Interest Rate Explosion, Russia Did NOT Hack Elections, Facebook Fake News Police?

1asBy Greg Hunter’s  (WNW 264 12.12.16)

The Federal Reserve just raised a key interest rate a quarter of a point.  This was only the second time in 10 years the Fed raised rates, but the market had already beaten the Fed to the punch. In July, the interest rate for the 10-year Treasury was 1.46%.  Five short months later, the same rate is now more that 1% higher.  This is what it means when you hear the phrase “the Fed is behind the curve” on interest rates.  Losses in the global bond markets are stacking up with the rising rates.  Now, there are reports that China and other central banks are dumping U.S. debt at an alarming rate.  More than $400 billion in U.S. government bonds was sold this year alone.  Could rising interest rates knock Donald Trump’s plans for a loop?  The answer, in a word, is yes.

How many times has the mainstream media (MSM) said that the Russians hacked DNC emails and influenced the election in Trump’s favor? How many times has the same MSM said Trump doesn’t believe it?  Plenty in both categories, but why hasn’t the MSM said what the FBI has been saying all along?  That is “The Russians didn’t influence the election.” This is the latest from FBI Director James Comey.  Comey also says James Clapper, who is the Director of National Intelligence, agrees with the FBI that the Russians did not influence the 2016 election.  Case closed.

It looks like Facebook is going to start policing so-called “fake news” on its platform. Is this really stopping fake news, or inhibiting free speech to counter points of view of the liberal left?

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(There is much more in the video presentation with Greg Hunter.)

After the Wrap-Up:

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  1. Charles H


    Merry Christmas to you! Your warm wishes got me to wave my hand at my computer screen! Now that’s coming across.

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      You can choose any Dr. Show your card to receptionist and they add this company onto their choice of insurers or you pay and get reimbursed. I have had my Dr. annual and lab tests reimbursed 90% and timely so far. Positive culture company.

      • Galaxy 500

        Sounds too good to be true. No deductible? Is this real insurance or is it one of those share plans that requires other people to pay for expenses?

        • WD

          It’s a share plan…btw thanks for convincing me to vote!

          • JC Davis

            G Me too. Even if trump don’t do enough.

  2. Clayton from vancouver

    Fantastic work greg
    You’ve really stepped it up a notch.
    Your animated facial expressions were
    delightfully funny and enjoyable.
    It’s my opinion that your a quick student and I love seeing your growth.
    Putting humour in your reports will surely
    Increase your views and support.
    Your message of ” fear not for God the Father is in charge ” is wonderfully comforting .
    Fear is the driving emotion that humans have.
    Your God given ability to inform us of simply
    outrageously troubling world events and add a bash of humour with a few timeless words of comfort is truly a divine gift.
    The word charisma is Greek for ” Devine gift”
    Bless your wisdom
    I love literature
    A gifting I received when I called the Lords name.
    Maybe you know this quote.
    People will come and go.
    But principles are timeless
    If they were true yesterday
    They will be true tomorrow.
    Abraham Lincoln
    “So if God’s in charge
    Nothing but nothing happens by accident.”
    Big Book of Alcohol Anonymous.
    A book that saved over 30 million lives and surely mine.
    Your work has brought peace to us the fearfull
    Thank You
    Bless you and you love ones

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Clayton.

      • Robert G

        Greg the FBI is backing the CIAs claim that Russia was messing with our elections possibly and probably helping Trump to win. As of today…

        • Greg Hunter

          I saw this. They got Comey to flip–again. He is corrupt and compromised and should be ashamed. Comey has contended for weeks now that the Russians did not “hack” and influence the elections and said Clapper agreed with him. Now, a 180 degree turnaround and gives no public statements or interviews??????? Corrupt and compromised is the only answer for the about-face. Comey should resign immediately and stop masquerading as a top law enforcement executive.

          • Ruthanne Raia

            I don’t trust the FBI either, so not sure what I believe either way about Russian tampering in the election. So many stories, so hard to find truth.
            It further complicates fact-finding missions when you have people like Alex Jones, taking false flag stories and distorting them to say they didn’t actually happen, people’s children didn’t really get killed, rather than saying it happened but the who and why were lies, and then making the truth known. He is the type of crazy that makes anyone who tries to expose the web of lies look like a conspiracy theory nut.
            Truth-tellers would have an easier time without the likes of him. That’s not to say he doesn’t share some truths, but when he goes so far overboard, you stop listening, and then question all those who have associated with him, and whether or not you should believe THEM anymore.
            It all adds up to a mess of people with different stories, from plausible to way out there, conflicting even when they have similarities, and it’s often easier to just stop trying to sort it all out. And then we wonder why so many just don’t want to know, and go along with the official story from the MSM.
            We need a real solution to getting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth out to more people with less confusion.

            • Greg Hunter

              You may not like Alex Jones’ style but he is far, far from a “nut.”

        • Lynn Sebastian

          I can’t believe how ridiculously obvious this whole story is. Did anyone notice how during and after the election, Donald Trump spoke of making sure Hillary was charged with her crimes and then all of a sudden, the news media redirected the focus off of Hillary and on to this fake Russian hacking story. It is the same pattern over and over of the past…. a new story is made to take the attention away from something the elite wants buried, so for the next several months, EVERYTHING will be about Russian hacking. Its so obvious and such a crock. Lets get back to the truth. She needs to be charged, prosecuted and convicted of what she has done to the public. There was no news about Russians during the election process,,,,,, only after she lost and the cry babies didn’t get their way. Why doesn’t someone address this on the media! Because it is controlled by the powerful progressive elites.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Watched weekly news wrap for the first time in weeks, primarily due to the Fed tests increase and was too eager to gain your thoughts. Thanks Mr. Hunter

    Just made an appointment to see my bank manager Monday.

    Plan to lock in my home loan interest rate for 10 years @ 5.75%

    Currently I’m on 4.25%

  4. ross

    Steve St Angelo makes some good observations about the connections of energy and debt. It seems it is taking more and more energy to produce enough oil to sustain our present lifestyles. Steve fails to recognise though, that globally it has been the race to the bottom with diminishing wages and very few in the middle class ,so less money to buy oil. If people are not paid enough to consume the products they produce, there will be no economy.
    Globally Steve notes that investible gold is $3 trillion and silver is 50 times smaller.Global Realestate =$217 trillion, Bonds =$94 trillion, equities =$55 trillion. Global debt = $ 152 trillion or 2.25 times its GDP. If all these assets( i.e. realestate ,bonds,equities) lose 50% of their value ,this is 122 times the available gold for investment. Just ponder on this reality.

    • Paul ...

