Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.18.14

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

A deal has been reached over the Ukraine crisis, and that will supposedly “de-escalate tensions and restore security.”  This deal is between the EU, U.S., Russia and Ukraine.  I guess this is good news, but I would call it extremely temporary.  This is supposed to lead to disarming the pro-Russian militia and returning control of government buildings in Eastern Ukraine.  Loyal Ukrainians and pro-Russian factions have been going at it, and I am not sure this deal is going to “de-escalate tensions.”  Even President Obama is skeptical.  He said that the U.S. has to be ready to “respond to what continue to be interference by the Russians.”   The military option is off the table according to the White House.  So, that leaves sanctions that nobody wants, especially in the EU.  Massive amounts of business are done between Russia and the EU.  The global economy is weak at best, and in some places in Europe, you can call it a depression.  Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin says he has, “the right to use military force in Ukraine.”  Russia is going to end up with much of Ukraine, and I do not think there is much anyone is going to do about it.  

I don’t think the Russians are worried about sanctions over the Ukraine.  I think they and many other countries are trying to halt the use of the U.S. dollar as fast as they can.  The latest evidence of that is news of the BRICS making great strides in developing alternatives to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.  There is no doubt that the use of the dollar is being used less and less to settle international trade.  That is the dominate trend, and I see no reversal in sight.  The rest of the world is going to stop depending on the U.S. dollar, and my prediction is that will be much sooner than many can imagine.  The inflation this will bring is going to be stunning as there are $16 trillion liquid dollar assets held outside the country. 

The Intelligence Minister of Israel is not happy about the negotiations with Iran over curtailing its nuclear program.  Yuval Steinitz said the U.S. negotiations were a “surrender” to Iran.  Israel is not happy that Iran could enrich uranium for a nuclear weapon in a matter of months.  This is a big indication on how the negotiations are going.  Iran maintains that its nuclear program is for the peaceful production of energy, and the West does not buy it.  More negotiations are happening next month.  

President Obama is touting 8 million have now signed up for Obama Care.  Of course, the government admits it does not know how many have paid or how many are really newly enrolled.  What is constantly ignored is the plan is not nearly rolled out.  Hundreds of exemptions have been given to big business and the plan for the bulk of the people has been delayed.  It’s been delayed because it will hurt many who will pay more and get less, and it is all enforced by the IRS.  Instead of saving $2,500 per family, the CBO says it will cost $2,100 more for the average family.  Sure, some will get a good deal, but that will be paid for by others. This is the big election issue and no matter if the MSM ignores the bad parts of the Obama Care story. Many now that are living this are not going to be happy come Election Day.  

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid says the folks that protested at the Bundy ranch in Nevada recently are “domestic terrorists.”  That is harsh language, especially from the government that set up 1st Amendment zones for protestors miles away from the ranch.  The 1st Amendment is everywhere in the U.S.  I guess all the folks at the BLM failed civics class.  What scares me about this “domestic terrorist” comment by Senator Reid is I think he is trying to justify the heavy handed tactics by the government.  I’ll be the first to say that Cliven Bundy is not totally in the right here.  He has lost some court battles over the use of this land, but the government was totally out of line bringing swat teams and attack dogs to settle a civil issue.  The government destroyed property and killed many of Bundy’s cattle.  The government is certainly not cracking down on illegal immigration this way.  Banks that admitted they laundered money for terrorists have paid fines.  JP Morgan paid a fine to get out of criminal prosecution in the Bernie Madoff fraud case.  The list goes on and on.  Not a single banker has been arrested and prosecuted for trillions of dollars in fraud perpetrated on honest Americans.    My guest Fabian Calvo brought up this week that there is plenty of information about the possible collateralization of American land to pay off our debts, debts that many crooked bankers have stacked up with fraud such as “toxic” mortgage backed securities.  If law enforcement wants to crack down let’s start with the bankers, not the food producers!! 

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.   

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  1. BajaBryan

    Greg, I genuinely appreciate your Patriotism, integrity, and genuineness. In a world of lost and dumbed down journalism, souls and intelligence, you contuine to be persistent and determined to communicate truth and objective reality without script or pressure. You’re part of what made this country strong and are always a consistent reminder to the rest of us. For that, I and many others I’m certain, wish to salute and thank you sir.

    Baja Bryan

    • Anne Elliott

      I second the sentiment. You’re awesome, Greg! Thanks for all you do. 🙂

    • Chip

      Agree with Brian 100%….

    • allen ols


      Manipulation of stories in Media–clitons

      WASHINGTON – If you want to learn what Hillary Clinton meant by “the vast right-wing conspiracy,” part of the extensive collection of dossiers the Clinton White House kept on its media enemies was released today by the Clinton Library.

      The most important of the documents, “The Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce,” originally some 331 pages, was reduced to only 28 pages in the sanitized and heavily redacted version posted by the presidential library.

      “The Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce refers to the mode of communication employed by the right wing to convey their fringe stories into legitimate subjects of coverage by the mainstream media,” explains the report. “This is how the stream works: Well-funded right wing think tanks and individuals underwrite conservative newsletters and newspapers such as the Western Journalism Center, the American Spectator and the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. Next, the stories are reprinted on the Internet where they are bounced into the mainstream media through one of two ways: 1) the story will be picked up by the British tabloids and covered as a major story, from which the American right-of-center mainstream media, (i.e. the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times and New York Post) will then pick the story up; or 2) The story will be bounced directly from the Internet to the right-of-center mainstream American media. After the mainstream right-of-center media covers the story, congressional committees will look into the story. After Congress looks into the story, the story now has the legitimacy to be covered by the remainder of the American mainstream press as a ‘real’ story.”

      Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/04/released-clinton-files-on-media-enemies/#vm43OxBcqUFk180Z.99

    • David Saucier

      Greg, i don’t know if you’ve seen that video before but if not, you absolutly need to watch it. It’s happening right now.

    • Jeff

      When every the national debt is raised and money is spent all the currency that is current held by the people is devalue and this is done without out their knowledge or vote to the specific benefits they depend upon. National debt is equal to stealing from the American people and our founders were against it.

      US debt is currency, backed by nothing. Gold is money, which keeps equal in value to the national debt. If you are the holder of currency, if you do not buy something that keeps up in value; by holding onto that currency, it loses value as the national debt increases.

      We currently told that there are not enough funds to support the social security system and it will go bust in 20 years. The government attempts to support the social security system by giving cost of living adjustments base upon inflation. If the government were to tell the public it was going to lower social security benefits, this would be an unpopular political thing to do. So instead, they came up with a new formula of cost of living this year, saying inflation was very low. Your electric bill, heath insurance and medical cost, your food and gas prices do they seem to be getting lower to you? The answer is an obvious no.

      If you want to preserve you wealth and have money in your old age, buy Gold Eagle 1 ounce coins tax exempt or Silver Eagle 1 ounce coins tax exempt.


      For 6000 years since the Egyptians Gold & Silver considered money. It has only been since 1971, since the US has completely off the Gold & Silver standard. It is highly likely the US has sold off and has no more Gold & Silver. In the world the countries that are the largest holders of Gold & Silver is India, Russia and China.

      Many economics and sellers of Gold say the price of can go up as high as $50,000 per 1 ounce by the Year 2020, appears crazy to hear. Just to let you know, Silver is also consider the common people’s money and has always followed up or down in the price of Gold.

      Let me toss some numbers at you, in the year 1913 Gold Value $20 per ounce.

      Now if you own 1 ounce of gold in 1914 and sold it 1980 it was $1000 per ounce, it had gone up 50 times.

      Had you held onto you gold in 1933 after it was ‘illegal’ to hold gold and sold it in 1980 at $1000 per ounce. It had gone up 28 times.

