Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.6.12

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The Middle East keeps getting hotter every week.  Iran just finished war games in the Persian Gulf and threatened to shut down the Strait of Hormuz because of increasing sanctions.  It is now warning the U.S. Navy to stay out of the Gulf with its aircraft carriers.  The Pentagon is ignoring the threat and says it is going to keep on doing business as usual.  It is also reported that the U.S. is conducting military exercises in in Israel.  It’s been done before, but the timing could not be more provocative.  Is the U.S. Fed bailing out Europe—again?  According to one former Fed VP, the answer is a resounding yes!  Ron Paul came in a close third in the Iowa Caucuses, but there are questions arising on shenanigans that may have cut his vote total.  Karl Rove predicted Romney would win by a narrow margin when all the networks were reporting the race was too close to call.  Who were his sources, and was there a back room deal cut on the outcome?  Dennis Gartman of the Gartman (financial news) Letter has reversed a major call on gold.  Three weeks ago, he said to sell because it was in a bear market.  Now, he says he made a mistake and claims it is still a bull market for the yellow metal.  All these stories and more from Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Jan

    I am beginning to think Third World countries have more honest elections than the USA.

    I think young people will turn out for Ron Paul more and more. They have been burned by empty Obama promises and have lost friends to Bush’s war. I think they are more connected and aware than their parents who listen to the MSM for their news.

    They are connect to the Internet for their news and I believe they will have an impact on this election.

    • Greg

      You may be right!

    • kenergy599

      I agree Jan.

      Good site Greg.

      • Greg

        Thank you kenergy.

  2. Bob

    Congress has a approval rating of 9%, the people understand they let us be pulled into worthless wars and let the bankers rob this country. Obama has this big stick called the inside story of 9/11. If he want’s four more years he will have them. The whole world knows 9/11 was some kind of inside job. The big boys in the pentagon have been played for fools and I don’t see a neocon being elected unless they have a death wish.

  3. Chuck Allen


    The US Navy should ignore Iran’s call to stay out, afterall it is an international waterway. I think we need to see how far Iran is willing to go if we have a significant force in the area.

    As long as “We the People” have no control over the FED, it will continue to sell the U.S. down the drain. I have personally petitioned my representative in congress and the two senators from my state; as well as the leaders of the senate and the house…to get rid of the FED as an illegal body…they have not even acknowledged receipt.

    The MSM is having a more difficult time of sweeping Ron Paul under the public view. I hope his campaign gains the strength to get the vote behind him. Who knows, Ron Paul might actually do something for America and not for special interests, like the others.

    Buying gold and silver is still a very strong thing to do. It is always very strong collateral in any given situation. There is only one problem, the U.S. government might steal it again by making it illegal.

    Happy New Year Greg!

  4. M SMITH

    Greg, for all the people out there who know we are in a crisis I would not wait but act to protect yourself. Here is a site rich in knowledge & very deep thinking that will help you make the right decisions. I visit this site offen, but had never read the 1st post of ‘Another’, now that I have, my thinking has been forever changed! http://fofoa.blogspot.com/2008/08/first-post.html. The content has a way to open up new doors for anyone. We are going from here to ‘there’ it is ‘there’ we need to be focusing on!

    Greg, the above site speaks of Giants, those who are made to look like like giants(Buffet,Soros,Gates)and talks about men we all know of. I hope the ‘Thoughts’ Of ‘Another’ will spark a debate here also. Here’s to Monday news!

    • slingshot

      FOFOA’s travels go way back to my introduction and education of precious metals and other informational subjects in the world. As far back before gold bottomed at $254. Days of, Gold=Dollar=Oil discussion. Good site.

  5. jay

    I find the postings on this site to be almost as good as the articals.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jay!!

  6. KPete

    So long as we don’t have a hard copy of the vote, tampering will be easy.

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