We Are at War Right Now – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), says, “We are at war right now, and they are trying to kill us.”

Fitts is not talking about war with the Russians, but satanic Deep State globalists who are spraying us, injecting us and, at the very least, bankrupting us.  CAF explains, “We are in a war. . . . What this is about is the ‘Great Poisoning’ with spraying aluminum overhead, nano particles in the food, they are trying to feed us insects and synthetic food and inject us with secret ingredients. What about this is not obvious? . . . Stop worrying about the collapse is going to come or the war is coming.  It’s here, you are in it.  This is what it feels like, and I am not saying it cannot get worse, but this is now.”

What about sky high inflation coming?  CAF’s analysis considers increasing all-death mortality from the vax and other poisons “We the People” are being exposed to.  This is going to have a big effect on inflation in the coming years, and it’s not what you think.  Fitts explains, “I am going to be a really bad guy.  We have serious inflation baked into the cake through the monetary policies, but you have to consider accelerated deaths from the ‘Great Poisoning.’  Those deaths are very deflationary.  This will force a great deal of capital to the next generation.  Depending on deflation from the deaths, that offsets inflation tremendously.  It’s already offset it tremendously. . . . I think what we are looking at is much bigger than just the injections.  I think the ’Great Poisoning’ is a much more complex, long-lived process, and that’s what’s going to hit.”

CAF dives deep on how you can fight back and survive the evil being done to “We the People.”  Think local everything.  CAF identifies who is doing evil to us and how we can cut off the money financing this evil.  She also tells who the most important elected official is in every county in America and why you need to care who gets elected into this position.”

CAF says you must be knowledgeable and up to date about what is happening.  In closing, CAF says, “I used to have a pastor that said if we can face it, God can fix it.  I think reality is the doorway we have to walk through to find the pathway. . . , One of the reasons it has gotten as bad as it has gotten is many of us pretended it was not going on.”

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with the Publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts. (4.16.22)

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After the Interview:

There is much free information on Solari.com.

You can get way more cutting-edge analysis from Catherine Austin Fitts and “The Solari Report” by becoming a subscriber.

To read Catherine’s tribute to the late great Rob Kirby, click here.

To watch the last video interview with Rob Kirby on USAW, click here.

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  1. Pilot87

    I keep telling people here that the Council on Foreign Relations runs the Americas and is one of three parts of the Trilateral Commission that is ruling the world today. They are after, and will get, a ONE WORLD GOV. They control the US NOW. Com Quickly Lord Jesus.

    • Anthony Australia

      Unvaxxed Aussies Can’t Leave The Country Because Of Treaty With World Health Organization.


    • Paul

      Hi pilot
      Happy Easter everyone

      “They control us now”

      Not without your approval!!!
      Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.

      When dealing with wolves you better be one, or your eaten.

      This is war, not a novel or dissertation.

      Paul from arkansas

      • SOD

        The problem with ‘our citizenry’ is they are unaware that they are residing under a three-part curse. Most have heard of the first part of this Chinese curse, namely:
        1. May you live in interesting times?
        But they are soon to discover there’s a bit more wished upon us:
        2. May you come to the attention of those in authority.
        And finally,
        3. May you find what you are looking for.
        From what I’ve witnessed to date; I’m not all that optimistic that this generation is up to any of one of these challenges, much less all three! Tuff choices are coming, SOD

        • Paul

          Thanks for reply and understood.

          Then the war is brought to them in every conceivable way.

          It takes but a few cows to move the herd.
          And we have more than a few cows.

          And those who resist may be doomed.
          So be it

          Paul from arkansas

          • Tin foil hat

            I thought Trump is one of those few cows. I WAS WRONG!

      • Joshua

        Hello Paul, I’d add that the fighting mindset of many more must awaken. “Freedom isn’t Free” and this powerful phrase and it’s meaning doesn’t just apply to the military or it’s function, it also includes the civilian militia who are all citizens. Everyone. Many verses from the Bible teach us this from being truthful to justifiable self-defense to being prepared in the taking up of arms – the sword. President Trump has the correct mindset in the “draining the swamp” doctrine that he truly had some success with in America. He had awakened many (not all, yet) and opened eyes around the world on this too. Unfortunately “the swamp” all around the world and is filled with hidden swamp things and vipers of all stripes including RINO’S in America (we all know now who they are) that after given the opportunity to rise to the occasion, crumpled up and folded over like cheap suits.
        The problem with “The Swamp” boils down to the fact that it is up to us, not relying on the vipers who reside there who turn on us to bite us all too often after having placed our good faith in them to do their jobs as legally elected officials..it is really perplexing to me is that in America as it is a legal requirement that before any individual may hold an official position of public office the individual must Swear An Oath of Office of allegiance before they can be legally placed into the position of responsibility and power…seems all too common that the oath vanishes the second their hands leave the Bible! Are Oath Breakers legal office holders after they break their oaths?
        U.S. Code – Oath Of Office
        “An individual, except the *President, elected or appointed to an office of honor or profit in the civil service or uniformed services, shall take the following oath: “I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” This section does not affect other oaths required by law.” *The US President has the same requirement but, “… takes after assuming the presidency but before exercising or carrying out any presidential powers or duties.”
        Happy Easter everyone and Thank you Greg and your Excellent Guest in this latest episode of powerful truth, thank you, thank you, and thank you again!!

        • Paul

          One of the last great world leaders,

          “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

          What can you do for your country?

          It’s better to fight for something in life than to die for nothing.

          Freedom and liberty is for us to protect!!

          Paul from arkansas

        • Earth Angel

          I bought a great t-shirt from World Beyond War. It states: FREEDOM ISN’T FREE – It will require a nonviolent movement to shut down the military industrial complex. I absolutely LOVE IT!

    • Clint Young

      The 10 Kings control the world. They hate the end time whore named “Babylon the Great”. They will destroy her in one hour. Most likely this end time Babylon is the USA. A new world order is coming but the USA will not have its hand in it.

      The remaining days of the USA are very short as the Daniel 7:5 bear is arising to take her down.

  2. John Botha

    The problem with the COVID death shots, is a lot of people trusted there doctor, I think what this fake pandemic taught us is we can’t trust the government, media, doctors, police, and we can’t put our economic energy into a system that taxes it’s citizens to poverty, there needs to be a white country only, no Freemasons, and well all see the progress, in 10 years the richest country in the world

    • Chris

      Most Freemasons are “white” I believe. How does that fit in to your Utopia? Will they have to declare Freemasonry at the border? Didn’t you hear Catherine say: the most intelligent people on the planet are East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, etc. and incidentally, Jews, though it wasn’t mentioned). Frankly, on that basis alone, your all “white” country would not necessarily be a success story. Unless it’s predominantly populated by Italians, by what was said here.

      • Ryan

        Chris, you are aware that “whites” have no country of our own, yes ? There is not one nation that is free of this tyranny and is white controlled. There are groups and organizations that want to destroy us, this is very obvious. We are being given no escape. I would hate for people like yourself to get caught on the wrong side of this. Now would be the time to adjust your perspective on things because every day we move closer to a time where silly talk about IQ and world events that took place before any of us were born will itself be a luxury nobody can afford, especially yourself.

        • Pete+only

          Ryan, the closest countries these days to being white are Poland and Hungary.
          They have consistently rejected the European Union’s demands to accept third world refugees, although, they have been accepting Ukranian Refugees in recent months, and have been before the official war.
          These 2 countries are much safer than most other countries in Europe.
          There are some minorities in these countries of course, but not in the millions.
          Their economies have had significantly more growth than many other European nations, and irronically people in other parts of Europe until the war anyway, were flocking to these countries for security, a decent cost of living, and many to the high tech industries there.

          • Kosslowski

            You’re absolutely right. Unfortunately these countries are members of the EU. And what most of the people don’t know is that the EU are going to become the new Sowjetunion. The fall of the Sowjetunion and its satellite Staates was a fake. It’s called comminist long-term strategy. I deeply recommend the below mentioned two videos. It takes about 90 minutes. After watching is, there will be no doubt left. It’s not imaginable that the leaders of the countries are not informed about it. It’s all from a book that Anatoly Golitsyn wrote 1980. He predicted the fall of the Sowjetunion and much more. It’s even an eye opener for the rest of the world.

    • Jello

      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!! Stop with the skin color delineation. That falls right into the divisiveness that the powers-that-should-NOT-be want. They want to divide & conquer. DO NOT fall for it!
      Humanity will not survive as long as they can divide us.

  3. Baregil de Gomçesval

    What a woman!!!, thanks for bringing her to us Gregg.

  4. Anthony Australia

    Happy Easter from Australia Greg.
    Thanks so much for your work.
    ‘Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.’
    Spare a thought for the citizens of Ukraine and the great work by an independent journalist by the name of Patrick Lancaster.

  5. J in Europe

    Hi Greg,
    Catherine us right – everyone alive is here for a purpose. Please don’t pretend you can’t feel that something is wrong. Too many strange events are taking place. Rest assured that there is only one way out. It is not material wealth, power, social status or anything tangible. You have been told repeatedly “I am the way and the truth and the light – nobody comes to the father except through me”! A relative was diagnosed with a very serious cancer this week and he is terrified. I’m a surgeon and I’m amazed. Why be afraid if you know the way out? Get your house in order for you don’t know know the day or the hour. Remember there is goodness inside everyone- including all your listeners. Pray hard and cleanse your soul.
    God bless you.
    J in Europe

    • Brooklyn

      WOW! J, that was beautiful. “ Jesus is real! Cleans your soul”

      He has Risen. We will preserve!

      • Brooklyn

        Ahhh…. and “persevere” too…;)

    • Jerry

      I was diagnosed with stage four small cell lung cancer with one percent chance of survival on 11/04/21. By the grace of God, and this information that was shared with me on Greg’s site, I’m still here.

      Easter has special meaning to me this year. God bless my lord and savior Jesus Christ, and Greg for having the courage to have this free platform.

      • Coal Burner

        You are a fighter, I bet you get up and put on the armor of God everyday. I want to hear about it next Easter too.

        • Ray

          Keep throwing out the left jab Jerry.
          You inspire us all mate.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

      • J in Europe

        I am delighted you are here. Anything is possible. Personally, I met someone who was wheelchair-bound and on a stretcher for 20 years. She was unable to walk or stand up and was incontinent. One day, her husband took her to a church / shrine close to me on a stretcher and after the service, she stood up and walked out – perfect in every way since that moment. I thought she was crazy (I’m a doctor) but I spoke to her at length and she assured me she is not a “Holy Joe”. She has no idea how it happened. Reluctantly, she gives lectures and the most common question she is asked is: “Where can I find a husband like yours who stuck by you for 20 years?” This lady is the real deal and so are you. Anything is possible and my conversation with her changed my life. I will never doubt again. Stay safe and believe. You too are special. J

    • Jerry

      I was diagnosed with stage four small cell lung cancer with one percent chance of survival on 11/04/21. By the grace of God, and this information that was shared with me on Greg’s site, I’m still here.

      Easter has special meaning to me this year. God bless my lord and savior Jesus Christ, and Greg for having the courage to have this free platform.

    • leo

      wow very nice comment thanks for the simple words of hope.

