Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.1.13

Obama’s Approval Rating, Israels Warning to Iran, Fed Money Printing and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

My top story this week is Israel and the warning it issued late last week about Iran’s nuclear program.  A report says Iran may have enough nuclear material to produce a bomb in as little as a month.  Iran has repeatedly said its program is for the peaceful production of energy, but many countries in the West, including Israel, don’t buy it.  Israel’s deputy defense minister said, “Israel will not stand by and watch Iran develop weaponry.”  That is a not-so-veiled threat of possible future military action.  In another development, Iran may have a new reactor on line that might be very difficult for Israel to bomb.  Once the reactor is on line, bombing it will have catastrophic consequences because of the high amount of radiation it would release.  Remember, we are talking about a month’s time frame or so.  This is a totally under-reported story with global consequences. 

The Federal Reserve decided this week to not taper QE, or money printing.  The Fed is printing $85 billion each and every month to prop up the economy and the big banks.  Renowned money manager Peter Schiff went on record this week and said not only will the Fed not taper, but it is likely to increase QE.  Why?  The economy is looking like it is getting ready to tank.  For example, home sales, retail sales and consumer confidence took big tumbles this past week.  Retail sales are down a whopping 9% from August to September.  9% in one month!!  What do you think the effect of higher health insurance premiums are going to have on the economy? 

Speaking of tanking, President Obama’s approval ratings have sunk to new all-time lows.  Obama Care is a very big reason why.  Not only is the Healthcare.gov website a mess, but doctors are opting out, millions are losing their health care plans and many are paying much more and getting much less.  NBC broke a story that said the government knew that millions would be dropped from health coverage.  The Obama Administration is spinning this by calling these plans “Bad Apple” health care policies.  In fact, the plans were made illegal with Obama Care.  The President said repeatedly, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  If you like your current insurance, you can keep your current insurance.  Period.  End of story.”  No, that is not the end of the story.  This was a major talking point by the President, and many people feel the Obama Administrating purposely lied to people to get the Affordable Care Act passed.  There was no way it would have gone through if they came clean and said millions would lose their health insurance.  Many would be paying much more and get much less coverage and your doctor would be opting out of the plan.  In New Your alone, 77% of doctors are either opting out of Obama Care or thinking about opting out.  Many of my sources think Obama Care is going to collapse under its own weight.  It is unfixable.  

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis on these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-up.

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  1. RGT

    Greg. IMHO I don’t believe Israel will strike Iran as they would have to ask permission from the most powerful man in the world (according to Forbes) Putin. I’m sure he would say nyet!

    • mohammad

      Putin is under the armpit of Israel and not the other way around, JMHO

    • George

      Your comment about the Jews asking permission is a Non sequitur. I assure you the Jews will not ask anyone for the permission to live and survive as a nation. Don’t be surprised if the Saudi’s help Israel attack Iran. Heck, they may even pay for it. Last year the Saudis agreed to allow Israel to use its airspace and even told the Jews if the Iranian jets entered Saudi airspace, they would be happy to shoot the Iranians down. Of course, Obama leaked that. I do not understand how Obama can be upset at Snowden as the Obama admin has leaked more sensitive information than any other, all to the determent of our country.
      Israel just bombed Syria and they made the mistake of telling Obama who went and leaked it to the world. The Israeli military and their politicians are righteously angry. Obama has betrayed them many times. When the clock ticks down to zero hour, I guarantee that the Israelis are not going to give us a heads up unless it is a diversion.

      The Israelis tried to play nice with Hitler and Stalin. Surely, the Jews thought, that the good people in Germany Russia would not let them be wiped out. That mistake is etched on the soul of every Jew. IRAN has stated on many occasions that the Jewish state shouldn’t exist and should be destroyed with holy fire (note to naysayers: holy fire = nuke).
      Do you honestly believe the Jew will let a country of crazy religious fanatics that considers Israel an “Abomination” develop nuclear weapons if they can stop them? IMHO, the most cost effect way to destroy Iran’s nuclear ambitions is to NUKE them. Airstrikes cant reach the Iranian fortified underground facilities. They will need their best and brightest fighter pilots to protect their homeland from the destabilized middle east and the remnants of Iran after they nuke them.
      The Jews said “NEVER AGAIN.” Trust me, they mean it.

      • Allen Ols


        You are correct, Israel and S A. Possable covert help from usa and france, britian. America needs a diversion, maybe a slick emp to blame on iran divert attention away.:-)

        Fop usa wd


        Jim willie just posted on silver doc. W/chinese setting gold @ 7K / oz

        • Galaxy 500

          Obama is not Israel’s friend. He is working against them. Of course, he is working against the American people, too.

          • Allen Ols

            ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend” obama will do anything to raise his poll numbers and a war will ensure him a third term, or a national emergensy. IMHO 🙂


          • Charles H.

            Galaxie 500,

            I am the one scanning the internet, my wife catches snippets from Christian Radio – and she is WAY more convinced of the same. The real guns, the puppet-masters are already set-up. I think they have a percentage of the gold China has bought, safely tucked away with them. Economic Darwinism has no place for patriotism.

      • Michael the Marine

        holy fire = nuke?

        Only in the mind of man.

        The “Fire” of God is His Holy Spirit. Is, has been, and always will be. The Fire on the Mt Sinai, when God met with Moses on the First Pentecost is God’s Holy Spirit. The Fire that descended on the Tent of Meeting in the midst of the Camp of Israel, when Moses went in to Meet with God, is the Holy Spirit of God. At the Pentecost following Jesus’ Resurrection, the Fire that descended on the Tabernacles (tents) of the 120 who endured according to Jesus promise, is the Holy Spirit (having a meeting of the minds with each of them). The Fire that comes out of Jesus’ mouth today and burns up His enemies is the Holy Spirit. He is the Same; yesterday, today and forever; and He is the Great “I Am”.

        As for Israel’s tactics with allies in modern times of war, see the USS Liberty incident from June of 1967.

        As for what our President is doing — he has only done what fulfills what God’s word says. Same as the leadership of Israel.


      • Reader

        If the Jews attack the Islamic Republic of Iran, they will be destroyed. No question about it.

        • Michael the Marine

          People who don’t know, are left with only their speculations, or wishful thinking.

          Only those who know the truth shall not be disappointed, because disappointment COMES FROM disillusion, and disillusion comes from NOT trusting in the Truth. Ask Eve, she first doubted God’s intent, then His Word, before she ate.

          God’s Word is Truth. Jesus is God’s Word; the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one knows the Will of God apart from receiving God’s Word and submitting to His Spirit.

          God’s Israel is the Apple of His eye. WHEN the nations of the world come against Israel, God shall fight against them (and so shall I) and you shall be disappointed. I guarantee it. So I suggest you think again, and consider the truth before taking a premature position against Israel, and against God.

          Have a Great Day!

          • Reader

            Nice try!

          • Michael the Marine

            Reader, my only “try” was to try to persuade you to change your position to one in which you won’t be destroyed by your own foolishness. Don’t mistake my good-will to you for lack of resolve to my duty before God. I either DO, or I don’t Do, according to the Lord’s direction and timing.

            You have His Word on it, precisely what He will do, and WHEN, as well as a personal warning now – so now even your excuse “but no one told me!” has been destroyed.

            Egypt shall be destroyed, not Israel. But Israel shall be divided, just as God has said. So if you live in Egypt, I suggest you get out of there. NOW.

            Have a Great Day!

            PS You really SHOULD be nicer to strangers too.

