Weekly News Wrap-Up 10.4.13

Government Shutdown 2013, US World's Largest Producer of Oil & Gas and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  Government shutdown became a reality this week.  It’s the fault of both parties–end of story.  At its core, the fight is over the Affordable Care Act (or Obama Care).  The Democrats have one thing right:  Obama Care, like it or not, is the law of the land.  It doesn’t matter that it is a job killer or that people will be forced into part-time work.  It doesn’t matter that it is an enormous entitlement that will plunge the country deeper into debt.  It doesn’t matter that the Obama Administration has handed out hundreds of exemptions to unions and big corporations. It doesn’t matter that key provisions have been put off by the Obama Administration.  It is the law of the land, and the only way to change it is for Republicans to win back the Senate and the Presidency.  I think the Democrats love the chaos created by the government shutdown and debt ceiling crisis because it gives them an issue.  But in the end, the government shutdown will end, and the debt ceiling will be extended.  Speaker of the House John Boehner said he would not allow a debt default.  He’s not that stupid.  This reminds me quote where a man was accused of being drunk by a woman and he shot back, “Yes I am, but tomorrow I’ll be sober and you will still be ugly.”  When the dust settles with the government shutdown and the debt ceiling, Obama Care will still be the Law and an unqualified disaster.  The other big story is Benjamin Netanyahu addressing the U.N.  He flat out says he thinks the Iranians coming to the negotiation table for its nuclear program is a “ruse.”  Iran says its nuclear program is for the peaceful production of energy.  Israel and the U.S. say that is not true.  Iran wants a bomb.  Still, the Israelis are freaked out by the Obama Administration opening up lines of communication and negotiations over Iran’s nuclear intentions.  There is talk of reducing sanctions, while some think sanctions should stay in place or increase.  The new President of Iran, Hasan Rouhani, was on the team of negotiators a few years back that negotiated with the west to reign in its program with little luck.  Rouhani reportedly bragged about using the negotiations as a stall tactic.  Many think this is the same thing.  I find it funny how the Obama Administration will negotiate with Iran but not with Republicans.  Finally, I have a piece of good news to tell you about.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting, “The U.S. is overtaking Russia as the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas.”  Will it be enough stop the debt spiral?  No, but it will help America come back after the country hits bottom.   Join Greg Hunter as he gives his take on these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Don Hill

    Thanks for finding some good news, Greg. I needed that. I love the site and recommend it to any and all.

  2. mohammad


    The issue at hand in Obama care is deep and fundamental.
    we have to think of it in the light of National ID card that is coming, it was introduced at George W. Bush term, and here lets keep in mind (Prescott Bush!!!! who was an intermediary to fund the NAZIs).

    Who is operating the government is 3 or so agencies that Catherine Austin Fitts sees not the 21 agencies (Dept. of housing, HHS, military….)that WE SEE.
    She sees Lockheed martin, IBM…

    A step back in time:
    IBM helped the nazis to build their data base that in turn helped them to commit the holocaust


    Same firm is doing now the same with the huge data base they are building with the COMING EMR that will kick in with Obama care, add to it the COMING NATIONAL ID card.
    1- IRS has all your finance information.
    2- HUGE DATA BASE about your health and every breath you have with your doctor in the most confidential and private info you can share with any person period.

    Where that leads us to?
    God forbid!

    Here is Catherine Austin Fitts says it elegantly in this interview:
    (Please afford 7 minutes to listen to this intelligent person)


    Another aspect of EMR I would like to bring here:
    (please forgive my long post but it is VERY IMPORTANT)

    No doubt in my mind as a physician that the most secure way of keeping patients information is paper documents no one can hack it, you still can control your staff and if any thing is leaked out it will be contained fast and quick and it will be limited any way.

    That is long gone with forcing us to go EMR.

    ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS, and let me stress that again… DANGEROUS aspect of EMR is having the server of data base in what is called now the CLOUD.
    The claim it is secured like the security of the bank, that is possible but could be challenges since we had a case here in MI of hacking 50000 cases from the health department. 50000 cases folks:


    Now lets say they secured those clouds like bank security, who is operating the servers, how can we trust John Doe working on the clouds server to have my health info or my son’s or my wife’s private conversation with her doctor….etc
    Some of those clouds are offered free for doctors and they are already falling in the trap of free.
    It would be more secure for the patient to have the server in the office itself but it will break the back of the doctor financially.
    I have a some knowledge of data base in filemaker, I built my own EMR, they are giving me a heck of time to connect my EMR to the payers, the regulations are so intense that i threw in the towel on this half way.

    DO you all see where are we going?

    • Greg


      Thank you for adding this analysis and perspective. I know you are a MD. Thank you very much!! Yes, I see where we are going and it isn’t pretty.

      • JC Davis

        C.A. Fitts is so smart. I hope she runs for congress in Tennessee.
        Thanks Mohammad for the info.

