Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.11.14

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

This headline is only half right–“Putin turns up the heat in Ukraine.”  It should read, Obama and Putin turn up the heat.  I think this is the big story, and it is being underreported.  It has both financial and real war implications.  Let’s start with what Russia is doing.  It is now going to issue a new bond based in the yuan.  Are you getting that?  This is yet another move away from using the U.S. dollar to settle international trade.  Russia is also hiking the price of natural gas to Ukraine by at least 50% in May.  The Russian’s are going to want the cash for natural gas up front.  Russia is warning of the dire debt crisis in Ukraine and how this could threaten Russian natural gas deliveries to the EU.  I said it’s game on for financial war, and this is proof.  Meanwhile, the U.S. is threatening more sanctions on Russia over the growing Ukraine crisis.  On top of that, it is being reported by the AP, NATO’s top commander says he could start deploying U.S. troops in Eastern Europe to counter Russian military pressure put on Ukraine.  There are negotiations next week between the U.S., EU, Russia and Ukraine.  I hope these talks go well, but I can’t see how they can.  Keep an eye on this crisis; it has global implications for continued financial war and a shooting war.  

Lois Lerner, the former IRS chief at the heart of the scandal targeting conservative groups such as the Tea Party, is now a target herself.  House Republicans have sent a criminal referral to the Justice Department.  The GOP wants Eric Holder to look into prosecuting her for criminal acts that go against basic First Amendment rights of the Constitution, among other allegations of criminal wrongdoing.  The mainstream media (MSM) has largely ignored this story, but make no mistake, this is big.  I think the MSM should be ashamed of themselves for not covering this.  After all, this is a 1st Amendment issue, and every news organization should be doing all it can to protect this Constitutional right.  If this was a Republican administration using the IRS to target liberal Democrats, I guarantee you they would be all over this non-stop, but they are not.  This is why I say the MSM lies by omission. This story is not going away.  There is much more than a “smidgeon” of evidence here. 

Yet, another phony headline about the “strength” of the U.S. economy.  This is Wednesday of USA Today, and the next day there is this “Fed reassures on Low Rates.”  If the economy is so strong, why are there 50 million people on food stamps?  Why are nearly 100 million out of the work force?  Why do we have phony accounting by FASB?  Why is the Fed pumping out $55 billion a month to by bonds and holding interest rates to near 0%?  It says here “Pleased investors send stocks higher.”  Yes, and pleased heroin addicts are pleased to get another fix.  My friend Gregory Mannarino at TradersChoice.net says, “This is desperation mode.  This is how we know we are close to the end.  It’s party over, but they are going to TRY to keep it going until after the November elections.”  He’s not sure they can hold the market and the U.S. dollar both together, but time will tell.  

The head of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, is stepping down.  It is no surprise after the disastrous rollout of Obama Care.  It’s not just the rollout that has most people angry at this law.  We now know the overwhelming majority of people are paying way more and getting less.  The MSM continues to soft-sell this huge disaster.  You hear it’s a work in progress and this takes sacrifice.  If this law was so great, why have all the delays and exemptions?  Wait until all those delayed plans have to comply with the Obama Care mandate–you know, where you have to offer free abortions and all kinds of birth control and sex change operations.  My favorite new feature: employees are taxed on the value of what their company pays for.  That is going to be considered income.  So, what you have coming is a big increase to your plan so it complies with what the government thinks everyone should have and a tax on top of that.  It’s all enforced by the IRS, which I think is the sprinkles on top of the cake. 

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.


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  1. Jim Howard

    Hi Greg
    I really like your style. As a European socialist you can say I am a on the left but I respect savvy business people of which you are definitely one. I have known the US dollar all my life and it is a great currency. You are so correct about the current situation. Russia is not an enemy of anyone really but business is business. In Ukraine right now their currency is beginning to suffer.
    Politics is all very well if you can afford it but in a poor country survival is what it is all about. Can Ukraine really afford to ignore Russia? You are spot on with your analysis.
    Whatever has happened to diplomacy?
    Whatever people say, on the whole, I think the Fed has done a good job of keeping the business wheels turning all over the world. Like you I would hate see the petro-dollar suffer in all this “sanctions” talk.
    Many thanks for an excellent weekly journey.
    Jim Howard

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jim for weighing in here!

      • John

        “As a European socialist you can say I am a on the left but I respect savvy business people of which you are definitely one”

        This is the whole problem. This is how they are winning against us.

        They pit us right Vs left, & black Vs White, republican Vs democrat. They keep us fighting each other, when is should be ‘We The People’ Vs The Politicians with their favorite corporations, wallstreet & the banksters.

        But I whole heartedly agree that you Greg & your guests are savvy business people who care enough about their fellow man to help wake them up to the reality we really live in.

  2. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Great job again.
    About Ukraine, “they” want corner Russia which feel threatened for at least 15 years by USA/NATO. So every bit sane and not-hypocritical policy maker would expect some kind of respond in similar situation, but not the US & EU “leadership” (so this is the reason of these hysterical responses from West) , and the Russians respond is mostly political, economical and non-military. And if we consider these facts, then Russia has not other option then go “nuclear”, which means kick the US $ and redirect the pipelines into China and India. (Footnote: what kind of response would give USA in similar situation, Russian/Chinese bases in Canada, Mexico and in Mexican gulf?)
    And I wonder what kind of deal will be the Russia-India and China-India deal (barter or full convertibility)? Make no mistake Greg, the China-India deal is coming, after the new Indian cabinet will be announced.

    Your thoughts.

    • tROT

      We’ve have the Monroe doctrine, since 1823, which allows us to out any government that threatens us here in western hemisphere, that was the main reason Reagan had the right to go into Grenada and kick out there government. Russia needs a Monroe doctrine, maybe they can call it the Putin doctrine to make it all legal, like we do in this western hemisphere!

      • Galaxy 500

        Well reasoned and well said

      • Oracle 911

        Do you have any idea how much squeaking would cause if something like that would be implemented by Russia?
        If you can recall, something similar happened when Russia adopted one US law about foreign financing for political parties. Oh men the 5th column (US financed NGO’s) was outraged.

        Yeah, hypocrisy at finest.

  3. bob

    greg, you talked about the outside world about selling bonds. this could be like yelling fire in the theatre. before you know it poof it’s over with. here’s a good one for you. my daughter has a health condition, office visit, ekg, and blood test. and the GRAND TOTAL IS, $670.00. thats my cost after insurance. i do’nt amke that in a week. ekg machine looks like it was from the 70’s, seriously.30 mins and she was leaving. and if you can really talk to these doctors, they don’t make as much money as we think they do. i could go on and on. do a little research.
    i’m trying to figure out why we the people swallow the headlines and stories in the newspapers about how things are just peachy king. and like you said flip flop a few days later. what scares me greg, most of the population will wake up when it’s too late. gee what will that bring us? i will say, you bring true journalism back, i hope people listen. i spread your name every chance i get. god bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment and support.

