Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.15.13

ObamaCare and the President’s Turnaround and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The top story is Obama Care and the President’s turnaround and make good on his promise, If you like your healthcare policy, you can keep it.  Period.”  President Obama has taken it upon himself to now allow insurance companies to keep selling those so-called “substandard plans.”     The President is making a political move here that will have little bearing on millions of people losing their healthcare coverage.  The President is simply trying to stop Democrats, up for re-election, from creating and voting for bills that really will let you keep your healthcare plan.  By the way, Mr. Obama cannot change laws by decree.  We do not have a king.  This is unconstitutional.  He does not have the power or right to change laws, not even his own Obama Care law.  Laws are created in the House and Senate.  There are two bills, one in each house of Congress, that will allow you to keep your healthcare policy, and the President knows many Democrats will vote for them for political cover.  Still, you have not heard the last of the cancellations.  State insurance commissioners approve insurance plans, and I do not see how you get this genie back into the bottle.  This still does not fix the debacle that awaits most of America, and wait until the employer mandate finally kicks in come 2015.  I had two guests on in the last month that say Obama Care will collapse.  If Obama Care stands, everybody with a healthcare plan is going to pay more and get less.  If people do keep their plans, then we will have two risk pools:  one for sick people who cannot pay and one for healthy people who can pay.  Obama Care equals Chaos.  I predict people are going to die over this monster policy mistake.

A Russian lawmaker is pushing a bill that will make accepting the U.S. dollar illegal.  He contends that people will suffer in a dollar collapse and countries need to “wean themselves off the dollar.”  He predicts a newly elected U.S. President will restructure America’s debt by 2017.  My friend, Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net, says Russia is wanting America to pay its  debts in gold.  Is anyone spotting a trend here of countries wanting to stop doing business in USD?  Saudi Arabia has strongly hinted at this.  You might ask who would protect them?  They recently ordered nuclear weapons from Pakistan, and the Chinese have refinery deals with the Kingdom.  The dollar is losing its reserve currency status, and that trend is picking up steam.  This is what American leadership should be focusing on!!!

Janet Yellen is in Congress for confirmation hearings to become the new Fed Chief to replace Ben Bernanke.  She testified she is going to keep on printing money to prop up the economy.   No surprise there.  The big surprise came from a former Fed official responsible for QE, or money printing.  Andrew Huszar told America in an Op-Ed piece in the Wall Street Journal he was “sorry” for facilitating “the greatest backdoor Wall Street bailout of all time.” 

Meanwhile, USA Today reported this week on recent statements from New York Fed President William Dudley calling big bankers out on breaking the law and fraud.  Dudley, who is arguably the second most powerful person at the Fed, complained about some big bankers when he opined about “the apparent lack of respect for the law, regulation and public trust.”   I have been telling you about money laundering, securities fraud, perjury, forgery, foreclosure fraud and LIBOR rate rigging by the big banks.  This is crime in the trillions of dollars and nobody goes to jail!  Look at and JP Morgan for example.  Just in the last few months, it has been fined or lost $20 billion.  Zero criminal charges so far.   Eric Holder says the big bankers are basically too big to jail because it would hurt the economy.  Holder is not doing his job as Attorney General, and maybe that’s why some in Congress want to see him impeached

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis on these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Galaxy 500

    Knock out wrap up. I learned today that if my father had need the care he had this year next year, the IPAB that will decide what treatment, test and procedures Medicare will pay for, he would not have been approved. the death panels are being codified. And private insurance will follow.
    Obama said he wanted to fundamentally change America. Well he has and 100% to our detriment.

    • Greg

      Thank you 500 for the real reporting from the real world. Looks like Gov. Palin was right on target about death panels. I am sure she is sad she was right.

      • SRV

        Death Panels… really Greg?

        … and that’s “Half Governor”… remember, she quit to cash in on the fact her loyal followers (mostly horny old under informed white guys) would follow her anywhere… but of course even Fox dropped her like a hot potato… her 15 minutes are long gone.

        … so Obama was a dictator and liar because people couldn’t keep their “Garbage Policies” (if you actually read the act it was quite clear on that, and the Insurers who sold them after the act was passed knew that very well, did not notify customers, and offered ridiculously expensive replacement policies in many cases… making headlines of course); and now he’s an socialist dictator for suggesting the act be modified to let them keep those useless plans if they really want to (of course few will when they understand what they’ll be able to get on the exchanges but of course the TP echo chamber will be mum on that one)… very logical thought process…lol

        One last time… the ACA is the identical twin of the GOP counter proposal to Hillary (single pay) Care (* as well as the plan the last GOP nominee for president passed in Massachusetts)… how is it possibly a socialist takeover of healthcare? It is not, and the paranoid, delusional, political propaganda you parrot on the is pathetic.

        Great Jackass interview… thanks!

        * Governor Romney’s signature “model for the country” healthcare law signed up barely over 100 new policies the first month, and the law was amended several times over two years (by a Dem Governor) before the bugs were corrected. The Romney plan did not include as many new taxes to pay for it though… because much of the funding was provided through “Federal Grants” (but don’t worry, that’s not socialism since Romney was republican). At this time only 30% oppose the law (TP zealots would rather eat their young than approve the law), the percentage of companies providing employee healthcare ROSE from 70 to 76%, and an Urban Institute study found no evidence of job loss as a result of the law.

        • Greg

          You are a government troll, right? You are paid by the Democratic party, right? Are you not seeing Obama Care as the disaster it is becomming? Democrats up for re-election are seeing it. By the way, there are “Death Panels.” That is a fact so YES, Really!! 65% of health care dollars are spent in the last 6 months of life. This is a cost control feature of the Obama Care plan. You guys going to lie about that too? You should also take the time to read the U.S. Constitution. The President cannot change laws by fiat. Yes, the President is a liar and has confirmed that by threatening to veto the latest legislation called “You Can Keep Your Health Care Act” which was just passed by the House of Representatives. You see that’s how you change the law and “let people keep their health care.” The House and Senate pass legislation, and the President signs it. He said he was going to let people “keep their health care” but confirms he is lying when he threatens to veto it. What do you call that? Nationally syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. said exactly the same thing in a nationally published Op-Ed piece this week. Mr. Pitts started his column out by saying “Mr. President: You lied.” Oh, and by the way, Mr. Pitts is a black man so I guess he’s a big fat cracker racist for making that statement. On another point, it is not up you or the government to decide what are “Garbage Policies.” More than 5 million were happy with their “Garbage Policies” and were cancelled. This is why they are mad as hell and complaining to their Democratic representatives in Congress by the millions. “Garbage Policies” is a Democrat talking point. You really should use other language than Democrat talking points. It exposes you for what you are. I am flattered someone is spending money to pay you to come here to make negative comments. I must be doing some good. Hey, what does a troll get paid anyway? Finally, Romney didn’t lie to get Romney Care passed. He was honest about it. Was Obama honest about Obama care? Do you believe Nancy Pelosi when she said, “We have to pass it to see what’s in it”? Thank you for your kind words on Jim Willie. You prove you are not all bad!!

        • Galaxy 500

          haven’t been taking your lithium and Chlorpromazine have you?

        • mohammad

          Why he exempt himself and his family from it if it was so great?

