We Are in a Financial Meltdown-Nomi Prins

Nomi PrinsBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com     (Early Sunday Release)

Best-selling author and financial expert Nomi Prins says, “We are in a financial meltdown.  I said 9 or 10 months ago, it hadn’t happened yet, but it should happen because of the instability of a system that is supported by central bank maneuvers and not really anything organic and leveraging and reaching for yields in places like oil and natural gas and other places on the virtue of cheap money. . . . It kind of boggles the mind.  This QE is epic.  It’s historic.  It is larger and more insane that ever in history.  It is pan-global.  The reason that things have kind of stayed in place is because there was enough cheap money coming into the system and enough corporations getting it . . . that really kept the markets artificially buoyed by virtue of this cheap money coming  in.  That’s kind of coming to a stop.  The ECB QE will help provide the markets and banks some solvency for a while and some buoy for a while.  So, therefore, there is still a little bit coming in.”

Prins goes on to predict, “The volatility is going to increase.  Last year, we had volatility spikes in August, October and December.  This year, we’ve already had a spike in January.  So, the shocks are coming in more closely and the downsides are deeper.  That’s why we are transitioning down.  At the end of this year, we will have a lower market.  It will start to come apart, and these shocks will have a more intense volatility and chaotic impact over this year.  That will basically start to unravel all of this money that’s been dumped and the way in which this money has held up a system that should not be held up.   It has no inherent value.”

On the U.S dollar getting suddenly crushed, Prins, who is a former high ranking Goldman Sachs banker, says, “It will be weakened finally because of the fact of all these QE combinations are somewhat playing themselves out.  There is nowhere else to go.   However, the reason it stayed up and the reason it will continue to stay up for a little bit longer than most folks are saying.  Again, it’s not because policy is good, not because so much debt on the books of the country is good, not because our GDP ratio relative to debt is good.  All those things are horrific.  Using cheap money to leverage a system is horrible.  Using money to fix a banking system that doesn’t work is not a good policy.  It hasn’t trickled down to the average person . . . but what the dollar has going for it is the collaboration of the government, the private banks and the Fed is the fact they had a first mover advantage.  The QE, the dump, the policies were bad, but they were first.  So, what’s happened is the dollar is not propped up by good economics.  It’s propped up artificially by all of these maneuvers, but everything else is doing so badly and will continue to do badly that (the dollar) it will have a relatively better value for now. . . . I think the dollar will get weaker, but I don’t think we are going to see that plunge in the very near term because every other country is struggling right now.  That’s why there is still an advantage to the dollar and, again, not because our policies dictate that and not because this extra debt is smart.”

On gold, Prins contends, “This shift to the dollar going down, I think, will be more gradual.  For the same reason the dollar stays strong is the same reason gold has done okay very recently but hasn’t had this major outbreak. . . . Gold will increase this year–also gradually for the same reason the dollar will not dump but could decrease gradually as QE and all these maneuvers play out.  I don’t really think this is going to be that breakout year.  The markets are going to go down because of the end of all this artificial aid, but we also have been underestimating the aid that gets continually dumped into the markets and into these banks.  That’s where the timing is critical to look at. . . . There’s going to be a negative market.  There’s going to be a downward impact on the markets.  There’s going to be an upward impact on gold.  All of that will happen.  It’s just not going to be as huge this year.  It’s going to be a more gradual working into that this year.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with the best-selling author of “All The President’s Bankers,” Nomi Prins.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Nomi Prins is currently busy researching her next book that she says will be about speculation.  It will cover speculation in Abraham Lincoln’s time up to today and into the future.  If you would like to get a copy of Prins’ latest book “All The President’s Bankers,” please click here.  Prins has also written a half dozen other very interesting books including the best-seller “It takes a Pillage.”  You can find them on the home page of NomiPrins.com.


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  1. allen ols

    ahh ha, I m listening to a NEW J. Willie interview in silverdocs, and checking and re checking ESR.
    LOL just texted JC. interview not up yet but read the written discourse.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Jc D, Greg
      Thanks for finding this link to this JW interview.
      He absolutely nails the whole situation IMHO.
      I will go with JW’s timing on the unwind rather than Naomi’s as good as Greg’s interview with her was.The whole link is absolutely riveting but I paid particular attention to around the 49min mark where JW talked about ‘Meantime Between Failure’.
      He spoke about the recent period of 5 business days where there were 3 huge events unfolding. This acceleration of events is a sure sign of a reset being very close.
      Also about the 40min mark he spoke about 5 major events happening simultaneously that are absolutely killing the EU.
      He also mentioned also the 64% shutdown of Canadian oil and gas rigs in a period of just 5 weeks. This is major. The subprime spinoff will be massive!

      We should all listen to this interview. It is the best summary of unfolding events that I have heard to date and by a very large margin.
      Greg, when are you having Doc JW on again?

      • allen ols

        colin and JC

        Think about this point very seriously, many investors (and firms) went to bed Wednesday evening with no stress at all on their portfolios (or their business), in just five minutes Thursday morning they were insolvent. Just FIVE MINUTES! We are only talking about “investments” here, how many other real businesses in the import and export area are now broke? Broke because they hold euros but need francs or they export from Switzerland or import to Europe and now their business model makes no sense? How is this even possible in just five minutes time? bill holter

        • jc Davis

          Things go BOOM in the night. LOL

    • mohammad

      Thanks very much for the link.


    • Jc D

      Jim Willie is right on with his information, but at what point do you say he is overly rude? He insults folks. Good folks that have the same goal in mind. I don’t blame Greg if he never invites him back. Jim thinks of everyone as idiots except himself. Yet he is very good at what he does. I am fine with getting a link or two from him.

      • Jeff L

        ” Jim thinks of everyone as idiots except himself ” Thank you Jc D Finally, someone with sound mind speaking out……….. You guys already read his every word and anything else he produces…….. I believe we all already know what’s coming down (or should)……..His nickname is revealing because he’s an *ss.

        • jc Davis

          Jeff L. Please don’t think I am smart. You are smarter. Jim Willie is in my opinion one of the most informed people. Knowledge profits not when mangled with pride. I would like to see Jim again. After he apologies for calling us all idiots on this site. Greg correct me if I am out of line. That’s just how I took his last interview.

      • Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe

        Jim Willie only thinks the people who are not paying attention are the idiots. I’ve learned a lot from Jim and am always grateful for his efforts to communicate his take on things.

    • allen ols

      From Bill Holter;

      For several years there has been talk of a financial and economic “re set” coming, this is no longer speculation as the reset has already begun! The Swiss have suppressed the price of their currency, the franc, since late 2011. They pegged the franc versus the euro with a “floor” versus the euro at 1.20. After confirming this floor publicly on Monday, they abandoned it Thursday only to see the euro depreciate through the par level. What you saw on Thursday and Friday was the work of Mother Nature as the Swiss decided they would be better served by no longer battling her.

      The ramifications of this move by the Swiss are almost infinite when you consider the chain reactions they have now started. Several large FOREX firms including the largest retail firm in the U.S., FXCM, were rendered bankrupt overnight. Even Goldman Sachs and Citi admitted to being offside and sustained large losses. As of right now, we have no idea who “won” and who “lost”, nor do we know “how much?”. We heard almost nothing from Swiss or European banks on Friday, “who what and how much?” will begin to surface this coming week. As I have written for years now, if the loser goes bankrupt, the winner does not get paid…thus turning the winner into a loser. This is a very big problem the markets ignored on Friday but will not be able to ignore as the dead bodies begin to surface.

      Think about this point very seriously, many investors (and firms)


      • jc Davis

        Allen. When a bomb like this lands no one knows the fall out till it happens. But we know its will not be nice, and polite. A oligarch would say this is underhanded, I say it is protecting your own.

  2. mohammad


    This is serious breaking news from Syria:


    They are going to keep poking until they drag Hizbullah into a response.
    Hizbullah involvement in the light of weak Syrian regime, and not as friendly Iraqi gov. (like what al-maliki was) will drag Iran into this.
    Then the blow to the nuke sites comes.
    Then Russia will be dragged in.
    The bate is set just waiting for the prey to bite.


    • Greg Hunter

      Are you sure Hezbollah did not attack them first? Either way wider war id coming to the ME.

      • mohammad


        The point is not who attacked who, am here describing a fuse ready to ignite, once it does then it does not matter who ignited it?
        The point here is Jihad Moughnieh is the son of Imad mughnieh whom was assassinated in Damascus, that is a big blow to Hizboullah which you can bet their retaliation against Israel is coming, hence the cascade i described in my post. Am DESCRIBING and not SUBSCRIBING.
        Remember here one Irony Greg and i challenge any one on the forum here to answer my question, Because I exhausted my mind trying to find the answer to it to no avail:
        How come Israel is supporting the terrorists in Golan nights against Assad?
        How come Israel is not collaborating efforts with Assad to fight terrorist.
        As far as I remember that since 1973 war not ONE SINGLE SHOT was fired in Golan heights.
        So Assad who happened to fight ISIS has proven that he can maintain peace across the Golan heights border for over 30 years now.
        How come (Alnusra + ISIS +ALqaeda+what is called moderate FSA … yeah right) are having their back to Israel SAFE and their fire power is directed to Syrian Assad’s army (who is fighting ISIS)
        How come the wounded from Alnusra and ISIS and FSA are treated in Israel and returned to the front line to fight again, even Netanyahu had visited some of them at a certain point in time in Israeli hospitals and it was on the news.
        I do not have an answer ….DO YOU?????

        • Greg Hunter

          Who knows what is boiling behind the curtain. I have no answer. I think the signs that a very big war is coming are apparent to anyone not asleep. I know you every body else here are wide awake and bracing for fireworks–soon.

          • Galaxy 500

            The Jews have been taken by surprise before but GOD commanded their victory. They understand that 0bama is not on their side. My money is on the Israelis nuking Iran if they start a war. It’s the only way they can defang the Iranian nuclear program

            • jc Davis

              G 500 Yep. Big fireworks.

            • Desert Rose

              Russia just signed a military treaty with Iran. Israel nukes Iran, Russia hits Israel.

        • Collateral Damage

          I am sure that I know considerably less about the situation than you M. The only theory that I have is that there are some whom wanted to keep the oil pipeline deal that was signed between Syria, Iran, Russia (signed about a year and a half ago), just before the ‘chemical weapons’ allegations, from going through Syria.



    • Jerry

      According to my sources, that is exactly what is going
      to happen. The time line is sometime between now and March 1.
      What ever is going to happen is supposed to be shock and awe.
      I’m thinking a battlefield tactical nuke. I sure hope I’m wrong.

      • Jeff L

        Who are your mysterious sources you continue to promote ? They have a terrible record. Must be the Jackass……. Just saying…… I’d rather hear your prediction than theirs……. You already have mine……….

        • Jeff L

          Jerry, sorry to sound so harsh…… I’ve heard a 1000 (literally) predictions in the last few years. Maybe a handful came thru……. What happened to last fall ? Last spring ? If I recall it’s always” in a couple months”……… I trust only my own instincts now…………….

          • wd

            Hi Jeff L,

            Jerry “called ” a makot event in July and within 2 days of his call that airliner was shot down over Uke….That was pretty big deal.

            Dont agree with all Jerry says but at 85%… I say he is close

            • Jeff

              Now days sh*t happens every day. So something “happened” in his time frame. Can you list more ? Even a clock is right once in a while.

          • Jerry

            Go with what you like. Believe what you want. Either way, what you’ll get here is ten times more accurate than you’ll ever get from government news. Nobody ever ask them to prove their sources. I still don’t know anything about Barry Satoro.

            • Jeff L

              I believe the truth. I don’t watch/read MSM. I probably read more than anyone here. That’s why I say JW’s reports are a rehash of everything we already know (I read his reports)……….. Anyone can say there’s going to be an “event” within a month (July). There’s always an event every week now………….. Just so you don’t talk down to me anymore………….. None of you noticed I predicted (to the dollar) gold would drop to $1150 after the Swiss election(I also said it would NEVER pass). That night it dropped to $1143 and settled at precisely $1150. None of you noticed as you woke up to a rising price (for other reasons) the next day………. I called the gold bottom (11/4/14) I have the e-mail to Sinclair…… After a $60 drop in oil I bought within .20 (20 cents) of the bottom (I expect the price to hold)…….. I bought gold $294 when it was hated (bottom)…… Told my son to sell his Vegas house exactly at the top (it’s no worth less than 1/2 now)…….. I could go on, suffice to say I’m not a member of the 95% uninformed.

              • Paul from Indiana

                Jeff, I noticed. I read every word you post. Best always. PM

              • Jerry

                Sorry Jeff. My sources are not Jim Willie even though I like his rants. I have to pay for the information I get. Its not always accurate, but its close.

              • Dusty

                If you think oil has bottomed out at this point, you need to check your sources. When oil was trading at 81 (mid Oct. 14) I made the call that it will trade between 32 and 42 a barrel for 2015. The capitulation low could be as low as 20. Eventually it will trade above these levels, but it will be a while. It WILL go lower from here.

                • Jeff L

                  Dusty, neither You or I know what’s going to happen. What you say is what EVERYONE says (we’re going considerably lower). I read both arguments and make my decisions myself. Right now I’m even on a 1/3rd position. If we go lower, so be it, I’ll add to my position…… In the mean time I’m covered if we start a war. Because if you wait till that day you’re too late……….I do appreciate your impute. You do realize that if oil goes down a few more dollars and then reverses we will BOTH be right……. Why don’t we check in on this in a month or so ? btw I’m not time constrained from buying calls. I’ve chosen UCO as my trading vehicle.