    • Laura McDonough

      Agree, besides people who are informed need to get their house in order, take care of personal business (wills, other legal papers, ) maybe sell house and rent if older, or move to the countryside. Take money out of the bank to buy extra food, ammo, gardening supplies, and other prep items. Some have purchased night vision and protective vests. Get rid of useless stuff, make room for essentials. Get all medical stuff done if needed, and extra medicines, incl first aid supplies, gun cleaning supplies, etc. Canned meats shoudl be stocked up on. Pets (cats, smalldogs) can eat from the table if pet food runs out. A couple we know has several lg dogs, had trouble getting bags food recently, large dogs may have to be turned loose if things get bad enough. Families will have to move in w/other relatives in some cases.

    • F. Coop

      J in Europa,
      When Men Say “Peace and Security,” Then Sudden Destruction!
      THE major reason the coming world peace set up by human leaders will be only momentary is because Bible prophecy foretells this. What?
      Writing to Christians nineteen centuries ago, the apostle Paul said these words:
      “The Lord’s day is coming exactly as a thief in the night. Whenever it is that they are saying: ‘Peace’ and security!’ then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape.”​—1 Thess. 5:1-3.
      But why apply this Bible prophecy to present-day peace efforts and pronouncements? Isn’t peace a good thing and does’n the Bible say, “Blessed are the peace-makers”? Don’t the religious leaders of Christendom applaud the efforts now under way in Ukraine? Why, then, would the Bible foretell failure for such false major peace effort’s as appearances seem to be in the making and why “Sudden Destruction” in Our Day?
      Fer one thing, we live in a time clearly marked by the fulfillment of yet other Bible prophecies that point to the arrival of “God’s day” and his divine execution of judgment upon the nations. Because they have been fulfilled, we have basis for conviction that the apostle’s prophecy of “sudden destruction” hard on the heels of a false “peace and security” pronouncement will also be fulfilled in our day.
      As far back as the last couple of the decades of the 1800’s, Christian magazines pointed to the 1900’s as a marked century of world war’s, as the starting point for what the Bible calls “the time of the end.”
      From first world war forward, our very own great grandparents generation has witnessed the “sign” that Christ Jesus said would identify that period and would preface the foretold ‘day of God almighty.’ The sign he gave had multiple features. Those seeing it could be sure of two things:
      First, that this sign would be the prelude to a “great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now, no, nor will occur again.” And secondly, that those seeing the sign could positively “know that the kingdom of God is near,” so near that the observing generation would “by no means pass away until all things occur.”​—Matt. 24:21; Luke 21:31, 32. That generation is now we’ll past one hundred years and running on fumes.
      So what was this multifeatured sign? Do we now see it? And have people in fact been seeing it from WWI on? Compare its features, found at Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, and Revelation 6, with events and conditions of our oldster’s generation below;

      Nation rises against nation in global warfare (Matt. 24:7; Rev. 6:3, 4)

      Military analyst H. W. Baldwin in the book World War I states: “World War I [1914-1918] ushered in the century of Total War, of​—in the first full sense of the term—​global war. . . .”

      The late president Nixon pointedly pointed out, that just since the end of World War II one hundred or more wars have been fought up to his presidency.

      Massive food shortage, spiraling prices and famine (Matt. 24:7; Rev. 6:5-8)

      In the same period, from WWI on, despite agricultural advances, food costs have soared upward. Famine has spread throughout the earth, at times dramatically, more often through slow, less conspicuous​—but nonetheless killing—​malnutrition.

      A New York Times report shows that just in this century alone malnutrition-caused illnesses were striking down 10,000 persons in some part of the world every day​—over 3,500,000 every year. People in industrialized lands may balk at believing it, but it is still true: one out of every three persons on earth today is either slowly starving or suffers from malnutrition and with the recent supply chain disruption’s and president Biden’s recent forecast of coming food shortages in the United States, what can the poor in the third world expect?
      Deadly plagues reaching epidemic proportions (Luke 21:11; Rev. 6:8)

      Even without considering the “Spanish influenza” epidemic of 1918-1919, which killed 21,000,000 persons in a matter of months, or the recent cooked up patented weaponized Kung flu scam and it’s countermeasure, to finish the job, the real and deadly experimental jab. We cannot deny that our own generation has been poisoned with more cancer, heart disease, mental ailments, venereal disease, drug addiction and pollution poisoning in genuinely epidemic proportions, much more so than that greatest generation now on they’re last legs, that will see the end to this wicked and poisoned system.
      Earthquakes in one place after another (Matt. 24:7)
      Virtually every year now brings one or more major quakes in some part of the earth. Entire towns have been wiped out in Peru, Iraq and other lands in just the past few years. Since the beginning of that marked generation over a million persons have lost their lives in earthquakes.
      Increasing of lawlessness (Matt. 24:12)
      We live in what many are now calling an “Age of Increasing Violence.” Life was never more insecure, particularly in large Democratically controlled cities around the U.S. Now even in republican strongholds, crime is also increasing rapidly, in suburbs and rural areas. Sex crimes are increasing at our borders and sexual immorality seems to know no limits, even in polite society; it reaches farther and farther into the lower age groups, through the teens on into the pre-teen age group, to kindergartener’s being secularly manipulated to explore the possibility of choosing a different sexual gender, to please the teachers union!
      Good news of the Kingdom preached in all the earth (Matt. 24:14)
      During this same period from the days of world till today, the greatest publicity campaign in history has been carried on earth wide in announcing God’s kingdom has begun active rule from the heavens and will shortly take control of all the earth. “Christian witnessing has literally covered the earth with the truth, just as journalism has turned to expounding propagandist falsehood, money sure talk’s!
      The result? Not world conversion, for that is not what the Bible foretold. Instead, Jesus’ prophecy says: “ And this gospel of the kingdom will be …
      This Good News of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world for a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come_ NIV. Young’s Literal Translation and this good news of the reign shall be proclaimed in all the world, for a testimony to all the nations; and then shall the end arrive. Matthew 24:14
      As the rest of the Bible shows, the “end” refers not to the end of planet Earth nor of all the inhabitants on it. It refers to the destruction of a world system of things that has been unrighteous from its start.
      Refusing to be guided by God’s law and to settle their differences by it in peace, for thousands of years men have made this earth a battlefield in which, not justice, but ‘might makes right.’ They struggle to gain or retain commercial advantage, political influence and power, or expansion of territorial rights. They give vent to religious prejudice, nationalistic pride or racial hatred. And to accomplish these selfish aims they have not held back from ruthless killing, almost invariably accompanied by looting, raping and other acts of cruelty. Can we believe that the Almighty God will never require an accounting for all this? Could he merit our trust and worship as a God of righteousness if he did not?

      • Coop

        Oopsy Daisy,
        During this same period from the days of [world war] till today, the greatest publicity campaign in history has been carried on earth wide in announcing God’s kingdom has begun active rule from the heavens and will shortly take control of all the earth. “
        FORGOT TO PUT WAR IN THERE! Sorry, oop’s.🙄

        • J in Europe

          Dear F,
          Please remember “Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil, for You are there with Your rod and Your staff, with these you give me comfort.” – my own translation. J

      • i: a man; travis moss

        i believe in my humble opinion that most of matthew 24 is referring to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70a.d and that the end of age is referring to the end of temple worship; chuck baldwin has a sermon on the destruction of Jerusalem

  6. TIM

    CAF forgot this

  7. ron

    Greg you should watch israel news live.the dots are connected no more mystery.very interesting.love your work

  8. Ed

    Video will not play for me on Android.Here or on rumble.no problems on any other site. But thank you for having Me.Fitts on. She is my personal favorite.

    • Greg Hunter

      Try a different browser.

  9. Raymond Shupena

    Great interview Greg

  10. George W Varsamis

    Smartest woman around

  11. Kenneth Noga

    If you get a bicycle, get a helmet also, Happy Easter!!!

  12. Jeanne

    Thank You, Greg, for having Catherine Austin Fitts on tonight. The interview was amazing. Thank You for educating me about what is going on in the world.
    You, too, are a “national treasure”.
    I wish you and your family a Happy Easter. God Bless You ✝️🇺🇸✝️

  13. Paul Anders

    Can barely hear you at times…

  14. Paul Anders

    Can barely hear you at times…
    Keep up the great work though!

    • Paul Anders

      On another note, go to NIH.GOV and in the search bar put in Ivermectin and Cancer.
      Ivermectin is way more than a horse dewormer I can tell you that.

      • Mungo

        Darn near a miracle drug that has been hidden from us.

      • Southern Girl

        Paul Anders,
        Thanks, I cannot wait to show this to my sister who is a nurse. I told her I took Ivermectin when I was going to be around a lot of people who had the jab. Her response, ‘Oh! you mean the dewormed pill for horses.” And SHE is the NURSE???? I’m thinking the guy who discovered it was a Nobel Peace Prize winner for 2015! What is wrong with this picture?

        • Ray

          Hi Southern Girl,
          Happy Easter to you and yours.
          The direction of your post is correct, however, it wasn’t the Nobel peace prize that was awarded. It was the Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine.

          Source: https://www.nature.com/articles/nature.2015.18507

          “Three scientists who developed therapies against parasitic infections have won this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

          The winners are: William C. Campbell, a microbiologist at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey; Satoshi Ōmura, a microbiologist at Kitasato University in Japan; and Youyou Tu, a pharmacologist at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing.”

          Keep throwing out the left jab SG…….I always enjoy reading your comments.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

          • Southern Girl

            Thanks for the correction. As a retired educator I always like to give out the correct information.

        • Wanda

          Hi I want to get this de wormer, the only place I can think of buying horse paste is at a farm supply store, and at this late would there be any left to purchase. two years ago a person could buy it on line, from a DR but that link no longer works for me. Do you have any suggestions? Sure would appreciate any!

  15. Non Nomen

    Loving all your interviews, God Bless You for all you do.
    I am having trouble finding links from your emails or website to the corresponding Bitchute videos. Was that intentional?

  16. Ricardo Casal

    Hello Greg,
    I can’t use the Like button! I don’t know if it’s me – my computer – or another problem. By the way, thanks for the great job you and your friends are doing.

  17. Michael

    I dont think its California, its Colorado and Gov Jared Polis that passed the post-birth murder of babies. God help us.

    • Laura McDonough

      Michael: women (harlots) who get repeated abortions and /or allow their babies to be killed after being born, need to be surgically sterilized because they are unfit to ever be moms. These babies are sold for body parts.

  18. David Bagley

    Yes.. it hurts that Rob Kirby is gone from us..he was shining the light on evil.

  19. David Bagley

    I do not trust any advocate of our govt…who will not tell the truth about the secret societies in our govt

  20. Michel Beaulieu

    your average IQ is 100…. 100 is the baseline

  21. Mary Beth Williams

    I also live in Guilford County. I will definitely vote for Randy.

  22. Microwave Radiation Expert

    Greg, that small flip phone you displayed gives you 4000 times the safe limit to be near Microwave Radiation…that phone, still is dangerous to handle, view the screen and be near it in a room. People think ditching their smart phones will make them safe with an older technology design, however these NEW flip phones are just as dangerous as their smart brother because they need 5G to be able to operate. Less screen time and use will result when using these flip styles and that is a desirable trend reducing exposure to Microwave Radiation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mine is a 3 g phone.

      • Kevin

        I consult in the area of EMF Safety from the standpoint of Building Biology. The safest cell phone on the planet in terms of reduced microwave radio frequency radiation is the new Mudita Pure.
        Please feel free to contact me off-screen if you would like to discuss ways to make your home and office safer and more relaxing. Blessings!

  23. Rodster

    Awesome interview Greg !