        • Galaxy 500

          You point to Romneycare stats to make your point about Obamacare. Sad. You do understand that Obamacare IS not remotely like Romneycare? Your comparison would be laughable if it was not dishonest and disingenuous [sounds like you]. It’s like comparing a match (Romneycare) to a solar flare (Obamacare).
          Good News for you though; Obamacare covers lithium and Thorazine along with mental health care at 100%

        • BLT

          you are right sir this is not a socialist take over at least socialists are open about what they’re going to do this is a downright mafia thug criminal take over, passed at midnight with zero bi-partisan, and your girl Pelosi couldnt even find the time to read it, sort of like you and the Constitution…lol and in case you didn’t realize it nobody liked Romney either. it’s a hard ball world out there son, why don’t you come on in for the big win huh?

        • John

          “how is it possibly a socialist takeover of healthcare? It is not, and the paranoid, delusional, political propaganda you parrot on the is pathetic.”

          Your right, it is not a socialist takeover, it is a fascist takeover. After all, the insurance & pharmaceutical companies wrote the bill for our politicians, who did not read it before it was passed according to Pelosi.

          It looks like the dems just tried to add 40 million new voters for the mid terms next year by having the working man pay double & tripple for their health care for these individuals to get theirs for free. Plus the 20 million illegal aliens that will also get free health care once they are made legal citizens.

          after all the govt is broke, 17 trillion in the hole, they can’t pay for anything anymore. But we all know it is multiples from that figure, since the independent analysis say it is closer to 200 trillion.

  2. Allen Ols


    Any week w/the jackass is a great week.

    You are correct, ”we are being looted”. The empire is dead, The dollar is dead.



    • Greg

      It was a good week. Thank you for joining us.

      • Ron O'Donnell


        I have watched your show for 5 years and you are one of the few who calls a spade a spade. These illegal foreclosures are “Fraud”.
        The problem here is the Fraud points directly at the conduct of the US Treasury in covering up for the previous conduct of the FTC during the creation of the Security Instruments during the period of 1999 through 2009 under the MERS system. This explains the initial $790 Billion emergency TARP payout. This also explains the unaccountable $85 plus Billion per month being paid to “undisclosed” beneficiaries.
        WHY? Because these instruments were signed and sold to investors using “the Full Faith and Credit of the US”. And these phony instruments were subsequently “called in” by the knowledgible investors. WHO were the investors??? China, Saudi Arabia-All levels of Banks-to include even most US Labor Pension Funds. You have heard of a concept called “a run on the Bank” causing the Bank to close during the Great Crash of 1929. The events happening right now is “a run on the Treasury” since 2009 to present. I can show you the proof of the money trail which I have followed for 7 years now. It leads directly back to the manipulation of the US Treasury. It’s really that simple. There is only one way for this to go. This is simply a math issue now, not “rocket science”, not politics or philosophy of any stripe. Call me should you be interested in following up with a 15 minute show. 909-862-. I would love to share my info with you as you are looking out for us Americans with a passion for Truth.

        Keep up the Good Work.

        Ron O’Donnell

        • Ron O'Donnell

          Secret Government is not permitted by the US Constitution.

        • Greg

          Thank you Ron for the comment and support.

  3. Troy

    F@#@ the Democraps (((and))) the Republicans!
    and ALL the morons that voted for them!

    Sorry if that was too rude Greg, BUT REALLY!!!

    As for the dollar. When there is another choice, it’s done!

    And the Saudis can F them selves also!


  4. Albert Tesla

    Greg, beautifully put when you claim we are being looted as we burn to the ground , to sum up where we are currently in the grand scheme of things in a nutshell i think its quite accurate to say we are currently in that phase.


    Stay tuned folks! Rise of FASCISM coming up next. It’s already here, now it just needs to “blossom”. Greece is the blueprint, go read the schematics and you can predict the future on US soil.

    A wise man named porky the pig once said….

    “T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-hats all folks”

  5. William Betts

    You need to get Ms Hudes back on your news program ASAP. She is making some really sensational remarks that have some validity. The part of blackmail at the oval office needs to be disected with some good questioning. The firing of the generals and admiral is a fact, but why?? Betts

  6. Paul T

    Greg, yesterday I was listening to a radio interview on another website where the guy was interviewing Karen Hudes and at the end, she told him Michelle Obama is being blackmailed. She says she was caught in a honey trap. Care to dig into that any, see if it’s legit?

  7. Rodster

    Gerald Celente is correct. We are being ruled by a 2 party gang in Washington, The Gambino’s and the Bananos. I’d like to add a 3rd party, the Federal Reserve. What’s maddening is these jokers in their LUST for POWER are playing with peoples lives when it comes to healthcare.

    And the Washington gangs knows this is all heading for possibly a violent revolt against the socio and psychopaths running the government or they would not have militarized local police depts or would have purchased over 2 billion rounds of ammo.

    Greg, when is Celente coming back on the program?

  8. art barnes

    Greg, the sad thing about the Obama care debacle is that it will give Republicans a reason to get reelected and continue the same policies of “spy America”, the FED, & trash the dollar. Remember, it was Nixon who devalued the dollar in the early 1970’s & Bush who put in Homeland Security and the Patriot Act. What I am saying is the two heads on the same beast will be alive and well for another election, and I’ll bet the next Republican President will play golf & go on numerous vacations as well; the “King President” knows now party. What is needed is a to place independents & libertarians in office & give them a try, the last 50 years should be an indication to America that a democrat or a republican is like deciding as to how you want to die, either by firing squad or hanging. Them me try and be redundant in my premise: THROW THE BUMS OUT!

    • art barnes

      Greg, two typos, can you fix them for me? Thanks, Art B.

      • Galaxy 500

        Nixon stopping redemptions at the gold window Is the only reason we have any gold left in Ft. Knox. If we have any still in Ft. Knox.

  9. Ugly

    Even if you take out the debt, the USA govt still spends a minimum $2T more than it takes in via taxes each year, and growing. That is over $15,000 per working person.

    The Heinz plant in Pocatello is closing in 6 months, where 410 more jobs will be loss. There is nothing in Pocatello where 410 jobs are being created. Also, the Hoku hype has fallen and many other so-called job creation industries are falling such as the ethanol promises and biodiesel. They created jobs thru big subsidies and are not producing back, or have fallen completely.

    It is sad America, but our future thinking must center away from the dollar too. By that I mean get your dollar debt down, invest in metals and some commodities (we always need wheat), and center around food needs. Then the leftovers can be in dollars.

    Some people always tout that silver and gold have a proven 5,000 year history. That is true. But wheat and barley and copper have about a 10,000 year proven history.

    We all need to rethink ourselves and our lives that center on the dollar.

    • Galaxy 500

      Heinz plant in Florence, SC is laying off 200

      • Michael the Marine

        You know who owns Heinz, don’t you?

        The wife of Secretary Kerry; Teresa Heinz Kerry.
        Heh heh heh,


        • rich

          Not anymore. Warren Buffet bought these plants / business segment out – hence the 3 plant closings.

  10. William Chase

    Obama is not an idiot. Obamacare is doing exactly what it was intended to do-create a crisis. The solution will be a single payer plan, which is what Obama has wanted all along. There is a video clip of Obama speaking at a union function and saying that he wants a single payer plan, but that we can’t go there directly(or words to that meaning)

  11. Jerry

    Greg I’ve been in the Health Insurance Business for over 30 years, and I can promise you Obamacare will be in a death spiral before the end of 2014. I’ve seen this act before in my state, and the result is exactly what Karl Denninger and Kerry Lutz said, the healthy will opt out, and the sick will jump in, and sink the boat. As far as putting the “Affordable Care Act Gene” back in the bottle with grandfathering, its not going to happen, its to late for that. It took the insurance companies three years to prepare for the some 2700 pages of regulations of Obamacare and get them approved by the various State regulatory commissions. All insurance policies are written contracts. Once a contract is cancelled, your not going to get it back period! I’m not sure who’s giving President Obama his advice, but they have obviously never worked in the private sector.
    In my opinion, this is exactly what the progressives in congress wanted. By sinking what is left of a free market ship,it will be much easier for the masses to grab onto the “Single Payer Life Boat”.

