Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.29.13

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Top story this week is the so-called “historic deal” reached with world powers and Iran over curbing Iran’s nuclear program.  Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, called it an “historic mistake.”  It is not just the Israelis who are upset.  Most of the Sunni Arab world is also not happy with the deal that doesn’t stop Iran’s nuclear program.  The White House released bullet points of the deal that claimed to roll back the program and “temporarily freeze” it.  Iran contradicted the White House and said the U.S. was misrepresenting what was agreed upon.    Iran says it confirmed the right to enrich uranium and said it will not stop working on a key reactor.  This “historic deal” may be speeding up the process for war in the region. Remember, Saudi Arabia and Israel have become allies against Iran, and war is very much a possibility. 

In the East China Sea, things are heating up.  China is claiming thousands of square miles of open ocean and the Senkaku islands.  China says it has called this area an “air defense zone.”  Japan, South Korea and Taiwan all say parts of this region belong to them.  The U.S. reportedly has flown B-52 bombers through this zone and is going to be conducting a joint naval exercise with Japan.  Meanwhile, China has reportedly flown fighter jets through the zone.  Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel says the U.S. will side with Japan in this dispute.  This is why U.S. military leaders say China, holding more than $1 trillion in U.S. debt, is a national security issue.  If China sells, it could cripple the U.S. financial system. 

Finally, right before Thanksgiving, the Obama Administration made another change to the Affordable Care Act.  It is now delaying small business enrollment for Obama Care for one year.  I think this is purely a political move because in order for the ACA to work, many have to be forced off the plans they like and be forced to buy much more expensive plans.  The Democrats are just taking too much heat over the millions, so far, who have lost coverage.  As far as the website goes, it is still not functioning correctly.  

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis on these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for a great and informative site and I join you in commending your readers for their own insightful input without the childish diatribes and name calling so common on other sites. With respect to the prospects of war in the middle East Iran and it’s allies reportedly have tens of thousands of cheap unguided or cheaply guided missiles. Every Patriot Israel would launch costs 2.5 million dollars. To intercept just 1000 of these cheap rockets assuming an impossible 100% success rate would cost Israel 2.5 billion dollars. How long would Israel be able to sustain that? Is it likely that Iran would attack Saudi oil storage and production facilities? Could we stop thousands of missiles from doing massive damage? As for China we may be able to defeat them in battle but we can no more occupy or control them than Israel can occupy or control their enemies. Will China resort to other means like economic warfare to fight us? What would happen if China threatened to lob just one missile into the smoldering ruins of Fukishima while encouraging an attack by North Korea? I think that while we may eventually “declare victory” a cost benefit analysis will show that their will be no winners if this march toward war continues. After the Vietnam war a Vietnamese officer famously observed ” The Americans never learned that they couldn’t fight ox carts with B-52’s”. We could kill a lot of oxen but the cost was overwhelming and they could make new ones even cheaper and faster than we could make liberty ships.

  2. J C davis

    Happy Thanksgiving all. We love you to Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you JC!! Happy you are here!!

  3. Allen ols


    Events have dictated this your best recap

    Fop USA WD


    • Greg

      Thank you Allen!!

  4. mike gunther

    I am Thankful for USA Watchdog! May God richly bless and protect and prosper you and your family!

    • Greg

      Thank you very much for your prayers and blessings.

  5. Jerry

    Greg I am constantly amazed at how dumbed down to reality and how utterly oblivious to the truth most Americans are. You have very credible guest such s Paul Craig Roberts, and David Stockman, and many others, come on this site week after week and give us credible evidence to show us that an economic collapse is coming. But yet you still have people who want to dispute the obvious.

    1. We are in a 120 Trillion Dollar Debt Bubble
    2. QE is the only thing that is holding it together.

    Aside from these two facts, everything else that people offer up as an explanation is pure speculation. We can argue if, and when, and why, until the cows come home, but under the laws of mathematics you cannot sustain this kind of debt no matter how you manipulate the numbers or the system. It simply can’t be done. I have yet to hear one explanation, how we get out of this debt bubble without a crash. You know Greg, I was thinking the other day that paying taxes to a government that is broke, is like pounding sand in a rat hole. What do you think Greg?

