Border War, Global War, Get Food and Special Guest Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 618 1.26.24)

The southern border of the US is becoming a flashpoint for the political parties.  Texas has been ordered by the Supreme Court to stand down and allow federal border patrol agents to cut down razor wired Texas installed to stop the invasion of illegal aliens.  The Biden Administration is continuing to inviting and allow border crossers by the thousands every day.  Texas is ignoring SCOTUS, and it is putting up more wire.  Now many other states are joining in and supporting Texas to secure the border.  Special Guest Steve Quayle says, “The border issue in America is the issue.”  The Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, says, “. . . Biden is trying to continue his illegal effort to aid the foreign invasion of America.”

War is continuing to heat up in the Middle East everywhere you look.  Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Gaza, Jordon, Israel, Syria and many more places are seeing increasing violence and war.  There is no end in sight.  Many are very worried about how this will impact global shipping and damage supply chains that are already stressed to the max.  There is now the real possibility of a global nuclear war of World War III.

Quayle is watching food being attacked all over the planet.  There are farmer protests in Europe and supply shortages in all kinds of things beginning to show up in America.  What should the average person do?  Quayle says start stockpiling food and other supplies you may need because the problems with food and supplies are only going to get worse.

There is much more in the 1-hour and 11-minute newscast and interview.

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Join Greg Hunter with his special guest renowned radio host and filmmaker, Steve Quayle as they talk about the important news stories of the week in what Quayle calls a “pivotal turning-point” in the survival of America for 1/26/24.

After the Interview:

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  1. Roger Stamper

    tks steve greg

    • Stacia Amante

      copy that. …. And Steve Quayle looks fabulous—trimmed and dressed to befit his mogul and intellectual capability.

      • James Macareo

        Tried to look for the British ship hit and sunk , no deal!
        Loyd Austin was taken out by a missile hit in Ukraine 🇺🇦 by the Russians reported by Hal Turrner a week ago.
        I am a Christian man but the and wish not harm on nobody but
        Lord works in mysterious ways!

        • Jeff

          I heard that also and has only been “seen” virtually 3 days ago since then.

        • john lance

          The British ship is , was , The Marlin Luanda , massive fire on board and sinking . This info is now on The Hal Turner Radio Show . Better fill up with gas now . Those Hoodies know some stuff .

        • Chris in Arkansas

          James Macareo – nowhere did he say the ship was sunk. It is at risk of sinking if they did not get the fire under control. The ship was reportedly hit and there is definitely video of a significant fire on the forward deck. I’ve seen it on a few sources.

        • Jeff

          Hal Turner is a fraud and Lloyd Austin is still alive. Saw him in interview today.

  2. Karl Grove

    Greg, what happened to the Armstrong Interview? If somehow it was deleted and unrecoverable, I’ve got a copy (may not be the highest quality) but at least its watchable. Let me know, thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is now back up. A glitch took it down.

      • Mike

        Greg. Love listening to you and Steve.
        With that Said , I firmly believe chaos is intentional so that the fear of the people will be so great, they will beg the government with its anarchy to save them.
        Dependance on Government will be the finish of the people. This country needs God. I believe we will never see an election. The clock is ticking

  3. sam

    is that what I heard…”Houthiss and the Blowfish”?

  4. Chip2

    What happened to Tuesday’s interview of Martin Armstrong? It’s now gone!

    • Greg Hunter

      Armstrong was accidentally removed from public view. I got it back up.
      I do not know how that happened.

      • Jane Hill

        But I have a Guess!

        • Rick

          The truth is that Russia, China, US etc governments are attacking the USA. We are being left defenseless by design not by neglect.

      • Colleen

        By the way, Greg, While watching the Glenn Beck show on YouTube, I posted the information from Martin Armstrong stating that Biden’s poll numbers were 9–10%. I named USA Watchdog as my source. The information was deleted by YouTube. I rewrote it in more general terms, and again, it was deleted . Imagine that? Haha.

        • Greg Hunter

          That’s the real number and I have two very good sources including Marting Armstrong. The other source I hve to protect but hi is a real playing in the data analysis realm. He told me anybody with any importance in the Swamp knows Biden’s real approval number and it is 9% OR LESS according to my sources. If it were so preposterous it would not be deleted.

  5. sam

    The “Idi Amin Dada, Omar Bongo, Omar Al-bashir, Ahmed Sèkou Tourè” types given Power here in America, is not only Stupid…but….DANGEROUS.

  6. Mike DeCocker

    Hi Greg! What happened to the interview with Martin Armstrong. It’s been taken down from your sight. I wanted to listen again but gone.

    • Greg Hunter

      It was a glitch of some sort and it got taken off the public view for some reason. Weird. I put it back up and thank for telling me!!

  7. Dirk Kirk

    German defense minister says country is not ready to defend itself against Russian threat. Pissed office, Pistorius has questioned the country’s readiness since taking over last year.
    Whitten by Sarah Rumpf-Whitten Fox News January 25, 2024

    • robert messina

      Bill . . . thank U MCH for linking such an informative video . . . . IT MADE MY DAY . . . especially concerning the most poisonous border crisis . . . which may truly be our last stand for USA as we know it . . . Greg, . . . Michel Yon is a wealth of current affair TRUTH

  8. Keith

    Many people are stockpiling firewood for heating and cooking before the globalised friends in North Korea and China strike America with a massive EMP attack. Which if successfully would kill over 90% of the US population within 18months.
    Shopping in my local budget store they where selling candles a box of 10 for about one dollar. Usually it costs me 5 dollars a box. I purchased 50 boxes or 500 candles for 50 dollars.
    The next store I went into I purchased 2 small gas camping stoves for 10 dollars a piece. I then went on line and purchased 300 gas canisters for 300 dollars. They are the 227g type. Plus I purchased the big candle marches 100 boxes for 50 dollars. Together with my 500 tins of soup and canned fruit and pork tins of meat I hopefully should make it to the otherside.
    When the shooting starts I have already amassed enough supplies to last me 12-18 months. Joe public don’t know what’s coming and when the SHTF won’t be able to get any stuff to survive. What are you waiting for ? Have you got your shit together yet ?

