Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.22.13

Cyprus Bailout and More: Weekly News Wrap-UpBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  

I am covering just three stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up, but they are big ones.  They are the Cyprus bailout, Obama and his Middle East trip, and the Fed’s decision to keep on printing.  The EU is getting very tough with Cyprus and its banking crisis.  It is demanding it pay in some way for part of the bailout of its troubled banks.  There are several plans afoot, and they all include someone losing deposit money.  One plan says it will now protect all “insured” accounts, but that means billions in uninsured money is up for grabs.  The uninsured money, no doubt, belongs, in part, to the Russians who are mad as hell they are being fleeced.  The Cypriot government said the banks would re-open this week but put that off until next week.  Who knows how this will all shake out, but I cannot see how there is not going to be a run on those banks when they re-open.  There are simply going to be some bank failures.  One Russian billionaire thinks this may turn into another Lehman event that could cause another financial meltdown.  Lehman was the fourth largest investment bank before it went belly up five years ago.  Financial analyst Greg Mannarino says, “Cyprus is the spark that could light the fuse that sets the Euro Zone on fire.”  

President Obama is in the Middle East this week.  He gave a speech in Israel, and I must say, it was one of his best speeches.  It was a masterpiece.  I thought it was very fair to both Israel and the Palestinians.  It did not erase the massive problems there.  Hamas was barely brought up.  There is a cease-fire there and nothing more.  Syria is in a full blown civil war, and it seems to be spreading beyond its borders.  The President talked about the need for diplomacy with Iran’s nuclear program but did not mention any new ways to get the Iranians to comply.  Iran is not backing down on its nuclear program as far as I can see.  The President did say the same thing he’s been saying for months, and that is all options are on the table and time is not unlimited.

I don’t see a happy ending here after President Obama recently said Iran could have a nuclear weapon in a year and he “didn’t want to cut it too close.”  Meanwhile, Iran’s leader says if it is attacked, it will level Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities.  We are not on a path to peace!

Finally, let’s look at the Federal Reserve’s decision to keep on printing money to prop up the banking system, stock market and the economy.  The mainstream media is portraying this as something very good.  Look at this USA Today headline from Thursday, “Fed Keeps Goosing Economy.”  There is never a mention by the MSM that there could be and is going to be a downside to this.  The downside is called inflation, and it looks like this is not going to end anytime soon.  By the way, Fed chief Ben Bernanke says stocks are not in a bubble.  Remember when he said the housing market was not in a bubble several years ago?  You saw how accurate that assessment was.

Join Greg Hunter for his analysis on these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. jc davis

    Greg: This is my favorite site by miles ahead of the rest. You seem to find the most complex issues, and make them simply practical to understand. I must mention the postings on USAWATCHDOG.com are just as good.

    Now would be the time the euro will invest in USA stocks. GOLD and SILVER will increase in demand, yet the price will be suppressed again. I don’t think the cypress bank will open anytime soon.

    This recovery is the slowest we never had.

    Our president lies so much I cant pay any attention to him. I voted for him in 2008. I am not a hater, just a realist.
    Thanks again . have a restful weekend.

  2. Lance Pearson

    I haven’t seen any comment on the gold and silver price along with volume for this past Monday (3/18/13) but with the banking problems in Cyprius, you would not think there would be huge spikes of volume short selling these products. Anyone with a brain knows that when banking confidence is shaky that gold and silver should have huge gains. This is more evidence to me that the large institutions are manipulating the market by shorting gold and silver on days when they normally would and should have positive traction.
    Thank you.

    • Greg

      I smell desperation and manipulation. Hang on to Au and Ag!!

      • BOB D

        Gold maybe gold but it can deflate , when other goods have more worth.
        The little people will set the price of gold. The cost of using gold as a exchange has a limit.
        The problems of the world is over exchange right now. We are in a moment of when a mans word is within a key board push.
        If you don’t have a trade, something of worth, you will be a bum,on the take.
        It’s a new world and it’s about trading with things of worth.
        All the lawyers and paper pushers in DC and Bankers know they are over head. Just like to many stock holders run up the cost of produce.
        Some gold is good to have around but you better build a trade and have something of worth.
        Going to be a lot of outlaws, for sometime because the insiders can’t give up the high life. They can’t hide in the new number world , it don;t compute, the BS they tell you don;t add up.
        Americans are no better then all the poor people in China. That is who you got to exchange with.
        You don’t need to buy half the junk they send over here,so that’s a good thing.

        • Tom

          Arma gettin outa here!