    As far as the collapse of the dollar, until someone can explain to me how we can get of a 125 Trillion Dollar debt bubble without a collapse ?? I don’t see any other out come. Come on people, congress hasn’t passed a budget in five years, because they can’t. Its just that simple. QE and time is all that we have left.

    Thanks again Greg for all your hard work, and for letting me rail each week. This site seems to be the only place where people aren’t in denial. All of the money I have is going into pre right now, so funds are tight. I do plan on donating just as soon as I can.

    • Greg

      Thank you for adding your professional perspective.

  12. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    If the Russians don’t demand payment in gold they’re fools and Yellen has no choice but to keep printing. What is a billion dollars? It’s about $3 for every man, woman and child in America. What is a trillion dollars? It’s about $3000 for every man, woman and child in America. That puts the Fed” balance sheet of 4 trillion at about $12,000 for every man, woman and child in America or nearly $50,000 for a family of four. Taking the governments “official” figures at face value that puts the 17 trillion dollar federal debt at well over $50,000 for every single American that was born today and well over $200,000 for that family of 4 and growing at an alarming rate. Anyone who believes that this debt won’t be monetized or defaulted on is delusional.

  13. mohammad


    It is very important to know why the congress and white house staff exempted themselves from Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (PPACA).
    The short answer is they will keep subsidizing their platinum plans from us tax payers where they give us the shaft.
    Here is a nice article explaining why:


  14. frosty


    Nice wrap-up that provides some details related to one of the characters performing its part in the current scene of the drama playing out on the global stage. Whether the play turns out to to be a tragedy or ends happily for this character remains to be seen and, as I see it, depends on the answer given to the two questions asked following the general outline given below.

    First some background. She was a beautiful woman. A once humble and blessed America became so steeped in hubris that she now considers it a virtue, is lead to her demise by those whose natures best exemplify her fallen condition. They attain their powers over her by pandering to her…You are exceptional, above the law and can do no wrong. So are we that rule over you.

    Now, as surely as night follows the day, she is being changed and humbled to guide her back to an ancient wisdom provided by the message from One she once loved: “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” – Proverbs 16:18

    Now only two questions remain:
    Will she hear the message before she is completely destroyed?
    And, if so..
    How sternly must the message be communicated before she finally hears it?

    In the audience I sit and pray..America, wake up! Remember yourself and become beautiful again.

    • Greg

      Love this line, “America, wake up! Remember yourself and become beautiful again.” Thank you for this comment.

  15. KST


    Just discovered this site. Excellent source of information.

    One of your guests implied in your interviews last month that if the young and healthy could not join the obamacare pools, it will go bust since it will have only have high risk members.

    Yesterday, on Kelley Files (FOX), one of the key architects of ACA (Professor Cutler) said that ACA has some reserve funds to compensate the insurance companies for some time (1-2 years?) against these losses. Never heard of this before. This means we the tax payers, not only paid for this ‘great’ website but now will pay more for the associated penalties.

  16. Ron O'Donnell

    Fact-George Washington was Inaugurated on the steps of Wall Street.

    • frosty

      An interesting note…

      Speaking at his 1789 Inaugural, George Washington reflected on how his rag-tag army, fighting for the idea that men’s rights came from God and not men, had defeated the British super power and noted that each step along the way seemed to have been guided by “some token of providential agency”.

      Washington then went on to give a prophetic warning…“ We ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained”.

      That this warning was given when our nation was founding at a location near Wall Street is true enough. But eerily, this specific location is now known as ground zero.

    • lastmanstanding

      RO…the London bankers has been trying to get us back ever since.

      • Michael the Marine


        look into the war of 1812.
        Answer in your mind WHY the Capital was burned.


  17. Galaxy 500

    Social Darwinism in action!


  18. brian wilson

    The end game is coming alright, and it is gonna ESS-EWE-SEE-KAY BIG TIME, and that’s the way I see it.

  19. Acorn

    I found USA Watchdog.com some months ago and I am now a regular visitor to your site. I enjoy your reports and the many guests you have on. Heck, even my wife enjoys listing to your reports. Please keep up the good work keeping us well informed of the troubles brewing ahead. Forwarned is forearmed!
    Kinds regards from Oz.

    • Greg

      Thank you Acorn for dropping in here.

  20. Mike Vandewalle

    Put this one on “Greg’s Top 10 Quotes of All Time”: “85% of people were happy with their heathcare… You can’t anger 85% of voters. There wont be a single democrat left…”

    • Galaxy 500

      You can’t kill all the cockroaches on Earth. Just not possible. Unless the Sun goes nova

  21. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, regarding the “two pools” you mention as a consequence of Obamacare: we’ve seen this scam before. Anyone remember “good GM” and “bad GM”? And how did that turn out? Other than a successful union-and-vote bailout, nothing. The legacy costs that were crushing GM were not lifted in the “structured” bankruptcy. GM now reports its results on an “operating” basis, not as a comprehensive statement of condition. This is the government in micro-version. And yes, clarity at the end stages is a good way to put it. Buckle up, everybody.

  22. Michael the Marine

    Nice wrap up Greg.

    This nation; “dead”?

    Just don’t forget that the main business of the Lord is Resurrection. That alone is reason for Hope!


  23. Jerry

    Greg I included this link for our panel of experts that thought that Jim Willie was off the chart.

    http://kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/KWN_DailyWeb/Entries/2013/11/15_David Stockman_-_Lunatic_Fed_Engineering_Global_Collapse.html

    My question is, at what point do you grasp the reality that we are in a serious debt bubble with no way out? David Stickman is as blunt as I’ve ever seen in this interview.

  24. Michael the Marine

    Voting out the Democrats isn’t enough. That will only convince the Republicans that their political strategy worked, and encourage more of the same crap in the future. Then they will only continue to divide and conquer us.

    Something bigger is needed, to convince ALL the politicians that they had better BEGIN LISTENING to The VOICE OF THE PEOPLE and take APPROPRIATE ACTION.

    Simply put: whether Republican, Independent, or Democrat: VOTE THEM ALL OUT. Every last one. If they’re an incumbent, VOTE AGAINST THEM.

    Then and only then will some respect for the voter be restored, and action be taken based on what the VOTERS want.

    What do the VOTERS WANT?

    1) Scrap Obamacare.

    2) Jail those bankers & politicians who have violated their oath and morals and perpetrated MASS FRAUD on the people.

    3) Restore RESPECT for the law AT THE TOP and begin with Impeachment of the President and Vice President!

    I could go on… but the Nations of the world won’t have any faith in our system of government, or our MONEY unless we begin enforcing our laws at the TOP. Let everyone register, and may everyone VOTE, and hopefully send a shock-wave through Washington.

    Your thoughts, anyone?


    • Alex vandenBerg

      Hi Michael,

      I agree with you that restoring faith in our political and monetary system will require a restoration of the rule of law. That is self-evident. However, what is not so clear is how to best go about doing that. Can voting work? I’m not so sure. Fraud is ubiquitous. As of right now I’m thinking non-compliance, civil disobedience, nullification, and if necessary separation- short and medium term. Longer term we have to recognize the source of the world’s conundrums.