    • Expat

      Where you got 18 months for 90 percent of casualties. Is it not 6 mos without electricity and without telecomunication? Do you have a credible EMP war source? The EMP war issue is unfortunately a highly probable one, it is worth to be studied in detail not only for the northamerican continent.

      • Keith

        When the attack does come it might not be one big EMP bomb. It may be the case they hit us with an assault of different kinds of weapon systems over a period of 6-12 months. We don’t know what they will use against us ? Rather than worry about what they might do or not do against us prepare. What ever happens I am ready and God willing I will make it to the otherside.
        The majority of people sadly might not make it. They are to busy on social media watching and listening and communicating rather than getting ready for what’s coming.
        It has just been announced the USAF has began stationing nuclear bombs and bombers on UK airfields for an attack on Russia. Have you got your shit together yet EXPAT ?

        • Katy Bar

          When the attack does come it may start out with Bribe’n using F15’s to bomb the Capitals of the 26 Red States who want to defend the American border!!!

        • Katy Bar

          But more probably when the attack does come it will be from the Army of Illegals (AI) that Bribe’n has called in to flood across our borders and they will be “well supplied with ammo” that Obama has already “pre-placed” at all the IRS, HUD and Social Security offices across America!!!

      • Chris in Arkansas

        EMP Commission Report (original or updated, I can’t recall which one) stated the “up to” 90% casualty rate.

    • Luke in Alaska

      I am most concerned about storing enough fats, since they have the shortest shelf life of what I’m storing. Stock up on ghee, I guess.

      • Gary Horton

        Lard is cheap and stable.

      • Blubber Bob

        Lard lasts forever and does not have to be refrigerated. Was used a LOT back in the 30-40’s.

  9. J J Quinn

    Wow Greg what a treat of a week, Martin Armstrong and Steve Quayle, you are a legend, cheers Greg

  10. Marie Joy

    One of your best, ever, Greg.
    We ALL need to be in better shape.
    Things are not going to get better.
    Arm up. Ammo up. Courage up.
    Stand or die.
    Our own government causes this because our politicians are owned by China and any country that has their price. We know it and we do nothing.
    There is big money in treason.
    Are there more guns in cities or in rural America?
    Controlled American demolition.
    I saw a man wrap his house in plastic. It was online or on TV, years ago. I’m fairly certain that would never, in a million years, work to keep out Gates of Hell’s Ebola. So, what would work to keep out aerosolized Ebola??? I use Ebola as a possible worst case scenario. I’m guessing hospitals and doctors will be paid, again, to kill patients.
    Hospitalization is out of the question.
    WE have to put together our own REAL hospitals. GET EQUIPMENT NOW… saline, IV bags, meds, etc., extra sheets, blankets, wood stoves, etc
    The politicians you voted for have killed you. It just hasn’t happened yet. They’ve killed themselves at the same time. They think China will let them live because they’re traitors. They’re wrong.
    God Bless Us All.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Marie!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      In response to the question regarding urban guns vs. rural guns. Are you talking actual, physical numbers or per capita? And are you talking about LEGAL guns or ILLEGAL guns? I would guess, based on personal experience and observation, which is, of course apocryphal and NOT scientific, that there are physically more guns in the rural areas, but it’s close to 50-50. The guns in the country are mostly legal, by a long shot. The guns in the cities, due to crime, are mostly illegal, and finally, per capita, the country/rural population wins by a mile. It’s not uncommon for the rural folk to own 10, 20, 30, even 100 guns, and they keep more ammunition, too, largely because storage is less of a problem. The country folk are also much more accustomed to guns, using, keeping, and maintaining them. If you’re by chance extrapolating, in a dire scenario, it wouldn’t be a fair, or even close, fight. Best always. PM

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Make sure to stock up on body bags. Only $25 on Amazon. A morbid thought, but when the SHTF, the funeral homes won’t be operating on a normal basis (or at all). Need a loved one buried? Grab a shovel because you’re on your own.

      • Jerry

        Wow I never thought of this Cheri, perhaps a foolish question based off your comment but have you purchased???

  11. A Friend

    Everybody should also look closely at pictures of the current ” president ” and compare those pictures to pictures of vice president Joe Biden and older pictures of Senator Joe Biden. Look at the facial features. Definitely not the same person. This person is an actor even though the voice is similar. Apparently nothing in Washington is real. At this point. We have entered clown world.

  12. markp

    I think Steve’s info on the sinking of the British ship is, maybe, not the full bottle. He said the ship was a missile cruiser named “TIP 45”. The Royal Navy does have a class of ships, the Daring Class, which are Type 45 Destroyers. I believe this may be what he is describing. The following is from
    The Daring Class consists of six Type 45 destroyers (HMS Daring, Dauntless, Diamond, Dragon, Defender and Duncan) that were purpose built for anti-aircraft and anti-missile warfare.
    The Type 45 destroyers are primarily designed for anti-air warfare, able to defend against targets such as fighter aircraft, drones, and highly manoeuvrable sea-skimming anti-ship missiles travelling at supersonic speeds. The Royal Navy describes the destroyers’ mission as “to shield the Fleet from air attack”.
    Perhaps one of these destroyers was hit, but Steve’s description of the event, during his interview, went from “sunk”, to “towed out” from the Gulf of Aden, to “taking on water”. He also said the ship had expended its complement of 80 missiles. However, the Daring Class ships only carry 48 missiles, assuming the ship involved is, in fact, a Type 45 Daring Class destroyer.
    Having said that, this is a bit of intriguing information. If this ship has been sunk or seriously damaged, it can’t be hidden forever. Markp.

    • Tom C.

      Very good post.

  13. Mike

    Steve is the best. Thank you Greg

  14. Maria dasSantos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Quayle.
    The freaks in Washington are out to get us ,
    Meanwhile in the Middle East,
    Whilst here in the UK we have the open declaration of CONSCRIPTION for us plebs to save the Zelensky billions.
    Now we have a problem of manufacturing,
    So looks like we are at the 1938 doorstep where we in the UK were not ready for what was coming.

