Weekly News Wrap-Up 10.25.13

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

The big story this week is Saudi Arabia and what its officials there are calling a “major shift” in relations with the U.S.  The Saudis are outraged over how the U.S. is handling the Syrian crisis.  The Kingdom is also angry at America’s increasingly cozy relations with Iran.  One official said the U.S. was “blatantly perfidious.”  That’s a nice way of saying the U.S. was untrustworthy and disloyal.  Please keep in mind Saudi Arabia has been a staunch ally in the Arab world, and that looks like we have major trouble coming.  Why, you ask.  Ever heard of the “petro dollar”?  If it were not for Saudi Arabia, that term may have never come into existence.  It was Saudi Arabia that first started using the dollar as the exclusive currency with which to buy its oil.  The rest of the world followed suit, and it’s been that way ever since the early 1970’s.  If Saudi Arabia starts taking payment in other currencies, you can kiss the dollar good bye as the world reserve currency.  Inflation would be a huge problem as countries around the globe would no longer need dollars to purchase oil.  Those dollars would come home in a torrent, and inflation would spike sky high in a hurry.  Many are brushing this off as a little tiff because they say the Saudis need U.S. military equipment and protection, but I am not so sure.  This is bad to be reported publicly in the press this way.  One of my sources says this is “extremely dollar negative.”  Another thing to consider, the Saudis hold hundreds of billions of dollars in Treasury bonds.  What happens if they stop buying and start selling those bonds?  Another source of mine says they have to do this to survive being overthrown.  Whether they are angry, afraid of being overthrown or both, this is very bad for the U.S. dollar.

Another piece of dollar negative news you are not being told about is the NSA spying is causing a rift in Europe so big that the European Union is suspending the U.S. from the global financial databank to avoid spying.  It has been reported the NSA has been spying on the leaders of 35 countries, including Germany.  The NSA even hacked the cell phone of Angela Merkel, the newly re-elected leader of Germany.  The NSA is single-handedly turning allies into enemies!  This, too, is extremely dollar negative. 

I know the failure of Obama Care, and the website is all over the news, but the big problem is the plan itself.  People are being dropped from insurance coverage.  Workers are having their hours cut back to part-time.  Doctors are opting out of Obama Care plans.  People are paying more in 45 states.  Deductibles and co-pays are going up for most people.  On top of it all, it is going to explode U.S. government debt.  This is a disaster, and I told you this was going to be the big issue for 2014.  I predicted Democrats would be running from Obama Care and not running on it.  Hey, it is already happening.  Now, Democrats want to suspend the penalty, or tax, for not signing up.  The genie is already out of the bottle, and that will not save this mess of a plan that is going to tank the U.S. economy.  I guarantee you nobody will be talking about the government shutdown come the 2014 election except Republicans that will say they tried to stop it but were made out to be villains because the math did not add up. 

Finally, the fraud the banks are committing just keeps piling up with zero criminal prosecutions.  Bank of America is the latest to be hit with the fraud label; but, once again, this is a civil prosecution, and nobody will go to jail.  B of A says it is innocent and is contemplating appeal.  The bank says it will “fight on.”  Where’s the outrage?  Well, it’s not coming from the mainstream media.  USA Today this week ran a story that touted JP Morgan CEO Jami Dimon as being “Teflon.”  Of course, the newspaper keeps spraying Teflon on him in the way it covers the huge fines and losses at the bank.  Between the so-called London Whale trade that went sour and the recent mortgage lending settlement, the bank has lost or paid out in fines more than $20 billion.  That is this year alone.  Of course, I am sure the cozy relationship between JP Morgan and the parent company of the newspaper, Gannett, has no bearing on the coverage the paper gives Dimon.  Gannett is business associates with JP Morgan, and JP Morgan is an investor in Gannett.  Hey, USA Today, how about asking which big banks are getting $40 billion each and every month.  You think some of these banks would use that money to pay these fines?  The MSM should be ashamed.  They are nothing more than government shills. 

Join Greg Hunter as he covers these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up

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  1. Rebecca

    The issue with Saudi Arabia is confusing, to say the least.
    Some news media say SA is angry over the U.S. handling of the Syrian crisis. Another source said they are angry because Obama refused to guarantee the U.S. would protect their oil fields if we did intervene militarily in Syria. The U.S. protecting the oil fields of SA is part of the 1973 deal that created petrodollars in the first place. This alternative source says SA considers the U.S. has “breached” its contract with them by refusing to guarantee protection of their oil fields during the most recent Syrian crisis.

    What is confusing is that the media is reporting the SA is considering enlarging its relationships with China and Russia (who just happen to be on Assad’s side in the Syrian civil war). Mad at us for how we handled Syria (which they offered to pay us to attack) and now they will break connections with the U.S. to make friends with Assad’s friends (China and Russia).

    Seems like we’re missing a few dots to connect this all together.