      Looked at another way … say all the people with Real-estate just sit with it … but that some with bonds and/or stocks with a combined worth $149 trillion want to buy precious metals … well … after selling the first $3 trillion worth of their paper assets there will be no physical metal left to purchase! … which means that 98% of the stock and bond holders paper IOU debt money will “be useless” to purchase real money (physical precious metal) even if they wanted too! … assuming a stock and bond selloff of 10% would put $14.9 trillion in peoples hands to bid up the price of gold and silver … which means about 5 times more debt money will be chasing a fixed amount of gold and silver and driving their prices higher!

  5. Peter

    Hi Greg and all,

    Yes, healthcare, or “sick-care management” insurance is totally out of control. I have to believe that someone or entity is making huge $$ with this scam. The least expensive Blue Cross policy I looked at this year for a single person is $734/mo with a $6500 deductible! This is “deplorable.”

    Fortunately there are Christian based share plan alternatives that provide better coverage at much more reasonable rates (Greg, I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned this to your audience.) Check out Liberty Healthshare, or Medishare,

    Note: these plans qualify under ACA to avoid being penalized (taxed) for not carrying coverage.

    I plan to enroll with Liberty’s “Liberty Complete” option for $199/mo with 100% of eligible medical bills up to $1,000,000 after paying my Unshared Annual Amount of $500. This is for 30-65 age bracket that I fall under. They offer lower cost programs too.

    Greg – as a public service message, please mention these alternatives to your audience in one of your future News Update and possibly consider a plan for you and your family.

    Regards & Merry Christmas!


    • susan

      Peter, please be careful with Liberty. I got that same policy and luckily didn’t really need it. I turned in my yearly check-up and the usual tests, etc. They did not pay one cent. I then, cancelled. But I didn’t have to pay the fine, which made it worthwhile.

  6. your fan in Japan

    Merry Xmas to you too Greg.
    You were on fire on this WNW.
    Thanks for all your reporting this past year.
    BTW Japan passed a gambling bill at 3 am Thursday morning.
    Is it any coincidence that Trump is in the casino business?

    • Steven

      These med share plans are not insurance, they don’t pay for routine care such as physicals, thus the reason they are reasonable in cost. You cant expect them to do what an “insurance plan” that cost 5-6 times the cost does. They are for catastrophic and serious health problems and as a bonus to avoid the obama fine…

  7. Justn Observer

    Greg ..You were/are so right—AGAIN! LOL

  8. Chai

    Greg, I read for sitrep of Mid east. I read an article on an Alleppo operation. The usatoday had an Alleppo article dated “After” the Southfront article which was almost exactly the same article of Southfronts. But they put their own bias. They stole southfronts work! usatiday has no reporters, only copy and paste, then edit clerks.

  9. JQP

    President Trump has a plan for the 20 trillion of debt… you forget that he has made is money in real estate… he knows real estate and knows the federal government owns miles and miles of fantastically valuable real estate. Watch as President Trump sells federal land (which is a good thing)… it will wipe out our national debt… as Trump would say… “believe me”.

    • DB Cooper

      JQP, Greg and all, Merry Christmas !! I would refer you to the book written by William C. Hayward : ‘How The West Was Lost’ which deals with the usurpation of the rights of the western 11 states. The Enabling Act for all the states provides that the lands in the states are to be transferred to private ownership and this has been ignored. The county I live in is roughly 85% government owned or managed and hands down the private owners do a much better job of management. A lot of people today are gun shy about taking these lands out of the public domain and at the same time people today are brainwashed that private property is bad and we land owners are under constant attack and losing our rights. I would support reopening these lands for homesteading and transfer to private ownership.

      Thanks for the weekly rant Greg … it is a great way to end the week and we are looking forward to some warmer weather soon … around March or April I expect!!
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • susan


    • Matt In Pa

      Depends who he selling land too and language of deal.

    • FC

      JQP, you’ll probably find it has already been sold.

  10. Russ

    Trump Doubles Down: “Are We Talking About Same Cyberattack That Revealed Illegal DNC Coordination” –

  11. Tommy

    Wow, where do you start with the lies? When I was in high school we read 1984 and it seemed like a total fiction. But today it is here and it is bad. The administration just fabricates a story and the press runs with it. Then they have the audacity to talk about “fake” news. All the news created by the government and spread by the MSM is fake. What’s real is fake, what’s fake is real. Notice how the emails are now called “hacking” by the president and his associates in the media. They were leaks and referred to as leaks until after the election. They were not hacks. And the Russians weren’t behind it. If the Russians hacked Clinton’s server, which they very well may have along with countless others, why would they want to see her defeated? If they had all this classified info and info about the foundation wouldn’t they prefer to see her win so they could blackmail her when she was president? No, the leaks came from within as they always do. That’s why they are called leaks. What a joke this country has become. Even Josh Earnest can’t keep the lies straight anymore. The other day he said China was behind the “hacking”. That’s the trouble when you lie. You need a really good memory. Thanks Greg for being one of the few sources of the truth. Honest people should abandon Fakebook. I don’t know why people are so eager to disclose their personal information to the world anyway. I don’t even listen to the liars anymore.

    • David

      Nice post!

    • c romana

      Tommy, It’s hard to avoid the liars on MSM, because if you are in a restaurant where there is a tv. you have the headlines right there…..Aleppo rebels being attacked by Assad…..just one bit of propaganda after another. Words being manipulated, and minds being prepared for more war mongering. All we have now is fake news run by the CIA as far as World News goes. But we can be glad for the light that shines from Greg and other true news sites on line.

      Merry Christmas, and take note, which companies no longer use the word Christmas, but say Festive Holidays, Warm Wishes or something else generic.

    • Paul ...

      Here is a story the “Fake News Police” tried to cover-up … but for a US Military man who believes people have “an inherent right” to know the truth …

    • WD

      Animal Farm & 1984 still scare me..alao read in HS

  12. Diane

    Merry Christmas Greg and Watchdoggers.
    Did anyone read this?
    Not sure the correction to the article is true…anyone remember Maddow saying this on election night? I thought she did.

  13. Tad

    Probably an irrelevant question, but how often should an FBI investigation be reopened and closed?

  14. Chip

    Great WNW AGAIN Greg! Love hearing your take on events even more than the interviews… Chip

  15. DLC

    You appear less stressed, rested even.

    I imagine most of us feel better than we did a month ago, even though we realize that Barry ran this country into an iceberg and is sneaking over the side in a dress and one of Michael’s wigs while we fight over the remaining rowboats — which Barry drilled full of holes before he rowed away grinning big ear to big ear.

