art of interviewing. He gave us his best estimates for how he sees the future. You can accept or reject his suppositions but you know he has spent many hours correlating and developing his cycles. I for one feel a better grasp for the future of the dollar and the US economy and when gold will rise. His strait forward view works for me.

  25. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, in last Friday’s (5/16) post, you closed with a comment about fraud, which is what we are witnessing on a grand scale with the monetary and fiscal chicanery being foisted on us. You said/wrote, “One thing I learned as an investigative reporter, and that is, fraud ends quickly. It all works until one day, it doesn’t.” That thought stuck with me. As you know, I live in a rural area. Folks around here are plowing, planting, and growing herds. It being mid-spring, we have had some very pleasant days. While driving around with your words in my head, I see things which illustrate your point. There are some very handsome cattle out here enjoying some very good grass and peaceful conditions. They are very contented. Life is wonderful, but someday, it’s coming, and I don’t know when, it will end very suddenly for that cattle when they become very expensive steak for some very fortunate person’s (not mine, unfortunately) table. Are we like this contented cattle, comfortable in our fields? Best always. PM

  26. allen ols

    Greg; liked this fellow;

    pepe escobar states;

    A specter is haunting Washington, an unnerving vision of a Sino-Russian alliance wedded to an expansive symbiosis of trade and commerce across much of the Eurasian land mass — at the expense of the United States.

    And no wonder Washington is anxious. That alliance is already a done deal in a variety of ways: through the BRICS group of emerging powers (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa); at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Asian counterweight to NATO; inside the G20; and via the 120-member-nation Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). Trade and commerce are just part of the future bargain. Synergies in the development of new military technologies beckon as well. After Russia’s Star Wars-style, ultra-sophisticated S-500 air defense anti-missile system comes online in 2018, Beijing is sure to want a version of it. Meanwhile, Russia is about to sell dozens of state-of-the-art Sukhoi Su-35 jet fighters to the Chinese as Beijing and Moscow move to seal an aviation-industrial partnership.

    Read More @

    • Galaxy 500

      a Sino-Russo alliance may be put on paper just like StAlin and Hitler had a non aggressions pact but you have two powers with vastly different agendas and philosophies. I dont give it any longevity. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t cause us problems in the short term

  27. Galaxy 500

    We’ve all read abiut the militarization of our police and their constantly devolving behavior toward the people. Here is some interesting reading

    “Police are specialists in violence. They are armed, trained, and authorized to use force. With varying degrees of subtlety, this colors their every action. Like the possibility of arrest, the threat of violence is implicit in every police encounter. Violence, as well as the law, is what they represent.”—Kristian Williams, activist and author

    May 21 2014 “ICH Living in a free society means not having to look over your shoulder to see whether the government is watching or fearing that a government agent might perpetuate violence upon you.

    Unfortunately, as I detail in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, subjected as we are to government surveillance, body scanners, militarized police, roadside strip searches, SWAT team raids, drones, and other trappings of a police state, “we the people” do not live in a free society any longer.

    Not only are we no longer a free people but we have become a fearful people, as well, helped along in large part by politicians eager to capitalize on our fears. As Julie Hanus writes for Utne: “Since the 1980s, society at large has bolted frantically from one panic to the next. Fear of crime reduced us to wrecks, but before long we were also howling about deadly diseases, drug abusers, online pedophiles, avian flu, teens gone wild, mad cows, anthrax, immigrants, environmental collapse, and—let us not forget—terrorists.”

    Now thanks to an increasingly militarized police force and police officers who shoot first and ask questions later, we’ve got one more fear to add to that growing list, and with good reason: fear of the police—local, state and federal agents.

    Who wouldn’t be afraid of police officers who go around shooting unarmed citizens, tasering women—young and old alike, and forcing law-abiding Americans to the ground at gunpoint?

    Such was the case when a Missouri police officer shot and wounded an unarmed panhandler. Texas police, during a raid on a home where music was reportedly being played too loudly, repeatedly tasered a 54-year-old grandmother, kicking and punching other members of the household. A 20-year-old Florida woman who was tasered by a police officer while she was handcuffed ended up in a permanent vegetative state and eventually died. And then there was the homeless man who was shot and killed by Albuquerque police for squatting on public land.

    If it were just a few “bad” cops terrorizing the citizenry, that would be one thing. But what we’re dealing with is a nationwide epidemic of court-sanctioned police violence carried out against individuals posing little or no threat of violence, who are nevertheless subjected to such excessive police force as to end up maimed or killed.

    For example, Ron Hillstrom was pacing in the parking lot of his apartment complex asking for help when four officers approached him, unleashed their tasers, and subdued him with electric shocks. When Hillstrom fell to the ground, another officer hit him with a flashlight. Hillstrom died soon thereafter.

    Danny Cantu was recently awarded $105,000 after Dallas police rushed into his backyard, threw a flash bang grenade into his window, and broke into his home without warning. Cantu was thrown to the ground and beaten with his hands tied behind his back.

    Denise Green is suing San Francisco police after a license plate reader misread her license plate, causing her to be pulled over by five police officers who pointed guns at her under the false belief that she was driving a stolen car. After being held at gunpoint on the ground, Green was handcuffed and her car searched before she was finally released.

    The toll such incidents take on adults can be life-altering, but when such police brutality is perpetrated on young people, the end result is nothing less than complete indoctrination into becoming compliant citizens of a totalitarian state. The message is clear and chilling: any deviation from what is “allowed” will be punished severely.

    Thus, when a 9-year-old Portland girl got into a fight at a youth club, instead of the incident being resolved by staff members and reported to her family, police showed up at her home, arrested the young girl, took her down to the station, fingerprinted her, and had her mug shot taken.

    Similarly, when 13-year-old Kevens Jean Baptiste failed to follow a school bus driver’s direction to keep the bus windows closed (Kevens, who suffers from asthma, opened the window after a fellow student sprayed perfume, causing him to cough and wheeze), he was handcuffed by police, removed from the bus, and while still handcuffed, had his legs swept out from under him by an officer, causing him to crash to the ground.

