ISIS Terror in Belgium, Syria Peace Deal on Hold, US Fights ISIS in Iraq, Clinton Email Update

1gBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 232 3.25.16) 

The top story is the carnage and terror in Belgium. ISIS is claiming responsibility.  Even though there are suspects on the loose and anti-terror raids happening, there is still little known about how the size of an attack was pulled off.  ISIS says more attacks are on the way.  So, this is not the end, but the beginning of a long fight with radical Islam.  Analysis out this past week by the Gatestone Institute, an international policy think tank, says people in Europe are not really grasping what kind of a fight they have on their hands.  They say it comes down to “the ignorance, willful blindness and sheer incompetence” when it comes to Islam and “political Islam.”

The report also says “Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, also an Islamist leader, has repeatedly rejected Western attempts to portray his country as an example of ‘moderate Islam.’ He states that such a concept is ‘ugly and offensive; there is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam.’ 

Meanwhile, the peace talks over Syrian civil war have wrapped up for now without a resolution. There is some sort of 12 point plan, but that plan does not call for Basher al-Assad’s removal from office.  The parties, which include ISIS and al-Qaeda, the Syrian government, Russia and the U.S., will resume peace talks the second week in April.

In Iraq, it appears U.S. Marines are doing more and more fighting against ISIS. Reports are that Marines are trying to protect the oil fields in Kirkuk.  This shows that ISIS is far from defeated, and the U.S. is slipping back into action in Iraq.

According to some sources such as the Associated Press, “Legal experts see little chance of charges in Clinton email case.” I guess there is little chance if you ignore all the evidence against her.  Meanwhile, Investor’s Business Daily (IBD), in an Op-Ed piece, says, “Clinton Email Scandal: It’s Time Hillary Suspended Her Campaign.” Their sources say the FBI is going to push for charges.  Remember, they have Mrs. Clinton’s private email server, and the DOJ has granted immunity to the person who set it up.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, will be the next guest on Dr. Roberts will be an “Early Sunday Release.”  He talk about terror, the global economy and his new book “The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.”

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  1. allen ols

    This shoots down the theory Israel recruited Najim Laachraoui.

    Belgian Taekwondo champ condemns ‘suicide bomber’ brother
    24th March 2016,
    A Belgian Taekwondo champion who is the younger brother of suspected Brussels airport attacker Najim Laachraoui, on Thursday “firmly” condemned his sibling’s involvement in the deadly attacks.
    Mourad Laachraoui said he had been levelled upon learning his brother was believed to be one of the suicide bombers who had killed 31 people and wounded some 300 in the Belgian capital.
    “I was moved and stunned. I didn’t want to believe it was him, but you can’t choose your family,” he told a press conference.
    Mourad Laachraoui said there had been no contact between the pair since his older brother left Belgium for Syria more than two years ago.
    He described a fairly normal young man and practising Muslim, who had shocked the family by descending into Islamic radicalisation.
    “He was a nice boy, and especially intelligent,” the younger brother added. “He played a bit of football, he read.”
    Najim Laachraoui has been identified by police sources as the second suicide bomber at Brussels airport on Tuesday, and was the suspected bomb-maker for the November carnage in Paris in which 130 people died.
    “Mourad Laachraoui firmly condemns the actions of his older brother and the attacks in which he was involved in France and in Belgium,” according to a statement he released earlier on Thursday.
    He represented Belgium at the last world championships, which were held in May 2015 in Russia. In July he won a silver medal in the Universiades, an international university-level competition that took place in South Korea.
    – Jihad in Syria –
    Najim Laachraoui, 24, was captured on CCTV footage at the airport with Ibrahim El Bakraoui and another assailant who is the subject of a massive manhunt after his bomb did not go off and he fled the scene.

    • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

      Mourad Laachraoui also won a gold medal in Taekwondo – IN ISRAEL!

    • allen ols

      Seems as long as arabs/islamists are fighting each other, they are not focused on Israel. The best the Palestinians have are knife attacks lately. I guess a good strategy is just keep the Muslims fighting each other.

    • Mohammad

      Can someone explain to me what the hell this teen was doing in Paris/Boston/Brussel when the terror hit?


      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Some people are just unlucky that way. A man named Tsutomo Yamaguchi survived both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings.

        • Mohammad

          His chance of surviving atomic bombs is much better than being in 3 terrorist attacks locations different times in 3 different countries…….!


          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            I have to say it sort of stretches the imagination doesn’t it.

            • freebreezer

              Though – it all so fits Einstein theory of ‘Random events come in clusters’ … unfortunately for this poor sap it was terrorist bombings.

        • JC Davis

          Thanks Diana.

      • Galaxy 500

        He is a mormon missionary seeking to bring heathens to their god.

      • Jerry

        He was on a mission for his church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). He was boarding two other missionaries on a plane for a return trip home. Christian missionaries carry Bibles. Moslem missionaries carry bombs. They just happen to run into each other at the airport. The tragedy is, these youth on any other day could have been playing basketball, or soccer together and been good friends. Lucifer is pitting us against the other.

        • Mohammad

          3 times….!


          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Yep…..they are just having a very bad run!

            • Mohammad

              Had his name been Omar and his skin is olive , would you say the same?


      • Faith

        I think you ought to explain why a native-born Belgian thought it was okay to go around making bombs and terrorizing people.

    • Tad

      I’m only half-sorry I felt compelled to bring the audience this article. Most readers are familiar with John Perkins and economic hitmen.

      I’m hoping someone like Gina will read this and come to the realization that Hillary Clinton is in on “it.”

  2. Fred

    Always enjoy your shows Greg.
    I wonder when the western powers mucking around in the Middle East for decades now are going to come to the realization that until they get their butts out of there these terrorist attacks will continue?
    Time to call out the political powers that cloak themselves in victim hood to veil the causes of this insanity.

    • allen ols

      alex jones interviewed Kay Griggs a while back, she is wife of black ops/American wet work teams. She has his diary/with copies, and exposure. I am sure the secret societies/skull and bones/masons are looking for a way to get their hands on her diary/copies.

      Kay Griggs, Former Marine Colonel’s Wife Talks Again
      Kay Griggs, Former Marine Colonel’s Wife Talks Again About Military Assassin Squads, Drug Running, Illegal Weapon Deals And Sexual Perversion Deep Within …

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Allen, I can’t find any interviews of Kay Griggs by Alex Jones. If you know of one, please post a direct link. The vids most people are circulating were from interviews done by Pastor Rick Strawcutter in 1998. She was also interviewed by Jeff Rense in (I think) 2005.

    • Greetings from England

      The definition of madness is doing the same thing and expecting different results – So why are they trying to remove Assad?

      • Linda L

        Disregard my entry “possibly Qatar and Iran”, half asleep when I wrote this. The lines involve several countries with interest in the fuel/routes such as Oatar and Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Russia, China etc. and so you can see what a hot spot Syria really is.
        Have a great holiday to all!!!

    • frederick

      fred we all know the “causes”

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      IMHO, very well said Fred.

      A very prominent academic and author Dr. Michel Chossudovsky agrees with you too;

      PS Best Easter wishes to Greg and fellow WDers.
      I hope you get a bit of a break Greg…it has been a big week!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      The world is in a very dark place indeed when you reflect on a question asked by an ITN ‘journalist’ recently in regard to the Belgium bombings…..wait for it… this is a direct quote;

      “Why Belgium. This is a country that has absolutely no history or involvement in the Middle East of any significance whatsoever. Why do you think they decided to strike here?”

      This moronic question comes from an award-winning news company that has been described as one of the world’s leading news and multimedia
      companies. If this is the case then God help us all!
      Incidentally, the acronym stands for Independent Television Network….go figure!

      The question comes at the 2min 50sec mark;


  3. Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

    Here’s a chilling Ellen Brown article about Hillary’s role behind the scenes in Libya.



    • Dawn Mathison

      Stan the Man; In case u missed it. Got it in little late on Gregs last post.

      Dawn Mathison 03/24/2016 •
      Rudy Giuliani Says Hillary Clinton ‘Could Be Considered A Founding Member Of ISIS’

      Former New York City mayor blames the Democratic frontrunner for creating the terror group.

      03/24/2016 12:05 am ET

      Rudy Giuliani amped up the rhetoric on Wednesday night, saying Hillary Clinton “could be considered a founding member of ISIS.”

      Speaking on “The O’Reilly Factor,” the former New York City mayor claimed Clinton bears responsibility for creating the terrorist organization, which controls parts of Syria and Iraq, because she was secretary of state during President Barack Obama’s first term.

      “She helped create ISIS,” Giuliani said. “Hillary Clinton could be considered a founding member of ISIS.”

      Gina Macaroni; the sheeple are getting an edgumacation! Bill O’Jellyroll
      hadn’t a clue! What an indictment of the the maimed steamed media! This media doesn’t matter,
      nothing here new to USAWatchdoggers.

      Thank You Greg Hunter, extraordinaire!

      • Mimi Dick

        Greg—Love your show–we watch every Friday!!! You’re soooo right!!!

        Dawn–Rudy Guiliani is correct–that’s what Benghazi was about–I’ll try to be brief but————-
        Killary and Obozo had Qaddafi killed (man tried to resign) but Killery insisted that he go————
        Killary and Obozo then stole his weapons———
        They took them to Benghazi–to put them on ships–across the Med Sea to where Turkey and Syria meet——-
        Weapons went down into Syria and given to the Syrian rebels who by this time had turned into ISIS——–
        So in essence Obozo and Killary aided–abetted–armed our enemy!!!
        That’s why there wasn’t proper security at Benghazi compound as it was supposed to be secret what Amb. Stevens and the CIA were doing and proper security would have been our military and that wouldn’t do as the mission was supposed to be *secret*! You know the old CIA—Iran Contra and all! I also think the Amb. was to be kidnapped by a small band of attackers–to trade him for the blind sheik, perhaps—but it got out of hand and they were killed instead and the 2 former Navy Seals Tried their best to help but it was too late.
        Now if this isn’t correct–it’s damn close!
        Killary and Slick Willie and Obozo need to be imprisoned for TREASON!

    • Mohammad


      Go back to the GLD chart and you will find out that gold took a nose dive from 1900 and never looked back RIGHT AFTER THE FALL OF TRIPOLI…!!!!!!


    • Paul from Indiana

      Stan, despite the fact that Ellen Brown comes off to me as a socialist, sincere and well-intentioned though she may be, I commend her for trying. Look, here’s the truth: entrenched interests are vested in the status quo, and not enough of us care regardless. As John Williams tells us all the time, it’s a numbers game, and we don’t have the numbers. Save yourself grief and put your time into productive preparation. It’s over. Best always. PM

      • art barnes

        Paul, long time, yes, I am afraid you are right, astute observation of the not so obvious numbers game. As we would protect our families the elite, and Hillary is one, are simply protecting their status quo, nothing more nothing less. Although I would love to see both her and Billy get some jail food its just not going to happen and time is better spent other ways. Take care Paul, glad to see you posting again. ab

    • Jerry

      Hilary is a puppet for the Council of Foreign Government (NWO) pure and simple. She has been looting “Gold_ out of foreign countries for years for her benefactors like George Soros. The Bundy ranch in Nevada was a deal she cut for the Chinese. They just happened to get in the way.