    • MAL

      Alliances are seldom made for altruistic reasons. If the conflicting signs coming from the Saudis are confusing imagine what the rest of the world must think about what they see coming from the United States. In the 1980’s Al Qeada was our ally against the Soviets in Afghanistan. We supplied them with intelligence, weapons and training. Then they tried to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993. When we sent troops to the Balkans to stop the “ethnic cleansing” of Muslims by Serbs we again were fighting alongside Al Qeada. United Nations estimates of the number of victims of that cleansing have been repeatedly downgraded from what we were originally told ever since. Al Qeada then decided to blow up U. S. embassies in Africa and the USS Cole while we were supposed to be on the same side. Then while U. S. troops were still in the Balkans they flew planes into the pentagon and World Trade Center. We responded by invading Afghanistan to kill Al Qeada and their Taliban supporters. Now we’re giving military support contracts to known Taliban in Afghanistan. In 2003 we invaded Iraq, ostensibly over WMD’s and support for “terrorists” that weren’t in Iraq till they showed up to fight us for invading there in the first place. Now while we’re still fighting Al Qeada in Afghanistan we’re now arming them in Syria and our President and Secretary of State are calling for war on Al Qeada’s side and I don’t believe for 1 second that it was Assad who used chemical weapons and apparently neither did the U. N. inspectors back in March but Mr. Kerry responds by telling us ” It doesn’t matter who used them”. If you can’t figure out what the hell we or the Saudis are doing your not the only one and any so called expert who claims he can immediately loses all his credibility.

    • Trotskie

      Here is the missing dot. Google (Sunburn missile). Saudi prince Bandar Bin Sultan couldn’t get Putin to back down, Obama couldn’t, Kerry couldn’t. (Remember, Putin said Kerry was a liar and knew he was a liar) US. ships would have been lost and WWZ would have been unleashed. Obama blinked and Putin let him save face and were still here today, to start a war, another day.
      Praise the lord and pass the ammunition!

    • mohammad

      Here I am connecting the dots for you:
      You can skip reading and scroll down to the map to see where middle east is going to.
      This plan has been long conceived, 9/11 was only to trigger the cascade of the map designer. Bush, Rice, Wesley Clark talked about it frankly but most have short memory. I do not.


  2. Andrew

    Greg, wonderful job, love your style, your honesty and your guts.
    You’re one of my must-read sites every day.
    By finding out what’s going on over there ( US ), it helps me figure out what’s likely to go on here ( Australia ). You’ve opened my eyes, and for that I thank you.
    Stay safe

    • Greg

      Thank you for your comment from the Land Down Under!! We are all connected!!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Congrats on new conservative govt. I hear they are getting rid of some of Al Gore’s stupid energy taxes. Inconvenient truths seem to be mounting against man made global warming. While you can poison an area, God didnt build such a fragile system that we can poison it with CO2. Maybe we should charge fat Al for all CO2 his extravagant life style generates.
      Sorry to hear about the fires there. I pray that God will whether and.bless you all

  3. Rob Webster

    If you want to know where the money is going. You need to read zerohedge.com.

  4. R G Turner

    We will never see anything negative about the banks in the main street media because the BANKING CARTEL OWNS THE MAINSTREET MEDIA!
    Joe Kernan of CNBC called the fines to the crooks at JPMorgan a “shake down”. He also hates gold, WHY, is it because the banksters are manipulating it? Kernan is a good company man. I can only watch CNBC muted!

    • Greg

      R G Turner,
      Kernan is a shill who masquerades as a journalist as most do on CNBS. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Jerry

    Thank you so much for keeping us close to the truth, and keeping us awake. You are so right about the main stream media. They have become nothing more than cheap whores for the State than peddle smut to entertain, divert, and deflect attention from the masses. You are the only one I know that does true investigative reporting anymore.

    With the recent news regarding the Saudi’s it’s game over. The Chinese were already making plans to dump the dollar with the recent agreements signed to do credit swaps with the European, and South American Banks. Please people. If you haven’t been making preparations to take care of your family, and warn your neighbors about what is coming, your time is beginning run out.

    Greg recently there have been reports that there are large numbers of foreign troops being trained on a base near where I live. In fact two foreign soldiers (reportedly Moslem) have been arrested for trying to abduct a 12 year old girl playing in her front yard. The State won’t release any information of their country of origin, so it makes me very suspicious. I can only speculate on what they are doing here. Since when do we train foreign troops on American soil using taxpayer money? We are in serious trouble no matter how you cut it.

    Thanks again Greg for sticking your neck out with this site. I don’t think most people understand the risk you take to bring us these reports each week. You are a true American.

    • Greg

      Thank YOU for your support Jerry!

  6. Fraser

    Thanks Greg… great wrap!

    I am coming to the conclusion (and would like to share the idea) that it is probably China that is manipulating gold and silver, not the USA.

    From the import / export data examined by Eric Sprott, it appears that China is THE main buyer of gold, accounting for over 100% of annual production and therefore also buying from Central Banks.

    The USA does not appear to be buying and furthermore has no motive to drive the price down, because a stable USD can be more easily achieved with a stable gold price.

    China on the other hand has every reason to get the price down and keep it there as it accumulates the gold required to lift their reserves to the same percentage as Western Governments. (China currently holds around 3% gold in its reserve assets, compared to around 75% for the USA and Europe).

    High volatility is also required to shake gold out and capture things like stop-loss orders and we are certainly getting plenty of that. On the other hand, volatility is not welcomed when trying to keep the US dollar steady.

