Paid Protesters Try to Stop Trump Inauguration, Dem Party Collapsing, More Fake News from MSM

1aaaaBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 268 1.20.17)

250,000 protesters, many of them paid and bussed in, are going to Washington D.C. to try to disrupt or stop Donald Trump from being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.  The police and military are ready for them as tens of thousands of armed officers and soldiers are on hand to make sure the inauguration goes ahead as planned.


Outgoing Vice-President Joe Biden was in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum and sounded the alarm about the populist movement sweeping the globe. Biden warned that the so-called “progressive” movement is at risk of collapsing around the world.  Maybe the “progressives” should try to come up with policies that actually help the majority instead of lying to get their way.  One big lie that comes to mind is Obama Care, which was called the Affordable Care Act.  It ended up being much more expensive than promised and skyrocketed health insurance rates for the vast majority of people.  Now, Obama Care is falling apart around the country, and that is one of the big reasons Democrats lost in November.

The mainstream media (MSM) is back in the phony polling business. During the 2016 Presidential campaign, all of the MSM had Hillary Clinton winning by a landslide, when, in fact, it was Donald Trump that won by a landslide.  Now, the MSM is back at it again saying Trump’s “favorability is dropping.”  It has been revealed that the latest ABC/Washington Post (WaPo) poll oversampled Democrats to get a bigger unfavorable number.  Not being honest and fair is the definition of “Fake News.”  A Rasmussen Reports poll done at the same time as the ABC/WaPo poll had a fair sample and revealed most Americans gave a favorable rating of Trump.

Finally, President Obama set a record on his last days in office commuting the sentences of criminals. He commuted more sentences that the last 13 presidents combined.  He commuted the sentences of traitors and drug cartel members, but did not pardon Edward Snowden or pre-pardon Hillary Clinton.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(There is much more in the video Wrap-Up.)

After the Wrap-Up:

Author, filmmaker and radio host Steve Quayle will shed some light on why so many world, political and religious leaders are making trips to Antarctica. You will not want to miss this interview.

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  1. Kim

    Outstanding wrap up Greg! Your information and passion is encouraging!
    There are a lot more USA citizens than there are politicians. We the people, remain and endure, despite the chaos. A new time is upon us. Thank you for riding the tide with us and empowering us with your website. God bless!


    OUTSTANDING REPORT, thanks as always

  3. Paul ...

    Your right Greg … how could Obama have said he was absolving Hillary of Treason and Charity fraud …which would then have proved … that he had the Worst Dirty Treasonous Slimy Criminal working for him!
    Hillary has big problems now as a new Attorney General takes office (that is not under her control)!!!

    • Macray

      Greg, Paul and fellow Watchdoggers
      I believed that Former Pres. O was going to issue Hillary Clinton and Friends a blanket pardon for all past crimes committed before leaving office. Obviously I was 100% wrong. My apologies.
      I still believe that Former Pres. O and everyone in this room

      are tied at the hip. Perhaps I am wrong here to, since I am unable to provide conclusive evidence that Bin Laden died in 2002. If Hillary is actually prosecuted for all crimes committed against our country, she will not be a happy that she did not receive a blanket pardon. We will wait and see how she reacts.

      • Galaxy 500

        I’ll take the word of the Navy Seals that shot him. If he was not dead, he would be shouting it from the roof tops.

    • This sceptred Isle

      I don’t think a US president is able to pardon someone for impeachment.

      • This sceptred Isle

        scrap that! just read Greg’s comment on Nixon’s pardon.

    • Julie Tyra

      I hope that Mr Trumps words to us about hiring a special prosecutor to continue with the Clinton fraud foundation ring true. She and her family have broken and twisted so many laws it stuns my brain that The fool COMEY did not move to put her on trial along with Mr Rapist and spoiled spawn.
      And OBOZO needs to be brought up on charges for leaving our borders wide open along with a laundry list of other charges. Paying ransom , fast and furious etc

      Thank you Greg for your fine reporting.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Julie!

      • Freebreezer

        Julia, I am still on the fence per Comey. His public disclosure per re-investigating more in to the rat nest, a week + before the election was huge! Was he told to do it? Did he, alone, decide to further sink the big hairy rat by announcing it? I do not know … but man-o-man would I like to know what happened at those highest offices … FBI, Attorney General, POTUS etc. We will never know! Think of all the indirect/direct pressure on Comey to deep 6 it and to not prosecute. And think of the consequences if the Hairy rat won … he is toast along with his family including out to probably second uncles! History might prove him to be a man that threaded a needle that could not be threaded. Again, for me the jury is still out given the power the Clinton’s and democratic party wielded.

  4. Paul ...

    Finally the “end to an error” has arrived … the only “COG” in the wheel … is the fact that half a hundred Congressmen are not showing up for the festivities!! … What Are They Afraid Of?? … A Nuke??? … and then a Continuity of Government (COG) takeover … where these Congressmen will then have a place in the New Government installed by Obama???? … if this is the plan … the COG people who try to step into power by setting off a nuke tomorrow should be immediately “taken out” by the “Loyal True American Patriotic” Military!!!

    • Bill

      Its the same bunch that didn’t show up for Bushs inauguration. Most of them from California and new York.

    • Paul ...

      Inauguration day went well … God even stopped the rain for Trump … but Satan has Hollywood in his pocket … and Hollywood will continue their efforts to legitimatize Trump in the eyes of the American people … probably by creating a movie where a group of Mi-24 Russian attack helicopters have to airlift their “agent” Trump to safety from the top of the White House … as Su-24’s dogfight overhead with neocon US Air Force pilots as Washington DC is set ablaze in a Soros instigated and paid for color revolution … Trump is saved … brought back to Moscow and allowed to set up an American Liberation Government in abstinencia within the Kremlin … vowing to return one day to free the neocon enslaved American people … I’ll tell you … when this movie comes out … I want to see it … it should be a real spy thriller!!!

      • Paul ...

        err: legitimatize should read delegitimatize … you know when Trump meets Putin in Iceland in a few weeks … perhaps they should discuss making the above movie in Russia … to keep the profits out of Hollywood … and any royalties America makes on the film … can be used to give American seniors a nice one time Cost of Living increase!!!

  5. Oracle 911

    There is a murder threat issued by Hillary friend:
    This coupled with (artificially) pumped up social tension may lead to blood in streets even if the assassination attempt on Trump fails (assuming out there is someone enough stupid to try this). BTW this social tension is high enough to destroy any country and the spark of destruction can be a really small thing.
    But no one should be surprised, the the elites are using the technology of color revolutions to hold on the power and the “special snowflakes” and the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are the stupid cannonfodder. Which lead us to an important rhetorical question (sorry for the strong language) :
    What kind of f*ing idiot is using the technology of color revolution on the soil of his/her own power base while thinking it will play out for him/her well and doesn’t destroy his/her own power base?
    And this also means if something happens, the majority will blame the neocons, the “special snowflakes” and the SJW’s.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  6. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Yes indeed: outstanding Greg. With all the risks you’ve taken over the years and the faith you exercised in adversity I hope and pray that Donald Trump will elevate you!
    Blessings, Andrew

  7. NH Watcher

    If Jerry is correct about April and the currency reset with the IMF, then it is probable that bank “bail ins” will begin to happen in February or March. Don’t expect any more than a two week “sunset” from Trump’s inauguration before hell starts to break loose again. More than gold and silver, at least in the short term, is to have cash on hand. The dollar’s replacement will be gradual, but if banks start to lock down deposits and/or restrict daily transactions, those who rely exclusively on debit cards will have problems. We will not be paying for our groceries in dollars one day, and then gold the next. Obviously not. But think how you will live if your bank suddenly restricts you to no more than $50 every day. There will be lines at the ATM, just like we see in Europe and in Latin America. And, if your account is “bailed in,” there is likely no promise of getting any amount back. In that scenario, the FDIC will be overwhelmed. The small town depositor in the small town bank will be the last to be compensated.

    • Jerry

      NH Watcher.
      The end game for the central banks is to go digital globally and control capital outflows while covering up their derivative debt. In order to do that the IMF must reset the currency weight of each currency in the IMF the basket. They will most likely do that in their April meeting when the voting is done. The IMF knows this is the probably the best alternative to printing money that they have available to them. Cyprus and India have both been used for beta test. As far as the Chinese they will wait to see how this plays out with the U.S. before they decide which card to play.

    • JMiller

      NH Watcher,

      Please explain what you mean by “if your account is “bailed in,” there is likely no promise of getting any amount back”. If you are talking about uninsured deposits that are used in the bail-in of a bank considered to be systemically important, then you are correct. Of course they will get shares of stock of the bank in exchange for their uninsured deposits which probably will not be worth much. However I think that most uninsured deposits will not be used in bail-ins at least here in the U.S.

      Also please tell me what do you mean by “the FDIC would be overwhelmed”? In what way would the FDIC be overwhelmed?

      • Julie Tyra

        There are not enough american dollars in play for the FDIC to insure every depositors account.

        • JMiller


          I am not sure exactly what you mean so I am going to assume that you mean that there is not enough in the FDIC insurance fund to cover every depositor account to the full amount. If that is what you mean, then you are correct. But of course no insurance company has any where near enough money to cover all the losses of every customer. And while the FDIC does insure every deposit account, it is only up to $250,000. So the FDIC only insures about half of the total U.S. bank deposits. The other half is uninsured. And the FDIC only has to cover the shortfall when a bank fails which most times is only a small percentage of the total insured deposits of the bank. And while the FDIC insurance fund is underfunded, they do have a line of credit with the Treasury if they need it. So I am really not to concerned with my insured deposits in my good community bank when it comes to possibility of the bank failing or the FDIC not being able to get the money to pay insured depositors.