    • Donna


      I am a medical biller and have been on this side of medical since 1998. We went to EHR back in 2007. The first thing I said was “wow now all they have to do is hack in to our server and they will have all they need to take a patient’s identity”. The thing was that we were forced into having EHR. It is a gov’t policy. We are being pushed by every chance the gov’t can to control us all…….The US Congress included a formula of both incentives (up to $44,000 per physician under Medicare or up to $65,000 over six years, under Medicaid) and penalties (i.e. decreased Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements for covered patients to doctors who fail to use EMRs by 2015) for EMR/EHR adoption versus continued use of paper records as part of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Socialism here we are……………..

      • mohammad

        Yes indeed.
        Wait until we get ICD-10 implemented fully!

  3. Jerry

    Greg lets be clear. Under the Affordable Care Act people will have to have an insurance plan by 01/01/2014 for pay a $95. fine or 1% penalty. This week I have tried to enroll people all week long into the exchanges and couldn’t. I have been told that the subsidy calculator will not be available to load into the system until 10/11/2013. The clock is ticking Greg and here I am with a back log of people who can’t get coverage. At some point they are going to realize that this is a much bigger elephant to eat than they ever imagined and they’re going to have to push back on the time table.
    Just my opinion.

    This morning I heard on MSNBC that the bond market is stronger than ever, and that raising the debt ceiling will have little or no effect on the markets. Really? Its like an alcoholic saying ” I don’t have a drinking problem”, I open up a bottle, tip it up..no problem. Greg the real issue is the Chinese and other foreign investors do not share our view of the fantasy world we live in. At some point (which is coming soon) they are going to dump the dollar. I think the 1.3 Trillion dollar debt ceiling raise coupled with the 2.7 Trillion price tag on Obamacare should just about do it. What do you think?

    The truth is we lost the country in the last election. Its gone. The Republicans haven’t woke up to the fact that they are a year late and 17 Trillion dollars short.

    As always Greg. Thanks for your efforts. I’m going to ring the bell this weekend.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jerry for your comment, reporting from the field and your support!!

  4. mark hagen

    It was the law of the land until Obama started exempting any company he so choose. That negates the whole program.

    • Greg

      I know. It is very unfair and a terrible law. Agreed.

      • Oracle 911

        Well single payer systems are not that bad if they are made properly (look at Canada), but Obama Care aka Affordable health care is a catastrophe for economy of USA in biblical proportions.

        • Galaxy 500

          My friend in Canada (Vancouver) had to come to US for surgery. He was 70.and with the allocation of services, he would never have been operated on. Fortunately, he had enough money to pay out of pocket.

          • Oracle 911

            What kind of operation was it?

          • Galaxy 500

            High percentage blockage of carotid …he couldn’t carry on a coherent conversation. After surgery, he was back to thoughtful and intelligent.

  5. art barnes

    Greg, what a choice, obamacare vs. wedon’tcare. Two evils by two elitist groups of government. The big story should be the killing of a U.S. citizen in D.C. Yawn America if you will, but “murder by cop” of unarmed citizens is become very real in America every day and growing exponentially. Dead Americans by trigger happy police who now look like Navy Seals jumping out in occupied hostile territory are out of control. If you need to yawn about anything it would be the police reviewing its own for any wrongdoing. The Congress clapping about the police action leaving a dead unarmed American woman with a 1 year old baby in the car was over the top. Frankly, I didn’t believe it until I saw the clip of Congress standing up and clapping for the Capital Police after the shooting myself. More American heroes made every day, one dead American after another. Something to think about isn’t it?

  6. guy

    Greg, you picture on the 10 04 13 weekly wrap should be EVIL APPLE AND WROTTEN APPLE

  7. Galaxy 500

    Unarmed crazy woman shot by security forces in Washington. These are the same types that will be shooting and looting at a home near you

  8. garland albert

    with all my speakers wide open you could just barely be heard.
    you need help!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. archivesDave

    Excellent blog today Greg,..
    per always!!!

  10. Galaxy 500

    Another week gone..7 days closer to calamity. Greg great wrap up

  11. Ray

    I think stopping Obama Care should have been done before it was pass into law. It is probably a waste of money and a rip-off but better spending money on our own people, than bombing some country we have never heard about.
    We should stop spending BEFORE we spend the money not after we have spent the money. What were looking at is a government that is dysfunctional

  12. Galaxy 500

    Obama takes great care to secure the WWII memorial from WWII Vets while repeatedly denying reinforcements to secure the US Embassy in Bengazi. That’s all we need to know about his administration.