    • J. Dickson

      Reply to Maria dasSantos of UK fame.
      We are not yet technically at war with Russia, so I hope the Government will refrain from sanctioning me for pointing out that we are on a similar path to the one that led to WWI, another avoidable entanglement that started the ruin by stages of our economy and consequently our society.
      I might risk more in speaking of Zelensky’s regime. Not only UKR-local but foreign journalists and politicians are included on the Kiev-based Myrotvorets hit-list website and the US-born vlogger and regime critic Gonzalo Lira died a prisoner in Ukraine on the day of Rishi’s visit, allegedly a victim of torture, extortion and medical neglect.
      Worse by far is the threat to us all of nuclear war; the thrilling atomic explosion shown in last year’s ‘Oppenheimer’ movie is a mere firework compared to the arsenal now held by several potential combatants, Russia’s stock being the largest. Does the US State Department envisage an Armageddon geographically restricted to Europe? Why did the toxic blond clown Johnson fly to Kiev two years ago to scupper peace talks? Why is his latest successor strapping us together with a vicious, corrupt and autocratic regime suicidally committed to an unwinnable conflict with a nation that if it goes down is prepared to take the rest of the world with it?
      Our PM may be unelected but he might at least have shown some spine and said no to acting as Washington’s gofer. This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a wimp.
      Lastly, there’s a great new article written by Patrick Theros, ex-US ambassador to Qatar. He brings up some good points about how Biden appears to be caged in by the Israeli lobby, contrasting that with previous presidents who managed to show a little more dignity and gumption in standing up to Israel’s control over the US.

      Don’t let the name fool you. We don’t know who, or what you are Maria. But you are certainly a Genius and you certainly nailed it again with this, your current post!! Bravo! YES, the truth still keeps marching on!
      Glory, Glory Hallelujah, his truth keeps marching on! Thanks Maria!

  15. History Repeats

    Big Tech Kool-Aid, anyone?

    Pinocchia Cathie Wood has no background in science or technology, except marketing herself as an expert in the history of disruptive technologies, blockchain, robotics, AI, and IT, despite losing $21.5 Billion in 2022 as the CEO and CIO of Ark Invest.
    Almost everything she says is wrong, but the fraud continues…

    Cathie Wood Explains How Most People Should Invest Their Hard Earned Money In Stock Market (9:19)

    Scientifically Dismantling Cathie Wood (15:33)

    The World’s Best Con Artist (Cathie Wood) (29:48)

  16. Bennet Cecil

    The Soviets had scalar weapons in the 1950s as Thomas Beardon explains the physics and capabilities.

    This technology was introduced by Nikola Tesla. When Tesla died, his papers eventually went to the Soviets. Their scientists advanced it.

    This technology can deliver massive amounts of energy in seconds to a region a thousand miles away. This destroys electronics, missiles, ships etc.

    These weapons can also cause a “cold explosion”. Instead of transferring massive amounts of energy causing high temperatures it can be reversed and remove energy from an area the size of a city. The temperature can thus be lowered to minus 100 degrees in a few minutes, turning humans into ice.

    These weapons do not contaminate the land with dangerous radioactive isotopes like nuclear weapons.

    The US has this direct energy weapon technology. They used it on 911 to destroy the 7 buildings and humans at the WTC. Dr. Judy Wood explains;
    You can buy her book or find it on the internet archive.

    Direct energy weapons were used to start the California fires and to destroy Lahaina.

    • Anita

      Just skimmed your comment, agree with what I read. I commented pretty much the same after you, before I read this. 1950″s did they have it then or were just testing it – the woodpecker ? And does it matter seeing they have it now, not really. People have little if any clue what is yet to come. I also just made another comment because I could not sleep. Steve suggesting we are seeing the horsemen of the apocalypse is also an error. When the seals are opened we will see 1/4 of the earths population die. That is about 2 billion. I am guessing that will be in a less then 5 yr time frame. What come before this is the ‘7 yr treaty’ of which is being set up to take place with the Middle East wars taking place today. When the dust settles watch of the treaty with a 7 yr component in it. That 7yr component must be there. If it is not, it is just another treaty.

  17. Paul Anders

    You are hitting it out of the park with your guests.
    Keep em coming!


    Greg, 2 or 3 years ago, we got one of the larger go dark bags. Tried using it for the first time a couple of months ago. Put our smart phone inside and closed the bag. Using our flip phone, we called the phone in the bag and it rang. What are we doing wrong? Take care.

    • Lynda S

      Hi, Charles—
      My experience:
      We had this problem until we rolled the opening of the bag down 3x and secured it properly. We also have a large mylar bag that worked by folding it over and over the phone about 3x. —Blessings! Lynda

  19. Brianroy

    In regard to Texas and those who insist on a coming Civil War, it is more complex than what you are led to knee-jerk affirm a desire for, even if the sentiment against such corruption as the Biden Regime engages in is a right “moral” verbal and Free Speech “consideration” response.
    “The constitution and its laws are the basis of the public tranquility – the firmest support of the public authority, and the pledge of the liberty of the citizens:
    But the constitution is a vain Phantom, and the best laws are useless, if they are not religiously observed.
    The nation ought then to watch, and the true patriot will watch very attentively, in order to render them equally respected, by those who govern, and the people destined to obey. ”
    Samuel Adams (aka. VINDEX)
    Boston Gazette, January 21, 1771

    We have entered a point in time where Texas is arguing the same issues as South Carolina argued for its secession, that the Compact between the State and that of the Federal Government for the Federal Government to honor its pledge to uphold the US Constitution, has been VIOLATED.

    The South argued for States Rights,
    and until mid-September 1861, that was the general consensus as to why the 1861 Civil War was being fought. To emotionalize the Northern Public in a Public relations campaign to avert defeat and empower recruiting and public support against the War being conducted to enable a Southern Confederacy we had along the lines of 1781-1789 as the United States, Slavery became the escape-goat excuse leveled against the South. In the same way that the Banksters and Industrialists weaponized “Slavery” against the south, their counterparts in our day will probably use “racism” and “Isolationism Is Extremism”, or words to this effect.

