Short America & Go Long BRIC Countries – Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) 

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner has been warning his war cycles were turning up.  Nenner says, “It happens like clockwork in the second decade of a new century.”  Nenner says it’s a lot like the stock market running out of gas, and he warns, “It’s like a stock market that is topping.  First, the weak stocks go down.  Then, the indexes are still holding up, and then the big ones go down.  Now, you see for instance, Apple also came down, but first, the small stocks came down.  It’s already happening, but you only see the results suddenly when the whole thing crashes. . . .Americans seem to have no worries about the war that could be coming. I don’t want people to lose sleep, but the pact is forming.  It is China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.  They are going against the United States that does not have a functional army anymore. . . . Who do the Americans think they are?  It’s over, they can’t rule the world anymore.  If they are going to fight all these countries, I don’t think it is going to end well.”

Does Nenner see the American Empire ending?  Nenner says, “I think it ended already, but we just don’t know it yet.  One of the signals of end of empire is bad education, which we have.  Another signal is the lifespan of people is shorter than for the people before.  What do you want me to say?  It does not look good, does it?  Another signal is your children have it worse than the generation before.  So, there is a whole list of signals, and it points to the United States is in trouble. . . . I would be short America . . . and I would go long the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India China).

Nenner says the stock market is on its way to being “substantially lower, but not just yet.”  Nenner also sees the cycles for gold, silver, bonds and real estate all going lower from here, but gold and silver will be going back up longer term.  The only thing Nenner likes right now are short-term Treasury bonds.  The dollar will hold up for now, but it is headed much lower in the not-so-distant future.  Nenner also likes energy, but it is cycling down at the moment.  Nenner says, “Inflation goes up and down” and warns, “Inflation is starting another up trend.”

This round of inflation is probably going to be very painful for the common man.

There is much more in the 41-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned cycle analyst and financial expert Charles Nenner for 9.30.23.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Total Income of Top 30 corporate entities in Australia has supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths in the top 5 and the 4 major banks in the top 15 revenue earners! 😳

    PFIZER AUSTRALIA INVESTMENTS PTY LTD ranked 184, with 2.196 billion in revenue 161 million in taxable income and paying  48.4 million in tax for  2020-21 year

    JOHNSON & JOHNSON PTY LIMITED ranked 312 with 1.321 billion in revenue  160.7 million in taxable income and 42.9 million in tax payable for the 2020-21 financial year.

    ASTRAZENECA HOLDINGS PTY LIMITED ranked 357 with 1.153 billion in revenue,  227.8 million in taxable income and  63.5 million is tax paid for 2020-21 financial year.

    I couldn’t find Moderna on this list 🤷‍♀ Probably because it hadn’t yet filed to register a business in Australia that financial year.

    To think that in May 2021, after the vax roll-out had begun, and after the Australian government had agreed to order 25 million Moderna doses, Moderna did not even have a commercial presence in Australia.

    Link to Sydney Morning Herald article about Moderna setting up shop in Australia

    Mining and banking are the top tax revenue earners with billions in taxes paid.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Sleep walking to the tune of freely accessible credit is the problem. Giving greedy people that are after instant gratification and notoriety is another pandemic.
    A shirt video that shows ma up perfectly the problem here in Australia.

    • Anthony Australia

      We’ve just had the AFL grand final here, the Wanda-be NFL sport.
      The pre match entertainment was Kiss, who were never my cup of tea, please take the time to watch the few minutes preceding them as it was an in your face salute to Satan!

      • Steve Bice

        To your point: AC/DC’s music is the stuff of rock legend. It’s mesmerizing and powerful and from a pure rock standpoint, it stirs the soul. But in what way?

        You have to cringe at the blatant and abject mockery of God. while the band and crowd wear devil’s horns. The bible says it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

        If you have never seen it, check out the Highway to Hell performance at the Live at River Plate concert in Buenos Aires.

        Watch the crowd of over 200,000 people completely give themselves over to the music and the message. Pay attention to the expression on Angus Young’s face. Harmless fun? I’m not so sure.

        I fear for them…

    • Ray

      That was gold Brother!!!
      Well done.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

      • sam

        GOLD?…..Stupid People under…..going under with spending way over their head…isn’t GOLD….its STUPIDITY……..

        • Ray

          It is stupidity…..agreed Sam.
          Just for your own information, in Australia the term “That’s gold” means “I agree……that was something good”.
          So it was with my reply to Anthony……do you have the capacity to comprehend this?
          Or were you just taking your usual pot shot at my comment?
          Fair Dinkum Sam…….it would appear that I am living in your head……completely rent free as well!!!
          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Anthony Australia

        Absolutely Brother Ray, almost all that live in my neighbourhood are like this. The video forgot to throw in the Filler-Botox , Gambling, Barbiturates & Booze!

        • Ray

          Pretty much the same here in the ACT too mate.
          People in debt up to their eyeballs……sailing really close to the wind.
          All it takes in a two income family like that is for one spouse to lose their job, and wham……..things change big time.
          There is wealth, and then there is the illusion of wealth.
          Take care Brother.
          Hope to catch up soon.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

      • Anthony Australia

        Terrible news Brother Ray,
        Might be time to pack up the Wagon.

        Australia Begins Debanking Citizens Who Post Non-Mainstream Opinions Online
        via @planettoday #PlanetToday:

        • Ray

          Hey Brother AA,
          Mate……I don’t do much business with the banks.
          I just keep enough in there to cover bills etc.
          At 55, I am fortunate to be 100% debt free.
          The article was interesting, thanks for the link mate.
          Did you notice the used the word “discriminatory”?
          People have been hoodwinked by governments the world over to believe that to discriminate is “bad”.
          It isn’t bad to discriminate.
          Humans have been “discriminating” for tens of thousands of years!
          Discriminate simply means “to choose between”.
          If I asked you to choose between drinking a shot fine malt whisky, or to drink a shot of cat’s piss, I reckon you would make a discriminating choice, and choose the whisky.
          It’s like the novel 1984 mate…….when the government controls the language you can speak, from there, things start to go in the wrong direction.
          Take care my Brother.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Anthony Australia

        Excess Mortality Ranking
        Australia rises up the ranks.

  3. Rodster

    Another thing that typically indicates the end of an empire is all the warmongering against its enemies as well as the blatant corruption. Corruption within government at the expense of its citizens is something Martin Armstrong has been saying for years. The best outcome would be for the US to break apart and individual states going their separate ways like what happened when the Soviet Union collapsed.

    When Rome was about to fall, it was the corruption from within that sealed the final nail in its coffin. The US is no different than Rome at this stage with Donald Trump’s enemies wanting to put him in jail to keep him from running for Office in 2024 and his opponents looking the other way with the criminal activities of the Biden family.

    How come the LLM hasn’t investigated claims from Biden’s daughter who says she was abused by daddy when she was little?

    • Harry

      Even Putin knows – America does not have fair elections and that Biden is a blatant criminal who has had his main opponents arrested, mug shot and denied Secret Service Protection. Putin says: “It shows the rottenness of the US political system that can’t claim to teach others Democracy” – “What happened to Trump is a motivated prosecution of a political rival” – and – “The world can see how divided Western nations have become due to the leftist globalists pushing forth the Build Back Better agenda that first requires the ruin of nations.”!!

      • Katy Bar

        During the ruin of nations there is a significant reduction in investment in such failing countries manufacturing and agricultural infrastructure – which means lower output and thus higher prices for the limited amount of manufactured goods and food stuffs produced by the few companies still remaining in business as the nations borders melt away and it begins to shut down as a political entity – so both the shortages and inflation we are currently seeing is the result of our nation shutting down economically – now as no one in their right mind wants to own the currency of such a failing nation – the Central Bank of such nation (the Fed in our case) is forced to raise interest rates “to entice the brain dead (with low IQ’s from drinking fluoridated water and eating GMO foods) into holding the fiat paper money of such a failing nation” – and thus many brain dead investors “actually begin to sell their safe-haven assets like gold” to buy Treasuries that pay off in worthless fiat paper because they are offered 5% more of these worthless fiat paper dollars – totally not understanding that getting 5% more worthless fiat dollars added to the worthless fiat dollars they already have still results in them owning “Zero Assets” – simply look at the purchasing power of our current Strong “Zimbabwe” Dollar – – is this where you want to run “For SAFETY”?? – foolishly selling your tier one assets like gold and silver coins “That Always Retain Their Purchasing Value As Nations Collapse” – so selling real money to hold the worthless fiat paper of a collapsing nation “is the height of stupidity” – I bet these same morons selling their gold and silver for worthless fiat would be jumping for joy if they found a treasure chest full of gold and silver coins on sunken pirate ship – “which proves that precious metals hold their purchasing value even after the governments who coined them have failed”!! – the bottom line is simply get some real money (gold and silver) while you can using your almost worthless fiat paper and don’t quibble over whether you pay $1600 or $2000 worthless fiat dollars to get your hands on something that will survive a collapsing nation and its fiat printing presses!!!

      • Christine McKinlay

        But Putin has his political rivals killed or imprisoned – what do you say about that? His main rival is sitting in a jail cell now as we speak, for how long – 15 years or so?

  4. Not So Free

    I don’t know if you have heard about this or not, but Rumble has started deleting videos of some of the sites I usually follow.
    Seems like they are going youtube lite.
    I save your videos from there so I can re-watch them to see if I missed anything.
    Hasn’t happened to you yet that I’ve noticed.

    • Jeffrobbins

      I have saved as a favorite and watch/view content directly on the site. I just check back several times a week. Even if there isn’t a new video, i will read the comments. I have seen Greg’s interviews listed on zerohedge once in a while. So there is a little cross-pollination without youtube or rumble. My guess is that Greg has a bigger audience than he knows.

    • Marie Joy

      I’m having trouble posting on Rumble.
      Russell Brand is on Rumble.
      Seems Rumble is starting to lean left.

      • Anthony Australia

        MJ Mate, with respect…

        Russell Brand knew his past was always coming back to bite him. IMHO he’s as evil as them all. Some of these allegations are horrendous.
        It’s a classic case of rats fleeing a sinking ship. Beware there’s deception at every turn.

        • Christine McKinlay

          When I heard that America had approved the Covid mRNA injections for 6 month old babies, I despaired. I thought – “That’s the end of America”

    • Rodster

      I don’t do Social Media but for those that do, perhaps someone should send Elon Musk a Tweet on “X” asking him to startup X-Tube to compete with YouTube and Rumble. I don’t know if Odysee has gone woke but that seems to be another alternative.