  13. Stan

    Greg the government shutdown just gives the democrats the excuse to blame republicans for the poor economy. In the next several months if not years democrats will say the economy was recovering until the republicans shut down the government and killed the stock market and ruined our recovery. I think they know the real economic numbers are terrible and they are glad the republicans handed them an opportunity to pass the blame…

  14. sabretooth

    The U.S. is overtaking Russia as the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas? Why am I paying $3.80 a gallon for gasoline and my natural gas bill is higher than it has ever been with winter approaching? The gas company just announced rates are too low and put in for another increase. The federal government is issuing licenses to companies right and left to export natural gas to other countries.The Republicans continue to scream we need the Keystone Pipeline for the oil and energy independence. The pipeline’s purpose is to push Canadian tar sand to Texas refineries where it can be processed and resulting products shipped to Asia. That part of the story was always conveniently overlooked.The games and lies continue and we pay.

    • Galaxy 500

      Because $1 isn’t what it used to be

  15. Suzanne

    Hi Greg!

    The House STILL has the ability to stop Obamacare by refusing to fund it. Funding is the exclusive purview of the House. Will they have the guts? I don’t know.
    Pastor Lindsey Williams says that his elite sources have indicated that the entire economy collapses when Obamacare kicks in, and that the Dow is the last bubble. The Dow might make it to 16,000 but it will collapse because we don’t have manufacturing and real wage-paying jobs any more.

    Net-n-yahoo-dot-bomb is a psychotic. The reason he still holds sway in the US is because AIPAC doesn’t have to register as a lobbyist and then they use some of the $50 billion or so we send to Israel every year to buy off our politicians and lean on them, blackmailing them into serving Israel. This is actionable under RICO statutes and AIPAC should be arrested.

    America has all the oil we need for the next hundred years or more. They’ve been drilling and capping all over central Texas where the technology has made it possible to drill through two 5 mile thick layers of granite… and that’s a HUGE field… all the motels and corporate lodges in central Texas are booked solid for years and there’s a line at the public records buildings.
    We still have drilling and capping all over the Bakken and the western end of the Pennsylvania oilfields south of the Great Lakes… and there is still the north slope of Alaska which has enough oil to supplant Saudi. This all comes down to the deal that Kissinger cut with all the middle eastern nations, saying that the US will cease production and buy all oil from middle eastern countries as long as they are buying US treasuries… they’re about to be dry-gulched. Williams says they won’t produce our oilfields until oil hits $150-$200 a barrel.

    Bless you, Greg.


    • MAL

      When Kissinger cut his deal it wasn’t just buying U.S. treasuries. When we went off the last vestige of the gold standard in 1971 we went on the “oil standard” when OPEC agreed to denominate it’s oil in U.S. dollars helping to preserve the dollars reserve currency status. They also agreed to let Wall Street handle their massive sovereign wealth funds to buy those treasuries. But most of all we agreed to provide for the security of all those Sharia based feudal monarchies in the Persian Gulf. The trillions we’ve spent since providing that security and keeping the sea lanes open aren’t factored into the price of a barrel of Mideast oil whether it goes here, to Europe, to Japan or China. This would somewhat nullify the fact that much of our oil is more expensive to recover. I’m beginning to think if you drill deep enough you can find oil almost anywhere. They’re on a fracking binge in Michigan and oil and gas wells are popping up all over the place. Some wells that were believed tapped out years ago are now found to be “filling up” again leading me to believe that we don’t know as much as we thought we did about the geology involved. Your probably right when you mentioned the $150-$200 per barrel figure. It was the massive price increase after the 1973 embargo that made the North Slope, the North Sea and many off shore fields economically viable.

  16. JC Davis

    Greg and the think tank people.
    I question maybe the world economic slow down has caused the Russian oil and gas to slow down enough for the U.S.A. to pass them.

    • mohammad

      Or may be they struck a deal?
      Remember the warmth between Kerry and Lavrov, and the romance between Obama and Rohani of Iran?

  17. Coalburner9

    That Mohammad knows his stuff from both a world view and inside the USA. I did some research on the Nazis and Daddy Bush’s. There is some wild speculation out there with only small evidence and guess work. Anyway the Nazi elite are somewhat different now than in the 30’s and 40’s and nothing like the skinheads. It would be hard to picture them in cahoots with the World banker elite like the Rothchilds. I believe there are several groups out there that want to rule the world. A few Americans are not the only resistors. I believe the BRICS and others who actually have real power and are taking so many defensive positions and creating parallel business and banking structures are doing it not only to protect themselves economically but to hold these groups at bay and eventually stop them cold. The thing is most Americans know nothing about what is going on in the world outside the USA and that is the worst disservice our useless News media does to us. Thanks to the news people on the internet we get to know. Enough on world power. We have the technology and the brains beyond all others but we have lousy tainted leadership. Good job Greg! Keep it up!

    • Donna


      Hitler is a relative of the Rothschilds!

