Somebody is Lying About Spying, Fed Hikes Rates & Gold Spikes, War Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 276 3.17.17)

Somebody is lying about spying on Donald Trump. The Senate says they see “no evidence,” and yet the New York Times runs a story about revealing information that came from “wiretapping Trump aides.”  Respected Judge Andrew Napolitano says British Intelligence did the spying because it has 24/7 access to NSA records.  The British Spy agency denies this charged.  Bottom line, The Trump Administration is overtly and covertly under attack, and that is clear.  Expect a counterattack and soon from the Trump camp.

The Federal Reserve hiked a key interest rate this week. Fed Head Janet Yellen said, “The simple message is . . . the economy is doing well.”  Maybe somebody should have talked to the Atlanta Fed because it just revised the GDP in the first quarter down to .9% from a paltry 1.2%.  That was just a few hours before Yellen made the rate hike announcement.  Gold investors loves the hike as gold spiked in price. 

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is in Asia. The top subject is North Korea and its recent aggression aimed at Japan.  Japan is now hinting at some sort of “first strike” against nuclear armed North Korea.  Meanwhile, South Korea is installing the U.S. made missile defense system call THAAD.  China is not happy about the missiles, and Tillerson will be stopping in China on his trip to Asia.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

The “Early Sunday Release” will be Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies.  He says the world is headed into a “Depression,” a very big nasty “Depression.”   He lays out his case for economic doom in the Early Sunday Release.

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    It Will One Long Hot Summer in the USA
    May The Best Win!
    The Case of An Old Soldier_No Warrior’s Here
    Millions of real men with high intelligence have served in the armed-forces. No soldier thinks carrying a weapon makes them ‘a real man’. Ex-soldiers are highly employable due to their drive, intelligence, qualifications and work ethic. ‘Guys from broken-homes’ There are lots of guys from ‘broken-homes’ as you might put it, in all areas of life. Nobody sees ‘ads’ and decides to join up. They do it to serve their country, often following on from their parents or grand-parents. (Grand-dads who helped save the world from tyranny) Soldiers can ‘cope with the world’. More so than civvies. They are trained in a plethora of skills, often speak more than one language, have vast knowledge about other countries and geo-politics. They are the ones that when the shit hits the fan on civvy street, they will be there at the front, sorting out the trouble. Hardly a ‘can’t cope’ mentality. (Like when that 747 came down on the motorway and first on the scene were four SAS troopers on their way back to HQ. They got in there, administered first-aid, seperated the dead bodies and even helped some of The Police who were throwing up in their helmets) After being sent to your new unit, no one barks out orders anymore. No more than a boss in civvy street telling his staff what’s required for their work. No one shoots women and children and many British soldiers have died through women and children being used as human shields. (Or today, as actual combatants)
    Under the elites ‘logic’ then perhaps all firemen and police personel have made a stupid mistake to want to serve others; to put themselves in danger on your behalf? Choices are in life – stack shelves, go to Uni, come out with a pointless degree and sit in an office for the rest of your life. Or – do something really exciting, often dangerous and to serve your country. Like my grand-dad who helped fight off The Nazi’s/German’s, Italians and Japanese, so people like most sit in momma’s house typing silly comments.
    I’ve travelled to over 20 countries, provided security for social events and formal occasions, built solar-stills for families without water, helped build a school and provided money for books out of my own pocket, guarded the borders of our country, jumped from aircraft, taught squaddies and civvies how to survival in extreme situations, speak (just enough) four languages, taught other nation’s soldiers, helped out with first-aid (saved four people’s lives) been a positive ambassador for our country when abroad and shagged lots of beautiful women.

    • Colateral Damage

      To Old Soldier (aka OSND),

      Your summary above was correct and very well said.

      I agree with your assessment. Some of the most honorable, disciplined, and capable individuals that I have every had the pleasure to know are prior soldiers.

      I would like to share a hearty, and heartfelt, ‘Thank you for your Service”, and thank you for being that caliber of person; having that inner fibre, to be a true role model for humanity.

      As you said – I wholeheartedly agree, “May the Best Man Win!”


      • John

        If I may address a few flaws. The people I know who joined did so for the college fund and or had nothing going on and soon regretted it. “Soldiers can ‘cope with the world’. More so than civvies.” Not true at all many come out with psychological issues. Many have fits of rage especially when confronted on a intellectual level. “Choices are in life – stack shelves, go to Uni, come out with a pointless degree and sit in an office for the rest of your life” So Glad you got to play soldier while us civvies did the work to pay for it. Uni pointless degree REALY? How did you even get the tech to play GI JOE? “Millions of real men with high intelligence” To have to repeat intelligence over and over maybe to prop up some sort of insecurity?

        • Greg Hunter

          “So Glad you got to play soldier while us civvies did the work to pay for it.” You are a jack ass for saying this.

    • Kim

      Great wrap up Greg! Love it! Because of your good work and guests, I am informed and empowered!!

      • Greg Hunter

        You made my day!! Thank you.

      • Diane

        Yes Kim…we are very fortunate to be connected to HONEST Greg Hunter!

    • Russ McMeans

      For all you amazing soldiers out there; something by Elton John & Bernie Taupin done a very long time ago:

      ( hope my link works!)


    Correct Link;
    This Is A fight To The Death
    Old World/New World

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, old soldiers never die, they just fade away? Sir, old soldiers never fade away, they just reload.

      • Banjo Pat

        General Douglas MacArthur’s
        Farewell Speech: “Old Soldiers Never Die…”

        1951 had not been a good year for Douglas MacArthur: after almost losing a war in Korea it seemed he had already won, he was dismissed by President Truman, making headlines around the world. But for thirty-seven minutes on April 19, he held America in the palm of his hand. MacArthur’s address before a joint session of Congress, one of the great moments in the early days of television, offered him a unique opportunity to tell his side of the story. He did not disappoint.

        Critics and much of the public soon saw through the holes in his arguments. But his final words, drawing the curtain on an unparalleled military career, surely rank as one of the great exit lines in American history.

        General MacArthur’s Address to Congress
        April 19, 1951

        Mr. President, Mr. Speaker and Distinguished Members of the Congress:

        I stand on this rostrum with a sense of deep humility and pride — humility in the weight of those great architects of our history who have stood here before me, pride in the reflection that this home of legislative debate represent human liberty in the purest form yet devised.

        Here are centered the hopes and aspirations and faith of the entire human race. FULL SPEECH

        I have just left your fighting sons in Korea. They have done their best there, and I can report to you without reservation that they are splendid in every way.

        It was my constant effort to preserve them and end this savage conflict honorably and with the least loss of time and a minimum sacrifice of life. Its growing bloodshed has caused me the deepest anguish and anxiety. Those gallant men will remain often in my thoughts and in my prayers always.

        I am closing my 52 years of military service. When I joined the Army, even before the turn of the century, it was the fulfillment of all of my boyish hopes and dreams. The world has turned over many times since I took the oath at West Point, and the hopes and dreams have all since vanished, but I still remember the refrain of one of the most popular barracks ballads of that day which proclaimed most proudly that old soldiers never die; they just fade away. And like the old soldier of that ballad, I now close my military career and just fade away, an old soldier who tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty.

        Good Bye.
        “Gone but not forgotten, to reload another day”

      • Russ McMeans

        Always reload and never let yer chamber be without it’s mate – yer bullets… and never let yer buddy be without backup. A full magazine…..
        God bless all our soldiers and law enforcement guys and some badass gals too.

  3. James Brown

    “Downtown” James Brown here.
    You rule brother!
    The economy is doing well?!?! Yeah. Zero interest rates are “emergency measures”, how is that “doing well”?
    When average household income gets up to $60,000+ then we can say the economy is doing well.
    Martin Armstrong mentions he has good sources, he follows worldwide capital flows. Get him back on to cover Syria, Russia, Trump, economics, etc.
    Keep up the great work

    • Greg Hunter

      I talked to Mr. Armstrong today and will try to book him soon. He’s busy but said he will come on again.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Great! Looking forward to seeing Martin Armstrong again.

      • Mohammad


        He is the only one who was right all along, he said market will shoot to 40K when every one was saying gloom and doom. Will be interesting to see if he changes his forecast, looking for the interview, keep up the good work, thanks Greg.


        • Galaxy 500

          Wow, the market got to 40K?
          Thats like saying some predicted 5 million and it gets to a thousand and he is adjudicated correct.

      • Colateral Damage

        Wow!!!! What an incredible Weekly Wrap up!!!!!! Your summary of logical, cogent thought was a pleasure to listen to. It ‘lies’ (pun intended) in stark contrast to the muddy, (swampy) illogical trains of thought that the ‘Fake Stream Media’ serve up daily to addle listeners brains.

        Our hats off to you. You made my day.

        Thank you for fighting the good fight.


        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you CD! I spend a lot of time on the Wrap-Up. (I know it’s low tech) Happy you appreciate it.

        • Diane

          My husband and I listen and read only 3 sources of news.
          Catherine Austin Fitts
          GREG HUNTER
          Martin Armstrong

          • Greg Hunter

            You put me in very impressive company. I am hoping to get Mr. Armstrong back on soon. I spoke with him yesterday and he agreed to come on in the not too distant future.

          • Freebreezer

            Diane – you should add one more … Steve F Cohen on the John Bachelor show most Tuesday evenings. Well worth the listen.

      • Russ McMeans

        Martin A. Is busy because he’s been right too much of the time. Very interesting guy.
        And the mere fact that Mr. Hunter can score an interview once in awhile speaks volumes about Greg’s. journalistic excellence.

        • Greg Hunter

          Well let’s hope I get him. I sure have been trying. (and Thank you for the kind words.)

  4. FC

    There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics with Janet Yellen performing the trifecta.

    • Paul ...

      These numbers don’t lie … I’m looking at what Trump has done since entering office (to reduce the national debt) and find that Trump (in only two months) has reduced our National Debt by $100 billion dollars … … now that interest rates are rising and bonds falling “naked shorts” on Treasury bonds can add even more to reducing our debt burden … go Janet … go!!!

      • FC

        I’m not sure about your Treasury Bond idea as you can be caught very easily with your pants down on that deal, exposing the true “naked short”

        • Paul ...

          How can things go wrong if Janet keeps raising rates??

          • Greg Hunter

            three words: Bond market sell-off. That would cause interest rates to soar and the $230 trillion and debt would be vaporized. That’s is what is coming. It’s just a matter of when.

    • andyb

      Never forget that the true agenda of the FED is totally antithetical to the well being of the American populace. The puppet masters have been using the FED since 1913 to impoverish the US for the benefit of the TBTF banks and the 1%.