  3. John Smith

    Greg, I’d appreciate it if you would accept bitcoin donations so that people can donate anonymously. It is quite easy all you have to do is make a wallet for yourself and list the address and people can start sending you money. Thanks for doing a great job.

    • Greg

      I’ll look into it man!! Thank you for your support.

  4. Brandon

    This has definitely been an interesting week and seems to be a new benchmark. I feel for the folks of Cyprus. I hope all of your readers are paying attention because this is not going to just stay in Cyprus…

  5. Dan R.

    As always, a great synopsis! Honest and devoid of fantasy, which requires a degree in BS detection. Your work with Celente, Duane, Williams et al. is straight at your gut clarity. Ever consider Cypress as a litmus test? Why not start someplace small and study the consequences.

    • Greg

      I agree Cyprus is a trial balloon. This is far from over. Thank you for your kind words and support!

  6. art barnes

    Greg, Iran has seen many time tables & red-lines come and go as did North Korea who has nukes now and are threatening to use them against us as we speak. Lets be honest here, American policy on non-nuclear proliferation has not been exactly stellar. That being said, I trust that we will be ready for the aftermath of a strike on Iran, as it could go beyond regional.

    • Greg

      I am very worried about the ME and NK. This is serious s###.

  7. Fraser

    Hi Greg. Good weekly wrap-up, here are some other views…

    [1] Israel already have at least 100 nuclear weapons, steal more and more Palestinian land every year, shoot anyone who objects and start dozens of wars in order to expand their interests across the Middle East. On the other hand, Iran has zero nuclear weapons, has a stable and well liked Government and has not started any war for at least 200 years. So why on earth does America insist that Iran (and before that Iraq, Afganistan, Libya and Syria) are THE threat, rather than either itself or Israel? America’s bullshit on this subject is THE reason why there has been and can be no solution in the Middle East!
    The truth is that America and Israel want to continue to invade the Middle East, to weaken those countries, take out the military, kill hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians, destroy billions of dollars of history and infrastructure, steal oil, gold and everything else and then proudly declare to an adoring US audience “mission accomplished”!
    Whether you like it or not, America is (like Nazi Germany before it) the great destroyer, plundering the world fot its own purpose. Also like Nazi Germany, America avoids a unified opposition by attacking weaker countries individually (Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, etc) before then attacking stronger countries (like Iran) after the neighbours have been “neutralized”.
    Eventually however, just like in previous World Wars, groups of countries will stand together in opposition and I really hope that Iran pulls in China and Russia and gives America a real ass-kicking this time. And then I hope that they take the war onto America soil and they kill and destroy Americans, just as America have been doing around the world for the last 50 years. Only then, after a couple of million American deaths, after entire cities have been leveled and all of America’s national treasures have been stolen, do I beleive that America will ever understand the sheer cruelty that it inflicits upon the rest of the world. Sorry to be so strong with my words, but the truth is my defence!

    [2] On the subject of “QE”…
    The years before the 2008 GFC were marked by the rise of Asia, which (at the request of America) took away American manufacturing jobs. This weakened the taxation base and caused America to borrow heavily. Asia helped out by selling goods to America in exchange for US debt, which increased Asia’s US dollar reserve assets and funded America’s debt expansion. This unbalanced arrangement worked well for a while.
    But after the 2008 GFC, Asia (except Japan) stopped buying US debt and started buying physical gold and silver as their reserve assets. This badly affected America, because now it had not only lost its jobs and taxation base, but it had also lost the foreign buyers for its debt.
    Then, rather than fix the underlying problems, the Federal Reserve and “helecopter Ben” started printing and buying up trillions of dollars of their own debt through the method of “Quantitative Easing”. For all other countries, this would have led to a hyper-inflationary “end game”, as John Williams and Dr Roberts have predicted. BUT, because the USD is (still) the reserve currency and because other Western countries are now also printing money to keep their manufacturing competitive, a different “end game” appears likely to result.
    In the new end game, all Western economies will go down together, with the weakest dying first and then the next and so on. In our case, possibly Cyprus – Greece – Spain – etc. Importantly, capital will then flow the other way, from the weaker countries towards the stronger economies. So Ben’s strategy may in fact buy a lot of time for America, assuming that America is somewhere near the top of the tree and each dying country sends their remaining assets upstream towards America. That said, Ben’s strategy will cause bankruptcy and chaos in the rest of the world!
    Gerald Celente says “WAR” is the inevitable result.
    I say that trade barriers will be the result, just like in the 1930s. The stronger countries will be eventually forced to abandon the weaker countries and repatriate both their capital and their jobs home, to within their own borders. You can think of it as a global elimination of counter-party risk. But more accurately, it is like (in the absence of enough life-boats) the crew of the Titanic locking the lower class passengers below deck!
    After a while, the surviving strong countries will feel confident enough to initiate trade in a mutually acceptable new currency (such as gold and silver). The weaker countries will have gone through decades of absolute hell, but one by one they will gradually claw their way back up to join the stronger countries. And then off we all go again!

