MSM Lies for Hillary, Russia US Closer to War, Economic Update

1aaaBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 259 10.21.16)

The mainstream media (MSM) is totally lying to the public about everything from voter fraud to Wiki Leaks. There are many current examples of possible voter fraud such as the recent revelation by the Pew Center that 24 million U.S. voter registrations are “significantly inaccurate.” Pew Center also says there are 1.8 million dead people still on the voter rolls. The other part of the MSM lie is done by omission. The MSM is simply not covering major news stories that are negative to the Clinton campaign. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is pure fraud on shareholders and the public by so-called news organizations that are really functioning as Democrat propaganda shills.

The U.S. and Russia are moving closer to war. Now, it is reported that Russia is preparing 40 million of its people for nuclear war with training exercises. Russia is also threatening the U.S. with “painful” retaliation if tougher sanctions are imposed.

Another big-time money manager is warning of a stock market crash. Mohamed El-Erian is warning of “enormous risk” and says it’s better to be a seller of the stock market right now than a buyer.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Constance C.

    Two people in Australia, one American one Australian, waiting for Armageddon

    Good Bye Forever My Love, , ,

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
    that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
    __________John 3:16
    The nations were filled with wrath, but now the time of your wrath has come.
    It is time to judge the dead and reward your servants the prophets,
    as well as your holy people, and all who fear your name,
    from the least to the greatest.
    It is time to destroy all who have caused destruction on the earth.”
    __________Revelation 11:18
    In fact, unless that time of calamity is shortened, not a single person will survive.
    But it will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen ones.
    __________Matthew 24:22
    Set me as a seal over your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is as strong as death,
    passionate love unrelenting as the grave. Its darts are darts of fire— divine flame!
    __________Song of Solomon 8:6
    Wait for me, waite for me. . .

    • Anthony Australia

      It’s been a long week my friends.

      “The End”

      This is the end
      Beautiful friend
      This is the end
      My only friend, the end

      Of our elaborate plans, the end
      Of everything that stands, the end
      No safety or surprise, the end
      I’ll never look into your eyes…again

      Can you picture what will be
      So limitless and free
      Desperately in need…of some…stranger’s hand
      In a…desperate land

      Lost in a Roman…wilderness of pain
      And all the children are insane
      All the children are insane
      Waiting for the summer rain, yeah

      • Doug Richards Anthony we fought this damn war and lost. Trying to contain China and look at China today!
        Vietnam, old men sending young men to die for what? And now World War Three? This is the End my only friend, this is the end!
        They dig the resources out our land and sell it back to us in finished products. The debtor is enslaved to the lender. Where bought and paid for, sold to the highest bidder, China.
        You guys fought with us in every war we ever fought, except the one we fought between ourselves, the Civil war between the states. A miracle your states weren’t in on it too. Now your right in their, eager to join us into annihilation, thank you! Were a crazy lot, us former colonies. LOL!
        Long live the Anglo-American, world super duper power, dude. God save the Queen!

        • Anthony Australia

          Thanks Doug

        • Paul ...

          Doug … US citizens have been drinking the MSM cool aid for too long … now they have “heart burn” (as they see our own leaders like McCain mingling with ISIS terrorists and giving them weapons to chop off Christian heads) … the MSM tells us they have a cure for our “heart burn” … they give us a mixture of neocon ants and military Clorox on our TV screens promoting war with Russia and tell us this Antacid will cure our condition … it will cure our condition alright by melting our hearts in a world wide nuclear inferno inferno called WWIII … we must clean out the cesspool in Washington DC as all the crap is backing up into our Justice Dept, FBI, etc., etc. … lets hire Trump to rotor-root the system and get our government functioning again by imposing term limits on Congress … only Supreme Court Justice’s are supposed to have a lifetime job!!!

        • Charles H


          The sinful nature of man has ALWAYS tended toward exploitation – making merchandise of your fellow man. The ploys and arrangements are rife through history. Only in America was a moral and ethical basis of honesty and fair dealing set out, for a time. (The Vietnam Vets knew the trailing-edge of it. (Navy)). It’s a damn stupid shame it has to go away.
          Still – I’m thankful I was American born and raised. I could just as well have been a poor black girl in Liberia.

      • Sven

        Cool. Where’s Mr Mojo Risin when we need him?

        And don’t forget five to one, baby!

        • Anthony Australia

          Here is Australia’s song about the War in Vietnam

          • Doug Richards

            Anthony, one of my best friends was 16 in Nam. He was a rowdy youngster and went before the judge who gave him an offer, the juvenile home [juvy] or the Navy! He chose the latter and wound up in Vietnam and his destroyer the USS EDSON (DD-946) was hit by a torpedo on his watch, as lookout. He was fast asleep when they were hit. So he lost his stripes. He also lost a testicle in Kenya when he and his buddies rented presstitudes and he refused to participate and refused to pay up, so was knifed in the groin! They barely got him back to the ship. When he awoke after surgery the ships surgeon told him, Seaman Kitter, don’t you know you never go home with the natives!
            They were young Tony. I got a number two in the lottery draft and got a physical to go but Nixon bombed the hell out of north Vietnam to make them come to the peace talks and the war ended, albeit till they overran the south in 75, so I just missed going myself. Now I’m afraid for not just myself this time but the whole lot of us, in a nuclear conflagration to end all wars permanently, because will all be dead! Like Einstein so prophetically said. World War Four will be fought with sticks and stones, that may break only their bones. . .So lets just all get stoned! It’s so serious and true you just cant be blue, till we all shoot thru!
            New Living Translation
            And what value was there in fighting wild beasts–those people of Ephesus–if there will be no resurrection from the dead? And if there is no resurrection, “Let’s feast and drink, for tomorrow we die!”
            1 Corinthians 15:32

            • Anthony Australia

              Bless you Doug

        • Charles H

          Twenty-five, or 6, 2, 4…

    • R. Miller

      Heh. USA Today can’t spell. The word is “RATCHETS” not “rachets”.

    • John Crumby

      This clip should put into prospectus other On The Beach clips here.
      1959 On the Beach movie; Deadly background radiation

      Trailer 1959 On The Beach

      On the Beach (1959) Review

      Comprehensive Aussie review

      The real McCoy;

      Titan Nuclear Missile Launch Works

      Code Name Sickle: Russia’s missile carriers and nuclear silos explored
      RUSSIA WARNS OBAMA conducts Nuclear ICBM Missile test. SS-18 Satan can carry 10 Nuclear Bombs
      Last but not least

      make baby’s not war. . .

      • Galaxy 500

        Don’t forget that our 14 Ohio class boomers carry 24 UGM-133 Trident II missles, each with 8-12 MIRVs.

  2. DLC

    After listening to Mannarino’s remarks of 10/17 before he came on your program, I got very down. He does get right down to bedrock and speaks with such an air of certainty, and Holter does not mince words either. I do want info and cannot wait for these 3 weeks to be over. It is the uncertainty and the press playing with everyone’s perception that is wearing.

    It is not only our votes that we need to cast. Everyone who is of a Trump frame of mind needs to stop supporting the dark side in every way possible. The last movie I went to see was “Seabiscuit.” That was ?15 years ago. I refuse to support Hollywood and do not even YouTube their movies with very rare exception, like mainly war movies, Civil War themes. Hollywood rarely supports such topics.

    People cannot go back to passivity. Progressives never do. It has been revealed what we are up against and by whom, one positive outcome to all of this.

    You have been very animated these past months, especially so as we close in on the big day. Everyone offer up a prayer for Greg and all his guests, the truth seekers, the truth speakers, our forward line in this most crucial election.

    • Tin foil hat

      I know exactly how you feel. The way the free press (?) closed ranges around Hillary is truly frightening. I’m sure most watchdoggers here know the media is biased but I’m shock at the extent of blatantness and shamelessness on full display.
      I’m not the type who gets rattled easily but I’m shocked! I wonder how many average Americans truly understand what that means.

    • WD


      I think that is starting, movie theaters are not doing well…but this is a start:

      Plummeting Newspaper Ad Revenue Sparks New Wave of Changes

      With global newspaper print advertising on pace for worst decline since recession, publishers cut costs and restructure

      • Charles H

        They might make Capital Commitments along side of Capital Controls – and MAKE people go to movies and buy news-papers. (Comics will be the biggest section!)

      • Galaxy 500

        I have not been to see a movie in at least 8 years. I don’t believe in giving my enemies money if I can help it. Movies aren’t a necessity

    • Faith

      Why didn’t you go see the movies that were made by Dinesh D’Souza? I made of point of seeing both in the theatre. The one he made four years ago and the one he had out this year. Both were excellent.

      This is reality. I would rather know the truth and be awake and aware than be stuck in a cloud of illusion and self deception. No thank you. Give me reality. I can handle the truth! So can you! Chin up!

  3. Old Dog

    Worth the watch:

    • Frederick

      Good stuff dog thanks for the link

  4. DLC

    I interpret this as the soldiers who did not survive war, the women representing a spiritual presence guiding the soldiers on the rest of their journey.

    This same theme is apparently played out every year with just different staging. Some wounds do not completely heal as long as those with memories of war and loss remain.

    Note Putin and Chinese prez in audience.

    Putin is in attendance every year. Can you ever imagine Michelle or Barry or Hillary showing one iota of respect for those they send to their deaths?

    I like to put a human face to our policies. We demonize those we are out to destroy, which seems like most everyone these days.

    • David

      Putin had a wistful look in his eyes.

    • Anni

      Very moving especially in the face of the media hidden, movement of armies at this time..

    • Macray

      Air Force Chief Foresees Decades More US Wars
      In comments yesterday at a spouse and family forum, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein discussed the growing number of airmen being deployed abroad for longer periods of time, saying that this problem is going to continue for decades to come.
      DLC, thanks for the Video

  5. Frederick

    Some guy named David Rosenberg is proposing “doing something” about student debt which is probably a taxpayer bailout of deadbeats frankly Meanwhile I paid nearly 200 K for my sons education paid for not by crooked money but by banging nails and finishing concrete slabs on my hands and knees Wheres the fairness in that Greg?

    • David

      Frederick: I share your feelings. We, too, worked hard to save money for three children so that we could cash flow their education. For our entire life, we elected to live in a very small home, purchase used furniture, drive small cars until they fell apart, mended clothes and handed them down, etc. All of this because we accepted total responsibility for our children and never expected a handout. Also, we worked while going to college and so did my children. What’s wrong with that?

      I, too, get very frustrated when I hear talk of a government bailout and fear that we are rapidly moving to a “cradle-to-grave” philosophy in this country. My mother hammered into us this simple thought: “When the colonialist came to America there were no free handouts. They either worked hard, or they died. Those were their two choices.” She often finished up with, “Now, quit feeling sorry for yourself, and ….”.

    • Galaxy 500

      This isn’t about fairness. It’s about vote buying with bribes.

    • Randy Rhce

      Good Morning Frederick,

      There is absolutely no fairness; however, you have something that those who allow “others to pay their way” don’t have. You have character, self-reliance, honesty, and integrity. Those mentioned things have to be earned, they can’t be given. There are still some things in life that you have to work for. Hold your head high.

      • FC

        Unfortunately Randy, Character, Self-reliance, honesty and integrity are words that most people don’t know how to spell, let alone how to conduct themselves in that manner.
        At a rally a few months ago, this creature was yelling a series of profanities at me, because I basically explained to him in a gentlemanly way that I had worked all my life and will always provide for my family and that he should do the same thing.
        In the end this creature and his ilk, walked away with their heads held higher than me and in return, called me a loser………….praise God The Father, because he was the only one at the time, who was capable of holding me back, from what I wanted to do to him.