    • ConcernedAmericanDad

      thanks as always Greg.
      ‘ finally threw together a bunch of Hillary stuff i had marked.•-will-hillarys-next-stop-be-the-white-house-or-the-big-house/

      Waking up one person makes it worth it.

  4. DLC

    John McCain’s replacement. Kelli is a Phoenix ER doctor. She was interviewed by Alex Jones yesterday and I’ve heard her on various local programs. She is ahead in the polls by 5-6 points.

    I like her and McCain’s political demise is way long overdue.

    • Mimi Dick

      I sure hope she wins as it’s high time RINO Mc Cain got out of dodge!
      We must have TERM LIMITS so this Criminal Crony Class gets disbanded–we can take the embarrassment–but the swamp needs draining!

  5. Sayonara

    It has come time for us to say Sayonara:
    1. Obama partying with tyrannical communists!
    2. ISIS is supported by Islamic Obama!
    3. Europeans and Americans too stupid to survive!
    4. Criminal Hillary has gotten away with War Crimes – Egypt, Iraq, Libya & Syria!2.
    5. Criminal Hillary getting away with violating top secret confidential email protocol to avoid Information Freedom Act requests – Lets be intellectually honest about this criminal activity.
    6. Collecting $100m+ to the Clinton Foundation in donations while being Secretary of State and taking care of favors for donors!
    5. Meanwhile the mentally disordered Republicans are fighting over who’s gorgeous wife is a bigger whore!

    • allen ols

      Sayonara YOU WROTE;
      (Meanwhile the mentally disordered Republicans are fighting over who’s gorgeous wife is a bigger whore!) 😉

      After thoroughly READING the zero hedge article I ‘almost’ thought about voting for -trump- errr….his wife.

    • Silence is Golden

      She absolutely has all the qualifications to take her to the next level.
      She is after all a key member of the CFR. Cold blood running through her veins.

    • JC Davis

      Sayonara in 2013 I said we will not have another election mostly because I did not believe the government would be in function. Today I think I am right. This is a mock election. Who do I vote for ? Hillary- she should go to jail, Cruz ? He is not a natural born citizen.. Sanders communist. Trump is a corruption mastermind. SAYONARA said it. We don’t have anyone too vote for.

      • frederick

        WHO in their right mind would WANT to run for POTUS think about it Whats the point other than in the sick minds of psychopaths?

    • Dennis

      You are so absolutely right…sigh.

    • RTW

      I couldn’t agree with you more. At this point in time, only Pollyanna would say the glass is half full. Things are getting worse by the day on multiple fronts with no rational solution in sight. The “hand basket” has arrived. All Aboard!!!

  6. DLC

    That interview between Alex and Kelli Ward, McCain’s rival. She talks about Obamacare and what she thinks of it as a physician.

    • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

      You’ve got to like Kelli Ward. In the Arizona State Senate:
      – She voted for (and it passed) establishment of gold/silver as legal currency.
      – She voted for (and it passed) prohibiting Arizona state employees from enforcing federal firearm regulations.
      – She voted for (and it passed) prohibiting the use of photo rafar and red loght cameras.
      – She voted for (and it passed) authorizing individuals with gun permits to carry inside state buildings.
      – She voted for (and it passed) prohibiting the implementation of Common Core standards.
      – She voted for (and it passed) authorizing individuals to use Potential Infringements of Religious Freedom as a claim or defense.
      – Kelli Ward has been endorsed by the NRA.
      – Kelli Ward believes in legal immigration and a secure border. She also believes that states have the right to protect themselves if the Federal government will not.
      ***No amnesty for those who have broken our laws***
      ***Secure Our Borders Now***
      – Given a 0% Rating by Planned Parenthood

      Time for McCain to go.

      • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

        Greg, we need an “Edit” feature to correct misspellings and other mistakes.

        • Greg Hunter

          Not easily done Robert, but a good idea.

          • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

            Gotcha, thanks anyway.
            I just thought somebody as rich as you could just tell his IT Dept to take care of it.
            Happy Easter!

      • Paul

        I wonder … if Trump were to choose a woman for Vice-President … Kelli Ward would seem ideal!

    • By Design, Over Time

      DLC–I’m not certain about what you are implying? If you are saying goodby because you believe Mr. Hunter is incorrect in his assessments of these points, then perhaps it is best you take your leave because I do believe the rest of us are staying and offering our full and grateful support to USA for attempting to ascertain the truth in these matters.

      In so far as Hitlerly Clinton is concerned, she is responsible for the deaths of millions of people, treason, blackmail, sedition, and a host of other crimes. She has been treated with “kid gloves” on this site because Mr. Hunter is a professional journalist above all other things.

      If I am correct, then don’t look back or you will turn into a pillar of salt.

  7. Oxfarmer

    I was looking forward to seeing what you thought were the important stories in the murky mess. Thanks, Greg, for reasoned analysis.

    This week’s news looks like an advertisement for Trump; another two good reasons to pull our troops back from these Islamic countries where we will never establish democracy, but where our resources are slowly being bled out.

    I am greatly troubled by the thought that Hillary Clinton may not be charged. My money was on Greg with this. Unless the Dems are waiting for the perfect moment, or O thinks she will win and he will have to ‘fill in’ until a new president is picked, all it does is shout ‘corruption!’ and flaunt the idea that unelected people already rule the vountry.. All this is so terribly wrong. Any Republican would have been eating prison food long ago.

    • Mohammad

      Do you really believe that our troops went there to instate democracy?
      Are you kidding your self or us?
      What are you smoking man?


      • Galaxy 500

        Yes and it was a stupid idea. Those people don’t want democracy

      • Faith

        Oh some of us want to know what YOU are smoking, Mo.

        As usual, no denial with regard to the incidents in Belgium. As usual you blame Israel. Not surprising to me when you show your true colors and your true loyalty and it isn’t to the US, first.

        I am guessing in your ideal world I would be one of the first you would choose to silence, probably by stoning me to death. Revolting.

      • frederick

        Sadly Mohammad there are still many people around that still carry that nonsense line around with them İknow its hard to believe but true

        • Mohammad

          Oh my Frederick
          Look at the responses i get, the only reason i stay here is this reasonable man with good heart called Greg.


  8. Silence is Golden

    Belgium … the ultimate attack against the establishment.
    After all this is where the EU is headquartered. It is the (UN) Official capital of the EU.
    If we can use the events of Paris last year and the trigger for France to be involved in Syria…then it seems logical that NATO will finally ring the bell and stage the next phase of the assault to bring down Assad. All they needed was an excuse.

    • Greg Hunter

      The folks running things are INSANE. You are probably correct. I think they really want a nuclear war. Maybe this is how a “third of mankind” dies. Lord help us from our weasel, satanic, corrupt leaders!!!

      • art barnes

        Greg, love the quote “…Weasel, satanic, corrupt leaders”; but I must add maybe you are giving them way too much credit, the Peter Principle always comes to mind when I think of our leaders.

    • Jerry

      Belgium is also a hidey hole for the Federal Reserve Banks bond buying program. They have laundered so much money through that place, I’m amazed its still standing.

    • Faith

      SIG: did you hear the latest news? Apparently searching for terrorists is forbidden between the hours of 9 pm and 5 am. Not joking. It was on FOX earlier today.

      • Silence is Golden

        Insane. I heard exactly the same. Something about remaining civil and not upsetting the neighbors. Yeah get real. Maybe they should ring beforehand to make sure they are home and decent!!!!
        The world really is run by mentally ill people. There is absolutely zero chance of ever cleansing the world if we are subjected to psychopaths who remain immune to the law ….whether it be through the use of propaganda to sway public opinion or their influence over the military industrial complex….we are just rotting meat to be used as bait.
        Whilst all seems lost…we are not at a hopeless state yet.
        Someone please tell me that the invasion of Iraq, removing the sovereignty of Libya and Syria would not have “unintended” consequences. Displaced millions and the rise of a terrorist state couldn’t possibly occur. Fundamentalists wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and not fully misuse the opportunity to infiltrate those countries who welcomed all with open arms. They were given the keys and the maps and the freedom to taunt, offend, steal, abuse, rape, torture & kill at leisure.
        ….”and we shall create the last great social cataclysm……where the masses are left destitute ….without order, faith and religion”.

  9. Dan

    IMPORTANT Question for GREGORY MANNARINO (Greg H, since you talk to GM every week can you ask him the following?)

    A couple of habitual monsters have returned lately, namely the Precious Metals Smashers + the PPT/ESF US Markets Proppers. They’ve smashed the PMs back down and are propping the markets like they’ve always have (which unfortunately goes contrary to Mannarino’s recent predictions). In other words, it seems to be back to “business as usual” with them rigging and winning the game again, not to mention to continue to screw us over in the process. So here is my QUESTION:

    Gregory M., What’s to prevent these monsters from just continuing to use the infinite amount of funds they have at their disposal – namely the funny money by the Fed + the, according to Rob Kirby, trillions of dollars the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund) the Treasury uses to buy these S&P & Dow Indices (or the stocks outright)?

    In theory this could go on until those funds that they use (i.e., US dollars) become nearly worthless, hence this may only occur in ***many years*** from now. In other words, what *precisely* is/will be different this time? What exactly can stop/prevent them?

    Greg, I think this is an extremely relevant question that should be asked to all your guests. Because otherwise, it just seems to me that these crooks can continue to rig the game for a very very long time.

    Thanks for considering helping with regards to this.


  10. Arnold.Jagt

    Saudi Arabia collects 160 million a day in revenues. They dedicate 40 million a day to supporting Wahhabi radicalization around the world. Until this spigot is turned off we will never turn this around.

    • Faith

      AJ: and isn’t it interesting that the Saudis have 100,000 tents with A/C that are only used for two weeks out of the year and remain empty for the rest of the time? How many Syrian refugees have been brought to Saudi Arabia? The last time I checked the number was none. Zero.

    • art barnes

      Arnold.jagt, don’t worry S. Arabia will be baking oil pies and eating them before long, many new energy technologies are on the horizon so they better push their dirty little agendas while they can.

    • stewart

      Well said!

  11. Brian Lauzon

    I have said a few times as an outsider living in Canada that I believe Hitlary Clinton will be forced in as president. She is immune to charges for anything. I saw it months ago and I see it even more evident now. I just have to watch CNN with the sound turned off and I can tell you just by looking at their faces who they are talking about. If it is Clinton they can’t stop this goofy all teeth glowing grin with that the pope just blessed them look. When it is Trump almost on cue everyone in the studio all hunch over , look down and have a scowl on their brow. The smiles are gone and the concern is as if there were suddenly grave consequences. Don’t believe me watch the next group of ‘experts’ all huddled together discussing Trump and look at the body language. When Clinton comes up in the conversation take a good look at the faces , especially the moderator. I see no other option here – Clinton will be president no matter what happens.

    • frederick

      Please dont say that Brian it is too horrible to contemplate

  12. Jose

    There are no peaceful Muslims. And even if you find some who reject the teachings of Muhammad as Allah’s prophet, expose themselves to death. So the question:

    [Could an Islamic “Reformation” pacify Islam?