    But whatever happens Greg… avagoodweekendmate !

    • Greg

      Thank you for adding your analysis!!

      • Fraser

        Of all your commentators, I like Catherine Austin Fitts the best, because she brings something positive and a solution to the table. She correctly argues that America’s current business model of “destroy and steal” is now broken because it is running out of countries (like Iraq) and cities (like Detroit) and savers (like you) to steal from. And she correctly argues that the business model should be changed to one of “build and mutually benefit”. The only question is how to do that when all American power (both bank and Government) is held by the “destroyers” and all the “builders” have been chased off-shore? Revolution or a grass-roots restructure? I would like to see her back.

        • Greg

          Good idea!

          • Fraser

            My Titanic metaphor (which describes current events) may need explanation. There were 3 classes of passenger on the Titanic, determined more by social standing than price of ticket. In 1st class were politicians and bankers! When the ship sank, there were not enough life-boats and while most of 1st class escaped, very few of 3rd class did. Reports from survivors indicate that 3rd class passengers were actually locked below deck to prevent them taking positions on the life-boats! In other words, the poor were murdered to save the rich! The only difference today is that the poor (countries and citizens) are being BOTH robbed and murdered to save the rich politicians and bankers!

          • Tom

            “The meek will inherit the Earth” The rest Jehovah’s going to kick there ass back into it from hence they came.
            Arma getton outa! here 4:1

    • George

      If your point one (1) has any facts in it, I am a macaroni

    • kate

      In reply to your comment “And then I hope that they take the war onto America soil and they kill and destroy Americans, just as America have been doing around the world for the last 50 years. Only then, after a couple of million American deaths,…”

      That is just called REVENGE, and guess what? It leads to more REVENGE! It is what has been keeping this s**t going. So if you are going to “Really Hope”, why not hope that the a$$wipes that keep starting it are the ones that get wiped out? It is like Gerald Celente says, all these gov’t heads and associated officials who do this (and anyone else itching to fight)ought to be thrown into a ring so THEY can fight it out, and leave the PEOPLE alone. Most of the people, in WHATEVER country, are being deceived into believing the lies so that the gov’ts and the UN can accomplish their agendas. Most people do not want war; they want to peacefully run their lives and raise their families. Therefore, I consider most civilians to be innocent of the murderous and thieving INTENT; they (we) are pawns. So,rather than hoping that more PEOPLE get wiped out, I would rather HOPE UPON HOPE that the Official Thieves and War Engineers are the ones to get wiped out!!!

      • kate

        My comment was supposed to be to Fraser…

      • Fraser

        I truly apologize for my comments. I should have slept on it and used my words more carefully. Revenge is not what I advocate, I wish no harm to anyone and yes it is the Government’s fault rather than the citizen’s. I just wish that the citizens would take more responsibility for their Government’s actions. Because the truth is that America is gradually losing power and unless it starts making friends quickly, it may suffer more and more 911s. It also has to change its “business model”. For example, China goes into Africa and builds infrastructure in return for mineral contracts and America’s response is to go in and destroy that infrastructure, change the Government and steal the minerals. Long term, I know which model will win…

  8. John

    “Fed Keeps Goosing Economy.”

    When it should read “Fed Keeps Manipulating Economy”

    And I think this was a huge statement by a fellow poster:

    “That implies there is recourse to a pool of assets that secures or “covers” the bond if the originator (usually a financial institution) becomes insolvent.
    That pool of assets includes BANK DEPOSITS”

    That is exactly what they did to MF Global. Seized customer money.

    Americans are going to be caught off guard here too, when the system goes down, they think they are insured, when they are the insurer with their deposits.

    GoldmanSachs & their treasury secretaries have pillaged all of us.

    They need to withdrawal their money now,while they still can, and invest in silver, gold, or cheap land.

    Not to mention some food & water for emergencies.

    • Greg

      All the big banks are guilt of pillage while our elected officials sit and pretend it is not going on. SHAME ON ALL! Thank you.

  9. 9er X-Ray

    All week I have been paying great attention to the events. IMO, it IS a lit fuse.

    Interesting how the various socialist governments latch on to the savings of achievers & conservative budget minded people, and other depositors, in a financial crisis. Yet, do nothing to curtail the financial umbilical cord “reward” to moochers. Result is the moochers suffer little and we savers & investors ALWAYS pay more. The rules always change for conservatives thus placing our nest eggs at peril to stay in or taxed & penalized further to withdraw.