    • Leah from Seattle

      Did you know?
      Children of Congress members do not have to pay back their college student
      Staffers of Congress family members are also exempt from having to payback
      student loans.
      Members of Congress can retire at full pay after only one term.
      Members of Congress have exempted themselves from many of the laws they have
      passed, under which ordinary citizens must live.
      And as the latest example, they have exempted themselves from Healthcare
      Reform, in all of its aspects.
      We must not tolerate an elite class of such people, elected as public
      servants and then putting themselves above the law.
      I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent, or
      whatever. The self-serving must stop.

      • Edward Ulysses Cate

        That’s why I’m voting against every incumbent every election. Eventually, the odds are good we’ll get to a non-sociopathic majority in Congress and start correcting some of these injustices. Or else just start all over like the Civil War, which I’d like to avoid. Perhaps it’s just too late.

      • Edward Ulysses Cate

        One more thing;
        “Members of Congress can retire at full pay after only one term”
        If that’s true, that would explain why Dan Quayle (Cerberus) probably financed his son Ben to one term as Arizona Congressman. Ben lost re-election, but now has a lifelong allowance.

        • Paul ...

          Congressmen can retire for life “at full pay” after taking bribes for “two years” … while ordinary Americans who work their full lives are lucky to get a $5 dollar increase in their social security checks … thank you Congress … and thank you for increasing our health insurance premiums by hundreds of dollars … we are so grateful to you crooks … that we are going to elect Hillary for you to keep the crookery in Washington DC going on and on and on!

          • Galaxy 500

            And this needs to be stopped. No full retirement, how about Zero retirement. It’s called public service. It shouldn’t be a career

        • Charles H


      • Faith

        Leah, thank you. It is unacceptable that the oligarchs live with a different set of rules.

        Retirement after one term? Incredible.

        I don’t know if anyone else checked the COLA for veterans, retired military, and Social Security this year. It is 0.03%.

        The COLA for federal employees and congress? I doubt very much that it is 0.03%.

      • Lee

        Leah… this really true and would the majority of Americans know this? If yes, why have you allowed your representatives to get away with this? You’ve voted for these criminals for decade after decade after decade… come people like Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell have been in their positions for so long (to name a couple and many others like Nancy Pelosi…she reminds me of our Bronwyn Bishop in Australia….loved every photo op but achieved nothing of importance……had to force her out in the end)…..have they actually achieved anything??
        Lee for Trump 2016 (shame I can’t vote!)

    • Faith

      My parents taught me at a young age that life is not fair. That is another lie pedaled by the left. It is sophistry. Nothing but a lie and a base appeal to the emotions of the masses.

  6. 8Ball

    Here is a great video on MSM manipulation…

  7. Frederick

    Has anyone else seen how the socalled “elites” of NY C heckled Donald Trumps truth at the annual “Al Smith Catholic charities dinner” ? What a bunch of hypocrites

    • Tommy

      Even I was put off by his Hillary jokes. Not the time, not the place.

      • Tin foil hat

        I have developed a tremendous respect for Trump after the charities dinner. He is the only one who is not a hypocrite in that circle.
        I heard Cardinal Dolan yesterday morning blasting Hillary regarding the planned infiltration of the Catholic Church. He stated that Podesta, a Hillary’s advisor, has already setted up two organizations designed to infiltrate the church. He further stated that a much bigger public outcry would occur if the target were Islam or Judaism.
        Last night, I saw Dolan kissing Hillary’s ring. I have no respect for Dolan. Donald Trump is a fighter who wouldn’t allow anybody put him in a box.

      • Lee

        Tommy….You must be joking….you have read what was said by the DNC about Catholics and Evangelicals on the Project Veritas tapes right? This was exactly the time and place for what Trump said. Anything less and he would have been a complete hypocrite!
        An Australian Trump supporter.

    • Paul ...

      Surreal … how “normal” is this? … as Trump implied … how could the creator of ISIS (who’s job it is to chop off Christian heads) be sitting and laughing with the Catholic Archbishop??? … would the family of murdered Ambassador Stevens invite the person responsible to their dinner party?? … but as it worked out they did put a bottle of Saran gas at her table (Trump)!!!

    • john duffy

      Watch clinton and her cronies squirm at the end

    • Bill

      GREG: Russia is preparing for nuclear war, why does our govt and the msm choose to keep us in the dark about this threat we are facing.

      • Paul ...

        You have to remember the globalists only want 500,000 neocons on planet Earth … so when they get their nuclear war started … they want as many people walking in the streets as possible when the hydrogen bombs go off over their heads … they WANT “mass civilian casualties” … and this is the reason why they are not trying to protect us Americans the way Putin is trying to protect his people!

      • Jeffrey

        … thank you John ! ! ! I really needed to see Trump in action like this ! What a President he will be , despite the neocon mind control and corruption of our Constitution … LET’S STAND UP AND BRING OUR COUNTRY HOME ! ! !

  8. Rick Geisler

    You were talking about Hillary needing her naps. I have always been told that Hitler lost WWII because he took a nap and told his generals not to wake him. On the morning of June 6, 1944 Hitler went into his chamber and ordered his staff that under no circumstance was he to be awakened. His staff was too cowardly to do otherwise. By the time Hitler awoke the American forces had taken the beaches. Do we really need a Commander in Chief, like Hillary, who will be asleep when the Russians take our beaches? Either way if you need naps the last place you need to be is in the Oval Office.

    • Paul ...

      It’s already happened with Hillary when Benghazi was under attack … supposedly “she just happened to be conveniently napping” when Ambassador Steven’s was crying for help (the man who could have criminally implicated Hillary in running weapons and Saran gas to ISIS)!

  9. DLC

    Frederick: Just finished watching the Al Smith dinner comments by Trump. Holy Toledo! The truth sounds so foreign. He was so spot on and courageous to say what should have been said by the press all along.

    This is what people have needed to hear for decades. If anyone missed these remarks, take the time to give a listen. Strange how the truth sounds so out there after decades of BS.

    Someone called in to Laura Ingraham’s show on Wednesday saying that the Clinton bus dump of sewage out into the street was a metaphor for her whole campaign. DC has been dumping on us in like fashion. Trump, the hazmat solution.

  10. Oracle 911

    The NWO works only if the people behave like sheeps or biorobots or zombies or termites. Which is the goal of the owners of the System BUT the original tool for the mass control the, Internet turned against the owners of the System. Because it allowed to the nonconformists, black sheeps etc. present their ideas in relative anonymity and those who were/are willing to listen and THINK find interesting tidbits and sometimes confirmation in their suspicions. (Well it is clear case of the monkeys paw effect.)
    Another thing is that we are living far more faster or rather the circulation of the information is faster then 100 or 300 years ago. Which means if a public official says something then the results are present within few weeks (2-3 in average) and regardless what the MSM reports people will know the result.
    There is another interesting thing, those who still refuse think for themselves and still act like a sheep or biorobot are subjects of stress thus getting more sickly or having more accidents.
    And the last thing, the owners recognized that they are loosing control on the system but the current managers don’t, thus the owners want change the management. Currently the management is the interest group behind Hillary consisting mainly from neocons and Wall street goons and they want to keep the status quo within the system by whatever cost, even it means breaking the system and a thermonuclear war. While interest group behind Trump not just want keep the system going but also the biosphere functioning and that means the US have to loose its superpower status and thus live within it means.
    And Trump is the relatively nice way of the perestroika of the US and Hillary the really rough way of perestroika of the US. BTW the perestroika Hillary style will start with a HUGE US treasury dump and empty shelves (9 meals from anarchy say it all).
    Luckily the Americans made their choice which have to be officially recognized . But are the Americans prepared to face the wanted and unwanted consequences of their choices?

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  11. Galaxy 500

    In Harrisonburg, VA 20 dead people just RE-REGISTERED to vote, in just one small town. And in 1,046 ILLEGAL ALIENS were registered to vote and that was not entire state. In PA, 700 people registered there voted twice. 43,000 are double registered.
    In Phillidelphia, illegal aliens? Honor system, 86 self reported when asked. In Philly, 86 illegal.
    Plus voter harvesting targeting mail in ballots at nursing homes, etc.
    But the mainstream media says nothing…
    The people pushing this should be punished with extreme prejudice. And those that vote illegally, they should be piked and suspended by a nice 2″-3″ pole in a public place until they die. Illegal voting is an assault on our entire country and the punishment should fit the crime.
    Let’s make America great again… and Vlad, too

  12. Jerry

    The BRIC parallel Bretton Wood replacement system is almost complete. Morgan Stanley and Citibank are setting up clearing houses here in the United States to begin Yuan transfers.

    For months I have been talking about how the Chinese and over 125 countries globally have been preparing to leave the fraudulent dollar based exchange system being run by the western banking crime syndicate. Well the time is almost here. According to SWIFT there is approximately 2800 financial institutions world wide, who are currently connected to their network, that are ready to begin Yuan EFT transfers. I tried to post the link, but I could not get the adobe acrobat reader they were using to copy and paste. Go to their site and check it out for yourself.

    The point is, the hammer is getting ready to drop on the dollar. I’m not making a prediction, only an observation. In my opinion the western backing cabal is in a desperate situation and can’t get out. Thus the outward panic being displayed by the cabal controlled mainstream media. Should it appear in any way that Trump could win the election the western cabal will collapse the system with some type of false flag event. Should Hillary get elected and threaten war with Russia, the BRICS will pull the plug on the dollar with a gold price reset. Its coming folks. Get ready.

    • Jerry

      Petro Yuan? The G20 came and went, and behind closed doors deals were cut to eliminate the dollars hegemony .

      When might you ask? That is yet to be determined in the killing fields of Syria. The Saudis want Assad gone at all cost. If America can’t deliver, the Saudis will cut a new deal with the Chinese pure and simple. Its part of the petrodollar agreement that Henry Kissinger signed with the Saudi’s in 1968.

      The offensive that’s going on right now in northern Iraq has nothing to do with ISIS. The U.S. needs a staging area to launch attacks from directly into Syria. The Russians know its coming, and have moved tactical nukes up to the front. Things are about to get dicey.

      • Frederick

        Why should we care what the Saudi want anyway or anyone else in that region? Werent the Saudis implicated in 911 ?

        • Jerry

          The Saudi’s have been in bed from the very beginning with the shadow government that runs this nation. John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he was about to expose them. When the petrodollar is gone. So are we.

      • Sven

        Greg, maybe it’s time to interview Jerry?

        And don’t forget Brandon Smith. He offers a very convincing argument in his articles.

        • sw

          Thank you, Sven! Yes, please have Brandon on as soon as you can.

          • Jerry

            I agree. Brandon has a lot of good information.

      • helot

        Dear Jerry,

        RE: ‘the western backing cabal is in a desperate situation and can’t get out’

        Have you considered this perspective?:

        ‘And, as I have evidenced and outlined in great detail in numerous articles, the “conflict” between East and West is an engineered sham. At the top of the political and financial pyramids of every major nation, including Russia and China, the elites promote globalism and a one world currency under the control of the International Monetary Fund. Putin has openly supported IMF dominance of the global financial structure and the implementation of the SDR as a bridge to a global currency system. Chinese officials have done the same, and as of October, China is a major liquidity amplifier for the SDR. The BRICS bank, which was supposed to be a counterweight to the IMF and World Bank, actually works in collusion with the IMF and World Bank. The bottom line? There is no East versus West, at least not where the elites are concerned.’ – From, East vs. West Division Is About The Dollar – Not Nuclear War, by Brandon Smith, October 19 2016.

        • Paul ...

          China is trying to collect the debt the US owes them … but the US is like a person with a Walmart credit card buying everything they can from China “on credit” and not even paying the minimum monthly payment … China has declared the US in default … and China is now foreclosing on US assets (they own our ports, Chase Bank, resources and land in the west, etc., etc.) … the American people’s farm land is now being taken to give to China … but ranchers are beginning to resist … so the Government needs to take away our guns!!