      Had you bought gold after 1971 at $50 per ounce and sold it in 2011 for almost $2000 per ounce, it had gone up 40 times.

      If you buy Gold at $1300 and it goes to $50,000 per ounce that is a multiple of 38 times, which is historically possible over time.

      Now since we completely went off the Gold & Silver standard completely in 1971 the US Government has been printing money freely backed by nothing and our politicians have no fiscal responsibility the national debt in 1971 – 424 Billion dollars. Today’s national debt is 16.5 Trillion dollars with a claim to each US citizens & babies included holding of the national debt individually $152 thousand dollars. In 5 years it is believe our national debt could be 21-23 trillion dollars and force the whole US economic system to collapse.

      So the US government will continue inflating dollars, printing money and making national debt and this will force Gold and all other things to inflate or our economic system and dollar will fail and a panic will be a run for Gold & Silver will happen and the dollar value amount will sky rocket. Either way, the value of Gold & Silver will continue to rise.

      It is a strange hypocrisy that our own government puts a blinds eye to putting a debt on each individual US citizen $152 thousand dollars at the same time they have written into law debt servitude is considered a type of slavery and illegal. But then again humans make daily choices from the daily values and value decided not by our government, but the ‘Federal Reserve Bank’, which is a private corporation. This is how the Banks of the world rule over the laws and are more powerful than government currently and the laws they make.

      Now if you read our history books our founders were against Banks issuing money and the first two the Banks came into power to issue money, they later booted out of power. It’s also a part of world history any country that all money that is created from ‘nothing’ eventually fails, 100% of the time; it is a historical fact. It’s also a historical fact for the first 130 years of the US, while we were on the Gold & Silver Standard the US as a whole over this time only had 3% inflation. Its also historic fact the East side of the Roman Empire in ancient times on a gold standard had a stable economy for a thousand years.

      Current people have become accustom to inflation and believe it is normal and do not realize it devalues all their saved money and own assets. It happens so slowly, they do not feel the middle class moved to the poor and the richer becoming grossly richer.

      It is said in 20 years social security will go bust, so if you want to survive and do well in the future, start saving you money in Gold Eagle 1 ounce coins – tax exempt or for the common folk like me, buy Silver Eagle 1 ounce coins – tax exempt. These two things will go up with inflation and definitely will go up, during an economic chaos. And if you lucky enough to save it for you old age, you will do very well, compared to most.

      Always be against violence and remember in our US history we do have written and proven a government system that does work. God Bless America!

    • Jeff

      The 1930s great depression, so long ago, during this time 500 banks failed. Since 2008 till now, approxiamately465 banks have failed. Back during the great depression, we had ‘food lines’, now we have food stamps. If the US stock market collapses and the US dollar collapses, this new depression will be worse that the 1930s.

      Minute rice has a shelf life of 5 years or longer, many meat & vegetable soups have a shelf life of years. If they expire on the label that can still be considered good as long as you cook them a long time. If you buy these items now you are not wasting your money. You can fill a closet with these items and have peace of mind; local stores only keep 3 days worth of food on hand. You can consume them and just restock your shelves; it is not waste. During this time, Silver Eagle coins will be worth 5x to 20x more. Today a Silver Eagle 1 ounce coin cost $20.00 each.

      I do not believe in a “Mad Max, crazy, etc. future”, but economic cycles do happen, depressions do happen, the national debt is insanely real with the government generated money supply and credit. The government says each of us is in debt $152k dollars, babies included. Debt servitude is illegal in our country, because considered a type of slavery, while our government has made legal this debt and is hypocritical to the reality. Prior to the year 1919 we were on the US dollar was attach to the gold silver standard. The benefit of tying it to something real, stops inflation and manipulation of the market. Prior to 1919, for 130 years total we only had 3% inflation.

      Keep this in mind should we suffer an economic dollar collapse. Keep in mind the old written US Constitution prior to its amendments in 1871 make each individual in the US an individual corporation – property with your birth certificate also written as a BOND and kept at a bank to be bought and sold on the World Bank market. Via the US Constitutional non-public secret amendments, we US citizens created to be property in 1871. This appears to be non-sense, impossible to common sense. I cannot ask you to believe my opinion, but research it and discover this yourself. The original founders ‘hated’ the idea of the US being controlled by the banks. When the Federal Reserve Banks creates money, the US peoples have to pay this bank 6% interest. This 6% interest paid via our ‘Income Tax’. Our original US Constitution and current US Constitution says its ‘illegal’ to tax labor and labor is the whole property of the individual. There exist no law today that makes ‘Income Tax’ legal and no single person in the US has been forced or put into jail, when the individual forces the US Courts to produce the law justifying a ‘Income Tax’. Since the invention of the ‘Income tax’, the US government uses intimidation and the use of the public ignorance to gain income tax. Income tax goes to pay the interest to the Federal Reserve Bank, which its exact owners are unknown, except it is known it is own over all by the World Bank which resides in the country United Kingdom. Our income tax does not go to the people of the US for our own benefit.

      The World Bank has been working as a long-term goal to make a New World Order and the world will be controlled and maintain only by a few in control; this is tyranny and not Freedom by the people. Perhaps as you read my above comments as nonsense. It does not matter if you believe me, mostly because as an individual I cannot stop it and have no influence; none of us an individual have that power.

      People make daily choices in life out from cost vs benefits each day. This is the power of how the rich control us and the ignore laws. When the US economy & currency fall and at the same time the other countries attach to the US currency and their currency falls, massive unemployment will occur throughout the world. When the people are homeless, foodless and desperate governments via the New World Order will offer us; ‘other’ solutions and the people will be desperate and except them. From history, this is how Hitler, Tyrants, Communism of some other control will come about.

      There is no single reason to monitor each individual of the US via the NSA and the world. The NSA has the capability to monitor all communications of the world in real time. During a lame duck congress with the lowest amount of laws passed in 50 years, the annual budget for NSA went from 20 billion to 52 billion dollars. It is said social security to go but in 20 years. The money spent for NSA in 20 years would be over a trillion dollars and better spent towards social security. Instead, our government shores up a budget with keeping eyes on each person as a potential terrorist against the government. They do not care about the old and the passé promises they have made. The budget increase for NSA passed with no arguments from any party in the government. Current political leadership as a corrupted by influences the military, corporations, the lobbyist, big banks and the World Bank. The individual voices of the people are but a whisper, not heard by our current political leadership.

      It will be the people and remembrance of our past history of the US Constitution before 1871 with our economy back once again on the Gold & Silver standard that will bring back FREEDOM to the people. Always be against violence and be brave enough to stand up for FREEDOM! God Bless America!

      • Galaxy 500

        You wrote,”The benefit of tying it to something real, stops inflation and manipulation of the market. Prior to 1919, for 130 years total we only had 3% inflation.”
        If you look at CA during the gold rush you’ll see big inflation as large amounts of money (gold) were introduced.

      • Galaxy 500

        You wrote,”Keep this in mind should we suffer an economic dollar collapse. Keep in mind the old written US Constitution prior to its amendments in 1871 make each individual in the US an individual corporation – property with your birth certificate also written as a BOND and kept at a bank to be bought and sold on the World Bank market. Via the US Constitutional non-public secret amendments, we US citizens created to be property in 1871.”
        Where does malarkey like this come from. Not only do I not believe this I’m concerned that anyone could be out of touch with reality enough to believe it. Jeff, not sure where you got this from. You suggest we research it. I humbly suggest YOU research it again.

  2. Troy

    Greg U see things really strange ;)!

    • Greg Hunter

      We live in a strange world.