    Oh, I do classify the socialist government we have as a huge component of the “moocher class”. Like Biden’s one night stay recently in Paris, ….. $585,000.50. London’s one night stay was about $480,000…WOW…he saved us lowly taxpayers some jing ! What is that sequester thingy again?

  10. Ugly


    The variables are there. It is just a matter of time when the dominos all fall. I remember all the media hoopla about WaterGate and the Iran-Contra. Pretty petty stuff as compared to today and not even a warning alarm given.

    There is no ‘real’ way to prepare if an all-out collapse is coming. A Great Depression would be easy, but a full meltdown is going to be very tough on everyone.

    Prepare for the worst; pray for the better outcome. Revelation and Daniel might be unfolding before our very eyes. Good luck everyone and keep the warning bells going because no sounds anywhere else.

  11. George

    The Fed is buying our government debt to the tune of 45 billion a month and toxic MBS for another 40 billion. You may ask yourself where the fed is getting the money to purchase this massive pile of crap. That is easy to answer…the Keebler elves are making it!
    The Middle East is a powder keg. It is not “IF” it is going to explode, it is “When” and “How many megatons”. However, I think the seeds of the economic collapse of the US is being planted by the EU in Cyprus

  12. Willard Ferch

    If experience is worth anything, Obama’s golden tongue is in reality, just fool’s gold, and sincerity has no place in his vocabulary. Fiddlin

  13. Robert

    You should listen to this interview


  14. George

    I predict Russia will not cut a deal with them until they are desperate. Gold and silver prices are falling this Friday…If that don’t say that PM’s are being manipulated, I don’t know what does!

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comments and link on Obamacare

      • droidX-G

        Looks like I may have misjugded the EU’s desire to upset Russia.
        News article Saturday say 25% levey on deposits over 100k

        • Greg

          Oh boy are they going to be pissed! There is going to be a very big downside for this! Thanks Droid

          • Tom

            The 20 ton Heroin bust in Afganistan will ease there Pain.
            Arma gettin outa here!

  15. George

    Cypriots limited to 260 euros a day per person (likely read this as account)…So, if you have 100K euros, it will take you 384 days to get your money…that is if your money is still there for 384 days

  16. George

    what to expect from Obamacare…
    Knife taken from Billy McNeely’s back after three years. Doctors in Canada have removed a knife blade from a man’s back more than three years after he was stabbed in a fight.
    Greg, the doctor didn’t even take an Xray after three years of complaints. XRays cost money …youdo the math!

  17. frosty


    Consider that what has happened in Cyprus, as portrayed in all of the bleating MSM media as part of a crisis in which European Union is falling apart, is not all that it seems.

    Nigel Farge, leader of the UK Independence Party is a man wise enough to have noticed what is taking place. He described the process back in 2011 as seen in the video linked to. Mr. Farge recognized then that while the EU leaders claimed vast losses will occur if they allowed Cyprus, Greece or any other members to fail and that they must therefore resort to extreme measures, even theft, to prevent this, there was (and still is) is a hidden agenda being followed.

    Rahm Emanuel, former White House chief of staff, described how a covert or unpopular agenda can be implemented. In speaking on the politics of crises, he said:
    “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste….it’s an opportunity to do things you could not do before.”

    As Mr. Farge describes the process in more detail. He declares that the EU leaders are using the “crisis” they created to force indebted countries to their knees, remove their leaders, resist democratic elections and put in EU replacements who are committed to a United States of Europe at the expense of national sovereignty. The European Union is not “falling apart”. It’s being engineered through the politics of crisis as part of a New One World Order.


    • Greg

      Thank you Frosty.

    • Tom

      New world order? Did you read that in the New World translation?
      Arma gettin outa here!

  18. Darren

    Why does Obama claim that Iran is a year away from getting a nuclear bomb when all 16 US intelligence agencies and the Pentagon agree unanimously and with “high confidence” that Iran has no nuclear weapons program, that we would have time to react if they started one and that the Iranians are “rational actors?”

    Fear American politicians who ignore the military and intelligence agencies if you want to fear something. What source of information is Obama employing that is better qualified than our own military and intelligence professionals? Perhaps is it just more convenient politically to ignore the reality in the quest for more war. For how many years will the fear mongers claim that Iran is a year away from building a nuclear weapon?

    Goading Gullible America Into War

    by Patrick J. Buchanan

    Yet, according to all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, Iran does not have a nuclear bomb program.


