Weekly News Wrap-Up 12.30.11

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The big story, with worldwide implications, is Iran threating to close down the Strait of Hormuz.  The Iranians are fighting mad at the U.S. and EU for plans to tighten sanctions on their oil and financial interests because of Iran’s nuclear program.  Iran claims it is for peaceful purposes.  Nevertheless, tensions with Iran have been escalating in recent weeks.  It was reported yesterday, the Iranian Navy was shooting surveillance video of the American aircraft carrier, the USS Stennis.  The Iranians have, also, been conducting drills to shut down the Strait this past week.  15 million barrels of crude oil pass through this narrow shipping route every day.  Other North Africa and Middle East hot spots include Syria, Egypt, Libya and Yemen.  In other news, the Iowa Republican caucus is voting on a presidential candidate, and it looks like it is coming down to Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.   The EU debt crisis continues as nothing has been fixed.  Expect a weird combination of bank defaults and money printing in 2012 for that troubled region.  All that and much more from USAWatchdog.com and Greg Hunter in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Stan

    So if you are in the business of drilling for oil isn’t it nice if you can say a few inflamitory lines and get the price of oil to jump a few dollars and make a few more million each day. Chavez is a master at this game…

  2. jay

    Loved it.. refreshing.. TRUTH IN MEDIA what a need.
    One thing to add: 16 trillion dollars equals 16 thousand billion dollars…and some think we need another war? How?

    • Greg

      Thank you Jay.

  3. Jim H

    I have never seen such a blatant disregard for truth (I have seen many) than we are seeing from the Lame Stream Media regarding Ron Paul and the reality of his support in Iowa. I’ve been a fan of Ron since the late 70’s. My main sticking point is his idea that a free market with no regulations or oversite will somehow evade corruption. I’ll vote for him because he isn’t afraid to point out the truth about the Fed, CIA, bloated Government and Media bias.
    All said, I believe all current monetary systems to be ponzi schemes in the end. Anxious to see what changes in world consciousness will take place in the coming years. 2011 has seen a few large changes.
    Ron Paul stated 5 years or so ago that the Civil War was the beginning of the New World Order in America. There are few holdouts in the world other than Iran, North Korea and maybe a few no matter places.
    Bottom line, you don’t put up a fence and expect to be left alone. Waco was a good example here in Texas
    2012 should be interesting and fun and my advise if I have any is don’t be too frieghtned about anything and love and laugh every chance you get despite the evil.

    Happy New Year!

    • Greg

      Jim H,
      Great advise and thank you for posting it here. I don’t laugh enough and I am going to try to work on that in 2012!!

  4. Art Barnes

    Who gains when Iran roars? Short answer, the oil EXPORTING countries, on the dark side Russia and Iran, not to mention all of our other middle eastern friends. They all make millions more each day by just having Iran speak of the little guy coming out of the well and closing the straight. This is a big story because higher oil prices can be blamed for a future slowdown of the economic “turnaround” which has been touted lately.

    Greg, your weekly wrap-up always suggest to me that there are just too many real black swans flying out there that could land for our time sensitive political solutions to handle, and that is even if a consensus could be had. Therefore, America continues along being a reactive government without much forethought letting events run the train. The old saying you can’t clean out the swamp with your behind full of alligators is what we have allowed to happen. The simple truth is that military threats, the economy, social unrest, and the moral decline, etc., facing America has now become unmanageable. Next year can’t turn out good. Always appreciate your work. Have a nice New Year!

    • Greg

      Thank you for supporting this site and pray for white swans.

  5. Frank Brady

    Washington is completely mad. The U.S. is bankrupt and yet we seem intent on starting yet another war in the Middle East. To impose sanctions on another nation amounts to an attack on its government and people. Where did the United States come by its authority to impose its will on others?

    This anti-Iran campaign, including serial threats to launch military attacks against Iran, is being pushed by exactly the same people who lied about Iraq’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Iran, with or without nuclear weapons, poses no threat to the U.S. The State Department’s outrage over Iran’s “threat” to close the Strait of Hormuz” in retaliation for imposing sanctions is akin to a small child complaining that someone is threatening to “hit him BACK”.

    • Greg

      Thank you Frank. Good point here.

  6. Chuck Allen


    I been looking into a renewable transportation system that is friendly to the environment and doesn’t require any oil. The only problem is the clean up required from the power output unit. Bags hanging at the end of the power unit might work. However, there is still a huge disposal problem.

    Oh one more thing, the infrastructure will have to be updated. All cities will have to install hitching rails.


    • Greg

      Thank you Chuck. Happy New Year to You.

