Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.3.14

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The top story is the official start of Obama Care.  Look at the mainstream media headline: “Health Care sign-ups top 1 Million.”   Here’s what they are not telling you.  People who have turned negative on government-run health care are at record numbers.  A CNN poll says 63% think the new law will make health care more expensive.  Here is probably the biggest headline, and it comes from Harvard.   56% of young people ages 18 to 29 give Obama Care a big thumbs down and are rejecting it.  It is critical to get young healthy people paying for something they will not use, and most young people are going to pay the penalty instead of the health care premium.  The Democrats are delusional that the UN-Affordable Care Act is going to be a winner for them in the mid-term 2014 elections.  If it were so good, why give all the exemptions and put off things like the employer mandate?  Wait until the employer mandate kicks in. 

Did you hear about the New York Times so-called investigation into the Benghazi attack where our Ambassador and three other people were murdered?  The Times is saying the attackers had no ties to al-Qaeda and it really was because of an anti-Islamic video.  The Times doesn’t even bother to interview key people responsible for security at the State Department such as Eric Nordstrom.  Nordstrom testified to Congress that Benghazi ranked “HIGH or CRITICAL in threat categories related to political violence, terrorism . . .”   The Pentagon said the group that carried out the attack was linked to al-Qaeda.  The Times did not interview the second in command in Libya, Gregory Hicks, who was on the phone with the White House at the time of the attack.  When asked about the anti-Islamic video causing the attack, Hicks said he was “stunned . . . and embarrassed” the State Department said that was the reason for the attack.

To me, it looks like a whitewash of a story that deflects the blame that the President and Hillary Clinton should get for this epic failure. 

Terrorists struck Russia this week with two separate bomb attacks.  More than 30 people were killed and dozens injured.  Vladimir Putin has vowed to annihilate the terrorists before the winter Olympics.  This just goes to show you how dangerous the world has gotten, and that no country is safe from suicide bombers.  The Games are coming up in Sochi, and this is making quite an ominous statement by the terrorists.  

Get ready for the bail-ins in Europe.  That’s what famed economist Martin Armstrong says.  There is a plan to take at least 10% out of all bank accounts over there, and it has the blessing of the International Monetary Fund.  Think that cannot happen in the U.S.?  The IMF’s head office has a Washington D.C. address.  Many guests on USAWatchdog.com say the so-called bail-ins will be coming to America, too.  

Yields of 10-year notes are hovering around 3%.  They have almost doubled in the past year.  Please keep in mind, the 10-year rate has gone up with $85 billion per month of money printing and trillions of dollars in derivatives to try to hold down interest rates.  Rising rates are not what the Treasury or the Fed wants, but they still got them.  That, too, is an ominous sign.  My friend, Gregory Mannarino, predicts that money is going to flee stocks and bonds and go into depressed assets such as gold and silver.  Prices of both metals have been depressed since 2011, but a turnaround is coming in 2014, according to Mannarino and others I talk with. 

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis to those stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. J.D.

    Great information sir. Thank you for keeping us informed in a manner that is very professional. It is most helpful to those of us that are busy trying to make a living, and do not have time to dig for the facts. Your reporting is enjoyable, and at the same time, with a sense of humor. Happy New Year.

  2. Jerry

    Greg I have been involved with the Health Insurance Industry for over 30 years. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that Obama Care is a total abomination of our current Health Care System. Here is what is not being reported. The Insurance companies are using a totally different PPO network for people who enroll into the Exchanges. A large number of medical providers “ARE NOT IN THE EXCHANGE NETWORKS”. In fact in my area, over 60% of our local Hospitals and Physicians have refused to participate. What that means is, if this law continues to stand, the medical providers in the Exchanges can’t help but be OVERLOADED !! This will no doubt, in the long run. create rationed care, just like Canada and England. Count on it.

    Greg do you think we will see more Physicians in white coats in front of the White House promoting Obama Care in 2014? If we do, we need to get their names and find out if they are in the Exchange Networks. 🙂

  3. jc davis

    Greg. Good to see your back. I started having withdrawals. LOL Also love the pic for the wrap up. Obama care was never intended to work. They did not expect a fly to try to carry a elephant. It is a set up for a bigger agenda. When the oligarchs are ready to form there new government health care will be critical. Pandemics, Fukushima fall out, and many other man made sickness will sway many to except help from the new government. That’s how I see it. As to the wars, and rumors of wars It too is a part of the global reconstruction. Resistance is futile.