    Response by Gregory M. Davis:
    As should be plain to anyone who has examined the Islamic sources, to take the
    violence out of Islam would require it to jettison two things: the Quran as the word
    of Allah and Muhammad as Allah’s prophet. In other words, to pacify Islam would
    require its transformation into something that it is not. The Western Christian
    Reformation, that is often used as an example, was an attempt (successful or not)
    to recover the essence of Christianity, namely, the example and teachings of
    Christ and the Apostles. Trying to get back to the example of Muhammad would
    have very different consequences. Indeed, one may say that Islam is today going
    through its “Reformation” with the increasing jihadist activity around the globe.
    Today, Muslims of the Salafi (“early generations”) school are doing exactly that in
    focusing on the life of Muhammad and his early successors. These reformers are
    known to their detractors by the derogative term Wahhabi. Drawing their
    inspiration from Muhammad and the Quran, they are invariably disposed to
    violence. The unhappy fact is that Islam today is what it has been fourteen
    centuries: violent, intolerant, and expansionary. It is folly to think that we, in the
    course of a few years or decades, are going to be able to change the basic world
    outlook of a foreign civilization. Islam’s violent nature must be accepted as given;
    only then will we be able to come up with appropriate policy responses that can
    improve our chances of survival.]

    Islam is not a religion of peace but one of submission and conquest.

    • Mohammad



      • Faith

        Mohammad, a one word reply is not an argument it is a juvenile denial.

        I haven’t seen you speak out against any of the horrific Islamic acts. Not the women that are stoned nor the girls that forced to undergo female genital mutiliation nor against your fellows that think it is acceptable to build bombs in the country of their birth in order to kill Kafirs.

        Your smug self-righteousness and hypocrisy stink to high heaven.

        • dbcooper

          Faith, due to his denial … he is irrelevant and I suggest all Doggers scroll through and do not post any reply … until he accepts the heinous crimes of his cult/fascist ideology … make him irrelevant here … DB.

      • john duffy

        Muslims are allowed to deceive non-muslims if it helps islam. It is called Taqiyya. How do we know you are not practising taqiyya?

        • Mohammad


          Do not say that word in from of native arabic speaker they will laugh at you because it shows you sheer ignorance in both Arabic and History.


    • Faith

      Jose, I agree with everything you said. Your comment was plainly written, direct, and to the point.

      The key point for me is not what Muslims say but how they act. Their actions show that they despise western civilization, they despise our freedoms and tolerance, they despise our laws, they despise the countries that take them in and provide a decent standard of living, work, and eduction. Until Muslims show that they are willing to adopt western values and assimilate fully into our society they should be deemed suspect and considered capable of extreme violence without provocation. Just going around blowing up strangers is so completely insane that it is difficult to comprehend the level of brainwashing that is required to teach an entire group to adhere to such a pathological mode of thinking.

      My kindness is gone. My patience has evaporated. I will never trust a Muslim. Not in my lifetime.

    • frederick

      Jose You are deluded and perhaps you should take a closer look at your fellow latinos in places like Mexico and how peaceful they are Your statement is absurd

      • Tin foil hat

        That is a great argument. The Mexican drug cartels are committing violent acts because of drugs. Once we get rid of the drugs, the non-peaceful Latinos are gone.
        Now, why are the Muslims chopping off heads, enslaving little girls into forced marriages and blowing themselves up?
        My conclusion; once we get rid of Islam, if the retarded liberal politicians untied the hands of the law enforcements, the blood-thirsty Muslims are gone.
        Trump understands ones have to fight fire with fire. Perhaps we should also follow the examples setted by their beloved Mohammad in order to defeat these savages. Once we are done killing the fathers, brothers and husbands, we will be merciful to the women.
        Violence = Illegal drugs, Violence = Islam.
        Illegal drugs = Islam, Islam should be illegal.

    • art barnes

      Jose, very astute, violence = islam – islam = violence. can’t have one without the other as it is so written.

      • Mohammad



  13. FC

    We are in an economic electoral cycle, where inflated bubbles seem to burst around election time.

    We saw it happen in 2000 when the bubble burst and Clinton past the Presidential baton onto Bush.

    Then it happened again in 2008 when the Subprime Housing bubble burst and Bush past the baton onto Obama.

    And here we are again, only this time we have the largest bubble ever created in human history quietly sitting there as a back drop to one of the most hostile elections on record.

    The derivatives bubble will be an explosion that no President will be able to fix, be it Trump or Hillary, as this will be worldwide……….it’s going to be a long ride that we will all have to endure ourselves.

  14. George Eddleston

    If Obama released the 28 classified pages of the original 911 report there would be no terrorism, as the authors would be exposed. Much more scary than terrorism is the lack of commitment on the part of us all to truth, justice and beauty.

    • frederick

      George are you sure those 28 pages would epose the top level participants or just lower level stooges? i believe if anyone truly wanted justice it wouldnt be too difficult to obtain

  15. 8Ball

    Muslim sand rats calling themselves “Isis”.

    Do they have a culture and a country? No
    How do they have the capability to vie with the superpowers?
    answer: They are funded and supplied by them. Western PR promotes them.

    This is an elaborate hoax being foisted upon Western Europe and North America in order to destroy their native cultures and to enslave them in a police state.

  16. Greetings from England

    Ex-CIA director: EU ‘gets in way’ of security services

  17. Greetings from England

    Every carbon based economy must pay due deference to the House of Saud. The sooner we can develop efficient renewable energy the better.

    • art barnes

      Its coming, see my post above, can’t get here too soon either.

  18. Greetings from England

    Russia is entitled to place military bases in countries that have given them permission to do so. If that is stabilizing those countries then all the better.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree and that is why I say Russia is NOT leaving Syria and either is Assad.

      • Mohammad


        For the first time in Syria they issued 2000 bill.
        On it and for the first time it has the picture of Bashar Assad the son .
        He is staying:,7340,L-4334209,00.html


        • Greg Hunter

          Very interesting. Thank you for posting the link.

      • art barnes

        Yes, that is correct, that is why they are having peace talks with ISIS as one of the parties; insane as it is!

      • sk

        You missed the sarcasm, Greg! “….look how close they (the Russians) put their country to our (American) bases.” As in Baltics, Poland, and perhaps Ukraine if Ms. Kagan gets her way….LOL

  19. James Hastings

    Good job. Enjoy the weekend.

  20. David

    On 23 March (Wednesday), after a strong spring snow storm, the only fiber optic cable from Estes Park, Colorado that provided access to the rest of the world was knocked out. The outage lasted only 24 hours, but this is what I learned: 1) All Things Are Digital. As a result, banks were closed, ATM machines did not work, credit cards were useless, the 911 emergency system was unavailable, all internet service was down, as was all land-line and cell phones. 2) Cash was King. If you had cash in your pocket, you could still get gasoline, buy groceries, eat at a restaurant, pay for services, etc. 3) HAM Radio Operators. Local HAM radio operators were the lifeline. Noteworthy is that a basic HAM license is easy to get, cheap, and so are basic radios. There are HAM clubs in almost every neighborhood.

    I just finished reading Ted Koppel’s new book, “Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath”. In his book, Ted Koppel highlights the fragility of our power grid and how woefully unprepared our government is to manage such a crisis. Although this book focuses on the U.S. electric grid, the damaged fiber optic cable provided a small, but instructive glimpse of what it might be like if our power grid went down for a protracted time. It’s worth the read.

    USAWatchdog has had many guests who talk about what can happen if the financial system breaks down. Bill Holter has said, … you’ll wake up and the banks will be closed, your credit cards won’t work, and the ATM machines will be down. The key takeaway from this week: It really does happen without warning and it’s too late after the event to react.

    Greg, you have said many times, …have cash, food, water, and medicines on hand, among life’s many other necessities. So true. One day there will be a disruption that covers a much broader geographical area and protracted length of time (e.g., a crippled electric grid, financial system, etc.). Our lives take place in a digital (binary) world. Everything happens in zeros and ones….our Achilles heel. Think analog!

    Thank you, Greg for all you do.

    • Vince Shook

      Hi David
      Read “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen. It extends the time frame of recovery from an EMP attack. The setting is a small town in North Carolina, not far from our family’s summer cabin. What happens is unbelievable — yet would be reality.

    • Faith

      David thanks for the report. Not the first report I have heard about a fiber optic cable being cut and having almost everything grind to a halt. Last year there was a similar incident in Arizona. It is a good reminder to always have cash, in varying denominations stored at home. To remember to not let your gas tank fall below half-full.

      A good test, now that it is spring, is to turn off your breaker box (well except for the fridge) for 72 hours to do a test. Do you have radios? Do you know how long they will last with batteries? Do you have a back up power source? Can you boil water to make hot coffee, soup, or tea? This is a good time of year to do this test with your family and to work out what you need for an extended power outage. People should make a list and then check out garage sales to find items on their list. If you don’t see something ask the person at the garage sale if they have a lantern or a Coleman stove or a sleeping bag. You never know, they might have thought no one would want to buy that kind of item so they didn’t bother putting it out.

  21. Don

    Greg, you did, what must be done. That is to show the public that Islam’s holy book, demands a jihad against all that appose Muslim theocracy. That is world dominion of Islam. Our war is against Islam, because they are a political theocracy, and not just a religion. A theocracy is a kingdom now philosophy and poses the same threat as a radical nation in full military array against our nation. Mr. Carson just gave an interview with fox, and brought out the same, in other words. We have to name and dispose of the followers of Islam in our nation, in one way or another, or we will be turned into Europe and the middle east in our home land. Meanwhile the Bush crime family, through Jeb, has now supported Cruz. He was mentored by the Bushes in his earlier days, and began to be conservative about four years ago. He is the new generation of NWO conservative in the republican party. He supports all NWO policies, but hides behind the conservative mask, with his wife being involved with high level NWO mentors, like CFR, and Condeleza Rice. She supports all international trade deals, an essential part of the economic arm of the NWO. Mr. Cruz has exposed himself as being unethical when it comes down to it. I listened to Mr. Trump’s speech to AIPAC and was somewhat proud, as he clearly pointed out the UN was not America’s friend, and neither is it Israels, and that a deal in the middle east could only come without UN or American pressure on Israel. We must seal our borders, and begin to screen immigrants thoroughly. The NWO, would leave the borders open and use every act of violence to implement the furtherance of the police state. That’s its goal and has been since 9/11. To get the public use to drones and surveillance and a military police force. That’s what communist do. Which brings me to the point of Hilary and Sanders, a professed socialist which use to be communist and a communist running the democratic party. Yet Cruz under the mask of conservatism, has supported the same surveillance, and international trade agreements as Clinton and Sanders has. Mr. Cruz, trying to appeal to conservatism, is only a mask he put on about four years ago. He is a NWO puppet. Mr. Trump and Mr. Carson was the only candidates not supported or controlled by the globalist. The real issue here is sovereignty of America, and not what the candidate tried to debate about. Mr. Trump see’s through there mask and is stabbing the NWO in the heart, and needs our support. He is more liberal than I, but he does love our country, unlike the other treasonist bunch of scum. Thanks again for holding the Quran up, to let the people see for themselves. This needs to be done more, and the dangers we face as Americans, the dissolving of national sovereignty and unnamed enemy, until Mr. Trump brought it out. We need to put Trump in power. He will try to help our country. Farwell my friend, the Lord bless.

    • susan

      You are so right, Donald~!