        • Jerry

          I go back and forth with that theory as well. But I have come to the conclusion that there are two sets of oligarchs vying for world domination both in the east and in the west. The kicker is that both are being controlled by Lucifer who sits at the head of the table. Follow the City of London Corporation back through history and you will get the picture. Lucifer historically uses “banks” to control empires with, and to take them to war. Control is maintained by keeping us at each others throats. The globalist ideals are rooted in his doctrine of domination over man.

          • Charles H

            Dominion and War being the two sides of the same coin.

        • Galaxy 500

          Has anyone ever thought that it might just be islam that is the problem with the middle east?
          I know that is the simple answer and it isn’t as sex you as all the conspiracy theories but it is THE answer and has been the answer to the problems there for hundreds of years.

      • Faith

        Jerry, it was interesting to read about Russia moving its Navy through the English Channel on its way to Syria. Biggest naval movements since the Cold War. (Article posted on zerohedge a few days ago).

        I served during the Cold War. I have never thought that I lived in a more dangerous time than right now. I expect every morning to wake up and hear that it has started. That is not exactly true. I expect to wake up and have no cell service, no internet, no landline, and no electricity. That nearly happened yesterday in my area. The Internet and cell service were both out for almost 12 hours in my area yesterday. If the electricity had gone out I would have thought it was due to an EMP or massive cyber attack. Apparently the outage was due to a possible massive DNS attack which is ongoing. Zerohedge has been posting relevent articles, so has Breitbart.

        I think that China has been chosen as the next empire. I don’t see that regular people can do much to change that outcome. It doesn’t matter to me. I want to live my life, be healthy, have good neighbor’s and good relationships with my family and friends. In the end, that is what matters. Pretty basic stuff.

      • Charles H

        Meet the new boss – same as the old boss… we won’t be fooled again (?)

        Certainly China and Russia will hold-out to gain supremacy in currency; and PMs WILL figure in that change: but corruption, from within and without will cause unification somewhere down the road. The world will stumble like a drunk man.

  13. Tin foil hat

    Mr. Miller,
    When the free press is not so free in America, the day of reckoning is not far behind. I’m confident that we in the U.S. still have a few more years to have the freedom to move about freely. That would change when the alt-media is shut down by the government following another 911.

    • Paul ...

      Another 9-11 may have already begun …

      • Paul ...

        The neocons need war “to try” and cancel election results that will be of Biblical proportion 2/3 for Trump 1/3 for Hillary (after adding the dead peoples vote) … the neocons and the MSM will try and blame Russia to deny the American people their choice as to who they want for President … by launching a nuclear war! … Hey Military Generals remember how you stood down to allow 9-11 … you owe the American people one … stand down on launching WWIII … you don’t have to follow orders given by crazy pycopathic neocons to press the red button!! …

  14. Spurr

    He who owns the press has the power… ! After watching the last debate and seeing Killery with her smugness, arrogance and conptempt I have sadly realized that the evil people that are now in power are simply too strong to be defeated. It doesn’t matter if Trump is leading in the poles by 70%… She knows she will win… !! If there was ever a time that God needs to help the masses its now… on Nov. 8 we will need nothing short of a miracle to defeat the evil crooks… because the crooks have all the bases covered!

    It has been alluded that Trump is backed by Israel… I sincerily hope that they have a plan in play so they can pull off that miracle!

    • Tin foil hat

      I think Trump may have a chance to win if he led by 70%. If Trump had any outside backing, it would be the BIS.

    • Gina M Mancarella

      Yes. We have won. Hillary is the victor. We have the bad American conservatives by the balls this time. And Hillary is going to crush those balls to bits.

      • Jesse James

        Hey Gina,
        Get it handed right back at u in your own filthy language, with both barrels!
        Gina your just a low information lame steamed media propagandist speech writer for all the fascist pigs on Wall St. and Washington and the so called corporate media
        lap dog’s. You might be able to stop the Trumpster but you’ll never stop the people. You just try and lick that!

        • Lucas Doolin

          A Kool-Aid drinker Jesse.

  15. Da Yooper

    a swing state is a state so corrupt they can swing ( rig or manipulate ) the vote any way they want

  16. ivan kruger

    The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) made it legal for the C.I.A. to use propaganda on the American public via the media . Our national media is just a big psyops operation run by the C.I.A. It’s why just about everything the mainstream media pumps out are a bunch of lies and manipulations ,and the public needs to stop forming their beliefs and opinions of the world based on the lies and manipulations that are pumped out it . It’s propaganda indoctrination designed to shape your thoughts , beliefs , and opinions of the world . The best thing people can do for themselve is to completely ignore mainstream media . Stop letting the banker’s puppets tell you what to think .

    • ivan kruger

      The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) made it legal for the C.I.A. to use propaganda on the American public via the media . Our national media is just a big psyops operation run by the C.I.A. It’s why just about everything the mainstream media pumps out are a bunch of lies and manipulations ,and the public needs to stop forming their beliefs and opinions of the world based on the lies and manipulations that are pumped out it . It’s propaganda indoctrination designed to shape your thoughts , beliefs , and opinions of the world . The best thing people can do for themselve is to completely ignore mainstream media . Stop letting the banker’s puppets tell you what to think .

      • Paul ...

        That had to be repeated twice … and for good measure listen to how Trump is going to drain the Washington cesspool … bye … bye .. McCain and you other neocons … we get our country back in just two weeks … I can’t wait! …

        • FC

          I hope you are correct and that Trump, is not another Silvo Berlusconi, a billionaire businessman who began Prime Minister of Italy, promising to end corruption in his country………history has shown it went from bad to worse.

          • Paul ...

            If Trump can’t get his Term Limits legislation passed in Congress all the American people have to do is … never vote any incumbent back into office!!

            • Paul ...

              Another reason to flush Congress is because the crooks are not only cheap when it concerns the lives of the American citizens they represent but because they are either just plain stupid or really want America destroyed … think Fuckushima is bad we could have 40 Fuckushimas go off at once in America, the grid go down, no food, rioting in the streets, etc., etc., … exactly what the neocons in Congress want so they can bring in their NWO …

            • Galaxy 500

              We can get a Constitutional Ammendment through the states if they don’t in DC

          • Charles H

            Big, sharp point, FC. Really good.

          • Galaxy 500

            I understand your point but how is anything that Hillary does going to be less than 5 orders of magnitude worse?

    • David

      Ivan: please provide the specific language from the NDAA that made it legal for the CIA to use propaganda against the American public. Exact language, please.

      • ivan kruger

        David , which U.S. government agency do you think would be given the job of administering propaganda to the american public for the government of the good old U.S.A. ? Would it be the A.T.F. ? The F.B.I. ? The Department of Homeland Security ? ,or could it possible be that the job of administering propaganda to the american public would be given to the C.I.A. ? Check it out David –

        • David

          So, you don’t have the NDAA language?

          • ivan kruger

            The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act (2012) was inserted and hidden into the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act . The exact way the act is worded is as follows – (2) David , check these videos out (1) (2) (3)

            • David

              It states: “No funds authorized to be appropriated to the Department of State or the Broad-casting Board of Governors shall be used to influence public opinion in the United States.”

              I can speak authoritatively on this issue. Laws expressly prohibit the State Dept, CIA, and DoD, among other U.S. agencies, from engaging in any activity that directly or indirectly influences public opinion in the U.S. Period. And there are a gazillion lawyers running around to ensure that this doesn’t happen. There is no great conspiracy.

              I understand why Americans believe otherwise, but it is factually incorrect.

              Let’s agree to disagree. Best regards.

          • ivan kruger

            Daivd , For exact ndaa wording – Go to sec 1078

            • David

              Section 208 of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1986 and 1987 (22 U.S.C. 1461–1a) is amended to read as follows:

              208. Clarification on domestic distribution of program material

              (a) No funds authorized to be appropriated to the Department of State or the Broadcasting Board of Governors shall be used to influence public opinion in the United States.

              • ivan kruger

                Sec 501.General authorization (b)
                (1)Except as provided in paragraph (2), the Secretary and the Broadcasting Board of Governors may, upon request and reimbursement of the reasonable costs incurred in fulfilling such a request, make available, in the United States, motion pictures, films, video, audio, and other materials disseminated abroad pursuant to this Act, the United States International Broadcasting Act of 1994 (22 U.S.C. 6201 et seq.), the Radio Broadcasting to Cuba Act (22 U.S.C. 1465 et seq.), or the Television Broadcasting to Cuba Act (22 U.S.C. 1465aa et seq.). Any reimbursement pursuant to this paragraph shall be credited to the applicable appropriation account of the Department of State or the Broadcasting Board of Governors, as appropriate. The Secretary and the Broadcasting Board of Governors shall issue necessary regulations— Sec 208. (b)Rule of construction
                Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the Department of State or the Broadcasting Board of Governors from engaging in any medium or form of communication, either directly or indirectly, because a United States domestic audience is or may be thereby exposed to program material, or based on a presumption of such exposure. Such material may be made available within the United States and disseminated, when appropriate, pursuant to sections 502 and 1005 of the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (22 U.S.C. 1462 and 1437), except that nothing in this section may be construed to authorize the Department of State or the Broadcasting Board of Governors to disseminate within the United States any program material prepared for dissemination abroad on or before the effective date of section 1078 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013.

              • ivan kruger

                David , I don’t mean to be a smartass , but I think this document is either to complicated for you to comprehend or your only reading it in bits and pieces .

              • ivan kruger

                The provisions of this section shall apply only to the Department of State and the Broadcasting Board of Governors and to no other department or agency of the Federal Government.

  17. Jallen

    Gregand Watchdogs a Jallen rant follows;
    Greg, to back up what you say in your weekly wrapup, News with David Muir has the same format every night; Poititical story, Weather report, plane crash etc and close with a Feel Good story. American main stream TV is nothing but propaganda and lies.
    The Bankers that support Hillary Clinton do what, lets see, Wells Fargo = Fraud and Deception, and this is small potatos compared to the Federal Reserve, Oh America, when will you wake up?
    To all you NEO CONS, LIBERALS and PROGRESSIVES, take a good look a Syria, do you not think this can happen to your children, to all the women voters out there, think twice before you vote, Hillary is againt the womb, what makes you think she will not sacrifice your children to god of war! Oh you fools, you were conned into your wife working while raising a family, how did that turn out? Now the Demcrats can tax the day lights out of two working parents and your life style is paying off your credit cards, how slick are the Democrats and Bankers and what does that make you, a financial slave. America, the Devil is about to collect his due, did you really think he was going to give you a FREE LUNCH!

    • Paul ...

      First they chopped off the heads of Christians … and I did nothing!
      Then they declared war on Russia … and I did nothing!
      Then ***BOOM*** Nuclear Armageddon occurred … and I was nothing!

    • Gina M Mancarella

      We wont be communists. Reformed capitalist newborn liberal socialists is more like it. Black people are tired of being ignored. Its time to spread the middle class around.

      • Jesse James

        Ya the old name for you guy’s was Fascist!

        Fascists believe that liberal democracy is obsolete, and they regard the complete mobilization of society under a totalitarian one-party state as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict and to respond effectively to economic difficulties.[7] Such a state is led by a strong leader—such as a Hillary Clinton and a martial government composed of the members of the governing fascist party—to forge national unity and maintain a stable and orderly society.[7] Fascism rejects assertions that violence is automatically negative in nature, and views political violence, war, and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation.[8][9][10][11] Fascists advocate a mixed economy, with the principal goal of achieving autarky through protectionist and interventionist economic policies.[12]

        Gina you better hope and pray u win because the Orkin man will get u if not! So bug out and bug OFF!

