NATO’s Turkey Starting War in Syria, Interest Rates Spike, New Wounded Warrior Book

1zBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 262 12.2.16)

Turkey is invading Syria to force the Assad regime out. Could Turkey, a NATO member, drag the U.S. and NATO into a wider war in Syria?  The answer is yes.  The biggest threat is Russia that has a naval base and an air base in Syria.  Russia is propping up the Assad regime and does not look like it is leaving anytime soon.  Has NATO tacitly approved this action by not complaining or objecting to this new military action from Turkey?

The 10-year Treasury bond is vaulting higher, once again. On Thursday, it hit 2.45%, which is nearly an entire percentage point higher than it was in July.  Bondholders are losing value because of the rising rates.  $1.7 trillion was lost in the last month because of the bond meltdown according to Bloomberg.  Is it going to get worse?  Are rates going to continue to rise?  There is no sign of a turnaround in rates, especially with the Fed signaling of a rate increase at its next meeting in mid-December.

Timothy Payne lost his legs in combat in Iraq in 2011. He says in his new book, he was not a religious man but asked God to take his legs and spare his life.  If God did, Payne promised to work for him, and he is doing just that.  Payne is helping fellow vets cope with injuries and mental problems caused by war.  He also has become a motivational speaker and is out with a new book called “Chosen.” 

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

To get a copy of Timothy Payne’s new book titled “Chosen,” please click here.   The book has garnered a five out of five star review on Timothy Payne’s website is

Top economic and gold expert Jim Sinclair will be featured on the “Early Sunday Release.” Sinclair is out with a new warning that the world has hit an inflection point that could bring disaster, especially for the unprepared.


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  1. DLC

    I happened across this last night, a tale of a once thriving city now deemed to be the poorest city (of its size) in the US. My oldest sister got her nursing degree in Reading, PA, at St. Joseph Nursing School which I do not think exists anymore. If this is the state of the average city, I do not know how we make our way back.

    Reading is drug ridden, foreign invaded with crime through the roof. Like many PA cities, it used to have a very strong middle class, a diverse choice of industries. The above download is the face of liberalism, voting solid Democrat for 50 freaking years.

    This is what Trump will be tackling along with a crashing economy. Obama had one big “pizza” party with every degenerate while the wheels fell off this entire country. He did a number on the white community, just as gov’t did that same number on the black community.

    My nephew called me recently, had just been to San Diego looking for a place to escape from a crumbling Pennsylvania. I did not have the heart to argue the point that California would not be a haven from what he is trying to escape.

    My neighbor offered me a spot on the “convoy” that will leave Phoenix if this city becomes a war zone. He is an Apache with several acres of land in New Mexico, just hasn’t figured out how to travel 500 miles with chaos on the roads. Said we would have to leave quick at the first hint of trouble. I’m one who would drop everything and go — as I have all my life to avoid the socialists.

    I was listening to Andy Hoffman’s assessment on X22 Report. I agree that Trump will not be able to stop what is inevitable at this point. Better Trump than Hillary, but we are still in for 100’s of miles of bad road.

    Obama partied like it was 2099 for the last 8 years. We have had the most twisted sicko Caligula twins in the WH. Obama, to me, has always been the Eddie Haskell of politics, solid gold phony. Good riddance.

    • Charles H


      Every year we have travelled from the Mexico/Texas border to visit my wife’s family in Tampa, Florida. We sleep in our little car at truck stops, and shower there. Every year it seems darker, and the people around there shabbier the last five years. And the north-side of Tampa, along US-19 has had prostitutes walking the road; homeless people on bus-stop benches; and wooded areas have had to be cleared out near Walmart and the Hudson Post Office of homeless the last three years we’ve been back. Because we only visit once a year on average, we notice the changes the whole year makes; and those who live there accustom themselves to the gradual differences, and don’t notice them as we do. The frog in the boiling pot is a good analogy: and the temperature is getting high.

    • Macray

      Gina Merdivorous Mancarella, Gina’s Dad or any watchdoggers : )))
      Anyone know if it is illegal for an elector to accept financial compensation for their vote???? Just asking???? Thanks

      • Macray

        Re-thinking my question : )))
        Yes, bribery is illegal. A better question would be …. does Gina Merdivorous Mancarella, Gina’s Dad or any watchdoggers think the Clinton-Soros team (Clinton Foundation) would indirectly attempt to bribe the electors for their vote? $5 million per elector is pocket change to some.

      • Gina's Father

        Macray, we crushed you and yours before.

        Watch you mouth, not very PC of you. Hate speech is a crime.

        We OWN Ireland.

        We also own your history.

        You never got it that we infiltrated your IRA.

        Here is a bone off my table.

        You do not deserve it, and are ungrateful.

        That is why we rule you and the rest of the rabble.

        We defeated you and the ancient knowledge is forever ours to do what we wish, how we wish, and when and where we wish.