    • Galaxy 500

      Please explain

      • Troy

        Definition of sarcasm (n)

        Bing Dictionary
        [ sáar kàzzəm ]

        1.cutting language: remarks that mean the opposite of what they seem to say and are intended to mock or deride

  3. allen ols

    Two More Victims Of The Retail Apocalypse: Family Dollar And Coldwater Creek
    By Michael Snyder, on April 17th, 2014

    Family DollarDid you know that Family Dollar is closing 370 stores? When I learned of this, I was quite stunned. I knew that retailers that serve the middle class were really struggling right now, but I had no idea that things had gotten so bad for low end stores like Family Dollar. In the post-2008 era, dollar stores had generally been one of the few bright spots in the retail industry. As millions of Americans fell out of the middle class, they were looking to stretch their family budgets as far as possible, and dollar stores helped them do that. It would be great if we could say that the reason why Family Dollar is doing so poorly is because average Americans have more money now and have resumed shopping at retailers that target the middle class, but that is not happening. Rather, as you will see later in this article, things just continue to get even worse for Americans at the low end of the income scale.

    I was also surprised to learn that Coldwater Creek is closing all of their stores…

    Women’s clothing retailer Coldwater Creek Inc. on Friday filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after failing to find a buyer said it plans to close its stores by early summer.

    Coldwater Creek joins other retailers to seek protection from creditors in recent months as consumers keep a lid on spending.

    The company said it plans to wind down its operations over the coming months and begin going-out-of-business sales in early May, before the traditionally busy Mother’s Day weekend.

    Coldwater Creek, which has 365 stores and employs about 6,000 people, has five stores in Maryland.

    I remember browsing through a Coldwater Creek with my wife and mother-in-law just last year. At the time, my mother-in-law was excited about getting one of their catalogs. But now Coldwater Creek is going out of business, and all that will be left of that store is a big, ugly, empty space.

    Of course the fact that a couple of major retailers are closing stores is nothing new. This kind of thing happens year after year.

    But what we are witnessing right now is really quite startling. So many retailers are closing so many stores that it is being called a “retail apocalypse”. In a previous article entitled “This Is What Employment In America Really Looks Like…”, I detailed how major U.S. retailers have already announced the closing of thousands of stores so far this year. If the economy really was “getting better”, this should not be happening.

    So why are so many stores closing?

    Well, the truth is that it is because the middle class is dying. With each passing day, more Americans lose their place in the middle class and fall into poverty. The following is an excerpt from the story of one man that this has happened to. His recent piece in the Huffington Post was entitled “Next Friday, I’ll Be Living In My Car”…

    For the past 13 years, I’ve mostly been doing facility management in several locations across the state. After the position turned into more of a sales role, they laid me off. Since then, I’ve been looking to find any type of work. I’ve applied for food stamps, and I’m waiting for that. I’m mostly eating soup from a food pantry.

    I’ve been on several interviews — second, third, fourth interviews — and just haven’t been able to land a job for whatever reason. I definitely have the qualifications and the experience. Last week, I had a job offer that I thought was secure, and we were talking my work schedule. They decided to call me back and go with an assistant rather than a manager.

    For a number of applications, I’ve dumbed down my resume. I don’t even go with a resume sometimes, just because I don’t want them to know that I’m educated and have a master’s degree. It shoots me in the foot. They don’t want me because they don’t think I’m going to stay. I don’t blame them. I was making six figures at $60-70 an hour. Now, I’m looking for a $10 an hour job.

    There are millions upon millions of Americans that can identify with what that man is going through.

    Once upon a time, they were living comfortable middle class lifestyles, but now they will take any jobs that they can get.

    • Calgirl

      This is such a travesty, and a result of Agenda 21 which seeks to redestribute wealth from those people and countries that have to those less fortunate. But the crooks of the banking industry are primarily to blame, IMO as their reach is throughout the globe.

      Layoffs are worldwide. Since the USA manufactures almost nothing, we have to import from all over the world. Think Walmart. Therefore, the Baltic Dry Index is a good monitor of the world-wide economy.
      April 17 2014 http://www.ibtimes.com/low-baltic-dry-shipping-index-doesnt-necessarily-mean-deflation-1573304
      Because the BDI tracks the average cost to ship raw materials by boat, the numbers describe the earliest stages of global commodity chains and offer a good look at global raw materials and infrastructure demand. Consequently, it’s often been used as a relatively accurate predictor of the global economy.

      “To those who would use the index for macroeconomic forecasting, a drop from above 1,500 in late March to its current level at 970 could be worrisome,” wrote Benzinga economics columnist Jake L’Ecuyer on Tuesday.

      And then this propaganda:
      But those in the industry insiders say the drop is only temporary, and no cause for alarm.

      And because there is much less commerce going on we see headlines such as this:
      Nov 4, 2013 Financial firms cutting thousands of jobs – USA Today
      USA Today The financial services industry is cutting tens of thousands of jobs … The sector announced 49,000 layoffs the first nine months of 2013, most

      • allen ols


        we agree tks

      • UnTouch

        Wait a minute;

        • Galaxy 500

          Its against my religion to partake of Mormon cattle

    • Angie

      The vanishing middle class, well it was smoke and mirrors the last 20 years anyway. We have been exporting jobs for YEARS and so why has our middle class survived – civel servants, that how. I am talking about federal, state, city and county all growing at astronomical rates. It use to be that county workers were not that well paid but now in Sacramento county the average county worker is up there around $75K for a mid-range job – it is a lot better than many of the managers for some of the smaller companies around town which average around $60K and slightly above.

      As jobs disappeared, government payrolls increased in all sectors. Just look up pay-scales of the “lower” paid workers and you are going to be surprised at their incomes. I was amazed when I worked in taxes this year at the number of civil servants who came in and made $90K + .

      This cannot continue as they need to be only a segment of the workforce yet it has been lopsided for a long time and now the teeter totter has hit bottom. IMO things are much worse that we know and we have been living in a make believe economy for a long time.

    • Angusdude

      And so it goes as dear leader continues the inexorable destruction of the middle class and America in general

  4. Doug Hansen

    Hi Greg,
    Do you know what the difference is between the Mafia & The Government? The Mafia doesn’t use 15,000 hrs, in the form of public education, convincing people they are not the Mafia.
    My point is the great work that you and others are doing is exposing this. And when people realize that the Democrat & Republican paradigm is only a illusion, for people to think they are in control. The real control is whats behind the curtain of government. And we are getting little glimpses behind this curtain, this is what you and others are exposing, and why the main street media is not exposing it. They are part of the curtain.
    The question everyone should be asking is whom and what is behind that curtain. Our answers are behind that curtain.
    Great work as always, thank you for all you do Greg!

    • Galaxy 500

      Well said Doug.

    • mark

      I suggest, if you have not already, give a listen to Greg’s interview with Nomi Prins to get a good indication who is behind the curtain. On another, more spiritual level I refer to the apostle Paul’s own description of evil forces which influence the lives of us earthly inhabitants here below when he writes “for our wrestling is not against blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenlies” (Ephesians 6:12). He surely knew by experience the diabolical nature of every scheme devised against humanity with a view of enslaving and then destroying mankind, but his message was one of redemption unto eternal life with eternal glory through faith in Jesus as the Christ, crucified for our offenses, raised for our justification, ever living to intercede for our perfection and appearing in glory for our glorification. By His death He has cancelled the debt of sin held against us and has “through death destroyed him who has the might of death that is the devil that he might release those who because of the fear of death through all their life were held in slavery.”(Hebrews 2:15). The fear of death is what gives the devil a position of leverage over the cowardly and unbelieving, which many of these individuals “behind the curtain” actually are. So in reality, through their cowardice and lust for power, (i.e. Harry Reid– what a pathetic little man compared to say someone like Cliven Bundy as an example) they are bound to do according to his bidding and in the end, unless they have a change of heart and repent and receive the forgiveness which God has provided based on the shed blood of Jesus His Son, will receive their just rewards when He comes to judge in righteousness, but for now He awaits patiently in His longsuffering, not willing that any should perish but that all would adavance to repentance (even the likes of Harry Reid). To Greg and all fellow followers and posters at usawatchdog I should like to wish a happy Resurrection Day, for the empty tomb of Jesus CHANGES EVERYTHING.!!! LOOK UNTO HIM AND LIVE!! JESUS IS ALIVE AND THE PLOTS OF THE EVIL BANKSTERS CAN’T TOUCH HIM!!!!