        • Jesse James

          In other words Gina baby, your a National Socialist, a [NAZI !] Why don’t u just be honest and tell it like it is? Oh no you cant do that! Then you’d be like the Donald, yet u are becoming more like ur enemy, because ur becoming a bit more honest in letting us see just who u, r! better be carefull me lady, of course if u r a lady?

          The term “National Socialism” arose out of attempts to create a nationalist redefinition of “socialism”, as an alternative to both international socialism and free market capitalism. Nazism rejected the Marxist concept of class struggle, opposed cosmopolitan internationalism, and sought to convince all parts of a new German society to subordinate their personal interests to the “common good” and to accept the priority of political interests in economic organisation.[3]

          Gina don’t you just hate the Internet where us un-washed masses can be just as smart as ur smart arse and see right through your smart Botox buttock’s!

          PS. Giner in case ur a man, news u can lose!

      • Kerry

        And what will you do when you find out your strings are being pulled along with everyone else’s? Wait till they come for you–then what will you do? Beg someone with a gun to protect you? Oh, wait, I forgot, all guns have been outlawed! (not to mention, knives, bows with arrows, hammers, sharp pencils, sharp scissors, sharpened eyebrow pencils, and extra large soda cups of Coke…..)

  18. Anne Elliott

    Greg you are an outstanding Christian man; thank you for bringing these issues to our attention, and being a light to all those who hate darkness. We are very grateful!!!

    Concerning the events unfolding today – it is what Gerald Celente used to say – “currency wars lead to trade wars, which lead to global wars (shooting wars)”. We’ve done the first two with Russia, and they, at least, are expecting the shooting wars to happen next. Not only are Saudi Arabia and China turning away from the U.S. by dumping treasuries; we’ve now lost our base in the Phillipines. Duterte is in talks with China, and even Russia about them. The world is slowly converging into two sides, which are becoming increasingly antagonistic against each other.
    I am so glad God is in charge; what a frightening world it would be without Him being in ultimate control!!!

  19. john duffy

    WOMEN VOTERS, please you must watch 5 min. of this.
    Starts at 40 minute 20 second mark

    The entire video is well worth the watch.

  20. Marty

    Of course no one got fired… the mainstream media is completely unbiased.

    Greg, you need to get on board with reality… tune into Hillary’s next speech…

    Hillary: “Don’t pay attention to WikiLeaks because everyone knows that Putin himself hacked those emails…

    Voices in Hillary’s earpiece say: “oh wait that might imply that the content of the hacked emails are authentic… oh crap”

    Voices in Hillary’s earpiece say: “give us a moment… just clear your throat”

    Voices in Hillary’s earpiece say: say… “I meant to say that everyone knows that Putin himself typed all these emails… in fact, 17 of our intelligence agencies have come out and validated that Trump dictated all of these WikiLeaked emails and Putin was taking the dictation just typing away. Everyone knows that Putin and Trump are best buddies – in fact, Trump said as much in our last debate. Just check the tape – Trump actually said the words… “Putin” and “best friend”.

    Mainstream Media: yeah… that’s it… that should get the American dolts… err voters to vote for Hillary.

  21. Tad

    Regardless of source, why is this a bad idea? We’re all familiar with Washington corruption.

  22. Colin

    Heres why we gave Mosul so much warning…

    1200 “terrorists” getting ready to attack Allepo.

  23. Bill

    GREG: one more thing regarding the nuclear threat. If Trump is elected I believe there will be a standdown in Russia, but if Clinton is elected they will continue preparing.

  24. andyb

    Greg: some comments on a fine wrap up:

    War: Putin had a great line in a speech he gave a year ago (I paraphrase): “we made a great mistake in locating our country in the midst of all those American bases”. The great cognitive dissonance of Americans who attack Putin is that they cannot connect this statement with the Cuban Missile crisis. I was at Fort Dix at the time; the national outrage was enormous.

    Voter fraud: in both the 2008 and 2012 elections, the number of votes counted in 7 Ohio counties exceed the number of registered voters by at least 20%. (remember the story a few weeks ago when a warehouse worker found numerous bins containing 1000s of already filled out ballots for Clinton and the Dems?) There will always be fraud. The key is the exit polls. If they disagree with the vote totals by more than 3%, fraud is likely (from a study done by a think tank some years back; sorry I cannot provide the link). Trump is going to have to win by a landslide (>>>10%).

    Election: I agree with Greg that Trump will win. There is an AWAKENING that has happened, albeit a little late. There is a massive shadow Trump vote out there if everyone goes to the polls. Please do.

    • Robert G

      andyb ……
      Trump can’t get out of his own way, he will loose, fair and square. I agree with you there is an AWAKENING out there but neither of these 2 are the solution. 330 million and these are the best they could do?

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Right You are …… WE WIN !!!!!!!!

        HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Kerry

          No Gina,
          When the EM pulse comes for all of us, you will be as vulnerable as all the rest, except for maybe the few of us who think independently and are PREPARED.

  25. Peter

    Dear Greg,

    Sorry but: ” Just the same b s regurgitated over & over……” ! Tell the people of the USA to vote for TRUMP.

    That’s the way to do it.

    Regards from Europe.


    • Robert Lykens

      Why don’t you tell us where to find your website?
      What’s that? You don’t have one? So all you have is a nasty opinion posted on someone else’s website after they’ve done all the hard work?

      • Paul ...

        Robert … Peter is only expressing his opinion … he clearly see’s Hillary is an evil snake (Benghazi, pay to play, unsecured e-mails so she can blame Russia and start WWIII, etc., etc., etc., etc.) and is trying to help us Americans make the right decision on November 8th … vote for Trump!

        • Robert Lykens

          Sorry, Paul, but there are more ways to express an opinion than pure nastiness. I don’t put up with punks who think they can act like assh*les toward my friends just because they have a keyboard.

          • Galaxy 500

            Amen, Robert. Adults can disagree without naming calling. However, Peter is as you put it a punk. But as they can not dispute WHAT Greg is saying as it is fact, the dingleberries have to go after Greg.

    • Galaxy 500

      Your comment reminds me of a Bible verse talking about those that offer up good as evil and evil as good.
      Truth may be hard but the truth is never Bovine Skat.

    • Paul ...

      Yes … photo shop seems to be being used extensively to add “massive crowds” at Hillary rally’s … this needs to be done if they are going to fix the election with “dead peoples” votes and illegal alien votes approximating about 15% of the vote … and this is why we Trump supporters must vote “in mass” (to overwhelm the “open border illegals” voting in our elections and to counteract the votes of our “great great grandparents” who are turning in their graves seeing what these Demon Rats are doing)!!

      • Galaxy 500

        This election is about good (Trump) verses evil as much as anything else.

  26. Ted

    How America will be lost without firing a shot.

    I don’t know if Russia is involved in the subversion of the free world, but Soros, Obama, Hillary, DNC, and Communist Party USA are closely following the KGB Marxist Subversion playbook.
    Deceit is the cornerstone of subversion.
    Marxist Subversion consists of 4 stages, Demoralization (20 yrs min), Destabilization (2-5 yrs), Crises, then Crisis Resolution or “Normalization” (takeover by the subverter).
    The Demoralization stage targets military, law enforcement, media and social interaction, education, and religion.
    The goal of subverting Education is to implant the Marxist ideology in its youth and to encourage unproductive and wasteful areas of studies so as to use up your enemy’s time, resources, and youth. It takes an educational cycle of approximately 20 years. Once educated under the subverter’s ideology, it will not be possible to convince them they are wrong and have been deceived.
    Marxist Subversion focuses on the destruction of religious institutions, spiritual beliefs, and moral values of the enemy population while substituting cults, governmental organizations, and “fake” bureaucratic help structures in an attempt to break down a society and expand the population receiving government assistance. The infiltration of religious organizations, especially at the highest levels, is a key target of a subverter, whereby it can influence ideologies of trusting followers on a large scale, while morally degrading and discrediting the institution from the inside.
    The goal of Marxist subversion of Media and Social Interaction is to censor news, shape public opinion, and make the subverter seem like a friend or ally, while simultaneously targeting opinion to demonize the enemy’s societal support structures, and confuse, anger, and demoralize the population in general, with the end goal of civil war,

    For a more in depth understanding of subversion, I strongly recommend that one look up “Yuri Bezmenov” on YouTube and watch his interviews and lectures. Bezmenov was a high level KGB agent that defected some 30 years ago. His specialty was Marxist subversion of countries and societies.
    Or follow the links for two of his lectures:

    • Greg Hunter

      I hope you are wrong. I and many others will never give up.

      • Robert Lykens

        Greg, so now telling the truth is “partisan”?

        • Galaxy 500

          Where did this come from?
          But if you are talking about telling the truth about Hillary and the Dems, that is being called partisan and is being ignored by the MSM.

        • Galaxy 500

          Sorry Robert, I think you were responding to Boob, ah, umm, I mean Bob

        • Charles H

          Defining others in an inferior position, and in this case “labeling” – why, YES.

        • Robert Lykens

          Sorry, my above reply was in response to Bob’s comment below.

      • Kerry

        Amen to that. I do not believe that Texas will ever go quietly into the darkness. I am a 60 yr old grandma and I plan to fight to my last breath!

    • Faith

      I stumbled onto that video last year or the year before. It is excellent. As I recall J. Edward Griffen was the interviewer. Yes, the same guy that wrote the book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island.”

      Waking up to realize the communists are here and have infiltrated every aspect of American society is chilling. I would never send my children to public schools of indoctrination. There are two colleges I respect: Hillsdale and Liberty. I have no problem with community colleges nor with trade schools. The richest person I know is my landscaper. He is debt free and worth a couple million. Paying cash to build his house. Smart kid.

    • ivan kruger

      A great american by the name of Patrick Henry once said – Give me liberty, or give me death!

  27. Diane D.

    Mr. Miller, why wait a year? I’ll make a bet that can be settled right now, right here. I live in an area of the US called ‘The American Redoubt’. Common bonds of Christianity, love of independence and self sufficiency and self defense, mountains and streams, hunting and fishing, and a disdain for big government bind us.

    The American Redoubt represents one half million square miles, twice the size of Afghanistan. Two of the mightiest armies in the world failed to take control of that little country. Woe to anyone trying to take control of us.

    OK Mr. Miller, I challenge you to name one significant area or country where the people are free and are better prepared to defend their freedoms than we are.

    By the way, wherever you are, we don’t accept your fiat money. We in the Redoubt recognize only silver or gold for money.

  28. Willard Ferch

    A virtuous person has shame and a conscience; radical Liberals have neither. There’s a huge number of them voting. It’s the spirit Machiavelli that rules, and an ideology straight from hell. Great report, but your optimism runs higher than mine, for I believe that this country’s apostasy has removed the Lord’s umbrella and blessings. I hope you’re right and I’m wrong. You’re doing a great work and I tell everyone about your site. Fiddlin

    • Paul ...

      We must vote for Trump to keep the “Portal of Hell” closed and not allow the Evil Demons into our World!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Well said Willard. If things were not looking like it was going sideways, the minions and principalities of the Beast (the Hildabeast is Satan’s main squeeze and the 0bamachrist is Satan’s stepson) would not be in such a dither. Money is power and these people worship money and power as much as they worship Satan. And yet these people are burning present day dollars and future dollars (from businesses that they are destroying) at an unbelievable rate. They aren’t doing this because Hildabeast is winning the way the MSM (Mendacious Skat-eating Media) is portraying it. But then the economy is in recovery either.
      Evil is running scared because the electorate is awakening and their Machiavellian machinations have been revealed to all.
      Do not despair as that is why the MSM is selling, along with their lie of our apostasy. Yes, there are people who have turned their back on the One, True God. But there are people of great faith here too.
      Oppose evil, oppose islam [yes, I realize that is redundant]. Vote Trump 2016

  29. al

    God bless you Greg but the only way to fire anyone in the radical lame stream media is to take away the viewers and unfortunately there are too many lazy TV watchers still drinking the coolaid. Hopefully the Trump Channel will change all that and maybe, just maybe, it will be then that I will watch some TV again.

