Financial Atrocities at Core of all Global Problems – Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says all the problems of the world, whether it’s the truckers in Canada or the trouble in Ukraine, can be traced back to “obscene” secret money creation and the lies to cover it all up before it blows up.  Kirby, who lives in Toronto, Canada, and has a front row seat to the Canadian Freedom Truckers says, “What’s occurring with the truckers in Canada, what’s occurring in Ukraine, what’s occurring in the South China Sea regarding Taiwan, what’s occurring in the Koreas, all the geopolitical tension everywhere in the world is all traceable back to the money.  The amount of money that is being created is stunningly larger than what has been acknowledged and published for consumption.”

As just one example of out-of-control money printing and massive fraud, Kirby uses the recent work of Dr. Mark Skidmore and the $400 billion of investment assets at Social Security being churned more than 100 times the amount.  Kirby explains, “Social Security has $400 billion in investable retirement assets.  In the 2019 one-year time frame, Dr. Mark Skidmore showed that those $400 billion in investable retirement assets were turned over in excess of $44 TRILLION.  That is a neon sign for a colossal fraud any way you look at it.”

Kirby says the Fed’s balance sheet is another huge fraud, and instead of nearly $9 trillion in debt, it’s probably more like “$100 trillion in unacknowledged money.”  Kirby says, If you add $100 trillion to the Fed’s $8.8 trillion balance sheet, you have a different picture than what is being presented to humanity. . . . What we have here is bigger than life, and it’s obscene.  It’s the kind of material horror movies are made of. . . . The problem is the money is at the core of everything.  When you created that much money, you have to lie.  If it becomes understood just how much money there really is, the dollar would lose its place as the world’s reserve currency immediately. . . . They are living a lie.  The problem with telling lies is you have to tell more lies, and you have compound lies.”

One thing that does not lie is spiking price inflation, which is signaling a dramatically depreciating dollar.  Kirby says, “In the last year in America, the price of natural gas is up 81%.  The price of crude oil is up 66%.  Agricultural commodities are up 24%.  Rent is up 13%.  Used car prices are up 44%.  Gasoline is up 36%.  Cattle prices are up 20%.  Lumber is up 15%.  Coffee is up 92%.  Hotel prices are up 37%, and the CPI (Consumer Price Index) is up 7.5%.  I have some ocean front property in Arizona.  Are you interested in buying some?”

In short, Kirby points out the U.S. government is lying its tail off about the true inflation number.  This is why in his last interview Kirby said, “The dollar has stage four cancer.”

In closing, Kirby predicts, “This will end in absolute disaster for humanity.  It already has been a disaster for humanity, and it’s going to get worse.”

Kirby predicts the PM of Canada, Justin Trudeau, will call in the UN troops “the Blue Helmets” to quell the protests against the vaccine mandates.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with analyst Rob Kirby, founder of 2.12.22. (There is much more in the 36 min. interview.)

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Anthony Australia

    To All Australians & Ray, my dear brother, the uprising in the nation’s capital warms my heart. I’m totally disgusted with the MSM here, biased and repulsive narrative targeted at people who want their voices to be heard. They are complete propaganda freaks and to think they published this makes me truly inspired to stay the course and know that I’m not a Coo Coo after all. What happened to balanced journalism and integrity.

    ‘Brainwashed’: Falling into
    the ‘freedom’ movement.
    and getting out
    Ash Jackson found her way out of Victoria’s
    “freedom’ movement and its warren of
    conspiracy theories.

    ‘It’s almost like grooming’: how anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, and the far-right came together over COVID.

    (However Zerohedge is a breath of fresh-air.)

    I think George Orwell was a complete genius and brave to deliver the message to us all way back in 1949.

    Rob Kirby is a saint and to all Canadians who are standing up for your freedoms then good on you.

    Greg if you ever need an Australian perspective I ready to be on your show.
    Oh and please study The Revelation of St John.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Zerohedge, SGT Report and Silver Bear Cafe are three of my favorites. As for Down Under, my biggest stock holding is a Gold & Nickel operation in Western Australia.

      • Anthony Australia

        Yep SGT & X22 Report are pretty cool.

        With the stock market, I’m in the following, not financial advice;

        CYM – ASX (Copper)


        CRR – ASX (Lithium, Coppper, Silver & Zinc)

        • Cheri Rodriguez

          The one I’m in is Karora Resources (KRRGF) with corporate HQ in Toronto. Used to be primarily a nickel miner called Royal Nickel. About to go bankrupt in 2018 but then made a big gold find (Father’s Day Vein) that saved the company. I first bought in at .18 cents a share. Now at $4.24 US. Focused on gold but now they’re finding nickel like crazy again. Billions worth! Might be the next Kirkland Lake. Well, maybe not $50 a share. But certainly $25.

          • Warren B.

            Nickel is currently way undervalued. It is in SHORT supply and is critical to the Green Movement. That will be the next Gold rush.

      • steve

        take a look at that crowd

        • Anthony Australia

          Wow! ❤️

        • Pete+only

          Steve, Aussies Rule!!!
          I am sure that the so called authorities are doing their best to jam the internet and cell phones, but it appears that you are already on your way…Take Care

    • John Birch

      Sure, it’s all about the money because the dollar is the god of this world. Schwab, Soros and Gates aren’t Christians, they are anti-Christs. It all comes down to good versus evil. God judged the world the first time with the flood and the Book of Revelation tells us He will shortly judge us again by fire. One third of the Bible is prophecy yet most calling themselves Christians are spiritually ignorant. Is Jesus your Lord and Savior? Do you know Him and more importantly, Does He know you? Those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God, Romans 8:14. If you confess your sins, He is faithful and true to forgive you of your sins and cleanse you of all unrighteousness, I John 1:8,9. We are quickly approaching the seven year tribulation and God is warning us. There is still time to repent and get back on track if you are a luke warm Christian. If you’re not a Christian ask Jesus to be Lord of your life and believe that He died and paid the price for your sins. Then be led by the Spirit of God, 24-7-365.

      • Dwight Branson

        Excellent advice John Birch! I pray those who do not know Jesus will lay down their pride and submit to His will, thereby knowing true freedom.

        For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

      • John Birch

        Forgive me for changing the subject but this is about the other crisis, Ukraine. The crisis in Ukraine is not about Ukraine, it’s about Germany. Please read this excellent SGT report:

      • John

        I agree

      • Lois Petersen

        The tribulation is a 3 1/2 year time period.

        • Lada Aston Holden

          melissa redpill – Q A 3 OF 3: What When is GOG & MAGOG? Ezekiel 38, Revelation 20 11 21 21.mp4

          Today, Feb 14. 2022,
          Feb 14, 2022

        • Lada Aston Holden


          From Revelations

        • n

          Could and will, are two totally different scenarios. Sowing the seeds of fear to the civilian community with the help of the operation mockingbird media.

          Ned Price holds briefing as U.S. warns Russia could invade Ukraine “at any time” | full video, today Monday 5 hours ago,

          Does Ned know what he’s talking about? Or is Ned brain dead, Ned? Ned, in a world where Germany and Russia are friends and trading partners, there is no need for US military bases, no need for expensive US-made weapons and missile systems, and no need for NATO. There’s also no need to transact energy deals in US Dollars or to stockpile US Treasuries to balance accounts. Transactions between business partners can be conducted in their own currencies which is bound to precipitate a sharp decline in the value of the dollar and a dramatic shift in economic power. This is why the Biden administration opposes Nord Stream. It’s not just a pipeline, it’s a window into the future; a future in which Europe and Asia are drawn closer together into a massive free trade zone that increases their mutual power and prosperity while leaving the US on the outside looking in. Warmer relations between Germany and Russia signal an end to the “unipolar” world order the US has overseen for the last 75 years. A German-Russo alliance threatens to hasten the decline of the Superpower that is presently inching closer to the abyss. This is why Washington is determined to do everything it can to sabotage Nord Stream and keep Germany within its orbit. It’s a matter of survival.
          _______Ignorance is not bliss
          Read more by Michael Hudson, at The Unz Review:

          • IIG

            U.S. intelligence services keep warning us that a Russian invasion of the Ukraine border is imminent but nothing has not taken place – yet they are completely silent about the actual invasion of America’s borders now taking place?? – Why???? – who the hell are they working for?????

    • Wayne Todd

      It doesn’t matter what country any of us are in… with out personal sovereignty we are finished the Governments of the world will own you. You will have no rights ever again, period. Because they will always find some other excuse, or excuses to control you, today it’s Covid next time it will be a climate issue, or some other illness, or monetary collapse.
      We win this here and now, or it’s over.

      • Anthony Australia

        Touché Toddy

      • Pete+only

        Steve, Aussies Rule!!!
        I am sure that the so called authorities are doing their best to jam the internet and cell phones, but it appears that you are already on your way…Take Care

    • Anthony Australia

      JFK – OMG!!!

      • Southern Girl

        Anthony Austrailia,
        WOW blew my mind, and it all makes sense now. Where the heck did you find that old video?? Thanks

      • Robert

        And nobody there saw the driver shoot him? It’s not believable. Bill Cooper is one of those CIA spooks who makes sense initially, but then goes off on a wild tangent that makes you think he’s lost his marbles.

        • Warren B.

          Exactly. Five people and not one reacted to any supposed action by the SS Agent.
          I do however agree that Oswald was a PATSY ( so too was Jack Ruby).
          These Wealthy Elites like to play games. Kennedy Snr was top 5 Richest Men in America. He had more than wealth….extreme Power and Influence.
          His son was King and his court was called Camelot…..( and before him Joseph Jnr was sitting on the throne- no plane accident). There’s nothing like ruling from the Shadows (for those Wealthy Families that self elect themselves)….sound familiar….?….it should because that is what these people do….one of the MO’s of Freemasonry….stay hidden/out of sight/keep secrets.
          Be assured that JFK faced no threat from the Mob – his Brother (Bobby) took care of that.

    • Anthony Australia

      Good history lesson on China & The Elite

    • Andrew de Berry

      Thanks AA.

    • Trinacria

      I think Australia and NZ are so called “test ballons” for tyranny, but ground zero seems to be Canada based on this interview. Greg, I wanted to call your attention and that of others to this as it appears very, very deep. Thank you and take care.

    • Ray

      Anthony my dear Brother,
      You are a fine man mate…….everyone here knows it too.
      Would be great to see you on Greg’s show as well mate……I’ll come on as well if he wants an Australian perspective of things……no worries.
      I saw that drivel of a story in The Sydney Morning Herald that you refer to…….ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING piece of fluff journalism……shows how absolutely DESPERATE they are to control what is now spinning TOTALL OUT OF CONTROL.
      As Rob Kirby says, this is not going to end well…….for anyone.
      The NWO crowd are ready to kick the table over and start a world war.
      I pray for all of us to see Jesus return……tonight…..because HE is the ONLY thing that can stop this nuclear world war from exploding across HIS planet.
      The below I dedicate to all people in Russia…….we know you are good people xxx
      Substitute the names of Khrushchev / Reagan for Putin / Biden…….and there you go.

      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks my dear friend.

        Hopefully this isn’t a person you know.

        How Canberra has changed some last I drove through.

        • Ray

          Fair Dinkum…….what a friggin’ OXYGEN THIEF that girl is!!!
          The other two girls should have pulled her out of the car via the driver’s side window and clubbed her with a 5 iron to within an inch of her life.
          Take care Legend.

    • Claude Ramains

      I saw that front page piece of blatant propaganda in The Age called
      “ Brainwashed’: Falling into the ‘freedom’ movement and getting out”
      – and I just thought
      1. So she’s just accepted her slavery.
      2. How dare our whore, prototype treasonous media in Australia cobble all those people who’s lives have been destroyed because of our politicians illegal vax mandates into the cuckoo category.
      3. Is it even true or did they just make it up. Coz I’d put nothing past our lying media. They’ve lost all credibility.
      The desire for freedom is the sanest response to our insane and lying, self serving, incompetent, power hungry and tyrannical politicians.
      They’ve caused nothing but misery over the last few years while they give themselves big pay rises and exemptions from all the restrictions they’ve imposed on everyone else.
      The media here has been their willing b*tch!
      There’s a day of reckoning coming and if I was a politician or media person I’d already be fleeing the country coz the people might put up with a lot here because basically we are a peaceful lot but when they come for the kids with their witches brew and mandates there will be hell to pay.
      We fled way out to the remote country to get away from the sh*t storm coming but they managed to throw their net of oppression and misery all the way up here too.
      Somehow I don’t think it’s just going to be Trudeau fleeing like the cowards scared, sniveling little rat that he is. It’s gonna be the whole political class and their agencies, CEOs Dr and nurses who promoted this vax. When the people finally snap there won’t be anywhere to hide.
      Unfortunately I think that’s what they want.
      They’ve been relentless in provoking the population.
      They’ve got something up their sleeve. Like the UN.
      In Queensland there’s pic of hundreds of UN trucks parked waiting for something.
      The judges are being unrighteous in dismissing cases that challenge the illegality of the govts crimes.
      This is why God will step in to judge.
      Because man won’t judge himself.

      • Anthony Australia

        Fritz Springmeier = Trauma Based Mind Control

    • T. Argyle

      Here it is Anthony, all these people standing together from all walks of life. In the cold!
      🚔 Police Showed Up to Arrest…and 🇨🇦 CANADIANS 🇨🇦 did this..
      843,196 views Feb 11, 2022
      Your Dominion is strong. From across the river in Detroit, Shivering me timbers.

      • Anthony Australia

        Tears of joy!

        I follow the Lions 😀

  2. Rodster

    Kirby echoes what Martin Armstrong has been saying that TPTB are looking to collapse the system because they have borrowed so much, it will never be repaid. So they are finding excuses to blowup the system.