    • Galaxy 500

      No offense but Jerry has made more predictions for secert sauces… er, sources than Michel de Nostredame, usally refered to as Nostradamus. And with less accuracy. The IF is required when quoting Jerry. IF TRUMP allows the IMF to do what? America controls the IMF. If this is the type of things you are planning around, I suugest you add additional likely scenarios. Trump is not going to let them screw us over and he has the full faith and power of the US Military who support him and the American people.
      I know that pain is coming. You can not taken the economic herion we have and not experience the pain of contracting credit and economic reset. That is why Trump is bringing jobs and manufacturing back here. He understands what I have said for years about loss of manufacturing jobs.
      Please by all means prepare for economic upheaval, buy supplies of stable food, water and protection. Have stable assets (PMs) as I believe value that is intrinsic (no counter party risk) is important. But never forget the copper clad lead consumables and a device to throw them down range. Your life and the lives of your family are your most precious possessions. You need to be willing and able to protect yourself and your family.
      Limit your exposure to banks and brokerages. I said limit because most people can not really cut ties totally. It is not practical. And those that attempt to go all cash, and have any bills that require mailing or obtaining payment instruments (depending on amounts, even local places may not accept your cash) often trip themselves up by triggering anti-money laundering protocols at banks and other companies.
      And plan for likely and even improbable, but as for asteroid strikes, extra Terrestrial invasions or Jerry’s predictions, you are better off planning your retirement on buying a winning lotto ticket.

      • Jerry

        Once again G500 is talking out of his backside.
        The IMF is no more controlled by the United States than the Federal Reserve Bank is a government agency. Here are the facts.

        As far as FDIC protection ? Its insurance. And insurance is nothing more than a promise written on a piece of paper. And what is paper worth when there’s nothing to back it up with?

        People can choose to believe whatever they want to. I put my faith in God, not government. Is Trump better than Hilary? Heck yes! But there’re still no way to unwind over fifty years of debt, and theft, without a total reset. You can’t get rid of 125 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities by passing bills in Congress. We’re way past that point. By the sheer fact that the debt ceiling has been removed by congress, and we haven’t had a budget passed in over ten years is a testament of that fact.

        In this mortal world you have two things. Time, and a choice to believe whatever you want. But when your time runs out, the choices you have made will determine where you will be.

      • Jerry

        Do you see anywhere in this article where the United States was involved with helping China reset its currency basket?
        The trouble with you, and most delusional people, is you don’t understand that the decision to be part of a global system has already been made. Honda may be a Japanese company, but many of their cars and parts are made in America. There’s a German company in the Ozarks where I live that employs 200 people. The home office is in Berlin. The nationalism knife cuts both ways whether Trump realizes it or not.

  8. Dan

    Greg, not sure if I’m technically/legally correct here, but for one to be pardoned wouldn’t they first have to be actually *convicted* of a crime or felony in a court of law first? Any lawyers in the house to confirm/clarify this?

    • Greg Hunter

      Check the records, Nixon was pre-pardoned before any charges for Water Gate.

      • Macray

        As Greg has pointed out, President Ford set a legal precedent regarding this matter when he issued a blanket pardon to Pres. Nixon for any crimes he may have been committed prior to the pardon date. After the pardon was issued, all further investigations of President Nixon ceased.

  9. David

    Obama is still president until noon on Friday. I can see him waiting until 11:59 to announce his pardon of Hillary. And what about General James Cartwright? Here’s a guy who mishandled extremely sensitive information. Pardoned! What kind of message does this send?

    • Galaxy 500

      Uh…wrong. Paper work has to be processed and signed as allowed . If it was not provablely signed and executed by acceptance before his term expired …
      Null and void.

      • Frederick

        For somebody who believes 18 Arabs with box cutters destroyed 7 steel skyscrapers in NY with two airplanes you are not qualified to judge others 500 You’re either in denial or dumber than a box-o-rocks

  10. sam

    I thought Chelsea Manning’s release was a good thing?
    Now I’m confused. Didn’t he send the info to wikileaks?

    • Galaxy 500

      Sure, if you consider helping getting our troops and allies killed by Terrorist. It was great. But then if you care about our troops, those that helped them find evil doers and protect America … then it ain’t so hot

      • GV

        what PROOF do you have that Manning caused the death of any one?

        Manning was a whistle blower just like Snowden, they BOTH exposed the crimes of this government

      • Frederick

        Most of those “evil doers” were and are in DC

    • lastmanstanding

      sam and others…Barry doesn’t give a damn about how many were killed or who it was, his reason for IT’S pardon was to SHOVE more of the transgender BS into your FACE and down your throat.

      Nothing more.

  11. Tommy

    Message to Uncle Joe…the progressive democratic world order is collapsing with or without Donald Trump. But when it does collapse I’m sure glad that we’ll have Trump as president as opposed to Clinton. Change is coming, most definitely. I wish that the Republicans would embrace the 1994 Contract with America. Now that would be good change.

  12. sam

    The rot set in many years ago with the infiltration
    As explained its impossible for people so controlled by the media to wake up
    Useful idiots
    Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job

  13. Chip

    Greg, this CNN hit piece is completely out of bounds! Imagine if Fox had done something like this before Obama was inaugurated in 2009??? They cheated, subverted the election process by giving Hilary questions in advance, now they advocate a terrorist attack during the inauguration!

    it’s time to reject hollyweird… we need to start a national boycott against hollyweird, espn, the clinton news network, and a few others. it’s time to throw down, no more mister nice guy or live and let live. the left is not going to let us live and let live so let’s start a nationwide movement to turn the tide on these pricks and put them out of existence…

    • Greg Hunter

      And according to the president of CNN News their credibility is higher than ever!! Classic stupid leadership.

  14. Charles Turner

    At Davos the Soris’s of this world are petrified that their one world order will start crumbling. But one question that hasn’t really been discussed is, ‘can America go it alone?’

    America represents 22% of the entire GDP of the world. It has its own banking, energy, manufacturing, military, pharmaceuticals, services, holiday destination for both sun and snow and agriculture.

    America also has a huge debt it owes countries like China. If America pulled the plug on the rest of the world, reneged on all its external and internal debts, restructured around its own economy, it would devastate the rest of the world and implode places like China .

    Trump is a business man and if America was a business he would be looking at how he could legally wipe out the debt, gain a competitive advantage and then relaunch a stronger and more sustainable economy with severely weakened rivals.

    In the short term this would severely effect people standard of living because they could no longer rely on more debt. In the longer term it could revitalise full employment and manufacturing. Surely this must have crossed Trumps mind.

    I would really appreciate some of the deep thinkers to give their opinions on this.

    • Robert Lykens

      Charles, President Trump wants to cut federal spending by 20%, renegotiate NAFTA and get out of the TPP. He also wants to cut the tax burden on small businesses.
      I don’t know if he’ll get that much, but you have to believe he wants to turn America’s economy back into a dynamo.
      If we can get our economy moving again and get Big Nanny Government out of the way, we can repay our debt and as President Trump said in his inaugural address, “bring back our wealth”!

  15. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great Inauguration Day wrap-up. The next few days should be interesting. A couple articles I read on this morning are germane:

    “Trump versus CIA”
    Things at CIA could take a major turn/twist, I sense a reorganization is coming, but maybe not that we will see. Maybe they’ll start keeping secrets again.
    “In Last Farewell, Russia Slams Obama Whose “Dumb” Actions “Claimed Tens Of Thousands Of Lives” ”
    Now that for a legacy Mr. O? More Russian fake news or a realistic assessment? I think the latter.

    Things are picking up on the border. ICE/Border Patrol are going to be allowed to do their jobs again, no more catch and release. The new sheriff is going to be good for morale.

    The next few weeks and “100 Days” should be great to watch.

    • Russ

      Fox News countdown clock is at T- 2 hours, 30 minutes.

      So who does he fire first?

    • Russ

      Couldn’t watch it live, but that’s why we have DVR’s — great speech by Trump and the guys he was talking about wasting & squandering so much are sitting right there.

      … “A new vision will govern our land”…

  16. francis m reps

    Dear Mr, Hunter, One error in your presentation about Manning; Manning’s lawyer pointed out that all information was about earlier operations and activities which did NOT endanger anyone. The Helicopter disclosure was his finest revelation.

    • Greg Hunter

      I will repost what I said to Richard:
      Thank you for your feedback. While manning did expose war crimes he also dumped massive amounts of secrets and documents that put our assets and Soldiers in the Middle East in harms way. While the perps of war crimes should have ben exposed and prosecuted, innocent soldiers and people helping us on the ground (assets) should not have been put at risk. As a reporter, I would have exposed the crimes and nothing else. Manning should have been selective like Snowden. As far as my emotion, you get what you get and I will not change. Thank you for being civil and we will have to agree to disagree on these points.

    • Galaxy 500

      The Helicopter was justified to fire on the guy painting something at them that had the same profile as a ManPad. You put your life on the line and see if you take a chance on getting a anti-aircraft missle enema for so set up.
      Me, I am going to light them up everytime. It was a great propaganda set up. It wasn’t a war crime.

      • GV

        our invasion of Iraq was a war of aggression, everything that followed was automatically a war crime

  17. Robert Peter Bailey

    I thought that this wrap-up was 10 out of 10 Greg, it would seem that the global elite
    and Obama, and the whole DNC are a bunch of dishonest human beings, and not
    One of them know and understand that. Their goals and plans are being watched
    and recorded and they can go no further then what’s really allowed by the God who made the whole Universe
    This is found in Daniel 4: 17; the whole NWO are being watched and Gods judgement will soon be given to them, especially to George Soros and to the Clintons. I would not to be in their shoes
    when divine wrath is given to them ! They
    will all receive the contents of what is written in Revelation 16.

    • susan

      You got it Robert and hopefully the rest of America will get it, too.