      People will jump and say “Problem solved- we know what the root is: an unholy alliance between international bankers and career politicians”. Sure; but that is a symptom of the disease not the disease itself. The disease lies deep within the heart of man. The world is divided and in chaos because man is cut off from himself. Literally, everything you see around you – the fall of the Republic, Trixieland, intellectual amnesia, atheistic materialism, the iron cage, excessive rationalism, the rape of the Earth, grime,crime and grit, T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland- are all symptoms of an internal state of psychic decay. Until THAT issue is addressed, nothing will improve. Nothing.

      • Michael the Marine

        I AM Addressing it. Is this the only post of mine you have read?

        Well, maybe; read a few other posts; visit my website, or better yet: READ YOUR BIBLE, REPENT AND PRAY.

        Heh heh heh, don’t be offended by me, I happen to agree with you on the problems being much deeper. So, how deep you wanna go?


        • Alex vandenBerg

          Sorry Michael- I see that you beat me to the punch and that I jumped the gun. On October 26 you wrote:

          “The Kingdom of Heaven is NOT out THERE! The Kingdom is within, and it’s here now.”

          Music to my ears. However, I have two minor quibbles. One- the ultimate truth is that there is no truth. All opposites are illusory. And two- Jesus, whether a real historical personage or not, is a symbol of the Self in a Jungian sense. That Self is within all “things” and does not go by any name. Remember Odysseus? “I am no-man”.


          • Michael the Marine

            Classically educated, eh?

            Without intending offense, you will probably find my opinion offensive.

            My opinion on human philosophy is directly related to its own end. Basically, it’s just mental masturbation, and after you find out the truth, you’ll realize that you wasted life and made a mess by playing with yourself, rather than renewing your mind in the only way that’s possible; honoring our Creator by believing in His Word.

            Truly, I’m not trying to sound condescending – BUT: I DO KNOW THE TRUTH. Tell you what; when YOU can awaken volcanoes, and put them back to sleep, or call out the earth to quake in a certain place (both without harming one single person), reroute hurricanes or fizzle them (when they’re growing stronger), command tornado’s and they obey every single word, then you can claim to understand something about HOW this Creation works, and maybe I’ll listen (but probably not- because I have already found the Truth, and I’m not searching any more).

            Have a Great Day!

      • Big Mike

        You hit the nail on the head! Voting is out dated and does not work! Our vote is being used against us.
        For a few years now, I’ve herd talk of a civil war. In elevators, delis, on trains, and some family members. I would never have thought that this would happen again in my America, but now I can not help think that war is the only answer to that wicked, Godless religeon of socialism (comminisium).
        You can get rid of one tyrant (obama) but how do you get rid of the millions of fools that voted for him? WAR!!!!!!!

        • Michael the Marine

          No big mike, NO!

          The only legitimate place for war is in your own heart and mind. Cast out and down everything that would rule over your own heart and mind which brings YOU into bondage to DO EVIL. That is the spiritual war each of us face, and it is within US! Not with other people.

          There is NO PLACE in my own mind, heart or thinking for Satan. The LORD gives, and THE LORD takes away, blessed be the NAME of THE LORD!

          I WILL NOT act out of ill will towards anyone, even the most deluded or deceived of humanity.


        • Alex vandenBerg

          Hi Big Mike,

          Thanks for the positive reinforcement. However, as for the ultimate solution, I would direct your attention to the end of Ghostbusters 2. Notice how THEY keep us in check: fear and division. And notice what happens at the end: love and unification. I would submit that is the long term solution- not war. On the other hand I am well aware that acting like sheep only invites wolves. So, short/medium term– project peace through strength i.e. – respect for oneself. Long term- love, inner balance, and unification.

          “Gods suppressed are demons”– this is the source of the problem. We have murdered our Self. The consequences are all around us– the proliferation of psychic epidemics.

    • Galaxy 500

      IMO, with it and $5 you can get coffee at Starbucks is:
      Sounds like a sure fire way for Dems to win. There are partisans in number that would vote for Satan on the Democratic ticket. The Republicans are seriously flawed but I am supporting Tea Party candidates. They aren’t perfect either but they are ahead of the other guys.
      That being said, I support your 3 points and proposal 2 others: a balanced budget amendment and an amendment that states congress can pass no law that exempts them from its effect.
      Peace from Mayberry

      • Michael the Marine

        Good adds 500. Let’s do continue the list…

        Anyone: please ADD yours too!

        I’ll add: Reform the election process and do away with the Electoral Process we have now.

        Appoint a vetting agency for each candidate which faces prison for covering up for a candidate.

        Of course, the entire Senate would be in jail now, because in the last election it was one illegal alien (and non natural born citizen) against another non-natural born citizen. The Senate confirmed that they knew McCain was not a natural born citizen by passing a non-binding resolution that it was OK for him to run for President even though McCain was born outside the US and its territories. It had to be a NON-binding resolution because to make it binding they would be guilty of TREASON; according to the Law.

        Anyone else?

  25. Boing_Snap

    Love the reporting here, some steady work on documenting the corruption and events, answering the “what” is happening. Answering the “why” and “how” it’s happening lies elsewhere.

    The Rule of Law has left the US and the world for that matter, because Commercial Law has taken over and usurped Common Law, the Law of the people. The U.S. Constitution was born from Common Law, once the country was divided during the Civil War, that agreement between the States nullified all of the precding agreements.

    What took over was Military and Commercial Law, the province of Armies, Banks and Corporations. The US, Canada, and every country is a corporation, that trades on the Stock exchange, is governed by the Federal Rules. The color of Law kept the illusion that the Constitution still mattered, the Color of Law assembled what looks like a People’s government, but instead created a nation of slaves.

    A good movie in its whole, but what I just talked about begins at 24 min.


    • Galaxy 500

      Commercial law is still law but I am not buying the Civil War rendered the Constitution null and void.

      • Boing_Snap

        You’re missing the point, Commercial law is one of property, it is legal, just not lawful, if you wish to be property or an employee of the State then abide by the Statutes of Commercial Law. In Common Law you stand as a Man or Woman, and as such have the Rights of a Sovereign and real Freedom. The Constitution was meant to be applied with Common Law, not Commercial Law, unfortunately the type of education that trained one in Common Law has long ago disappeared, and with it the knowledge of how to be Free.