    Alexander Hamilton in 1780 complained
    “The Confederation, too, gives the power of the purse too entirely to the State Legislatures.
    It should provide perpetual funds, in the disposal of Congress, by a land tax, poll tax, or the like. All imposts upon commerce ought to be laid by Congress, and appropriated to their use. For, without certain revenues, a government can
    have no power.
    That power which holds the purse – strings absolutely must rule.”
    Alexander Hamilton, The Government and the Constitution; September 3, 1780

    The South in the 1861-1865 Civil War, had its own monetary system. Currently, the Republican led States all depend on the Federal Reserve, and those States allow and enable Federally designated monies to pass on to Washington, D.C. Unless a new system is in place beforehand, there will be no incentive to start up a revamp on Food manufacturing, on any aspect of Agriculture from plants to livestock, or of economy to pay and be paid, as long as the Federal Reserve holds the purse strings even from the States to pay others, let alone themselves.

    Article 4 Section 4 of the US Constitution guarantees a secure border as well as a Republican form of Government, but if that compact is broken, an immediate fix needs to be instituted. Securing the border against invasion means also the willingness and the use of deadly force on both sides of the border, even if it means taking on the army of Mexico et al. I doubt any politician has that kind of needed guts, even if they are to be called War Crimes by his critics. It is one thing to talk about Civil War, and secession, and solving this or that issue like Food Shortages…it is an entirely devoted and serious Logistics organizational EFFORT to make solving a successful reality. We in no way have the brain power and intestinal fortitude of the Confederacies of 1781-1789 nor that of 1861-1865. We are more or less fallen generations that are all talk, theory, and blather.

    Texas was a Republic on its own before joining the US, but without the central USA states, it does not have the natural and financial resources, let alone military resources, to be a self-sustaining nation. Whatever we do, let us seek GOD first, asking that He would open doors and opportunities and direction we haven’t yet the mind for, making us wiser than the serpents, yet as harmless as doves (if at all possible) or mightier than Joshua and David in battle (if it must need to be).

    • Katy Bar

      Bribe’n first allows the Trojan Horse through the Texas gates and is now asking the Supreme Court to stop Texas from closing the gates (in violation of the Federal Government’s Compact with the States to protect them from invasion) which is a direct and treasonous violation of the US Constitution!!

      • George

        Unlike the one (1) “TROJAN HORSE” that the Greeks used during the Trojan War to enter the city of Troy and win the war by burning down Troy – Bribe’n is bringing in “multiple” Trojan Horses (more like thousands , hundreds of thousands of TROJAN HORSES are now entering our nation non-stop) “To Win the War for the Evil Globalists” by DESTROYING the USA. The real meaning of the Bribe’n chant to “SURGE THE BORDER” is: “DESTROY THE USA” – “DESTROY THE USA” – “DESTROY THE USA” – “KILL THE MAGA PATRIOTS” – “KILL EVERY MAGA PATRIOT” – “KILL THE CHRISTIANS” -“BURN THEM AND THROW THEM TO THE BIG PHARMA LIONS WHO WILL INJECT THEM WITH COVID, EBOLA, ETC., ETC.” – “THEN LETS USE THEIR DEAD BODIES TO VOTE ME BACK AS PRESIDENT IN NOVEMBER”!!!!

      • Ken

        No longer will the Chant be USA, USA, USA – it will soon be DEMON RAT, DEMON RAT, DEMON RAT!!!

  20. Jeff

    I saw them in concert!

  21. Jeff

    What British ship did he say was hit by either missiles or taken out? I am not finding anything about it on the internet. I would think if the Houtis scored something that big they would spread that everywhere. Sometimes I wonder about this guys “sources”.

  22. Glen

    Hi Greg,
    I didn’t get your email this morning. Have I dropped off your list?


    • Greg Hunter

      I simply forgot to send out the email blast. So Sorry. It’s out now.

  23. Claude

    Greg, Enjoyed a great interview as usual. My only question is why so little attention to the disappearance of Lloyd Austin? Taking out our Secretary of Defense seems like a big story, and I have heard it now from three different sources.

    • George

      If Lloyd Austin was taken out it was likely payback for the assassination of Qasem Soleimani (Iran’s major general killed by an American drone strike by Trump to help Israel out)!! Things are getting nasty (but at least it not just the little guys being killed)!!


    Who will live or die, who will choose? Who will win? Who will WIN AND WIN WHAT! wHY CAN’T SHEEPLE GET ALONG LIKE SHEEPLE?

  25. Jennifer

    Greg – Great show as always – please out up the link RE: nuclear preparedness. THANKS!

  26. Randy L Avera

    Marie is right.
    Read Ch 15 Spetsnaz’s First World War…Overture…The beginning of war w/Russia when special forces operate in the enemy’s (the west) home territories…They will kill all collaborators!
    Spetsnaz by Victor Suvorov, a Russian defector
    Free view/download at the best online Library there is…

  27. Maurice Hankey

    Trump gets HUGE win while Jesse Waters HUMILIATES Nikki Haley!!
    Stephen Gardner 337,305 views 16 hours ago

    Kari Lake Reveals NEW Details About Leaked Phone Call When She Was Bribed to Leave Political Life Megyn Kelly 871,383 views 21 hours ago
    Megyn Kelly is joined by Kari Lake, U.S. Senate candidate for Arizona, to discuss the leaked audio conversation about an attempted bribe to get her to leave political life, who the “people back East” that are behind the bribe might be, new details about the circumstances, and more.

    Townhall 88K subscribers 484,042 views Jan 25, 2024
    Arizona Republican Senate Candidate Kari Lake spoke out on a second allegation of bribery against her — this time from a very wealthy supporter with deep pockets and deeper ties. While speaking directly to supporters last night on a live stream, after Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit was captured on leaked audio appearing to bribe Lake and resigned from his position, Kari Lake revealed the story of ANOTHER instance in which she was offered money to make political strategy changes.

  28. Kelly Em

    Greg, your headline is incorrect. Supreme Court only ordered the injunction removed with respect to DHS. it didn’t order Texas to do anything.

    • Greg Hunter

      Close enough. When you are being invaded, do you order the gates of the castle to stay open while you think about the invasion??????? Let’s not be stupid here.

  29. Son of Scribner

    The former Bill Gates’ employee, longtime resident of a state opposed to Texas, expert on any and every topic (under the sun and throughout universe in life and also the afterlife), has said repeatedly that he does not and would not share the beliefs of Bo Polny and that the angels, here mentioned by Steve Quayle, are nefarious space aliens that are likely very soon coming to molest or otherwise harass him and everyone else.