    • James

      I don’t know why anyone would be surprised about Rumble, the platform was far too smooth and professional performing and looking from the beginning to fool me that it was for real. It was clear to me from the start that it was put up to suck off any competition from honest free speech platforms like Bitchute from getting stronger and instead make Rumble stronger so when the time is right and enough popularity, money and power has flowed into Rumble and away from honest free speech platforms desperately competing for popularity it pulls the plug and starts censoring people like it’s doing now and has been more and more, and once Rumble is generally seen as just another fake free speech platform like youtube, they’ll just create another flashy new Rumble-like platform stating it’s a frees speech platform to draw people away from legit ones only to accomplish more of the same because people keep falling for it, and in the mean time more and more damage is done.

  5. Tim Zamperini

    The only way to win is to not buy into there system of CD`S T-bills or anything else like that . ITS ALL FIAT MONEY,and your fiat money goes to there wars and you pay it in taxes to.What a bunch of BS. Just buy gold and silver.

    • Katy Bar

      The door to trouble ahead has been opened by Incredibly Evil Criminals and Thieves running both our Government and the Fed – so we need to prepare ourselves for Imminent Danger – and this means an investment strategy that Avoids Trading where you can be whipsawed by unforeseen events creating short term swings – “anything fiat” created by the Government or the Fed (from their Cash to their Bonds) and even Stocks (the Treasury has funds to manipulate them with ) must be avoided – instead – “simply buy all the dips” in physical gold and silver and “hold in your possession” and that should carry you safely to the other side “of the coming Reset” (those Europeans who put their physical gold bars into the others hands – have now found out “the hard way” that They Are Not Getting It Back – so what if gold goes down another $50 to $100 or $200 dollars – just keep averaging down – “Eventually” (probably within a year or two) all fiat will attain its true value “ZERO” – and you will be glad you used that fiat “before it became worthless” to buy some “real money” – as leaving it in paper money, or paper bonds for 5% interest or paper stock certificates (of effectively bankrupt corporations who have amassed tremendous debt) for a possible capital gain – will leave you in the uncomfortable position of owning “something of absolutely no value” – it is time to Hunker Down in Physical Precious Metals and not risk your hard earned savings “trading very risky markets that can go either way very fast for 10 or 20 percent more fiat that will eventually become worthless anyway”!!

      • Wolverine

        Ya, I agree with you Katy, get some physical gold and silver and just wait a year or maybe two until “Katy Bar the door” happens and the fiat becomes worthless. Food, water, guns, ammo, and some backup power seem to be appropriate as well imho.

  6. Bryce A DeBorde

    Thanks for all that you do Greg.

  7. Ak

    I don’t see metals staying down for long. We’ll see I guess. Food water guns gold is a sure bet. Keep up the good work Greg. Thanks

    • Beverly

      Metals will go up to begin with, but the problem with investing in metals is that you can’t eat gold and silver. We have to have land that can be developed into farms where food can be grown. And, having production methods where things can be produced, is also vital. We’re going to need energy in order to do that. Don’t put it past the bastards that want to rule the rule, to take away everyone’s electricity and power to do everything. We are going to have to create our own lives, virtually.

      • Harry

        Beverly you say: “The problem with investing in metals is that you can’t eat gold and silver” – So are you going to sell your gold and silver for fiat US dollars “that you can eat”?? – You will likely say “you won’t eat your US dollars but simply trade them for food” – like people can’t trade gold and silver for food the same way?? – But you will probably also say that dollars (as numerous as sand on the beach) “is recognized as money” – not by many new American Indians “who want something more precious then sand for their money” and would rather choose something like sea shells (which were rarer then sand) – Gold is rarer then sand, rarer then fiat paper and rarer then CBDC’s!!

  8. Don W.

    I fully agree with all that I read about the interview. I have been saying this would happen about this time since the late1970’s and 1980. I feel that we need to let people also know that it is going to be some very tough times for them and all the younger generations.
    We are heading into the end times and the GOOD NEWS. He is coming and coming soon. I feel we will soon see the signing of the SEVEN year peace agreement for the last seven years and we already see a number of things that are in REV:7 and 8 happening today. But we will not have our Lord come save us until after the Middle of the Tribulation and what is known as the Great Tribulation ends as in Matt:24.

    • i: a man; travis this is my view of matthew 24. Remember the book late great planet earth by hal lyndsey? I think he wrote that book in the 60’s saying that the 7yr tribulation would start in 1981 along with the secret rapture,and the second coming would happen in 1988. That book sold millions because it had about a 20 yr window to be right…… and it wasn’t, along with every other dispensationalism futurism predicting book. Now that i have changed my view on end times i cannot even listen or watch mainstream religious programs along with any other mainstream media or radio; in my opinion it’s all deep state; deep state media and deep state eschatology (end times) that’s why we listen to shows such as this.

  9. Nina

    You don’t lose $ unless you sell the bond. The bond funds is different. Stop scaring people.

    • Greg Hunter

      What is inflation?

      • Lord Nasdaq


    • Katy Bar

      Nina – If you buy a bond and hold it to maturity and you get all your fiat dollars back plus 5% interest – you claim “you don’t lose (as long as you don’t sell the bond)”!! – Not True (if the purchasing power of those dollars you get back is “ZERO”)!! – what if – instead of purchasing a bond you put your money into a physical gold (or silver) coin that pays you no interest – well – when the re-set matures (and your bonds pay you worthless fiat) owning a tier one asset like gold will protect your savings (as history clearly shows precious metals keep their value even when governments collapse i.e. sunken treasure from Spanish Governments that no longer exist or Roman gold coins dug up after the fall of Rome still retain their purchasing power compared to say the Confederate or Zimbabwe paper money of failed governments)!!

    • Colton Szorcsik

      Did someone say…a nation is in decline when the education/indoctrination system fails….NINA is a perfect example of no math skills….

    • kostas eleni

      Absolutely right Nina. A lot of scare tactics.
      No asset guarantees protection against inflation. Bonds juat compete with stocks for gains. 5% with a high risk in stocks vs 5% on 6 month mostly zero risk treasuries. That’s the equation.

      I love metals but the can always be outlawed and insane taxes can always be leverage to kill them off. Add a 20% VAT and a 70% profit tax after declaring gold and silver strategic metals and nobody will buy or sell them. Like when Noxon closed the window.

      • Harry

        Are you saying no one has bought gold since Nixon closed the gold window??? – – the implication is clear – if the bankers are buying gold – then investors should also be increasing their exposure to gold and gold miners.

        • Kostas Eleni

          Harry, all I said is that irrespective of the scarevtactics, short term 3 months bonds at 5% are a safer choice than stocks. You get the 5% and pick to which bank it gets sent if you decide bkt to renew. Safer than keeping cash in any one bank. Thr best choice for your liquidity. Metals have their own risks but you shoumd still have 50% in metals and 50% liquid.

  10. john

    as far as America losing, I read an article, I don’t know 20 years ago, plus or minus. It asked, if two nuclear powers do conventional war, and one starts to lose, are you willing to state that they are not going to use their bigger weapons?

    • Harry

      This is why all wars since the development of Nuclear Weapons are so ridiculous and such an immoral waste of human lives (as they must always end in stalemate)!!

      • Katy Bar

        British troops and German missiles still being sent to Ukraine – Russia says if German missiles are fired upon Russian troops they will be forced to take out the German missile factories inside Germany – so stalemate doesn’t look to be on the cards – besides when Ukrainian casualties (500,000 deaths ) are compared to what the Globalists achieved with their Covid Clot Shots (17,000,000 deaths) – the culling of the population “by war” (so far) is insignificant to what was achieved by the “vaccine shots”) – therefore – to get the war death numbers up the Globalists need to go Nuclear!!!

        • Harry

          The key to peace in Ukraine is getting rid of Biden “who needs a war” to win his re-election in 2024 – if Ukraine wants to be an Independent Nation and get back all their land from Russia – all they need to do is sign an agreement with Russia not to join NATO (so NATO can’t put nuclear tipped missiles right on Russia’s border) – it is that simple!! – and we Americans can stop paying Billions in our tax money to keep the slaughter going in Ukraine and use that money to secure our own border!! –

          • Katy Bar

            If something happens to Biden and Harris the Speaker of the House becomes President – and guess who just said he will take the Speaker of the House job? “Donald Trump”!!! Trump confirmed from the NY Courthouse that he has been asked about becoming the House Speaker and he said: “I Would Do It”!!!!

  11. Ebert Beeman

    Charlie Nenner for prsident

  12. Barbara

    I’m sure the USA has planted operatives around the world, too. That said, I doubt the USA would go gently into the night. She’d rather use her nuclear weapons first, in which case, everyone loses.

  13. Ray

    That was an excellent interview.
    Went straight to the core of many matters.
    Nenner doesn’t pull his punches.
    Thank you both.
    I loved the Jack Nicholson vibe at the end……tremendous 😎
    Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