    Obamacare took a toll on workers, as Barry knew it would. I last worked on 9/1/16. People cannot afford the high deductibles that kick in every January to infinity, therefore, are putting off care. The patient clientele consists of either those who are not paying for their care or those who suffer from catastrophic circumstances — like cancer, hitting a tree while skiing, head-on car accidents. I am enjoying my current idle vagrancy state and hope to never have to go back to corporate jail.

    I have had occasion to compare notes with neighbors. They are currently earning underground wages from things like dog sitting, handyman work, housecleaning and babysitting. I was quite surprised. Imagine if they should eliminate cash.

  16. pat the rat

    Congrats to the people of Aleppo tonight they sleep without bombs !

  17. JC Davis

    Merry Christmas site.
    Greg If there is a high bond sell off deflation would happen for some time, then hyperinflation. Those who have cash in a deflation time should buy all their needs before hyperinflation sets in. Do I have this right ?

  18. DLC

    Line for Trump in Hershey.

    I’m currently listening to Laura’s radio program. She is talking about Trump’s thank-you tour, as opposed to Barry’s apology tours. Trump has good instincts and is appreciative.

    Barry is ungrateful and bitter — after 35 plus million dollars spent on vacations and 3 homes. Not a bad score for treason and race bating. Racking up lots of homes seems to be common place among the upper commie class. Even Bernie has 3 so far. John Kerry, John McCain — I lost count on what they possess.

    Our local VA currently has a 1-star rating out of a possible 5 stars. Our border may as well have a singing saloon door for all the effort McCain and Flake have put in to “securing the border.” John won reelection handily. Flake will be a shoe in. Would you sweat the voter if you were them?

    I’m liking Trump’s heavy staffing of military as opposed to commie, American hating idealogues, which seemed to be the only prerequisite until now. I don’t kid myself that it’s all gain from here forward, but at least we’ll have purpose-driven adults at the helm.

    As to Hershey: It was my old stomping grounds. We used to fix up a picnic basket and spend the day at Hershey park. I enjoyed the amusement rides into my 30s. The whole town used to smell like chocolate. Note — the heavy coats and the shivering. At that same time, I was out and about in a cotton dress and sweater, sweating like a racehorse in an overheated parked car. It was close to 80 degrees. You can have the sleigh and the jingle bells though.

  19. Mike Jose

    great as ever, and getting better all the time…

  20. WAYNE

    Don’t fall for the ostensible reason interest rates are rising: because the economy is heating up. The real reason interest rates are rising is to draw in more buyers of our paper. Offshore central bank sales sold $403B of our T bonds in the last 12 months so the Fed doesn’t want to have to soak up that much. They need OTHER people’s money to buy our bonds, not the Fed’s. If you see poor bond auctions one after another then look for a rate rise.

    Link to the central bank sales:

  21. Enki

    Hi Greg
    Last night Sheriff Joe had a presentation , which shows after years of investigating the Obama’s birth certificate with two different entity who specializes in document forgery .
    Both of those entity which one is in Italy concluded that the Obama’s birth certificate that was presented on the White House web site in 2011 is actually copied partially from another birth certificate . In essence Obama’s birth certificate document IS A FRAUDULENT DOCUMENTS .
    I suggest you should have an interview with the Sheriff, if you don’t mind my suggestion .
    Let him and Mike the investigator explain the reason behind their finding.
    It is past time for the 318 Million Americans to find out after 8 years that they had a Con Man in chief for all this time.
    Maybe Preside Trump should look into the death of Jones River .
    May Prime creator be your guardian .

  22. e p

    M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S !

  23. Dan

    8:00 Debit cards are links to accounts which already have a person’s funds in them , otherwise they wouldn’t be able to use them. You may have meant credit card.

    • Greg Hunter

      Really the same thing. It’s all credit.

      • Galaxy 500

        No, I disagree. A debit card accesses funds I have in the bank. While a credit card access a line of credit. Now if you want to argue about whether the Federal Reserve notes are debt, credit or money? Well, that is another discussion

        • Greg Hunter

          You and I both know that “depositors” are no longer “depositors.” They are “unsecured creditors.” A debit card is credit in a financial crisis.

          • Charles H


            I am forced to use a Debit Card at an ATM to draw funds internationally. Because of the possible draw-down on a checking account: withdrawal is taken from a savings account, as Funds are more secure. Whether electronic, or ephemeral in nature, or one toilet paper is exchanged for another – what an account balance represents is earned income. This, then removes itself from “credit” farther than the idea of all money being essentially “good faith and credit” of a government, or taking a loan against a negative balance (with greater penalty) Debit then is a transfer. I think you are way ahead of the curve here. Money then becomes barter and agreement of substance and value. We’re not there yet.
            Merry Christmas G5!

            • Greg Hunter

              Charles H,
              When you put your money in a bank–any bank– you are a unsecured creditor. This is fact. In a financial crisis you will have a hard time getting your credit back. I am not trying to be mean but to make you aware of what you are dealing with when you make a “Deposit.”
              Merry Christmas my Brother!!!!

              • Charles H


                I got it. G5 rubbing-off on me! My, how the world has changed.

                Merry Christmas to you Brother.

            • Tin Foil Hat

              Charles H,
              When you put your paycheck (earned money) in a bank, that good earned money.
              When someone borrow the money, using their overvalued home as leverage, and put it (unearned, speculative money) in the bank, that is risky/possibly bad money if the home value decline.
              The issue is that once you deposit your good money (credit) into the bank with risky/bad money (debt), the whole pool is tainted where there is no distinction between credit and debt.

              Merry Christmas

  24. Matt

    You are awesome Greg. Enjoy your work. Merry Christmas to you as well!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Matt.

  25. Country Codger

    Great report Greg. If you don’t mind, going back to the 1970’s @ 1974 President Ford was terrified of the CIA and we believed it was because he was on the Warren Commission, anyway, he ordered the Director of NSA (DIRNSA) to spy on the CIA. This was called Operation Boondoggle. I was in Southeast Asia, for NSA, at the time and we began spying on the black market, prostituion, money laundering and drug tracking of the CIA in our sphere. It was unbelievable. That is when I discovered that Geo. H.W. Bush was career long CIA and had a very sordid past as well.

    I say all that to validate this statement: Trump must get rid of the CIA. Kennedy tried but he thought if you cut the head off the snake it will die, so he just fired Dulles. You have to root out the entire operation, completely. It has to be disassembled brick by brick and people must go to jail. Otherwise they will raise up another Oswald or Hinkley and try to take Trump out.


    • susan

      I agree with everything you say CC, but I am too scared to death to say anything.