    • Galaxy 500

      TV is where the minions do most of their thought shaping. Beware

  30. Bob

    He is just so partisan! How can anyone get the true facts from this guy?

    • Greg Hunter

      What did I get wrong?

      • Don Hicks

        Greg, I must say I love the info you provide and the guests you have on……I must differ with you about Trump…..I am one of those “undecideds” that has tried to move my needle his way, through 3 debates, I still can’t do it…….he has disappointed me big time….I must also make it clear that in no way will I vote for Hillary….I was looking for a statesman, like Reagan, who would have had enough savvy and was deft enough to tear Hillary a new one without her even knowing it.. I cannot in my right mind, vote for the lesser of two evils, because in the end it is still evil……IMO, his conservative ideas were pumped into him, didn’t seem natural, his VP pick is a neocon himself, that is unacceptable to me……He talked about the 2nd Amendment a lot, but what about all the others? Is he going to repeal the Patriot Act? The NDAA? shrink big gov’t? cut spending as he cuts taxes? or is he just another big gov’t politician? These are just a few of the questions he did not answer for me… Sad…..

        • Paul ...

          Don … you must listen to more then the debates to get a true fix on Trump … Trump will eliminate the nuclear first strike policy now in place (and will be used by Hillary to start a war with Russia) … Trump will implement term limits on Congress (Hillary will keep the criminals in office for life) … Trump will follow the Constitution (Hillary will destroy even our right to free speech) … etc., … etc. … by not voting for Trump you are effectively voting for Hillary … if you still can’t bring yourself to vote “for” Trump … at least vote “for fairness” … and make the election “more fair” by “cancelling out” one of those dead peoples votes the Democrats are trying to steal the election with!

          • Don Hicks

            Paul, you make a good argument, ok, lets take this to it’s possible conclusion…..Say Trump gets in, and is co opted by the neocons and establishment, and heaven forbid, a war is started with Russia beyond the point of diplomacy, he will have to make decisions of life and death……Trump is not going to get into office, wave his hand, then all is good…..there are forces beyond the Clintons, i.e. George Soros , Council on Foreign Relations, that will have control over him that you may have never thought possible……

        • Galaxy 500

          You are voting for Hillary if you don’t vote Trump. I am not sure how you explain that to your children. Yes, I had a chance to stand up for good and prevent the destruction of America but I voted for a guy that was an idiot that couldn’t win period as a protest. Sorry y’all are enslaved and lost your liberty.
          You point out what Trump may NOT do, in your opinion, yet you utterly ignore everything THAT HILLARY WILL DO. What a load of tripe. How can you be so intellectually dishonest?
          I am shocked. Every question you have, we know absolutely what Hillary is going to do. She WILL raise taxes. She Will destroy the 1st and 2nd Ammendments along with the rest of the Constition. She WILL appoint liberal Justices that will destroy the country.
          And that line about you can’t vote for the lesser of two evils? Really? WTF? What exactly have you been doing in every other election?
          Exactly who is running that is a better choice? The communist, Stein? The pothead that doesn’t know what Allepo is and can’t name a world leader.
          I hear evil people like yourself claiming that you can’t “vote for the lesser” of two evils but the very ACTIONS you choose support the GREATEST EVIL.
          Begone . Get thee behind me Satan

          • Don Hicks

            Galaxy 500, looking at this post, I found it hard to believe you came across like this…..I know you may be angry about what is going on in the country, I am too, but the character assassination in this post,came across as a bad thing, however, I will respect your opinion outside of the personal attacks, as I responded to you in later posts……

        • Charles H

          In Mexico, the hand-picked successor to Carlos Salinas Gotari was Luis Collosio. He was a ‘made man’ and began blabbing his mouth about all the changes he was going to make. Big mistake. The ex-Presidents brother, I believe murdered Collosio before the election and Zedillo was put in. It would be dangerous for Trump to play his hand early.
          This election is not about specific answers: it’s about political direction.

          • Galaxy 500

            It is about political direction. The evil that is the liberal direction verses the good that Trump represents in addition to Freedom.

            • Don Hicks

              Galaxy 500, I ‘m well aware that change is needed, I would go so far as to say a revolution is needed to make change, not one man……this nation is so divided, it could end up in civil war……that’s exactly what the elite want…….a lot of people in this country did not care about the liberal direction for decades, now it’s important?

          • Don Hicks

            I’ve always thought that the turning point was the 2012 election of Obama for the 2nd time, didn’t like Romney either but I voted for him, because I saw at that time the direction the country was going in, and I felt a true change could be made then….that Obama had 4 more years to further his “transformation of America”, the elites are now “in your face” with their corruption and criminalty….that is a sad thing to see, I never thought I’d see this actually happen, I’ve always had a gut feeling at some point the people would rise up against possible tyranny in the future…….

        • Lee

          Don….for goodness sake cut Trump some slack and stop being so damn stupid….. as Charles H says further on, if he’s wise he should not ‘blab’ about all his plans at this point or he might end up like the guy in Mexico.
          Give him and his advisers some credit.. Surely it’s better to give him a go instead of the criminal cabal that passes for your govt. at the moment?
          An Australian onlooker.

          • Don Hicks

            Stupid? Why thank you, if it means I hold on my principles……..thank you…..

        • Lee

          Don…further to my last reply Trump has just unveiled his first 100 days plan… there you are perhaps more of your questions answered.
          An Aussie onlooker

          • Don Hicks

            Thank you for this, I will look at it if you have a link…..”stupid” comment aside…….

            • Don Hicks

              Lee, never mind the link, I found the document and downloaded it……I must say, he obviously had conservative advise on this…….all of his talking points are red meat to any one that is a conservative/libertarian, I like them on the surface…I will have to examine them deeper…….

        • Kerry

          Don’t think of it as voting for Trump think of it as voting against Hillary I would have voted for Ted Cruz, but he didn’t win. We love our Senator here in Texas, he’s a real fighter.

    • Galaxy 500

      When did facts become partisan? You go straight to character assassination but you don’t point to a single fact Greg said that was incorrect.
      By “true” facts, do you mean the Hildabeast’s and her minions’ and principalities’ talking points which are demonstrably mendacious fabrications? I love the way you paid trolls disseminate Hillary’s fantasies as “real” facts, like her dodging sniper fire, how her travel log is an achievement and how her lies are “real”.
      Dude, what does that job pay? 30 pieces of silver?

  31. Lynn

    Nothing is real anymore, everything is a lie (to me that includes Trump), the education my son receives, food pyramids, medical remedies, media coverage, everything they put forth is a lie. We are a kind, gentle nation of fools who go to war for the sake of funding arms dealers and contractors. 9trillion is missing from GAO acct. numbers just last year alone, adding up to 50 trillion plus, WHICH MAKES OUR DEBT A LIE!!! READ THAT. I just wonder Greg, are you for real? I hope so. You are the only thing that we have left, except our connection to our Lord.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Lynn, I assure you I am real and so it the information here.

    • MCasey

      Lynn, You’re correct. Life is full of distractions and then we die. They win. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33 –

    • Faith

      Lynn, thank your mention the fake food pyramid! And the power of the Lord.

      I was in the hospital for three weeks recently. I almost died due to sepsis. Toxic septemia is the diagnosis they give after you are dead or on life support. I came very close to emergency surgery 8 weeks ago. It was a life changing event. I am furious because what I had is preventable! I thought I was a good shopper! I have been reading labels for 20 years, or more. I prepare 90% of my meals at home, from scratch. So why did I get sick? With what terrible illness? Diverticulitis. Abcess.

      The shocking part for me has been learning that two of my doctors also had this! I met one on Wednesday, of this week, who is part of the Gastroenterolgy Surgical group, and he is thin, healthy, a GI surgeon and he has been hospitalized for acute diverticulitis. I met with a new primary care doctor at the VA, today, and he told me he had it bad enough that he had to have a resection of his lower colon, as did is father at the age of 78. His father is also a doctor and is now in his 90s.

      Why am I saying this? One, for people that have bought prepper food, be aware! That food has too much salt, not enough fiber, and not enough protein. You need to make sure that you have adequate protein and fiber.

      I asked the GI surgeon, who was thin, by the way, how did he get diverticulitis (considering he is a trained GI surgeon). What did he say to me? It is a disease of the west. He said the damage is done by the time people are 30 years old. Of course you don’t suffer from that damage until you are in your 50s or 60s or 70s.

      The solution is easy: 30 grams of fiber, per day.

      Not Metamucil, not drinking it. Actually starting with fiber at breakfast and adding extra fiber throughout the day. I was shocked when I started shopping and reading labels and looking for fiber. I had never paid attention to it. I didn’t know what amount an adult needed, per day! I thought fiber was for “old people.” Not true! I actually thought I had a gluten allergy. Then I thought I had irritable bowel syndrome. Then I thought it was just menopause and this is what happens. I actually thought since I read labels, and cooked food from scratch that I was healthy. I WAS NOT. I was already on a good probiotic, RAW probiotics (Garden of Life) Women 50 and wiser. Yogurt is NOT enough.

      Adding 25 to 30 grams of fiber, and making sure I am hydrated, has been eye opening. I lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks. I am still losing weight, but I am also walking and feel better than I have felt in years. Why? I am convinced it is due to not having enough fiber. My GI surgeon gave me an excellent poster with the amounts of fiber in various foods. It was shocking. I had no idea! Fiber was not something I paid attention to when reading labels, and now? Oh it is one of the main things I look for when reading labels!

      I apologize for the off-topic rant, but one more thing for anyone that has had a serious illness. The GI surgeon I saw this week also advised me to get 70 grams of protein a day. I complained about eating, constantly, and I am still losing weight and worse, strength! I have never been weak. Ever. Was cleaning up my office and standing up was strange. It was an effort to stand up. He explained that the infection (sepsis) had revved up my immune system and that it was still working to heal me. Which meant that it was eating my muscles in order to heal me. Muscle loss is a serious issue for anyone, but especially for anyone over the age of 50. I had no idea how much protein I needed to eat. Supposedly protein is bad for us! I usually only ate meat every other day!

      The normal protein amount for an adult is 60 grams a day. My GI surgeon advised me to go to 70 to 75 grams of protein a day along with extra water (protein is hard on your kidneys.) By the way, protein shakes, bars, and drinks are big with young people. The thing is that the local health clubs do not properly advise them to drink extra water with all of the protein supplements. If you add protein you need to add water. LOTS of water. My morning routine is to wake up and drink 16 ounces of water. Period.

      I tried some protein powder from the local healthfood store. It was thick and horrible. Don’t waste your money! Just tracking how much protein and fiber I eat throughout the day has been enough to educate me.

      If you are not healthy, you have already lost the battle! I hooked up with a neighbor and we walk, 4 miles a day, 5 days a week. My GI surgeon (the one that also has had 2 serious bouts of diverticulitis) said he works out twice a day and takes 18 fiber capsules, a day. I asked him what brand, he said from Costco.

      If anything I have said here saves one person the misery I have suffered, this post will have been worth it.

      I do believe that my recovery was a miracle. I think was a miracle that I didn’t require emergency surgery (which would have meant a colostomy bag for six months and another surgery).

      Please pass on this information to your family. The MSM and the fake health news, once again, has failed to educate the Amercian public on basic nutrition and health. It is criminal.