    China is also buying other commodities and the same price patterns are present. For example in Iron Ore, China buys around 40% of world production and prices are similarly down from $200 to $120.

    The USA, which really only wants gold NOT TO RISE, seems to be complacent about China’s manipulation, at least for now. However, there must come a time when either (1) the West looses all its gold or (2) the West stops China by closing the COMEX and LMBA to physical delivery, whence the gold price will soar and (all) fiat money will crash…

    If I was playing the West in this game, I would close (yesterday), so that I had at least some gold and assets after the crash occurs.

    Curious also that China just bought JPMorgan’s NY building and thereby also the biggest gold vault in the world. So finally, I wonder if there is a connection between China, COMEX and the bullion banks (who as we know would sell out their own mother for a buck).

    • Liquid Motion


      Fanciful idea.

      USD hegemony is what this is ALL about.
      Protection of that position implies the removal of all threats OR alternatives.
      Gold is the great story teller. It has the eyes that no one else possesses.

      The unintended consequence of PM (paper)price suppression is the insatiable appetite of the Chinese. This desire to hold gold btw is not a new found obsession. ITS been part of their culture for millenia.

    • Galaxy 500

      Then why are JPM, and their ilk sell naked short positions for more gold than can be mined in years? US bankers are suppressing gold because they don’t want it to be seen at its real value. Just because the Chinese are smart enough to buy doesn’t mean they.are rigging. India, Russia, Korea, Vietnam,…everyone is buying
      Nice post Frasier but I believe your are wrong about who doing the manipulation. And my friend, China is setting up a gold exhange of its own that will deal in commodities instead of paper

    • mohammad

      When you go to the bank and ask for a loan what the first think the bank asks you?
      Do you have collateral?
      because if you default on your loan the bank will seize your collateral and sell it to get its money back.
      So here is the SCARY question.
      When US is borrowing money from China what is the collateral….???????
      Let me suggest an answer……OUR LAND, OUR “WE THE PEOPLE”.

    • Trotskie

      Wow, make’s sense! Maybe China is the king of the north? Wake up people and get on the yellow brick road and I don’t mean to Oz, even though Bondi beach is lovely this time of year!

    • Galaxy 500

      I don’t see China storing vast amounts of wealth in gold in NYC. Maybe a safe consolidation point

  7. art barnes

    Greg, its interesting to note that the NSA is run amuck yet the President & Congress doesn’t lash out and stop it, maybe it is because our people don’t care if they have privacy or not. Its part of being human to want & desire privacy whether or not one is doing something illegal, bad, or immoral in private. Except for a few in Congress such as Senator Paul of Kentucky its seems like a non-issue, what gives with that? Why? Where are the patriots? Is there a secret deal not to hack into Congress and their families or just everybody else in the world? Maybe they have they already hacked/spied on them, have the “goods” on them, and will expose them if they try to curtail the spying and violations of their 4th Amendments rights. I sincerely believe now that the whistle blower/bad guy Snowden may have been a patriot.

    • Greg

      Great observation!!! “its interesting to note that the NSA is run amuck yet the President & Congress doesn’t lash out and stop it,”

  8. Adam

    Thanks Greg
    You are appreciated!!

  9. Ugly

    Besides Saudi Arabia, you have in 2014 the fact that–

    Russia is the largest exporter of oil in the world
    China is the largest importer of oil in the world
    Syria is largest exporter of natural gas to Europe

    They all want to do business without the dollar.

    The news (not from MSM)about BRICS will come back in 2014 too.

    I even heard Hilary say something about the ‘Dinar’ as world currency? Maybe that was a mis-reading on my part?

  10. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    You speculated as to whether the recent Saudi change of heart was due to a genuine distrust with the U. S. or a growing disaffection among their own people. I’m convinced it’s both. In the 1990’s Al Qeada was already shifting back and forth between being our ally then our enemy then our ally again. Osama Bin Laden asked for and received a Fatwa or ruling from his Imam. He was told that Islamic law required him to issue a formal declaration of war to conduct his campaign against the west. He did and it’s a very interesting read. He was as critical of the Saudi monarchy as he was of the west and the U. S. in particular. The monarchy is regarded as the protector of the muslim holy places throughout the Islamic world and he ridiculed them for their military incompetence and inability to fulfill that function despite billions in weapons purchases from the U. S. He blamed this incompetence on their part for allowing the permanent stationing of “infidel” troops in the muslim holy land. The second major grievance he listed and with respect to which he may yet be proven right was that the west and the U. S. in particular were “stealing” their oil by paying for it with paper currency he felt would eventually be worthless. He blamed the monarchy for agreeing to this. Even among not so radical muslims I suspect their is wide spread agreement. While Saudia Arabia is still important it has lost some of it’s leverage. The rise in oil prices have made many fields economically viable. Russia is now believed to exceed Saudi production and America buys only about 10% of it’s imports from the Persian Gulf. Saudi oil is now much more important to China and Japan than it is to us.

  11. George Silver

    Dear Greg
    You sound upset that the USA is not doing more to be a close ally of the most tyrannical, and anti-human rights state in the World…. Saudi Arabia?