    Behold, the line is now being sketched between the sheep and the goats. ( Mt 25:32 )

  30. Jeffrobbins

    Wow! Mr. Quayle might make someone want to hide in a hole or something- don’t do it folks. There are lost sheep that will need help. I am( and have been) preparing for these issues to come to my door step in the form of food shortages. Maybe it’s due to disease X, or war, or financially, or some crazy agenda. It will be long term, and so we need to think about growing food. I like a fish pond, chickens, grazing livestock, grain stored by the ton, lots of irrigation and gardens, and others. I wonder if the Deagle Report was delayed 3 or 4 years due to Trumps first term? Even if all the bad news talked about here stays on the back burner, our society is morally bankrupt and the Gods truth is somehow illegal. Where is your high ground? My time line-IMHO- is seven years after grain changed to corn in the KJ. That would be in the early to middle of the next presidential term and we may need to go ‘grey man’ for a time.- i gave up caring if i sound crazy.

  31. The Good Guy

    Sun Tzu — ‘Appear weak when you are strong (Russia), and strong when you are weak (China).’

    Keep that in mind; Russia is not showing all they got, just showing how “weak” they are. China is flexing muscles all the time, a loud barking dog.

    There is saying that goes like this… “God will free me from the calm waters, I will free myself from the trouble waters.”

  32. The Good Guy

    The mRNA Vaxxx is the crap given to soldiers during the Gulf War. All came out with the Gulf War Syndrome that was blamed on the use of DULRAM (Depleted Uranium Loaded Round Amminition) ammo.

    The Guardian posted an article in June 2001 about the useage of illegal vaxxxinations. Makea perfect sense on how the Pharmas where already lock ans loaded for a ‘Rona vaxxx; it was off the shelf.

  33. Jim Walt Simmons

    Vladimir Putin has issued a warning to the West following an unexpected visit to Europe.
    During a surprise visit to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, the President has raised fears of war with Nato by threatening the EU nations bordering the region.
    It comes as there in concern that the enclave, which is sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, it could become the critical point for a future conflict.
    Putin warned that countries bordering the Baltic Sea territory are not prepared for “what will follow”.

  34. Amos McRoiy

    Kari Lake Reveals NEW Details About Leaked Phone Call When She Was Bribed to Leave Political Life Megyn Kelly 871,383 views 21 hours ago
    Megyn Kelly is joined by Kari Lake, U.S. Senate candidate for Arizona, to discuss the leaked audio conversation about an attempted bribe to get her to leave political life, who the “people back East” that are behind the bribe might be, new details about the circumstances, and more.

    Townhall 88K subscribers 484,042 views Jan 25, 2024
    Arizona Republican Senate Candidate Kari Lake spoke out on a second allegation of bribery against her — this time from a very wealthy supporter with deep pockets and deeper ties. While speaking directly to supporters last night on a live stream, after Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit was captured on leaked audio appearing to bribe Lake and resigned from his position, Kari Lake revealed the story of ANOTHER instance in which she was offered money to make political strategy changes.

    Trump gets HUGE win while Jesse Waters HUMILIATES Nikki Haley!!
    Stephen Gardner 337,305 views 16 hours ago

  35. Justn Observer

    Greg, when one considers those traits combine with early indoctrination and influence of Fabian socialists such as H.G. Wells, Bernard Shaw and a multitude of other over 30 years predominately in UK, and later those like Bertrand Russell it is not hard to see what has taken root, from eugenics to engineered ‘viruses’ and stated desires of like Queen of UKs husband hope to return as a virus…to the modern versions. less called eugenics but re-phrasedand made more plateable as ‘planned parenthood’, to better suit their de-population plans of those deemed ‘deplorables’ as we learned in the end of H.G. Wells book, Anticipation.
    After all, it is the crony ‘ruling class’ that considers who is in ‘their’ class. The rest to be given but ID cards and residency in ‘their’ region of influence, their plantation …until…the world is tamed, new borders struck between those of ‘their’ newly forged NWO. Until then, ear tags and port passes are needed to enter and exit from one plantation of control and taxes to the next, unless some chattel are needed to be migrated to share the burden of over population and even out the UN economic Gini index/ratios to level out the dirigisme in preparation for their mutual distribution of the world’s labor, lands and resources between their planned ‘tri-lateral’ shared spheres of power that will be used to keep the smaller rump states in line. Communism is but socialism of a more Stalinistic approach force…Marxism led to a strong National Socialism like in Germany, but UK hoped to be more subtle, using persuasion and quiet subversion to establish communism/socialism using their Fabian Society method…to do the same things. Chapter one makes that clear, starting as early as mid-1880’s as it expanded to spheres of influence including the U.S. as H.G. Wells and others courted those New England elites and to the ilk of FDR and Eleanor circles…which carried down those in the U.S. touting ‘the Third Way, and many other Open Society and other leftist agendas and foundations using the same methods as one can hear being read in the minutes of the history of the Fabian Society themselves, – listen here, at least Chapter 1 and the last 2 as to their intend and ambitions = yes, sigh, the whole vid is over 7hrs, but then how does one get all the names of all the PM’s and MP’s and families behind their efforts from the start, in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany etc, and here in the U.S. over how many decades? and yes, Klaus Schwab brags of all those in positions of influence and power they have inserted all over the world, did he not? Yes, just compounding the early method using ‘young global leaders’ to carry on the agenda = NWO – A world revolutionary movement/WRM using un-elected governing bodies like the Club of Rome, UN, and WEF…and of course their hedges and stakeholder control of all ‘their’ ESG corporations who seem to prosper as the smaller companies and individual entities are led to fail, likely will fail when ‘the debt burden is too high and credit is curtailed to make it so? PLANNED OBSOLENCE ?
    00:00:00 – 00 – Preface
    00:02:03 – 01 – The Sources of Fabian Socialism
    00:27:32 – 02 – The Foundations of the Society: 1883-84
    00:42:27 – 03 – The Early Days: 1884-6
    01:27:23 – 04 – The Formation of Fabian Policy: 1886-89
    02:15:02 – 05 – Fabian Essays and the Lancashire Campaign: 1890-3
    02:41:04 – 06 – To Your Tents O Israel: 1894-1900
    03:12:39 – 07 – ‘Fabianism and the Empire’: 1900-1901
    03:47:36 – 08 – Education: 1902-1905, and the Labour Party: 1900-1915
    04:34:02 – 09 – The Episode of Mr. Wells: 1906-1908
    05:12:36 – 10 – The Policy of Expansion: 1907-1912
    06:07:38 – 11 – The Minority Report, Syndicalism and Research: 1909-1915
    06:51:07 – 12 – The Lessons of Thirty Years