        • Greg Hunter

          Gina’s Father,
          You know nothing and are a coward that hides behind a stupid anonymous name. Here’s a “bone” from my hand! You are done here.

          • RTW

            I’m surprised Gina even knows who her father is and more perplexed that anyone would have the nerve to claim her.

          • Charles H


            This posturing and rhetoric is demonically inspired, as sources use the word “occult”. People such as above are tools, and deceived. The conflict between Good and Evil IS real. It will escalate from here on out.; with Evil appearing to get the upper hand: but the victory is with those on the Lord’s side. It’s about to get bumpy for the Alt-media.

        • Hatemail

          The only thing you own is a loony daughter.

          • Diana Dee Jarvis

            If “Gina’s Father” really has anything to do with Gina, it might at least explain how brainwashed Gina is. I still think Gina’s a sock puppet account though.

        • Jerry

          Once again, more threats from a gutless government slug. Gina’s father, the only bone you will ever have is the one your handlers will give you at camp FEMA. Be a good little slave and just go away.

  2. Neil

    Last week I happened on a YouTube video of US soldiers in the Pacific in WW2. While I regret the situation they were placed in I could not help but tear up as I watched it and considered what a disgrace some youth of today are in comparison. What could you say to these men by way of apology for the current predicament? The pathetic blubbering of Democrats in the manner of 3 year olds who dropped their ice-cream and the deliberate obstruction and buggery of the constitutional process is a shame on America and on their (great)grandparents hardship and for many their sacrifice. I am not defending the violence of glorifying the times but there is something tragically lacking today. People demanding this and that as a right or entitlement who have no clue as to their good fortune won by the effort of previous generations or its real meaning. IMO America needs a good dose of discipline. Soros and Kissinger need to be told where to go. Kissinger hasn’t held office since 1977, happy retirement. Soros is engaging in sedition and insurrection all over the world. If he wants to make the decisions he needs to run for office or butt out. Better still indict him for his crimes. The Senate and the House need to be told they are there to represent and achieve on behalf of the people and if they don’t want to do so, to resign. Put the paedophiles and fraudsters in prison. The military need to be reined in to half the size and made to develop useful equipment within a budget. The days of empire and hubris and grandiosity are over.

    • Robert G

      Neil , I wonder what would have happened if Trump would have lost? There would have been real violence in the streets.

      • Neil

        I think there would have been an ugly blow back but rather than it have been directed at other Americans who chose to vote Democrat, it would have pitch-forked the obvious crooks and those behind the curtain. I proposed a citizen initiated caretaker government of responsible persons myself here a while ago as an alternative to the impending conflict when it looked as though corruption and tempers would win the day. Thankfully the crisis of belief and moment seems to have passed.
        I am not sure younger Democrats minus the Soros funded provocateurs are really the types for house to house battles so we are relatively safe of a civil war. They do seem to like name calling and baiting like they are still in the play ground and this is not productive. I do wonder if they are slightly retarded in their development in some pervasive way but that’s another post…
        It is true we might have had the odd dust up but you would hope those might have been standstills that would have brought everyone around to their senses. Really there is nothing to be gained is this fashion because it defaults to a physical struggle where reason needs to prevail.
        The people who are aligned with more socialistic views are in for more disappointment in the future however when we reach the Big Crunch and the assistance schemes cannot be funded any more. I don’t think we have seen the last of groups venting about the US predicament or rather their own predicament and why they are suffering and who is to blame. Keeping it all together is clearly going to be a challenge. When people realise there is nothing to be gained by insulting and picking fights with each other and things are more complex and larger than they are and that they will have to adjust their expectations and behaviour then real progress can be made. This will be a long slow comeback. This isn’t just about making America great again, that particular golden time is over IMO, this is about reforming America for a new epoch in a crowded world. The good news is that there is no need to start all over again from a civil conflict because much of what is needed is what already exists and was put aside, forgotten or neglected.

  3. Faith

    Oh my! Great weekly wrap up, Mr. Hunter, as usual!

    I bought the book. That young man, 82nd Airborne and now he has no legs? Oh my heaven, that man is such an inspiration. Just incredible.

    Love that you said you noticed the wood pile! Same here! Whatta redneck! Hehehe! Gotta love that sign, “Fear Not.” Amen to you and to the family in Montana with the giant wood pile!

    God bless all of my fellow Watchdoggers! I am happy to be alive! 30 grams of fiber per day! Count your daily fiber intake folks! Yes, I cheat. Gummie fiber bears are the way to go if you are busy! Atkin has a combo protein / fiber bar, too. Or you can make your own. I am working on a recipe! Stay healthy 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Faith!!

  4. Robert Lykens

    Trump saved 1000 jobs in Indiana by negotiating a deal with Carrier – and he’s not even in office yet!