      These people are luciferin and they trace their bloodline back to the edomites and they’re satan worshippers and they are creating chaos because the anti-christ will be introduced as the one to solve the chaos they’re creating. That’s why we Christians are targets because they need us out of the way to prepare for the anti-christ and the beast. This plan that is unfolding has been happening since the fallen angels was kicked out of heaven and banned in taratus (the abyss) and cern that’s in switzerland is breaking down the barrier that God put around the earth to let the demons back in and the pope will give his power to the beast/anti-christ, etc. All of the gold, silver and worlds resources have gone to cern/portal that lets demons in. That’s why the bible says that it will be like in the days of Noah and the fallen angels, nephlims/aliens etc will create havoc on this world. But we are God’s people and those of us who will endure shall be saved. We are at war with the devil. This is good vs evil and we are to stay in the fight because we win in the end. Our politicians world leaders, celebrities, media, all branches of government, the pope, the queen, the jesuits, the masons, skull and bones, luminati et al from the bloodline families of satan, or have sold their souls and they are preparing for lucifer, the anti-christ, mark of the beast etc. This plan has been in existence since God kicked the devil out of heaven because lucifer has ALWAYS wanted God’s glory and power.

      • regaleagle

        Amen……the truth is undeniable and will set you free. Freedom is in the minds and hearts of all that believe in goodness……even if they do not yet accept Jesus Christ as King and Savior. There are billions on this Earth that believe in freedom……and only a few million that want a New World Order. The table is quickly being set for Christ’s return as the separating of the wheat from the chaff is now underway.

  3. Scootertd Libby

    Watch “🔴LIVE Ottawa – RAW Footage: Freedom Convoy 2022 Day 16 – Parliament Hill – Saturday Feb 12 pt 2” on YouTube

    • Bradley

      Very true Libby but that was the plan. I wish Greg would interview Bix Weir about the original plan. Run the fiat fake money system sucking all the benefits out of it till confidence collapses. That is the plan…we are at that end game.

    • IIG

      YouTube finally does something right: They take down the video showing Truckers clogging up the nations arteries … while allowing us to see how Trudeau clogged up the nations arteries with his forced “jab”!! –

      • IIG

        Trudeau has been killing the older people and the people in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with his “jab” mandate – so I guess it is time for him to bring in the Police and Military to begin killing the children of the Truckers (for simply protesting against his plans to mandate their extermination also)!!

  4. Mike Low

    If the blue helmets step one foot on Canadian soil, the Canadian Military will have to defend from invasion.

    • IIG

      Hopefully you are right and the Canadian police and military will repel the Chinese “Blue Helmets sent by the Globalist UN to crush the Truckers the same way they crushed the protesters at Tienanmen Square – Trudeau needs to be arrested immediately for his criminal actions and for getting “a cut of the profits” for every kill shot given – if the police and courts do not act – the Constitution says the government can be replaced by the people!! –

      • Brooklyn


        Excellent video with Stew Peters and Dr. David Martin. The reason why Trudeau will not back down or meet with the truckers in an attempt to resolve the mandate issue is because Trudeau is involved in a criminal conspiracy along with the US and Pfizer and Moderna, and would rather bring in the UN Blue Helmets to kill his own people. This will not end well…

        • IIG

          It makes no difference to Trudeau – whether he kills his people with a “jab” – or with UN Troops – as long as he gets his cut of the blood money profits from Moderna and Pfizer!!

          • Warren B.

            Either way you slice it – Trudeau is a dead man walking. He follows orders or he’s taken care of ….or…….if he pushes the masses too hard….he’s hunted down. That’s the perfect analogy to the ” Scylla and Charybdis dilemma”…..a description of being caught between a rock and a hard place.

        • Warren B.

          Lets have a refresher on what Tru DOPE said again…..

    • William Nedbalek

      I would be surprised if US patriots do NOT get involved if UN troops show up armed in Canada. Do you?

  5. Bradley

    Yes the whole world is with Canada. God Bless the Truckers in Canada. Regular hard working people will win this war. Proud to know that Canada (a sleeping giant) has awoken.

    • Marie Joy

      It’s interesting that Canada is awake while America still sleeps.

      • Laura McDonough

        200million dimwits took the clot shot, the 130million refused for various reasons. Most Americans will go along w/ gov. no matter what they pull on us. Majority lack left brain functioning and live in their own world (social life hobbies, etc) not caring about their kids or g’kids futures or what happens to their family later on. These folks will obey marching orders for FEMA facilities when told to go by their apostate pastor or some politician on TV news. Few are informed about globalism, agenda 2030 or much else. I find so few I can relate to w/ other retirees. Many who took the shots know nothing about this country being under fascism (corporations merged w/gov. forming a dictatorship.)

        • Dwight Branson

          The Bible refers to theses people as “willingly ignorant” and they follow “science falsely so called”.
          Time truly is running out; Agenda 2030, which was originally Agenda 21 ( for the year 2100) is now Agenda 2023. Satan knows his time is short!
          We are now living in the age of deception: The Prophet Isaiah(5;20-21) plainly told us; Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their out sight!
          Please People, do not be deceived, read the 66 books, written 2,000 to 3,500 years ago, by 40 authors, on 3 continents, that tells us one concise account of what was, what is now coming to pass, and of the world to come!
          Jesus is real and loves us so much He bled and died so we can be with Him. He stands at the door of your heart and knocks, open the door and let Him in.

          • Laura McDonough

            Dwight: here is some info on mark of the beast tied to transhumanism: also:

            • Dwight Branson

              Thank you Laura, Good stuff; I subscribed to New Patriot and Perry Stone. I agree that we need to be prepared to weather the storm that is coming. I see a difference between the tribulation(what the world will do to us), and God’s wrath(what God will do to the world). We will be hated and persecuted during the tribulation but, God will save surviving Christians from His wrath via the rapture.

          • Laura McDonough

            Parables of Jesus mention blinded (spiritually) to truth, etc. Majority seem to be today.

    • The Ogs

      Hi Bradley, if the whole world is with Canada then… somebody forgot to tell the Canadians! Their televisions tell them that these violent, racist nazi Truckers are despicable – and most believe it. They know their TVs would never lie to them.
      Oh, it is to weep. And the smell of wool hangs heavily in the air.

  6. john+duffy

    The real reason why Trudeau will not get rid of the mandates. He should be drawn and quartered.

    • Tom C

      Thanks for posting that very important link.

    • Texar1991

      “World economic for them” … “Klaus Anal Schwab”… “Morbidly obedient”. Good stuff!!

  7. Gordon

    I was so disappointed in Canadians for letting their freedoms and rights be trampled on so easily (by a Castro mini-me).
    But they were just being tolerant (an attempt at finding out if the bullshit was going to be real and lasting).
    They got it figured out now.
    My faith in their knowing what’s right and wrong is renewed. It’s evident they are rising up and starting the fix.
    In fact they are leading the whole world back to sanity!

  8. Jerry

    Rob Kirby is my personal favorite. Thanks for having him on. I agree with him about U.N. troops being used in Canada. Even though I believe in the truckers cause I think they’ve walked into a trap, that the globalist will use for their own advantage. Here is a memo put out
    by DHS outlining who they believe pose the biggest threat to the state.

    If you look closely at it, it’s just about anyone who voices opposition to the states utopian agenda. As far as Ukraine there are two camps of thought I’m following. One camp says the Russians will launch an invasion during the super bowl. The other camp says it’s a planned distraction for what the globalist are getting ready to do here in some false flag attack. They’ve gone as far as predicting a false flag attack on the white house with some type of explosion that will be blamed on Russia. I’m not sure what to believe, but I can tell you this. My personal military contacts are still stateside, which leads me to believe that the United States is not going to do anything anytime soon one way or another. Either way, it makes good sense to be prepared both physically and spiritually, in the world we now live in.

    • Anthony Australia

      I have always thought Russia & USA are secret friends. IMHO

      • William Nedbalek

        I completely agree. I don’t have a rational explanation for it, but I have felt it for years. The US and Russians are friends.

      • Paul from Indiana

        It’s a “good cop-bad cop” arrangement and has been since Yalta, when Mr. Roosevelt sold out Europe and humiliated Winston Churchill. Best always. PM

      • Warren B.

        If you have any doubts about this FACT…then I suggest you study history….in particular WWII…and what we (America) did for the Soviets – Funding and Armaments for their (Our) Battle with the NAZI regime. The Lend- Lease Act provided the equivalent of $180 BLN worth of goods. Stalin and Roosevelt were best buddies.
        The Cold War was nothing more than a misdirection – consider how they created a False Narrative to initiate MIC growth/ Nuclear Arms (which don’t exist) – draining the Public purse continuously. (Does the Narrative around the War on Terror created through 9/11…. resemble anything?) If you comprehend the relationship between the two Countries ..then by extrapolation you should make some further conclusions.
        There will come a time when the relationship will be tested – One country will break the treaty (Lie) – and will force the other to retaliate.

    • Jerry

      Yep folks,
      It was an setup for martial law.

      That includes cutoffs to bank accounts. At what point do we say enough is enough? Cutting people off from their money is out and out tyranny. The World Economic Forum is up to their neck in this.

  9. swimfinz

    Great haircut Greg! Thank you for having Ron Kirby on your show. You have the best guests! Thank you Greg Hunter—-you are the news now!

  10. Vincent

    OMG Rob Kirby is back! What an interview! His insight into what is REALLY going on is encyclopedic. I follow all of this closely, and all I can say is, in my humble opinion, NOBODY has nailed it on all fronts like Rob Kirby has. Thank you for having Rob back on Greg. Truly an inspired move.
    I also want to thank Rob Kirby, for telling it like it REALLY is. God bless you Rob and Godspeed.

    • IIG

      If Kirby and Skidmore are right about the Fed’s balance sheet being 10 times larger then reported ($100 trillion rather then $9 trillion) – the US dollar is toast – and poor Stan would see gold shoot 10 times higher (to $18,500 per ounce rather then the current $1850 per ounce) – and silver currently at $23.50 would shoot to $235 dollars per ounce – now add in a war with Russia and gold could easily double to $37,000 per ounce (about the current price of Bitcoin) and silver could be pushing $470 per ounce!!

      • IIG

        There are a lot of people kicking themselves for not buying Bitcoin when it was $1860 per coin and are now paying $36,000 for it!!

        • IIG

          Yet people will still hesitate buying precious metals before they run up??

          • Warren B.

            Its all relative- its expensive until it isn’t anymore…like Insurance….when the house burns down and you don’t have it…but wish you did.

      • Warren B.

        10 Times larger is not a guess or estimate….it is based on the Laws of Fractional Reserve Banking 101. Whatever is disclosed on the FED’s Balance Sheet is a fraction of what it has borrowed out…..circa 10%.

      • Stan

        I’m shorting Gold today

        • Greg Hunter

          Timed that wrong–again.

          • Jay Rocco

            Any word on Rob Kirby (health). Got you email and have been praying. If you could get us some sort of update we in the community would appreciate it. Thank you Greg


    This lady’s protest speech is one of the best I have ever heard. This SPEECH will give you “PATRIOTIC GOOSE BUMPS” and Greg should interview this lady and have her on because she knows her constitutional facts and rights:

    • John

      It’s time to understand our constitution and our founders. David Barton is a good source.
      We don’t need to rewrite the constitution, we need to demand that it is followed. It has been undermined and it is our fault. We have turned our backs on the Most High God so this is what we get. The Lord has power to give privileges and to take them away. Read the Old Testament, it has plenty of examples. People parish for lack of knowledge.

    • Dwight Branson

      Thank you Patriotic Dan…Yes, I got the goosebumps.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Dan and thanks for the link. What a great orator ~ and without notes!

  12. ang



      Thank you PATRIOTIC DAN for the link. That woman is an ambassador for freedom!
      Unfortunately Australia does not have a Constitution like North America, or a Bill of Rights which we can use to protect ourselves. The State and Federal Governments are going after the children now, and it makes me cringe seeing ignorant virtue-signalling parents proudly parade their children before the cameras as they get their shots.
      The authorities are changing the goal posts again here and it will soon mandate the booster if you want to keep your job or get an education. DISCUSTING !!

      It’s true, we are at war, and Biden et al. will start a real war before the midterm elections.


        Sorry ang the comment above was for PATRIOTIC DAN

  13. jon

    Hi Greg, I think any attempt by the Trudeau people to bring in the UN will be a non starter and fail before it gets any traction. If an attempt is made, this will immediately destroy the UN. The reason being, the Klaus Schwab ilk is already internationally recognized as the sole reason for the world turmoil at this time. If they try to capitalize on this with UN Troops, it will probably be a case where “They called a war and nobody showed up”

  14. Auntie Seize

    Yes indeed, the phony money system enables and fuels all this corruption and atrocities being witnessed in these latter days.
    As Martin Armstrong says, history shows that when the law enforcers, e.g. the police and military, side with the people, that is the end of the tyranny and the tyrants power.
    Come quickly Lord Jesus and put an end to all this insanity!

  15. DJ

    Kirby…… spitting fire, facts and faith. Glad to see him in good health.
    Also….CLIFF HIGHs last bitchute video talked about the Rothchilds being decedents Homo Capensis and he hasn’t posted since…….Hope everything is alright with him.

  16. Marie Joy

    When this goes hot, what you have is all that you will ever have.

  17. jack mathers

    Kirby predicts the PM of Canada, Justin Trudeau, will call in the UN troops “the Blue Helmets” to quell the protests against the vaccine mandates. will just send the Blue Hamlets south of there border end of them, they wont be going back..

  18. Matt Jaymes


    I’ve never seen Rob so animated before, and I hope that fervor spreads like omicron all over the damn planet!!


    Matt Jaymes

  19. Marie Joy

    Rob Kirby’s inflation numbers (15%) disagree with John Williams’, of ShadowStats, numbers. A little quick math gives Rob Kirby a much higher estimate of inflation. I have no expertise on this but, from what I see, Rob Kirby’s numbers are more accurate. No disrespect intended.

    • Marie Joy

      John Williams’ says 15%. Rob Kirby’s numbers average much higher. From what I see, the higher numbers are correct and going higher. I expect many will starve.

  20. Kent Lawson

    Rob was on FIRE! And PISSED ! Who could blame him?

  21. Louie

    Great Program !

  22. Rob Lindeman

    Hi Greg,
    Another great and poignant presentation.
    Keep up the good work of revealing the truth to the world at large. Yours is by far the most informative and honest podcast out there. Thanks also to your special guest Rob Kirby.
    May the Lord Bless you both immensely !

  23. Ken

    Greg I appreciate you bringing Mr. Kirby back on he’s looking much better than two years ago. I’m also glad he, you and I are of a like mind. I’m certain that Justin Castro is Cuban, I’ve heard that from many other’s. Looking forward to your next guest. Thank you for all you do Much respect.