  18. al

    NO MORE 4TH OF JULY! Now it’s the 20TH OF JANUARY!
    Independence from enemies looking to control the U.S. like the RADICAL LAME STREAM PRESSTITUTES and their supporting criminal factions (Soros, DC, 3 letter agencies, and the German/England led E.U.)

    Greg, it’s rumored (and this is just a rumor) that when PRESIDENT TRUMP met with obama, he was asked to go light on him and his obvious multiple failures, in turn obama won’t pardon Hitlery. The crime family of Billie and Clide (aka the Clintons) are no longer profitable for the DC MAFIA and the liberal scum in DC are now looking at them as smelly and wretched refuse, fodder… road kill meat! But that’s true fodder for another day. LET’S CELEBRATE!
    I have a bottle of vintage champagne I kept for an extra special occasion. This is it!


  19. Richard

    USA Watchdog is one of my favorite news sources. BUT…here are 2 negative comments re: today’s WNW. 1) Bradley (Chelsea) Manning exposed the truth about USA and NATO war crimes, and therefore was a courageous patriot working to free us from the grip of the NWO. A “fair arbiter of the truth” should have at least acknowledged that. 2) I would prefer if Greg would get a little less emotional.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your feedback. While manning did expose war crimes he also dumped massive amounts of secrets and documents that put our assets and Soldiers in the Middle East in harms way. While the perps of war crimes should have ben exposed and prosecuted, innocent soldiers and people helping us on the ground (assets) should not have been put at risk. As a reporter, I would have exposed the crimes and nothing else. Manning should have been selective like Snowden. As far as my emotion, you get what you get and I will not change. Thank you for being civil and we will have to agree to disagree on these points.

      • GV

        compare Manning’s punishment (served 7 years in jail) versus that of General Petreus who got a slap on the wrist.

        like Gerald Celente says, we live in a neo-feudal society where the peasants get heavily punished but NO punishment for the political elites and the economic nobility

        • Greg Hunter

          Orders of magnitude of difference. Check the record.

    • David

      A lowly private in the military believes that he knows best (above all others), and then unilaterally releases an enormous amount of classified information. There’s nothing courageous nor patriotic in his actions.

      • GV

        oh, so General Petreus’ leak was OK?

        • David

          GV: He should have been thrown in jail.. along with Jim Cartwright. Any leak is totally unacceptable.

    • Russ

      I agree completely with Greg’s comments in his reply.

      While I don’t agree completely with what Julian Assange does, it can be argued that he is simply a reporter, reporting the information he is given. Bradley/Chelsea Manning OTOH violated an oath and exposed good things along with the bad; he used no discretion. An old friend of mine was exposed in one wikileak release (in a document stolen by Manning) and I know for a fact that what he was doing was in the national interest of the US. His work should not have been exposed in such a way; some secrets should be kept secret.

      Contrast what Manning did with Edward Snowden and how he picks and chooses what is released. I have a mixed opinion of Snowden because while he also violated his oath/contract, he has been careful about how and what has been released. My gut feeling is that he will negotiate a return to the US and a “fair” trial to completely clear the air. We’ll see what progresses. He speaks Russian now and can probably write in Cyrillic so his motivation to return may not be what we think.

      Back to Manning — he did harm to current ops by exposing people in the field that were still operational — people died. He should have been left right where he was, all hope abandoned.

      • Galaxy 500

        Nice post Russ. Hope your pal is ok. Bradley is guilty of treason and should have been executed. Snowden deserves a pardon.

      • David

        Snowden has released information that far exceeds his original stated justification regarding FISA. Moreover, he carried an incredible amount of highly classified material on a laptop. The Chinese and the Russians almost certainly imaged his hard drive. Snoden’s crime is far worse than Pvt. Manning.

        Again, a lowly tech (a contractor) decides he knows best and unilaterally steals and releases classified information. He had multiple levels in which to raise his concerns, and did not utilize any of them.

        • David

          Putin has allowed Snowden to remain in Russia to poke a stick in Obama’s eye. He’s nothing but a pawn between world superpowers. Putin might just turn Snowden over as a gesture of goodwill. An immediate win for the new administration, and another opportunity for Putin to poke Obama in the eye.

          An old Persian proverb: “Nothing is cheap for no reason”. They didn’t offer Snowden a temporary home because they believed in his cause.

          • Russ

            Good point, I haven’t kept up with releases from Snowden. And you are correct in that Snowden may not get a vote in whether, when or how he returns to the US.

      • GV

        why do we have “current ops”?

        as Gerald Celente says:
        1. bring the troops home
        2. seal the borders (NO illegal immigration)
        3. rebuild America

        NO foreign entanglements

  20. Keith wilson

    Greg,last year your guest Jonathan cahn,informed us all of the coming financial collapse.Something to do with the Shemitah prophecy.Is there any change you could have him back on for another interview.Give us further information,on his prophecy for 2017.Regarding trump.Israel,Syria,and any other things to watch out for in 2017.Is planet x,on his prophecy for 2017.Keith.

    • Greg Hunter

      I will try. He’s a tough get because he is in big demand.

      • Robert Lykens

        I second that request.

    • Robert Lykens

      Keith, if you haven’t already, go to YouTube and look up “Jonathan Cahn”. There are many videos you can watch.

  21. Bob

    Great summary and analysis Greg. What is most concerning to me is that the presidential election was so close – with the Democrat candidate so corrupt, tone deaf, and inept and the Obama administration such a disaster, it should have been a walk-over for the Republicans. Yet they nearly managed to blow it anyway – if not for the outsider poking his nose into the room, they would have. The combination of large numbers of low-information, lock-step voters and mealy-mouthed, gutless Republican leaders is a scary one and after the Dems and the media blame Trump for whatever goes wrong next, I say watch out in the upcoming election cycle. It’s one of those times when I hope I’m wrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      Do Not kid yourself. It was close because of massive voter and election fraud in “Blue” states. That too is going to change.

      • gregd

        I agree with you, Greg. All big dem. cities had overwhelming support and that’s where the cheating was done. That’s where they have the manpower to do the rigging. It’s to complicated and dangerous to also go to medium size cities, besides it to expensive.
        Many of my friends that were supporters of Clinton said they wouldn’t be voting. They hated both.

    • Robert Lykens

      Bob, here’s another take –
      – With the Democrats controlling the “bully pulpit”
      – With popular, recognizable celebrities cheering for Hillary and denouncing Trump
      – With the leftist media controlling the airwaves in this country

      In my opinion it should have been a runaway victory for the Democrats. I’m very encouraged that the American people took it upon themselves to elect Trump.

      • Bob

        Several points in response:
        1) Voter and election fraud will always be with us and have become almost accepted as just part of the election process. Until we have real voter ID requirements everywhere, Dems will continue to skew the vote with tombstone ballots and other such methods.
        2) The plaintive chorus from the celebs doesn’t worry me nearly so much as the lack of interest in events typical of the man in the street. Most folks are decent and common-sensical, but their awareness of what is going on around them, especially in the areas of world events, foreign relations, and the economy are downright spooky. Evidence the videos of random interviewees on the sidewalk who choose the candy bar over the ounce of silver or gold. How many can even name their own Congressman?
        3) Point well taken re the airwaves. Not until this election did I fully appreciate the power of the media to shape people’s opinions. And I’ve been thinking about that for a long time – back in 1969 a book titled “All the News That Fits” addressed the bias of the New York Times. I suspect the left wont give up this fight easily.
        4) It is easy to become complacent in victory – remember the Chris Mathews crowd crowing that “the Republican Party is dead for 40 years” after Obama was first elected. There is not much distance between confident satisfaction and smug condescension, and I fear that some of those who are dancing today won’t be showing up in the trenches tomorrow. Defending liberty has a cost.
        5) The other side is like rust: it does not sleep or give up. ETERNAL vigilance is required. I’m not convinced that’s obvious to a culture that pays basketball players a hundred times what it pays teachers, that values ‘Dancing with the Stars’ way above reading a book, that essentially ignores someone in high office committing treason while incarcerating multitudes who have no pull, that fails to see the difference between democracy and republic (if we were a democracy, Hillary would be president.)
        My concern for our country is still there, even if the air breaths a bit better today than it did last week.

        • Robert Lykens

          Right Bob, the air does breathe better today than yesterday. You made some good points.

          • susan

            Keep praying folks!

          • Bob

            Yes, and I hope it will have an even sweeter aroma after the Supreme Court nominee is named. Now if the President would just ask, er, make that beg, for the return of the Churchill bust from Great Britain and make sure it is attached PERMANENTLY to the White House I’ll be be smiling even more, despite my embarrassment at leaving the ‘e’ off of ‘breathe.’ To our UK brothers, that incident underlined the arrogant blindness of the last guy and humiliated those of us Americans who consider WC to be the greatest leader of the 20th century.

      • Charles Turner

        In Europe every major news organization lined up against Trump. In fact the UK debated banning him in FULL parliament for Hate Speech. ( That is our elected house with 650 representatives). The only news sources that weren’t against him was RT in Russia, but their criticism of Hillary was a whimper compared to the hatred for Trump from the British Press. Trump was even discussed in schools and my 13 year old daughter came back one day hating him ( she has studied the Nazis at school and she has never come back hating Hitler). He was set up as a rapist, psychopath and someone that would lead the world into war. I think this all massively swung votes in Hillary’s favor. If I supported Trump in any conversation in the UK, most people reacted with abhorrence. It was only the people that would listen and I was able to go through each argument about Hillary that they saw another point of view. Yes we don’t know who released Hillary’s emails, but I am pretty sure the Democratic party had the Donald Trump video and then launched it at a time when they thought it could do maximum damage. ( Was this not intended to swing votes to Hillary). The thing is that both the Trump video and Hillary’s emails were true. Democracy should be happy that both were exposed so people could make the decisions based on the policies put forward to them.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Another way to look at it:

      “His campaign committee spent $321.9 million through late November, compared with Clinton’s $564.9 million spend. That comes out to about $1.05 million spent per Trump electoral vote, versus about $2.43 million spent per Clinton electoral vote.”

