Rolling Thunder Global Propaganda – Mark Crispin Miller

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night post)

New York University (NYU) Professor Mark Crispin Miller (MCM) is an expert in propaganda. Dr. Miller says from infection to injection, Covid 19 was a global “propaganda masterpiece.” Propaganda on this level has never happened before in human history. Dr. Miller explains, “The media has been crucial to this entire operation, and I would take that a little further. I would say since the beginning of 2020, we have been subjected to a ‘Rolling Thunder of Propaganda’ drives one after another. First, there was the (CV19) virus panic. Then, there was the George Floyd moment. Now, there is a new documentary that shows George Floyed was not actually murdered. . . . It’s called ‘The Fall of Minneapolis.’ . . . . There was the 2020 Election. There was the so-called ‘insurrection.’ That was a wave of crackpot hysteria . . . because it was not an insurrection . . . or coup attempt. Then, there was Ukraine, and the entire back story of Russia’s invasion was completely missing from all the coverage. . . . This is all the result of the media doing the opposite of what it is supposed to do. The ‘Framers’ (of the Constitution) realized the absolute necessity of having a free press. . . . This was before the corporate media cartels, which is what we have now. . . . The Framers knew . . . to offer a counterforce to federal power, we absolutely had to have a free press. . . . The reason why the press has First Amendment protections is it . . .tells truths the federal authorities does not want us to know. To say the press has failed abysmally is actually giving them too much credit. They have been instrumental throughout this nightmare, whose aim is radical depopulation and destruction of democracy. . . . if you just tell the other side of the story, you are public enemy #1.”

With more than 700 million mRNA CV19 bioweapon injections in the US alone and more than 13 billion CV19 injections globally, the implications of this depopulation agenda is the biggest story ever short of a global thermal nuclear exchange. This, too, was part of the “Rolling Thunder Global Propaganda” campaign. Dr. Miller has dedicated his Substack to reveal mounting and massive deaths and injuries one person at a time. Many doctors are revealing data and sources proving the CV19 vax did not help a single person. Dr. Miller calls the CV19 so-called vaccine “the perfect crime.” Dr. Miller explains, “It’s the perfect crime because there is a long delay between the pulling of the trigger and the collapse due to the bullet. You see what I mean? Sometimes it can take people two years to succumb to the consequences of taking the shot. It’s the perfect crime. I also liken it to the infamous mass murders of mid-century. . . . This had much more sophistication than those mass murders. It’s not just the bigger numbers, but they got people to take this willingly. Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot were all coercive. . . . This is the first mass murder that is the result of getting people to clamor for it. The panic over the Corona virus was so successful that people were craving vaccination—craving it.”

The good news from Dr. Miller is that it appears people are waking up at a fast pace. He points to the low uptake of more CV19 boosters in a range of only 3%. Dr. Miller is dedicated to waking people up to the mass propaganda psyop that has led people in a disastrous direction. Dr. Miller says, “People can subscribe to my Substack, and you can do it for free. I am doing this for the public good. I am always grateful for paid subscribers because I am on disability now as a professor at NYU, but I am not doing it for that reason. I am doing it because something really, really evil is going on, and people have to snap out of it. People have to wake up. I do believe people can wake up, and there are indications that people are waking up.”

There is much more in the 59-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with NYU Media Studies Professor and propaganda expert Dr. Mark Crispin Miller for 12.16.23.

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After the Interview:

There is lots of free information on Dr. Miller’s Substack, including his popular “Died Suddenly” reports. The data is collected every week from the U.S. and more than two dozen countries around the world.

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  1. Rodster

    “Tom Lockyer: Luton captain suffers cardiac arrest as Bournemouth vs Luton called off”

    • Dawn

      Hi neighbour:
      I live in the USA now but lived in Stevenage prior.
      My family are still there.

    • Tove Irene Strand

      About the golden billion:
      We also urge the secretariat’s leadership in drafting documents…to be guided by the need to suggest to member states ways to find a balance of interests rather than helping to advance neoliberal concepts. Otherwise, instead of a multilateral agenda, there will be a deepening of a division between the golden billion and the international majority. … The key to success is concerted (mutual) efforts, abandonment of claims for any exceptionalism, and I repeat this once again, respect for sovereign equality of states (and hence indivisibility of security). This is what we all sign on to when we ratify the Charter of the UN. … This, the maintenance of international peace and security, is specifically what is required now under the imperatives (essentials) of the UN centric system, which as a result of the actions of the West is evaporating before our very eyes. ~ Sergey Lavrov (at the UN in April of this year)

    • Ted N


    • Tom T

      How about that.

  2. Christopher Davies

    What happened with the credit cards not needing to be processed after Thursday night at midnight? A million people read that. Was it a psyop? Stock market went up 3% by noon the next day. Did someone make money on the psyop? What about the derivative payments on the 15th. I heard nothing about it. Did you?

    • Greg Hunter

      C D,
      It was a missed call, that simple. and NO I did not make money off it. I do much better when the calls are correct as I am a journalist.

      • Mike

        Hi Greg:
        My first brother in law, not vaxxed, but killed by protocol of hospital. Non vaxxed. Another brother in law got first two shots= heart trouble 1 year later.
        Another brother in law, triple vaxxed, now has blood clots, after two years of the shots. So, these spikes take their time. Yet, the two brother in laws will NOT ADMIT anything about the shots, nor their killer doctors admit they are killing people for money. Sad.

      • Monica Hughes

        I love your show and agree totally .. I hate when people are rude especially to people I like ❤️

    • Ted N


  3. mark branham

    Hi Greg,

    Just found this today, it’s how they intend to steal everything from us. Thought you might like to interview him.

    • Paul

      Sounds like you’re having a hard time believing the IDF could’ve allowed these attacks to take place. Where are you on that?

      • Greg Hunter

        Not one good source on this. I should have said in the interview if the Israel news apparatus is not warning about the shots or doing stories about the death and destruction, then they too are not a good source. This is an untruthful lie by omission. Untruthful in one is untruthful in all. So, NO news outlet in the Lying Legacy Media (LLM) anywhere on the planet covering this up is a good source and your opinion is NOT a source.

        • Paul

          Allowing evil to cover up evils makes sense to me, I think you should at least allow your guest to explain and not bark them down. Do some deeper questioning, not just bulldoze.

        • Diana James

          Did Dr. Millers comment pique an interest in you to TRY to validate his theory that the IDF was ordered to stand down? The MOST DEFENDED border on Earth was breached by hang gliders doesn’t create a question?

          • Greg Hunter

            Actually, Diane, NO. I am doing a story on global propaganda and the take over of earth. NOT ISRAEL and the Oct 7th Rape, Murder and kidnap attack. The sources Dr. Miller is using in Israel are still covering up the massive deaths and injuries of the CV19 injections in Israel. If the Jewish press is doing this, and they are, then they too are not trustworthy. The old saying goes “Untruthful in one, untruthful in all.” F-the press in Israel for this CV19 ongoing coverup and the same goes for all Lying Legacy Media (LLM). I do not trust any of them. You cannot tell huge lies and have huge lies by omission in one story, and think they tell the truth in others–period. I DO NOT TRUST THE LYING LEGACY MEDIA IN ANY COUNTRY.

          • Shiloh1

            Just saying for my part I’ve been following MacGregor, Larry Johnson, Ray McGovern, Alistair Crooke, (mostly via Judge Nap). The Duran (Alex C. and Alexander M. and guests) and Ritter on everything Ukraine and Gaza, including that particular question, almost daily.

        • Freebreezer

          Greg – You are one of the few “real/true” journalist left … speaking truth when only the facts can be documented and ‘authenticated’!!!!!! Thanks. Per your guest, Mark Crispin …Having him appear weekly wouldn’t suffice … more would be happily welcomed; having a highly experienced professor instruct/teach the general population, like me, is a tremendous privilege.