      Alois, Hitler’s father, was born in 1837 in the period when Salomon Mayer was the only Rothschild who lived at the Vienna mansion. Even his wife did not live there because their marriage was so bad that she stayed in Frankfurt. Their son, Anselm Salomon spent most of his working life in Paris and Frankfurt away from Vienna and his father.

      Father Salomon Mayer, living alone at the Vienna mansion where Hitler’s grandmother worked, is the prime, most obvious candidate.

      And Hermann von Goldschmidt, the son of Salomon Mayer’s senior clerk, wrote a book, published in 1917, which said of Salomon:

      “…by the 1840s he had developed a somewhat reckless enthusiasm for young girls..”


      “He had a lecherous passion for very young girls, his adventures with whom had to be hushed up by the police.”

      And Hitler’s grandmother, a young girl working under the same roof would not have been the subject of Salomon’s desire?

      And this same girl became pregnant while working there? And her grandson becomes the Chancellor of Germany, funded by the Rothschilds, and he started the Second World War which was so vital to the Rothschild-Illuminati agenda? And the Illuminati are obsessed with putting their bloodlines into power on all “sides” in a conflict?

      And the Rothschilds are one of their most key bloodlines? And it is all a co-incidence?

      • Galaxy 500

        Wow.. Have you ever thought that it may be just poor economic planning and greed that is causing this instead of some grand nazi conspiracy? Where do the Zombies come to play in this?
        This is a news site. I’ve read everything in the last few weeks from the “evil” Jews to the Vatican and now the Rothschilds via Adolf Hitler.
        In the above post, I see conjecture presented as fact. I have an open mind. Provide some verifiable facts that back up your theory. And please don’t point me to some “down the rabbit hole web site” where they are long on theory and misquoted and short on facts. I would really like to hear more. All the conspiracy theories can’t be correct. 😉

  18. Charles H.

    Hey Greg,

    There are two basic camps in thought today: those who think America can be saved; and those who think America will be lost. And depending upon which camp your’e in – perspective takes a dominant stance. I take it you are in the former group, that America can be saved. But the liability of such a position is a tendency to grasp at straws. Really? You are going to believe the Wall Street Journal? MSM is broadcasting that a flood of people are ‘signing up’ for Obamacare: but later revising it down, in California’s case 87%. America as independent from foreign oil? I get the feeling the preponderance of evidence is not with you.

    Concerning ACA, or Obamacare… TECHNICALLY – it is the “the Law of the Land”; and TECHNICALLY, the Supreme Court has upheld it in the majority. But TECHNICALLY, the Supreme Court is “packed” so that partisan politics can be played through it. And TECHNICALLY, Obamacare was passed unilaterally, in the middle of the night, and WAS NOT READ. So TECHNICALLY the passing of Obamacare was pure mob rule. So hiding behind the guise of the technical aspects of the current situation may be a correct one in your opinion: but I cannot agree with you.
    The means and method by which Obamacare was passed demonstrates that the Liberals in this country DON’T PLAY FAIR. It is to your credit that you wish to be fair, and to dot your “I’s” and cross your “T’s”: but trying to reason with ideological zealots is like trying to dissuade a drunken driver from careening down the road, from the passenger seat. And considering Eric Holder – a total lackey – law is overlook or mis-applied to political whim. NO prosecutions for federal voting rights violations (Black Panthers); No prosecution against the Bankers; No prosecution for a five year study against silver manipulation: but prosecutions against entire States that want to have some kind of voter-indentification, and the list goes on… The use of government to FORCE all citizens to pay into a system, by buying healthcare is UNCONSTITUTIONAL: no matter what authorities say, or how the system of government has been abused in order to effect it. Slavery is not justified because it is written into Law. Things like moral code and Natural Rights have precedent over Law. To agree that some current law can obviate these higher principles, to me, is to abandon Right for Wrong – technically.

    The Democrats “JACKED” the system, by hi-jacking unilaterally the organization of government: and in so doing they demonstrated their willingness to run-over everybody and anybody in their way. You, sir, under-estimate the adversary. And, personally, I don’t blame the Republicans one little bit for bringing the whole machine to a grinding halt. They were EXCLUDED and ignored for Obamacare, and ridiculed with the “get over it” rhetoric. This is the first time that they have to TECHNICAL opportunity to deal with the ACA: and this is the other shoe. If Democrats wail and weep – I suggest they were the very teachers of political solidarity and hi-jacking methodology: and that the Republicans have had to learn to dance – because the Democrats call the tune. And the Democrats have a Capt. Jack Sparrow philosophy: “Take all you can get – give nothing back.” Neither do I subscribe to your idea of waiting for Mid-term elections and capturing the Senate and Presidency in 2016 – because I believe the Left will Double-down on voter fraud. The future is always speculation – and the time to defend ourselves is long overdue. What the Republicans are doing is in line with the majority of Americans who realize Obamacare is plain wrong: and preventing it from being implemented is a last line of defense.