            • Greg

              Michael the Marine,
              You said, “You really SHOULD be nicer to strangers too.” Not on should folks her be respectful and polite but I require it. You sir are always nice and I know I can count on you for that. Everybody else, please be respectful when you disagree. It’s just fine to disagree but lets all play nice here. Thank you all for making this a top flight site.

          • Reader

            I cannot follow this unique logic of yours based as it is on scripture and stories from the Old Testament. You see, at first blush, I thought it was a clever joke by you or something like that… Anyway, if you are serious about what you wrote, I excuse myself from further discussion of the subject. Yours fantastically, Reader.

          • mohammad

            Just do not follow the one eyed that will claim he is Jesus from jerusalem.
            That is my advice from belief and knowledge.
            Follow the complete and beautiful.
            There will be no mistakes then no margins for error.
            The end is written in Damascus.
            The one eyed will be killed by Jesus, many are fooled by how much power that one eyed has now and will have then up until his demise on the door step of eastern Damascus where Jesus descends, he will have all the believers behind him.
            No mistakes there.
            Jesus is complete and beautiful, dajjal has one eye and ugly.
            No excuses then.

  2. Andy

    Hello Greg,

    i am wondering. I always watch your interviews but you seem to steer your partners into saying something you like to hear. If they do not share your particular opinion you start with iffen (if and when).
    It is no offense, by all means! But maybe you could be a little bit more neutral.

    Thanks for the vids and keep on going!

    Greetings from Germany

    • lastmanstanding

      Andy…We want prying questions from real journalists. These guys like JS want our biz, they need to step up and provide real info.

      Want softballs, go elsewhere. Neutral in the life and death situation that we are in now is for dead people.

    • Vincent G.

      You need to ask questions – no one should be taken at face value.

      If you think Greg’s questions are not good then offer some up and lets see what we think of them.

      What we think we know may in fact be false.
      Without questions we will never alter our thinking as we will never know what we don’t know.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hello to Andy! Glad to have your input here. We need to increase the scope of incoming information and opinion. I love Germany. Good, friendly people, great coffee and the best beer in the world.

      • Rebecca

        I must side with Andy.
        It is the reporter’s function to ask questions that get to the bottom of things. It is another thing for a reporter to ask questions that steer the conversation in the direction the reporter wants it to go.
        Isn’t that what everyone hates about MSM. They have their opinions (of which we don’t agree) and they don’t allow their guests to answer questions that go in another direction — without steering them where they want to “facts to go.” And if the guests is unwilling to be steered, then he is ignored.

        Not the kind of reporting we want on MSM.
        Nor on USA Watchdog.

        IMHO, Greg does seem to always steer the conversation in the direction of his beliefs. Don’t site him for his beliefs. We all here share those same beliefs to some degree. It is not an identical match for everyone. But everyone agrees something bad is coming down the pike.

        Years ago, I believed I understood how the end time scenario of the Bible was going to play out. If anyone would have asked me to outline how God was going to work everything out, I could give you a play by play. I wasn’t willing to listen to other “opinions” because I “knew” how it was going down.

        Years later. I know that I know nothing. Years and years of study and watching what is going on the world, the game plan doesn’t look the same to me anymore. I think a whole lot of Christians are going to be amazed when things don’t fulfill the way they were always taught it was going to “go down.”

        I am a reporter.
        The hardest thing in the world is not to inject oneself into an interview or to inject one’s opinions into the report. It is especially hard if you don’t agree with that interviewee is saying.

        But I have also learned in my many years, that sometimes a tidbit of information revealed can unlock a key in someone else’s puzzle.
        That has happened many times. I probably didn’t agree with anything else the interviewee had to say, but when allowed to say freely — usually something is great relevance is revealed in a small tidbit of information said.

        We understand Greg’s mindset.
        But the whole purpose of having all these various guests on the program is to hear THEIR mindsets, whether we agree with them or not. They just might tell us a tidbit that we really needed to hear.

        • Rebecca

          Let me add some questions that I think would be “prying” into the mindset being expressed and what tidbits it might reveal.

          In the case of Karen Hudes, she is speaking to the governor council and all the state councils. She stated they have enough “calls” for a Constitutional Convention to be called. WHY. And this is big why.
          If her rant is over the corrupt banking system and Federal Reserve, what have those to do with the Constitution?

          Why do these governors want a Constitution Convention? What are they interested in “changing”, because the only reason to call a convention is to change the Constitution. Or does she feel the Constitution holds the power to back up her goal of “telling the Federal Reserve good-bye”?

          What monetary system does her group of power brokers envision for the future? IMHO, when this system collapses, there will be no void. Some financial system will be up and running in its place in the blink of an eye. I think we all have our ideas on what that system would be. It would be nice to get some “facts” to back up our belief, or some information that will tell us just how TPTB plan to implement this new system.

          I am still not sure Hudes is on “our side.”
          But then, what is “our side”? Because from where I sit and from all the comments written here, “our side” is not so clear-cut and defined. The opinions are many and varied.

          Don’t steer the guests in one direction — your direction.
          Ask the prying questions to get them to reveal things about “their position” that might be eye-opening revelations for the rest of us.

          When you listen, be detail-oriented. Pay attention to every detail. Dynamite comes in small packages. Sometimes very important information gets lost in “big picture.”

          • Rebecca

            Pardon all the typos. I should have proofed my own writing. Hopefully you can read over the typos and get the drift of what I am trying to say.

          • Ugly

            Rebecca and others.

            It is called ‘tangents’.

            When a person has about a 25 minute interview and wants to stay on topic, they usually guide the questions so that the ‘interviewee’ does not go off on some tangent and alludes the main topics. In other words, you don’t want some ‘milk-toast’ or ‘watered-down’ comment that avoids the reality of the question.

            For example, I have a good friend that is blaming everything on the Republicans, especially the Tea Party. Thus, I ask him what legislation or law did the Tea Party pass without the consent of the Senate and the President?

            He goes off on a Tangent.

            He avoids the question and then spouts his own opinion and hate without even thinking. He knows that no Law can be passed without the approval of Senate and Prez.

            Thus, when hard questions are asked, and people are biased about something, they usually answer in tangents….therefore, you must keep asking questions to keep the original question in tact.

          • Michael the Marine


            I have a few questions for you, may I “play reporter” with you for a few moments?

            Why is it that when one searches for something, it is always found in the last place they look? Could it be as simple as “when you find what you’re looking for; you stop looking”?

            When you look in your pockets and it’s not THERE, do you blame your pockets? Or do you blame the empty cupboard for not having what you’re looking for?

            Are you really listening to Greg to hear and understand what is so important to him*, (as you advise him to do in HIS interviews) or are you expecting him to become your proxy and find what it is that YOU are searching for, for you?

            Just as “Beauty” is in the eyes of the beholder, so too is ugliness, disappointment, even fear and loathing in the heart of the one expressing the same.

            I used to have many problems with the reality I perceived, until Jesus told me it had more to do with me and my heart than what others actually did. He told me to take the big beam out of my own eye FIRST, (apply it to myself first) then I would see clearly (understand) how to HELP my brother (rather than seeing him as a failure/sinner/etc…) remove the little spec in his own eye.

            To paraphrase: Should blind doctors be doing eye surgery on others?

            May I recommend for you what I found so helpful for me; that you look within your own perceptions; which create your own reality, to find what you’re really looking for?