            • Al hall

              HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?

              Sheriff Joe Arpaio Earth-Shattering News! (Video) Mike Zullo’s Revelation Shatters World

              Monday, January 19, 2015 5:43
              Linda Joy Adams’ earth-shattering revelation: Obama’s father’s real name is Jim T. Parks!


        • Eddie Laidler

          I think it is important to say this. Jerry confuses sources with scouring the internet for talking heads and then repeating them as if they are sources. Now with that said, Jerry is well liked here and that is fine but “Sources” is a journalistic term and should not be used when regurgitating what others have proclaimed. Occasionally I respect what Jerry has to say but a quick google will show the bits and pieces he is cobbling together at any given time. Sorry Jerry but despite your intelligence please do not play the source game to try and gain credibility.

          • jc Davis

            Eddie. You’re being unfair. You likely don’t know Jerry or how he gets his info. Just saying that’s not fair just because you think you know. However you may be right. Frogs may grow wings. Prove your point as I have.

            • Eddie Laidler

              Links please.

          • wd


            With all due respect Jerry called the major event of the airline being shot down within 48 hours of it happenning. No one else called that….

            • Eddie Laidler

              links please.

          • Jeff L

            I agree. I can post Zero Hedge all day long if that’s what we’re about here. What I’ve tried to do is give my PERSONAL observations……. This site is becoming a mixture of every other author one can find…… That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the commenters here…… Frankly that’s why I come to Greg’s terrific site. To learn what everyone else THINKS. I already know most of what his quest are presenting.

            • lastmanstanding

              I agree Jeff. I want personal insight from each and everyone here. I read the same info everyone else does. I digest it, and see if any can benefit me and mine and hopefully offer some on the ground reporting on my locale or something that I’ve read to help one of you.

              The last thing that I’m about to do is make up my mine on ANY link.

              I am a free thinker who is often “outside the box” and understand “how the earth works”…I only answer to God himself…and I often put him to task. I believe that he made/wants us tough and defiant for the most part.

              Then there is answering to my wife…no need to go there! lol!/

      • mohammad


        They cannot afford a nuclear Iran.
        The reason of rhitting the facilities is totally different and i explained it in previous posts long time ago, but they will hit it.

        Every one please keep in mind Netanyahu with the cartoon of a bomb with a read line on the top of it an him pointing to it in united nation’s speech that the had in 2012:


        THAT WAS 2012.
        Time is running short and US is still having romance with the iranians.
        It takes the Iranians 1 year to make a rug….

        • mohammad

          red line i meant, i do not know why the on the fly tex editor is throwing words off.

    • Jc D

      What a mess. Thanks Mohammad.

    • Silence is Golden

      Interesting !
      Notwithstanding the recent cosy relationship between the US and Iran.
      You still think that Israel strikes the Nuke sites in Iran which has the aim of triggering an wider escalation involving Russia. They will pay dearly for their actions should they go that path.

      • Greg Hunter

        The attack in Syria on Hezbollah that killed some top commanders may spark some payback that could escalate. Who knows anything can happen at anytime. nothing would surprise me at this point. The only thing that could surprise me are zero surprises.

      • mohammad

        They are protected by STATE OF THE ART missile defense system that could rival what we have here in the states, long range ballistics are not a concern to them, short range is been taken care of as we peak now using ISIS in Syria and Lebanon, before they used the big mule to get rid of Saddam, at a near point they will do the same in egypt (hence the role of toppling and killing Quaddafi) and if yo follow the news in SINI in egypt you will realize that ISIS is already there to destroy the Egyptian army that is in peace treaty with israel for over 30 years.


      • Al hall

        It has been predicted- ” Russia ” is the Gog coming in from the north

  3. Iona Laundramat

    Nomi is telling us that things will continue to unravel gradually this year. I don’t think so. My sense is that the Foul Fecal Matter (FFM) will be hitting the Air Turbulence Generator (ATG) and soon. Get Ready To Duck (GRTD).

    – Iona

    • Greg Hunter

      I think by this fall things will be crashing pretty hard if not sooner. She is correct that the powers will do even crazier things and that will drag things out longer than most realize. This is why it has not already crashed–the money printing and manipulation is monumental. Remember the CME Group disclosed in it’s 10-K that is gave “volume discounts” to “central banks.” Money printing to try to control the price of –everything!!!!! Thank you for your comment and support.


    • Jc D

      Love it Lona. FFM hits the ATG, so GRTD Got a good laugh. Thanks

    • mohammad


      LMAO, I was laughing until my tears were running when I read your abbreviations.
      I know it is not a laughable matter but could not help it.
      On the other hand Naomi can be right for another reason that she did not mention and that is:
      Lets say the world economy is the patient like she said and that patient is sick like a dog (we all know this)

      Lets say that bunch of attorneys want to keep that patient that is dying alive until he SIGNS some papers and consents that transfers all his properties to them (does not have heir, DO WE HAVE A SAY IN THE MONETARY POLICY, we can scream as much as we can but at the end of the day what those banisters want goes)

      That patient is having a high fever that is making him hallucinating and not sane enough to sign the paper in front of a court rep. (Physical Gold)

      So they go ahead and load that patient with Tylenol so suppress his fever and bring his sanity enough until he can sign the papers (paper gold)

      Once they make him sign the papers and the property is moved to the new cabal then they do not care if he dies or not….they already positioned themselves.

      Notice that the biggest Tylenol dose (paper gold) was given to that spiking fever of 1900 $ an ounce in 2011 I guess.
      What happened in 2011..?
      Libya fell and its gold was stolen/leased out and dumped in the market.
      Well 300 tons by IMF archives that Libya has are not enough (ounce then 1900) …!
      Well here comes leverage game in paper gold to physical, there are some expert in GATA who say the gold is so leveraged that the ounce should be 50000$ an ounce.
      Lets take the conservative number 100paper/1 physical and you have enough to keep dollar afloat.
      then egypt’s gold…….Remember the reason why Mursi was removed?
      He refused the terms of IMF and SISI submitted so I can say here to egyptian, KISS YOU GOLD GOOD BYE it is already leveraged and dumped in the market.

      Now that the delivery of physical in comes is down because their reserves are depleted comes THE GOLD OF SYRIA AND LEBANON.

      As long as the HARVESTING game is going on then you can rest assured that the game is going on UNTIL THE PAPERS ARE SIGNED AND THE PROPERTY IS TRANSFERRED then they will let the patient die.

      That is what Naomi did not say.


  4. Rich

    Nomi is very smart (and pretty). I love listening to her economic conversations. Awesome interview Greg.

  5. allen ols

    greg, everyone;

    A very touching & heartfelt message from Clint Eastwood.
    My Twilight Years ~ Clint Eastwood
    As I enjoy my twilight years, I am often struck by the inevitability that the party must end. There will be a clear, cold morning when there isn’t any “more.” No more hugs, no more special moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat.
    It seems to me that one of the important things to do before that morning comes, is to let every one of your family and friends know that you care for them by finding simple ways to let them know your heartfelt beliefs and the guiding principles of your life so they can always say, “He was my friend, and I know where he stood.”
    So, just in case I’m gone tomorrow, please know this:
    I voted against that incompetent, lying, flip-flopping, insincere, double-talking, radical socialist, terrorist excusing, bleeding heart, narcissistic, scientific and economic moron currently in the White House!
    Participating in a gun buy-back program because you think that criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids.
    Clint Eastwood

    • Jerry

      No one says it like Clint Eastwood.

    • diane

      Love Clint ‘ s message. Allen . Thanks for posting.

    • mohammad


      You can tell that he is soooo Pi**ed.


      • Paul from Indiana

        Doc, who isn’t pissed? I’ve watched (and raged and fought against) this country go to hell since the ’60’s. It is such a shame, and it’s so sad, the only way I can comfort myself is to believe it is running according to some kind of divine plan. Without that to hang onto, I’m not sure I go on. Best always. PM

        • mohammad


          Our presence on this earth is a test, from day we are born till we die.
          Life is not meant to be comfy, other wise it will be heaven and its not.
          I lost my motherland to terrorists on both side of the conflict. My kids are still watching old Syrian series soap operas kinda thing just to see the streets they used to walk in. now it is gone.
          I hug my kids every night reminding my self with how fast things can turn upside down and what is taken for granted can be history, gone in a blink of an eye.
          We make the best of what we have, and best thing we do is serving people who need us, that fireman who instructed me to renew my BLS and ACLS taught me other things besides the skills to save lives, I learned from him that love is the driving force that can put your live in harm’s way to save someone’s life.
          even if we do not have a diving plan, keep looking in your beloved ones eyes and get strength from them, you are the leader of your family and they look up to you, even if life gets harsh on us we should be to them the refuge and safety.
          Am not BS ing here just few thoughts came to me and spoke it loudly to my extended family at USWD


          • Collateral Damage


            Thank you for your willingness to share these thoughts and sentiments. The depths of pain and loss can extend much further down than most of us can imagine.

            I sincerely believe that millions will share in your experiences of loss before this is all over with.

            A refrain from an old song when I was a child, “Where have all the flowers gone?
            Long time Passing.
            Where have all the flowers gone?
            Long time Ago…

            “When will they ever Learn?’
            “When will they ever Learn.”

          • jc Davis

            Mohammad. This is the best post you have ever made. . Speak from your heart brother. Loved it.
            I lost my motherland to terrorists on both sides.

        • Collateral Damage


          My Mom told me once, over 30 years ago, that she felt that our country is going the way of Rome, oh so many years ago. She passed away a little over a year ago. She was a smart Lady recognizing that there are genuine cycles in the rise and fall of civilizations, as Mark Twain said, that rhyme.

          As Lolita responded when asked (after things went South for her) in one of my favorite movies, ‘Easy Virtue’…

          Question: “What are you going to do now?”
          Response: “The Best I can.”


        • Charles H.


          Yeah, I’m there too. Though I am a Christian – when people run-down America: it raises my hackles.
          And by the way – the reason Micheal Moore and all the LIBERAL Hollywood producers are dumping on Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper: is because it shows REAL Patriotism. They attack everything else and run-down this and that: and they don’t have the cahoonies to admit what they really hate about it.

          • Greg Hunter

            Charles H,
            I have heard the American Sniper is a great movie. It is sparking nationalism and Hollywood and many liberals lean socialist/communist. This Is why it is being attacked in my mind. I am going to go see it!!!! God Bless America!!!!!!!

            • jc Davis

              Greg it is worth watching.

            • allen ols

              i watched it for free on computer, to stay away from any vest bombers lurking in nashville.

    • lastmanstanding

      Al. Clint is a member of the Bohemian Club…google Bohemian Grove. The members include everyone from the extreme right to the extreme left.

      On earth, there is freedom or tyranny. We kind of have both right now but tyranny is definitely outweighing freedom/liberty.

      None of us will want to live in complete tyranny and chaos. That is what they want for us.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      ps. I just canned 7 nice quarts of sauerkraut.

      • allen ols


        tks, i will, later in week.

    • Eddie Laidler

      I think it’s important to at least fact check these things as much as we would love Clint to have said it. http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/e/My-Twilight-Years-Clint-Eastwood.htm#.VL7Jri5G8bA
      Most likely he did not say this.
      Fact checking is so easy. And so important if you want to be accurate in the wild west of the internet.

      • jc Davis

        Your right Eddie. It was not Clint that shot from the hip. Some how I find the words remain untouched.

      • Jeff L

        Eddie Again I have to agree with you. I didn’t have time to fact check (or didn’t really care) but felt from the start it was another bogus flag waving letter. I’m sure these are his exact feelings but when we promote “untruths” we lower ourselves to the enemies tactics.

  6. Silence is Golden

    When Nomi states that “they will do even crazier things to keep the markets afloat” ..she portends that it will be more of the same …just in unfathomable quantities.
    But I have to digress here a minute.
    A reflection on what the SNB did on Thursday tells me a few things.
    Just some observations on my part:
    – A Central Bank telegraphing to the world that no matter their presence, they cannot continue to artificially control the price of the CHF against the EURO. A conscious decision based on the knowledge that had they continued …they would have destroyed the CHF, the Swiss Economy and the Wealth of Europe. This is important on a number of fronts and not just for the Swiss National Bank but for other Central Banks who are not acting in unison. It is telling…because it clearly defines that CB’s are losing the battle and ultimately, will lose the WAR.
    – The SNB decision to de-peg from the EURO is recognition of exactly what the Gold Initiative would have achieved if it were successful. Sound money is critically important.
    – The SNB decision is important also because it tells the World that the Swiss are not under the control of the FED, IMF or the ECB.
    – Central Banks have and will continue to destroy markets and any participants through their malfeasance. If it is not through unconscionable economic and monetary policy that dictates money flow (financial oppression) it is the ability to change direction at a whim without clear guidance or consideration.
    – When market participants are forced out of “playing the game”….it leaves the remaining players with a bigger pool to share. To witness…..the withdrawal (closing down of trading houses) of at least a half a dozen Global Banks from global commodity trading over the last 6-8 months …(JPM, Barclays, Deutsche, Morgan Stanley) sends a chilling message….they were being strangled. Manipulation is becoming more difficult by the day no matter the size of the money printing program.
    – Perhaps we will now see a more concerted effort to acquire Gold with full intention on the part of CB’s to backstop their currencies.