  19. Agent P

    Greg –

    If you have not already had him on as a guest, try to secure an interview with Rob Kirby of kirbyanalyitcs.com A great education will be had by all with regard to macro-economics as they pertain to Derivatives, Interest rates, swaps, the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund – what it does, Who it does business with and where the organization fits in with the U.S./global economy, etc.), precious metals, and so forth. The man is a wealth of information and just so happens to be good friends with Jim Willie as well.

  20. RainCoastGhost

    “US largest producer of oil and natural gas” ?

    How can this be when Canada exports 70% of it’s oil and gas to the US? Canada exports more than twice as much petroleum product to the US than Saudi Arabia does!

    Did this WSJ piece include in the production figures, how much petroleum the US imports? As for the so-called “glut” of natural gas production from shale fracking, this is a short term windfall. These gas wells have a rapid fall-off in volume produced.

    Something just doesn’t add up. EROI = energy returned on investment.


    • Ph.T

      perhap they know canada and usa are really the same supercountry .

  21. Frank Brady

    I have to disagree, to some extent.

    1. Under the Constitution, all money bills MUST originate in the House. The specific legislative language that created Obamacare originated in the Senate, not the House. Inasmuch as the Supreme Court has ruled (incorrectly), that Obamacare is a “tax”, the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” was NOT properly enacted and is NOT the law of the land, the gutlessness of House Republicans not withstanding.
    2. Congress has abandoned “Regular Order”. It was never intended that gigantic “Omnibus Bills” or “Continuing Resolutions” be used to fund government. Sections of legislation are to be sent up and acted upon one at a time. Abandonment of this process lies has created this and several other problems.
    3. Only the House of Representatives can appropriate funds. If the House doesn’t appropriate those funds, they cannot be spent. The House is within its constitutional authority NOT to fund “Obamacare”.
    4. Finally, the President has absolutely no authority to selectively implement (or FAIL to implement) enacted laws. He has no right to grant waivers, to delay portions of the bill, or to otherwise act like a dictator in his duties to enforce the laws that Congress has enacted. Again, it is the spinelessness of the GOP leadership that allows this tyrant to behave in this fashion.


    • mohammad

      It caught my attention what you have said that Obama care is a TAX.
      I would like you please to listen to the person who wrote it.
      He is by the way the same person who wrote Romney care.
      He says it exactly like you said it (“tax”) when he talked about the different scenarios in supreme court earlier.
      he is:
      John E. McDonough in 2011
      please notice the mark 2:11 of the 3 min video.
      “all they have to do is cross out the word penalty and insert the word tax”
      SO IT IS REALLY A FORM OF TAXATION from the mouth of the person who wrote it!!!!
      the link:

  22. sommers

    K.A.Fitts is one of the smart ones in the arguments. She always brings an added twist to any discussion.
    I’ve been assuming this administration was communistic straight out, but it appears they may be willing to use a bit of fascism en route.

  23. Dan Myshrall

    Greg, It doesn’t matter who pulls more oil out the ground. According to the IEA, Russia produces about 10.9 million barrels of oil per day & consumes 2.2m bbl per day, Saudi Arabia produces about 9.9m bbl per day & uses only 2.65m bbl per day. 2013 estimates for US production of OIL…you know, the stuff our cars & truck fleets run on, is about 8.453m bbl per day & we CONSUME 19.15m bbl per DAY. I like your commentary most days Greg, but don’t preach about US oil independence. Do your farm tractors use oil or natural gas? If we ever become ‘oil independent’, it will be because we have to import all of our unpolluted drinking water from overseas.

  24. Shadow of Doubt

    Hi Greg,
    I thought I’d inquire into a statistic I saw regarding the possible opt out rate for ObamaCare. Do you really see a percentage greater than 25% of our population opting out of this mandate? I know there will a given percentage that will embrace civil disobedience but is there really that many people unbanked or who are so disconnected from the system that they feel they can successfully elude the long arm of the IRS? Jailing this many noncompliant citizens would seem a bit cost prohibitive. I’d be interested in your thoughts.

    • Greg

      Shadow of Doubt,
      The only thing I know for sure is this will be a gigantic drag on the economy. It is as if they are trying to crash the system.


      • Shadow of Doubt

        Hey Greg,
        There is a noted scholar that posits that the powers-that-be are “very mindful” of any small irate minority within our population and the problems they can cause-namely social chaos and/or civil war. This is why he says that we will see continue to see:
        1. The local police militarized.
        2. The NSA continue to spy on one and all.
        3. And our rights to own and bear guns relentlessly attacked.
        The magic number he contends is any number which equals or exceeds 12% of a motivated population(this is why I asked you about the percentages polled that said they oppose ObamaCare). His bold prediction is we will see a second civil war in this country before 2020. (And sees gun rights as the trigger event). We certainly do live in interesting times!