    Here’s what Hussein Obama said back in June about Trump’s plan to keep the jobs from moving to Mexico:

    “When somebody says, like the person you just mentioned who I’m not going to advertise for, that he’s going to bring all these jobs back, well how exactly are you going to do that? What are you going to do? There’s — there’s no answer to it. He just says, “Well, I’m going to negotiate a better deal.” Well, how — what — how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually, the answer is he doesn’t have an answer.”

    The truth is that Hussein is the one who didn’t have an answer and never even tried to save the 1000 jobs.

    • Faith

      RL: Exactly! Obama didn’t have a clue or know where to start. Trump? He just went in and got the job done. Good!

  5. Matt P.


    Thanks again for your insightful analysis and for shedding light where the MSM does not like to go. We would also like to thank you for coming on the Pentonomics Program with Michael Pento post election. In case you missed it folks, you can watch Greg talk about media corruption and his transition out of the MSM here.

    As always, we’re keeping our eye on the markets and look forward to coming back on USAWATCHDOG soon to discuss this unprecedented time.

  6. Paul ...

    As Gerald Celente would say our Nobel Peace Prize Con-man-der and Chief is still trying to start one more war before he leaves office … by allowing a NATO ally (Turkey) to illegally invade Syria to overthrow its government … and thus give him an excuse to send American boys to die to defend “an aggressor nation” that will surely come under Russian attack … what Russia has to do … is simply hold its position in Syria … and “not mount an all out counterattack against Turkey” until Trump gets into office … Trump will not stand for a NATO member invading another country … as NATO’s Charter is written to only help an ally who itself has come under attack … not to help a nation that initiates an unprovoked war and invasion of another country !!!

    • Paul ...

      What Obama is likely hoping for (to get us into a shooting war with Russia) … is for Hillary to do her part and threaten or bribe enough electors so they will refuse to vote for Trump on Dec 19 … at last count Hillary has already turned 15 electors who are now saying “they will not vote for Trump” and will flaunt the wishes of the people they represent … Hillary has 17 days left to get to the magic number of 35 electors (who by switching their vote from Trump to Hillary will put Trumps Presidency in doubt) … so we are not out of the woods yet … death threats are a powerful incentive!!

      • Paul ...

        Putin should be demanding “a full explanation” from Erdogan for his comments about toppling Assad … and find out exactly who was behind it!!!

  7. Bill Calvert

    Greg: Listening to you this morning re bonds, I began to really wonder why we care about our debt to the Fed. After all, it is fiat debt. Sure we owe some money to countries who bought our bonds but the majority of what we owe is fake dollars to the fakesters at the Fed. We all know that the Fed just creates the digits in the money we borrow from them from thin air. So– Why can’t we just create a U.S. Treasury note system to replace the fiat Federal Reserve note and tell the feds and central bankers that we have no intention of honoring our debt of fake “monopoly money” dollars to them as they did nothing to earn that money in the first place. Could you please pose this question to one of your knowledgeable guests to help explain why governments can’t just print their own”real” (gold, silver, or other commodity backed) money to replace money in circulation today and then tell the Fed and other central banksters to go pound salt. The result, in my mind would be – Debt gone – Criminal bankers broke and gone and countries’ debts back to reasonable levels. All existing loans within the country would be converted from money paid into the corrupt bankster system into real money principal and interest, paid to the U.S. Treasury ie..ourselves. I’m sure it is more complicated than it sounds but certainly seems like a viable solution to world debt. At least our new president elect is familiar with telling banksters their loans are not going to be repaid.

    • Frederick

      Didnt JFK try that Bill?

  8. Concerned american dad

    ……. and therentou have it/ the declared unemployment rate is 4.6% – absolutely absurd. It is ridiculous- 1984 spit right in our face.
    Greg- at this point, doubling debt doesn’t seem to matter- they can whip up dollayrs out if thin air ti buy whatever needs to be bought. THEY are in control.
    Looking forward to hear Sinclair’s perspective. I’m sure we’re on the threshold of a crisis as we’ve been many times before- and nothing happens, again and again and again- blah blah blah-

    • Greg Hunter

      “Dad” if you are not taking steps to protect you and your family you are making a big mistake. When it goes it will go fast.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Well America is officially in a state of emergency since 9/11…

      • Frederick

        More like a state of insanity Isle

    • Colin\IRL

      CAD, I share allot of you same thoughts. The reality is this S*#% show can go on for a long time. Best bet is to be as diversified as possible knowing some day, could be this year or anytime in the next 16 years the fecal matter will hit the fan. It obviously cannot continue for ever but it will until it wont so getting frustrated (like I did/do) aint going to change anything, hence diversification. You’ll be happy when the market goes up and visa a versa when the metals do the same and keep you somewhat protected.