        • Freebreezer

          After listening and thinking about it, it became evident that the vulnerability exploited by this malevolent/evil force (words fail to describe this entity/abomination) lies within the First Amendment—the safeguarding of a ‘free press.’ The founders foresaw corruption in various government facets and endowed a free press with the responsibility to expose it. However, they never foresaw the total corruption of the ‘free press’ itself! I contemplate whether the tentacles and origins of this pervasive evil are the progeny/spawn of the Sea Eye A? its tentacles traverse the world?

        • docdownunder

          A fantastic interview with a true patriot for Humanity. Much respect and thanks. We need thousands more – hear us roar!

      • JM

        Just like the insurance job on the twin towers?

        Maybe there’s a force greater than Israel pulling the strings on global affairs.

        • Greg Hunter

          Reuters is covering up the CV19 kill shots and the massive deaths and disabilities. So, I do not trust the reporting here. If any so-called news outfit is not fully covering the CV19 injection lies, then they are total untrustworthy bull crap. You cannot have it both ways.

      • robert messina

        I just watched this Great Taking YT video and it was terrific, will watch again
        but I am puzzled how ” having a hard time believing the IDF could’ve allowed these attacks to take place.” can possibly be a comment, no mention of it and the book written BEFORE the Oct 7 war
        my take home points below:
        – David Webb, a potential doctor or engineer, just wanted yo know why his boyhood in Cleveland was devastated
        – he made choices not based on financial gain but on understanding what went wrong
        – a friend of family moved and worked on his family farm and never even knew there was a great depression
        – banks failed globally in 1930s except those controlled by fed
        – they will begin to own you when you want to buy food thru their app
        – those able to make changes have inherited their positions and are simply caught up in what they are doing . . .
        – his book purpose is designed to reach those able to make change . .
        – .he says those able to make change will be last to go . . eaten for desert
        – he points out a sensible way out that can work for well for all . . . .
        – I fully appreciate his lifelong desire to help, but it is written (ie Rev) who will save us from their captivity

    • Shiloh1

      Hi Mark. Kunstler has a recent interview on his website with the author, David Rogers Webb.

  4. Country Codger

    Thank you Dr. Miller. It is the 911 of Israel.

    Lo Iyrah!!!
    Ahavah vberakhot,

  5. Anthony Australia

    I love you all.

    • sam

      trying to slip back in,….Huh?

      • Ray

        So what if he is?
        Greg wouldn’t publish his comment if his input wasn’t welcome.
        Merry Christmas to you and yours Sam.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

        • James Morganson

          Ray, you guy’s have been missing in action….
          Don’t be a stranger!
          The Doors – People Are Strange “The Ed Sullivan Show” CBS Studios Live, New York. September 17, 1967

          • Ray

            Brother James,
            Love that song mate!!!!!
            What an absolute American classic!!!!
            Merry Christmas to you and yours sir.
            Thank you for your kind words which I appreciate.
            The owner of this site, at heart, is a Christian above all else.
            So……he and Anthony had a recent disagreement , and harsh opinions were expressed.
            The Christian way is to turn the other cheek, and as such, Greg displays his Christian faith by welcoming Anthony back to the commenting forum, of which he has been a strong & respected contributor over many years.
            What better example can a Christian person display than that?
            I for one am glad to see Anthony back amongst us (and I sincerely look forward to making better friends with Sam, who I reach out to here at Christmas, in acknowledgment that this world moves forward when we look to come together)


            Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

            Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

            • Cleo Ballard

              The ‘kingmaker’ could push Biden out the door: Lahren
              Fox News 208,278 12 hours ago

            • Jim

              Thanks Ray, your spot on once again mate!
              I forgot about the spat Anthony and Greg were in. Reminds me of……
              “Now, however, there remain faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”​—1 CORINTHIANS 13:13.
              ONE of the world’s foremost anthropologists once said: “We understand for the first time in the history of our species that the most important of all human basic psychological needs is the need for love. It stands at the center of all human needs just as our sun stands at the center of our solar system with the planets orbiting around it. . . . The child who has not been loved is biochemically, physiologically, and psychologically very different from the one who has been loved. The former even grows differently from the latter. What we now know is that the human being is born to live as if to live and love were one. This is not, of course, new. This is a validation of the Sermon on the Mount.”
              Raymond, blessed are the peacemakers.
              I was just a kid when the Doors appeared, back in that day. That America is gone. Americans like to think that maybe it’s still alive in Oz! Life is but a dream. Keep on keeping on old son!
              From another old son, up yonder!

              • Ray

                Beautiful insights there Jim.
                Thank you mate.
                I love your reference to 1 – CORINTHIANS 13 : 13
                Merry Christmas to you and yours.
                Ray, Canberra, Australia. 🇦🇺

        • sam

          I was Actually wondering if you were gonna “Crawl Out”…and “Viola”!….there ya are!, like Clockwork.

          • Ray

            Merry Christmas to you and yours Sam.
            May 2024 bring you the blessings of health, happiness & freedom.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🌏🦘

    • Megan Johnson

      Welcome back.

  6. Debbie Francis

    A truly riveting conversation between two people who are seeking the truth! Thank you both for your courage.

  7. Edgar J Hartman

    Good show Gentleman 👍

  8. Rob Lindeman

    Great interview Greg. Both you and Mark Miller are true American heroes.

  9. Bonnie Robinson

    What is not understood about Trump and Operation Warp Speed is that if not for this, the Deep State would have slowly rolled out the vaccine release, making it take years to become available, and that would have meant years of lockdowns and far worse “pandemic fall out”. Trump said that Operation Warp Speed saved millions of lives. Many know that Trump uses doublespeak. It’s likely that he didn’t mean vaccines directly saved lives, but indirectly by allowing the his administration and “Warp Speed” to hasten through this “pandemic” plan of theirs in order to combat the Globalists’ original plan of endless lockdowns, mandates, and digital health passes, which would have resulted in far more death, suicide, and economic destruction. Most importantly, Trump was always against mandates, and he mentioned therapeutics, such as Hydroxychloroquine and Regeneron as alternatives. He always said that the people have a choice.

    • Mike

      Warp speed led the planned hysteria to to mandate the shots. Don’t fool yourself. I voted for Trump, but from the enemies he selected to lead the country, and later fire them, is suspicious at best as he knows not how to select a patriot team? He really is poor in hiring advisors. What is wrong with him? He is not stupid. Oh well, you gave a good post. Quite hard to grasp this.

    • Teresa

      Hi Bonnie,
      My Sentiments Exactly! I truly believe that this is the case. 🫡 MAGA

    • Aaron T

      Bonnie this is pure speculation on your part and pure delusional Copium.

      Your cognitive dissonance won’t allow you to admit the obvious truth:

      Your Messiah Trump stabbed America in the back.

    • Eli

      Incredible discussion. Amazing information and truly though provoking as well. I think Prof. Miller is your best guest, and that’s saying something, because you feature the creme of the crop, Greg. The only drawback is that similar conversations and real investigative journalism is not taking place on larger, mainstream platforms. We can handle the truth.

  10. Ron Reed

    Greg you are a top shelf individual. Thank you for what you do. What more can I say?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ron!

  11. User Name Taken

    Hi Greg ….. I can tell you didn’t take the CV19 vaxx simply by looking at you ….. you look like you’ve hardly aged a day over the past recent years …. unlike some people.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am unvaxed and I have NEVER had a flu shot.

      • User Name Taken

        Hi Greg …. just a quick guest suggestion; Steve Kirsch ….. I’m sure your well aware of him …. he’s definitely amongst the forefront of those working to get the truth out about the CV19 vaxxes.

  12. Gary

    Greg thank you so much for all your excellent interviews, you are truly helping us to wake up to the evil that seeks to destroy us. Just one minor correction Dr Miller mentioned Bill Gates quote as reducing the population by 10 or 15 billion, you stated it was 10 or 15 million — actually his quote was “10 or 15 %.
    Thank you , keep up the great work, God bless you

  13. Harvey Ackermann

    Dr. Crispin is right on target with his accurate assessments.