  25. Jerry

    Galaxy 500.
    You are so right. This isn’t about what is going to help America, its about what is going to transform this county forever. I’m not sure what people thought Barack Obama meant when said “change has come to America”? I took him at his word. And now we will get to pay for the socialist experiment that was hatched in the Marxist lounges of this country.
    The dirty little secret why we have 2% GDP is because capitalism is dead in this country. Socialism killed it. All we have left is debt piling up and time that is running out.


    Free enterprise is not taught anymore, and those that succeed in it are demonized (Mitt Romney) for any success they have had in it by the government controlled media.

    Its great that we have more oil an gas than Russia, but what difference does it make, if you can’t extract it? No one in their right minds would ever try it with this government in the drivers seat. Look what the environmentalist have done to the companies that have tried to do fracking. I know Greg was trying to find something positive to report, but the fact is we haven’t had a refinery or a nuclear plant built in the last 20 years that I know of.

    • mohammad


      Mitt Romney passed a miniature OBAMA CARE in his state when he was a governor. who wrote ROMNEY CARE is John E McDough, same person who wrote OBAMA CARE after the mini experiment in Massachusetts.


    • Galaxy 500

      Well said Jerry

    • George

      Neat Link. Thanks, 2%GDP doesn’t really cover the true inflation cost as correctly calculated by John Williams of shadow Stats.

  26. Robert E. Salt

    The U.S. Constitution is the law of the land as well, and it isn’t being supported very well. There is a trucker’s strike scheduled for next weekend which has the potential of posing big problems. It might be a good idea to have a full tank of gas, and food and cash on hand come Thursday.

    • Greg

      Good info and advice Mr. Salt. Thank you.

  27. mel


    The law of the land is the Constitution of the united states of America. Whatever does not comply is not law and worthy of nullification. If the states will not nullify then it is our duty as a American, not a us Citizen, to nullify. I am not a US Citizen and these fascist clowns have no authority over me. If you choose to be harnessed by tyrants then that is your destiny.

    • Greg

      I wish Judge John Roberts had your passion and commitment to the Constitution. Obama care is a very bad law we both agree on that. Thank you for your comment and you correct perspective.

    • George

      Damn RIGHT, Mel! I wonder what John Roberts profited for his sell out?

  28. Robert

    Just on the uranium issue. Thorium could be used to make neucliar power , it is abundant and is a by product of rare earth minerals mining. It is more efficient and less dangerous than uranium and the by product can not be used to make neucliar bombs. So as I see it , the only reason to use uranium to generate power is the capability to make bombs. There is plenty of info on the web about this from researchers and academics. Have a look.

  29. Ugly

    I call BS on this oil stuff. I think it is a ‘false’ hope and a deliberate misinformed data to give Americans hope that we are recovering and that the ObamaCare act will be economically good.

    Where are these oil rigs going from our wells to our refineries?

    Natural gas, I believe.

    • mohammad

      Agree it is a spin!
      Fracking is expensive, non economic, pollutes and deprives the land from water, however that spin is a necessary tactic when it gets nasty with the Saudi’s over Egypt,Syria and Iran.
      The Saudi’s supported the coupe that put Morsi (pro Obama) in Jail and Gen. Sissi {pro Saudi) in power, that was a blow to US that favored Muslim Brotherhood.
      The romance and charming smiles between US and Iran is upsetting the Petro states in the gulf.
      US had to pretend and extend and show them it is oil independent so they will not twist our arm when the deal that will be materialized in Geneva 2 in mid November comes due, which the Petro states will not like for sure.

      • Greg

        II have close family members who live in North Dakota. They say the state is on fire economically speaking. it is one of the few states with a surplus, and a very big one at that. That I know is anecdotal evidence but it’s still occurring.

        • mohammad

          No dispute to this observation.
          But when is the star at its most beautiful glowing colors?
          Just before its demise and its supernova.
          As long as the issuance of currency is a private bank, there will never be a prosperity, a phony one yes.

        • Paul

          FYI: it is “anecdotal.”

          • Greg

            Fixed it. Thank you.

        • Ugly


          Thanks for your input. You seem to be ‘in-the-know’. You back up your stuff with true facts and logic. Keep posting.


          North Dakota is doing good. However, if this is all true then why isn’t our dollar growing. The USD index has been stuck at 78-85 since 2008. If our economy is growing and we are manufacturing much more oil inland, then would not our dollar start to show some of that strength?

          Also, who is funding the oil boom in North Dakota. Is it the USA or someone else?

          • Galaxy 500

            Could it be due to the 85 billion of phoney money every month? In a corrupt system, how do you measure anything with.accuracy?

