Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.2.12

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The Middle East is hot and getting hotter.  Reports are out that the Pentagon is preparing aerial refueling for Israeli Jets.  U.S. military, also, now says it has what it takes to knock out Iran’s deep bunkers hiding its nuclear program.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says, once again, this past week, the President’s policy is “to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons capability.”  Sanctions on Iran’s cash flow and oil flows are ratcheting up.  Meanwhile, Syria is hot and bloody in its unfolding revolution.  A few hundred people were killed this week alone in fighting.

Reports are out that the U.S. and France are arming the rebels, and Iran and Russia are arming the Syrian government.  Please remember, Russia has a naval base on the Syrian coast, and they are not going to want to give up this strategic base on the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.   Oil hit $110 a barrel, and gasoline is approaching $4 a gallon on a national average.  Part is due to conflict in the Middle East, but the world is awash in crude oil, and most of the price increase is being blamed on the Federal Reserve for trillions in bank bailouts.

A new Rasmussen poll has Ron Paul and Mitt Romney as the only two candidates that can beat President Obama in a national election.  Funny, how is it that Ron Paul comes in so far back in Republican primaries?   According to Rasmussen, Paul gets 15% of liberal Democrats.  North Korea has agreed to suspend its nuclear program in exchange for more than 5 million pounds of food and aid to fight a severe famine.  Japan and South Korea are still very skeptical.  Why don’t we trade North Korea some of our food for some of their nuclear weapons?

The Virginia Senate voted 39 to 1 to pass the NDAA Nullification Act.  Maybe 49 other states and Congress will follow.  We can always hope!  These stories and more on the Weekly News Wrap-Up are coming to you from Greg Hunter and USAWatchdog.com.

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  1. Jim H

    Happy Friday Greg and thanks for all you do.
    Watched an interview with Ron Paul this morning where he talked about al-Qaeda being the Rebel forces in Egypt, Libya and possibly Syria. My question is are these guys enemies or assets? If enemies, then what the heck are we doing.

    • Greg

      Jim H,
      I have been worried about this ever since Egypt first erupted with the Muslim Brotherhood. In Libya it was widely reported al-Qaeda was heavily involved. Now Syria. We are fighting al-Qaeda at home with the NDAA (al-Qaeda was actually mentioned in the bill that was passed) but supporting them in other countries? WTF? I am as perplexed as you my friend.

  2. Art Barnes

    Greg, I finally have crossed over to your side on a strike on Iran, now you can call me a believer. When? Within a month after the government taps the Strategic Oil Reserve which I predict is not far off. I think the meeting next week between Netanyahu & the President will decide it, who leads the attack, etc. and the timelines. But to be redundant, when you see the announcement of the “tap” of the reserve the planes will be warmed up. About a month of flooding the world with more oil will help keep the oil spike from hitting $200.

    • Greg

      I sure do not want war but all the signs are pointing to it. It is just a matter of time. I am sure Israel has said something like if you don’t help us we will do it alone. I think they will want Syria settled before a strike to protect Israel’s Northern border. But hey a wild enough revolution could tie Assad’s hands to keep him pretty busy during an attack couldn’t it? Most Americans do not the the s222storm that will hit after an attack. And it could come from Israel OR Iran. Why should Iran wait to be bombed? It has said it might attack first. We live in “interesting times.”

  3. George Too

    Ron Paul scares the snot out of both Repubs and Dems. We need a real third party that is without the corruption of the ones we have

    • Greg

      Amen Brother George Too!

  4. AndyB

    Great post, Greg. Who’da thought that the Russians would be critical in checkmating the warmongers among us? It also appears that our corruptocrats need a significant distraction from the coming financial implosion and an excuse to institute more draconian controls over the US populace during a time of world war. There is a fetid smell in the air; we all should be alarmed.

    • Greg

      Very good points my friend!

  5. Sean

    It’s interesting that Sherrif Joe down in AZ is getting coverage with his claims against Obama’s birth certificate – immediately after Breitbart died unexpectedly while the blogosphere was awaiting his release of damning Obama video’s from Obama’s younger years. None of the Breitbart stories on MSM mention the video’s – and Yahoo completely turned off it’s comment section soon after the Breitbart death stories emerged.

    It’s almost like a bait and switch. The globalists can manage the Obama Birther claims with spin and omission, but they would never be able to recover from credible video footage showing Obama doing something that is highly compromising etc.

    By the way, wasn’t Obama’s mother a US citizen when he was born? The issue here isn’t natural born citizenship. It’s more likely that there’s a cover-up regarding Obama’s real father. I’ve seen specualtion elsewhere on who it might be, but nothing that I actually believe.