  14. Judy

    Steve Quayle has just added your interview to today’s coverage on his website. There are related articles on his site today which, added to Mark’s work, present a fulsome discussion of the modern use of propoganda and 4th Generation Globalist Mind War!! That article has links to the US Army document, “From PsyOp to MindWar.” Also article re: Deagel Report and another on Data and Dehumanization. Taken together the truth of
    these articles paint a truly terrifying picture of the Dr. Strangelove’s our modern worl d has created. Read together, they will reinforce each other and provide truths extremely difficult to deny any longer.

  15. Shirley Thompson

    And yet, so many people are completely brainwashed to the propaganda that they STILL believe the vaxx should be mandatory, that being vaxxed blunted the symptoms and severity of the self-reinfection by the spike proteins in their bodies and worse yet, actually believe the unvaxxed should be rounded up and quarantined to stop the constant recurrence of the phony virus.

    • Rodney

      All the while they waste away…yeah, go figure.

    • Masses asleep


      Absolutely agree. Shocked at how many people have no idea!

  16. Dave

    Murder is murder. Whether 99 (like my Dad) or young.

  17. stooges

    likewise, the Clif High entity is a psyop. Some of what it is saying about UFOs and all its inveighing against Jehovah and Jesus is a psyop.

    Cui bono? …. Just ask yourself who benefits if real people abandon the Church. The WEF of course.

    • Justn Observer

      Stooges, just what is it you are accusing Clif High of being? Let us all hear EXACTLY what it is you ARE accusing Clif High of being … Why is it I sense slander and liable in your attempted couching of words? Many of us find this anti- this, pro-WEFer, now he is a fabricated ‘entity’ psyops?
      As is said, ‘I am all ears ! ‘ , so do tell, PROOF please! Just EXACTLY what do you know of Clif High. Who then is he ‘really’? What is it AGAINST Jesus that he has a deeper, wider, more indepth understanding of the history of the UNIVERSE and the earths small position in it compared to the vastness of the entire UNIVERSE that God created… and please why….I am sure you know…why again did the Roman Emperor Constantine disallow the BOOK OF ENOCH from being part of the ROMAN ‘accepted’ versions? Such a ‘wise opportunist’ he surely had a divine revelation – right?

      • Groucho

        the post says “Clif High entity” it does not say “Clif High”. It goes to what many have noticed, and mentioned in USAWD comments in recent months, that something has changed in 2023.

        Talk about books not in the Bible, Martin Luther removed many more than one.

        Adding capital letters is brutish. No wonder the English refer to Australia as a penal colony.

        • markp

          Groucho, please expand and elaborate on all the books Martin Luther removed from the Bible. markp.

      • Jon Scott

        I have listened to Clif High occasionally, he is always a little out there but I listened and take what makes sense to me. Recently he started stating the moon is a flat projection, the proof he offered was how too evenly it was illuminated, He thought it should it should get fainter and more fuzzy at the edges. Demonstrating by shining a torch at a ball. The flaws in his argument were too many to list here. I am open to consider the moon may not be a simple it seems but this idiotic proof is not the product of a genius, for sure. I will likely dip into his podcasts again but mostly out of curiosity.

  18. Thomas Wigand

    Greg, this interview was akin to watching a red-pill fireworks display – Boom! Boom! Boom!

    That Dr. Miller is an “old school” academic, i.e., one that actually adheres to the tenets of seeking knowledge, adhering to truth and then conveying it, makes his “red pills” all the more significant.

    His comment about “journalists” themselves not wanting to believe the truth about the (so-called) vaccines brought to mind a couple of things. First, a prior interview you had with Clif High, in which he opined that ironically, it the Progressive / Democrat (and so “journalist”) folks that most embraced the “vaccines,” and so will disproportionately suffer the consequences thereof.

    Secondly, it brought to mind a tw0-part Substack I wrote back in March (links below), premised on a reprise of the famous scene from the movie Network, only here a vas-injured “journalist” – now seeking some sort of redemption – goes rogue and spill the beans to the public.

    From time-to-time the thought crosses my mind that “the jab” may turn out to red-pill more people than the stolen election, and so become the primary catalyst for a new Great Awakening” across this land.

  19. Mary Lou Longworth

    Great interview. I love to listen to Mark Crispin Miller. I always
    learn a new word or way of thinking.
    The banning of Dr. Miller’s class on Media is empirical evidence of the State of our Republic. Fallibilism loses this round, hands down.

    The word is: fallibilism.

  20. Mike S

    I also believe, (not sure of Mark’s take?) that there were a ton of jabs that were placebos.

    To make it so those who received placebos could march around saying, “see, those right wing kooks are just that”!. So it seems they have a pretty good psyop operation going too on top of the eugenics side. Or maybe the “placebos” have a “5 year dormancy”!

    • Liz

      I doubt there were any intentional placebos. Highly unlikely any person would receive 3 placebos. If so, they need to go to Vegas and put all their $$ on black.

    • Daniel Hall

      Mike, I completely agree.

  21. Cosmo

    Fear Not! God the Father and Our Lord Jesus are firmly in control!

    • Norman Byler

      Could he have been Vaxxed!

  22. Scott

    I am acquainted with a family who just lost there 27 year old father. He was found to have blood clots in his heart. When they attempted to resolve them one dislodged and killed him. The wife is a nurse who works fa state department of health in the midwest. she was required to fully vax up and insisted her husband do so too.

    • Truth Seeker

      Some lead, some follow.

      Beware of followers acting as leaders.

  23. Tolstoy at the Train Station

    Jean-Paul Sartre L’enfer, c’est les autres ! Hell is the Others!

    But for some I have been the Hell
    which means we could all be heaven and hell,
    which would mean we don’t have to fight,
    if we realize when we shoot someone else
    we are committing spiritual suicide,
    because we are all the same soul
    just in different minds and bodies.

    (do unto others as you would like them to do to you)

    I am sticking to my premise,
    that the only way we can help someone else
    find their misplaced soul,
    is after we find ours
    and we can only find ours
    after we go through the worse shit possible suffering
    which we learn to laugh at
    because we grow in faith and
    keep reaching out for whatever the God essence is.

    I can’t tell you what that is,
    but it just wrote that.

    and you all have your moments as well – the ones that just appear.
    the ones that are much bigger than your minds understanding.

  24. Paul D Anders

    I heard the speech by Bill Gates, he said that “through the use of vaccines we can reduce the population by 10-15%”
    10-15 percent is 800 Million to 1.2 Billion

    • robert messina

      It is good you correct misquote, but let me add that there are enough TRUE prophets in the Bible (including the one whose name you bear) . . .so why should believers receive anyone that has zero fruits of ever attaining prophetic office? Any death numbers they dish out are only plans that may be letteth (permitted) by the one who lets (2Th2:7).

      • MissC

        Why do you listen to podcasts instead of just reading the Bible, then?

    • Adam

      Thanks for saving me the time. That is what I understand as well

  25. stanley skrzypek

    The Israeli government is JUST as CORRUPT as the US government…..the Israeli Citizen are just as good and kind JUST as the US Citizen is…the Musloid Governments are Equally Corrupt but the Typical Citizen is just as good and kind….

  26. john

    a new guest ,thanks greg!

    • sam

      NOT a NEW guest….You must be New

  27. LoriQ

    Hegelian Dialectic.

    Problem. Reaction. Solution.

    Clever, diabolical, murdering, evil, wicked bastards.

  28. Naomi from Israel

    Hello Greg,
    Very interesting, as usual.
    I live in Israel and do not read Haaretz; so cannot refer to anything they wrote.
    I know that the whole COVID issue has been forgotten in the Israeli media. I also know that people here are very aware of that things went terribly wrong on the 7th of October, when they shouldn’t have gone wrong. I don’t think that most Israelis connect what happened regarding the shots and the current state of affairs.
    I became very aware of that there was a problem in Israel in 2013, while writing a dissertation for a degree I did via correspondence with a University in the UK.
    I had to interview 2 lawyers employed by the Israeli government. I was supposed to interview them regarding copyright law. Both lawyers refused to sign a consent form- so, I could not use anything I was told by them in my work. One of them told me at the time that the law did not change according to what was really happening in reality. It changed according to international treaties only. That is something I was only able to understand after COVID started. I understand that copyright law changes according to the will of someone “upstairs”, outside of Israel, who is pulling the strings. I assume this same someone, is responsible for what is going on now.