  26. Oleg

    Hello Greg
    There is no doubt in my mind that countries like China or Russia and other BRICS countries with “big guns ” were given an opportunity to exchange trillions of the reserved dollars to gold and we are currently at the end of that process. In return they would let the “bad boys” go and away with murder. Totally agree with Jim Willie, China will write off trillions of US dollars and that would be the deal . Winston Churchill ones said :” Feed the crocodile so it could eat you last” . Russians and Chinese do that now. What they don’t realize is that they make a deal with people who would put China and Russia in the same situation later on. Maybe worst . These people had manipulated this world for centuries.
    Gold prices are ridiculous . And will remain ridiculous till China and Russia get dump the dollar and get gold. They probably, have exchanged their currency reserve up to 80-90% by now . When it’s over, we will see gold prices running high . Chinese , obviously, agreed in return to announce their fake plans to nuke US . “Duhhh” Thank you for letting us know in advance !! Brilliant tacticians !! Now we are waiting for the nuke to explode of the coast of SC . As for the rest of the currency reserve holders,who has no “big guns” , they will be robbed and suffer great loses An international Ignorance toward Fukushima nuclear plant is alarming . Surprisingly, no international help is being offered . Needless to say , people of Japan will never see their gold . Country is totally in the defenseless situation.
    Another warning sign is UN . The growing authority of UN in USA . Our president more and more acts like if US Constitution is suspended and he represents UN in the White House rather than US people. He wants to use US military personnel ,who sworn to US Constitution, to defend an international law on US soil and those generals who disagree fire them .
    The Obamacare signing up project is getting nowhere and it is almost like an application for a new ” citizenship ” with financial and economic obligations rather than a health plan
    Are we facing a colonial type of society here in USA ?
    Without the second amendment and US military defending US Constitution, we might say good bye to our values and freedom
    With US Constitution in charge, strong military on people’s side and freedom we might even have a chance to get back all the money we paid to Feds and IRS with interest .

  27. Alex vandenBerg

    Hi Greg,

    Oftentimes when I am in research mode and frequenting blog posts, discussion boards, and sites such as this I consistently come upon two seemingly contradictory ideas that I feel lead to unnecessary confusion. In an effort to inject some clarity into the equation I thought I would attempt to square the circle.

    The two ideas are as follows:

    1. The Elite are intentionally engineering the dissolution of the dollar as a world reserve currency in an effort to forge a new international order (i.e. world government built within the framework of the UN/IMF).

    2. The Elite are doing everything they can to prop up the house of cards and defend dollar hegemony (hence TPP, naked short selling as part of an orchestrated attack on gold, proposed mergers with the EU, QE Infinity, various military maneuvers, statistical spin, presstitute propaganda, ECB and Bank of Japan debasement efforts, and the like).

    We know that the first statement is true based on a cursory examination of what the Elite are saying and writing. For example, Robert Mundell, a Columbia University professor and Noble Prize recipient, has argued for years that nation-state currencies need to give way to a world currency. In addition, the Council on Foreign Relations loves to put out pieces through their journal Foreign Affairs that cite the need for a reconfiguration of the political and economic structure of the world. As Jerome Corsi writes in his work America For Sale, “For decades, economists have argued that international trade will require redefinitions away from nation-states. Regional currencies like the euro are merely stepping stones on the path to the Holy Grail of one-world currency” p. 186

    We also know that the second statement is true based on the information provided in the interviews you have conducted with your guests. And so, can two diametrically opposed statements be true? Can we have our cake and eat it too? The answer is yes. How so? The Cloward-Piven Strategy.

    • Michael the Marine

      Alex: You neglected to mention that even the new Pope (the old Pope is now a “Nope”) is calling for a world-bank, and also offering indulgences (get-out-of-purgatory-early, passes) for anyone who follows him on twitter. Martin Luther must be rolling over in his grave, heh heh heh!!!


      • Alex vandenBerg

        You’re right Michael. I try to keep it concise – but there are clearly a myriad of other examples that could be used to bolster the point. With regard to reading your other posts- I have not. But I appreciate any work you are doing in trying to address the political, economic, religious, and social realities du jour. With regard to how deep I wanna go- to the Core of the Earth.

        With regard to the Bible- I’d like to leave you with two quotes. One from Alan Watts and the other from Joseph Campbell. Hopefully I’m preaching to the choir here but if not I think it would be great food for thought. The first quote is from Mr. Watt’s brilliant volume Myth and Ritual in Christianity. It is as follows:

        “Myth is only “revelation” so long as it is a message from heaven- that is, from the timeless and non-historical world- expressing not what was true once, but what is always true. Thus the incarnation is without effect and significance for human beings living today if it is mere history; it is a “salvic truth” only if it is perennial, a revelation of a timeless event going on within man always.”

        The second quote is from Joseph Campbell’s Occidental Mythology and can be found on page 516. It runs thus:

        “It was one of the great lessons of our study that for the vulgar, ill- or uninstructed mind, myths (symbols) tend to become history and there ensues a type of attachment to the mere accidents of local forms that, on the one hand, binds so-called believers into contending groups and, on the other hand, deprives them all of the substance of the message each believes itself alone to have received……Whereas when any of the great mythic imageries comes ot be read as poetry, as art, as a vehicle not of empirical information but experience- in other words: not as a newspaper- we find a message of accord, which in brief, is that of the living God, who is not apart, but within all and of no definition.”

        PS: And no, I’m not offended; I’m elated that someone read my comments and is thinking. Too often today I come across people who simply don’t have the capacity or will to think for themselves. I am glad you are not one of those people.

  28. LLC

    As I understand it, that statement one is the managed collapse of the country and statement two is theft of citizen wealth?
    I understand that Cloward-Piven is very simply over whelming the system.

    • Alex vandenBerg


      Thanks for reading and responding. That is exactly what I am saying. The hardest part for people to accept is that their “leaders” would do this to their own people. But I think you know what I know. That being that our leaders are not loyal to nation-state democracy let alone our constitutional republic. No, they are loyal to something else entirely.

  29. Nathan

    Hey Greg ,
    Read this and ponder .

    http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-11-13/franchise-industry-we-re-already-cutting-hours-because-of-obamacare .

    Synopsis : 31 % of franchises are already cutting hours due to Obamacare (And the mandate doesn’t kick in until 2015) ? Yikes!

    Then take into account that the TPP is just around the corner . I wonder how “free trade” with 10 more nations will bode for America . Hint : Its being dubbed “NAFTA on steroids” . Strange how’s its being fast tracked now that Alan Grayson was “allowed” to see a part of the bill and got the word out . (Wikileaks got their hands on it today by the way so there is some hope. )Japan has already taken to the streets .

    Nathan AVL

    P.s for those of you who want to do something about the TPP PLEASE utilize every message board on every on-line syndication . I’m dedicating tonight to the Yahoo boards to plant the seed in peoples minds .

  30. Larry Galearis

    It is amazing how much Washington worked with the private sector to ridicule the Canadian Health Care system right in the face of systemic level defaults by Insurance companies to avoid paying those obligations. Americans are truly brainwashed.

    On the one hand there is a socialized system; on the other a privatized one. The socialized one worked; the other is breaking down a whole economy because it is too corrupt to function.

    Flip a coin?

    Anyone see a pattern?

    It isn’t as if you folks aren’t socialized in whole areas and for good reason. Fire departments were socialized because the various companies ended up warring with the competition or starting fires themselves for business opportunities (New York City, 1850s). Anyone see a pattern?

    I do believe there is way too much ideological positioning down your way and not enough actual thinking.


  31. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    Maybe you can bring this to light or help as the media has over looked it.By the President changing the law or modifying it is against the law.Just like he did when he allowed the employers off for a year was a violation of the law.Now another change which ,to my knowledge, is against the law.A new bill must be passed like the one the GOP has proposed.Maybe i’m missing something.Your thoughts please

    Thanks Dave

  32. Alyce

    Greg, have you seen these videos….http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2410016/pg1 There are 4 of them, he was a bank executive for 9 years, very informative, maybe you’d want to interview him. Part 3 talks about what will happen and specifically how the world will trade using resources or gold instead of fiat. He mentions turning in 2 old $100 bills and being paid 1 new $100 bill for it…I’ve been taking my old 100s to the bank and changing them for new ones.