    Feb. 19 2012 (Bloomberg) — An Israeli attack on Iran would be “destabilizing,” Army General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said.

    “We are of the opinion that Iran is a rational actor,” Dempsey said. “We also know, or we believe we know, that the Iranian regime has not decided” to make a nuclear weapon, he said. Iran says its enrichment of uranium is for making power while Israel says it’s aimed at making weapons.


    Pentagon plays down remarks by Panetta on Iran

    By Dan De Luce (AFP) – Dec 20, 2011

    WASHINGTON — The Pentagon on Tuesday sought to play down remarks by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta who has suggested Iran’s nuclear program could be on a faster track than previously suspected.

    The Pentagon insisted Panetta’s view of Iran’s nuclear project had not changed and stressed that if Tehran made the decision to produce weapons-grade uranium, it would be detected by UN inspectors who have regular access to the country’s facilities.

    “Should they make a decision to move to highly enriched uranium, those inspectors would be able to readily detect it,” Captain John Kirby told reporters.

    “And we would have at that point, plenty of time to react on our own.”

    A US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the country’s intelligence agencies had not changed their view on the state of Iran’s program.

    “It’s definitely misleading,” said David Albright, president of the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security.

    “Senior officials should be more careful,” Albright said.


  19. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    Here’s some great data by Chris Martenson on the bond markets.Very interesting.AS for the current Fed policy tapering off as most economist are talking about,at least at one point,i do not see any way that could be.EVER….imo…The Govt. needs the the Fed in order to pay it’s bills.
    Your thoughts?
    Thanks Dave


    • Greg

      Chris Martenson is very smart and very precise. I would trust any analysis he put out!! Thank you.

  20. Troy


    Is not Israel the 6th most powerful nuclear nation on earth (off the record) will not allow inspectors into their country and did not sign the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons?

    It is Israel that has illegal nuclear program, not Iran

    Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons …
    http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/…/israel-south-africa-nuclear-weapons – Cached – Similar
    May 24, 2010 … Secret South African documents reveal that Israel offered to sell nuclear
    warheads to the apartheid regime, providing the first official …

    ‘Israel offered to sell nukes to S Africa in 1975’ – Times Of India
    May 25, 2010… has claimed. According to secret South African. … ‘Israel offered to sell nukes to
    S Africa in 1975’. PTI May 25 … 12 Indian foods that cut fat …

    Has not Iran signed on to this treaty and allows inspections? Have the inspections found any evidence of weapon grade enrichment?

    when was the last time Iran attacked anyone?
    When was the last time Israel attacked anyone?

    Lastly; is it not illegal under US and international law, for the US to give aid to Israel?

    Not a fan of Iran, nor a hater of the Jewish people, but we are being sold a load of 100% prime USDA bovine excrement!!!


    Remember the USS Liberty: http://www.gtr5.com/

    • Greg

      I am not picking sides but all the data and my analysis is saying war is coming. I do not see how anyone can come up with any other conclusion. This will be very, very messy. It is not even a black swan because it is predictable by a low raking person like me. I hope I am wrong.

      • Troy

        I totally agree Greg, looks like war to me also. It saddens me that we the US are funding and starting these wars. We are to be on the wrong side of history. Russia and China are becoming far more vocal in opposition to these actions. All these wars are more about the petro dollar and Israel has far too much control over our government!

        They are not our friends: http://www.gtr5.com/ friends don’t attack us to blame their enemies.

      • Troy

        “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    • Tom

      Arma gettin outa here!

    • Tom

      “It will be worse than the world has ever seen or will ever see again” Jesuose Christose ARM AH GETTON OUTA here 3:2

  21. Mac

    Obama gave a “masterpiece” Greg?
    You mean a smooth talking pile of bulls_hit!

    A “masterpeice” of lying, of obfuscating truth while giving the finger to International Law and the UN?

    Americans look for image over substance, like women looking how they look. The image is not the reality.

    • Greg

      No, I mean masterful and a very well done speech. I watched it from top to bottom and played some of it back. I got to give credit where credit is due. he even told an audience of isralies they needed to give up land for peace and sort of scolded them for building new settlements. It was very to the point on that issue. That said, it does not change the fact and my analysis of the data says the world is headed for war. I try to remain objective at all times. Isn’t that what you want? What’s important is the warning I give folks here and around the world to get their houses in order. This will be very disruptive, very bloody and very, very costly. It will no doubt crash the world economy. Iran is not going to roll over and China and Russia will, overtly or covertly be deeply involved. Syria would have been a pushover if it were not for the Russians. Now the West is pissing them off again in Cyprus. Get ready man, that’s all I am saying.