    Dear Greg you actually support a regime that doesn’t allow women to drive cars? As well as many other things that women in the West find normal.

    Just for the sake of the Dollar? As long as the Dollar is OK then anything goes?

    • Greg

      George Silver,
      I worry about hard working Americans being blind-sided and nothing more. This is about survival and not ethics at this point. Thank you for your comment your points are well made and well taken!!


    • Galaxy 500

      For a.moment.I.thought.you were talking about the.Obama.admin. what real business is it of yours or mine what the Saudis do.at home.
      And.I.do.support them. George, what do you propose we put in its ace? You.and your buddies thinking it’s our business make me sick. Tell me how well has the last 12 years been for world stability? Bush and Obama have destabilized the world more than WWII.
      How well.are things going in Egypt? We turned a back.on our ally. Yes, he ruled with a iron fist but he.was trying to.bring up.the.standard.of living. We turned our back.and gave it to the terrorist. Obama destabilized the entire Middle east.
      You ask Greg if he would support such a human rights violator. Have you looked at what Obama is doing?
      It’s refreshing.to.read such a juvenile, unenlightened view. Let the King of Saudi run his country. The streets are safer there George than the average here.
      You.obviously are unaware of the impact this is going.to have on your standard of living. Greg is telling you.that this is likely a black swan that will.destroy us and you.bring up human.rights.
      I would insult your intelligence but I.cannot top your own words in your post.

      • George Silver

        @ Galaxy 500
        I was going to reply to you but I have headed the advice of the late George Carlin:-

        “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

        I would guess you must have plenty of experience.

        • Galaxy 500

          Absolutely 😉

  12. mohammad


    On the surface it is in the open now that Israel and Saudi Arabia are on the same page regarding the US stance from Syria and Iran.
    What Obama has been doing for a while is delivering in the middle east the punch after punch with a velvet glove covering an iron fist to the Chinese, Russians and Germans.
    I still think and time will prove me right that Germany is the mastermind dynamo behind the moves of China and Russia and let me throw a clue here:
    Germany Hitler kicked out private central banks for issuing money and that turned it around in few years from a destroyed Weimar to the Germany we knew before and during the war.
    If you look at the bank of China which is a state bank, does that strike any resemblance?
    It is the same machine.
    So back to the subject US does not want to be involved militarily and israel wants to kick the chess board and drag Obama into the inferno of Syria/Iran.
    Saudis agreed to finance after they got what they want (throwing pro Obama MORSI out) and they are poised for tough action on Syria and Iran.
    Here you can see the collaborative effort of both Israel and Saudi Arabia in putting the tremendous pressure on Obama and any one following the events can say that there is no love lost between Obama and Netanyahu.
    And by the way did any one notice that Netanyahu is the been seated as a prime minister longer than any other one…. If that says something it says that the mood of the Israelis is just what this man wants. Nothing short of removing the Enrichment ability of Iran and surrendering their stockpile of enriched Uranium.
    Here is a nice article today about the issue:


    Now that is on the surface that deceives a lot of people but not who sees with tow eyes (sight and heart)
    What i know is Israel,US, Iran,Germany,Russia,India……. and China are on the same page and the Saudis will be given the flip.
    The Israeli’s eyes are on Mecca and Medina like the Cheetah’s eyes on its prey.
    The fall of those holy cities after they captured jerusalem is the last needed step to get to the Kingdom of Kingdoms that will be at the ruins of all of the above.
    Then we get into the final chapter of Human race history and the final conflict between Christ and Dajjal (anti christ) that will take place in the Golan heights.
    So please every one fasten the seat belts (am not sure if that will do good any way) the ride is just gone get bumpier.

    • Greg

      This comment is why I appreciate you being on the site!!! Your perspective here is enlightening and revealing!!!! Thank you.

      • Michael

        And it is a carnal perspective too.

        Don’t be fooled by the “fool” who does not Listen to God’s Word (that is who Jesus is) but mix in the carnal philosophies of man.

        The Kingdom of Heaven is NOT out THERE! The Kingdom is within, and it’s here now.

        That is what is bringing forth the Truth even now, and it has panicked the rulers of this world, even as I warned them in 2007. The Truth will destroy every lie. Jesus Christ is The Truth.


  13. Troy

    Teflon Diamond? More like Cubic Zirconium Jism

    And likely any punitive actions by the State against the to big to fail, will be tax deductible. What a fascist circle jerk, tax payer ream job

    Thank you Greg for your continued work.
    Much appreciated!

  14. John Devereaux

    Your comments regarding Saudi Arabia reminds me of my rental of Rollover produced in 1981, how our Treasury Notes can be liquidated and contract our purchasing power.

  15. Charles H.


    For all of us who regularly visit or participate – here – I hope we don’t take for granted just how good you are. Over the last year or so, you have really come into your own. And this is showing not only in weekly Wrap-ups; but with guests too.