  33. Jerry

    I have no doubt that the Cloward-Piven strategy is moving forward on schedule with the elites. The problem I have is they are moving into uncharted waters with their plan for one world currency. Its never been done before on this scale, and even they can’t predict what will happen when the economies of the world collapse. At this point it is a social experiment with us being the rats. I have no doubt that when the smoke clears they will still be in charge, but it will be a very dangerous world. It is naïve for the progressives that want one world government to think they can impose their will on a nation this large that is armed. Our founding fathers were wise when they saw the need for the Second Amendment. It is easy to impose your will on someone who can’t defend themselves. But for those who have tasted freedom and are armed, its quite different.

    • Alex vandenBerg


      Well said. I agree with all of your points. That second amendment is one of the main reasons, in my view, that we are not yet completely enslaved.

      In the end, THEY will lose. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “Nature hates monopolies.” In the meantime however, strap on your seat belt- because we are definitely in for a bumpy ride…

  34. ck

    Hello Greg,

    May I offer a suggestion for a future guest?

    Consider JEFF NIELSON of bullionbullscanada.com

    This is one articulate and highly perceptive individual to which his numerous blog entries will attest.

    Please do make him a regular guest on your show. He will quickly become a favorite with your listeners.



    • Greg

      Thank you CK. I’ll check him out.

  35. Robert Burke

    I have one question. Can anyone show me, in a historical context, any reserve currency that has ever experienced hyper-inflation.


  36. Robert Burke

    Why we will see deflation….history

    “The “beggar thy neighbor” policies of 1930s governments-using currency devaluations (money printing) to increase the competitiveness of a country’s export products in order to reduce balance of payments deficits-worsened national deflationary spirals, which resulted in plummeting national incomes, shrinking demand, mass unemployment, and an overall decline in world trade. We have intentional currency devaluations now!

    Currency devaluation is inflationary!! If currency devaluations caused deflation last time, you can bet deflation eventually will set in as it did during the great depression.

  37. 8Ball

    Good Job GH!

    Though I sometimes post contrary thoughts I hold you up there with the likes of Charlie McGrath & Dave Hodges for honesty, integrity and dilligence in reporting the truth. It is a rare commodity in today’s Orwellian world…

    • Greg

      Thank you 8Ball.

  38. Rick

    Thank You Greg,
    Concise, hard hitting and to the point. For me you have one of the highest trust levels in alt. media. Keep up the great work.

    • Greg

      Wow Rick,
      Thank you for the support!!!

  39. Alex vandenBerg

    To all viewers and contributors to this site:

    When scouring around in cyberspace I think we can all agree that there is no shortage of comments and discussion relative to who, what, where, when, how, and why. And this is all for the better. One must unlearn what one has learned to learn. However, I believe solutions, the specifics of which appear to be in shorter supply, are equally important and should also be allowed to have their time in the limelight. And so, in the interest of variety and balance I would like to provide a five-step comprehensive solution to the horrors we are facing.

    1. Know The Future Is Not Fixed

    We are the builders of our destiny. Like a spider weaving a web, we weave possibilities into the mix through our thoughts. Imagination is an energetic force that collaborates with the world. And so let us remember and keep in mind what Doc said to Marty at the end of the third and final Back To The Future. “Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one!”

    2. The Need For Belief

    Two villagers once came to a shaman at different times on the same day and asked him where the best spot was to find a herd of wild burros. One was told he would find six, the other eighteen. Thinking the shaman’s memory was potentially shoddy a woman asked “Are you describing the same herd?” The shaman replied with “Yes, same burros, same place, not same is how many find.” What the shaman was alluding to was the fact that one villager could not imagine owning more than six. When the woman asked what would happen if this individual went to the spot where there were eighteen, the shaman answered “Man will find only six; it is what he see.”

    I use this story as a segway to introduce the Greek axiom “Fate is character”. We find the same theme in the desert scene of Macbeth where we are introduced to the three weird sisters. There, over a cauldron, we see what’s possible within manifesting outside in the form of events. In other words, we find in the world without as actual what is in our world within as possible. Translation: the only limiting factor in life is our self. And so, do you even believe that a better future is possible?

    3. The Need For Enthusiasm

    Poetry, drama, music, painting, dance, all stir up our emotions. All of the arts move people powerfully. They can strongly influence our behavior, and even our character. Plato knew of this and spoke about it at length. But this force of Art is even more powerful than most know. Today for example, it is being used to make authoritarianism, sexual perversion, egoism, materialism, conformity, and the like “sexy”. In short, it is being used to radically reconfigure the collective consciousness of the human race.

    Given this, let’s take the Elite’s occult knowledge and apply it to rectifying our current conundrum. Let’s understand that the power of enthusiasm and positivity actually works to shape the holographic projection that we call the world. On the subject of Magick Albertus Magnus writes:

    “I discovered an instructive account (of Magick) in Avicenna’s Liber Sextus Naturalium, which says that a certain power to alter things indwells in the human soul and subordinates the other things to her, particularly when she is swept into a great excess of love or hate or the like. When therefore the soul of man falls into a great excess of any passion, it can be proved by experiment that it (the excess) binds things and alters them in the way it wants.”

    4. The Need To Visualize/Imagine

    We need to be able to “see” how our future can come about, not just believe that it can. This means we need to be able to visualize exactly how this Evil will be washed away.
    Confucius once said, “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Let me do and I understand.” In that vein, let me show you how we can all do it ourselves.

    The best example of this that I can think of is found at the end of Ghostbusters 2. Notice how the ghostbuster’s weapons are useless against the blob that has covered the building (war). Then notice how the power of people remembering themselves, coming together, and exuding positive energy (enthusiasm, cheer, love) works to dissolve the spell. In the final analysis, what good does it do to declare war on the “enemy” when that foe lurks within? No, declare war on yourself! Make the change within that you seek without.

    Also remember this line from the movie They Live:

    “Maybe they’ve always been with us. Those things out there. Maybe they love it. Seeing us hate each other, watching us kill each other off, feeding on our own cold (expletive) hearts.”

    5. The Need To Let Go Of Expectations

    To be successful, we need to set a goal and be as specific as we can in describing it. Paradoxically, we then need to let go completely of our picture about both the specifics and how that goal is to be achieved. We need to state the goal, but then surrender to the higher forces of Nature and our spirit Self.

    Ask yourself this: What happens when you are vigorously trying to remember something? And then what happens when you stop? That’s right – the answer suddenly bubbles up from the bottom. Why? Because the intensity of concentration acts as an energetic block in the Chakra System. When that block is removed, the free flow of energy can continue unfettered.

    • Michael the Marine

      When it looks like hooey, and smells like hooey, there’s no good reason to taste it or even “try it on”.

      Good thing I didn’t step in it. Heh heh heh!!!


      PS: “collective consciousness of the human race” Maybe you watch too much StarTrek; or are YOU promoting The Borg?

      • Alex vandenBerg


        Thank you for your remarks. I encourage all feedback- both positive and negative. I especially appreciate you shining light on the phrase “radically reconfigure the collective consciousness of the human race”. I concede that I should have been more responsible in my word usage given its ambiguous nature. What I meant is that the homogenization, the standardization of human thought on a global scale is being vociferously promoted by mass media mind control techniques. This will lead (if not halted) to the destruction of the God-Image followed by the annulment of the human personality.

        This “idea” – that occult symbols coupled with sounds, signs, colors, words, and subliminal imagery can exert a powerful influence on the psyche is simply a “fact”. Mass media thinkers, such as Edward D. Bernays found in this concept a powerfully clandestine way in which to manipulate the public’s personal and collective unconscious.