      The medias’ biggest mistake was probably giving Trump so much free airtime believing him to be the un-electable ‘pied piper candidate’.

    • Galaxy 500

      Perhaps if there is a solvent MSM in the next election cycle, they can blame Trump. But as Greg says quoting God, “Fear not.”
      No one believe the MSM, and that is not going to change.

  22. Elusive Joseph

    A great day, today, for the USA.

    Pray for Trump, his family and the USA.

    • Greg Hunter


    • Paul ...

      Now finally Americans can lock their doors and keep a gun for protection … Obama’s open borders and gun confiscation policies was just too much for even the dumbed down Americans to swallow (as they knew it just wasn’t right for them to leave the doors to their home open at night for thieves to enter and not even have a gun for protection when those crooks entered)!!

  23. The Downes

    Thank you always. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU The Downes!

  24. JCD

    Greg you were right all along about Hillary. Now the question is will she be prosecuted ?

    • Robert Lykens

      This doesn’t rule out a prosecution but during his confirmation hearing the new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, agreed to recuse himself if charges were brought against Hillary.

  25. Chuck Reid

    Love the graphic associated with this article: “The End Of An Error”. How appropriate!

    Thanks Greg!

  26. NIKKI

    Hi Greg,
    Poetry you will absolutely enjoy.
    Have a good laugh (I sure did) you deserve it !

    • Greg Hunter

      Loved it Nikki!!!
      “Suck on this snowflakes.”

  27. Diane D.

    Good riddance to Marxists Obama and Witch Michelle.

    I wish I could share the optimism about Trump. Being a constitutional conservative, I never had a dog in the fight. I’ll pray for Trump.

    • Galaxy 500

      So you did not vote? Wow
      You actually did have a dog in the fight, America. If you failed to vote, you supported evil.

      • WD

        Thanks G500 voted for the first time in years…registered on last possible day!

      • Diane D.

        G500, being 72 I was likely voting before you were even born. It won’t be long before no one will be left who remembers what we have lost.

        You speak of America as if it still exists. Our Founding Fathers would disagree with you. As Thomas Jefferson explained to those quick to compromise the Constitution, “An elective despotism was not the government we fought for” .

        • JC Davis

          If no one else says it. Thank you Diane D. God loves you and so do I. Being right is a perception by those who judge us or we Stand . Stand is what you have done all your life. God bless you sister.

        • JC Davis

          Diane D I would hope to know what you have forgotten.

        • Charles H

          I’d say – you are one beautifully patriotic 72, Diane D. Because of the sinful, human condition: I doubt ANY government can not be corrupted and remain as it’s founders intended. Wherever a pot of authority or wealth opens – too many fingers get to that pie for the wrong reason.

  28. Ron Spoonemore

    There is no longer a real Democratic Party. Just a few radicals claiming to democrats.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dems lost their core, and that was blue collar workers. Trump took them away!!

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, a new party is in the making & the democrats and the republicans don’t realize it. They think the republican party has come into power again but in fact Trump is not one of them either, he is a populist and rightly so, its about time. As for me, its been 50 years of the same 0 same 0; all talk and no action fat cats ripping off the middle class. “The times they are a changing …”. Trump! p.s. love the cartoon!

        • gregd

          I think Trumps statements and plans are pure Republican. I believe the other so called party is the Globalist from both parties, Mc Cain, Graham, Clinton and Obama as well as many others. I believe the globalists will go away if all campaigns were public funded. Nobody talks about it anymore on TV or in the newspapers.

    • Robert Lykens

      – 1034 Democrat seats (US Senate, US House, Governorships and State Legislatures) lost under Obama
      – 32 State Legislatures are completely controlled by Republicans
      – 33 Governors are Republicans
      – The Democrat Party is next to extinct in the south, with ALL State Legislatures fully controlled by Republicans and ALL Governorships except one in the hands of Republicans.
      – Trump will nominate a conservative to fill the ninth Supreme Court seat
      – Justices Ginsburg, Kennedy and Breyer are ages 83, 80 and 78 respectively. Trump may have the chance to stack the deck in the Supreme Court with four justices.

      A liberal website, Politico, wrote a recent article admitting that the Democrat Party is “in the wilderness”, without any rescue in sight.
      A very uplifting read if you’re a conservative.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Seems to be a ridiculous system that Sanders and Trump had to pretend to be Democrat and Republican respectively in order to have a chance of getting elected. The Republican and Democrat parties seem to be redundant anachronisms.

      If I was eligible to vote I would probably have voted Jill Stein but she turned out to be a Clinton stooge. Both minority parties are rubbish. Gary Johnson didn’t even know what Aleppo was. How is this possible???

      I hope Trump sees the economic benefits of renewable energy despite his skepticism.
      Irrespective on your view of global warming renewable energy is:
      A technology which will continue to become more efficient, unlike fossil fuels.
      Less polluting.
      able to be stored with increasing capacity of battery storage
      Price competitive with coal
      Provides a form of energy not dependent on other countries.

      Trump should not turn his back on renewable energy as it is just beginning to be economically viable. I am fed up of breathing in pollution all the time!

      • Galaxy 500

        You would have voted Stein, a communist?
        Thank God for eligibility rules. We have enough people with ID10T errors

  29. Doug Krause

    Hello Greg
    Yes God is indeed in charge…good wrap…cheers Doug
    Not sure how that Mercedes snuck in amongst those black chevys at president Trumps swearing in, must belong to CNN…

  30. Tin foil hat

    I look at the sales of American Eagle for the past 30 years. Whenever sales exceeded 600,000 oz. a year, serious trouble ensued from the results of nervous people who seeked safety in gold.

    1986 was 1,788,000 oz.
    1987 was 1,253,000 oz.

    1997 was 771,000 oz.
    1998 was 1,840,000 oz.
    1999 was 2,055,000 oz. !!!!!
    The euro came into existence on January 01, 1999.
    Nasdaq peaked in March 2000 at 5,470.
    911 happened on Sept. 11, 2001.

    2008 was 860,000 oz.
    2009 was 1,435,000 oz.
    2010 was 1,220,000 oz.
    2011 was 1,000,000 oz.
    2012 was 753,000 oz.
    2013 was 856,000 oz.
    2014 was 525,000 oz.
    2015 was 800,000 oz.
    2016 was 985,000 oz.

    Will SDR take center stage in 2017?
    Nasdaq is at all-time high 5,560.
    I suspect 2017 will exceed 1,000,000 oz.

  31. bastiat

    Exactly what would have been a pre-pardon?
    “I absolve X of anything they may be convicted of in the future, pertaining to anything they may have done in the past”?
    I would guess it would have to be more specific than this, but wouldn’t it be all but admitting that X is guilty of a specific crime? If there’s really no guilt, there would be no need for such a pardon, right?

    • Greg Hunter

      Nixon was pre-pardoned with out being charged with a crime.

      • Macray

        Q- “I would guess it would have to be more specific than this”

        A – No it wouldn’t.

        Q- “but wouldn’t it be all but admitting that X is guilty of a specific crime”?

        A – Yes

        Q- “If there’s really no guilt, there would be no need for such a pardon, right”?

        A – Right

      • wondrouscat

        Maybe that kind of pardon is, or should be, only for a retiring President – so that the country does not suffer the prosecution of an (ex) President, which as I remember, was the reasoning for why Ford did that.

      • gregd

        Is it possible he was pre-pardoned because Ford was coming into the presidency, not on his way out? So if there were charges Ford would still be there.

        • Greg Hunter

          In a word, NO.

  32. Merv

    //1. What 99.9% of the investors don’t see… If Trump cuts government spending by 12 trillion over 10 years that he said he will, that could also indicate that the Wall Street QE/heroin will cease! Stock Markets should be pricing this all in by immediately crashing 50-75%. In order to get that paltry 2% GDP growth per year the national debt has to double every eight years – this is the new standard, anything less and Wall Street ‘gets it’!! TRUMP PLANS ON CUTTING GOVT SPENDING BY MULTI-TRILLIONS, this gutting of the economy will cost trillions, cost millions of jobs!! //2. Headline: TRUMP IS BRINGING THOUSANDS OF JOBS BACK… HOW MUCH DID HE “GREASE THE WHEEL?” HOW MUCH DID THE TAXPAYER HAVE TO PAY??? These job repatriation from foreign corporation promises that Trump has recently secured, HOW MUCH DID THESE PROMISES COST THE US TAXPAYER? Will the US taxpayer have to basically pay the wages of these new jobs in order to get the corporations to come back to the US? I’m certain these corporations won’t come back unless they get billions from the taxpayer in concession!! //3. As a lifelong conservative I see Trump as just another train wreck, he is not one of us. The thing to do is to declare war on the central bank by defaulting on our debt and eliminating the Fed, I don’t think Trump has any balls, he is a dealer and what is terrible is “Trump the Magnificent” is spending OPM, the taxpayers money – what should he care. Trump will try to please everyone, but what he really is doing is kicking the can, keeping the status quo of central banksterism alive. This is going to be one hell of a train wreck.

    • Galaxy 500

      Trump the Magnificent. The money that the government spends is TAX dollars. Do you know where those come from?
      So people get to keep money instead of sending it to cover government parasites watching porn all day or plotting how to subvert out freedom or further subjugate us.
      I love.

    • Frederick

      Mere I didn’t hear him say that he was going to cut spending by that figure What he did say is he is going to slash the number of useless eaters on the govt payroll by 20 percent and I only wish he would cut 50 percent to be honest I finally found something that I agree with 500 on Imagine that

  33. Dan S.

    He didn’t pardon Hillary because she has to be charged with something. Hopefully Trump will charge her and a few hundred others like her – that should drain the swamp.