          • mohammad


            This crash course is 3 hours long, am not asking you to watch it all, however I DID.
            It opened my eyes to a perspective i have never known before and it is logical, scientific, factual and entertaining at the same time so here i educated my self while i enjoyed doing so:


            to summarize what in those 3 hours to the best of my ability and i hope i did not misunderstood the author:

            we hit the hockey stick turning point of the exponential curve long ago. We are as humanity now in the explosive part of that curve, this has never happened before so there is no precedent to compare to, we need to take action now before it is too late.

            To zoom on the question at hand which is oil (please check video 17a which is 17 minutes long).

            1- think of oil fields like a margarita, oil is the tequila mix and the rock is the crushed ice. when oil fields are tapped it is like putting straws in the drink, the more straws the less you get back. Now you are hearing a BIG DREADED SLURPING SOUNDS (FRACKING).

            2- in United States. From the first well drilled in 1859 until 1970, more and more oil was progressively pumped from the ground. But after that point, less and less came out of the ground. It is said, then, that the US hit a peak of oil production in 1970 at just under 10 million barrels a day, and today produces just a little over 5 million barrels a day. Those are the facts.

            3- world production of conventional crude has been flat for the past four years, even as prices have increased by 140%. Taken together, the possibility that Peak Oil is already upon us. If true, then we are going to wish with all our hearts that we had begun preparing for this moment a decade or more ago.

            4- US oil imports are the energy equivalent of more than 750 nuclear power plants, which is seven times as many nuclear plants as currently exist here, and nearly twice the total number of nuclear plants in the entire world..

            In essence we are on the down side of the exponential curve and we are going down in an explosive velocity no matter what kind of makeup they put on the face of reality.

            There is a picture of two miners leaning over a huge nugget of copper above the ground (this how easy it was to find things):


            And here is a picture of surface mining to get what used to be above the ground:


            Those pictures alone are telling the whole SAD story!!!!!

  30. John M.

    Greg, I know you’re trying to be hopeful, but we probably can’t even make it to the mid-term elections, much less the necessary changes and repeals that MAY come after that time from a more benevolent regime. America is finally collapsing no matter what we do, and every week that passes is a gift from God at this late stage.
    The Republicans greatly contributed to our current problems with their deficit spending too, especially in the costly business of making war. But really, both parties are just different flavors of the same UGLY statist government that has been in control since at least Reagan, and I believe even R.R. had more than one secretive member in his cabinet that were worse than both Judas and Benedict Arnold combined.
    Both parties have been in bed with the big banks and have promised all sorts of free things to the lower, middle and upper classes. Many of the American people are not much better than their leaders, as they demand greater transfers of wealth from the “rich” to the “poor”, a distinction that can never please anyone. The few who want to work have rushed to higher-paying government jobs with better pensions (although that may not last for long). Forget about being self-employed, unless you have a powerful politician in the family who can get you special exemptions and waivers from regulations, as the Democrats are especially proficient at playing by different rules and are never expected to share the same moral, ethical standards as everyone else.
    The poor unarmed woman who was gunned down at the Capitol was apparently trying to personally meet with our humble emperor. Maybe she wanted to give him a piece of her mind. Or maybe she wanted to congratulate and kiss him for finally giving us AFFORDABLE Health Care. Perhaps she could have negotiated with him, which couldn’t be any worse than what our House Speaker was trying to do. It couldn’t have really hurt, except it did for her. We will never know what she could have achieved, just like we will never know what miracles our economy could have done if it was not choked off by government.
    It will be the Chinese who will decide when to finally pull the plug on the dollar, then our country will have officially ceased to exist at that exact moment. Perhaps this will all coincide with some great war as a distraction or excuse for our monetary and fiscal problems. There is an excellent graph at bullionvault.com by Adrian Ash that compares the Roman Denarius to the US Dollar, during those corresponding reigns of emperors and presidents. The graph could be prophetic as monetary history repeats!!

  31. Davis

    What with no budget resolution, indecision on raising the debt ceiling and the report that a man has set himself on fire on the National Mall I guerss its official: we are now Greece.

  32. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    When Obama arbitrarily issued an executive fiat ordering a delay of what you correctly pointed out is the law of the land I argued vehemently to the chagrin of my Republican friends that Republicans should have immediately filed a lawsuit. A president arbitrarily nullifying the law is an issue in and of itself. It was obvious that Obama was only delaying it to spare Democrats from having to deal with it in the mid terms. Even if the Republicans had lost they would have forced Democrats into the untenable position of fighting implementation of 1/2 of their signature legislation, the employer mandate. The Republicans demanding a delay of the other half, the individual mandate, are now being labeled terrorists, racists, jihadists ( isn’t that a bigoted slur on Muslims?), etc. As the administration was fighting implementation of it’s own employer mandate Republicans could be protesting outside the offices of Pelosi, Reid, the Capitol and the White House parroting the Democrats hysterical ramblings demanding to know who the “terrorists” are now. The Republicans had the chance to make complete fools of the Democrats and blew it because they are not really what they claim to be. Fortunately Judicial Watch did file just such a lawsuit this week on behalf of a Florida company to stop the illegal delay by Obama of a law passed by congress, signed by the President and just for good measure upheld by the Supreme Court. The administration will be forced to fight Judicial Watch in court. Where are the Republicans? They should be raising all sorts of hell at the WWII Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, etc. over the Democrats hypocrisy. The congressional Democrats would be deserting Obama, Pelosi and Reid like rats deserting a sinking ship and even MSNBC wouldn’t be able to defend them. But there is no limit in my faith in the establishment RINOs to blow it again.