        With regard to the rest of the comments I made- I am simply presenting information based on “facts” borne out by scientific research. For example, while the notion that the universe isn’t solid, real, or independent might seem fanciful, the “reality” is that this is the orthodox view of quantum mechanics. Particles are not particles. They are tendencies to exist, cognitive constructs. Just like concepts, particles would not exist without human consciousness. There is simply no evidence to support the notion that consciousness is a byproduct of chemical reactions localized within the human brain.

        As another example, the “Self” that I talk of must sound like hokey pokey, quantum quasar, mumbo jumbo to some. Philosophical mental masturbation I believe is how you would characterize it. But let me assure you- it is not. As Dr. Carl Jung wrote in Aion, “Although “wholeness” seems at first sight to be nothing but an abstract idea, it is nevertheless empirical in so far as it is anticipated by the psyche in the form of spontaneous or autonomous symbols.” He also wrote in that same work, “All statements about the God-Image apply also to the empirical symbols of totality.”

        Lastly, I have made much mention of the need to bridge the inner gulf within Man. By this I mean that Man’s conscious mind has strayed away from its unconscious roots. That this is the source of humanity’s woes is evident in the following quote – also by Dr. Jung (The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious):

        “The danger becomes all the greater the more our interest fastens upon external objects and the more we forget that the differentiation of our relation to nature should go hand in hand with a correspondingly differentiated relation to the spirit, so as to establish the necessary balance. If the outer object is not offset by an inner, unbridled materialism results, coupled with maniacal arrogance or else the extinction of the autonomous personality, which in any case is the ideal of the totalitarian mass state.”

  40. Michael the Marine

    mohammad: a response to your post about the moon…

    The orbit of the moon defines the lunar month and the Biblical Calendar (and many other things too: Like the gestation of a child in her mothers’ womb is not 9 months, but 10 sidereal lunar months – 273.2 days — which is also related to the temperature of absolute zero which is minus 273.2 Kelvin, also the Zero Point of the Celsius scale, also related to the growth rate and gestation of the Nation of Israel (see note 1 below ), it’s also the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water (the first three states of matter coexist), and so on…

    The Orbits of the Moon around Mother Earth and the earth around the moon are an interlocked cycle-orbit around the Sun too. Every 365.25 days the two together orbit the Sun.

    The ratio of the Orbits and their reciprocals correspond so that only one side of the Moon is ever visible to the Earth. 1/27.32 = .0366 and 1/366 = .002732.

    The radius of the moon is .2723 of the Earths radius, and ratio of a Squared Circle’s area left after the circle is cut out, to the area of that same circle.

    The acceleration of the Moon in its path around the Earth is 0.273 cm/s²

    Note 1=

    This is just a little teaser… wanna talk about Space-Time, time travel, and all the disinformation everywhere? I’m ALL ears. IT’s really simple too.


  41. Alex vandenBerg


    One last thing. The notion you can renew your mind through belief is a farcical fallacy. It is simply a fact that psychosis and neurosis are byproducts of psychic split. In order to heal, one must bridge the gulf between the two minds. By doing so the “Self” can be had- the attainment of which constitutes the completion of what the alchemists referred to as “The Great Work”. In a nutshell, this is the union of opposites within producing a superordinate, transcendental paradoxical third. However, it is said in the Bhagavad Gita that “through single-minded devotion alone, I can be seen in this form, can be known in essence, and also can be reached, O Arjuna.” Is there something to That? Yes.

    Also- what good does it do to tell someone to read the Bible if they don’t know how to interpret it? Is that not like telling someone who doesn’t speak Russian to read a Russian text? Bottom line(and this is also a fact): the Bible is made up of allegories. Allegories are symbolic stories. And symbols are of, and relating to the psyche. Therefore, to read the Bible one needs to be symbolically literate.

    • Michael the Marine

      It’s your right to speak your mind, but you should realize that when you speak only to make an impression, that IS the impression you make.

      I suggest you reconsider your “nutshells” but please, for all our sakes, do so in private next time. Heh heh heh,


  42. Alex vandenBerg


    In the final analysis, assuming I’m reading you correctly, your prescription as to how to cure the illness within Man is as follows: repent, pray, believe, and read the Bible.

    On repenting- as if “God” is some sort of tyrant that we need to bow down to and plead forgiveness

    On praying- is this not disempowering? If the Power is within then why pray – why hope for the best? Why not tap into that hidden reservoir and become a creator of circumstance?

    On Belief- why believe when you can have knowledge?

    On the Bible- why read it if you can’t understand the language it’s written in?

  43. Michael the Marine

    Alex; just to be polite I’ll answer you, but I am not going to argue.

    Sentence 1)you’re not reading me correctly, I don’t write prescriptions, and mans illness is INCURABLE. Every man since Adam entered life in the world with a death sentence upon his head. Every man is appointed once; to die. Repentance isn’t a choice but a gift from God. Those who open up to it find the Way through death, that Jesus made, and follow Him through that Door…

    2)God reveals Himself to unfaithful men according to their idols, to a tyrant as a Tyrant. The Plea for forgiveness was made by Christ (on our behalf) to His Father. We have nothing to plea for, but only to receive that free gift of forgiveness because Christ paid the debt to satisfy perfect justice, so we could be redeemed, and delivered.

    3)God is the Creator, we are His Creation. Creativity is the result of partnering with Him and living out His Creative Spirit and power. Just as NOT partnering with Him results in man becoming destructive.

    4)”On Belief- why believe when you can have knowledge?”
    Be gone Satan. You choose independence from God, but God alone you shall serve. I shall eat from the Tree of Life alone, and right relationship with God through Christ Jesus is the ONLY Way of Life.

    5)Why study French; when you cannot understand it? Obviously, for anyone who has a properly functioning brain; BECAUSE YOU WANT TO! But of course, that doesn’t make sense to you, does it?

    Have a nice day. Sundown is coming.


    • Rebecca


      One must know God …
      to know God’s son.

      One must understand God’s instructions –
      and the intention of those instructions –
      to understand why one needs God’s forgiveness.

      • Michael the Marine

        Thank you Rebecca. Your graciousness is received.

        Your statement though; “One must know God …
        to know God’s son.” leaves me a little perplexed, because;

        “The ONLY way to the Father is through the son”. To know the Father, one must receive and accept the Son, FIRST.

        This is one way we are made in the image of God:

        Your “will” is father to your “word”, but to understand your meaning (of your words), one must first be of the same “spirit”.

        God the Father IS the Will of God. The Son, Jesus is God’s Word, even as He says that He came out from God. The Spirit is the Bond between Father and Son, and also between me and my Father.

        So; the only way to know the Will of God is through His Word. The only way to understand His Word is to receive His Spirit.

        Jesus didn’t want to go to the cross, and asked if there be any other way; BUT He subjugated His own will (as a man) to DO the will of His Father, showing us The Way.

        Thank you again for your kind thoughts and words, I recognize the Spirit behind what you speak.

        The progress of maturity is from feeling, to thinking, then believing, and finally knowing. It’s a process, and each of us have to work out our own salvation one on One with God.

        Regards and Blessings,

        • Rebecca

          If you don’t believe in God, you won’t believe in His Son.
          Telling an atheist about Jesus is futile.
          If they don’t believe in God — if they don’t know there is a Heavenly Father, they won’t care about His Son.

          That is what I mean.