  7. M SMITH

    Greg, the hard work to provide the stories the MSM continues to skip over has been a eye opener for many who always trusted the MSM for the news, that is changing and it’s people like you who made a difference. The new year is upon us and the progress you have made is a vital part of many more people lives. All of us look forward for the truth & insight you present and wish you & your family the best in the coming year. I sure it will be any thing but dull.
    Thanks again.

    • Greg

      M Smith,
      Many, many thanks for your kind words. Have a Happy and safe New Year.

  8. Luis Chavez

    Happy new Year Greg, and thank you for your wisdom and clarity.
    Great Job!

    Luis Chavez Mexico

    • Greg

      Thank you Luis and Happy New Year to You and yours.

  9. norcar survivor

    Spin and distraction has worked so far. What’s one more war when you’re looking for a scape-goat for your bad economic policies. I actually look forward to the 2012 debates between Obama and Republican X. I hope Republican X has the gahones to ask the hard questions, like whats your plan for spending and deficit control. All I have heard is how republicans don’t have a plan. Smaller Government and deficit reduction is a great plan when joined with a balanced budget amendment for the feds. I know the republicans are not the answer but the road we are on leads only to destruction. More of the same is not good enough. I sent my son who is about to graduate Marine basic this piece of advice about his upcoming additional training stations.” Remember, in the Marines, it doesn’t end , it just changes and in that change you get more of the same, just different.”. It works for this administration too if Obama wins again.

  10. Ambrose


    No matter how the MSM are trying to shape “the economy is recovering” image, many people know the U.S. economy still sucks. If Republican Party comes up with a strong presidential candidate (such as Ron Paul), Obama might need a new war to boost his approval rating and win the re-election. If the war is not in Middle East (with Iran), then it could be in Asia (with North Korea).

    It is a scary thought that the Iranians would shut the Strait and causes a big jump in oil prices. However I expect the government released CPI and inflation rate will stay very low since the rising oil prices will have no impact on our “virtual” cost of living.

    I hope we have better news by the end of next year (2012). Happy New Year to everyone! Enjoy while we can 8-).


    • Greg

      No sitting president has ever been not re-elected in a time of a declared war. That is really scary.

  11. rrrobert

    you’ve earn your pay and bonus for 2011!!! …i always go to your site for reliable information when coming across news from other sites and MSM…you’re the “new 60 minutes” for me, thank you and I have spread the word to others about your site.

    • Greg

      You are very kind. It was my dream (long ago) to work for 60 Minutes but my dream and “60” have changed. My dream has changed for the better–“60” for the worse. Thank you for your support.

  12. Rick Szymanski

    Happy New Years to you and your family. Just an idea for you great site.
    How about a Yearly News Wrap-Up for end of each year ? Your site is on my top most must read daily news summary.

    Thanks again,

    Rick S.

    • Greg

      Maybe in 2012 when I get my video looking better. Good idea though!!

      • g.johnson


        your video looks fine, better than fine. we are not concerned, at this point, with “productions values” just the straight poop. just keep on delivering and we will keep stopping by and tellinng other about usa watchdog. a review of the year is not a bad idea, but i can see where you might go nuts trying to include all the aspects of 2011 into a cogent blend.

        hope 12 is good to you and all the rest of us. a lot depends on WE THE PEOPLE. test coming up, be prepared.

        • Greg

          Thank you GJ!!

  13. Steve

    Greg, also wanted to tell you, I hope you have a great New Year. Things look terrible, the future that is, but hold on to your family and prepare for what you think is coming. That is really all we can control, the rest of the world seems to be going down the hole and we think of ourselves to be so civilized.

    Thanks for always giving me, the way you see it. I enjoy the conversations the the mutual exchange of information.

    Thanks again!!

    • Greg

      Thank you Steve. Happy New Year.


  14. M SMITH

    Greg, before we pass into the year of change, I would like to present a link to what is a very important true story going back to 1560 England. http://fofoa.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2011-01-01T00:00-08:00&updated-max=2012-0101T00:00:00-08:00&max-results=50. It a must read about the young Queen of England & how the the clipping of coins had debased the coinage the people used for every day needs, her secrete was leaked & you will have to the the rest yourself. 2012 may see many changes, some over night! May God Bless all & to a Happy New Year in 2012!!!!

  15. Mason

    Thank you Greg for keeping us informed of the real and disturbing truth. Due to media bias we have to take everything with a grain of salt, but I truly value your opinion and objectivity. Thank you for helping us to be prepared and may 2012 be a crowning year for you.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mason for your support.

  16. Nick

    I had never heard of you or your site until I saw you on Infowars. Since then I have read your articles and happy I did. I’ve been disgusted by the media for so long now because of their biased opinions and lack of knowledge in many areas. You and your site are a breath of fresh air. Thank you, keep up the good work.

    • Greg

      Thank you Nick and welcome to the “red pill” reality.

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