  5. woody188

    I love how the corporate MSM is pushing the “people love the ACA” and “Democrats coming back to the ACA” mantra this week. I’m sure polls show the poor and destitute love the ACA, and those with previous conditions that couldn’t get insurance. But they don’t show the millions about to be taxed for their employer’s contributions to the healthcare plans, and don’t reflect the sentiments of those affluent middle class voters that won’t see any subsidy. These groups, which comprise a clear majority, are going to be mad as heck when the full ACA implementation hits. I wouldn’t want to be a Democrat when that occurs.

    Thanks for another great wrap up Greg. Keep writing them, we’ll keep reading them.

    • Galaxy 500

      I posted an article a while back from a liberal blog who was very pro Obamacare until he tried to get his wife’s multiple sclerosis medicine. It was not on the formulary meaning they didnt pay for it. Oh, they gave them an insurance policy but it didnt cover what they needed after being assured they were.

  6. vincentg

    Quoting the Blaze?
    Is the blaze a biased reporting source – yes.
    So why quote them?

    Harry Reid is in the land deals up to his Eye Brows.

    When the press goes after Leona Helmsley for taxes that’s ok.
    You can bash her and write anything, any slur that comes to mind.

    But Harry Reid – oh no we need to treat him with kid gloves.
    God forbid if we call him a bad guy by connecting him to a land grab.
    So what that his son is all over this deal and now the head of the agency.
    What does that have to do with poor old Harry.

    When it comes to Glenn Beck I had hopes for him as a truthful commentator.
    But I don’t have any hope for him as he is three dollar bill.

    He talks about the founders but never supports anyone that stands for the same principles the founder stood for.

    Where was he when Gary Johnson was running?
    Where was he when Ron Paul was running?
    Where is he now – behind the Mormon candidate .

    There is nothing wrong with supporting people who share your religious beliefs but he hides this behind not stating he’s for Romney and taking a stand that he rejects the others.

    It’s one thing to say you are for taking down the Fed and that you support the Constitution of the United States verses Walking that Walk!

    Beck talks the talk but is no where near Walking the Walk.

    What ever he and the blaze is spitting out as news on Harry has more to do with Glenn’s obsession with Alex Jones.

    I don’t think he’s a bad guy but I don’t rate his views too high.

    • Greg Hunter

      The blaze was the best source out there. You should read it before you criticize me for using it. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/04/13/is-harry-reid-involved-seven-answers-to-seven-questions-youre-probably-asking-right-now-about-the-nevada-rancher-situation/#

      • Galaxy 500

        I read the link and its well researched.

    • Galaxy 500

      you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I disagree with some of what Beck says but he is right some of the time.

    • mohammad

      Alex Jones is a war monger and he would love it to break out and for fires to be shot, and here thank god for cool heads on both sides that diffused it, FOR NOW.
      And here I would like to ask Greg for another interview with Karen Hudes since she mentioned on numerous occasions that she was working at the level of deputies and county sheriffs to the tune of 300 allover the states to derail the plan for war. It will be interesting to hear her take on this Bundy Ranch business,

      • Greg Hunter

        At the moment I am booked for the next few weeks!

      • Joey Romanus

        Mohammad, you are grossly misinformed about Alex Jones. NEVER has he called for violence against the BLM, nor has he advocated any wars. He has spoken exactly the OPPOSITE. I have been closely following AJ’s reporting of the BLM and Bundy standoff. AJ called for peaceful resistance to the thuggery of BLM, which is exactly what the Bundy supporters manifested. AJ only called for physical self-defense by the Bundys and their supporters – which is their right – if the BLM were to first fire upon the Bundys/supporters. AJ broke the story about the BLM & Bundy standoff, and if it was not for AJ covering it first, thus, attracting other media to it resulting in nationwide attention, then the BLM would have butchered the Bundys and their supporters – just like the ATF murdering innocents at Ruby Ridge, and the FBI murdering many innocents at Waco. You need to know the facts before you speak, instead of defaming other people who actually speak the truth and contribute to liberty, such as Alex Jones.

      • Galaxy 500

        Doc something else we agree on…Alex Jones is a kook. I am glad that the BLMs overseer pulled them back. It cant be about the grazing fees. You dont spend 3 million to collect less than a million.

        • mohammad

          Parcel of land in the area of the ranch, that is potentially able to be completely sealed from the public, BLM threw on it 700000 dollars that is worth 10000 dollars, high power line goes from the south to the north, free way intersection in the area of bundy ranch that was suggested from 1945, solar energy project?!, I say BLACK BUDGET TOP SECRET project more important than area 51 that is outdated.

          • Galaxy 500

            a black site that is so close to Vegas? Not buying that one.

  7. mohammad


    It is illuminating week wrap, thank you.

    It is all about agenda 21 (twenty first century we are living in now)

    Agenda 21 for dummies (and when it comes to matters that are complicated like this i guess am dummy too)


  8. pieter

    hi Greg,

    I find it really unbelievable that the west is supporting a coup govt in Kiev whom
    many are neo nazi,s and even more this new govt. signs deals with IMF.
    Only if elections are hold in Ukraine then there can be any stabilsation of this country.
    Sofar the west organised and supported coup resortet in exactly opposite results.

    Regarding Israel we should not take their opinions so serious they should better concentrate on their own country and come to terms with their illegal occupation and
    come clean with their own secret atomic arsenal before accusing other countries.
    Just look at the map and see the size of Iran! It is really hilarious can you imagine Panama treathing the USA with war? Let put things in perspective and ignore the zio press for a moment.



    • Galaxy 500

      another Jew hater…they own the land that you say they have illegal occupy. They have the right to live and Iran shouldn’t have a nuke.

  9. Diogenese

    Greg IF Putin wanted the Ukrain he would have been in Kiev 4 weeks ago , the M S M tells us he has 40,000 troops on the border NATO has yet to put its boots on . this is stage two of the energy war , the west just lost it ,unlike Iraq , Russia has sufficient military to protect its recources . invasion failed, Iraq has yet to get its oil output back up to pre war levels , stage two , threats of sanctions / war of words to energy producers ( failed ) , stage three ? buy the stuff in whatever currency the producer wants .
    Power is now in the hands of the producers. NOT the consumers .

    • Greg Hunter

      You said, “Power is now in the hands of the producers. NOT the consumers.” I could not agree more.

      • 86daily

        Greg, I’m not sure. When the producer has the oil and you are standing in the middle of a blizzard?

        Any way the Stars and Stripes recently announced that they have taken the last 12 Abraham Tanks out of Germany. So what is all the treats against Russia. A distraction? It has also been announced that all, approx. 270 Apache Attach Helicopters were taken from the National Guard by order of Obama.
        Maybe the US Army is planning a War against it’s own people?

        On the other side of the coin, plans for a free energy machine, Quantum Electric Generator, 10-15K, for all to reproduce in their own garages.