  22. JC Davis

    Greg love the front pic for this wrap up. You interviewed hundreds of the most informed people in the world over decades. We are very thankful for allowing us to hear from your vast knowledge.

  23. Justn Observer

    Things always stranger than fiction in the u.s.a. these days ! Great wrap up Greg !
    Sibel Edmonds questions the events in Brussels:

    • Greg Hunter

      I saw this Justn, and though it was good. When you consider that Turkey, a NATO ally, was funding ISIS through oil purchases. It is not far fetched at all. I think radical Islam is a willing partner with their own agenda. Not black and white but shades of grey. Thank you.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        In that vein, it’s worth remembering that Edmonds wrote in her memoir Classified Woman that Turkey had paid agents in the FBI and US government. One might wonder at times who is pulling whose strings.

  24. Jerry

    I want to share with you and your readers what China has been up to since the beginning of 2016. Look at the level of gold purchases from Swiss banks by China.

    What does it tell you when the IMF is in talks with the G-20 finance ministers about a Dollar – Yuan devaluation ahead of the Chinese Gold benchmark on April 19th? Clearly China is setting the table for something big with their gold purchases in the face of continued Yuan depreciation. With Deutsche Bank on the verge of bankruptcy, and (as you have stated) multiple U.S. oil companies filing chapter 11, these next few weeks will be critical as to where the world economy is headed.

    In my opinion our fate was already sealed when this country chose to re-elected Obama in 2012. He is the modern day version of Nero. Only instead of playing a fiddle as Rome burns, he’s doing the tango in Argentina. My only hope is that when the time comes to make things right again, good men will come forward to make a difference as they always have in the past. God bless.

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post.
      Do you want to see how entrenched the central banks are in our governments operation? Check out who Ted Cruz borrowed money from to launch his political career. That speaks volumes for somebody who is supposed to be anti establishment.

      Its like playing monopoly. The central banks own, boardwalk, park place and just about every other financial square on the board. The real kick in the pants is they don’t even go to jail when they draw the go to jail card. Ah, but what happens to the bankers when there aren’t any other players? If China and the BRICS leave the table to start their own game, what happens then? Panic is beginning to set in at the IMF. A decision will come soon.

      • art barnes

        Jerry, Ted Cruz is about as anti-establishment as Hillary Clinton and the Muslim in Chief.

    • Jerry

      I really hope no one is sleeping on the information I have been posting. The pace of economic transition is beginning to pick up speed dramatically. The AIIB is preparing to add 30 more countries to its economic balance sheet. I find this very interesting since it comes on the heals of the G-20 finance ministers meeting two weeks ago.

      It sends a clear message, that confidence around the world in the petrodollar system is beginning to give way. It is also curious that these countries made this move in advance of the Chinese Gold Benchmark set for April 19th. I still can’t get the look on Janice Yellens face out of my mind at the latest G-20 meeting in Shanghai. She was clearly distraught.

      • Jerry

        I’m going to post this little nugget of information for those that think what I post is conspiracy theory and fear porn. This report was put out by the IMF in 2010 as a template for replacing the dollar as the worlds reserve currency.
        The IMF and the World Bank, in concert with many key leaders in our government are preparing to replace the petrodollar with a new currency. I wasn’t sure about the accuracy of this information until I saw over thirty countries hastily join the AIIB following the G-20 finance ministers meeting in Shanghai only ten days ago. It is apparent whatever deals are being cut behind closed doors with the IMF do include the United States or the Federal Reserve Bank. If my hunch is correct, it will make the “Shanghai Surprise” in April even more important.

      • WD


        You really need to watch this interview with Jeff Nielson…he validates everything you have been saying about China gold switch.

        Jerry and anyone else, this is a must watch…

        Take care…

        • Jerry

          Thank you WD.

      • Silence is Golden

        It was confirmed after the meeting that she was suffering a very bad episode of Diarrhoea.
        Any sudden moves would have been very embarrassing…..and quite insulting to those in close proximity. I believe it can be a highly contagious disease.

    • Nick

      According to James Rickards there is an IMF meeting and a “secret” meeting of the G20 nations in Washington DC on the 16th April 2016.

      Whilst I do not buy into the fixed date of 19 th April 2016 , as these fixed date predictions in the past have all been wrong, I do believe that we will NOT reach 2017 without some major fall out . Whether this is financial or nuclear or both remains to be seen.

      • Jerry

        Nick I agree totally.

  25. Don

    Greg, I would like to say one other thing to your readers, and audience. Most of them are aware of the possibility to economic collapse, but something I think needs to be said, is that the NWO, or that shadow government of globalist seeking to destroy our nation, so that the identity is loss to a form of communistic form of global government, will not stop there attempt. They’ve been working on this since the 40’s, so Trump is in great danger. They will not give up the power they’ve captured without being made to. Look for an attempt to override Trumps nominee, and silence the peoples will, in the political arena. One of there committee men on the RNC, has already said publicly, that the peoples vote does not elect the nominee, even though the delegates that vote on the nominee are chosen by the people. If the public stays silent, and the RNC steals the nominee from Trump, it will prove the people will allow the NWO to do whatever they want. I’ve already written my Rep’s. and warned them, I would be in favor of legal actions by the public if they pulled a steal campaign against Trump. They will have to try to work in the delegates arena to do this, as not to alert the public. The Bushes have a lot of power in the state delegate arena, and they will attempt to secure a Cruz victory. Look for state delegate chaos, and ask your readers to contact there reps. and warn them, that they do not want any funny business in the RNC. Thanks your da man

    • Greetings from England

      Problem with trump is he will have alienated a lot of female and ethnic minority voters which Hillary will greet with open arms. This could prove a slight problem once he has the republican nomination.

      • Scott Miller

        Demographics do not support your reasoning.

      • susan

        not this female voter – go Trump!

      • Tin foil hat

        Greeting from England,
        I didn’t like Giuliani but I respected him when he was running for the 2nd term. I voted for him regardless of his rudeness and vindictiveness.
        I can’t say I like Trump but I respect him.

  26. Matt

    This is a Global Emergency Greg. “It is a global emergency on a scale you have not yet realized. It has the power to destroy human civilization. It has the power to generate Intervention from beyond. It has the power to create chaos here at a level never seen before”. There is no escape. There is only contribution and collaboration, or there is failure and catastrophe…

    • Galaxy 500

      What is the “this” you’re talking about?

    • aussie jeff

      Matt can you expand on your post?

  27. Thomas

    Greg, I have to disagree with you regarding Hillary Clinton. She will never be indicted. She should be but it won’t happen.

    • Sayonara

      Too Big To Fail – Too Big To Jail. She may very will be the next POTUS if Obama is not able to execute his Black Swan strategy. He is a Marxist who just came out today and validated Communism as follows:
      President Obama has stoked controversy after he suggested to an audience of Argentinian youth that there was no great difference between communism and capitalism and that they should just “choose from what works”.
      No surprise here.
      The real problem that we have is that a majority of contemporary American and Europeans are in fact the stupidest human beings to ever roam the planet earth in human history. The Criminal Crony Elite knows this and they are feeding on us period.
      Meanwhile the mentally disordered Republicans are fighting over who’s gorgeous wife is a bigger whore! You cannot make this s-word up.

  28. art barnes

    The second Moor invasion of Europe now in full development will turn out like the last, they will be turned back to the Middle East/north Africa where they belong. However, in their defense, they will conker America because we blindly believe they will assimilate, pay taxes, love their neighbor and be selfless Americans in a day or two. In other words Europe will wake up and stop it but the basic tolerant mindless American will submit just like he/she has submitted to their new religion of political correctness. You know the old cliche that “if you tell a lie long enough if can become the truth” or words to that effect, well that about sums it up about the “religion of peace”. Lastly Americans, “just go shopping”!

  29. art barnes

    Greg, look forward to Friday to your weekly summary, not wanting to be right or I told you so as I’m a little more mature than that but Hillary will never seen an indictment. The Clinton’s have too much money, power, inside information, and know where all the bodies are buried in the Obama Administration and stretch even into the Justice Department & FBI among many others; their reach is long and sticky. Wish it wasn’t true, but believing she will be indicted is a pipe dream. Respectfully

    • Galaxy 500

      So Art, do you think they have more power than the President, the Attorney General , the IRS , and the FBI. Not even close. If so, she’d have been president last time

  30. Southern Girl

    The Dems just want to continue to stick their head in the sand….they figure okay let us leak this and after awhile the Americans (sheeple) will just forget about it and go back to their IPhones or whatever.

  31. Linda L.

    Regarding the PRESENT TENSE commands/quotes you shared from the Quran (keeping in mind that there are many more), I’ve heard Muslims say “well the bible promotes violence too”. These Muslims don’t understand that the Bible’s New Testament (the arrival of Christ) completely changed the mix, with peace/love/forgiveness as the focus. The present tense Muslim command to slay the infidel has been in force since the creation of the Quran. I took a religious studies course years ago, and the instructor always said in regards to one’s faith “YOU EITHER BELIEVE OR YOU DON’T, THERE’S NO MIDDLE GROUND”. Likewise, there really are no moderate or radicalized Muslims. Lets just say that the Muslims who aren’t promoting violence against their enemies in Jihad/eliminating those who don’t conform/submit, are just ‘INACTIVATED MUSLIMS’ who aren’t studying the Quran/following the directives of their Allah.

    • art barnes

      Linda L., the 85 percent of the non-violent Muslims are supportive of the violent ones, that is why they don’t stand up and stop them, turn them in, speak out against them, etc. In truth and in fact they have respect of the violent ones as “true” practicing Muslims.

      • Linda L

        You’re right.

  32. francis m reps

    Greg, Thank you for finally pointing out that Islam is a ” religion of conquest ” . Sugit Indian scholar; wrote a book ” Islam Dismantled ” which provides a very clear picture of this so called religion…and it’s originator. A master plan to fracture all peaceful societies by a handful of people with evil intentions is hard for most people to wrap their minds around. The employment of Islam to facilitate this plans is the reason for the current ” immigration ” You are doing the nation a great service.service by calling Islam what it actually is.

  33. Southern Girl


    You point out some great things and ask good questions. Concerning the Sisters of the Poor…this is another way to get back at God…to make His people make a choice or force them to accept that which is most offensive to God. If it doesn’t make sense it is not from God but from the devil…plain and simple.

    Another thing is we think everyone is going to act accordingly and there are those who choose to be greedy, lying, thieves, any thing to promote themselves. People want to do what THEY want…forget what is in the Bible…who reads that book anyway? Right? People don’t want to be held accountable for their actions. I know we have offended God with so many things but ABORTION may be the final straw for God. NWO is one without God…they want to make themselves God…and that will never happen. I pray God will hear our prayers to stop all of this.

    Happy and Blessed Easter to all.

  34. Southern Girl

    How about this:
    Almost sounds like get ready for the mark of the beast type of thing.

  35. Southern Girl

    Like you said Greg there are already companies exempt from the mandate..
    The companies are not CATHOLIC.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is obviously anti Christian. Outrageous.

  36. andyb

    Greg: notice all the pundits claiming that coincidental with ISIS attacking Europe, there will be attacks in the US. If that happens, Trump would win in a landslide. For just this reason there shouldn’t be any since command and control of ISIS is governed by Western intelligence agencies with significant assistance from the Turks and Saudis. These agencies are obviously Establishment through and through and, supposedly, Trump is their worst nightmare. We’ll certainly see, won’t we.