  33. Kelly

    Greg your comment about Obamacare being the law of the land was very misleading. Read Sowells take on the issue


  34. Ph.T

    . why shouldn’t Obama negotiate with Iran?
    we are talking about gigadeath WWIII !
    as for Obamacare being a job killer that should be renegotiated,
    please remember that overpopulation and globalized capitalism
    are bar for the surest job killers,
    but nobody talks about renegotiating those policies .
    . our middle east policy has nothing to do with oil,
    and everything to do with zionist control of Israel
    and the WWIII they plan to have by 2016 .
    . just before we nuked you, we fracked you
    (actually the 2016 action will likely be beam weapons
    not necessarily nukes).
    . but thanks again Greg, I crystalized much of this opinion
    by listening to you and your guests,
    esp’ly the Trends Journal author .

    • George

      you wrote,”please remember that overpopulation and globalized capitalism are bar for the surest job killers,”

      I do not understand how you arrive at that conclusion. If capitalism was truly global, it would create jobs and drive wealth creation. Surley you don’t think that allowing the socialist/communist to run a managed world economy is the answer.
      Even overpopulation drives innovation or the society starts dying out.

  35. J C Davis

    Fried questioned the importance of the distinction between economic activity and inactivity, citing Chief Justice John Marshall’s view that Congress has the power to regulate commerce, a power granted under Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.

    “Insurance is commerce. Health insurance is commerce,” said Fried, who served as solicitor general in the Reagan administration and later as a Massachusetts Supreme Court justice. “Why then is not the mandate within that power?”


  36. Jerry

    John M.
    I find myself much aligned with your views about what is really going on in this country. I personally see the wrangling in Washington as nothing more than a puppet show to entertain the masses much like the stadiums are filled today with cheering fans. We are more like Rome than I ever dreamed. The Vandals were at the very gates while they entertained themselves in the arenas. And here we are.

    Our Republic died a quiet lonely death some time back and no one even noticed. In my state we had 82% of the population that voted against having to participate in Obamacare and we still had it shoved down our throats anyway.

    The truth is we are all in serious trouble. We are in a 125 Trillion dollar debt bubble that we can’t get out of. 2% GDP simply won’t cut it. We have no choice but to keep borrowing money until no one will lend us any more. Whether its QE, raising the debt ceiling, its all the same. Unsustainable debt.

    I wish I could tell you something more positive, but if I did I would be lying to you. Something this President and the media has no problem doing. I was quite surprised when I found Greg’s site. There are very few journalist that have the courage to report what he has, and I am thankful for that. I think that is why we all starve for his weekly reports.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jerry. This makes my day.

  37. John

    “Obama Care, like it or not, is the law of the land.”

    Passed a law that none of the politicians said they read and we all have to find out whats in it after they passed it.

    Certainly not how you pass laws in a democratic republic that has a constitution & bill of rights.

    the American people should of had some input.

    But obama care is nothing more that forced pay health care to save the insurance companies, just like they saved their favorite corporations, wall street & the money changers.

  38. Galaxy 500

    With all of the problems that need addressing by our gov’t, Obama has time to weigh in on a very important subject, the Washington Redskins name being changed due to its politically incorrect name. Snap, it’s like the Obamachrist passed Obama care when we needed a jobs bill. He has time for everything but what needs to be done. If he stayed on the golf course, the world would be a better place.

  39. John M.

    Yes Jerry it’s true, we do sound a lot alike. If you are not my brother in blood, then we are surely brothers in our grave concern for our country that is slipping fast into serious decline and collapse.
    There are very few sites like Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog that is not full of the same old lies peddled by the propaganda machine of the government and the media, in which they pretend to be giving us a picture of reality. Some of us are not quite that stupid!
    We must all remember that all empires (and America is an empire) fall into destruction because their currencies become inflated at rapid rates into worthlessness. This will soon happen to the Dollar!
    I referenced a graph above (Rome, Dollar Debasement & Emperor Obama 10/2/13) that compares Rome’s money to America’s money. Besides bread and circuses, I also believe that our American government has become much too oppressive to its citizens, which is an exact repeat of the Roman experience. The Roman people were so fed up with their government that they welcomed the barbarian hordes with open arms, as they much preferred barbarians to all the corruption, harassment, and ruthlessness of their own government.

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