    • Truth Seeker

      Would Israel be a sage, or Safe, place for rulers of the world to reside?

      Down low …. up High.

      Weird unknown places, in open sight. Weird only that you never knew such places exist, because your roads won’t take you there.

      If you were King …

      Would you want natural hot and cold springs of primary water flowing through your abode? Would you ever want to pick an apple from a tree near where you sleep. A beautiful apple indeed.

      Would you want mountain beauty behind and beside and and abundant plains in front.

      Protected yet wide open. A garden environment. Surrounded by families of generations living in serenity. No TV, no news. Just the wonderful garden of your life… Your own Eden. Lots to do of meaningful outcome in an existence of truth.

      Its there, and not just one abode. Tien Shen is a possibility if you think not.

      And, here we are, in an existence of delusion. Running around like squawking chickens, “Vaccines, vaccine”

  29. Chris

    He knows what he’s talking about. A global psyop. Induced mass psychosis. However, it seems they failed to convince the peoples of Africa and the ME (except Israelis) to go mad and conform to the program. These regions have the highest population rates on the globe. Or, maybe it was part of the plan. I don’t know. Sure seems strange that if you want to wipe out humanity to get rid of the Westerners and Asians (low birthrates and high IQs) and not the others.

  30. Astraea

    A wonderful awakening talk. THANK YOU for such clarity.

  31. Roger Stamper

    tks mark greg

  32. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    My understanding from some of Alex Jones reports, it that in blue states there were a lot more saline solution vaxes, so fewer people died. Red states had many more deaths, because they received the real harmful vaccines.

    • Greg Hunter

      There really is no good source for this. If true and I don’t know if it is you can bet the Democrats took more shots than Republicans. Years ago Clif High said Dems took the shots at a 95% rate.

      • Helen Ann Rudinsky

        Yes, I remember Clif saying that. I remember a few times on Alex Jones there were reports that red states, like Tennessee, had more deaths per capita than California. Yes, you are right the Dems jumped on the vax bandwagon without hesitation. But I think the PTB had a priority in mind of the people they wanted dead first, and that would be red state people, Trump supporters etc.

    • Shiloh1

      Familiar with chemical-related businesses many years ago, industrial paint, cleaners and adhesives. All of their QC labs and tech service labs kept split samples / retain samples for EACH BATCH / LOT on hand for up to 2 years, in case any questions of quality or efficiency came up later. If such samples had to be refrigerated, keep in dark, etc. they would store appropriately. No surprise that pharma companies would conceal such samples or data in this hot potato situation , but it is surprising that some “rogue” lower level lab or hospital people did not do this on their own, at least keep split samples, since the vials are small, lot info on label, and multiple shot doses were in each vial. Perhaps Mike Adams – Heath Ranger Brighteon is aware of a “vax Snowden” who actually did this.(?) Likewise for contamination samples in East Palestine, Ohio.

  33. Marie Joy

    I have seen an estimate of 250 million deaths in the 20th century credited to communism. Communism intends to kill Billions in the 21st century.
    What does a decent people do to a population of Depopulating Traitors?
    They want to kill the people you love most.
    Turning the other cheek isn’t going to work, this time.
    I have seen that online TED TALK. It should be noted that Gates’ audience applauded everything he said.
    Good thing Vice President Nelson Rockefeller never became president.
    When celebrities, like Stephen Colbert, push vaccines, do they incur liability when those vaccines turn out to be the method of Genocide/Democide? When doctors are paid $15,000 per month to push Democidal vaccines, do they incur liability? It seems a lot of greedy mass murderers are going to be strung up ala Mussolini.
    IF a town has mass vaccinations, is that town liable?
    IF airlines mandate employee vaccinations, are those airlines liable? It seems all of them are liable. ALL OF THEM.
    Being a nice person will not save you or your family.

  34. Patrick Michael Alaggio

    10 or 15% … of the 8 billion… was what Gates said was their objective.

  35. J. Loughran

    Unification of the Governments of the World by joint Democide.

    Global World Government citizenship through 5th Generation Warfare and Snapshot.

    Is the good professor offering these courses on-line?

    • Marie jOY

      I had a relative, long dead, who was a Big Shot in the FBI. He wanted EVERYONE dead. EVERYONE.

      • Ted N

        Po PMi have talked personally to a woman high up in that organization that stated matter of factly the same thing.
        Find one person to hate then send teams of agents to kill everyone in their cellphone. On taxpayers expense. Sociopaths.

  36. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, Mark Crispin Miller provides a tour of propaganda campaigns world-wide. Very educational.

    “Pro-Vaccine Journalist Who Called for Punishment For Refusing Jab Dies Suddenly”
    Oh the irony…

  37. Michael

    Craig, thank you for posting. I had seen the link to this on the CHD website but did not watch it until I read your comment. Everyone should watch this documentary. This was the most informative program I have heard all year. Catherine Austin Fitts and John Titus, who I respect greatly, always talk about ‘Mr Global’ wanting to take all of the assets. This author explains in a very simple manner the mechanism that has been set up to take the assets and force compliance through CBDCs. The analogy he gives with what occurred in the 1930s (US) and early 20th century (Europe, China) is very insightful. Greg, I would love to hear you interview this author.

  38. Brightwings

    Greg, thank you for having Mark Crispin Miller on. Every American should watch this podcast! It’s not surprising Mr. Crispin isn’t allowed to teach students about propaganda. It would wake too many who could then see through the weeds and think for themselves! Everyone battling local school boards should hear this podcast!

    Thirty years my boy/girl twins were required to take a social studies nine course. I read through their study book front to back. In this “study book” Pearl Harbor was never mentioned. There was plenty about Hiroshima.

    That’s when I knew there was an agenda to turn our youth away from being proud Americans. Well, the principal backed down after being confronted about that “study book” and my children were allowed to skip the course, but what of decades of our youth who have been propagandized by the educational system? How many blindly got in line for the Covid clot-shot for them selves and their children? How many marched during the Covid lock down? How many attacked anti-vaxers who were supported by tech giants likewise indoctrinated? To turn this around requires a complete overhaul of the educational system!

  39. Joseph Boudreau

    Another excellent interview. WOW! I watched it in its entirety on Rumble this morning and had to come here and leave this comment.
    Greg, I’ve written about some of your previous interviews on my blog in the past (Clif High / Bix Weir) and would like to continue doing so, to send visitors directly to your site or Rumble channel. May I have permission to take screen shots of the USAWatchDog logo and your fine profile picture to add to future articles on my blog at PublishOx?. In fact, I’d like to write a feature article regarding this excellent interview. People need to know what’s going on. Below is a link to one of my latest posts. Thank you for all your hard work (and to Mr. Miller)! Truth, honesty and integrity shall prevail, thanks to the likes of people like Greg Hunter! Who agrees with me?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, you can reprint some of the content but please send people here for the rest of the content.

  40. Sylvia Sires

    The Obama’s produced a Netflix film that just came out called “Leave the World Behind” that shows their plan of how their going to attack America!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  41. Jay Dee

    We need to do a Bud Lite strike on the media.

  42. Mark

    They told you what they were gonna do “were gonna drain the swamp” with 2020 vision. Enter the Jackal.

    • O'Briben

      Yes, the OBOZO jackal with the Swamp Creatures got very angry and have pulled every trick in the book to stop the draining of the swamp ever since.

  43. Peter


    “The perfect crime.”

    I appreciate your commitment to ethical and real journalism by not reporting on anything without at least 2 confirmed sources of information. This vaccine crime has been facilitated by the “perfect crime” that the SARs Cov19 virus made people sick, there is NO scientific paper confirming that this is true. Christine Massey out of Canada ( ) has sent over 200 FOI requests to various health authorities requesting the scientific evidence of the virus’ existence and its ability to cause illness. Not one agency has responded with an actual, valid scientific study.