    Rob Kirby is spot on

  25. Pinky

    Klauss is disgusting

  26. David Dansker

    From last Friday Weekly News Wrap-Up: “Hey, Joni Mitchell, I guess you own the parking lot now.” – Priceless!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks David!!

      • Barb

        Greg this is probably why banks are getting nasty about people withdrawaling their money. I have seen in comments from several people how banks are making them sign paperwork and/or getting up in arms about taking out amounts of 3-4 thousand where before it wasn’t a big deal. Some have said they have been told don’t be surprised when it’s comes after you. This blows my mind they are doing this.

        • IIG

          You would think that handing out paper Fed IOU’s (fiat dollars) would be no big deal as they will soon be declared worthless (as they force you to turn them in for digital credit) – what they should be concerned about is handing out “pocket change” manufactured by the US Treasury which is official money of the United States (whereas Fed Notes are not US created money but simply an IOU created by “a private corporation” called the Federal Reserve) – the banks can recall their paper money IOU’s but they have no authority to recall the legal money created by the Treasury of the United States of America – so holding the coins made by the US Mint should escape being digitized – so if you want some money outside the banksters digital system hold on to your pennies, nickels, etc. (and remember the US mint also makes your silver dollars and gold coins)!!

  27. Barnaby Wilde

    What does “turned over” mean? There’s no need to be so cryptic.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not cryptic. It’s a financial term. “Turned over” into leverage or debt is the simple answer. So, they basically took $400 billion and turned it into $44 trillion. Let that sink in. What do you think your money is worth? How about the money you might get from SS??

  28. PersonaNonGrata

    Crooked politicians handed the power to create the nations’ money to a private enterprise – the Rothschild banking cartel. That was the genesis of the utter corruption we see today. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Lord Acton.

    • IIG

      If the criminal politicians years ago who took bribes to hand over our banking system to the Rothschild’s were still alive today – do you think they would throw their ill gotten bribes into the street the way Judas did? … not likely … our evil Judas demon rats take too much pleasure in betraying us and will probably be figuring ways to get extra compensation (just like our Doctors and Hospital administrators had Trump build them “many ventilators” – to purposely kill people (to get the $50,000 dollar bounty Big Pharma put on our heads)!!

      • Brooklyn


        That is “just another negative Trump issue” that many overlook. Do you recall how Trump had a GM or Ford plant retool to build ventilators- so the evil hospital administrators could jam the tubes down the throats of the innocent to destroy their lungs, making sure they would never breath on their own again. We lost three friends in the early months (March – June 2020) this exact way.
        Trump’s loyal followers can go to all of his rallies, but Trump is not leader many think he is. Think about who was POTUS in 2019 when our Social Security was being “invested” one hundred times it’s value, or upwards of $44 trillion dollars, and yet he didn’t know this was happening – doubtful!

        If Rob Kirby is even half right, we are in for an extremely rough road ahead, not if, but when, the US dollar is no longer accepted as the world reserve currency. Get out your wheelbarrows to hold the dollars you’ll need for grocery shopping…


  29. Otis Campbell

    Just what we need is a nuclear happy tranny general with bright the pink clown affro advising the President to authorize full nuclear retaliation against Russia for NOT invading Ukraine.

    • IIG

      Those damn Russians just won’t cooperate in starting WWIII – what is wrong with them? – we put troops and missiles on their boarder – and all they do is put extra troops on their side of the boarder – but they won’t invade?? – don’t they realize we perverted transgender red high heel wearing clowns in charge of the US Government and Military “Need a War” to bail us out of our criminal money printing operations and our extermination operations “jabbing” everyone? … Biden even told Putin that he would go easy on him if he would just invade – but still nothing?? – don’t the Russians know that they should be trying to get Biden re-elected again in 2024 (as the American people always re-vote in a President who gets them into war)? – you would think the Russians would want the US to have an insane “Alzhimer demon-ted” criminal pervert in power handing out $30,000 dollar welfare checks to every illegal alien swarming across our southern boarder and crack pipes to the rest of us??

  30. Marie Joy

    Crimes Against Humanity requires the death penalty.

  31. wayne hardin

    Rob is right the shit will hit the fan . But then satan will show up and try’s to make everybody think he is Jesus and will be doing signs and wonders to fool even the elect if it were possible .
    And the sad part is all these people are running around telling everybody that it is Jesus that will be doing it . They most be reading a different Bible than the one i have ./ it sure does sound good but that is not what the bible says .
    Just like when people pray to Jesus / He said to pray to the Father in his name and to ask him nothing ask the Father .God has a order in the way he expects us to follow .
    But it seems we want God to bless what he says is out of order / don’t bet on it .
    It is a losing bet .

    Wayne Hardin

    • Paul from Indiana

      Lake Of Fire! Keep preaching, brother! Best always. PM

      • Greg Hunter

        I think it’s a big lake too. It will hold them all.

        • allen ols

          Isaiah 5:14 KJV – Therefore hell hath enlarged herself …
          Isaiah 5:14 KJV – Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, – Bible Gateway. Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and

  32. Louis Gatto

    Thank you Greg, Rob, Great interview.

    • KathyM

      Jim Clavito,
      I just watched Planet-Lockdown Documentary that you gave the link to. It was powerful! Thanks for sharing.

    • Jeff

      Army major video….. 50 views. They control the MSM. Evil abounds.

  33. paul lilliott

    First class! I would like for Rob to just have the floor for a full presentation and lay out all of the strands of the strands leading up to this – the Eugenics movement, the cancerous growth of elites and the huge financial thefts.
    I would ask us to look on the positive side – the military and a huge section of the police DID refuse to intervene in Ottawa and on the bridge. These are truckers and they are truly ‘brothers’ of the people in uniform. And, not only is Trudeau isolated and up against the wall, but the people of Canada and France and Australia and NZ AND OTHERS are SOLIDLY together, up and moving! The introduction of mass VEHICLES in peaceful blockades and the willingness to STAY PUT are game changers. Can ALL of Schwab’s Young Global Leaders who haven’t already thrown in the towel (like Johnson and Aldern) ring up AT ONCE and expect there to be enough UN troops to quell the whole lot? Except in the U.S. where there are so many who swallow the narrative, forces WILL seek to defend their country. And, by such actions, the ringleaders cease to be benign psycho-game players – they declare themselves as aggressors. Things could get very hellish in the U.S. with its millions of intelligence agencies – but is it not inconceivable that American military personnel are just as disgruntled as many in the Canadian forces are? And I am sure every European remembers how Nazi collaborators were treated after the War. And then there is the spiritual dimension – are we, God’s people, going to lie down and let ourselves be ‘eliminated’? Apparently it took 6 years after the Boston Massacre by the British for the Americans to assert themselves. I would say we are not doing too badly! I see these elites as totally convinced that they could solely rely on our isolation, ignorance, and fear to win through clever propaganda – these convoys are totally unexpected. I would say they are now scared to hell! And as a result they will start to make mistakes – in fact they already have! They could even capitulate!

  34. IIG

    This chart seems to be warning us of the increasing probability things are headed for an absolute disaster!!

    • IIG

      After looking at the gold price chart above – the rise in fuel and food prices bears repeating … “Kirby says: In the last year in America, the price of natural gas is up 81%. The price of crude oil is up 66%. Agricultural commodities are up 24%. Rent is up 13%. Used car prices are up 44%. Gasoline is up 36%. Cattle prices are up 20%. Lumber is up 15%. Coffee is up 92%. Hotel prices are up 37% … but … the fraudulent CPI (Consumer Price Index) is only up by 7.5%” ??? – if the CPI is not quickly made to reflect “the true inflation rate” everyone’s Social Security Check will become a sick joke (unless upon arrival it is immediately converted into gold)!!

    • IIG

      So the worst by far “is yet to come” – the world is being hit with both a medical tyranny and a dollar tyranny – and it’s beginning to breaking down peoples apathy – the real horror to come is when it is not just our vaxxed older family members who begin dying off (and their Social Security checks stop coming in to help pay the bills) but when the young people also begin dying – that’s when all of the people harmed by the eugenicists “jabs” and their Zimbabwe money printing will finally awake to reality (and realize they and their family members have been “intentionally killed” by really evil Satanic demons) – naturally the emotions generated will result in more then just empty Trucks with protest signs being driven to these offending nations Capital’s filled with a bunch of queer psychopathic transgender pedophiles intent on destroying civilization as we have know it!!

  35. Denrio

    Mentioning that Justin trudope’s mother admired and had a relation with Fidel Castro back in the day is missing in the interview and would bring more credibility to the fact that Fidel is the father of trudope.
    Thanks for your hard work Greg

    • wallstone

      I remember back in the day when pictures came out of Margaret Trudeau (Justin’s mother) hanging onto and slobbering all over Fidel Castro while Pierre Trudeau stood by and looked on. It was really quite disgusting but by here own admission Margaret was what she termed a party girl (copious amounts of drugs and sex). That is the mother of
      the prime minister of Canada. A real beaut.

    • Shiloh1

      Margaret really got around back in the day. By accident of birth could have been Keith Richards’ kid.

  36. William Nedbalek

    I think Klaus Schwaub has a date with the Canadian & American people.

    You know, after this maybe the Canadian people will consider joining the US. Why? I think they see that our constitution would come in handy right about now.

  37. Neville

    Hi Greg an excellent broadcast by Dr David Martin on the scandal behind the scamdemic in cananda. Fidel troudeau involved in racketeering picking up cash for injections. Which is why he wants to end the Legal Demonstration by the heroes of ottowa.

  38. Scott

    Related to this conversation is the group behind BlackRock. I recommend this piece related to this rigged system which appears to go back to the fallen prior to Babel

  39. Mark Reid

    So nice to see you back and healthy Greg, when I had “Covid” in Jan 2020, it was a nasty flu and a cough that lasted for 3 weeks. Of course I just called it a “bug” and let my immune systems heal it naturally, and, of course it did. As a Canadian veteran, so proud of the Truckers. There is hope! Tyrants surround us. Thank you so much for this interview, Rob sounds like me on steroids…lol. So knowledgeable, articulate and an ass-kicking Canadian. Love him! Take care Greg!

  40. mihaela gavril

    Mr. Rob Kirby is correct: it is about the money:
    Greg, please invite Dr. Marin to an interview on your show. He is well worth listening to.
    Jesus bless you!!!

  41. Mark Gunderson

    WOW, what a great interview. It is good to get a perspective from out side the country. We have been living in this corruption for sooo long now it is almost normal. I like the fact that Rob is pissed and disgusted with our money manufacturering. He is right, it has been broken for a long time and the wheels are coming off the bus. God bless the Canadian trucker and people. It is a damn shame that these so called financial institutions run a muck and it is always the average citizens that are left to clean up the mess. It would be very satisfying to see them held accountable. If not it will never be repaired and we will never be free.

  42. Robert Coleman

    Thank you Greg for having Rob Kirby just tell it like it is.

  43. wildbad

    Rainer Fuellmich was mentioned during the interview. He began working on the legal case against the perpetrators of the COVID hoax well over a year ago. After being denied even a hearing in the broken and corrupt injustice system here in Germany he and his comittee moved to a common law / grand jury type system which, although not officially acknowleged by the power elite, has standing internationally. As of yesterday the corrupt and complicit German government has reverted to their Nazi roots and BANNED HIS SPEECH by cancelling the Telegram app groups where he was predominantly spreading his message. He has now moved to wher one can see the grand jury preceedings as they mount. The panel includes judges and an international cast of legal and medical and scientific minds. He will not be stopped but they are trying.

    I am very selective on who I choose to support financially on the internet. In addition to being a supporter of Greg Hunter Rainer Fuellmich has my full support and I urge anyone who can to do this in anyway possible, even if it is just sharing the links. That is the MOST iportant thing you can do. We are in a period where we need to acknowledge that every aspect of the systems of democracy are corrupted and broken and we need to begin rebuilding WITHOUT the permission of ANYONE, a parallel series of mechanisms to hold on to what small liberties which remain.
    Thank you for everything Greg.
    God has blessed you

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi wildbad,
      Please post a link to Reiner Fuelmich’s new site.

  44. Jerry

    Here’s a refresher course about why you need to get your food storage in order NOW. Here is one major partner with the WEF.

    Food at some point will become weaponized to force the NWO agenda. Last week every Walmart store in my area had no chicken in stock…period. Ask yourself this question, when demand is falling because of inflation shouldn’t that provide a larger supply? This is no coincidence. I live less than two hours from Tysons home office. There is NO supply shortage. They are being paid to cut production. Plan accordingly.

  45. George+Eddleston

    “The problem is money” the problem is Anglo-American oligarchy and their insane British economic system of radical free trade and speculation. If George Washington were alive his first question would be, where is King George?

    • Dwight Branson

      Governments create shortages and famine via over-regulation. Truly free trade creates opportunity and fills voids.

      • FastMark

        Very well stated Dwight, so true.

  46. Daniel

    Thank you Rob Kirby for speaking from the heart as a human being showing your own consciousness and experiences with great apathy, and empathy on the global evil financial banking institutions, evil world economic forum, and concerns on other human beings….. First class testimony and interview Greg Hunter with Rob Kirby’s absolute compassion and humbleness on the truth…. In closing, I will let Hosea chapter 7 verse 13 and Jude chapter 1 verse 10 King James Version tell it like it is in spirit……

    Hosea 7:13
    Woe to them, for they have strayed from Me!
    Destruction is theirs, for they have rebelled against Me!
    I would redeem them, but they speak lies against Me

    Jude 1:10
    But these men revile the things which they do not understand; and the things which they know by instinct, like unreasoning animals, by these things they are destroyed.

    Have a good delightful day in spirit

  47. David Fogleman

    Greg, Question about the new Survey. It might be better if you break down the Survey into if you are asking the Question about the ‘Leadership’ of those Groups (including Board Members and Majority Stock Holders) or if you are talking about the Everyday worker. In my mind, the ‘Leadership’ all the way down to Managers should all be Hung for Treason, and all of their Corporate and Personal Assets Confiscated. The Everyday worker who refused to fill prescriptions, because that was the ‘Company Policy’ , should lose their Licenses and Serve long Prison Sentences.