  9. Solomon


    Thank you for that you do. Your interviews are spot on and your website is a source of valuable, important, and TRUTHFUL news and commentary concerning how thing are versus the crimes and illusions of the left and the right.

    As part of my consulting business I travel all over North America on a regular bases and have done so for the past 40 years. My personal and business experiences have allowed me to very clearly see the very rapid and intentional deterioration of the US economy. It started on Christmas Eve in 1913 with the deceptive passing and signing of the Federal Reserve Act. Every US President since that time has been owned and controlled by the Shylock Bankers. After Jack Kennedy was murdered the serious deconstructive means and methods were ramped up. When Nixon abandoned the Brenton Woods Agreements in August 1971 by finally removing the $USD from the gold standard the end game for the destruction of the US Economy was sealed. The massive inflation and the creation of the “petro-dollar” during the “Tricky Dick” Nixon and Jimmy “The Peanut” Carter administrations were just part of the plans. The very rapidly escalations in the deterioration of the US economy were facilitated via the Bush and Clinton crime families. Same bad apples in the same nasty barrel.

    I have personally witnessed thousands of people lose the jobs when their facilities, plants, and business closed. Just this week my heart was saddened once again by phone calls from friends and colleagues that I have known for years to inform me that they have lost their job due to “reductions in force” or reported “down turns in the economy”. I have firsthand knowledge that many upper level managers will receive bonuses this year after having spent lavishly and then “fired” many in their ranks to make their yearend numbers look good. Great message at “Thanksgiving” and before Christmas or Saturnalia.

    Make no mistake that there is in fact a well-organized cabal of nefarious and predacious Shylock Banksters along with their “Neo-Conservative” minions and operatives at the top of the food economic food chain that have been and still are sucking this country dry. The programs of the reported “Red” Teams versus “Blue” Teams for the past 40 years have been and is still is all about the distracting and social conditioning of the disorganized masses. The Bush and Clinton crime families and their ilk are owned, funded, and controlled by the exact same dark miscreants. As such, they help facilitate, contribute to, and are part of the evils that are intentionally destroying this country. Research Saturnalia or the Saturnalian Brotherhood and you will understand the nature of the Shylock Banksters and their minions, why we have been involved in nearly perpetual wars, and why the US economy is being intentional collapsed.


  10. Chip

    Great job Greg. My wife was listening in this morning and about you said, “What a great guy”, and I couldn’t agree more. God speed… Chip

  11. Chuck

    Well Greg, you won me back with this weeks wrap up. I have been a listener of yours as well as all of your peers for a few years now. Turkey going into Syria is beyond “Bad” and a no vote on Dec. 4 in Italy will probably have a chain reaction implosion of Europe and a global stock market death. Thanks for mentioning the wounded warrior Timothy Payne. In my line of work I deal with the Wounded Warrior foundation from time to time and they are true hero’s.

    I feel that I owe you and your listeners an apology for a couple of negative comments that I have posted here with regards to the predictions of the precious metals market. It was just sour grapes on my part having watched the exact opposite happen of what they said. I realize that the fundamentals are stronger than ever and all that is required is patience. Thank you Greg for your efforts and you are my favorite once again!

  12. 8Ball

    Turkey = Jill Stein

  13. flattop

    GREG: Is Turkey waring with the approval of NATO, or is Erdawon working on his own ?

    • Linda L.

      The Globalists are using Turkey’s President Erdogan to do their dirty work. Since Turkey is a member of NATO, and would be defended by other NATO countries in the event that they were attacked, I’m sure that Erdogan is exhibiting a kind of defiance against Russia that he wouldn’t dare do if he was working on his own. Arrogant Erdogan is nothing but a puppet.

      • Greg Hunter

        Linda L.
        Erdogan is a “puppet” that has put himself and people in extreme peril. I cannot see how this ends well unless Erdogan totally backs down.

        • Linda L.

          That’s right Greg. NATO can’t defend Erdogan and his people from an arsenal of incoming NUKES. Foolishly, Erdogan must believe since he’s backed by NATO that Putin won’t dare go that far, but Erdogan and the Europeans are just down right stupid if they believe this. If Russia is pushed hard enough into a corner, with the world’s globalists overwhelmingly gathering forces against them, ultimately Russia may feel that there’s no other options left. No winners here.

          • Faith

            Linda, one of Putin’s formative moments was when he cornered a rat in his family apartment. Apparently Putin was caught off guard, and by surprise, because that rat jumped out of the corner and attacked Putin. It is a story I have heard recounted about Putin’s formative years. Not only that but Putin is a master martial artist. In my opinion no country should ever underestimate Putin because, to do so, could turn into a fatal error. You are right, backing Russia / Putin into a corner means there are no winners and that is not a good outcome.