    In Missouri, a 7-year-old child was handcuffed because he was allegedly upset about being teased by his classmates. The inconsolable child, who was screaming in class because of the taunting, was taken by the school’s security officer to the principal’s office and handcuffed until his father arrived at the school.

    There might be some hope of reform if only this problem of police brutality were not so widespread and endemic, if the citizenry actually had some sway with their representatives, if communities actually had some say over how law enforcement agencies “police” their communities, if police unions did not have such a stranglehold over the oversight process, if the courts were more impartial and less inclined to blindly sanction the actions of the police, and if the federal government itself had not already coopted state and local police agencies in order to transform them into extensions of the military.

    In the absence of any credible scenarios that would hold the police accountable to abiding by the rule of law—our U.S. Constitution—and respecting the citizenry’s right to be treated with respect and dignity, the police have become a law unto themselves.

    Clearly, the master-servant relationship upon which American government was based has now been reversed. Government agents in general, and the police in particular, now seem to believe they are the masters and we are the servants. It’s definitely time to reestablish us, the American citizenry, as the masters of our government—even if it means showing the oppressors that we will no longer wear their chains.

    Some Americans have already begun pushing back. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, for example, where police have been involved in 39 shootings since 2010—with the most recent being a police shooting of an unarmed homeless man camped out in a public park—residents have begun engaging in nonviolent acts of civil disobedience to disrupt the normal functioning of the city government until the police department is brought under control. Community activists actually went so far as to storm a city council meeting and announce that they would be performing a citizens’ arrest of the police chief, charging him with “harboring fugitives from justice at the Albuquerque police department” and “crimes against humanity.”

    This growing tension, seen in Albuquerque and felt throughout the country, is a tension between those who wield power on behalf of the government—the president, Congress, the courts, the military, the militarized police, the technocrats, the faceless unelected bureaucrats who blindly obey and carry out government directives, no matter how immoral or unjust, and the corporations—and those among the populace who are finally waking up to the mounting injustices, seething corruption and endless tyrannies that are transforming our country into a police state.

    Where we go wrong is in painting our oppressors—whether it be the police, the courts, Congress, or the president—as absolutely evil and ourselves as powerless to resist.

    Hannah Arendt, a Holocaust survivor who reported on the war crimes trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann, a senior officer who organized Hitler’s death camps, denounced Eichmann not because he was evil per se but because he was a bureaucrat who unquestioningly carried out orders that were immoral, inhumane and evil. This, Arendt concluded, was the banality of evil, the ability to engage in wrongdoing or turn a blind eye to it, without taking any responsibility for your actions or inactions.

    Coincidentally, the same year that Arendt’s bookEichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil was published, Martin Luther King Jr. penned his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” in which he concludes that “the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice.” As King points out, “We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was ‘legal’ and everything the Hungarian freedom fighters did in Hungary was ‘illegal.’ It was ‘illegal’ to aid and comfort a Jew in Hitler’s Germany.”

    In other words, there comes a time when law and order are in direct opposition to justice.

    This tension is at the heart of the issue over police brutality, carried out by individuals who may not themselves be evil but are merely following orders, marching in lockstep with a government machine that views us as less than human. So how does one achieve justice without resorting to violence, given that violence only leads to more violence? The only recourse left to us, as both King and Arendt recognize, is mass civil disobedience of the nonviolent sort.  As King notes:

    [T]here is nothing new about this kind of civil disobedience. It was evidenced sublimely in the refusal of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to obey the laws of Nebuchadnezzar, on the ground that a higher moral law was at stake. It was practiced superbly by the early Christians, who were willing to face hungry lions and the excruciating pain of chopping blocks rather than submit to certain unjust laws of the Roman Empire. To a degree, academic freedom is a reality today because Socrates practiced civil disobedience. In our own nation, the Boston Tea Party represented a massive act of civil disobedience.

    After all, as King declared, “Freedom is never voluntarily given up by the oppressor; it must be demanded.”

    John W. Whitehead is an attorney and author who has written, debated and practiced widely in the area of constitutional law and human rights. Whitehead’s concern for the persecuted and oppressed led him, in 1982, to establish The Rutherford Institute, a nonprofit civil liberties and human rights organization whose international headquarters are located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

  28. Galaxy 500

    After weeks of silence, Obama is mad as hell and he isnt going to take it anymore… Haven’t we heard this same rhetoric over the IRS, Bengazi, (insert your favorite Obama scandal here) and where does it get us…Dude, that was like two years ago.
    If Obama was as angry over the VA scandal as he was over philosophical disagreements he has with the Republicans, something would be done today.
    What we see on TV is Obama’s feinted rage…he’s an actor reading a teleprompter

    • Greg Hunter

      Good stuff 500!

      • Galaxy 500

        Sorry for that long post…should have done an excerpt and a link

    • Keith

      Thanks for sharing that Galaxy 500, an excellent read.

  29. EyesWideShut

    Hi Greg,

    A dollar collapse is a BIG deal!! How in the world can you have a dollar collapse with a delayed trigger of hyperinflation, which this guy is suggesting?? A dollar collapse in 2014, which I believe is true, and hyperinflation shows up in 2016? I don’t think so! We already see inflation in the US with reports about inflationary pressures causing the price of food and gas to dramatically increase. Mr. Nenner also doesn’t have much to say about silver. How can he not recognize the untapped potential of silver under chaotic conditions, such as a dollar collapse? Mr. Nenner’s analysis doesn’t make sense to me. But, then he is from Goldman Sachs!

  30. Lee

    Greg, an interesting interview. Your interview skills are the best. As the months progress, would like to see Dr. Nenner back on.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Lee, maybe July.

  31. Jeff

    Greg Another good guest. But your commenters are even better. Ditto to all of them…….. I want to add that our gov wants us to believe in the “boogieman deflation”. As long as we are deceived into thinking it’s real they can continue printing and handing out trillions to the banks without a substantial drop in the dollar. That’s also why they keep pressure on gold. It’s all about an image for king dollar……..Nenner lost me when he said the dollar would drop but we would have deflation. Since he’s a “cycle” guy I would think he would know that’s NEVER happened in the history of money. But then promoting GLD should have set off alarms for all of us……Finally, the very thought of waiting for a price drop to buy gold is a fool’s game. One, you’re assuming you can catch the bottom and two, you’re assuming there will be any available to buy at that price. Don’t forget, you have to be holding dollars (pieces of paper) while waiting for that bottom. That is not my definition of NOT LOSING MONEY.