    But the real story here is the mainstream media’s omission of Breitbart’s planned release of damning Obama footage. The loyal opposition is also remaining silent on this topic so for those who doubt the single party, two-headed hydra, one coin with two faces reality of the Redemopublicratican Party, you might ask yourself why the GOP isn’t jumping up and looking for the video’s.

    • Greg

      Interesting comment and good analysis and links. Thank you for adding content to this post!

    • Sean

      It occured to me after I posted this comment that the Pat Buchanan and Judge Napolitano removals from FOX and MSNBC – the last two bastions of Constitution based opnion in corporate mainstream media who were unafraid to challenge the status quo – were removed after Breitbart announced release of the Obama videos and shortly before Breitbart died unexpectedly.

      I know that there have been many video’s and other evidence posted and discussed on why Buchanan and Napolitano were removed after their recent public opinions were voiced, but if you recall and if you go back through the records, they have voiced the same opinions ever since they started in media. My presumption had been that they were removed prior to a strike on Syria or Iran (or both) to eliminate public dialogue that will support the Ron Paul message prior to this coming November.

      Now I’m questioning my original analysis. Is it possible that Napolitano and Buchanan were removed to mitigate discussion or debate regarding the Obama video’s that Breitbart was planning to present, after Breitbart was removed? I’m not suggesting that the networks were involved in Breitbart’s death. But is it possible that an influential organization had a hand in their removal? An organization who sees value in protecting their asset who resides in the White House?

  6. Sean

    Official integration of global central banking systems with the US economy has begun. The trojan horse sellout of the US is nearly complete:

    “The Bank of Israel will begin today a pilot program to invest a portion of its foreign currency reserves in U.S. equities.

    The investment, which in the initial phase will amount to 2 percent of the $77 billion reserves, or about $1.5 billion, will be made through UBS AG and BlackRock Inc. (BLK), Bank of Israel spokesman Yossi Saadon said in a telephone interview today. At a later stage, the investment is expected to increase to 10 percent of the reserves.”

  7. Chuck Allen

    Hi Greg,

    Ron Paul (my choice) is being bashed by everyone including the Republican Party. The young people in America are the generation that has and can make the changes the country needs. That is why they support Ron Paul on a large scale…good for them! The other bums running are all cookie-cutter; same old thing offering no options or change from Obama.


  8. g. johnson

    absolutely correct greg….we do live in very interesting times.
    but hey i have that solution!!

    i am throwing my hat into the potus ring.

    just elect me for one term and we get our real america back.

    first off, the first words out of my mouth (after the swearing in of course) will be “the lobby is closed!” i have been rethinking this ndaa thingy. i will keep it in place long enough to put it to good use. about two years oughta do it. afterwhich i will let it be known to congress (or what’s left of it, heh heh) that they have one year to repeal all laws that do not pass consitutional muster. the u.n. gets the boot, the irs and the fed go bye bye and the military comes home to become a constitutional defensive military instead of and offenssive imperialistic tool. israel, you are now on your own. and so is everybody else.

    since the those members of the “elite” who have been causing all the trouble now live (forever) with their lawyers in gitmo, and the u.s government is now printing and spending (not lending) money into existence, the economy will flourish for the first time since 1865.

    ok, term over, i am stepping out. its all yours.

    that was fun. and yeah, kinda radical.

    but the thing is, probably not enough to save the land of the free.

    it is gonna take all that and a whole lot more.

    don’t really see that many who are willing to carry the load.

    • Greg

      G Johnson,
      You got my vote.

  9. TJ Jackson

    If Iran get attacked it will be because they have agreed to sell oil in other than dollar denominated currencies or commodities. Saddam Hussein was trying the same thing prior to the war to hunt for “weapons of mass destruction”. How many more of our children will be sacrificed to keep this economic charade going?

  10. Ben


    Have you seen the interview with Jim Sinclair regarding the major drop in gold the other day? Check it out over at King World News. God bless.

  11. Jan

    SOS Clinton has been saber rattling and that means war. All the usual buzz words employed before Iraq & Libya were attacked. We seem to be playing the proxy game of sending our allies into do the dirty work while the US remains in the background supplying all the war supplies.

    The birther thing back again? Goodness if the Clinton machine could not find the dirt, I am inclined to believe it doesn’t exist. This issue will just make a distraction to keep the voters entertained and looking anywhere but at the President’s record. What a shame.

  12. norcar survivor

    The powers that be in action.

  13. Troy

    Perplexed? really?

    An enemy is needed, and strange bed fellows (My enemy is your enemy) is nothing new in history.

    Who else to fight in the middle east? Who else to fear at home?

  14. jay

    GREG !
    i found a job… http://www.liveleak.com/e/07b_1284580365

    • Greg

      Are you going to also buy a parachute?

      • jay

        def..after my first pay check.

        • Greg

          WEEEEEEE let’s go tandem!!!