        • Colin\IRL

          Greg, Erdogan is a dangerous man. He’s pissing off the U.S. Russia, Syria and recently said the Greek Islands were once Turkish. Martin Armstrong had reported for years (since 1985 I think) that 2015.75 would be a turning point. The fact that Russia began operations in Syria on the exact date was a warning to watch this space closely. Greg, I believe you said fairly recently in response to a Post that you were trying to get Martin back on, any sign of that happening soon? Thanks.

  14. JC Davis

    SIG, and Greg. If the bond interest rises will this bring more money for present bond owners ? I understand a loan of the bond would go up. Ownership of a bond is what I don’t know.
    I have a friend heavy in ownership of bonds. Should she get out, I don’t know. She makes some interest now, and wants to build a home outside the city for her grandchildren.

    • This sceptred Isle

      JC Davis
      As I understand it, current bond owners will receive the same interest rate that they received on purchase of the bond. However, the value of their bond will have decreased. New purchasers of bonds will benefit from a higher rate of interest in relation to the price they pay for the bond.

  15. ts

    It’s great that 800-1000 people in Indiana will continue to have a job at Carrier.

    However, I did get a kick out of Trump’s assertion that companies who try to leave the country will face “consequences”. Such as Carrier’s getting $7 million dollars of taxpayer money to stay here.

    He’ll be a good deal maker as long as it’s on the back of taxpayers.

    • erv

      If those 1,000 people earn $50,000 then the government will rake in the payroll tax and income tax of 27% (12% payroll, 15% income) which comes to $13,500,000. Plus the government does not have to pay out unemployment, food stamps, etc. Yes, that is a good deal for the tax payers. Yes, this is all hypothetical as I have no idea how much the employee earn but it is not a net loss of 7 million as you are indicating.

      • Greg Hunter

        Your math makes the most sense to me. Greg

  16. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    As a disabled Vietnam vet I just want to say “Thank You” for helping this young man by plugging his book. I wish him all the success in the world and it sounds as though he has his heart in the right place, focused on the Father.

    Also, remember that spring (@April) will begin the 7-year cycle of war and the shadow of judgement will fall on America August 21, 2017. At least half of Americans still want the abortion, LGBTQ agenda, corruption, bribery of the Democratic party. And, did all those who voted for Trump want a true conservative agenda or just sick of Obama and Hillery? Gonna be interesting to see.


  17. Hatemail

    The Neocons are at it again in Syria. More of our children are going to get their legs blown off.

  18. john duffy

    A sign in the State Capitol building in Illinois, USA, displayed prominently in front of the Christmas display, read:

    At the time of the winter solstice, let reason prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is just myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.

  19. WD

    Cliff was right….no signs of Hillary anywhere….

  20. Cuzca

    Breaking news. New reports claim that WTC building 7 may have in fact been hit by an invisible plane on sept. 11. The factor of invisibility has led to much confusion, especially to readers of the Commission Report.

    Conspiracy Theorists claim that the same make and model aircraft involved in WTC building 7 were also found at the Pentagon and in Shanksville PA but these reports are unsubstantiated.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is total BS.

      • Here's the Thing, Greg...

        Controlled demolition is more like it.

        • Greg Hunter

          You may be correct. Thank you.

      • Country Codger

        Hello Greg,
        Don’t say that, it could have been a Klingon warbird, they have cloaking devices. I think even the Romulans have some sort of cloaking device. Perhaps Klingons and Romulans are coming across the southern border. LOL

        I’m sorry. If want to delte this comment go ahead. I just could not resist the temptation.


      • Kerry

        Actually, the concept of invisibility is not BS, but real technology. DARPA is working on an invisibility cloak. Whether or not it was used to bring down a building is another matter.

    • Pinocchio

      Please type “Dmitry Khalezov WTC nuclear demolition” on your favourite search engine. You will find some interesting hypothesa about the bombing of WTC.

    • Frederick

      Thats nonsense Silverstein was seen on TV declaring that he had to “pull it” and the pentagon was hit by a cruise missile by the size of the impact hole Not sure what nonsense they pulled in Shanksville but there was NO debris field found so it couldnt have been a plane

  21. andyb

    Greg: It simply amazes me that the majority in the US have bought all the fake news about Syria. Although Assad rules with an iron hand, he has not killed millions of his citizens. It has been proven that he has not initiated any chemical attacks. His regime is secular, not Muslim. He has been targeted for refusing a pipeline across Syria that would provide a major alternative (other than Russia) to supply natural gas to Europe. This natural gas would emanate from Qatar, and wait for it…Israel. Little has been said about Israel’s gas finds, but the reserves and infrastructure have a list of owners like the Bush family and Cheney. The original “rebels” were contractors paid by the CIA and Mossad to foment trouble, later joined by various ALQ affiliates and armed principally by the US. There have been numerous reports of Israeli medics treating ISIA wounded. And we all remember the caravan of yellow Toyota trucks with machine gun mounts crossing the desert towards Syria. For 3 FRICKING days. Given the US satellite surveillance over the entire ME, why wasn’t this caravan bombed to smithereens? Because in truth, WE are ISIS. Sobering isn’t it? IT’S ALL PHONY, FOLKS.