  32. Michael


    How can anyone give Nenner an ounce of credibility? GLD calls? Calls on what? Has everyone forgotten that Soros and other large investors stripped every single ounce of physical gold out of GLD last year at it’s lows? Look what he said about the US being in deflation. Inflation is in it’s broadest sense an increase in money without a corresponding increase in production. Simply printing money as the Fed has been doing since 2008 is highly inflationary without a doubt but the corporate world has been equally hard at work exporting jobs, increasing immigration, and lowering income levels to depress consumer demand and create deflation in the general economy. When revenues at WalMart and dollar stores are declining it is not too difficult to see incomes are declining even as price inflation leaks into the general economy by way of food, gasoline, healthcare, and other necessities.

    As far as his prediction of another big war in the Middle East I don’t think that it can happen. The US just can’t afford another one as the Chinese aren’t going to lend us the money to do it.

  33. Derrick Michael Reid

    Mr Hunter, I trust I can be brutally honest. Dont hesitant not to post, if you cant handle it.

    Mr Nenner, comes right out the shut, and says that manipulations have no effect, which kind of blows GATA TFMR and others completely out of the water. Yet, he cant not explain the validity of cycles. And here I thought only spiritual creation was solely based upon faith. If he can not explain why the cycles work, and some creditable proof is required by this doubting thomas, and if he says manipulations have no effect, yet it has been witnessed personally for at least 15 years, with naked dumps and gross naked positions painting charts, the initial conclusion, at first take, is that he is a charlatan from the get go. Just a first impression. Is this guy related to Armstrong? Just asking. Of course yours will now listen to the entire interview by Hunter, but the focus is not what he predicts, but the proof of what he says. Of course, I could be wrong, but it dont look good.

    Nenner in a charlatan in my opinion, and that is the conclusion. He says the market has cycles, without any explanation as to why? Brainwave: perhaps because there is none. Asked about what greenspan did, as affecting cycles, and he dist it off saying, well he is part of the market. Extension: JPM manipulates metal prices, well then, that is just part of the market. In other words, all acts are of no account, because they are inherently part of the market, which is unbelievable. Its not that he is not aware of things going on, which he certainly is. Its not that he lack understanding of things. Its not that he is saying anything really different from others hypothicating, with reason. But when it comes to proving his cycles, there is nothing. Now, yours has indicated that there are cycles, such as Freedom v Totalitarianism, and Freedom won in 1776, but as the country matured, with political pandering, and sought after control, which is human for those in charge, the rules become excessive to where totalitarism rises, until, it collapses again. The rational bases was an understanding of human kind, innate drivers in us all. Nenner can not explain why there are economic cycles, they just go up and down, like duh, and can be influenced, by technology, the industrial revolution that stretches out cycles, but the cycles exist not per se based upon faith, but by real live influences that can expand or compress, and he of course hedges his bets with “about” “could”, etc, meaning that his cycles are not written in stone based upon faith, but rather a composite of real influences.

    His cycles are not magical, or faith driven, nor written in stone, but approximation based upon real-time influences, yet dist those influences, to make his cycles appear mysterious and faith base. He also indicated that the economy did not go up much in this last economic cycle, and so that, deflation is likely and that next year will see a very hard down turn. This is straight forward economic analysis. He may have a good track record, but its not from precised timed cycles, but rather good consideration of comtemperious data and real time input of market events. There is no magic in “cycle” per se, but rather informed predictions, which is nothing more than what most other hypothicators do, some better than others. Nenner focus on “cycle” is a mere marketing gimmic, and yet, Nenner may very well predict with good precision, and an excellent input to follow, ditto Armstrong. Cycles per se are absolute BS. Predictions based upon real time events, is something much more.

    Nenner’s cycle, and july seems to be the up-turn time for bullion, and yes it may turn then, but that would mean for a “cycle” low that gold breaks 1180 lows of last june-july, which is uncertain. Others have indicated that the silver down trend is moving into a TA wedge corner, and june-july would be timely for a break out. That dont make them farcical cyclist, but rather informed hypothecator, which is nothing more that what Nenner and Armstrong are, and many others are as well.

    Yes, Freedom and Totalitarianism cycle. Yes, economies cycles. Yes, war cycles. They all inherently cycle, but to predict length or amplitude of such is nothing more than informed educated prediction by observers, some better than others.

    On another point, RESERVE CURRENCY STATUS. We all have seen charts of so call reserve currencies going back 100s of years. Up until 1964, all such reserve currencies were variants of the monetary metals. The so called reserve currency is nothing more than which country produced by economic might the most monetary metal currency, and, regardless of WHO minted the bullion, the currency remained the same specie, the type of money, monetary metals, and thus the reserve currencies DID NOT CHANGE ONE LITTLE BIT over the last 5000 years. Fiat currency is another matter, and fiat currencies have historically failed, all 600 of them, and yet the monetary metal reserve currencies and local metal currencies, NEVER FAILED, and that has not changed. While many can call the US fiat dollar the world reserve currency, it is not a monetary metal reserve currency with an inherent propensity to stand the test of time, but a fiat dollar that will fail, like all fiat currencies, so it will fail like all fiat money, along with many others, but not bullion metal currencies. What is unique about this time period 1964-present is that the world has generally used fiat currencies dominated by the US fiat dollar, and hence, the collapse of them all, concurrently will be devastating to the global economy generally. The ASE has never and will never fail as a street currency, and AGE has never and will never fail as a store of wealth, and as such, you all can talk until you are blue in the face about the petro-dollar hegemony as being something tangible, and about the fiat yaun as the next global reserve currency, but it will never happen. When the global fiat hegemony fails, on monetary metal currencies will be trusted. Gold and Silver are real money that stand the test of time. China knows this, and is buying gold hand over fist.