    Thanks for “TRUTH” Greg!

    PS- I have relatives that were called up a few months ago and sent to the Mediterranean. They still aren’t home. Nothing has changed regardless of what the MSM says.

    • Greg

      We are living in very dangerous times. Desperation caused by un-payable debt is the main global problem we face. The powers have put off the inevitable and I am surprised how long they have levitated the markets. Hope you and yours are preparing. Thank you for your comment and support.

  6. Orlando

    The US B-52 airspace incursion was the US’s way of sending a threat to China regarding China’s recent comments about not acquiring more USD$ Reserves. Regarding Iran, something just doesn’t seem right about the situation, either the Obama Administration is that hell-bent on destroying the USA from the inside-out or the USA is in-fact pulling the old Statue of Liberty-trick play. Domestically, please be aware that a recent news story on Fox-TV (11/28/13) mentioned that “…sometime in 2014, milk could be priced @ $8/gal if the Farm Bill is not agreed upon by US Congress, because of the US Govt’s deal that purchases milk at a discounted rate, thereby leaving a shortage in the retail market…” (end quote). It seems as though the Obama White House is 1) set to blame the GOP-led Congress instead of the FED for extreme food-price increases; 2) testing the idea of hyper-inflated prices to gauge the reaction (or lack thereof) from the US populace. I don’t put too much stock in the whole GOP-vs-Dems fights as they both have corrupted the system. Keep up the good work, enjoy this holiday. Mike Maloney’s “Secrets of Money”, Parts 1-5 are extremely informative and easy to understand. Would love to see him on USA Watchdog.

  7. Larry Bolgar

    Movie Producer Arnon Milchan admitted he helped Israel get supplies for their atomic bombs. This was on NBC News Wednesday night. I understand he worked with convicted spy Johathan Pollard. Why shouldn’t Iran have the right to produce it’s our atomic bombs to protect itself?

  8. John

    I’ll tell you what I’m thankful for Greg, and that is for guys like you on the internet. Otherwise we would be at the mercy of the MSM like we used to be.

    • Greg

      Thank you John for the kind words and support.

  9. Paul from Indiana

    Here’s the key to interpreting the US cave-in on the Iranian nuke situation.

    It’s very much like a Kafka story, where everything runs logically after acceptance of a false premise. In this case, the US starts out with the truth (Iran is building a bomb), and everything that comes after is a lie. Iran starts out with a lie (our nuclear program is peaceful), and then everything that comes after is the truth. The problem is, this isn’t an academic exercise.

    We now have North Korea II in the Middle East.

  10. Acorn


    Thanks for another great week summary.

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend from Australia Cobber!

    Gobble till you wobble!!!

    Kind regards


    • Greg

      “Gobble till you wobble!!!” Too funny. Thank you for adding some humor.

  11. Albert Tesla

    I feel as if the global community is beginning to polarize itself into two major factions (think axis powers / allied powers). When I heard the other week that Saudis were allying with the Israelis I was in awe.

    If I’m not mistaken, former president Morsi of Egypt gave a speech in regards to being pro Israeli and anti Assad/Syria, within a few days riots exploded across the Egyptian World.

    Now why the hell would the Saud’s even consider following the same route of that of Morsi/Egypt? It seems like a self inflicted dagger to the heart. the only logical assumption to me is that the Royal Saud family is in panic because they fear they are on the border of losing their reigns of power. So hence, desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Greg, I’m curious, i can’t really tell if your for Iran possessing nukes or against, care to shed your opinion a tad? I hold no ill will if you are for, or against it, it’s always good to get intelligent peoples perspectives.

    • Greg

      Albert Tesla,
      I am neither. I try to give objective analysis as to what I think will likely transpire and warn people of the dangers. I always say, There is lots of sin to go around in the Middle East.

      • On The Beach

        Wow, Greg, I guess that makes you a true blue, fair dinkum, honest to goodness reporter!