    In my summation, we a very close to a catastrophic meltdown in (artificially inflated) asset prices. The train will keep moving but the next stop is not one that the world is ready for.

    • Jeff L

      You mean to say they can’t solve the debt problem by creating MORE debt ? ……..Say it isn’t so. Who would have thought ?

      • Silence is Golden

        That my friend ……is a given.
        What we didn’t expect was a CB actually coming forth and telling us all …INDIRECTLY…. that debt creation actually creates more problems and doesn’t solve any. The astute will have already realised the importance of this action and are moving accordingly.

    • Silence is Golden

      This is fresh from James Turk :

      Ties extremely well into what I have already said above. 😉

  7. Solomon


    Great quest and commentaries. She is spot on. However, I suspect that the banksters are NOT going to be able to keep all of their balls up in the air and arrange for a controlled or gradual downward spiral so that the $USD and be integrated into a basket of SDRs. Yes, they are evil and Yes, they exercise entirely too much control in all aspects of our lives, but they have entirely too, too many sticks in the fire and things are about to get out of control.

    Thank you for all of your efforts to keep us informed.

    • Greg Hunter

      At some point this will turn into a global every-man-(or country)-for himself! Thank you for the comment and kind words of support.

    • paul

      Sol … Are those gold balls or titanium balls they are juggling?
      The global reset is here and now … now just imagine if China decides to dump its peg to the US dollar the way the Swiss just dumped its peg to the euro … the US dollar could drop 30% in one day just like the euro dropped 30% in one day (and gold would jump higher by hundreds of dollars overnight).
      As the currency trading Forex firms declare bankruptcy this coming week … even those holding the winning side of their forex currency trade “will become losers” because they can’t get paid by the bankrupt firms.

      Prins contends, “The dollar will go down more gradual” … I think the whole house of cards is rapidly collapsing right before our very eyes!!!

      • paul

        WARNING!!! … Any of you out there thinking about selling the US dollar short using a brokerage house account to place your trade better be very very careful … because when it does happen … any profit from your trade will never be paid to you by your bankrupt brokerage firm … better to simply buy physical gold and silver coins to place a bet on a dollar collapse … as the profit you make in physical metals doesn’t have “an entity that can declare bankruptcy” between you and your money.

  8. Winston Churchill

    Looks like the Ukrainians have launched a full offensive tonight, according to Sakar.
    The world has gone fully insane, or the collapse needs cover NOW.

  9. Jeff L

    Iceland’s out ( European union)……Start counting….. [ http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-01-18/first-it-refused-bail-out-its-insolvent-banks-now-iceland-set-officially-withdraw-eu ]

    • Greg Hunter

      Jeff L,
      That did not take long.

    • Silence is Golden

      Next Stop….ATHENS. 😉

      • Greg Hunter

        Some Spanish banks are having big problems to. Is this the perfect storm for the next financial calamity?

        • Silence is Golden

          Sure looks like a culmination of many storm fronts.
          The Swiss action was overt.
          EUR cracking under the weight of member countries departing. EURO going into freefall when the ECB prints. BANKS are highly insolvent …stress tests notwithstanding.
          I would not be surprised to see a covert attack on a any one of a number of western financial markets just to turn the screws a little.
          Turning the screws too tightly could break a string or two and put the whole financial symphony (music) into disarray. The Euro Banks are already highly strung.
          Stay “tuned”….aha !!! 😉

      • paul

        Sig … Perhaps that’s what they plan to an announce on Jan 29!!!
        That Greece is leaving the European Union!!

  10. allen ols

    greg; bankers suicided, and more;

    EXCLUSIVE: Screenwriter Mysteriously Killed in 1997 After Finishing Script That Revealed the ‘Real Reason’ for US Invasion of Panama had been Working for the CIA… and Both his Hands were Missing
    By Mia De Graaf and Sean O’hare
    Daily Mail
    January 18, 2015
    When the skeletal remains of Hollywood screenwriter Gary Devore were found strapped into his Ford Explorer submerged beneath the California Aqueduct in 1998 it brought an end to one of America’s most high profile missing person cases.
    The fact that Devore was on his way to deliver a film script that promised to explain the ‘real reason’ why the US invaded Panama, has long given rise to a slew of conspiracies surrounding the nature of his ‘accidental’ death.
    It didn’t help that Devore’s hands were missing from the crash scene, along with the script, and that investigators could offer no plausible explanation as to how a car could leave the highway and end up in the position it was found a year after he disappeared.
    Now the Daily Mail can exclusively reveal that Devore was working with the CIA in Panama and even a White House source concedes his mysterious death bears all the hallmarks of a cover-up.
    The findings, published in a new documentary The Writer With No Hands, are the first testimonies ever aired that give credence to the theories that surrounded the case in the late 90s.
    Chillingly, the British research team – which was warned to drop the investigation by a Department of Defense contractor – has also secured testimony from the coroner which reveals the human hands said to be recovered from Devore’s car were in fact around 200 years old.
    ‘Someone in authority lied. Or made a shocking error,’ producer Dr Matthew Alford tells DailyMail.com.
    ‘There could be an innocent explanation for the hands but it is as extraordinary as the conspiracy theory and very suspicious.’
    Devore, who wrote Dogs Of War, Raw Deal and Time Cop, had been working on his directorial debut: The Big Steal.
    Once a truck driver, he had made a successful career shift into Hollywood. He was a friend to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tommy Lee Jones’s best man, and ex-boyfriend of Janet Jackson.
    The Big Steal, he told friends, would be ‘the hardest hitting film studios have ever seen’, featuring ‘disturbing details’ about the US invasion of Panama.
    The first draft of the script, shown exclusively to the Daily Mail, tells the story of American operatives robbing a Panamanian bank to cover up for ‘something much more serious’.

  11. NC Gal

    I have written before about a vision I received in March 1982 about “the last days” and how they would play out, at least for me and millions of others. I subsequently found out that there are TWELVE different futures that will emerge from this one shared reality. I have the ability to see the future in limited ways, and this past week I “saw” a small bump in the fabric of time on April 16-17 (depending on where one is on the planet when it happens, due to time zone differences) that seems to indicate a point where all of these different timelines will separate out from each other and experience different scenarios and different timing as things progress.

    I have been aware for a long time that people naturally tune in to what is “theirs” — i.e. their own future, whether they know it or not — and it seems to me that all of these different predictions will play out according to what timeline that person is on. The way I reconcile all of these different estimates of when things will occur is through the mechanism of these 12 different timelines and the fact that they play out differently and witness different scenarios along the way. As the chaos intensifies, it will mask what is happening in such a way that it obscures what is going on on the other timelines and each person will only know what they are personally dealing with.

    On MY timeline, things come to a head THIS YEAR. On Nomi’s timeline, the timing may be and probably will be different. I can see the acceleration happening now, and we are only two weeks into the year. Greg’s summary for last week was stunning in how many different factors he identified that are already in motion.

    It is true that the elites have been able to keep things going longer than anyone thought they could, but if I am right about this model of 12 timelines and my belief about what I personally will experience and witness, this year is THE year that everything I saw in my vision will come to pass — on that timeline. Other timelines will play out over a longer time and provide different experiences for the people who are on them. So, depending on what timeline you are riding, what you witness and what you resonate with will be different.

    Each is drawn to what is “theirs” to experience, according to God’s plan for their life. See Rev 13:8, especially the part where it says, “… even those whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb SLAIN FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD.” To me, this means that all of this has ALREADY HAPPENED (just like Christ was “slain from the foundation of the world.” He simply fulfilled his part in God’s plan for his life.)

    God is the script writer, director, and filmmaker. We are the actors in the movie, playing our parts in God’s grand scheme for the Creation, and witnessing it one frame at a time. You may not agree with this view at all, but for me it works and makes sense out of all of these different estimates as to when a particular thing will happen. What’s interesting is that we all get to be “right.” If you are on MY timeline, you will say “she was right.” If you are NOT on my timeline, but on another one, you will be right about rejecting my views as not being true for you. They won’t be.

    • Jc D

      NC Gal. I had a vision of the scriptures on the ground blowing in a dusty wind. The time was 3:02 exactly. I have waited years to see the meaning. Just saying some things have no quick answers.

  12. Jerry

    Greg we are further along in this economic meltdown than most people realize. The petrodollar is being attacked on several fronts at the same time. The recent petroleum collapse was just one of the fronts. We will see the results when defaults begin in the second quarter of 2015. Another one is the breakup of the EURO caused by the Swiss banks. The Swiss are looking for hard assets to pig their currency to.

    In this game, the elites are playing three level Chess, not Checkers. Their goal is the takedown of the petrodollar, to establish a new global currency system. How do you eat a global petrodollar pie? One slice of the world at a time.

    Pardon me while I go add some more tin foil to my hat.

    • paul

      The Fed will soon be looking for hard assets too!

      Currently the Fed lists it’s gold reserves as “long term storage” … meaning it has no physical “above ground gold” only what it expects to buy with more fiat money printed up in the Fed basement at a future time.

      However … by them lowering the gold price to strengthen the US dollar … they have just about put all the large gold miners out of business …Goldcorp Inc. for instance now has a net loss to show for their entire history as corporate a entity … Barrick Gold Corp. has retained earnings of negative US$7.8 billion … Kinross Gold Corp. is at minus US$8.5 billion … AngloGold Ashanti Ltd. has a US$4 billion historic loss … while Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd. has a loss of US$740 million.

      So the question becomes … where does the Fed expect to get their “long term storage” gold from … if they put all the gold miners out of business???

      The Fed can’t just keep selling gold futures contracts to strengthen the dollar because every gold miner will go out of business … and they (and the Swiss) will never get any new gold out of the ground to buy no matter how much fiat they print up in the Fed basement.

      This is one more reason I expect a big upward move in the gold price and a decline in the US dollar!!

      • andyb

        “the deep storage gold” on the books is, in reality, gold that has not yet been mined, and is located throughout the western portions of the US that are directly controlled by the USG, and covered under Obama’s NDAA, which law gives the USG totalitarian control over all assets within US borders, including your labor!!!! It has long been rumored that this deep storage gold has already been used as collateral for the USTs owned by China.

        • Paul

          The gold belongs to the Crown. It is part of the treaty between the King of England and the U.S. Read the Treaty of Paris and the writings of The Informer and James Montgomery.

        • lastmanstanding

          “deep storage gold”…most likely along with our blm, national forests and parks.

          Check out/research Leuren Moret…I found her at http://www.stopthecrime.net via the People link at the top of the page.

          She claims in various interviews that the tptb will mine the earth to sea level to get “their” gold. Right now, they are lining up Haiti…you know, the country hit by the big earthquake. Seems now “they” found 20 billion in gold and incidentals in which the Haitian people now have the ability using these resources to rebuild their economy. What economy!

          Now you know why bush and clinton were there. By the way, does anyone know what happened to all that money that was raised?

          Save your time, the money was squandered, stolen and things are worse than they were before.

          God, please come soon…I’ll stand right beside you.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Paul, what happens if the government plans a nationalization of the gold mines and/or confiscates through taxation or law the shares of shareholders? Government owning the mines outright is communist. Government owning shares (GM anybody?) or colluding with or coercing the mines’ ownership is fascist. Either way, the net effect is the same: marginalization of private ownership and initiative. Is “long-term storage” a tip of their hand or just typical governtment-ese? I guess we’ll see soon enough…. Best always. PM

        • Silence is Golden

          Welcome to the real world PFI.
          Kirby said exactly that recently.
          I have said it repeatedly in many posted comments over the past several months on this site.
          Left Wing agendas (not only in the US ..but across the globe). Government always retain the rights to the mineral wealth of their nation. They offer only exploration or mining rights to those who take risk for reward….. for specified periods of time. Ownership is never divested.

      • Silence is Golden

        Very telling Paul.
        Several months back I stated that the ultimate intention of the Gold price suppression scheme was to bankrupt the Miners in order to re-acquire the mineral wealth of the Nation. It would seem to be having the desired effect as you have so eloquently surmised.
        The Communists want ultimate control of the world’s mineral, water and food resources.
        You have successfully put the pieces of the puzzle together.
        I will continue to follow your postings.

    • allen ols

      jerry, luv u info, keep it coming!!!!

      without a doubt, our troubles have accelerated during the Obama years. When it comes to economics, he is completely and utterly clueless, and the policies that he has implemented are eating away at the foundations of our economy like a cancer. The following are 27 facts that show how the middle class has fared under 6 years of Barack Obama…

      #1 American families in the middle 20 percent of the income scale now earn less money than they did on the day when Barack Obama first entered the White House.

      #2 American families in the middle 20 percent of the income scale have a lower net worth than they did on the day when Barack Obama first entered the White House.

      #3 According to a Washington Post article published just a few days ago, more than 50 percent of the children in U.S. public schools now come from low income homes. This is the first time that this has happened in at least 50 years.

      #4 According to a Census Bureau report that was recently released, 65 percent of all children in the United States are living in a home that receives some form of aid from the federal government.

      #5 In 2008, the total number of business closures exceeded the total number of businesses being created for the first time ever, and that has continued to happen every single year since then.

      #6 In 2008, 53 percent of all Americans considered themselves to be “middle class”. But by 2014, only 44 percent of all Americans still considered themselves to be “middle class”.