    So depending on which group, you are asking the question about, would change my response. It all would depend on if they had any Power to change anything, as an example, LPN’s and RN’s (Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nurses) can NOT write/change prescriptions for Patients but have to work on the Hospital Floors where the Medications are refused to be given to patients. Their (LPN’s/RN’s) only real ‘Power’ to change anything in this whole CV-19 Plandemic was to either stay at work and try to help people (some LPN’s and RN’s even sneaked in Ivermectin to help Patients) or quit their Job, as well as be ‘Whistle-blowers’ to what they see.

  48. Norlin+Gutz

    Gregg, Durham’s investigation is getting serious now. Do you have any experts on this matter that you could have speak on some of his findings?

  49. Earl Thornburg

    Greg, Rob,
    Outstanding interview! Rob ties the financial system and events around the world together in a practical way.
    Praying for Rob and all Canadians, we are proud of them all.

  50. Kevin24

    I live in Toronto same as Rob.
    Not sure about our provincial (state) agenda.
    One day they were dropping passports the next they were swinging the hammer.
    The politicians are all over the map, they never planned for this much unity coming against them.
    I found that article on the two basketball players, sad.

  51. Roger Stamper

    tks greg rob kirby

  52. Da Yooper

    Bravo Rob Kirby…….follow the money…..who benefit’s ?

    CPI = Figures dont lie – BUT liars sure can figure.

    Greg here is the plan

    Get the populations sick from the jab & then as they are dying off pull the rug on them financially. Then they are so sick they will be powerless to do anything but die.

    “Trust the Science ” = Trust THEIR ……….POLITICAL COMUNIST BS SCIENCE which equal’s lies & death.

    “All wars are banker wars” now equals …now …… All vaccines are BANKER vaccines

  53. JG

    Great interview. Excellent stuff as always! One thing Kirby mentioned in the interview was that earlier in the week, in east Texas, there were two students that died in the same basketball game. I have searched and searched, but can only find info pertaining to a single student. Perhaps they are intentionally covering this up? The student I was able to find articles on was Devonte Mumphrey, from an Alto ISD school. It appears they were playing against Mount Enterprise that night, but I can’t find info indicating any other students collapsed or died in that game. Can you have a link posted here for verification please? Thanks!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi JG,
      See ‘Kevin 24’ link above. Turns out it was two separate games on same day.

    • Shiloh1

      Same day, but different game / school. Bremen (Midlothian, IL) high school player, game in Chicago.

      Still, but is made – highly improbable except for vax.

  54. Nick de la Gaume

    Castrote Justine Truducoo.

    Great interview.

    May God Guide, Protect and Bless both of you.

  55. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Kirby just on fire!
    Well,the World Economic Forum and its acolytes are poison as are the laws and regulations they have lumped on us plebs,particularly here in the UK.
    When the United Nations soldiers touch down in Canada they might be successful but the parliamentarians and government bureaucrats will need to find sanctuary elsewhere as will the United Nations anywhere on planet Earth.
    Perhaps NATO will turn up instead of going to Ukraine along with armies from the European Union and maybe “good ‘ole Blighty” might send a “peace keeping” team to fire on unarmed Canadians.Remember Belfast circa 1971 that ended well!
    Anyone dim enough to touch this ticking timebomb deserves all that will come to them. Trudeau’s half brother sees the writing so needed to cover his buttocks. Switzerland needs to distance itself not only from the UN but the Davos elite and soon or Israel will get its wish of nuking the chocolate laden dump.Hope you Fascists in Switzerland like radioactive Gold!
    Meanwhile in the USA,Mr Fink at Blackrock sits atop a nuclear pile of $11Trillions of assets that he is making worthless as he pushes the Schwabian ESG control system on small business to obliterate the plebs .Many pension funds are controlled by this man and his fund so American pensioners can delight in poverty as the insanity of ESG,that has infected the UK,has the pleasure of destroying the American economy so that he and his company can be “woke” although having written that he is desperate to walk that back.Perhaps there is a planet they can re-locate to no country would be dim enough to welcome such a slime ball no matter how many billions he is worth. Funny how the Council with Foreign Relations,sounds like a tinder dating site,is ever so quiet on their utter control and embrace of the World Economic Forum and George Soros poisonous rhetoric on behalf of the elite.
    So just where does this stop? A fighting war on the doorstep of the elite that’s the only way it stops,it’s too late for the back stepping now .The globalist elite want us plebs dead ,they have written and spoken widely about it and even commentators on their actions are warning their viewers,Glenn Beck, that if they should die they did not do so at their own hands. This says a lot to this pleb scrubbing floors here in London on a Sunday afternoon, it says I along with all us plebs, will be killed for the glory of the globalist elite,well its them or us and they have chosen us first.
    Doubt anyone will read this but at least I have warned what is coming at us,even if it is only one person.

    • Warren B.

      For clarification Black-Rock is not Larry Fink’s company.
      He may be the Chairman /CEO…..but Black Rock is a secret investment vehicle for the Rockefeller Family. Black = Evil…..Rock = Rockefeller.
      Black – STONE is another belonging to that same family.

  56. Ed Siceloff

    All of this is very well said. When does this upside down pyramid, getting larger and larger, topple over? How soon?

  57. Russ 2

    Thanks for this interview Greg; Rob Kirby is absolutely correct. When Rob mentioned the UN Blue Helmet issue a thought occurred to me: while the Canadian armed forces would not operate against their own citizens (Law of War), would they hold back against the aggression of a foreign power (UN) invading and attempting to suppress Canadians in their own country?

    The result of UN troops interfering may result in Justin Castro having the Canadian armed forces weigh in against him. A military coup would be entirely possible. New elections at a time like this would result in an entirely different government in Canada. Yes, Justin may end up on a rope. When you rise against the King, make sure to finish the job.

    Maybe that would get the attention of the Biden WH.

    • Russ 2

      Please correct me if my thoughts are bent, but wouldn’t the act of a government leader requesting foreign assistance in order to maintain power be considered treason? Under what circumstances can the PM of Canada be considered a traitor to Canada?

      BTW, when folks speak of UN troops, just whose military is being conscripted? The US military is spread a bit thin to even consider occupying Canada whose militaries are very close. My thinking is that if the Canadian military won’t do the bidding of Ottawa, the US Army will probably take their lead and not get involved. This is a domestic political dispute, nothing about which militaries of any nation should be involved. Besides, the Canadian military might take offense and that would not be a good thing.

      Justin Castro… too fitting.

      • paul lilliott

        Trudeau is isolated – the conservatives, selected governors and even some liberals are climbing the fence, probably terrified! I don’t think he could get away with foreign troops shooting truckers in cold blood! He is a little boy with a script he repeats over and over. Also! a huge number of American truckers and others would come to the rescue! Also, the truckers could quietly disable their trucks making it impossible for ordinary soldiers to move them! Gridlock and zero deliveries! Endless Gandhi style civil disobedience! Also, the people of Canada have seen how great their numbers are and they are primed! For the UN or NATO to kill masses of people in cold blood would push everyone over the top. What politician does not know this – which is why they will continue to turn against baby Justy! They know the game is up!

        • Warren B.

          Trudeau as well as half the Canadian Cabinet are all alumni of the WEF Global Leaders School. That is how the communists work – they infiltrate and then corrupt. This process has been repeated numerous times across the planet – not only in Government …but NGO’s and Multi-Nationals. Social Media Heads are also part of this clique….any surprise??

  58. Paul

    We see some slowly but assuredly law enforcement switching-coming to side of humanity
    Inevitably -Men abandon battle when they see their own fates in these ruined faces

    That time can’t come soon enough

    Kirby always has been forceful, timing has always been has been difficult.

    What else would you have expected from
    Our department of treasure.

    Ultimately- the real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.

    Paul from arkansas

  59. Mark

    Kirby is a genius, fabulous interview as always

  60. Canadian Prepper

    Hey Greg:

    I have been to Ottawa twice since it started and can assure you that there will be no backing down. If Castro”s bastard or the Premier use force it will be like a metastasized cancer spreading through the rest of the country. There are already hundreds of smaller protests all over the country with more each day. The police are already overwhelmed and for the most part hanging their head in shame.

    We Canadian’s tend to be amicable for the most part but just observe our national sports hockey and lacrosse. Trudeau and Premier Ford have been hooking and slashing the whole game and the gloves are about to be dropped.

  61. George

    That means my grand a month check is really 1 million and inflation is treating my $1000 like it’s a million what a scam invisible ink is on my grand Thanks Greg and Ron

  62. David Brown

    Who is going to enforce the law that brings these tyrants to justice . The entire system including the legal system , police and military is corrupt
    There was Nuremberg 1 after the allies were victorious . We have to win first . How is this going to happen ?

  63. James II

    Fidelito! Say it ain’t true!

  64. 2nd smartest guy

    BOMBSHELL – Canadian Provisional Death Counts & Excess Mortality, Jan 2020 to Nov 2021: From PSYOP-19 “Pandemic” to VAIDS Pandemic

  65. bert trim

    Amen! Straight to the Heart of the matter. Thank you Greg & Rob.

  66. Jo

    Holding Gates, et. al. “to account” isn’t going nearly high enough. You’ve got to get to the COMMITTEE OF 300 AND HOLD THEM “TO ACCOUNT.”

  67. Ken

    Greg, I look forward to each and every USA Watchdog show all week. I hope you
    will consider Dr. Carrie Madej,MD. as a guest, she’s been a really vocal warrior about the consequences of the Jab and backs it up with her own research. She would make a great addition to your lineup. She’s on bitchute,Rumble,etc. Thanks for all your hard work!

  68. CarolAnne Tucker

    I very much like Mr. Kirby’s opinion and future forecast. They will be held accountable though it will take years. Many of these older Tyrants will die of old age before they can be convicted and sentenced in legal courts. However, as it always has been, GOD will be the ONE that will get the final vengeance on these demon-possessed evildoers. Unfortunately, It is a shame that the depopulation agenda has been successful for these Evil Tyrants. Everyone that has been stupid and ignorant enough to trust their governments and not think outside the box will die prematurely for getting vaxxed.
    Greg, thank you so much for all these excellent and informative videos! This one has been extremely enlightening to the understanding of the depth of this evilness.

    • travis

      Will there be justice in the LEGAL SYSTEM ? When these people own the LEGAL SYSTEM this is a video from Christopher James ( ) of a speech he did in Ottawa, it’s less than 10 min
      It seems to me when you use the LEGAL SYSTEM that there are so many loopholes that it’s hard to convict a PERSON with a title (Dr., Police, Elected Officials,etc,) of a crime.
      Here is also an interview with a Dr. Daniel Nagase of the corruption of a judge and the .sheriffs. This judge knew exactly what Daniel’s plan was and that is why she did not come out of her chamber a third time because she knew that if she came out that third time she would be under the highest court, common law ( do no trespass upon your fellow man)

    • IIG

      How about we clone 365 Fauci’s, Gates’ and Klaus Schwab’s and then execute them – one each day for an entire year and have Fauci, Gates and Schwab watch the executions on national television before we finally hang them!!


    Look everybody, Rob “never right” Kirby is back with some predictions that will NEVER come true, lets all waist 36 minutes that we will never get back. Great job Greg, another stellar interview with a propaganda artist.


    WAR against the globalist is the only chance for FREEDOM

  71. Nick Reynolds

    It’s funny how people don’t get very excited until something affects them personally. Rob Kirby is now being affected, and he’s angry. But everybody should be. It’s de-population, all right. But it’s more than that. It’s also control. These are the New World Nazis, at it once again, trying to take over the whole world. It’s a controlled reset of the population and society. The Canadian truckers are an inspiration to us all, but he’s right. The tyrants will bring in foreign troops to do whatever it takes. May God protect the truckers, because otherwise, it will be a massacre. But most people have no idea who the real enemy is. Some are side-tracked on Russia, others distracted with China. If you don’t know who your enemy is, you have no chance of winning. We’re up against the super-wealthy, the trillionaires, the Rockefeller and Rothschild empires. Gates and Soros are they pawns, not the instigators. They’ve got plenty of money and access to all the latest technology and weaponry. And they’ve got robots and AI. They don’t need us ordinary people anymore. This is to the bitter end. It’s either them or us. We need to wake up, but as an example, so many Americans won’t even look at the evidence. They have taken the jab and will not admit that they made a mistake, and they don’t want to hear anything more about it. They get angry if we even bring up Robert Kennedy’s book. Getting so many to take the jab immediately was very clever, possibly an AI scheme. They did it by making the Liberals/Progressives hate Trump. They didn’t take the jab when Trump offered one, but they took the Biden jab and sealed their fate and possibly ours. I don’t know if we’ll win or not. We shouldn’t take this lightly. We’re up against a ruthless, powerful, and evil enemy. It’s not going to be easy, even if we win. Assassination would be seem to be the only option available.
    The truckers have CBs that allow them to communicate. That’s not a bad idea, in case the powers that be take down the Internet. Also, the truckers should show their Bitcoin donation addresses in some videos. Try and do an end run around the GoFundMe criminals.
    Good interview, Greg. I take Rob Kirby’s warning very seriously. I hope he’s wrong, but I think he’s right.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Nick,
      Well said!
      I totally agree that many people are all too easily distracted. ‘Russia, Russia, China, China, Iran, North Korea’ are held up as ‘Enemy #1’ when the real enemies of ‘we the people’ are the dynastic banking families who pull the strings behind a veil of secrecy.

  72. David Anderson

    As the dollar dies silver and gold will each hit $1,000,000 at the same time. The excess dollars have already been created, it is only a matter of them reaching the street. For how this will play out I recommend reading James Wesley Rawles “Patriots”, it is also on Audible.
    In my opinion from economic collapse alone the population of the USA could be reduced by 90%. There are many variables such as the potential release of ebolapox, nuclear war, or an EMP, some say that the sun could issue a micro nova basting the earth in millions of Rs. I think that it will be man who destroys the earth this time.
    Prepare. Spiritual preparation is the most important, the next most important preparation is mental as you will watch your family, friends, and nation die, the next most preparation is knowledge and training (firearms training, gardening, medical, radio communications, martial arts, physical fitness…). Build a library. Include topics on engine repair, electronics repair, medical books, gardening, edible plants, navigation, construction, metal working, bushcrafting… Many books are free online in pdf format, you can save these to a flash drive then download the application to your phone. Keep the library with infomation to rebuild the world once the dying is over.
    Resolve to not let the coming events to make you go insane or to lose faith. America deserves destruction for many reasons, one is for the murder of over 60 million babies.
    Survive so that you can rebuild America as the paradise she was intended to be.