      • Charles H

        Absolutely – these boards are analyzed and filed categorically and personally! Fun-n-Games, with salary – for our soulless youth. (Like the ones who signed and sealed Ballot boxes fraudulently…)

      • Country Codger

        Hi Susan,
        I am in my 60’s, I was exposed to Agent Orange and it damaged my heart, lungs and obviously my colon since I have had over 3 feet cut out. Yeshua (Jesus) said in Matthew 10:28: “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear Him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

        I am not brave but my Creator gives me the courage to Remain in His Word. I have done my best to prepare my loved ones and will do my best to keep them safe. Who do we serve man or YHWH?


    • Paul ...

      Now just why do you think the CIA is highly involved in trying to discredit Trump … to put Hillary in office?? … not on your life … the CIA is simply using the Hillary fools as pawns to create enough rioting in the streets so as to make Trump an “unworthy choice” if the electoral college can be “persuaded with death threats” to deny Trump the required votes (and things are then thrown into the House) … since the House is Republican one would assume Trump would be made President … but think again … the plan may be to persuaded the House (for the good of the country) to choose to give the Presidency to “an establishment Republican” so as to help “quell the discord and rioting in the streets” by the Hillary pawns … and what establishment name comes instantly to mind? … Jeb Bush is one (you know the one who vowed to Trump “you will never be President”) and has a father with deep ties to the CIA??

  26. Jerry

    I wish I could tell you that everything is going to workout with the confirmation of Donald Trump as President, but its not. The shadow government that controls both isles of our congress and our treasury department will collapse the system before they will ever let Donald Trump expose their theft.

    The theft that has gone on has been occurring on multiple levels simultaneously , both inside our treasury, and internationally. Deutsche Bank is just the tip of the iceberg. The Federal Reserve Bank has begun the domino effect by raising interest rates. It has essentially forced the emerging industrial markets of the world into survival mode, which will most likely trigger a complete separation from the dollar in the coming weeks.

    The truth is, Donald Trump knows the Chinese have been involved with the theft of our wealth as well as the central bankers, thanks to Hillary Clintons uranium deals in the southwest and the Clinton Global Initiative. Thrust me when I tell you this. These people have no intention of letting Donald Trump hose them over and walk off. This is about to get dirty. Real dirty. And if you’re not prepared for the worst, you will pay for your ignorance.

    • Greg Hunter

      Pray. Merry Christmas.

      • Jerry

        Thank you Greg. Merry Christmas to you as well. I pray everyday the lord will return and straighten out this mess. Not for me so much, but for my kids and grandkids. Lucifer’s time on this earth is coming to a close and he knows it. This is his final act.

        • Ruthanne Raia

          Jerry, I agree this is the final act, and the Lord will be returning soon.
          However, I don’t believe Trump is smart enough, or even understands what’s going on enough, to do anything about anything. I think they will “advise” him, fool him easily into doing what they want hm to do, and there will be nothing for them to fear from him at all. I think Trump getting into office is EXACTLY what they wanted because they can control him with distractions, and pull the wool over his eyes very easily. I think some people give him way more credit than he deserves with regard to intellect. JMO

      • David


        Truth Revealed.
        Lies Exposed.
        Justice Administered.

    • FC

      Jerry, I have to agree with you……….Trump, is in a no win situation with the people, he either continues with the theft or they will collapse the system.
      I have taken this opportunity to increase my insurance policy and if I don’t get to claim on it, in my life time, I’m sure my children will.

    • Gary Canuck

      Jerry, sometimes you come out with some fantastic posts, 50% of the time I disagree with you, the other 50% “I am in full agreement” like this post.
      AND YOU DAM WELL NAILED THIS ONE BIG TIME; best post you have
      ever made IMO. ‘For Trump it will be a scenario” Night Of The Long Knives.
      Actually hope he goes independent security, his own boys

      Keep em coming.

      PS -28C today

  27. OutLookingIn

    The Russian’s Did It!

    No they did not. Wants proof.

    Putin has told Obama “put up or shut up”.

  28. Frederick

    I think you’re right Greg Ten year just hit 2.61 percent and Obama just got punked by Putin again rightfully so by the way Its going to be a VERY long 35 days people

  29. DLC

    “Silent Night”

    Improbable but a good tale nonetheless. No Hollywood, no sleaze. All active, all vets, all doggers, Merry Christmas.

  30. Doug

    Be Happy, 22 million Russians voted for Trump, but then this just countered the 22 million dead people that voted for Clinton.

  31. andyb

    Greg: what’s most interesting about the supposed Russian hacking is that it is the epitome of “fake” news that we, as Americans are supposed to ignore. In the past, the majority of Americans would “buy” this; now, not so much.

    The interest rate scenario is also interesting. Soon it will be a perfect example of “rock meeting hard place”. The continuing resolution on the deficit expires in March; then what? Any interest rate close to 3% severely impacts the Federal budget. Do we have a covert default and/or a switch to Jim Willie’s famous Sheiss Dollar? Or, as you suggest, does Trump simply default. Not for nothing are USTs stampeding to our shores. Other than Japan, there will be few who will hold our paper and Japan is already the world’s biggest basket case. Then there will be the affect of all the pension funds who, by law, must hold USTs. You might as well kiss your pension goodbye, or prepare yourself for receiving 20 cents on the dollar.

    Time to get Rob Kirby on again, Greg. I’d like to know if the market for large scale gold purchases is tightening given the large premiums in India and China and thus the ensuing arbitrage that will totally empty Western vaults.

  32. Bill

    GREG: Looks like our Pres Elect will not have the presidential honeymoon. The msm will attack him on day one, just as they have been doing. If the electorial college doesn’t elect Trump, how long will it take for the House to get around to voting? If they were to delay past 20 January, does Obama stay in office??

    • Greg Hunter

      Pray everyday for our country and Trump.

    • WD

      It’s fart gas …..Obama laziest man ever pres…..he wants out and wants back into bathouses

  33. francis m reps

    Thank you so much for your insights and information. You mention the contributions from Mr. Sinclair ; who is quite astute. You also had Dane Wigington of Geo Engineering watch on your program who outlined a catastrophic future for mankind if Geo engineering activities are not halted. You yourself might be able to help in this area if you could introduce Jim Sinclair { who also has an intelligent audience } to Dane Wigington, so Siclair can also help sound the alarm. best regards,, Merry Christmas…..f reps

  34. Diane D.

    Greg, we Watchdogs know that you were one of the Truth Leaders who exposed the MSM as fakes. The Washington Post failed to give you proper recognition, but we know!

    I’ll say it again, if I could have just one news source, it would be USAWatchdog.

  35. Jerry

    Speaking of Deutsche Bank. This is why they are doomed to fail.