    What Nenner said was that cycle dominate irrespective of market influences, and said that such cycles will prevail. The point being is that manipulation paints the charts and carves out the cycles. His focus on cycles as being somehow grand is believed total BS. Cycles are created by real time events and influences, and are not “inherent” and fixed. It is not that Nenner is not sharp, or does not understand the influences. In order to hype his “cycles” as a marketing gimmic, he peddles that notion, yet turns around and adjusts his cycles with market events and influences. And that is the objection, as if he and armstrong have stumbled onto something new, or are using a trick somehow, but boiling it down, it is nothing more than straight forward market analysis and predictions, like so so many others. Surely he can be a valuable input, but he has not found the rosetta stone by any measure.

    Hunter’s first question. Given all the manipulation, libor, QE, how does that affect cycles.

    Nenner: It dosent.

    It cant be more clear than that. Its his own words. Yet, in a convoluted, disingenuous manner, later goes on to teach that market events and influences will adjust the cycles, meaning of course, THERE ARE NO PRECISE CYCLES, other than, generally saying the markets goes UP and DOWN, which is right on, and a huge DUH, having some correlated frequency and amplitude as a guide post, but no more. Thus, there is nothing inherently precise in cycles, merely saying that markets go up and down, and later teaching that cycles are adjusted by market events and influences. When you look at what he really teaches, in totality, his cycles (other than they tend to go up and down), its convoluted. Its nothing more than a marketing gimmic to fraudulently suggest that he (and armstrong) are on to something solid and novel and of real account. But it aint. Its a marketing gimmic.

    I am not saying he is not a good predictor and may be perhaps a valuable input to consider, and that some have made money following him, but this whole cycle thing, is a mere marketing play, in my eyes, that is fraudulent and maybe perhaps is why armstrong got thrown in jail. All GS employees and ex-employees should do time, in my book.

    Lets take for example, the Dow/Gold ratio since the creation of the FED. It generally cycles in a megaphone pattern, and curve fitting would allow one to generate an average frequency and time based coefficient as to amplitude, and one would then predict a higher Dow, but a collapse to 0.4 on the next down cycle, with time about 2016. This cycle did not exist prior to 1913 when the FED was created, and thus this cycle was not inherent in the economy, but largely created by a market event, the creation of the FED. This cycle can be used to predict market action and be adjusted by market events. Thus, cycles are real, but created by and influenced by market events. The market events are the drivers, not the cycle per se. There could be some “resonant” frequency inherent in econo-social structures, and cycles could surface as a result of them. But to suggest that cycles are the end all, the focal point, the primary driver, and are not substantially affected by market events, is a marketing hype to set one apart from others. Some may look as recent cycles, say that 100 years, of the modern era, and use the cycles as one parametric input to a prediction, and that is valid.

    But to say that market events do not affect cycles (or even do not create cycles), is disingenuous, and said to make believe that Nenner (and Armstrong) is on to something special. He is not. Its a marketing ploy.

    Just one man’s opinion, I could be right.
    Yours, D

  34. 86daily

    His prediction that war started in 2013 looks to me to be a reality for many of the Arabs in the Mediterranean region. I wonder if he had predicted that it was going to be as bad for these people as it was in reality. Of course, we could say that war started in 9/11/2001, and for some people the total destruction of their lives and family members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan has been total war.
    And so for us we contemplate where we want to protect our wealth, our happiness, la joie de vivre. Maybe we should me more concern with the evil our gov’t is doing to our neighbors. For surely, we will probably be next.
    Greg thanks again you have out done yourself. This guy is very interesting, and I’m going to have to save this to see if it comes out correct. Maybe next time let’s see if we can sit down ahead of time with exact questions we want answered and have him look the data up ahead of time so that he doesn’t have to work from of the cuff memories.
    What say you?

    • Greg Hunter

      I went over the subject matter before we talked. I don’t give a question list ouit ahead of time but he knew what I was going to ask about. Thank you for your comment and support.

  35. Jeff

    Greg says ” I am one of those people who is afraid of systemic collapse. I am beginning to think there is no way to avoid it.”……… Have you noticed the silence in congress. These guys live to pass laws for us to live by (us, not them). They love their press time in front of a camera. But are now nowhere to be found………. I think they know it’s already too late (anyone with a 4th grade math level should—that leaves out Pelosi and a few others). The debt is beyond payment and they are content watching the WH create a few distractions to deceive the sheeple. After decades of overspending they are washing their hands and walking away. After all, with an economic collapse and martial law their position will be only symbolic. They will exist only to prove we still live under a democracy……. then King Nobama will reign.

  36. Jeff

    Wow…..if this article doesn’t put it all together…….. [ ]

    • Ugly

      The article put it together for me. Definitely eye opening. But it does make sense. The G10 could be the Biblical one? The future does not look to great, especially when we have no control….

  37. chris

    Great interview. My gut feeling is telling me that the dollar will be dead in the water by the end of the summer. VTB (a major Russian bank) completed the first non-dollar transaction between Russia and China in the amount of 20 million yuan (more than 110 million rubles), a test run to check for glitches. Sometime by then end of the month and early June Brazil’s, India’s and South Africa’s currencies will go through the same test run. Things are moving too fast. I wouldn’t be surprised if a war doesn’t break out by the end of the year. Take care, Greg. Keep up the good work. We need more journalists like you who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding your perspective. You may be right.

  38. Henry M. Heffenreffer

    Given Mr. Charles Nenner heavy experience and overall knowledge of the markets, I was VERY surprised to hear him say he was going into long-term paper GLD calls.
    With, for example, TOTAL U.S. DEBT OUTSTANDING (excluding derivatives!) vs. GDP at +378% (highest level by a long-shot since at least 1870!), I would think he’d be buying the bullion — with no liability attached — as insurance. Wonder what Mr. Nenner knows that we don’t that’s providing him such confidence to buy GLD paper?

    • Greg Hunter

      I was surprised too.

    • Galaxy 500

      I am with you. With the rehypothocation, anyone who has a brokerage account is likely to loose it. And if you read GLD’s prospectus, you will find that they carry paper gold and yiu have no right to withdraw real gold. If he believes what he is selling, it seems like a bad move.

    • lastmanstanding

      Many of these people have made so much money in the fiat game that they lose perspective or are true gamblers, have a nest egg stashed away and are just playing with incredible profits that they made. As long as the current game continues, huge profits will be made.