            *Here is a direct quote from Greg:
            ” I simply want to point out what I am doing here. I cannot stop what is going to happen. What I think I am supposed to do is bring people the truth to help them prepare for what will be enormous turmoil. I believe what is coming is Biblical in proportion and has never happened before in recorded history. My only goal is to enlighten and inform people so they will act to protect their families. I hope some people will, in turn, be in position to help others. ”

            I don’t know about you and everyone else who is disappointed with his reporting priorities, but it seems to me Greg is being true to what he has stated here, over and again on his website. He is simply wanting listeners to hear what he has heard about the great turmoil of transition that is already in-process, and DO what prudence demands from responsible people: prepare; for their own financial sakes as well as for their loved ones.

            Since Greg KNOWS at least one way to do so, he is offering THAT (Free) to HELP others to prepare, who do not realize the potential danger or do not KNOW HOW to prepare. That doesn’t disappoint me at all, neither does anyone whose motive is to Help his brothers and sisters, and the family of humanity through this transition.

            Lastly, please re-consider how Greg serves others in accordance with his own motivations, rather than how well he serves what you want him to serve – your interests.

            May God bless you to find what you are searching for so that you may also find rest for your soul, in your tiring and frustrating search for all the truth.

            Like Jesus tells His disciples; heaven isn’t out there or up there, and He is not returning to this earth “OUT THERE SOMEWHERE” so when people say “He’s here” or “He is there” don’t go. His Kingdom is within you, and that is where He is returning, to re-establish that heart to heart relationship one on One with God; our Creator and Father.

            Those who were disappointed in Jesus and crucified Him wanted Him to be their (physical) King, and to deliver them from their (physical) bondage to the Romans. But Jesus wouldn’t allow it because He was Sent to re-establish a much more intimate relationship as their (spiritual) King, and would not allow only a superficial (religious and outer, or physical) relationship. That’s why He was always sending the crowds away, and selected only those willing to sacrifice ALL ELSE to follow Him.

            For them who are relating physically it is very important that they sleep only in the same bed with only each other. But for those who desire a truly spiritual relationship, it’s important that while in the same bed that they dream the same dreams too.

            I accept you just like you are, and only desire to help you become all that you can be (without joining the army; heh heh heh). Bless you for sharing your thoughts. If you ever create your own website to share the truth you have found, and help others, please remember me, and let me know. I will come there too.

            in your best interests,

            • Greg

              Michael the Marine,
              You are very kind. I appreciate your comment and service to the country.

  3. Michael

    Certainly Iran and the bombing of its Nuclear sites is a great concern!

    But what has already taken place in Fukushima is worsening by day, and the press is not informing the public of the current AND COMING CATASTROPHIC WORLD WIDE EVENT.

    The reality IS that the site is totally out of control and ticking down to an absolute world wide disaster “of Biblical Proportion” WHEN the meltdown into the water table (which has already happened) ignites and ejects into the atmosphere.

    I am not an alarmist.

    The Pacific Ocean and the life in it is already dieing on a massive scale even to the shores of North and South America. ALREADY. Without the ejection. The entire oceanic food chain is already suffering breakdown. The Poisoning of humanity is ALREADY WELL UNDERWAY. Without the ejection.

    The governments of this world are largely ignoring the increased danger of what is already under way, and are hiding the truth from the world population.

    When the ejection comes…
    I cannot even put into words how devastating this will be world-wide. Chernobyl will look like a non-event compared to an ejection at Fukushima.

    This has already been set into motion – the “switch has been thrown” the meltdowns have occurred and it’s only a matter of time… and people are not even aware.

    God Help us!


    • tROT

      He,will! Google (Bing Crosby Great Day youtube)

      • Michael the Marine

        Thanks tROT. I listened to it, cleared lots of cob-webs out of my hollow skull too!

        And may you have a Great Day also!

        Heh heh heh,

    • Charles H.


      It takes a while for even those who are cognizant of the problem to digest the true enormity of the reality. Just as America is locked-down hard against any bad news in the Media: Fukashima is a total cover-up. It is too much a proof and a black-eye to Science, in showing the folly of man.

      Let me be the next person to thank you for your service to our country. I cried at your recent posts, and just couldn’t seem to put something together to show my appreciation. I was a Squid that definitely avoided having to pick up a rifle. You had the courage to see through something I was unwilling to do. My hat is off to you: and it is staying off.

      Also, I am humbled for the integrity of holding to your Christian principles. I am a preacher, and your testimony still puts me under conviction.

      Finally – I appreciate your effort and contributions here. You are an accomplished person – because you have a real head on your shoulders. You hold your own with the best on this site. Stick around, Marine – the world still needs a few good men.

      • Michael the Marine

        Thanks Charles H.

        Yes, I do have a real Head, and so do you: His name is Jesus Christ and He IS the Head of all men, and our Father is the Head of Christ. Now if we could just learn to think His thoughts instead of our own we would make real progress in this dieing world!

        I’ve been on two Navy ships; the USS New Orleans LPH-11 (which is now an artificial reef off Hawaii, and the Kitty Hawk. I have one question for you. While neither ship was a “rust bucket” it seems to me that there was grease everywhere and on everything. How in the world did you guys keep those white (Cracker-Jack, heh heh heh, I couldn’t resist – just an old Jarhead myself) uniforms even presentable? I mean, I was really amazed at that because I always had grease on my uniforms while on ship!

        Was it a curse (wink) against the freeloading Marines on your ships or something? Or did you guys just change 4 times a day?

        I gotta tell you, I gained great respect for Naval Aviators the first time I called air strike and got Navy A-4’s. Those guys got so close I felt the jet-wash more than once. On the Kitty-Kat I asked the crews how often they had to pull broken tree branches off the fast-movers, and they confirmed that from time to time they DID! Sometimes after they dropped clean, they’d return and spend their 20mm guns chopping down tree line. Surely they had no fear!

        Yes, the cob-webs are clearing out of that part of my brain already – haven’t thought those thoughts for a long time… “Whiskey Whiskey, fire mission, can you send me some of those Navy Scooters, over!”

        I salute you Brother.


        • Charles H.

          Michael the Marine,

          Thank you Michael, it means a lot to me. I don’t want to take up too much space on Greg Hunter’s turf…

          My ship was the aircraft carrier USS Midway: now a museum somewhere on the West Coast. Having aircraft, from the Hanger Deck and above is pretty clean. LOX (Liquid Oxygen for the planes) will ignite with grease – so on my type of ship, anything above the Mess Deck (one below Hanger) was good. My area was in the superstructure. I was there for the Fall of Saigon, and the evacuation “Operation Frequent Wind”. At one point we had so many Bell Hueys on deck – we pushed a few overboard to make room for a Birddog with a Colonel and family aboard to land. The America didn’t fare too well, and also became a reef. Concerning the “Fast Movers” – those men were some of the best: real courage; real ordinance. I worked equipment on the electronic jamming A-6’s, and F-4 Phantoms.

          And you are completely right: Jesus Christ the Lord is God in the flesh; the Word of God revealed for our faith and salvation. EVERYTHING ELSE in this world means nothing: if they miss Him. And very few people realize that God is working behind the scenes; though not seen, in control – bringing mankind into final relationship to Him, in either judgment or justification. The Holy Spirit being the person of the Godhead now working in the world through us, and Bible Scripture. It is by Scripture and the Holy Spirit we have the mind of Christ.

          Yeah, and I still have a Bootcamp stenciled Dixie-cup, and old style uniform tucked away in a sea-bag.

          Salute returned.

          Charles H.

          • Michael the Marine


            Don’t look now but as for Greg Hunter’s turf… I think he enjoys banter that overlaps with his ultimate goals too. At least a little bit.

            “Operation Frequent Wind” eh? Well well brother, we were both there. I was in “operation eagle pull” the best leaked secret operation that everyone in the far east new about a year ahead of execution! That made it extra Fun if you get my drift. God saved the Marines though, not one KIA/MIA.