    AS THEY SAID WHEN SOMEONE TELLS YOU WHO AND WHAT THEY ARE, ONE MIGHT WANT TO LISTEN. UNRELENTING, AMBITIOUS, WITH TENACITY… AND WHEN THEY LATER JOIN WITH THE GERMANY MORE FACIST AS NOW…FORMATIABLE. Realize too, that many of the ‘ruling class ‘ are Saxons of the House of Windsor, it is not hard to see the mating of Fabian Society with German National Socialist ideology is not hard to understand?
    Of course, Klaus Schwab brags about how so many of the world leaders are controlled and in place, as for decades they have used the same method and instilled their ideology in their picked ‘young global leaders’, did he not?
    So why when ‘they’ tell you who and what they are, people do not listen and believe what they are being told. Why do they not hear the clues spoken by many of those leaders…to give others of their ilk a wink…of who is planning to rid the world of the ‘deplorables’, those that hold to their bibles and guns, who reject ‘their’ ideology. Just as Trump chose his ‘favorite’ president, Biden and crew have never hidden their H.G. Well influenced FDR and Eleanor, or Obama’s crew who has gived shout outs to CHE, to MAO, and dedications to Sal Alinsky?
    Not hard to believe what Steve Quayle is speaking to at all when one considers all the nations that dislike the U.S. as the ‘military arm’ and being used as ‘the scapegoat’ enforcer for the Central bankers and ESG international corporation stakeholders and hedge funds that own and influence about every company on earth including the media – newspapers, cable, broadcast, magazines, film and TV to cover up, deflect, or push their memes and narratives.

    • Katy Bar

      Klaus Schwab (an inmate of WEF Mental Hospital) brags about how he has put many of his fellow inmates into positions of power as the world leaders (like Trudeau in Canada) all under his complete control. This crazy demented Globalist Nazi Neocon wants to dictate to all the world’s people that they will from now on own nothing and eat bugs!! It is time for us normal people to take them out!!! –

    • Justn Observer

      Again, listen to Chapter 2, it is clear the FABIAN SOCIETY aim was to set up communism thru a persuasive socialism that and decoupling from religion via Darwinism. but with a view that either Christian socialism or a more atheist Marxism were parallel divisive paths…to the same goal…the END justifies the means which Obama adviser Ann Dunn eluded to with her speaking of the similarity of Mother Theresa and MAO

      and let’s not forget Hillary and Bill communing with Eleanor, wink wink,
      her spiritual talks with her, and dedications to Sal Alinsky and LUCIFER? hum

      so in line with the FDR pro H.G. Wells advisements and the effort other ‘progressives’ like Col Mandel House push for federal income tax, the policies of ‘the New Deal… and all the Clower and Piven stuff that has followed to get the ‘middle-class’ to fund and support the ‘the programs’ used to pay for the ills of the lower ‘deplorable class’ as the upper elites funnel their wealth to their trusts, foundations, offshore accounts and tax shelters. All as the Western World is led back towards serfdom by the Communist/Socialist agenda set out by as a goal not just by the Fabian Society but of those of Hitler, Lenin, and Marx.

      We need not mention that the border crossers are getting $2200, more than many who worked all their lives and paid into Social Security…who like the Vets on the street …do not get free housing and 3 squares a day living in a hotel.

      With some of the more current news, we can see the union alignments not UNLIKE those seen the movie Reds with Warren Betty…and then too, we hear the suggestion people need to take the ‘migrants’ our homes? What is next, scenes of Dr. Zhivago when they were pushed into private homes of the middle class. One wonders how many tent cities could be set up on the New England’s manors and mansions and in those home of extravagance along Cape Cod?
      Not likely any time soon!

      AND for those that want Nikki Haley maybe they missed it.
      Nikki Haley: Sure, I’ll Cut Social Security Because It’s What My Billionaire Friends Want = @2:28

      As for my speculation in my prior above comment about =” the UN economic Gini index/ratios to level out the dirigisme in preparation for their mutual distribution of the world’s labor” , I can say just this morning on Fox News a man named Todd Bensman that there are documents at the UN that shows it is spending $billions to give the migrants airplane tickets, debit cards, phones etc. to help them afford their journey to the U.S.?
      So why can’t the Congress ‘defund the UN’ and shut it down and sue the UN as a complicit partner in breaking U.S. laws and causing the tort of massive expenses the U.S. taxpayers can ill afford and expand the U.S. debt and currency problems many of those member nations are complaining about and moving to their BRIC + plan? Can they also be held financially responsible for the ‘gotaway’ crimes and deaths if any of those they are supporting are also proven to be carrying fentynal into the U.S., rape, child or sex crimes, or attacks on the U.S. once they get across since he also states they are NOT being vetted to receive that financial help? =

      and just have to include a recent 2A AR case in California, where the activist anti-gun judges fail to uphold the Constitution, and are going to allow CA, to impose those restrictions and jail of Californians until at a ‘later time’ the U.S. Supreme Court ‘may’ take up the case and rule against them. So, heads up there in CA, you are about to be treated like those J6 defendants in D.C. and made criminals for your 2A right to keep and bear arms, until at a later time…you are not…some years away it appears? =HUGE BREAKING 2A NEWS: FEDERAL APPEALS COURT DECIDES TO IGNORE “ASSAULT WEAPON” BAN CASE

  36. Bill Holder

    I bet a dime a dozen of donuts that Nukes are hidden in major cities in underground tunels.

    If a tunnel under a Temple was built and hidden in NY City; why cannot be use the same technique to hide a Nuke? DC is full of tunnels… Think for a min; who built those tunnels? The truth will shock-surprise you.

  37. Armed_Strong

    The mRNA Vaxxx is the crap given to soldiers during the Gulf War. All came out with the Gulf War Syndrome that was blamed on the use of DULRAM (Depleted Uranium Loaded Round Amminition) ammo.