      • Galaxy 500

        Glad you are on the mend. God does miracles and the fact that I am still here on planet earth is on of them.
        Thanks for the heads up on fibre. It keeps the system moving. I have had some issues and as you, it was nothing more than a fibre issue.
        And you are correct about a lot of prepper food. I bought some Wise or Wyse? Not sure how it is spelled but they advertise on TV. I try all of what I buy before I buy larger quantities. It was so salty I almost couldn’t eat it. OK, I didn’t come close to eating it all and I didn’t buy any more of it.
        And while MRE are edible, they aren’t called Meals thst rarely exit for a reason. I have found Mountain House to be the best for storable food. If you have any others brands you have found to be decent, please let me know.
        And I never bought the “meat” is bad for you deal and eat it every day.
        Try this Protein powder in a blender, milk, not water [milk is good for you, another lie by the environmental wackos] and a scoop of your favorite flavor of ice cream [I put two]. Great way to get extra protein. You can put chocolate syrup instead of ice cream or in addition to ice cream. Calories are not an issue for me.
        God bless and stay healthy. And while there used to be a saying, “Put on a layer of fat” before hard times meaning be prepared, I suggest everyone put on a layer of extra ammo to go with the fat.

        • Faith

          G5: thank you for your kinds words of support encouragement. It infuritates me that my illness was unneccesary! I thought I paid attention to health news and considered myself to be fairly informed on health issues and health news. It blows my mind that no one is discussing the daily requirement for fiber and for protein. Protein is critical for older people to stop muscles from wasting.

          Thank you for the tip about adding in extra protein! I was able to return the horrible protein powders and get a store credit. I drink whole milk, 3X a day, I have eggs (made in a non-stick pan) and bacon (I make it in the oven on a rack so the grease drips away) for lunch, and cottage cheese as additional protein.

          I have MREs for emergency rations. I have tried My Patriot Supply and Wise Foods and I agree with you, too much salt! I have the small sample kit and would eat it in a emergency, only. MREs have too much salt, too many chemicals, and not enough fiber. I have read the labels on Mountain House and that does look to be the healthiest option for ready-made storable rations. I did find a few things at the grocery store that I am going to add to my emergency rations: a good protein bar without too much sugar that also has fiber. Atkins Lift Protein bar is excellent. I also think that dried beans are a simple way to add protein and fiber to storable food. Bob’s Red Mill 13 bean soup mix, 1/4 cup dry, has 12 grams of fiber and 13 grams of protein! Bargain of the century and a meal that you will want to eat during hard times. There is nothing like having a warm pot of soup on the back burner. I also found some organic beef jerky which would need to be repackaged and vacuum sealed for long-term storage. (If you can hold back from eating yourself, the new jerky tastes great with not as much salt and it isn’t as hard as a rock, either!) Jarred peanut butter and dried fruit are also an item I will be adding to my stored foods. Again, I am going to repackage the dried fruit with a vacuum sealer.

          Stay healthy everyone!

          • helot

            Dear Faith, …and posterity,

            Have you considered the facts within these articles?:

            Salt Restriction Increases Heart Disease Deaths and Hospitalizations – By Dr. David Brownstein, January 1, 2016.

            Lower Your Salt Intake? Fugetaboutit! – By Dr. David Brownstein, August 16, 2014.

            You mentioned a high intake of protein, have you considered this as the real culprit, especially for women over 40?:

            The Iron Time Bomb – by Bill Sardi

            ‘This is a book about how too much iron kills and is very important as people do not realize these things.’

            The End Of All Chronic Age-Related Disease – By Bill Sardi

            ‘While many hospitalized surgical or trauma patients may be anemic, many others may be iron overloaded and blood sampling would actually be therapeutic! It may even be the only appropriate therapy they received during hospitalization!’

            That’s my PSA for the week. YMMV. Forewarned, is forearmed.
            Above all – stay away from the Big Pharma priests in white robes – they are The number one killer of human beings.


            Re: ‘(I make it in the oven on a rack so the grease drips away)’

            You got rid of the best part, Fat Is Good!

            Enjoy Saturated Fats, They’re Good for You! – By Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD

            The Redemption of Cholesterol—How It Supports Your Health – By Joseph Mercola, May 12, 2014.

            7 Reasons to Eat More Saturated Fat – By Joseph Mercola, September 2, 2011.

            Health Benefits of a Low-Carbohydrate, High-Saturated-Fat Diet – By Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD.

        • Tin foil hat

          GALAXY 500 & Faith,
          Most MREs don’t contain much protein. SPAM last 3 plus years if stored properly. I rotate my SPAM every two years by returning them to Costco or donation.
          Eggs and milk are good source of protein too. I’m thinking about building a chicken coop in the back yard. There isn’t much I can do about fresh milk.
          Faith, I hope you don’t mind me asking but I don’t understand why don’t you just simply get your fiber from fresh vegetable instead of artificial protein/fiber bar.

          • helot

            RE: ‘SPAM last 3 plus years if stored properly’

            How do you know this?

            Every time I see someone post something like this as a fact, I think of the 100 or so-year old sunken ship they dredged up in the Missouri River and tested the contents of the canned goods in the hold. They were all still ‘good’.
            Not as nutritional, for sure, but still good to eat.
            And, a lot better than nothing.

            So, I still wonder, what facts do you have to back up your claim? Do tell.

            Also, how in the heck do you, ‘I rotate my SPAM every two years by returning them to Costco’?

            That sounds kind of fraudulent and a time consuming waste. Please enlighten me.

            • Tin foil hat

              I go by the expiration date. I know the contents of the canned goods are still good after the expiration date as long as the cans are not rusted but why bother to keep it longer than necessary.
              Dinesh D’Souza’s book was yanked from Costco shelves. My wife loves to shop there but I have zero loyalty to Costco. Whatever scam I pulled on Costco, I probably donated 5,000 X that money toward charity like Fisher House, USMC Wounded Warrior Regiment, Samaritan’s Purse, Judicial Watch and Donald Trump.
              So, I wonder, how much have you donated to whatever charity to justify your righteous tone? Do tell.

          • Faith

            TFH: there isn’t that much fiber in vegetables. Yes, vegetables are good for you. The amount varies. In order to get 25 to 30 grams day I could not eat enough spinach. Fiber is found in things like minimally processed oatmeal, in dried beans, in things like shredded wheat.

            About protein: eggs, milk, and dried beans are the best sources outside of meat.

            • Tin foil hat

              Wow, I have no idea. Thanks for the info.

      • Lynn

        Faith….I am very sorry about your illness. My mom had this and it is very preventable. Going mainstream does not work, only suits big pharma. The old ways work great, our great grandparents had it right. It has all been hidden away to prevent us from healing ourselves. Please visit this website, all the people around the world share their remedies and there are many for diverticulitis….I use this site every time I need help with an ailment, it has never let me down. Very smart people out there who have not been americanized in the medicinal area of protocol, meds, meds, and more meds, more antibiotics, more advil, more of the same no matter what is wrong with you. Its such a shame. God bless you Faith, I will pray for your healing. Website: (my fav)

        • Faith

          Lynn, thank you for your kinds words! Things happen for a reason. I agree, this illness IS preventable! Which is why I am so furious that I was so terribly ignorant of the daily amount of fiber to prevent this disease from happening!

          I have made it very clear to my doctors that I am NOT a big fan of pharmaceuticals! I was fine with being on antibiotics on a temporary basis. I am grateful they actually worked. But long term the solution is simple: more fiber and excercise and small meals throughout the day. I start every day with water and a breakfast that includes 10 to 15 grams of fiber.

          Thank you for the link to that website. And thank you so much for the prayers! I need them!

    • Galaxy 500

      There is a lot that is really. We call it reality. I can personally vouch for Greg being “real.” However, even though there are lies being told by government, the media, and Democrat politicians, reality doesn’t cease to exist. The liars can not paper over reality with their lies, no matter how hard they lie. Oh, they can pervert public opinion but the truth can and will come out.
      Just because almost every government statistic, publication and pronouncement is a blatant provable lie doesn’t mean that reality isn’t there. Just because the machinations of the mendacious media supports politicians who seek the destruction of the church, the subjugation of the American people, and the dissolution of the US Constitution,, well, words and lies can distort people’s perception of reality but they can’t supercede or suspend reality. The White House and the MSM have been lying about the resurgence of the economy since Barry Hussain was elected and every day after but that hasn’t made the economy better. We the people live and work in reality and we see the lack of jobs, the low wages and closing businesses… we know the economy sucks regards of what the Government publishes as unemployment numbers and how rosey the MSM says things are.

      And last time I calculated our REAL national debt, I got in round numbers 120 Trillion accounting for Social Security, Medicaid and those kind of things one acceptable way according to GAAP and 150 Trillion using the second GAAP approved method. And that was a couple of trillion dollars ago. So even your 50 trillion is off quite a bit, and inaccuracy at best which others would call a deception or a lie. Who ever came up with that number pulled it out his/her nether regions. We have been bankrupt since Bush started his wars and to be truthful, probably before that.
      Our government has not used GAAP accounting since, don’t remember think FDR stopped it, let just say that the government has lied about how much they owed since at least LBJ. The accounting the feds us would get you put in jail if you ran a business or charity … well, if you were a conservative you would be in jail.

      You say Trump is a lie. He is such a lie thst the everyone from the entire media, the crony RINOs and all the progressives are lying their a$$es of about Trump, based on your comments about the lies, that should cause you to support him even more. Or you can, Stay at home if you want the country to die and your child to be enslaved by the demons Hillary control, or vote for one of the laughable 3rd parties.
      But do not despair. The truth is out there, just like the lies. You just have to look for it

  32. Jan

    Greg, thank you for all your hard work! I always learn so much from your WNW! The hypocrisy and cover-ups of the mainstream media is unbelievable. Sadly, these collusions are not confined to the U.S. I feel sorry for Germans (with 2nd largest influx of Muslim migrants in the world to absorb). The German media, complicit with the German politicians, have allowed the country to go down the tubes in order to accept a million and a half “refugees”.

    NOTE: Less than 30,000 of the influx are actual Syrian refugees; Germany shouldn’t have tried to absorb more than these 30,000, since some have proven to be criminals: a Syrian refugee, 21, hacked a pregnant woman to death in Reutlingen and on the same night in July, Syrian Mohammad Daleel, 27, injured 12 people when he detonated a rucksack packed with metal shards and screws.

    Instead, the Germans are being squeezed out. Look at this article posted TODAY, about what happens when elderly pensioners can’t afford their increased rents in Europe: “German Pensioner Couple Forced to Live in Migrant Accommodation”

    Here is the older MUST-READ post of a regular German family whose blond girls aren’t safe anymore.

    The problem of the influx of illegal immigrants is similar for Americans. Young thugs get out of jail automatically if they have DAPA eligibility. Many criminals are never deported. Those who are deported often come back and stay in a “sanctuary city” where they commit more crimes. Even a lot of the “good” undocumented workers obtain bogus Social Security numbers. Would you like your child or grandchild to have his/her S.S.N. already claimed by an illegal immigrant? Trump/Pence are among the few in the GOP who have the guts to deal with it.

    It’s outrageous Hillary is promising to massively INCREASE immigration! At the debate, she was full of BS. She had no answer for how SIX BILLION DOLLARS went missing from the State Dept. I fact-checked a couple of Hillary’s debate claims I didn’t know anything about. Bingo! All lies! For example, she claimed the Supreme Court Heller Decision was about protecting toddlers from access to guns. The decision had NOTHING to do with children! The Supreme Court was simply upholding the Second Amendment rights of Dick Heller, a 66-year-old D. C. policeman to register a handgun after the District of Columbia refused him. See:

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jan for this information and links.