      Some of us never get the inside track into this game…some of us chose a different path.

      It is called faith in what is real and necessary. We will be the last standing.

  39. Agent P

    Dry interview. Nenner didn’t seem too interested in going into much detail about anything. Then again, he’s a regular on other programs and has likely had the typical questions/scenarios/timelines about inflation/deflation/hyperinflation/derivatives thrown at him, so perhaps he was just bored or expected something a little more ‘challenging’, or more directly in his field of expertise.

    I’ve been listening to him for the better part of 7 years on Financial Sense, and in a very macro sense, many of his prognostications have played out fairly accurately. However, I would suggest that with level of volatility playing out on the global stage, events could come much sooner than even Mr. Nenner suggests. And I don’t think that we come out of this in 2020, all cleaned up and ready to start anew, if you get my drift…

    Much more than economics and geopolitical chess board shifts are taking place, especially in the U.S. If any of us is even still around by the year 2020, America as you know it now – or knew it prior, could very likely cease to be. At least in terms of a ‘Republic’, ruled by the ‘consent of the governed’…

    Slightly OT: This ‘Belgium’ thing is really getting interesting Greg… Perhaps Rob Kirby can enlighten us in a bit more detail during his next interview…? Looking forward to that –


    • Greg Hunter

      Agent P,
      I was happy to get Mr. Nenner, but you make some valid pints about the interview. Thank you for your comment and feedback.

      • Eschew Obfuscation

        Greg –
        Next time I’m in N. Carolina let’s get together for a couple of pints. Valid pints. It’s on me. And woe be unto anyone who has their money in a place called Rabobank.
        Seriously though, I’ll have to look more into Nenner’s work before I can comment effectively. Too much inconsistency; his views today didn’t work for me on a gut level.

        • Greg Hunter

          Sure thing Eschew but I’m drinking coffee.

  40. Coalburner9

    G500, I like reading what you write but that long missive above needs a little local detail to present a picture more accurate and just to show even though I assume you are generally right, it is just not that simple. I live in a nearby town too Albuquerque. Yes, I grant you that as close to cold blooded murder as I have seen on TV of a man with the mental ability of a two year old. And any real man or woman could have taken a stick and arrested him in thirty seconds. And anybody knows you shoot a helpless man full of holes with an AR15 and he will be dead. A total disregard for human life! There are some bad cops or stupid police procedure needlessly murdering people. But take that 34 deaths you pointed out, I think at least 3o were justified depending on how many were shot driving cars, actually in defense of anyone’s life. I am sure it is an excuse to get rid of bad guys to shoot them driving like they were trying to kill the cop. But never-the less the killing of at least 30 or more of these people likely saved the lives of at least 60 family members or the very whiners raising hell in city hall. That really discredits them. Second these protesters are mostly warmed over dead hippies from the sixty’s and their ruined pot headed kids. The 99 percenters! Totally discredits them. Then you have the totally discredited “Criminal”, Department of Justice here looking under every rock in the police department. They are not friends either. Their report was more akin to the Obama foreign policy, Duh! And they just dumped 30,000 convicted criminal illegals, many in my state, that we will have to shoot off our back porches and out of our cars, theft in progress. I have to say I avoid the cops all I can and Albuquerque too but it is happening everywhere. I am always watching my back and not planning to call the cops because they may shoot me and let the criminals walk. I think that is our future. It is just not that simple.
    To Greg: Sorry for the saw and you worked with a lot of skill to make a good interview.

  41. mary

    Thanks Greg, for bringing in so many diverse viewpoints. You do a great job!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mary for your comment and support.

  42. art barnes

    Greg, the only real cycles are God’s cycles, and He will determine when He has had enough of a country that was founded on Him but has now turned away from that philosophy and is now subject to judgment – I believe that is where we are, call me a “Bible Thumper” if you will, I’ll take it as a compliment.

    • Greg Hunter

      I cannot dispute and the Bible is the greatest book ever written.

  43. Mitch Bupp

    Thanks Greg, I enjoyed Mr. Nenners perspective. I think that everyone gets lost when we talk about inflation and deflation. I see the government has purposely confused these terms in the public’s eyes. The average Joe or Jane thinks of inflation as… “The price of goods is moving up” while the truth is that the fixed currency is deflating. The fixed value of a $5 or $10 bill appears constant to the public and psychologically embrace that idea. If you use the government CPI figures and look back through history you will find that the price of basic goods adjusted for inflation have not substantially changed. This appears to a point toward the truth that our currency has deflated not that inflation has caused prices to rise. Just an idea what do you think?

    • Paul from Indiana

      The VALUE of the currency has deflated, but NOT the currency itself. There is a difference. Think of it in terms of a pizza. Inflation is slicing an 8-slice pizza into 16 slices. More pieces, less value. Deflation is slicing the same pizza into quarters. Fewer pieces, more value. I am 61, born in 1952. My generation has never known anything except in flation. We view it as normal, a given. What the government has cleverly accomplished is to make wealth transfer acceptable. The government has the power to stop inflation in its tracks at any time merely by deciding to quit spending and to stop running deficits. Fat chance. Best always to you and yours.

      • Mitch Bupp

        Hi Paul, I understand that is the standard thinking but if you look at the prices and adjust for inflation you will find that prices remain fairly constant. The big losses are from a devaluing currency which appears to be fixed because a number is attached to the perceived value of that currency. Your pizza analogy is only half right. There is no pricing adjustment for increased production through lower costs, modern production methods or any other type of product improvement in the historical food pricing according the historical price adjusted numbers. If you can purchase 1 1/2 slices of pizza for the same price when you got 2 slices for the 1/8 price there was inflation in the pizza price and deflation in the fixed currency. So how did your pizza lose value? The answer is that the pizza did not lose all value but the currency lost value along with pizza inflation.

      • lastmanstanding

        Paul. Today I stopped at Costco in Montana for 2 pieces of cheese pizza and a coke. It was $4.57 same as it was the last time I stopped…about 4 years ago. No $%#*.

        I was shocked, it was the only thing I have seen in a long time that has not gone up.