    • Greg Hunter

      JC Davis,
      Thank you for your support and all your comments.

  4. Jerry

    Heads up people!
    The Chinese new year begins on January 31 , 2014. Big things in the works .
    Greg check out todays Bond market. Still hovering around 3%.

  5. KC


    Happy New Year! Thank you for your vigilance in covering the news and bringing folks forward that have important information to share. You are truly a steward of the truth.


  6. Galaxy 500

    Great news wrap up. I have seen three different IMF white papers concerning confiscation. One even started taking a percentage of the people’s net worth if it was positive. Good bye middle-class. It won’t impact the 1% because they have people hiding their money. The 47% that are freeloaders won’t pay so who does that leave? Us!
    The NY Times is the new “Pravda”. Greg, they are such a shill for the Demon-crats. Sorry, I believe God gave us a mind to judge good from evil. That’s why Dems push hard to make every depravity mainstream. One can not stand for things the Dems stand for and not be evil. There are stealth Dems in the Republican party like McCain, Rep. KING and Lindsey Graham. They would love to have a ONE party system. The TEA Party attempted to go to war against the Socialist Communist…I mean Democrats but the RINO’s s derailed it. If the Republicans would grow a spine they could beat the Dems on the Merits of Real Capitalism, not the cronyism and rigged markets of today.
    One last thing, I see otherwise intelligent, good people attempting to justify antisemitism with pseudo facts or semantics. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when I see politicians race baiting on TV and the so called black leadership implying that I am racist merely by being white. Let me just close with this, Al Sharpton couldn’t be a pimple on the Great Dr. MARTIN LUTHER KING’s behind. We became a great nation by hard work, not handouts.

  7. Rodster

    Way to go GREG !

    You are so so right on Obamacare. I’m self employed and I deleted over 13K from my over head this year. I axed all my phonebook advertising, and I decided against buying a new Ford Commercial Van for my business so i’ll make do with my current business vehicle which runs just fine albeit a 13 year old business vehicle.

    I did this because what I anticipated coming with Obamacare. Last year my business was down close to 30% as my customers just did not have the money to spend and in some cases I had to lower my price just to move inventory. I agree this was all about a single payer system. They knew Obamacare was mathematically possible.

    But the sad part is the people in charge of the Govt JUST-DON’T-CARE. It’s all about power and control. And with each passing law and an ever expansion of the Stasi State via the NSA etc they are tightening the screws on the American people when the whole ponzi scheme collapses and we have revolts like we are seeing around the world.

    I also expect Bail-Ins. That looks like a given. The crooks are getting more desperate and bolder.

    • Rodster

      Sorry, I meant to say “They knew Obamacare was mathematically impossible.

      • Rodster

        I just want to add. Isn’t it funny how this country’s most popular sport the NFL is now having trouble filling seats for PLAYOFF games?! The NFL has extended the blackout period to sell seats. And one of those having trouble selling it’s seats is the famed Lambeau field. The same stadium that had a good 10 year+ waiting list. The same stadium where parents put their grand kids on the list so they could attend Packers games when they became of age.

        I don’t see that as a coincidence. I see that as people being tapped out and taking money out of the economy just as Greg alluded to in his video.

        • lastmanstanding

          Good catch Rodster. Yesterday I decided to check in to see what the msm was reporting and the nfl crap that you speak of was at the top of the list…Supposedly, the last of the 1000’s of tickets to several of these farces was being bought up and distributed by some “bigger businesses” for distribution to military families…the talking heads were just so touched about such charity of those “bigger businesses”.

          10 years ago, I may have bought that crap. Only reason today (imo) to lift blackouts is the continuous need for more exposure /maximum profit.

          I have boycotted all sports for over 20 years. It used to be about the game and fun.

  8. brian

    The manipulation game is ending, but it is ending on the terms that the manipulators have been allowed to set. As we have all stood by in relative passivity, at best trying to simply shield ourselves from the disastrous consequences of these manipulations we have done nothing to prevent what is unfolding. The result of this is easy to see coming. When the easy money is all taken by the thieves in charge they will start to go after the tougher stuff, you know the stuff that requires a bit more than lying. They will bend, break and ignore the very laws that serve to stabilize and even make an economy possible, this will have the flavor and form of nationalized private pension funds, seizure of private assets without due process, the suspension of any rights that form the basis of personal liberty and the outright destruction of any wealth not in their hands.