        Lots of Love

        • Galaxy 500

          Free energy?
          There is no such thing as free anything thing. Ive seen the machines that use the magnetic field from high tension power lines but it doesnt work when there’s no current which is likely in an emergency situation. And it adds extra impedance to the line which makes the power company unhappy

  10. Jerry

    Happy Easter Greg!
    My sources tell me that we will have two currencies within 3-4 months. The Gold backed Yuan to be used in the world markets, and the U.S. Dollar to be used inside the United States “only”. The dollar may face up to a 60% debasement in value when this happens, so you can imagine what that will do to inflation. The vice is tightening on the Banking Cartel that control this country by the Russians and Chinese. The Gold that has been used to buy them off is running out, and they don’t want dollars anymore.

    Greg, do you remember when hundreds of whales beached themselves last year?
    That was a sign from nature that something was not right in their environment. This year we had scores of Bankers dying mysteriously , signifying that something is not right in the Banking system. It is no coincidence that no Bankers have been convicted of fraud or embezzlement, because if they ever pull that scab off, they won’t be able to stop the financial bleeding that would ensue. Denial, cover-up, and of course fraudulent money printing is all we have left to maintain our current economic system. As I said before, debasement of the dollar is on its way. Maybe bail ins to. I can’t wait for your interview next week. Thanks Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry for the info.

    • Beligerant

      @Jerry: I am very interested to hear where your information exists about the two currencies and gold backed Yuan in a few months? I’ve head a similar scenario during Jim Willie’s interviews and very curious if there are other sources stating this other than the usual commentators on the alternative media sites. What say you?

      • Jerry

        My source has inside contacts with several of the major banks. I would venture to say that Jim Willie’s information is coming from the same pool . Many of the large investors know each other and therefore share information. I will say this… my source seems to be one step ahead of Jim Willie on many of his forecast, and he has been 100% correct on all of them. He does say emphatically though ,that the timing is hard to pin point because of the level of manipulation going on. But make no mistake. The era of the dollar as reserve currency is over. Everyone but the American people know it.

        • Beligerant

          Thanks Jerry. Have you ever read Precious Metal Pete’s posts or blog? He doesn’t post very often but gives good insight that a gold reset is coming:


    • Galaxy 500

      So the Russians are going to cede their new found oil power to their enemy, the Chinese? Why would anyone allow themselves to be suckered into any fiat reserve currency when China, India and Russia are adding gold as fast as they can to their stockpile? I guess we’ll see who correct in two months.
      The reason why the dollar has lasted this long is the ability to move it around the world with easy. I find it strange that people arounf the world would rely on a communist authoritarian government that can do anything they want with their currency. Fiat is faith based. I dont see a lot of faith in the Chinese communist.

  11. mohammad

    Please listen to what Sheriff Tony DeMeo says carefully especially in part two towards the end where he says:
    “Like OPEC is controlling oil our government is allowing us being held hostages through controlling food”


  12. mohammad

    This is how BLM made life of Wayne Hage a hell so he gives up his ranch.
    Please listen and listen carefully:


  13. mohammad

    Wayne hage final interview part 2


  14. Mitch Bupp

    Thank You Greg , week after week you provide a genuine picture of our economic troubles while the MSM proudly repeats the company/government line. I understand why you left the MSM to report truth not a marketing news package.

    Mitch Bupp
    Henry, VA

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mitch for the comment and support.

  15. Calgirl

    Two informative videos on youtube:

    You hear how China has a real estate bubble and how the bursting of that bubble could cause worldwide economic meltdown. Here is an interesting video about the abundance of brand new Chinese towns which have very few if any inhabitants. Makes you wonder if this is a big mistake, or maybe pre-planning. The Chinese are known to think way out into the future, unlike how we barely manage to think beyond the next quarter.

    chinese ghost towns http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3XfpYxHKCo

    Do you know enough about Agenda 21?
    agenda 21 documentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GykzQWlXJs
    long video, but very informative…ends with how communities are fighting back.

    To see if portions of Agenda 21 are in your area:
    Go to your internet Search page and type in:
    Sustainable development social equity and your county name

  16. brian

    yeah, they send in the swat team for Bundy and let the banks walk–I guess it is obvious who the swat guys really take orders from. “Just doin’ my job” and “just following orders folks” are going to be the new slogan for this country…………get ready for the worst.

    • Galaxy 500

      I seem to recall a bunch of Nazis claiming that during the Nuremberg trials. A soldier is required to disobey illegal orders. That being said, a few will follow illegal orders with zeal. However, they will be punished

  17. Brad

    I enjoy the concise style in Greg’s writing, maybe envy is the word.

    The deal is not settled in Ukraine because the anti maiden protesters in the east were not consulted in the negotiations! The U.S./CIA is also still continuing with subterfuge and interference in this situation with fake pamphlets and the infiltration of Craft and Blackwater types into the eastern Ukraine,while the E.U. spymaster has publicly stated they have determined there has been no sign of Russian involvement in the area. All Russia has to do is sit and wait for the people of Ukraine to come to their senses and vote accordingly in the next election, provided it’s not fixed by the Nazis in the west and in the Ukrainian government.

    You have got to love this new way of waging war…the advancing Ukrainian army encounters a civilian roadblock and is invited to talk. The civilians discover the army personnel are hungry so the “talk” is put off until after they have eaten. After eating some of the army defect while others refuse to shoot on their own people. If you have ever encountered Ukrainian hospitality you will understand that food and merriment are in huge abundance. However, it was reported that with the soldiers some personnel dressed in black uniforms changed into civilian clothes and disappeared into the crowd. Trouble to come later for sure!

    It’s hard to understand what government regulation is at the root of the trouble in the Bundy ranch situation as details haven’t been forthcoming. That being said ranchers are intimately tied to the land and view it as no city dweller can ever understand. Not only is land a source of income but represents life itself. The BLM needs to accommodate those that live off and care for the land and produce food, especially those who have worked an area for generations like the Bundy family and have ownership rights by that undisputed use. Fair negotiation is the only way forward not heavy handed our way or the highway government dictate.

    Great week of info here at Watchdog USA….Thanks Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brad. Looks to me you have no problem writing and putting your thoughts together in a clear easy to understand style. Thank you again for taking the time to add your perspective.

  18. Don

    Hello, thank you for your continuing efforts to shed light. I live near Bunkerville and during the Bundy situation. A jet fighter probably out of Nellis made a screaming low pass over the protest area. This guy was a menace to the area.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Don for reporting this.

    • Galaxy 500


  19. dave

    Hi Greg
    As for Ukraine.we shouldn’t even be there!.This is all political and has nothing to do for the people living there.They are being played as pawns.So as for the US looking weak,stupid would be a better term.
    Happy Easter Greg


    • Galaxy 500

      I dont see what our national security issues is with regards to the Ukraine. We tried to to encircle Russia with enemies and cut him off from the black sea. We shouldn’t even be giving them aid as its against the law to help a government that took over by a coup.

  20. Ugly

    I wouldn’t expect too much major backlash in November. The MSM has done a good job keeping the Dems looking positive while the Republicans as the bad guys. Notice any war protestors and people sleeping at Govt buildings lately? No. They save those moments if the Republicans gain POTUS or Senate. Even after 6 years of a Dem POTUS and 8 years of a Dem Senate, I still hear it is all Bush’s fault crowd. All you can do is vote (don’t let them take that right away even if it is rigged) and slowly get away from the system as much as possible.

    • Greg Hunter

      Major backlash for a variety of reasons not just Obama Care. The White House has lost the middle (40%)

    • Galaxy 500

      The MSM can say this shiite sandwich is just so great but people use healthcare. And I have seen people attempting to use their shiny new healthcare. Its not up to their expectations. Any idea how frustrating and humiliating it is to have a referral to a doctor that you badly need the services of and be told that they dont accept Obamacare? No amount of happy horse shiite journalism is going to paper over that. Or the man that finds the drugs he needs are no longer covered. Hes not feeling so warm and fuzzy either toward Obamacare.