      • Greg Hunter

        Good point Andy!!

    • Russ McMeans

      Maybe J. Yellen sees something we don’t. I.e. Business excuberance with Trump presidency. And anyway.
      Shouldn’t money cost something? I’m thinking at least 3-4%…? But our government ran up big debt. So now we’re screwed.

  5. Dan

    TDW News – Obama Made Surprise Visit to Hawaii 48 hours Before Judge Blocked Trump Travel Ban.

    Just a coinkydink guys?

    I mean who the f*ck does Obama think he is? He can never become President again as he’s already served two terms and would not be permitted under the law. He already did so much damage to the country during his two terms. So why? He should be exposed and charged with treason!

    • Bill


      Hey Dan: Down through history it has always been pride and ego. Nero, Stalin, Hitler, Idi Amin, the little runt from NK, Obama, Clinton, ETC. It was self importance that destroyed all of them

  6. Dan

    Greg & all,

    You gotta get this guy on – Harley Schlanger.

    Just watched his interview on X22 Report Spotlight:
    – This Is Nothing More Than A Central Bank,Rothschild Operation To Increase Their Power

    and it’s one of the absolute best I’ve seen in years of watching sites like yours.

    The guy is extremely articulate, lays it out so neat and clean in very simple terms for anyone to understand. A gem. His contact email is given at the end of the interview above; I’m sure if you contact him he will surely accept an invitation to be on your show.

  7. Ronald Helms

    Why does Britain have 24/7 access to NSA data? That is a foreign government and they are accessing US intelligence information and disseminating it? That seems like a story without anything else. Is it? I must be losing my mind.

    • Paul ...

      And we thought only Santa had the “list” on everyone … checking it twice … to see who was naughty or nice!!! … now where was it he lived? … Antarctica?

      • wondrouscat

        Very funny – guess again. Santa Claus lives at the North Pole. Thought everybody knew that.

        • Paul ...

          I know he comes “out of” the North Pole … but isn’t it connect to the South Pole (where he really lives) through the hollow Earth? … in any case … if I get coal in my stocking this year it may be because I revealed too much … or simply because Trump has put too many coal miners back to work and will be sending Christmas bags of coal as gifts to all the American people so they can heat their homes more cheaply!

          • wondrouscat

            Actually, I think Donald Trump may really be Santa Claus.

    • Galaxy 500

      Because they spy on US citizens for us and we spynon British citizens for them. Its all nice and legal… in a hellishly sneaky way

      • This sceptred Isle

        Yes, I heard someone say this a few years ago. It would make sense as, like you say, there are no legal repercussions from British agencies spying on Americans and vice versa.

    • Sue

      That was exactly what I was thinking. I wish Trump would save the 30% of the NSA worth saving and move it to the CIA and get rid of the rest of it. But that said, it is just another example of foreign governments having access to our information.Something about that just isn’t right. And of course, who paid for it? We did.

    • Russ McMeans

      But we’re family. Brits are family dude! My last name and mother’s last name speak volumes! We have common interests- including bad ones unfortunately.

  8. phillip nelson

    thanks man for all your work ! one for all & all for one is the cry !!!

  9. coalburner

    Great job! And to Old Soldier, my salute. The old world / new world battle is buiding its armies and must be fought every four generations. It looks like the Obamabots against the Trunp Patriots at home and the foreign actors have not yet sealed their allied forces. My view!

  10. G. Berkshire

    Kids break into a zoo and stone a flamingo to death
    By Alexandra Larkin, CNN
    Updated 12:50 PM ET, Thu March 16, 2017 Kid’s can sure be cruel!

  11. G. Berkshire

    British spy agency denies ‘utterly ridiculous’ Trump wiretap claims
    By Jim Sciutto and Ben Westcott, CNN
    Updated 4:18 AM ET, Fri March 17, 2017

    • Galaxy 500

      Sure they do. We spy on Canadian and British Citizens and its legal. We share the data with the Canadians and Brits. The Brits and Canadians spy on US Citizens and share it with the Deep State.
      Why did the Demoncrats and their Media lackies throw make believe and bull shiite at Trump? Because there is not anything real they can use. If they had it, they would have used it. Just like if the US under Bush had anything to do with 911, 0bama would have trotted out the proof, tried Bush for treason and utterly destroyed the Republican Party. That would have made The Watergate burglary look like a Bic lighter… compared to a Cosmic Super Nova. 0bama would have been elevated to godhood by the Demoncrats.

      • dbcooper

        G-5, Not to be disrespectful but your thinking on 911 is awfully naive. And I am not even going to call you a Dude !! Yours, DB.

        • This sceptred Isle

          I think it is too much for him to comprehend that, maybe, there are bad people in the Republican party as well. Complicates his anti-foreigner rhetoric.

        • Galaxy 500

          No offense or disrespect received. Here is how I do the math. I know people see thing about guns/shooting in movies and believe them. They soak up all kinds of mythology, religion, the government thru evil inculcation from these sources.
          You know I am a doubting Thomas on some things because when I think of the scope of some of these things, they just don’t seem to be manageable secrets due to scale. But even more than the secrecy aspect, the more complex these liberal conspiracies are, the less odds that it could work , even in theory, much less on the real world.
          Take the World Trade Center terrorist attack on 911. If the 0bamachrist could have put a single brick falling due to someone, anyone, in the Bush administration (or better yet, on Israel ), 0bama would have had a treason trial for Bush and his entire administration. There would be no Republican Party. It would have made the Watergate burglary look like a Bic lighter to a Celestial Super Nova. 0bama would have been a hero for the ages and his legacy would be assure. Hell, the Nationa Socialist Demoncrat Party would have promoted 0bama’s Sainthood. Snap, I bet some would promote him from a simpleton to godhood. Its too big a secert, requiring too many people doing too many complex things, with too many moving parts to succeed, muchless to be kept secret. And the Libthat outed Seal Team Six and got a bunch killed, or outed the Pakistani Doc who helped us who ended up under the jail in a hellhole or all the other things 0bama so nonchalantly exposed as mere trifles…that President Obama? ” There is always a liberal answer for these things and a first grader could poke holes in their logic.
          Just the way my mind works plus I like see if Liberals truly know that what they believe is Fantasy and or talking points. When they get loud and call you names, you’ve won. When you point out the fallacies of their positions, especially when it just obliterates any chance of them defending their broke arse political or conspiracies theories, they give you that look of some fraudster that realizes he has been found out. Liberals counter with, it was just too secert for him (0bama) to expose? I ask them if we are talking about the same person. Me…”Are you talking about that guy .

        • Galaxy 500

          Actually and factually, there is more likely a chance of the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy existing than what the conspiracy theorist and antigovernment loons say about 911.
          But Dude, that is what I love about America. We have freedom of thought.
          And this world is a strange we live in. Who would have ever thought a billion people would worship Satan? That Moe-Ham-ad could rebrand that as islam is just unbelievable. Just shows how gullible people are.

        • Galaxy 500

          My Friend, one other thing. Bush was a new President in Jan 2001. Any scandal that would have been could be laid at the feet and or neither regions of Bill Clinton.

      • This sceptred Isle

        “Just like if the US under Bush had anything to do with 911, 0bama would have trotted out the proof, tried Bush for treason and utterly destroyed the Republican Party.”

        That assumes Obama and Bush are on different sides. Didn’t the Bush dynasty support Hillary during the election?

        • Galaxy 500

          I think I covered that in how there is always some make believe answer that some how is to cover the flaws in their logic.
          Here are some facts… and they are demonstrable.
          0bama hates the very core of American values. He hates the conservatives with what can only be described as passion. He is a communist and based on things he has let slip, I believe he is a moslem, a full fledged worshiper of Satan.
          If there was one smidgen of evidence he couls have used, he could have destroyed the Republicans AND HE MIGHT COULD HAVE CHANGED THE ENTIRE SYSTEM. No more Republic. For even good patriots would not support Repubs after that.
          Basically, your response to me reasoned argument with a weight of tons is a totally unsupported thesis that 0bama and Bush are on the same side.
          Any thing that big (911) could not help but be exposed.
          You would have to have a tremendous pool of loyal evil people, no witnesses (eye witness testimony os the absolute most unreliable form of evidence , bar none. Some people don’t understand what they see, some people lie for a multitude of different reasons and some just plain mis-remember.) Plus everthing would have to go as planned. If you have ever been involved in large scale planning thst requires a multitude of people to perform a task with little room for error, you would understand. NOTHING, and I mean nothing ever goes as planned…period.
          And then there is the whole evil people angle. Evil people are unreliable partners, even and especially to other evil people.
          So if you are going to look at the facts and come out with that as your answer, you were asleep the last 8 years. Look at everything the 0bamachrist and Hildabeast did and you believe some how they are all on the same side. In reality-based conversations, the Clintons and the 0bamas are not even on the same side. Dude, wipe the sleep from your eyes and come into the light.
          Jeb Bush is a POS that did a stompy feet dance because even with a hundred million in seed money, he could not win the nomination. Sll the RINOs secretly and not so secretly supported Hillary over Trump. Why? Because Trump is going to drain the swap. DC has many evil factions that only intersect at one point, robbing the treasury and putting a yoke of debt slavery on We the People.
          And by the way, that is not a theory, it is fact that is supported by the spending of Congress, both Republican and Democrat since the Clinton administration .
          “Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate”, Ockham’s Razor. Some of the first Latin I learn during 3 years of Latin in High School. (That is all they offered) Give it some credence.

      • lastmanstanding

        The bushies, barry o, slick willie and hill and the rest all work for the same boss…they don’t have the power or the need to out one another.

        Staying in the old 2 party system is right where they want you. I am passing judgment on djt right now but he is pissing the left off which is fine with me… just like barry pissed off the right in the same way. The pendulum swings back and forth pushing the populous to extremes until they get the results they desire. What results? Lots of predictions. Perhaps we will see.

        Ignore them all and enjoy life.

        • Galaxy 500

          I diagree thst they are on the same side but evenore that there is some big boss somewhere. Dude, once you are President you can take care of yourself

      • Frederick

        Haven’t you seen how friendly the Obamas were with the Bushes Please they are both puppets of the same wealthy people who George Carlin and others have tried to warn us about Anyone by now who doesn’t see that 911 was an inside job/ false flag isn’t very bright or isn’t really looking

        • Galaxy 500

          Havent youbseen how much animosity there is between the 0bamachrist and the Clintons?
          People grouping for benefits. I buy that. Evil people in contol of every over generations os impossible. If you understand evil, and base human nature, then you too would realize what a load of rubbish that thesis is. If you don’t heaven help you.