    • allen ols

      BOB ……i hope people listen……

      comment jim willie

      At the same time, it seems to drive families crazy, since when attempting to admonish and caution, the efforts are often seen as uncomfortable overturning of the temple tables (business and mental). So be it. Forewarned is forearmed, but many prefer their delusions and homes built upon false assumptions. The Jackass prefers reality accountable to the flow of events and verified facts, where actions can be taken in defense of livelihood and even life savings. The clash of worlds must be reported and properly understood.

  4. bob

    i’am sorry for two comments, but what do you think if shtf, if people can’t afford their caffiene, niccotine, liqour or biggest yet, pharma drugs? and these problems can come from a soda can non caffiene? are we being set up?

  5. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Just wanted to say Greg that I find your website plus posts absolutely great! Thank you so much for your candour and lack of slant! Over here in the UK we have so little honest feedback about anything. The media reports hardly anything of consequence! I’ve long been into precious metals but find hardly another soul sharing a similar interest. It’s quite amazing how blithely folks here seem to simply assume everything will go as normal into the far future.

    As a Christian (C of E) minister now retired I also find it staggering how few other Christians seem to appreciate the pending dangers or of how all our major currencies stand to be overrun or ‘corrected’. Although I’m not one of those end-timers awaiting some imminent rapture, I know that all people of faith should be prepared with their proverbial lamps trimmed and ready come that day!

    Thank you so much once more and may you continue to be a blessing to many of us for the years to come!


    • Greg Hunter

      The information is bad on a global level because the problem is bad on a global level. Thank you for your support from across the pond!

    • bob

      people will go nuts and they will take to the streets. an example. my wife was put on a anti depresent pill. a few weeks later she went to her sisters house with the kids for an over night visit. she lived 1.5 hrs away. she brought only the dosage that she needed, not thinking she missed 1 pill. well it turned into a 3 day visit. on the third day around noon she packed up the kids and headed home. her trip was bad . she was so screwed up when she got home, shaking having horrible thoughts that she began having breakdown problems. i had all i could do to literally lay on top of her to hold her down an call the dr. 3 days i had to watch everything she did. amazingly the dr. wanted her to continue the medicine. she said no more. now take away somebodies ciggaretes etc. i seen just how bad things can get during detoxing. now put a nation in that situation. think on that for a few days, then come to you’re own decision.

      • Galaxy 500

        Most antipsychotic are iterated meaning that you gradually build up a dose and when you stop you wean your brain off. Not surprised that she had problems when she abruptly stopped taking them. They are designed to change your brain chemistry. What she did was the medical equivalent of a self inflected gunshot wound. Yes, these are serious drug and they do wonderful things for people that need them but you should take them as prescribed. Her reaction was due to stupidity, and not a reflection of the therapeutic value of the drug. That being said , if they could replace it so easily, she probably didnt need them. They are greats over prescribed.

        • Galaxy 500

          Titrated. ..not iterated. ..TITRATED. ..GOING to have to dump the phone and get a tablet or laptop

    • wddeni

      STM Great posting, this sends chills done my spine at how deep this debt corruption and evil goes. They answer to no one.

      Now I see why we NEED COLLAPSE!!

  6. William Betts

    Night before last Hilliary Clinton was making a speech at the Manderlay casino in Los Vegas. During the speech some woman stood up a threw a shoe at her. She ducked and she made the commit that she was glad the woman didn’t play softball as she had. What is so unusual about this is that it didn’t get reported in the MSM, but it was reported in Russia RT. One should go to RT.com and read the commits around the world about our former 1st woman and Sec of State. It should show you just how far this country has gone over the cliff. This country hasn’t had a leader since JFK and brother there are none in the wings now!!! Betts

    • Galaxy 500

      Think you are selling Reagan short. He had the Russians terrified.

  7. Marcus West

    Every friday I watch the weekly wrap up and even though you provide very useful information sometimes you are so comical with the way you present the information, thank you for my friday dose of entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Rodster

    If you want further, the proof the economy is in the crapper. Family Dollar stores is closing 370 stores. Dollar Tree stores have missed their sales marks because of sluggish sales.

  9. Sandman

    Gazprom’s action to float a Yuan bond is suicidal. They Yuan is highly undervalued due to the Chinese government attempting to keep the exchange rate low enough to facilitate trade with the USA. Current exchange rate on Dollar-Yuan is 6.21 Yuan per dollar and 0.17 Yuan to the Ruble. Can you see how the bonds will be effected when things get bad and the Yuan increase in strength? This can easily double or triple the bond cost for Gazprom over night.

  10. art barnes

    Greg, a deal has been made between China & Russia that China’s Yuan will be the next reserve currency, the bond which is being created you speak of is very telling. Your discussion about the false & misleading financial media’s misinformation of the “strong economy” was so true & so provocative to people like CNBC, who after the market closed yesterday down 250 saw “buy signals” behind every unemployed person in the U.S. As you can see the “market” is getting more and more volatile each week, a sure sign that its going to be toast, especially with lighter than normal volume trading. The jobs report today will be touted as good by the financial media but if one could get the real numbers of the types of jobs being created one would find a $15 an hour job is now considered a very good one with minimum wage being the norm. The elite and our Congress allowed the Corporations to export our job overseas for quick profits and the American people kept buying the “crap” so they are just as responsible for the demise of our manufacturing base and the slog to a stagflation third world type economic malaise as our purchased politicians & the big shot business leaders; the only difference is they got rich while the basic American got screwed. Yea Greg, another weekly wrap-up of more of the same, a downward slog in geopolitical world stage politics & the American economical picture. Thank you for reporting it, you, my friend are a great American.

  11. lastmanstanding

    Could this be the beginning of Obama’s mention, “Energy rates will necessarily skyrocket” campaign promise? Everyone thinks that he is only speaking to Americans.

    Take a moment to think about everything that has come out of his mouth.

  12. jc davis

    Greg I have not been able to see any news this week, great to see I can still count on you to fill in what the MSM will not tell about.

  13. Ugly

    Bad happenings are stepping up for America. I knew we were in a meltdown, but now that meltdown is gaining velocity in 2014. Better step things up:
    ….get dollar assets down in banks and stocks (keep some of course; don’t panic or debt)
    ….increase assets of PMs, land, or other valuable tangibles
    ….have store food of at least 6 months (keep simple like rice, oats, etc.)
    ….get garden going. Have plenty of tubers (potatoes) because they are very easy
    ….water and water filters
    ….garden supplies, tools, etc.
    ….Don’t panic and make irrational decisions, just buy something of value
    ….be generous. Look after your family, but also think barter if that day comes soon.