            Wish I could say the same for the farce and fiasco Mayaguez and Tang Island, about a month later. Three MIA’s as I recall, and all of them unnecessary. We lost Jim Hargrove (MIA) who was just married shortly before leaving the world out of Camp Geiger NC 1/8. Good man, excellent hard charging machine gunner. Murdered after captured, one of the last killed in the war. The Cambodians were still ticked over Phnom Penh (Eagle Pull), and that was supposedly the reason they grabbed the Mayaguez. But there was so much “funky” press, like the fakey flag raising on the boat, and making Ford look Presidential – I dunno. Never bought the official scuttlebutt about the comm problems. But I did buy a medical flight out and it was all over for me.

            Jamming, eh? On the F-4 (proof that a rock can fly!) no less. So did you get to play with those ECM’s and TACANS? Real boogers as I recall. How many seagulls did you fry with that oversized microwave oven up front, heh heh heh?

            I was the last man on the Singer F-4 simulator at Valdosta GA in 1986/7, an Air Force buddy in the JAG Corps got me in – all night long! I never did get a MIG but I shot down a refueling tanker, had a blast too. They removed and replaced it with a modern version on stilts, g force and all.

            No boot-camp tokens here except a photo somewhere. I do still have my HOG Tooth from sniper training – in a box somewhere, along with my floppy jungle cover, jump wings and boots etc…

            Wow, I’m getting a rush of memories from all this.

            Tell you what: anytime you want email me at [email protected] and we can talk more about the important issues – any time you want. And if there’s anything I can do at all for you; just let me know, brother.


          • Allen Ols

            Charles, mike the marine

            My tour, 1970–1972 , then back over w/lear seigler to train SV nam. On 130’s

            Airforce, C-130 combat–LAPD’s. Jato assist outta hot mortar zone and daisy cutters for fast heuy insert, and. Extract.

            Crazy time that era , while gov. Was lying my plane was in and outta laos, cambodia freq.

            Great fun—-pin flares. On down time

          • Michael the Marine

            Wow Allen; that links all three of us. They used those C-130s in Eagle Pull, Frequent Wind and Mayaguez!

            I blessed every C-130 I ever saw and thanked God for Puff the magic dragon. Write me at [email protected] so we can all three talk about it w/o imposing on everyone else here, especially Greg.


    • Galaxy 500

      It’s not a concern to me. A nice 350 kilotonne warhead detonated immediately above the reactor vessel in Iran will vaporize all the uranium in the reactor. No worries about adverse environmental impact. An added bonus is a lot of evil Islamic fanatics that hate and want to kill Jews and Christians are vaporized too. You can not negotiate with fanatics but killing them seems to make them more malleable to reality. My advice to the Israelis would be utterly destroy the Iranian nation. Maybe in a thousand years when the radiation dies down, the people living there will focus less on hate for others and more for building a rational nation. I am a firm believer of killing people that swear to their god (likely Shiatan) they will destroy you, your children and our way of life ,early so as to avoid the rush. Reason never works with religious fanatics but annihilation is simple and effective. [Can you guys pick out satire? ]
      Mike, if you read a little bit you’ll find that we put several orders of magnitude more of radioactive material in the Pacific when we were testing nukes. All kidding aside, they are pumping 400 tonnes of seawater a day to keep it from burning…and that’s just the amount that they admit running off into the sea. They don’t know what to do. And while it sounds extreme (and it is…. be afraid), the best answer if it gets any worse really is detonating a 5 kilotonne nuke to destroy the melted fuel rods. They really don’t have a lot of options and I read on physicist postulating why encasing it in concrete wouldn’t work in Japan. I hate the currents bring it here. Thank God it is being greatly diluted.

      • mohammad

        Time will prove me right:
        They sleep in the same bed.
        Dajjal or anti Christ emerges from Isfahan Iran to Jerusalem.

        • Ugly


          From the Bible (Rev., Daniel, etc) it appears the anti-Christ will come from the Revived Roman Empire in Europe. It appears he comes from a 10 Nation confederation and becomes the ultimate ‘Leader’ as he solves problems as a ‘Peace-keeper’ and sets up a system where all purchases are done thru his number system.

          That is my perspective from a Christian viewpoint. Wish all is well for all of us.

          I do like hearing your views though from a world standpoint. Cheers!

          • Michael the Marine

            “anti-Christ” is not penned in the Revelation of Jesus Christ, nor in Daniel, it is mentioned in Johns Epistles One and Two-John, only four times.

            When it IS mentioned by John it lacks the definite article (which would mean it speaks of one specific person), but it speaks of “many anti-Christs” and the “spirit of Anti-Christ”.

            Apply all the Scripture to your own life First, and deal with your own heart before applying it elsewhere and making assessments about the entire world and its future. That’s the Way to grow in Christ.

            I don’t intend to be abrupt with you, but while your viewpoint reflects the common view of Churchianity, it is not the truth and it doesn’t reflect the Light of Christ. I encourage you to keep studying though, but to concentrate on your personal relationship with Him, and obedience to Him; He has the whole world in His Hands and He will take care of how everything is going to work out according to our Father’s Will. But it shall not be according to the common views of Churchianity, just as it was not as the Jewish Leadership thought it would be in their day.


      • Michael the Marine

        The radiation doesn’t vaporize, just the mass emitting it. The radiation compounds in the mass of the fallout, making it even more lethal. Not a good idea.
        I used to have the handle “Q” too.


  4. Rodster

    Don’t be fooled by the ineptness of those running Obamacare. The entire program was purposely designed to produce these results. SEVERAL Congressional leaders have gone on record to say that a Single Payer System (Barney Frank) is the end game. This was the intent when Obamacare was first introduced.

    • Bill Chase


      you are on the money with your comments. Obama stated, years ago, that he was in favor of a “single Payer system”. He knew we couldn’t go there in one step. Obama is not stupid.

    • Galaxy 500

      Haha hah. Roadsters, any thinking being agrees with you.
      Doesn’t anyone really beleive that Obama and his minions intended for Obamacare to work? You cannot fail this completely without planning, purpose and design.

  5. Michael

    What nonsense. If you are bombing to stop weapons development, you don’t bomb nuclear power plants. And, bombing a power plant would not be catastrophic, Japan has shown that.

    • Michael

      I gotta get me a photo or something to differentiate me from others named Michael. He isn’t me.

      As for Japan not being catastrophic it’s up to 70 times worse than Chernobyl, and that killed 1,000,000 and critically crippled over 8,000,000!

      When #4 ejects from the water table it could take ALL the fuel rods in the storage/cooling ponds with it.

      Think a Billion, then altered life and gene pools for the rest of the entire world for a century.


      • Galaxy 500

        Based on the average American (which a Marine is never, ever…average, that is…and.thank you for your service), maybe some radiation will be a good thing for us. we had a great nation and we voted for evil people that destroyed it. What is sad is McCain, Reid, Rangle, and Pelosi are still there and still stealing.

      • Rebecca

        That’s why beginning this month, the spent fuel rods are being moved from Reactor #4 building. The danger in moving them is great! GREAT. The danger in not moving them is GREATER.

    • Vincent G.

      The japan power plant was not bombed.
      All that happened was gas was ignited which blew off the containment covering. This is not the same as a bomb which is far more damaging.

      If it were bombed you would have serious problems in China and possibly California.

    • Michael the Marine

      Don’t assume that just because it seems to old news, or over because it’s not still in the mainstream press that it’s not a major issue.

      Chernobyl killed 1,000,000 and critically injured 8,000,000!