  12. G. Berkshire

    Mark Levin has warned before of Obama’s ‘silent coup.’

    In 1991, a private investigator named Len Colodny published “Silent Coup,” a sprawling revisionist history of the Watergate affair. Subtitled “The Removal of a President,” the book set out to prove that President Richard Nixon was forced out of office not because of his misdeeds but because a “formidable national security party” opposed his foreign policy.

  13. Paul ...

    More interesting stuff about Antarctica the Main Stream Media does not want us to be thinking about … but was the Arc of Gabriel “requested”… and “delivered” to the Antarctic prison where “those” who transgressed against God still reside?? … and for what purpose??? …

    • Paul ...

      Hopefully so Gabriel can keep the transgressors under control … the worship of Demons has become “so accepted” by immoral men that recently a young women (verified by Russian intelligence sources) was sacrificed by “demented scientists” at CERN … the killing of women and children in rituals to a Demonic “gods” is so outrageous and against the moral teachings of the “One True God” that these CERN scientists should all be rounded up … put to death … and CERN mothballed … by Interpol … the same way good men at the CIA are releasing data to WikiLeaks (1% of the Vault 7 info has been released so far) to take down the CIA … good men of character and integrity everywhere must unite “to defeat the evil immoral ones” that Worshp War, Death and Satan (the Russians delivering the Ark of Gabriel will hopefully keep the evil ones captive in Antarctica)!! …

      • Paul ...

        Is Trump trying to get a reconciliation between the faiths … so that humankind can stand up with one voice against the King of the South (in Antarctica)??? …

  14. Aussie Clive

    Correct me if I am wrong, but if you send troops into a foreign country without the permission of that country then you are invading that country. Assad clearly says the the US troops were not invited (
    You can say all day long that the US troops are there to fight ISIS but we all know this is a BS cover for a deeper invasion of Syria now that their ISIS henchmen are on the back foot.
    I couldn’t have been happier when Trump was elected but my Spidey senses are getting twitchier by the week.
    What is the difference between Hillary starting WWIII and Trump starting WWIII ? – Nothing.
    If we do not see any prosecutions involving The Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s illegal use of her private servers; and
    If the Geo-engineering programs are not acknowledged and terminated; and
    If we do not see a genuine Government supported independent investigation into 911,
    within the next 12 – 15 months then I believe Trump will have proved what he really is – just another insider, albeit with his own style.

    All the evidence is there – it has been for some time – so get moving Trump!

    If Trump was genuine he should be supporting Whistle-blowers as they would alert him to specific areas within the swamp that need to be emptied. But like Obama he criticized these whistle-blowers. The release of Vault 7 was an eye opener, but again it was not the content that was important, but instead it was all about finding and silencing the ‘new Snowden’.

    I don’t know, there seems to be an awful lot of smoke and mirrors in both the MSM and the Alternate media. A lot of talk, but no action and my Spidey senses tell me that we are all being scammed.

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      … well stated AussieClive, couldn’t agree more. When DOnald was running and elected, I ran into a wall of liberal angst up here with family and friends. While not supporting him willy-nilly, I was willing to give him the benefit of doubt, time to see if his actions matched his words (rhetoric? ).
      Well, he has surrounded himself with Wall Street players, and significantly recanted his meme of improving relations with Russia amongst the other indices you mentioned. Is he a new boss, or as the Who sang “same as the old boss” but with different clothes?
      Having read this blog site for a few years now, I see Greg has shed some of his seemingly apolitical leanings and come out in DT’s corner. Be that as it may, Greg, please continue to dig for the truth as good journalists do — regardless of the political leanings of yourself and the majority of Watchdoggers.

    • Spurr

      Hear hear…Trump is just another puppet albeit different masters! Tillerson imposed on him after Romney could not pass beyond the mud. Mnuchin also imposed on him by the feds etc etc…!

      • Greg Hunter

        Trump is no puppet. He’s dangerous to the Criminal Crony Class. That’s why they hate him.

        • Spurr

          I beg to differ Greg…how could you turn a blind eye to all the facts. Trump is not master of his domain…he’s controlled by the Zionist people who put him in the WH! Really Greg…it’s so obvious!

  15. dlc

    Trump should talk to the American people and level about the shape we are actually in. Then he should put a freeze on immigration across the board. This is not a drastic measure when considering the reality of our situation. And too, you cannot have health care for all when you have no borders.

    We also have a drug addictive population, both street and legal. It was lunacy to go down this path with “free” health care to begin with. The health care bill never was about health for you and me. It was one of the few money-making enterprises out there that the politicians hadn’t looted, and yes, health is a business.

    The fact that it is a medical cartel that allows for the MD allopathic approach only should tell you something. There are so many alternatives that do not include drugging you to the gills and carving you up.

    Just getting rid of the alcohol, drugs (prescription and street), maintaining a life partner relationship, dropping 100 pounds, and avoiding liberalism at ever turn would solve many problems. None of these fixes would generate income for the cartel though, thus the current approach to medicine laughingly referred to as health care.

    • C romana

      Dlc, you are right. The fact that doctors refuse to try complementary medicine at all, is a sign that the drug companies run the health care industry.

      • Charles H

        Big Yup!

      • This sceptred Isle

        At the end of the day the medical profession (especially in America) is private and therefore focused on profits. As a result, they tend to use treatments/medications that make the most money, not the ones that achieve the best outcomes for the patient. They use medications that they can patent as this is where they make the biggest profits. You cannot patent anything that is natural, such as vitamins, wholefoods or alternative therapies, which have existed for thousands of years.
        That is not to say that modern medicine doesn’t have its place. I think modern medicine is best when treating emergency short term situations like traffic accidents, heart attacks etc but alternative medicine is better for promoting long term health.

  16. dlc

    When I first worked as a transcriber, there was no such thing as a health care premium when you worked for a hospital. Scripps and doctor visits had a nominal fee attached, no more than 5 dollars.

    I only once took any advantage of this, needing surgery as the only way finally to alleviate my situation. I have to say the experience was a nightmare that thankfully caused me to avoid doctors pretty much since. I have had no form of steady “health” maintenance my entire life. You can do this for the most part if you don’t spend your life abusing yourself. God does not create junk. People have been programmed to be endlessly fixing what isn’t broke.

    I lost my job in 09/16 due to Obamacare. No regrets on that. It was always a job based on people’s obsession with running to the medical cartel for reassurance. Finally, with the cost of premiums and deductibles, people were forced to put the brakes on. (Are they dead in the streets as a result?) Simple supply and demand fact, no hypochondriacs, no job. Never thought I would see layoffs in this sector. Truly, nothing does last forever.

    There is no honesty anywhere you look. Health is not a measure of how many pills you can pop, how many tests you can undergo. The hospitals are now clogged with grifters, addicts, and invaders. These are the heralded class by the politicians. We, the chumps, got the tab. We are trying to create a health care fix that addresses none of this.

    My father had cancer in his mid-50s. He refused chemo and radiation preferring to take his chances, feeling his survival chances were slim either way. He lived another 20 years and was a type A workaholic like Trump. He handed the family business to my oldest brother and went into politics after being written off as a death in process.

    People called him Goldfinger as he seemed to have a knack for success. The success element was hard work, applying every skill to the hilt, refusing to run with the herd. I miss the type of male who was well read, self reliant and fiercely engaged in the work jungle. I had a very good model for persevering. The father factor is what the libs worked hard to obliterate. With a strong father you do not need social services and politicians to dispense what a dad does best for his own.

    • Paul ...

      Health care performed by men comes down to ripping off people who know their body is not up to par! … but as dlc states: “God does not create junk”!! … the body will heal itself if you give it a chance and don;t abuse it … our Health Care System comes down to going to a doctor who asks “you” … so why are you here? … after “you diagnose yourself” … he takes out a pen and writes a prescription for what “you told him” ails you … when you could have simply opened a health book at home … took a few vitamins you are probably lacking, rested your body for a few days, refrained from Heroin and alcohol, etc. and just let God do the rest!!

    • Robert Lykens, Rabid Zionist

      dlc, sorry to hear you lost your job.
      I highly recommend self-employment if you’re still unemployed. It’s not for the faint of heart though – it can be very lonely when the need for success is all on your shoulders, but it can be exhilarating when you land a very lucrative account.
      I loved what you said about your father’s work ethic. He sounds like a great American!

      • This sceptred Isle

        There is much to admire about the entrepreneur. Do we live in a world that discourages them now? The drive towards centralisation of power surely favours big multi-national companies.

    • Charles H

      Great comment. The same with me – my Dad was a “Do-er”, and ‘keep out of debt-er’. I practically owe my whole well being to his example.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        @ Charles H – You can keep out of debt yourself but there are many mechanisms by which the government will put you into debt through no fault of your own. As far as health care is concerned, the post by dlc is profoundly ignorant (I doubt s/he is young enough to be naïve anymore). Health care isn’t subject to rules of a free market economy. If you’re going to die if you don’t get it, you don’t have a choice. You’ll pay anything someone will charge. Free market economics only works when consumers have choices. Not when they don’t. The starry-eyed world of make-believe that dlc imagines where unicorns prance around farting rainbows and lollipops is a wonderful place but it doesn’t exist. I’m pretty sure dlc has benefited considerably from the socialization of health care that s/he wants to deny everyone else those same benefits. I’ve met many people in my life who recommend exactly what dlc has and they’re all hypocrites. They say and write these things to make others kill themselves trying to meet a standard that doesn’t exist. To buy a bill of goods that doesn’t exist. I have never had reliable access to necessary health care most of my life but I’ve needed it none-the-less (and that because of imposition by gov’t upon me). Without it, life is very unpleasant if not downright miserable and unbearable. If you’re working and living honestly (and at no expense to others), you’re going to need medical intervention at some time before you die. If not to prolong your life, then to mitigate considerable pain. And cost for that will be very expensive. The reason it’s so expensive is that too many parasites are exploiting for considerable profit the relationship between patients and their doctors (including transcriptionists). So before prescribing mechanisms for health care for everyone else, try and see if you can live with them first and be honest about it. As I’ve pointed out many times in threads on Greg’s site in response to posters who believe they are not the beneficiaries of extreme socialism (but are it’s biggest beneficiaries) and want to deny others the opportunities from which they’ve benefited (because those others are paying for it but aren’t receiving any benefits – SLAVERY!!), if you’ve ever been in debt under a fractional reserve banking system, then you aren’t just the extreme beneficiary of socialism but of slavery. And you have no right to impose upon others expectations about how they live their lives. If you think you’re so righteous, then you show us how it’s done first. Good luck because you won’t last long enough to matter. If you’re living honestly and righteously, the world is a very dangerous place.