    This bond and yuan stuff and our massive debt is the beginning of the end for us. I think instead of talk and predictions we are now going to witness the ‘happenings’. Good luck to all….

    • Galaxy 500

      Great observations and better advice

    • Shadow of Doubt

      I am with you on bad things happening in America. I was surprised Greg didn’t touch on the BLM vs. Bundy Cattle Ranch feud. I have a few friends (Oath Keepers) there that swear that the FEDS have confiscated both guns and cell phones from a multitude of Bundy supporters. Talk about tempers are running high .

  14. klfoo123


    Dr. Jim Willie is correct again. He mentioned China is having close to 15,000 tones of gold. A new report from Alasdair Macleod goldmoney.com China has over 13,000 tons of gold and last year imported 4843 tons of gold. The whole world production was 2300 tons last year.

    Alasdair Macleod is head of research for GoldMoney. He also runs FinanceAndEconomics.org, a website dedicated to sound money and demystifying finance and economics. He has a background as a stockbroker, banker and economist. He can be contacted at [email protected] and followed on Twitter @MacleodFinance.

    Since the year of the Lehman crisis, the amount of gold that has been acquired or mined in China, and not left the country, comes to over 13,000 tons. It is quite a staggering figure. That’s vastly more than the United States (if they still have 8133 tons of gold) and Germany combined.

    The figures for 2008 are 1,382 tons. 2009: 1,112 tons, 2010: 1,732 tons, 2011: 2,256 tons, 2012: 2,331 tons, 2013: 4,843 tons. So you know, we’re looking well over 13,000 tons.

    Interview with Alasdair Macleod audio and transcript

  15. Jerry

    Greg that Gazprom deal between Russia and China is really something to watch. I fully expect the BRIC nations and the EU to follow Russia’s lead in accepting the Yuan as world reserve currency. Why wouldn’t they? China has the worlds biggest manufacturing base and the largest Gold reserve. You know that panic you saw at Wall Street yesterday? It wasn’t from over priced tech stocks as MSNBC reported. No, No, it was from investors smelling blood in the water with the loss of the dollars value.

    You know what the trouble is with Ponzi Schemes?
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned by the operator. Operators of Ponzi schemes usually entice new investors by offering higher returns than other investments, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent. The perpetuation of the high returns requires an ever-increasing flow of money from new investors to sustain the scheme.[1]

    They only work as long as people continue to believe in them, or until someone ask to see their money. Greg in either case the scam is over. The world is dumping the dollar, and there’s nothing to back up QE printing but worthless paper. My only question is, how long will the Federal Reserve Bank continue to buy worthless Bonds before they see bigger opportunity in Yuan? People say there is no honor among thieves, but that’s not true. They all conform to the universal law of “greed”.

  16. Sandman

    How did China move from a fourth world nation where people were starving every year to an economic powerhouse with a lever big enough to move the world? Its an easy question to answer: they manufacture. Why has America dropped from a world leading standard of living to the broke thirty year old child who need to move back in with his parents? Also, easy to answer: we outsourced all the manufacturing to other nations that are increasing their standard of living while ours declines.
    Greg, you will say that we are an economic powerhouse that feeds the world. I will respond with a simple truth. An agrarian society will never defeat an industrial society. We were once an industrial nation but we outsourced at less 90% of our manufacturing. We are even outsourcing parts of our defense manufacturing. This is the height of folly. The only thing that was worse was Clinton selling our missile technology to China.

  17. C

    Financial Crisis…….Societal breakdown
    What will you do? Is a widespread crisis possible in this day and age? We can look to the Katrina hurricane with it’s destruction as an example of how your neighbors may react.

    Is your money safe? Are bank accounts and safety boxes safe from confiscation? If you wake up on a Monday morning to the news that the banks are closed by order of the government, a so called “banking holiday”, what will you do? Will the grocery store shelves be well stocked or empty? How will you care for yourself, your family and pets? How will your neighbors react when their children are hungry? Do you have anything to barter with, to protect yourself with? Will small denominations of gold and silver, or “junk silver” be useful? What is the value of a pre-1965 quarter or dime?


    Flip your electricity breaker switch to “off” and turn off your water for a day and see how your life will change.


    Gold and bail-ins
    By Alasdair Macleod
    Posted 11 April 2014

    I am often asked whether or not western governments are likely to confiscate gold, and my answer has invariably been on the lines of “unlikely at the moment, because so few people own gold”. However given low stock levels in western vaults and that bail-ins are on the agenda the answer to the question should be reconsidered.
    I first wrote about the new bail-in provisions after the Cyprus debacle last year. What it means for depositors is succinctly summarised in a current UK Government consultative document on the subject:
    “Bail-in involves shareholders of a failing institution being divested of their shares, and creditors of the institution having their claims cancelled or reduced to the extent necessary to restore the institution to financial viability. The shares can then be transferred to affected creditors, as appropriate, to provide compensation.”
    On the face of it anyone with an unallocated gold account is at risk. In the past this risk has been dismissed, given that the Bank of England with or without the assistance of other central banks always bails out bullion banks in trouble. However, the ability of western central banks to bail out bullion banks in the future is compromised by the emptiness of their vaults, much of their gold being out on lease. Furthermore, because leased gold is still their legal property, they will have first call, leaving unallocated gold accounts with nothing.
    This means that next time there is a market hiatus in gold bullion banks will probably be forced to renege on their gold obligations to customers, settling in currency-cash if they can. Since bullion banks are mostly divisions of larger commercial banks, a failure in the gold market is likely to spill over into a wider banking crisis, and it becomes a moot point whether the solution is bail-in, bail-out, or systemic collapse.
    The truth is that western central banks have created a monster out of their long-term management of the gold price. For the last thirty years they have been leasing monetary gold in increasing quantities, all of which has disappeared into the anonymity of Asia. Bullion banks know from experience that every time they get into trouble they can expect to be rescued, a liability for central banks that can no longer be discharged with certainty. So where does that leave bank customers with allocated accounts, or gold such as ETF stocks held for them in custody?
    In theory they should be completely ring-fenced. Allocated and custodial gold is clearly the property of customers. But it would be naïve to think that customers’ clearly identified gold is safe in the chaos of a widespread financial crisis. And then there is the well-established precedent that allows any government to seize its citizens’ property by declaring the action to be “in the national interest”. It is even written into European Human Rights legislation.
    We normally go through life not worrying about these things, dismissing them as scare-mongering. But the disappearance of the west’s monetary gold into Asia, whichever way you look at it, makes the unimaginable seizure of privately-owned gold by the state considerably more likely.

