Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.7.14

Debt Ceiling Increase, Rep Mike Rogers Wants Journalists Jailed & MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

There was lots of news out of Washington D.C. this week.  First off, don’t expect a big fight over the debt ceiling.  Speaker of the House John Boehner has already signaled that there will be a debt ceiling increase even if he has to pass the legislation with Democrats.  He clearly does not want to take the blame for another government shutdown.  Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said the country could run out of cash by the end of the month.  Here’s what you are not hearing.  Heard anyone in either party talk about the size of the increase?  Heck no.  I figure they will raise the ceiling at least $2 trillion to cover the two year budget deal they just passed.  That means the deficit will be at least $19.3 trillion in two short years.  Foreigners holding our debt must be stunned.  You know the numbers are big when .3 equals $300 billion.

Forget about the phony story that the annual budget deficit is shrinking to a mere $514 billion this year.  It is total nonsense, number rigging and accounting tricks by the government.  According to Shadowstats.com, the real indebtedness of the nation was $6.8 trillion in 2013.  Yes, that’s right.  $6.8 trillion is the real number when you add up all the debt and commitments.  There should be some serious talk about the solvency of the country and what we as a nation are going to do about debt increases that are totally unsustainable.

Speaker Boehner has killed any hope of immigration reform, or what some would call amnesty.  He’s probably throwing some in the Republican Party a bone because he’s raising the debt ceiling without a fight.

Representative Mike Rogers thinks journalists should go to jail if they get government documents from whistleblowers.  He says documents released by Edward Snowden were stolen property and anyone who accepts stolen property should go to jail.  That includes journalists like Glen Greenwald who broke the Snowden stories.  This means “We the People” can only find out what the government thinks we need to know.  What a crock.  Hey Congressman Rogers, what about HSBC and the admission the bank laundered money for terrorists?  How about Deloitte Consulting helping Standard Charter launder money for terrorists?  Aren’t both cases treasonous and criminal?  Shouldn’t these folks be prosecuted?  They weren’t, they were just fined.  It was reported that some lawmakers were “furious” about the Snowden disclosures.  Shouldn’t they be “furious” about money laundering for terrorists?  

Secretary of State John Kerry is still on an embarrassment overseas tour.  The Obama Administration was made a fool of over the Iranian Nuke deal to curtail their program.  The Syrian peace talks went nowhere in Geneva.  They could not even set a new date for more talks.  Meanwhile, the Assad regime keeps dropping barrel bombs to crush the rebels that are aligned with the West and al-Qaeda.  Now, Kerry is being criticized for another failing peace deal in Israel.  There is little movement on either side, and there is talk about boycotting the Israelis for not knuckling under.  I think the biggest problem is that neither side will recognize the other’s right to exist.  The Palestinians will not recognize Israel, and Israel will not cut a deal or recognize a Palestinian State without recognition.  It is a vicious circle, and I see no solution, just more turmoil.  

Finally, my favorite bank, JP Morgan, has, once again, paid another $614 million to settle fraud charges.  And, once again, there’s no criminal prosecution.  It was the same story last week for Bank of America.  It paid $8.5 billion for a “massive collapse in value” of mortgage loans owned by New York trusts.  Yeah, toxic mortgage-backed security debt will do that.  The pattern here is big banks can commit fraud, crime or total incompetence, and nobody gets fired and no big bankers go to jail.  You might even get a huge raise like Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan. 

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Remember when 2 democratic operatives just happened to be listening to their scanner and then just happened to illegally intercept Newt Gingrich’s personal cell phone calls. Eavesdropping on cell phone calls is a federal felony. Do you remember when Harry Reid claimed to know what was in Mitt Romney’s legally confidential tax records before Romney publicly released them. It’s symptomatic of what a bunch of sycophants the establishment media are that not a single reporter bothered to ask Rep. Rogers if he thought Harry Reid and his other congressional colleagues should be called before a grand jury and asked how they received “stolen property” that they used to smear political opponents. After all Rodgers says ” anyone who receives stolen property should go to jail”. Like insider trading laws and Obama care, Rodgers must believe that that should be another one of those laws that congress is exempt from. He must have really meant anyone but congress.

  2. Galaxy 500

    Not sure what to make of this site


  3. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Great Job as ever. Let me say this, you are asking the right question thus you are doing your job and I think you don’t make the right statement. Let me do it for you:
    Welcome in the fascist state of USA, where you can check in and never leave (of course if you are not a Mexican illegal alien-some of them are leaving).
    And things are not much better in EU either.

    I used the Mussolini’s definition of fascism: union of the corporates and the state.

  4. tROT

    Greg, seems like the only justice, will have to come, from out of this world!
    like the song ~”What the world needs now, is love, sweet love. Its the only thing, there’s just, to little of,”… I would like to add some justice, divine administration of and pray i’m not part of it myself! Some would say that’s love to the extreme degree, “Unless those days were cut short no flesh would be saved, but on account of (LOVE OF) the chosen ones, those day’s will be cut short! (Matthew 24:22)
    I’ts note worthy that the apostle Paul referred to the execution of God’s judgement upon the ungodly as tribulation. He wrote:”This takes into account that it is righteous on Gods part to repay tribulation to those who make tribulation for you, but, to you who suffer tribulation, relief along with us at the revelation of the lord Jesus from heaven with his powerful angels in a flaming fire, as he brings vengeance upon those who do not know God and those who do not obey the good news about our lord Jesus.” (2 Th. 1:6-8)
    Does that mean were screwed either way? I don’t know, but “arm ah gettin” out ah here!
    Exit stage left, ouch!