  14. Justn Observer

    Greg, a nice sober and honest interview from an intelligent man. Thanks for the heads up as to the views and opinions from that side of the Atlantic. I do wonder if Mr. Nenner and Ms. CAF get a chance to to visit and share when she is traveling that neck of the woods? As I mentioned in a comment, it would be nice if all those Royals and Dynastic ‘INFLUENCERS’ in Europe would learn to ‘just get along’ over there…STOP with their nasty world domination games and hording of the world’s wealth and resources AND the many nasty habits of child, sex, drug, and weapons trafficking that go along with the use the ‘henchmen’ and economic ‘hitman’ mentality of the world’s Gladio, terrorist, special ops disruptors sent all over the world to create the chaos and ‘opportunities’ for ‘investment’, profit, access to resources, or land grabs?
    Truth is, the BIS was set up with the help of the U.S. as pointed out, but the FED only has a seat AT that table which if people would look, is run and most of the directors ARE NOT U.S… The U.S. as I see has been given the job of being the world’s police against those run off the reservation or circumvent. the agreed policy and their implementations thru the IMF, and City of London etc. So, in that respect…the U.S. is in the position of being ‘scapegoated’ as the bad cop…but is really doing the bidding of NATO alliance that is now pointing fingers AT the U.S. And yes, for the most part, most people are gaslighted on the history of it all…and that yes, the Dutch were as Nenner says, and William of Orange was put on the English throne, and the prominence of banking houses were shuffled and the nations and regions divided time and again by those same Royal and commercial banking houses, via their ‘internal’ wars, incest, and murders, all as the more Persian bloodlines of the middle east married into and across Europe…which…most of the current youth know little to nothing about as history is constantly being ‘re-written’ or hidden.
    But to blame the U.S. for today’s trouble is hardly fair, except those in gov’t that DO have the knowledge, who do have the PERMIDEX files and who KNOW the who’s who running the agencies increasingly corrupted by not just those ‘rat-lined’ in, compromised by those like Roy Cohn, and Epstein and his girlfriend father…but those willing to be bribed as well. At the head of ‘that table’ is the banking cabal…and the stakeholders that own AND RUN the FONDI…as pointed out earlier and those that sit at the VERY high table above them. It is not a surprise to see a shift in Brazil or other places, after all South America was split in half between Spain and Portugal..and their ‘conquistdors’ all but wiped out the indeginous leaders…those not willing to be ‘converted’ and re-legioned by the Jesuits. Everyone gets a seat at the head of the table for a time in the wider game/ponzi scheme of world domination as long as the ‘little deplorables’ do not catch drift they are being played, nor become aware they are but economically enslaved in their own plantation zone which needs portpasses to move between so ‘they’ can keep track of their chattel lest they run astray!…UNLESS of course ‘they’ deem the need of mass migration to offset the imbalances of cheap labor, or excess cost of contain them in one zone and putting more chattel in another to stabilize the imbalances… but this is too long already…so will leave with but one link that pretty much shows the debacle and pickle the nations, including the U.S. has been led into by their Central banking cabals…who history is almost entirely of European and Central Asia banking families of the OLD world order who is now hoping/planning to be the NEW WORLD ORDER. as they now hope to strip away the last vestiges of soverneity from the damn little upstart country that thinks it can throw out some darn Declaration of Independents…and cut ties with that OLD ORDER!
    ENTER …. BRIC + …. and that is where I part ways with Mr. Nenner…and will never bet against the U.S. TUFF TIMES AHEAD -agree MOST LIKELY! but UKRAINE…naa, that is a NATO problem brought on by them, and it is Europe themselves that voted in and broke ‘their’ part of the treaties to stay out of NATO …which Russia agreed to and warned them about…the anti-war movement has also started in the U.S. AND it will grow…the Polish leaders see it and are backtracking…as it is true….’THEY’ have put Russia on the prowl…not the hard working middle-class, the majority of who refrain from going WOK! so, Europe – have a fun war…many of us…unlike those as Sen Gramham, do NOT see dead Russians as a good thing…take a hint for JFK and DJT….negotiations and deplomicy are good things …so is no war!
    What JFK tried to do before his assassination w/Jeffrey Sachs =

    For one, in Jesus name we pray….the globalist idiots try NO WAR for a change…and for the Ukranian and Russian souls already loss over. Ukraine.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Justn,
      Love your post. Places the focus (blame) where it should be – ‘royal’ bloodlines and the central banking cabal. Nation states are set up as corporations (this is FACT, yet no one discusses it) and the citizens are, at best, merely employees of those corporations. If anyone thinks they are not bound to shop at the ‘company store’, just try withholding your taxes! ‘We the people’ were given the illusion of freedom because it made us more productive, which increased the take. Now, TPTB want less productivity – and less of us!


        Justin , I forgot to say thank you for the link of the interview with Jeffrey Sacks on President John F Kennedy it was excellent. The War-mongers, Bankers,money 💰💰💰 lovers, control freaks had to kill Pres John F Kennedy because he wanted to bring peace and hope to the world 🌍 Lord Jesus Christ spread love, compaction, healing, kindness, gave food to the hungry multitudes and hope and showed the people the Father God’s true nature so Lord Jesus Christ had to be killed by evil. Lord Jesus’ Christ’s youngest disciple was John [the deciple whom Jesus loved] then we had ” John” Kennedy, Donald “John” Trump who wanted Peace 🕊️ and prosperity, my Dad “John” peace loving,my oldest grandson 7yrs old Jackson ” John” peaceful. We need more peace loving John’s in this 🌎🌍 World 🙏 and let’s not forget “John” the Baptist Lord Jesus’ cousin who preached repentance they cut of his head during a wild drunken lustful party. It’s not how much 🥈 or 🪙 we have it’s do you have
        Lord 👑 Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ will meet all of our needs according to His riches in glory. We have to keep our eyes on the prize 🏆 the only one,thing that they can’t take from us everything else can be taken Except
        LORD JESUS CHRIST 👑. Peace 🕊️🙏 the greatest of these is love.


      I was talking to a young lady on the phone at my vets about Jesus who HE is and what HE did from humanity and she said I know nothing about Him my family never said a word about God. I then told her the whole story of salvation and how she could be saved and asked her if she wanted Jesus to save her she said she would think on what I told her. I then told her how to accept Lord Jesus and that she could come to Jesus Christ herself. This is our calling to lead as many to Lord Jesus Christ as we can now before the end. Thank you Greg & Dr Charles Nenner it’s always a pleasure listening to Dr Nenner and you Greg. Like LORD JESUS CHRIST said WE (I) must be about my Father’s business. God bless everyone 💞🙏

  15. Lord Nasdaq

    Great interview brother, Greg. You and Mr. Nenner mention great topics like those who parked their money in long-term fixed treasuries instead of lofty exchange highs back in say money printing 2020/2021. S&P peaked January 04 2022 at 4800 and now finally, exchanges are receding, but those with five year or higher treasuries or bonds are still getting destroyed by inflation. Short-term treasuries (se me since October 2022) or one to three month brokered c.d.’s have and will hurt utilities and staple securities.

    Great analysis regarding markets. See above. If it wasn’t for Roth’s and 401k’s since the 90’s, then the drop in exchanges (S&P <4200) would be more precipitous. War or other extracurricular elements drive exchanges down too, as covered in the interview.

    Public education in most city schools have become public day care centers. You ad in AI and higher living costs than say 2020, apprenticeship is the path for the younger generation. If they can perform tasks that no mega-cap company would spend the time to replicate via AI such as welding, sewing or repair of antique fabrics, specialist in fields of mechanics/machinists for specific industries, etc., their future is unlimited.

    On the side, regarding hard assets quickly accessible, light, and very liquid, I'm thinking jewelry. And jewelry covers precious metals too. Premiums are hurting precious metals. Not buying jewelry yet – but thinking.

    God bless and all of Greg's renowned guests!

  16. Prospector

    I fail to see how bonds are a worthy investment.

    With the FIAT ( fake ) money printing machine working in overdrive, any ” gain ” seen when the bond is repaid – with interest to the consumer, any said return on investment has been outstripped by INFLATION.

    Anybody, make it make sense.

  17. Heinrich

    Charles Nenner is one of my favorites. Great interview. Exactly the opposite of what Bo Polny says.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not true, In early 2020 both Nenner and Polny predicted. a 35%-40% decline in the stock market and it went down 38%.
      Both Polny and Nenner think the USD is ultimately toast because of the BR%ICs.

      • steve nussdorf

        yes, but polmy sees gold shooting up late this year where nenner sees it flat this year, next year and he wasn’t specific on when it would go up…that’s a big difference in points of views

      • Heinrich

        Long term I tend to agree, but both gave rather different short/ medium term outlooks. If I would have chose, I would place my bets on Nenner.

      • Dan

        I think this individual is referring to Bo Polny’s imminent bitcoin moon dollar crash prediction every time he is on any podcast. It seems the dollar already crashed if you look at what you can buy with it, the DXY does not really tell you the value of the dollar. Bo has been calling for bitcoin moon dollar crash imminently for the 3 years I have followed him. I mean, the dollar already is worth nothing now, his prophetic timelines are impressive but his crypto moon calls are exhausting.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, You know I have high personal regard for you and your work, but the USD is “ultimately toast” because of what WE have done to it. It has nothing to do with another country or countries. They are responding to this dreadful situation WE have created, or rather that our “government” has created, essentially by stealing from others, pretending our money is real. Please, let us admit basic reality here. Many thanks and best always. PM

  18. Tolstoy at the Train Station

    Quote – Bill Paxton character – Hudson – Aliens Movie

    [after the drop-ship crashes] That’s great. That’s just ****ing great, man! Now what the **** are we supposed to do? We’re in some real pretty shit now man! Games over man, game’s ****ing over! What the **** are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?

  19. Jojo Rabbit

    NAZIs are beginning to be discovered all over Canadian government.

    How much longer will Americans have to wait to see their American NAZIs in Washington DC and in several US State governments to be exposed?

    When will the European and South American NAZIs be revealed?
    Ukraine, the 4th Reich. What is their foolish plot, to get Russia defeated so the 4th Reich can begin concurring Europe one by one using the American taxpayer to foot the bill as slaves?

    • I Dig Au

      Jojo –
      The Nazis are nothing more than Totalitarians and strive to control every aspect of our lives. In America, they are found in all branches of government and are very open about their agendas. Think Biden, Pelosi, Newsom, Schumer…

      • Harry

        Demon Rat Finks Every One Of Them!! – TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS IS VITALLY NECESSARY!!!

  20. Elinor Saunders

    Greg, I have watched your videos now for years. I am so grateful for you. You are an excellent interviewer, and your guests are outstanding. Disappointed to hear metals trend down. Gonna be tough as that was suppose to be our “safe haven”. Guess not.
    I so admire your courage and commitment to the truth and to the people of this nation and the globe.

  21. Coal Burner

    I absolutely believe Nenner is right about the gold. Think back when all those Dutch were killed by the Ukraines Nzzi jerks on the passenger plane heading for Asia. We and UK had taken the Ukraine during the first Obama coup. 140 tons. The Dutch had for years been demanding their gold back and when the Dutch figured out the morons killed those people with our weapons and they shot the plane down based on a blown CIA tip trying to get Putin. Too keep them quiet they blamed Russia and and sent a 100 tons of gold to Netherlands. Just one thing, the US is sandbagging the rest of the world. I believe they know where gold is buried in the US from past treasures. How much is a question and how much they could actually get their hands on is another question. They may know it is out there but not where exactly.

    Thanks You Charles Nenner and Greg Hunter.

  22. steve

    I am fairly sure that his last discussion was Gold and Silver going up about this time?

    • steve nussdorf

      yes my point too. exactly

    • Ron

      I like Charles but currently sentiment in the gold sector is at 8. When it’s in the single digits that indicates a bottom or very close to it. My money is on a jump in gold soon , plus this is seasonally a strong period for gold.