  12. Mark Johnson


    ~Minute 10:00 “An America worth fighting for”. Presently there are two movements originating in Nor Cal to separate from Sacramento to the “State of Jefferson” or the “Republic of Jefferson”. CA urban has out voted the rural interests for 30 years. In Oregon, Salem is much more functional than Sacramento. That being stated, the lack of a rural/conservative DC Senator and the Salem legislature leaning “green” has State of Jefferson secession sympathy. Curry County Oregon will be totally bankrupt by July 1 2014. Josephine County has went from a budget of ~$140 million to ~$4.5 million. We have no law. We have no jobs. We have no rural representation in DC. They are taking our private property rights.


    • Greg

      Wait until the money printing stops or doesn’t work any longer. I have a theory, in all the states with restrictive gun laws also seem to have the most debt and most liberal voters. I guess an armed public gets in the way of confiscation. Good luck my friend.

  13. Johnny Utah

    Another great wrap-up, Greg. (Sorry I haven’t commented the past few weeks). And we are thankful to you for reporting real issues that impact the U.S. and world – such issues that are largely ignored by mainstream media.

    One question (because I’m not well versed in macro-economics), but can you, or somebody else, in plain English, please explain how China selling their holding on U.S. debt will badly hurt, to say the least, the U.S. economy? I do NOT disagree with this notion, but I would just like to understand the basic mechanics of it, or just get some understanding of it. Thanks.

    Take care…

    • Greg

      Johnny Utah,
      If the Chinese sold their treasury debt the Fed would have two choices: Default (meaning we tell the Chinese to shove it) or print a trillion bucks to buy the stuff back. Either case would spell disaster for the dollar.

  14. Agent P

    Actually Greg, the real story this week is the B-52 flights as you mentioned. In fact, the real, Real, REAL story – week after week, is China’s gold imports, AND their newfound bravado in the waters adjacent to their mainland. Both are highly related, although Boobus-Americanus and the lapdog press either have not, or Will Not connect the two issues in any meaningful way.

    China is getting close to something – my ‘world media event’ involving China disclosing to the public their physical gold holdings, notwithstanding… The comeuppance for $USD ‘hegenomy’ is at the door and all that is needed now to open that door, is another act or three, of U.S. foreign policy Hubris – with a Capital ‘H’… And it’s coming, make no mistake. This year? Next year? We don’t know. All we know is, other world powers are diligently planning – both economically and militarily to send the U.S. a strong message, if not a devastating blow, that will abruptly change the landscape as we know it. This is not going to drag on for years as many have postulated.

    • Greg

      Agent P,
      I am firmly in your camp. I keep telling my friends and family the speed of the next change will be stunning. I don’t see how anyone would sell gold and think they are going to buy it back at a big discount. Now is the time to hold and keep preparing. The rug is about to be abruptly pulled out from under the USA. I hope I am wrong.

  15. Edward Ulysses Cate

    “Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, called it an “historic mistake.”” Being originally from Independence, Missouri, it seems to me that with what has transpired since 1948, the act of President Truman recognizing the creation of Israel was also “historic mistake.”
    Unlike Obama, Truman was probably a naive patsy, who listened to his Kansas City friend in finally deciding to act against his State Department.

    Fits right in with James Warburg’s statement [during a February 17, 1950, appearance before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations] where he said, “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” James’ father was banker Paul Warburg, member of the Warburg family and “father” of the Federal Reserve system.

  16. Ugly


    You seemed more non-at ease and non-relaxed.

    I keep reading about the economic collapse and problems in the 2020 to 2025 range. I have always felt 2015 to 2016 will be severe repercussions. Mainly because I don’t think we will see elections in 2016. I think we are seeing the beginnings of a dictator.

    This wont happen unless Americans arise. But I don’t see that happening until too late….

  17. J C davis

    Greg A man throws away 7,500 bitcions away now worth 7.5 million.
    Pulled from Drudge the following link explains a critical problem with investing in bitcoin.