  73. Terry Blakeney

    This was the best Rob Kirby ever.
    Thanks for the great work you are doing for all of us, God will surlily bless you.
    Sincerely, Terry Blakeney

  74. Texar1991

    I don’t believe TWO high school basketball players in east Texas died of heart attacks in the same game. I found an article where ONE did… but, that happened occasionally before the clot shot. Why would he say that? Damages his credibility IMO. Does anyone have an article link of TWO deaths in one game?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      It was two separate games BUT on the same day! The incorrect statement that they occurred during the same game does not invalidate the sentiment being expressed. We are witnessing a horror show!
      To claim that the increase in sudden heart failure in young athletes is nothing unusual, because it happened (extremely rarely) prior to the clot shots, is odd. Are you aware of the insurance industry’s actuarial figures showing an increase in deaths in the young increased by circa 40% in the year ending 2021 compared to the prior five year average?

  75. Greg Morrissey

    From Gods word
    Matthew 6:12
    ‘And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.
    Please watch the lessons on Deuteronomy chapters 9 and 10. Get to the know the Lord
    We have a bible study, come join us

    Deuteronomy 15:1,2,3
    1 At the end of every seven years you must cancel debts. 2 This is how it is to be done: Every creditor shall cancel any loan they have made to a fellow Israelite. They shall not require payment from anyone among their own people, because the Lord’s time for canceling debts has been proclaimed.

  76. Joe

    Kirby is a broken record.

    • Greg Hunter

      Troll “Joe”,
      We have the same problem. The money is dying. Kirby got this right a long time ago and now we are seeing the death throes of our current dollar.

    • Donald

      A lot of these gold/silver bugs are broken records. Many of them have been predicting an imminent crash of the system for 40 years. Many have been totally wrong by pushing PMs over stocks and even crypto.

      Doesn’t mean they won’t eventually be proven right, but it kinda makes them look foolish.

      • IIG

        Remember what Rothschild effectively said: “It matters not what countries coins I own as long as they are made of gold” – we should all be living like back in the gold rush days where the value of a coin was tied to its weight in gold – and not be conned by the assurances of criminal politicians telling us they have magically stamped a monetary value onto baseless paper bills and that with the help of their Fed buddies have now also fixed a value to electrons on their Ponzi computer!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      He’s a broken record, because he tells the truth, while the other side tells more and more lies. In 1979, when the US public debt first exceed $1 trillion, I was convinced the end was near. And it would have been, if the government had not invented umpteen different ways of cheating and scamming. So, I’ve been “wrong” all that time, too. The fundamentals are right; it’s all the deception that’s been built into the system that is wrong. Best always. PM

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Correct! Who could have accurately predicted the insane level of criminality we have witnessed since the crash of 2008/9? If even a modicum of law and order and institutional oversight had pertained, corrupt bankers would have been jailed for inventing the sub-prime mortgage scam, so-called ‘too big to fail’ banks would have gone out of business, and gold would have been allowed to trade at fair value.

    • Marie Joy

      Joe, Does that mean you’re NOT prepping?

    • Jerry

      They will crash it when they’re ready. QE, Bank reverse repos, and stimulus money, we’re nothing but stall tactics until the reset goes live.
      But….first they have to eliminate as many debtors that serve no purpose in the NWO that will be spliced with AI and credit carbon digital currency. It’s all planned.

      Rob has been spot on the whole time. He’,just betting gold will win, in the
      end when the whole thing falls apart. The central planners are not as smart as you think they are.

  77. Paul

    Everyday is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours each.

    The greatest fatigue that we experience is not incurred in fighting the battle. Rather, the greatest fatigue occurs when we run from the battle, for cowardice in retreat is always more exhausting than bravery forging ahead

    Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

    Everybody let’s help and make a difference

    • Dwight Branson

      Refreshing thoughts Paul!

  78. donnas

    Cliff High had said in one of your videos that his computer linguistics showed a massacre happening at some point soon. He wasn’t sure if it meant actual war or who would be hurt, the people or the governments. Thought possibly Australia but wasn’t sure. I hope it is wrong but what if it is Canada? I pray Trudope is not that stupid. I pray for people everywhere but especially the people of canada at this time.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Government is not about the “people”, it is about power and perpetuation of power. If Trudeau believes his only salvation is inviting in an international hit squad (UN Forces), he’ll not hesitate to do it. He’s a fool if he does, but he’ll have to learn the hard way. Best always. PM

  79. Juli Barbato

    We are inspired by Canadian citizens! God bless, protect, and FREE you all!

  80. Claude

    It takes the Canadians a while to get pissed, but now that it has happened, I seriously doubt they will go away and go home, and, as Rob Kirby says, small give-backs to their freedom won’t do it, they will want this government gone before they give up. Delusional power hungry people don’t go away just because you get them to acquiesce, the Germans had to be bombed flat into rubble before they quit and even then, their leaders when in the docket still thought they were right. It will be a long fight and it won’t be easy.

    • Warren B.

      The Greatest Story never told.

  81. Susan R

    Pray for the truckers. This is a measure of the evil afoot. This is on the path of the plan that is unfolding right now. May the courage of the drivers wake up huge numbers as to the depth of this, and life as it was is over.

  82. Country Codger

    Wow, Rob that was powerful. It was almost as though you were shaking your fists in their face and telling them, “I ain’t afraid of your nonsense anymore.” Well done.

    Fantastic, Greg!!
    LO IYRAH!!
    Remember, March 3 through June 29th – Super Cycle.

  83. Matt Nelson

    The way I see it, we’re at the end of the game. Interest rates are 0 to 1%, inflation is at 7.5%, and if you calculated inflation the same way we did in 1980, the rate is 15%. with rates of return of 1% and inflation of 7.5.%, the money is worthless. You lost 6.5.% at best each year. If interest rates were raised to 10% to combat inflation, that would be $3 trillion in interest each year to service the debt, that is about 85% of the taxes collected. put a fork in it we are done. We can only default on the debt or hyper inflate. Buy pm’s and crypto.

    • Warren B.

      “We can only default on the debt or hyper inflate.”….there is no choice in that equation….debasement is the choice du jour….which leads to Hyper-Inflation.

  84. Frank D2

    You hit the nail on the head when you told Rob Kirby that today’s interview with him was in the hall of fame. I totally agree. Rob was on fire, telling it like it is. Things are about to get ugly. If/when the corrupt blue helmets of the UN forces try to quell the protests in Canada, its hard to imagine Canadian armed forces standing aside and letting that happen. If I was a younger man (I’m 70), I’d like to think that I would head north to fight the bastards in support of our Canadian brothers. I have been saying for years now that nothing would change until a lot of these bastards are hanging from lamp posts. Nuremberg 2.0 is nice, but I no longer have faith in any systems of “justice”. Its past time for we the people to stand up against these murderous tyrants. As one of the Canadian truckers proudly proclaimed on the side of his truck, I’d Rather Die Standing than Live on My Knees. Amen.

  85. Paul

    The cave you fear to enter
    Holds the treasure you seek

    Paul from arkansas

  86. Felix A Renteria

    people don’t understand we are at a point where the globalist win either way.If you don’t get your clot shot you won’t be able to get sick care.In canada you won’t be able to get products because of these mandates,food will be restricted.These are not globalists they are satans spawn.Turbulent times are here an these scumbags like trudeau will be eventually beat to death like some of the rest of these satanists.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are wrong, the globalist do not win. They create severe hardship, but do not win. “The Gates of Hell shall not prevail.” said Jesus

  87. Seb

    “Rob Kirby says all the problems of the world, whether it’s the truckers in Canada or the trouble in Ukraine, can be traced back to “obscene” secret money creation and the lies to cover it all up before it blows up.”

    First laws implemented by Adolf Hitler :
    – ban usury
    – ban pornography
    – ban freemasonry
    – ban communism

    • Warren B.

      What did he know about the Western World that he disliked so much …that he thought he could rid the world of ???


    They will not stop. They can’t stop. What Rob Kirby stated is the most spot on commentary I have heard so far. The fact that the satanic globalists have brought it this far and have succeeded in seducing 33% of the population in spite of the evidence proves to me that this issue is spiritual in nature. God help us!

  89. Donald

    Is Nenner still forecasting a massive crash in stocks?

    Seems like all other forecasters I listen to are calling for the opposite…

    • Warren B.

      Its simple Don,
      Money Printing = Stimulus = Speculation = Crack Up Boom = RE /STOCKS/ PM’s go to the Moon….whilst the Dollar gets flushed. Cycle theory used by Nenner in my book….does not perform.

  90. Felix A Renteria

    I was telling people if trump was for the people ,he would have gotten all the navy seals and army rangers and all the elite forces of the military and rounded the rothchilds,rockefellers,morgans,shwaub,gates and on and on and seized all their assets and reinstated the corrupt government to a trustworthy entity with sound money.Those are big shoes to fill but trump was bailed out by rothchild banking in the nineties but it was not part of GODs plan.What we are seeing is written in the scriptures,noone is stopping this

    • Greg Hunter

      A little farfetched and unreasonable. You are right about God’s plan though.

    • Donald

      After Trump went along with the Globalist power grab in 2020, everyone should get it by now that he is “one of Them”.

      The guy is an actor who pulled off one of the greatest grifts in history by convincing the American Right he was their guy.

      Ron Paul should’ve been the guy to rally around, but he wasn’t a liar/actor or flashy enough for the Right. It really is a shame how people always choose style over substance…

      • Warren B.

        In reality we are either ruled under a Monarchy or the F.A.S.C.I.S.T State.

  91. Mark Washburn

    Holy smokes Kirby on fire! This on top of John Williams being more hard hitting than I’ve ever seen him. The globalist have awoken the sleeping giant. Communist look for and tell us the government is the answer to all our problems. Patriots know the government IS THE PROBLEM. Look what else Blackrock owns. They are already pushing the climate BS on companies to be “carbon neutral” as they push the lie that we are responsible for the changing climate. Meanwhile we are actually headed for an ice age. They won’t let up. Everything they do is to hurt humanity and reduce the population. Kirby is right, hangings need to happen!

  92. Preston Kirby

    Rob Kirby is my favorite guest on your show!!! He is fed up like the rest of us. Thanks for having him on again. Are you sure that wasnt Gerald Celente dressed up as Rob?

  93. Elinor Saunders

    WowwEEE. Love Rob Kirby. Give it to us straight up Rob! Thank you DEARLY, Greg and Rob.

  94. DanKnight

    God bless the truckers … I really hope they can get the money we sent … and I’m looking forward to America putting up the same ‘fight’ in 2023 … if the KKKrats steal the mid-terms.

    … as you always say, Greg … Fear Not!

    … and now, ‘Honk, Honk!’

  95. pbd

    Geometric growth vs exponential growth: I am not a mathematician/statistician – but I am not sure that the inverted pyramided growth analogy works best (right now) for describing Central Bank money expansion (fiat-currency printing) – regardless of how money printing is modeled mathematically – Joe-six-pack should be able to see very clearly now that the time frame for doubling the USD fiat currency money supply is getting shorter and shorter – it is going to go from a few short months -> weeks -> days -> hours -> crack-up boom! If the funny-money expansion is now occurring via an increasing variable exponential rate then there will not be very much time where we measure doubling of money supply in “months” – we could progress quickly (perhaps) to measuring doubling of money supply in “weeks” etc. That is why (I think) the FED is having an emergency (closed) meeting on Monday, February 14, 2022. The official reason provided is to consider “discount rates to be charged by the Federal Reserve Banks”. LINK to notice: Federal Reserve Board – Closed Board Meeting – February 14, 2022 History indicates that we are guaranteed that the FED will lie and not be transparent about the situation.
    The reason the above is important is that rapidly increasing monetary-inflation now is overwhelming the fraudulent fudged government sponsored CPI numbers – in other words the public could potentially feel and see consumer price inflation grow very rapidly in parallel with monetary-inflation (money printing). The time frame for doubling the price of regular goods might progress to doubling in a few months, then weeks, then days . . . crack-up boom! In the past, real CPI inflation was buffered/muted from monetary-inflation by it going into financial asset inflation – but that is coming to an end. An increasing proportion of monetary-inflation (money-printing) is manifesting directly as pure CPI inflation that has NOTHING to do with an overheated economy but rather is linked to a collapsing economy – and there is nothing the FED can do about it.
    Monetary policy impotence is now driving the U.S. deep-state closer to pulling the trigger on a violent Ukraine-Russia-U.S. conflict – which needs to be coordinated with FED money-printing and other covert market activities. Obviously, the powers-at-be want the brainwashed zombies (dumb money) to believe that the emergency FED meeting is simply to consider interest rate hikes and that the meeting has nothing to do with likely hyperinflation, a collapsing economy, and a U.S. sponsored Ukraine-Russia conflict.
    Best of luck all.

    • Warren B.

      Congratulations. You are awake.
      I have said this numerous times.
      There is no unwinding the spring…they will print to unbelievable levels…. and the effects will be far and wide. I don’t agree that this will present as forecasted…..however 2020/21 will be the baseline for ongoing expansion….and it will compress (timeframes) over the next several years….and eventually arrive at the weeks/days/ hours etc.

  96. Paul

    If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.

    I am sure most here have planned and packed for future fate but

    The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary and

    If it comes easy, it will go fast.

    Everyday counts

  97. sung choe

    The two high school basketball players who died on the same day in Texas after collapsing on court, were actually in different games 1000 miles apart. Perhaps they met in heaven.

  98. Kenneth Smith

    As a Canadian subscriber I pay extra attention to those broadcasts of Greg H. that host a Canadian speaker. The guy is right on, having hit the nail on the head. The pandemic has more to do with the Global financial reset than anything else. I would like to add that the QR code system that surfaced with the new vaccine passport is the focal point, as it will be at the center of all future financial transactions. It will be an oppressive freedom robbing control mechanism, the like of which the World has never seen in all history . Something else to add,….Trudeau was not justly elected in our last election, having secured his minority Government via the use of the fraudulent Dominion voting machine system and through suspicious manipulations late in the voting day, obtaining needed seats in Parliament via Block Quebecois separatist party collusion.