    Btw, it’s interesting that Erdogan is starting this “war” before Trump takes office. I’ll bet that Putin won’t do much until he talks to Trump. Look for a meeting as soon as Trump takes office. Let’s hope.

  22. Charles H


    Turkey, with Erogdon is in the main muslim – as he has purged the judges and teachers. Some believe that he wants the country to be a muslim Caliphate. The interesting issue is he is acting as a puppet for the West. This lines-up with the Arab race (Ishmael) being a wild man and his hand against every man and his brother. How has the West come to embrace Mohammedanism, to the point of creating the Middle-Eastern Crisis and propelling the asylum/refugee influx now overwhelming Europe and affecting the US? I long ago stated the muslim issue would be a destabilizing catalyst in the world toward a One World Government. Wars and rumors of wars, as the Bible puts it. Like “Commies” in the State Department for McCarthy: we got muslims in the NWO of the West.
    The economy??? Where is the reporting on Gatlinburg/Sevierville fires? It’s Oz, the great and powerful.

  23. Diane D.

    Turkey invading Syria has globalist-controlled Washington DC’s hands all over it.

    The greatest international crime is the crime of aggression. The US, led by Zionist neocons and globalists, have caused more shedding of innocent blood and harm to innocent people than any nation today. The US has waged war against sovereign nations in the Middle East for 26 years. Over 7,000 Americans killed. What have we accomplished? That is not a rhetorical question. Specifically, what have we accomplished?

    I applaud Timothy Payne’s efforts to help other injured and maimed vets. He describes Afghanistan as “The Devils Playground”. Yes indeed. That said, I encourage Timothy to objectively reflect on whom the Devil is actually using in Afghanistan, and speak out against that evil.

  24. Diane D.

    Has anyone else noticed how quiet we Trump supporters have become? Have we complacently fallen asleep now that he won the election? I think it is deeper than that. Maybe, just maybe, voter remorse is already creeping in…

    We demanded a 1 Samuel 8 King. Perhaps we got one.

    • Hatemail

      I’m not quiet, I’m still celebrating.

      • Frederick

        Are you celebrating his appointment of Munchkin? I was a rabid Trump supporter however that really upset me alot Ive got to tell you

  25. Diane

    Greg. ..Catherine Austin Fitts gives you kudos for helping take down the MSM lies and bias.
    In this week’s Money Markets segment of Solari Report. ..she mentions you and USA Watchdog.
    You’ve been relentless in your justified attacks of these so called journalists.
    Our own Greg Hunter was pioneer in exposing this propaganda press.
    Thanks for keeping us brave with your FEAR NOT.
    Doesn’t apply to the MSM…they better fear Greg and others like him.

  26. Lake M

    After Trump appoints former GSachs bankster Mnuchin as Secretary of the Treasury,
    he selects a guy with the nickname “MAD DOG” for be Defense Secretary.
    Hey don’t worry… what could go wrong?

    Although it is premature to make a judgement….Any Trump voters out there starting to get concerned about the makeup of the Trump Team?. Did the neocons slip in the backdoor? Bookies in Ireland say Mittens will be named Sec of State.

    At the Trump/Carrier dog and pony show last night, Trump announced he had saved 1000 jobs by jawboning United Technologies, owner of Carrier. Campaign promise fulfilled…. a small but positive action.

    Today the Ministry of Labor Propaganda announced that 446,000 people had disappeared from the labor forces last month.

    One more thing… What about the rights of the corporate owners as Trump threatens
    companies that want to move or start ventures in other locations? Kind of fascist isn’t it?

    • Frederick

      Agree with you Lake its downright scary

  27. eddiemd

    Good on you Greg for exposure of the young soldier. He represents the American spirit.

    Shout out Staff Sergeant Payne. Accomplishment of the mission and welfare of the troops. Shalom Aleichem

  28. Hatemail

    I hope this is not “fake news” but Putin told Ergodan to STFU.

  29. Matt In Pa

    Breaking. Leader of Turkey announcing to citizens to get out of dollars, go into gold and Lira.

  30. Jerry

    I have just confirmed from a very high level source that the central banks are planning some type of cyber attack via proxy in the coming months . Evidently the Russians have caught wind of this news also.

    The Trump election has essentially played right into the globalist plans to reset the system using digital currency. ( In case you haven’t noticed they’ve been beta testing in India recently) Though the timing of this event is next to impossible to predict with so many internal moving parts, it would be very unwise for anyone to underestimate the central banks resolve to cover their theft of close to 6 trillion dollars from the global accounts that they plan to use in the reset. Say what you want but these psychopaths hold all the cards, and your money, unless you’re wise enough to get control of it yourself using hard assets. I’m not making a prediction, but if you still haven’t take your money out of paper assets, it may already be to late.