      • Kyle McKenna

        “sort of scolded them for building new settlements”

        Yes, as has been done for decades. But have you noticed the Israelis haven’t moderated their land grabs one iota?

        Israel has chosen to live by the sword every year since it was “founded” upon other peoples’ lands and one day it will die…by the sword.

  22. Charles H.

    Hey Greg,

    I just caught an interview of Michael Pento on King World News… and the take away was this – IF the ruling bodies of government (like the ECB, backed by the IMF) can break its own rules, it’ s own guarantees for one: then no one is safe from the Cyprus type grab. Pento observes that the “Rule of Law is MUTABLE”, and can be changed at the whim of politicians; and if whole nations go bankrupt – they WILL take the money in accounts and pools like retirement funds. (Argentina?) Also mentioned is if people aren’t awake, aren’t aware by now – they won’t be. There aren’t any more signs as they are now all out there. You ought to put a link up to it.
    I will add this though… government WILL behave worse than badly. They will do whatever it takes to come out on top. For this reason, and with suspicions they will even do things out of SPITE – I think that they will try to take the physical gold. Right now, or maybe BEFORE Cyprus, confiscation was still an ‘unthinkable’ issue – but my question is simple: if they will steal innocent people’s savings: will they stop there??? We ‘like’ to think they wouldn’t go THAT far: but look at the mentality at work now.

    • Greg

      Thank you Charles H.

  23. Derrick Michael Reid

    Hey Gregg, your bestest buddy, Dr Paul Craig, went rouge, and now preaches violence. Well I am glad he finally see the light back to freedom from government.


    2nd to last time you had him on, he was poo pooing US military intervention, yet now says, take to the streets, trying to enslave humanity. Rather selective in his use of force, eh? Well hipocrytes like Craig, who got us in to this messy position, with his totalitarian government rule. HE SHOULD BE ASHAMED of himself for helping to enslave us all. HE SHOULD BE ASHAMED of himself for being a GD hipocryte. He should apologize for his past complicity.
    this mess was not create over night.

    Take to the streets? You bet, right now in the USA. REBELLION now!! against that totalitarian (plenary) fascist (gov-bank cordination) socialistics (the nanny-granny state) rascist (BHO plays the race card to cement the black, mex, vote) cesspool that is DC. We all are enslaved as tax mules or dependents, to keep the bankster going, cement socialistic fascist rule, as we bail them out, in a fascist marriage, where they get zirp and bailouts, and the people are wiped out through zirp, inflation, taxes, and moral hazards enumberable.

    But as long as we are on, who is at fault, including your pal, lets not mince words.

    “Politicians, Judges and Lawyers should be shot dead in the streets as the dirty totalitarian socialistic fascist pigs they are, for destroying our belief and practice in our founding father principles.”


    One can expect members of that most despicable profession, having a licensed monopoly to dispute resolution, to exhibit self-centered greed, such as turning federal malpractice claims into a federal court lotto game, or pandering politicians who seek to cement political power through pandering of “vote for me and I will give you the goodies”, to enslave us all, but it was THE JUDICIARY that was suppose to protect us all from ourselves and from the over reaches of the Federal Government, and the judiciary has utterly failed to protect Americans from the excesses of the Federal Government, which was their primary role, and as such, the Judiciary’s trashing of the constitution and our freedom is the most dastardly of all public services.


    • Greg

      I simply do not see PCR in the same light you do. He has been ostracized by his former friends for speaking out and tell what he knows. As a former Assistant treasury secretary and a PhD in economics he Knows a lot. “Let those without sin cast the first stone.” Your points are well taken even though I disagree and as I always say “Good men can disagree.” Peace bro.

  24. Paull


    Could the US Government take the money we have in banks, as is occurring in Cyprus? Absolutely.

    Here is the logic: a small business owner, we are told, “didn’t build their business” so their profits must be taken via taxation. If tomorrow the US Government takes money from your savings in the bank, the Government will simply say: “You didn’t earn that money without the US Government’s help, therefore the Government is ENTITLED to it. After all, don’t you WANT to pay your fair share?”

    Distorted thinking is here to stay Greg.

    Related subject: what is USA Watchdog’s view (pro’s and con’s)of how the Fed intends to ease up on money printing. We all know that there is money printing now and it is roundly criticized on Watchdog. Got it. No need repeating it. Perhaps all will work out when money easing occurs and the endgame is in sight? What are the chances of that happening. Love to hear a commentary on that subject.