        • Paul ...

          Doc … don’t know about you … but the bed side manner of many of the doctors I’ve seen is atrocious … if you give them any static … like asking about natural herbal remedies … or asking why radiation and toxic chemicals that create cancer are being used to0 cure cancer? … their response always seems to be “if you don’t follow Orthodox procedures you will be dead in 2 months”!!

  17. dlc

    As to what happened to Michael Savage and Roger Stone recently, I feel it is just the beginning. Brutality on the part of these commie libs will only be sanctioned and encouraged. They are the spearhead, Obama’s army — just flexing at this point, warming up for a big event.

    I appreciate that you even mentioned Savage. Talk radio and alt media is a shark tank of competition. I know Michael has some hard edges but that is the very brew needed at this time. He fights back and I would not want to be the person who knocked him down. He will spend millions to drive a point home. We need more of the unshackled male who will not take it in the teeth to keep the peace. That’s why I like him, spouting the things that we are too cowed to utter.

    Only a lib, the true coward/bully, would attack a 74 year old and his poodle. They get off on whipping the vulnerable, the uneven match. Women take heed. The unleashed rabble will not draw the line at women, children, and dogs.

    • Robert Lykens, Rabid Zionist

      Speaking of Hussein Obama’s brutal army – I remember the day when rioters had to face water cannon and police dogs. Today the police, more often than not, stand back and give the destructive looters free rein. I wonder, would they do the same if the mob was a bunch of conservatives? We’ll never know because we won’t see conservatives breaking and looting like the leftists do.

      • This sceptred Isle

        “We’ll never know because we won’t see conservatives breaking and looting like the leftists do.”

        Unless they are doing it in Iraq 😉

  18. dlc

    Rand Paul, a Russian agent. Who would have guessed? Are we all regarded as Soviet dupes now?

    McCain would tell you, speaking up is not American. Bomb them Balkans, raid Ukraine. Induce failed states. It’s the McCain way. Rand Paul should avoid restaurants.

    It will be interesting to watch this latest affront to John’s sense of untouchable hero status play out.

    • Greg Hunter

      That McCain comment was so stupid I did not bring it up. Happy you did though. Rand Paul’s comeback about the need for “term limits” was priceless!!!

      • Diane

        McCain, like Pelosi is insane

  19. dlc

    The last big world get together.

    All pictures, no commentary, none needed.

  20. Chip

    GREAT WNW Greg!
    “The lyin’ bout spyin” is a great line.
    Trump needs to grow a pair and tell these “judges” to pound sand. He should say, “I refuse to allow some activist judges to jeopardize the safety of the American People”… Chip

    • Paul ...

      These are the same judges that won’t allow the American flag in our schools … before long we won’t be able to fly the American flag anywhere within the USA … soon these judges will tell us that all American flags will have to be shipped overseas (out of the continental United States) … so the terrorists they are so intent on letting into our country will have something to burn (as they protest and clamor to get into our country to collect free money and benefits)!!!

  21. Tommy

    As George Costanza once said, “This thing is like an onion. The more layers you peel, the more it stinks.” The massive web of lies and deceit just goes on and on. If the Republicans don’t soon grow a backbone this nation will be lost forever (if it isn’t already). Trump is like the farmer who goes into the hen house locked and loaded where the foxes are lounging around managing the chickens. He will do the right thing, but he can’t do it without help and I’m not sure the Republicans won’t side with the opposition who like the status quo. In any event , this will get ugly but perseverance is our principal virtue. Stay strong.

    • Paul ...

      McCain … who is guarding the hen house door … will be asking to see Trumps Russian passport before he allows him in to save the chickens from the foxes! … perhaps like Obama did with his birth certificate … Trump can simply forge a Russian passport to get past McCain … and then shoot all the damn foxes !!

  22. al

    Thank you for giving people like me a channel to watch REAL NEWS

    • Greg Hunter

      No problem Al. Thank YOU for your support.

  23. pat the rat

    North Korea, I see that the Leader is not ready to give up power, he is doing every thing he can to stay in power. North Korea is now a member of the atomic bomb club,if the country every use them they will be erase from the face of the earth.The Leaders children not ready to take over power from him.I see nothing that he is insane.

    • Paul ...

      China allowed its puppet Korea to rattle its nuclear sabers … so now it has to pay the price of American missiles being installed near its borders … isn’t payback a bitch!!

      • Tin foil hat

        North Korea is ours, not China. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, we needed a rogue nation in the Far East to keep other nations (South Korea, Japan, perhaps even China) in line and dependent of our protective nuclear umbrella.
        Bill Clinton is the one who provided North Korea with fuel oil, economic cooperation, and two light-water nuclear power plants in exchange for North Korea to freeze its plutonium production program which wasn’t getting anywhere fast until they got the nuclear power plants from the not so stupid Bill Clinton.
        Jim Kong Un executed his uncle, a general who had strong tie with China, and assassinated his brother who was protected by the Chinese version of our Secret Service. These facts don’t support the theory that North Korea is the puppet of China. Btw, Jim Kong Un was educated at an International School in Switzerland. Why didn’t his father send him to Russia or China to further his education?

        • Paul ...

          Interesting … so from what you are saying … all this fuss with North Korea is really just a “False Flag” operation being used by the “Deep State” as a pretext to start WWIII … and that it is “our CIA” giving orders to Jim Kong Un (not the Chinese)!!

          • Tin foil hat

            No, I’m not saying the deep state wants to start WWIII. What I’m saying is if South Korea stopped using the dollar, North Korea will invade Sourh Korea.

  24. Paul Anthony

    At what point do we actually put criminal politicians and bankers in jail? I understand we have to have a case for indictment and prosecution but …. how long does it take Because I think until people go to jail nothing will change Trump won’t have a second term in my opinion – and I want him to have a second term, but the criminals need to be held accountable like YESTERDAY! I am frustrated

    • Paul ...

      Many Patriots are as frustrated as you … if absolutely nothing is done … I can imagine a day in the future when some good men eventually take it into their own hands to begin making “citizen arrests” … hold a trial in the street by a jury of their peers … after which the sexually perverted Satan worshiping criminals found guilty will be hung on the cheery trees lining the streets of the Capital !!

  25. Paul Anthony

    God Bless America and I pray daily for President Trump.

  26. Linda L.

    Apparently Obama applied for a FISA to investigate/wiretap Trump Tower and his associates (Flynn) in mid 2016. When the FISA was denied, it would make sense, considering his arrogance and history of defying the rules, that Obama would seek assistance from his friends/cronies in British Intelligence to wiretap Trump. Obama’s underhanded intent to destroy Trump is clearly demonstrated in mid-2016 and later in the Flynn affair, where with certainty, wiretaps were done.

  27. Rodster

    Regarding Sundays interview with Pento. The world has been in a depression since 2008 if not for the Govt bank and Wall Street bailouts, Govt giveaways and fraudulent accounting practices. The entire global financial system has been held together by lies and deceit.

  28. Charles Cox

    You may wish to research the term “negative pregnant” as it relates to ANYTHING these morons spew with their qualified statements. As so qualified, they are admitting their attempted obfuscation and lies.

  29. Lars Andersson


    A few Days ago on a plane from Scandinavia to USA they did find out that two diffrent people have the same passport. They have copys of the same passport and now one of these people was the real owner.

    Se article in Swedish from Cornucopia blogg

    Läsaren Mikael Grev redogör på Twitter för en incident, där två “svenskar” på samma flygplan till USA råkade ha var sin kopia av samma “försvunna” svenska pass. Dålig stämning uppstod för alla svenskar ombord.

    “Kompis var i USA precis & snackade med passkontrollanter (incident hände). Svenska pass särbehandlas numer i tysthet. & ej på ett bra sätt…
    “Sample size of one” och allt det där med subjektivitet, men kontrollanten var väldigt tydlig.
    Incidenten var f.ö. att det var två svenskar på planet med exakt samma pass (eller ja, kopior på samma orginalpass då).”
    Som Mikael Grev skriver är detta en anekdot (sample size of one), men det är rätt spektakulärt när två kopior av samma borttappade pass råkar sitta på samma flight till USA. Det handlar alltså om personer som måste ha ett kopierat svenskt pass för att komma in i USA, dvs inte rent mjöl i påsen.

    Det kan vara en tidsfråga tills detta når Vita Huset. Släng på att IS-terrorister får gråta ut i svensk statlig television och ska belönas med bostad, bidrag och jobb, att svenska staten skickar pengar till terroristskolor i Gaza, att svenska staten ger statliga bidrag till islamistiska organisationer inom landet mm, så lär ESTA-tillgång åka ut snabbare än Donald Trump får spel på Twitter.

  30. David John Williams

    I know you fully support Trump Greg but what makes you so certain he isn’t part of the deception? If the elite can pull off a lie like 911, it would be nothing to place a reality show candidate in office while simultaneously creating divisive rhetoric from the ‘other’ side. Trump is surrounding himself with fellow billionaires and his infrastructure plans are basically a scheme for handing over public assets to private corporations. Nothing is changing with regard to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the funding of terrorism. He is doing nothing with regard to Fed lunacy or the rampant market fraud and he nothing is happening to criminal Clinton. Could Trump be a theatrical diversion for the serfdom to keep them bound to the notion of a false democracy while the elite carry on as usual?

    • Greg Hunter

      I fully support America and the U.S. Constitution. Hillary said “There are limits to the 2nd Amendment and There are limits to the 1st Amendment.” The choice was an easy one for a guy running a website that wants free speech and the truth.

      • David John Williams

        I understand. Hillary’s a globalist witch that would have become President were it not for Trump and I cannot imagine anyone scarier than her. She would have waged an all out assault on the Constitution and US sovereignty and quite possibly we would have nuclear war. It was an easy choice for sure. At least there’s a chance with Trump….I hope. The US MUST prevail. I’m from Canada and there is no chance here, Trudeau is traitorous globalist shill just like his idiot cocaine snorting father. We used to have the lowest debt to GDP of all the G8 nations until 1974 when Pierre Trudeau relegated our publicly owned central bank (BOC) and handed control of our currency to the private Bank for International Settlements. It’s estimated to have cost taxpayers between 1.5-2 Trillion since then. Rocco Galati might be interesting guest for you…he’s a constitutional lawyer suing the Canadian Government for ignoring our constitution and the BOC mandate. Here’s an interesting interview with him.