    Lets be honest. Why in the world would you ever place you trust in the word of any organization that has proven itself to be criminal time after time ?

    • Jerry

      Say what you want, but the central bankers have found more ways to rob taxpayers than you can shake a stick at. Including government theft.

      If Trump ever does drain the swamp, he’ll probably find hundreds of little skeletons with concrete blocks chained to their ankles.

    • Neil

      > any organization that has proven itself to be criminal
      – That people have allowed to be criminal and remain criminal.
      Bad things happen while good people do nothing.
      If more people decide they are not helpless and disenfranchised and resolve and organise to be effective then this will come to an end. Think of the old westerns and the town’s folk living in fear of a gang of baddies. Someone decides differently and then people join in one by one and put things to right. The challenge here is for people to take heart and then take action. Hi ho silver! may be a useful catch cry in the movies and for investors but people shouldn’t leave it to a lone hero to save them. Trump is a ride-in hero here and he needs a posse of good men and women to win out… Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. All of those things. There never was a more important time to rally around the flag for Americans regardless of how daunting the situation may look.

      • Jerry

        I totally agree. My friends that are asleep call me a “prepper”. I call it being “responsible” . Why let others control your life? Especially the criminal bankers? Here’s another example of the James gang on the loose.

        If marshal Trump makes it to January 2oth without being assassinated, we may meet the James gang head on for control of Dodge city.

  31. Greg Hunter

    Mr. Miller,
    I am “giddy” Clinton did not get in.

    • Here's the Thing, Greg...


  32. jim c.

    Off topic, But has anyone been watching the dept clock, Well I record it every day , and some days it has jumped 20-30 billion dollar. Wow this is out of control. And silver is now over $1000 an ounce , (US dollar to silver ratio). When this falls apart , it`s going to fall fast and hard.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Jim. You have to get ready and stay ready at some very high level.

    • Frederick

      Ive noticed those big jumps as well jim Scary stuff and it will NOT end well for us sadly

  33. Chas

    Turkey is a bag of mixed signals. I just read that Denmark is now pulling it’s F-16’s out of the region and leaving. The Turks just signed the deal for the Turkstream with Russia. The military activity of the Turks are really quite light weight with feints and jabs. Is it possible that Erdogan is throwing up a smoke screen in order to see how things shake out in Washington and appear to placate the current neocon and obama regime?

  34. Robert Lykens

    COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of an internet forum..

    Must Read!

  35. Tommy

    Please compare and contrast Bush’s crooked gang and Obama’s crooked gang.

  36. Larry Galearis

    What I understand, Greg, is that an aggressor nation that happens to be in NATO invades illegally another country cannot expect a claim for Article 5 military support from other NATO countries to be successful if a defending country well, defends itself. But that is under a rule of law and the US could push for the war button anyway. But this would still be a committee decision by all NATO members and I doubt many countries would want a war with Russia – especially in Europe and with a NATO member who is considered a loose cannon. Note that there is rising resistance for Turkey to get membership in the EU as well.
    Also Erdogan would be foolish to want a war with Russia. A new proxy war, however, between Turkey and Syria would be acceptable for Washington. Remember that Russia has a mandate to support the Syrian government and probably would do so with its military. And Washington probably would not mind a war between Turkey and Russia.
    The real question is how much Washington wants a war with Russia. Just because a faction of the neocon war party may want war, it would not have universal support – even from the Pentagon.

  37. flattop

    Mr Miller: Pres Elect Trump has given me hope for the future, which is something you liberals no nothing of. So please take your diatribe of negativism elsewhere.

  38. James

    Greg, with the MSM in such disfavor with Trump these days, might you get a seat in the White House Press room?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind but I am going to keep doing what I am doing.

  39. Doug

    They could not save Mr. Payne’s legs but he saved his soul. He is a good man in many ways.

  40. Hatemail

    Chris Christie Arrested for Keying Trump’s Limo

    Now this is “Fake News”

    • Greg Hunter

      This story got me for a minute, but yes, it is totally fake.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      IMO satire and humor don’t really belong in the “Fake News” category because they’re not trying to misinform or manipulate. Having said that, I am irritated how many people in my social media feeds can’t figure out that Andy Borowitz is a humor columnist even though his columns are clearly labelled as humor both on the page and in the URL. Borowitz isn’t anywhere as funny as Mark Russell was, but still his columns are clearly labelled.

  41. Frederick

    Actually I like the Silverfish comparison I hope you are wrong but fear you are right Mr Miller

  42. Tin foil hat

    Mr. Miller,
    It is not difficult for most here to figure out or necessary to do any rudimentary research to know that democrats are sore losers.
    I know the 100 years Treasury Bond suggested is a scam but it may temporary stall the pending debt implosion. With sound fiscal and economic policies which I know Trump will likely deliver, the 100 years bond scam is much more tolerable than the ObamaCare scam.