      • Katy Bar

        As the DSI sentiment indicator at 8 is showing Gold and Silver are both selling at bargain prices “right now” (below 10 is an all out buy signal) – Nenner obviously wants to use his charts “to skim every point possible” before buying – but we need not be so precise as Nenner (trying to get every last point possible) when actually owning the gold in hand is of such critical importance for our survival (and it is already clearly in a buy zone)!!

  23. James Hascomb

    Charles Nenner is by far and away one of your best guests you have on. Right now, he is my favorite. Why? Because he is realistic, emotionless, in his assessment of the state of politics and economics. Plus, he doesn’t pretend to know it all, though he knows more than I ever will. There is great value in hearing from a person that is not in the United States, as that allows for a much clearer take on events and conditions. I can’t wait until he is on again.

  24. geo

    Just had trouble getting the video working. Had to delete all the cookies on my computer and now it works.

  25. john

    last time ,he predict rising gold and and silver ,now not?
    like all the forcast ,its very hard to predict the future ,
    the all make money ,not with the market ,no the poepels abonoment!

    • Harry

      John – It is not that Nenner doesn’t ever see gold rising (he knows it will rise right along with inflation and oil) – Nenner’s just not buying gold “right now” (as he is waiting for gold to fall perhaps another $50 to $100 dollars according to his charts) – but then he will begin buying – and if he is wrong and gold happens to fall another $50 he will likely buy more – and if it continues to fall another $50 he will likely buy even more – however when gold is finally extremely oversold and begins to turn up in Nenner’s charts – “only then” will Nenner be confident enough to give a buy recommendation to the public!!
      However for us long term gold investors “we are not worried about timing” we simply accumulate when gold is cheap and hold it for the coming re-set of the currency system (now probably only a year or two out from here) – because this – – can’t continue much longer without it being reflected in the gold price!!

      • Harry

        Today – People are panic selling “God’s Gold” to take possession of “Man’s Fiat” (printed out of thin air) – I can only wonder how that’s going to work out for them!! – for me – I’m doing the exact opposite!!!

  26. Jack Salazar

    Predicting the future is a tough business, unless you were part of the power structure in the old Soviet Union, where the Future Was Known, and the Past Was Always Changing.
    I think Nenner does a pretty good job with his 40,000 foot view of markets.

    As for America nearing its end (as we will know it), Marty Armstrong has been calling it, just like Nenner has, but for a longer time. We’ve got about 10 years left of the current America, is what Marty says. It may come faster with the illegals coming at a fast clip, with an overburdened Welfare State. (funny, our Gay Dem Mayor in San Diego declares a State of Emergency once all those busses unloaded the multitude of illegals. (my family came LEGALLY from MX))

    Nuclear War: Keep in mind that America is the only country in the world that has used this weapon in anger.

    Love your work Greg, and wish I could continue the donations but cannot at this time. However, I tell people of you, all the time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the past donations, comment and very kind words, Jack. Enjoy the USAW site–it’s free.

    • robert messina

      Reply to Jack “Nuclear War: Keep in mind that America is the only country in the world that has used this weapon in anger.”
      YES . . . This comment expands upon the Biblical phrase, “He that lives by the sword, dies by the sword” . . . . may we be reminded how Japan was forced to surrender . This is not good for USA.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mr. Salazar, you are damn right we were angry. We had to fight a two-theater war to save the world, and it had to end. Occupying the Japanese mainland via traditional methods would have produced incredible casualties on all sides. Regrettable but necessary. They started it; we finished it. PM

      • Harry

        You don’t finish it by bombing Japanese cities and killing civilian mothers and children – you go after military men at the military bases outside the cities – but morality is a rare quality in times of war – but it can be found in a true Statesman (like Putin) who just offered to “withdraw his troops from all Ukrainian lands” if they simply don’t join NATO!!! – Yet England answered by sending troops and Germany answered by sending missiles to continue the war in Ukraine “To Free Ukraine of Russian Occupation”???

  27. Robert Stockmann

    Ukraine : watch
    the war in Ukraine is over. Ukraine is spent .
    A peace treaty will be signed on Russia’s terms,
    after the Zelensky regime is not in power anymore.
    Scott Ritter then gives a history lesson on countries
    in Europe, which includes Holland ..
    In Canada a old iron cross Nazi camp executor
    gets a standing ovation in parliament. You can figure
    out that also Canada was having a Nazi echange program
    after 45. The next day this Nazi camp executor was
    extradited to the UK. It’s crazy times, where men
    of able age, need to change their uniform
    as frequent as the amount of miles traveled.

  28. Brian Stewart Johnston

    “Short America & Go Long BRIC[S] Countries” is a great headline, but, a vague call. What specifically does one short or go long on is not easily identifiable and is not without great risk?

    The development of BRICS is more of a political statement rather than a thought-through workable solution to the economic problems of trading with the US dollar, the world’s reserve currency, the US dollar.

    The bilateral talks between India and Russia were suspended over currency issues. Who really wants each other’s currency?

    For BRICS to be a reliable and functioning alliance, the countries will need banking union, fiscal integration and macroeconomic convergence. A common central bank is needed along with a mechanism to discipline members who fall out of line. Getting members to agree where the central bank is located would be in itself an insurmountable task. Another problem is the significant trade imbalances that exist between the countries. China is the main trading partner while the other BRICS members do little trade with each other.

    BRICS currencies have all fallen against the US dollar. In the last 10 years by the following percents:
    Brazil -56%
    Russia -67%
    India -25%
    China -16%
    South Africa – 47%

    De-dollarization by using local currencies for trade would be very difficult, if at all possible.. The countries could try to decouple from dollar debts but it would leave them at the mercy of Chinese’s growing economic power.

    De-coupling may be a long term trend as the US economic power wanes over time, but, as it stands, the dollar is still the reserve currency. It is on one side of almost 90% of global FX transactions today!

    De-dollarization would require nations and countless numbers of exporters and importers, as well as borrowers, lenders and currency traders around the world to make decisions to use other currencies.

    When an Empire falls apart at the center, its reach and influence does not disappear overnight or for years or even for many decades after.

    Another important problem is the domination of trans-national and domestic big businesses over sovereign nations. The greed of business is behind the growing inequalities of wealth in the US and elsewhere. US Congress doesn’t write legislation, big business interests do.

    Big agribusiness and the industrial-military conglomerates, any other big corporate entities, are not friends of “We the People”.

    Wake up America! The fraud is in your backyard and the dividers are taking you apart.

  29. Mark

    Greg, could I recommend to you a must read book recently released from David Rogers Webb titled The Great Taking? I’d highly recommend getting him on the show. He spent many years on Wall Street.
    Its a very short read, the link below is to a free online version and pdf.

  30. sam

    When I started to accumulate (aka Hoard) Ag…back in 2006..I would tell anyone who would listen to buy all you can.( @$9 per ozt )…everybody….and I mean EVERYBODY including my Beautiful Wife thought i was “nuts”….now with thousands of ozt’s burried /and safely in a safe.. (with an accurate map and combination number)…. I can afford to give my spouse anything she wants…..but….I Can’t stop buying Ag….I find that living frugally is actually FUN…..when Ag hits 100..we will move from 12 miles from the ocean….to a Little Bungalow on the beach ..

    • JayJay

      Why would anyone want to live near an ocean? Don’t you pay attention>>

      • sam

        I do pay attention……..

  31. Peter

    Charles says he would be short America, long BRICS. Personally, I’m going short Satan, long Jesus Christ.

    • Brian Stewart Johnston

      Far better than taking actions based on Charles Nenner’s call!

  32. Nick de la Gaume

    America is completely screwed.

    Ah, that’s a shame!

    Europe as well.

    I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked.

  33. Roger Stamper

    tks charles greg

  34. Jeff gerst

    Most Americans agree we can’t continue bullying the world and expect they won’t eventually push back. Russia has demonstrated great patience but it won’t last forever. Bad days are ahead and it’s all by agenda. America must be removed as the worlds super Power and I suspect They feel that’s going to equate to hundreds of Millions of us being out to death

    • Christine McKinlay

      America is destroying itself from the inside. For one – killing and disabling it’s citizens and Defence Forces with the Covid mRNA injections.
      When I heard that the FDA had approved this poison for 6 month old babies, I thought – “That’s the end of America”
      Very, very sad . . And this is on top of the toxic cocktail of drugs aka vaccines that you already pump into your babies and children . .
      Who is behind it – and Why?
      Note: Australia – and all Western nations are almost as bad in this regard!

  35. andrea

    gold was gone long time ago the BUSH family already sold all of it , they were building Ukraine back then, other then what is in the ground US has nothing.
    YES USA is losing this was , it wil be very prudent to keep your money to yourself , the government WILL STEAL your holdings and silver and gold. they will also kill you for it , it happened 3X before.

  36. ron martin

    I saw and wrote about all that Nenner is saying today but I put it all in my 432 page book “It’s Over” 13 years ago. I published it in Obama’s first term and it sold about 5000 copies. The majority of Americans didn’t listen then and they are still not listening. No Trump or other human can save this empire. Time is short so pray, prep & persevere in that order I’m now 80 and thank our Father and Son for allowing me to live and serve what was the greatest nation on the planet.

  37. Linda

    Greg, Mr. Nenner, et al: We do care about this potential war, but getting in touch with our “elected” leaders (I use the term loosely) will do no good. They do not listen to us and don’t give a damn what we want. That should be clear. They speak and I hear the sound of 1 lip flapping. They say nothing of import and do nothing that makes sense. I lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis and I am having a really hard time wrapping my head around what these people are trying to accomplish. I am concerned greatly for my children and their children. They don’t see any of this, but on the other hand could they do anything.

    • JayJay

      Not congress any longer….I call them mafia.

  38. No One

    Hello Mr. Greg Hunter and guest’s ,

    Here is a link to some helpful insight. Greg, thank you very, very much for your efforts and comment section on your web site.

    Read This Before Ruining Your Life

    Dear friend whom I have never met,

    Godspeed -dje

  39. Truth Teller

    The grandchildren of the Bolshevik Jews who seized control of and terrorized Russia have largely infiltrated and gained power in the USA.

    Greg and his fellow Christians have been their Useful Idiots.

    The Zionists (Jewish Supremacists) promote the open border destruction of Western Nations while maintaining an Apartheid State in Israel.