    • Galaxy 500

      Seems like Alistair is promoting his stuff

  18. Diane Ryan

    Excellent Weekly Wrap-Up. Thank you Greg.

    Every player mentioned: Russia, US government, EU, NATO, Congress, Justice Department, IRS, FASB, Fed and of course the MSM whores share one thing in common. They are enemies, foreign or domestic. America made a mortal mistake by failing to listen to George Washington. He urged America to mind her own business and avoid foreign entanglements.

    But there is hope. Like our Liberty Fellowship Pastor says, “There is hope in God. And remember that He is the source of all truth.” Truth can be not only scriptural but also earthly. And here we are on USAWatchdog…

  19. John

    Thought the lying by the republicans was bad, but obama & the democrats have taken it too a whole new level.

    They keep playing us as either replublican Vs democrat or black Vs white.

    When it should be ‘We The People’ Vs the corrupt two party system.

    • art barnes

      John, exactly right, this two party system is just a beast with two heads. The MSM (American Pravda) will convince the masses that another election will solve all the problems and ills of our society until the election is over and then nothing again changes for the good. The best thing to do is vote for all independents who are outside of the party system win or lose, its better than voting for the system as “they” take that vote as a vote of confidence for their greed which also confirms to them that the American people really are stupid and will stand for anything; even them.

      • Ugly

        The only Independent in the Senate voted for Gun Control. He usually sides with the Democrats. So you can throw that theory away. I am voting all Republican. I have witnesses what the Dems want to do. Just me….

      • Galaxy 500

        the American people are idiots if they buy into the “Independents”. If you look at their voting record, you will see that “Independent” as currently used in Congress is just a thin veneer for uber progressive Demoncrat. I dislike many Republicans but I passionately hate most Demoncrats. They are the epitome of evil.
        Do you know what scarce me the most about the Demoncrats? They are true believers and their view is the only view. Thats in addition to believing the end justifies the means. They are willing to lie, violate the law and cheat to obtain their goals. And when their goals are achieved and turn out to be a Shiite sandwich they blame the opposition for their failure; even when someone with three firing neurons said it wouldn’t work. If only the republicans hadn’t opposed Obamacare, it wouldn’t be the mess that it was…its hard to believe they can say this on camera without their tongues catching fire. And the sad part is that they believe it as their ideology CAN NEVER BE CHALLENGED even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Their beliefs are better than facts.
        THE ONLY CHANCE WE HAVE IS TO VOTE REPUBLICAN. Anyone who say different is either a Democrat or very misguided. And those who do a protest vote, put on your big boy or big girl panties and just vote democrat; because thats the net effect. You do have the best chance of putting a good guy in during the primaries. I dont know that I am going to vote for Sen. Burr when he is up. Hes truly a coward with out spine or testicles.

        • Charles H.


          The whole political system is corrupted – where the right amount in the right place can make a difference. But Republicans at least did NOT side with Obamacare. Voting straight Republican is the least of three evils. It’s like bailing a sinking ship – it may not help: but it’s better to do than nothing? (Tying together deck-chairs… but defend even those if you can!)

          • Galaxy 500

            I see voting Republican as the only choice. We need to secure the boarders and make illegal entry into the country a major felony. I see this Jehmu Greene on TV saying that Republicans are trying to suppress voting because they want IDs shown at the polls. Its a proven fact that 81 dead people voted in NC and they all voted Demoncrat. Then there are 35,000+ who likely voted in NC and another state. Full name and DOB match…765 with that and last 4 of SSN matching. Most states dont share SSN so al I can say is likely. When FL saw all the double votes, they stopped sharing their information. Cant let the big lie of “no real voter fraud” be proven to be just another big Obama lie.

  20. Charles H.


    Liberals have two modus operandi – CHANGING THE GOALPOSTS, and WINNING. Almost everything you see that’s happening falls under these two – ONE-SIDED APPROACHES. The limited and manipulated roll-out of the ACA is a perfect example of this. In America this has historically worked because we’ve had to get-along and put-up with others in our own country: but the outside world is losing tolerance toward these.

    I fear Gregory Mannarino is right – the Left continue to want to choose the tune and play the music as long as it lasts: that’s all that matters. Owing to their irrepressible, heavy-handed ways – they expect the world to cave and put-up with them. So America, acting toward the world, swerves and staggers as a drunken man – using lies and believing what they want; changing the goalposts in demanding to get what they seek; with no concept of the consequences of their actions. Winning is all that matters, remember? The “dumbing-down” of America has produced a nation of spoiled children; who are now it’s leaders.

    As for Lois Lerner: she has no more to fear than the Black Panthers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Charles you left off one big one–LYING!

      • Charles H.


        “Using lies” is in there – but it does figure as a major point. I think of the picture as a Captain Jack Sparrow mentality: ‘Take all you can get; give nothing back’ – or something to that effect. Kinda throws diplomacy out the window, doesn’t it? And THAT seems to be in their playbook too – or better said that diplomacy is not in their playbook. Is there a Maturity Test that can be applied to Elected and Civil Servants???

    • Ugly

      Sorry. I don’t have witnesses, I have witnessed what they want to do. Haven’t we all seen what is going on since 2006?….

  21. Joey Romanus

    The Banking Hyenas with ties to the BIS will most certainly unleash a more transmissible mutation of H10N8 upon China; and they’ll unleash a highly contagious mutation of MERS-CoV upon Saudi Arabia. There lies the equalizer of China’s gold-backed yuan rising above the Fed bank note, and the neutralizer of SA’s purported interest in forging an alliance with Iran, and accepting payment for their oil in other currencies as to debase the dollar. What we are witnessing is a top tier organized crime war on a global scale. The Banking Hyenas’ only ace card is a bio-engineered virus – which they will be vaccinated against – that will cause a pandemic upon target nations posing a threat to their world hegemony. Thermonuclear war is out of the question because the whole planet dies in such event. Hey, they’ve already established the predictive programming for such pandemics – H7N9 & H10N8 (an novel and widely unknown very deadly strain) in China; and MERS-CoV in Saudi Arabia. Look at Hollywood the past 5 or 10 years – lots of movies and shows with pandemic themes and plots 😉 Will the herd fall for this crime against humanity, just as they’ve fallen for every other anti-human crime of yore? 😉

    • Galaxy 500

      So the bankers are going to release a plague? Dude, get a grip. Yes, they are robbing us blind but there is no evidence that they are planning to unleash a plague.

  22. Calgirl

    Insure you are up to date on protection of your finances. Below are a few recent writings which is not comprehensive, but is applicable.