    Greg, how about interviewing John O’Looney who’s a UK Funeral Director? He claims that the bodies he’s receiving have died from the vaccines and even showing blood clots in those as he calls them, “murder victims”.

    Here’s an earlier interview that got censored on YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIWul_nbMu8&t=0s


    Love Greg Love Catherine

  25. Gelo

    Much love, Mr. Greg.
    Thank you for everything you do. I hope to be a contributor soon.

  26. Wayne Todd

    Thanks Greg for one of the best interviews you have ever had on your program – as a Canadian I was very proud of Rob – the last part of your show did bring a tear or two I can’t lie. It’s programs like yours that will see us through the coming hell. Keep up the great work.

  27. TxMetrix

    Hi Greg. Love you, Catherine.

    Meaning of Solari is extremely interesting (and ancient). And it is connected to some other critical words associated with human connection and roles.

    I believe the key word is actually both Greek and Latin based. Consolari is the plural of consolare. Derived from French consoler, from Latin consolari, which is from CON + SOLARI (“to soothe”), late 14c., “that which consoles;” c. 1400, “act of consoling, alleviation of misery or distress of mind, mitigation of grief or anxiety,” from Old French consolacion “solace, comfort; delight, pleasure” (11c., Modern French consolation), from Latin consolationem (nominative consolatio) “a consoling, comfort,” noun of action from past-participle stem of consolari “offer solace, encourage, comfort, cheer,” from assimilated form of com-, here perhaps an intensive prefix (see com-), + solari “to comfort” (see solace)

    “comfort in grief, consolation,” late 13c., from Old French solaz “pleasure, entertainment, enjoyment; solace, comfort,” from Latin solacium “a soothing, assuaging; comfort, consolation,” from solatus, past participle of solari “to console, soothe,” from a suffixed form of PIE root *selh- “to reconcile” (source also of Greek hilaros). Adjectival form solacious is attested 16c.-17c.

    On a more humorous note: Consigliere (Con – Solari) and the Godfather

    If you’re a fan of The Godfather series of movies, the character Tom Hagen may have already come to mind. Hagen, the Corleones’ family lawyer, is famously dismissed by the Don’s successor and son Michael Corleone because he is not a “wartime consigliere.” The word consigliere comes from Italian and has been a part our language since the 17th century; it was originally used of someone who served on a council in Italy. Currently, it is most commonly used to designate advisers to the Mafia—a use that first appeared in English in a document from a 1963 session of the U.S. Senate. It is also often used generally of a political or financial adviser, or any other trusted adviser for that matter.


  28. Anita

    Very good, thank you both.

  29. MacGuy

    Things seem pretty dark on the horizon but somehow Catherine Austin Fitts has a way to inject some hope and wisdom for us all. I really enjoyed this interview and very much needed to hear this right now. I can’t thank you enough for your work and all the information you have provided over the years helping to guide me in making informed decisions. On this Easter observance I would like to give thanks to the Lord for giving us Catherine, Rob and Greg.

  30. Matt Brinck

    I shedded a few tears on this interview. The Rob Kirby Tribute was Beautiful….Catherine always makes complicated things so easy to understand. Thank You both for a heart felt, eloquently given interview.


  31. Benjamin Robinson

    Lost me when she clearly said…. “I don’t believe in prophesy”.

    • Greg Hunter

      She meant her making prophesy not prophesy in general.

  32. Bodych

    Thank you for having such fine, fine guests on your shows. Blessings.

  33. Paul

    Thank you again for another greet interview. It is so hard to find guests like you have elsewhere. Happy Easter

  34. Really Awake

    To me, this situation looks more and more demonic every day. It’s like a Death Cut of Satan. The level of irrationality has crossed over into wicked insanity. Logic, reason and plain everyday common sense has been discarded and replaced with an unholy system of thinking, feeling and acting. Now I know what it was like to live when Noah was building the Ark… Stop, think and look around you. Analyze the current situation and read about Noah. The level of depravity and wickedness is the same now as it was then…

    As the days of Noah were, so, too, the days of the Son of Man [Jesus Second Coming] shall be.

    If you believe in the historical accuracy of the Bible, then you believe that during certian times in history wickedness was the predominate religion of the majority…. History is repeating. History is now repeating in a very big way…

    Speaking of “poison”: Let’s not forget Fentanyl which is killing more than car accidents and gun violence combined. And those who don’t die from Fentanyl are turned into a zombie…. I could give other examples of the modern day Religion of Death and Wickedness.. Spiritual poison is ubiquitous.

    Speaking of food: Do stockpile as much as you can. I have an IQ of 158, and an erudite education to match, and I would advise you to remember the account of The Seven Years of Abundance and the Seven Years of Famine…. There is a valuable lesson in that account. History is full of cycles. And it doesn’t take a genius IQ or an Ivy league education to figure out what part of the cycle we are in…. At best this is going to be something like the Bronze Age collapse. At worst, something like a Biblical judgment, something like the cleansing that happens during The Second Coming….

    Pray, indeed.

    BTW: my wife watches closely the Hollywood show, YellowStone. She watches it as entertainment. I hate the crap out of it. I’ve lived the real Yellowstone life with cow and horse shit on my boots everyday, and the Hollywood version is a Woke Joke to me. A bunch of actors. The real people are so different than the actors. Different in a good way. Kevin Costner and the cast and Hollywood crew are a Godless bunch in real life; and they portray a godless family bereft of goodness. John Dutton, portrayed by Kevin Costner, is a godless, violent man who runs his ranch like Al Pacino ran the family business in the movie, “The Godfather”… Really, Hollywood doesn’t even come close to reality…

    Hollywood, like the mainstream news, like the political class, like the banking cartel, like Wall Street, like the Military Industrial Complex, are all run by Weirdos, Wackos, Sickos and Psychos…

    Get extra food. Get extra water. Medical supplies. Toiletries. Fuel. Portable cook stove. Flash lights. Warm cloths. Shoes. Two years supply is good. I personally have more. Get skills. For example, seeds are worthless without serious gardening skills and a strong back. I’m an agronomist. I’ve actually raised a family (homeschooled the family, too) on a ranch/farm. And it takes both skills and excellent physical conditioning to be a success. And it takes morality, respect and a well structured, honorable family unit….. The opposite of the Kevin Costner fake, phoney fooled-up family.

    Last but not least. Ignore the demon inspired croaking of Hollywood, Washington, the mainstream news, the transgender mentally ill and the godless majority. Store up treasure in Heaven. Do that each and every day….

    • Anthony Australia

      Hi Really Awake.
      This is all a Demonically driven pure evil agenda.

    • Chip

      The thing interesting about Yellowstone tho is that it shows the corrupt corporate take over of the world. The raping of the land in a never ending conquest of greed… Chip

      • Really Awake

        What YellowStone doesn’t show (and what Hollywood never shows anymore) is the true nature of American community ideals that flourished in rural communities during America’s Golden Age….

        For example, the valley I grew up in was filled with farms… Those farms had huge barns. Huge.. Every single one of those barns was built by the entire community… The people got together and built a new barn on weekends, free of charge, sometimes all summer long. All of the 47 covered bridges were community projects. No taxes were collected. The beautiful quality built bridges were done by a homogeneous community who understood the value of community. The fire department was all volunteer. The two one-room schoolhouse(s) were built by volunteers. The teachers were paid, but not like they are nowadays. And the kids got a far, far better education. A real education. An American education. The doctor made house calls. And he did it in the middle of the night when necessary. The community government was unpaid – except for the sheriff.

        The most powerful men in the community were also the best role models. And, they, too, didn’t get paid or expect special favors. They gave free out free favors with no strings attached. They placed more value on having a good name…

        Were there bad people? Yes. Sometimes. Did we have to get the gun out from time to time? Yes. Did the sheriff have to be called in once in a while? Yes. But for the most part it was a wonderful life. Just like in the movie a “Wonderful Life” absent the villainous Lionel Barrymore as Mr. Potter. We had no villains. Neither did any of the other towns and communities nearby.

        If you really want to know what made America great, it was an honorable man, a moral man, ethical man who formed a marrage union with a woman who knew how to be a woman, a mother, a housewife and a family business partner. The strong American family unit made itself part of an all American community which, in turn, was a foundation stone (along with other communities) to form a solid foundation for a state, which, in turn, was how a Great United States of America became great in the first place….. It all traces back to good men and women.

        YellowStone starring, Kevin Costner, is now the sign of the times, and the reason why America is going to crash and burn…. Good men make a good country. Kevin and his ilk turn a good country into excrement. And so do all the rest of the Hollywood leading men, women, homosexuals and mentally deranged transgenders….. We the People aren’t the same people we were. Abd that’s the bottom line.

        • Lynne

          I couldn’t watch more than three episodes of Yellowstone. I found it vulgar ,raunchy and poorly written. I felt it was meant to show ranching and country living in a bad light to this generation. Greg, thanks for having Catherine on, she’s a gem. RIP Rob Kirby you will be missed.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you Lynne for your comments about Fitts and Rob Kirby. Rob Kirby will be missed, he was a good man. Interesting observation on Yellowstone. My wife felt the same way & also stopped watching it.

    • Felix A Renteria

      very well said and you are correct ,hollywood is fake and satanic to the core.Its a good show but when you glorify evil it becomes normal to the mind.GOD bless happy easter.

    • Beverly

      Really Awake,
      Thank you so much for what you say here. I totally agree. We are going back to the days of the pioneers who hand pumped water from wells, who lived without electricity, grew their own gardens, killed their own chickens, made their own quilts, and on and on. What will Americans do when they don’t have so much of what they are used to, provided to them anymore? I think many of them will just go nuts. They will live in denial and steal from their neighbors. So, having some guns around to protect what you have, is important. The parable of the 10 virgins and some having extra oil and some not, is very applicable here. Some of those virgins had to tell the others to go their own. They didn’t give out what they had to their neighbors. Their was a risk and there will be a risk now. People have got to learn to be their own doctors too. Learn herbs. Really, if you have not been preparing for years, then it will be pretty hard once it all comes down. Also, it’s very hard to find a good show on TV nowadays. People taking the name of the Lord in vain all the time. Even on Little House on the Prairie they started doing that towards the end of the series. Little children are learning that kind of language all the time now. Man, where are we going? We have got to teach civility to our kids! Really awake—-thanks for saying things like they are.

  35. The True Nolan

    Catherine Austin Fitts is one of the brightest people out there. Thanks, Greg, for having her as your guest again.

  36. antoinette dawson

    You, two, had me crying at the end. Rob was so loved, as are you both, by those of us who were raised by decent parents who worked for everything that they got. Value the decent people in your life and understand what a gift it is.

  37. George

    I laughed and had tears in eyes good right on time for pass over thanks Greg

  38. Caroline

    Thank you for the upload! I always enjoy your uploads Greg and you always have the best guests! We are headed for a lot, preparing is not foolish at this point in the scheme. Thank you again!

  39. CTDSK1

    Thank you Greg for bringing Catherine on to USA Watchdog, we have been following you both for a number of years now , and appreciate everything that you do.
    You and your guests have been an inspiration and a comfort in these dark times.

    Kind Regards,

    Chris and Sue from New Zealand.