    Meanwhile the Cruz campaign is facing significant problems from a National Enquirer story about Ted’s many mistresses. Remember that this mag was the only one that was willing to expose John Edwards with exemplary investigative journalism; so it’s story can not be summarily dismissed.

    Why do I feel that we are all being “played” in this election cycle?

    • Laura

      That moment when you realize the National Inquirer may actually be legit!

  37. Spanky

    Allegedly, Einstein once said, “Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” Whether or not Einstein actually uttered those words is debatable. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a reason why so many people continue to support Hillary in the face of what appears to be substantial and overwhelming evidence that she not only jeopardized various aspects of national security but also obstructed justice, Einstein’s alleged quote about stupidity is as good as any.
    Many people (including me) believe that if Hillary escapes indictment and prosecution, then the RULE OF LAW does not apply to individuals who are members of the oligarchy. As such, it’s another sign that the Republic-as established by the founding fathers-exists in name only. Indeed, there is abundant evidence that the American Republic has morphed or metastasized over the last several decades into a system of governance that definitely favors the politically and financially connected.

  38. Willard Ferch

    HUBRIS is excessive pride & arrogance. Such are the folks who presume to know when life begins, what is best for people whether they like it or not, and the law is what they say it is. It is also the trait that brought Lucifer down. It is said that Obama’s approval rating is over fifty percent, which shows us the tremendous deception of the enemy of this country and anything else that is good. Fiddlin

  39. Jose


    Please interview Ann Barnhardt. She will remove the endgame fog.

    Great report, keep digging.

  40. Timco

    Happy Good Friday. God Bless everyone.

  41. Mohammad


    I can go for a refute with many many verses that stresses on how life is so precious and should be preserved in Quran, but you made it clear once that you won’t allow it on your site, i respect this but i have all the arguments that shows ISLAM IS PEACE.

    The verses you quoted and many more are pertinent to certain time when the prophet with muslim companions were in DEFENSE, and that is supported by history, i can throw few points here in support of what i have been saying:

    – When the prophet peace be upon him conquered Mecca after he was deported from it to Medina it was full of “infidels”, he was victorious, what did he do to them?
    Did he “cut their heads”? did he deport them?
    Go back to the history and without any doubt, HE LET THEM GO minding their own business.

    – When Muslims conquered AlSham which is now Syria/Jordan/Palestine did they touch the christians or their churches?
    Again go back to history and you will find without any doubt THEY DID NOT, those churches are until now there.

    -When Omar bin Al-Khattab the then Khalifa conquered Palestine he REFUSED to pray in the church there though he is allowed by Islam to do so, Do you know why?
    He said if i do that it may be taken as a sign for muslims to take that church and turn it into a mosque (the huge mistake the ottomans did to Hagia Sophia contradicting what Omar had done).
    He was victorious then and on the top of the game but yet did not touch any church nor any synagogue and preserved the rights of christians and jews to live peacefully.

    _When Slahu al Deen kicked the crusaders out of Jerusalem, did he touch any church or Synagogue?

    That is Quran Greg. that is the real soul of Islam.

    Now the pro west Salafis and Wahhabis that gave us this monster ISIS nurtured by almost every intelligent agency of the world is something else.

    Out of fairness and as an investigative journalist i urge you Greg to go and have the numbers of MUSLIMS KILLED BY ISIS and ALQIDA in both Iraq and Syria and those numbers are easy to search for and find and i dare you publishing those numbers here as because that BLOWS OFF Your argument when you find out that the muslims are the first victims of ISIS.

    Proxy wars by hooded agents masquerading as muslims is not Islam. It is what it is but it is not Islam.


    • Linda L.

      Hello Mohammad:
      I’m wondering if you really believe in your heart that every single ISIS member in the ME, along with the folks doing the mass killings, which are taking place around the world right now (US, Brussels, Paris etc.) are ALL being conducted by non-Muslim undercover agents/mercenaries? I realize that for years, mercenaries have been sent on covert missions throughout the ME in order to create proxy wars funded by the elites, to destabilize the area, but do you actually believe that ALL of them aren’t Muslims in Jihad? Do you deny that the Sunni and Shia Muslims are killing one another throughout the ME? Go to and read up on what’s happening right now. Better yet, contact Walid Shoebat (info. on his website), and he can fill you in based on personal experience. Have a great weekend!!

      • Mohammad

        Happy easter,
        I suggest to you to study history, specifically the Sauds and the Wahhabis .
        They were installed by British intelligence after they deceived Sharif Hussain.
        I suggest to you also to look into their Khazar origin, i posted on Greg’s blog links to that before, do your own search.
        Wahhabis to Muslims are like the Vatican to christians.

        Once you read that part of history and digest it well you will realize that what you see now is conceived then, MUSLIMS ARE THE FIRST VICTIMS OF ISIS.


    • JC Davis

      Mohammad if you can not denounce the sharia law you, and any other unnatural born American citizen are in violation of the oath of citizenship. The constitution is in direct contrast with sharia law.

    • Faith

      Mo, Islam is not about peace it is about stealth and lying and coercion. Period. To make absurd claims about Islam that it is about peace shows that you are nothing but a propagandist pushing your point of view which is absurd and insane.

      It isn’t only ISIS or Daesh that is causing trouble around the world. The problem is inherent to Islam, an anti-west cult that views its members a superior to others and requires the death penalty for members that fail to comply.

      Islam is not a group that you can join and then leave of your own free will. Apostates and those that convert to another religion must be killed. I am not talking about penalties from 500 years ago, either. I am talking about the penalties handed out today, around the world, in countries that have a Muslim majority.

      The hatred for kafirs, like myself, is beyond the pale. But go ahead, keep trying to blame this on ISIS.

      • Mohammad



        • Faith

          Again, for your edification, a one word reply is not an argument. Apprently you are incapable of logical thinking and formulating complex arguments in order to support your claims.

    • john duffy

      Islam has murdered 270 million Christians, Africans, and Hindus throughout its history!

      • Mohammad


    • FC

      Mohammad, you sound like a very respectable person, but I fail to see how Islam is a religion of Peace, when the Quran is filled with the following Verses and many say to me ‘they are taken out of contexts’………maybe one or two you can believe, but all these?

      (2:191) Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.
      (2:216-217) Muslims are born to fight others.
      (3:28) Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.
      (3:56) Kill anyone who rejects islam.
      (3:85) Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.
      (3:151) Terrorize nonbelievers.
      (4:76) Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah.
      (5:33) Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam.
      (5:51) Don’t be friends to Jews and Christians.
      (8:12) Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Quran.
      (8:39) And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion should be only for Allah.
      (8:57) Terrorize them even after the battle.
      (8:59-60) Slaughter nonbelievers.
      (8:65) The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.
      (8:67) Slaughter before you take slaves.
      (9:14) When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.
      (9:5) Fight them, and God will punish them by your hands.
      (9:28) The infidels are unclean; do not let them into a mosque.
      (9:29) Kill the Jews and the Christians if they do not convert to Islam or refuse to pay Jizya tax.
      (9:30) The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them.
      (9:73) Wage war against unbelievers.
      (9:12) Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.
      (22:19) (Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.
      (47:4) Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them.
      (47:35) When you have the upper hand, keep on killing.
      (48:29) Kill the nonbelievers.
      (66:9) Fight nonbelievers.
      (2:191) Kill all infidels until Islamic Law Rules all societies
      (3:28) Do not be a friend of infidels.
      (3:110) Muslims are the best of people, Allah hates Jews.
      (3:181) Jews to go Hell.
      (4:34) Beat disobedient women.
      (47:4) Behead infidels.
      (5:33) Crucify infidels.
      (5:59) Allah cursed Jews, made into apes and pigs.
      (5:72) Christians are infidels.
      (8:12) Behead infidels.
      (8.39) Kill everyone who opposes Allah.
      (8:60) Kill all enemies of Allah.
      (9:5) Kill idolaters.
      (9:29) Enslave Jews and Christians.
      (9:111) Paradise for all who kill for Allah.

      • Mohammad

        You are ignorant in Arabic ….That is the first requirement to understand Quran, second you are ignorant of history that is another requirement to understand when the verses were revealed in what context it is put.
        Quran has thousands of verses, you chose from it few that are either translated wrong or out of context.
        you can think what ever you want but the long history of the mercy of Islam over 1500+ years are beyond doubt.

        Your conclusion is false.

        I can elaborate at length. I do not lack the answers but do your search.
        When you pick and choose you will miss the truth.

        I will not change hearts i realize that but 3 billion muslims that are peaceful positive constructive allover the world are truly testifying the PEACEFUL demeanor of Islam and the GREATNESS of Quran.


        • FC

          You are exactly right Mohammad, I am completely and utterly ignorant in Arabic and in the Koran/Quran, because ever time I ask a question, I get the same response as you have just given to me………..translated wrong or out of context.

          • Mohammad


            Arabic language is the far advanced richest language in the world, yo can verify this fact with any linguistic expert or you can google it at your leisure.

            You do not have to be an ARAB to understand the language, many academics did study Quran after they learned the language.

            I do not lack the knowledge nor the argument.
            It is just the blog has rules and am abiding by it.
            If i have to answer your question i have to put it in Arabic translate it put the historic context and draw the conclusion in coordination with other verses that talk about the specific subject you refer to. Above all it has to have Greg’s permission which i do not have from a similar previous occasion.
            I do respect Greg’s wish , he is the host and am a guest.


        • Faith

          Still spouting more Islamic supremacism? Now only those that can read Arabic are capable of understanding the Koran? Sure. Many followers of Islam are illiterate, even in their own language, let alone being literate in Arabic. According to you that makes many people that claim to be Muslim not real Muslims because they cannot speak or read Arabic. As for your 3 billion Muslims, don’t make all of us laugh. Still spouting Islamic propaganda, as usual.

      • FC

        Islam a Religion of Peace?……….at least I have no fear of saying ‘Ramadan mubarac’ to my Muslim clients without the fear of a Christian Crusade after me.

      • Tin foil hat

        The verses you quoted are from the later parts of the Koran. The ones which Mohammad quoted are from earlier parts of the Koran when the army of his beloved prophet was not strong in numbers.
        After the Islamic army grew larger and strong enough to reveal the true face of Islam, the verses in the Koran became much more violent and intolerant.

    • art barnes


    • art barnes

      Islam is peace, I own a Golden Gate Bridge that I can sell you cheap!

  42. Evan J

    Thanks for another great WNW Greg. Canadian friends were posting on this site the other day about Canada being out of gold and the newest bail in legislation passed in this week’s federal budget. I want to note that the bail in framework was initially embedded in the previous (Conservative) government’s budget under section 145 in April 2013. This newest modification and reiteration of bail ins in the new Liberal government’s first budget is a clear implication that, as a country, Canada is dictated to on monetary and fiscal policy by the TBTB, regardless of who is elected. Story of the current news for those interested is here:

    and very weak, apparently intentionally obfuscated iteration in the MSM here:

    Greg, a very joyful and happy Easter to you and yours!