    I know this is difficult to believe but it’s true. The process used to identify pathogenic viruses was initiated in the 1950s and hasn’t changed since then. I encourage Greg and his subscribers to explore the Viroliegy website that exposes the germ theory to learn more.

    This one germ, one illness, and one cure (via drugs) conventional medical model is a marketing model started by the Rockefeller Foundation to usher in the big pharma industry. I accept many people are getting sick but the mainstream media, most physicians, and government will fully expose the fact that toxic exposures to chemicals, tained and processed foods, heavy metal poisoning, EMF radiation and most harmful of all, toxic thinking and fear as the source of illnesses. It doesn’t sell pharmakia products which pays so many salaries.

    There are many brave people and groups speaking out about this in the wilderness such as Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Drs. Samatha and Mark Bailey, Stephan Lanka, the Perth Group, and more recently Dr. Mike Yeadon has expressed doubt regarding the validity of virology.

    Frightened people are easily manipulated and control. And parthenogenic viruses are the perfect terrorists, invisible and everywhere! Just like 1984’s Emmanuel Goldstein.

    “My people perish for lack of knowledge” This dark virus fraud must be exposed to the light of truth so that as many humans as possible are not swept up by the fear being fostered by the demonic to take the killing shots offered. This medical terror will continue until people wake up to the fraud. Perhaps the faked virus is a bio-tech type weapon unleased upon humanity by the enemy of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ to steal souls from the Father?


  44. karm


    Great interview. Very knowledgeable person. So many people have suffered tremendously in just telling the truth. Those out there that still push for this
    killing shot will never believe it because they have invested in their and their families lives and made that depend on believing the horrible lies. Understandable, who wants to admit that they have played a role in their own demise?

  45. Susan R

    This susceptibility to authority used in eugenics is obviously a human weakness preyed upon over and over to subdue (and eliminate) as wild animals eject weak ones from the herd. As God is being preyed upon by authority to be removed, humans are being terraformed to a lesser creation that will vanish from this planet. I say those who have not lost their soul have to evacuate this planet by leaving here with it at death in an evolved state that does not require further incarnations, otherwise returning will be deadly to the eternal flame of source: God.

  46. Trinacria

    Prof. Miller is brilliant as he lays it all out there beautifully and clearly. The fact that the CDC is part of the military, well that was a very large “dot” that I had not connected. Greg, I know that Alex Newman has the book “Deep State”, which I am meaning to buy very soon…but I would like someone to lay it out very simply…where are the orders coming from? Is it the CFR? Who is it? And how do they coordinate among all these crooks?

  47. Greg (Not Greg Hunter)

    Hey Greg Jimmy Boy Dore used to support the young turks…………..he is a sellout to the highest bidder.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t see it. Dore has been damages from two shots. I heard him say it on Joe Rogan nearly 2 years ago. Money is not the motivation.

  48. kcb

    Warn Dr. Miller that Substack is a Psyop. It is taking authors like him and suckering them into going behind a paywall. They are being fooled by thinking FINALLY they can monetize their content. They are not. Dr Miller used to have his own site and by going to Substack he and others are being feed a fake stream of readers and revenue. Their REAL readers are abandoning them but they don’t notice because they’re making more money. Just watch someday in the future Substack will just shutdown and these authors will be stranded.
    Greg KEEP YOUR OWN SITE don’t go to Substack!

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Miller has 39,000 unpaid subscribers–as in FREE. A Substack is a very good way to have a platform on the cheap. Don’t worry I am keeping USAW.

  49. kcb

    Tell him to try and find out who REALLY owns Substack.

  50. Loren Hecht

    Thanks, USAWATCHDOG, for your work and for interviewing Mark Crispin Miller.

    I think, though, Gates spoke about 10-15 PERCENT of the ENTIRE GLOBAL population— “knocking off” that many.

  51. Norman Byler

    Greg you need to Chill, The NYT does tell the truth on occasion, (this is Greg Hunter and I cut this comment. You are stupid Norman and a dumb Jew hater. “The NYT does not tell the truth period!!! So When do you believe them?? The NYT told us that Trump was a Russian Spy, Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation and from infection to injection the mass murdering complicit NYT is still lying–about everything. So go pound sand you moron.


  52. Justn Observer

    Greg and Mr. Miller, First- Merry Christmas to you both! and Thank you for your interview…It is inspiring that Mr. Miller admits he came from a once strong more ‘leftist’ view to see the propaganda for what it is ,,, and it’s being employed by both the Democrats and RINOs to maintain ‘their’ uniparty establishment control over the masses. Not unlike the awakening of David Horowitz and his revelation that caused him to expose the ‘leftist’ progressives years ago…with his great effort in the production and uncovering of the ‘leftist’ agenda,
    or for that matter the awakening of John Oloughlin, himself a democrat who was once an Obama supporter…and who’s father was Thomas Oloughlin, that worked for the FBI and was tasked to help Kennedy break up the CIA. before his untimely suspicious death not long after JFK murder?
    Then too, I wonder if Mr. Miller has ever shared his treatment as a professor with Dr. Darrell Hamamoto, A UC Davis professor of the same fate? Such a similar treatment for their honesty and for NOT towing TPTB narrative. Dr. Hamamoto’s book should not be ignored.
    ONE should at least read the excerpt at the bottom of the page above – which expose a wider agenda often missed or not reported by deliberate omission by MSM/LLM = is a well worth it read which one cannot repost but to offer the link as it is prohibited …but can be read in its entirety as PER THIS notation =
    Excerpted from
    Servitors of Empire
    Darrell Y. Hamamoto

  53. tim


    • Rope

      Just the latter might be better?

  54. TJZ

    Good afternoon Greg,
    Thank you for having Professor Mark Crispin Miller on. A very well spoken, clear, precise and brave individual outlining the lying evil that we live under. God bless you both!

  55. Solar Melt

    You’re both wrong. It’s not 15 billion or 15 million. Gates said if we do a great job with vaccines we can reduce this number (world population) by 15 percent.

  56. Solar Melt

    America has suffered 158 thousand excess deaths in the first nine months of 2023. That’s close to three Vietnam wars in nine months. If Vietnam was a “quagmire”, then this is a disaster. Interesting how the Lying Legacy Media wants nothing to do this story. That ole Spiked Protein never sleeps. It just keeps chewing tiny holes in your organs and even your brain. You die slowly, but you die.

    • Katy Bar

      Exactly right Solar Melt!! – So far the Killer Jab has killed more people then “Three 20 Year Long Vietnam Wars” (in only 9 months) – at this horrendous death rate before the 2024 election more then 300 thousand excess deaths will be available for the Demonrats to use to vote from the grave against Trump!!

  57. z

    The Great Taking – Documentary

    David Webb exposes the system the Central Bankers have in place to take everything from everyone.

    Propaganda in financial markets. You dont own that stock.

  58. Thomasthethomas

    It works like all propaganda. A certain amount of trust is needed, a big scare, the unknown, then offering the bait (free jabs) and finally threats.
    All together were highly effective but there WAS reports and suspicions but that all was thrown under the bus by those beguiled.
    You had to have discipline to avoid this one. A certain belief and you had to firmly believe in it to resist successfully.

  59. John Duffy

    Before covid 99% of deaths, cause able to be determined. Now we have large numbers of “Died Suddenly” with no reason for cause of death. You would think that there would be an outcry for an investigation to uncover the reason for all these unexplained deaths. But no, crickets. This, without doubt incriminates the medical authorities, politicians and journalists who protect their own hides and watch without conscience while death and injury continues unabated.

  60. Prospector

    Here are some great quotes the should be reposted often , and everywhere.

    “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a WORLD GOVERNMENT . The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.” David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991.