  40. tim mcgraw

    I’m half way through the interview. Great interview! Yes, the Great Poisoning is real. For the past year my wife and I have suffered from having damaged immune systems. We did not take the injections. We eat healthy and exercise. We are about 70 years old living in Sonoma County, California.
    The past year has been pure Hell. My wife’s skin burns and burns. Her hair is falling out. I have a red rash all over my body and my legs and arms are as swollen as Popeye the Sailor Man’s. The itching is driving me mad.
    I’ve tried everything. My wife has tried every lotion, potion, therapy there is. Doctors are useless. They just type away while pretending to listen to you.
    When does the government start to distribute the suicide pills?

    • Mark

      Morgellons is pretty common these days. There are protocols to clean these parasites out of your life.

    • David Brownallen

      Contaminated water, Chemtrails, and radiation exposure come to mind as possible sources.

    • david f.

      The content on this site continues to amaze. Greg, you are fighting the good fight for which every visitor should be thankful. Your public praise to our Lord and Savior is heard here and in heaven which has a reward awaiting you. Tim, I heard a guy complaining about similar symptoms on his blog and he seems to have found the k-cup formulations to be the cause – so look to food allergies maybe?
      Blessed Easter to all. HE HAS RISEN!

    • Ray

      See if a wash / bathe of Colloidal Silver solution on your skin will help with the rash.
      You’ll need to do it daily for at least 10 days. Leave it on your skin to dry……no towels.
      Drink in around 100 mills per day as well as a general tonic. Hold the last mouthful under your tongue for a minute or two before swallowing.
      You can buy a CS generator on line……just be sure you use pure distilled water.
      Give it a go mate.
      Hope things get better for you and your wife.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Bible Reader

      Isn’t there some “quick freeze” therapy some athletes are using? I thought I saw something like that on Shark Tank? Didn’t Oscar de la Hoya or Keanu Reeves take an ice bath after their workouts?

      Anyway, you sound like you have inflammation. Maybe a naturopath can help you, since the doctors didn’t. You’ve got little to lose trying it.


      10 Supplements That Fight Inflammation

      1. Curcumin
      One randomized controlled trial found that people with metabolic syndrome who took curcumin had significantly reduced levels of the inflammatory markers C-reactive protein (CRP) and malondialdehyde compared with those who received a placebo.

      6. Vitamin D
      In a small, high quality study in 44 women with low vitamin D levels and premenstrual syndrome, researchers noted that taking 50,000 International Units (IU) of vitamin D every 20 days for 4 months led to decreased inflammation compared with a control group.

      10. Vitamin C
      Vitamin C, like vitamin D, is an essential vitamin that plays a huge role in immunity and inflammation. It’s a powerful antioxidant, so it can reduce inflammation by neutralizing free radicals that cause oxidative damage to your cells.

      It also helps optimize the immune system in several other ways, which can help regulate inflammation — because inflammation is an immune response.

      In addition, high doses are commonly given intravenously to hospitalized patients with severe respiratory illnesses — like influenza, pneumonia, and even COVID-19 — to help reduce inflammation.

      In healthy people, though, doses higher than 2,000 mg may lead to diarrhea. Other than that, vitamin C supplements are safe and relatively symptom-free.

      • Paul

        You might consider taking Vitamin K2 with Vitamin D3.

    • Beverly

      It’s the aluminum and now graphene oxide in the chemtrails. You might try ozone lotion. You can get that on Judy Mikovits website. Ozone cream. But, I’d just get the hell out of California if you can. If you listen to Dane Wiggington, they are really doing some terrible things in the air above California. And, the upcoming fires they have planned on the east coast…..terrible. You might be able to live 10 more years if you can get out of there. You might also try a product called LuminAloe(Q800+) . Also, Jim Humble’s MMS helps many things.

  41. John Pick

    Thank you Greg and Catherine for taking your valuable time posting.

  42. Scarlett Fire

    Our multiverse in infinite. We the LIGHT ultimately cannot lose, our positive mass consciousness is overwhelming. The dark is very short sighted.

    Our intention comes from our HEARTS, and our hearts are thousands of times stronger field generators than our brains alone…

    I believe the Universe is alive and sentient, that I’m a part of the Universe and the Universe is a part of me.

    “All that is and all that ever will be” “Follow spirit without hesitation” “I am that I am” Much love to all and to the Universe, it is very exciting to know that “I am in and of Source”

    Spread kindness – Don’t become that which offends you.

    Stay in the Light – For Home is in the Heart and there is no need to leave home – What you seek in Inside You.

    • Greg Hunter

      Love Jesus and not the “universe.” The universe means nothing without Jesus.

      • Anthony Australia

        Fear Not!

    • Ron

      Enjoy your nature worship.

  43. Janie Waters

    You and Catherine are my favorite real news duo. Today’s video is so honest and pure that it’s mind-boggling. Thank you for bringing the truth to the world. I send out your posts to everyone I know. Happy Easter to you and your family, Greg.

  44. Roger...

    Americans have Stockholm Syndrome –

    it is a condition in which hostages develop a psychological bond with their captors during captivity.[1] Stockholm Syndrome results from a rather specific set of circumstances, namely the power imbalances contained in hostage-taking, kidnapping, and ABUSIVE relationships.

    • Beverly

      I think you may be right, just because so many Americans seem willing to accept whatever comes to them and they don’t seem too interested in becoming active in figuring out where the future is taking them. But, when the economy totally crashes, they will. And, let’s hope that there are those out there too, who are willing to fight—really fight. We need those out there who are willing to hunt these criminals down.

  45. D. Hawke

    Thank you both for all that you have shared. May God prosper and bless you through these times. It will get dark but as you say Greg, “God the father is in control”.

  46. Bible Reader

    John 14:1.
    “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.”

    Happy Easter!

    • Johnny Cool

      The failing New York Times has marked the Holy weekend of Easter by attacking Christians and demanding that America gets rid of God.

      The left-wing newspaper published an op-ed on Good Friday arguing that faithful Christians should eliminate their belief in God.


      • Greg Hunter

        The NYT is not relevant any longer and is losing readers bigtime. People are not going to pay to be lied to. They are desperate and trying to stay relevant with some shock propaganda. It ain’t going to work. These people are stupid. They think they can cancel God and Jesus!! Don’t fear or pay attention to stupid.

      • Earth Angel

        Hey, the NY Times is just perfect to line the floor of your birdcage with or to place your dog’s waste in the trash can with! ; )

  47. Keith

    Hello, Unfortunately I have not been able to watch your last 2 videos on the Before It’s News site. I don’t know why this has been a problem on many videos. It’s the typical link opening to an article and some time the transcript of the video’s written and what would before depict a video link to watch now is blank white area of the full page w/out explanation and I just wanted to address that as an issue that maybe someone could talk about or at least report it as an ongoing issue.

    • Greg Hunter

      Just come here to USAWatchdoig.com and watch them. I would prefer that. You need to unplug your modem for 20 sec and plug it back in to and reset it. also try a different browser. Let me know it this fixes it

      • Ray

        Some people, unfortunately, aren’t that clever.
        They want to be spoon fed their whole life it would seem.
        Fair Dinkum……. this crocodile KNOWS that the video is available at this site, then comes to THIS SITE to complain that he can’t see it at someone else’s site!!!!!
        I have been watching Greg Hunter’s USA WATCHDOG at USAWATCHDOG.COM for almost 10 years……no where else but here.
        I want to know what Greg’s take on the world is…….I GO TO HIS WEBSITE!!!!!!
        What is so hard about watching the content at the maker’s site????
        The fact is, there’s nothing hard about it.
        Again……FAIR DINKUM……..how is “Keith” gonna make through any major disruption in society?
        The mind truly doth Boggle!!!!
        Take care Greg…….keep throwing out the left jab mate.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Ray. I’ll keep throwing it along with my right hook too.

          • Ray

            I am sure that your left jab is pin sharp and “Sweet – As – A – Nut”!
            And that right hook….. as devastating as a wrecking ball!
            A solid man to have by your side is Mr. G. Hunter.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia


          Is this our old son Raygun? Or a Russel Brand impersonator?
          All kidding aside Ray, your struth is funny as all get out! Bud!

          • Ray

            Good on ya Kyle old mate.
            Glad I can put a smile on your face with a bit of quirky Aussie humour now and then 😉
            Ray, Canberra, Australia

  48. J. Rowden

    Thanks for having CAF on your show again. She always has vital info. that will help us navigate this dangerous world. She said that it’s not just the price of food that is higher, but also the food itself has changed and is not necessarily what it used to be. I had a chicken sandwich at McD. recently, and my stomach hurt for an hour. I rarely eat fast food, but I was traveling. From now on I will travel with my own food.
    I also like her idea of small bottles of liquor/wine for use as “money” for bartering.

    • Beverly

      J. Rowden,
      I’ve heard TERRIBLE things about McD’s. I’ve heard that the ingredients in their patties is listed in such a way as to hide cannabalism. I will never eat there again–or Wendy’s or any other burger joint that is similar. Arby’s might be okay if you think they are serving up real roast beef. Going into a grocery store and buying from their Deli is probably much safer. Sausages these days–all kinds, just don’t make you feel good. And, I’m thinking hot dogs these days are increasing full of all kinds of junk. It’s time to start raising our own food really. We can’t trust what is being shipped in to big businesses.

  49. Paul Simmons

    Think what dangerous a risk it has been to allow persons who are not even Americans but
    Globalists- the very enemy of the American Republic- to rule in the highest offices of our country! This to show the public what evil people Globalists are? Globalists may show us that their access to power has allowed something surprising and devastating that has already lost us the war for wellbeing. Very wrong to not have applied the law immediately to the so obvious electi0n fraud as to keep the cancer of Globalism out of the worlds blood stream.

    • Lester Flat Jr.

      Paul Simmons,
      As Gerald Celente says, when all else fails they take us to war. First it was war on the American sheeple, then the not so sheeple people of Russo. Now they think they can take the world. Well we’ll just have to sit back and see the salvation of the land LORD, I guess? We can always blame it on Putin, Trump, Bush, ad nauseum. . . . .it’ll never end, until the end?___SAFE FAILING🚽🧻

      Tucker: Biden and his donors don’t want you to think about this
      731,481 views Premiered 10 hours ago Fox News
      Fox News host gives his take on how the U.S. should respond to the Russia-Ukraine war and provides insight on the economy on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

  50. Paul Simmons

    Think what dangerous a risk it has been to allow persons who are not even Americans but
    Globalists- the very enemy of the American Republic- to rule in the highest offices of our country! This to show the public what evil people Globalists are? Globalists may show us that their access to power has allowed something surprising and devastating that has already lost us the war for wellbeing. Very wrong to not have applied the law immediately to the so obvious electi0n fraud so as to keep the cancer of Globalism out of the worlds blood stream. A stitch at the right time saves it all.

  51. tim mcgraw

    The sheriffs here in Sonoma County, CA are totally corrupt. After the Andy Lopez shooting in Santa Rosa (A deputy sheriff emptied his gun into a 13 year old kid in broad daylight. The kid was carrying a toy gun), we tried to elect a new sheriff who would overhaul the sheriff’s department which is the biggest county expense. We failed! We also failed to recall the DA who let the shooting deputy sheriff, Erick Gelhaus, not only remain a deputy, but promoted the killer to sergeant.
    Yes, the sheriff you have in your county is important.

  52. Kenneth Landon

    We’ve all been Blessed by Greg and what he does on USA Watchdog.
    Rest in peace Rob Kirby.

    • Anthony Australia

      Amen to that!