  5. Doug George

    Don’t worry Greg
    Blythe Master is about to join the CFTC so there will be a total clean-up and jail-time.

  6. Matt

    Hi Greg, I’m a big fan and agree with everything you say however I’m still waiting for you to address the big elephant in the room. Namely Israel’s WMD’s .. Seems to me what’s good for the goose is good enough for the gander.

  7. scfulcher


    Fourth Banker Dies of Apparent Suicide in a Week
    Feb 5, 2014
    Russell Investments chief economist Mike Dueker’s apparent suicide death, discovered Thursday after the 50-year-old former St. Louis Federal Reserve officer had been reported missing from his home in Tacoma, Washington, became the fourth such loss in the financial community in the span of a week.


    • allen ols


      from jim willie, today, —– so far most hits are to protect the Vatican and Mafia
      the StLouis Fed economist was gonna reveal $trillion Bush fund

      al ols fopusawd

  8. Smaulgld

    Another fine update Greg! I understand as you have pointed out that the republicans want to focus on the failures of obama care in this years elections. Wouldn’t a good way to highlight those failures be to refuse to raise the debt ceiling unless part of all of obama care was defended?

    We are fed such nonsense about the deficit. Thanks for pointing out the real extent. I see AP and Rueters each week tout on twitter the initial jobless claim numbers that come in around 330k each week as some type of improvement or evidence of a “firming” labor market. 1.2 million claims a month is good?!

    They used used to falsely claim on twitter that lower jobless claims meant an increase in hiring. They did it so often that I wrote a blog post refuting the absurdity of the claim and posted it under their tweets each time they made the statement so that they no longer use that line of propaganda and choose instead to say the labor market is “firming”

    Re jack lew- how can obama promise guaranteed returns on myRA accounts if the debt ceiling is not raised? You can see why the treasury doesn’t want any debt ceiling debate to interrupt their spending spree.

    Re JP Morgan- I wonder if they account for fines paid to the SEC as related party transactions.

    Just saw this on Zerohedge. Blythe Masters is going to take a job at the CFTC. This gives some background on who Ms. Masters is , what the CFTC does why her move there is a farce. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-02-06/farce-complete-blythe-masters-joining-cftc

    Enjoy the weekend!

    • Greg Hunter

      It may be a good plan but I just don’t see Boehner doing that. You will see a debt ceiling increase. He doesn’t want a government shutdown or be blamed for an economic collapse. It’s just politics and blame game theater playing out before our eyes. Don’t think for one minute Boehner doesn’t know how shaky the economy really is.

      • smaulgld

        Clearly Boehner doesn’t have it in him to hold the line! Sad, so we carry on trying to avoid a collapse, like a speed freak up for four nights thinking another hit will make it all work out fine.

      • art barnes

        Yea, he may know about the economic condition but that doesn’t keep him out of the Congressional barber shop every day for a trim up, can’t be worrying him too much!

  9. the pessimest

    It should already have become quite evident to anyone who is willing to pay attention — that our government does not represent We the People.

    We have a criminal syndicate in charge of our wealth, our lives, and our future … and to be surprised or aghast about what congress is doing about anything, economic or otherwise, is just being silly.

    But I realize that your wrap-up is not directed at the choir, best of luck waking up the sheep nonetheless.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are 100% correct but the site is growing and that means more and more people are waking up. Thankl you for your comment.

  10. William Betts

    For the last 3 days unable to get the audio on your program. All others work…. Betts

    • Greg Hunter

      It works for me of 2 different platforms. The USAW site and the You Tube channel. So sorry you are having trouble.

    • Ugly

      William Betts.
      It does not work on my laptop, but does on my other 2 computers. On my laptop from WallyWorld, the java script became corrupt about 15 months after purchase. I don’t know how to fix it, so I just live with it. Most functions work though. I listen to the videos at my office.

  11. Jerry

    I love the picture of ” We the President”. So true Greg. So True.

    Greg my mom used to say, “life is about making choices”. Well if Paul Craig Roberts is correct in his recent interview, the Fed is going to have to soon choose between saving the Banks or bailing out the Dollar. I’m betting that they let the dollar go, and replace it with some other form of exchange and keep the Banks in charge. I think in reality that’s what the globalist have wanted all along in order to move their agenda of a one world government forward. I don’t think they care about the repercussions of what it will do to the American people or our way of life. In a totalitarian society, the ends always justifies the means. And people are always expendable to obtain an objective.

    There is a lot of movement going on behind the scenes now in the Banking Industry. The recent Banker suicides (supposedly) are just an outward expression, of a much larger struggle for power and positioning going on INSIDE. Mark you calendars for February 15-17th. Supposedly this date is set as a dress rehearsal for bail ins that are coming in March. We’ll see? With so much graft and corruption in a system like this who knows? But one thing is for sure Greg. All the large money players. (including the ones I know) have already moved their money elsewhere. What does it say when a Bank CEO takes his own money out of a Bank?

    Yes its all about choices Greg. People can choose to listen to your good advice, and wisdom each week, listen to the guest you have on, or they can do what we call in the Ozarks ” pound crap in their ears” and act like they don’t hear you. What? Wait a minute I need to pound some more crap in my ears. What?? As for me I am thankful for your time, and all you do, and I HEAR YOU!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry and 500!!

  12. Galaxy 500

    Fraud as a business strategy…who would have thunk it?