    • Charles H

      A secret pardon doesn’t have to be revealed until needed. Call it a – ‘get-out-of-jail-Trump-card’.

  34. andyb

    Greg: I have always considered you to be one of the foremost truth tellers in all of the media, not just the alt/internet information distributors. But I have to differ with you on your characterization of Manning as a traitor. He/she exposed US war crimes which are just as important to know about in a true democracy as Snowden’s revelations. There is no proof, actually, that assets died as a result. Further, it is fairly obvious that Manning has “issues”, and endured deprivations and subtle torture (cruel and unusual punishment) while in prison, and that the 35 year sentence was way over-the-top, compared to other examples. Whistle blowers in matters exposing fraud, malfeasance, or war crimes are not traitors.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Andy, your point is well made and well taken, but Manning was not selective. Manning dumped massive amounts of secrets that put our assets and soldiers in harms way. That is a fact. Snowden was selective. Manning should have just revealed the crimes committed. We will have to agree to disagree on this fact.

  35. Robert Lykens

    Greg, I stated on your previous post that I believe 9/11 was carried out by muslim terrorists without any link to the US government, and that I believe the theories attributing the attacks to the US government and Israel are the worst kind of conspiracy theories. I expected to be attacked for that statement and I was.

    Now I’d like to post a link to a website which debunks all the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11. The site takes the theories one by one and answers them in great detail.

    I’ll bet that individuals who latched onto the conspiracy theories probably base their entire beliefs on WTC 7, the smaller building that underwent a secondary collapse. I believe they have never bothered to seek an explanation for what happened because their personal prejudices make them eager to blame the US government and Israel.

    It’s easy to lay the blame for troubles at the doorstep of someone you hate personally and it’s difficult to admit when you’re wrong about that blame. It takes a mature, sober individual to own up to having jumped to a conclusion without researching the facts.

    Let’s see if, after having read the explanations for the 9/11 mysteries, anyone can debunk the explanations with any degree of reason.

    • Greg Hunter

      While I do not think that Israel did the bombing, I think sources inside the U.S. either knew about and ignored the threat or helped with the attack. Here’s the best video I have seen on Building 7 which WAS NOT STRUCH by the jets that hit Tower #1 and Tower #2 of the World Trade Center.

      • Robert Lykens

        Greg, I implore you, PLEASE go to the site I linked and read the very extensive explanation for Bldg 7. Every possible question about it is answered.
        I promise you, it will change your mind.

        • Greg Hunter

          You could not have watched this video:

          • Robert Lykens

            I’ll watch it over the weekend and get back to you.
            By the way, in answer to your reply below –
            I was cheering too, and clapping and crying when THAT NAME was declared at the beginning of the Trump presidency.
            Greg, there’s a lot to dislike about Trump, but I truly believe that he intends to accomplish all the things he’s promised, and that he does want to “make America great again”!
            I will be praying for him, his family, his administration and America.
            May God turn the hearts of the American people back to Himself.

        • Frederick

          False flag No doubt about it Whoever did it benefited so follow the money Neocons in our own govt most likely with VERY competent operatives with access to the buildings I worked in the building in the 80s and also went there for a field trip while studying architecture so I know a lot about the buildings structure The official story is a sham

          • Pinocchio

            Twin Towers were the strongest skyscrappers in this solar system. They can only be demolished by using nuclear detonations. Nelson Rockefeller (governor of New York) understood this very well and made the nuclear demolition scheme for skyscrappers legal in New York State, and so it is legal in the entire USA.

            Long live Rockefellers !!!!

            Long live NWO !!!!

      • JMiller


        I agree completely with what you have said here. That is what I have believed for a number of years.

    • This sceptred Isle

      What I don’t understand is that any damage to the support columns would be asymmetrical. In order to get a completely symmetrical collapse surely all the support columns in the towers would have to be damaged simultaneously in the same way. This becomes even more unlikely in the case of building 7 as the fires would have caused uneven damage throughout the building.

    • Galaxy 500

      911 was a simple attack, yet one of the most devastating one. It was moslems with box cutters. The sheer lunacy of that causes people to look these great phony complex plans.

      • This sceptred Isle

        people like you and Robert only view the world in black and white. Learn to see the shades of grey. Life is more complex than you are currently perceiving.

        • Robert Lykens

          Come on TSI, no need for denigrations. Let’s talk as respectful individuals who each can have a legitimate opinion, not as adversaries who insist that everyone believes as they do. That’s too much like Clinton/Obama/Pelosi.

    • RTW

      Probably the greatest bit of damning evidence proving that 911 did not occur as the story indicated was a slide show presented at a NFPA conference in Chicago just a few years ago. One of the speakers had given his presentation, which had nothing to do with 911 and he then told his audience that he had photos taken at the Pentagon on that day. If they wanted to see them, they could stay and if not, they were free to go. The pictures were generally the same ones that were published after the event until he put up a picture showing the entire tail section of an airplane sticking out of the building. Does anyone remember seeing that? I don’t, because it didn’t happen. I had 6 fire service publications from that time and not one photo showed a plane. I remember that they had a hard time producing any plane parts at all. When they finally produced something, military personnel identified it as the motor from a cruise missile. So, that pathetic photo showing the tail section was obviously photo shopped and being circulated to placate us “truthers”.

    • lastmanstanding

      Read the long one…then get back to me.

  36. Robert Lykens

    It’s a few seconds after noon 1/20/17. I just watched live as Trump was inaugurated.

    Where are the conspiracy theorists who swore that would never happen?

    • This sceptred Isle

      You were correct in predicting Trump would be inaugurated. However, there WAS a conspiracy to try to overturn the election result at the electoral college vote. I don’t think that anyone made the prediction that Trump wouldn’t be inaugurated, just that there would be an attempt to subvert the election results. The fact that the attempt failed miserably doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a conspiracy.

      • Robert Lykens

        I’ve seen PLENTY of posts stating that Obama would NEVER leave office; he would instigate some false-flag event and declare martial law to stay in office.

    • JCD

      Well I for one will admit I said America would not see another president like a real president for the people. We will see if I am wrong. This is one time I hope to be wrong. Trump has not performed and works of real change yet.

      • Robert Lykens

        JCD, I’m optimistic. I absolutely loved Trump’s inaugural address.

    • Galaxy 500

      One from else where owes me a silver eagle. He bet me that there would never be an election.
      I am a little disappointed about how some believe in these impossible complex conspiracy theories like Bldg 7 was a controlled demo but when you factor in the amount of prep, explosives and stuff, they say it was done. It would have been physical impossible to set it up and someone not notice enough to say something. 911 was not NYC’s first terror rodeo.
      If you believe Bldg 7 was a controlled demolition, which is not only folly but foolish in my opinion, then you have to believe that we (America) was complicated. It is beyond the realms of possibilities it could have been rigged afterwards. And for what? Supposedly to destroy documents about stealing trillions of dollars. Financial documents are always duplicated and stored multiple locations. But let’s suspend reality for a sec and just say that the only copies were some where in WTC. So these devious bastards could not destroy the docs by fire or better yet, just steal them, or even contaminate them with black mold or anthrax. Naw, that would make too sense and been too realistic. They had to destory the whole building.
      Robert, you can not argue with people that believe these things, they want to point to a video where a guy make claims about termite when the require thermite to bring the building down would be in the high hundreds of tonnes. Then they point to who signed and their credentials. Really? That precludes them hating America and Bush and wanting to destroy our country? Not our academia. The only, and I mean only people that lie more than main stream media are those in academia. I have tried to reproduce several areas of research in college the first time. Papers published in renowned storied Journals of Science amd every single one with out fail was phony, manipulated and made up. Just like climate science, or in search of ancient astronauts or super secert bases in Antarctica where every single ounce of fuel and food has to be flown in on flights that are easily tracked from the outside of the airport. Does not mean that it is beyond the realm of possibility that I am wrong, and I sure am interested in seeing Greg interview him but I rule it out reality before I see it. Why? Because I can do basic math, understand basic physically realities, have a good scientific foundation and while I hope for FTL travel, cold fusion and transporters, we just are not close to understanding God’s creation to do that yet. Well, we can transport a photon . I am from MO, show me.
      Hey, the French guy made a fortune claiming we did 911 and now a guy is being taken seriously for a secret base in Antarctica. We barely have a foothold in Antarctica today, even with our technology. The Nazis, they froze to death in a much warmer Artic. Do you have any idea how much we spend, to keep our little shoe string operation going down their?
      Oh, but they have satellite images. And I have Adobe Photoshop, you want a pyramid in the jungle, or even on Mars. I can do it. And a buddy’s wife is skilled enough to make it believable. I still laugh at that when people want to claim something on Mars is indicative of this or that. Oh, look at the face on the anceint pyramid to the monkey god on Mars.
      We don’t have enought tech to really know and your life expectancy is longer there on Mars with a 45 minute O2 supply than it is in normal cloths in Antarctic.
      The human mind is a signal processor. In the absence of signals or with conflicting signals , it makes its own sense often and provablely incorrect . Like the record run backwards that people claim to hear something Satanic. Try writing the words of “Blinded by the Light” in one single attempt. Or see a face in empty shadows. Or a building falling by complex impossible conspiracies because you refuse the reality of simple evil.
      I have too much trouble trying to cope with real things than worrying about otherwise reasonable people believing silly things. I believe in a few silly things myself.
      I just don’t believe in complex conspiracies because the sheer complexity means it is impossible to be real, or the secert societies and multi- generaltional conspiracies. For some reason, people are more inclined to believe ridiculously complex conspiracies over simpler and much more likely ones. One of my best friends is a senior captain flying trans Pacific. He was a pilot on 911. He said that the theory of guys with Flight officer uniforms getting in jump seats and then using box cutters was simple and believable. Security sees the uniform and didn’t really check his document when he flys jump, why would they be checking everybody elses thoroughly? But then that is a realist assessment by a carrer pilot who spent his life in and around these situations. But then that is so simple, so insanely simple, the simple banality of evil, people become fearful and they have to rationalize it away (must have been them joos, they rule the world) or they become paralized by fear. If this can happen, then what if … so it has to be this grand conspiracy between the CIA, those evil Jooos, and throw in some missing government money. And I spoke to demolition expert about the so-called Building 7 control demolition. He calls it BS and I believe him. He was a master at his trade. Again, going for the facts.
      People can not keep secrets, the more complex something is, the more apt it is to fail, even on a good day , that is a fact. And it is a mathematically provable one. It is mathematically provable as is the unlikely-hood of conspiracies. Do people group for benefit. Hell yes. But people that do this are inherently untrustworthy, even with each other, probably expecially with each other. They worship greed and averious. Evil is seldom a good partner, even to other evil.