    The bankers loot from the top with bonuses so they can loot at the bottom by rigging gold prices. Its the perfect crime. Gold is always smashed before an economic collapse. The bankers like it that way. After all why should they have to pay top prices for something they already own ? As far as paper contracts? They’re as fake as that piece of paper called a dollar. Its only worth something, until they tell you it isn’t.

  36. R B

    Dear Greg , I appreciate your work ,how you encourage your watchers to fear not ,we will constantly need supporting one another through the coming days. Sincerely, RB

  37. LAKE M

    An excellent and comprehensive Wrap-Up this week. Well Done.

    A Clinton story which is being ignored by the mainstream “fake news” press involves the report that the Clintons transferred nearly $2 billion to a Qatar bank linked to a Qatar sheik who was a large supporter of the Clinton Foundation just weeks before the election. Follow the money. Out of reach of the US authorities. Good CYA move Bill.

    Speaking of money, the sudden moves against cash which have appeared in recent weeks across the world are very alarming. People seem not aware of the consequences of this development. If cash is outlawed, I think its close to game over folks. A huge loss of personal freedom. The Ministry of Propaganda will tell you
    it will make your life easier, safer and no big deal because plastic cards account for the majority of transactions now. Yes, but only because of convenience and ease of
    creating personal debt and still retaining the freedom to use cash if you so choose. Losing that right to settle your debts with cash is a very dangerous right to lose.

    What’s left of our constitutional rights will suffer another blow from the Deep State. They seek to intervene and control the content of the internet which is free speech,
    the First amendment we so cherish. The seizure of firearms comes next under the banner of public safety which will complete the destruction of the the republic. A final blow. Good luck with that one.

    Also technology under control of the Deep State is being developed at a rapid pace to
    further facilitate a totally controlled society. The internet of things allows the machines to talk to each other and soon to think via artificial intelligence. They will enable the State to achieve ultimate surveillance of each individual. At work, In your home,in your car…. we know where you are. We know your health status, how much money you have today, and what you owe tomorrow. A recent report by the Deep State’s Transportation bureaucracy wants a law requiring that all new cars be able to communicate with each other further enabling autonomous driving which will be forced on our society. The Internet of Things is here. Things that monitor your daily life.

    “Project Orwell complete, sir.”

  38. David

    Clinton Global Cash Charity Fraud Foundation

    • David

      Or even better… CGCFF
      Clinton Global Cash Fraud Foundation.

      Charity was never part of their plan.

  39. Oxfarmer

    One of your best, Greg. Supporting this site was some of the best spent money this year MERRY CHRIST MAS!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ox!!!

  40. john duffy

    Whats really happening in Syria and Aleppo from a “real” reporter.

  41. Dot .

    Barry Obomber [Drone Boy] is deliberatively using Vlad [the impaler] Putin, as a scapegoat! Whats a scapegoat?
    ________________Workplace or War Zone?
    PETER was a victim of workplace bullying. To use another word that has become common in Europe, he was “mobbed.” In Germany, where Peter lives, an estimated 1.2 million people suffer from mobbing at the workplace. In the Netherlands, 1 in 4 people will face it at some point in their working life. And a report by the International Labour Organization says that mobbing is an increasing problem in Australia, Austria, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, and the United States. But just what is mobbing?

    According to the German newsmagazine Focus, mobbing is “frequent, repeated, and systematic harassment.” More than workplace banter—which might include sarcasm, criticism, teasing, and practical jokes—mobbing is a campaign of psychological terror. The goal is to make the victim an outcast.*

    The tactics of harassment range from childish antagonism to criminal injury. The target is subjected to character assassination, verbal abuse, aggressive behavior, and the cold-shoulder treatment. Some victims are deliberately overworked or are regularly singled out to do the most unpleasant tasks that no one else wants to perform. Colleagues may sabotage the victim’s efforts to work productively, perhaps by withholding information. In some cases, perpetrators have slashed a victim’s tires or hacked into his computer.

    Some victims of harassment are targeted by one person. But more often, the victim is subjected to the assault of an alliance of colleagues. Hence, the term “mobbing” is appropriate, since it implies that a group is putting an individual under pressure by deliberately annoying or attacking him.

    Perhaps most astonishing is the fact that in many cases harassment occurs with the boss’s consent. In some European studies, the supervisor played an active role in about 50 percent of the cases, and quite often he or she proved to be the sole perpetrator. All of this turns the work experience into what the German daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung termed as “a long, trying war of nerves.”

    Often, the effects of harassment reach far beyond the workplace. Many victims suffer serious health problems as a result of cruel treatment. Depression, sleeping disorders, and panic attacks are among the consequences of harassment. What about Peter, mentioned at the outset? His self-worth hit rock bottom. A woman named Margaret, also from Germany, was advised by her doctor to seek treatment at a mental-health clinic. The cause? Harassment on the job. Mobbing can also adversely affect one’s marriage or family life.

    In Germany, harassment at work has become so common that one health insurance company has established a help line for victims. The company found that more than half of those who called were unable to work for up to six weeks, about a third for up to three months, and over 10 percent for more than three months. A German medical journal estimates that “up to 20 percent of all suicides are a result of mobbing.”

    Clearly, harassment can turn the work experience, or, as in Putin’s leadership position into a nightmare.

    • DB Cooper

      We have to say that while yours is an interesting and germane post … we fail to find the relevance of the last sentence … ?? DB.

  42. NH Watcher

    Greg, you may want to try having Larry Nichols on again to confirm what he told Alex Jones this week … that the Dems are going all out to seize the election from Trump in the Electoral College on Monday (to be revealed in Congress on January 6th), and then with Hillary in place as POTUS, she will go after all “fake news” sites, Infowars being first:

  43. motocephalic


    • motocephalic

      Debit is not credit, point of reference.

      • Greg Hunter

        It’s somebodies’ credit.

  44. Ebu Tejma[religion of peace]Vienna.

    A teen who ran away to join ISIS was beaten to death when she tried to flee
    Mark Piggott, IB Times UK Nov. 25, 2015, 7:37 PM

    A 17-year-old Austrian girl who went to Syria to join the Islamic State (Isis) is reported to have been beaten to death after attempting to flee from the militant group’s base in Raqqa.

    Samra Kesinovic and Sabina Selimovic, both of Bosnian heritage, disappeared from their homes in 2014, leaving a note for their families which read: “Don’t look for us. We will serve Allah and we will die for him.”

    These two blue eyed, one blond, gave the ultimate sacrifice to Allah and are now spending eternity in Hell. Now, not worthy enough, to be in a group of 72 virgins, waiting in heaven, for their male martyr. SICK! SUCKS!