  13. Galaxy 500

    To big to fail NOW to big to jail.
    Big story you missed is Russia released recording of US Diplomat saying, “F#(k th EU” when talking about who should be running the Ukraine. Guess Putin let the Obamanation know he has intelligence assets too

  14. mohammad


    This is where our country is heading, I could not believe what i was seeing, I worked with paramedics during my training and they are absolutely best of the best:


    • Shadow of Doubt

      Great Post M-
      Just one of numerous examples of our Law Enforcement’s philosophy change:
      It use to be “To Protect & Serve” now its “Comply or Die”.

  15. mohammad


    This is an indication that Catherine Austin Fitts was spot on!
    I mean the stress on the currencies of emerging market (BRICS) that may lead to their collapse.
    If you remember from previous interview (I am trying to paraphrase as accurate as possible what she said) the G7 is puppy training the G20 on who the master is, in that interview she said that they are pulling the capital from the emerging market to exercise a pressure on them, and contrary to all expectations that the dollar will fall first, it is the rest of currencies will fall before the SLOW BURN of the dollar manifests itself.

    Dr Farrell:



    Dr Farrell had many interviews with CAF, they seem to be on the same page in their way of looking at things, he is very very intelligent, I have been following him for while after one of your bloggers mentioned his name a while back.
    If you can manage to have him as a guest you won’t regret it!

  16. Rodster

    And the fallout continues “Danske Bank locks 10,000 customers out of their accounts
    Just 72 hours to withdraw funds from cash machines”


    • Jerry

      This is a warm up session for the main event that is coming. Check my post.

  17. WD Deni

    Greg…Here is Dmitry Orlov’s blog site and email address. The man is on a different level.

    Expert on the USSR collapse…says that one paled in comparison to what i scoming up.

    [email protected]

    • Greg Hunter

      You are the Man!!! (or woman) Thank you!!

    • the pessimest

      I’ve been reading and listening to Orlov for about 2 and half years now. If people really waant to know how to prepare themselves and their children for the future, they should listen to what Orlov has to say … an absolutely brilliant insight into complex systems such as modern industrial civilization.

      I think our future lies somewhere between the prognostications of Dmitry Orlov and Jim Willie.

      The USA is already done … so trying to figure out how to save it is an exercise in futility. Better to start learning to live in a neo-feudal futrue which would be a more productive endeavour of time, resources, and effort. The matrix won’t last much longer now that the Great American Harvest (as Chris Hedges likes to call it) is almost complete. The sheep will awaken from their addictive debt based consumption (the American Dream ) and into the reality of a salve based existance (an American Nightmare?).

      • Jerry

        I totally agree. But for some that have been living off the grid in poverty (especially in the rural areas where I live) its just another day in paradise.

      • Liquid Motion

        Our controllers are trying ever so hard to bring us all back to the feudal system. This is written into their rule book.
        Measured in inches. One laborious piece at a time.

  18. Randy


    Again, a great weekly wrap up of news we won’t hear anywhere else. It saddens me to see the destruction of our country, and our dollar, through the lawless actions of our Federal Government. And for anybody to expect Washington to cleanup its act, they’re only deluding themselves. It’s too corrupt to fix from the inside.

    The founders, however, anticipated this day when the Federal Government would run roughshod over the Constitution, states rights, and “We the People.” That’s why they allowed for the states to call for a “State Convention” through Article V of the Constitution. This is the “Hail Mary” pass when there’s no other option left. It allows the states to vote on Constitutional amendments , such as: Term Limits, Fiscal Limits and Responsibility, dismantling the IRS through a Far Tax, limiting lobbyist influence, and so on. These are amendments you’d never see offered up by the beltway insiders.

    So I was pleased to read, that the State of Georgia was the first to pass a resolution for the application of the Convention of States. I truly believe this is our last hope to restore the Republic, by re-balancing the power back to the States, and the People.

    Greg, the sleeping giant is in our state legislatures. We just need to wake them up.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Randy!

  19. Chris

    Greg, I have been reading your website for a long time, but this is my first time commenting. It’s mind boggling the amount of debt the USA is taking on. As an outsider (I live in Canada) I am astounded that foreign countries are still holding USA’s debt. They must have made some sort of deal to keep this scam going. There is no other way to explain it. Regarding the Democrats and Republicans, it is clear as day that they don’t care about the country’s situation. But this is what you get when you keep on electing career politicians. The USA desperately needs a third party to run for office. It’s the only way I believe to get the country out of the mess it’s in. Anyhow, I value the work you’re doing Greg, and I don’t know if you are aware of it, but you have a huge fan base up here in Canada. It’s one of the few sites were us Canucks can get the truth about what is happening in the USA. Cheers.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not know I has a fan base in Canada but thank you for telling me that. By the way, Canada makes some of the very best gold and silver coins in the world. I hope you and your friends are taking advantage of that fact. Thank you for your support.

    • Smaulgld

      I wonder if China told the US to knock off the QE and don’t even think about defaulting? Hence the taper and the towel thrown in on the debt ceiling

  20. Charles H.


    I can see “Crusader Wear and Tear” setting in on you. At the same time, you are at your BEST; and we drink deep of the real you. Welcome to the real – Red Pill, How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes territory.