      #7 In 2008, 25 percent of all Americans in the 18 to 29-year-old age bracket considered themselves to be “lower class”. But in 2014, an astounding 49 percent of all Americans in that age range considered themselves to be “lower class”.

      #8 Traditionally, owning a home has been one of the key indicators that you belong to the middle class. So what does the fact that the rate of homeownership in America has been falling for seven years in a row say about the Obama years?

      #9 According to a survey that was conducted last year, 52 percent of all Americans cannot even afford the house that they are living in right now.

      #10 After accounting for inflation, median household income in the United States is 8 percent lower than it was when the last recession started in 2007.

      #11 According to one recent survey, 62 percent of all Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck.

      #12 At this point, one out of every three adults in the United States has an unpaid debt that is “in collections“.

      #13 When Barack Obama first set foot in the Oval Office, 60.6 percent of all working age Americans had a job. Today, that number is sitting at only 59.2 percent…


      • Jerry

        That’s astounding information.

        • lastmanstanding

          Jerry, wife and I have 2 businesses. Six years of maintaining and even keel has been difficult…American small business is hated by tptb. We are stronger than they are. They will not defeat us.

          We will never give up. Failure for us is NOT an option.

      • Desert Rose

        These are NOT Obama’s policies….they are Cabal policies.
        Blame Reagan, Clinton, Carter, two Bushs, Nixon.
        Ain’t partisan…..it’s all Cabal.

        • Greg Hunter

          I think President Obama has a share of the blame as well. Thanks for weighing in.

    • allen ols

      What a day. Late last night we got word that two brokerage firms are in serious trouble due to these guys being on the wrong side of the Long USA dollar/short Swiss Franc trade. Then today, many more firms stated that they have lost serious money on the trade.

      What is interesting on the Swiss unpegging of its currency (the peg was 120 Swiss Franc/1 Euro) was this was done in total secrecy. Christine Lagarde was totally unaware that this was forthcoming.

      Generally the bankers know in advance but this time everyone was in total darkness.

      Again we are witnessing central banks not trusting one another.

    • Jerry

      Nine more countries that you can add to the list that will soon be dropping the petrodollar as a result of the attack on the Ruble.
      The domino’s are falling one by one. Switzerland just saw the writing on the wall with the petrodollar, and decided to act first before taking the hit. Besides there are a lot of major players on the board who park their money in Swiss Banks. Do think maybe they had a hand in it?

      • Paul from Indiana

        Jerry, at first the process will be cautious, measured, and watch-and-wait. But as it goes forward, it will be a rush. The Swiss moved first. I believe the Germans will not stand for easing. It’s not in their DNA. If that dumbass, do-nothing figurehead Draghi moves forward with whatever the Euro equivalent to QE is, I expect the Germans to resist, and then finally, desist. That “poof” sound will be the Euro vaporizing, and the entire planet will feel the earthquake it causes. Best always. PM

      • wd

        This is a great article for Rsussian strength, resliance and power. On Dimitri Orlovs Blog- great article -the US is playing with fire or picking a fight with “tar baby”. Enjoy!


        • Jerry

          Great article. Fact. Russia has never lost a war. Hitler, Napoleon, take your pick. It is foolhardy to mess with these people. The globalist know that but send us forward into the shredder anyway.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Jerry, I agree that we should not fight a war with Russia, let alone provoke one! But I cannot agree with your assertion that Russia has never lost a war. Do you know how Finland came into being? It was once part of Russia. The first great war of the 20th century was the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05. The Russians lost two fleets in that war and the demoralization of the people as a result led to the commoners’ revolt, otherwise known as the Bolshevik Revolution, where the Czar was deposed and his family slaughtered. The Russo-Japanese War would have been a disaster for Russia had not President Roosevelt brokered a settlement, an achievement for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 1905. Russia went home from Afghanistan with its tail between its legs, having achieved none of its political objectives. The cost of the Afghanistan adventure rendered the Soviet Union incapable of responding to Reagan’s arms challenge in the ’80’s, leading to the eventual fall of the empire. Russia would have had no chance against Hitler had Roosevelt not been funnelling unprecedented amounts of supplies, weapons, and cash to Moscow. While it is true that Russia has not suffered occupation of the Motherland as result of war and/or adventurism, to claim that they have never “lost” a war is, to me, somewhat far-fetched. Yes, they’re tough SOB’s and are willing to sustain losses most countries are not, and they are formidable opponents. But they are not the invincible monoliths some would make them out to be. I still don’t want to fight them, especially just to save our corrupt and immoral “financial” system. Best always. PM

    • Desert Rose

      It’s not the dollar that is the problem, it’s what the Cabal has done to the dollar.
      It’s not our constitution that has a problem, it’s the hijacking of the Constitution in 1876 by the bankers. The problems are with the bankers and interest-money. It’s chess all right–but the Cabal seems reactionary now. Watch the you tube : JFK to 911.

      The Cabal (Rothschilds, et al) are now working to deal with the Russia-China-East alliance. They’re reacting now. We need to keep them on the run, looking back at us.
      What if we all sat back and said, no Cabal control? No. No. No.
      Like the tin foil hats!

  13. allen ols

    also, just posted, KWN;

    Dr. Philippa Malmgren: “We have seen Banco Santander, which is considered the most important of the continental banks in Europe, recently announce without any warning that they didn’t have enough cash and they had to do a very sudden and abrupt cash call of almost $8 billion just to stay alive….
    “This started a bank run at Banco Santander. As much as 30 percent of the deposits in the U.K. were immediately withdrawn. So this was of course a very big event and it has contributed to further euro weakness. The fact is that when the biggest bank in Europe tells you without any warning that they need $8 billion just to keep the doors open, this is a big story………”cont’d


  14. Thomas1

    The SNB franc-euro decoupling action last week speaks volumes about their president.

    I won’t say he (or they) decided to stick it to the central banks and IMF, but this may not be last last action from the Swiss central bank.

    While the Swiss people voted nay in support of a gold backed currency almost two months ago, I could see this guy pulling the lever unilaterally.

    Look no further than accumulation of precious metals by governments and individuals in India, China, and Russia. These nations will almost assuredly institute some gold standard either before or after the global collapse.

    Would the Swiss really want to be left behind? Switzerland is Europe’s banking center, and I see no reason they’ll want to change the status quo–yes, even at risk of telling Obama where to stick FATCA.

    I can’t help but think this week we’ll see a major financial event-call it a black swan–linked to last week’s SNB decision.

  15. paul

    Greg …

    Did I hear Nomi say the ECB will announce their QE on Jan 22 ??? … Yes, I double checked … that’s what she said.

    Wow … remember how the number “7” is important to the Cabal (probably because they want to be just like God who created the world in 7 days) … well all the Wednesday’s of this month are multiples of “7” … and the day after Wed the 7th (we get the Charlie Hebdo attack) … the day after Wed the 14th (the Swiss bank cuts its ties to the Euro) … now (according to Nomi-Pins) the ECB will announce their QE on the day after Wed the 21st … just can’t wait to see what they have planned for us the day after Jan 28.

    This numerology fetish by the Cabal is getting really interesting to me as a way to predict events … for instance … we all could have gotten very rich getting out at the top in gold and silver if we simply realized the date the Swiss chose to put cap on their currency was 9/11 (Sept 2011) … that is when gold and silver peaked and the Swiss brought down the Twin Towers (gold and silver)!!

    Now they have just reversed their action taken on Sept 2011 and lifted the cap on their currency a few days ago on 1/15 (Jan 2015) … now the question I’m asking myself is … if the numbers 7,9 and 11 seem to have some kind of meaning to them …what meaning does 1/15 have for the Cabal? … I have no clue yet … but in any case the lifting of the cap on the Swiss franc portends that the precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) will now rise from the ashes like a Phoenix and begin to soar to great heights!!

  16. mohammad


    Am surprised she did not say any thing about the adoption of SNB NEGATIVE interest policy. She mentioned the ECB adopting it but not a single word about SNB…?


    • paul

      With the Swiss frank not linked to the euro it will rise in value … to prevent large flows of capital into the Swiss frank they raised the negative interest rate … however I don’t believe a 1% or even a 2% negative interest rate will deter too many people if they realize the Swiss franc will now likely appreciate by more then 10% against the euro.

      In fact over the last three years the Swiss central bank has accumulated approximately 700,000,000,000 euro’s to keep the Swiss frank pegged at 1.20 euro’s … they need to get rid of these euro’s now because if the European central bank begins printing (in a massive QE program to be announced on Thursday Jan 22) it will drop the value of the euro. The Swiss for protection may rapidly convert their euro’s into US dollars first but eventually move it into gold … if they do move to gold … they can buy 20,000 tons of gold with their euro money (parked in US dollars) … imagine the effect that will have on the gold price!!
      PS: The Fed is not going to be happy to see the US dollar rise any more then it has already (as US exports are already being hurt badly) … so they may take action to keep the dollar from rising … even dropping it rapidly before the Swiss have time to convert their euro’s to US dollars … this will probably cause the Swiss to jump directly from the euro into gold … causing a big spike in the gold price (like maybe causing gold to rise by $300 dollars in one day). As hedge fund managers probably know exactly what the Swiss plan is they will likey be jumping on the gold bandwagon also … so unlike Nomi I’m expecting some “rapid” upward movement in the price of gold and some “rapid” downward movement in the US dollar.

      • mohammad

        Or buying OIL……
        I bet you a lot of corners are Pi**ed at the Saudi’s for the oil game they played.
        Someone wants the prices to go up.
        Am sure US is among the entities that want to bust the Saudi’s game that is already hurting the oil industry in US.
        So if the feds sat down with the swiss and they are buddies buddies and said, hey we will hit many birds with one stone, we will start QE to keep our dollar down so you will not run to it to dump your Euros, and you buddies buy oil instead of gold so we keep that patient’s temp down and our game that we are all in going, and we will bust the Saudi’s behind since they are not on the same page as every one……????!!!!!!

        I heard the golden Jack A$$ saying that the saudi’s have dropped oil to do US favor. I think not. I see the tension building up between Israel+Saudi’s on one side and Obama on the other side just because Obama is stalling the talks and allowing precious time for the Iranians to give up their nukes by negotiations, which is at the same time a very precious time for them to really building the nukes.
        So no wonder that the oil price drop came after the announcement that a possible pact can be struck between EU / US and Iran, Israel and Saudi arabia were livid.
        And it is no coincidence that the swiss move came on the heels of the oil price drop, keep here in mind that the swiss is giving US what it needs as far as info on American deposits there, so they are buddies buddies.

        So can we see a spike in OIL price vs GOLD price?…..time only can tell.


  17. Mike R

    I’m not sure how it is anyone or everyone can say Nomi is ‘spot on’, but her statements of cause and effect are quite dubious at best. The FRN is not money, it is debt. When you understand the implications of what that means, then you will have a very different view of what it is she think’s she believes and is projecting will happen. She doesn’t know anymore than you or I what will happen. She’s speculating upon something and using words and terminology that mainstream lay people repeatedly misunderstand or reference. All I can tell you is read Jim Rickard’s ‘the Death of Money’, and “Currency Wars” and you’ll have a far better grasp of what’s happening and the possibilities of what might play out, or how. But NOBODY, exactly knows the future, and it’d be wise to run far far away from those who profess to do so. Particularly when they can’t even get the terminology right, let alone causation vs correlation. I know, I know, she’s from “Goldman Sach’s” and what I’m saying must be blasphemy. Well I have no idea why she is saying what she is saying, but there isn’t a whole hell of lot I find ethical or having integrity about anyone currently at, or from Goldman Sachs. I’ll leave it at that.

  18. mushroom

    I don’t understand how she can rule out a sudden calamity such as a dollar collapse followed by a “net 30” credit collapse.

    Her conclusion favoring a protracted slide is not sufficiently backed up by premises.

  19. John

    Mr. Hunter, thank you for another excellent interview. Nomi Prins is a very informed and articulate individual. Ms. Prins is one that I respect and usually concur with. However, this time I fear she has left out a variable in the equation of the economic collapse, PANIC. The fall of the economy may start gradual but once FEAR and PANIC set in there is going to be a tremendous escalation in the collapse of the U. S. economy and the world economy. There are just too many people who know (even though they won’t udder a word regarding it) that this collapse is imminent. Once panic has started there will be no stopping the total collapse of economies.

    Will war start before the collapse? If economies collapse first, what affect will that have on a war just begun? Will there be no war if the world economy fails? These are questions yet to be answered. Whatever the sequence of events, I pray that everyone has their house in order, financially, physically and spiritually….it’s going to be a ride so wicked that we have yet to find the words to describe the tumultuous event.

    Thank you for keeping us informed on these events. Although there are many venues available for news on the Internet, there are not many that stand up to your fairness to differing opinions and more importantly, your credibility. Great job, friend .


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes sir and many things could touch off a panic to get out of some investments and into others. Thank you for your comment and support.

  20. paul

    Hey Greg … get this … Obama plans to ask for huge tax increases in his State of the Union message … how is that for an economy killer … I supposedly he wants to use some of that tax money in a very efficient way … like to help kids get a college education so they can get a good job in a falling economy where Sears, Target, the oil industry, etc., etc. are shutting down … I guess increasing our taxes to help “highly educated” college kids (with $50,000 dollar student loans over their heads) get jobs at McDonald’s flipping hamburgers makes sense to him?