    • Galaxy 500

      So the elite did 911? Dude, what didbthey have to gain? I heard it was the Martians with their mind control ray.

      • dbcooper

        Come-on G-5 … Please get real … there is so much evidence out there as to the US Gov’t involvement in 911 and the why … I would encourage you to listen to Rick Wiles interview a couple days ago with Jim Willie as Jim tells us what was in the towers . Do the research fella. Yours, DB.

        • Robert Lykens, Rabid Zionist

          This site answers any 9/11 question you could have.

          The truth is in the details.

          • Greg Hunter

            Sorry Robert,
            Not with you on this one and either are hundreds of global structural engineers. Building 7 went down and it was NOT hit at all! You should watch this one: This was never treated as a crime scene either and with 3,000 murdered it certainly was a crime scene.

        • Galaxy 500

          Going with facts, logic and the law of unintended consequences here, not someones conspiracy theory. But to each his own

          • Tin foil hat

            GALAXY 500,
            You want facts and logic. Here it is, cell phone doesn’t work on plane flying at over 8,000 feet and faster than 155 mph.
            You may be depressed after watching this video. Whoever did this are stone cold professionals.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Galaxy 500 asks how they keep such monumental crimes a secret? The answer is they don’t. They brag about them in their Neocon rags. This quote also outlines the motives for ‘a new pearl harbour’.

          “The Project for the New American Century (PNAC), a non-profit organization founded in 1997 by prominent Republican leaders, called for a transformation of America to exercise military total spectrum dominance and unchallenged worldwide hegemony. The PNAC program, in a nutshell: America’s military must rule out even the possibility of a serious global or regional challenger anywhere in the world. The regime of Saddam Hussein must be toppled immediately, by U.S. force if necessary. And the entire Middle East must be reordered according to an American plan. PNAC’s most important study notes that selling this plan to the American people will likely take a long time, “absent some catastrophic catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor.” (PNAC, Rebuilding America’s Defenses (1997), p.51)”

      • This sceptred Isle

        Dunno, but wasn’t that the original reason America invaded Iraq, because Saddam was allegedly training terrorists? When that didn’t work they said it was because he had weapons of mass destruction and then it became a war to free the Iraqi people from a tyrant.

      • Paul ...

        G500 … are you joking?? … they gained Iraqi oil and gold … Afghanistan gas and heroin … they have been on a roll warring on the world … they’ve recently taken Libyan oil and gold … Ukrainian natural gas and gold … and it won’t ever stop … until “we” lock-up all these perverted crooks!!

        • This sceptred Isle

          don’t forget anti-terror powers that they can use to detain people without evidence.

        • lastmanstanding

          Nice job Paul! Someone is paying attention. Frankly, I don’t even think that oil and gas was one of the reasons, maybe the profits or % of was (to much money in infrastructure costs, better to let others build it and we’ll control it)…but gold, heroin and cash. Yea…cash.

          Cash is still widely taken around the world. Good ole USD. You’ve all seen the movies with criminals of all races with pallets and pallets and pallets in huge buildings full of cash…and if you don’t think that saddam, mummar, Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, etc., etc. had 10’s of billions in cash then your not thinking. Why take it? Because you can.

          HW sent “consultants” (lmao, as Dimitri Orlov called them) into Russia in 1991 to assist. (lmao some more) Orlov has great perspective on world affairs. Read his article on Jan. 3, 2017…”How to make America Great Again with Other Peoples Money.” Then go research the Black Eagle Trust Fund. Why do you think Putin has thrown all of these pieces of human waste out of Russia and is now the target of US problems…on both sides of the aisle.

          Now, lets mention another valuable commodity water. Yea, H2O, Aqua, vasa, whatever you would like to call it. Libya has or had I should say, what Mummar called, the 8th wonder of the world…a man-made aquifer to benefit all of Libya’s farmers and people. Lot’s of info AND COMMENTS BY PEOPLE JUST LIKE US on the web. Now who do you suspect controls that infinite supply of FRESH water in a barren wasteland that stretches all the way to Israel (0ops!) and beyond? Funny how the only innocent in that whole damn area is Israel…isn’t it. Also, funny how few people know about this treasure that mummar built to give his people INDEPENDENCE like his gold backed Dinar…I guess the MSM over-looked it.

          Let’s make a list of who in that area is having problems. Real human problems. Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Cyprus, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, most of the “stans” and maybe a few others… Turkey and Iran don’t really have favored nation state status either. I only left a couple out. Israel and the “House of Saud”.

          Hmm. Sorry for all the sarcasm, not really, but look at the facts and keep an open mind. Ultimately, you will be on your OWN…if you want to survive what is looming ahead.

      • lastmanstanding

        Here is a great read for you. “Crossing the Rubicon” by the late Michael Ruppert.

        It will give you a better perspective of what really happened on 911. The gub story is bs.

        • dbcooper

          Greg, I particularly liked how Pastor Charles cleaned his clock the other day !!
          Yours, DB.

      • Frederick

        Poppy fields and chaos in the Middle East that’s what they gained Elite is another word for neocon Zionists in DC like MCCain and Cheney amongst many others like Zokheim and Chertoff not to mention the rat Silverfish

      • David John Williams

        @Galaxy500. Come back to the Milky Way bud and plant your feet on terra firma. What did they have to gain? You mean besides the first massive assault on the US Constitution? You mean besides the false precedent for the Middle East crusades? You mean besides Trillions of dollars? It is thoughtless automatons like you that the deep state count on to keep their ruse going. Please wake up.

      • Tin foil hat

        GALAXY 500,
        What did they have to gain? They gained more time to undermine the euro. Without an viable alternative to the dollar as the global reserve currency, the Deep State can continue to play god.
        If you wanted the specific, it’s all about money/gold. The US had gone broke numerous times in the past 80 plus years but somehow managed to stay solvent again and again.
        After the 1929 downturn began to gut the wealth of almost everyone, we just took gold out of the INTERNAL money system and added that supply for backing the EXTERNAL money system (foreign dollars). Indeed, all American gold was called in from US citizens.
        Having changed the rules once already. We later proceeded on the same road again. By 1971, we were printing dollars at a rate that virtually assured another change in the gold backing game. Indeed, it was becoming obvious that gold could not control the will of a nation with the largest military in the world.
        After Nixon closed the gold window in 1971, why did so many of the world’s nations continue to support a dollar reserve system after it went off the gold exchange standard? They definitely had a choice; continue to use the dollar or go back to using gold. They choose to use the dollar! How this policy flew in the face of common sense, and especially did so as the US only embarked on a policy of continued monetary expansion, inflating the whole world’s currency systems right up into the end of 1997 – one year prior to the creation of euro.
        Their actions can only be justified from a position of “buying time”. They didn’t want to go back to the rigid gold standard which may induce another global depression following the collapse of the dollar. Most of the major European countries had economies and currencies that could stand on their own in a competitive world. All they need is another unified (reserve) currency of their own.
        Euro was designed in a format which no one country can call the shots for the whole. In addition, it takes away the need to compete with gold by letting gold be a supporting “reserve asset” that trades in a free market, un-lent and non monetary so as to circumvent it’s manipulation.
        In this position a modern digital fiat currency can only represent the productive efforts of the nation blocks it represents. No different from the fiat schemes we have endured for 60 plus years. Only this time without an illusion of gold backing and it’s discipline. As such, a free market for gold will, on a ongoing basis, constantly devalue any and all currencies of the world. Just as in a somewhat similar concept where the stock markets of the world today currently discount the inflation of their local currencies.
        Euro was introduced in non-physical form (traveller’s cheques, electronic transfers, banking, etc.) at midnight on 1 January 1999.
        The Washington Agreement on Gold was signed of 26 September 1999.
        Under the agreement, the European Central Bank (ECB), the 11 national central banks of nations then participating in the new European currency, plus those of Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, agreed that gold should remain an important element of global monetary reserves and to limit their sales to no more than 400 tonnes annually over the five years September 1999 to September 2004. The 11 nations, E.U., believed the U.S. wouldn’t be able/afford to suppress gold price alone and euro (with mark to market gold reserve) would rise along with gold as the dollar dwindle – E.U. didn’t expect the United Kingdom would sell half, 300 plus tonnes, and Switzerland more than half, 1,600 tonnes, of its gold reserve in that time frame. GLD, a paper derivative, was created in 2004 to tamper with physical demand.
        Nov. 13, 2000, Europe’s dream of promoting the euro as a competitor to the U.S. petrodollar got a boost from SADDAM HUSSEIN. Iraq said that it wants payments for its oil in euros.
        September 11, 2001.
        New euro notes and coins were introduced on January 1, 2002.
        GLD was introduced in November 2004.
        IMF’s gold sales in September 2009. Last effort to suppress price with physical gold – 403 tonnes.
        The inauguration of George Papandreou as the Prime Minister of Greece took place in October 2009. Upon inauguration, Papandreou’s government revealed???? that its finances were far worse than previous announcements.
        Greece’s credit rating was downgraded by Fitch, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s in December 2009.
        The IMF, Greek Prime Minister Papandreou, and other eurozone leaders agree to the first bailout package in May 2010.

        • Tin foil hat

          I’m a little disappointed that no one pay much attention to a short lesson on what really happens in the past 17 or 46 years.
          Euro could have been the world reserve currency instead of the dollar but the Europeans underestimated our resolves or crazy cowboy approach of problem solving.
          Having gold as the reserve asset indirectly backing the euro is a good idea. With modern technology, the fixed gold standard could be evolved to a new “Free Gold” reserve asset standard.
          Euro was corrupted the moment it took the lifeline from the Federal Reserve and four other central banks. When the European Central Bank – along with the Fed, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and the Swiss National Bank – announced a coordinated plan to pump dollars into Europe’s financial system back in 2011, the euro was no longer a competitor to the dollar.
          Oh, I forgot to mention Goldman Sachs is responsible for planting the time bomb, Greece, in the euro system in 2002.
          Hello ……………

    • Paul ...

      I’m hoping all the GS personal Trump has surrounded himself with are working to “naked short” T-Bonds for the benefit of the American people … why should we just allow the banksters to profit as Janet Yellen pushes interest rates up!!!

      • Frederick

        GS gets the information before the fact from their puppet at the FED aka Mr Yellen so I very much doubt they will lose in any substantial way

  31. Russ

    “Sharyl Attkisson details government surveillance tactics” (youtube)
    Very interesting interview from someone who has first hand experience as a surveillance target.
    At about 4:40 in the interview Sharyl Attkisson states (paraphrased) Presidents CAN authorize ILLEGAL surveillance and nobody would ever know and if they get caught they can lie.