    The Guardian posted an article in June 2001 about the useage of illegal vaxxxinations. Makea perfect sense on how the Pharmas where already lock ans loaded for a ‘Rona vaxxx; it was off the shelf.

  38. john geis

    I agree with everything Steve said and would get a sat phone but the cell phones would be gone and I know no one with a sat phone so it would be useless. According to Pastor Barnett America gets nuked 11/11

  39. 'a' simple horseman

    Great WNW! Thanks for putting it out there.
    Thanks Steve for kindly mentioning Dane Wigington and his HUGE website. The weasel that works with Gates is Ken Caldera. He did extensive research on distributing pathogens into the air to infect the populations below. “great guy”. Funny how weasels collude with each other.
    Fun fact for the week: Putin has an “83%” approval rating among his people.
    Sadly, the un-awake USA Inc is getting exactly what it deserves. Its going to get way worse before its over. And it will be over. Your money isn’t going to save anything. By the way, add to the list of things we can’t do here anymore. We don’t have any led mines anymore. Barry O’bummer took care of that little necessity. I’ve been screaming “Trojan Horse!” ever since “they” kicked the border open. The biggest bully on the planet is getting its due.
    Nuclear winter would solve a lot of global warming problems, “just sayin”.

    • Katy Bar

      Putin has an “83%” approval rating among his people. So who are the other 17% for? – Bribe’n?? In the US only 9% are for Bribe’n!!!

  40. Douglas Blair

    Thank you Greg. Keeping Steve on track is like herding cats. I know you are trying

  41. Astraea

    For Heavens’ sake, join the militia. Go to hear people like the great man Mark Koernke at Do something to defend America, quickly, urgently.
    Go to defend your family.

  42. Susan R

    My boyfriend and I had a very serious talk after listening to you Greg, and Steve Quayle. I saw a video yesterday of men getting off a long boat in California and going up to the street and running, leaving the boat behind. I wanted to show it to my boyfriend today after your show and it was GONE! I saw it somewhere else and can’t find that one either. It is TIME!!! Thank you for all you have done over all these years to illuminate us.

    • Lauran

      I saw it on Daily Mail……………..unbelievable. They spelled La Jolla wrong. It is not La Holla. California wealthy beach area.

  43. Jeff Staples

    It took you soooo long to see the covid scam and it got soooo boring waiting for you.
    Surprise! Another elephant is squatting in the room and has been there all along, and is, in fact not only directly related to the scamdemic, but is Exhibit A to every panty-twist you talk about. You don’t see it, can’t see it, or won’t see it. I can’t figure out if you are dumb, blinded, corrupted or controlled.

    • robert messina

      Jeff , can you give a few clues as to Exhibit A? I can’t see the elephant, and my curiosity is fogging my mind

  44. PJ in Georgia

    This game sounds just like the playbook they are using. Down to the supreme court having to rule on the candidates…the unpopular president…Texas breaking off and other states following. The suit case nukes we have heard are here years ago…Funny how they have to show us in advance their plans.

    Looks like it has been around since 2005

  45. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, I am conditioned, and therefore a creature of habit, and possible addiction (haha) that Friday is News Wrap-up Day, and I was anxiously anticipating your newscast and its attendant analysis, especially your take and insights on the border. Did I miss something? Best always. PM

    • Greg Hunter

      No Paul, I just tried something different.

  46. Jason

    I think SQ is wrong about a deadly virus being released. They will show people on TV falling on their faces, bleeding from orifices and some .gov talking head saying how lethal it is. But if the virus was true, it would threaten some of the elite too. And they definitely do not want to be taking some secret vaccine against it. They want the fear to create the control and compliance. People will line up for a jab. They will lock themselves down. They will require food and water for which you will have to prove you have been jabbed.

    No real virus X coming. They are just building the fear.

  47. History Repeats

    What Was in the World Trade Center Plume?

    “About 80–90% of the settled WTC Dust, ranging in particle size from ~2.5 μm upward, was a highly alkaline mixture of crushed concrete, gypsum, and synthetic vitreous fibers (SVFs)”

    How long does it take to cut steel beams with thermite? (0:02)

    How quickly do asbestos-coated steel beams delaminate after being smashed together?

    Duh, duh, duh, duh…DUHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Dragnet 1967 Theme (o:30)

    Dragnet Landlord Clip (1:50)

    Dragnet Jack Webb “A Phony Badge” Classic Speech 1954 (0:53)

  48. Anita

    Thank you both. Russia’s advanced weapon tech Steve is talking about is Tesla tech. once called scalar weaponry. This was brought to light about 20 plus yrs ago when Bush was running against Kerry. Back before 9/11. It is just recently we have been witnessing the use of it by Russia.
    Also Steve mentioned the 4 horsemen. As far as I see they have not even come yet. What we have to date is a warning of what yet is to come.

  49. Norman Byler

    WWIII is coming just look at the Daily Technical on Oil, Gas, Diesel, futures!

  50. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    This is about UK soldiers not about US soldiers

  51. Mike Speer

    Great show, Greg. Thanks again for all of your interviews.

  52. Anna

    Abbott has a profile page on the WEF website. If Michael Yon is right he is just creating a distraction on a tiny portion of the boarder as millions are diverted. Abbott knows how his voters and how patriots in general feel about the WEF. He needs to address this issue now. The deep state operates in full open view. I don’t trust Abbott…isn’t he convienently out of town while this is all going on ? I smell a rat…..

    • Anita

      I remember also Abbot did this before about 2 yrs back when he had TX national guard at border & other states were sending their guards to help. That all amounted to nothing. And yes Abbott is only addressing a tiny portion from what I have read & heard. I agree with you a rat to distract. More circus show for the piblic.

    • Shiloh1

      Abbott had the Mayor of Chicago, Governor of Illinois, suburban mayors and virtue-signaling cul-de-sac wine mom Karens squealing like pigs a few weeks ago about the buses, so don’t know why he changed course(?).