    Israel and all the Arab entities are half-brothers (beginning at Abraham and the son of the bond-servant Hagar, who is Ismael: the father of the Arab race) – therefore the situation is really a Blood-feud. The religion of Islam, which follows chronologically AFTER the life of Jesus Christ was really an amalgamation of Old and New Testament Scripture, which plagiarism served to unite all non-Jews to a singular, similar, and parallel belief system – presumably to insure greater racial strength; and eventual dominance (Pushing Israel into the sea/destruction). Religious fervor infused with racial pride means there will NEVER be reconciliation or peace. (As much as I wish there were, or could be.) It is a mess that only the One True (Triune) God will sort out; which may not be long in coming…

    The IRS persecutions and the absence of prosecutions of Banker Fraud detail basically the same thing: no Rule of Law. Two sayings come to mind: “The best way to rob a bank is to own it.”; and “Government is the best monopoly (excluding Money-prinitng), once the checks and balances are broken-down.” Nixon was behind political spying: and lost his job; dozens and dozens of officials in government, and leaders in business, BREAK the Law directly: and nothing is done. My, what distance has been covered in such few years. It is as if America has been turned into a nation of lying children: who’s only truth is self-service; and where accountability is not allowed. (That’s a really BIG Red Pill.) The world will, for such irresponsibility, marginalize America more and more.

    Greg, you are presiding over events, which in scope define only the periphery of the End-Of-The-World scenario. I wish I could encourage everyone with the idea of things getting better: but this is not true – it only gets worse from here. Still, you have made this site one of the BEST on the planet. Kudos, my friend.

    • Greg Hunter

      Charles H,
      It will be better for those who are awake and prepared. That preparation should include both physical and spiritual.
      Amen brother and thank you for your kind words and support.

    • allen ols

      Chas. H

      check it out
      Agenda: A Misleading Fundamentalist Video That Should Never Have Been Made

      The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals

      alols fopusawd

      • Charles H.


        I resourced the Gary North material – but not the 45 Declared Goals. As I see it – North could be a polymath in politics and culture, with a photographic memory: but still not see enough to define the whole picture. Connecting the dots in timeline and definitions amounts to static portrayals and hair-splitting; when time and redefining of terms more resembles a fluid transition of blending various sources; rather than a staccato trail of crumbs. I found a couple very telling statements, where Mr. North shows he himself operates on perceived notions which he expresses as fact. (Few communists in the classrooms in the USA, ever. And. Conservatives cannot believe that someone would deliberately deceive them. The USSR committed suicide?!??) Puh-lease.

        And who cares whether someone inserted 45 Declared Goals , without citing authorities – when most of the stated items are alarmingly present in the destruction of society and culture? Ideas and philosophies mutate and transform through time as the circumstances change. Human vice will never die: so also will pretexts be found continually to supply their employment.

        The real context is found in the polar opposites – good and evil; God Almighty, and the god of this world. Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Imperialism, Colonialism, Democracy: ALL are forms of Human Government. Though God instituted government at the Tower of Babel: nothing replaces His rule in a theocratic system of belief; which when in conflict with human government is to be obeyed. Human government is given license to operate within the realm of God’s theocratic rule. Going to ground anywhere else will be erroneous.

        All that is necessary is a proper comparison of Biblical Scripture which categorizes times and seasons amply enough for our matters of faith and practice. Whatever in this technologically enabled and philosophically driven world detracts or denies of the Divine Record falls under the domain of the world, flesh, and devil. Even Christianity shares flesh with the Masters of the Universe: but not the authority. Much study is weariness; and too much learning makes man mad – in the sense of being removed from Divine Authority. Oil and water, Allen. No man can have two Masters. Perhaps most problems arise because men try to mix the two; then wonder why they fail.

        Thanks for the feedback. You are a definite must-read, and sharp tool in the USAWD shed.

        • allen ols

          CHARLES H.

          Agenda: Grinding America Down (Legendado)
          Documentário que mostra evidências da subversão cultural, seus agentes e táticas para a destruição da sociedade americana por dentro, seus valores e sua mora…

  21. Ken

    Greg, thanks again for the truth. In a MSM sea of propaganda, lies and deceit it is nice to hear the sky really is blue, up is up and down is down. You clearly lay out the absolute and total hypocrisy, aborration and corruption of our monetary system.
    At this stage of the game it is getting hard to decypher whether this is a planned collapse of our monetary system to be replaced by a global currency or whether a facsimile of QE will be renamed to perpetuate our economic illusion. In any event “We The People” are waking up in droves.
    It seems to me that the best we can do is advertise and prepare for the same old worn out play used by the money changers in the lead up to World War I and II. Currency wars, trade wars and then World War. We the people already thwarted the initial attempted admitted incursion into Syria which in my opinion is the spark to WWIII. We must remain dilligent as these psycopaths have no use for our Constitution. Let’s look at it this way, if this is the game they want to play, then let’s play, we all will have no choice. I’m not advocating violence but peaceful resistance as that will be all it will take to bring down these cowards! Hope for the best but plan for the worst, the writing is on the wall.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am happy you are awake and commenting on this forum!!

  22. brian

    In Spain the government jailed a judge for having the audacity to sentence a high level banker to some jail time for crimes that were committed. The sentence by the way was expunged.

    Its just the beginnings of total lawlessness and its rising up everywhere. The near term future holds the certainty of wide spread unrest and conflict, the fall out of which we can only hope to survive…this will be the mother of all trails as it is looking likely to unfold amidst the backdrop of a raft of natural upheavals as well.

    HANG ON to something solid boys and girls!

    • Galaxy 500

      Well, at least the corruption is out in the open in Spain

  23. Mr.Lee

    Hello Mr. Hunter:
    Let us face, it is amateur hour with regards to economic, political, and even militarily events in the West. It is just another example, in a series of examples, of what “We the People” can expect from these so call “Elites”. Much has been said historically about the fall of West Rome. Barbarian invasions, Imperial over reach and the like. This is all true, but the biggest factor to West Rome’s implosion is that the Romans lost confidence in the State and her Leaders and as a result even joined with the Barbarians in an attempt to escape the debauchery and corruption……..sound familiar?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mr. Lee for the history lesson. Yes sir, it sounds very familiar!