  21. Rando

    Thank you, Mr. Hunter… this is one to the finest, most straight-forward presentations I’ve seen yet from anyone. Your reference to the Red Moons was brave, but certainly needs to be shared. Another inportant event is the next Shemitah on September 13 of next year… less than a week before the end of the Red Moon tetrad. I personally consider this to be the latest possible date our economy, at least as we know it now, will still be intact. And as with the history of the Moons, this too can be researched.

  22. SRV

    Yes Russia will end up with much of Ukraine Greg, and it is about time someone stood up to the CIA led, corporate funded, sovereign hit squads (who are directly and 100% responsible for the mess in Ukraine, contrary to the US corporate media whitewash story). Link to a very good Greg Palast piece on “how it’s done” through an earlier “operation” in the same neck of the woods (there is a link to a free download of a movie on the story in the middle of the piece, with the download good ’till Monday)…

    Still beating that dead horse on the ACA Greg… get over it, you were wrong, and the lies the R/W echo chamber were spewing were, well, just that. Yet another direct hit to the foot by the soon to be extinct GOP… and how could anyone defend the GOP governors, who deny millions of their least fortunate citizens healthcare coverage through the medicare expansion in the plan?

    Good to see you acknowledge our favorite rancher’s indiscretions (he really has no legal standing in the issue). What would you (and your like minded readers) say about politicians who labeled 100 heavily armed black men standing off (and aiming loaded assault weapons at law enforcement) against the NYPD, for thousands of anti-democratic search and seizure stops against minorities (and only minorities), “domestic terrorists” in NYC… I would suggest you may be singing a different tune.

    • Greg Hunter

      In your world of “taking other peoples money” you don’t really care that somebody has to pay for the “millions of their least fortunate citizens healthcare coverage through the Medicare expansion.” The country is beyond broke and you want more debt. In the end you will create a massive Detroit. I do not appreciate your not so vialed assertion the me and “your like minded readers” are racists. This is 100% false and is the last ditch effort by a liberal fascist who has no real argument. By the way, me and my “like minded readers” know that the NYPD “stop-and- frisk” policy was totally unconstitutional no matter what race it was practiced on. Bring that here again and you will be blocked. You want to put fourth a clean argument, no problem, but this is not going to be a platform for you to make false racial charges in effort to discredit what we think. You will see what America thinks about your Obama Care Lies in November. Your Democratic buddies LIED as a party and are still Lying about Obama Care which that is enforced by the IRS. Finally, if you wish to comment I will no longer accept your anonymous comments. Real verifiable name will be required, “SRV” will no longer cut it. You are going to need to own your words here.

      • Galaxy 500

        this dude is a troll. No if and or buts about it

      • Galaxy 500

        Thanks for being a defender of freedom, truth and the old “American” way. God bless you buddy. Keep the faith

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you 500! Thank you for your support.

      • Calgirl

        Truth is welcome and demands verification. Lies, although ubiquitous in our country, cannot servive here! Slander exposes the writer as dimwitted.

        Can I be in your platoon?

        • Greg Hunter

          You are already a valued member here!!!

          • Charles H.


            You are a very impressive presence and contributor here – really top-notch. As much a must-read as anyone here.

      • Michael Graham

        You did not answer my question… because you are afraid of the answer.

        Not a single member of the RW echo chamber (and seemingly most those commenting on your site are card carrying members) would not be cheering on a group of poor black vigilantes threatening law enforcement with loaded firearms (this very fact was even discussed on Fox News this morning it’s so blatant and obvious with this atrocity)… in fact, police would have gunned them all down in seconds, and survivors would all be in prison.

        A Troll… anyone with a strong, diametrically opposed opinion it appears.

        I come to your site for (often very good) financial information. The prevailing social and political views of many of your commentators is offensive to me… and I have every right to express my views, unless this is a dogma driven site where opposing views are censored.

        And so what if I imply racism… are you really saying there is no racism in the RW camp in America… really? Have you ever shown the black president of your country a single common courtesy since the day he was elected… or the black AG, or Susan Rice, or Van Jones…?

        • Greg Hunter

          You say, “And so what if I imply racism. . . ‘ I hear. “So what if you imply a lie?” That’s what you do, you simply lie when you want to destroy someone especially when you have a bad argument. Protesting should get you gunned down? The BLM is doing this over turtles (that they are killing) and grazing rights? “So what if I lie? What difference does it make?” That you man, and your next political candidate for president.

        • Galaxy 500

          Sure there is racism on the right JUST like there is blatant racism on the left.
          as far as threatened with firearms; the only threats I saw was by a bunch of jackets booted thugs with automatic weapons, trained attack dogs and tasers. This situation has parallels with the blacks sitting at the white lunch counters. Why does harry Reid’s rancher buddies get a better rate? This whole situation smells.

    • Ugly

      Get a real job then let us know how you feel and are doing….

    • Galaxy 500

      So you feel that the rancher is a terrorist but the jack booted thugs that work for Harry Reid’s former chief of staff with automatic weapons pointed at unarmed citizens are the heros. Tell me, what did you think of the black college students in Greensboro NC that violated the law and sat at the “whites only” counter? Let me guess: you’d have been on the side of the jack booted thugs that put their boots on the neck of blacks while calling them the “N” word.
      if you stand for law and order, then you know that some laws are unjust and should be disobeyed by people with a conscience. Tell, why is Bundy charged for cows eating grass when Harry Reid’s “friend” gets a sweetheart deal for grazing his cattle.

      • Greg Hunter

        BOOM!!! Love it!!!

    • Jerry

      I surmise from your post that you are either a government troll or receiving some type government benefits. In either case, my advice to you is to enjoy whatever benefits you’re receiving because in the not to distant future they won’t be around anymore. The wheels are coming off this 125 trillion dollar wagon, and both parties have had a hand in it so stop talking politics. Its irrelevant. Forget about Obama care. That was just a poodle show to keep us distracted from the main event that’s going on in the big top. By this time next year Obama care will be the last thing on your mind. Count on it.

    • Charles H.


      You label yourself by the language you use… “get over it.” In fact the callous and obnoxious attitude contained in this remark bleeds-over into most all your comments. And the elitist snobbery of predicting the extinction of the GOP totally classifies you. A One-sided World is a lop-sided world; and where consideration and respect for others is lost: it is forfeited of the same. Enjoy the “We Won” ride while it lasts – because there is a whole other world of people out there that you are going to have to deal with: those who don’t get over things – on less than amicable terms of your own creating.

      • Galaxy 500

        excellent observations. I couldn’t have said it better and I tried!

    • On Da Beach

      You Cant buy health even with OPM!

  23. Margaret O


    So many of my friends and family live in the dark, and your perspective reinforces the way in which I see the events unfold. Thank you so much for all that you, and your guests do for me personally.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Margaret!

  24. mohammad


    BLM whistle blower sheds some light on what is going on on Bundy’s Ranch:


    • Ugly

      Nice link from an intelligent person knowing what is really going on. The connections becomes obvious with Reid Empire and Zions and others. Kind of makes you sick to the stomach what people of power are willing to do to others for a profit. We are probably witnessing our early ‘purgings’ of the old USA into the so-called new USA.

      • mohammad

        Catherine Austin Fitts, that the first thing came to my mind.
        And here is the puzzle, whats up with that parcel of land mentioned in the video that BLM threw 700000+ dollars on when it is worth 10000 dollars to make sure they are securing it, what will they have on it that will be so secured that no one can have access to?
        Can I say a new area 51?????

      • On Da Beach

        U G L Y_ See the Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck film, “Meet John Doe,” Its coming to a theater of war near you soon! That goes for all you Watchdogs!

    • Galaxy 500

      wow..thanks for posting this link

  25. Diane Ryan

    Excellent Weekly Wrap-Up Greg. Thank you.