    “In March, 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests, the steel, shipbuilding, and powder interest, and their subsidiary organizations, got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press….They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers. “An agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month; an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers.” U.S. Congressman Oscar Callaway, 1917

  61. Prospector

    “There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dare to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities, and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.” John Swinton, former chief of staff, The New York Times, in a 1953 speech before the New York Press Club

    So , who owns and runs the propaganda directives ?

    “The CFR [Council On Foreign Relations, New York City] is the American Branch of a society which originated in England and believes national directives should be obliterated and one-world rule established. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years, and was permitted in the early 1960’s to examine its papers and secret records… I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known”. Dr. Carroll Quigley, Professor of International Relations, Georgetown University Foreign Service School, Washington, D.C., author of the epic “Tragedy & Hope”, advocate of one-world government and personal mentor of President William Clinton (who acknowledged Professor Quigley during his 1992 presidential inauguration speech)

    There are lots here;

  62. Ray S

    Thanks Greg. One of the most sobering interviews I have ever watched, and I have watched a lot. I tried to share this to FB, but of course could not. I’m in Canada where 99% of our media receives $$$ direct from King Turdeau’s criminal government. Such a tragedy how ill-informed so many Canadians are.

  63. Geena Gador

    Thank you for having Dr. Miller on. What a bombshell interview!

  64. John Patrick


    I have been watching you for years. This weekend’s interview with Dr. Miller was one of your best ever. Please have Dr. Miller back again. I really appreciate the information and your work. Keep it up. We need you.


  65. Led Skeletor

    There they go again, CCP and UN telling westerners to stop eating meat.

    America must divorce and void all external agreements and end membership in all of the organizations not listed by name in the Constitution. End foreign ties, end foreign aid. Fix America. America’s interests should be with American itself only.

    Maybe then someday America only goes to war when it’s HOMELAND interests are threatened, not going to war for the interests of a multinational resource stealing corporation, not going to war for the nations that stole the land of others and claim they are the victim, not going to war for the ex-comedian money launderers.

    Ban foreign lobbyists from American soil.

    The American debt taxpayer isn’t a bottomless ATM machine.

    …but, nothing will change, until the day after an external organization or foreign army stations their troops on American soil .

    • Katy Bar

      The day has arrived – the Globalist UN, WEF, etc., etc. have already stationed a foreign army of military aged illegal alien men on American soil – time to change things!!!

  66. Thomas737

    “Real journalism is publishing something that somebody else does not want published – the rest is just public relations.” – George Orwell

  67. Prospector

    The Depopulation agenda is open and well documented. They do NOT hide it.

    The Hunger of Eve “no worldly peace can prevail until the self-centered members of the planetary body either change or die, that is the choice.” “We, the elders have been patiently waiting until the very last moment to cut out this corrupted and corrupting element in the body of humanity…” “We’re in charge of God’s selection process for plantet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse “Death.” We come to bring death to those who are unable to know God.”
    Barbara Marx Hubbard World peace and environmental movements. Worked closely with Ted Turner to develop news programs with an environmental and world peace “flavor.”

    ( Sounds like ” Build Back Better ” doesn’t it ? )
    “The Masters are working according to a Plan… which will demonstrate a large measure of world unity… marked by universality… “The Plan is concerned with re-building mankind… As human beings begin to take the higher initiations… the true nature of the divine Will will be grasped…” Alice Bailey 24 books published by Lucis Trust The Beacon Sept-Oct 1975 pp. 145-148

    Lucis Trust NGO officially recognized by the UN, incorporated in 1924 as Lucifer Publishing, identifies Lucifer as the “Solar Logos” (logos – greek for “spirit”) World Goodwill. sister organization

  68. Prospector

    Do you remember — Jacques Cousteau, in his address to the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 1992.

    The famous marine science guy says first world children are too costly to the environment.
    He publicly called for those young fertile females to be sterilized or have forced abortions

    “The distribution of birth control devices and the imposition of mandatory abortion practices in the third world countries is now ecologically insufficient and unfairly out of world social balance. The white, upper and middle class females of modern society are too healthy and fertile to be exempted from some imposed regulation of international law or mandate. An American born child is environmentally too expensive to maintain to his or her adulthood in a world economy. American women must be subjected to some manner of regulation beyond licensing or immediate and mandatory abortion practices. Unconventional and extreme measures must be implemented and enforced by global U.N. mandate as it is deemed necessary. The bodies of these world eco-criminals should be commercially yielded for reintroduction in the world’s natural systemic food and nutrient chains, in order to restore a more natural biological balance and order to our Sacred Earth.”

    Source :

  69. cookiesncreamicecreamintravenously

    Hell is no joke. I pray that even the worst is successful in seeking Jesus and He intercedes, even as the light of temporal life extinguishes from their tampered vessels and their soul rests on the cusp of the damnable abyss.

  70. Marie Joy

    IF a commercial makes your demographic look like an idiot, don’t buy that product.

    • S. Revere

      cookie, your thinking is stinking. Apparently you have not stopped to really think about just how wicked and evil ”the worst” really are, and that hell is what they deserve.
      Put away your childish bleeding heart and get real. What makes you think you know betterthan God does, who is the one who made Hell, and especially for ”the worst” of mankind.
      Would you still stand by your prayer if today the hamas thugs, or hitler, or even bill gates moved in right next door to you?
      You need to Wise UP and stop with your ignorant pity porty for the Evil folks. ! ! !

      • wayne hardin

        So they are ignorant for praying for somebody to come to Jesus ?
        Look in the mirror what do you see / a heart of STONE i would say .

        Wayne Hardin

  71. Dodi Bedferd

    Islamic convention featuring Hamas leaders says war would end if nuclear-armed Pakistan threatened Israel / Story by Bradford Betz • 3h

  72. D.Bedferd

    Socialbuzzhive by Emily Standley
    20 Items You Will Need In Case of a Societal Collapse
    Story by Emily Standley • 7h

    • Prospector

      Normally MSM would direct attention AWAY from anything like this.

      It is highly unusual for the most MSM Lying-Legacy-Media of them all to be running stories like that ! They know something is coming and are laying the groundwork to say

      ” well we tried to warn you …… “

      • Bedferd

        Warning taken!

  73. Athena

    Pol Pot was not the master mind for the Khmer/Cambodian genocide as much as the Kissinger follower and former FSO: David Chandler has promoted in his books. Chandler has no qualification or credibility to write about Khmer history from any academic or scholarly perspective– he doesn’t read, speak, or write Khmer.

    Pol Pot was half Chinese and Khmer/Cambodian and was a PEASANT. He was trained, funded, and DIRECTED by Mao, whom he visited in CHINA to kill of the native population of SE Asia: the Khmer of the Khmer Empire to replace them with Chinese extracts similar how Thailand/Siamese, Vietnamese, and Laos were formed from the Chinese invasions and killing of the native population in SE Asia.

    There are documentation of the Chinese invasions into SE Asia, however few Western scholars want to expose the facts and instead chose to promote Kissinger’s communism agenda of communist/Chinese expansionism. Communism (which originated from China) seeks to destroy, even their own by lies and deception.

    Please note, the Siamese, later renamed Thai, Vietnamese, and Laotian (including Hmong) are not native to SE Asia. They are Chinese/Mongol extracts. It is not surprising given how much wealth and power have been given to them by the West that they desire to replace the other parts of the world.

    I do hope this comment will clear up the common misconception about Pol Pot.

  74. Brother Peaceable

    Massive Goldfish Wreaking Havoc in the Great Lakes
    Researchers propose culling invasive fish numbering in the millions
    By Arden Dier, Newser Staff Posted Dec 14, 2023

    Swedish Company Says It’s Made Huge Battery Breakthrough
    Story by Rob Quinn • 14h

  75. Jeffrobbins

    Great guest and interview. He mentioned AIDS as a “dress rehearsal”- Is Covid a new dress rehearsal for some future illness? Where are all the autopsies? Have all the county coroners been bought off? Any sudden death for a person under 50 should be suspect and an automatic autopsy to rule out foul play.