    Thanks for an interesting website……………Paul

    • Greg

      Paul,Hhere’s some math for you to think on too. I just checked the FDIC. There are more than $10.8 in deposits in U.S. banks. The “Deposit Insurance Fund” has only $33 billion. Yes there is a line of credit from the Treasury, but what will happen to the buying power to the dollar if another multi-trillion bailout is pumped out? Inflation is a lock, and I think Hyperinflation eventually. Thank you for weighing in.

  25. Skip

    Greg, you might enjoy covering the emerging crypto-curriencies (Bitcoin and others). They are still beneath most folks’ radars, but they are moving faster all the time: The BTC currency is now worth in the neighborhood of a Billion dollars USD. This would be exciting even in normal times, but when real world currencies are collapsing, that could add a further explosive dynamic. These cryptocurriencies may come very soon to challenge the very idea of what money is. If the Ripple system gets going too, (ripple is, of all things, a currency of ‘trust’) The result will be revolutionary indeed.

    There is to much to say to describe these currencies in a quick post, but there are good wikis and forums on them.

    • droidX-G

      If these are based on fiat currencies, what good are they when those are worthless

  26. Paul M

    Hi Greg, I am a new listener from New Zealand (over about the last 3 months).
    I really enjoy your common sense commentary and analysis. If it is one thing I have learn’t in life, it is that one doesn’t have to an expert in a particularfield to know what is reasonable and what is garbage – in other words what makes common sense.
    Keep up the great work. I applaud your honest approach.

    • Greg

      You are very kind Paul. Thank you for your support.

  27. Adam


    My wife and I have tried to talk to her family about the coming economic collapse to warn them so they can prepare, but they’re so far out of touch with the current state of affairs that we feel like clowns trying to explain this to them.

    Basically my brother-in-law said something to the effect of, “Why in the world would I pull all of my money out of my 401k and pay a huge penalty on it? Even if the stock market does crash, I’m not going to retire for another 30 years. So regardless how bad it crashes it’ll recover long before I retire. It’s not going to effect people who are in it for the long term. The day traders and short term investors are the ones who’d get wiped out.”

    I didn’t know exactly how to respond except I told him the stock market probably wouldn’t exist in 30 years to which he just chuckled and said, “Far fetched.”

    So my question to you is, “Why aren’t our 401k plans safe especially if we aren’t planning to retire for another 30 years. Won’t 401k plans regain their value after the economy collapses and the markets come back 10 or 15 years later? How are 401k plans going to get wiped out? (Apparently there’s no precedent for this in the past) And how do we need to approach our family, and what aspect of this collapse do we need to focus on and reiterate in order to get them to realize that their 401k plans are going to disappear?”


    • Greg

      All I can say is look what happened in the last ten years or so. We just got back to even after the last take down of the market. How is anyone actually making money? What about the dollar depreciation in the last 10 of 12 years? Down around 25 to 30%? How about paying a 1% fee each and every year since 2000? That’s 12% paid just to have these guys manage your money. Add this all up and please tell me how anyone is making money buying and holding in the market? Answer: They’re not. It is simple math.

  28. jim H

    Happy Sunday Greg and fellow Watchdogs
    Any comparison between our Govt./Major Corp. Heads (except for a very few) and the founding Fathers should be discarded and is laughable. My experience with the 90,000 plus employee company I work for is a prime example. When I hired on back in 1990 we were employee owned. At the end of each year we all got a bonus out of company profits, wages went up and benefits were stable. We could go to the main office and visit with the big wigs who we knew were in it for profit but who we also knew cared about us. Suddenly one day we went public after the passing or rooting out of all the company founding fathers. Since then our salaries have been stagnant or gone down, benefits almost destroyed and these clowns sit in offices with keypads on their doors. If your lucky enough to get past the one secretary into the office area without a keypad password your nothing more than a spectator at the local zoo. So please Watchdogs let’s not use these greedy Bas%^&$ in the same breath as Founding Fathers. These are nothing more than gambling addicts with a very plush life.

    Thanks for all you do Greg

  29. Derrick Michael Reid

    PCR gets a pass from watchdog because PCR nows believed gov has gone to far.

    In fairness, I suppose, ITS A START, of more and more of THEM, coming over to my (our) side, but where is the apology for past complicity? New convert yell the loudest, but first its start with a request for forgiveness.

    I suppose that if PCR proposes dismantling all social programs at the federal level, per limited government, that would work just as well.

    Is is a libertarian, a freedom lover, a traditionalist, a constitutionalist, or merely selectively targets the fascist combo of bankster-DCpolitboro or what ….. We need to hear more, I think, from Dr Roberts. He now has my attention, in a good way.

    We do need so dearly a horse to champion.