    Re the Ukraine situation, I keep going back to your interview with Dmitry Orlov. He said there should not be war between the Ukraine and Russia “because the Ukraine military is part of the Russian military.” Orlov seemed very credible. I pray he is right. And Russia is controlling the thermostats in the EU. As is often the case, our War State federal government will never act constitutionally.

    Re the Bundy Ranch situation. I am one of Harry Reid’s ‘domestic terrorists’. And Greg, if you can allow me to stray off the reservation to speak to Mr. Reid… If you are trolling here, the name is spelled, ‘Diane Ryan’. You can put me on your list. Rest assured, you are on mine. And yes, I am an Oath-Keeper, not an Oath-Breaker like you.

    The Federal government has no right to presume to own State land other than such ownership granted and enumerated in Article I, Section 8, Clause 17. They have no authority to manage or own the lands in question. In fact, most all of the lands the Feds presently thinks it owns are actually State lands unless the State involved sold the land to the Federal government. This issue is an Article I, Section 8 issue related to the Tenth Amendment, which clearly says, “…to the States or to the people.”

    • Galaxy 500

      I think all of us on on Harry’s list and he is on all of ours

  26. Charles Allen


    Harry Reid is a continuously elected home grown robber of American freedoms. The people in Nevada love this guy.

    I was certainly glad to see a lot of AMERICANS show up and stand down the BLM. It is about time the enemies of the U.S. Constitution see that “WE THE PEOPLE” still believe in it’s founding law of the land and are willing to support it fully.

    I hope the American people vote out all these crooks coming up for election. VOTE FOR ANYBODY ELSE, then do it again the next time around…and so on, and so on. That is called “TERM LIMITS”.

    As usual Greg Great Job reporting the REAL FACTS!

  27. libertarian jerry

    Greg, Let me say that you have one of the finest Libertarian sites on the Internet. Your straightforward interviews with liberty and free market minded economic and political experts is top notch in all respects. I always look forward to your updates and interviews and USA Watchdog is usually one of the first sites that I go to when I boot up my computer and dial in the internet. I am an old man who has been in on the fight for liberty for over 50 years. In my lifetime I’ve seen our country disintegrate from a Constitutional Republic to a mobocracy fascist police state. In actuality this has been taking place for over the past 100 plus years. The forces of collectivism and tyranny are almost overwhelming in today’s America.There is,however, hope for our nation when sites like your USA Watchdog are out there fighting to restore our freedoms. Your disseminating of information is an important weapon in fighting the evil that wishes to rule us.Please keep up the good work and thanks again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Jerry thank you for the kind words and most importantly for your support!

  28. Sandman

    Great wrap up. The best way to describe the Obama administration is “Bush League.”
    What happens when you pit a two-dimensional thinker with a three-dimensional thinker? If you don’t know then just watch what happens in the Ukraine. We stirred up a coup d’état while Putin was at the Olympics. We claim the Russian government is behind the antigovernment forces but instead of a peace envoy, we send the head of the CIA to the Ukraine. Does Obama think the world sees him as a leader? My friends overseas tell me we are the laughing stock of the world. We voted a community organizer into the highest office in the land but the world is a hell of a lot bigger and more complex than a community.
    Glad to hear it was a technology problem and not another attack. Keep doing what you do. Peace

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sandman! Me too.

  29. Peter Mondo

    Consider this. When all the trouble around the world settles down, the value of the US’s military power will have relatively less revelance. Then the dollar will be valued on its economic merits and less on its military and political strenth. Perhaps the trouble spots around the world and the potential for war keeps the US dollar strong. Perhaps the value of gold goes up as the dollar drops in a peaceful world.

    • Galaxy 500

      The projection of power will always have value. However, you need someone who understands the macro and micro , who not only understands morality but is moral and who leads from the front, not from his hindmost.

  30. AL KIPF

    “there is plenty of information about the possible collateralization of American land to pay off our debts”


    I’ve wondered if I was the only one that thought this. This is why the Statists have locked up our natural resources and “use” the environmental whack-jobs to advance that agenda.

    The natural resources of the United States are far more valuable than the paper the USD is printed on.

  31. kathleen

    Interesting, gun owners won’t register in CT, they won’t register in NY and now, folks are not signing up for the Obamacare. They are exercising their 1st amendment right on the
    Bundy ranch, loudly. Love it!

    Saw two very interesting videos I want to share. Keep an open mind and watch all the
    way thro’. Jonathan Cahn w/ Sid Roth: The Harbinger Part 1 and Part 2

  32. Robert

    Shall we all learn Chinese so we can understand our new next door neighbors?

  33. mohammad


    A young journalist from New York literally walks in the harm’s way and look straight the barrels of guns pointed at him to prevent a blood shed at the Bundy’s standoff:


    Kudos to this brave journalist and real hero!

  34. mohammad


    They may know something is up and here is a veteran who is not a militia whatsoever according to his statement who will sit there in the ranch until a closure is brought in. I pray and we all should pray that this ends peacefully, am shocked that no one single MSM is following up on the matter of such magnitude. That veteran says that he feels deep in his heart that he may not come back, that brought tear to my eyes, how come am seeing this damn playbook again here as if it is not enough to see it in Syria, how come both sides are played by a third wicked party that will cash on the misery of both fine men and families. God give them peace in their hearts and light to see the way out of this peacefully.


  35. Dwain

    There is no grater evil than when law is converted into lawlessness, justice to injustice in order to punish lawful defense. This is precisely what the federal government is guilty of. The Nevada ranch is case and point. Government imposes a lawless tax on Bundy’s ranch that will put him out of business. When he defies the regimes legalized plunder he is threatened.

    Government operating procedure: use law to break citizens legs so they can’t work, then seize assets when they can’t pay. If they protest, incarcerate or slit their throat.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good short comment–very good!!

  36. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg ,
    Wishing you a happy easter – I hope you get some time off.
    Well I couldn’t agree more with you on the effects of Western sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine situation. Russia and the Brics must be laughing at the stupidity of these sanctions and the blundering antics of the Obama regime. The US and the EU have no trump cards in their hands – the Brics hold them all now. When you look at the size of the emerging markets they are roughly 85% of the worlds population and 50% of economic activity. These EMs also hold 80% of the worlds financial reserves. By contrast the so-called “Top Tier” nations have only 20% of the reserves but about 80% of the debt. These nations [perhaps it should be spelt “Top Tear”] have no bargaining power left now except perhaps militarily. How pathetic is it when Obama, Kerry and Nuland think they can call the shots all over the world. In my view these people are delusional war criminals and should be removed from office.

    I wrote in an earlier post about our own tiny country moving towards by-passing the US$ in our trade with China. In itself this is obviously not major news as our GDP is but a paltry 0.27% of the world economy. However from a historical perspective this is rather more noteworthy as, apart from a disagreement with the US over nuclear ships, we have as a country been politically extremely pro-US. I would put NZ in the category of having been very much a “US Lapdog” in the game of world politics. My point is, if a madly pro-US country like NZ is starting to bypass the use of the US$ in the international trading system, then almost all other countries will do likewise.

    What will happen to the US$16trillion held outside of the US with the demise of their reserve currency? There has to be an accelerating rush to get out of US$s. The US economy and the $ will crash. The incompetent, hypocritical, and bumbling Obama regime have handed Russia and the Brics the perfect excuse and opportunity to hasten the demise of the US$.