  99. Alan

    What an understatement when you describe
    today’s interview as “Hall of Fame” interview!
    Rob is very angry about what he sees today. He “sees”
    what is coming and it is not pretty. There is outright
    contempt in his voice when talking about these people.
    I wish the interview was an hour not unlike those with
    Clif High, Gerald Celente, Catherine Austin Fitts. and
    Dr. Betsy Eads.
    We are witnessing the unraveling of the dollar which
    will lead to the career-ending demise of these corrupt
    people. One of the best interviews ever, Greg.
    God is using you (as well as many others) to expose the
    truth in what is happening in our world today.

  100. Joe

    Best interview ever. It is interesting that the Conservative Premier in Ontario is worse than the Liberal leader of Canada. If you are in the USA and you think that voting Republican next November will get rid of the Biden/liberal democrat problem, think again. Look at history. The Republicans are worse than the Democrats at screwing the average citizen. For any key votes, if the liberal democrats are short there are always just enough republicans switching over to make the majority. Then there is the disaster called Trump who we hoped would drain the swamp. Instead he appointed swamp people to all the key positions, appointed a bunch of losers to the supreme court and never kept even one of his main campaign promises.

    • Dave

      Trump is now creating chaos in the run-up to the GOP primaries. Endorsing RINOs as well as populists. Perdue inGeorgia? You’ve got to be kidding. Trump has not core convictions.

      Now the Durham findings are coming out. Trump says in better times the perps would have been executed. Really? Trump claims he knew about the Clintons all along and yet his JD did squat. The current JD will do nothing either – no difference between Trump’s JD and Biden’s ob this. The Durham findings make Trump look even more ineffectual as governing.

      • Greg Hunter

        He’s playing politics.

    • Donald

      There are still way too many people drinking Trump’s Kool-Aid…they just can’t admit that they got duped and continue making endless excuses for Trump…some are still so high on Hopium that they think there is still a secret operation ( led by Don the Con of course) going on right now to “take down the DS”…

  101. Paul D Anders

    Don’t need a blockade. Just park your trucks at home and let it implode…

    • Coal Burner

      That is called Going Galt and you are exactly right! The Canadian Truckers should not go to jail. Just go home and park it. That will absolutely scare the weasels out of Carstudeau and his small monster group.

  102. pbd

    If the Ukraine-Russia situation is to be escalated by the U.S. into violent conflict – it would be logical to have MSM float State sponsored propaganda to give the appearance that the U.S. in advance took steps to de-escalate – i.e. another narrative inversions strategy. Recent coordinated MSM headlines are that the U.S. is pulling troops out of Ukraine. Pentagon orders departure of U.S. troops in Ukraine ( Obviously MSM headlines are not what they appear – surprise, surprise! De-escalation by the U.S. is not what is happening here. A mere 160 U.S. military trainers are being evacuated along with non-essential embassy staff. In reality it sounds like the U.S. Gov. is preparing for imminent violent conflict – as we continue to pump much more significant military supplies and combat troops into the region. LINK Exclusive: U.S. to send 3,000 additional troops to Poland | Reuters. I do not think the additional 3000 troops drawn from the 82nd Airborne Division based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina to be deployed to Poland are merely more noncombat military “trainers” – just saying, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck . . . .
    Best of luck all.

  103. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for having Rob Kirby on again. I have never, ever heard him more passionate in the many years that I have followed him. “Pull back the curtain”. Dear God!

  104. Paul

    No doubt we are being attacked
    Distressing to see our opposition ill equipped tactically and organizationally.
    It doomed to failure at beginning

    The five separate fingers are five independent units. Close them and the fist multiplies strength. This is organization.

    In the successful organization, no detail is too small to escape close attention.

    I would prefer a sword to fight
    A duel , but a pen to plan a war

    War is not for amateurs

  105. vlad alexander

    As usual Rob Kirby was spot on. Delivered lots of truth bombs. sounds tbe alarm to Brace for the onslaught.

  106. tim mcgraw

    What a great interview! We all saw this financial disaster coming. And here it is. Kirby is right on all of his points. Thanks for the interview.

  107. Jeffersonian

    Outstanding interview and thanks for letting Rob speak without interruption. He connects the dots well and offers solid evidence to substantiate his claims. He calls them as he sees them—way to go Rob.

    Bottom line he’s spot on:
    1. Lots more money in circulation than reported
    2. The scandemic is about control and depopulation by the elites
    3. Inflation hotter than 7.5% more like 15%
    4. The Fomc will run the printing press until they gig is up
    5. There will be retribution for all those that supported the scandemiv including doctors and pharmacists and it could be bloody
    6. When this current system implodes things will get dark and ugly for most people
    7. God is in control and eventually good will prevail

    That being said the current system could go on for years maybe decades in a slow burn or maybe crash and burn sooner than that. Regardless faith in the government and economy is waning. Like I tell my family buckle up you’re living a once in a 200 year awakening. I’m excited to see goodness prevail and what the new system will look like.

    On the farm front my supplier told me my pasture fertilizer doubled in price from last year and still doesn’t know when or if broiler chicks and seed potatoe will be available. Food prices will continue to rise and food shortages will increase

    Last asked for ivermectin for my animals and was told it’s not available and won’t be for foreseeable future. Thanks FDA my animals can’t thank you enough.

    God bless the Canadian truckers. I donated through givegosend a Christian fundraising organization. The least we can do is support them by donating to their cause
    Lead the way little brother

    Ps on west coast abnormally warm and dry for this time of year. Everyday I watch the geoengineering pollute our skies. Maybe time for Dane Winnington

    Keep up the great work Greg

  108. pbd

    Who is provoking the Ukraine-Russia conflict? Let’s do a thought experiment here. Let us say the Warsaw Pact was still in existence and the Soviet Union had (hypothetically) deployed special operations and KGB controlled assets into Canada that facilitated a massacre that precipitated regime change in 2014 and then pushed for Canada under the new regime to join the Warsaw Pact. How would the U.S./citizens feel about the prospect that if there was a conflict then between the U.S. and Canada, as a Warsaw Pact member it could trigger automatically the deployment of Warsaw Pact troops directly on the U.S. northern border. Would the U.S. feel threatened by this? Would this be viewed as blatant aggressive provocation to conflict?
    The U.S./C.I.A. has been sponsoring/supporting/facilitating militant factions in Ukraine (including violent nationalist groups originating from WWII Ukrainian Nazi’s). The 2014 Maiden Massacre was the catalyst that precipitated (instigated an undemocratic coup) the Ukrainian regime change that ousted the democratically elected President (who admittedly was no box of chocolates) that was more sympathetic to Russia/Russians than to the U.S. The U.S. knows that pushing for Ukraine to join NATO, will provoke the Russian concerns that NATO/U.S. nuclear missiles could be deployed in Ukraine and that NATO troop deployment could automatically be triggered on their immediate boarder if there were a conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The reason the U.S. is maintaining this provocative stance is that it wants there to be conflict in the region – and is using advance propaganda information war to deploy false-inverted narratives to attempt to set-up public opinion to solely blame Russia for the planned violent conflict and provide an excuse for the U.S. to intervene openly directly and militarily in Ukrainian affairs.
    Russia is not blameless and is now finding itself on the losing end of extant unconventional warfare tactics that the Soviet Union pioneered during the Cold War that have been adopted, improved, and now deployed against them by the authoritarian globalist powers-at-be that control the U.S. Government.
    Best of luck all.

  109. Skip Havely


    Rob Kirby was at his best in your interview. It IS all about the money.
    Thanks for continuing to shine a light on the truth. We need to wake up more people NOW. God bless you.

  110. Scott

    Mr. Kirby does not disappoint. Ever.

    He is quite literally the ONLY analyst/economist with the integrity and backbone to call out the ESF and tell the truth about who they are, and what they do. No one else ever says a word about them, or has the guts to do so.

    God bless Mr. Kirby for “speaking the truth with boldness” as the Bible says, and God bless Mr. Hunter for bringing him back on and getting the message out, again and again.

  111. Anita

    Thank you both. I could of listened to Kirby for another hour. He is ticked off and rightly so. He also is stating a truth few have realized yet. This is a war.

  112. Donald

    FASBE-56 is yet another black mark against Trump

  113. Paul

    My God The country is in peril; he was jeopardizing his traditional rights of freedom and independence
    by daring to exercise them.

    Paul from arkansas

  114. Mike and Ann Almon

    We love Rob Kirby and we love you Greg!
    Unfortunately I don’t think Soros, Schwab, Gates etc are going to pay during our time here. Perilous times (End times after the Rapture of the church) that the Apostle Paul talked about …
    ( 2 Timothy 3:1-5 KJV
    [1] This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. [2] For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, [3] Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, [4] Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; [5] Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.)

    in the Bible is where we are moving to now and those guys are Satan’s minions. Oh yes they will spend eternity in The Lake of Fire but their work here on earth has just “begun”… in a matter of speaking so I can’t see them being held accountable by any “authorities” because most of them are totally depraved as well and support their intentions towards humanity. Only one safe way…
    Believe and trust on the sacrifice of Christ on the cross for our sins to make sure upon death you go directly to Heaven.
    Salvation has been made so simple by Jesus paying for all sins (for whosoever believes in His Death, Burial and Resurrection from the dead) see:
    1 Corinthians 15:1,3-4 KJV
    [1] “Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; [3] For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; [4] And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:”
    Jesus did it all so no need even to go to church, no need for water baptism or any “works” at all.
    Just put all your trust and faith in His accomplished “work” on the cross. Btw… the four gospels are for the nation of Israel not for us (doctrinally speaking for salvation) in today’s Dispensation of Grace through Paul’s teaching. All the Bible is great for our understanding BUT our SALVATION DOCTRINE comes from OUR Apostle of Grace…Paul. Romans 11:13 KJV
    [13] For I speak to you Gentiles, inasmuch as I am the apostle of the Gentiles, I magnify mine office: 2 Timothy 1:11 KJV
    [11] Whereunto I am appointed a preacher, and an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles.
    God bless you Greg and Rob and everyone who follows you on your channel. Always great interviews!

    • Dwight Branson

      M & AA. Really, the four Gospels, where four eyewitness tell of the Love of Christ, that He was willing to suffer a horrendous death on the cross, shed his life’s blood because He loves us that much…That’s only for the Nation of Israel? True, salvation only comes through faith in the Blood, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Paul was greatly used by God just as Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John were. But to say that one part of God’s word is somehow unimportant is not right, at best. ALL…ALL Scripture is given by inspiration of GOD, and is profitable for doctrine , for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness 2Timothy 3:16.

      • eddiemd

        The four Gospels are for the nation of Israel only?

        Where did you find that heresy?

        • Dwight Branson

          The post above mine.

  115. Robert J. Gargasz

    Arise Canada! Ontario’s PM declared his indictment for treason assuredly. Amen, Amen The Lord said a man can not serve two masters! Surely he must choose one over another. People of Ontario, you have been betrayed! Enslaved! And now you must not allow this communist tread on your Liberty and Freedoms! The monarchy has defiled you and your God given rights for the final time! End tyranny forever in Canada! The Sacred Tree of Liberty must be watered, from time to time, with the blood of Patriots and tyrants! The PM of Ontario like many tyrants in the states must be deposed and punished for their treason! Kirby’s end of a rope solution works and sends the proper penalty for treasonous behaviors. God Bless Canada and America and her Patriotic Citizens and truckers! Jesus Christ protect them all! Amen.

  116. The True Nolan


    You are correct that the people responsible for this murder and destruction MUST be removed and punished. Repealing the mandates is not enough. Never forget WHO has been pushing genocide, who has been prying our freedom away from us. Remember that the end game of resistance is NOT to just end the mandates. We need to end the mandate-ers. This must include the MSM helpers, the corrupted medical establishment, the politicians, the agency heads, the local officials… EVERYONE who has done this. If the Greedy Evil Bast**ds are allowed to remain in power or free to continue their work, it is only a matter of time until they try to kill us with some new and improved series of lies. The criminals will NEVER leave us alone as long as they have power. WE CAN ONLY BE FREE WHEN THE PSYCHOPATHS ARE GONE.


    great show!

  118. William T

    Catherine Austin Fitts says the 21 trillion in unaccounted money on US accounting books was most likely diverted to fund the NWO plandemic.

  119. Russ 2

    … and on the other side of Europe …
    “…US Won’t Stop Putin if He Invades Ukraine”
    Good analysis. If Putin wants to invade, nobody is in his way. There’s lots going on; interesting times.

    • Russ 2

      Pelosi Just Gave The Game Away Over Ukraine
      … “First, accuse Vladimir Putin of doing something he never intends to do, a fabricated scenario. Second, tell the world you will strongly respond to the fabricated scenario. Third, tell the world the exact date when the fabricated scenario is supposed to happen. Then, when the fabricated scenario never happens, it is because you are so brilliant and strong to have outmaneuvered and cowed the Russians.

      Declare the absence of the Ukraine invasion event as the result of your brilliance and announce a foreign policy victory. That, my friends, is exactly what has taken place.”…

  120. SkeptiSchism

    Wow great interview, both you guys. I’ll just leave this here, they abide under God’s wrath

    Proverbs 16:11
    Honest weights and scales are the Lord’s; All the weights in the bag are His work.

    Proverbs 20:10
    Diverse weights and diverse measures, They are both alike, an abomination to the Lord.

    Proverbs 20:23
    Diverse weights are an abomination to the Lord, And dishonest scales are not good.

  121. Randall

    Thank you very much, Greg for having Rob on. He’s nailed the root cause and it is refreshing to find someone who knows what is really going on. Thank you again for doing this interview!

  122. Ray

    That was THE best interview I have seen here at USAWATCHDOG…….and I’ve seen a lot of bloody good ones over the years.
    The fury in Rob’s voice when he stated that China / Russia FULLY UNDERSTAND what the West has done to the money system…… and want NO FURTHER PART OF IT……was an absolutely brilliant moment. I think I replayed it 5 times.