      The Fukushima disaster is ongoing and getting worse…
      …estimated to be up to 70 times worse than Chernobyl.

      Michael the Marine

    • Galaxy 500

      When you say what nonsense…we’re you referring to your post?

    • Galaxy 500

      You do if the by product of the reactor is fusionable material.

  6. Jerry

    Greg great wrap-up. With the number of post you’ve had this week, I would say you are drawing a lot of attention on the web from a vast number of people seeking the real news. With my next check I plan to hit that button again.

    Two Points.
    1. I have a relative that was activated onto a carrier a month and half ago in response to the Syrian war. He has yet to return. This is not over, and it could have ties to Iran behind the scenes.
    2. Over half of the medical providers (including two major hospitals) in my area have opted out of the Affordable Care exchange PPO network. Do not assume that the provider networks are the same with Obamacare. They are not.

    Greg like I’ve said before, if people don’t understand what’s getting ready to happen after visiting your site, they never will. In every struggle there are casualties. And usually the first to go are the ignorant and unprepared. You’ve done your job, and I thank you.

  7. Vincent G.

    I am hoping that one day we will have good things to talk about.
    That day seems certain to be far in the distance future.

    Maybe we can help bring it closer by pushing important topics to the main stream. As hard as that seems it’s the only way to bring change.

    Moving to the main topic, Nuclear power is a major mistake in any country!
    Since there is no way to prevent a melt down should a major natural or unnatural disaster happen this is nothing short of suicide to continue creating these Nuclear Power Plants.

    With a worse case scenario being a Solar Flare which would cause the Nuclear Power Plants to melt down which could be over half the planet’s power plants in the world melting down at once. Imagine what this would do should it happen.
    Where on earth can anyone be safe?
    As long as Nuclear power plants need cooling then this is a major problem.

    • Greg

      Vincent G.
      Me too. Thanks for the comment!

  8. joe

    Ask Ms. Hudes about the recent revelations of NSA spying on the Vatican. I imagine she has an opinion or two.

  9. shawn

    Great weekly update greg!

    Another interesting piece of news, DOJ just came out and said that UN(NWO) treaties trumps the US constitution. Isn’t that admission to treason? Isn’t this an act of war on the american people?

    I believe we have hit the breaking point, the sleeping giant will wake today(food stamps cut), the domestic economy will collapse from the rerouting of funds from the economy to obamacare(tax), the world is about to alienate the USA for being two timing back stabbing bastards and will collapse our global economy(reserve currency status)… hell the new one hundreds dollar bill probably has mics and rfid chips inside listen to every word around the world haha.

  10. art barnes

    Greg, yes, that’s right, Congress is not upset about spying on Americans. The question all Americans should be asking is WHY is Congress not upset about spying on Americans?

    As to Israel, Obama may have a nice little “wag the dog” war coming soon, solves all the Obamacare, spying, tanking economy, & low public approval ratings issues, etc. all at once. Who knows, only the shadow knows!

    • Michael the Marine

      Greg and art barnes:

      You may find understanding of their (Congress) point of view in the definition of the word “Governmental,” especially in relation to “Congressional oversight” of spying.

      Words are awesomely powerful, but few give pause to truly listen to them, and rise above the fracas to perceive all points of view before taking a position pre-maturely.

      Listen: “Govern-Mental”. What does that word really reveal about the Govt’s perspective of its own responsibilities?

      Now: “Govern-Mental-Over-Sight”. How can they over-see what they cannot see? I’m not justifying spying, only attempting to help you to see the differing points of view between the governors and the governed.

      Currently the government is at war with itself; both sides of the aisle. It is conducting that war in the mind of the public and for their (our) loyalty.

      The President is the one and only person who has the responsibility (and power) to bring both sides together (yes, compromising BOTH Left and Right, no matter what his personal party spirit: he MUST rule fairly with ALL). This President has not done that in government, so how can he do that for any of “we the people”, much less our allies?

      What “we the people” (the governed) think they should be doing is from a different perspective than theirs, but the first step in reconciliation is to understand both perspectives and have a mature approach which encompasses all points of view; all PEOPLE who are involved, then restore a proper relationship between all. Really; that’s the President’s job in a nutshell, but he is working at a level below his pay-grade, as a Left Winger only, and that won’t let “this Eagle fly”. He should be between both Wings making this great nation soar.

      Here’s my take on it: “Govern-Mental-Over-Sight” says
      Control the mind of the people being governed. That is how THEY see their responsibilities in this great clash of many worldwide cultures and political objectives.

      If you can “see” these perspectives, then perhaps that may help you toward understanding our problems, from every point of view, then take a mature position that helps to solve them with cooperation (and necessary compromise) by everyone.

      The “snipers” of each party are placing blame on their perceived enemies, destroying their credibility and trying to steal the “hearts and minds” of their followers into their own camp, for their own agenda. This “party spirit” is dividing us. That’s why my loyalties are now higher than to either party, or even the President, but to the Lord OF ALL. I didn’t say just the Lord, I said the Lord OF ALL.

      In Vietnam I saw the utter depravity of man, regardless of which side they were on; when we resort to force to resolve our problems both sides inflict untold damage on each other. Brute Force is NEVER as effective as the Force of Good-Will one to another. It takes both halves contributing AND compromising to make a whole nation. Every human being has a right to live, and if we shall live, then we MUST compromise fairly with all to live together in peace.

      God says it best: Blessed are the peace-makers: for they shall be called children of God.

      Fare Well in all things!

      PS: Greg, was what I said worth all the space I took up to say it?

  11. Jim H

    The US is quickly becoming an authoritarian tyranny. Obamacare is simply another link in the chain. A scientific study came out this week focusing on the direction the country and the world is going in and their conclusion was the only hope for the planets survival is revolt on a world wide scale. Pretty scary stuff.

    • tROT

      Authoritarian tyranny, or did you mean authoritarian nanny? By the way, what nanny state r u in anyway?

    • Michael

      Obobo-care, or “whatever care” is the forced purchase of insurance from private companies.

      President Bobo had no authority whatsoever to fire the President of Government, I mean “General” Motors, (some time ago) but that Corporation played along.

      Many Bills and Laws are actually written by the Corporations they benefit; like Monsanto, Insurance Industry, Banking Industry, etc…

      These actions define fascism.

      Fascism is the merger of Corporate interests with Federal Government.

      That is the direction this country has been forced into by our “leadership” and not just by the President; Congress and the Senate also.

      Michael the Marine (so I won’t be mistaken for the other “Michael” s here.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Jim H.
      Scary is Obama’s recent purging of over 195 U.S. military officers, coupled with the fact our military and law enforcement agencies are now being indoctrinated into believing Christians and patriots are the new threats from within. While many believe that comparisons to Nazi Germany is a great fiction and this could never happen here in the U.S– I often wonder if we saw a repeat of “The Night of the Long Knives” and/or “The Night of Broken Glass” if this would be disregarded as well.


      • Michael the Marine

        Jim H

        The Commander in chief really insulted my Marine Corps (not to long ago at the 2013 inauguration ) when they had to remove the bolts from their M1 rifles to be around him.


        The Marines are considered “The President’s Own” and to do such a thing… what is going on in BoBo’s head?

        Is that fear from a guilty conscience, or what?

        For the President to not trust his “Own” and demonstrate it like that in front of God and everyone at his own inauguration has to be one of the greatest insults ever!

        It really floored me. I have little respect for the man, personally I think he’s a clown, but the Office of President – I cannot imagine any Marine not respecting the Office. In my mind what he did is unthinkable!

        Marines guard the White House, every US Embassy, and even many nuclear reactors (military), and BoBo feels threatened by them? Wow! WOW!!!