    They endlessly push war.

    They have an incredible amount of influence in the Biden administration—as they also have over Trump.

    Continue serving the Synagogue Of Satan at your own peril…

    • I Dig Au


      Replace the term “Jew” with Khazarian Mafia who hide within the Jewish community, but are not Jews.

  40. Neil

    Thank you Greg,
    Charles didn’t state Gold high, at his older $3000 or $3500 price target to you?
    Charles quotes Gold in terms of fiat currency prices correct?
    So, I can still view physical Gold as maintaining purchase value strength versus fiats.
    But, Charles did not seem very positive about Gold to me at all. Was he considering buying physical Gold in this interview, or just Comex contracts? Not clear to me what he was really answering and discussing this time around.

  41. Heinrich

    And this is what I think will happen and nothing will stop it….

    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    It does not happen by chance, it happens by „design“ and on purpose.

    • Katy Bar

      Just look at Maui to see how people are being deprived of their property – not even their children are left around to wake up homeless on the land their Fathers conquered – they are all “conveniently disappeared”!!!

  42. Chris in Arkansas

    Great guest. I always enjoy listening to Mr. Nenner’s comments. He was making a very important point about investing long in oil and energy – actually answering your question Greg – when he was abruptly cut off with another question. I would have liked to see Nenner complete his comments on going long energy. There may have been another truth bomb in there somewhere.

    Greg I am not trying to cut you down but please stop interrupting your guests when they are making important points. Give them a few extra seconds to complete their statement please.

  43. Susan R

    Yes, we appreciate you Charles Nenner for telling the truth, as most Americans sleep-walk! Everyone here only wants truth which would sting into a coma all others.

  44. Jayna Williams

    I think Martin Armstron and Charles Nenner are you two best guests. I can hardly wait for these guys to come on your show.

  45. Southern Girl

    Nenner is one smart cookie! He is so right about many things. I retired from teaching 16 years ago. I taught high school. Back then in 2007 I could probably count on one hand the number of teachers who were really teaching. This is out of a body of 89 people. I had two students threaten me. One a white cheerleader and the other a black man student.
    Gosh, I remember back in 1994 when I had some students go to college and when they came for a visit. They all told me the same thing. All my teachers are atheist. My nieces and nephews went in as Christians (Catholic) and came out atheists. This evil plan has been going on for years.
    At the beginning of each school year, they give you one more thing to add to your duties. One-year it was Multi-Culture. That was a roundabout way to have you bring in gods from other religions. RED FLAG ON THE FIELD. I was lucky I had religious things all over my room and desk. Some of the teachers said you’re going to get fired. I said no these are things from my family. LOL

  46. John Maskell

    Great interview Greg . I do like Nenner’s work but I disagree with his gold and silver forecasts . Gold is selling off at the moment but the charts are strongly indicating a bull market for the coming years . Michael Oliver is a great researcher on gold and other commodities and has a strong outlook for gold and silver . Even with current rate hikes and other technical data , gold has held strong . Normally gold would have lost value due to high interest rates but it knows that the economy is weak and hard times are conning . When inflation really bites hard and the economy tanks , gold will rise significantly along with silver . It’s the best and safest asset to own .

  47. Scab

    Trump & Biden have been a devastating tag-team duo (“The Plandemic Pummelers”) who have beaten America into the ground…in 2024 which Plandemic Pummeler will get tagged back into action to finish off the USA…?

    Will you give your consent (vote) to one of these Destroyers Of America (DOA)…?

    • Forte

      I don’t understand why President Trump hasn’t disavowed the Plandemic and especially the ClotShot.

      He MUST know better by now and also that the Plandemic and ClotShot are YUGELY unpopular with his base!

      • Lester Cork

        you don’t understand because USAWD had the false prophet Mark Taylor on aire for years programming you to believe Trump was something other than a servant of Israel.

  48. Freedom-4-All

    Great job Greg,
    Nenner always speaks what he sees as the truth (actually, I believe all your guests do). He has a very accurate and balanced thought process that I respect.

    Since it is Oct 1st, I wanted to share the link to my blog where I am trying to better understand our Constitution in a 12-month period. Here is part 4, if anyone is interested.

    Don Conrad

  49. Justn Observer

    Greg, as we all try to get a handle on the WEFer movement, stakeholders, and ESG influencers, here along with those in on the pay to play thing…can we NOT see that the ‘city-states’ with their own pass ports, diplomatic immunity, jets, and very close ties to private banking and off shore accounts…have/are playing a huge role in what is going on in the back channels. We see the large amount of drugs and trafficking, and what IS being caught at the borders…billions in opium-cocaine-fentynal- herion etc…BUT where/how is all that cash getting back to those cartel, mafia, gangs? You’d think DEA, and border guards should find some HUGE stashes of cash in the millions going the other way at some point- but no – only a few times we see a pic of large stash in some Mexican gang leader basement,,,,but HOW does it get there. Maybe the BORDER PATROL AND DEA should spend more time looking in private jets, boats, and vechiles going the other way? All those people ””walking hundreds of miles, some a thousand?” am not buying that…hit the trail elk, deer or bear hunting….and one is dirt, worn out, tired, and in need of rest and recoup after a few short weeks…and these children and those in their custody walked all the way from where? and IF people like Soros IS helping fund some of this problem…am not saying he is…. but…someone, some entity is,,, where/how are those funds being transferred thru the SWIFT system, under the noses of the BIS, IMF, FINCIN, IRS undetected?
    As to the WEFer thing…and Ukraine…could the move on Russia just be ‘someone’s or some entities’ lustful eyes on re-taking the old Oldenburg territory of Russia so ‘they’ can roll it back under the ‘control’ of the Habsburg, Carpet influence to bolster up their Euro – Central bank system and regain the leadership over that old OLDENBERG territory for England’s new King Charles and his NATO alliance crew?
    ie USEFUL CHARTS…@ 14:13

    • Justn Observer

      to follow along with the who and power/control over what nations and regions of the world…it might be good that people know who they are, not that they ARE doing anything wrong…but that some MAY be behind or are having their wealth and interests in the minds of those that do the policy and agenda setting for the rest, hoping ‘they’ are rewarded for those efforts?
      It is interesting that Thailand to this day has an unbroken monarchy for the last 800 years or so, either really good for these days of subversions and overthrows and toppling of leadership in that neck of the woods, ,or really good at going along to get along? Next, the same amazing bloodline familys of Asian nations, not unlike the previous dynasty research of Europe proper…
      and then there is the inner fighting of the monarch and religious leaders to the point they have had how many insurrections, wars, murders or marriages just to change faiths via purges and inquisitions just over who’s bible is the most true? AND even some that have ‘faked’ their conversions, hidden their more pagan practices to usurp, or co-opt religions and change holidays etc to overlay ‘their’ hidden beliefs…all the while the masses pray to the Gods and prophets ‘they’ have no intention of abiding in, hoping the masses to go to masses and be compliant minions who fork over the indulgences to stay in the good ‘graces’ of the ruling class of the day.
      as to the ‘conversions’ and colonizing of the Phillipines =
      and we still have not even touched on the ‘reality’ of who controls South America …and the European colonization still going on there…
      so…. maybe the world needs to be LESS gaslighted on what the U.S. is doing and who and what ‘those’ in the U.S. government, religious leaders and elite dynastic families are up to where their banking cabal ESG indulgences – I mean…in- VESTMENTS… are going for….BESIDES say, arms to bomb the per Jesus out of Ukraine and Russia?
      This should someday again be part of relevant history taught in schools rather than social engineering and radicalizing topics and entrainments of the day ?
      So much on line to learn about the reality of the world, its governmentand political and spiritual leaders, and the cabal ruling the people by ‘their’ economy’s and ‘financial enslavement’ agendas… all so …un-freewill and lacking independence, when one sees the ‘plantation scheme’ of it all.
      One does wonder just how the votes would go IF the people truly had one…
      As they say, follow the money… and some said for how long, all roads lead where?

  50. Randy Best

    US Treasuries are now sub prime.

    • Paul from Indiana

      With $33+ trillion in debt, trending to $50 trillion by 2050, the whole USA enterprise is sub-prime AND a scam. Best always. PM

  51. Wolverine

    Thanks for the great interview Greg! I really think Charles Nenner was much too kind when stating who would win the war against China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran, as it would be incredibly easy to win against the US. I actually think they can win without firing a single shot as they simply need to wait for the US to crumble and for the dollar to go to zero. They can win the war by making it a financial war instead of a kinetic war. Now the US military has men dressed up in dresses, lipstick and tranny’s doing the same but also armed with 2 foot long dildos as their weapon of choice. So, so sad…

    • Patagonia

      Wolverine, in theory you are right the others simply need to wait for the US to crumble.
      Unfortunately at least the mayor anglosaxon states need the money and profits from worldwide arm sales to survice as they have not much left to sell and many aereas live from the over average ordnance division staff wages and overpaid public defense servants to mantain themselves afloat. Imagine there would be no war anymore and no arabs killing themselves in favour of foreign arms sales men. In 1982 I passed thru a hillbilly village in Kansas which proclaimed itself as sort of T-shirt manufacture town. Do not believe they exist anymore. I prefer a good T-shirt instead of paying for an armoured tank as taxpayer.

  52. Neville

    Charles is absolutely correct about the fate of AAcrime.As I have said on occasions that the Prophets of old have been given the word of GOD to tell us what is to come and these prophecies are thousands of years old but the time frames that some of those prohpecies
    fall into is RIGHT NOW AT THE END OF THE AGE.
    Our LORD JESUS CHRIST also spelt out what is to happen at THE END OF THE AGE and now it is happening before our very eyes.
    Greg as an upholder of THE TRUTH you and the people you interview will be spared as will those that attend Church every week and have GOD THE FATHER,JESUS CHRIST HIS SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT IN THEIR HEARTS>
    Dear Johnathan Cahn battled with you lot but with not much success NO SURPRISES

  53. Poochiwoo

    One of my favorite guests. I love realists. Unfortunately during times of collapse, realists are viewed as quacks because people want to believe in illusions. . For those who have hears to ear and eyes to see, keep preparing.

  54. No One

    Please note: wrong link on web site original posting, my mistake.

    Thank you-dje

  55. Allen

    I’m gonna say no one wins or looses a war because not one country has Anouilh money to creat one simply because they are all the same family running every country one big soap opera. These people thought they where gonna creat a one world order but they failed because to many people are watching what they are doing

  56. anti-atomist

    Christians “preaching” anti-Semitism is malpractice!