    • J C davis

      More on the bitcoin. Alderney is considering a gold mixed coin to create a useable cash coin.
      High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email [email protected] to buy additional rights. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/4903fc9a-591f-11e3-a7cb-00144feabdc0.html#ixzz2m8ElwHif

      The special Bitcoin would be part of the Royal Mint’s commemorative collection, which includes limited edition coins and stamps that are normally bought by collectors. It would have a gold content – a figure of £500-worth has been proposed – so that holders could conceivably melt and sell the metal if the exchange value of the currency were to collapse.


      • J C davis

        Sorry I didn’t see the copyright laws till after I posted.

  18. Hank

    This whole Iran discussion needs to be turned on its head. Missing is historical context with facts as to why Iran deserves to have nuclear weapons. First, they have never attacked or invaded anyone in over 200- years. Second, the U.S. and Britain illegally overthrew the legitimate
    government of Iran in 1953 and installed a brutal dictator: Shah of
    Iran. For this reason alone we should just GIVE them some nuclear weapons to level the playing field from the hostile and belligerent terrorist state of Israel. They have every right to shut-up once and
    for all the psychopathic racist twerps in Israel that advocate for war and terror as long as the U.S. military will continue to die for THEIR causes. If A.Q. Khan can shop around and sell nuclear technology to anyone interested, and be revered as a hero in his country, I see no reason why the U.S. and Russia can’t also freely arm Iran with enough firepower to shut Israel up for good. After all,
    why the hell do we continue to have relations with a government who considers Pollard a hero, named a street after him, a spy who did more damage to U.S. security than anyone else in history?

    • Greg

      You said, “I see no reason why the U.S. and Russia can’t also freely arm Iran with enough firepower to shut Israel up for good.” So you are advocating wiping Israel off the map and killing all the Jews there? I find this comment disgusting. It would be just as disgusting if you switched the words “Iran” and “Israel” in this sentence. You are advocating mass murder. Do not come back here–ever!

  19. John Devereaux

    Your comments make me think of this Proverb that is going to change our way of life in regards to our debt and lenders.

  20. Rodster

    Happy Thanksgiving to all on USAWatchdog. Greg I would like to make a suggestion for the coming new year. How about telling us before who you plan to interview and allow us to submit reader questions that you can choose from? I’m sure you get tired of asking all the questions. Plus hard hitting questions won’t put you on the spot.

    • Greg

      Sorry, I don’t work that way. I have too much to do booking these interviews and do not want to commit to that kind of a forum. You are welcome to ask questions to regular guest. Such as Paul Craig Roberts or Jim Willie or Greg Mannarino for example and I will try it incorporate them into my interviews.

  21. mohammad


    How Israel might strike at Iran:


    It is very possible that a version of this article may take place, I suspect Saudi Arabia is going to be in the front and their bases are used to carry the mission.

    US will be dragged in this inferno if Israel decides to do it, US is already preparing for this scenario and they already conducted many joint practices in Jordan and in the Gulf.

    Key factor in the timing of the strike is the protection of Israel’s space and allies from any incoming missiles.

    MAL in his first comment on this thread was describing the almost impossible mission of Patriots to stop the thousand coming missiles.
    He UNDERESTIMATES the advanced technology Israel have, I suspect that both US and Israel have some kind of shield that literally creates a wall in the air that you cannot see and burns any incoming missile, that shield is based on similar concept of TESLA TOWERS, you can google that and your head will spin on how advanced this technology is, true the Russians have it but also US and Israel. Similar to the shield of start trek , sounds crazy? may be! but when both Israel and US master this technology hell will break loose and it does not seem that this date is too far.


    • mohammad

      Sorry for typo i meant “star trek”

  22. Jerry

    Johnny Utah.
    Back by popular demand is the answer to your question. Its called QE for dummies. Enjoy


  23. Troy

    THANK U Greg!

  24. Fraser

    Thanks Greg

    After the fall of the Soviet Union, Israel were successful in gaining control of the truly immense gas resources in Turkmenistan. Some have argued (and I would agree) that the real reason for both 9/11 and the Afgan war was to quell Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan and allow the construction of the Turkmenistan – Afganistan – Pakistan – India pipeline (TAPI).