    • paul

      PS: I see that Obama will give to these highly educated college kids (if they are married and both working at McDonald’s) a bonus check of $500 dollars!! … Wowie now that sure is a great incentive to tie the knot and start a family (with both kids having about a combined $100,000 dollars in college bills to pay off) … what planet does he think we are living on??

      • Paul from Indiana

        Paul, it’s the same planet all socialist liberals inhabit, the planet where things can be as we wish as opposed to how they are! The only problem is, they think THIS planet is THAT planet, and we realists know it is not! People need to understand that taxes, of any kind, are another word for government control, which is another way of cancelling FREEDOM. Prior to the two death-blows to this country in 1913 (Federal Reserve and the income tax, and a third death-blow, Social Security, came in 1935, followed by a fourth death-blow, Medicare, in 1965), the United States received its income primarily from excise fees and tariffs. Since the currency was redeemable, locally chartered banks could issue currency, and did. Freedom enables private initiative. Government kills private intiative, while promising security, which it also destroys. We drank the Kool-Aid and, as Esau did, sold our birthright for a figurative bowl of lentil soup (Genesis 25: 29-34). Best always. PM

    • Felicia

      Remember…to follow the money…this $$ ultimately will benefit corporations who are using colleges & universities to further their R&D. It takes lots of $$ to do R&D. And if O gets this passed, know its big corps who pushed it thru covertly under the guise of helping young people get more necessary education-“a good tbing”- but…it really is benefitting big business/corp. Check out who is on the boards of either for profit or “not for profit” (another lie) schools. You’ll see names of execs from Merrill Lynch, Nike, big oil companies, and on & on.

      • Jeff L

        It will just drive the cost of education that much higher……and higher…… and get some votes…….. and make those on the other side of the aisle who object “the bad guys”………… There’s so much wrong with taking money from one group and bestowing it on another. On a spiritual level it’s evil. In our world it’s called being covetous. An attribute far too common in our country,

        • Paul from Indiana

          Jeff, it’s also called “vote-buying”. Best always. PM

  21. RGT

    The SNB now have negative interest rates. Will all the other big banks follow?
    Have we not been set up over the last five years to get use to zero interest rates so when the Banksters and crooked Governments wanted to Bail-in the people they would just drop interest rates a little into negative territory and maybe no one would be too concerned or even notice?
    Kind of like the frog in the boiling pot.
    You’ve got to own P.M.’s!!!

    • paul

      RGT … Any central bank that imposes negative interest rates sends a signal … a signal that their currency will be getting stronger … and they are trying to discourage people from buying their currency … and it is just the opposite when a central bank raises interest rates … it is a signal that their currency will be getting weaker … and they are trying to encourage people to buy their currency.

      So when you hear the Fed say they are thinking about raising interest rates … it means they know the dollar will be getting weaker …

      So What Does This Mean To Us Goldbugs?? … You got it … Gold Will Rise As The Dollar Falls and Interest Rates Rise!!! … Only when Interest Rates Peak (like in 1980 when Volker pushed rates to 15%) will gold will peak!!!

  22. Matt Jaymes

    That was an informative, edifying interview, well done Greg! I just don’t think matters are going to unfold in the “gradual” manner that Ms. Prins suggests, after all, these systemic shocks are not isolated and therefore have a cumulative effect, meaning one day (and probably sooner rather than later,) the whole substrata is just going to cave in.
    Here’s a ping for Jim Sinclair.

    Thanks and again, well done!


  23. allen ols

    I received info from my european missionary ie close friend, CS and here it is;

    A vest bomber, was sleeping and was startled in a dream, vivid, and Jesus appeared to him and said, “I am Jesus I will save u from your sins”, he was alarmed and went to his bomb vest handler and told him of this event. The handler told him it was satan and to disregard. The vest bomber went home and the same occurrence happened the next evening. He went back to the handler, and recalled the same events. the handler said the same, “It is satan trying to stop your mission”. The bomber went home and the same occurrence happened a third time, so the bomber decided to; in frustration, detonate the chest bomb, and if it was really Jesus he would stop it and the bomber would evacuate to a refugee camp. the bomb did not go off, and the bomber buried the vest explosives, and fled to a refugee camp in Greece, where his christian team was operating a food and clothing med.distribution event, and shared the message of JESUS CHRIST, and the bomber was born again according to the book of John chapter 3 vs …….
    John 3:1-21 ESV – You Must Be Born Again – Now there was …
    You Must Be Born Again – Now there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. This man came to Jesus by night and said to him,

    The bomber joined CS in southern europe and after a time of fellowship requested funds to go back to his home town and get his family to find Christ. They dissuaded him and said his family would only kill him and he would be of more effect to team up in the refugee camps to win the lost muslims to Christ. He obeyed and is in *****.

    Btw greg CS just sent a large used 3 pole tent to Turkey to set up a food medical, clothing operation in Turkey.
    U may recall 2 american missionary girls a few yrs ago captured by afgan. rebels and recovered by seals. These 2 missionary girls were part of the CS team.
    I sent u a private e mail of the team CS sent to syria, and the account of the mass graves he saw and the trouble. CS has an outreach team in greece, turkey, syria, el salvador, romania, PI, Spain, and some I cannot remember.
    CS said the muslim outreach is overwhelming, and droves are turning to Christ, as trying to work their way to salvation is not working. When they hear that Christ Paid in full the punishment for their sin, and that they cannot do anything to add to, or subtract from what Christ has done for them, they willingly surrender to the love of Christ.

    • allen ols


      C.T. Studd — ‘Some want to live within the sound Of church or chapel bell;I want to run a rescue shop,Within a yard of hell.’

      Quote by C.T. Studd: “Some want to live within the sound Of …
      C.T. Studd — ‘Some want to live within the soundOf church or chapel bell;I want to run a rescue shop,Within a yard of hell.’
      Charles Studd – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      A poem he wrote, “Only One Life, ‘Twill Soon Be Past”, has become famous to many … Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell; I want to run a …
      Faith Hall of Fame – C.T. Studd
      Charles Thomas (C.T.) Studd 1860-1931. English missionary to China, India, and Africa. Quotes: Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell; …

  24. allen ols


    Martin Armstrong

    This will have no impact on the dollar short-term. The real importance here is the setting of the stage for the one-world reserve currency. To reach that point, what we need is a strong dollar rally that will hurt the world economy significantly forcing political change. This is ripe for Obama has done far more to destroy the integrity of the United States than anyone could have possibly imagined. In just 3.14 years, he wiped out decades of peace and reignited the cold war. He loves to play golf costing the taxpayer tens of millions of dollars for each game and has missed more morning briefings than the last 10 presidents combined. Nobody could have possibly set the stage for the collapse of US power more so than he has done. Then and only then will we move to solve that problem with a replacement for the dollar. Obama and the NSA have set the stage for changing the monetary system.

    • diane

      Thanks for posting this Allen
      This is why we love to read Martin Armstrong.
      Sure called out Obama today.

  25. josh

    nomi prins is one of your best guests. her analysis is excellent and deeply researched. i especially like that she doesn’t exaggerate or sensationalize.

    when i see some of your other guest smirk when they give a dire forecast it makes me cringe. i will feel very little satisfaction when the bankers get taken down knowing that i was right because i am terrified for the future of my family.

  26. allen ols

    In 1754, Colonel George Washington built Fort Necessity on Great Meadows, after a successful attack on the French in May. While encamped at Great Meadows, he received a letter from his brother Lawrence’s father-in-law, Mr. William Fairfax:

    “I will not doubt your having public prayers in the camp, especially when the Indian families are your guests, that they, seeing your plain manner of worship, may have their curiosity excited to be informed why we do not use the ceremonies of the French, which being well explained to their understandings, will more and more dispose them to receive our baptism, and unite in strict bonds of cordial friendship.”

    On May 12, 1779, General George Washington was visited at his Middle Brook military encampment by the Chiefs of the Delaware Indian tribe.

    They had brought three youths to be trained in the American schools. Washington assured them:

    “Brothers: I am glad you have brought three of the Children of your principal Chiefs to be educated with us. I am sure Congress will open the Arms of love to them, and will look upon them as their own Children, and will have them educated accordingly. This is a great mark of your confidence and of your desire to preserve the friendship between the Two Nations to the end of time, and to become One people with your Brethren of the United States….”
    Get Bradlee Dean’s My War, a DVD series that takes on the issues of today and gives understanding and clarity of who our Founders were, and their true intentions when they established our Judeo-Christian nation

    Washington continued:

    “You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ. These will make you a greater and happier people than you are. Congress will do everything they can to assist you in this wise intention; and to tie the knot of friendship and union so fast, that nothing shall ever be able to loose it… And I pray God He may make your Nation wise and strong.”

    Read more at http://sonsoflibertymedia.com/2014/08/george-washingtons-charge-learn-religion-jesus-christ/

  27. Wim

    Hi Greg, thanks again. I (=) AM, Independent (=) Alternative Media, ‘I AM, as you are’. Thank heavens for the internet. Enjoyed a charming lady giving her view, as there are far too little women in the analyzing game, which I regret. I think women are more temperate when calamities occur, as women on some fronts are more clever than men, they don’t have the Testosterone and so on, they keep calmness some more in all kind of situations. Most of the times not that much focused on power like men, as that keeps the mind more clear.
    Watch out for power focused women though, as they then can be more dangerous than men.

    ‘QE combinations are somewhat playing themselves out’, she said. The conductors of The Big Casino, the financial system, are flip flopping the focus to prolong the game. The USA is focused on Europe to collapse, as the last time it was the other way around, as that is (or could be) an orchestrated pattern. Dollar strong/euro weak dollar weak/euro strong, a flip flopping game. Europe’s GDP is some 17 trillion dollars, while the European debt is combined some 10,5 trillion dollars. From that perspective Europe is much less broke than the USA. How you can be much less broke, than broke fits in nowadays logic of the debt game I guess. Yellen and Draghi don’t matter that much, as they are puppets on a string, unaware of the unknown behind the scenes, who have a say in who gets appointed, knowing what their views are, and which influences work on them, which is a continuous battle. ‘One’ of the reasons the euro is tanking, is (according the markets) because the ECB wants to embark on a QE mission, as the Fed already did that, which didn’t lead to a collapse so far, as they project the American economy as ‘recovering’, the markets buying that one, at the same time expecting problems, as the euro tanks, from an European QE play. Like Peter Schiff points out ‘inconsistency in logic’ all over the place. As long there are profitable fruit machines on the floor of The Big Casino, logic seems absent in many cases, prolonging the game. Confidence is key, when that evaporates the system is toast on short notice. So far the Propaganda Machines run smoothly, the masses buying the Sesamy Street projections. The writings on the wall are increasing in number, as we will encounter some severe turbulences, if the wings will break off somewhere all of a sudden, the future will tell. Confidence could evaporate at some moment, as no one has a crystal ball. I hope for us all, it will be a gradual implosion. As we are beyond the point of no return in the far too much debt game, the MSM Propaganda Machines of The Big Criminals might be considered a good thing by now, however upside down that is, to see the bright spot; it’s another demonstration in the black box of The Financial Air Crash Investigation, the devilish system is documenting itself some more, and let’s hope it will be passed on to the children. When MSM would tell the truth now, you get bank runs all over the place, confidence evaporates, the system crashes, leading to severe chaos, and we don’t like that. In the USA there is over 10 trillion dollars in bank accounts, while they don’t have that cash at hand, not by far. In case of lost confidence, massive bank runs, that 10 trillion dollars of savings don’t do that much anymore, so MSM all of a sudden turning to truth is useless by now, sort of, as we don’t like complete chaos. The USA and Canada account for 3% of global PM retail sales, savers have nowhere to go in such a chaotic case anyway, as the currencies crash severely, very possibly in hyperinflation in that one scenario. ‘Change, yes we can’, but take it step by step, slow motion, as chaos goes before change. The same goes for Europe. The Big Criminals wanted a complete meltdown in 2008, but as far I think to know good forces knew to prevent that, as complete chaos would have been a fact. Stuck in the current position, the crazy criminal things they are now doing ‘could’ be seen as the right things, the world upside down, hoping for a gradual implosion, a slow motion evaporation of currencies, leading into a new monetary system, in the meanwhile the Devilish system showing itself some more, hoping to act as a lesson for the future. As we didn’t had a complete meltdown in 2008, in the future we can now point to all the scandals, Libor, and so on, and so on, which are coming to light, one by one. In the chaos after a complete collapse in 2008, that wouldn’t have been the case. I AM feeding the black box, hopefully a slow motion crash, people surviving it. It’s remarkable that all kind of scandals come to light, as PM rigging doesn’t do that so clearly, as I can see good forces interfering in the game of evil forces. Focus on PM rigging creates the risk on a sudden Grand Collapse, as to avoid a sudden chaos you don’t want that. I can see good forces involved in bringing some scandals to light, to grow the black box, in case we engage globally in a Financial Air Crash Investigation, and let’s hope on that one. After the currencies hopefully vanished in a slow motion movie, I hope the world leaves enough clear documentations to her children to avoid a replay of monetary history for once and all, a black box of The Financial Air Crash Investigation hopefully in schools, as JFK hammered the advice to learn from mistakes to avoid replaying them, as history on many micro/macro levels repeats. Positivity is the only thing we have, which gets boosted by humor, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep9Vzb6R_58
    May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day, and Love be The Dictator.