  32. Flattop

    GREG: Have heard nothing regarding Gen Flynn since his departure from our government. Might you know where he is and what he is doing???

    • Greg Hunter

      I have heard from sources that he is in the background still helping Trump. I cannot independently confirm this information.

      • Sue

        Jim Willie was interviewed on and he said the same thing. Maybe this is Catherine Austin Fitt’s version of the War Team. I hope so.

  33. Corleone

    Janet Yellen: “Economy is doing well, and Twin Towers are still standing high.”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Too funny! Thank you.

  34. Hill

    Investigative citizen journalist, George Webb, has had on ongoing series for over 140 days on youtube that gives well documented evidence of operations being done by the Deep State. Judge Andrew Napolitano was set up with disinformation immediately following a damning piece by truepundit that quoted the FBI’s JTTF chief Andrew McCabe that said, “Fuck Flynn and I’m going to Fuck Trump”. He also made these statements to many member of the US intelligence that went to the press.
    Please take some time to watch/listen to Webb. His series is incredible!

    Maybe you can get him on as a guest. It would be a major breakthrough for many of your supporters to find out about many things very few ever heard about.


  35. dave l roselle

    Hi Greg

    If you want to base your news as real rather than fake,do not compare it to news papers or news stations.This is why people search out places such as your news sourch


  36. Carl Bergquist

    Thank you, Greg, for your excellent work informing even us down here in Brazil of what is really happening in the world. I consider your site the most important along with Paul Craig Roberts, Zero Hedge, The Real News, etc.
    This “the Russians are coming” hysteria is going to be really pushed by the liberals until they get what they want or their failure is totally obvious to even the most switched off people. Why don’t you get Stephen Cohen (Emeritus professor of NYU and Princeton) on for an interview to put all this Russia BS in perspective. He is probably the most knowledgeable American on Russia and Putin and still maintains a reasonable, balanced, non-hysterical outlook on this topic. Make it at least 45 minutes as he can give a lot of information and explanations which will wake up and enable you listeners to form rational arguments when considering this whole confused mess. Unfortunately people down here don’t have the faintest idea of the dangers of this war mongering. You can find him at:
    Many thanks again,
    Carl William

  37. samsungtv

    Paraphrasing David Remnick: There is no deep state. But we do have a shallow president.

    • Greg Hunter

      Looks like we have some shallow commenters (paid trolls??) too!!

  38. Jerry

    As we already know the system is rigged. The past few days I have come across some information that has led me to the belief that the transfer of wealth into the new exchange system using the RMB as primary reserve currency has already started.

    Private Exchanges have already begun currency redemption following closed door meetings held by the central banks on 3/9/2017 in both Reno and San Francisco. From the information I have seen private investors who are large stock holders are being allowed to buy SDR options ahead of the April 21st IMF World Bank Meeting in Washington.

    I guess Jim Rickard’s wasn’t blowing smoke after all. But don’t hold your breath. You won’t hear about it in the main stream media or economic publications. The game is still the same. The only difference is who’s running the crap table and who makes the rules. When you can create money out of thin air, and rig markets with computers anything is possible.

    So what does that mean for us? Right now, not much. Everything on the surface will appear to be the same. But underneath the rules of the game are changing. This transformation will continue unnoticed until one day you go to use your ATM card and it no longer works. You’ll call the bank and they’ll tell you that a new banking system has been set up, and that in order to use it you’ll have to use a new digital chip card. No problem right? Well that’s where the new rules of the game come in. They’ll let you have access to your money alright, but only up to a certain amount, depending on how much SDR stock options you hold.

    Are you getting the picture yet? There’s no collapse date. There’s no newsflash. The transformation into a new currency system has been occurring right under our noses the whole time and we didn’t even see it. We’re so conditioned by the globalist and the bond holders that we do whatever they tell us, including believing in false economic reality that they’ve created. The illusion will continue as long as everyone believes it, and Donald Trump doesn’t pull the curtain to far back exposing the man pulling the levers.

  39. Linda L.

    You mentioned the healthcare situation and concerns for the outcome of a new plan. I am also very concerned that the new healthcare plan will be too similar to Obamacare in that it grants free services (handouts) to those who qualify (just like Obamacare). Simultaneously, the insurance companies will continue to elevate their prices (because they’ll have to) at the expense of contributing tax payers, which will bust the program just like what’s occurring now. If the new program allows for this, it really will be an Obamacare Lite, or as some are saying a watered down “Ryancare program” (Trump better watch out for career politician Paul Ryan…not be trusted).
    Trump won the hearts and minds of Americans by following the beat of his own drums. During the elections, he clearly promised to REPEAL Obamacare, not adjust it, and this is what Americans truly expect because they’re sick and tired of everything that Obama stands for (hell on earth). If Trump is having problems in the GOP passing his current healthcare program, it’s clear to many why this may be happening. If I am wrong, then I would appreciate more clarification by our current POTUS in terms of the similarities and differences between Obamacare and Trump’s new plan before it is passed, versus afterwards as Obama and his cronies did. Working in healthcare myself, I know too many people (working folk), who have suffered under Obamacare and I really hate to see this keep happening.

  40. YouMaster: COMCAST MS[NBC]

    Levin Trumps Todd
    3/16/17-Mark Levin Audio
    President Trump’s budget proposal is overall outstanding, however the one part of the bill you won’t hear discussed in the liberal media is the debt. The national debt is out of control, but the left-wing media doesn’t care. Instead they will act as the Praetorian guard of big government and viciously attack any attempt to reign in profligate, wasteful federal spending. This is unsustainable. After that, the media is putting out statements by Intelligence Committee members saying Obama didn’t order the wiretaps. The fact that these chairmen said what we already knew, is of no consequence. Information was shared with the White House and media about the Trump campaign. What was the information? We have a right to know what police state tactics happened and now the media just wants us to move along. Later, there are people in this country who want to use power to destroy our liberty and they are succeeding. Conservatives are not dividing the country, the left is dividing the country. They want to use the iron fist. to impose their will. Those of us who push back shouldn’t be apologizing. We have to be smarter and more resolute. Finally, if you are below the poverty line, rather than expand Medicaid, people should get vouchers to buy their own private health insurance policies. This would help unleash these companies to create all kinds of policies, that don’t need the approval of government.

    LISTEN FROM THE START OF MARK LIVEN, TO (6:50 mark) THEN JUMP TO (146:50) TO THE END or simply listen to the whole 153 minute 21 second show. Enjoy Mark Levin!

    CHUCK TODD CONDEMNING HIS OWN COLLEAGUES? From Todds last Wednesday show on Mark Levins own show.

    Chuck Todd at [MS]NBC]COMCAST_ Media Disinformation Arm of John Brennan & James Clapper’s CIA Holder’overs.
    To Breitbart’s Joel Pollak;
    Chuck Todd: None of that stuff had been confirmed though.
    [CIA surveillance/wiretap’s/leaking] You hadn’t confirmed any of this stuff. Its speculation because we’ve been trying to confirm some of this, but we never had.
    Mark Levin: Speculation By Whom?
    All I did [Mark Levin] was, is go through the media reports. He’s [Chuck Todd]s condemning his own colleagues. I [Levin] rubbed their nose’s in this stuff, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve brought this to a head, or it still be going on!
    The insinuations, the innuendos, the suggestions. The calls for special prosecutor and impeachment. If I [Levin] hadn’t done what I did two Thursdays ago it would still be going on. I know why they want to focus on Trumps tweets, its not the point. Now listen to Chuck Todd. Chuck Todd would never have said that two weeks ago. It’s all insinuation. We tried to prove it. We couldn’t prove it. Well my friend then your argument is with your fellow colleagues in the media!

    Listen to the rest [Cant put it all hear. Hard work! This just a taste] Levin gets the last laugh!
    Listen to beginning to 6:50 mark then Jump to 146:50 to the end.

    You would think in the end Chuck Todd would do an entire show thanking Mark for his own show two Thursdays ago. But then UpChucks handlers would never allow it.

  41. pavermont

    Don’t know what is wrong but my phone powers off while watching your site. Keep an eye out if others are having the same problem.

  42. Robert Lykens, Rabid Zionist

    Speaking of preemptive strikes:
    Israel strikes military targets inside Syria. No doubt the target was Hizballah weaponry aimed at Israel or ordnance destined to be aimed at Israel.

    Prime Minister Netanyahu has the gonads it takes to ensure the safety of Israel’s citizens. I think President Trump does too; we’ll see if he can make N Korea back down and if not, whether he has the fortitude to do what must be done. According to SecState Tillerson, all options are “on the table”. The easy route would be to allow N Korea to continue with its bullying and threats until one day Seoul or Tokyo is vaporized. Courage is never easy but I don’t think President Trump is one to back down.

    • Frederick

      Yeah and the fact that North Korea is one of the only countries that does NOT have a Rothshild controlled central bank has absolutely nothing to do with it right? Yeah sure we believe that NOT

    • This sceptred Isle

      I think it suits China to have a buffer state between itself and American occupied South Korea. It is also a state that it can control through regulating coal imports. China would prefer stability in North Korea so I don’t believe they would seek to topple Kim Jong Un.

      • Robert Lykens, Rabid Zionist

        Exactly right. Whatever else may be said about China, the fact is that they are “true believers”. A buffer zone between a capitalist society and their communist paradise suits them very well.
        The question I have is, will China defend a rogue, bully, Communist state just to prove a point?

        • Frederick

          They are NOT the bully We are the bully Them being the bully is the most absurd statement from you in awhile Remind me again how large their defense budget or population is compared to the US Thank you

  43. Mme Hedin

    (This is Greg Hunter. Real Name and credentials I can verify please.)

    • Robert Lykens, Rabid Zionist

      Mme, you must have courage to give your full name!

  44. Laura Snyder

    Accolades on the way you always document & show headlines on your weekly wrap-up presentation points & sources as you proceed, while still maintaining your flow & pace. If one wants to research further, one can then reference the sources later. We can depend on the credible news you quote to be factually accurate, & which eliminates wasting our time on misinformation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Laura!! I know it’s low tech but I spend a lot of time getting the content together. Thank you for noticing.

  45. Jerry

    Swift has cut off all of its banking ETF to North Korea. They were already desperate, but this may really push them to do something crazier than firing a missile towards Japan. Provocation towards war?

    • Paul ...

      If Korea presses the red button and nukes Hawaii or California (because we cut them off from the Swift money system) we have our missiles and B52 nuclear bombers in place to retaliate … the “Deep State” at the CIA must be jumping for joy … they couldn’t get World War III started with “intelligent Russia” … so it seems the plan to get WWIII started has been switched to using “idiot Korea” to retaliate (just like Japan did at Pearle Harbor when we cut off their oil in 1942) … unless China wakes up … comes to its senses … and restrains North Korea from doing anything provocative!!