    With the demise of the $US as the reserve currency I have found it fascinating to study the TRIFFIN DILEMMA.
    Very briefly the Triffin Dilemma is the unavoidable conflict that arises when a national currency also becomes the world reserve currency. Obviously in the case of the US having enjoyed reserve currency status they have systematically just issued more and more debt. Since most of these dollars have gone overseas they have escaped the majority of the inflationary effects of this money printing. They as the ‘Reserve currency” were able to continue disastrous domestic financial management and enjoy a free ride at the expense of the global economy.
    This in itself is bad enough but when you add in the effect that the US central bank is owned by a privately owned banking cartel – well this ridiculous model just simply defies all logic. In short the world desperately needs a multi-currency system not a single reserve currency. More importantly it also needs a system that is not in the stranglehold of this banking cartel.


  37. Galaxy 500

    You got one Demoncrat in NY Times saying our returning vets are white supremacists and/or neonazis. Could someone club her like a harp seal. She insults men and women who o utterly their lives in harms way for their country. She should be ashamed but she doesnt have a conscience so I am not holding out hope she can be shamed.
    Awww…those crazy kids just want to have fun and the evil moslems want to kill JEWS and Americans and even Moslems. They are the real equal opportunity murderers
    OBAMA is making sure that the Iranians have money for their pursuit of nuclear weapons. He HOPES to destabilize the world and CHANGE the status of America to a fourth world power. Go ‘bama Go ‘bama Go ‘bama
    Why I cant support Rand Paul. I do believe there are some things we should vehemently oppose and Iran with nuclear weapons is on the top of the list.

    • Galaxy 500

      Rand Paul has a simplistic view of the world. Much like our community organizer. And how well is that working for us? Dont make the mistake of supporting him. While I don’t think we need all the bases we have on foreign soil, we need to have a strong military and a person who understands where and when to draw “RED” lines and when drawn, knows they are fixed and unwavering. And a nuclear Iran should be a RED line . Only a fool or a moslem zealot would disagree (why yes, I do feel strongly about this…what gave it away?)

  38. Mitch Bupp

    Hello again Greg, I wanted to point out that the solar energy plant was many miles away from the Bundy ranch. However, the land Bundy used to graze his cattle on was to used as an “offset” for the environmental damage done by the Chinese solar plant. On this point I have to disagree with much of the media …. The solar plant deal was why Bundy is being pushed of his grazing land.

  39. mohammad


    Here is a game changer if legally the lawmakers of western states are really able as they say to take over the management of their resources from the feds:


    “The summit was in the works before this month’s tense standoff between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management over cattle grazing, Lockhart said.

    “What’s happened in Nevada is really just a symptom of a much larger problem,” Lockhart said.

    Fielder, who described herself as “just a person who lives in the woods,” said federal land management is hamstrung by bad policies, politicized science and severe federal budget cuts.

    “Those of us who live in the rural areas know how to take care of lands,” Fielder said, who lives in the northwestern Montana town of Thompson Falls.

    “We have to start managing these lands. It’s the right thing to do for our people, for our environment, for our economy and for our freedoms,” Fielder said.”

  40. William Betts

    I know you must be acquainted with Judy Woodruff and Margret Warner of PBS Nightly News. I have watched this program off and on since TV came into being back in the early 60’s. It really bothers me that a respectable program is putting on the air the stuff that this Fascist govt is handing out to reporters. I can not believe that Judy Woodruff will sit there and read those lies that she has been handed to read knowing full well that it is not true. I would like some journalist that read this to respond. Betts

  41. Galaxy 500

    Why is Obama so anti jobs? He needs the jobs from the Keystone Pipeline. And all the talk about the carbon pollution is f’ing stupid. The oil will be developed and used either by us or by China. A pipeline is safer than the train or trucks …not to mention cleaner.
    Obama has a war on jobs instead of a job creation program.

  42. Agent P

    Something to keep in mind:

    The ‘soldiers’ training their Leupold Mark IV’s atop .338 Lapua’s at the Bundy’s and their supporters from hilltops – threatening to ‘shoot’ , are there to ‘do a job’… There is no political favoritism here; no’left vs. right’ false paradigm… They are there to take out the ‘bad guys’. This is evident as well with the epidemic of ‘SWAT-teaming’ going on around the nation. Some have suggested use of the term: ‘Hired mercenaries’ – and I would have to soberingly agree.

    This is a very serious situation that has morphed and developed since late 2001. These are the very same ‘heros’ that a certain ‘conservative’ talk radio host out of New York says we are to ‘salute’ at the end of every one of his daily broadcasts…

    This is what FALSE ‘patriotism’ has brought us since September of 2001 – along with the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Now all those who ‘cheered’ this on – and suggested that us ‘unpatriotic’ types ‘shut up or get out’ or, if we aren’t doing anything wrong, we have nothing to fear’, are seeing the bearing of the fruits they themselves helped to plant…

  43. mohammad


    Am sorry if what am saying here may not resonate with emotions that can go along the patriotic, republic hurray but am speaking out of concern and out of care:

    If the Bundys think that this will go their way they need to think again.
    The Feds will never allow such a precedent no matter what the justification is.
    Bundys have to recognize there are a lot of women and kids who are in jeopardy because he is more stubborn than the ox he is raising on his ranch.
    He should swallow his pride and let this settled in courts and if he lost there … hey … he’s got his day in the court, Ron Paul does not agree with the way the Bundys were handled but at the same time he said that the land ownership is NOT CLEAN.
    We are slipping in a dangerous slippery slope at the worst times especially we are at cold war with Russia.
    That stand off there and the possible ramifications is giving Putin a big grin on his face.
    The Bundys need to have cool heads thinking the situation over, striking a deal with the feds and ending this dangerous situation.
    Believe me Greg am saying this because i have seen this movie over there in Syria, I do not want to see it here.
    I am putting those words on this site as I put similar words on the Bundy Ranch site.
    What Sheriff mack had said about a strategy of putting women and kids in the front IS PLAIN STUPID, AND HE CAN BE PROSECUTED FOR JUST CONTEMPLATING THE IDEA SINCE HE IS A FORMER SHERIFF and know better(I hope).

    Here is a link to one of the Bundy’s buddies who is trying to correct or SPIN what Sheriff Mack exposed and you can see the distress on his face and in the tone of his voice.

    I pray to god that they will get their sanity and someone wise diffuses this situation BECAUSE IT AINT OVER as per Harry Reid, and he means what he said.


  44. mark

    I am a great supporter but the MSM has accomplished their task in making everyone in the US believe that Iran is going to build nukes and destroy everyone. I do not believe they have ever attacked another country. Are they really a threat or just a perceived threat? I would worry more about Pakistan. We need to quit meddling in the middle east.
    Lew Rockwell published this years ago and I think every American should read it and contemplate it. We need to start looking at the world through the perspective of others and not just our one sided point of view.

    • Ken Alexander

      I am wondering why Pakistan doesn’t give a few nukes to Iran. They have plenty.

  45. JC Davis

    Happy Resurrection day to all.

  46. pieter

    I would appreciate it very much if you stay to the facts and don,t use terms as jew hater, btw most jews are khazars but I am sure you are not hindered by your ignorance of denying facts of history. Know your facts and don,t talk about Iran like a stubborn imposter.



    • Galaxy 500

      My ignorance. … i’ll keep my ignorance over your bigotry any day

  47. Galaxy 500

    My ignorance. … i’ll keep my ignorance over your bigotry any day

  48. pieter


    Haha you are a nut case stop taking these pills these have negative side effects. Btw have you ever been in Iran or you just get your info from CNN and Newyork times that would
    explain lots.

    • Greg Hunter

      Anyone who disagrees is a “nut case?” This is straight from the social/fascist play book. Please tell me you are not reading form it.

  49. pieter

    hi Greg,

    No of course not but accusing me of bigotry is not to the point as Galaxy knows himself very well. Seems to me that many ppl especially living in the us are too much exposed to the mainstream news and hardly every travelled outside their country.
    Btw anybody can and should disagree but pls based on facts not just statements.



    • Greg Hunter

      Fair point Pieter.

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