    • DB Cooper

      So Freddy, This is your benevolent and peaceful “Religion of Peace” ?? Give us all a break … turn ” ’em to glass” DB.

  45. Sayonara

    Interest rates is the big economic story of the week. They will be increasing organically and yes the Fed got run over by the organic increase in interest rates. No surprise here because government manipulation always ends badly. Venezuela being the most recent disastrous example of government controlled central planning. Enough said on this topic.

    On a directly connected topic is the absolute False News being perpetrated by the failed shattered glass MSM now known as real Fake News. These lying cretins are desperate to advance an absolute false narrative that anyone with common sense absolutely dismisses.

    And Greg you are absolutely right about the MSM imploding and having to layoff substantial employees because their ideological business model is imploding.
    Just announced, the NYT will eliminate 8 floors of space in their “iconic” building so that they can get significant rental income. Apparently the NYT is evolving from MSM to a REIT. BWAHAHA!
    See link below
    That’s All Folks! 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding the NYT story. The layoffs in 2017 are going to be stunning in the MSM.

  46. Gregory Mannarino

    Thank you Greg Hunter for being “The Real Deal!” You ALWAYS tell it exactly the way it is. The Total Truth 100% Of The Time. Thanks for the mention!!! Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for all your analysis and help throughout the week!!

  47. coalburner

    JQP: No, I dont think Trump will sell the Federal lands that we would keep because if he eliminated the debt, the next idiot Democrat or Republican that got elected would run upthe debt again and our collateral would be gone. You cannot trust the next President or the next one or Congress for that matter. Don’t sell more than the left over trash of little value. Huh China or some other country will end up owning it. Remember Hillery and Podesta sold a bunch of our Uranium and we yet are not certain what or where she, they sold out on us! Harry Reid has tried to steal the public lands blind to sell off the power solar production to the Chinese. That is what the Nevada Rancher deal was about as well as the Oregon Wildlife area where a man was shot down like a Deplorable piece of garbage.

    • Justn Observer

      Coalburner…answer to the Oregon parcel…check Oregon GEOLOGICAL SURVEY STUDY OF THAT AREA…. FOR GOLD DEPOSITS…AND A LEASE FOR MINING POSTED in THE OREGONIAN 2005 …OREGON ONE LLC As for the solar plant in Calif….mapping shows a mountain with gold mines on that site….which is supposed to be ‘flattened’ so they can construct the array….. Wonder who gets the ”’ahummm’ left over removed gravel? lol And is it not Pelosi’s husband or something heading up the company building those ?

  48. Justn Observer

    OBAMA VIOLATED U.S. CODE 2388 @12:41

  49. Galaxy 500

    Great wrap up Greg. The amount of fake bovine skat that the MSM and the Democrats are throwing out is utterly astounding. And the tripe about vote for someone else instead of Trump but not Hillary is hilarious. It shows how little people paid attention to Civics class. Only qualified candidates can be voted on and you have to win electoral votes to be a qualified canidate. Now who could it be, who could it be? Oh, either Trump or Hillary. Even the great mormon hope didn’t get a single electoral vote. Bernie is a full blown Communist and contrary to what some say, I don’t believe that the Dems will would vote for him.

  50. Billybob Bogus

    The Sheeple wanted Obammycare and they got it good and hard!

  51. donna

    Once again congress is just a stooge for the present administration. They just passed a bill stating that the CIA has the right to put out propaganda (lies) to counter the fake news! What a bunch of crap. My question to you and your readers , and I would treasure your opinions, is did they do this to cover their butts over future lies they will tell , or was this because they just put out the crap about russian hacking and knowing it didn’t work they could be brought up on criminal charges for such outrageous lies once the new administration is in place. Didn’t they do the same thing with selling arms to the rebels once hillary was found to be doing that illegally? I think they passes a bill making it legal? anyway , just wondering everyones thoughts on this.

    • Pinocchio

      One of my sources inside MI 6 told me that CIA is preparing a bill draft that makes it legal for CIA to counterfeit US dollar (Transgenderist Federal Reserve Note) and to use portable nuclear bombs to fight the Secessionist groups.

    • RTW

      How can anybody take anything coming from the CIA seriously? Given their reputation and exploits of the past and present, nothing they say can assumed to be the truth. Their entire existence is based on lies, misinformation and subterfuge. They don’t rely on proof before they put stories out there and they sure as hell don’t care about about the results of it. When idiots like John McCain site CIA information as a reason to investigate the Russians, for influencing our election, he proves once again why it was a smart choice not to elect him as president in 2008. There are plenty of people still working hard to sabotage this election, both inside and out, but I don’t think the Russians are one of them.

      • Greg Hunter

        Didn’t the CIA original give cover to the “protest” story in Benghazi? They did, and that was a big fat lie too. Thank you!!

  52. coalburner

    Codger, I fear for Trump too. That is why I beleive he is doing these Thank you tours. He is consolidating his support is ways never before in history. There are 50 million people who would destroy the Dems, the CIA and Hollywood in about three heartbeats if they touch Trump. The anger and seething below the surface and maintianing cool heads not be a cause of a delayed inaugration. They are provoking us before the inaugration. If the sheep and their twisted little evil hearts try to steal this election, or do worse to Trump, there will be slaughter, and the CIA probably knows. If anyone screws with Trump the military will take them all down if the general population doesn’t do it first. Trump is smart enough to have three General officers beside him and they are well liked in the active duty, veteran and all the DOD population. I believe Trump is here by devine intervention, he is being protected like George Washington was. Trumps’ enemys, our enemys should be quaking in fear not screaming and kicking like spoiled toddlers.

  53. Justn Observer

    GREG…Are you testing out the Trump view of viewers getting tired of you been right and winning too much? lol You did say to look for MSM layoffs did you not?
    Could this be kind of cover story for their ‘successful ‘ real news outcome or are they just overcome with greed? Maybe there are no lay offs and the cubicals are just smaller at NYT now and they don’t need the space?

  54. Charles Turner

    I would suggest all you Americans read this article today in the UK’s Daily Telegraph.