      • Rebecca

        You know, Michael, we live in such an evil, corrupt time — where love has grown cold and Self rules.
        Man worships the creature more than the Creator.
        People who have allowed their souls to fall into the sad shape, may find it impossible to believe anyone can be so loving as to offer His Son for mankind.
        Mankind needs to get reacquainted with THE FATHER.
        Once the loving Father is discovered; it makes His gift of Jesus all the more loving!

        The scripures also say, No man can come to Jesus except the Father calls them.

  44. Alex vandenBerg

    Thank you for your replies Michael.

  45. Rebecca

    The Bible is God’s inspired word.
    John 1:1 says, In the beginning was the Word; the Word was with God and the Word was God.
    If one wishes to know God, they read God’s Word — for His Word is God and God is His Word.
    They cannot be separated. In order to find God, one must “bridge the gulf” between the Word of God that He has given to us to know Him by and through study of it find the God Who wrote the Words.

    I would not say man should “believe” in God.
    I would say that man should “know their God”.
    Belief has the connotation of assuming something is true without any proof or certain knowledge.

    I do not “believe in God”; I know there is a God and I can see the evidence of Him everyday.
    The miracle of thought, the miracle of emotions, the miracle of life.
    The attributes we take for granted everyday and give little thought to.
    Mankind is a marvelous creation. Body, soul and spirit all melded into one.
    Three separate parts that work together to make one life-sustaining, thinking, feeling human.
    Mankind was created in the image of God and that makes our creation marvelous indeed.
    Unlike the animals that were spoken into existence, man was created in God’s hands and He blew His Spirit into us. If we have power within, as you note, that power is God’s creative spirit residing within us.

    You are right. God’s Word is difficult to understand. You do not pick it up and understand as though one was reading a children’s book. There are some allegories, some history, some prophecy and some instructions on how man should live with man. God’s Word is written in layers of understanding. For the novice there is a layer of superficial understanding. As one studies the Word, his understanding increases and he is able to grasp the deeper layers of understanding. It is said there are four layers of understanding; few ever reach the fourth layer. However, no matter which level of understanding one has, God’s Word can teach you.

    How we treat one another is very important to God. So much so that He instructs us that if we come to offer a gift to Him and know in our hearts that we have wronged a brother, we must put down our gift to God and go first to reconcile with our brother. We must restore our relationship with our brother, before we may present our gift to God. Also we cannot receive forgiveness from God, if we are not willing to first forgive our brother who wrongs us.

    God is very much concerned about how we treat one another. He devotes much in His Word on this topic.

    You wrote: On repenting- as if “God” is some sort of tyrant that we need to bow down to and plead forgiveness.

    If you wrong someone, do you not see the need to go to that person and make it right?
    You apologize; maybe you confess what the wrong was and ask them to “forgive you”.
    Or per chance you are of the mindset that you do not need to “bow down and plead forgiveness” from someone who have hurt or wronged.

    God has given us a book of instructions on how to treat our fellow man, because it is very important to Him how we treat one another. When we sin, we do not “wrong” God, per se. We hurt our fellow man and in doing so, we go against the instructions of God.

    As we would confess our wrongs to a friend, so we confess our failings to God and we ask Him to help us to live up to His standards for the His creation.

    He is not a tyrannical God. He is a loving God.
    When we fail Him, we go to Him to seek His forgiveness and seek His WISDOM to live the life He would like to see mankind live.

    For some, Christianity may be a belief system.
    For others, Christianity is knowing Who our God is, how He has instructed us to live with our fellow man, and trying to walk in that knowledge.

    “Sin” as breaking God’s instructions is called, does cause a sickness in man. It begins in his soul and spreads throughout his being. Yes, it can even bring on illness and death to body, but worse of all, it brings on illness and death to the spirit. Man is no longer the “image of God” in the world, he becomes the image of self — self centered. He no longer cares about God and God’s creation, he cares only for himself.

    I think we can all see where Self has led us.
    Self is an entity of one, who cares only for Self.
    God would have us: Love God with all your heart, soul and mind — and love your neighbor as yourself.
    Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and visit the sick and elderly.

    I would rather worship God than Self.

    Learn ancient Hebrew and the mysteries of the Bible won’t seem so far out of the reach of your understanding. Also Scripture unlocks Scripture. You do not use Man’s thoughts to unlock God’s thoughts.

    You sound like a well read and intelligent man; one who is smart enough and diligent enough to find the keys that unlock the Words of God.

    • Alex vandenBerg

      Thank you Rebecca for the conciliatory overture. While we may appear to be like two trains passing each other in the night- we are not on different tracks.

      Also- I felt the unconditional love bleed through your remarks. This healed my heart. Thank you.

      If you’ll indulge me, I have some responses to your responses….

      “Man is no longer the “image of God” in the world, he becomes the image of self — self centered. He no longer cares about God and God’s creation, he cares only for himself.”

      Agreed. Today, man is awash in ambivalence; hath forgotten his worth. He is all reason no Spirit, has taken the means for the end, believes all he sees to be the All, is no longer a giant but an ant. Crawling on all fours he’s forgotten how to stand upright. Having no stomach for what’s bitter he dilutes his drink. Being so filled with poison nectar would kill him. He now looks up to institutions and down on himself. The yogi, shaman, mystic, and poet are but a faint memories wisping in the wind. Mediocrity is mass-produced and prevaricating parasites are put on a pedestal. The masses are always moving, never still. Man is now entertainment for the gods.

      As the Lakota shaman Lame Deer relates, “Only human beings have come to a point where they no longer know why they exist. They don’t use their brains and they have forgotten the secret knowledge of their bodies, their senses, their dreams. They don’t use the knowledge the spirit has put into every one of them; they are not even aware of this, and so they stumble along blindly on the road to nowhere- a paved highway which they themselves bulldoze and make smooth so they can get faster to the big empty hole which they’ll find at the end, waiting to swallow them up. It’s a quick comfortable superhighway, but I know where it leads to. I’ve seen it. I been there in my vision and it makes me shudder to think about it.”

      However, by “Self” I do not mean the ego (illusory self) or strictly the conscious personality. I mean the center of the psyche (conscious and unconscious) buried in the unconscious—this being the “Philosopher’s Stone” buried in the “Earth”—in a Jungian sense “Wholeness”.

      We are all “Christ” incognito. Whether he was a historical person or not is superfluous. What is pertinent is that we all have the ability to unfold the powers of Christ which are lying dormant within ourselves. The Mystery Schools are designed to do just that; we just don’t know it yet. And yet, we do. As Plato once said “We are here to remember what we already know.” Key test for truth: is it paradoxical?

      Lastly, a note on psychology—psychology doesn’t denigrate but rejuvenates. It gives us a more expansive view. Some people I have talked to feel that Science- of which psychology is a branch- trashes the scriptures. But it doesn’t; it holds them up to the light. By doing so it validates everything religion says.

      “So long as religion is only faith and outward form, and the religious function is not experienced in our own souls, nothing of any importance has happened. It has yet to be understood that the mysterium magnum is not only an actuality but is first and foremost rooted in the human psyche.” Dr. Carl Jung’s Psychology and Alchemy page 12

      Again, thank you for your comments and I look forward to conversing with you again the future.


      • Rebecca


        “So long as religion is only faith and outward form, and the religious function is not experienced in our own souls, nothing of any importance has happened. ”


        To know God is walk in God.

        “Know ye not that ye are a temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” 1 Corinthians 3:16.

        I look forward to future conversations as well.

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