  15. Sam Trinkaus

    In response to that comic above the article: Nope. Allow me to explain as I see it:

    1) I don’t know everything.
    2) I’m not justifying everything Obama has done.
    3) Those offended by Quran burnings could include all Muslims. That’s one in every 5 human beings. About 1.6 billion people.
    4) Although the soldiers who burned the Qurans did it as a tactical necessity and NOT out of disrespect for Muslims, Obama expressed sympathies to the mild-mannered world of Muslims who do not know that fact. It helps prevent them from believing the radical newspapers and editorials that call our troops evil.
    5) Obama did not literally burn a Catholic Bible.
    6) The Church gets to mandate our nation’s stance on same-sex marriage. Churches get tax exemptions. The laws passed do NOT infringe on the moralities of Christians, because they do not force Christians to use contraception.
    7) Why should we care about making symbolic gestures to the non-radicalized Muslim world? Scott Atran researched that most terrorists begin as unconverted, mild-mannered Muslims. Still think it’s responsible for us to piss people off excessively? 9/11. Terry Jones.

    • Greg

      I put the cartoon up because I thought it was funny and for no other reason. Come on, it is a little funny isn’t it? Your point is well made and well taken though. Thank you for making it here.

  16. Frank

    Greg, I enjoy your articles and I agree with a lot of what you say, however, you are wrong about what you and George Noory said on C2C regarding Ahmadinejad. Both of you falsely assert Ahmadinejad wants to “wipe Israel off the map”. President Ahmadinejad NEVER said he wanted to “wipe Israel off the map”, nor did he ever say anything that closely resembled such statement. Please stop perpetuating the lies.

    You talk about the proxy war against Israel through Hamas, but what about the shadow war against Iranian cyber security, scientists and military sites? These attacks have been committed by Israel and the U.S. What about Israel’s proxy war against Muslim countries by having the U.S military fight the wars for them? Is it just incidental that a high anti-Muslim sentiment in the American conscience benefits Israel?

    It’s obvious George Noory is a Zionist shill because he NEVER has shows that touch on the growing evidence of Israeli Mossad’s involvement in 9/11, nor does Noory ever talk about Israeli apartheid against Palestinians. I suppose he has to blacklist such truth if he wants to keep his prestigious and high paying job while under a certain people whom own and control the media. George seems to be a form of controlled opposition. I hope you do not become the same…

    • Greg

      George said that. My comment was I found it especially troubling that Iran has stated on the record (a few months back) it too has the right to strike first. I am not choosing side or saying what I think should happen or describing the policy the U.S., Iran or Israel should take. I am analysing what is being said, and my analysis is pointing to war. I am not an advocate for either side but warning we are headed for trouble no matter what side ypou are on. I also pointed out that Iran’s position that Israel has nuclear weapons already (reportedly 200-300) and that Iran has stated it wants nuclear power for the peaceful production of energy. But all that doesn’t matter the Israelis can attack Iran all on its own whether the U.S of U.N. likes it or not. What I heard at the White house on Monday is flashing a bright red signal something is going to happen. Please do not under estimate the Iranians. They have been preparing for war for a decade. After all the U.S. invaded Iraq to Iran’s Eastern border and Afghanistan on their western border. I would not put it past Iran to initiate a first strike and they are fully capable of doing that if they feel an Israeli attack is imminent. The whole thing is a gigantic mess that could throw the global economy into a very deep depression. People should take precautions to protect themselves for this scenario. On this story and prediction, I hope I am dead wrong. Thank you for your comment and support.

  17. pieter

    Hi Greg,

    Always good to read your articles and the comments as well. You are correct though the middle east is heating up. Just I think and believe it is a huge show for the ppls in the world. Let,s face it the leadership in Iran was installed like the previous Shah regime by the west. In fact the whole middle east was designed and maps were drawn by the British empire to serve their financial intrests and grip on the resources. Nothing new here and let us not forget that it is about as well cutting off the energy supply to the Chinese. Concerning Israeli leadership it is hard to believe these patholical liers as all they say and said in the past was based on lies. Let us not forget how they threat the ppl they keep in a huge open prisons like gaza and west bank and how they manage to keep it our of msm. The real goal of the israelim,s was alwasy greater Israel this is very well documented and everybody can read this and inform themself. Now we are in a situation that the us empire has no clothes anymore and is on brink or already over the clif of a unbelievable bankruptcy. Having lost two unjust wars and the insanity goes even molre crazier as now the Us wants to start a third war. I hope that the US army comes to its senses and throw the corrupt bums out of the white house and restore a normal country. Why is it that only the us is intrested in nuclair capabilty in Iran, their neigbours I hear never complain about this. Hope the Us comes to its grips and save their own country from the banksters cartel and throw these bums as well out of the US.

    flying dutchman

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