    This was a reasonably trustworthy newspaper. What this shows is the danger of propaganda coming out of your country. I don’t have to explain it, but any reasonable British person reading this, who wasn’t really aware of what is happening in America, would think it was true. Like Chinese whispers, words get changed, so it moves from ‘alleged’ to ‘disclosed’ or ;thought to’, to ‘have,’
    This is getting very uncomfortable. In another UK national newspaper this week, I commented that there was no uprising in Allepo, the citizens did not revolt against Assad, that the rebels moved in an took the city. The comment was censored.
    I am very, very worried. Ordinary people in the UK know more about Kim Kardashshian than the difference between Democrats and Republicans. The UK middle class are getting succumbed by debt and if we had another financial crash and it was conveniently blamed on the Russians, it would be believed. If you dig deeper into this article you will see that they are setting up some of our MP’s as Russian agents, which would be comical if it was so serious. These are your equivalent of senators and congressmen. I assume these will be the people that have questioned this fake news about Russia, I can see a move to censoring all comments in all newspapers to reflect the consensus view.
    These developments now transcend party politics. If I had lived in the USA in the past, I would have been firmly Democrat. But now I truly believe that your only hope is Trump. The 20th January cant come quick enough. Lets hope we can get through the next 5 weeks without war or a serious escalation of international tension.
    There are many comments about Trump not draining the swamp and appointing establishment figures. My view is that he has too. There is so much effort in trying to steal the election from him, that if he completely ignored all these figures, they would steal it from him.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wait until mid-2017. The layoffs at the MSM are going to be stunning. Meghan Kelly should take the $20 million at FOX while she can. This is why CNN is not coming up with the cash. They don’t have it and then every other second rate talent at CNN will want a big bump that CNN will not be able to pay.

  55. Diane

    I live in California, southern California. .we don’t get much snow…but we have an abundance of SNOWFLAKES.
    They need (deserve) our help.
    Please donate generously (or not)

  56. Diane D.

    Wow, so much fear.

    Perhaps we should put more faith in what replaces a wicked government intent on destroying us rather than saving it. Think new borders and being with people of like values and culture.

    Take a minute and look at Estonia. It is a far cry from being a Soviet state. Imagine if that country were God-fearing.

  57. flattop

    GREG: Listening to Obama rant and rave about Russia/Putin attempting to influence our election. What about those hack that Obama sent to Israel in an attempt to influence the election against Netanyahu. Seems the Liberals and the msm have a short and selective memory!!!

  58. WD

    I would consider it an honor and privilege if Vladimir Putin hacked my email account!

  59. Southern Girl

    Merry Christmas to you Greg and all your watchdogers

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas to you too!!!!

  60. Fred

    Everyone here will likely LOVE the Egon interview. Incredible sensationalist, frequently quoted and interviewed at King World News.

    It’ll be interesting to see what he says on asset allocation for percentages of gold in your portfolio. Back in 2002 when gold was $300 an ounce, he recommended a 50% allocation.

  61. chai

    BREAKING: 14 US-Led Coalition Military Advisers Captured by Syrian Special Forces in Aleppo

    This just broke on If this is true. This could explain why Kerry just announced that there was no Russian hacking, and that Obama is so quiet and neutral now.

  62. James Hastings

    Enjoyable rap-up. “As Rome burns…..” , I enjoy the entertainment. Sorry, my friends, you hide in a normalcy bias. (It causes people to underestimate both the possibility and effects of a disaster) But I digress. We loose. Most die. Remember me, as you take that last breath. I might die first….LOL, cuss me. 🙂

  63. Horse with no Mane

    BREAKING: At Least 14 US Coalition Military Officers Captured by Syrian Special Forces in East Aleppo Bunker
    DECEMBER 16, 2016 BY 21WIRE

    SPECIAL REPORT [The PooP Is Really Going To Hit The Fan_ Now!]
    DAMASCUS – According to two reports coming out of Aleppo today, at least 14 US Coalition military officers were captured this morning in an East Aleppo bunker by Syrian Special Forces.
    This story was quietly leaked by, who announced, “The Security Council is sitting in private on Friday, December 16, 2016, at 17:00 GMT, while NATO officers were arrested this morning by the Syrian Special Forces in a bunker in East Aleppo.”
    Fares Shehabi MP, a prominent Syrian Parliamentarian and head of Aleppo’s Chamber of Commerce published the names of the Coalition officers on his Facebook page on the 15th December (emphasis added):
    Mutaz Kanoğlu – Turkey
    David Scott Winer – USA
    David Shlomo Aram – Israel
    Muhamad Tamimi – Qatar
    Muhamad Ahmad Assabian – Saudi
    Abd-el-Menham Fahd al Harij – Saudi
    Islam Salam Ezzahran Al Hajlan – Saudi
    Ahmed Ben Naoufel Al Darij – Saudi
    Muhamad Hassan Al Sabihi – Saudi
    Hamad Fahad Al Dousri – Saudi
    Amjad Qassem Al Tiraoui – Jordan
    Qassem Saad Al Shamry – Saudi
    Ayman Qassem Al Thahalbi – Saudi
    Mohamed Ech-Chafihi El Idrissi – Moroccan

  64. Horse with no Mane

    I don’t know why this didn’t take above and if this second try doesn’t work, you can paste or copy this address to your browser [google it and it will work] Thank You!
    21st Century Wire SPECIAL REPORT
    DAMASCUS – According to two reports coming out of Aleppo today, at least 14 US Coalition military officers were captured this morning in an East Aleppo bunker by Syrian Special Forces.

  65. Fidoe

    Ron Paul: What’s Missing From The Russian Hack Argument?

    Dec 17 – Without any proof or evidence being presented that Russia interfered with our election, we’re just seeing political grandstanding at this point by both President Obama and Secretary Clinton. Have you noticed that there’s never any mention or concern about Secretary Clinton having a private server in her home? If anything, that server would have made it much easier for Russia (or anyone else) to know what was going on with our government. I discuss this, our CIA’s shenanigans, and much more below:

  66. Dan

    Why not give us some MORE of investigative journalist GREG HUNTER and LESS of the gold promoters ?


    I don’t know about anybody else watching here, but I’d prefer MORE OF YOU and less of these scumbags you have on.

    • Greg Hunter

      These are not “Scumbags.” I must be a very bad teacher for you not to realize the danger we face. If this is your thinking then you do NOT grasp the danger. So sorry I suck as a teacher.

  67. father for liberty

    In order to financially survive, the fraudulent Clinton Foundation will have to “buy off” the Electoral College votes. This is how dirty and filthy our “electoral process” has become.

  68. Bo Olsson

    Tx for a good years of straigth repporting on issues that matters!

    Have a Merry Christmas Mr. Hunter.

    Best regards from Norway
    The Land of Santa…

  69. Fido Crasto JFK nemesis

    Rachel MadCow; Lets the Cat Out the Bag!!!

    Barry Obomber [Drone Boy] will take out, the Russki president, Vlad [the impaler] Peutin, before the Donald, can be President and stop him! Then he’ll proceed to putin [the dumpster] the Trumpster, a twofer! Clever [Drone] Boy! JFK tried that. Howe’d that work out for him? Not so clever.