    Per Jim Sinclair…. “Bail-ins are coming to North America without any doubt, and will be remembered as the ‘Great Leveling,’ of the ‘great Flushing’ (of Lehman Brothers). Not only can it happen here, but it will happen here.“It stands on legal grounds by legal precedent both in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.”
    No Bank Deposits Will Be Spared from Confiscation http://www.globalresearch.ca/no-bank-deposits-will-be-spared-from-confiscation/5332743

    IRA Confiscation: It’s Happening http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-01-29/ira-confiscation-its-happening

    Few depositors are aware, banks legally own the depositors’ funds as soon as they are put in the bank. http://www.wnd.com/2013/09/americans-warned-bank-bail-ins-coming/#yP04xhLUODGoe5RP.99

    Obama Lays Groundwork To Confiscate Your 401k and IRA …

    If the government should decide to confiscate gold and silver, you should be aware that any such items in your “safe deposit box” are susceptible to being raided. This includes jewelry. The bank can be authorized to open your safe deposit boxes without your authorization. As Jim Sinclair says: “GOTS” Get out of the system.

    • Ugly

      I don’t think it will happen quite that way. You can lose tremendous wealth through hyper-inflation alone, thus why confiscate at first. Also, the physical gold and silver holdings are very small compared to the debt and devalued dollar. Here is my take. We will lose all our wealth thru the hyper-inflation stage. Americans have around $40T in ownership wealth of IRAs, Pensions, Land, Houses, Mutual Funds, etc. let’s say in near future inflation becomes 8% per month. Thus, 8% of $40T will be a loss of $3.2T in just one month. If that continues, you are looking at $40T gone in just one year. Thus, people will since this and panic and sell stocks and everything because a bag of potatoes at $4 could be $20 four months later. When all wealth is gone, then comes confiscation because people will be hungry and cannot pay their bills….

      • Calgirl

        I agree with most of your missive. However, I do think that IRA’s, etc. will be moved into Obama’s new myRA system, where the monies will be used to buy Treasuries which are increasingly under pressure as both foreign and local holders choose not to roll them over. The Fed can’t continue buying all the Treasuries that are left over each cycle, so myRA will take up the slack. But what happens after that money is used up? And, it is likely that Japan will collapse, or some other country, which will be devastating to the entire interconnected system. I don’t remember who it was that said there are so many black swans flying around that sooner or later they are going to collide.

        Since present inflation is killing the value of the dollar, not to mention the upcoming hyper-inflation, it is only smart IMO to get out of the dollar and into hard assets. The trick is to buy hard assets that the government won’t come after. I think those who have smaller savings might best consider gold and silver, but keep it out of the system. Since less than 1% own PM’s, they are a safer bet IMO. Purchases of less than 10K are not reported to the gov’t so who’s to know you have them? I think that the only way the gov’t. will come after PM’s is when they are also confiscating guns and ammo. If you have responsibility to protect and feed a family, it pays to give these issues some serious and immediate thought.

        • Charles H.


          Due to the concept that the government will not play fair – I think they could seize the records of dealers and businesses. And if the SCOTUS rules the Second Amendment means only police (as militias) and the government can own arms – then there would be no stopping such a steamroller. So far, money votes as people now. How many coins did it take to get the Mayor of Chicago through the Machine?

        • Galaxy 500

          They can steal several trillion by taking over IRAs and 401-Ks. I believe this will be their first move.

          • Ugly

            That is my take too. Far easier to get trillions by getting IRAs, 401 k, mutual funds, etc. There are trillions there. You don’t have to confiscate it, just crash or deflate it.

          • Galaxy 500

            Obama has already said that having a 401K is unfair as the poor people dont have one. Whether they put it in a MYRA or govt T-Bills , we sill be repaid in fiat that is worth a small fraction of what they took. Ive seen some posts about the 1920’s Germany and I see shockingly close parallels. People saying that couldn’t happen here just shows how our educational institutions have failed our people.
            I was having coffee (yes, I am addicted and I have a hefty stockpile) and heard some college students talking about the economy and how it was BS when people say the dollar was under serious threat. I told them that we had already default on our debt once in the last hundred years and that the govt stole about half of what everyone had money wise when they did it. I was told I was uninformed. I told them to look up 1933 and FDR’s confiscation of gold and then revaluing gold from $20 an ounce to $35 an ounce. I said since we were a mostly a self sufficient nation then it didn’t initially harm the people but it did stop many from passing on wealth to their children. What a bunch of dummies… and pathetic. Mid twenties, part time work living with mom and dad….yes, this is a thriving economy. I told them to enjoy that cup of Starbucks while they can because soon their whole paycheck would be needed to buy it. Its so much fun engaging in conversation with people that are so fully inculcated because the liberals as they can’t add single digit numbers.

  23. Jerry

    Greg a note to some of your detractors.
    Greg’s site is a signpost on the road to financial collapse. If your visiting this site for entertainment value you’re at the wrong place. Reality is clearly posted on the sign here, and it says “pain dead ahead, proceed at your own risk”.
    Greg is much like a modern day Paul Revere. The message is so important that it has to be given repeatedly , because some people are genuinely to stupid to get the message or live in a constant state of denial refusing to accept. Greg’s roll is like a journalistic plumber. Sometimes he’s got to keep plunging until he knocks the clog of ignorance out their brain stems. Lucky for us, Greg is not only a man of principle, but a man of patience. God bless you Greg. And keep plunging.

    • Joey Romanus

      Well said, Jerry. Greg is the man !

    • Galaxy 500

      Well said

  24. archivesDave

    Lie by emission…
    Spot On Greg!
    Spot On.

  25. Edward Ulysses Cate

    You’re doin’ great, Greg. Finance always starts (or continues) war, just so they can socialize their losses while privatizing great profits to themselves. It’s interesting how JP Morgan always finds itself in the middle of these things. Remember a few days ago when JPM stopped payment and made Putin upset? JPM’s just repeating their playbook from the old days. For weekend perusal, just scan for JP Morgan at the following link. It’s how they got their $400,000,000 losses covered by Liberty Bonds. Since this was printed in 1937, the author doesn’t have a dog in today’s fight . But JPM’s still playin’ us.

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice link

      • Seen Too Much

        Agree with this comment, thanks for the link.


  26. Andy


    Nice wrap up for the week end as usual.

    I’ve a question on USD as a reserve currency of the world. If USD looses it’s status as a reserve currency, why it can’t be still a stronger currency ? Why can’t it hold it’s purchasing power? For example CAD, GBP , EUR or AUD are not reserve currencies of the world but they are still stronger (than USD). Am I missing something? Why USD can’t or won’t hold it’s purchasing power after loosing the status? This might be a silly question but I want to really understand the fundamentals.