    Rob Kirby…… Canadian Legend.
    We all owe you a debt of gratitude sir……to most Canadians actually, as the First Nation to really kick the globalists in the balls.

    May he live a long and happy life.

    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  123. Christine Carleton

    Listen to this with your buddy.
    It needs to be forward to influencers… before the meetings in YOW addressing the Trucker Convoy situation….Spread far and wide. Canadian need to know about the backside of the ‘Hiding PM’

    Breaking: Criminal Canadian Monopoly Dr. David Martin Exposes Why Trudeau Won’t Back Down

    Did you know that Trudeau is gaining from the funds he sent to the UBC and the patents that are used worldwide in the mRNA Vaccines. This is organized crime. Trudeau is getting paid from both cookie jars.

    The conditions of a Democracy is at concern.

    A licence that dates to 1998 from Tekmira Pharmaceuticals and Arbutus Pharmaceuticals (C$ to UBC) and that licence that rolls to Moderna and the bio-tech licenses for what now is licensed through Arcutus Pharmaceutical…Those companies have the licenses for the ‘holding vessel’ that now Moderna has in commercial ventures benefiting Canada & Trudeau. The PM gets paid from both cookie jars. It’s illegal. Trudeau et call has the monopoly control of a global market. The first license was signed in 1998, amended in 2001, then again in 2006 & 2007. Canada gets paid from every mRNA shot in the world.

    Right now forces are meeting on both sides of the border to try to rein in his despotic commands on people who are peacefully protesting. A problem is the courts are being railroaded into a criminal conspiracy. This is organized crime. This is felony violations of the Law, domestic coercion, which is a felony. Any law enforcement in the RCMP, and any Administrative Court anywhere in Canada can arrest him. He is actually committing crimes. That is why he is hiding. …. 5 mintues of 22:21 listen to all of it… Repeat every COVID vaccine with mRNA Traitor Trudeau profits from…..

    TIME URGENT – Forward widely
    Forward to your city and provincial reps immediately
    There are meeting in Ottawa this weekend and they need to know this. Their true colors wiil show if they do not take action re tyrant PM

  124. Steve Kloppers

    1Tim 6:10 For the love of money is a root of all evils, of which some having lusted after, they were seduced from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

  125. Paul

    My No doubt we’re being attack comment
    Meant to say our side needs tactics
    Especially when naive involved

    Definitely a rising of the blood pressure and intensity in the aware.

    Best to buy required future stuff now
    Cheaper. If you can. Why wait to use or trade precious metals. If that’s what you need in future. Local Availability might not be there.
    During Venezuelan collapse tractor, car parts were right behind food stuffs for most needed goods. Those trader of goods ended up with the metals and barter advantage.

    Esf funded by confiscated gold
    History is rhyming again .

    You can tell a person by the company he keeps- A1 top notch greg

  126. wayne hardin

    Lets “Pull back the curtain” .
    It doesn’t matter if you are jew / gentile black / white rich / poor and so on .
    At the end there will be only one question are you born again or not .
    Some say if you believe in Jesus you can do anything you want because sin remains no more because Jesus took it away .
    But the bible says when we sin and we will because of our flesh .
    It also says that when we sin and fill no conviction we are bastards and not one of his .
    The fact is that anybody that sins without conviction is not born again it is that simple .

    But it also says very few will see it .
    Because men love the world and the things of it .
    Romans 13
    11 And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.
    12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.
    13 Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying.
    14 But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.
    If that hurts peoples filling take it up with God he said it .
    Wayne Hardin .

    • J. Kimble Allen

      Wayne, in accord with Biblical Scripture John 14:12, Christ Jesus said that anyone who believes in him will do the same works he did, and even greater works.

      How many Christians/born again/believers in Christ Jesus, do you know that have healed the sick, raised the dead, cleansed lepers, and cast out demons, and done even greater works? Re Biblical Scripture Matthew 10:8

      • wayne hardin

        The answer to your question would be none .
        Now if you want to know if i have seen God work though people and do works the answer is yes .
        The problem is some people think they are doing it when it is God using them as a vessel
        And will one day stand before him talking about what they done and will hear depart from me i never knew you .
        There are a lot of people that are taking Gods praise from him and think they are doing the works .
        Jesus him self said he only done what the father said and no one was worthy of praise but the father .
        The bible says men will praise the creature instead of him .
        Truer words have never been spoken .

        Wayne Hardin

        • wayne hardin

          I could tell you story’s of what i have seen God do that would blow your mind and tell of the lives that have been changed by his glorious power .
          I have seen him make again the meanest men in to the most lovable people you would ever meet .
          I could go on but the take away is knowing God changes people .

          Wayne Hardin

        • Jeff

          Wow, none? God is doing more healings and casting out demons than ever before. All the new Christians are speaking in tongues. Mark 16:17-18 This is the sign of those who believe. Can’t be any clearer than that.
          God is bringing forth His spirit throughout the earth. In the last days He will pour out His spirit. He is doing just that. People are being healed and set free.
          Jesus showed us that example. The example to go and heal the sick, cast out demons and then you will have the people’s attention and they will know you are not a phony preacher but are manifesting the power of God.
          Sure, some will do works without manifesting His love and He will say “I never knew you”.
          But His elect are walking in His presence and doing the works His commanded us to do.

          • wayne hardin

            God has always done it / it is nothing new
            The question was have i seen men do it and i said no .
            Read the whole bible and you might get a clue .
            Here is a clue it is the Holy Spirit not the man that does it .

            By the way i used to think about like you before i grew up and realized when God says something it happens .
            But by all means keep on talking about all the power YOU have .
            What is your batting average by the way because Gods is 1000 .

            Wayne Hardin .

      • Dave

        Indeed. This has always troubled me. I was kicked out of the Southern Baptist church for asking questions such as this. To be fair, in the early church miracle working was far more common. Even as late as 1000 where Francis of Assis cured many people – including of blindness. ‘

      • Dwight Branson


        John 14:12 speaks of the works of Christ, how He conducted Himself, loved, and treated others. Read the whole chapter, it is telling of the relationships and love between Father, Son, Holy Ghost, and the believer. It is not referring to the miracles performed by Christ. You are inserting miracles into the text.

        Matthew 10:8 Jesus is speaking directly to the twelve disciples explicitly named in verses 1 through 5. Jesus gave those Twelve supernatural powers for a specific time period for the purpose of reaching a vast number of people with the Gospel. Don’t impose the Miracles given to the 12 Disciples in Matthew 10, into the works of believers in John chapter 14.

        And by the way, Yes, Jesus still does miracles and sometimes uses regular, believing, Christians to do them.

        • Jeff

          And He sent out the 70 disciples after. It specifically said they healed the sick, cast out demons and THEN preached the word.
          Mark 16:17-18 This is the sing of those who believe…..they will heal the sick, cast out, demons, speak with new tongues……..
          The first church understood all these principles. We have been lied to by Satan and become impotent. But in these last days God is going to pour out His spirit and miracles will be commonplace.

          • wayne hardin

            The problem with what you say is the antichrist will come first doing signs and wonders to deceive people .
            I have heard nothing out of you or any of the so called profits speak about it .
            So when all you all talk about is signs and wonders coming and it will be God doing them when it will be satan that shows up first doing the same things.
            You don’t even know that people will believe it is God when it is satan .

            Read the Bible please .

            Wayne Hardin .

          • Dwight Branson

            Agreed Jeff.

      • Elena Fedrich

        J. Kimble,
        Ask Vlad Putin!
        A minority Christian family received personally from him, President Putin. The order of “Parental Glory!” In an elaborate celebration and dinner.
        Unfortunately a couple of years later, they’re religion was banned in Russia.
        The pressures of an insane world are much for Russia and the Russian Orthodox church.
        Pray for president Putin and mother Russia and her church, that all the meek peoples of the world and they’re leaders, will see the need of a sane world. Not brought to you by Pfizer, but by means of God’s Kingdom come!
        От Матфея 5:5
        «Блаженны кроткие, ибо они унаследуют землю».
        Matthew 5:5
        “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”

  127. Robert Kohler

    Excellent interview!

  128. oneno

    Official Government of Canada data suggests the Fully Vaccinated are just weeks away from developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    • PersonaNonGrata

      one no,
      Great report. Thanks for the link.

  129. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    I guess we’re about to find out how the cow ate the cabbage.

    I find it interesting that with the markets tanking in Europe over the so called Russian invasion that the Fed chose this time to have an emergency meeting? How does raising interest rates stop inflation?
    Producers will just pass the cost of doing business along in their goods and services. This line of thinking has never made any sense to me. Stopping production will also kill jobs, if consumers stop spending. No the whole thing stinks. It’s more NWO rigging to squash the global pushback against the vaccines. The globalist are getting ready to play hardball and this is them setting the serve.

    • Jerry

      Well friends,
      It looks like another pump fake from the feds. Now they’re saying a March increase? All smoke and mirrors.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      “It’s more NWO rigging to squash the global pushback against the vaccines. The globalist are getting ready to play hardball and this is them setting the serve.”

      Jerry, you got that right!

  130. al

    Things are starting to get tough close to home and Trump is starting to make waves.

    I predict Trump will take control of the situation, taking it from the children that are in charge at this time, then spanking the crap out of them.

  131. Donnie W Clyma

    Greg, good to see Rob give us an update out of Canada. Their current PM is a globalist kingpin, doing the will of his masters. Like Biden, who does not need justification to reign in totalitarianism, he simply obeys the oligarchies of Europe and the UN. Biden would do the same, if not for the constitutional frame work our courts are suppose to protect. From a biblical point, the four horseman judgments are now being heard in a distance, telling us, the tribulation is near to starting. The seat of the antichrist is being prepared, as Putin readies his role, in the Magog war. My guess is, Putin is preparing a replacement for himself, and who ever it is, he will be the Gog of Magog. His replacement will set his sights on the riches and strategic position of the middle east, to prepare the silk road for China and himself in that area. With control over the path and oil riches of the middle east, western powers would be at China’s and Russia’s mercy, control both supplies and pipe lines traveling to Europe, out of Russia and the middle east. China’s new role with the gold backed oil contracts, as well as sharing a world reserve status by the Yuan when the dollar collapses from devaluation. Rob has deep knowledge of the silver markets as well as financial markets, is a good combination for a guest. The Fed. is now trapped, as rising interest will collapse markets and bonds, and rising inflation now seen, will soon awaken the world to the currency weakness. The Fed. will be forced to do QE again, in an already hot inflation environment. We are now committed to hyperinflation as the only means of paying debt, which means gold and silver are going to moon, if not stopped and reset at lower levels. My guess is, a reset will take place within a couple of years, possibly leading to multiple resets, before gold is restored to monetary system. Golds the only answer, and always was. Gods money is the only safe answer, but bankers and governments hate it. God Bless

  132. Pamela Hankins

    Greg, I heard some very interesting information about ‘the money’ and it’s central role in the Planedemic from a gentleman who wrote to pastor J.D. Farag, who subsequently shared it in his latest weekly Prophecy Update (2/13/22). I am enclosing the link. Start at 107:00 minutes, (the first 1/2 hour is music).

  133. B. T. Justice

    Has Mr. Putin Called They’re Bluff?
    Putin’s ‘powerful message’: No one can ‘rescue’ Ukraine from Russia
    184,865 views Feb 13, 2022 Sky News Australia
    Colonel Douglas Macgregor says the light United States forces being sent to Europe amid an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine are a “joke” and America is about to “embarrass” itself.
    The former senior adviser to the US secretary of defence said Europeans needed to heed former president Donald Trump’s message that the US cannot be the first responder, and they must be prepared to defend themselves.
    “The US and its leadership since Biden took office has been very hostile to Moscow on every conceivable issue,” he told Sky News Australia.
    “Mr Putin has called the bluff, and I think his message is very clear to the Germans, the Poles and the others in central-east Europe, and that is in this part of the world Russia is the decisive power – no one can rescue you from us if we decide to move in.
    “That’s a very powerful message and that’s about to be sent.
    “We cannot interfere in this without being drawn into a war that, frankly, in central-east Europe we cannot win.”
    Colonel Macgregor said forces couldn’t be moved quickly enough across the Atlantic to make “any difference”.
    Red Planet 9 hours ago
    I was expecting another stupid war hawk American spouting the same old anti Russian bs but this guy actually made sense!

    This never would have happened under Trump: ret. US general
    179,448 views Feb 13, 2022
    Putin’s playing Chess and were playing Tiddlywink’s!

    Trump rips Biden on Ukraine: ‘This should have never happened’
    1,617,831 views Feb 12, 2022 Fox News
    Former President Donald Trump discusses the Russia-Ukraine conflict, southern border crisis and Canadian trucker protests, in a wide-ranging interview on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’

    Russia Ukraine Tension | Latest Update
    14,270 views Feb 14, 2022 Al Jazeera English
    Ukraine demands meeting with Russia over military build-up: Live
    Kyiv calls for crisis talks with Moscow as Germany’s Scholz heads latest diplomatic push to avert war.
    Ali Hassan 2 hours ago
    There is no journalism that is fair and just, that is why it’s poker’s job.

  134. BondiCliff

    Bill Gates to Release Book on How to Prevent Future Pandemic. lol!
    The technocrat also discusses being “subject of conspiracy theories.”
    Billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates is to release a book, called “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic,” in which he offers advice on how to avoid a cataclysm in the future like the one caused by COVID-19.
    The book, which is expected to be released in May, also contains suggestions of ways to provide better health care around the world and tools needed for the
    early fight against viruses.
    If Bill was serious, he’d say first and foremost must stop. Is unrepresentative governing by our CIA. No more of this plausible deniability scam, by our so called representatives, in both house’s of government. They now represent the spooks, not we the sheeple. There would be be no more operation Mockingbird holder overs, inciting insurrection and civil war across the globe. Especially in these now, dis-United States!
    First of all we fought the British empire, for representative government by the people, not our spooks! Our spooks are to serve us, not we them! In turn our media would not be bought and paid for, by the collusion of big government, not represented by us we the people, neo-con corporatists and they’re corporations, including colluding big-tech and defense industries, bought and for by such and we the tax payers left with the bill and? What are we the sheeple left with? A fiasco of governance, on a scale that is making what was wrong with the Weimar Republic, look minuscule to what we, everybody are all facing now!
    From 1918 to 1923, the Weimar Republic suffered grave problems, such as hyperinflation, political extremism, including political murders and two attempted power seizures by contending paramilitaries, as well as contentious relationships with the victors of the First World War.
    Weimar Republic – Wikipedia › wiki › Weimar_Republic

  135. Pamela Hankins

    Greg, I cannot edit the comment I just made, but I was re-listening to the video by J.D Farag (the link I enclosed for you: ‘The Elephant in the Room’) and the person I wanted you to actually hear is not on that video. Sorry. I can’t find it, but if I do I will pass it along.