    The US still has the best economy, the best military, and a culture democracy, and fair dealings. Yes, the US is still No.1, the best horse in the race, at this time, despite all the problems. The ship can be righted, and avoid hitting the breakers, and totally falling apart, but I think only with bold actions, taking to the streets, and demanding change, alla cypriot. Yes, wall street greed is running open loop, without the negative feed back of responsibility and BK liquidations. Yes, the business cycle has been trashed. Yes, the politicians pander the people into more and more nanny-granny tax and dependency enslavement. Yes, the judiciary lets them get away with it. Taken as whole, in 40 years of adult awareness, and not being FREAKIN STUPID, I for one can see where this is all going. My shock jock style of political commentary, is intended to get attention. I see no change until there is mass dislocations, and importantly, mass demonstrations and civil unrest, and there will be time when highly educated, comprehensive articulations and solutions must be proposed, by those now appearing as radicals. My day will come, as night follows day.

    YOU BET, guns will be necessary, carried on the streets, to give heads of state a wake up call. But, fascists wont stop, and will try to keep it going, so, Im afraid there will be much civil unrest, for a long time, until market forces, in the lock up, causes capitulation, and forced down sizing of government, which equates to freedom. Very sad state of affairs when the DC elitists become public enemies. And during these street melee’s, in the end of days, two camps will emerge, both deemed by todays standards, as extremes, one seeking more control, the other much less. There will rise a populus, in the end days, that will get elected in a sweep, and dismantle that cesspool, in one huge REPEAL, and monetary reboot.

    Is PCR our guy? donno.

    side bar:

    Stalin was tickled pink when Hitler went into the low countries. Putin is stalin-esque, always remember that. Putin would like to see the EU implode, just like stalin. Stalin made pack with Frau Merkel, giving the 4th reich a political OUT. Does putin under-estimate the berlin-tokyo high tech axis. Not for one second, and is building gold reserves and energy income to battle on their own terms, high tech industry to Russia, the missing piece of Putin’s puzzle.

  30. Angie

    With the respect to the lie – that things are getting better lie – I have to ask what are the waiting for? Everything they are doing is crippling, dismantling, and destroying this country —WHY? Eventually the truth is going to come out and Benny’s printing press is going to break down — then what?

    My tin foil hat may be on a tad to tight but there is no way they do not know that their actions are destroying this country. If one were to destroy a world power, what would they do differently…..

  31. John

    I am a frequent visitor to USAWatchdog.com. I always had the opinion that
    Greg Hunter was a wuss, a real pussy. Then about a week ago or so, I heard an interview with Mr. Hunter on “Coast to Coast” radio. WOW!!! Greg Hunter is a real wildcat, a firebrand. I would never have suspected it. Then I realize that he was being respectful and courteous to his guests on USAWatchdog.com. Let’s have a little more of the real Greg Hunter, please.
    Heaven knows that we need it.

  32. Gareth S


    Keep up the good work pal, you are helping people become aware of the utter tyranny of government & banksters the world over. We are heading into dangerous times and people should have a “plan B” up their sleeves, many people only escaped NAZI Germany by the skin of their teeth. Thanks again for bringing the big issues to the fore and keeping us all aware.

    Knowledge is power !!



    • Greg

      Thank you!

  33. Stephen

    Greg – I recently found some magazines from the 80’s and 90’s that were saying basically the same things that you and most of the posters have been saying for the last four years (myself included). My honest question is this – Are we REALLY going to suffer a global meltdown? It seems to me it should have already gone down. Are we all being chicken littles or are we in for more of the same as the last several years?

    • Greg

      Yes, watch Cyprus.

      • Tom

        And read the Wachtower!

  34. Kyle McKenna

    People are up in arms about the prospect of having some of their savings swiped by their government.

    But governments do this all the time via taxation and inflation.

  35. droidX-G

    Does any reasonably imtellegent person believe Iran is not pursuing a nuke? As far as US intelegence agencies go, please examine there track record on collapse of USSR, etc

  36. Darren

    Please consider the track record of American politicians. They said that Iraq had WMD — Cheney even said they had nukes — despite the fact that inspectors could find no such thing. Likewise, inspectors in Iran have seen no weapons or weapons program. Obama and Netanyahu have quite an imagination and so, apparently, do you. Or a hidden agenda.

    The only people who have provided so-called evidence of Iranian nukes are the Mujahedin-e Khalq. Why do you trust the mujahedin more than than the American military which will have to do the fighting and dying if this farce continues?

  37. jc davis

    I don’t believe Iran is seeking nuclear weapons. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Our leaders have a long running program set in place to control the entire world. All the way back to J.F.K. Should one jump into offense before the threat is real. No.

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