  28. Wim

    Numbers are used by many entities. Evil forces for one use them too, but not openly to the public I guess, it’s a means of encryption. On August 15th of 1971 Nixon abandoned the tie to gold, January 15, 1+5=6, which is seen as the number of the Devil in 666. The SNB abandoned the peg on January the 15th, 1+5=6. Is there encryption in these dates? Could be, could be not.

    In my world, there is a spirit world, no single God as Moses launched that one, no Devil, just evil spirits like down here below, as there are good spirits, and all the combinations in between. Jesus Christ (JC) a normal man with spiritual views against the Propaganda of the Rulers at the time, which gets you executed, just like JFK got executed, as that list is endless. In my world, JC comes back again, making the case God and the Devil don’t exist. ‘666’ flipped over is ‘999’, as JC has a heart of gold, ‘999’, making the case the Devil, 666, doesn’t exist. The lies uncovered, as the truth sets free an imprisoned world. The number ‘8’ stands for infinity, as you can continuously write that figure ‘8’, a closed loop. The Propaganda Machine of religious leaders use fear for Hell in their belief system, as in that view ‘8’ could be the number of fear in the infinity of Hell. As far the suggestion, the Ebola virus being engineered, could be true, then they used the number ‘8’, which can be clearly seen in the Ebola virus. I like numerological theories, as a sidetrack, don’t value them though, as I want to keep an open mind at all times, to expect the unexpected.

    Crystal balls don’t exist, not down here below, not in the spirit world. It’s all about information, the truth, as it hopefully will prevail. As far predictions go, they can be extracted from replaying history, and on information of things brewing in the world. For ten years now I receive masses of information from the spirit world, absorb it all, not believing anything until I can see the consistency, and the logic in it, as interpretation of that communication is quite a thing as well. As far people have dreams which turn out exactly so, it’s based on information, as the spirits can see things brewing on the face of the earth. I take for granted JC has a soul/heart/spirit which shines as bright as the sun, a man with love for the truth, as he indirectly denied the single God idea launched by Moses with the statement ‘the Kingdom of God is within you’, no hierarchy, just spirits, good and bad, and all variations in between. The sun stands still, or dies, on December the 21st (2+1=3), stands still (dead) for 3 days, to arise on December the 25th (2+5=7), which they declared to be the birthday of JC, the festivity of the sun, the festivity of the light of love. Way before JC, of Mythras was said the same sun legend things as JC. JC became popular like JFK, and got executed. He was remembered, and as power corrupts the man JC, or whatever his name was, got used for religious power, a Roman emperor enabled the Catholic Church, to accomplish that JC’s story had to fit the Roman belief system, sort of, or something.

    I received the picture of JC reincarnated as JFK for instance. When a spirit incarnates, melting together with a physical body, the spiritual memory of everything before that is frozen in the spiritual memory. Sometimes people have some talents without ever getting educated for it, as these things come from the intuition, which is a call from a mostly frozen spiritual memory. I can see the characteristics of JC, a heart like the sun, a love for the truth, incorporated in his role as JFK when he for example gave this speech, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2n32lr93S4

    The Egyptians felt the spirit world, and reincarnation, translating that as far they understood the world surrounding them. The spirit world providing thought visions, which can pass like own views/thoughts, or whatever, to co assist in building the pyramids, which still stand as 1 of the 7 world wonders. They translated the mechanism of reincarnation in the sun legend. JC never travelled with 12 guys, his heart travelling like the sun through the 12 months of the year. He shared his deepest views with his lady, especially when they enjoyed their rocking love life in the hills with a bottle of red wine, as he couldn’t share his views outright in the open, to dodge an execution as long as possible, he had to use analogues, and so on. He was a smart one, like JFK was, and countless more. His lady got demonized though, which is not new in this one world. The Egyptians felt the spirit world, translating that in all kind of manifestations, translating that feeling, of course with things appealing to the imagination, to trigger opening up of the heart, as means of meditation, or something.

    The bankers took it over from religious leaders, running a Propaganda Machine as well, to rule the world. Lies rule the world, power corrupts.

    I received the view the man JC, unaware of his spiritual identity at the moment, walks the earth at the moment, until he gets regressions of his new role in the world, as well from the roles he played down here so far. People in the know back then, 2000 years ago, passed on their knowledge, creating good forces in the world, waiting and baiting for the time the truth could maybe enter the global stage. These good forces are considered to be in the know who the reincarnation of JC is, while he himself is unaware at this time. The waiting on the moment, as timing is everything. I believe nothing until I know, or see, but I hope these messages/views/pictures are true. Time will tell.

    When I started to investigate the financial system the beginning of 2008, I stumbled on many stories, history, speculations, and so on, as I began to see some possible truth in the sea of the paranormal information I received, as I still love the journey on that one.

    Plenty of information to be found on the internet about the sun legend,
    May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day, and Love be The Dictator. May Truth one day rule the world.

  29. Richard Mchenry

    We as listeners and contributing enlightened participants still need to know how to do ,what needs to be done. We all agree that something at sometime big and never before known or seen in the history of civilized man kind is coming to earth in the future .
    So after the implosion,explosions,carnage and desolation has come to an end ,what is it all of us want it to look like on the day after?What kind of government,currency,and rule of law is going to be able to protect us from another over reaching goverment and financially corrupt instution like the mess we have now? I know some well meaning people will tell you FEAR NOT and I completely understand what that means(over thirty years now).Others tell us buy guns and lead and PMs and get off the grid but to what end? Can anyone or groupe of well meaning individuals put together a new republic post the coming SHTF event? I too have a dream and it dos’nt include everybody.What it does include is the Holly Scriptures, The Ten Comandments,The Constitution of The United States,and the Bill Of Rights, and I would suggest we all have at least several copies of each to pass around on the days after so we don’t repeat the same insane mistakes we currently have in our goverment now.
    In closing allow me to quote my father The Marine,
    Don’t expect other people to do for you -what your not willing to do for yourself.

    • Jerry

      There is a pretty good chance that a lot of us will not make it to that point. Estimates inside government think tanks, put the loses at 20 million within the first 90 days of the collapse. Add in a possible nuclear exchange with Russia or China if things really bad and it could go much higher. My advice. Prepare, and make peace with your maker. I wish I could sell you sunshine and lollipops but that’s reality. The people in Nazi death camps didn’t think things would happen to them either.

      • allen ols


        circa, ‘casket liners’ by the millions still being shipped by fed ex.

  30. brian

    All the Presidents bankers….shouldn’t it be all the bankers Presidents?

    I mean isnt the reason that there are no “external forces” curbing the behavior of the “money” printers is because the “money” printers made a conscious and very direct and effective effort to essentially kill or tamp down or otherwise diminish any “external forces” that stood to keep their avarice in check. Lets cut the bull$#!* and say it like it is. Its got nothing to do with policy and everything to do with owning the policy makers, its an old game and the guys who play it just keep getting better and better….my guess, they totally avoid not only any negative consequences of what they are doing, but dont even get the eensy weensiest portion of the blame–the rest of us, well I guess we will just be too busy trying to figure out how to render tree bark, deer shit, pine cones and grass clippings into a meal to even begin to have the wherewithal to prevent these cocksuckers from not only landing on their feet but ending up right back on our broken backs to do it all over again and again and again.

    • allen ols

      thats funny, tree bark, pine cones, deer s**t, grass clippings.

      now that sounds like JC Davis talking. He is a tree bark soup kinda guy. 🙂

  31. Wim

    Richard, ‘a day after plan…….’
    As far my paranormal received information could be true…….., or not, who knows, as time will tell…. there are global organizations of good forces, as they are not all connected yet. All kinds of information is hitting the internet, but like the independent alternative media not getting to the masses. They supposedly know who the comeback/reincarnation of Jesus Christ (JC) is. As no man on his own can change the world, in the scenario I began to see, in the process of putting all the pieces of information together, the organizations will get connected, setting the stage for the comeback of JC, supporting him with truth spreading entities all over the place, as from the moment he wakes up spiritually, to prepare and promote him on some stage of a truth spreading mechanism. In that scenario, the spirit world is engaged as from the moment religions were seeded into this one world, a battle between good and bad, as the good forces hope that truth will prevail one day. As I experience a sort of YouTube Channel with the spirit world, I can imagine in that global organization are quiet receivers of more direct information, stronger information, pinpointing to the position of the one who is the reincarnation of JC, as the same spirit (JC) played the role of the prophet Mohammed (pbuh), JFK, and I take for granted some more roles.

    I flew for some 14 years a Piper Seneca, enjoyed some 6.000 hours of flight time through Europe. On December the 22nd of 1994, I encountered two bright white lights. I have an Air Traffic Control audio tape, on which becomes clear that ATC saw nothing on radar, as except for one moment of a minute or so, as on that very moment the ATC frequency became very silent, as me and ATC were very impressed, which I can remember like yesterday when I think about it once in a while. I saw one white bright light disappearing below in the clouds, and one up between the stars in less than a second. Later, I saw a documentary on Discovery that more pilots around the world experience this.

    At Malmstrom airbase, a nuclear missile base, on March the 16th of 1967, two of these lights were seen there, while at the same time ten minutemen missiles went off line, not erratically, but neatly one by one. These things are going on from time to time for decades now. Some military guess they are UFO’s with light shields. I think to know they are spirits, which are energy, able to interfere with electronic things. Other military know it’s spiritual, as the global organizations of good forces are all over the place. Waiting and baiting until the time is ripe to engage. That possible scenario learned to be patient through the centuries and millennia.

    The military officer at the time in the control room at Malmstrom airforce base came forward. If I recall right this incident was released somewhere around 2000, as good forces at some times know to achieve that some information gets launched into the world. The testimony of the military officer in the control room of afb Malmstrom on that day March, the 16th of 1967;
    May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day, and Love be The Dictator. May Truth one day rule the world.

  32. Wim

    The evil forces wanted a complete implosion in 2008, as they possibly could have had the fear side of the number ‘8’ in their minds, to have created the world in their desires by 2012, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Fed they used in the process. Good forces made sure to prevent that one, as wrong the way along the recue was, but keeping the evil play in position to show the world afterwards.
    I sure hope this scenario could be true.

  33. Jerry

    Greg I posted this before Christmas, but considering where the dollar is going its worth a second look.
    When the Bank of International Settlements sounds the alarm, shouldn’t we be paying attention? After all they are over the entire Banking system in the world?

    But instead people seem to close their eyes and pretend things can continue to go on as they always have. I think its time that our discussion here moves to the next level. The ones that are not adult enough to handle the truth need to go sit at the kiddy table.
    I recently told my son that didn’t want to hear the truth anymore, “I will not tell you when the plane is about to hit the ground, you’ll just have to feel the impact for yourself”.

    My dad always told me there are three things you can never do.
    1. Climb a fence leaning toward you.
    2. kiss a girl leaning away from you.
    3. Argue with a fool.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, I had to come to the understanding that my children have never lived free as I did prior to 1965. They grew up in this increasingly controlled, never-never land environment. My first child was born in 1980. The schools were on their way to being fully socialized by then. The universities were already firmly there. It took a great effort on my part to counter the crap they were “learning” in schools and the media, as well as the common forms of entertainment, the music and movie “industries”, which are actually hotbeds of propaganda. The country quit on freedom when it told everybody how they had to believe, think, choose, and behave in the ’60’s. The people lost control of the country when the vote-buying began in earnest with deficit spending that continues to this day. Many thanks for your contributions. Best always. PM

  34. Wim

    USAF Captain Robert Salas mentions a red glowing light. On other documentation the guards at first saw two white bright lights above missile silos.
    I can imagine these white light can change color and shape.

  35. Wim

    In 2004, ten years later, I saw two bright white lights, smaller though, in my living room, acknowledging what I felt in 1994, spirits, not UFO’s.

  36. Paul from Indiana

    Greg and Watchdog Friends:

    So now it is taking shape. The question among the experts for the last few years has been “where” and “when”. I think it is becoming “Europe” and “now”. If Europe gets away with QE (meaning the Germans swallow it, at least for now), it just buys time. As I have said before, a European start of the crisis will be extremely dollar-positive AT FIRST. That will create a quick “get-in and get-out” moment, I believe, for you speculators. Also, I expected electronic currency (a control measure–NOT an ecomomic positive as some present) before the one-world currency could come about. The status quo may not hold together long enough for that just now, but it is a feature I believe is coming. It’s the only way to eliminate, or severely depress, the black market, which is the sworn enemy of control and will be the last bastion of freedom for a long time. Get ready for shortages, severe and prolonged. At 62, I expect to go out early in the fight, but I will be there. You can count on me. Best always. PM

  37. Larry

    An interesting blurb about Prins on socialism…

    The Progressive asked Prins if she thinks that a form of socialism is the solution for the problems she details in All The Presidents’ Bankers?

    “Financial capitalism, which took hold in the early 1900s as I write in my book, has shown itself to be dangerous to the public welfare, particularly in the unrestrained manner in which it operates today,” she said. “Every crisis, followed by ‘remedies’ that consist of socializing the losses of banks while privatizing their gains, weakens democracy and the populations of the world. A form of socialism for the people, rather than for these institutions, that seeks to minimize this inequity and its associated risks would benefit everyone, including those at the top of the wealth chain, but on a much fairer, juster, and safer basis.”

    • Paul from Indiana

      Money and assets allocation invariably leads to rights allocation. Top-down never works long-term. It is the siren voice calling us to destruction among the rocks. Best always. PM

  38. Andy Sloan

    Hi Greg,

    One realistic scenario is that the BRICS introduce their new (part) gold backed currency, which will promote the collapse of the dollar, in providing a secure home for a mass of flight capital.