        The coke was actually pepsi and it tasted like watered syrup and I am sure I got a more than the daily recommended amount of gmo.

        No inflation at Costco brother.

  44. Derrick Michael Reid

    Good Morning Mr Hunter!!! This may be of interest to you and the gang. Cheers!!

    US $ Hegemony, and the NEW Global Reserve Currency

    1) Global use of $. Historically a relatively sound currency used by the only remaining super power. When the $ collapses, those dollars will come back to the US in a hyperinflation as the US dollar crashes from continuous triple deficits. Gold was and can again be used as global currency of choice to avoid nation specific currency use in international transaction.

    2) Exchanges denominated in $. Ease of transactions using a common bilateral currency. Currencies can be exchanged rapidity into and from other currencies, rendering the “petro-dollar” as non-sense. Exchanges can be readily change to another currency, including other currencies as well as gold based transaction.

    3) $ Monetary Transactions: Using a common currency for money transfers globally. Currencies can be converted from one to another at will. System transfers can be used as sanctions for exclusion of transactional ease, e.g. swift, US bond procurement, and international trade, such as oil. Foreign countries seek to avoid punitive transactional limitation to perfect US foreign policy.

    4) US bond stack (the petro-bonds): Currently only the US has a sufficiently large bond stack to hold wealth by large forex reserves of US treasuries world wide. US bonds can be used to dump to crash the $. US bonds are used by nearly all nations that effectively support US foreign policy.

    5) Economies: Currently the US has the largest world economy and the largest bond stack. Currency strength is based upon trade surpluses, ability to pay market interest on debt. The US has trade deficits with ZIRP, placing pressure on the $ USDX. Baltic Dry Ice is a relative measure of international trade, the collective economies. To the extent that the BDI remains at suppressed level, likely that QE will continue, and thus weakening the US $.

    6) US $ hegemony, that is the so called reserve currency (1-5 above): It can not be replaced by any single currency, at the present time, and will not be until an effective alternative is found. No other country has a bond stack sufficient to hold wealth in forex reserves in a dominate way, an economy with sufficient strength to provide a desirable sound currency. The only POSSIBLE alternative to the US $ hegemony at the present time, and into the out years is gold, and that will only happen after the US $ crashes from triple deficits (caused by 100 years of leftist political pandering), initiated by or concurrent with the dumping of US bonds globally.

    The yaun swap facilities are insufficient to cause a change in the global use of US $. The Russian-China oil deal is insufficient to cause a change in the global use of US $. Even as alternative currency swaps are perfected, the effect will be minimal on the US $ hegemony. Foreign countries can dump US bonds en masse, and crash the dollar, thereby destroying the value of their own forex reserves, and is thus unlikely to happen currently.

    Currently, the US is using transactional limitations as sanction to enforce US foreign policy on unwilling foreign powers who actually support the US foreign policy by holding US bond in forex reserves, and thus are TRAPPED, with no alternative on the horizon despite all the rants from gold bugs and foreign politicians. The change will come, reactionary, back to international gold settlement as the world reserve currency, when, and only when, the US $ crashes initiating a mass exit out of US bonds and into gold. GOLD, upon reset in price to about $44K/oz, is the only trusted currency that could possibly replace the US $ global hegemony.

    The US $ is tittering on the edge of collapse caused by triple deficits from 100 years of leftist political pandering. US $ collapse will be marked by significantly lower USDX, higher interest rates, lower world economic trade, a crash of US bond value, and dumping of US bonds world wide into GOLD, the ONLY ALTERNATIVE. When will that happen? Who knows, but the markers are there for all to see, The Gold price, 10yryeild (a proxy for the US long bond values), USDX, BDI (a proxy for an ability to pay interest on bonds).

    POG: 1295 (under manipulations and capping, to pretend and extend, going to $44,000/oz when GAME OVER)
    BDI: 1000 (at suppressed levels, indicating inabilities to repay debts, playing pressure on currencies world wide, such as US$, remaining under 500 when GAME OVER)
    10yryield: 2.5% (when it gets to 4%, the US $ will be crashing when GAME OVER)
    USDX: 80 (when it breaks 70 to the downside, GAME OVER)

    Those are your 4 primary markers to watch for the change from US $ to GOLD as the world “reserve currency”.$BDI

    Just one man’s opinion, I could be right.
    Yours, D

  45. Chris

    To further illustrate my point made above: Today China and Russia are set to build 8 nuclear reactors in Iran, if they can finalize a deal. Furthermore, China halts US dollar transactions with Afghan banks. As I said above, my gut feeling is that the dollar has 2-3 months left to live. This time the US cannot tip over the chessboard and call it a win.

  46. joe

    it seems to me there was a significant inconsistency in Nenner’s comments. Early on, he calls for deflation first, then inflation, and repeats in the end. yet, he also says at the end “This is the start of inflation. Five years from now, you will see inflation started in 2014. It’s not that everything happens in 2014, it’s just the beginning.” Can you reconcile these comments?

    • Greg Hunter

      I can’t I am sorry.

  47. allen ols


    Here is something from K. Hudes

    Dear Wolfgang,

    Thank you for this information. I am certain that the Dutch citizens would far rather have
    their debts to De Nederlandsche Bank cancelled and idem ditto for the rest of the world’s
    citizens, who were counting on the compounded interest on those bonds that actually
    belongs to them as the ultimate beneficiaries in the Global Debt Facility.

    We will see how the Banking Cartel answers their demands. The Dutch government may
    also be interested in a friendly discussion stateside. The chances are 90-95% that US
    citizens demand for the Act of 1871 to be rescinded via a Constitutional Convention under
    Article V. US citizens do not agree that their tax revenues should go 40% to the City of
    London and 60% to the Vatican.

    ——— Forwarded message ———-
    From: Karen Hudes
    Date: Wed, May 14, 2014 at 6:31 AM
    Subject: Re: Homo Sapiens Socks it to Homo Capensis
    To: Torkel Patterson

    Dear Torkel,

    Thank you for responding. I will be keeping you informed as the US citizenry takes back their
    Constitution and their Republic, so that Prime Minister Abe does not need to worry about
    repercussions against Japan for accessing the gold allocated to Japan in the Global Debt
    Facility. You may be interested in this discussion among the legal profession in response to a
    comment in the American Bar Association Journal:
    ngs/#comments (see comments following my intervention at comments nos. 58-60).