    For those of us who have been accumulating physical metal….best case scenario is that we will get to spend it looking over our shoulders as we navigate a very treacherous and cut throat black market to purchase things of dubious origin from less than scrupulous vendors. You don’t even want to think about the worst case scenario.

    And thats the way I see it

  9. Mitch Bupp

    Good new Year Greg! I have been listening to you since I heard you on WZTK’s former Bred and Britt Show. When it comes to Obama-dont-care it is nothing more then corporate fascism. This not about raising the standards of care but enriching corporate profits with government money. There has never been a market that once the government started pumping money in to it that has seen a reduction in prices. Why would corporations reduce their prices for healthcare when they have a captured market? I see the same phenomena with the free Obamaphones. The government is setting market prices by putting a bottom in the market the cheap government money which keeps prices from falling from competition.

    When it comes to government setting wages I must disagree if we allow the undercutting of the workforce with cheap labor and monopolies that bastardize a true capitalistic market then there must be a bottom set in the labor wage market. Any person that believes the US can compete with workers that make pennies on a day versus the wages in Europe or the US is fooling themselves.

    When it comes to the IRS … I have felt that it is my patriotic duty to withhold my money from the federal and state governments for the last 8 years……

    • Rich

      How do you do this? I am interested in understanding and learning more.

      “When it comes to the IRS … I have felt that it is my patriotic duty to withhold my money from the federal and state governments for the last 8 years……”

      Thanns, Rich

      • lastmanstanding

        Become self-employed, start a business…they set the rules for the game.
        You will learn fast how to survive…or not.
        No way I would have my survival depend on anyone but myself…especially today.

        • Rich

          Okay. I have been trying to get an idea for a local business in my small town that would be a good business to be running when the poop hits the fan (phtf). Maybe this is a discussion we could have on this board (Greg?)? You know, helping each other to become more self sufficient re a business in our local area that would not only help us survive, but would also help our local community when the phtf. There is nothing made where I live – probably like the rest of the US. So, what would be some good businesses to get started or at the very least get planning for that fateful time ahead?

          • lastmanstanding

            Rich. I’ll keep this simple. Pick something service oriented. People need help.

            You must target people who have money. They will hire someone to do things that they do not want to do. They have made their money and want to enjoy life. Most Baby boomers have done well. They look for people that are honest, hard-working and loyal…find these people by being aggressive and being observant of those in you community. They will recommend you to others like them if you do things well.

            This is the best and only advertising that you need. Once you get rolling, it becomes easier…but never easy. You must do what you say your going to do and more. Building a rep and a biz takes time and damn hard work.

            Make EVERY attempt to keep your overhead as low as possible. Rent equipment to make things easier.

            Don’t know how old you are but, today, no one wants to do any physical labor type jobs. If you present yourself well, one can do very well being a strong back for someone. Having a strong mind can eliminate work on that strong back. A handyman biz is an idea. Lawn care, cleaning gutters and downspouts, etc. Older people need help.

            Do not be afraid of doing whatever it takes to help your family survive. Hope this helps, make your own luck. God bless.

  10. Galaxy 500

    Great News, the 9th District (CA) allow illegal aliens to steal the right to be a lawyer. Some say it epitomizes the American Dream. So, let me get this right, he comes here illegally. How can you swear an oath as a lawyer to uphold the Constitution and laws of the USA while your presence here is in violation of the law? I guess this lawyer is in the mold of Obama where you only enforce / adhere to the laws you like or agree with. I don’t know why I am surprised really; this has been the Stanford operating procedure for liberal activists judges for decades. Illegal aliens are even demonstrating for the right for in state tuition. At what point do Americans say enough. Of all the free world, America is the only country where illegal entry is not a felony and that doesn’t actively deport violators. You’d think 911 would have driven this lesson home but a decade later we still have porous borders. Illegal entry should be a high felony for non-citizens punishable by death or life in prison. I hear we can’t really find these people to deport. Just ask the IRS. After we put a few in jail for life.or execute a few, the rest we leave in mass. Also, citizenship should not be automatic to the children born here of illegal aliens. This is the highest form of stupidity.
    And I hear Bonner is going to push for immigration reform. As long as it is what I suggested above, let’s do it. If not, it is Republicans voting to commit suicide. A nation that doesn’t control its boarders controls nothing.
    Middle east rant. Paraphernalia Henniger, America can not afford another rookie President. Obama has destabilized the entire Middle east, violated US law and the Constitution and is working on alienating our allies in Asia. Great. Call in the.clowns, they can’t do worse.