    As for your content this week – Outcome Based Evaluation. Words, and claims, and policy pronouncements may all be ‘perfidious’ posturing. What really counts is what all effects or outcomes are produced by the players in question. Mounting tensions with Russia and China; increased “Dollar negative” (de-Americanize) posture-ings world-wide; the Middle-East practically in flames; Allies alienated, like Israel, Saudi Arabia, now Germany (!?!); cosy-ing-up to IRAN; No Rule of Law, where Banks own government and no prosecutions proceed; money printing and limitless Debt continue; increased poverty; and Government Healthcare hurting jobs and forcefully exacting greater gobbs of money – all together make a Van Gogh-like mosaic abstract. Based on outcomes – I’d say the current Administration has produced almost nothing but damage. Superimposing Socialistic Principles upon a Capitalistic Foundation just won’t work – they are incompatible. As in two like poles of magnets: they cannot meet – it is either one, or the other. (Natural Law.)

  16. Galaxy 500

    I just read that the ACA, the Bill that Satan ordered his minions Obama, Reid and Pelosi to put as a yoke on the Free Christians, Jews and the Moslems that believe and worship in the one true GOD (as opposed to those that say they do) HAS YET ANOTHER FATAL FLAW. God seeks to deliver us from these deceivers. The question is will we allow it.
    ….so what is my point. ACA appears to only allow subsidies at the STATE EXCHANGES not at federal ones. You see evil people jockeying for position are stupid and treacherous to us BUT especially to each other. Thank you Lord.

  17. cachon

    Please add some good news on your weekly report, it will cheer up some listeners .Thanks

    • Ugly

      The dollar will only lose 20% of its value in 2014….

      Sorry, but that is about as good as it gets.

  18. Stan

    Hey Greg,

    You have to ask yourself is all of this by design? The enemies of our nation could not have done a better job in destroying our country than what has happened to our nation in the last several years. Between Bush and now Obama we are done for…

  19. Joe Canada


    I have been following you for several years now and I am very impressed with your work and the integrity of the people you interview and the quality of your questioning.

    What I cannot understand is why the average American does not take action as to what is going on internally and externally to their country.

    The Government is dysfunctional, your quality of life is in decline, your health care system is an example of what NOT to do, the quality of your education is eroding, the infrastructure of the country is falling down around your ears, the national debt is a laughing stock to the rest of the world and yet your President wants to reform Immigration!!

    I am sorry Greg but the rest of the world watching what is going on is quite frankly laughing at the US.

    At this time, the US of A is not like the NY Giants, who if they win every game for the rest of the season, have a slim chance of making the playoffs!! The 11th hour has come and gone for America and a harsh reality is around the corner.

    Maybe what it is going to take is going to take to wake up you Americans is some severe suffering but, I do not wish that on anyone!!

    I have been watching the news and I see the leaders of your country acting like they are on an episode of Jerry Springer!! It is time for the US of A to reinvent itself and I am afraid that the process is going to be nasty!! The US is not going to be immune to what has started in other countries around the world and do not expect your Government to get you out of this…they are the problem and not the solution!!

    I could go on and on but I am afraid that it will not do any good. America needs an Intervention and this one will not be pretty…the patient is already too far gone.

    I wish you all the best of luck and I hope you do not drag the rest of the world too far down with you when you crumble.

    Joe Canada

    • Greg

      Joe Canada,
      I cannot disagree. My warning to you and anyone else is when America crashes the rest of the world will be incinerated. The rest of the world will not be able to get rid of Treasury bonds fast enough. Everyone will be thrust into some level of poverty. The Canadian Maple Leaf in Au or Ag are some of the finest coins in the world. My advice to you is get some of them in your direct control and do not let go of them. They may be the only wealth you are left with. Thank you for your comment and for your international perspective.

      • Rodster

        God bless you man for saying that because enough people aren’t. Some think there will be winners and losers when we collapse. The entire planet will be shaken to its core when the world’s largest economy comes crashing down.

        And waiting in the wings will be a global currency followed by global governance. This will be George Soros nightmare gift to humanity.

        • Trotski

          Georgie $oro$, Hillaries $ugar daddy!

  20. Liquid Motion

    Hi Greg,

    No doubt about it …there never is any lack of ammunition/fodder for your website. In fact its become a feast of late.
    AND you my good man possess the highest integrity when you present these for all to witness.

    Saudi Arabia:
    The US backed down on Syria….The Game is up….No More BS WARS..!!!

    Yes, those issues that you discuss are dollar negative. Refer my comment back in Sept. about the Black Swan – USD/UST event..now coming to fruition. The Middle East joins the Far East joins Russia int heir collective distaste for all things American…damn its getting uglier by the minute.

    BUT, there is more to it than just the USD demise (acknowledging that that of itself is damaging to the US and its citizens).

    What the Saudi’s permitted and accepted was USD dominance and control…i.e. POWER for the last 4 decades. The US got too smart and erred. Uncertainty and unfaithfullness leads to troubled minds.

    Lets move a couple of chess pieces on the board and see where things lay.