  53. Mike Durkin.

    Happy Easter Greg…… He has Risen

  54. tim mcgraw

    PS: After the boy Andy Lopez was killed by Sheriff’s Deputy Erick Gelhaus, the Sheriff of Sonoma County, Freitas, did not run for re-election. He knew that he’d lose. The Mexicans hated his guts. So we ran a good candidate, but he lost to the status quo deputy sheriff. That sheriff, I don’t recall his name right now, was in charge of the evacuations in the Kincade Fire a few years ago. So he is retiring this year.
    Our town’s retired Police Chief, Kevin Burke, age 55, was going to run for sheriff, but withdrew. Burke blew his brains out last week in his home. He had health issues.

  55. Dean Backer

    See if you can get David Dubyne from Adapt 2030 YouTube channel on. David is a very interesting person that is well-versed in weather patterns crypto currencies and how to prepare for what’s coming.

  56. Tar Heel

    Heaven is real and god loves you. 6-8-19

  57. DanKnight

    Happy Easter … aka Resurrection Sunday!

    … He is Risen!


  58. Donald Patterson

    You’ve been nailing it Mr. Hunter Happy Eastern God-bless you Wouldn’t mind seeing cliffy High

  59. Brooklyn

    Greg and Catherine,

    Happy Easter to you and your families….

    During the interview CAF said, “…We are at war right now, and they are trying to kill us.” Wherein she is not talking about war with the Russians, (although WWIII is eminently just over the horizon) she is referring to the US with the satanic Deep State globalists (Clinton, Gates, obama, and literary thousands more) “…who are spraying us, injecting us and, at the very least, bankrupting us.”…..Had she included “starving us…” her thesis would have been much more accurate and current. The globalist have been working diligently, behind the scenes, to kill many of us, by any means necessary…

    The 3rd term of the barack obama’s administration has deliberately, and purposely destroyed the world food supply chain and in turn the starvation of the people. In (his) their demented minds, the geopolitical economy first must crash and burn, in order for it to rise up …in a new utopia (the Great Reset) of ….transhumanism, slavery…of the New World Order.

    “This is all deliberate.  There is no return to normal here.  Unfortunately, this is where we are headed.” – Martin Armstrong

    Meanwhile, all Western governments needs war, where Ukrainian mad-man Zelenskyy has become their perfect vehicle of this profoundly-amoral-fool to hide the heinous crimes they have committed against their own countries and citizens, many of whom have foolishly trusted the government, media, and are soon in for a very rude awakening…

    It is truly – a time for war!

    Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum…

    He has Risen! Believe! Pray!

    • Elinor Saunders

      Can’t express enough appreciation for the lives and dedication of Greg Hunter, Catherine, and Rob Kirby. Forever indebted for your wisdom and courage.

  60. John Nordstrom

    Greg – I wonder if you could do me a favor… Can you put up a Poll asking your viewers if they think Rob was silenced by the Deep State / Canadian Government. IMO – he was murdered, but I would like to hear what others think. Thank you Sir. Keep up the good fight.

    • Charles H.


      A Canadian would know what ‘traveling difficulties’ would be involved – to have left Canada and ventured to the US during the initial or early symptoms of Rob’s disease. Also there are the personal concerns involved in the decision to ‘submit to a hospital’ for medical care.
      He survived one attempt on his life, and the doctors came through on that one: but if pressure was applied – even those loyal in the first scenario, might have been coerced in the second. A simple condition of being close to home and family might have been the lever? My thinking is that ‘going to a hospital’ was the wrong decision. I think we are passed the point of trusting such institution.

    • Tom Grier

      I was wondering the same thing in light of Trudeau’s ruthless treatment of the trucker protesters . Was Rob getting Ivermectin?

  61. Robert Moffett

    Catherine Austin Fitts has always been my favorite guest of yours and I think this is probably my favorite interview with her. It was wonderful to hear her emphasize how having a group of like-minded people should be our biggest priority when thinking about how to prepare for the situation we are in. Years ago I watched an interview with Kurt Vonnegut. In the interview, he revealed that in the future “everyone is going to need a gang.” Time after time I watch prepper videos on YouTube and they always mention things a person can buy or build or grow but they almost never talk about having a gang or belonging to a group. They never talk about like Ms. Fitts did on how important it is to have other people in your life so you can be resilient and also to help them out too.

    I also liked how she emphasized the importance of being able to grow your own food. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment where that’s not possible. However, for the last five or six years, I have been buying cases of food from the Mormons online that comes in steel number 10 cans they only charge three dollars shipping regardless of how much you buy. I have been spending the last couple of years experimenting with different ways to cook the food . They have 15 different food items and I have bought them all and did a review of them on YouTube. My favorite is the powdered milk that lasts 20 years. Even if you’re a poor person it’s possible to scrape together enough money to buy a case of powdered milk and beans and oats and wheat. Just having a few cases of basic staples will put you ahead of the majority of people in your neighborhood.
    Greg, I want to wish you and everyone a happy Easter and I hope you all stay safe and happy and healthy this year. Good luck to us all.

  62. z

    Catherine thanks for the forms!!!! Greg thanks for the great work.
    Many people talk about you both at Revival taking place in Chicago.
    Prayer networks has tens of thousands of people.

    Wishing you both a Blessed Resurrection Sunday
    Praying for both and fasting on monday and taking back our nation
    https: //skokieaglow.org/index.htm

    Patriots Fight The digital army grows

  63. Charles H.


    An asymmetrical warfare… socio-cultural; economic, political, technological – using whole systems of the Media; Healthcare; Education; Government, and what-have-you. Everything taken together places in view a totalitarian regime, under ‘soft’ pretexts.

    “As Fascism sprang from Communism, so Nazism developed from Fascism…” Winston Churchill.
    Socialism , if unchecked in scope and purpose – must by nature coalesce in its’ pursuit of power, into communism. The exclusion and repression of large portions of population, by the ignoring of laws and moral rectitudes: can only be characterized as totalitarian. Taking the helm of a nation and driving it as hard as possible to an extreme – is travesty.

    Prayer is good, and always a good idea and exercise. That said… God is not obligated to answer our ‘laundry-lists’; but answer according to His wisdom and purpose . Catherine Austin Fitts is one of the brightest and most tuned-in commentators on the planet.

    • Premanidhi

      Fascism came into existence to counteract communism.

  64. Poochiman

    We are absolutely in the midst of a war. I believe, the final war. The chaff are being separated from the wheat. Thank you for the great service you and your guests are providing humanity.

  65. Garth Harris

    As always, a wonderful enlightening interview with Catherine, who I respect greatly.
    Just a couple of points:
    The average IQ is regarded as 100 points. Catherine mentioned that IQ’s have declined by 7 points in 20years in the US according to some sources and this is laregly due to the poisoning by vaccines, chemicals, decline in food and nutrition, especially the decline in brain nutrition related to these factors, all true to a large degree. However, the other ‘elephant in the room’, is the dramatic decline in educational standards across the western world. Children spend half their day indoctrinated with fear campaigns (climate change, covid hysteria, the end is nigh fairy stories); woke causes; gender training; equality lessons; and so on, diverting their attention away from essential things like maths, english, literature, science, art, music, culture, geography, topped up with MSM lies and propaganda to finish the job. In Australia, where I live, standards have plumetted – Australian children were once in the top ten in many disciplines, such as maths, literacy, science, and so on, now illiteracy is everywhere and Australia has dropped to levels never experienced before. I note a similar trend in all western countries engulfed by ‘wokeness’!

    There was a mention and discussion of Ivermectin, HCQ and how/why antiparasitics work against viruses? Keep in mind that viruses ‘act and behave like parasites’ – they basically need a host (humans) to replicate themselves and survive/spread, so in many respects are inactivated till they invade our body! Without our RNA/DNA, or animal RNA/DNA (coronaviruses live for example in many animals, mammals…and of course labs too!) they cannot replicate/reproduce themselves or spread to other hosts. Therefore, antiparasitics that impact everything from helminths, worms, malaria, bacteria, bacteriophages, fungi, etc, also have a powerful impact on viruses as shown by over around 50 studies for Ivermectin and over 300 for HCQ. As clinical proof of this (besides studies and practical application showing around 60-80% reduction in mortality), African populations, with 1.4 billion people, and where Ivermectin/HCQ are regularly used as cheap propyhlactics for many paraistes and in recent times against CV-19, have a mortaility rate of around 0.02%, the lowest in the world (keep in mind they only have a vaccination rate of around 10% at best or less, with no idiotic masks, lockdowns or social distancing). The same happened in India, where one provence, Uttar Pradesh, with a population of 240 million plus, knocked out CV-19 in a couple of months with Ivermectin, i conjunction with simple nutritionals like vit D, C, Zinc, B vitamins, with almost nil vacination, with a very low death toll that puts western countries to shame.

    Contrary to a lot of the fear mongering, and from clinical experience, CV-19 is quite easy to treat in healthy people, with little risk – keep in mind 90-95% of the deaths are in those with comorbidities, especially the elderly; dementia sufferers; obesity, diabetes, chronic heart and/or lung disease; immuno-compromised; cancer; and so on. Having treated approx. 300 plus patients, I can vouch from experience it is a minor illness for healthy individuals – keep in mind, we are banned from using Ivermectin/HCQ in Australia due to the ‘police state’ we now live in down here. However, if you are overweight, diabetic, elderly, etc, with several comorbidities, you need to be on an advanced prevention programme, and if you do contract CV-19 ‘treat early and aggressively’…don’t wait until you are in trouble and keep out of hospitals. Find a good local nutritionally minded physician and you will be fine and work on improving your diet, nutrition and lifestyle, all of which reduces your risk and extends your life.

    Keep up the great work Greg and Catherine.

  66. Jeff robbins

    She is a great guest, and i love the hour long format. I know we are to pray, but keep wondering how long until we hear about sniper style assassinations of the ‘trusted medical professionals’- not really the doctors and nurses. Could be lots of them die off too, and this is the first time hearing anything about lower cognitive abilities. In my circle of family and friends- one dead uncle (vaxed and got cancer) ; wife had an old friend who’s husband just died of heart attack -vaxed and 62. A few others with “events”. About half of the people i know got the vax and half of them got it for employment. The push is still on and i believe the grand finale is adding it to the school kids vax schedule. Already talked with our school super and made it clear our boys will not be getting it. We’re talking about home school.

  67. Dwight Branson

    Wonderful interview Greg. Not only is Cathrine Austin Fitts extremely smart and informed, but she also has a heart of gold!
    Happy Resurrection Sunday to All…Jesus is risen and coming back soon!

  68. Karen Allen

    Catherine is correct about our financing the cabal with our taxes, but, taxes are withheld at source so most people never get the chance to withhold paying taxes. Those who are self employed cannot fight this battle on their own because governments would crush them immediately.

  69. Johnny Cool

    Speaking of prophecies, The Age of Desolation site warns us to beware of this week.

    G.A. Stewart: Readers should note that this is the very same place we were at before Easter of last year. Only this year the war has started.

    This is another indicator to me that The Masters of The Game are actually gaming Nostradamus’ prophecies. The sloppiness in their timing indicates to me that The Masters of The Game are poor Metaphysicians, but none-the-less deadly.

    Beware this coming week.

  70. r.v.