        Something is way WAY out of order here!


        • Galaxy 500

          Stalin and Mao Zedong did the same thing. Tyrants fear the people. Obama is no different except he has a better PR apparatus.

      • Galaxy 500

        Heaven forbid if we have a competent Christian commander, a man of conscious and principal, who would refuse an illegal order. History is full of examples of tyrants who purged the military of Christians and men of principal right before they subjugated the population.
        True patriots in service of our nation have a bullseye on their back. Obama wants automatons, not intelligent, honorable free men. If Obama say fire the missle at the 16yr old, he doesn’t want morals or free thought to interfere.

  12. mohammad

    As far as Israel hitting the nuclear plants it will happen but on a different agenda and different time frame than what most think and here are few point to ponder on:
    When Israel hit Iraqi’s nuclear facility did they announce it?
    When Israel hit the alleged Syrian nuclear facility did they announce it?
    Also the Iranian nuclear facilities are known since Shah of Iran, if Israel wanted to level it after Khomeini took power 30 some years back why did they wait until now?
    When Israel hit the Syrian military compounds in Damascus did they announce it?
    If Israel is to hit the Iranian nuclear plants and level it they WILL NOT ANNOUNCE IT!

    They will though cosmetically and GENTLY hit the plants to trigger something else in coordination with the Iranians, Germans, Russians, and yes US.
    They want Iran to use this cosmetic hit to attack Saudi Arabia to capture Mecca and Al-Medina, they will say oh…It was not us ….it is the muslims fighting among each other crap!
    The plan is clear in front of my eyes like the sun in midday.
    Then the relations with Iran will be back to normal after some changes in the facade of the regime in Iran to find out that those plants in Iran are nothing but Israeli’s plant.
    Sunni Muslims are the target of all this, I am just diagnosing here and am not taking any side but if any one can explain to me like you explain it to a 4 year old kid (Am borrowing this line from Denzel Washington in one of his movies) what did the west with all the wars from Afghanistan to Iraq to Syria did to weaken Iran?
    I can make a solid argument that US has strengthened Iran position from Bush dad to Obama.
    Those successive administrations gave Afghanistan to Iran on a plate of gold.
    They also gave Iraq to Iran on a plate of gold.
    Now they are changing the fabric and mosaic of Syria to the advantage to Iran (evacuating sunni and christians).
    They did the same in Yemen and Iran influence is great with the Huthi taking control in the northern part of Yemen.
    So what did US do to weaken Iran?
    It is very obvious that a circle and the noose is thrown around Saudi Arabia’s neck and the final blow to the Saudi’s will be from Iran (in complete green light from Israel) by triggering the inferno with the above described theatrical hit to the nuclear sites, believe me if Israel wanted to level those sites down 20 years ago no one would of stopped them!!!!

    • Galaxy 500

      I have to believe the evil Iranians have built a few nuclear sites since the fall of the Shah. 😉
      But on another note, I am looking into nano-gold

      • mohammad

        let me throw a whopper here for yo to search, I know the answer since i am asking the question (It is connected to nano gold and who ever behind the black budget Catherine Fitts referred to):
        Why the name of Persia was changed to Iran?
        Am sure you will find the answer and it will open a horizon!!

        • Ugly

          All I can figure out is that you are pointing to the Aryan name to Iran, from Persia? That would link maybe Germany and Iran of past, but is that where Russia fits in?

          • mohammad

            Germany changed the name and there you go!
            Look at the alliances and you will find that Germany is trying to gravitate towards the east but US is keeping it at bay by tangling Germany with the the weak Euro zone that drains its resources but the Germans never let a crisis goes into waste they captured Europe as a whole.
            Germany eventually is in an alliance with east (and by the way Japan is gravitating there too).
            Russia is now the eastern Christianity center (forget about the soviet union mentality) that will play a big role in the east manly TURKEY.
            Watch Russia later on capturing Istanbul after Turkey makes the grand mistake and that is interfering in Syria boots on the ground.
            They will get back the jewel of all eastern christian Churches now named Hagia Sophia mosque!

  13. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    In regards to Obamacare.What the main stream media leaves out is the huge bleed on the economy.Meaning all the new money spent,like from the young people ,is a ton not spent into the economy.This is like a large tax which sucks money out of the economy.Imagine all the people which now have to spend that didn’t before and you have your answer.Have a great weekend Greg and thanks again


    • Greg

      Good point Dave.

    • mohammad

      Those young people thought they got their cash for clunkers free with a big smile on their faces then!…..It is pay back time, gov. is taking with left hand more than what they gave them in the right one.

  14. Michael Marine

    It looks like another National Public Behavior Modification Drill is going on at LAX.

    Oh joy.

    I wonder how long before they roll out the Tanks.
    Will they lock-down L.A. too?
    Or was this to justify TIGHTENING security at all airports?


  15. Ugly

    The 9% consumer spending drop equates to about $79B in lost spending in one month. I derive that from the fact that they claim that the USA has a $15T economy and that about 70% of that economy or more is in consumer spending. Thus ($15T x 70% x .09% drop / [1/12 months]). This could be a very poor Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Also, lets say the average working American makes about $35,000 per year. With the healthcare premiums that adds up to add 9% too with the increases.

    My healthcare premiums have gone from around $350 per month about 4 years ago, clear to $1300 per month today. With $1300 per month, I could drop healthcare and buy a house. If one of us loses our health, well then can just take the house. That is what they are going to do anyway.

    Any half dimwitted person can do the math. At least $1.5T is need for this new ACA scam that also has high dectibles. There is only about 80 million working americans that can pay this and get robbed. Thus the this comes to a bare minimum of ($1.5T/80 mill) = $18,750 per year or $852 per month for 80 million, plus the high deductible.

    I think it might be time that 80 million Americans come together and say we have had enough.

    • Galaxy 500

      Uncertainty is causing everyone to slow down spending. When you know bad things are coming financial, you hunker down. At least the smart ones do.

      • Ugly

        Galaxy 500.

        It will be interesting if this continues thru Thanksgiving and Christmas. If so, then 2014 will be scary, as if Nov 2013 isn’t scary enough.

  16. Jerry

    Greg I enjoy reading your comments and the comments of others on this site probably more than I am willing to admit. Even though we talk a lot about economic calamity and PM investments, I feel in my gut at times that there is something much larger going on. I can’t help but feel there is a plan in motion by someone (NWO & illuminate ?) that is going to effect the outcome of everything around us. Like I said I have no real proof of any kind, just a bad feeling. I would feel more confident in my preparations if I only knew for sure what it is. All I know is that there is a list of things that just don’t seem right about what our government is doing right now. I guess you could say terrorism, but I don’t recall any Americans killing anyone lately in an act of terror enough to the point that they feel threatened. All I know is I sure miss the days of when I was proud of our country , and not afraid of it. What changed?

    • tROT

      Jerry, nothing has changed! Its just getting worse and worse. When endeavoring to tempt Jesus Christ, The Devil “brought him up and showed him all the kingdoms of the inhabited earth in an instant of time; and the Devil said to him: ‘I will give you all this authority and the glory of them, because it has been delivered to me, and to whomever I wish I give it. You therefore, if you do an act of worship before me, it will all be yours'” (Luke4:5-7) Revelation 13:1, 2 reveals that Satan gives ‘power, throne and great authority’ to the global, geo, political system of rulership. Daniel 10:13,30 discloses that Satan has had demonic princes over principal kingdoms of the earth. Ephesians 6:12 refers to these as constituting ‘governments, authorities, world rulers of this darkness, wicked spirit forces in heavenly places.’
      No wonder that first John 5:19 says: ” The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” But his power is only for a limited period of time and is only by the toleration of Jehovah, who is God Almighty. He loved the world so much he sent his only begotten son down here to suffer and die a horrible death for us, so that we might live and survive the mess were in now. But you politicians and those striving for world rulership, Jesus wont be such a nice guy when he returns, he’s got a hornets nest to clean out and its us. He will get those kingdoms Satan offered long ago, but on his own terms! Have a Great Day, just don’t let it be your last, mate!