  76. Anita

    Thank you both. Sorry but those events & the current events & the events yet to come are inevitable. One must know God & His word o understand that & most do not know either. God is sovereign & He is watching over His word to perform it. People just can not get the fact we are in the last of last days of this age & are in the midst of a great transition into the next age. We are past the point of any return or staying. God’s judgment is upon us & He is sifting the wheat from the tares. He will, He must clean up His church before the rapture. NO way is He going to present a worldly whorish bride to His Son Christ Jesus. He will have a pure & spotless bride, period. Evil is filling its cup to the full & hell on earth (Satan cast down) is coming quickly now. If this was not so the faithful remnant could have no assurance of their salvation in Christ. This is why John wept BITTERLY in Rev, chapter 5. The purposes of God in Christ MUST be fulfilled. So even in these evil days we can rejoice in Him, He is faithful & true to His word, His Son & to we who believe in Him.
    Also the guest may not know, or at least did not mention that Hospice is a part, a leg of the “population control” as he called it. Now I wonder what kind of backlash I will get from this comment ? It kind of makes me laugh.

  77. Neville

    This is an extract from Mathew Piepenberg,s cotribution to King World News.
    Which in my opinion is SPOT ON

    Iconic America has devolved from a gold-backed currency and the world’s leading creditor, manufacturer and trade partner to a debt-soaked America with a gold-welched-dollar and is now the world’s biggest debtor, weakest manufacturer and open loser to a trade war with China.

    This is hardly a proud evolution from its Greatest Generation…

    In short, the iconic America is no more, and there’s a far better Sharpe Ratio in gold than there is in topping risk portfolios…

  78. saperavy

    Stalin was a good man very human. You americans just do not know a truth about him. The global propaganda works.

    • Greg Hunter

      So he did not murder all those millions of Russians?

      • saperavy

        No he didn’t. All executions were well documented by the soviet secret service. It was a very boreoarctic organization. All executions that happen between 1921 and 1952 are 815 579, and 3 753 490 people convicted. But this statistic is filtered out in the West.

        • Greg Hunter

          Stalin only executed more than 800,000 people? That’s rich!

  79. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    I disagree with Dr Miller. I do not believe that Mitch, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and other people high up got the real vax. They know what is going on. They would not intentionally poison themselves. Poison others yes, but not themselves.

    • Michael Kenney

      I would agree with you. It’s very difficult to separate things when one is trying to prove their point. Just as, not every death in 2020 was Covid related….not every death now is shot related.
      That creates the problem and also provides a solution.
      The problem is that those on the other side have become just as fanatical as the “vaccine promoters “ were in 2020.
      The solution….the undecided people just give up and move on….rendering the whole issue “null and void” in their minds. “It’s just two fanatical groups bickering back and forth. I don’t need to get involved in this.”
      The “players” certainly understand how the average person’s thought process works. You have to give them credit for that.
      And now….this too shall fall by the wayside until the next opportunity presents itself for the “Masters” to rid themselves of another large group of peeps.
      It’s our own fault for not being any more intelligent, it’s an easy trap to fall into if one gets an emotional attachment to something. Present ONLY the facts….let them stand on their own.

    • Coal Burner

      Dear HAR: Under most circumstances I would agree, but two are old people and disposable, lots of people have reason to want too push them over to the other side. The third you mention Charlie and others would like to be rid of just like Epstien.

  80. mrs smithers

    rather astonishing to behold:

    quick clip of lots of cartoons wherein they inserted their pre-announcement of their 911 hit job.

    Some of these go back to 1994, or a year after they tried and failed, in the real world, to take down the buildings by blowing the parking garage (1993).

  81. Mike

    “When an honest man, honestly mistaken, comes face-to-face with undeniable and irrefutable truth, he is faced with one of two choices; he must either cease being mistaken or cease being honest.”

    • sam

      Mike,…You sound like a Wise Old Human…..and You Actually Probably are an HONEST and a Wise HUMAN, put here to Teach Someone…You made my eyebrows raise with a Silent and Loud (in my head) WOW!!….This Guy Makes Sense!…. He KNOWS what he’s Talking About!…….

  82. bill

    God Bless and Protect Dr Miller.

  83. helot

    Is this, no big deal? Does it happen all the time?

    “Covid vaccines & operation warp speed was cut from the live feed of the latest republican debate.

    This is what was blacked out from the American public.

    If msm & their big pharma pay masters didn’t want you to see it, then it’s probably worth sharing.”

  84. Oscar Dollar

    “The Germans Screwed Themselves Over Ukraine!” – Tucker Carlson
    The Jimmy Dore Show 111,950 views Dec 17, 2023
    One of the enduring mysteries of the Ukraine War is why so many Western European nations — Germany in particular — followed the United States’ lead like lapdogs against Russia, a nation responsible for supplying so much inexpensive natural gas to the continent. Germany screwed themselves, Tucker Carlson tells Jimmy, and now they’re paying the price, both literally and figuratively.Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to Carlson about how even the Nordstream bombing couldn’t derail German support for Ukraine.

    Putin’s Chilling Warning To NATO Member Finland; ‘No Trouble Before, Now…’ | Watch / Hindustan Times 17,390 views Dec 18, 2023
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned neighbouring Finland against joining the US-led military bloc NATO. Speaking to a reporter, Putin said, ‘Helsinki had no trouble with Moscow before, but now it will.’ He also announced plans to create a new Leningrad military district to reinforce its positions near Finland. Finland became a full-fledged NATO member in April of this year. Watch this video to know more.

    • Justn Observer

      YES, OSCAR DOLLAR, the long version of the Tucker-Jimmy Dore is one of the most important interviews most leftist Democrat pigs, and Neo-cons hope is never seen or heard !

  85. Gringo Loco

    New World Order56,592 views Dec 18, 2023
    BREAKING NEWS As the Israeli army starts to drive Hamas out of the Gaza Strip, its ground assault operations at Khan Yonis in the Gaza Strip have started to agitate Hezbollah along the border with southern Lebanon. In reaction to the deployment of pro-Iranian proxy militias from Syria into northern Israel via Hezbollah, Hezbollah has recently started to organize its affiliates in Syria in an attempt to divert the attention of the IDF forces…


    Arizona-U.S. border surge | Newsmaker
    FOX 10 Phoenix 105,222 views 11 hours ago PHOENIX
    In this episode of John Hook’s Newsmaker, we’re talking with Chris Clem, the former Yuma Sector Border Patrol Chief, about the unprecedented surge at the southern border and its impact on the state.

  86. Don Ho Howe

    America’s $886 Billion Disaster, Putin Scolds Biden, US-OPEC Fights Oil Production War
    Sean Foo 11,996 views Dec 18, 2023
    President Biden is about to sign a horrific $886 billion defense bill into existence, a new historic record. This confirms how endless deficit spending is not going to end, which just compounds America’s debt crisis. However, a bigger battle is happening over oil, US is moving to challenge OPEC in a production battle. Here’s what you must know!

  87. billy gruff

    Elon Musk probably owns a lot of Bitcoin. And obviously, Elon knows how computers work.

    Elon Musk: no evidence God is a space alien

  88. katy b door

    massive collapse to happen within 1mo. Will dwarf 2008.

    Colonel McGregor warning banks will be closed and the violence from the inner cities WILL spill out into the rural areas.

    jsnip4 is a youtube celebrity, crypto trader and newage visionary. Bo Polny knows him, of course. jsnip4 announced he existed BTC at 38000, as it was his foreseen target. He is expecting a massive crash of all assets, cryptos, stocks, metals to unimaginably low prices. Then he hopes to be able to get back in what is traded online; ie, did not sound like he liquidated physical coins. ….. So, maybe watch BTC as a canary in the coalmine. Maybe a top in place right now.

  89. Alltagssprache

    just like there are now vipers hissing at you who believe in Jesus — there was the same animus towards Jesus centuries ago.