    • Galaxy 500

      Paraphernalia should be PARAPHRASING…damn smart phone spell correcter

      • Paul from Indiana

        I agree with your points wholeheartedly, but allow me an answer to your rhetorical question about “when do Americans say ‘enough’? My fear is we, or at least not enough of us, don’t. Best always to you and yours. PM

      • Anne Elliott

        I just love my start phone spell-decker too.

        • Galaxy 500


  11. bill

    Give some info Greg that might help would you rather the pre-existing condition folks just crawl away and die. You bash and bash and bash Obamacare but never give a fix. It is voices like you and Fox News that cause people not to want to sign up ( the healthier folks) because you bash with no answers but , “just die”.

    • Jerry

      No offense Bill. But what do you know about Obama Care? I work in it everyday and I can tell you it sucks. That is unless you happen to be one of the fortunate few that can get a government handout in the form of a subsidy. Its people like you that have broken this country financially.

      • lastmanstanding

        We do as well Jerry. Suddenly, a lot o people have already found out how bad it sucks.

        Look at the number of people that you know over 70 and the health care services that they are currently receiving. Many of these folks are getting incredible care and much of it paid for. (at least in my world) Some are even in their 90’s. I am talking about lifesaving, life prolonging surgeries, procedures, etc. that cost 10′ s of thousands and far more. Many of these folks have paid into the system for a lot of years but no where near what they paid in. Frankly, it amazes me.

        I will say that this will NOT be available (period) to those of us that have done the same in the near future. We are planning accordingly.

        You had better do the same.

    • Anne Elliott

      When my Mom had stage 4 cancer she was still able to get supplemental coverage from two medical companies besides having Medicare; one I remember was Blue Cross Blue Shield. Also a cousin of mine has severe immune problems and is covered by her employer. If I had a pre-existing condition, I would get a job with an employer that had health insurance coverage… Of course, that ida may not help people now that employers are dropping health care coverage because of the expenses…

    • jc Davis

      Bill I feel your pain. 2007 I had hiccups for 4 days with no insurance the bill would have been around 150.00 to get a thiazine prescription. I walked out after giving my thoughts to everyone in the office and lobby. I then voted for Obama based on what he said he would do. However his promise was a lie. He said he would free the hand of doctors by having a waiver freeing the doctors from law suits cutting the cost based on income. Obama was the only one with a plan so he got me. I have illness that would qualify me for disability, and Medicare. ect.. Obama has been proven to be a liar and should be called out on it. Yet we do need to come up with a plan. I will not sign up for any government help as I see myself as a man that would rather die the give up my constitution. Jerry is right. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2532869/They-no-idea-insurance-active-not-At-Virginia-hospitals-Obamacare-confusion-reigns-frustrated-patients-walk-out.html

    • Galaxy 500

      Insurance is not a God given right. I don’t think it was necessary to destroy the entire US healthcare infrastructure to cover preexisting conditions. And before you decide I am unqualified, let me say I have several preexisting conditions. This is not an issue for more than a year with employer based insurance and in NC, they will cover you from day one if you can prove you had insurance the previous elsewhere.
      I hear people like you say, well you have to have a plan to insure everyone or you should be trying to fix Obama care. Two points. No I dont. Healthcare is not a God given right. Those are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You and your government buddies don’t have the right to beggar me to provide you with a damn thing.
      And two, proposing to fix Obamacare is proposing to fix the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. It’s a 2,000+ page monstrosity that is still be researched. The only way.to fix it is repeal it.

    • Galaxy 500

      Is it your right to make someone sign up for a crappie deal to subsidize the people with preexisting conditions. The young are smart enough to know a scam like.Obama care. Especially my wife’s son who had a private plan and under Obama care saw a big increase. He is being enslaved to pay for the ner’dowells and elderly. Do you believe in slavery? Or the greater public good? Bill, I have news for you. They are one and the same.