    I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.
    Genesis 12:3

    Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.
    Matthew 5:17

  57. Anita

    I was looking forward to this, thank you both.

  58. Norman Byler

    I think USA is wanting to try out their new DEW on China & Russia, God help us if it Fails!
    US is sending a Message worldwide with wild fires, Lahaina Hawaii, etc to China & Russia!

  59. john

    he told in last interview ,gold go up . what a liar!

  60. Mark C.

    Interesting interview Greg. I’m now wondering who is going to be proven right when it comes to gold, Bo Polny or Charles Nenner? They are definitely on opposite sides of the spectrum on this one. According to what Bo is saying, we are not going to have to wait long to know which is right, when it comes to precious metals. Bo has made some monster calls, but he also has a pretty high percentage of monster misses. I personally hope that Bo is right on this one, but hearing Nenner say what he is saying, causes me pause on the whole Gold is going to sky rocket position, because Nenner has been so consistently accurate.

  61. Beverly

    Nenner is obviously skeptical about what is going to happen to the U.S., as he should be. With Russia, China, Iran and other countries coming against the U.S., why shouldn’t we be terrified? Some very bad things are going to happen here in the United States—I know that because it’s been prophesied. But, it’s also been prophesied that towards the end of the war, after half the U.S. army has been wiped out, that the boys here from the west will go in and save this country. It’s been prophesied already that other countries will look at the United States and say Hmmmmm……look at all the natural resources and all of the potential this land has for us. And, these other countries are going to want to take over this land. I don’t think they are going to want to destroy it with nuclear weapons because it will take a long time to be able to use the land again after that. If these countries come in with a little safer weapons that aren’t radioactive, then they can reuse the land. America is God’s blessed land where God has planted the ancestors of Ephraim. God made promises to Joseph of Egypt and to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and God is going to keep his promises. It’s going to be like Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt and the struggles they had to get into the lands they eventually went into. The people of America have GOT to turn to God. They have GOT to have faith and they have GOT to repent and become active in saving their country with righteousness. That is the only thing that is going to save this country and it takes the people of America being involved—actually doing something to save their freedom.

  62. K. Eleni

    @Greg – Please please please stop allowing these guests who never say anything. Mr. Nenner says he’s all about timings and highs / lows of cycles. He did not give a single date or the value of a high / low for any of the cycles: bond rates, market / dow values, gold/silver, oil, housing. Not a single value for 2023, 2024 or the next 5 years. That’s just wasting 1 hour of all our lives which will never come back.

    Please show that journalistic integrity we all love and do not allow any of these guys to interview till they come prepared with clear dates and market points: this year, next year, next 5 years. Otherwise they are just talking non-sense.

    • Harry

      Nenner does not want to make a wrong call as he has a newsletter to sell – but we get his drift when he says: “Go Long The BRIC’s Countries” (who are all buying gold)!!

      • kostas eleni

        the drift means nothing actionable. Those countries have less than 5% of tbeir assets in gold and are mostly in multi currency cash. Gold alao means nothibg till they have it open in circulation. a gold backed digital.currency is just as fake as you never get a tangible asset

        let’s be honest: we don’t trust the US having the gold it claims, why would anyone trust china or russia’s claims?


    Link for free trial not productive, endless circle.

  64. Patagonia

    Excellent interview high audio quality compared to former videos on ontail and others. So we are in the midst of a war cycle and no one cares? Remembers me to 28.07.14 (First world war start) and 1.9.39 (Second world war start). Excellent beergarden weather, referring to the 1. world war people were used that the majesties were relatives, who would think that Wilhelm II would fight against his english family members?
    Is humanity today really more intelligent and wiser as thousands of years ago? Not sure about that.

  65. Tom T Holiday

    The signs in the heavens suggest that it’s not at all going to be happy camp like Bo Polny says.

    The upcoming eclipses portend Pastor Shane Warren’s prophecy of silver increase and New Madrid (mid-West USA) massive, land splitting earthquake.

    Pastor Warren:

    • JayJay

      Luke 21

  66. Art

    I’ve been watching Mr. Nenner on your show regularly for at least a year and a half and have even subscribed to his website more than once and I don’t understand his work because he’s suppose to go by cycles, and these cycles are not suppose to change, they are set in stone from the formula he uses on historic events and sun spot correlation, however he told us a year ago that he expected gold to hit it’s absolute bottom in the end of last October or beginning of November of 2022, then he moved the absolute bottom to some time in February I believe, then he moved it to May of this year, now he’s saying he’s expecting it to go down more. What use are cycles if he keeps changing them? From what I see he’s just using the same types of tools as a decent day trader as he’s no more accurate then a day trader. I seriously doubt this will be allowed to be posted since every time I post something about a guest that has any relevant criticism at all of any of your guests views you censor me, no matter what name or email I use.

    • The Seer

      Yes I subscribed at one time and received a very short sentence each direction and the direction had already moved. Waste of money and time. Better experts around. In the long run metal has risen. If you hold for decades you win and if you can stay unemotional in the long corrections. has really good reports you can rely on. Also if you buy and sell within the top and bottom 10% of price it’s easier than trying to pick the exact top and bottom. This is a long play. Jim Sinclair stated over 20 years ago gold is for the aftermath- you will have wealth in the rebuild. Martin Armstrong chart shows the turnaround starts 2032. If you cannot afford metal in the zero economy (no banking no internet) stock up on small barter items like bottles of alcohol that don’t need refrigeration, seeds, fertilizer, paper products, postits, ink, soaps, shampoos, naturopath remedies, matches-gas lighters, nut milks, nuts, dried fruit, etc etc
      To barter with farmers and friends. What manual skills can you share? What defense do you have? Ask the divine to empower and protect you at all times.
      I am already feeding low income people. Those who can afford donate to the food banks now.

  67. Johnny Sic

    Cure for holes letting illegals cross into the USA in Texas:

    Have DeSantis, Florida Governor, Send from Florida 10,000 ALLIGATORS, CROCODILES & WATER MOCCASIN’S to the Rio Grand in Texas. Stock the river.

    That will stop them there.

    • Harry

      Also – Warning signs should be put up by the Governor of Texas as he begins to set up 5G towers all along the Texas border with Mexico – along with radar towers that are powerful enough to give those foolish enough to enter – “Cooked Brains”!!

  68. Steve

    Actually, Art, you made me think. Nenner basically has contradicted himself in his earlier predictions and hence his cycles did not predict correctly. Plus, he didn’t have the humility to admit this but waved the war predictions in our face which are interesting but nothing new. Many of us are gold bugs and I used to like to listen to him but he was just pushing his newsletter more than ever and unfortunately I can’t give his predictions any more credence than any trader. Sad to have to admit this.

  69. sammy

    Living outside the USA, it is getting difficult to invest in US ETF’s and stocks as they cahrge 30% withholding tax on profits.
    Really a big hit!
    Does anyone know a clever way round it?

    • Katy Bar

      Buy physical gold with cash – instead of gold ETF’s at a brokerage house!!

  70. Joe Serino

    How are cycles relevant for cheating and manipulating of the gold and silver markets? Can anyone explain this? There is now true market price discovery for gold and silver. What would his cycles say if these were freed from manipulation and the free market took over? Does force majeure even enter the cycles ? I doubt it.

    • Justn Observer

      WHAT IS….force majeure? of course it does….when for whatever reason, especially what ‘APPEARS’ as ACTS OF GOD….one is unable to deliver under contract. geo-engineering? processing plant destruction? NATURAL cycles caused by Grand Solar Minimums, which themselves create cyclical food scaricity, heighten energy needs and the ‘created’ fears due to them by them to herd people into panics to get gold and silver etc…which then CAUSE shortages, crimps normal m1 and m2 money velocity and contracts currency and liquidity and helps ‘them’ pull currency out of the system, and might give ‘them’ a greater ability to push people into ‘their’ planned digital currency agenda? Just say’n….

      Of course, as they say, nothing is more important than your health….so fresh water, access to good food, and energy ARE first, PM can preserve wealth, but what is it, without good health and need provisions… We KNOW our health is under attack, and poor health will only worsen with poor nutrition, toxic and untreated water and what we know is falling out of the sky, and being put into bodys and food supplies… clots , stress, and inflamation in the body over all are being introduced as are POOR CHOICES of food, along with ones bodies aging after 25 or so. So – yeah, the protocols and what is needed to follow them is key ABOVE stashes of cash and PM… and one has to research no further than country that already suffered like what is coming and list the NEEDS AND SHORTAGES that first appeared and caused the most lifestyle problems, like in Venezuela. And in places of extreme latitudes away from equatorial zones, those needs will be compounded as to energy needs, and food growing abilities… Cyclical qccurrences are taking place, and they historically due lead to wars, shortages, regime collapse…and ‘losses of the mandate from heaven’. Cyclical mapping timelines are REAL, biblical or not which have given to pagan as well as more modern belief systems as to religions honoring the SUN or MOON and their calendars…etc. Clearly, some thought tracking solar cycles was important enough to leave hieroglyphical messages, build structures like stonehedge which led to ‘Astro theology’ and zodiac symbology. Venus, Mars, Saturn ARE focal points for a reason. As so may ‘re-legions point to the heavens…and the stories of ISIS RA and El ohim, AMEN? AND why is it ‘they’ chose to leave out the BOOKOF ENOCH? IS RA EL and so may solstice holidays, rites of fertility of man and crops. THERE ARE, places on earth that have fared better than others, – LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION = for Interactive Maps, Past Weather, and Compare Cities ? …. IMO, the border crossers are going the wrong direction both into the U.S. and Europe. Yeah, thinking down the line IT WILL BE Mexico that will built the wall…lol Some great archeological finds down that way for sure, see = Steve Quayle,
      As to the current needs of one’s body to help fight the fibrin situation and clots …God has given us great enzymes in the food he has created so just put them also high on your list as well…
      One can leave the ASTROLOGICAL to those that study such…and try to glean the knowledge hidden used by the wealthy and religious holding the historical records of those cycles ‘they’ are aware of…and USE to front run coming events or learned to ‘create’ ie, geo-engineering to get the desired effects ‘they’ can profit from. Entities do not spend tens of millions building dams in deserts unless ‘they’ know something is coming, OR they are planning to put the water there.
      Reading many of the comments, the grid going down is mentioned quite often…yet gathering a good library is rarely mentioned.