  136. 'a' simple horseman

    Greg, And all of you that follow this web site. You’re all avoiding the inevitable. The biosphere collapse is what is actually driving what is happening globally. You can ignore that FACT for just a little while more and then it’s going to rear its ugly head. Very soon the hunger games mad max world will begin. Folks, you can ignore Dane Wigington all you want. It won’t change the fact that he is right on every front he talks about. Greg, it seems that you are more worried about where a good place to put your money is than how you’re going to survive what is rapidly coming on all fronts and salvaging as much as we can of what is left of the planets life support systems. There is no stepping around the biosphere collapse that is already happening at rates beyond any “science” projections. You need to get in touch with Dane and when you do, tell him the “simple horseman” coaxed you back his way. He knows me, we’ve met. Hopefully some of you folks listen to “Global Alert News” or frequent There is no avoiding what “they” are not telling you, that includes you Greg.
    Love and strength to all my friends I have not met, yet,
    ‘a’ simple horseman

    • Dave

      NorCal is definitely experiencing odd weather. Huge rains in November/December bringing us to 70% of normal. Since then, squat. January/February will be among the driest on record. And warmest – it’s been balmy and in the low 70s in the BayArea for weeks. Permanent haze fills the air. Coast has been gorgeous but not something usually seen in winter. SoCal has hit the 90s in recent days.

      I don’t accept all that Wigington says and am not sure it is fasting as quickly as he says it is. That said, the weather has been off in NorCal for several years now. Way of in certain locales. So yes, Greg should bring Dane back soon.

  137. Luthar

    It’s NOT about money. The elites at the top have had all the money they could ever want for decades. They create the money damn it! Money is just their tool to conquer, but not the goal. The goal is, and has always been total control of the world and everything in it down to the cellular level and fulfillment of their Talmudic cabal, which is one in the same plain and simple.

  138. DUGTRUX

    As a trucker, from Michigan. I can say while , what these Men have done will do little in the long run but by god they tried. The thing of it is , Canada has imported MANY MIDDLE EASTERN PEOPLE. (its easier to get into Canada) . Now the trucking company’s in most cases offer these people jobs and free training and understandably these people are grateful and do what ever they are told . So you have a massive influx of immigrants who want to work. (best jobs they ever had). and they work a little cheaper the their native counter parts. You wont see those guys being any part of the protest. They have it good as far as they are concerned. So basically the company’s exploit these people and it is part of a business plan. So whats left? Clear the riff raff (Canadian Men who know whats freedom is) and over regulate them, so they just get out, or arrest them if they make to much of a fuss. We do it here also in America. More so with Hispanic people. Where is one of the largest American carriers located ? Phoenix AZ.
    Think Im lying? drive I94 from Detroit to Chicago. and look to see who is driving those Canadian trucks. They run those rookies all the way to California on I 80 to grab produce loads cheap.

  139. fred finger

    Tammy Bruce: Trudeau needs to admit this
    279,084 viewsFeb 14, 2022 FoxNews

  140. Justn Observer

    Greg, More filtering out = ie. In plain sight they admit that mRNA Covid 19 vaccinations and spike based vaccines completely alter and suppress your immune system.

  141. Leethal

    The financial atrocity began in 1913 with the creation of the unconstitutional Feral Reserve Bunk. Natch, if you create monopoly money somebody is going to outspend it. Not hard to figure out.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Leethal,
      I concur. G Edward Griffin explained all in his paradigm shifting book, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’. A ‘must read’ for all truth seeking libertarians.

  142. lara bell

    Ratcliffe predicts more Clinton-related indictments
    143,677 views Feb 14, 2022

  143. larabell

    Mainstream media largely ignores bombshell Durham report
    193,835 views Feb 14, 2022

  144. Klaus Meyer

    Fox News

    A trucker tells Laura Ingraham the left is afraid of a legitimate spontaneous workers uprising that has more power than they do. 2 days ago
    Elites Are Smearing Truckers Because We’re Doing Their Job Representing the People | Opinion
    ON 2/1/22 AT 10:56 AM EST

  145. Lada Aston Holden

    Tammy Bruce: Trudeau needs to admit this

    Why Trudeau can’t cave to Truckers: Terrell News

    Rep. Jim Jordan says this is worse than Watergate, where’s Bernsting when we need his stinger?
    “Trump was correct,” we seem to be hearing more and more these days
    Larry Kudlow: I don’t know what the White House is ‘smoking’
    Fox News host Larry Kudlow discusses the sky-high inflation rates and the Fed continuing to print money for crack pipes? Honest!

    Putin says Ukraine joining NATO would make nuclear war more likely.
    Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
    On Feb. 8, in a jarring answer to a question from the media, Russian President Vladimir Putin said allowing Ukraine to join NATO would increase the prospects of a Russia-NATO conflict that could turn nuclear.
    Putin’s assertion, made in the context of a complicated hypothetical about an unlikely Ukrainian attempt to take Crimea back from Russia, came during a joint press conference with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron.
    With over 100,000 Russian troops amassed at Ukraine’s border, the conference was originally called to discuss ways to de-escalate the situation.
    However, about 45 minutes into the meeting, Putin made it clear there were some lines that could not be crossed without severe and possibly even nuclear consequences.
    Read the full story on Putin’s statements here:

  146. david

    all those swabs people did,guess what land collected and is storing the DNA samples.ISREAL…..

  147. Jim W.Foley

    Could and will, are two totally different scenarios. Sowing the seeds of fear to the civilian community with the help of the operation mockingbird media.

    Ned Price holds briefing as U.S. warns Russia could invade Ukraine “at any time” | full video, today Monday 5 hours ago,
    Does Ned know what he’s talking about? Or is Ned brain dead, Ned? Ned, in a world where Germany and Russia are friends and trading partners, there is no need for US military bases, no need for expensive US-made weapons and missile systems, and no need for NATO. There’s also no need to transact energy deals in US Dollars or to stockpile US Treasuries to balance accounts. Transactions between business partners can be conducted in their own currencies which is bound to precipitate a sharp decline in the value of the dollar and a dramatic shift in economic power. This is why the Biden administration opposes Nord Stream. It’s not just a pipeline, it’s a window into the future; a future in which Europe and Asia are drawn closer together into a massive free trade zone that increases their mutual power and prosperity while leaving the US on the outside looking in. Warmer relations between Germany and Russia signal an end to the “unipolar” world order the US has overseen for the last 75 years. A German-Russo alliance threatens to hasten the decline of the Superpower that is presently inching closer to the abyss. This is why Washington is determined to do everything it can to sabotage Nord Stream and keep Germany within its orbit. It’s a matter of survival.
    That’s where Ukraine comes into the picture. Ukraine is Washington’s ‘weapon of choice’ for torpedoing Nord Stream and putting a wedge between Germany and Russia. The strategy is taken from page one of the US Foreign Policy Handbook under the rubric: Divide and Rule. Washington needs to create the perception that Russia poses a security threat to Europe. That’s the goal. They need to show that Putin is a bloodthirsty aggressor with a hair-trigger temper who cannot be trusted. To that end, the media has been given the assignment of reiterating over and over again, “Russia is planning to invade Ukraine.” What’s left unsaid is that Russia has not invaded any country since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and that the US has invaded or toppled regimes in more than 50 countries in the same period of time, and that the US maintains over 800 military bases in countries around the world. None of this is reported by the media, instead the focus is on “evil Putin” who has amassed an estimated 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border threatening to plunge all of Europe into another bloody war. [BY WEDNESDAY? LOL!]
    All of the hysterical war propaganda is created with the intention of manufacturing a crisis that can be used to isolate, demonize and, ultimately, splinter Russia into smaller units. The real target, however, is not Russia, but Germany.
    “The only way left for U.S. diplomats to block European purchases is to goad Russia [poking the Russki Bear!] into a military response and then claim that avenging this response outweighs any purely national economic interest. As hawkish Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs, “Hillary Clinton loves like a daughter, pretty blue eyes, like Hill.” Victoria Nuland, explained in a State Department press briefing on January 27: “If Russia invades Ukraine one way or another Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.” (“America’s Real Adversaries Are Its European and Other Allies”, The Unz Review)
    There it is in black and white. The Biden team wants to “goad Russia into a military response” in order to sabotage NordStream. That implies there will be some kind of provocation [False Flag!] Innocents killed, designed to induce Putin to send his troops across the border to defend the ethnic Russians in the eastern part of the country. If Putin takes the bait, the response would be swift and harsh. The media will excoriate the action as a threat to all of Europe while leaders around the world will denounce Putin as the “new Hitler”. Hiel Putinski! This is Washington’s strategy in a nutshell, and the whole production is being orchestrated with one goal in mind; to make it politically impossible for the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to wave NordStream through the final approval process.
    Brrr, it’s gonna get cold and expensive🌡❄☃

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Jim,
      Great analysis.

  148. PersonaNonGrata

    Canada to control, “ALL CRYPTO, under the Terrorist Financing Act”
    Tucker Carlson
    Does not surprise me one bit. As China, North Korea, et al, have amply demonstrated, cryptos are NOT FREE of governmental interference. Now this control is being demonstrated in a (former) western democracy, perhaps people will wake up to the evidence published by Lynette Zang – that Bitcoin owes its genesis to the CIA.
    Short clip, or fast forward to the 4 minute mark:

  149. Frank Stiles

    Hi Greg, Great show, very passionate expert.
    I watched Reiner Fuellmich’s Grand Jury Day 2, and the 1st and 2nd expert testifiers gave a college course on the beginning to end history of the global economy (early 1800’s to now). Fascinating and terrifying at the same time. The speakers were both brilliant:
    Alex Thomson & Matthew Eretz. Here’s a Bitchute link to it.

  150. Glenn

    Is there any way we can send money to support the truckers? I wanted to do so but it seems a lot of money was stolen. They will need dollars to buy fuel and continue.

  151. Justn Observer

    Greg, All MIGHT wish to keep an eye out for a Hemorrhagic Fever Bioweaponcoming from the Olympics/ ? =
    per Dr Li-Meng Yan Reveals CCP Spreading Hemorrhagic Fever Bioweapon Via Olympics

  152. wayne hardin

    The bible tells what must come to pass before Christ comes back .
    So why are so many speaking against it coming to pass ????????

    Wayne Hardin .

  153. Coal Burner

    Was reading Charles H and Jerry above. Friend and Allies, get some Ivermectin on hand. This is going to keep going around and around. I had it is Feb 2021, fought it off three or four times with the help of Ivermectin. Recently it hit my vaxed wife so I gave her my last full dose of Ivermectin which helped her fight it off. I got the symptoms and took the partial dose and beat it until I could get some horse Ivermectin for back up. I actually have a horse too. Meantime, I ordered more horse wormer online, then some pills. I also heard the USPS has that APP that steals your email. I have been bagging my phone when I go near the PO now. I do not know exactly how the theft works. I also heard some Ivermectin was be confiscated, I guess by customs. But I wondered if they got it from info stolen by the USPS. Take no chances of them getting your email, at least easily. Get a Aluminium foil hat for it. Chuckle. It is getting expensive but better than getting sicker.

  154. Marie Joy

    Grid down would interfere with communication with other patriots.

  155. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Treason is what the fiat confidence men are in for. Great report.

  156. J. Loughran

    IF YOU WANT to support the TRUCKERS send a message. Divide what little nest egg you have LEFT between banks threatened by the threats of tyrants. And in the next election don’t vote for anyone who doesn’t carry a CDL

  157. OUTLANDER1968


  158. RICHARD

    Prayers for full recovery for Rob Kirby!

  159. Thomas Moylan

    Dear Jesus, please interben on behalf of this kind man

  160. Doug

    I’m praying for him, Greg. He’s been such a good guest for quite a long time. I’m asking the Great Physician to heal him. We could sure use more of his wisdom for these dark days.

  161. Kay

    Prayers for you, Rob. May God heal you.
    Love and prayers

    Doug and Kay M

  162. Juli Barbato

    GREG: How is Mr. Kirby doing???

    • Greg Hunter

      Recovery is slow. Rob is still in a medically induced coma but doctors are making progress as of yesterday.

      • Barb T

        Greg, your comment on Mr. Kirby’s condition was a week ago….do you have an update? We are keeping him in our prayers.

        • Greg Hunter

          Doctors have taken him of the respirator and Rob is breathing on his own. I think they are going to slowly bring Rob out of his medically induced coma this weekend!!!

  163. Theravada

    On Sunday April 3, 2022 Rob Kirby passed away in a hospital in Toronto

  164. David Bagley

    Rob, enjoy eternity.. you are a hero ..
    He called them out.. the crooks ..

  165. Joshua Porter

    Rest in the Lord, brother Rob. You’ll be missed.

  166. Cassie

    RIP to a real hero. His bravery will be remembered. Thank you, Greg, for letting us enjoy Rob one more time.

  167. Pamela Hankins

    I am so sorry to hear about Rob Kirby. My deepest condolences.

  168. Peter Lacza

    Rest in peace Rob.. This interview rewatch is still on point. Condolences to the Kirby family.
    Thank you Greg you are a beacon of light always!

  169. Martin

    I’m saddened by the loss of Mr. Kirby’s passing. It always was a pleasure to listen to him and his amazing insights. Like many, I too will rewatch his final USA Watchdog interview in appreciation of of his thoughts. Prayers to his family and we appreciate you Greg for continuing on in the fight for truth. GOD BLESS

  170. Lori

    Thank you for this interview. May God rest Rob’s soul. Why am I not surprised. Keep praying people! Thank you Greg, I listen every week.

  171. Charlie

    Wow, what a loss. Rest in Peace brother Rob Kirby. One of my favorite regulars on USAWatchdog.

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