    • JMiller

      Evan J

      You are correct that Canada already had a bail-in plan but that plan did not include any depositors. The ZeroHedge article states that Canadian bank depositors, that are in a systemically important bank, are now included in the bail-in plan. The ZeroHedge article however is not completely accurate. It would just be uninsured depositors that could be part of a bail-in. Just like it is in the U.S. and the EU.

  43. Liberal Conservative

    You are right. Islam is not about peace. It is about terrorizing the masses and the mistreatment of women and having a Saturday stoning or beheading as entertainment as if having a Bar-B-Q on a Saturday afternoon. That is why we need to extinguish these people from the earth along with that toilet tissue they call Sharia law.

  44. michael graub

    Atlas Shrugged…………..

  45. Scott Miller


    Slow news week. Belgium. Ok, not really. Sorry about the attack. However, it made me think of the Ukraine. Used to be a big story. You talked a lot about it. However, you didn’t mention it. I feel the same way about Belgium.
    Hilary and her scandals? I prefer wondering aloud what would have happened had she be in charge while Belgium was victimized? Or maybe speculate what “president” Trump would have done as a response? What do you think Obama’s response was?
    We already see Obama’s eff ectiveness in the Mid East. How would it be different considering that the commander in chief will be either Hillary or Donald? You see a change in policy? If Hillary wins, what happens to this secret server story? That is, if nothing happens before the election? Moreover, if Donald wins, does he handle Hillary’s emails differently than Obama? Haven’t heard much from Barack about his Sec. Of State using secret server, and behind his back emails, have you? I figured he would have something to say about that.

    Finally Greg, Happy Easter! We disagree a lot. However, I hope you enjoy this special time of the year. I want you to know I am grateful for the work you have done.

  46. Diane D.

    The world is witnessing the fruits of Bush’s ‘War on Terror’. So much carnage, hate and loss of liberties. The fictitious WMDs were a tiny lie compared to the whopper of 9/11. Like you say, there is “little chance if the world ignore all the evidence against” the ‘war’s’ justification. Has God has blinded us to believe the US government over 2,484 degreed architects and engineers?

    • frederick

      Diane “evidently” crazy as it may seem

  47. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good news wrap. We must read some of the same sources, although I must confess that I lost all patience with USA Today years ago. Opinion pieces like “Bill Holter’s Commentary” at: are much more interesting. Unlike USA Today, Investor’s Business Daily has a very good rep; an IBD Op-Ed is a tad more credible that one from USA Today or even NY Times — but that’s just my “opinion”.

    I may have first heard this thought from you, but I’m not convinced Hillary can/will answer questions under oath from the FBI; she doesn’t know what they know. She can’t lie without risking a perjury indictment and she most certainly will not be able to tell the whole truth. Her undoing may be in thinking she can skirt the truth or thread a needle through the truth with obfuscation, but we get back to her not really for sure knowing what the FBI “knows”. That interrorgation will be the FBI attemping to get Hillary to lie on record while under oath and even she should know better than to do that. I see a plea-bargain in HRC’s future. But that too is just opinion.

    Looking forward to PCR on Sunday. Speaking of which, Happy Easter.

    • Linda L.

      I can’t help but wonder what’s really on all Hillary’s private server emails (kept in her bathroom of all places….what a sneak). If she were indicted, then a portion of all these emails may surface in proceedings, exposing many of her “criminal crony class” high level contacts, who were most likely involved in unlawful acts themselves. Where were all those emails going to? Maybe this is why Hillary still walks because to indict her, might expose people that even the FBI/investigative branches of the government don’t want to mess with. Why else would lying, cheating Hillary be allowed to campaign for the highest office of the land after what she has done?

  48. Lake M

    Can we afford to elect another criminal for president? It will be a major political scandal if Hill is arrested and will intensify the political crisis. Does FBI Director Comey have the cajones to publicly challenge the Justice Department and protect the integrity of his organization? Where’s POTUS? …. why he’s off dancing the tango in Argentina and perhaps getting a round of golf in too. Has Obama given Hillary a pass? Maybe.

    If not, Hillary should be arrested on a Friday evening so she has to spend the weekend in the slammer. HA ! She could give Martha Stewart a call and learn some tips on coping with incarceration. Hillary could do her dog barking impressions while in her private cell. HA

    Truth is the only weapon we have against the CCC. Maybe folks are waking up and truth is starting to spread around the country. Thanks Greg for being a member of the truth tellers, for without alternative media providing the forum for seeking the truth, we have no chance to escape this murky mess we find ourselves in.

  49. Paul from Indiana

    It’s a non-starter. Janet Lynch, our esteemed Attorney General, told us all we need to know a couple of weeks ago, when she said, publicly, in a press conference that just because the FBI has evidence and urges the Justice Dept. to indict doesn’t mean the Justice Dept. has to act. I can’t think of a more blatant exposition of intent. The sooner all of us understand that there is nothing left to save, the better off we will be. Sorry, we had our last chance in 2012, and we fell short. No surprise there. Best always. PM

    • art barnes

      Hey Paul, coming to reality is hard to accept for the dreamers, you are correct there is nothing left to save as America’s new religion of political correctness made sure of that.

  50. vincent_g

    Meanwhile the republican party is about to commit suicide.

    What we have is the following:
    Glenn Beck who believes in this Mormon prophecy that a Mormon will rescue the country.
    Glenn is using Ted Cruz to bring in you guessed it his Mormon savior Mitt Romney.
    Then you have Jeb Bush who is doing the same thing along with Lindsey Graham.

    The question is will Ted Cruz wake up or is his so in bed with these people that there is only their way or the highway.

    I think both roads are the same.

    • Scott Miller

      Cruz is finished. Stop pretending he is viable.

      • Paul

        Funny how Trump brings up Cruz infidelity at Easter time … would “Romney” Mormons support such an infidel?

    • art barnes

      Mormonism is a cult, albeit a slick one, good people with good intentions, just deceived.

      • aussie jeff

        Agreed art

      • Faith

        AB: I agree. I put Mormons in the same place that I do Scientologists. Both are bizarre made-up cults. Try going inside the temple in Salt Lake City if you are not a Mormon. The farthest you will get is the visitor’s center. I have traveled all over the US and Europe and the only church that sent me to a visitor’s center was in Salt Lake City. I have been to services at St. Peter’s in Rome when I was a student. Am I Catholic? No. Was I prevented from attending a service? No.

  51. Edward Ulysses Cate

    I reckon the Hillary Email situation to be in the same category as the 9/11 attack. The truth that the departments know is blocked by department heads. It’s not to be discussed, exposed or even acknowledged outside of the departments. That’s control-fraud. Keep up the good work, Greg.

    • frederick

      Control fraud NO its treason

  52. Dave Grogan

    Hi Greg

    I really get a great deal from your show and the excellent rapport you establish with your guest speakers. so thanks for being there.

    Would you be kind enough to give me your thoughts on the possibility that the ISIS attacks in Europe are false flag events. They would serve the purpose of putting the fear of God into one and all backed my a mass mans for more military involvement in the Middle East. However, it means the US is under the influence of some very nasty and powerful psychopaths.

    Once again, thanks for you invaluable and articulate contribution to so many topics.

    • Greg Hunter

      They could be. It is so crazy when you consider NATO ally Turkey was finding ISIS with buying their oil and the U.S. watching it happen for years without lifting a finger to stop it. It is at the very lease destabilizing and it might be a smoke screen to distract for a rotten failing economy and financial system that might collapse this year. One thing that is real it the death and destruction. God help of all.

      • frederick

        İSİS is just a CİA/MOSSAD mercenary army and Qatar and Saudi are also funding them just as Al Queada was in Afghanistan İ thought everyone knew that by now

        • Greg Hunter

          ISIS are not mindless robots. I think we shoud start looking at this as both parties have goals and ISIS is more a partner than a puppet. Many shades of grey in the M.E.

      • art barnes

        Turkey is no friend of the United States no matter how the Government of America tries to spin it. Just because Turkey is a member of NATO doesn’t mean it can’s turn its guns around and shoot at who it wants too! It stays in NATO for the arms & money it gets, some day its mask will come off and the real Turkey will be seen; I suspect sooner rather than later. If I were the Pentagon I would be real concerned about American soldiers in or near Turkey’s borders.

        • Faith

          AB: I am suprised that Turkey is still part of NATO. Erdogan scares the heck out of me. He is no friend of the US or Europe and has only done one thing well: flood Europe with refugees and shake down Europe for billions of Euros and Erdogan is trying to get visa-free travel for Turks to all of Europe which would also include seats in the European Parliament, enough to make Turkey equal to Germany. If that doesn’t scare the heck out of any rational person, I don’t know what will.

    • Mohammad


      One of the terrorists was ARRESTED in Turkey 2015 and deported to EU and both Holland and Belgium were notified and was let loose….
      Even Erdogan WARNED BELGIUM DAYS BEFORE THE ATTACK and they did nothing:

      Does that pass the smell test?


  53. NC Gal

    Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone here a Happy Easter and be reminded what happened on that particular “first day of the week.” The death had to precede the resurrection and we are witnessing the “death” taking place in slow motion right now.

    I still visit here and read three times a week, but have not felt to comment on anything being said. I do feel the worst is yet to come, regardless of what triggers what and who pulls whose strings. I do not share in the feeling that “truth bombs” or “revelations”are going to cause the general masses to “throw the bums out” and turn the tide to where markets operate like they’re supposed to.

    This election is such a ridiculous clown show, and it’s discouraging that there is absolutely NO ONE that is going to be able to repair the damage that has been done to this country and all over the world. It’s going to take a collapse and then we will have to see what the response will be.

    We already know what the elites have planned. What remains to be seen is whether or not their plans play out as they want them to or whether something else will decide the outcome. In any event, this is sure to be an interesting year for the history books — that is, if there is anyone left to write or read them.

  54. Mohammad



    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mohammad. Christ has Risen.

      • JC Davis

        Happy Jesus day to you Mohammad.

      • aussie jeff

        Yes Christ has risen and the Father has given Him “all authority” Amen!!

        • Greg Hunter

          “Fear Not” Jeff, God the Father is in charge!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Peace of Christ be upon you, brother

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Yes very consistent.
        A few days ago you are wishing death and mayhem on 100s of thousands of innocent Iraqis. Today you say:
        “Peace of Christ be upon you, brother”
        Absolutely extraordinary!

  55. Rhino Shield

    Turkish Reporters Go On Trial In Landmark Press Freedom Case

    AFP 9 hrs ago

    Two top Turkish journalists go on trial Friday accused of espionage and other serious crimes and facing possible life in prison, have infuriated strongman President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of [what ah] Turkey.

    Can Dundar, editor-in-chief of the Cumhuriyet newspaper, and Erdem Gul, his Ankara bureau chief, are due in court in Istanbul on charges of revealing state secrets “for espionage purposes”, seeking to “violently” overthrow the government and aiding an “armed terrorist organisation”.

    The pair have already spent three months in pre-trial detention over the story in the leading opposition newspaper in May, which accused the government of seeking to illicitly deliver arms to rebels in Syria.

    The report sparked a furor, fueling speculation about the government’s role in the Syrian conflict and its alleged ties to Islamist groups in the country.

    Erdogan personally warned Dundar he would “pay a heavy price” for the story.