  43. Romana

    The Globe and Mail propaganda machine in Canada, ran two articles yesterday. “inside Trump’s personal Universe…..which was filled with words like “intrigue, melodrama, circus, ” and wondered if he could “distance himself from Trump Towers”…blah,blah, blah. Of course there was never any mention of Clinton’s Foundation and all the millions from Qatar. This negative bias against Trump continues. It worries me that this hate campaign will continue unabated and believe me, MSM is very much alive in Canada. I have sent letters to CBC Ombudsman and other newspapers complaining. Unless we are all ACTIVELY FIGHTING, we will get nowhere. We can’t sit in front of our TV’s anymore. Greg, please ask your viewers to DO SOMETHING!

  44. Romana

    PS. This will not affect US politics directly, but indirectly perhaps, through policy and attitude.

  45. Larry Galearis

    Well said! Canadians seem to be unaware that there is a problem with our MSM as well. I have been lobbying advocacy groups like LeadNow and Council of Canadians about the same sort of bias issuing from their mouths and I have told them it is a major disillusionment that they could stoop so low. (Does anyone else think that this is rather ironic?) And just like the media supporting Hillary in the US, it is hugely damaging to any institution that needs credibility to function – and financial support from the public. So we have advocacy groups in Canada actively soliciting funds from people like you and I and yet are boneheaded to send pro-Hillary/Anti-Trump adds to us by email. But of course, as in the US this is hugely stupid because it alienates about half the people that receive these emails. So I instantly resigned from all these groups and told them why. And I also sent them a Greg Hunter interview and something by Dimitry Orlov to show just how misled they were. Why support stupidity like this – but it shows that propaganda works on the well meaning too.

  46. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Greg, I can’t believe you called Assad “the duly elected leader” of Syria. Calling those elections rigged is like calling the Grand Canyon a hole in the ground. Assad is in power because his father was the previous dictator and his older brother, who was supposed to inherit the office, died in a car crash. It’s weird that Erdogan would threaten Russia’s ally-client-puppet Assad because after the Brexit vote Erdogan tried to repair relations with Russia — even said to have offered reparations for shooting down Russian jets. Looks like Erdogan is swinging back and forth between NATO and Russia. UPI ran an opinion piece suggesting Erdogan’s simply posturing for the public after the deaths of some Turkish soldiers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Diana but the fact remains that is the government that is in power. Have you read the stories about Edergon and his family reselling ISIS oil? Surly you are not willing to let Turkey lead NATO and the U.S. to war? The facts are the facts, and I got the reporting correct. I can’t help what you think of Assad.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        I suspect Erdogan will find himself slapped down by Russia and/or US. The coup attempt against him in July was interesting because the people he accused of instigating it (Gulenists) appear to be pro-Western moderates emphasizing secular education.

  47. Kim

    I’m starting to wonder why,
    I see white trails in the sky,
    The news will lie,
    The drug cartels want us high.
    As the rich get richer,
    And the poor get bigger,
    Our food makes us sicker,
    And the politicians bicker.
    I know what I have to do,
    Protect kids and my neighbors too,
    As I look for the good in you.
    I know I have to try,
    Working two jobs to get by,
    But I really am starting to wonder why!

  48. Frederick

    Must be something in the water up there in Canada They seem to be as uninformed as the avverage American

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      Frederick. Unfortunately, you are correct. The MSM led by the Globe & Mail and the CBC ( which is massively funded by all taxpayers ) is rabid in their adoration of Obama and Hillary, knowing none of the nasty business they have conducted these past years. Even our current doll-PM showed he understands — doing a complete 180 on his sentiments regarding Castros death. We are but a pseudo-state of the Empire to our south.

  49. Anthony Australia

    I’m going out on a limb here.

    9/11 Fake
    Moon landing Fake
    JFK, killed by a nut Fake

    Really need to change the Hollywood script.

    • Diane D.

      The THREE skyscrapers on 9/11 were without a doubt collapsed due to controlled demolitions. My husband is one of over 2,700 engineers and architects members of who are demanding the truth.

      Never in the history of the world had steel-framed skyscrapers collapsed due to fire. These real questions are: Who had the access to pull this off? Who had the sophisticated technology to pull this off? Who had the motives?

      To deny this truth is deny the real motives and players behind the phony ‘War on Terror’, every US war in the Middle East since 9/11, and the creation of the Police State.

  50. Aaron

    Other causes include gas, overeating or drinking, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, allergic reaction, infection, tension, lactose intolerance,
    and the frequent use of drugs. Other a lot more serious causes
    of an upset stomach can be stomach ulcers, gall bladder stones, hernia,
    a UTI and appendicitis.

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