    • Ugly

      It is like this. Let say you want to sell your 65 Mustang for $8,000. Let’s say two buyers show up. One is willing to pay in pesos. The other in the British Pound. What would you do?

      You see, all currencies center around the US Dollar. So shouldn’t the US Dollar be strong, debt free, and ahead of those currencies. If your currency is ahead of the world’s reserve currency, the USD, then wouldn’t it be fair to ask ‘why are we exchanging our currency for an inferior one?’….it would be like exchanging a gold nugget for several silver coins….

      Read about the USDollar, world reserve currency, ant the petrodollar.

      • Andy


        Thanks for your response. Let me ask the same question in another way. Why British pound is stronger currency? It’s not debt free, it’s not petro pound and also not a reserve currency.


        • Ugly

          Basically all currencies that center around the US Dollar are in trouble. If the dollar goes, so goes they. The dollar is in trouble and will collapse someday soon, thus the worlds economy. That is why you see Russia and China doing what they are doing. That is why Libya was attacked as well as Iraq and others.

          But Russia and China can defend themselves! thus a stalemate right now? The British Pound only has value because it is part of the world trade where you convert your currency into dollars and then do trade. The leftover dollars are kept at a central bank. It is rumored that there are about $17T of these dollars.

          Google: The worlds reserve currency and the petrodollar.

        • Galaxy 500

          You understand that a pound sterling at one point was the equivalent of 12 troy ounces (a troy pound) of sterling silver. In 1900 that would have been about sixteen silver dolars (they’re about .77 silver, not sterling .925) And if I recall, its been devalued/ revalued two or three times in the last hundred years. Yes, its worth more than a buck but we have only devalued once in the last hundred. We gave billions to Britain after WWIII.

        • Galaxy 500

          Being worth more than a dollar doesn’t mean its a stronger currency. It historical always been more than a buck

    • Calgirl

      If the dollar looses its Reserve currency status, there will be less demand for dollars. Our Treasury takes a bite of all the transactions around the world that are completed in the dollar….lost income for the Treasury. If the USD were to loose its status, then those holding the trillions of dollars abroad in the form of bonds and notes would be much more apt to sell them because they will have less faith in the dollar. If those abroad sell our notes, all that money comes flooding back into the USA which will cause hyper-inflation. Since the Fed is unable to sell all of the Treasury notes they have for sale each month now, and the Fed has to make up the difference each month by buying the left over Treasury bonds, that would mean that they would have to print even more fiat money (dollars) out of thin air which increases hyper-inflation. The Fed is in a no-win situation and it is just a matter of time. The dollar has already lost 98% of it’s value since 1913.

      An excellent series of videos on money (what money is, how fiat currency is created, etc.) is on Youtube by Mike Maloney entitled “The Hidden Secrets of Money.

      • Galaxy 500

        in 1913, $1 was a twentieth of an oz of gold, today its worth over $65. Thats a loss of 98.5% of its value. Greg and I agree that the current price of gold doesn’t reflect its true value.

    • tROT

      ANDY We’ve printed to many dollars, being held by to many foreign and domestic enemies . Since 1971 when Nixon told the world the dollar was no longer backed by the little remaining gold in Fort Knox’s, we’ve been printing money like crazy and telling the world it was as good as Gold, being backed by the full faith and credit of the American printing presses and future Chinese credit and strong backs, “Chines capitalism”. That’s why tricky Dickey immediately sent our ping pong players over to China, to ping and pong, our way into China, for low wage labor, so that Americans can be traders and big shot lawyers and over paid off politicians and zillionaier Hollywood producers and actresses and everybody else in America on disability for mental illness. In fact Nixon dreamed of China becoming our 51st. state,” The Slave Labor State”! China’s buying up the US. now, since its now on sale, for all those dollars we’ve been printing 24/7. So Andy when all that green crapper paper comes home to roost, you’ll wish your dollars were worth a plug nickle and you’ll know what Greg meant by, get it now, everything is on sale, a never to be repeated sale of the century! “Get it while it’s hot, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is on sale!” Don’t wait for a going out of business sale, there wont be anything left except a lot of cheap labor and a lot of weak backs! Thank you helicopter Ben!
      By the way Andy it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to learn some Chinese and Russian.

    • STM

      Compare this quote from 100 years ago against our experience of today:

      “The New York World of February 1, 1914, observed that the New Haven stockholders had been “swindled, robbed, and ruined” by “cold, calculated villainy” which had left the railroad “bled white.” “Thousands of men,” said this newspaper, “are in jail for offenses against society which are picayunish in comparison with this stupendous achievement in respectable robbery.”

      From Grade School Teachers Website – Scholastic, ‘incidentally subtitled READ EVERY DAY, LEAD A BETTER LIFE 🙂 http://teacher.scholastic.com/lessonrepro/lessonplans/steppro.htm

      Four steps to effective problem solving:

      1. “Understand the Problem”, “Do you see a Pattern?”
      2.”Devise a Plan”
      3. “Carry out the Plan”
      4. “Looking Back” – Review your results and modify behavior to improve results.

      It IS possible to effect positive change. The process is laid out above. It is similar to a diet though, we can’t expect to behave in the same way and expect things to improve.

      Einstein said – Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      Enjoy your weekend,
      Seen Too Much

    • STM


      Read this, it will help.


    • Galaxy 500

      Why cant the USD retain its value? Its value is based on the US Taxpayers. We are broke, we have allowed the corporations to export to well paying jobs and we give loans to college students to graduate with degrees in Women’s studies and pornography. Its hard to pay back college loans when you have a degree in Women’s studies or underwater basket weaving. We used to produce doctors, chemist and engineers who added to the wealth of our country. Today, we produce parasites that reduce the wealth of America. Would you loan us money knowing that we are bankrupt? Forget interest, we owe more than we could pay off in a several decades even if we eliminated the military. The dollar is in demand because its used in nearly all commodities based transactions. When that trickles down to half of what it is today, it’ll be a big race to the exits.

  27. Albert Tesla

    Eastern Europe –

    Although in general quite poor, these people are very independent. They don’t rely on on hand outs from government for maintaining life.

    The Serbs hands down blow away every army/military force in Eastern Europe, do you know how much the Serbs RESENT all things American ever since the Yugoslav wars?

    Not to mention the strong ties Serbs possess with Russia (Serbians in general, are for the most part descendents of Russians ), the orthodox church is a very tight knit group.

    Don’t forget, Eastern Europe is populated with a ton of Muslims (Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania), and we all know how Muslims tend to feel about the west.

    What am i trying to get at? Where the hell does the US expect to place a foot hold in Eastern Europe?

    Eastern Europe is gorilla warfare heaven, mountainous terrain, heavy woods, its iraq without the heat.