  46. Galaxy 500

    Dude! Great wrap up. The WNW is Best New show bar none. How does it feel for your old employers to be playing catch up to try to keep up with your reporting? I can hear the BigWigs in high powered meetings asking themselves how they can ameliorate their tatteres reputation. I am sure your name is mentioned. I know they want to hire you but they are afraid… of the the truth. And thats what you give every day, every week to the best of your abilities. Thanks, Dude, for being who you are and for your reporting.
    I have had some liberbals approach me at the Starbucks here askimg for me to support their cause. Guess I need to shave on the weekends.
    Funny, I have had liberals and atheist alike, ask me how can I require proof on their busted, broke arse theories or ideas and yet I believe in God. Believing in God is easy. There is proof every where you look. Following the Word of God and his only begotten son, Jesus. Now that is hard. But God extends us grace thru his Son, all we have to do is accept Jesus as Savior and ask for redemption.
    You do a lot of reporting on the distortion of news and thought shaping the media does for the leftists.
    I keep hearing the liberals in every medium you can think of doing the big groupthink “thought shaping” on “immigrants and immigration.” What they are rebranding as immigrants and immigration is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AND F’ING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. They use studies that are old and on legal immigrants to try to get people to think that illegal immigration is good. Liberals say that illegals puts money into the system and give more than they take. While that is true for LEGAL immigrants, is no where near truth on illegals. And they try to say that native Americans (citizens) commit crimes at a higher rate than illegals. While it is true that LEGAL immigrants have a lower rate of criminal activities that native ones, illegals commit crimes at many times higher a rate that the native population.
    Oh, and that mythic pipeline thru Syria. With all the terrorists in that area? It would never get close to being built. Every body with a grudge and a kilo of C4 would bring it to a stand still. And there are hundreds of thousands of terrorists with in five or six hundred miles of Syria. Who would invest in it ? I mean really?
    Pipeline? Insurance? Sure? Pay us twice the cost of the pipeline and we will insure half of it….I have heard that rumor before. It just seems like the normal everyday flight of fantasy to me. I am sure if there was a stable Syria, like before 0bama and Hillary destabilized the entire Middle East, it would have been a winner. I just don’t think you could do it economically for 3 or 4 decades. Could that be one reason why 0bama and Hillary did what they did? Beats me . Evil just loves chaos and war.
    Peace and Out … keep up the good work

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500!

      • Just the facts please

        G-500 , The pipeline is NOT a myth. It is the main reason that Assad must go according to Israel and America. The pipeline would allow middle east gas to get to Europe through eventually Israel (setting Israel up as the profitable middleman). This would cut off the current gas supply from Russia. Please do not take my word for this – it is easy to search for yourself.

          • Galaxy 500

            This link is horse hockey. I never felt that ZeroHedge is reliable.
            Here is from their story:

            “Editor’s note: This article has been updated to reflect recent Wikileaks revelations of US State Department leaks that show plans to destabilize Syria and overthrow the Syrian government as early as 2006. The leaks reveal that these plans were given to the US directly from the Israeli government and would be formalized through instigating civil strife and sectarianism through partnership with nations like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and even Egypt to break down the power structue in Syria to essentially to weaken Iran and Hezbolla. The leaks also reveal Israeli plans to use this crisis to expand it’s occupation of the Golan Heights for additional oil exploration and military expansion”
            This link that the editor uses to back up his claim goes to RT and it does not mention Israel at all…
            Sure there may be a pipe line on someones wish list but Assad and a stable Syria would be a plus. Why would Assad not want the extra money?

        • Galaxy 500

          Hi Just the facts…
          The pipeline is not a myth? Really? Is there a pipeline in Syria? Or is it a dream on someone’s drawning board?
          Last time I looked, there was no pipeline. Infrastructure needs security for the people building it. Infrastructure needs security and stability to maintain its viability.
          Until these things come into being, the pipe line is a PIPE DREAM. Mythic, Its imaginary. It does not exist. We have plans for the colonization of space and what does that mean with regards to reality.
          There are many things sit on peoples drawing boards: world peace, colonies on Mars. The former will never happen the latter has a chance but it will be decades. Transporters and hand Phasers for Star trek. People have drawnings and plans…
          You don’t like my use of the word Myth…then go with imaginary…
          Why because there will not be the stability needed to build it and keep it following.
          Did you miss the last sentence I wrote? Please go back and read it.
          And I love the way you put the Jews in there. I mean really? You think the Arabs would allow their oul to follow thru Israel? Here is something for you to research…islam.

        • Frederick

          Exactly and what G500 fails to realize is that 99 percent of those ” terrorists” are Us/Israeli proxies being paid to try to get rid of the one thing blocking their plan which is Assad But what do you expect from a guy who still drinks the koolaide of the govt fable of 911?

          • Greg Hunter

            It’s the Jews again!!!??? Please stop!!!! Radical Islam is never at fault.

    • Paul ...

      G500 … as you say “Believing in God is easy … Following the Word of God and his only begotten son, Jesus … is hard” … don’t ever let those atheists you meet tell you God does not exist … tell them that if “nothing existed” before the Big Bang … how did their forked tongue get here to speak such words deriding the creator of the universe? … do atheists really think they popped into existence from nothing? … sounds like Obama math to me … [where zero(0) equals one(1)] … NO! you atheists out there that is the wrong equation … the incomprehensible “zero” (or nothingness) you atheists speak of “is GOD the Father” … and from the Father (0) … a positive son (+1) … and a negative son (-1) incarnated to create our physical world (our entire universe) … this is the equation (+1 and -1 equals 0 ) … it describes “the three aspects” of the “One Almighty God” … and is the Trinity we Christians learn of as kids in Sunday school!!

      • Galaxy 500

        No to worry. I have the atheists under control. God can even be proved by probability. Plus For cells to work, there has to be a really neat selectively permeable cell membrane. Everybody wants to avoid where the stuff that banged and why it banged in the big bang theory?

      • This sceptred Isle

        I don’t believe in all the religious dogma (how can one religion have a monopoly on truth?) but there must be some underlying force in the universe that unifies everything. How do trillions of chemical reactions every second translate into a functioning body? What co-ordinates the chemical reactions so that they are working together with purpose? The intelligence underlying it must go beyond standard temporally based logical intelligence. Again, I believe that quantum entanglement is a signpost in the right direction.

    • JC Davis

      Galaxy 500 I love your post. You said it all. Having done all to stand…. STAND !

  47. Sadie Pallet

    Hi, I’ve been a fan of usawatchdog for a long time but I have to say that I am disappointed that the editors of the website are ignoring the things about Trump that we know are true and significant. For instance Trump university was clearly a fraud and there is no way to deny that. Trump had to pay out tens of millions of dollars to settle that case. If it had not been a fraud he could have defended it. Anyone who ignores fraudulent and criminal activity like that is nothing more than an apologist for petty criminals.

    I also notice that in the interviews when a delegate makes a fair and serious point about Trump’s misbehavior, the interviewer brushes off those comments. This is very disappointing. For instance recently the elderly Mexican man made the point that for Trump to say he is going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it is aggressive and provocative , as well as being lame and embarrassing.

    The Mexican man made this point and the interviewer said something like “never mind about that”. In terms of journalistic standards that’s just not good enough.

    I challenge the editor of the site to comment fully on Trump University so we can find out his views on this. If anyone tries to justify Trump University we can draw our own conclusions about their judgement.

    • Greg Hunter

      Then Hillary Clinton committing treason by using an unprotected server to cover the fact she was taking bribes in the form of “donations to a global charity fraud that is not closing it’s doors must have you absolutely distraught. Now compare what I just wrote which is verifiable fact to what you wrote and you can understand why I say SO WHAT. What is out there on Trump is a big fat nothing burger. What is out there on Clinton is about 50 years in jail and maybe execution for committing treason. That said, I think you are a paid troll Sadie and I am flattered you have been hired to try to turn the negative tide on the Democrats and the criminal crony class.

      • Mme Hedin

        Greg, drop the Hillary . . . (This is Greg Hunter. Real name and verifiable credentials.)

      • Sadie Pallet

        Hi Greg, thanks for the prompt response to my post.

        It’s my turn to be flattered as I am certainly not paid by anyone to make these comments. For the record I am a very low level blue collar technician who installs Microsoft Windows for a living. I am also a long time fan of and I don’t hate Donald (or Hilary). In fact he’s done a good job in getting people interested in politics if nothing else.

        The comments I wrote were observations written in moderate measured language, so to say they show me to be a troll is just not accurate. But it’s a good opportunity for readers of the site to see everything in this exchange between us and make up their own minds about whose comments resemble those of a troll!

        However you have responded to my request for a clear comment on Trump University. You seem to be saying that it is significant as a “big fat nothing burger”. My own opinion is that was clearly a fairly low level “switch and bait” sting or scam. As ordinary people were negatively impacted by this operation I think it’s not accurate to say that it was as significant as a “big fat nothing burger”.

        My overall point is that I’d like to see some more incisive reporting about Trump and his team. We have had a string of Trump supporters interviewed, why not interview someone who will make some constructive criticism of the Trump in the interests of balance.

        • Paul ...

          Sadie … you want some constructive criticism of Trump in the interests of balance … how is this … Trump is being “racist” by restricting the flow of emigrants into America and he should be more of a “humanitarian” like Turkey for instance (that is threatening Europe’s stability by sending even more ME emigrants to Europe) … Europe has now effectively become part of the “Greater Middle East” (and these “Greater Middle East” European States have “nuclear weapons”)… so if Trump wants to make “America Great Again” he should not restrict the flow of emigrants to America … we can afford to spend more on welfare and food stamps to bring Shia Law ghetto communities to the US (to prevent “racism”) … and in so doing eventually (just like in Europe) all the nuclear weapons of the US will also come under Shia control!!! … so Sadie you should be very thankful to Sadie Arabia … for they have created conditions that will eventually put the nuclear arsenals of both Europe and America into Shia hands … now in the interests of balance … do you think Trump should be resisting more emigration? … remember … by not resisting Trump can be accused of being anti-Semitic … because poor Israel (currently so worried about Iran someday developing a nuclear weapon) now has to worry about a “Shia Europe” (with actual nuclear arsenals) … and these many thousands of nuclear tipped missiles will be in Shia hands as the demographics of Europe changes!!

          • Sadie Pallet

            hello Paul…and thanks for replying to my post.