  12. Galaxy 500

    So Al Qaeda wasn’t involved….BS


  13. e sutton

    Spot on as usual, Greg! Always enjoy hearing your and your guest’s perspectives on current events. I would love to see you interview Karl Denninger in 2014. I think he has a great deal of insight about Obamacare and the current state of the economy. I wish you much luck and success in the New Year!

  14. 8Ball

    America is being deliberately bankrupted in order to be economically enslaved.

    • Rodster

      We were economically enslaved back in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was in acted via Congress. The bankruptcy of America is just the end result of Central Banking. Right now the rats aka Wall Street, Central Planners, Banksters are just looting the system before it implodes. Thanks in large part to central banking the US dollar today is worth 2 cents on the dollar.

      We were on this present in 1913 !

  15. srv

    The ACA is not “governement run healthhcare” Mr. Hunter. It is a private insurance (and shameful I might add) model that at least gives some of the unfortunate “have nots” an opportunity to recieve some semblance of healthcare for their family in “the most prosperous country on earth!” Why do you cheer for it’s failure? And why do you misrepresent it as ‘government controlled healthcare’… the ACA is a regulated private insurance model, upgraded to extend coverage to as many Americans as possible (admitedly in a convouluted and less than efficient manner… resulting from poolicical realities of the the day)?

    *Note: Unless of course you are poor and happen to live in a Republican controled state where the electected representatives will take every action possible to deny you the benefits (and there are many) your tax dollars paid for… all for cheap personal political gain.

    Does the dogmatic drumbeat against the ACA (a plan developed from a conservative think tank madel for heavans sake) from the RW echo chamber really need your support sir?

    … booorrrring (but good for business I suppose)!

    • Jerry

      Your in the wrong site. The progressive socialist site is down the web a few blocks.

      • SRV


        Oh, so this is a RW Tea Party site is it… and all this time I thought it was a financial news site, honestly reporting on the true state of the economic situation… my bad!

        Jerry, ever think that maybe “you’re” at the wrong site… I mean, nary a gun, bible, or a Confederate flag anywhere on the masthead that I can see… funny how those that rant about “freedom” are the first to demonise and dismiss any and all disenting views…

        Mr. Hunter, perhaps you could clarify…

        • Greg Hunter

          “all dissenting views” are appreciated as long as they are respectful. We can ALL disagree without name calling. Freedom of speech is one of the many Constitutional values I love.

    • Ugly

      If you don’t like Republican ‘controlled’ areas, then simply move to Dem controlled areas such as Detroit, Chicago, Stockton, New Orleans, LA, or whatever. Quit complaining and just move….

    • Jerry

      Nice try but you don’t know anything about the Affordable Care Act. I work with it everyday. Think you do? Do you know how much more the Affordable Care Act will cost from original estimates? 1.3 Trillion dollars. And that doesn’t even include the government subsidies. SRV you’re wasting your time here. You are not intelligent enough to insult me, much less carry on a meaningful dialogue. But I realize you can’t help it. You are a product of progressive engineering.

    • Ugly

      srv. quit complaining and just sign up. Sign up and be happy! Maybe your neighbor can find a third job to help pay for it….

    • Galaxy 500

      Boy, how can you type that much BS without cleaning your hands…or laughing hysterically. You are either a paid troll or a crack head.

    • Galaxy 500

      A 2000 pg Bill that dictates everything about healthcare and fines you don’t buy at the gov’t trough. I can’t imagine why any of us think it’s gov’t controlled healthcare.