    It’s one thing to say
    “we are going to send troops to eastern europe”

    And its another to actually succeed in doing so.

    • Ugly

      I think you are right. The bully on the block is about to get bullied….

    • Galaxy 500

      From what I understand, there is much animosity towards the US over Kosovo. We bombed civilian infrastructure when it became apparent that bombing military targets wasn’t working.

    • Diane Ryan

      Albert, good point. The flag-wavers don’t like to hear this but the US military is the Bully of the World. Is it ready to wage war in Eastern Europe? You mean the one equipped with a $630 billion military which is getting its ass handed to them by an enemy equipped with donkeys and Toyota pickup trucks?

  28. Joey Romanus

    Hark ! DoD has deployed Ebola Detection Kits to National Guard units In All 50 States.


    • Galaxy 500

      Wow…and Fort Deedrick (sp) in M.D. has live viruses as I recall. Could they do marital law by creating an epidemic (saying it came from the one now in Africa) and thin out the herd a little. Be a great cover for a power grab and you could infect your political enemies and the old and ne’rdowells at the same time. Seems like an outrageous plan but then we elected a bunch of outrageous true believers that would sacrifice the bulk of us to “save” the planet. I’ve talked to some of these wingnuts about if they really were so concerned about the environment, they would drive those big a$$ SUVs. With all seriousness, I was told that they do more for the environment in a day than I do in my entire life so if they want to be comfortable its none of mine business…and they had health problems so they needed room. The health problem was she weighted 400 pounds (seriously, if I erred, it was on the conservative side…she one of those people that cant fit in a single airline seat and two is still snug). This is what these people think. Everyone should do without BUT THEM. Al Gore has a house that uses more energy in a month than we use in a year plus he flies private jets. Yeah, he believes the little peolle need to conserve instead of his fat s$$

  29. Agent P

    If anyone is interested, there is situation in progress in Clark county Nevada, whereby a one Mr. Clive Bundy is in the process of defending his property – and possibly even his life, against THUGS from the U.S. government BLM agency. Go to infowars – most everyone on this board probably is familiar with Alex’s site. There is plenty of information there, updated in real time.

    While DC politics, the Ukraine and a laundry list of other travesties against truth & freedom are taking place, we must also pay attention to what is going on right in our own backyard. And make no mistake – regardless of what you might know or care about ranching or property rights, this is a situation that demands your attention and support if you care about Liberty.

    • Greg Hunter

      Agent P,
      Watch Monday for the Fabian Calvo interview. It is much bigger than Clark county and the Bundy ranch. It is about the BLM selling off land and much is going to the Chinese!!!

  30. NIKOLA

    //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Varangian Rus to be exact, [Russian/Viking’s], Migrations middle of first millennium
    Slav 30% “Poles, Ukrainians, Russians ect”…
    Illyrian 21% “ancient Central Europeans”
    Teuton 18% “Germanic”
    Cleltic 14% “Scot’s Irish,Welsh”… Sean Connery
    Hellenic People 6%” Ancient Macedonians/Greece
    ” Alexander The Great”
    Viking 2% Eric the Red “Svenska” Swed/Norwegian
    see” Genetic makeup of the Balkans”
    As you can see Serbs are a mixed lot as are all Europe0ns
    Only Hitler was pure, pure Evil and not Knievel!

  31. Julian

    Greg Hunter does such a great job on this show. The guests are all fascinating people and I really enjoy it. Thanks.

    I remembering learning about 25 years ago, that the US currency only acquired “World Reserve Currency ” status in the first place based on decisions which were made at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 due to one fact of several facts, one being that the US dollar happened to be the only currency that excised in the world in such vast quantities which are and were essential to permit the enormous volume of daily transactions that take place, just for example, in oil alone. This situation existed up until the formation of the Euro in the 1990’s but this may not be the case or irrelevant at this point. Perhaps this could be posed as a question to one of your knowledgeable guests.

    On another note, I recall that when Canada sold wheat to the USSR in the 1960’s the Soviet Union had to pay Canada in gold bullion because the Russian Rouble at that time, had no international status.

    Who was it who said “revenge is a dish best served cold” ?

  32. Phil Downunder

    Great report Greg,(as usual)

    Now get the hell outta there before the hammer comes down .Anywhere will do. Just not there.
    The USSA is a target of the NWO.

    They want the guns. Desperately!! You have to ask “WHY”???

    • On Da Beach

      Phildo Cookie on Country Practice used to say “Arma getting,” outa here!
      Used to watch everyday up here, northern US, via the CBC, ‘Canadian Broadcasting’. What a show, just loved it. The show was so real life, unlike the fake phony junk the U.S. media stuffs down our throats. One character on the show mentioned how much Wondon Valley reminded him of the Midwest, I felt really at home watching, love our fair dinkum cousin’s from down unda! Loved Flying Doctors, Neighbor’s and grew up watching,”Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.”
      Well Arma getting outa here, common Skip!

  33. Smaulgld

    The MSM should be called SAOM Spin and Omission Media


    Everyone is so convinced that China is this fantastic economic miracle.
    The Chinese have a Real Estate bubble that is larger then the bubble
    that the U.S. had in 2008. The Chinese are printing currency as fast
    as the U.S. and have no real intension of becoming the “worlds reserve
    currency”. Everyone need to realize that the economic deterioration
    is global not just U.S. centric. I hope everyone understands that China’s
    Real Estate market could be a black swan event that triggers a global
    collapse. Russia is also running a negative GDP but that will be
    another post, another time. Just watch the attached link on China
    Real Estate, and remember think global. There are no white knights
    coming to save any of us.


  35. Galaxy 500

    Mr Obama’s biggest lie of 2014: there is no voter fraud.
    He said this even after it was widely reported that 81 dead people voted in NC in the last election along with 35,000 people who appear to have voted in NC and another state. Its like Holder and Obama on the IRS scandal…nothing to see here folks, move along, please dont look or pay attention to this (the truth is what Obama tells you and dont you forget it)

    • Greg Hunter

      Actually that 35,000 number is easily twice that amount because 22 states do not report their voting and those include CA, NY and TX the tree most populated.

      • Galaxy 500

        And Greg, FL dropped out of the group that shared info after it was discovered that many of the double dippers were from there


    I apologize for having to post again. Here is a more recent link (September 2013)
    on the Chinese Real Estate bubble.


  37. Galaxy 500

    Greg and fellow WatchDogs
    Why does the BLM spend millions to ruin a rancher in NV? We cant get to the bottom of Bengazi , Fast and Furious or the IRS scandal but we can send hundreds of heavily armed BLM people to steal cattle from one family in NV. He is the last rancher in Clark County NV. BLM has run all the other ranchers out. And the FAA has a no fly zone so they cant be photographed killing the cows. Got to love this govt. By the govt, for the govt and the people be damned.