      • Frederick

        What a long winded bunch of nonsense

      • This sceptred Isle

        How did all the support columns become damaged simultaneously, causing a symmetrical collapse? Fires would cause asymmetrical damage. Please answer this question.

        • JC Davis


          • JC Davis

            I should have said you nailed it

        • Robert Lykens

          Give me a link for evidence. Meanwhile, you look at this link:

          I promise we can continue this into the next post.

          • lastmanstanding

            Robert, I left you the link above.

            James Corbett of the Corbett Report has produced mountains of info on 911. James was the protégé of the late/great Bob Chapman “The International Forecaster.” In fact, Bob used to recommend and discuss issues with Melody of Discount Gold and Silver list here at USAWD.

            The coincidences of all of the 911 info leading to a handful of arabs with box cutters is bs. I’ll have to leave it at that for now.

            It saddens me deeply that G500 has taken the gub story hook, line and sinker.

      • lastmanstanding

        …and throw in some missing government money. Wow.

        • JC Davis

          Gold transport truck hiding in a tunnel.

      • Robert Lykens

        G500, I have yet to view the video Greg linked to. I’ve been busy all weekend with taxes. I also linked to a site that claimed to answer all 9/11 conspiracy theories.
        I have a feeling this will bleed over into Greg’s next post on Sunday.
        All I can say at this point is that I’m keeping an open mind.

        I’d like to see the best evidence that can be produced for a US or US/Israeli conspiracy. Will anyone post a link or links that they think can convince me of a conspiracy?

      • RTW

        You know what happens to people who can’t keep a secret? You get put in a faulty helicopter like those members of seal team 6 (post bin laden) or you are sent for “fast rope training” like a couple of FBI agents who fell to their deaths, after witnessing something they couldn’t stomach. Coincidences? I think not.

      • Bill

        Galaxy must be a politician

        • Greg Hunter

          No he’s not. I know him and he is a good man.

    • RTW

      You’re comparing apples to oranges here. THINKING something is going to happen and actually analyzing the evidence AFTER an event has taken place are two entirely different things. The former is a prediction and the latter is reality.

  37. Tin foil hat

    Doug Eberhardt is a 30 year investment professional and the author of the book “Buy Gold and Silver Safely”. He is also a broker selling gold and silver coins.
    I’m sure he will be more than happy to be your guest since he has a soon to be released book “Illusions of Wealth”.

  38. Tommy

    Stardate 2017.20 1200 hours.
    Finally! President Donald Trump!!

  39. Robert Lykens

    Dr. Franklin Graham did it. He did it! He publicly prayed for President Trump and America IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!!!!!
    How long has it been since that Name was spoken over a President?

    This is a new day, a good day!

    • Greg Hunter

      I was cheering!!!! Screaming AMEN!!!!!! They got the 45th off correctly in the eyes of God the Father!!!!!!!

    • Tin foil hat

      Robert Lykens,
      Dr. Franklin Graham and the rabbi walked right over to Trump after they were finished and totally ignored the Muslim. That was one of the best moments in the inauguration.
      The whole family looks great. I can’t help being shallow but every one of them, especially Molania and Ivanka, looks great.

      • JCD

        TFH I said today how Trump has a great bunch of people around him. Like no other.

      • Robert Lykens

        Hey Tin, you’re no more shallow than me. Looking good is looking good.

    • Galaxy 500

      Wasn’t he great?

      • Robert Lykens

        Like I said above, I was clapping, cheering and crying all at the same time.

  40. Doug

    And the best thing is… yahoo news saying, ” The Clinton Foundation is dead.” Shut down, closed and the writer saying what Greg was saying all along about it. GOOD READ.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Doug.

    • Robert Lykens

      Doug, 10-4!!!

  41. Joe

    Outstanding report by Greg!

    But it is outrageous that those fake news people like Meagain Kelly make tens of millions while Greg makes Taco Bell money. It just shows how sick this society is!

    • Greg Hunter

      Taco Bell is good and honest.

  42. conrad

    A breath of reality based fresh air with no delusions. President Obama has left the building; he wasn’t the anti-Christ, but he was a virus. The Church must reject untempered mortar as the Country seeks re-definition juxtaposed with the controversy God has with us. Trump has much to learn, we can’t flip a light switch but we can shine our lights, and be ready.

    • Galaxy 500

      Not the anti-christ? No, but the 0bamachrist is a high minion of Satan.

  43. Deanna Johnston Clark

    As a Catholic I was very suspicious of Dolan’s talk…somewhat pagan in phrasing and no mention of Jesus in any way. Was he sending a message? I’m sure many Christians around the world took note of it. Creepy, actually.
    I didn’t want to be negative because I loved the inauguration, including the Obamas’ graceful exit. Unlike most here, I liked Obama and will miss his calm ways…though I never voted for him and hate those bloody corporate wars.

  44. Robert Lykens

    Without question, one of the greatest sights of my almost 60 years is the image of the helicopter carrying Barack Hussein Obama, the muslim illegal alien, away from Washington DC.

    Did you notice in his inaugural address, President Trump spoke the words “radical Islamic terrorism” – which in eight years Barack Hussein Obama never had the honesty to do?

  45. ED1

    After watching the inauguration of Donald Trump I was well pleased to see Obama sitting behind him listening to the speech. What few times the camera was on Obama, I rejoiced at the look on his face. He finally had to sit there and listen to a speech as Trump slammed events of the pasts in front of the whole world. In my opinion it was the only thing Obama has ever done right. It also nearly brought tears to my eyes to listen to Trump and a Rabi, along with two pastors, preaching in front of the entire world to hear. I gave thanks to our Father above for that.

    I feel very patriotic today, which is something that has slipped away from me for a long time…..about eight years as a matter of fact. The Donald has a lot of work to do and many enemies to go head to head with. I doubt he will be able to do all he has said he would do, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Only our Lord God Almighty knows how this all will play out, but our prayers wouldn’t hurt a thing.

  46. Gadfly


    There is a very good DVD Drama at Netflix called “The Fourth Reich”. I wondered what it was about at first. Then I found out at the end of the movie just before the credits: About 9,000 high level NAZI Officers slipped-out of Germany to South America at the close of WWII, presumably transported by an unknown number of “unaccounted” German U-Boats.

    The implication is they planned their exit long before Berlin Fell and Hitler committed suicide. I am pretty sure Antarctica was not a climate much to their liking either. You are in the right hemisphere though. Close, but no cigar Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      I never said Hitler went to Antarctica.

      • Gadfly

        No, and neither did I. However, according to the producers of the 4th Reich, 9,000 high level NAZI’s escaped to South America in 1945 ( Not Antarctica). Its not uncommon for networked individuals to emulate each other ( Visit the same place(s)). Perhaps Antarctica was a rendezvous point for politicos like President Obama this past Summer ( Sure not in their Winter). Small World, for sure.

        Let’s see what intrigues your guest spins down south this Weekend. Probably very entertaining in the least. Hopefully less goofy than your other guest, Cliff High. He is way…… out there with Aliens and High Tech in the Ice. Twilight Zone stuff.

        • Galaxy 500

          It is not a really good rally point. Plane spotters track every single plane that goes that way.
          Why did John Kerry go? Because he wanted too and he knew if he did not take the trip while 0bama was in power he’d never get there.

  47. Charles H


    Perhaps the word you are looking for is: IMPARTIAL. (not partial or biased; fair)

    The eventual outcome of those who have been indoctrinated AWAY from Absolutes – standards, ideals, morals, values, you-name-it: automatically place them in the long, wide, and deep domain of Subjective-ism – where YOU decide what is right or true. To twist, misrepresent, bite at the heels or snipe at those perceived as contrary or adversarial is without criteria to judge or question; as they as just as ‘right’ as you are, and a sight more in their eyes too. Those who live in this psychological and moral morass of half-truths, lies, and changing criteria are perjured souls, who must abandon conscience to accommodate unreasoning purpose – while posturing superiority only through hypocrisy. Having not learned to be teachable as children: they are unreachable as adults. And this irony is too thick to swallow for those oldsters who know better. Propaganda? – it’s the new true.

  48. Deep Deep&Creepy

    To All Protesters At The Inauguration
    To all Woman/ March on Washington

    It Wasn’t Trump’s Fault!

    Read it hear and weep, sometimes the TRUTH hurts!
    Trump, Russia, Clinton, the art of misdirection.
    When a conclusion is largely based on belief and not verifiable facts, you have possible misdirection at play, writes Rob Enderle.