            I don’t have enough knowledge to reply about the more complex topics mentioned in your post but I will read up on them and try to make a reply.

            In the meantime it would be interesting to hear your comments on:

            1. Trump University

            2. Promising to make Mexico pay for his wall policy. I don’t have any objection to him promising to build a wall, but it was provocative and unhelpful to promise to make another country pay for his policy. This was the point made by an old distinguished interviewee from Mexico. I would be interested to here your comment on Trump promising to make another country pay for his policy.

            I am asking about these two topics as they are less complex cases that are easier for me to understand.

            • Greg Hunter

              1. Trump University is a nothing burger compare to the Clintons treason and global charity fraud of the Clinton Global Initiate that is not shutting down.
              2. The U.S. reportedly spends $113 billion annually on Illegal immigration: The left likes to dispute this number but no matter how you look at it illegal immigration is a net drain on the U.S. economy. Trump could easily cut all the programs that give free stuff to illegals. Food Stamps, housing, medical,education and let’s not forget incarceration and crime. (By the way, Another negative is massive voter fraud!!) That’s how Trump will easily get Mexico to indirectly “pay for the wall.” Is that simple enough for you?

              • Sadie Pallet

                Hello again Greg and thanks for the reply.

                1. Thanks for clarifying your views on Trump University.

                2. If we assume that all the figures quoted above are correct it may well be that the wall ends up costing the US nothing. But that is totally different from saying that “we will make Mexico pay for the wall”. To promise to make another country to pay for it is aggressive and provocative. That was the point made my by Hugo Salinas Price. I think Hugo Salinas Price made a fair point about that, could you comment on whether you agree or disagree with Hugo please.

      • This sceptred Isle

        I think that was one of the reasons why Trump was preferable to Hillary. Although Trump said some clumsy and ignorant things, the fact is they found very little on him; no murders, assassinations and he doesn’t have a history of many of his past work associates or legal challengers mysteriously dropping dead or having accidents in gyms or on motorways. The lesser of two evils.

        • Greg Hunter

          Way less but expect a big counter strike against the deep state, Dems and criminal crony class in the next month or month and a half. That is what one confidential source told me. We will see if it is true.

      • Justn Observer

        Heard anything about this? That Hillary Clinton paying James Comey wife 675,000 during email investigation?

    • Flattop

      Sadie Pallet: Building the wall is aggressive and provocative, lame and embarrassing? I say, go Trump go. One more thing, you left out that we are deplorables!!!

      • Sadie Pallet

        Hello Flattop and thanks for replying to my post.

        It’s perfectly ok for Trump to promise to build a wall. So anyone who supports building a wall is certainly not a “deplorable”.

        The problem is when he promises to make Mexico pay for the wall. He is not respecting their government when he promises to make them pay for his policy.This was the point made by one of the people being interviewed on the website, a very distinguished old Mexican man.

        I would be interested to hear your full comment on Trump University. If you think it was perfectly OK, then that’s also fair enough. However most Trump supporters never comment on Trump University. I think they should be open and comment on all aspects of Trump’s known activities, that’s all.

  48. Joe

    Mr. Greg,

    Did you see this?

    Laptop With “Highly Sensitive” Trump Data, Clinton Email Probe Info Stolen From Secret Service Agent

    Any idea how this might affect the Clinton Foundation investigations?

    Do you know where any of these investigations now stand?

    Any chance of getting Charles Ortel back on for an update?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep Joe, and somebody should be fired. The protecting team surrounding Trump should be tripled.

      • Charles H

        Layered – 5 to 7 perimeters deep.

    • Paul ...

      Lets hope the plans for Trump Tower were not stolen by the 9-11 gang … they need such plans if they are going to plant “shape charge” explosives around the steel girders holding the building up … will they use a plane crashing into Trump Tower as an excuse for its collapse or simply “pull it” like Building 7 … hopefully Trump did not hire Bush’s brother-in-law to “secure” his building the way the owner of the Twin Towers did!!

    • Flattop

      Joe: My Grandpa once told me, ” don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what they show you”. Maybe the laptop is a setup Just sit back and watch what unfolds in the next couple months!!!

  49. Sayonara

    Great WNW. The Fake News Socialists should be so proud. If we continue to follow them, we end up like Venezuela with bread shortages and the bakers being blamed because of incompetent socialist government policies. Just remember, millions of people acting individually and pursuing their own best interests will always out do the few narcissistic government bureaucrats who think they are smarter than everyone else. I am fed up with Fake News and Socialism.

  50. Mohammad


    Mr Trump refuses a hand shake with Merkel and embarrasses her in front of audience:

    Yet he shakes the hand that supports ISIS and Bombs Yemen:

    Money talks I guess…!


    • Greg Hunter

      Tough love man. Enough of the coddling. She is gone after the German elections anyway.

      • Mohammad

        But Salman is not….


        • Greg Hunter

          ‘We will just have to agree to disagree on this.

      • This sceptred Isle

        to be replaced with…Martin Schulz ex-president of the European parliament. Out of the frying pan into the fire springs to mind.

    • Paul ...

      You are right Mohammad … Trump should have refused to shake hands with “both” of them … both are “equally guilty” of setting Israel up for destruction … why should Trump shake hands with the very people “encouraging” the eventual takeover of Europe (by Middle Easterners who hate Israel) … the demographics of Europe is already very quickly changing … soon all the nuclear arsenals of Europe will be in Shia hands (as they begin to be elected into government positions of power) … Netanyahu is so worried about Iran (who doesn’t have even one nuclear missile … when he should be working with Trump “to create stability in the ME” … so as to prevent “even more people from the ME who hate Israel” from flooding into Europe and changing the demographics there!!

      • Paul ...

        Israel needs a “new leader” who can see the “big picture” … what good is gaining a little land here and there … when the entire nuclear arsenal of “Shia controlled Europe” will soon be aimed at Israel!! … it’s like being penny wise and dollar foolish!!!

        • Mohammad

          Putting my self in Israel shoes, they will never get a better PM than Netanyahu ….He is shrewd cunning smart well connected and absolutely knows were his feet are, on the flip side we wish we had leaders in the arab world of that caliber.


  51. Mohammad


    Very very important:



    • Greg Hunter

      Agreed. Very important sign.

      • Mohammad


        If you add to this the cold meeting in the WH with Angela Merkel.
        Add to it the attempt of Germany to put its hands on France’s Nukes:

        (No wonder there was a terrorist strike in France at this exact time when France is contemplating nuclear deterrent power outside nato financed by Germany…Hmmmm…what could be wrong with this picture?

        Add to it the history of Nazi Germany and radical Muslim Brotherhood movement, then you may understand why Merkel flooded Germany with YOUTH around 18-19 years old …(perfect draft for coming wars, they will give them the citizenship and ask them to fight for them in any upcoming wars…same happened in the past and repeating itself now…just a thought no evidence but a gut feeling).

        Add to it the summon of the ambassadors face to face to avoid Leakes then we may be at the cusp of something big.


    • This sceptred Isle

      Britain may sign a free trade agreement with Australia post brexit

    • Diane

      Very interesting Mohammad. …thanks for catching this…I like Joseph P. Farrell’s “high octane speculations…he’s often right.

  52. dave gabhart

    we hear so much about north korean nuclear capabilities, but i have only seen one article so far about the EU’s comments about getting their own nuclear arsenal. why is it ok for some and not for others? BS?

    • Frederick

      Dave that’s what’s known as western hypocrisy and it’s been going on for a very long time

  53. Roger D

    What is wrong with the British government meddling in our affairs? We meddle in affairs of virtually all sovereign nations.

    I was just a kid during the Cuban Missile crisis. How dare another nation install missiles on US borders? Yet now I see the US installing missiles on the borders of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Russia and North Korea. Forget for a moment the fact that FedGov has no constitutional authority. The Constitution is dead. But God is not dead.

    Are Americans exempt from Proverbs 16:18, ‘Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.’? Why are we literally Hell-bent to deny God? Seriously, these are NOT rhetorical questions.

  54. Tad

    Not here to defend Trump, but something tells me Greg Hunter would have lost his job at CNN just for . . . .

    Now that Fareed has set precedent, journalism may take on a more yellow tint.

    What am I doing here?

    • Greg Hunter

      CNN did not get rid of me because I made a mistake. They got rid of me for things like: and this: and maybe this: Today CNN has turned into a NWO propaganda machine. There simply no getting around it.

      • Tad

        Just to be clear, I thought the use of profanity was grounds for firing or expulsion during journalism’s halcyon days. Is it not a violation off FCC rules?

        Fareed will probably be promoted.

      • Diane

        Every time we think CNN has hit a new low, the sink even deeper in fake news bs.
        I am so grateful that our Greg Hunter escaped that filthy, toxic swamp of lies that is CNN.
        He now provides us with real news.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Diane. I feel bad for CNN in a way. It was a very trusted news source at one time and it has fallen a long way.

    • RealityCheck

      Humans are easily manipulated through their emotions… Mankind is under an assault of continuous manipulation. Follow this rule, you will do well and rest easy.

      “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

  55. coalburner

    Just reading about the G20 where we got Climate change money wasting dumped. Also Trump has put them on notice that we are going to stop losing in he trading arena.
    most notable was a comment that EU is the scond largest holder of our debt garbage. The deduction was made that EU may have been paying its way on NATO afterall. Sounds like an even trade to me. Our worthless dept for their help on NATO and the slate is wiped clean. Trump is a great negotiator! We all need to take lessons, whether it is a veiled threat of the real thing, I bet they got it.

  56. Tad

    Unaware of your familiarity with glyphosate, but this articles places it as the ultimate bane of America’s health care care woes–to say nothing as a possible link to obesity.

    Mike Adams of Natural News might be an interesting interview.

    Saw your YouTube videos. You’ve done commendable work.

  57. Just the facts please

    Galaxie 500, As I look through your comments today I find many arguments that try to neutralize the many factual statements made by other well informed viewers. Some of your replys are like a chapter of a book relaying facts that really have nothing to do with the original comment. To summarize some of your replys today, 911 happened exactly as the 911 commission said it did, there is no such thing as a gov’t conspiracy because nobody could keep it secret, America is all good and never commits war crimes, there is no plan for a Syrian pipeline and it could never be part of the reason for Assads removal because there is no pipeline construction going on right now (in the middle of the war). These are just a few of your replys today. Let me give you my conspiracy theory for the day ….. I believe that anyone that spends as much time as you do in crafting your different comments and replys to one news presentation has to be paid. It is for this reason that I did not begin with the intro ….. With all due respect ….

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