  38. Jerry

    Behind closed doors its been rumored that our government traded federal lands to the Chinese in return for loans. With the Yuan gaining ground, I would suggest the Chinese are itching to see their purchase and begin extracting mineral resources. The Nevada land grab is not over, its just getting started.

  39. Coalburner9

    Guys, don’t get wrapped around the axle on the Nevada Rancher thing. I know the rules, he is wrong and BLM is doing what they are doing in the courts etc. They have been after hard core guys like him for years OK this is not the time to be puashing this guy when he is smart enough to get national sympathy with so many people out of work and goin gbroke. What I don’t get is the stupidity of BLM timing. It is a combination of a bully Obama government who cares nothing about the people and Agencies given carte blanche to run over any citizen. In other words we watch the news as the country disentegrates but BLM bosses do not! Like back in Clinton’s Administration they are working up to another in country disaster. Remember, The goverment murders at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Janet Reno never learned a thing until someone struck back. That whole deal was a DOJ gone wildly stupid thing. Well our latest frontrunner was all the Mexican murders causd by Holder. If BLM is stupid enough to kill people in Nevada , do not go near a Federal Building. I worked in one during those Clinton years, I knew some of the FBI and they understood the stupidity of the DOJ and their lesser agents and were as scared as I was. When there was a bomb scare I ran like hell instantly and stayed away for an hour or more after they all went back. Clinton waited till the Oklahoma Federal Building was bombed to tell the DOJ idiots to back off and shut up(in secret of course). The NV rancher is fighting a lost cause but the government can be unbelievably stupid. They don’t get what huge numbers of people think about the government today. They don’t get that they are observed as out of control, trampling constitutional rights and committing evil against the country. As said before and coverd up fast by the MSM. Occasionally the tree of liberty must be watered by the blood of innocents. Clinton made it happen and every reason says Obama will do it again. He is not even smart enough to learn from mistakes one and two administrations back.

  40. Coalburner9

    Hey Phil Downunder: Greg did such a good job this Wrap up that lots of comments came out and were left hanging. So,you may right if you are saying get out of Dodge, but just for the details, the thing about the NWO is , I think Russia and China and the BRICS and maybe G 20 are about to stop the NWO in its tracks by saying no, no more. The IMF is getting a no to sending blood money to Ukraine. What do you other thinkers say? Ols, 500, Greg, Jerry, Agent P what say? This point has been bugging me for while. Can it be that the NWO is done for except for some gasping?

  41. Coalburner9

    A new name REV de BERRY. from the UK. I ask with respect, what is it going to be like there with so many ………. very different religious believers, …….that may not appreciate your Christianity and you follks all unarmed?

  42. Coalburner9

    One more thing Greg. If the Government collatorallizes our public lands for Chinese investors, they will all be voted down the sewer. I wouldn’t want to be a National legislator of any kind. Their own agencies will defect enmass.

  43. saint laurence

    to GALAXY 500
    BLM = Federal Statists
    Issue one: Just like the US army and the Gov. performed Genocide on native americans,
    you are now to be eliminated or enslaved. You not not needed anymore, elections are rigged and Bankers-Wallstreeters are the incharge, bosshog “CITIZENS” … : you are a denizen.

    Issue two: Harry Reid, son and cohorts have deals with the Chinese to take over the United States (land, law, government, production, trade, control).

    Issue three: all Nevada ranchers and all the Nevada farmers and all the western rural towns will be closed down,
    roads closed, water taken: for the benefit of the elite 1 percent; who own the corporations, Govt., and money-trusts.

  44. Galaxy 500

    Harry Reid and Son
    the worst politicians money can buy. I’d say “Dingy” and son, Rory, should be tried for treason and then executed. As corrupt as this bastards is, and all the lives he has destroyed, you have to wonder why some civic minded people haven’t put a cap in him and his entire family. I am not proposing violence. I am just mystified that people can shoot up a military base over a perceived slight and no one does anything about a real danger to people and the country. things that make me go hmmmm. Perhaps its because we are so corrupt as a nation we just accept the corrupt as normal.

  45. Calgirl

    May God bless those valiant militia men and women and the supporters of liberty and fairness, who showed determination and restraint in helping Mr. Bundy and those poor cattle. It will be informative to see exactly the BLM’s next move…….Dirty Harry Reid and his son sold out America to ENN Solar, a Chinese firm, ostensibly to help China spend some of their fiat dollars and of course, $40K in campaign contributions. I hope those who vote for that traitor will rethink their allegiance. I also read that Walmart is in on the deal as Walmart owns a solar company. Supposedly Walmart would donate? 200K but only if Bundy was gone. I don’t know that as a fact, but read it I think on Infowars. A huge percentage (90% of Nevada) of the west is under the control of our government…….all of it at risk! I wish I were younger and able to actively participate. I read somewhere that each email sent to a congressman in their eyes equals 1000 voters

  46. Galaxy 500

    on the way home from church, I was giving much thought to Mr. Eric Holder and his claim that no attorney General has ever been treated in such a manner. Didnt they threaten Alberto Gonzales with jail? How much more did this Latino endure that this whiney butt Holder? I do not oppose Obama or Holder or Biden based onthe color of their skin; I oppose them merely because they are f’ing incompetent morons who further divide and damage the country.

  47. Galaxy 500

    News Flash…Does it surprise anyone that the American Minister of Propaganda, Jay Carney, has communist posters on the walls of his house?
    Obama’s biggest lie for 2014. And this is just one of many big lies from a professional liar.
    More bogus Climate change Shiite. They only want to stick the developed world with a trillion dollars of costs to wreck it. And what do you get for a trillion dollars? No noticeable impact. Yeah, lets piss away a trillion dollars on the environment just to impoverish America.
    Please explain to me how that in America, you can be responsible for a debt that your family incurred when you were five. If this doesn’t show you that the Dem controled government doesn’t have a soul, nothing will.

  48. Maria Shaw

    Its very interesting reading your wrap-ups and the comments. I read and try to learn. 🙂 Thank you for a good place to get a little insight. Sincerely/ Maria

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Maria.

  49. Dale

    When the Fed prints it’s $55 – $85 Billion every month, where does it go . I heard most of it stays in the banks. If it stays in the bank, How does that help the economy, it just increases the deficit.

  50. olibur

    “…Russia is also hiking the price of natural gas to Ukraine by at least 50% in May. ….” is a misleading statement.
    Russia goes back to a price set in the contract back in 2009. The current price was a discount one and since Ukraine didn’t fulfill its contract obligations all discounts were cancelled.

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