    What happens when/if the Saudi’s decide to shift their alliance and strike oil prices in something other than USD (RMB for example).
    Effective control of the world’s monetary system is given right there to the Chinese. That brings with it exactly what was given to the US…military power. Can we say that the US has been proactively reducing military action throughout the globe …NO …in fact use of military is merely the right to protect the currency of choice…ensuring its longevity. By having the world’s largest cache of GOLD on the sidelines working in tandem with a newly found comrade in OIL, strikes to me a being a force not only to be reckoned with, but to be seriously concerned about.
    China, for all of its wealth, has many unknowns. It may be seen to be the default reserve when the USD succumbs, but no one is fully appreciative of the ramifications of this, nor are they discussing it.

    The noose around the neck of the USA is tightening. Not only does it find itself being removed from access to the global financial databank, but the BRICS are in the process of creating an alternate SWIFT System…bypassing the one controlled by the US out of Brussels. Interestingly the SWIFT system was established the same year that the US finally removed the USD peg to Gold.

    Coincidence maybe that the 40 year cycle from 1973 is now upon us.
    Are we ready for the next phase and Cycle ?

    • Greg

      Liquid Motion,
      Great analysis especially the line: “Coincidence maybe that the 40 year cycle from 1973 is now upon us.” The number 40 has Biblical ramifications 40 days and 40 nights of rain in Noah’s time, Christ in the desert for 40 days. Powerful stuff man!!! Thank you for posting it here.

      • mohammad

        Liquid motion, Greg,

        Absolutely a great call of the 40 year cycle and i am linking here to Mr Sinclair post explaining the MOSES PRINCIPLES:


        Alf Field is well known in the industry for his accurate calls and Mr Sinclair speaks high of him.

        “The Moses Principle is an irreverent theory based on the question of why Moses spent 40 years traversing the Sinai desert before leading the Israelites to the “promised land……….”.

        On the China Issue:
        I am linking here to an image of a platinum coin by the US MINT struck in 2009, clearly on it you can see who is the creditor and where his/her position is and who the debtor and where his/her position is. They could of made them in a horizontal line but rather they were in a vertical line and you can see from the image who is on the top and who is in the bottom 😉 :


        Oh and by the way look at the eagle (the symbol of the our pride) that used to fill the whole reverse of the coin, it is now barely noticed!!!!!!!!

        • Greg

          Thank you for the comment and links!

  21. While Rome Burns...

    Just sitting around wondering…
    How much profit was earned by the banks in relation to the amount fined in these fraud settlements?

  22. Wayne Olson

    I have been waiting for someone to state the serious problem if the Saudis stop using the USD for the oil trade (” Please keep in mind Saudi Arabia has been a staunch ally in the Arab world, and that looks like we have major trouble coming. Why, you ask. Ever heard of the “petro dollar”? )

    You are the first to mention it.
    I tip my hat to you, Greg.

    • Greg

      Wayne Olson,
      Thank you Wayne and don’t forget about all those Treasury Bonds the Saudi’s hold too. I think this could turn into a black sawn over a weekend in the future.

  23. lastmanstanding

    To Greg and all commenters at USA Watchdog…

    You all get it…Thank you for provide me with an abundance of “food for thought”.

    God Bless you all…and America too.

    “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • Greg

      Amen Last man!

  24. Chris

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for your work and honest reporting.

    I was amazed at what I saw on the front cover of the NY Post: where they wrote something to the effect that the US had robbed / scammed JP Morgan by fining them. I don’t believe anybody is truly that stupid, but there it was.

    My question is this: Is it not logical that these criminal financial organizations who have manipulated almost everything that could be, would not have reporters on their under the table payroll as well? I don’t believe these reporters and editors would be willing to write such misleading and biased articles, which are totally devoid of reason and full of twisted truth designed for the purpose of public opinion sway, for nothing in return.

    • Greg

      I lived in NYC for 10 years. I love the NY Post but they are wrong on the facts and wrong on the law. These guys sold “no doc” loans also know as “liar loans.” They packaged this junk up into mortgaged -backed securities and sold it as AAA quality. Securities fraud in its purest form. The Fed is still buying “toxic” mortgage debt at a pace of $lion each and every month. it is the NY Post that is scamming the public for trying to pass themselves off as journalists. Thank you for the comment.

      • Paul T

        Greg, have you ever heard of Darryl Robert Schoon? I would absolutely love to see you interview him on your show. He has an amazing perspective. He’s been on Chris Duane’s website and a few others I really like and trust. I think you would really enjoy his company. If at all possible, could you line him up? Keep up the good work!

        • Greg

          Paul T,
          Good idea. Thank you.

  25. Nathan

    Hey Greg Hunter

    I’m so glad you posted the article about Israel taking action within a month (USA Today) . Israel is now the dog backed into the corner with nothing to lose (Very Dangerous) . Strategically , I think it is to put immense pressure on Iran during the next meeting in Geneva (Nov 7-8) I’ve watched Israel say Iran is within 1-2 years of the bomb for almost 7 years now but if you notice the time increments get smaller and smaller each article . I’ve never seen it within a months time frame . If Iran does the usual “stall” technique Israel is going to go it alone . I think they are now convinced the Obama administration does not have their interest in mind . (Along with Egypt and Saudi Arabia ) Did you ever think you would see Egypt and the Saudis become allies with Israel ?

    Its going to get VERY interesting this month .