    • 8Ball

      For some good background on the financial shenanigans that resulted in ever increasing government repression in Ancient Rome take a listen to this lecture by Joseph Peden.

      I expect that it will not be much different in America as it becomes increasingly obvious that the USG is bankrupt.

  24. 8Ball

    “Although many people today decry how the government is overspending, it is actually overborrowing. Every penny that the government spends in excess of its tax receipts has to be borrowed at interest. By 1995 ( Wardner wrote this in 1994), since all of the taxpayer’s money will go only toward paying the interest (not the principle) on the debt that the private bankers (FR) have so graciously loaned to the USG, all operating expenses of the USG will have to be borrowed on credit and at interest from money created out of nothing…”
    The Planned Destruction of America
    by James Wardner

    “The one aim of international financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debts. ”
    Henry Ford

  25. Peter J

    It is very frustrating to be among the 0.5% of people who can see the corruption and understand its devastating effects. Here is a disturbing analogy: We eat cattle because we don’t respect them. We butcher and consume them with hardly a thought. We the people are like cattle to the elites, and I can sympathize somewhat with the elite view. The elites are not necessarily evil, just feeding off of an available group of people who are too stupid to justify the elites respect or even much sympathy.

  26. Rodster

    Coming Global Collapse Will Eclipse The Terror Of 2008

    “Now you have China trying to tackle, as best they can, a Leviathan in the shadow banking sector. Virtually all of the developed nations are trying to deal with the failed policies of the last several years. The problem with that is they are not going to be able to succeed. It would be one thing if they (central planners) had a hope in hell of coming to grips with the enormity of the problems they face, but the reality is they don’t.

    So, yes, I’m very concerned about the future. I believe that ultimately the decisions that policymakers are going to be facing either this year or next year, are going to be one of default or debase. Neither of these sets of outcomes are going to be greeted well by financial markets. This will mean much lower equity markets, higher interest rates, and a global reset with respect to the existing global financial architecture. But what you are going to see in the future is going to be unprecedented. I don’t even think the experience of the Great Depression of the 1930s will properly describe what is in store for people.

    My fear is that as social unrest breaks out pretty much everywhere, the governments of the world will use this as an opportunity to increase the ‘Orwellian’ police state. We have already seen signs of this in many countries, including the United States. But governments will crack down even further. So that will mean a further loss of freedoms for ordinary citizens, under the premise of restoring social order. I view these trends as quite disturbing and leading to a future that is increasingly fascist in my view.”

    • Jerry

      Rodster I agree with you.
      The problem is, I , Charles, and a few others here have read the rest of the story and know the end. The elites will fail in their attempt to manipulate the world governments, just like they failed in their attempts to manipulate the world economies. But because they are arrogant and godless they will not see that they are caught in their own trap. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we will be caught in the economic backwash left in the wake of their bad decisions and greed. The thousand points of light that they envisioned, will actually be torches and pitchforks assembling at their gates. Even DHS won’t be able to save them. There is a new world order coming alright. But this time it will be led by the King of Kings.

  27. John

    The government is claiming that if they jail management of these big banks it will cause a collapse. But it the scandal itself didn’t cause a collapse, then jailing them won’t either.

    As a matter of fact, it would instill confidence back in the system.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bing, bing, bing!! You are correct sir!

    • 8Ball

      Said “Bankers” probably have a lot of “stay out of jail” insurance stashed safely away that documents direct government involvement in their financial scheming… If the evidence gets out this means that a lot of government officials would end up in jail also. Shoot, it could bring down the whole government and we can’t have that, can we?

  28. A.W. Crisafulli

    Not a comment but a question—-where does all the money from fines against banks end up?

    • Greg Hunter

      A.W. Crisafulli,
      A better question is: where does all the money the banks pay in fines come from? The Fed is giving the big banks (by its own admission) $30 billion a month. Follow up question: Which banks are getting that money?

      • Jerry

        That’s a good one Greg. The revolving government cluster screw.

  29. Diane Ryan

    It is no wonder that the Constitution is dead and irrelevant. Today’s generation of Patriots never fielded an offense. Heck, with ‘leaders’ such as Boehner we can’t even play defense by holding the purse strings of unconstitutional actions. The treasonous Republicans whine publicly, then go ahead and authorize more debt, the War State, the War on Drugs, corporate bailouts, the tyrannical Police State, Christian prosecution, the destruction of education and morality, the phony War on Terror, foreign aid, and the list goes on.

    ‘Two Americas’ are clearly emerging. One loves Big Brother government, the other scorns it. Each is digging in deeper in opposition to the other. Like the Bible says, a house divided against itself cannot stand.

    • Greg Hunter

      Diane Ryan,
      Boehner’s strategy is risky in that there may not be much of America left it they take control of the Senate in 2015 (after the Nov 2014 mid-term elections) Pray to God he saves America and that is not a joke.

      • art barnes

        Boehner is a joke of a leader, he stands for nothing, just more of the same we have seen from Congress for the last 40 years, nothing more, although I bet he gets his haircuts free from the Congressional Barbershop and spends a lot of time primping in front of a mirror to support his low self esteem. This man can’t spell the word the much less solve the issues of our time, and what else Greg, he’s going to sponsor an Amnesty bill before the House and twist arms until he gets it. His Perpetual Debt Ceiling Raising, otherwise known now as “perpetual ceiling raising” or PCR, is his other hidden policy, the proof is in the pudding, it is always raised but everybody is against it, you do the math. Just another Congressional photo op man, nothing more, nothing less, its just too bad these are type people are the best we can come with to lead us.