  33. Rick T.

    Greg, you probably already now this because you’re a smart guy, but Govenor Dayton here in Minnesota, a HUGE Obamacare supporter in the past, is considering a special session of the legislature to address the ballooning health care cost that have made heath care ” no longer affordable to increasing numbers of people.” Of course he is now walking that statement back because it is hurting democrats in local elections. Cost are expected to rise 50% for next year.

    • Frederick

      I have healthcare here in Turkey through my wife She ironically has a private policy due to the fact that she is 38(they are happy to insure her) whereas I have to settle for public as the insurance companies dont want me at 62 especially with high blood pressure My wifes policy for full hospitalization and surgical including doctor visits(no deductible) is around 600 USD a year and she can go to any top teaching hospital in Istanbul for care The US healthcare system seems to me to be broken and outrageously costly Drugs here are a fraction of the US cost and for most you dont need a perscription

      • Paul ...

        They want us Americans walking with canes and toothless (even with health coverage who’s premiums have doubled) we still don’t get sufficient care … the insurance company’s won’t give you a needed operation but “will provide canes” … as for filling your teeth (forget it) all they will pay for “is a cleaning” … they are “cleaning up” big time providing next to nothing as our health insurance premiums skyrocket!

      • Galaxy 500

        We bought our son a stand alone health care policy 6 years ago for $125 a month, BC/BS, and he was 24. You can not buy the policy he had today. He had knee surgery and the policy went up $6 a month the following year.
        Let’s all say thank you 0bama. We went from 4 on a policy, my wife and me and 2 of our 4 children, 5 years ago (4 insurance enrollments ago, yes kiddies it is that time again ) our premiums have gone up 354%, our deductible has increased, our policy is much worse (higher co-pays, less coverage, higher prescription costs) [again, they don’t even offer the plan we had 4 enrollments ago], oh and we only have my wife and I on the plan 3 of those 4 enrollments.
        So to recap: $2,500 deductible to $6,000, premiums through the roof, less coverage [I should calculate the Delta v of that], higher co-pays, oh, this is private insurance through an employer.
        Everything the 0bamachrist promised is a proven lie. 0bamacare was never about providing better Healthcare or giving insurance to the so called uninsured. It was about control. Control of the population and control of medicine.
        And the evil insurance company executives that conspired against the American people, they are looking stupid for working with the 0bamachrist and their companies are hemorrhaging money.
        A 20 something isn’t going to pay 6 Grand a year for insurance that doesn’t offer any benefits until they pay another 6 Grand out of pocket. Even they aren’t that stupid.

        • helot

          Many wise older people say, ‘don’t give money to adult children.’

          I think that’s good advise.

          RE: ‘We bought our son a stand alone health care policy 6 years ago for $125 a month, BC/BS, and he was 24. ‘

          Twenty four years old, ….and you’re still buying his insurance!?

          I agree that A 20 something isn’t going to pay 6 Grand a year for insurance, that said, you’re not teaching any life lessons by doing what you’re doing.
          You’re also enabling the system which you rail against. Millions, do likewise, and won’t hear a word against it.
          some ppl gotta learn the hard way, I guess/

  34. Dee Garmon

    A French wine expert is provided with two glasses and asked to tell which one is better.
    He picks up the first glass, takes a sip, checks the aroma, texture and takes another sip and then declares the other wine as the winner.
    Wait a minute, you haven’t even tasted the other one yet. How are you to tell this wine is better.
    He replies by saying ” I have tasted this one guys, nothing could be worse than that.”
    That is Hillary for you right there, you need not to know the rivals to vote for them.

    • Paul ...

      But did he sniff the “odor” of the wine???

  35. ts

    “Pew Center also says there are 1.8 million dead people still on the voter rolls.”

    I believe this. With 2.5 million people dying each year, it takes a while to get names off the list. But they don’t present evidence that living people steal the names of the dead and vote in their stead. Give me some real evidence of systemic voter fraud [everyone knows there are some isolated instances] and I’ll pay attention.

    Cast my vote yesterday in my extremely close swing state. Sober, hard working election officials helped me with curbside voting. I have never had to do that before and it was more complicated than I expected. Long lines, beautiful weather, people doing their civic duty. No voter intimidation noted. Partisans were following the rules with no pressure from any of them.

    Watched the Al Smith dinner. Neither of them was funny except for one or two good jokes. Only real difference is that Clinton knew how to be self-deprecating whereas Trump has no capacity to do this. Thank god we don’t have to see either of them ever again at an Al Smith dinner OR doing anything that requires a sense of humor.

    • Galaxy 500

      Another paid troll with the thought shaping. Let me just call you what you are, a paid liar for Hillary. This must really pay well. But I can’t help but wonder how much a soul is worth in dollars to these people. Mine is not for sale for even submarine money, but these people sell theirs for sure and cheap too.
      Did you miss the dead people being RE-REGISTERED? Why do you think that happened? It is to perpetrate fraud.
      You want proof, open your eyes. Pay attention, but then if you had been paying attention, you would not have posted what you did. But then, you have to earn a living, right?
      Here is 35,000 plus that voted in NC and at least one other State. I’d supply more but it would waste my time. You don’t want facts. You just want to push the meme of evil that voter fraud is a myth.
      Another intellectually dishonest poster. A Demoncrat of course.

  36. Henri Thibodeau

    Re MSM lies – Scathing message from Paul Joseph Watson:

    • Greg Hunter

      Loved this (not the f-bombs) but the content and outrage were spot on. It was also fun to watch. Watson is a winner for Alex Jones!

      • Faith

        Mr. Hunter, I agree! I love Watson and am love Alex Jones! I listen to Alex every day. Alex sounds a little wild, but he is passionate. The reason I started listening to Alex was after Beck started saying how horrible Alex was a few years ago. I had listened to Alex on occasion and thought Beck’s response was a little strong. Started to Alex and never stopped. Beck? Well he showed his true colors. Nothing but another globablist puppet.

        I love the motto of Infowars: we are the resistance!


        • Frederick

          Faith I agree ans John B Wells Caravan to midnight is great as well

          • Faith

            Frederick, I liked John B. Wells because he did the weekend show on Coast-to-Coast am for a few years. Until he rocked the boat! His internet show has been up for more than two years, I love it!


            (not free, $5 a month)

        • Tin foil hat

          Glen Beck is the one who got me started listening to talk radio. He also got me started on buying PMs. It’s a real shame that he has gone astray.
          Alex Jones is still too passionate for me but I’m getting used to the angry Mark Levin and Michael Savage. I infer that is because I’m becoming as angry as they are.

  37. Kim

    Thank you for ALL the hard work you do Greg, from excellent high quality information, research, interviews and the emotional support to others!

  38. Frederick

    There are so many good people involved with this site it gives me some sort of hope for the future Heres an idea I just thought of Why not have an annual USA Watchdog convention in Greensboro NC where everyone could meet in person and promote Greg Hunter I for one would be happy to fly 15 hours to attend Maybe Gina would even be there Imagine that right?

    • Galaxy 500

      I would come too if Gina showed up. I can’t help but think she is some 20-30 year old pathetic male living in Mom’s basement

      • helot

        Dear Galaxy 500,

        There is absolutely Nothing wrong with, ‘living in Mom’s basement’! [Except that which is caused by pure lazybones.] The combinations of: The Fed, local restrictions, and minimum wage laws, have destroyed the employment opportunities of countless many!

        Spreading that idea as if it were a, ‘bad thing’ is an attack on generational families, the kinds which built civilization and this country, and all those in this world.

        Please stop doing the bidding of our overlords by spreading this NWO meme.

        Maybe say, ‘they are in the basement of The White House’? Or, the Pentagram? Or, Harvard & Yale, etc…

  39. Alanon

    Opinion – Do you think physical dollars will still be good to keep on hand? At least to pay a fixed rate mortgage?

    • Faith

      A: that is a great question! Many of us that have PMs also have various denominations of the dollar, as well. What if the grid goes down? Your debit / credit card will not work to buy fuel or food at the local grocery store. Best to have various denominations, $5, $10, $20, and $50 bills because the cashier may not be able to make exact change. If you fuel, or food, you will end up giving them the change. You basically need to be ready to make your OWN change.

      If it reaches the point where you need cash to pay your mortgage, all bets are off. I keep cash on hand to buy food and fuel. I have PMs to pay my mortgage. Actually I would convert PMs to cash and that would pay my mortgage.

      Welcome! It never hurts to ask a question. I hope my answer was helpful!

      • Galaxy 500

        If the grid goes down, paying your mortgage will be the least of your worries. Keep cash on hand in mostly small bills . Cash will work well until it doesn’t. And people that have it will get some real bargains before it’s over.

        • Frederick

          I agree that having some cash is smart along with some silver coins and some defensive mechanism to assure all that stays yours

        • Faith

          G5: I agree. That is my same thinking as well!

  40. Emory

    Greg: By any chance have you compiled a list of Hillary’s transgressions and if so do you have it somewhere where it’s available?

    I’m asking because of the following excerpt from an e-mail I just received:
    “…The Huffington Post, for example, cannot even mention Donald Trump without adding an editor’s note at the end of the article saying:

    “Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.”


  41. JimH

    Chuck Todd MEET THE PRESS dinner for the Clintons×615.png

    Dinner for Jennifer Palmieri and Jim Lyons

    From:[email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Date: 2015-07-11 23:15
    Subject: Dinner for Jennifer Palmieri and Jim Lyons

    You have received an invitation from Kristian Denny Todd.
    Please view it at
    You can also copy and paste the link below into your browser to view your invitation:

  42. JimH

    Hillary Clinton Cruise with New York Times Journalists in 2016

    Our 2016 Sailing & Cruises Catalog is Here

    From:[email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Date: 2016-02-29 11:57
    Subject: Our 2016 Sailing & Cruises Catalog is Here

    Cruise with New York Times Journalists in 2016.

  43. Diane
    Check out Joseph P Farrell video from Oct.20
    Very interesting analysis.

  44. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Ted is right about Yuri’s ‘revealations’. on subverions …and Glenn Beck was attempting to move that awareness forward…but was removed from FOX NEWS… The U.S. is late in the stages now…as the sheeple are too preoccupied just are predicted !

  45. Angi R

    Greg – Thanks for all you do! Be sure and check out this interview regarding an innovative new software invention to help certify election outcomes. Since the advent of the electronic voting machines, I’ve thought that the powers that be were/are controlling the results. Of course it’s worse than that as is explained here. (Maybe you can interview him too ASAP.) Angi

  46. APS

    Just my 2 cents.
    God is in charge, period. God knows the end from the beginning. If Trump wins, it is his will and he will have given us extra time to get right with him. If Hillary wins, it is his will and the time table towards the end has been moved up.

    With Hillary stating no fly zone in Syria, World War III is near. Russia has little to no options. I believe they will initiate a limited nuclear strike against the U.S.. Any where from a half dozen to a dozen major cities will disappear. The U.S. is not mentioned in bible prophecy. Our end is approaching.

    As Greg says “Fear Not, God the Father is in charge.” Yes he is.

    • Don Hicks

      APS, Amen, my thoughts exactly, at least I will exit this planet with my dignity intact, knowing I did not compromise my values…….

  47. John M.

    Trump should have asked Hillary if she will accept his legitimacy if he wins the election. That’s the real question.
    Also, will the MSM ever accept Trump as president? NOT!!!
    This movement is much much bigger than Trump the man, please read Pat Buchanan’s latest column: “An Establishment in Panic”. Explains everything perfectly.
    The last four presidents have slowly destroyed America, and we will soon be monumentally isolated and ridiculed by the world while experiencing a lot of domestic hyperinflation and civil unrest. Case in point, the Philippines are formally breaking military and economic ties with America in favor of China. What about other countries turning to China and Russia, like Japan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany, etc., ?
    Prayer is powerful, I’ve seen God work impossible miracles. We must ask Him to especially help us now. God is all we got.