  71. Stan

    I told you to short Gold, but you laughed.

    • Greg Hunter


      I am still laughing. You were shorting old at $1,200 per ounce. You lost crap loads of money and now you are bragging you are getting a bit of that back? PLEASE.


      • Stan

        It ain’t over until the fat lady sings, Greg. Gold has a lot more downside, more than u can imagine.

        • Greg Hunter

          That’s what you said at $1,200.

    • Harry

      Stan – Your getting rich collecting more of these “Zimbabwe” US Dollars??? – – I’m way richer then you Stan – as I have many Trillions of “real” Zimbabwe Dollars!!!

      • Stan

        Grow up Harry – Without Dollars the world economy grinds to a halt

        • Harry

          Exactly Stan – it is like when a Monopoly game comes to a halt and the Monopoly money you have been using can’t buy houses anymore – you wake up to reality and realize you need “real money” to go to the store and buy yourself a Big Mac!!

          • Katy Bar

            You know – Blackrock’s land grab on Maui was probably designed to fleece Oprah Winfrey and other billionaires (since there are a limited number of bridges they can sell in Manhattan) – they probably figured selling a piece of a volcano way out in the Pacific would work just as well as a Ponzi Scheme to garner huge amount of the cash they want “to put into gold” as they manipulate the price lower (probably by having people like Stan tell others “don’t buy yet it is going lower”) – obviously “they don’t want competition as they accumulate gold for themselves” – seeing as how the DSI for both gold and silver is now at 8 (which is a most extraordinary and incredible buying opportunity)!!!

  72. Marie Joy

    Legals and illegals are positioned inside America to destroy and weaken us.
    Americans will be required to take guerilla/kinetic action to survive.
    Buy meds now.
    Expect the grid to go down.

  73. PersonaNonGrata

    Charles Nenner reports people have ‘lost their fortunes’ due to sovereign bonds losing 40% of their value. Sovereign bonds are touted as ‘the safest investment vehicle’. Over the same period, gold has risen and fallen but mostly maintained its dollar value. Hmmm. So, holders of gold bullion are 40% better off than the majority invested in ‘safe’ bonds. Not bad!

  74. Steve Bice

    Does it surprise you that Ford is launching an investigation into engine failures in 2021-2022 Trucks and SUVs after 861 complaints?

    The CDC and FDA are vastly more tolerant of human engine failure.

    Something is very, very wrong.

    Apparently, there are in excess of 1,569,668 Covid-19 vaccine adverse events reported to VAERS.

    1.569m/230M = .0068 or 6.8 tenths of 1 percent.

    Ford Engine Failure: 861/709,000 = .0012 or 1.2 tenths of 1 percent.

    Cars are more important than you…

    • Rodster

      We are being ruled by organized crime. The US Government is a defacto “Crime Syndicate”. That’s why what’s up is down, what’s left is right. Everything in our society is Bass-Ackwards.

  75. Rodster

    “The US Government Is Turning Our Food–meat & vegetables–into mRNA Vaccine Delivery Mechanisms“

    • Katy Bar

      I hear that Salmon “Frankenfish” are also being “additionally genetically engineered” to include “bug DNA” beside being recently modified with other fish chromosomes and growth hormones along with a gene from the eel-like ocean pout – The Director from the FDA publicly stated: “The fish are safe to eat” – but keep in mind that the same FDA also told the public: “That the Covid 19 vaccines (that so far has already killed 17 million people worldwide) were safe and effective”!!!

      • Harry

        The criminals at the FDA told us and Trump that the Covid 19 vaccine “was safe and effective” – yet they damn well knew “there was a problem with the vaccines early on” (that “foreign DNA” was contaminating the vaccines – foreign DNA would not only induce heart attacks and cause cancer but would also combine, alter and modify our human DNA with unknown changes that would be passed on to our children and to all following generations) – the FDA health authorities in a panic had their paid for fact checkers vehemently deny their was foreign DNA in the jabs – stating that “it was impossible” that such foreign DNA could be in the vaccines – yet – here we are once again being presented with the inconvenient truth – in early April 2023 microbiologist Kevin McKernan (a former researcher and team leader for the MIT Human Genome project) stated he found foreign DNA in the Covid vaccine shots – and Dr Buckhault (a molecular biologist and cancer geneticist with extensive experience in DNA sequencing) who initially set out to debunk McKernan’s claims – to his shock replicated and instead verified McKernan’s deadly findings!! – listen to Dr. Buckhault warning local legislators to take immediate action to get the Government to force Pfizer “to clean up their vaccines that are currently harming American’s and other people throughout the world!! –

      • Katy Bar

        The food industry and FDA will tell you that “It Is Safe to Eat Tumors” and are at present growing cultured or cell-based meats by growing animal cells in a solution of fetal bovine serum (FBS) (which is made from the blood of unborn calves taken from pregnant cows and slaughtered to drain the unborn fetus of its blood – to get the cell cultures to grow, some companies are using immortalized cell lines (which technically speaking are precancerous and/or fully cancerous tumors). But “Tumor Burgers” cannot replace the complex mix of nutrients found in natural grass fed beef and dairy – so – if you want to really protect your health (and the environment as growing cell based meats produces more CO2 then raising cows) – skip the “Pseudo Frankenfoods” that require patents – and stick to the natural foods God the Father provided for us in nature!

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Katy,
          “Tumor Burgers”
          You nailed it! Your description is not only accurate but also POWERFULLY off-putting. Watchdoggers should spread the word. ‘Tumor Burgers’ could and should kill this vile industry.

  76. Mohammad

    What happens to elections if Biden enters a major war with Russia /Iran in Syria?


    • Justn Observer

      MoHammad, that’s a pipeline route problem…thinking that area situation is more in the hands of the Muslim and Middle-eastern oil and banking cabals. might as the Mayor of London since the NATO countries energy needs that are already at risk and will soon increase due to the Grand Solar Minimum, will enter the decisions of all leaders as to whether they would ‘go along with’ THAT.! That would directly and near immediately affect the accounts of those in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran’s, and the larger players. Seems who the ‘them’ and the ‘they’ have already worked out the ‘who’ and way forward of those pipelines as well as the inland silk economic trade road routes. Most of the ‘in-fighting’ is getting smaller players in line, securing territory, and who gets cut in on the profits IMHO. Am sure the highest level ‘religious’ leaders, political leaders, and the ‘sovereign?’ wealth stakeholders are all well aware of the ‘stakeholders’ ‘in on it’ -vestments. The ‘reality’ of what is going on, of the internal meeting of the back channel Intel agencies, meeting at the UN, meeting at places like the Bilderberg type, and the ‘boardrooms’ of ‘their’ bankers, hedge fund managers and hand shakers at the G20 would be interesting to compare. Public consumption vs. those secret deals of ‘those’ of the ‘high table’= the bench , or ‘bank’ or as in the bible, the MONEYCHANGERS table. Anyone that thinks the ‘old system’ and that of what ‘they’ hope to re-establish as the ‘NWO’ ever really went away, that many of those ‘old’ ancestral interests and wealth all just disappeared, of the old Persian, Ottoman, Bysantine Roman, etc families, many who still have sovereign grant lands, castles, silent control of their of,really or likely, has not thought or studied things thru. Usecharts and others do a great job of tracking historically important bloodlines, and the intermarriages of them across Europe, Asia, the Middle-East. When one compares who ‘they’ deem the ‘deplorables’ of the street, who know not who even their fathers are, to those primary wealth holders, political or religious leadership, some who are, or their spouses that can track ‘their’ unbroken bloodline, some via incest, to concentrate and retain/compound wealth…over regions for 800 to 1200 years, of who even the Pope and Imans kiss ‘their’ hands…really do not have and understanding of reality. In some cases, those in those wars over there, some of those ancestral families were deposed, and ‘the wrong side’ one…but that wealth is still behind those hoping to right those events and ship so to speak…as well. Grudges and Revenge are as great a motivator as Fear and Guilt. Like those Aristocrat English, and German and Dutch who sided against the U.S. but lost (some questions there to that) in the Revolution, 1812, un-Civil War etc…as who MIGHT still believe ‘they’ were cheated of their historical place as such. One can consider the ANGST of some like divison of India and Pakistan, the overthrow of leadership and control at the end of say, what is portrayed in the movie, Larwrence of Arabia. the outing of the Shah of Iran. the toppling of the Romanovs, the butting of heads with Muslims in Philippines. the cabal of those with Ukranian ancestral ties, maybe with angst as to what happen to their families’ holdings at the end of the WW, especially those shipped by via Eisenhower’s Operation Keelhaul? still today? One could go on…
      We can see fingers getting stuck is say other Muslim areas, like Soros in the banking Indonesia…or read just the Wiki on Chiang Kai-shek, working with ancestral wealth families in Japan, fighting on the side WITH Mao, and then against him…seeming to be more an opportunist? But too, then who bankrolled MAO in the first place? and which OLD family War Lords of which regions were opposing either or both those situations? Some insights =
      Sidney Shapiro,
      Israel Epstein,
      Sidney Rittenberg,”’

      FEW read or study real history, and so are ignorant to the underlying real history and underpinnings never put out in the everyday current narratives =-
      In the 9th century, the Persian geographer Ibn Khordadbeh noted the travels of Jewish merchants called Radhanites, whose trade took them to China via the Silk Road through Central Asia and India. He mentioned the presence of Jewish merchants in a number of Chinese cities, and the important economic role they played transporting merchandise as well as transmitting scientific and technological expertise by land and sea all the way from Spain and France via the Middle East to China.[2] The medieval Italian explorer Jacob of Ancona, the supposed author of a book of travels, was a scholarly Jewish merchant who wrote in vernacular Italian, and reached China in 1271m,
      During the period of China’s opening to the West and British quasi-colonialism, the first group to settle in China were Jews who arrived in China under British protection following the First Opium War. Many of these Jews were of Indian or Iraqi origin, due to significant British colonialism in these regions. The second community came in the first decades of the 20th century when many Jews arrived in Hong Kong and Shanghai during those cities’ periods of economic expansion. Many more Jews arrived as refugees from the Russian Revolution of 1917. A surge of Jews and Jewish families was to arrive in the late 1930s and 1940s, for the purpose of seeking refuge from the Holocaust in Europe and were predominantly of European origin. Shanghai was notable for its special area assigned to Jewish refugees, most of whom left after the war, the rest relocating prior to or immediately after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China.
      Many Jews in China converted to Islam and became Hui Muslims. =

      Should end to keep it short here but more need to read study those BEHIND THE current events…to understand the REAL agendas and not the LLC narratives.
      I do not think there is QUITE THE DIVIDE between Muslims and Jews as is portrayed in public media or the ‘real’ hatred between the elite Muslim and Jewish leaders involved in the world banking and trade schemes, but a ruse for public consumption to effect the required chaos and deflection for the ‘REAL’ plans as to pipelines, trade corridors etc.