    All kidding aside this is no joke. We all love watching Rachel MaddOx. She’s good, but she’s handled. Just a puppet, the best by far [of the puppets] and I’m sure she believe’s the crap they feed her, after all she’s a woman and has a life beside’s just being a propagandist for the left and I’m sure a good life. Add some fame and fortune and she’d sell us all out for a bunch of Chinese yam’s! I’m trying to tell myself she doesn’t realize she’s mixed up with a bunch of scum.
    But when watching her show Thursday night, I couldn’t believe the spin! That Putin was the richest man in the world. Raping mother Russia of all lands and money. Then she’d snidely sneak in several times, saying, enriching the Kremlin. So who’s being enriched here? Putin personally or the Kremlin, too vague. She then proceeded to tie Rex Tillerson into the rape and the ultimate goal of the Donald, getting in while the going is good!
    All very interesting but of course totally preposterous. But then it started to get very real when Rachel started hinting that Obomber, will retaliate! Eyes narrowing, almost whispering and this is where I cant really relate to well what was said, because of the shock that hit me like a ton of bricks! The impression I got, was that she was basically telling us [her audience] implying in hushed tones, Vladimir Putin will be taken out and it will happen before Donald J. Trump becomes president! With her gorgeous smile!

    Well of course I didn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it! Or could I? I was literally shaking as the show was ending. Rachel Maddow just said president Barrack Obama is going to personally kill the president of Russia, no way! But she just told us, her loyal followers, in her snide sneaky way, about as truthful as it gets on MSNBC! Will there be a retaliatory strike? Is with NBC an arm of the CIA? When MSNBC SAY HIS GOOSE WILL BE COOKED, HE”S GONNA GO!

    #1 on Trending; Donald Trump Christmas Cold Open – SNL
    President-elect Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) receives a surprise visit from Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett) and Rex Tillerson (John Goodman). Dec 18, 2016

    To the low- informed ignoramuses, of which i’m not, I thunk, this is no joke, it’s frightening!
    After a couple of days I wanted to see that same Rachel Maddow show again, Wondering if I had imagined what I saw and heard and with my own eye’s an ears. Figuring it would be posted on youtube by now, I went there and there it was. . .
    Vladimir Putin Directly Involved In US Election Hacking | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

    I found it and there it is above [Rachel Maddow] But after, left clicking it, lo and behold it’s Joy Reid. She was subbingthat night for Chris Matthews Hardball and this was that show posted on youtube as Rachel Maddows show! What are they up too? Why are they burying Rachel’s Thursday night show with, as Hardball. I think I know. Rachel Maddow, you let the cat out of the bag, Obomber is going to take out [Drone?] his nemeses, an opponent or rival whom a person cannot conquer, best or overcome. In Classical Mythology, the goddess of divine retribution!

    I know it’s sounds crazy and I hope I’m wrong, but it doesn’t end here. I also came upon this as proof, case closed!

    Shoot First Ask Questions Later?

    Intel Officials Deny Capitol Hill Requests for Russian Briefings [Yet Provide Intel on This Issue to the Washington Post and NBC]
    AMIR NASR | DECEMBER 16, 2016

    The CIA denied a request from Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Sen. Ron Johnson [R-Wis.] for a briefing on Russia’s involvement in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, making him the second national security committee chairman this week to be denied information from intelligence officials.

    “I returned to Washington this week and requested the CIA to provide a briefing on Russia’s cyber capabilities and its involvement with the U.S. presidential election,” the Wisconsin Republican said in a statement issued Friday. “The CIA refused this request.”

    He added that he found it “disappointing that the CIA would provide information on this issue to the Washington Post and NBC but will not provide information to elected members of Congress.”
    Isn’t this, Drone first, we the sheeple can ask questions later. . .. .

    Soros can hire thugs to influence the election, Saudi’s can buy off the Clinton’s, Russians can buy our Uranium mines through a pay-off of the Clinton Deep State Department Crime Foundation. But when Wiki-Leaks the truth, we cant have that! The sheeple cant handle the truth! Especially about Hillary stealing the nomination from Bernie! Good, they got Donald trump instead! They say the people get the leader they deserve. We then obviously didn’t deserve Hillary, so we got Trump. Thank You
    Message to CIA, don’t believe the Muslim brotherhood. If there are 72 virgins their probably all catholic nun’s! Not worth dying for in a nuclear conflagration!
    Isn’t it time the Nobel Committee demanded that Obama return his unearned “peace prize”? It was a leak not a hack.! Not worth all us cowards dying fer!

    There are a lot of monsters out there who wear cuff links and get millions of dollars a year and we happen to get caught up in all their cesspool of promises.

    Barry, promise me anything, but give me Putins head!

    P.S, Barry, The electoral college is a relic? Tell that to all the folks in Detroit who didn’t bother to vote, so they had to stuff the ballot boxes, disqualifying half of The D’s turnout and thank Jill Stein for the money for the recount that exposed/disposed, the blatant fraud of boxes with maybe fifty votes marked over 300. Fooly me once shame on you Barre, fool me twice? Shame it on. . . Its Saturday Night! . . .DEAD! Were all dead if you try to knock off Vlad! Peace Man! Make love not Voar, as they say in the Russa land! Be cool, give it time, take a cue from the impaler, u can make a comeback! But u cant comeback to nuthin!

    You Opened the Box…
    December 16, 2016
    Many are deeply upset Hillary Clinton lost. Many are unsure, even fearful, of a Trump presidency. But once you let the genie of trying to overturn an election loose, you won’t be able to stop it next time.

    US Intel Vets Dispute Russia Hacking Claims
    December 12, 2016

  70. tsuki

    I am going to take a slightly different tack. I read the Hacking Fake News story with a large portion of salt. Then, I read seventeen spy agencies (I hesitate to call them intelligence) agreed with the CIA. SEVENTEEN, I am paying for SEVENTEEN spy agencies? Who are those backbenchers in DC? The Imelda Marcos of spy agencies? And that does not include Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Verizon, AT&T, Apple, Microsoft and all the nerds of Silicone Valley.

    And with SEVENTEEN spy agencies, advanced warning, they could not head off the Boston bombing?

    Just what are we paying for???

  71. Ruthanne

    Can you please tell me where I can find the proof, solid proof, that the Clinton Foundation is a scam? When I broach the subject, I am told they have shown where every penny has gone to charity, all documentation was made public and reviewed, and I don’t have anything to show otherwise. I don’t know where to look for quality, believable, evidence of wrong-doing. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Greg Hunter

      You can start with the book “Clinton Cash.”

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