    Wakeup Daemon wins os. Plenty of videos online on how to.
    Debloat cellphone: https://www.xda-developers.com/install-adb-windows-macos-linux/
    Sheriff can form a Local Posse. Statement of Constitutional Sheriff. https://cspoa.org/statement-of-constitutional-sheriff/

  71. jon

    Hi Greg, In the 1970s I worked at a Psychological Testing Center at a State Hospital, that was a trip. IQ calculation if we were to use the WAIS, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. This is a common IQ test used in the US. The average IQ is “always 100”. The plus or minus from that 100 is based on Deviations from the mean. The test measures responses from a a battery of tests based on Age and Sex. IQ = CA/MA, simply IQ = Chronological Age / Mental Age. The tables used in the calculation are simply derived from the total responses in the population group. The 100 average is based on the Bell curve distribution where the center maximum is the 100 IQ. It is not possible to say the average IQ has dropped and is now 93 etc. Average/Mean focus must always be 100. The average IQ if it is dropping, can only be compared to the previous tables used in the calculation of older test versions. The WAIS updates their table of scores every 10 years.
    Another aside. The IQ test does Not discriminate on race, religion etc. It is not possible. This is because the scores are based on the Population spectrum of all participants in the test group. It only shows “standing” in the population regarding test responses.

  72. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Catherine Austin Fitts , a great interview and a great revelation of the EVIL WEASELS particularly the World Economic Forum and the Washington Neo-Cons,Victoria Nuland and Klaus Schwab both of whom are cheerleaders for the death of us plebs.
    Here in the UK we have weasels galore who are implementing draconian laws in business that will undermine and destroy small businesses called ESF all coming from the WEF .So we plebs vote in our politicians and they then bring in laws from the WEF which they don’t bother to tell us about before hand but seem “good ideas”. I wish I could say this was recent well it trails way back to the Blair regime and before. The depth of betrayal is quite interesting at best.
    Meanwhile our economy here,in the UK,is truly awful but foreign oligarchs are buying up our countryside like gunho so that’s okay then.

  73. Marie Joy

    The FBI had a Depopulation faction in the 1960s. This is not new.

  74. Vincent Mc Cooey

    Hi Greg, thank you, so much for putting on Catherine again, she’s a very smart individual and I love listening to her,and it was a lovely to say a few kind words about Rob Kirby at the end. Have a lovely and blessed Easter to you and all your listeners. God Bless, Vince in London.

  75. Andrew Cox

    Great interview!!!

  76. Marie Joy

    Excellent. Thank you.

  77. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    “We need to fight back.”
    “We need to fight back!”
    “We need to fight back!!
    Greg Hunter, Easter Sunday message, 59:55 interview with CAF, 4-17-2022.

    Not trying to define ‘fight’ – each individual must decide for themselves what’s appropriate – but if a rabid wolf threatened my family, my first thought would not be to debate with it! Just sayin’.

  78. Marie Joy

    YouTube doesn’t seem to want me to post the link to this interview.

    • Johnny Cool

      Maybe that’s because it’s not on YouTube?

      • Johnny Cool

        YouTube ban because USA Watchdog violated the no free speech concept quite a while ago.

  79. Hugh MCDanel

    Boy, CAF is spot on ! A thing about water I collect rain water and then run it through a distiller to have drinking water, we grow all we can and share with like minded people.
    The solution is self reliance, and pray they don’t go thermonuclear.

  80. Mike

    Hi Greg

    I always enjoy watching Catherine Austin First
    She is correct. There has been a war against humanity for a very long time.
    I’ve yet to see any insects in South Florida which is a sign what has happened to our environment.

    Interesting story:
    Scientists concur synthesized snake venom may be in the so called vaccine and water. Something you may want to investigate and discuss with future guests.

  81. Roger Stamper

    tks caf greg

  82. Jim Buschur

    I trust you more than any other new source out there. And it is because of your fearless defense of Christianity. Most people aren’t afraid to invoke the name of God, or even “Christ” because they are in a sense generic terms. But to invoke the name of Jesus takes much more courage. Thank you for what you are doing. I consider you a brother.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Jim.
      Brother Greg

    • KathyM

      Totally agree Jim B. When it comes down to what the real issue is in every situation, it’s always all about Jesus. Thank you Greg for your hard work.

  83. .zTeve.O

    Great show Greg, can you podcast the Audio on your interviews and Friday Report
    Tx from Canada

  84. Bill Albano

    Thanks to you and your guest CAF for another GREAT report Greg…I especially enjoyed the Mr. Rogers moment at the end:-)

  85. leo

    I have that same phone lol my only regret is my sausage fingers make it hard to text, but hey life is simple now. I got off Facebook years back and no regrets

  86. Joseph Boudreau

    Another great interview, Greg.
    You know, ever since I was a teen (56 now) and learned of JFK’s murder and realized Oswald was nothing more than a scapegoat, I also realized that the perpetrators are still out there, doing their dirty deeds. When I came to that realization, I knew we the common people are indeed in an ongoing war with sinister people who always hide in the shadows.
    But… the likes of you are pulling these shady characters out of the shadows. The more we talk about them, the more we expose them. We CAN win this war and we will. After all, I am CANadian and you are AmeriCAN! Double whammy right there! Together, we will win this biblical war.
    Best regards,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks brother Joe!!
      Brother Greg

  87. Dean Winchell

    Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and erythrocmycin, can be purchased in quantity from India. https://my.indiamart.com/
    God Bless on this Resurrection Day.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Dean,
      I’m not a doctor but I think the recommended antibiotic is Azithromycin.

  88. Kenneth Culp

    Greg – You should have Catherine tell her entire story about what the government did to her. Everyone should know what the government did to her and how she fought it!

  89. Forrest W Byers

    I bear witness and testimony that Jesus lives, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

  90. Janet Pickel

    What an informative and wise interview! I do appreciate the clarity CAF gives to our current situation. Let us face it and deal with it and lay our burdens down at the foot of the cross as we pray. Thank you Greg for letting your light shine. You are a truth warrior in this war.

  91. andrea

    support your local growers and farmers market(s).!
    these people will keep growing and you will keep having access to good food!
    if your pay , they will keep growing provide them with support , they will proved you with nourishment!! same goes with local small ranchers and poultry raisers.
    and your local small banks ( hopefully outside the FDIC).

  92. David Anderson

    Excellent interview. More smart people like this please. My common sense told me early that there was no way that a safe effective vaccine could be made in 6 months, I wasn’t even tempted to take it. Now it is looking more like there never was a virus, that there was a biological attack made to convince us that there is a virus. The PCR test is like flipping a coin, so half the time you have covid, the other half you don’t, but they can make it positive any time they wish by increasing the cycles…

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi David,
      “The PCR test is like flipping a coin, so half the time you have covid, the other half you don’t, but they can make it positive any time they wish by increasing the cycles…”
      You nailed it! If only everyone could grasp this simple truth!

  93. Greg Austin

    BTW: Average IQ is 100… which is why that number has been adopted to peg average intelligence.

  94. Jake Austin

    So the vaxidents will push up insurance rates until most people can’t afford car insurance.
    That will be the catalyst for mass acceptance of self-driving cars with all their surveillance and control.
    It will also usher in the self-driving heavy trucks….and there goes the one of the highest paying jobs a young man can get without a college degree.

  95. susan davies

    What a great interview, thank you to Greg Hunter & Catherine Austin Fitts.
    Do you remember Dr Rima Laibow – in 2003 she was treating a female royal head of state & one day whilst visiting Dr Laibow she said
    “You know, its almost time for the great culling to begin”, she went on to explain that
    they the neo aristocrats plan to cull 90% of the worlds population, remove the mercantile era & usher in a neo feudal system, the neo aristocrats will be at the top, then their servants & technicians “we only require 10% of the population”
    when Dr Laibow asked her who is behind all of this she replied “It’s the seven dwarfs” –
    there are a council of seven men & they determine which countries rise & fall,
    I do not know who they are, it’s not worth my life knowing.
    Everything that Catherine Austin Fitts has spoken is correct.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Susan,
      “It’s the seven dwarfs.”
      Interesting! Back in 1970s when Britain was facing a financial crisis and needed a bailout, the then Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, informed the public that the country needed to convince the “Gnomes of Zürich” to back Britain.

      Zürich is home to the BIS (Bank of International Settlements), the central banks’ Central Bank – controlled by the Rothschilds banking dynasty. Enough said!

  96. Michael

    Great interview with Katherine. A short discussion came up about alcohol as fuel in cars. Most non flex fuel cars can run on ethanol with no problems because alcohol has been in fuel for decades. My car and truck are over 20 years old and they run very well on ethanol. I mix 50/50 at the pump. 50 regular gas, 50 ethanol. They both pass inspections every year and run a little peppy and the oil stays clean way longer.

    David Blume’s book Alcohol Can Be a Gas!: Fueling an Ethanol Revolution for the 21st Century has many great proven ideas on this topic. You may want to ask him on USA Watchdog. 😊

    Also, ethanol does not have to be made from corn, actually cat tails are best. More ethanol per volume and cat tails love and thrive in raw sewage. A great way to clean up municipal sewage.

  97. Alfy

    the folks at the top of the evil are psychopaths. as we have love in our heart for other people, they feel that same love within their heart for money. for us, our love comes free and is as boundless as we choose it to be. for them, the more money they have, the more love they expereince. all this killing and control they do to the rest of us, it’s all about them gaining more of the one thing they are able to love. having a nation full of low iq dummies makes it more easy to both aquire and hold onto money for the evil ones. making people sick, dumb, and sociopathic (angry, violent, people who just follow orders) part of the evil ones play book. as for iq, males across the world have an ave iq 9 points higher than females. with to my understanding the highest ave iq is found in northern germanic males at over 110. if the ave males in a land is lets say 105 and females then being 96. if 9 points is knocked off the males, that is bad putting the ave at 96. but the ave female will have 88iq. put the as many females in charge of home, government buracracy, and bussinesses as possible, and that is recipe for catastrophy for a modern nation. when I was young, central europe 1940s, I saw the evil ones fully out in the open. now all these years later, they are again fully out in the open. but not just in europe, but in north america as well. the evils ones looked invicible back then, as they look invicible today. but they weren’t invicible back then, and they aren’t today. they are going lose, and we again will be free. is just question of how much destruction, pain, sorrow, and death are we going to expereince before the evil ones are defeated. After they are gone, in some ways our nations will recover fast, and be more posperous than in many years, and in other ways it will take us a few decades to recover. I’m getting to be very old, I should retire from all concerns, and live my days tending to growing food and flowers, and quietly loving all whom I meet during the day, with all my heart.

  98. Claude

    They want us all into electric cars in 8 years. The only way to do that is to make us give up our present cars. A good way to do that is to ruin them with 15-20% ethanol. Doing this doesn’t save money, doesn’t save gas, doesn’t save the amount of energy to produce gas. It just ruins our cars and subsidizes corn production.

  99. Lynn

    You are both an Easter Blessing for all of us….you both represent the truth…thank you for all you do and Easter blessings to you and your families!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lynn. Happy Resurrection Day!

  100. Jack Phillips

    Hey Greg, can you explain why they have to harvest a baby’s organs while the baby is alive?

  101. Nick Reynolds

    CAF watches TV?! LOL. Catherine, throw away your TV!
    But I agree with her. We are being attacked, in my opinion by the richest of the rich, and we are in a war without knowing it. People are not waking up. I wouldn’t be confident, like some are, that we’re gong to win. Some say that “they’re” getting desperate. I don’t see that. Martin Armstrong says they will fail, but this is so evil that people will not believe that others could be so evil. Their problem is that they don’t believe in a good God, and hence, they don’t believe in a bad “devil.” We will either recognize the danger we’re all in, and resist, or we will succumb. I look at people, and they just want to get back to normal. They live like nothing special is going on. It’s unbelievable. Keep praying. We’re going to need Divine Intervention.