      People need to get the numbness out of their thinking and embrace REALITY at some point? Wars ARE the Greatest evil ! and as they say, nothing is by coincidence…in politics…it is PLANNED for some reason… get reading =
      and while your at it, get some repair manuals, chemistry books, mechanical engineering, husbandry, gardening, medicinal herbs, and look on YT for repairs of most likely problems with appliances and cars etc…and buy old models for parts, computer chips one might need IF things go the way some say. OR/AND get that SOC Clif High put out there, YOU likely will never know or have all the tools for you needs when such a time might come. ‘NO MAN IS AN ISLAND’ comes to mind. Trust in Jesus, YES…. but I think HE expects you to DO your part!

      • Mohammad

        I lived my childhood with Christians, Armenians, and Damascus had a large jewish community and we never had any problems…

        My fear is when Biden/Obama’s back is against the wall and Trump is catapulting forward despite all the political legal warfare and seems he is going to secure the 2024 bid for POTUS , they ( Obama and his green hats assigned Generals after all the sweeping firing he did when he was a president if you recall)) will pull nuclear war card with Russia that can ignite in Syria.

        We had today a test for national alert that coincided with a national alert connected on the same day in Russia…COINCIDENT???????


    • Justn Observer

      Mohammad, likely you have a better idea than ‘slow Joe’ on what is REALLY going on in Syria….it would be interesting if the WH media would bother to even ask him to give ‘his’ opinion and knowledge as to what the backstory really is pertaining to oil interests and who REALLY even legally owns the rights to those fields and the oil thereunder! Looks like a Kermit Rosevelt-Shah of Iran/CIA deal going on to me..but what do I know? and clearly, I do not even pretend to know ! Am sure the bankers likely do…as someone/entity is ensuring and insuring the funding and assets for what is going on…..

  77. bloglogician

    I think Nenners point was – if you take away the credit card then america can’t afford to even start war or conduct it properly so they lose before they start.

  78. Zvi

    Nenner cycles are not working !
    Last time He said gold is good investment’ it going to go up above 2000$.
    gold is down under 1900$’ and Nenner bearish on gold, not going up for a year !
    People lost money on is advice.

  79. George King

    Watch “Russia Tests New Laser Weapons That Could Change Everything” on YouTube

  80. michael

    ressurection of loved ones
    Will one see thier loved ones again? Ever wondered that? learn how this will happen in a future. It will be very exciting to see loved ones again. Here is your free copy on and 2 videos to view on how this will take place

  81. G.King

    Watch “Putin On Soviet “Mistake”, West’s “Shock” At Stronger Russia, China; “Trump Prosecution Exposed US”” on YouTube

    Watch “Douglas Macgregor – Seizing Odessa and Kharkov” on YouTube

    Zelenskyy: From Hero to Zero w/ Col Doug Macgregor” on YouTube

  82. GH

    How can an individual accurately cycle manipulated metals markets? Little confused here when the PTB have the capability to take it where they want it to go .

    • Harry

      No cycling is necessary – you should never sell your gold – just keep accumulating it and hold for the “Reset”to take place – only if you run short of cash for something critical (like food) would you sell an ounce in an emergency before the reset to make ends meet – but the objective for owning gold is to hold it past the Reset – even if the gold price gets up to $50,000 per ounce before the Reset “you don’t sell it” because that high price simply means we are getting very close to a Reset (where US dollars you accumulate will be as worthless as Zimbabwe dollars) – for after the Reset you would be very lucky to get a glass of beer for $50,000 worth of Zimbabwe US dollars) – “After the Reset takes place” and we have “real money in circulation that does not lose purchasing power” – that’s when you can begin to sell some of your gold!!

    • Shirl

      Hi GH,

      Perhaps, avoiding the concern of the “cycle” of the metals market is a better approach?

      Dollar Cost Averaging is a proven long term approach.

      To unconfuse you, in this strategy there is no worry of the fiat cost with the ups and downs in the cycle, which means you end up accumulating a “stack” as they say, while brilliantly transferring ever increasingly worthless fiat for real.

  83. Lady Au Stackers United

    Time for a dose of Peter Schiff

  84. paul anthony Dodo

    hi greg i havnt posted much here in the past year or so . but i still watch you regulary .. i guess i dont post much any more becuase while i think there will be chaos and destruction and probably civil watr coming i donyt feel like it can be stopped i pray daily and hope for the best the audacity of klause slobs and friends is outstanding i imagine there is a special place in hell for people who think they can run the world better than God .. it wont and cant work and i have litterally given my troubl;es to him and pray daily its not the only thing we can do but the best thing we can do is pray world wide in unity .. hope you and your are doing well

    sincerly Paul Anthony Dodo

  85. RichZ

    October 3, 2023
    IRS Hits MyPillow With Five Audits: Mike Lindell

    September 26, 2023
    Mike Lindell Pleads For Help as MyPillow ‘Crippled’ by American Express
    American Express has taken “our credit line from a million dollars down to $100,000” which “just cripples” the company.

  86. Shirl

    Farms and Food Production are under attack by the Glo-BULList PSYCHO EVIL FREAKS FRAUDS AND FOOLS…would be fantastic to hear back from frequent guest Alex Newman who discusses the above insanity being pushed worldwide by the Glo-BULL Warming EVIL LYING TOOLS of satan and REAL Money >>>Gold and Silver…heads up “STAN”:

    • Katy Bar

      WE Are Under Attack by Very Evil Globalists – therefore just like in a chess game “we have to go after the King” – we don’t need to create a revolution which is what the Globalists want – all we need to do is take out and put out of commission and put in check the Globalists “Command and Control Centers” (like Blackrock, Soros, Gates, etc., etc.) – that is how we win this game where Christian parents are now being declared ‘Terrorists” by these Globalists (because they support Trump or because they think they own their own children) – the evil Globalists tell us that all children belong under their wing and should forever be under the tutelage of their leading Story Time Queer –×0/filters:no_upscale():max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/Baphomet_The_Satanic_Temple_Salem_2048x1-b50ba6ccb9da4818b498abcbe1f966fc.jpg

  87. Marie Joy

    Stand or die.

  88. Greg Morrissey
    Its about to get really bad

    I have already sent you 2 other articles on please post them and warn all.

  89. Jose Gallardo

    I just listened to Mike Adams interview with you on and I wanted to let you know that you should consider promoting infrastructure that makes people less dependent on cars as a solution to bad drivers because many people don’t have the will or competency to drive or are feeling less than ideal but they still need to get places so they do it anyways and put everyone at risk.

    We should embrace protected bike lanes and infrastructure, good public transit including high speed rail and better bus service etc.

    I have a dangerous street where I go to college and I fear for my life crossing it so I decided to look for a safer crossing and found a better although not great alternative and I have to do one giant loop to the bus stop instead of a direct path just because the direct path involves a murder crosswalk.

    Of course I don’t walk, I get on my electric skateboard and travel like a mile or a half a mile down the road only to travel a mile back up the road to the bus stop and to me it’s all worth it if it makes me safer but at the same time what the hell is this infrastructure that it imposes me to go to great lengths to avoid danger?

    We should build more like the Netherlands and Denmark.

  90. John G

    Mr Nenner says in every interview that Taiwan is logically a part of China. There is no clear historical data that Taiwan was a territory of the Ming dynasty. In the 1600s European traders were expelled to Taiwan from islands in the Taiwan straights because it was considered beyond the confines of the Ming Dynasty. Until that time, the majority inhabitants were the aboriginal people who were not ethnically Chinese but rather more closely related genetically to the Polynesians. The first significant migration of ethnically Chinese people did not occur until the mid 1600s with the Hakka from Fujian. In the final years of the Ming dynasty, Ming loyalists drove the Dutch from Formosa (Taiwan) and planned to use it as a safe base from which to continue fighting the Manchu empire on the mainland. The Manchu Qing dynasty faced continual rebellions in Taiwan for the next 200 years. Subsequently, Taiwan was a colony of Japan for the 50 years prior to WWII.

    • Self Exiled

      The aboriginal people of Taiwan still exist and live in the mountains. I had an opportunity to teach English in their schools in 2011. Decided to see more of Asia not knowing if I could return again. Visited the Dutch fort in Taipei, now a museum. Thank You for your post.

  91. John g

    Someone can correct me here if I am wrong, but, even during the Qing dynasty. China never controlled the entire territory of Taiwan and failed in its attempts to subjugate the native aboriginal population.

  92. Paula

    We have been shown
    No excuses
    Be ready

  93. Led Skeleton

    source: USTreasury
    10/4/2023 $33,477,960,047,805.47
    9/12/2023 $32,979,921,616,712.66

    Fed says 0% chance of recession in 2024.
    Does the Fed also think the United States won’t even exist in 2024.

  94. Bill Wilson

    Marjorie Taylor Green asked Trump to be “Speaker” of the House. Trump said he would do it, for a interim amount of time (6 months?). Trump, his number 1 goal, is to be President Again. I think it would be fantastic if Trump becomes “Speaker”. Someone else said, if Trump becomes Speaker, he could deal heavy blows to the DEMS, because he has Supoena power. That person, never explained how that would work! Things are looking up!!! Alex Jones interviews MTG here:

  95. Joe Fonseca

    Greg, there is a gentleman by the name of Brent Johnson, he has an opinion about the dollar called the dollar milkshake theory. Very reputable man. I have seen his views on YouTube. You really need to have him on to get a really good idea where the dollar is going. No one else is really talking about the dollar the way he is. Really enjoy your guests and your show.

  96. Stephen

    I re-listened to this after the Gaza War got kicked off on Saturday – Nenner mentions the ‘Iron Dome’. Big fail on the Iron Dome. No lasers used that I can see. But he was right about one thing! We do now have another war on tap! So yes, the war cycle is definitely here NOW.

  97. jochen knaebel

    two weeks ago i told you he is rong ,gold will go up ,not down. this guy buy his information ,buy martin armstrong. there is no own cycle

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