    The financial adviser to Norway’s Prime Minister is supporting the coalition for rule of law in the
    financial system that is now headed by the BRICS nations. This power transition model predicts that
    an informed US citizenry will move the US from out of the system of state capture by the Banking
    Of course, Germany must remain part of the North Atlantic alliance.
    Karen Hudes

    On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 3:57 AM, Torkel Patterson wrote:
    Thank you for your note Karen. I’m afraid I have no knowledge of things you are discussing and will
    not be able to participate.

    Torkel 4

    On May 13, 2014, at 16:47, Ka

  48. allen ols


    Karen Hudes is in Japan which is the first country to demand access to it’s gold collateral account.

    Her twitter excerpts from yesterday May 20, 2014 include:

    The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are in a coalition and they are now using offsets to finance the 25% of world trade among themselves, settling the difference in gold. At the spring meetings of the World Bank/IMF, it was agreed that the world’s gold that is held in a trust account for the benefit of humanity (called the Global Debt Facility) would be minted into the world’s currencies.

    Read More @

  49. allen ols



    On May 13, 2014, at 16:47, Karen Hudes wrote:
    Dear Mr. Patterson,

    I believe the banking cartel is in the process of imploding as the American legal community, Israeli
    citizens, and the Jewish community become informed. A member of the US military estimates that
    50% of the rank and file are aware of the cover-up of corruption.

    Are you available in the next several days to discuss Japan’s accepting its portion of the gold in the
    Global Debt Facility? I will be working with Izumi Takahashi, a famous Japanese journalist, and the
    authorized signatory on the Global Debt Facility to this end.

    Karen Hudes
    Acting General Counsel
    International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Karen Hudes
    Date: Tue, May 13, 2014 at 3:23 AM
    Subject: Enroute to Tokyo
    To: Izumi Takahashi Edward Spencer Antal Fekete Wolfgang Struck Edmund John

    I just tweeted this:
    Karen Hudes @KarenHudes 6m
    Homo Sapiens socks it to Homo Capensis: https://

    I am going to have to concentrate on getting ready for up to 2 months in Tokyo (depending on
    how long it takes to get things moving in Japan), so will be mostly offline until I emerge in Tokyo
    Saturday morning.

    I have been reading the book that Dr. Ed Spencer recommended: Project: Soul Catcher by
    Robert Duncan. It is a real eye opener. As I mentioned to Izumi, I am trying to get used to this

  50. Craig

    Greg, is he saying that in two to four years interest rates will be at the old highs
    or does he mean that they will begin to go to the old highs at that point???

    • Greg Hunter

      The way I understood it was old highs in 2-4 years.

  51. Jerry

    Greg by now I’m sure that you and most of your readers have seen this post on Zero Hedge.
    The bigger question is why would China do this? This ties back into my post I made a few days ago about China moving into a new Gold backed exchange system.

    China and a large portion of the rest of the world are moving swiftly into a new exchange system dumping the dollar as reserve currency. If this move is not indicative of that, then please someone tell me what it is?

    Most American are to busy watching American idol , or watching the latest nonproductive scandal in Washington, to see that we are being eliminated from the world markets piece by piece by China , Russia and the BRIC nations. At some point the Federal Reserve will not have the capacity to buy our bonds, and the treasury will have to stop printing money. And then what?

  52. joy

    I don’t post, but now I want to say something after watching this interesting interview with Charles Nenner and reading every post. The one thing he mentioned has stuck in my mind as significant, but no one has mentioned it. He said the United States has decided not to remain a world power. That leaves room for other powers to move to the front. My question is, what does that mean for us Americans?

    I would like to see some deep thinkers give us a glimpse of some ramifications that could effect us. From my more shallow thinking, I have to wonder if China needs more land for their citizens? Or would Russia need some American bodies to live in and develop Siberia? Will our police enforcers drop a notch as other powers begin to dictate to us, as the American powers have done to others? Will the EU and their royalities bow to superior forces as well? Or will we get payback for the crimes perpetrated in the name of America?

    • chris


      You pose a very good question, and a question that I ask myself quite often. What will happen to Americans as the US loses its influence and power? 1) A lower standard of living, that’s a given. We are already seeing it with jobs. The jobs that are being created are only part-time and don’t need a degree. Manufacturing is nonexistent. Jobs that do need a degree are often (not always) occupied by H-1B visa holders (Silicon Valley is notorious for doing this) or are in sectors that depend on the Ponzi scheme for survival (Banking is a good example). 2) The US government (including cities, municipalities, Pentagon, etc.) will have to live within their means. You might say this is good, but these past few years we’ve had more public sector jobs created than private ones. It means a lot of people will get laid off. Services will be reduced or cut completely. 3) There is a possibility that we will have riots, and some individuals say that there will be a civil war. Either way, the government is prepared for such an outcome and has amassed a mass arsenal of weapons and bullets.

      You wrote that China might need more land fro its citizens. You’re right, they do need land. That is why they’re are buying huge parts of Detroit and other areas in the US. But only wealthy Chinese will relocate to the US, if they choose so.

      I don’t think anybody is going to dictate the US. I think the US will be left alone to rebuild. The oligarchs got whatever they wanted from the US. They are going to move on to greener pastures and suck dry the new victim. And the cycle will continue, and another war/ struggle will happen in a century or so.

      This is the way I see things. Hope it gets you to do some thinking.

  53. Jeff

    Jerry, your guess is as good as mine but I do know Turkey has been sitting on the fence regarding which side to align with (east/west). They are strategically sitting in the middle of everything(Iran, China, Russia, Iraq). So it would make sense for China/Russia to pull them to the east side……. This currency play could just be a little pressure to get them off the fence………… Joy… “He said the United States has decided not to remain a world power”…… has decided ? more like, it has been decided for them….. I hope Nenner didn’t really say that.