  26. Dan Myshrall

    The Saudis are the people that actually DID attack US on 9/11. I couldn’t care less what the elites in the house of Saud want. Do you know how women are treated in that sham of a country?!

    • Greg

      Dan Myshrall,
      I think you are missing my point. It is not what they want it is what they can do by stopping trading oil exclusively in dollars. Your points are well made and well taken but my point is this can crush the buying power of the dollar.

      • Dan Myshrall

        and that, my friend, is why I stack silver & gold.

        • Greg

          Keep stacking my friend. I don’t see how you will go wrong.

  27. Jerry

    I have some bad mews and I have some good news for some of your readers. First the bad news. We are about to enter what is called the Tribulation period. It will last approximately three years. During this time you will see the middle east go up in flames, the world governments collapse, and death on a large scale. The good news is, we will then enter what is referred to as the Millennium which will last 1000 years. During this time we will be living under a NWO. Only this time it won’t be led by the idiots that have had control of the world governments.

    Now back to the subject at hand. The reason why China, India, Russia, and many of the BRIC nations have agreed to organize a new monetary exchange system and dump the dollar, is because they can see where the U.S. is headed and they don’t want to go there, after just pulling themselves out of abject poverty during the last decade. Their attempt will be justified. But it will fail, and they will go down with the rest of us.

    Now my disclaimer. Everything I just wrote is my opinion.

    • Charles H.


      Bible Eschatology reveals not a three year Tribulation, but a seven year. Three and one-half will prepare for the Great Tribulation, which is marked by the anti-Christ offering the Red Sow on the alter, in the restored O.T. sacrificial system. This event is what turns the nation of Israel to realize that Jesus Christ WAS the Messiah and IS their God, for their heart will be changed in one day – that day. Divine Providence will deliver them and the last three and one-half years of Tribulational judgments will see the wrath of God poured-out for cause of the devil (anti-christ), Beast, and the False Prophet along with humanity. It will be the NWO which delivers the nations into the hands of the unholy trinity. The good news is that the Lord Jesus Christ will rule and reign with a rod of iron from Jerusalem as King of the earth and the nations for that thousand years. Your comment is quite erroneous, as it mixes Humanistic, godless purpose with Divine – and suggests the Divine is lesser. I make this comment based upon a Bachelor’s Degree of training from an accredited Bible College; licensing and ordination to the ministry; seventeen years full-time missionary work (continuing); and about thirty years of personal Bible study. The NWO is Man’s intended solution to the problems in the world, directed by “the god of this world”: not the God of the Bible. The Tribulation is of that God, the God of the Bible, Who takes the reins of Nature and the world into His hands, to fulfill the purposes of the Written Word of yet unrealized prophesy. So both the time-frame of Tribulation and the ruling entity of the Millennial Reign (Millennium) are incorrect. You may be entirely sincere in presenting your opinion: but this subject is too dear to me not to offer rebuttal and correction. (And yes, Greg & crew, I too am a “Reverend”. I just don’t brandish the title.)

    • Rebecca

      Amen, Jerry.
      I look forward to the day when Jesus sets up His kingdom — His NWO — as you implied. I caught your humor! I also agree with you that tribulation will be only 3-1/2 years.

    • Trotski

      Hindsight, is better than forsight. Be a Hinie!

  28. Vincent G.

    The Saudis are not happy with the USA.
    Is this something we should worry about?
    Many are saying that they are our Allies and we are turning our back on them.
    But if you look at this relationship you will see it was not based on friendship.
    It’s based on oil.
    When this agreement was made long ago the US promised to protect Saudi Arabia if they would only sell oil for US dollars.
    So what has changed all these years later that seems to have caused the US to not care so much about the Saudis?
    If we look close we see that Saudi Arabia has been using more oil than they are exporting.
    This is a warm country and a large number of the population has Air Conditioners.
    It takes much Oil to provide for rising electrical needs.
    Based on info from many sources they show that the Saudis produce about 13 million barrels a day.
    But few talk about how much of that is exported.
    This written in May 2012: Last year Citigroup announced that at current consumption rates Saudi Arabia will become a net oil importer by 2030.
    That statement maybe off by 10 years or more as it does not take into consideration acceleration of use.
    This and the increase of oil production in the USA effects the way the US looks at the Saudis.
    Politically this makes for good campaign lines although as claiming Obama is throwing under the bus the Saudis sounds good for the other party.
    Turning on it’s Allies in the Middle East!
    Nonsense is what this is as this relationship must have been strapped with demands that drove our CIA to drink.
    The Saudis are dictators and as such they have little to no conscience as to what they will do to get their way.
    But with the Oil card becoming a smaller card to play the US maybe looking at them as a liability rather than an asset.
    I personally am not in either camp. I am not a Democrat or a Republican.
    So is this a big problem as to our relationship with the Saudis?
    No a much larger problem looms down the road which makes the current problems look like a minor problem.
    What happens when the Arab countries can not sell oil any longer?
    Oil it seems has been a bigger problem for the middle east then any problem it has created in the rest of the world.
    Oil is responsible for a population explosion in this part of the world.
    The population in the middle east has more than quadrupled in a short time.
    Just how are these people going to survive without oil?
    In reality we are looking at mass starvation in just a few years up the road.
    How did this happen one might wonder. Could it be the dictators used the oil to pacify the population?
    Without oil exports the population of most of these countries can not be supported by other natural resources.
    We maybe looking at a problem the world has never seen.
    Countries that can no longer have a government due to chaos brought about by severe shortages.