    • Paul ...

      Just like the Philippines … God has already broken ties with the US neocons for being obvious “Christian Head Hunters” like McCain, Obama and Hillary … God is now supporting Russia to take out the ISIS “Christian Killers” … the world is now witnessing “God’s wrath” who has joined Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey with Russia and China in an alliance against ISIS!!

    • Gina M Mancarella

      Its OVER ! Hillary WINS !

      • Galaxy 500

        We will see Gina. Hillary, with her evil lackeys may well steal this election. If she is able to pull it off, she will foment revolution. Regardless of what happens, hard times are ahead. Trump is going to have to do some hard things to right this sinking ship called America and it is going to be painful. With Trump we get a thousand pin pricks, with Hillary, we get a 4 limb amputation with a woodchipper.

  48. Mimi Dick

    We need a voting system that is VERY simple:
    1- Everyone who wants to vote MUST register to vote at least 3 months in advance of the presidential election and have a voter’s registration card.
    2- Everyone who votes should have a proper state issued photo ID AND the registration card you were issued.
    3- And you must show BOTH ID and registration card to vote if you go to the polling places.
    4- Mail in ballots must have a copy of your state issued photo ID AND a copy of your voter registration card sent in with your ballot–same with absentee ballots.
    Now there—wasn’t that simple! This needs to be done in every state for THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS! How states do their regional elections is up to them but it should be close to this!
    No confusion—kiss—keep it simple stupid!!

    • Paul ...

      Exactly right Mimi … lets “kiss” and stop all the fraud that keeps the rats in power … Trump will also soon be “short circuiting” these neocon crooks by another means TL (Term Limits) … not allowing Congressmen to run for a second term in office (hence all the vote fixing going on now will soon be to no use to the crooks)!

    • Galaxy 500

      Add the purple, indelible ink to your finger that takes a week to wash off and it’s perfect

  49. Anthony Australia

    To allow this speech to be published is truly impressive.

    This absolutely ‘floored’ me Greg!

    • 8Ball

      This guy is a lot smarter than they make him out to be. He knows that the way they destroy countries is with money at the top and drugs at the bottom…

      • Paul ...

        Yep! … the neocons have lost the Philippines … better enjoy your pineapple juice now before it is all shipped to China … the neocons will likely soon have to start dredging up some ocean sand to build an island off the Philippines for a new US Navel Base (which will be perfectly legal)!!

      • Anthony Australia

        Very smart indeed!

  50. Faith

    MM: via public transport? Probably not. I have two feet, some PMs and I know where the local airfield is and can pay in either cash or solid PMs for a local pilot to take me where I want to go. Same for a nearby port. Lots of small boats of various kinds. Always someone willing to take PMs or cash in trade for fuel.

    Will I be flying commercial? I haven’t flown commercial in years. You couldn’t pay me to deal with the TSA and the public.

  51. Galaxy 500

    Happily will I bet you one US mint Silver Eagle. I don’t expect you to pay up as the losers here never do but you are making a suckered bet if you except.

  52. Bill

    GREG: Whats going on at CNN, my newspaper says theres a problem over there.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not know Bill. One fix: Tell the truth and report the real news!!

    • Diane

      Well. There sure is a problem!
      All the CNN so called ” journalists ”
      are nothing but political hacks, paid off political hacks for the Clintons.
      They are all DISGUSTING.

    • Galaxy 500

      Which newspaper and what day?

  53. Mike R

    Here is the sticker shock that Obamacare voters will wake up to in a few days:
    Approved Hikes:
    20% increase – Colorado, Florida, Idaho
    20% to 29% increases – CT, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, MD
    30% to 49% increases- Alabama, Delaware, Kansas, Mississippi, Texas
    50% to 92% increases- Arizona, Illinois, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, TN
    93% increase – New Mexico !

    Remember folks this is DEMOCRATIC PARTY OWNED and operated highway robbery. Hillary OWNS it, Obama created it, and now millions more will most likely go uninsured, making the rest of us on corporate plans, face extreme hikes too, to carry that increasing uninsured burden. So flash back 10 years ago, when we had this exact same problem of uninsured, and now we all have insurance costs that are 2 to 3 times higher than they were just 10 years ago. Not only did Obamacare NOT solve any of the uninsured or other massive problems in the system (doctor shortages, skyrocketing liability costs, skyrocketing pharma costs), it actually served to make each and everyone of them WORSE, and now you have a tax penalty if you opt out entirely.

    Anyone who votes HRC, on this issue alone, is voting to completely crater our economic system. The health care system is pretty much all but cratered, and even if you have corp sponsored insurance, your premiums are going up, your deductibles (meaning out of pocket costs are going up), and the care is getting worse due to less competent doctors, and nurses taking over what used to be doctors diagnoses, and 2 year degree people taking over what highly educated nurses used to do, so overall you are getting far worse health care, for far higher costs than ever before. Stay healthy my friends, or prepare to pay a significant price. Trump could campaign on just this one issue over the next coming days until the election, and win in a landslide if he handled it right. HRC actually wants this mess, so she can introduce an even more insidious and reckless plan called ‘single payer’. In that plan, your health care will be dosed out by the government deciding every single action any health practitioner takes, meaning you will get the lowest common denominator of the worst possible medicine, that will likely take months or years longer to ‘cure’ whatever ails you, or you will simply die bc you never got a chance to get to the appropriate treatment, that you would have gotten previously BEFORE obamacare, and before costs skyrocketed 50 to 90% in single years, nearly every year. On top of this, the FED and mainstream media try to tell you there is no inflation.

    • Gina M Mancarella

      Hillary WINS !!!!!!!!!!

  54. Linda L.

    Have you seen this video/information from Steven Ben Nun?
    Turkey (with blessings from West) is crossing or has crossed Russia’s red line. I’ll be surprised if we make it to the elections before WW3 begins:

    • Paul ...

      Turkey is moving to leave NATO and become Russia’s ally … this will create a “wall” around Israel who’s stupid neocon leaders got into bed with the neocons at the CIA … now look at the mess Israel is in … surrounded by Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran and two nuclear powers Russia and China … the squeeze will now be put on Israel … and who has their back now? … the US is being forced out of Asia and the South China Sea (the Philippines has joined China) … and the US will eventually be forced out of Europe (with Germany, France, etc., linking up with Russia) … what a bunch of idiots … more explaination can be found here …

      • Galaxy 500

        The same Turkey thst shot down a Russian jet? I am not buying that. Erdogan wants to re-establish the Ottoman Empire. Russian interests don’t go for that.
        Just my 2 cents. And 2 strong men regimes, like Russia and China always betray each other in the end. Doesn’t mean they won’t coordinate some action against us, though.
        I see Turkey being kicked out of NATO, and I see Turkey and Iran fighting at some point

    • MCasey

      Video Removed…..

  55. Robert Lykens

    I’ll take that bet. Name the stakes.

  56. Mohammad


    Ominous sign:


  57. Joseph Owen

    I am a former Bernie supporter that now supports Trump, if only to try to shake up the crony capitalist system we’ve been dealt.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Joseph for adding this perspective!!! There has to be many Bernie supporters NOT voting for Clinton.

    • Diane

      Thank you Joseph…

  58. William O. Chase

    I Believe the reason Bill Clinton was allowed to say what he did about Obomacare, is because Hillary wants to bring in her Hillarycare. Remember the 1990’s. she wants single payer.

    • Gina M Mancarella

      We will be single payer and a whole lot more. Plus if you are conservative, watch your taxes fly ! The IRS is ready to serve YOU !

      • Frederick

        Gina hopefully after Mr Trump becomes president Trump that kind of illegal nonsense will cease As a matter of fact I am sure it will

      • Galaxy 500

        Gina, so you are admitting the corruption. Well, that is the first step. How are things in your mother’s basement? Is it as dank and damp as is fitting?

  59. FreeOregon

    We already know the Democrat and GOP elite will not accept a Trump presidency even to the point of assassination and war with Russia. Trump is a piker compared to the Democrats who, if you study history, assimilated and applied the tactics of Hitler’s NAZI party from the 1920’s and 1930’s. Hired thugs, agent provocateurs initiating violence, media control are just a few of the tactics they emulate because they do believe the ends justify the means. Everyone shares the spoils. Problem is that with declining net energy those spoils diminish and their cost to the productive sector increases.

  60. Larry Galearis

    Don’t you think the corporate media knows that its shift to being the propaganda ministry will be unhealthy to their stocks once the remaining 30% (reportedly) of your population realizes the Fourth Estate is dead? Apparently 70% already realize they no longer have a free press. So clearly the media corporations are “all in” and promoting this change. So, given that these entities are not run by stupid people, they must realize that the change that they are leading is going to take your country farther away from its roots and with zero likelihood of a return. That means that the state is failing from the very condition it is dedicated (so called) to protect – namely freedom. If the system guarantees freedom to everyone, it also allows those corrupt creatures the freedom to try to exploit it and debase it for their own gain. If the citizen turns his back on the process of corruption by these people, which is on-going, eventually the country descends into fascism. And that is how one loses ones country. IMHO, it is inevitable – and history proves it every time. It is also likely that these corporate monsters are also aware of the danger of collapse and may be striving for war for all the usual reasons. But that is another topic for another day.
    Keep up the outrage!

  61. vincent_g

    This video to me seems to sum up some of this election.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Mohammed,
      I remember the “Peak Oil” predictions and their movement from the late 70s, early 80s. Never has someone been so wrong since Satan became prideful and was cast out of Heaven . I am surprised they are still around. Is that nut Knutsler still pushing it?

  62. Gina M Mancarella

    Get down and bend your knee. Now you serve Hillary.

    A new world unfolds. No more the land of Old.

    A new regime enters therein. Pledge Allegiance to Hillary.

    Give praise to Hillary. Give worship to Hillary.

    Say yes to Liberal all inclusion. Say no to racism and prejudice.

    Support that is liberal. Have faith in the new single payer health care plan where all families are covered.

    Say Hello to America where all Americans will eat.

    Say yes to America where all Americans have the opportunity to go to college debt free.

    Say hello to a new America where those other than white middle aged protestant men can find a job. No longer will the white middle aged man threaten us again.

    It is now a Liberal Americans world. Smile America. Smile as America shows her greatness.

  63. Anthony Australia

    Hannity seems to be the only one MSM to buck the trend.

  64. Frederick

    Hey everybody it appears Gina is getting desperate to announce the premature victory of her self proclaimed god the “Hildebeast” Four or five ridiculous comments by that troll is almost too much to handle for me anyway

    • Greg Hunter

      It is exactly what the MSM has done. I agree it seem desperate to me and you simply cannot account for the 50% of democrats that were Bernie voters that WILL NOT vote for Hillary. The Dems know this and are in full fraud, cheat and lie mode.

      • Lucas Doolin

        We were all young once. She like all of us has been misdirected and manipulated. I hope Gina understands she has been used too. Everyone say a prayer for her. Might as well say a prayer for all of us to be granted wisdom. Real Christians say it works and I think they may be right.

  65. Galaxy 500

    Here is what 0bama and the Hildabeast have in store for us. These moslems are evil and they lie as easily as the breath. Why are they not screening these invaders? Because it would defeat the 0bamachrist’s agenda of destroying America. Never make the mistake of thinking a moslem is your friend like the people in San Bernardino did. They are not your friends unless you too worship Satan.
    CUCKOO IN THE NEST Migrant foster mum reveals her horror at discovering ’12-year-old refugee’ in her care is actually a 21-year-old Jihadi
    Kind-hearted Rosie became suspicious when she noticed Afghan lad was ‘hairy’ and was ‘adept at firing rifle’

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