    God bless,


    • Silence is Golden

      JW believes that the BRICS solution will not be via the currency…..it will be in TRADE settlement.
      He categorically states that the US has put up too many barriers and made it extremely difficult to achieve a Gold Backed Currency.
      I tend to agree with his view.

  39. Hugo

    Hi Greg,

    Great interview! One critical note, miss Prins stated in the interview that the ECB even holds more ”junk” in the form of base money on its balance sheet as a percentage to GDP. That is not true. The EU economy is bigger then the USA economy and base money supply is ”only” 1.2 trillion, back from 1.8 trillion Euro at its peak http://picpaste.com/pics/59048245b9a13bb4546f32e83810d807.1421701741.jpg.

    Regards, Hugo

  40. Dan Barr

    PLEASE stop recycling the same “carnival barkers” over and over and over.

    Inject some fresh blood once in a while.

    Nomi Prins, Edgar Von Greyertz, John Rubino, John Williams, John Embry, Eric Sprott, etc….or you will wind up just a clone of King World News, and at some point, all of your credibility will VANISH.

    I’m not contesting your world view. It’s NOT about that.

    It’s about the fact that each “guest” (on your show or any other) is NOT “altruistic” by any means. They each have their angle….selling books, gold, newsletters, or all the above.

    At some point, it becomes a mockery, a side show, more like a freak show.

    Get some independent “professionals” with NOTHING to sell…they can be as hard core in their world view as you are….but for God’s sake, give us a break from these shreiking ambulance chasers.

    • Jeff L

      Unless you’re well know, wrote a book or publish newsletters the world listens not…….. I used to watch CNBS while trading. They would parade these “experts” out one after another…… I usually ended up yelling at the tube because most of them were 100% wrong and knew not………. Same with politics….. I know of many people who would make great leaders but wouldn’t get 5 seconds on MSM…… So what do we get ?…. the biggest idiots alive running this country and Europe.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Jeff, why do you think that is? Perhaps the system is rigged? There is a way around that. Quit “electing” our representatives. Put every TAXPAYER’S (those who actually pay net taxes come April 15) SSN in a pool and draw out (similar to jury duty) 435 numbers every two years. Once that person serves, the number is removed from the pool FOREVER. Senate reverts to appointment-basis for 6 years and out. Eliminate lobbying. 10-year maximum service on the Supreme Court. Put government back in the hands of the people. Best always. PM

        • paul

          Excellent Idea Paul … beautiful way to throw the incompetent greedy bums out … and restore our Nation to what our founding fathers dreamed and sacrificed their lives for … it also makes it very difficult for the Cabal to bribe and fix the system for their own profit!!
          Let’s spread this idea of yours and implant it in the minds of the common people so that when a reset of government finally takes place … everyone will be on-board to implement this change in the way we elect our representatives to serve us (and screw the Cabal).

    • Charles H.

      Dan Barr,

      Just how deep and wide do you think the periphery actually is? How many people who actually have expertise in their fields and skin-in-the-game? Perhaps you would prefer some snotty-nosed kid fresh from his Ivy education – because you want a fresh face?

      The ONLY valid point you make is that King World News DOES use many of these same people; but instead of criticism – would this not stand as a point of endorsement: confirming that these very people ARE well worth consulting?

      And add to this – Mr. Hunter brings-out much more information in his forum of real-time interaction; PLUS many commenters here are TOP-NOTCH – from all walks of life. It seems to me that you bring very little to this site, and in turn, make quite a shallow estimate of what it represents.

      Rather than trying to steer USA Watchdog into a direction that you think fit: why don’t you put-out a site of your own; put your own skin in the game; and take heat from spurious commenters like yourself! Cuz, heck yeah – when you criticize the basis, or modus operandi (ergo the Guests) for the whole site – you ARE “contesting Mr. Hunter’s world view”. Everything that appears here IS his ‘world view’. He produces it all, and he reads it all; then it posts.

      What amazes me – is that he lets people like you post these obvious cheap shots. It confirms his fairness in letting contrarian views through to posting. Just don’t expect to be read, or considered – after stating your position so eloquently. “Shrieking ambulance chasers”?!? Go away.

  41. John M.

    I will say that Nomi has written a superb book: “All the Presidents’ Bankers”, which I have only two chapters left to finish reading. I’m reading each sentence very slowly because it is jam-packed with a lot of info and exhaustive research.
    I would not bet the ranch on her assumption in the interview that the dollar will continue unraveling slowly and that precious metals will rise gradually. Anything can and will happen in a world that is so screwed up and operating contrary to truth and logic. There are so many lies and contradictions everywhere you look, and that is a guarantee that things will only get incredibly unstable and chaotic.
    Americans will see annihilation in their bank accounts, savings, investments, assets, and virtually anything tied to the dollar. Of course our constitutional freedoms will be taken completely away too. Christians may be asked to denounce God and his eternal truths, which means will be expected to swallow even bigger and bolder lies. Fast or slow, it’s all changing to a new world.

  42. paul

    FEAR NOT FED!!! … we already know you printed up more then $17 trillion dollars down the basement of the Federal Reserve on your printing presses … to hand out to your bankster buddies and friends … so come on … don’t lie to us any more … don’t tell us how all this secret money you print won’t create inflation … just come clean on how many more trillions you secretly printed up and have handed out to your friends … confession is good for the soul!!!

    • paul

      PS: As for your STRONG DOLLAR … in 1913 when you were first created our US dollar was worth one twentieth of an ounce of gold (1/20) … today after 100 years of your shenanigans our supposedly “strong dollar” is only worth 1,280th of an ounce of gold (1/1280).

      That’s a 64 hundred percent decline in the value of our US dollar … very strong dollar indeed!!!

  43. Mason

    Germany Repatriated 120 Tonnes Of Gold In 2014:

    A small excerpt:
    “The central bank of Germany, BuBa, has just released the numbers of their gold repatriation activities in 2014. More than expected the Germans shipped home 85 tonnes of gold from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY), previously BuBa hinted at withdrawing 30 to 50 tonnes from New York in 2014, from France 35 tonnes were returned.”



  44. allen ols

    Britain First


    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Al! And they get killing-mad when somebody makes fun of their religion? The whole thing is surreal. Best always. PM

      • allen ols


    • jc Davis

      Allen that is so sad. At some point everyone should respect the right to have a choice to follow there own way. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. —— This little one deserves better.

  45. diane

    I think if or when the big collapse hits, something will take charge. It will either be another tyrant dictator…man on a black horse or a benevolent king….man on a white horse.
    Let’s pray it’s the latter.
    I nominate our Greg Hunter to ride in on the white horse and save us.
    Fear not!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the kind words. Yes, “Fear Not.”

  46. Doorman

    Meanwhile, the lawless usurper Obama is on TV saying the economy is growing and our economy is in recovery. It really is good practice to begin believing the exact opposite of most things Obama says.

    • jc Davis

      Doorman. I heard on the radio China is in deep trouble because they came down from there 7% growth rate. Obama is like the mainstream media with the ability to lie without rebuke. Repeated enough and one finds it useless to argue.

    • lastmanstanding

      The ONLY thing truthful that came out of his mouth was the “fundamentally transform bs.”

      That we know for sure…just like each and every one of those before him starting with lbj.

    • Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe

      Make no mistake. I haven’t even listened to Obama since at least 2008

  47. rezo

    Hi Greg , A few dot points.
    1.I did not listen to the interview as I believe bankers are always bankers.
    2 I think people are over critical of Jim Willie, yes he is crass and excentric but his strike rate is quite high .He rants beceause he is frustrated and is also watching his country sink in to the mire.
    3As I have previously stated I am looking for sellers of up to 5,000 tons of gold for buyers in Russia and China .
    4 Just yesterday I recieved a request from a seller to seek buyers for 5 Billion Euros of Euro bonds at 50% of their face value with a payment request in Malaysian Ringit.
    5 If now anyone has not exited the banking system, given the current situation with bail in laws and the Swiss bank decision . Well your just plain stupid.
    6. I believe the reason for the above euro bond massive discount is to invest in physical gold while it is still available at least here in SE Asia and benefit massively on its upward projection.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the intel Rezo!!! Gold price stampede is forming. Would you agree?

      • rezo

        Hi Greg ,yes the gold stampede is starting .But mostly to Russia and China as I replied to Jeff the Asians are more sedate about it .I can further confirm that I have been allocated 500 mi lion US Dollars or Yuan equivalent to buy oil fields,Coking coal mines and gold mines or shares in above for Chinese interests .I am doing due diligence on a 2 billion barrel oil field in South Kalinata in Indonesia .I will keep you updated as things progress.

    • lastmanstanding

      Just another nail in the coffin for paper money Rezo. When people realize that paper will be worthless, they won’t really care how much money that they have to burn to get real, life sustaining assets.

    • Jeff

      Rezo…. ” I am looking for sellers of up to 5,000 tons .” Can I ask what kind of seller is willing to sell at these prices ? You would have to be desperate or insane.

      • Greg Hunter

        Maybe panicked or enlightened.

      • rezo

        Jeff.The seller of the 90 tons in storage in a vault in Singapore is willing to sell I had 2 potential buyers but they would not release proof of funds I am currently in discussions with a Chinese bank in Singapore. The seller to answer your question is the owner of the largest gold mine in Laos.

        • Jeff

          Rezo Thanks for your replies. Your work sounds interesting. I can see an owner of a gold mine would want to sell. That’s understandable.

  48. Greg Wood

    Just listened to Nomi Prins. You actually have great guests and they bring sense to the real matters of our lives.Keep up the good work.I enjoy and get more real info from you and USAwatchdog.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Greg.

  49. allen ols

    “Shoot them in the heart … Blessed are those who kill them, and those who are killed by them . . . We must cleanse our Egypt from these riffraff … They shame us … They stink. This is how God has created them. They are hypocrites and seceders … Stand your ground. God is with you, and the Prophet Muhammad is with you, and the believers are with you … Numerous visions have attested that the Prophet is with you. May God destroy them, may God destroy them, may God destroy them. Amen!”

    These are the words of Egypt’s former Mufti, Sheikh Ali Gomaa, speaking to an audience of the Egyptian military and police leadership. Ironically the person who presented him at that event suggested Gomaa was going to talk about Islam’s “clemency”. This audience included General Al-Sisi, Egypt’s Defence Minister and its current de facto leader, as well as senior armed forces commanders and the Minister of the Interior along with his senior aides. It is not known how the video clip broadcast by Al-Jazeera showing Gomaa’s speech to that audience was released and by whom. In all probability, this speech took place in the headquarters of the Egyptian Defence Ministry in Cairo before the carnage on 14 August by the Egyptian military against pro-President Morsi and “defenders of legitimacy” sit-ins in Cairo. This carnage left thousands dead, maimed and injured. After the massacre, there is no obvious context for Gomaa’s speech.


    • mohammad


      There is something you do not get and am not sure i will succeed in getting it in your head.
      When will you wise up to the game?
      The game at play now is pitting Muslims against christians and clashing the two so a new kingdom will emerge on the ruins of the rest.
      That is the zionists game and they are playing your mind the same way they are playing the minds of the masses in M.E. and unfortunately they are succeeding.
      When Bush killed over 1 million Iraqis in 2003 and said it is a CRUSADE does that mean that all christians are ok with the killing, hell no.
      Wise up, YOU ARE HAD if you do not.

      • Rick Perkins

        “The game at play now is pitting Muslims against christians…”?

        I would say it’s about an insatiable demand for power and control pitted against any who might resist it. The resisting party are commonly religious folks who profess the existence of a higher power and so reject absolute submission to mortal beings.

        The game at play is not about a conflict between various religions, as so masterfully portrayed in the media. Look in all of the churches, mosques, synagogues or temples on earth and you will not find the weapons of war used daily in this conflict. These weapons are held and deployed by those whose purpose is to conduct war against all religion and who gain power and control hidden behind the shield of manufactured conflict between the major religions.

    • mohammad

      Sorry for my harsh response but I promise i will not respond to your posts no matter what you put there.
      Am tired explaining.


      • paul

        Isn’t it kind of ridiculous that two of the world’s greatest religions of “Peace” coming out of the Middle East … can’t stop murdering one another? … God must be scratching his head and saying to himself … “I send two good people down to spread my word (through Christ and Mohammed) and teach about brotherly love and all these people do is kill each other and try to inflame war”???

        I have a suggestion for God … why don’t you send down two insanely evil people (one for each side) to preach nuclear war, murder, death and destruction between brothers … maybe then perhaps the people will desire “peace” instead … it seems to me people are just a real bunch of stubborn idiots … that actually enjoy doing the opposite of what God tells them!! … must be that bad rebellious DNA humanity got when that Snake had sex with Eve in the Garden of Eden … now bad reptilian blood flows through all our veins … but it’s only the intelligent good people who know “how to control the bad emotions” that rise up in them … the “Original Sin” imposed upon humanity by that evil snake in the Garden of Eden must be suppressed from within … “that” is what it means to be human … otherwise we are not human and act exactly like evil reptiles.