    • Self Exiled

      For the coming of the Son of Man (the Messiah) will be just like the days of Noah. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the [very] day when Noah entered the ark, and they did not know or understand until the flood came and swept them all away; so will the coming of the Son of Man be [unexpected judgment]. Matthew 24 38:39

  102. Marcman

    The greatest reset will be in God’s name. I take the time to prey every day knowing that I am loved in his name Jesus.
    Even Jim Willy has become a man of God, he has said Robs death was no accident.

  103. Kenneth J Krieb

    May God bless you Catherine, you Greg and of course, Rob Kirby. Three true patriots.

  104. Stan

    As I was driving my Bentley this morning, I thought “what a magnificent monetary system we have”. Wealth and prosperity everywhere I look.

    • Greg Hunter

      Do you realize how out of touch you are? Hey, how’s that short going with Gold at $1,974.00? You have been shorting AU since $1,200.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Greg,
        This is your forum and you can host whoever you wish – but please, please, give up on ‘Stan’. He is an irritant. Probably paid to antagonise your audience. If not paid, then some kind of sociopath who gets his / her kicks out of inflaming others’ sensitivities. Not in favour of censorship, but ‘Stan’ is a kook, at best.

        • Stan

          PersonaNonGrata: I’m glad you don’t run Twitter. You would censor everyone you disagree with.

    • Earth Angel

      Stan you are so full of *# IT!.. I’ll bet you don’t even own a Bentley, and frankly most do not CARE what you drive. Your comments are so absurd; I think you must be a paid troll! Have a nice day.

    • Charles H.


      Under what conditions or criteria will you meet God with? It is a ‘can’t have your cake and eat it too’ world. If you love the world most your life: you won’t decide someday that, well – better get things in order. Doesn’t work like that. That is like waking up one day and deciding ‘I’ll change’ – but a leopard can’t change its’ spots. Doing good, or doing good things doesn’t work, doesn’t count with God.
      Getting all you can get in this world – sure it is fun. There is a satisfaction to it. But there is only one arrangement with God. I hope you will seek it. Look to the Bible.

      • Stan

        Charles H: I’m not here to talk religion – only finance. Having said that, God has blessed my very well and I believe I carry out his wishes in the financial markets.

        • Charles H.

          It is not “religion”, Stan. The Creator has made it so you will give an account to Him. I speak of a higher issue than you have yet known: Truth. Christianity is the manifestation that Truth produces: everything else is “religion”. Do not be fooled into thinking that success in this world is the same as God’s blessing or approval: it isn’t.
          Because Truth is a Singular issue – there are many close and bad copies: and much reason for deception and disenfranchisement. All the false positives and fakes still only confirm that there is a genuine article: Jesus Christ, and His Word, the Holy Bible. That’s the Living Water; and you are the horse. I hope you will seek.

    • Jerry

      Do you have the new 2022 GT?

    • Self Exiled

      ”My colleague Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author of the book “Toxic Legacy,” is concerned that COVID-19 vaccines also have the potential to cause brain damage.” “Overwhelmingly, the events that show neurological issues are following COVID-19 vaccines. I honestly don’t know why people aren’t absolutely shocked by these numbers. Compared to the other vaccines, these vaccines seem tremendously dangerous.”

      THEY ARE STARTING TO FIGURE IT OUT. Long coved is nothing more than a camouflage term to cover up the vaccine damage, nothing to do with coved.

  105. Coal Burner

    A substantial number of Americans do not hate Russia, same as people in Russia do not hate Americans. Another large group in both country’s are not sure about who is guilty and know that the EU is the real Demon behind the killing and refusal to avoid pushing Russia into this war.

  106. Sean

    China is willing to lock down 26million people from a few covid cases. Early in the pandemic indian researchers said cv19 has Aids spliced in, which was silenced quite quickly. So 5 to 10 years and your immune system will be gone and chinese will move into your houses

  107. Felix A Renteria

    Always a joy to see catherine austin fitts and I agree she is a national treasure,such a deep spirit for the love of humanity and smart as a whip.Been listening to her for a long time and she is correct ,friends and family are the best blessings in this life besides the love of the savior.It brought tears to my eyes when you talked about rob kirby.My prayers go to all americans that fight for their freedoms and to serve others.We have to go through adversity to build our strength of resiliency and the war is on and ramping up against the children of GODbut these things must come to pass.

  108. Bosco P. Horowitz


    you picked the best guest for this Sunday’s interview (a befitting pick, given the day). Catherine Austin Fitts is the Matriarch of America, I declare.

    She touched on so many important topics that you and her could’ve gone another hour or more–I don’t think the audience would object to that. Having a bike with replacement parts will be important with the price of gas increasing as well as the new technology that may be installed in new cars (Hugo Talks just had a video discussing this). Really, one has to look at what might (and probably) will go wrong, and what is a viable solution for dealing with it. I’m glad she gave a tribute to Rob Kirby, as he was a fierce champion for sound money, honest policy–basically truth and freedom, overall. His passing was a colossal loss. HUGE! One of my heroes, for sure. Not sure what caused his condition…don’t think he would’ve taken the poke-poke-cantaloupe.

    Many blessings to you Greg!

    PS Given the day, I’m surprised you didn’t have your typical tagline ending of “…God the father, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are firmly in control”. So here it is.

  109. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for having “CAF” back on. She is a great treasure of information. Please, both of you, check out Dr. Bryan Ardis in the documentary with Stew Peters. Watch the Waters. Happy Easter!

  110. Greg Morrissey

    The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,”
    We are to be one nation under God
    From Gods word the Bible The Gospel of Mark 15:43 thru 47

    The Burial of Jesus

    42 It was Preparation Day (that is, the day before the Sabbath). So as evening approached, 43 Joseph of Arimathea, a prominent member of the Council, who was himself waiting for the kingdom of God, went boldly to Pilate and asked for Jesus’ body. 44 Pilate was surprised to hear that he was already dead. Summoning the centurion, he asked him if Jesus had already died. 45 When he learned from the centurion that it was so, he gave the body to Joseph. 46 So Joseph bought some linen cloth, took down the body, wrapped it in the linen, and placed it in a tomb cut out of rock. Then he rolled a stone against the entrance of the tomb. 47 Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joseph saw where he was laid.
    Verse 43 Joseph of Arimathea, a prominent member of the Council, He was a Politician who Took the body of Jesus to the tomb
    Pass this to all the Politicians you know and get back to one nation under God
    A Female Politician in the Bible
    Judges 4:3-5
    21st Century King James Version
    3 And the children of Israel cried unto the Lord; for he had nine hundred chariots of iron, and twenty years he mightily oppressed the children of Israel.

    4 And Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, judged Israel at that time.

    5 And she dwelt under the palm tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in Mount Ephraim, and the children of Israel came up to her for judgment.
    SEND this to all your politician’s Male and Female let’s get back to one nation UNDER GOD

  111. Sean

    During fedual times the monarchs, the clergy along with their minion lords did everything in their power to keep the population uneducated. So this tells me the same actorsare trying to reck society

  112. Linda Puetz

    My life is blessed because of you Greg and Catherine. Thank you both for being a source of goodness in our world.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Linda!

  113. wayne hardin

    Titus 2:11 For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,

    Titus 2:12 Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;

    Titus 2:13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;

    Titus 2:14 Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.

    Titus 2:15 These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee.

  114. Self Exiled

    China’s growing power like tentacles of an octopus, enveloping the world: we waisted the last 50 years.


  115. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Your reports and guests are right on the money. Makes my day every time I see your videos.

  116. john beasley

    Buy bicycle tubes and gator skin tires. they are no longer made in the USA

  117. stanley skrzypek

    That Incredibly Brilliant Catherine Austin Fitts, single-handedly raised the average IQ of ALL Blondes in the World by at least 25 points….

  118. Jerry

    You can add food as a weapon in this globalist war of survival.

    In honor of Easter, I didn’t want to post to much, but I felt
    this information was to valuable to pass up. I vetted CFI industries, and yes they are a partner with the WEF through Cargill . I don’t have to tell you how valuable fertilizer is to farmers. Right at the beginning of planting season this is what they do. How many farmers will take the risk of planting, if they know the yield is going to be substantially less? I don’t mean to panic anyone but we are now living off of last years harvest along with imports. Technically according to recent studies, we are 90 days away from depleting the food supply without restocking. Let that sink in and you will understand why Bill Gates is now the largest landholder in the United States.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Jerry,
      The link you provided has a disingenuous title – only to be expected from ‘Forbes’. The article is a ‘snow job’ on the C-19 vaccines. It even suggests that because the Moderna, Pfizer, etc., jabs have EUA approval, that they are not ‘experimental’. Please read all of the article for yourself – you will see it is disinformation!!!

      • Jerry

        I did not read the article. Just the headline. But in the NWO narrative truth is whatever they tell you it is. I have seen several people I know die because they took the vaccine. But yet in almost every case the cause of their death was caused by something else. Cancer. Heart disease. Etc. etc.
        So yes. The death toll is spiking, and the insurance companies are going broke paying claims, because the actuary numbers have been turned upside down.

  119. Da Perch

    Without Hope, there can be no Faith!

    • Greg Hunter


    • Self Exiled

      Without Faith there is no Hope.

  120. Marie Joy

    Window sill gardens, grow inside and outside, seeds, growing supplies, sprouts, microgreens, Craigslist for free and cheap stuff… YouTube has instructions for all of this. Plant easy-to-grow seeds everywhere and see what grows. Think outside the box.

  121. Genesis


    C19 is a spiritual war, war of dark forces against God’s creation!


    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Genesis,
      Not sure how many times Greg will permit me to post Dr Pierre Kory’s critique of ‘Watch The Water’, but subject to his forbearance, here’s the link . . .


      • PersonaNonGrata

        ‘Watch The Water’, Dr Pierre Kory’s summary – for those who do not care to read the whole critique . . .
        “In summary, unfortunately (or fortunately) this is all the time I can devote to the above ranting of a truth, partial truths, and irrelevancies littered with blatant untruths, inaccuracies, and ignorances. I wish I could get these two hours of my life back.”

  122. Aaron ML

    If your 110 and you minus 7 your bordering moron…..Greg that was the best line I have heard in so long. Thanks for this mornings laugh. Happy Easter.

  123. Raymond Jensen

    Fitts is the first person I heard say that the excess deaths are DE-flationary. This is one reason why the evildoers are killing people with the jabs: by printing the currency to buy stuff, they defeat themselves by inflation–so how to counteract it? Kill people. Then you can continue to buy stuff with the monopoly money without raising prices in the process.

    She says not to support businesses which are carrying out this agenda to kill us and this is very true. But it is necessary to go much deeper than that–stop using their currency altogether. When that happens, the currency goes into hyperinflation and their scheme to buy up everything while killing us stops dead in its tracks.

    • Paul

      You need bullion vaults or similar to trade
      Internationally. Ownership transfers to local bullion bank.

      Local vendors need to accept bullion or trade goods for domestic business trade.

      Bitcoin to accept bullion

      Workable with honest bullion depositories to deposit in beneficiary accounts

  124. eddiemd

    The set up for the false flag assassination of Biden.