  54. Ugly

    Simply put. Our lives are going to change for the worse. Won’t be much hope for college graduates. A financial meltdown means money is hard to get, poverty increases, unemployment increases, expenses go up, and civil problems. This could lead to war, or it could be that another country simply takes over our finances and then owns everything–including all of us and all of our land and resources. Who knows? But what is coming to USA will not be good for over 90% of populace….

  55. Matt

    To discuss the gold price suppression scheme, I might suggest an interview with either Chris Powell or Bill Murphy of

  56. Tarshatha

    Great interview

  57. joy

    Thank you Chris and Ugly. And Jeff, Yes, DECIDED to not be a world power anymore-
    That the power circle has decided, is the catch word to me. See minute 10:50 to 11:22 in the interview, for this comment.

    Will they hand over all our military power and research over to UN control? Are they just giving all their powers to the UN and just calling it by a new name, or are they leaving the Americans completely vulnerable, on purpose.
    I do know the many changes that may be in our future, but I’m thinking if America falls,
    so do many other countries and nations, (maybe for the better and maybe not)
    I can see chaos in many other places besides the US with only the major powers being
    able to put their strategy in place. Mr. Nenner did say this would help the formation of the coming global order, by the US not interfering anymore.

    But maybe in the transition, we will find a better place with more citizen cooperation as well as more local governments cooperating with their districts and state. Out of the ashes the phoenix rose up! Can that be us?

    I watched a very interesting documentary on Netflix called “Lets Make Money” Tracing money as it goes through the global finance system, filmmaker Erwin Wagenhofer exposes policies and practices affecting the worldwide economy. It was fascinating, but a very scary scenario, as it keeps putting more power in the hands of a few. and I wonder if any of them will even be effected by any sort of chaotic event, domestic, foreign, man made or act of God.? Probably not!


    Hi!, Patrons Of USAWATCHDOOG>COM Et Al:

    Greg, have you ever met a human being who understands the dire circumstances of nuclear war; except to talk about it?

    RUSS SMITH. CA. (One Of Our Broke, Fiat Money States)
    [email protected]

  59. rich

    Greg. You have a top rated show with top rated guest…in my opinion the best…I don’t hear many talk about gold stocks in a currency collapse…in Wiemar republic and Zimbabwe the stocks in all commodities soared. Maybe we could hear from expert on this. Keep up the excellent work.

    • Greg Hunter

      You will get more information coming right up with the James Rickards interview coming up past midnight tonight. It is a good one.

  60. Matt

    On the subject of gold, perhaps you could ask James Rickards is he is aware of a secret US gold hoard that Karen Hudes intimated in a previous interview with you.

    Many believe the Fort Knox and New York Fed storage facilities are depleted.

    Care to expound?

  61. Vess

    Greg, perhaps you remember that interview with John Williams in which he said that there will be hyperinflation in the USA in 2014? I posted a comment, stating that it is not going to happen. I want to go on record again by stating that the US dollar will NOT collapse in 2014. Let’s see which one of us is right by the year end.

    I am agnostic about gold. I *think* it bottomed in December – but there is a distinct possibility that I am wrong about it and it makes a lower low in the summer.

    • Greg Hunter

      He said hyperinflation “beginning in 2014.” OK, I actually hope you are correct because it seems everyone needs more time to wake up and prepare. I think you are correct about gold too. Looks to be the bottom is in and the powers are not waiting for it go down a little for them to make their moves. Look at China, and now India will once again be a big buyer after the most recent elections there.

      • Vess

        Well, what does “begin” mean? We begin dying the moment we are born. The US dollar began collapsing on the day the Fed was created. That’s hardly useful for practical predictions.

        Gold demand from China and India has collapsed by more than 56% during the past year, according to the World Gold Council statistics, so it has a lot of “catching up” to do just to reach break-even. But that’s a fundamental argument. They are useless, too. For any fundamental argument there is an equal and opposite fundamental argument and you never know which one is right. Remember the gold promoters trying to convince us that the gold stocks will soar with the rising gold price because the profit margins of the mining companies will expand exponentially? Didn’t happen. Ooops, they said, it’s because the costs have expanded, too. Well, wouldn’t it have been helpful to tell us that beforehand? 🙂

        No, my predictions are based on technical analysis alone. It shows the current collective state of mind of the trading crowd. Nothing else matters. I would have been more confident, if the December lows were quite a bit lower. That’s how bear markets end – with a lower low on lighter volume and many other positive divergences. We got the divergences. A double bottom is acceptable too, which is why I said that I *think* the bear market has ended – but would have been much more confident if we had a significantly lower low…

        Oh, well, we’ll see in the summer. Either we’ll get a lower low, in which case it will be the bottom, or we won’t, in which case we’ll have a confirmation that the bottom is already in. In either case it should be a good buying point.

  62. some dude

    >>” the United States has decided not to be a power anymore. ”
    Now just a minute. You CANNOT make a statement that provocative with backing it up with some sort of explanation or evidence. I mean, COME ON! I have read alternative and mainstream media in depth for a decade (including some of the most non-conventional and controversial sources and people such as Jim Willie, Bob Chapman and James Corbett) and none of them has made such a provocative statement. This even defies common sense. Empires do not just decide to cease to be. It happens because they get crushed by the weight of their own debt, or because of their own hubris, or maybe they just get their *ss kicked by the new kid on the block. I call BS on this guy…

    • Reader

      Iran’s Weaponry made the Pentagon & NATO consult their brains before starting a next war in the Middle East. So more likely Big War starts through Ukraine – and historically Europe IS the region where most of the large-scale killing and dying takes place and where World War 1 and 2 were fought.

    • Reader

      PErhaps it is “Diplomacy” Double-speak.

  63. MrPM

    I’m very skeptical of his Timing & Predictions especially ones that don’t take account for money printing and the tricks by the Fed.. His track record is FAR from perfect. In 2011 he called 5000 on DOW by the end of 2012. We all know how that worked out- Over 17,000 now….

  64. chris ben

    This video showing the dollar will collapse in 2014 >>>>>

  65. 2015

    It is now 2015 so I guess yall need a new estimate?

    • Greg Hunter

      Go back to sleep. Everything is going to be fine.

      • 2015

        not saying all fine but 2014 was abit of a rush forcast. 2020 is mine.

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