  30. mohammad


    A new low, now how low is low? I guess we may see more in the coming days:


    Also things are hot in China sea and it may breakout at any time between Japan and China.
    Now US promised Japan to back them up, well….. I guess it is better for the Japanese to protect themselves since our record of keeping promises is mediocre.


    • mohammad

      Gold/silver are creeping up by the way!

    • mohammad

      So fast developments, seems public relations are in doodoo
      Merkel is angry over the leaked call when our diplomat said in it “F*CK EU”


    • Greg Hunter

      The phrase “turnabout is fair play” comes to mind.

      • JC Davis

        Great words of truth in this wrap up Greg. Seeing the Felonious Use of Carnal Knowledge is being used more the moral stamina one could say the same for the entire world caught up in the deceptions of a devilish currency. The word leaked is used to describe gossip of these deceptions. The deceived will soon see the era of there ways. God is not mocked for what a man sows so shall he reap. That’s no leak.

  31. Colin Maxwell

    Hi Greg
    Alas , I am becoming addicted to your show.
    IMHO Looking in from the far side of the globe,and through farmers eyes, it is very sad to witness the financial and diplomatic events in the US of late. During the Bush and Obama administrations I witness a massive and accelerating deterioration in US credibility to the stage where it is becoming irretrievable. This is very sad. I was brought up down here in NZ in awe of the US financial model and to some degree its positive diplomatic influence around the world. However the shocking false flag events and the constant interference in other sovereign countries affairs all over the world has totally changed my view. Over the years many leaders around the world have been removed from power when they were often far more democratically elected than the very US politicians who were orchestrating their demise. This is a staggering hypocrisy. Obama, John Kerry and Nuland seem to be quite delusional in their belief that they can control political events in sovereign nations all around the globe. This current interference in the Ukraine is an absolute shocker. Behaviour of this kind will have further serious financial consequences for the US. It can only hasten the inevitable demise of the US$ as the reserve currency of the world. When I hear Obama constantly banging on about freedom and democracy it almost makes me puke. Does he not even know that his own citizen’s are per capita the most incarcerated race on earth.
    To me it defies belief that people in these positions can be so misguided , reckless and hypocritical. We have already witnessed the fall of the greatest industrial nation of all time into a floundering consumer driven economy in which a large portion of the working and middle classes have been financially disenfranchised.
    This is my view from a historically extremely pro-American country. I can only imagine what these events look like to countries who were never particularly fond of America.
    This new MYRA initiative sounds extremely dangerous to me and has the potential to further erode the wealth and savings of the working class citizens. It can be a very slippery slope from nationalisation of pension funds/savings to government confiscation of them in a financial emergency. It also looks to me like a thinly veiled device concocted to support continued QE when some of the other cons used are no longer working.
    It is also my belief that as long as the banking cartel owned Fed exists nothing will improve financially in the US. People over here in NZ just will simply not believe that the Fed isn’t owned by the US government. They think that a Reserve bank owned by a group of private banks is such a ridiculous concept that no country in the world [let alone the US] would ever allow such a thing to happen. It happened alright – furthermore this institution has just celebrated its 100 year anniversary – incredible!

    • Greg Hunter

      Your a perfect example of how smart farmers have to be to make it in this world. I’d say by reading your comment, you are a top farmer in NZ (or anywhere in the world for that matter.) Thank you for adding your international perspective here!!

    • Charles H.


      I have to agree totally with Greg Hunter. You are well reasoned and articulate; as well as having a good base of knowledge AND discerning view of events and conditions. I am impressed , and encouraged to hear from your side of the world. More often than not, folk like you reveal, or restate things where we see them more clearly. Good perspective is the word I’m looking for here. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

      Many of us are between shock and grief at the condition of America. And you aren’t the only one with a sense of revulsion.


    • Ugly

      The MyRA is nothing but another Ponzi scheme set forth to steal more goods from the average American. Instead of MyRA they should have labeled it as MyASS because that is where the work and funds will come from….

    • Galaxy 500

      What a great perspective! I read today our President told the world that they should more tolerant religion wise. Now that is funny coming from him as he seeks to oppress religion here.

    • tROT

      Colin, I can attest to the fact the US has no greater friend then the Kiwi’s. Working alongside you guy’s on the cross island road in Western Samoa was a growing up experience. Traveling half way around the world to a strange Island and made to feel at home, by my Kiwi work mates will always remain unforgettably the best experience of my life. I don’t think I will ever see as much of the US as our boss, Holmes Miller owner of Enex of NZ , as he would often express his love for the State’s and tell me of his many adventures traveling up here. Heading home, on American Samoa, the Yank’s didn’t believe I was an American myself because I sounded so much like a New Zealander and still do on old tapes! Glad to hear your a NZWatchdog Colin.

  32. John M.

    It seems that we Americans are continually subjected to lies and crimes, it’s standard operating procedure that’s getting quite old and worn by now. I’ve always agreed with Doug Casey, as ALL governments seem to be only good at impeding individual happiness and human progress.
    I remember when Pres. Clinton had bragged that he had balanced the budget, ha ha, like I believed that one. Their tricks and gimmicks continue on, with hardly a peep except from a few people like you. If Clinton had only stuck to playing with boat loads of women like Elizabeth Hurley and Monica, on our dime and our time, I wouldn’t have really cared. (All those claims of rapes and murders are another story, but I will not go there.) But these people are really dangerous with their policies that are killing our country.
    That’s why I like when politicians are preoccupied from taking our money. I love gridlock. But these people are not just hard-core or soft-core criminals. They do real damage to our economy, our constitution, the free markets, and they are taking our God-given natural rights. I will never trust any of them. And of course the Fed is right there at the top of my list, with Mao, Stalin and Hitler.
    Greg, I’m not sure how you can keep your sanity intact as you report the lies … I mean the news. It’s not easy. Your reporting is definitely some of the best, but that’s really not saying much with your terrible competition of MSM crooks and accomplices. I know there are many other godsends on the internet too, but your site fills a special niche and void that makes it unique. I know your common-sense commentaries are shared by many.