  29. Ole Guy

    Good post Greg on the summation of the week. I cam across the Saudi article overseas as nothing was or is stated in our MSM about it.

    I thin personally the dollar died when this administration screwed with the SWIFT system, and when Obama told the world not to buy Iranian oil. The world told the USA to take a hike including our allies when it came to buying Iranian oil. We run on energy and this was a global strategic error on this administration’s part to assume we could dictate to other countries that rely on Iranian oil to fuel their economy. So what do we do? We grant waivers to other countries and wonder why we are disliked, please!

    Now the world is coming to the realization that they can set up currency exchanged without using the dollar as the world reserve currency because we tried to bully a small country that has done nothing to us yet because they are developing nuclear power. Trying to join the nuclear club by enriching uranium! I do not care as they do not have the delivery systems to use a nuke on the USA.

    Do people park their brains in never, never, land to listen to these politicians when they speak? A rational person would know that Iran will not shoot a nuke at us or we will turn them into a parking lot. Iran would know even if they handed over weapons grade material to a terrorist group it will and can be traced back to them. Again they will be turned into a parking lot.

    Screwing with the SWIFT system not only hurt Iran but our credibility as this systems was to remain neutral. Not only does this mess with the government of Iran but the private citizens of the country that do business overseas as it is the main system to settle payments. I guess it is ok to allow people to starve all in the name of fairness.

    The military is big because of one thing and one thing only, the petro-dollar. Protection and enforcement of the reserve currency status. Countries are tired of it and if the Saudi’s stop taking dollars and the rest of the world follows you and I cannot imagine the damage to the USA this will cause as we will not longer be allowed to just print anymore when we must use other currency exchange rates.

    We export a lot of our inflation to the world and they are quite frankly looking for a way to get rid of the dollar reserve statue. Follow the money or more importantly follow the precious metals and you will find the shift from the West to the East.

    • Greg

      Ole Guy,
      It’s not just me either my contacts in the background are going nuts over this. Everyone sees this as extremely dollar negative. If they announce selling oil in multiple currencies the end-game is on for the buck as reserve currency status. Thank you for adding your perspective and analysis.

  30. Jerry

    I mean you no disrespect in my statement. There are many here that do not share our religious point of view about what is happening ,and I made my comment in jest to lighten the subject. I apologize if I offended you.

  31. frosty


    The several issues you address are all important, but I offer an opinion on only one, the Syrian “crisis”, because I think it needs to be seen as part of a much bigger picture.

    Syria itself poses no threat to the US. The “crisis” taking place there is but a small piece of a global picture that has to do primarily with those seeking world domination and about how religion, money and war intermix with that cause:

    On religion…
    In the Islamic system there is a push to establish the Muslim caliphate to unite the Muslim world under one world leader. However, there is a religious disagreement between its two main divisions, the Sunnis and Shiites, as to whether Mohammed or his son-in-law, Ali, is the true last prophet of Allah. This disagreement has led to conflict and prevented the two parties from coming together under one banner.

    The money issue…
    The Sunnis comprise the majority of Muslims and include Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arab states. They have huge natural gas reserves in Quatar and would like to run a pipeline from Qatar through Syria to supply the European market which Russia now currently dominates. The Shiites on the other hand, led by Iran and with Syria as their ally refuse to allow it. By removing Assad from power and giving control over to the Jihadist Sunnis of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda, as was done in Libya, Yemen and Tunisia, Iran would then be isolated. Saudi Arabia would then be one step closer to establishing Suni order over that region and one step clocer to the goal of establishing Muslim world domination under that order.

    World War-3
    Added to this mix, we have international banking interests who seek a one-world government using a single currency which they control. Having no nation or military themselves but only the power to print debt, they have chosen to use the US military as their tool and perpetual war coupled with ever expanding debt as their mechanism to obliterate the current system of individual nation states and their individual currencies.

    In this ingenious and diabolic scheme, the US, once the the most powerful and blessed nation on earth, is made to participate in its own demise. To add insult to injury it’s citizens sit spellbound by their media while their Muslim president and treasonous congress overtly fund the AL-Queda and the Muslim brotherhood groups which have sworn to destroy their nation.

    With an increasingly weakened America and its enemies becoming more emboldened, expect Israel to be attacked and Russia and China to be drawn into the escalating conflict. This “Syrian crisis” is not about who used chemical weapons on civilians or who is persecuting Christians. Its about the fulfillment of Bible prophesies related to the end times that precede the second coming of Christ…

    Matthew 24:21- 22
    “21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

    The Obama care, banker fraud and NSA spying issues have to do with the weakening of the American spirit that comes as a consequence of our choosing to reject God’s Law and to accept the arbitrary and capricious law of the bureaucrat as the means to our salvation.

    • Rebecca


    • Trotski

      Frosty, pray your deliverance is not during frosty times. You might turn into frosty the snowman!

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