    Biden will visit Kiev and the nazis will kill him with a missile or other weapon. This will be blamed on the russians. Get rid of Biden and start the war with the USA and NATO.


    It will be the full on start of the end. WW III and the destruction of the USA.

    Today is the day of salvation. Open your eyes and ears. Do not mock.

  125. eddiemd

    Getting closer to building the temple. As foretold in prophecy.

    They already have the plans ready.

    Who will be the man of peace?


  126. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Catherine is a treasure and you’re pretty cool too, Greg! You both give so much wonderful information and Catherine made an awesome point about human relationships! This weekend I went to a ball game with a bunch of great friends and their wives and some of the kids, too. Everyone was conservative leaning, God fearing, business oriented, its so great to be around like-minded people you trust (and there’s a lot more of us out there than the fake news legacy lying media would have us believe!) God Bless you both!☦️🙏🏻

    • Elias Andrinopoulos

      Also, would be remiss if I did not mention RIP Rob Kirby, ☦️🙏🏻

  127. Bob

    “Satanic deep state globalists” and other vague, blurry notions? No Ms Fitts has explained clearly that the world banking elite that is behind the “Great Reset” and the global scamdemic are the culprits.

    These are central banksters on steroids that lean on nations and force them into a debt money or debt currency system. And the Great Reset is about digital control of the above, about surveillance of all transactions, and about transhumanism.

    “They want to download a Microsoft Office System into your body, into your brain and hook it up to the Jedi Cloud Contract and the Amazon Cloud Contract at the CIA. And if they can get seven billion people hooked up directly to their cloud contracts and use the virus…I mean it’s very clever. Use viruses to keep those updates coming. It’s the same exact models you use in the computers. Just like Bill Gates made it possible for the intelligence agencies to get a back door into our data and our computers. They want a back door into our mind. They are trying to load an operating system into our bodies. I call it the injection fraud.” —Catherine Austin Fitts

  128. Charles Rupprecht

    Greg thank you so much for bringing Catherine on again. She is an amazing resource and advisor and strategist and it’s much appreciated

  129. Chaz Rupret

    As are you. I don’t think any of us can thank you enough for doing I’m saying and getting the word out. We need to take your example of action and implement it. Thank you so much Greg be well stay healthy may God bless you and all you know and reach and the world thank you

  130. GoneWest

    Rest in Peace Rob Kirby.

    A true gentleman, he will be sorely missed.

  131. Graham Leadbeatter

    Love, love, love Catherine Austin Fitts. Thanks for having her on Greg.

  132. Merry Piper

    Greg: Yes we live in interesting times. To “persona non grata”, I will indeed investigate what you invited me to do. Thank you Greg for this platform!

  133. i: a man; travis moss

    destruction of Jerusalem in 70a.d

    • Russ

      Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?…
      ……and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
      He is laying out the final events (a time of trouble the world has never seen) just prior to His return in Matt 24.

  134. Edgar Shetar

    This Catherine is amazing a great american woman. Its always refreshing listening CAF.

  135. Edgar Shetar

    Why Americans try to kill CAF? She says and speaks with truth and they threat her like she is a witch or something… best wishes to CAF and to Greg Hunter also, greg is maybe old and cranky but he is a great american patriot and republican trying to do best has everyone else…

  136. Jeff robbins

    The interviews are getting better and better all the time. Part of it is conspiracy theory is becoming conspiracy fact.

  137. Robert says no

    Was watching a video of Dr Oz. The guy Trump just supported for his candidacy in some east coast election. Oz believes in shutdowns like China is doing in Shanghai. Why is Trump supporting someone like that?

  138. Robert Kaplan

    A great guest. I enjoy listening to smart people and your channel is one of the platforms that has these critical thinkers and good honest people. Ones’s that try to emulate Gods morals and teachings in their unique professions.
    Thanks Greg.

  139. Clay Lane

    OLENEGORSK, Russia. The Town of Iron Ore Miners. VLOG
    1,022 views Apr 18, 2022 Baklykov. Live
    Olenegorsk is the town in Murmansk region of Russia. 110km south from the city of Murmansk. A small working town founded around Deer Mountain (Oleniya Gora) in 1949 for the purpose of iron ore mining.

    The TRUTH behind Antonov-225 Destruction. Why An-225 was not evacuated?
    151,512 views Apr 12, 2022 Pilot Blog

    Can Antonov Rebuild the AN-225?
    Mar 25, 2022 Coby Explanes

    Our life in Russia under sanctions | Prices in the shopping mall, Q&A
    Mar 18, 2022 Eli from Russia
    We will go to the biggest shopping mall in Russia to see which companies and brands left Russia and how prices changed. I will also answer your most frequently asked questions regarding the situation in Russia.

    Cowboy 57 (1959) James Stewart short, on B-52 Crew✈
    556,835 views Dec 18, 2019 jeffsabu
    Cowboy 57 (1959) Lost Short, narrated and starring Jimmy Stewart about the daily life of a B-52 Crew. Very little on this short online; does not appear to exist anywhere.

    The Great Reset: It Begins>>>>>
    869,509 views Apr 18, 2022 Russell Brand
    Klaus Schwab and the WEF tout their work in saving the world using environmental metrics called ESGs. But if companies that have good scores are actually the worst environmental violators, could it be that what the WEF are really working towards is a social credit scoring system?

    Easter Sunday Live: WWIII Already Underway As US & Russia Threaten Deployment of Nuclear Weapons/ The Alex Jones Show April 17th 2022, 3:56 pm
    While Christians celebrated the resurrection of Christ across the globe, world powers were trading threats a nuclear cataclysm as the Ukraine crisis drags on — tune in and share this link if you want to stop the insanity!
    Alex Jones also breaks down the shocking stories of a parent dressed as the Easter Bunny handing out condoms to children, and the UK government requiring staff to provide their gender pronouns in email signatures.

  140. Jim Ledayrd

    LOVE CAF. Everyone recognizes bombs falling from airplanes. (old-fashioned 3rd generation war) Very few recognize the new digital war (5th generation) . Mind control, gas light, propaganda, bio-weapons, food shortage, fuel shortage, laser Directed Energy Weapons- DEW.

  141. Steven

    Donald Trump declared this war on us in March of 2020 when he enabled the Globalist Plandemic to go forward…his Warpspeed Killshot (what HE thinks should be called “the Trumpcine”) is the primary weapon being used against us.

    Anyone still supporting this TRAITOR gets what they deserve…oh, and Greg, have you gotten your Trumpcine yet?

  142. Marie Joy

    Does anyone, else, think it’s odd the woke MSM is waking up?
    They are traitors and traitors never give up.

  143. ken

    Boy did we avoid the “nobody fights back”…. lol

    We are a society that loves talk, especially cheap talk but the doing part may involve shhhhhh (violance).

    Even the Christ run out the bankers from the temple which apparently had been converted to a bank three times with a shhhhh (weapon). Trust me, a whip is a weapon.

    I think God might just want us to do our part in ridding the planet of these disgusting creatures. ‘or’ do many think their going to be zapped up to heaven before the shtf and just don’t care? Does anyone really think God doesn’t know the cowardice?

    Prayers are nice… and if you are willing to fight evil He may just decide to assist but I highly doubt he is going to save those that won’t even raise their voices about the atrocities!

    Just my two cents

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes “Ken” you are so brave by commenting anonymously on this site and NOT sticking your neck out or using your full name and capital to get the truth out. Bravo my brave man!!!

  144. DavidC

    I’m sad to hear of Rob Kirby’s death. I loved his interviews, always very and insightful, I will miss him.

    • DavidC

      …very clear and..

  145. Marie Joy

    Azure Standard Headquarters, in Dufur, Oregon had a fire and the headquarters has been destroyed. Azure is a food distribution company that appeals to conservatives. You order food, online, and meet the delivery truck at a local centralized location. No cause of the fire is known and operations will be affected, only, minimally.

  146. Marie Joy

    Western politicians have done everything they can to destroy any chance of us winning WWIII.

  147. Paul Anthony

    whoops mainstream media admits it’s their job to control what you think. whoops ! bet shes like to retract thast slip


  148. Self Exiled

    Inhaled COVID-19 vaccine, naimbento ng China? Check this article plus the video at the end; a vaporized covid inoculation, I can’t read Tagalog, but it is interesting. These drug companies never quit.


  149. Scott

    As usual, another outstanding interview. Valuable information.
    Thank you!

  150. Don Parker

    Perhaps I just know the right people but in my work, dentistry, I am in and out dental offices every day. Everyone maybe 50 people have been vaccinated. Not a single bad reaction let alone heart problems and death. In addition, my wife has had extensive contact with hospital personnel due to her own health problems over the last couple of years. We always ask the doctors and nurses what their experience has been relative to the shots. Not a single bad report from them either. My wife and I both have had the shots and the boosters as well as most of those in my family. Not a single bad reaction. That’s my experience.

  151. Clint Young

    “This is going to have a big effect on inflation in the coming years,”

    There are not any “coming years” left for the USA. The Russian bear will soon have 3 ribs in its mouth according to Daniel 7:5. When this prophecy is fulfilled, the bear will arise and devour much flesh. The USA most likely is part of the flesh the bear will devour.

    The 3 ribs could be Crimea, Luhansk, and Donetsk. Soon, the Donbas where Luhansk and Donetsk will be taken by Russia and the first part of this prophecy will be complete. This results in the bear arising and devouring much flesh.

    Sorry folks there is not much time left for the USA.

  152. Hairy Herry

    Is Solaris aware of Tennessee to sign an ivermectin bill, allowing pharmacies there to carry it without prescription? My next Arkansas family visit may invoke me to buy a bunch of that for family. I already have a supply.

  153. Olga

    VACCINES AND DIGITAL ID ARE MERGING TOGETHER. Skin patch microneedle vaccine (like a bandaid with lots of tiny little spikes) that leaves behind a scannable, but invisible-to-the-naked eye Quantum Dot Tattoo that stores all your personal data, including proof of vax compliance. It will also be your digital ID.

    QUANTUM DOT TATTOO as PROOF OF VAX COMPLIANCE delivered with MICRONEEDLE VAX (Skin NanoPatch) will be the MARK OF THE BEAST (NOT the hypodermic needle that has been used up to now- April 23, 2022). LOOKS LIKE A BAND-AID. Luciferase makes QDT glow under a special light– it is not about immunity, but TRACKING! It is an operating system with hydrogel (nanotechnology)

    This will be needed to ‘get back to normal’ (code for buy and sell) See Revelation 13:16-18; 14:9-12.

    You won’t be held down and forced that way; but as Windowscentral said about their Worldwide Digital ID system, “non-participants will be unable to buy or sell goods or services”. People who don’t get it just won’t be able to buy and sell; your financial transactions will be blocked. It looks like a patch.

  154. john beasley

    Greg Hunter,

    Please consider getting this Col. Richard Black on your show.

  155. virginia clark

    The drop in IQ due to bad teaching in public schools besides the immune suppression, is one reason why homeschooling is exploding. Florida is really huge in homeschooling. Statistics show that they are smarter, test higher and function better then public school kids in higher education and society.

  156. Larry C

    Around the 1 minute mark, Catherine said that ‘the new media was crashing’. This seemed to be in direct conflict of her definition of same only a little earlier.

    I believe she meant to say that the old media was crashing.

    An easy mistake to make, especially when you’re just getting warmed up for the main

    Love you, Catherine!

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