    • Greg Hunter

      John M.

      The really sad thing here is the questions I am asking should be asked by any average reporter. There are very smart people at the networks and they surly know what I know but want to keep working. Totally sad for America. I am not going to stop banging on them. Thank you for your comment!


  33. mohammad


    Please bear with me i do not usually post frequently but it is so fast wears news coming up:

    “Syria now ‘a matter of homeland security’: US official”

    “Washington (AFP) – The Syria conflict has become a US domestic security concern, Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson said Friday, one day after returning from talks in Europe where the war-torn nation topped the agenda.”


    Am scratching my head Greg and wondering what the heck that means?!

    • mohammad

      ” but it is so fast WEIRD news” I meant

    • Greg Hunter

      It means war my friend but I know you are smart and know this. Comment all you like!

      • JC Davis

        Thanks Mohammad. Outside of the computer information on these worthy news items are rarely found.
        He added that US intelligence and security agencies “will continue to work closely to identify those foreign fighters that represent a threat to the homeland.
        The real reason homeland insecurity was created is to work for world control.
        I say let the willing fighters fight, and BRING OUR SOILDERS HOME ! We have no reason to be involved in any sovereign countries affairs.

    • Ugly

      What it means is that the 535 and POTUS are about to leave and battle in the front lines for all of us. These warmongers cannot be cowards, can they be? While they are gone, WE THE PEOPLE will rebuild this great land. We will turn knives into pruning hooks and swords into plow-shares. We will bring peace and provide food to the hungry. Bretheren of all Nations and nationalities will break bread together. A lamb will sleep next to the lion. Fear will be gone. It will be a new day….

  34. Grubar

    Thanks Greg – nice wrap and highlights the incredible hypocrisy out there. HSBC helping terrorists is good, Snowden exposing Govt terrorism and it’s somehow bad ( worlds most wanted man). We live in a Cinderella reality, a totally messed up way of justice. The whole thing needs a reset.

    Judging by worldwide riots and protests, it’s already started.

    • Greg Hunter

      You have to ask yourself: How can the MSM miss this obvious point? Answer: They lie by omission. Thank you for your comment and support.

  35. Felicia

    Oathkeepers put up an article from an analyst who has similar but additional views as your guests, Greg. Others might find it interesting:

    • Greg Hunter

      Good stuff, I posted it on the USAW site.

      • Richard McHenry

        Thanks for the link to Oath keepers.org,After reading, it helped me remember why I signed,swore and served-36 years ago.Now I ask all of your readers,Do you have a copy of the Constitution of The United States and your Bill of Rights in your possesion? When The SHTF it will make for some very good reading by candle light.
        Pease be with you.

  36. John M.

    I agree with you, I think the Fed will clearly let the dollar go to free fall without a parachute. The Fed and the big banks (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citi, Morgan Stanley,etc.) are all one and the same. They have planned this for quite some time. They are smart guys, but they know they can’t postpone the collapse forever, especially since they are the ones responsible for abusing and screwing up the monetary system. All they can do is plan an exit strategy, as they have the inside scoop on everything that’s happening, and we don’t have a clue to the details or the timing of anything that’s going on. But China Russia, et al, can throw a monkey wrench into their designs, and they certainly know it.
    Your mom is right about life and choices. These guys have made all the wrong choices, and have made a pact with the Devil. The American people will pay dearly for their greed and arrogance is so many ways that I can’t really politely mention. Good will win in the end, but not without a lot of human suffering.

  37. Michael the Marine

    Well, well, Greg,
    I see you have stepped up your rhetoric, from speaking truth to power to DEMANDING TRUTH FROM POWER!

    Well done, my old friend.


    • Greg Hunter

      Good to have you back Michael!

      • Michael the Marine

        Good to be sent back, Greg. That can only mean someone here is crying out to God for the salvation of a nation, that being very high in The WILL of God; you have His Word on that! So how may I be of service to you? What would you have me do (according to The Will of course) for you?

        • Greg Hunter

          Play nice and be succinct. I am sure you can ad some spiritual perspective to this site. Peace brother.

    • mohammad

      Good to hear you again Michael.

  38. allen ols


    from SDBULLION

    Yesterday we reported that Steve Quayle’s banker source “V” has informed him that the recent rash of banker “suicides” are part of a hit list that includes dozens of bankers including a supposed high level Citi executive.
    Today, none other than Jim Willie himself has provided SD readers with an exclusive report on the banker deaths.
    The Golden Jackass states that the suicided bankers had flipped during prosecution investigation, and were assassinated to prevent insider testimony of bank fraud from reaching the prosecution.
    Willie, who recently sat down with The Doc for an exclusive interview revealing the “Smoking Gun” proving gold rehypothecation by US officials, emphasizes that we are NOT seeing bad bankers removed, we are witnessing bankers taken out who are on the verge of revealing BIG DATA details.
    Willie’s full alert on Wall Street banker suicides is below:

    • Galaxy 500

      Flipped against what? They have these guys dead to right for fraud, money laundering for terrorist groups and drug lords and they didn’t prosecute. Al, if the AG isn’t going to prosecute, what does it matter who says what to who?
      Secret sources giving info on secret conspiracies…

      • allen ols

        G5 , liquid;

        I think the jackass will come out with more on this info soon, i will e mail the jackass. tks for feed back,

        al ols fopusawd

    • Liquid Motion

      Yes. Insiders becoming whistle-blowers, will take down the banking elite.
      Dead men tell no tales.