    • Chip

      ACA is a bad idea and it matters not who developed the idea R or D. It is BIG unconstitutional government… period. Our country was built on the idea of equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. Yes it is sad people cannot afford care. NO I don’t then translate that to “The Government Ought to Do Something”…

  16. Galaxy 500

    Terrorism in NC….ecoterrorism is still terrorism, even if it is done by lawyers.
    The poor people in the outerbanks of NC are in trouble. Think about that next time you give to the Audobon Society, Greenpeace, or even the Sierra Club. All of these groups support ecoterrorism via lawyers and one day, your donation maybe used directly if you don’t understand that with.their Carbon Tax , they are already waging a war against you. And you are paying higher energy costs already…they will only go up with this disprove global warming b.s.. you have to laugh , their a ship to measure the nonexistent effects of global warming to Antarctica hit record thickness ice flows and got stuck. You don’t hear in the MSM why they were down there as it would further discredit these losers. And when the helicopter to them to an icebreaker…hahaha, it was stuck too. Got to love this global warming

  17. Mark

    Sticker shock….. I’m full time employed. Over the last five years my medical costs have gone up, little by little. Not “this” year. We’re expecting a massive hit to our finances. Our doctors’ visits will be curtailed to only “absolutely necessary” needs. One possible back-lash if there are many who think like us is that doctors will have less patients. They’ll get squeezed too. Less income – same bills. There is NOTHING good that will come from this.

    Syria…. Iran…. You are correct. This has a long way to go. I still think this area will be the flash starting WWIII. If the economy starts to tank, problems will “suddenly” reoccur with these two counties. Central bankers don’t like countries that don’t use our fake money. The problem is though, that the rest of the world has caught on to their little Ponzi scheme……….. What better distraction than war.

    Thanks for all your hard work Greg. Your reporting and interviews are a vital information path in my quest for the truth.

  18. Galaxy 500

    Most corrupt politicians of 2013. Enjoy

  19. Anne Elliott

    I visited my 87 year old mother-in-law today; she got a letter today from the Railroad where her $900 a month pension comes from. It said that her benefit was being decreased by $104.99 per month because of an increase in her Medicare premiums. *SIGH* Even though her home is paid for and she keeps her thermostat down, I have the feeling we will need to start helping her with some of her bills now. She can always come live with us, but neither party wants that. :). I guess we’ll see what kind of healthcare increases next year holds…

  20. mohammad

    Please enjoy,


    • Greg Hunter

      This was fantastic, thank you.

      • mohammad

        Welcome Greg!

  21. Coalburner9

    One reason Health care cost have gone up is the government forcing providers into these large powerful business complexes like major Corporate hospitals. They cannot afford any other way to operate. Doctors do operate a business that has to make enough profit for them to live on and they can do it less well with every law passed. The Medicaid payments are left for the unlivable places in cities, the scattered poor and rural masses. Of course most Doctors have all the charity cases on their books already that they can handle which is why they take no new Medicaid partients and will take no ACA cases. So as they quit or retire or alter their professions they will not be replaced and may be on call for those people who can pay or are family or bring a couple of chickens. Before someone challenges me I know a couple of Doctors very well and they whisper this stuff if they don’t want the “rights” mob or the government demanding treatment for free.

    • mike gunther

      What he is saying is true, my familty doctor said the same thing

    • Galaxy 500

      While some do, it is useless and counter productive to argue lies against facts. My parents in SC, their GP stop accepting Medicare/Medicaid patients five years ago. If you are an established patient, they will accept it when you become eligible for now. My father’s oncologist and my wife’s orthopod both retired. When I was at my GP’s office at the desk signing in (late November), a woman came in asking if they were going.to be accepting Obamacare. The receptionist said they didn’t know yet, which I mentally translated into,”No”
      It’s a large practice that also runs an urgent care paractice and when I asked about Medicare, Obamacare, etc…well paraphrasing him goes something like he did bust his ass for 12 years to become a doctor to work for free. I was told these programs didn’t reimburse them enough to cover staff expenses, much less his time.
      I can not see anything you wrote being fiction.

  22. Coalburner9

    One of the more forgotten things that started around the early 1900’s, besides the 1913 Federal Reserve creation, that has cointributed greatly to the financial enslavement of all Americans was the slogan and actual suggested life plan of “Work Hard, Get an Education and Save for Retirement.” The same super-rich power brokers set up the Education System to create Good Employees”. No, I am not the first to say this just think it is appropriate right now to remember. That contract worked pretty well for four or five generations then they decided to change the contract without telling us. I remember when it dawned on me that something had changed but it took me many years to figure out what and learn the new rules. Robert Kiyosaki has discussed the new rules at length. The culmination of robbing us all and setting up a new system is not going to work out for the super-rich controllers as they planned. Guys like Jim Rogers forsaw that and took big countermeasures that look smarter all the time. The western puppet masters underestimated (chuckle) the 500 year cycle shift of power and wealth moving from west to east. 2014 is going to be a year when we try to figure out the “east’s” new rules. One is going to be Gold Money! Second, hmmm, Our fiat has to be devalued to match our new labor rates moving ever lower to the lowest common denominator worldwide. That was part of the contract change. That will hurt really bad.