    The Chosen new season, trailer release

  90. Led Skeletor

    I hear the African immigrant state of Minnesota is changing their state flag to one that looks like a state in Ethiopia. Maybe Minnesota should wait a few months and steal the flag of Zimbabwe, with a big gigantic long banana in the center!

    90 day roll of the national debt, it only went up additional $800 billion, nothing to see here. An annual rate of $3.2 tillion. Hunter’s crac-kwhore money.

    This is great Bidenomics. 2+2=landlords won’t get the rent. If you can’t pay your mortgage we have taxpayer-paid plans for you to sit back and do nothing.

    Taxpayer-paid bailouts coming for nearly any corporation/bank/foreign comedian that has a high enough ESG score.

    Why was the 2023 debt increasing even faster than the COVERT years?

    Since the government can’t stop spending even more, soon the annual added debt will exceed the total money collected in taxation from victims wage slaves and corporations.

  91. Vernon

    Greg, not sure why you’re censoring so much these days, I thought you were into the truth?

    (This is Greg Hunter and I deleted most your comment. I am into the truth but not anonymous comments. That is NOT free speech but anonymous speech. I also hate Jew hating and when all your f-ing anonymous comments bash Israel and not the pure evil of Hamas and the rest of the demonic Jew haters. This is not balanced thought but anything you can say and post to make Israel and all Jews look bad. So, there you have it “Vernon.” Why the hell don’t you start your own site and put all the Jew hating on it you can. See if that crap sells. USAW is like my house and what you want to do is put a bag on your head and crawl on my roof and yell out crazy hateful things. Stand on your roof and do that. Nothing is stopping you from creating your own website. Shoe me how it is done.

  92. John

    Thanks for being you. There is no way to overcome the DNC machine(s) I fear. God have mercy on us all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, Way. Yahweh and Jesus. Pray and don’t stop. They are much stronger than some stinking dems. Never give up–never!!

  93. Susan R

    There is a lot more very interesting reading of comments on this interview with Mark Crispin Miller which was reproduced on ZeroHedge

  94. History Repeats

    If the CIA and FBI allowed Hitler to retire in South America, whom do they really protect and serve? The anti-Semitic, genocidal Pharaoh in Exodus 1? The mass murdering globalist banksters, mainstream media, fraudsters, and technocrats, like Harvard drop-outs Bill “Microsoftkill” Gates and Mark “Sugarmountain” Zuckerberg, who abused their positions of influence and power in the service of deceit, death, and destruction during the COVID-2019-2022 military psyop pandemic? Modern citizens aren’t just naive and oblivious, they are deceived and delusional like most Germans living in Nazi Germany.

    The root cause of the Gulf War syndrome is not vaccine injury, it is exposure to depleted uranium munitions deployed on the battlefield and official denial:

    The solution to lasting peace in Ukraine seems to be to cede Russian lands back to Russia, and, then, to join NATO.

  95. Elizabeth Krispin

    Merry Christmas Everyone –

    Snicklink Parody: WEF [World Enslavement Forum] Head Klaus Schwab Announces “Vaxxmas Hits ’23”–snicklink-parody-wef-

  96. Gabe

    a prayer for all those secretly murdered by the NWO….my friends dad who died of covid, my neighbor and his sister who died a month apart suddenly with no autopsy. There was clearly less people after the vax and covid…it was obvious ….but not as much now with all the new Americans from south of the border driving around in this northern state.

  97. Coal Burner

    Dr. Miller has an accurate view of the whole picture. He may be too nice by not saying that most of these, so called “journalists” are basically ignorant and uneducated. They are very poorly educated in general. But they are indoctrinated and filled with bovine ………..

    The good Philosopher brings a huge question to mind. Why would the CIA and even the fbi and DOJ do this destruction of our coutnry. They are totally violating the Constitution which they all took an oath to uphold. If they just told the truth that would be bad enough.

    Well, then he partially answers the question. So why would Netanyao do this. Why would leadership in Canada and Australia do this. I did not mention Obama because we know he hates America too the highest level he can achieve.

    I was/am a Jimmy Buffet fan and two weeks before he passed we being near the same age stood at a coffee shop, outdoors talking just like any two older guys. He was incognito to most people, so I never let on giving him a chance to just be a guy on a beautiful southern Utah morning in the middle of no where, surrounded by beautiful country side on a lovely morning. People all around us not butting in. It was a good feeling! Had I known the future, I could not have done that. He had his last show in that little valley that night in a open air concert. It makes me happy, sad and angry all at the same time. When I heard about his passing, it was a sickening feeling, I knew he had made the mistake and I did not. I had too much information from my life’s work, the lord giving me the C early and reinforced by a guy named Greg Hunter and his interviews.

  98. Terry N

    this news says either of the following [ is ] true:

    1. obviously, by this cooperation, the Jews control KSA, Jordan and UAE.
    2. the bornagains who have been saying Rapture is ’round the corner, are wrong again — the Arabs are NOT allied against Israel.

  99. eson mckechin

    MASKS OFF: Milei’s Change Of Tone, Wall Street Friends and Extreme Harsh Reality Sets In Lena Petrova, CPA – Finance, Economics & Tax
    49,372 views Dec 18, 2023

    Hunter Biden incident is a ‘slam dunk’ case: Jonathan Turley
    Fox News 58,993 views 7 hours ago

    James Comer: This is evidence the Bidens were involved in influence peddling schemes
    Fox News36,196 views Dec 18, 2023

  100. John Matthew Kane

    Hi Greg, I love your work. I lost my aunt, father, and mother-in-law 5-7 weeks after their second covid shot in 2021.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry John they were murdered! This is pure evil and it continues.

  101. michael burton

    Have you ever thought why, or wanted to know why Jesus had to give up his perfect life ? Please play the following videos and fine out

  102. Earth Angel

    Looks like Celine Dion(sp.?) is yet another victim of the bioweapon vaxx. Just reported on Fox 5 Atlanta the singer/performer has cancelled her upcoming tour because of ‘stiff person syndrome’ a new disease causing body stiffness and uncontrollable muscle spasms. Symptoms of this ‘new’ disease began for her about a year ago.. Sound familiar? Prayers going out for this lady, she will need them. The assault against humanity continues to roll out. Where are the sheriff’s, attorney’s, D.A’s and Justice’s(?) When will they stop sitting on the sidelines- and begin arresting the criminals responsible for this and hold them accountable for assault and murder?!

    • Shiloh1

      Il Mio Cuore Va – haunting

  103. Justn Observer

    Greg, any word on Neil Young and his stance or change thereof, against those like Joe Rogan and his covid backing? or least against ‘misinformation? With all sudden deaths and music performer ‘vax’ injuries… he could have had a revelation by now? Maybe, a re-release of his Needle and the damage done song …more prescient or foreboding message/warning that it ever was about now?

  104. Deven

    Greg, do you know of any statistics that tally the total number of Americans of European descent who’ve been killed/murdered by both legal and illegal immigrants since the 1965 Immigration Act threw open the borders to 3rd world invaders?

    I’m guessing it’s well into the 10’s of thousands.

    I wonder why you and your fellow conservatives seem more outraged by what happened in Israel (a foreign country) on 10-7 than you are about your own people being victimized by invaders???

  105. Led Skeletor

    The “DC resurrection that wasn’t” was a CIA False Flag/Cover Story for the true resurrection, the illegal immigration, civil war, government overthrow.

    CIA/Democrat Party takes over of the USA by Civil War II.
    They have been allowing tens of millions of illegal aliens in for the past 20+ years, setting up BLM ANTIFA destroying the inner city and making everyone not trust everyone not black. Yet DEMS accuse the REPS of all the crimes the DEMs are actually getting away with. And the MSM sides with the bully causing all the weggies and black eyes.

    J6 was no resurrection. Your resurrection coming soon in the form of Civil War II, opening July 4th.

  106. Jim

    Unable to view the videos for some reason. Can you post a direct link to the interview? Your links take you to the doctors website not to the vodeo. I’ll try Rumble.

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

  107. Josh

    The responsible is the Fuhrer in the Kremlin and you are his useless idiots!!!

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