    A business friend of mine, who is in the food industry. Stated that he noticed that prices in the groceries stores were higher that accepted a large amount of food stamps. So in his belief that stores that take large amount of food stamps, these stores are charging the poor more for the food products. So he goes to stores that are not around low income housing or low income neighborhoods. Since grocery shopping is not one of my stronger points, I had not noticed this. Than he mentioned a grocery store I was familiar with, and I had thought their prices were high, but I did not know the reason. Any one else notice this?

    • Cool Hand Luke


      In Phoenix the stores in the lower income neighborhoods are more expensive. The ones that cater to the hispanic population, Food City and Ranch Market, are usually marked up because most of their business is EBT card.

      Walmart is the best place to shop for dry goods. In west Phoenix Walmart has several stores that are positioned for the low income people. It is a zoo when the EBT cards get refilled.

      Walmarts are a key place for the surveillance state. Facial recognition systems everywhere and AI controlled electronic payments.

  54. scott manhart

    the war is designed to be lost. The lefties have always wanted to support the constitution in total but knew that they could not do that politically. Obama and Clinton had planned two weeks in the US military and then Hillary was going to get us committed to multiple wars where we would lose. In that loss, the UN would have to come in and broke the piece and the sacrifice of that peace agreement would be the subversion of the constitution in total for it to be replaced by the UN convention on human rights.

  55. Anita

    It somewhat bothers me & troubles me that Quayle mentions the 4 horsemen, as if this is part of that, it is not. He is discrediting many who know the bible & understand the sealed horsemen do not begin till after the 7yr treaty is signed. Then we will not see millions killed over 3 yrs but 2 BILLION in about 4 yrs. People please read His word, the Bible. That is about 1 billion in 2 yrs. I can not tell you the numbers for each yr. but what is coming will make what we have seen this far look like a few drops in a bucket.

  56. tim mcgraw

    It’s a good strategy to stockpile food and supplies for short-term emergencies like tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, power outages, etc.
    But if it is a long-term emergency, say the New Dark Age of Feudalism, what good is it?
    If a society of people who believe in liberty and live and let live are not there.
    If a feudal society of overlords and their henchmen exists.
    What good are your food supplies long-term?

  57. Rose Sellicka

    The guy who wants to vax your children had puppies eaten alive!

  58. Bob Clayton

    Hi Greg.Some other interesting people to interview in the UK are Neil Oliver,Maneco64 and Richard Vobes,I am sure they would welcome being on USA Watchdog.All the best and thanks for all you do,Bob.

  59. Bradley

    Thanks Greg for getting Steve Quayle on. And Thanks to Steve Quayle for all his efforts to get his message out there. It resonated with me today. The in your face warning he gave that there is no one coming (On a national level leadership role I think he meant) to save anyone. Death to 95 percent of humanity the initial goal. I do not want to survive a nuclear war. Hoping the bomb falls on my head. I have lived most of my life (62). I feel so sad for the young people. I live for my new Grand Daughter. I will try to survive for her. We Love you Both.

  60. Wendu

    Conservative hero Ronald Reagan surrendered the border in 1986 when he granted amnesty to illegals.

    Since conservatives refuse to disavow Reagan, nothing they say on the issue matters.

    Same with Trump and lockdowns, masks, and the ClotShot.

  61. Led Skeletor

    “Independent America” sent me an unsolicited newspaper, it contained positive news stories regarding the father of Crackhead Biden, and our lustful fük and spend Governor. It contained vicious hit pieces on the Republican Party and President Donald Trump, and nothing but heavenly praise for the leftist war/welfare ‘queens’..

    Independent America?

    Even though this garbage was sent via a political nonprofit; I bet you some of my TAX DOLLARS were pissed away on this mailing.

  62. John D

    The Book of Mormon is about America. Secret combinations taking control of the judicial and political systems to take away the freedom of all people is their intent. It is available free at Click on Libraries/Scriptures/Book of Mormon. Read the Book of Ether chapter 8. It’s an eye-opener.

  63. harold cloud

    Putin Ally Ominously Suggests Texas Could Launch ‘Civil War’ in US
    Story by Thomas Kika • 2h

    WW3 fears soar as US will ‘imminently’ move nukes to RAF to counter Russia threat/Story by Matthew Dooley • 11h
    The US plans to move nuclear weapons to the UK for the first time in 15 years amid a growing threat to Europe from Russia following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.
    Pentagon contracts have revealed that the US military is planning to store the weapons at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, according to a report by The Telegraph.
    “Unredacted documents on the US Department of Defence’s procurement database reveal plans for a ‘nuclear mission’ that will take place ‘imminently’ at RAF Lakenheath,” the report states.

  64. Justn Observer

    Greg, Tucker Carlson with a cluster bomb truth exposes ‘them’ as the populus awakens to decades of deceit and straight out lies =

  65. dlc

    Today marks the 80th year anniversary of the end of the siege of Leningrad (St. Petersburg). I believe it was here that Putin’s older sibling perished. The podcaster of Sergey Baklykov Live made the observation: “Who would have believed that 80 years later we would be fighting the Nazis again.”

    There was quite a celebration, seas of people walking in the streets to the ?Neva River to watch some fireworks after viewing a film display of the siege stretching over the side of several buildings. History seems very much appreciated, and the people brought their children, ages toddler on up, to take in this history. Here in the U.S. there is a movement to destroy or distort all of our history.

    Where in the U.S. can you take your children to the inner city at midnight to enjoy fireworks, enjoy the outdoors, and on foot no less? We have become the Soviets and Russia appears to be like the U.S. in the 1950s/early 60s.

  66. Robert Dziok just reported today the US Supreme Court just ruled the Covid-19 injections are a Bio Weapon. They said Covid-19 vaccines are NOT vaccines. The Supreme Court confirmed that the harm caused by the Covid mRNA gene therapies is IRREPARABLE! This has worldwide implications and ramifications.

  67. Randy Best

    Russia and China are not the enemy. The enemy is within.

  68. Randy Best

    Didn’t Martin Armstrong say the war cycle really heats up in 2027?

  69. James

    Look you don’t have to be a Military expert to understand that if your on the ground and hostile aircraft are over head with full intention of attacking you , it will all be over in seconds , so is it possible that the foreign military aged males could be trained and used for just such a purpose in the future , it’s hard to believe that our own pilot’s would carry out such orders , but a foreign pilot that hates American’s would without a second thought!

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