    • Galaxy 500

      Drones ring a bell? We murdered a 16 yr old US CITIZEN in a country we are not at war with and when Jay Carne was asked about it, he said the kid should have had a better father. Where is the due process the Constitution guarantees?

  17. Michael the Marine

    There seems to be a giant “disconnect” in the understanding of people concerning the economy and the National Debt.

    The US monetary system is no longer a wealth based system, it is a DEBT BASED system. That means the ONLY way to get “money” into the system is to LEND IT IN; in other words; to CREATE MORE DEBT.

    When everyone talks about the state of the economy, they are talking about the amount of DEBT. For the economy to expand, DEBT MUST EXPAND! As DEBT IS PAID OFF THE ECONOMY CONTRACTS.

    For example consider the impact on the economy of paying off the national debt.

    The Private Banking System would lose $17 trillion of interest bearing loans, PLUS $170+ Trillion electronic “money” due to the fractional reserve lending policy, PLUS all the derivative markets built on top of that $187+ Trillion Dollars! And lose it all IMMEDIATELY!

    THAT would crash the economy by collapsing the highly leveraged DEBT held by the private banking system.

    REMEMBER that the ECONOMY IS DEBT, not wealth.

    Because our money system is based on DEBT.

    All the hoo-haa of politicians arguing about the debt is just a side show of distraction from the real problem: the DEBT BASED MONEY SYSTEM.

    Our money system was taken off the gold std. to enable unlimited spending (DEBT!) no matter how BIG THE DEFICIT.

    So you see, reducing the deficit and/or reducing the debt will cripple the (DEBT BASED) ECONOMY even more than it is, and at a faster rate than it’s already falling apart.

    And so…

    The sideshow debates about paying off the debt are just a ruse, they all KNOW that they must, MUST INCREASE DEBT to expand the economy because it is a DEBT BASED MONEY SYSTEM.

    So STOP listening to the RUSE! Heh heh heh.


    • Ugly

      Mike the Marine.

      Democrats use that DEBT BASED MONEY SYSTEM all the time, and I have never believed it, and here is why.

      In 2006 through 2013, we have had the highest debt level and annual highest spending level of all-time. Thus, using their DEBT MONETARY THEORY, shouldn’t we have expected.

      .High Employment and low unemployment
      .Less people on EBT, not a 25 million growth since 2006
      .US Dollar index growing not stagnating and basically dying
      .Higher paying jobs
      .Banks savings growth at least 3%
      .Bank CDs at least at 5%
      .Cities thriving and not on bankruptcy ie Detroit, Stockton, many.
      .Gold at $350 and silver at $10
      .No QE and bailouts because times are good.
      .many others

      You said, ‘To EXPAND the economy DEBT MUST BE INCREASED’

      That is not true. A better way to say it is–

      ‘Because our economy is dying, we must expand our debt to keep it afloat’

      Debt has caught up to us. To paraphrase the Bible, ‘a borrower is a slave to its lender’

      You see, we have become a slave to debt. We cannot function without it. And when that debt becomes non-payable, we then will learn what it was meant by a ‘slave to its lender.’

      You don’t need to print $85B a month to prop up an economy if the economy is good. A thriving economy produces more that $85B a month in excess and is used.

      The DEBT BASED Monetary system has failed.

      • Michael the Marine

        “The DEBT BASED Monetary system has failed.”

        I agree with that statement totally.

        But it was doomed to fail from the get go. Come with me a moment back to the beginning of this thing.

        It’s 1913 and the Fed makes it’s first “loan” to the US Govt. Let say they lent $100 to the Govt. They send over 5 crisp new $20 bills, transferred at face value with 5% interest.

        But let’s change history. The Govt suddenly comes to their senses and decides creating the Fed was a bad idea, so they’re going to pay back the loan and then shut down the Fed.

        So the Prez takes those 5 $20 bills right back over to the Fed Res Bank to pay off the $100 loan and all is well, RIGHT?

        But the Bankers ask; “where is the 5% interest you owe us?”

        The Prez replies: “but those are the only bills in existence, that is ALL THE MONEY THE US GOVT HAS! How am I supposed to come up with $5 that doesn’t even exist?”

        The Bankers smile, and say “Exactly! We gotcha.”

        See what I mean?

        Certainly I understand what you’re saying. But I think you don’t yet get what I’m trying to explain. Perhaps I did it poorly.

        A dollar bill is debt, not money. It’s an IOU, that’s all. It works as fiat money only because people have faith in it, even though it’s a fraud. When faith in the Dollar fails; then comes the crash; pretty quick.

        Bank of America is now refusing cash payment for mortgages. They insist that mortgages be paid by check, credit card, debit card, wire transfer; but will not accept cash, even though right on those IOU’s it says Legal Tender and by Law it MUST be accepted.

        Banks are above the law now, I guess. Eh? What are they trying to do; destroy the people’s FAITH in the Dollar since now our own Banks won’t accept it as Legal Tender?

        See for yourself:


        • Ugly

          Michael the Marine.

          I understand the dollar and the note. I agree somewhat with what you say. Here is my take.

          Do you ever watch the Shark Tank? At first, I hated that show, but now I try not to miss it. I have learned a lot from it. In my 40s, I earned monies and put them in ‘safe’ stuff like conservative mutual funds and Bank CDs. I had earned about $120,000 and I put them in several different spots.

          Well today. I am in my 50s and I still have that amount. Hardly anything earned at all. Thus, because of taxes, I am slowly cashing out and paying off debt and putting the remainder into my own business to make it grow faster. I should have been a Shark and controlled my own monies and not assume the system would let it grow.

          The dollar was actually good. Look at all the families from 1940s-2005s that the dollar has allowed people to work, invest, feed their families, and enjoy life. But that has changed. Things have changed. There is no way the dollar will survive the coming retribution of other nations that don’t want the dollar in oil exchange and reserve currency. The Day of Dollar dominance is waning.

          I see that today. Most Americans don’t. Including my wife and most friends and family members.

          Thus, I am preparing even within friction of my own household. Websites such as Greg’s and many others have helped me see the road ahead. Thanks for your response, and good luck with everything.

          • Allen Ols


            🙂 welcome to my world, you r a. ”Briliant loner”.


  18. DAVE

    Hey Greg
    Well this really caught my eye.Note the 5th and 6th paragraphs.Appears China is on the move,but we knew that all along


    Thanks Dave

  19. bahmi

    Greg, you seem very leery of using the word “jew”. Surely you realize that the jews own the banks and our government, right? It’s OK, Greg, but let’s keep this ship going straight ahead by giving “credit” where due, huh? If anything, you are very gullible, you bought the Hudes jivetalk over and over. She’s a shill through and through, isn’t it painfully obvious?

    Keep trying, Greg

    • Greg

      Dear bahmi,

      I do not allow any anti-religious comments. If you want to hate and blame one religion for all the ills of the world please go somewhere else. Oh, and by the way, what do Angelo Mozilo, Hank Paulson, John Thain, Ken Lewis, Brian Moynihan and Vikram Pandit all have in common? If you guessed past and present top bankers, you’d be correct. If you guessed “Jew” you’d be dead wrong. Oh another thing, it’s real brave hiding behind a stupid made up name and posting hateful comments on the internet. Don’t come back here. Got it?