    Prosecutors have asked for the journalists to be sentenced to two life terms and 30 additional years. MORE BELOW;

    Wow, wouldn’t it be nice if we still had investigative journalists like these two Patriots! Their risking there necks for the sheeple of Turkey. Yes the sheeple of Turkey are much more informed then the sheeple of the land of the free and the home of the brave uninformed. Our bought, paid for, threatened media stars, except for maybe Monica Crowley, [God Bless Her!] and of course our own Greg Hunter extraordinaire and some talk show host’s, are thoroughly lost in their utter comfort zone cowardice, willing to let we the people go down the crapper in a possible WWIII first strike scenario.

    A free press means a free people. A free people give peace a chance. A neo-conman and woman just want to con you because they always think they know better, because they know we’d kick their [u-know what] if we the sheeple knew truth. The neo- cants handle the truth!

    The Truth Will Set Us Free

  56. Mohammad


    Just a thought about Apple fiasco:
    If FBI had a help from an Israeli company to have a backdoor to iPhones it seems counter intuitive to announce that. After all logically why would they expose something like that and to what benefit?


    If Clinton was given the clearance from any investigation, and likely the backdoor was for her iPhone, and the much publicity form a legal battle between the gov and apple may damage her since she WILL BE MENTIONED in it, then it will make sense to have a face saving announcement that we have the back door through a third party and we will drop pursuing apple legally and go back to business as usual.


  57. Mohammad


    Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has an interesting take on the Brussel terrorist attack:


    • JC Davis

      Sad. sick

  58. Mohammad

    How lower this election can get among the republican party self destruct, first describing sizes of appendages and now this:

    Attacking wives with scandals and photos …etc! will make it hard for them earning respect in the world as future FIRST (nude vs ugly) LADY……WOW!


    • JC Davis

      Thanks Mohhamad. Rush Limbaugh said some things about this today, but there were people in the garage, so I missed it. This is the craziest election ever.

    • Scott Miller

      And Hillary stayed with bill after Bill played with Monica.

      Distraction news for those who can’t find Belgium on a map.


      • frederick

        The Clintons seem to have more of a political partnership than a marriage or a marriage of convienience Thats how İ view those two anyway

    • Sayonara

      Hillary is already practicing her inaugural speech. She will be a shoe-in unless Obama is able to execute his Marxist Black Swan strategy to curtail the 2016 election.
      What a Sad and Flipping mess! Unbelievable!

    • art barnes

      Mohammad, been watching American politics for quite sometime now, this is a new low. May you live in interesting times. ab

  59. Vince Shook

    To all for your consideration: “For a 25 year period from 1986 through 2010 Stan Druckenmiller was “the man” in the hedge fund world. His investment performance was untouchable. The annualized rate of return for his firm Duquesne Capital Management was 30%. He shut Duquesne Capital in 2010 having tired of the responsibility of managing money for other people. Today he manages nearly a billion dollars of his family’s money through the Duquesne Family Office LLC. Because the sum is so large he must still file reports with the SEC. That is lucky for us because it allows us to track what he is doing. At December 31, 2015 the Duquesne Family Office managed by Druckenmiller reported $977 million of assets. $292 million or 29.88% of that was invested in the SPDR Gold Trust.” Read that again: the best hedge fund manager ever currently has 30% of his family’s money invested in gold. While he contends TPTB could work their way out of our current monetary mess, he obviously feels the odds against that are minimal. Now to what really matters: Happy Easter to all.

  60. Vince Shook

    This is an interesting article. The fact that it even got published by Investors Business Daily may indicate someone knows more than what they can reveal at the present time.

    “FBI chief James Comey and his investigators are increasingly certain that presidential nominee Hillary Clinton violated laws in handling classified government information through her private email server,” Charles Gasparino wrote Sunday in the New York Post, citing “career agents” as sources, some of whom expect Comey “to push for charges.”

    • Paul

      Vince … even if Hillary is jailed … I expect Obama will pardon her “for the good of the Democratic party” … even though personally he (and Trump) would likely like to see her rot in jail!

  61. Mohammad


    Very important and new development.

    Hasan Nasrualah had an interview on a pro Iranian channel called Al-Mayadeen where he issued a stark threat to Israel.
    The Israelis usually take his threats seriously and they are erecting a wall of cement on the southern border of Lebanon and talking about a third war between Hizbula and Israel.,7340,L-4781428,00.html

    This border is heating up at the same time ISIS are kicked in the ass in Syria, the Assad’s army is about to retake Palmyra.

    Interesting to watch how that will fold up if the meeting Saudi Arabia is asking for among the nations she assembled to start something like an invasion to Syria simultaneously with and incursion of Israel in Golan Heights and souther Lebanon.

    • Paul

      Mohammad … political agreements are better then walls to protect Israel … Russia can control both Hezbollah and Iran … Israel just has to come to some agreement with Russia … of course there is the Palestinian issue that also must be resolved … it would be nice if both sides could at least agree to stopping the slaughter of women and children “as a first step” in the negotiating process … after all … the Palestinian people are Semites which ludicrously makes the neocon Zionists anti-Semitic!

      • Mohammad


        Israel is rising as a superpower at the expense of the rest of the world.
        The world leaders are like Karen Hudes said in CAHOOT.
        All of them won’t reach their position without the seal of the elites.

        Unfortunately the world will wake up to a harsh reality they nurtured the black widow that will sting them the death sting at the end. When they find out this it will be too late.

        The theme in M.E. now is evacuating the land from river to river for the kingdom of Israel , the next super power.


        • Greg Hunter

          It’s all the Jews?–again?

          • Mohammad


            The jews are victimized by the zionists, they put them in a state against god’s wish to be in exile according to their Turat, by doing so they are used and abused by satanic zionists.

            It is about time for you Greg to recognize this fact that their god fearing Rabbi’s are saying all along and i linked to on many many occasions before on your blog as you know and OMIT.


            • Greg Hunter

              No evil coming from Muslims? All the Jews and “Zionists”? Really. Isn’t that the story the Germans tried to sell in the 1930’s?

              • Mohammad

                Not muslims,
                It is the Wahhabis sleeping with the zionist in the same bed.

                Your agenda makes you mix the two together i understand your motive but the truth is Wahhabis hurt muslims before hurting others.


                • Greg Hunter

                  Not buying that radical Islam is sinless. We’ve been through this.

                  • Mohammad

                    Yes indeed and there is no such thing “radical islam”
                    There is ISALM
                    and there are radicals that wear any beard fits their agenda.


  62. Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

    Happy Easier to Greg and all you “Watxhdoggers”! This is the time of year when we think about resurrection and new life!
    I have had harsh words with some here; I ask your forgiveness. I am prone to let my pride overcome my better judgment. Colin from NZ, forgive me. I love you in Christ.
    May the New Life given by Jesus Christ fill all of you.

    • aussie jeff

      I have always considered you a brother in Christ Robert,
      nothings changed from my end.
      May God continue to bless you.

  63. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Interesting article about the explosive used in Brussels.

  64. Mark


    Just saw a great video debate between Peter Schiff and Harry Dent. Watching this I thought of the animated Christmas show pitting the Heat Miser vs. Snow Miser – LOL. I still side with Peter about the rise of PM’s, but neither gave much credence to the rigging that has been reported by many economists impacting PM prices for years during our phony recovery. Enjoy all and don’t laugh too hard!

    • Paul

      Mark … I too agree with Peter Schiff … world governments will print like crazy to counter deflation … so any “economic deflation” we see will be accompanied by “fiat paper inflation” … Dent talks about paper debt being destroyed in an economic deflation and hence “less debt money being available in the world” (making the fiat debt dollar more valuable) but he totally ignores the fact that the Fed and other central banks in the world will be printing “more fiat paper” to make up for the destroyed debt … so any world fiat debt that is destroyed (by economic depression) will be regenerated by (fiat debt inflation) and so the pool of fiat debt will be manipulated by central banks to remain close to the current $300 trillion dollars in the world … but lets say for argument sake that Dent is right … and the fiat in the world decreases to $200 trillion dollars … because there is only 9 trillion dollars worth of gold in the world (at $1200 dollars/ounce) this means that gold will be worth 22 times its current price in fiat dollars ( or about 26,000 fiat dollars per ounce) … now lets go one step further … and say an improbable event like the world’s fiat money supply decreases to $100 trillion dollars … even then every ounce of the monetary asset “gold” in the world will still be counterbalancing $13,000 dollars of “fiat dollar” liabilities !!! … so in a worst case scenario we still wind up with ten times our money … it is interesting to note that Harry Dent will become gold bullish if the yellow metal moves above $1525 per ounce … which is just a few hundred dollars from its current price.

  65. Dennis

    I never thought I would see the day where evil and lawlessness was so embraced
    carried and loved by so many. But know this God the Father….
    Jesus his Son and the Holy Spirit do not sleep. Every knee will bow
    and confess the Jesus the Living Christ is LORD. All of the money
    all the deals in the shadows of their evil hearts does not go unseen.
    The sin of pride, greed and hate of others and the love of SIN will be their downfall.
    As they sit on the abyss of Eternal hell their own sin will be the
    Judgment. The blood of the innocent will scream to the heavenly Father
    Remember us…and our Holy God with tears is his eyes will cast
    them into eternal hell…. Fiery damnation for all of eternity.

  66. Colin

    Dave Grogan -whether it was or was not a false flag attack, just think of the ramifications are for a BREXIT vote in June. Either way it pushes the yes vote for Britain to Exit the EU. If it was a false flag attack, just think of the dynamics going on “behind the curtain”
    Greg, would love to hear Martin Armstrong take on these current events and update to your last interview with him. Thanks and Happy Easter to all USAWD folk.

  67. Gil

    Greg… Fear not a nuclear war… it’s a no brainer… the ELITES do not want this to happen! Twice Putin eluded to using nukes… twice Kerry was immediately sent to Russia!

    • WD


      V the guerrilla economist say the same thing….

  68. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    Happy Easter to you and your family- He is risen. Many people have been, and continue to be, awaken to what is coming to our world thanks to your website. Many will have a better chance to deal with the inevitable collapse and minister to others who will be blind-sided by it. Thank you.

    The world and those that run it are truly going mad. The two words that seem to dominate my mind as I look at what is happening all around me is surreal and incredulous.

    The idea of Hillary as a viable candidate for president is insane. The fact of Obama as president, being re-elected, all the things he has done to this country, the many things he has said and continues to say as president is insane.

    Nine unelected people take up the question of “gay marriage.” In a 5-4 decision they overturn over 5,000 years of human experience of the institution of marriage as being between a man and a woman,sanctioned by God. Two of the justices should have recused themselves. The White House is bathed in rainbow colors. Christians are given crushing fines or jailed in refusing to accept this ruling in violation to their Faith.

    Well Greg, let me stop here. I’m looking forward in spending time with my family this Easter.

  69. Achmed Salladi

    Dont bemoan the arrival of the Caliphate. It is the most perfect form of government because order is established and the rule of law will thrive, praise be to Allah. and the people will live by the great words of the prophet Muhammed, peace be unto him. Under the beautiful Sharia, conservatives should rejoice. No longer will the whores and prostitutes and gays and lesbians permeat the streets of Europe and America. Man shall once again be established as leaders of the family. Women and children will no longer talk back to the men leading housholds as they do today. American society cries out to be transformed from disorder into order.