    Russia and the DNC – just the facts!
    Now here are the facts. The Democratic National Committee was breached. WikiLeaks got the information from the breach and released it starting prior to the end of the of the democratic party primary. This release surfaced Democratic National Committee activity indicating they were working against Bernie Sanders in violation of its own rules. The head of the Democratic National Committee was fired. These are all undisputed facts. If it wasn’t for the corruption of the Democratic party Bernie Sanders could have been president and Uncle Joe Biden most probably would have.
    So please don’t Blame the Russkie’s or the folks in flyover country. Least of all you cant blame the Trumpster. He just wants to make sure we all don’t wind up in corruptions dumpster. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power does corrupt absolutely.

    So to the deep creeps of our shadow government, the Deep State. George Soros, Kagans, Bill Crystal, Linseed Graham, John McCain and our LFI, [the Leftest Intelligence Agency]. [Please try to get back into the Central] and leave our leftest media alone so they can start giving us po folks out here the unvarnished truth. We aren’t as dumb, or as fat as we look! You don’t have to talk down at us but to us. We want to believe you.
    Donald J. Trump is our highwayman, lets help him steel back our country!

  49. FreeOregon

    If the Clinton’s liquidate The Clinton Foundation, why not distribute the net assets to the poor?

    • Galaxy 500

      They can not keep the money. It will be interesting to see where they try to put it.

  50. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Is there a list online of all the 200+ people Obama granted clemency to? I suspect Manning was included to distract from someone else. Or maybe the sheer volume was intended to hide something. (Something other than Manning because that case is way too high profile.)

    • Galaxy 500

      Where did you get 200? The total is 1715.

      • JCD

        G500 do you have the list ?

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        The 1715 is for his entire time in office. I’m talking about the last batch which was 200+.

        • JC Davis

          He did not get the (plus) part D. Respect .

  51. Anthony Australia

    I feel America will get back on track quickly but here in Australia we are commencing a 10 year downward spiral.

  52. Mark Tipping




    YES – A LIAR

    you could prove that a multitude of ways

    but the easiest way (I think) is shown HERE

    THIS proves deception !!!!


    RUSH: One Of The Hillary Collapsing Videos Is FAKE!



    Hillary Clinton Collapsing Was A Hoax – It Was A Mannequin Dummy


    Frame-By-Frame Analysis of Hillary Clinton Collapsing/Fainting


    thanks to the internet it is possible to find these things


    what they call FAKE NEWS is the TRUE NEWS (usually)

    and the MSM is the FAKE NEWS


    JUST like in 1984 by George Orwell

    (which I didn’t read)

  53. Bill

    I gotta believe that the democrats in fly over country are disgusted with the things the demo leadership has done. Do they realize their party has imploded on them??

  54. Michele Simpson

    Great weekly wrap up. One thing I heard Glenn Greenwald say Bradly Chelsea Manning was not charged with treason. He didn’t say exactly what he was charged with.
    Thank you!
    God Bless.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Michele, one of the charges against Manning was “aiding the enemy”. Greenwald said he thought it shouldn’t be called treason because Manning (& Wikileaks) released documents to the public not privately to an enemy, which is what normally happens in espionage. IIRC the government argued that releasing to the public helped enemies because it was available to all.

      I’ve been told in the past that the word “treason” isn’t actually used in the legal code — it’s basically a vernacular expression — but I don’t know how accurate that is.

  55. Mike R

    President Trump – said ‘we’ (as in ‘we the American people’) 45 times in his first speech as President. Compare than to the 100 or more times, Obama references himself in nearly every speech, saying “I” or “me.” That tells you all you need to know about the integrity of Mr. Trump as now our 45th President, and more than we ever wanted to know about the prior narcissist-in-chief. The truths spoken today were so refreshing. The many who thought it was negative, were likely all of the highly delusional and elitists who simply walk past the homeless on the street everyday as if they are not there, or ingore the 94 million unemployed, as if they were today’s ‘lepers.’ Notice how President Trump thanked so many people while coming up to be inaugurated 45th President. Meaning it doesn’t take the position for granted. This is the first President in my 55 years on the planet, who I can honestly say that I respect, one who deserves our respect on the very first day. The next 4 years won’t be pretty, and dare I say quite messy as life often is, when you try hard to do the right thing, and do right by others. It takes quite a selfless person to fix our nation’s problems. For the first time in my life, I feel like I can have some level of hope for our country’s direction. May God Bless everyone here, and President Trump, and all Americans.

    • Bill

      Mike R:
      I agree, evil has made great inroads into our nation in the last eight years, and this evil will do anything and everything to keep us from moving this country back to GOD. Much prayer will be needed for our President and for our country.

    • JMiller


      94 million unemployed? There is no where near that many people unemployed. Think about it. If there were 94 million unemployed, the unemployment rate would be almost 40% and it is definitely not even close to that.

  56. Lynn

    It has been an unreal journey finding out the truth about our country. Many enlightened individuals can thank people like you Greg for your honest reporting. The alternative media was the big winner today, the USA was given another chance to make amends with our Lord. I pray for the Trump family and know that in the end, the “truth will set us free.” God ……bless America !

  57. Oxfarmer

    Infowars is reporting that Julian Assange would allow himself to be extradited to the US if Manning was pardoned. No idea if this is true or not but he has mentioned it several times. This is supposedly bc of info Manning supplied Wikileaks.

    It was so nice to hear unabashedly Christian prayers at the Inauguration!!! What a difference from Rick Warren and ‘Issa’, the Muslim name for Jesus, at O’s.

    The USA still has a lot of repenting to do before we can say ‘God is on our side’. The horrible spilled blood of abortion. The constant emphasis on sex…everywhere. We export jeans, porn, and filthy movies, deadly vaccines and feminism. The breakdown of the family is no joke…God edtablished the family. I am personally praying for humility for Trump and repentance for all. God the Father IS in charge and is of purer eyes than to behold evil. We have a respite. We must use it well.

  58. notyourpatsy

    conrad>”President Obama has left the building; he wasn’t the anti-Christ”


    Deanna Johnston Clark>”As a Catholic I was very suspicious of Dolan’s talk…somewhat pagan in phrasing and no mention of Jesus in any way. Was he sending a message? I’m sure many Christians around the world took note of it. Creepy, actually.”


    Robert Lykens>”Without question, one of the greatest sights of my almost 60 years is the image of the helicopter carrying Barack Hussein Obama, the muslim illegal alien, away from Washington DC.

    Did you notice in his inaugural address, President Trump spoke the words “radical Islamic terrorism” – which in eight years Barack Hussein Obama never had the honesty to do?”


    ED1>” I feel very patriotic today, which is something that has slipped away from me for a long time…..about eight years as a matter of fact.”


    Mike R>”President Trump – said ‘we’ (as in ‘we the American people’) 45 times in his first speech as President. Compare than to the 100 or more times, Obama references himself in nearly every speech, saying “I” or “me.” That tells you all you need to know about the integrity of Mr. Trump as now our 45th President, and more than we ever wanted to know about the prior narcissist-in-chief. The truths spoken today were so refreshing.”

    “This is the first President in my 55 years on the planet, who I can honestly say that I respect, one who deserves our respect on the very first day. The next 4 years won’t be pretty, and dare I say quite messy as life often is, when you try hard to do the right thing, and do right by others. It takes quite a selfless person to fix our nation’s problems. For the first time in my life, I feel like I can have some level of hope for our country’s direction. May God Bless everyone here, and President Trump, and all Americans.”




    • Anthony Australia

      Indeed it was done with class and they all looked so beautiful.

      America proud again!

  59. DLC

    Paul: I see that the phony libs are the ones buying the guns now. It is amazing that those things that are one day verboten are now the thing to acquire. Their dictates are fluid now that they are in fear of over half the country. Who would have thought?

    Had to laugh at PCR who remarked in his latest writing that, if Trump is assassinated, we should “burn Langley down and kill every one of them.” It cracks me up the things he says with a smile and that chuckle of his.

  60. DLC

    Jackie O is back.

    The libs will choke before complimenting Melania on her classy dress and manner. She is like eye salve after looking at the herd of angry cows like Hillary, Michael, Maxine Waters, Pocahontas Warren.

    I wish my mother could have lived to see a Yugo in the WH. Mom’s favorite color was blue. Melania is fluent in 5 languages. Mom spoke perfect English, Croatian, and understood a good deal of Russian.

    Jackie O had that Betty Boop sort of voice. Melania has that accent. She seemed a little uncomfortable or unsure at times, but I think she will be a very positive influence in her quiet way.

    I’m willing to bet Celente is moonstruck. Melania is what he tries to describe as the lovely women of his mother’s era who had very little and yet exuded class and grace. “V” is having the vapors over Melania. It’s not just her looks. She has that undefinable something we have not seen since Jackie.

  61. Teeter

    No assasination attempt, obuma didnt enact martial law, killary didnt get a pardon, all predictions from this site, along with all the other, 100% failure on predictions.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not a single one of these predictions were made by me. Not a single one. Don’t confuse commenters with USAW. “Teeter” who May be a paid troll.

      • Teeter

        Im no troll Greg, im greatful for your site and insight the guest bring, but these predictions are getting out of hand. What we know is that we dont know whats coming, we have opinions and thats all. I like facts, numbers, evidence, not clues, guesses, feelings that something is coming. Jerry posts facts with opinions, then its left up to us to make up our minds. You challenge me Gregg, made me think outside the box and for that im greatful. Ive learned more from your site then decades of reading MSM bullsnot. In God we trust, be safe.

    • JC Davis

      Teeter we have opinions. on the future. If you seek to know the future SEEK GOD. I think what I think. What do you think the future holds. Simple as that. Don’t take nothing to heart. Its just people and their thoughts.

  62. gregd

    I was thinking about when the Trump movement started. And my best recollection was with Doctor Ben Carson. His confrontation of Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013 was spectacular.

  63. Gina M Mancarella

    Just to let you know Greg, even Madonna Thought about blowing up the white house and said so publicly. See the link below.