    • Ugly


      It is simple. It is not the Jews fault, but our very own. We The People have voted this way. We have held none of them accountable.

      We could have stopped this long ago, but we didn’t. Thus, here we are.

    • Galaxy 500

      Wash that sheet you are wearing while you burn those crosses of hate. Your post would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  20. mel

    O-bummer care is a disaster, because that’s the way they planned it. The Insurance Companies have been emancipated from the pesky policy holders. This thing will not fly. In a year it will matter as much to the average US CITIZEN as it does to me now. Let’s tell the Truth- the truth about the 14th amendment and the truth about how none of this mumbo jumbo applies to free Americans. Opting out is your duty at this point. Fine? I got your fine right here! If you want to be a slave then continue on the course of allowing the illegal clowns tell you what to do and how to run your life. They have no power or authority you do not GIVE them. So Stop giving your permission.

    • gerald

      They can and will take what they want. The only way to escape is to not own anything,not have money,pensions,or anything. They can take pm’s or anything of value. Try selling pm’s when it gets taxed at 90%.

  21. Suzanne

    Pastor Lindsey Williams’ elite sources say that the economy will CRASH for all time the minute Obamacare actually goes into effect. The longer we can keep this monstrosity at bay, the better.
    Given that under the regular insurance we’ve had for years, that covered all but 20% and that was the 20% that it actually cost for the health care services rendered… I think that the whole insurance scam needs to be brought under a RICO racketeering suit. Who made these companies the middle man?
    I can assure you… I am about to quit my current policy which does not cover the actual health care I use (I only do holistic) and I certainly will never sign up for Obamacare. The more of us that refuse this, the better. It will collapse under its own weight.

    • Greg

      Thank you for giving us all a heads up.

      • tROT

        Greg, I think That’s Suzanne Summers!

        • tROT

          Greg, even if that’s not her, Summers would make a great interview. What good is it if you save yer assets but lose yer health. Maybe she might know something about how to survive without health care, Fukushima, or surviving one payer government run h. c.. Holistic is the future, its back to Eden any way you put it, or back to dust.
          Where’s the dust pan, Ma!

    • mohammad

      That is exactly the plan. Once you quit your policy then the smaller private insurance companies will dry out and the way is paved to a single payer. Seems like darned if you do darned if you don’t.

    • Galaxy 500

      Thanks for giving up modern medicine. It’s social Darwinism in action and the planet will be better off.

  22. Jerry

    You are right, Obama Care will collapse under its own weight, right into a single payer plan. And when that happens you will be forced to pay into the governments healthcare program whether you use holistic medicine or not.

    Just remember before Obama Care, whether you bought Health Insurance or not it was a “choice”. People who couldn’t get coverage because they had preexisting conditions, could always go into the State Health Insurance pools if they wanted to. But many did not want to pay the high premiums in the pool and chose not too, and they were the ones who screamed the loudest at the insurance companies about not having Health Insurance coverage. As far as the poor. Can you guess how many people are getting their Health Insurance on Medicaid?
    Where I live, the local Hospital cost shifts over 40% of their cost to private insurance, because they don’t get enough money from Medicaid to cover their cost. What do you think these hospitals will do, when all they have coming in is government payments? That’s right they will be knocking on the governments front door, like GM and Goldman Sachs did, begging the government to take them over. And then the single payer system will be complete.

    You won’t have to deal with Insurance companies any more. Problem solved! But guess what? The doctors will be gone too. Because they don’t work for free. That’s why foreign Doctors came to America in the first place, to make a good living with their practice. My advice. Keep working on holistic medicine. You’re going to need it.

  23. Galaxy 500

    The “Bad Apples” are not the insurance companies. The Bad Apples are Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Holder.

  24. mohammad

    God bless you man, am noticing big hit and volume on your site. It sure must be exhausting to keep up with all the posts.

  25. jimmy

    China and Russia have lucrative energy contracts with Iran..These two countries will never let Israel bomb Iran. Just as Putin stopped Obama in his tracks over Syria, Vlad has told Israel to lay off. That happened when Netenyahou was summoned to Moscow some months ago. Israel will make noise but they will never attack. As far as Obamacare is concerned, this new system will collapse and we’ll go back to a more competitive but free enterprise system of health care.

    • Greg

      I hope you are right on all points!! Thank you for your comment.

    • Galaxy 500

      Turkey traded an a$$ load of gold to Iran for oil. It’s kind of hard to block that transaction with the US banking system. If memory serves, it was about $60 million

    • Galaxy 500

      I think you are wrong about Israel bowing down to Russia. The Israelis can not allow the Iranians to get a nuke. It really doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks, it is about the survival of the Jewish nation and people.

  26. Jerry

    I can’t believe who spilled the beans about the NWO.
    John Stewart of all people. Check this out Greg. Its pretty funny.


    • Greg

      Thank you for posting this!!

  27. It

    With all due respect, the Israeli government (and it’s neocon U.S. Fifth Column) have been screaming the Iran is within weeks or months of attaining nuclear weapons for more than a decade. This is absurd. Iran is the only country in the Middle East that has not initiated hostilities against its neighbors for more than 200 years. Israel, on the other hand, possesses somewhere between 80 and 200 nuclear weapons and routinely bombs its neighbors (and murders their residents with special operations teams). It’s time to cut U.S. support for the Tel Aviv regime and regain control of American foreign policy.

    • Greg

      You omit the fact that Iran funds Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south. Both have been routinely firing rockets into Israel for years. Lots of sin to go around in the M.E. Let’s be objective and fair.

  28. Johnny Utah

    Israel is a psychotic nation hellbent on Zio-fascist domestic and foreign policies of effecting a greater Israel by any means necessary. This is evident by the genocide of Palestinians and the imperialist war mongering against Syria by proxy warfare, and most recently, a conventional attack; and against Iran through assassinations of scientists and cyber terrorism such as Stuxnet, but possibly as a large scale attack in the future. Israel was also instrumental in getting their puppet, USA, among a few other countries, to destroy Iraq and Libya. Saudi Arabia is also behind this blood lust and pathology of seizing the world’s resources.

    • Greg

      Johnny Utah,
      I just don’t buy your one-sided view of the Middle East. One country the size of Delaware is not responsible for all the ills of region. You got a lot of hate there my friend and it clouds your objectivity. I always try to be fair and evenhanded.

      • Johnny Utah

        I will work on my objectivity and open mindedness (and I’m not being sarcastic or fecetious), however, I do see Israel as having a lot of hate, themselves, towards non-Israelis, despite the fact they pretend to be their “friends” and “allies”. I think Lavon Affair and USS Liberty are prime examples; and there is overwhelming evidence, which is blacked out by the mainstream media, that Israeli Mossad and traitorous dual Israeli-American citizens orchestrated the 9/11 attacks, as well as cover up their involvement. I believe you know this to be true, too; and it’s the pink elephant in the room. I won’t drown this thread with examples, but with just a little research, it can easily be found.

        Anyway, I do agree with a lot of your analyses. Your work is much appreciated. Your articles and interviews. Stay strong and be safe.

        • Greg

          Johnny Utah,
          This is a nice response back to me. Thank you!! I just try to be fair. We cannot settle the problems in the M.E., but we can plan and protect our families for the s#@# hitting the fan )and it will sooner than most think.) I don’t care what side you are on, the next war involving Iran and Israel will usher in global calamity that will devastate many on every continent. Peace Bro!!

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