    • Greg Hunter

      And if we don’t submit do we die? Do we “burn in hell” for believing in God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ?? Happy Easter, Christ has risen! Peace.


    • JC Davis

      A. S.
      Under the beautiful Sharia what would you do about the Christians that refuse to bow to your god. ?

      • JC Davis

        I was really hopping for a response. LOL

    • Greetings from England

      Personally, I am waiting for the militant Buddhists to take over

    • Mohammad

      What is your real name troll?

      Childish play from Kindergarten ….!!!


  70. Coalburner

    Greg; Lets talk about Turkey and Erodogan or whatever his name is. About five years ago more or less, my nephew and a collection of college friends came to visit me in the middle of “flyover country”. One person was the child of a high ranking Turkish “person”, over in the USA for education at a good but not excessivly costly or “Californian nutjob” University (appropriately subtle and not attracting attention with whackjob students.) I toured them around a lot of historical and beautiful sites local and got a little aquainted. I like my nephew and my whole can took them in here. Trust was good and the veil over communication began to sag a little. I was careful not to seem too nosey but I had gleaned by the time they left that this child had been instructed by loving parents to never come back to Turkey. The new leadership was going to change Turkey to a harder Islamic line. That prediction seems right. Before anyone jumps me I am being vague intentionally, but it is a true story. If I knew this the dozens of spooks (our spooks) already knew.

  71. Coalburner

    I do not get all the false flag stuff. Do people really think these jihadi muslims would not do this stuff on their own? What dream world does this stuff come from? These people have been murdering and desecrating “human weaklings” for 1300 years without elitist help. Yes, we may have made it worse but the trend may be caused by the normal course of human increasing population and competition for resources. A lot of sheep in Europe are going to be replaced by the wolves of Islam unless they decide to fight. It could happen here unless people deside they are not going to allow it to happen.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think ISIS is more of a partner than puppets. What you are witnessing is a backfiring strategy.

    • Greetings from England

      Coal burner

      A lot of those fighters are just mercenaries doing it for the pay check. It would be much more effective to shut them down financially.

  72. 8Ball

    The president of Hungary also has an “interesting take”.

  73. Rock

    Greg, another great wrap up and week of good work.
    I too feel like we are being played in this election. But think back on the previous ones for a minute. We had Romney v. Obama; McCain v. Obama; the little Bush years; the Clinton years; big Bush…… I know it goes way on past that time period, but that is a long span of time within which to do a lot of harm to this country and the world at large.
    Nobody in that group would have been a patriot and done what was right and honorable. Makes me sick to my stomach, thinking our two party system was legit.
    Looks like we are in the eye of the false flag season of storms…
    Get right with the Father, by getting to know His Son as your Savior.
    We are on a runaway train.

  74. Craig Bradley


    President Obama has used NATO on a number of bombing missions against ISIS

    Ted Cruz says he would “carpet bomb ” ISIS if elected President

    Donald Trump one-ups him: I would NUKE ISIS if president.

    Hillary Clinton is vague as to what actual military actions she would order if elected. ( Hint: Benghazi and Standing Down at the wrong time.)

    Vladimir Putin, the lone rational ruler: I am open to (limited ) use of tactical nuclear weapons in Syria against ISIS, if need be.

    Clearly, none of these politicians and would-be Presidents are going to use NUKES and expect to survive politically. Barry Goldwater got creamed by LBJ with the famous political ad featuring a little girl picking daisies and a nuclear mushroom cloud in the background.

  75. Justn Observer

    Happy Easter to you Greg! And to your prior post – HE has risen ! Amen !
    Though wish He’d have stayed a bit longer to put the boot to the moneychangers for good !
    Yes – we can see that he didn’t want them in there… but why were they there in the first place ?
    Understand the past to predict the future…or change one’s fate to one’s destiny.
    Only then will one see what IS IS as Clinton would say ! lol

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy Easter to you Just.

  76. WD


    Jeff Nielson on “X22Report Spotlight”….this was an outstanding interview. Talks about the upcoming crash….

    Greg this is a must listen to….


    • Greg Hunter

      I am surprised they have propped up as long as they have.

      • WD

        Thanks for all you do…Happy Easter

  77. Greetings from England

    Interesting documentary on Saudi Arabia:

    • 8Ball

      Love to watch the video but ITV will not allow me to sign up for access…

      Perhaps you can upload it to a neutral site?

  78. Jerry

    Just in case you had any doubts that the little punk dictator in North Korea is crazy? This video that was just released should convince you. FYI at the same time this video was released mobile nuclear launch platforms where being moved to the DMZ. How knows that this nut job will do?

  79. WD

    Greg & Watchdogs,

    Please go to Zillow and see what real estate for sale….you may have to adjust the focus and see what dots are blue vs red…this is true view of the state the economy is in.

    Assuming they are accurate, go look at the ‘blue’ dots
    (houses with late payments to foreclosure) on a Zillow map in your area…it is a scary sight. ( One of the dots is “Make me move) but overall the percentages of pre-foreclosure and foreclosure is an eye opener.

    Also having been in the foreclosure mitigation business, I can promise you that those numbers are double

    I went to 6 major cities and the scenario is all the same. Seattle is not as bad.
    Check out New York/New Jersey area…..

    Take care

  80. cole

    Im a woman and i support trump for president.
    I also know of many female friends of all ages
    That have voted for him in the primary
    In NC. Everyone i come in contact with is really fed up with political correctness.

    I also would not support CRUZ because he cannot win against Hillary although the msm
    Would have us believe differently.

    Unfortunately, i don’t believe Trump will obtain the nomination because of the corruptness of the rnc. They are beyond corrupt. And they are afraid of Trump because he will shake things up inside the beltway. I was a state delegate and president of my precinct in sc and most would not believe the blatant backroom deals that are cut before a vote takes place nor the pressure put upon the young or freshman delegates. I could not stomach the corruption and did not last but one political season. Also this was in the mid 90s when people still gave the appearance of having some morality.

    On the topic of Muslims, i taught in public schools in sc and nc for 15 long yrs until i could no longer stomach all the beauracracy and the suffering of my wonderful students at the hand
    Of an unruly few thugs ( white, black, hispanic,
    Middle eastern) who ” were allowed to misbehave” and thus disrupt class daily. Most parents have no idea how disruptive students are in public schools. The last year i taught,
    I had many Muslims children in my class, much more than usual. They were rude and disrespectful and one girl told me i looked like a whore because i had on tights with a skirt just above the knee. One father with whom i had just had a pleasant teacher-parent conference, bumped into me at the mall later that evening and when i spoke to him, he glared at me and turned his head rudely.

    Sorry to be so long-winded, but my heart is heavy, and im frightened with all the influx of muslims to our country especially with the Paris and Brussels’ terror attacks.

    Happy Easter to you and all and may our Lord continue to bless you and keep you safe from harm.

    • Greg Hunter

      You have taken the “Red” pill and I can see you are fully awake. Thank you very much for adding your real world perspective!!

      • Mohammad

        This bozo Cole took a red pill?
        Just for bashing Muslims?
        And you call it “real world perspective”?
        Muslim kids are disruptive?
        My son is A student, he is in the college paying cash for tuition and he is going for medical career.
        My friends kids all finished college.
        I am with the teachers communicating all the time to make sure they are doing well and jump on any mishap right away.
        What this teacher is smoking, hatred cigarette?


        • JC Davis

          Mohammad when you see the brains, limbs and dead bodies of your loved ones and friends laying dead… You will not feel love for those that committed the action.

          • Mohammad

            Those you described are allover youtube over the last 5 years in Syria from your friends ISIS and Mossad.

            They demolished the beautiful Syria once it was.


  81. Mohammad


    This is a new tone and a twist but supports what i have said earlier.

    If my thought is right, Saudi Arabia has thrown Turkey to the Russian bear.
    Jordan will never say this without the approval of Saudis.
    It seems that Russia best interest is clear:
    Having a land connection from Russia to Syria passing through Turkey, getting back Hagia Sophia that is dear to every Russian eastern Christian’s heart, and opening the neck of the bottle that is controlled now by Turkey between the black and mediterranean seas for Russian vessels to roam warm waters.

    So what did Saudi Arabia get in return?
    Can we say the Russian RUBEL for OIL??????
    Did Russia give them part of Syria?

    Please note Greg that there was an interesting visit from Rouhani to PAKISTAN..!!!

    Are the Pakistani’s nukes OUT OF THE EQUATION? May be?

    That visit must be seen in the effort of China to cool things down between Saudi Arabia and Iran.
    It also means that every possible hot spot in the Asian region is in the process of extinguishing and cooling down. Will it work?

    Saudis will still have a meeting for the “Islamic coalition” this Sunday, but it seems that Pakistan is OUT after Rouhani’s visit, or that seems to be.رؤساء-الأركان-في-دول-التحالف-الإسلامي-العسكري-يجتمعون-غدا-في-الرياض.html

    That leaves the west more poised to do something more drastic since they are cornered.

    Is that why Israel is heating the southern Lebanese Borders and Golan heights Syrian borders?

    Very difficult April it will be especially Assad is challenging De Mistura the special UN envoy to Syria and will conduct the parliament elections in April despite the opposition of UN to it.


  82. Paul

    As part of the elites worldwide plan “non vetted” radicalized Muslims are being allowed by puppet heads of state into Europe as part of a grand “false flag” to create the conditions necessary to institute marshal law, take away every citizens rights and eventually take down sovereign governments so as to create their new world order … puppet Obama is also accepting “non vetted” radicalized Muslims here in the USA … this false flag “radicalize Muslim ploy” is being instituted on a worldwide basis to bring in the elites “One World Government” … only Trump is standing up to the elites … he won’t allow “non vetted” Muslims to enter our country and the elites are furious … he will also stop them from sneaking in by putting up a wall … he will seek an audit of the Fed, he will put Hillary in jail, etc., etc. … the suicide of independent nations is the goal of the elites to bring in their one world government … we can stop them cold by electing Trump and they know it!!

  83. Mohammad



    Negative interest rate+digital currency=digital slavery shackles.



  84. Paul

    No women … no children … should apply to the politicians and also to the drug cartel, etc. …
    If mankind can’t totally follow God’s Commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill” … then kill the men … but at least stop killing and maiming the women and children (which doesn’t necessarily mean using bullets and bombs … vaccines, fluoridated water, chem trails, etc. are just as deadly)!

  85. cole

    I did not say muslim students were my only disruptive students. I had many students of all races, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds that were disruptive and rude.

    Most were bright and capable students.

    I also mentioned that my ME students that were Muslim were disrespectful and rude to me
    As a teacher. This was my experience in that particular class.

    I would also like to mention that my husband is
    ME however we are Christian and this may have been why they acted this way? But i have no way of knowing this.

    I never hated any of my students and it really saddened me to see so many students with such
    lack of respect for teachers, the majority of whom were NOT Muslim.

    And just to be clear- i do not think Muslims
    should be discriminated against or be painted with the same brush stroke, but i do feel in light of recent world events, that everyone flowing
    Into our borders should be vetted very carefully
    to protect ALL of us from Belgium and Paris type events.

    And PS i have experienced much prejudice myself on numerous occasions due to my last name so i do understand what it feels like.

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