    People might not care about that, but I will tell you something MEN WILL CARE about. Its called the NEW FEMINIST WOMEN’s INITIATIVE. As proud women who were with Hillary, we are going to deny men any and all sexual activity for as long as Donald Trump is in the white house. I myself have decided to join this movement. So you hateful men Trump supporters out there ? Lets see how happy you are sporting a pouch full of blue balls.

    • Greg Hunter

      Just to let you know again that is a felony to threaten the life of a President. Just ask this guy: DO NOT make threats here. I will not only take the comment down. I will call the FBI and turn over all information I have to them. Are we clear??

      By the way, Madonna is goofy. One minute, she talks about ” thinking about blowing up the White House” The next minute, she talks about “loving one another or we die.” All the violence this weekend and during the campaign came from the Progressive/socialist/Marxist weasels who supported the Wall Street candidate that cheated her way into winning the primary. Give me a break. Your folks are committing all the violence and that is a fact.


      • Gina M Mancarella

        Greg, The fact is the election was stolen by the Russians. Even the Republicans are saying so. We won the election by more than 3 million votes !

        WE are stronger together and we WILL stop Trump in his tracks. Right now, Maxine Waters is preparing articles of impeachment. We shall overcome and bring back peace, hope and love. A modern day Hitler has no place in our nation. We will barricade, fillibust, block, terminate, deflect, eradicate and and all law making initiatives by this illicit, illegitimate and illegal president.

        • Greg Hunter

          “The fact is the election was stolen by the Russians.” Yet another lie which is why you are hear–to lie because that’s all you have–lies. Not a single policy to help America just hate, violence and lies. You, Obama and Kerry are hypocrites and liars “A modern day Hitler. . . ” Obama and Kerry did their Jew hating policies up until the last weeks in office by pushing a UN resolution that denied Israel and Jews the right to control and worship at the Western Wall. Now that is anti-Semitism that would make Hitler proud. Please ask to reassigned and collect a check by trolling someone else’s site.

          • Newslover


            Several senators including McCain, Feinstein, Graham and Schumer have pointed out that the Russians were in fact complicit in helping the Trump campaign. It is really amazing that such a bellicose, sexmongering uncouth person like this could ever get elected, but somehow he did. That said, most Americans can see what they elected and are moving to the exits with buyers remorse. It points to one thing … the expulsion of Trump from the presidency within the first 100 days. Maxine Waters already has articles of impeachment ready to present on the house floor with many supporting members of congress ready to proceed. There has even been reports of discussions among military circles that indicate a Coup DeTat is possible. It looks like Trump is about to have his balls grabbed.

            • Greg Hunter

              ‘I think you are a paid troll that just made false and propaganda statements. So, these people you mentioned and I suspect you and your bosses thought it was just fine for Hillary Clinton to give away 1/5 of U.S. uranium production (Uranium One) to the Russians after a $145 million “donation” to the Clinton Foundation? You think it is OK for the Clinton Campaign manager (Podesta) to get a $35 million payday from the Russians??? So these criminal crony senators are not bothered by Clinton who had private unprotected servers to take treasonous bribes “donations” to her global charity fraud? By the way the Clintons are shutting down the “Clinton Global Initiative” which is a RICO fraud in my opinion. I guess the Clintons are shutting it all down because they were helping too many people????? Bug off paid troll.

      • Gina M Mancarella

        By the way Greg, I made absolutely no threats here. None.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        It’s a felony to threaten any life or to predict someone’s death…by word or in writing. Against a public servant, the crime is exacerbated…but those are both felonies.

        A lot of famous and educated people have made total fools of themselves over this election. Hollywood has both the pedo exposures and this election to explain what they have against the human race. Have you ever seen so many gorgeous people look so awful?

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Deanna,
          Madonna has probably made the Secret Service’s job that much harder. What a buffoon idiot.

    • lastmanstanding

      That is awesome Gina! You progressive/lib/commies just keep your legs together/ abort or whatever you all do and leave the propagating to Christian, heterosexual, hard-working conservative folks that don’t find it necessary to ram bs down other peoples throats.

      While your at it, pass the word to your LGBTQQIQPA friends that they should boycott adoption as well! Thanks in advance!

    • Tad

      What you seem to be saying Gina is that Republican men are off limits.

      Would you like to come out on USA Watchdog?

  64. Mike R

    Hi Greg – you should try to get Doug Casey on. He’s been keen on these topics for years.
    “Now, in 2017, the U.S. is in real trouble. Not as bad as Rhodesia 40 years ago—and definitely a different kind of trouble—but plenty serious. For many years, it’s been obvious that the country was eventually going to hit the wall, and now the inevitable is rapidly becoming imminent.

    What do I mean by that? There’s plenty of reason to be concerned about things financial and economic. But I personally believe we haven’t been bearish enough on the eventual social and political fallout from the Greater Depression. Nothing is certain, but the odds are high that the U.S. is going into a time of troubles at least as bad as any experienced in any advanced country in the last century.

    I hate saying things like that, if only because it sounds outrageous and inflammatory and can create a credibility gap. It invites arguments with people, and although I enjoy discussion, I dislike arguing.”

  65. notyourpatsy

    Oxfarmer>”It was so nice to hear unabashedly Christian prayers at the Inauguration!!!”
    “The USA still has a lot of repenting to do before we can say ‘God is on our side’. The horrible spilled blood of abortion. The constant emphasis on sex…everywhere. We export jeans, porn, and filthy movies, deadly vaccines and feminism. The breakdown of the family is no joke…God established the family. I am personally praying for humility for Trump and repentance for all. God the Father IS in charge and is of purer eyes than to behold evil. We have a respite. We must use it well.”

    NOT> And to add to the above, it brought tears to my eyes as I watched the Trump Family exit the motorcade and walk TOGETHER as a FAMILY, waving to and Thanking their supporters along the route. I know I’m not alone in thinking how elegant Melania presented herself, and the children so well behaved. FINALLY, a First Family the American people can be proud of representing US!

    DLC>”Paul: I see that the phony libs are the ones buying the guns now. It is amazing that those things that are one day verboten are now the thing to acquire. Their dictates are fluid now that they are in fear of over half the country. Who would have thought?”


    DLC>”Jackie O is back.The libs will choke before complimenting Melania on her classy dress and manner. She is like eye salve after looking at the herd of angry cows like Hillary, Michael, Maxine Waters, Pocahontas Warren.I think she will be a very positive influence in her quiet way. I’m willing to bet Celente is moonstruck. Melania is what he tries to describe as the lovely women of his mother’s era who had very little and yet exuded class and grace. “V” is having the vapors over Melania. It’s not just her looks. She has that undefinable something we have not seen since Jackie.

    NOT> DLC your comments on First Lady Melania Trump hit that out of the park! It has been WAY TOO LONG since the American people had someone with the Dignity and Grace as First Lady! She reminded me of the first time I saw Princess Grace (Kelly) in person, you just know you are in the presence of someone of elegance and grace. Like Princess Diana, and her son’s wife, Our Country, America, FINALLY has a Classy First Lady!!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Jeans? Jackie K lived in jodphers for riding and Princess Diana loved jeans…..they weren’t always on magazine covers!!!

  66. Joshua Klein

    Wheres the proof these protesters were paid? You really dont think people are upset and are protesting on their own? The great majority most likely was not paid. More Fake News to push your agendas… how are you any different than the Cartoon News Network and Fake News?

    • Greg Hunter

      This is not organic outrage. It’s orchestrated and over-hyped. People were bussed in and that is widely reported. At the same time the MSM lies by omission not covering and showing how violent it is. That’s all real.

  67. SAM

    Hi Greg,

    Long time viewer and first time post. You’re doing great work in the cause of freedom.

    Curious Obama didn’t pardon Hillary and her minions. This is very key. Intelligent personages such Dick Morris predicted three days ago a pardon was in the works. So what gives? Why would Obama not pardon?

    Abedin, Podesta, Mills, etc… have had many weeks to prepare defenses. Closing the Clinton Global Initiative is evidence of defensive preparations. So, the perps may have developed a ‘secret weapon’ or perhaps an agreement has been struck by Trump with Obama guaranteeing the safety of actors unknown.

    The evidence of gross criminality by numerous actors is overwhelming yet the institutional media is silent. Evidence of fraud, espionage, murder, pedophilia; the list is endless. The criminals represent elite personages from around the world of great power and influence. The corruption has burrowed into the media too. Bye-the-way, knowingly publishing false news is fraud on the public and benefits the bad guys.

    I believe the likely hood President Trump will let these creatures go is almost nil since they’re rotten-to-the-core, cannot be trusted and he understands their lethal threat. Warren Pollock is correct. Trump is a shark, must behave like a shark and bite their legs off. First, he must make an example and crush the Clinton Crime Machine (CCM).

    Do we have evidence of an agreement Trump struck guaranteeing Obama safety from harassment and prosecution in return for the CCM scalp? Hence no pardon for the Hillary creature. If so then a Democratic Party civil war will erupt once the CCM and associates figure this out.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Hillary and pres. Obama have never been friends…he just took one for the team for the election.

  68. Thomas Blow

    This article is consistent with your themes, perhaps an interview?

    • Greg Hunter

      Hate to say it but he describes some of the same things I say in broadcast. I did investigative journalism at ABC News and CNN. They did spend the money on what I was doing. I was effective and drilled very few dry holes.

  69. Henry K

    Greg, really appreciate you. I love the Nazi/Antarctica/conspiracy stuff. No kidding. But I had a horrible thought….what if we are overthinking these visits by the elite…..maybe they are just genuinely concerned/involved with the nonsensical global warming research being conducted at the poles. Give me flying saucers instead of that any day!

  70. Rich M

    As of today, thanks to President Trump….. good riddance to the TPP. It was nothing but TP anyway….. More like toxic sandpaper….. ouch!!!!

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