        • mark

          Hi Paul,
          I can’t say I have ever heard that one before– that “the snake having sex with the woman” is the source of corruption of human nature through contamination of DNA, but I do believe you are not far off as the Scriptural record indicates another “life” was ingested by both the Woman and her Husband when they ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (as opposed to the fruit of the tree of life). I find it of course very interesting and highly relevant to consider what “life” was conveyed through the eating of this fruit, the consequences of which both were warned about when the Lord prohibited them from doing so. However the Serpent, being the most subtle (literally shining one) of all the creatures deceived Eve and lied to her at a time when he had opportunity to speak directly to her apart from the covering and protection of her husband. Make no mistake. God is not confused nor the author of confusion. Not all who claim to speak or act in His Name in fact do so. Romans chapter 7 and 8 show very clearly that our human nature has been corrupted by sin which indwells our members. Covetousness and unbridled lust (greed) are hallmarks of its character along with the propensity to lie and to murder, which when catered to can consume a person. It is interesting to consider then just who this one is, this Serpent, who is the source of this nature within us, for the record clearly indicates we were not originally created in this fallen corrupted condition, but I digress. One purpose of the law, the apostle explains, is to act as a schoolmaster, to lead us to faith in Christ by exposing the corruption and weakness of our nature and inability to “work out” any kind of righteousness of our own that matches the standard of God’s Glory in Holiness. We then our driven by desperation to rely on that which He has provided for us through the death burial and resurrection of His Son, His Beloved and the perfection of His own spotless blood sacrifice, who became sin on our behalf that we may become the righteousness of God in Him. (2 Cor. 5:21). This was typified in the account given in the book of Genesis by God’s providing animal skins (probably from sheep whose blood was shed in the process) for Adam and Eve to be clothed so as to appease their accusing conscience and to prevent the shame of their nakedness from showing which is in contrast to the skirts of fig leaves which they were trying to prepare for themselves which signify works of righteousness of our own design and doing that are largely motivated out of an awareness of shame but are apart from that which He has provided for us in love and which also satisfies His righteous requirement (without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins — see Hebrews 9:22). That is why I say to you Paul and to Greg and to all who come here to read and comment, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit!! Fear Not then, for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” 2 Tim 1:7

      • brian

        This is the thing folks need to start understanding. Its the same old divide and conquer routine, those who play this game are not stupid enough to try to start from scratch, instead they find existing fissures, existing points of friction, existing conflicts, and then they push hard and dump resources and money into the hands of anyone with a bone to pick with anyone else. They agitate, aggravate, enable and embolden, then they use the conflict which they intensified to act as a form of cover, behind which they do as much pillaging and stealing, manipulating, consolidating and abusing as they feel they can get away with. What makes it even worse is they will often stir up conflicts and fights that just recently cooled down, ripping open wounds and sores that just started to heal all so they can steal from the people distracted by the pain of these opened wounds.

        There is a whole class of people in this world who, as a matter of routine, consistently make the conscious decision to not only profit from but promote and even promulgate the very lowest instincts and tendencies in mankind. These are not reasonable men, they are not moral men who fear or respect God, they do not observe any limits other than those that are imposed upon them, those which they cannot simply trample over, and as such we need to deal with these “people” in the context of a realistic understanding of their nature. That nature being that they are dangerous, virulently inimical in how they casually exert their influence and infiltrate and undermine any institution or law put into place to curb their rabid cravings, they are not in control of themselves and they are fully unrepentant for all the crimes they have committed against us, nature and God. I think our only real choice is to formally identify these people and their deeds and then let them swing.

  50. Galaxy 500

    Another black swan in the making. Major F/X firms are failing due to the Swiss Franc

  51. Jerry

    Yep. Its Iran the western cabal wants. $25. a barrel for oil? Response coming soon.

  52. mohammad


    Someone is nervous about retaliation:


    • Greg Hunter

      this wins the award for THE most underreported story of the week. Payback is going to touch of a very big war!!!! Thank you for posting it. I am going to talk about it in the wrap-up.

    • Jeff

      Fill me in, why is a general off limits ? Isn’t that the casualties of war and the bigger the better ? Or are we just playing politics ?

  53. Art Barnes

    Muslim appeasement is the number 1 strategy to curtail Islamic violence of the Obama Administration, it will probably work as well as the recovery of the economy for the working class who haven’t had a raise in years. Yemen Presidential palace taken over, US ships to evacuate Americans, 13 soccer watching boys killed, two Japanese soon to be beheaded, just another day within Bush & Obama’s religion of peace. Friday’s Wrap will be real interesting this week, looking forward to it.

    • Art Barnes

      More news from the religion of peace: AFP, the France-based news wire service, said police reported that 173 people have been injured; at least 45 churches have been “set ablaze in the capital (Niamey) alone,” and a “Christian school and orphanage were also set alight.” Numerous sites were pillaged before being burned.

      Video from Niamey showed protesters waving Qurans and yelling “God is great” while tearing apart Bibles and throwing them onto the ground.

    • Jeff

      Muslim rule is the number 1 strategy for Nobama

  54. Jerry

    Greg this one slipped under the wire. Switzerland to be RMB hub.
    What does that say about the strength of the dollar? This will completely fracture the EU.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is big.

    • mohammad

      Jerry ,

      This hub is been i the making since 2011.
      There is indication now that Denmark will follow suit and de-peg from Euro.
      The speculators are betting on it but the Danish are quick to throw a bucket of ice on them and said they will defend the peg:
      But remember that the swiss were until the last second saying they will keep the peg…!!!!
      Central banks LIE…!
      But the scary part is , if the chinese will decide to make a similar move and de-peg the yuan from the dollar….Then hell will break loose.


      • Jeff

        mohammad….. ” if the chinese will decide to make a similar move and de-peg the yuan from the dollar….Then hell will break loose.” You know in your heart this will be.

  55. Brian Stemmerman

    Greg question for you, who actually buys the dip. For every dip there’s a higher high. Is the global market really buying up the equities? Or is it the central banks? Is it retirement funds? The S&P is shorting the float by buying back shares. My understanding is that they are borrowing cheap money. With all the buybacks, won’t that involved a lot of debt. I have a hard time understanding why the market stays high with low oil prices and turmoil throughout the world. My guess is, the central banks. It would be nice if you could find a guest that can explain this. Thanks for all your hard work.

    • Brian Stemmerman

      One more question, how is the Federal Reserve going to unload?

      • mohammad


    • Greg Hunter

      One of the big trends is companies buying their own stock. I’ll try to put this question to a few of the upcoming guests.

      • Brian Stemmerman

        Thank you Greg.

    • Jeff

      Brian Co’s are buying their stock back because money is cheap. But they keep buying their stock at ever higher prices. Despite the proven strategy of buy low, sell high, they continue to buy high and buy higher…… Hedge funds/banks are buying higher because they believe the CB will continue to buy in the futures market and lift all boats. They all believe they can exit when the time comes. Of course this all hinges on the CB’s ability to keep buying……. Anyone who believes we’ve reached a magic market where we go to infinity are delusional. One only has to go back a few years to recall that the CB is not omnipotent…… If you own Apple (for example) and think that the best they can do is buy their stock back @ $115 then what does that say for that company ? You’ll hear all kind of rationale for doing it but remember, they took on more debt to buy their stock regardless the elevated level. If (when)(I know, it never goes down anymore) it does drop, the accumulated debt will REALLY hit home. That is the position these companies have put their selves in…….. If you follow this train of thought then you realize the CB’s (Fed) are the one’s who will be ultimately responsible for the devastation…….. Of course, that all sounds a lot like 2000 and 2007. But who’s keeping track ? No One.

      • Brian Stemmerman

        Thanks Jeff enjoyed the post

  56. Rich M

    Okay this is slightly off topic but I wanted to share this here and on 2 others sites….

    Some of you may remember my asking about what to do with all those mining shares I bought into LONG in 2010 via Scottrade. They dropped like 70%, but are now coming back. So last year, i asked here, what I should do because i did not want to sell at a loss. The advice i was given was to get the stock certificates in case of a bail in effecting the brokerages themselves. I had contacted Scottrade and they instructed me how to get them last July I think, and it was a lot of work. I was too busy to do it at the time. Now I have requested again from my brokerage firm how to do it and this is the response I now have. I am only posting this because i see it as a potential red flag that something may be coming…. So read into this what you will but it is somewhat telling when a privatly owned Brokerage firm no longer offers this when they were offering it mid-last year. They may know something or are ordered to not offer it perhaps? It is poosibly simply a business decision as well if too many customers were asking for the Certs……….

    Reply Date: 1/20/2015 6:51:39 PM
    Subject: RE: WebsiteBrokerage/ContactUsOther <>

    Dear Richard:

    We no longer offer physical stock certificates. This change was made in response to an initiative by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) to eliminate physical certificates.

    DTCC discontinued the issuance of physical certificates for most securities on Jan. 9, 2009 and the remaining stocks were discontinued in Jul. 2009. This is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved, industry-wide change that will affect all investors regardless of the brokerage firm issuing the certificates.

    If you still wish to receive a physical stock certificate, and the security is eligible to transfer through the Direct Registration System (DRS), you can have your shares transferred to an account with the company’s transfer agent at no cost. You will need to complete a Direct Registration System Request – Outgoing form and submit it to your local Scottrade team for processing. This form is available online through our Forms Center. Please contact your local Scottrade team for assistance in determining whether your security is eligible for transfer through the DRS system.

    Please keep in mind that not all securities are eligible to be issued by the transfer agent in physical certificate form. As such, you may want to contact the transfer agent of the company first to verify that a physical stock certificate can be issued and to determine the fee(s) they may charge.

    Thank you for choosing Scottrade. Please let us know if we may be of further assistance.


    Jon S.

    National Service Center | Scottrade, Inc.

    WOW, Like I said, this JUST came into effect and to me is a red flag. What do you all think?

  57. Rich M


    Okay this is slightly off topic but I wanted to share this here and on 2 others sites….i.e. USAWatchdog, buygoldco, and MilesFranklin/Bill Holter……

    Some of you may have noticed my asking about what to do with all those mining shares I bought into LONG in 2010 via a brokerage account. They dropped like 70%, but are now coming back and are now down 35%.

    So last year, i was asking around about what I should do because i did not want to sell at a loss. I was concerned about a bank bail in and thats why I asked. The advice i was given was to get the stock certificates in case of a bail in effecting the brokerages themselves. I had contacted my broker and they instructed me how to get the the certs last July I think, and it was a lot of work. I was too busy to do it at the time. Now I have requested that info again from my brokerage firm on how to do it and this is the response I now have. I am only posting this because i see it as a potential red flag that something may be coming…. So read into this what you will but it is somewhat telling when a privatly owned Brokerage firm no longer offers this when they were offering it just mid-last year. They may know something or are apparently being ordered to not offer stock certs anymore. I do not see my brokerage firm at fault here but they appear to be forced into no longer providing this. Here is what i was told when I asked what I need to do to get the actual stock certs for the equities I have bought…

    Reply Date: 1/20/2015 6:51:39 PM
    Subject: RE: WebsiteBrokerage/ContactUsOther <>

    Dear Richard:

    We no longer offer physical stock certificates. This change was made in response to an initiative by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) to eliminate physical certificates.

    DTCC discontinued the issuance of physical certificates for most securities on Jan. 9, 2009 and the remaining stocks were discontinued in Jul. 2009. This is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved, industry-wide change that will affect all investors regardless of the brokerage firm issuing the certificates.

    If you still wish to receive a physical stock certificate, and the security is eligible to transfer through the Direct Registration System (DRS), you can have your shares transferred to an account with the company’s transfer agent at no cost. You will need to complete a Direct Registration System Request – Outgoing form and submit it to your local Scottrade team for processing. This form is available online through our Forms Center. Please contact your local Scottrade team for assistance in determining whether your security is eligible for transfer through the DRS system.

    Please keep in mind that not all securities are eligible to be issued by the transfer agent in physical certificate form. As such, you may want to contact the transfer agent of the company first to verify that a physical stock certificate can be issued and to determine the fee(s) they may charge.

    Thank you for choosing Scottrade. Please let us know if we may be of further assistance.


    Jon S.

    National Service Center | Scottrade, Inc.

    WOW, Like I said, this JUST came into effect and to me is a red flag. What do you all think?

    • mohammad


      It is relevant and not remote, I was in touch with many brokers here in MI over the last few years and all of them dodges the DRS . I even emailed Mr Sinclair many times asking him if he can tip me to brokers that will do DRS to no avail.
      But here is a question that is relevant and coming from a different angle but falling in the same stream of thoughts of yours:

      Lets say yo are a Saudi prince and you are sitting on many many oil reservoirs that are worth Gazillion. And lets say you know a major war is about to break within a week, would you:
      1- sell your oil (just fictitious numbers as an example) 1000 barrels at 100 dollar a barrel in one week?
      2- Sell 1 million barrels at 30 dollars a barrel in one week?

      Lets say you are a major decision maker in NSB, and you know a major war is coming within a week, would you:
      1- keep losing cash to peg your swiss franc to Euro especially you see your friends in the ECB are already unloading and Saudi’s are unloading oil ?
      2- Capitulate on your swiss frank and keep your marbles for the coming rainy day?

    • Jeff

      Rich Apply for the Direct Registration. After that is completed you can request a certificate from them (not Scottrade).

  58. dee garmon

    Absolutely incredible, please bring her back real soon

    • Greg Hunter

      Catherine Austin Fitts is coming on in an “Early Sunday Release.” She will give your brain a workout. One of the smartest people I interview–period. Sunday 1/25/15–be there. Thank you for your feedback and comment.

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