      • Geo. T (formerly , George)

        LM, The government has more than enough proof to convict these bankers from the Mortgage fraud, Libor fraud, money laundering and even financial crimes. AG Holder has said publicly that he cant prosecute the bankers because it will crash the system. If there is not going to be prosecution, why would you kill the “whistlers.” What difference does it make? I don’t see any hard hitting journalism from the Main Streamers. I don’t see why you would go to the trouble to murder someone, which if you were caught would gin up interest and prosecution immediately.

        • Liquid Motion

          I dont see this as personal attacks, moreover accusations with evidence to prove illegal activities. BANKS will cease to exist, licences revoked, capital destroyed by any number of mechanisms. What the judicial system cannot / will not do…the markets will. Am Sure of that . Do not forget when these sharks are hungry they will eat each other.

  39. William Betts

    I am writing this to alert your readers that a huge scam in gold and silver selling is taking place in Calif. The name of the company is Discount Gold Brokers out of Sheriman Oakes, Calif. They have a national advertising campaign on nation television advertizing gold at great prices. What is happening is the co is taking the money and no delivery to the people. This has been going on for about 3 years. The Attorney General of Calif will not close them down. From what I gather the FBI is about to start an investigation on money laundring wire fraud and US postal fraud. We are talking about millions scammed from the people. Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco is involed in this thing I believe. This is for real. Please get this out to your readers and all others if possible. When gold and silver take off in price you can bet what is going to happen here… Betts

  40. Liz

    Am from kenya n have been checkin your site since 2007.Thanks Greg for what you are doing and to all the contributors,kudos.I alweiz enjoy checking the site on a weekly basis.Kenya is a lovely country and while you people are about to face the ‘wrath’,some of us are about to get blessed down here.Faith is the key no matter what hell is about to face us all.Be blessed and i will come back soon coz my phone does not allow me to post stuff.

  41. JC Davis

    Greg, This is what crazy looks like. Susan Rice got the Benghazi story right according to crissy Mathews. How do these clowns get on T.V.

    • Greg Hunter

      JC Davis,
      Mathews is 100% wrong on the facts according to the military and Congress. Simply outrageous.

    • Geo. T (formerly , George)

      purveyors of propaganda are hired based of looks and expend their previously acquired reputation until morally and reputationally bankrupt

  42. Galaxy 500

    Is this for memory recovery or brain machine interface? When DARPA is involved, who knows what the real objective is.

  43. Jim H

    Thanks Greg, great wrap up as always.
    What to focus on has been a big problem for me since JFK. Do we focus on Big Brother, war on mass produced terror, bankrupting borrowing by who knows who from what used to be “third world” nations, selloffs of America’s land and infrastructure to these and other third world nations, fabricated gold, silver and stock market prices or the death of Americans need to know anything it’s corporations or government is doing? I could have gone on and on for hours but you get the idea. What I can see is despite all the real and bogus information out there me and those around me in my class (you know, the 99%) world wide have taken and continue to take it in the shorts. Our standard of living (pay, earned benefits and what belongs to all of God’s kids) has decreased greatly. All the finger pointing by the privileged is just a smokescreen designed so we never get together and throw them out of the temple again. There seem to be only two real possibilities regarding the way our world operates. One is we got here by accident because of too much freedom or conditions have been very well orchestrated by a privileged few who can take even events that seem to hurt them and using the Banks, military, media, corporations and government to turn things back in their favor. One thing I notice for sure is the “trickle down” has almost completely stopped trickling. Lies and greed rule the day. As long as the well being of people is measured by with rulers such as stock prices, GNP’s, nation’s debt, interest rates profits and losses, for just this long, most of the worlds people will have no real freedom.

  44. Suzanne

    Hi Greg!
    1. I know the quantitative easing and crap derivative purchases are what you are counting in your figures on the Fed. With all the fees and interest, just the $45 billion in QE turns into $1 trillion in debt every 3 months. The problem is that the Fed is inventing some $130 billion every single month, so the balance sheet is expanding at least $1 trillion every single month! We don’t have the cash currency to show for it. They aren’t printing currency… just transferring digits onto balance sheets with computers. This is all bogus and since the Fed has outlived its charter, it is long since time to lock the private banksters out of that facility.

    2. How about a campaign to lobby Hornady and Federal and all of the other bullet manufacturers to tell them NOT to sell bullets to the government? Stores and private individuals only! Put pressure on the manufacturers not to supply the fascists!


  45. zasha

    Can you please raise awareness of the gov going after small farmers?
    http://www.policestateusa.com/2014/mark-baker/ this guy is going to court next month and needs all the help he can get…

    note: i dont profit from this and don’t know the farmer

    “As if that was not enough, on January 18, 2014, the USDA threatened him with violence. In response, Baker filed a report to have the threats on record. Baker says he was notified that a USDA field agent said in writing that “there is no way in hell” he would come to the Baker farm, but would instead leave that duty to “armed DNR agents.” Baker says he is being portrayed as a “gun-waving lunatic” in the DNR’s attempt to marginalize his family’s situation. Baker stressed publicly that he is a peaceful person and does not want his farm besieged by government agents looking for a fight.

    “If I don’t fight this, then everyone’s freedom is at risk,” said Baker.”

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