    While these wars were raging, Iran’s proximity made the alternative pipeline from Iran – Pakistan – India (the Freedom Pipeline) to make more sense. However, the signing of this deal immediately caused the US sanction attack on Iran. India was successfully pressured out by America, but some groups in Pakistan still wanted the deal, hence the US drone attacks in certain Pakistan regions.


    But now finally, following Iran’s recent agreement to drop the “Freedom Pipeline” altogether, the sanctions against Iran have been suddenly and miraculously eased! So despite what you say, the hand of Israel is all over this deal because now Israel (finally) controls Asian gas distribution.

    I should point out that a few well known American families will also greatly benefit from this deal.

    So be thankful Greg for all the trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives that have been lost to secure this BS result!

    • Greg

      Everything is Israel’s fault? I don’t buy it. Here’s a line right out of the link you included in your post: “On December 17, the House passed a defense authorization bill (by a 341-48 vote) that authorizes the Pentagon to spend nearly $160 billion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2011 without major restrictions on the conduct of operations. “On December 17, the House passed a defense authorization bill (by a 341-48 vote) that authorizes the Pentagon to spend nearly $160 billion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2011 without major restrictions on the conduct of operations.” No blame to going to the 348 House members on both side that voted for this? I am sure Israel has sin, but so do many other countries in the Middle East. As I always say “Lots of sin to go around in the M.E.”

      • Fraser

        You are right that not everything is Israel’s fault, but that was not my point. My point is that Israel supports this deal, rather than opposes it, as you contend.

        Next week, America will claim that they have to attack the penguins in Antartica because they have Weapons of Mass Destruction – and the silly media will report it, in an alarmist way, without question!

        • Fraser

          Actually I’m more than annoyed – all this media BS, loss of lives and trillions dollars – just so that Israel can get its pipeline through. Let’s hope we now enjoy Christmas with our families and can get six more months of peace before some new oil / petrodollar deal demands yet more attacks and war.


          • Greg

            What country do you live in?

    • mohammad

      Good point fraser, good point.
      Control of Silk Road ….. I mentioned that in early posts!

  25. Joseph

    Hi Greg,
    The point of these “peace (nuclear) talks” IS NOT PEACE. The political embarrassment the Obama administration has suffered for not getting their war with Syria, which would lead to war with Iran, they’ll diplomatically get through a failed attempt at peace and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Also, the Iranian president is not making friends with both hardliners or moderates in his country for getting in bed with the U.S. Please watch this roundtable discussion with Sibel Edmonds on Youtube http://youtu.be/aptXw_A-B2c . It is very enlightening. Thanks for what you do! Cheers!

  26. southern patriot

    Happy Thanksgiving Greg.We are in one H*** of a mess. Many feel that we can no longer trust anyone in Washington.They do not care about the citizens in this country, or our allies. If you asked me if anyone had our backs in Washington,I would say NO! We Americans are being sold a bunch of Hooey.Politicians,do not read the very bills they are passing.We do not have many Allies left,that will stick by us and who can blame them. I believe we had better support our allies and that includes Israel.Period! We need to take away powers that will allow politicians to make deals behind closed doors without the consent of the people.I’m tired of reading,after the fact, that someone in Washington,gave away our country and our tax dollars and no one thought to ask what “We the People” had to say about it! An example would be,trying to give the Alamo to the UN. Indeed this is a great country an we need to stand up for her every day! So here’s one last thought for you and your readers,If America is destroyed,who stands up to the Tyranny in the world. Who stands up for the little guy and his family.If fundamental change means changing this “ISM”-Capitalism,for another “ISM”Communism or Marxism,Brother you can count me out! Appreciate all you do for this country.Blessing’s to you and your readers. Take care Southern Patriot

  27. Steven Wood

    Greg: Enjoy your Blog alot. your weekly wrap-up is a plus. I would like to draw your attention to the A H C being extended until late 2015. This affordable Healthcare is nothing but the final piece of the puzzle to the financial collapse. See the update of Pastor Lindsey Williams for Sept of 2013. This video is very informative. I would like you to request him for a guest speaker. Dr. Jim and Karen are very informative, but now time to hear someone else too. This video too me is explosive.
    All the best.

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