    • frosty

      “The western puppet masters underestimated the 500 year cycle shift of power and wealth moving from west to east. 2014 is going to be a year when we try to figure out the “east’s” new rules.”

      On the other hand, perhaps the global parasites have drained about as much wealth as possible out of the western people ….

      ” ..If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks. . . will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. . .” Tom Jefferson

      …and are now moving to implement this same process against those people in the east.

      • Galaxy 500

        Under what president did US debt drop to zero..or asked another way, which president paid the national debt off totally? Andrew Jackson
        A real estate speculation bubble caused a recession so we were not debt free for long but during his tenure, the US gov’t didn’t owe a dime.

  23. Alyce

    All great points, Greg. We are now a nation of not only UNDER-employed, but UNDER-insured as well. I just called my health insurance co the other day regarding the bills we receive from our doctors, over & above our co pay, for office visits. The insurance rep finally told me that we should NOT use our insurance unless it is catastrophic! We pay $530/mo AFTER taxes for our insurance, we must go to only certain doctors under the ‘plan’. We pay $50 co pay & now we are told to only go to a walk in urgent care place and tell them we have no insurance so that all we have to pay is the $60 ‘cash’ charge. That is what the rep told me we should be doing.

  24. Ugly

    A lot of factors that will take more monies for 80% or more Americans to just survive each month. There will be financial confiscation of the middle class in terms of inflation, healthcare, property taxes, and lack of dollar growth in conservative investments.

  25. Agent P

    Greg –

    Your friend, Greg Mannarino has a recurring message that is of utmost importance in order to understand the dynamics of our current (~30+ years) economy. Your listeners would be wise to replay certain segments of the interviews you have had with him. In short, the health – nay, Existence, of the U.S. economy is ~dependent~ on Credit Expansion – i.e., $Debt. This statement requires a careful examination of one’s perspective, outlook and subsequent preparation for events yet to come. This is not a veiled statement of of impending ‘doom’, but rather, it is to forewarn people that what you see, read or hear regarding ‘recovery’, ‘bull-market’, ‘strengthening economy’, etc…? Remember that all is not what it seems. Best for your audience to take steps – not panic, but preparation for unseen scenarios. There are simply too many diverging opinions regarding the underlying health of the U.S. economy to play like everything is Ok, or ‘back to normal’…

    • Jerry

      Agent P.
      It is far from normal. It is on the verge of collapse. Check out the many interviews that Greg has had on this site. They all agree that the debt cycle has run its course and that the dollar is over. David Stockman and Paul Craig Roberts are not crackpots. They are some of the sharpest economic minds to ever hold government office. My advice. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. The reset will eventually come. Its just a matter of when. That’s the main argument.

  26. Ugly

    I am starting to get to the point of ‘who’ cares anymore and just get ready by taking care of your own business. I have relatives earning $1000-$1500 per month in SSI because of some assumed disability, thus they are on pain-killers all the time and getting the freebies for it. Truth be known, they are lazy and get the handouts. This is what the middleclass will be supporting. Be prepared and find what you need.

  27. Galaxy 500

    I just read with utter disbelief srv’s misinformation on ACA. I loved the part about its not government controlled. He seems oblivious to the death panels, the mandatory nature and the assload of ITS agents as enforcers. I really don’t understand how a “thinker” can come to the conclusions he arrives. He seems to equate our rejection of utter poppycock presented as fact as dismissing dissenting views. Obviously he hasn’t read this site. Many of us disagree on many thing. Vehemently, so. We don’t resort to hate, we just agree to disagree.
    The only conclusion, after going back and reading his other posts, I can arrive at is that SRV is A paid troll

    • Greg Hunter

      No doubt it is government control and they want more control. The Dems really want a single payer system. By the way it was not just President Obama who lied. It was the entire democratic party that lied to get this through Congress–and huge lie. You know the old legal saying: “Untruthful in one untruthful in all.”

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