Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.26.12

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

New news about the Boston bombing suspects, and it is not pretty.  It is reported that Russia contacted the U.S. government “multiple times” about Tamerlan Tsarnaev.  He’s the older brother that was killed in a shootout with police and FBI.  The FBI’s excuse for not taking Russian warnings seriously was the FBI thought Tsarnaev did not pose a threat.  Lawmakers are looking into what went wrong and how to stop future terror plots.  

It looks like Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is green lighting attacks on both Syria and Iran by Israel.  To help the Israelis, Hagel is approving the sale of more military hardware to Israel that includes air refueling tankers.  There was no timeline announced, but Hagel says there is “complete” agreement on Iran policy.  He also indicated that Israel can make preemptive strikes into Syria and Lebanon.  

There’s a stampede into both physical gold and silver.  Reports are coming in from around the globe about heavy buying of both metals.  Silver, in particular, is in short supply, and U.S. Mint sales are the highest since 2009.  The Mint ran out of 10th ounce Gold Eagles this week. 

Former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine is being sued by the bankruptcy trustee, Louis Freeh.  Freeh says Corzine is responsible for the bankruptcy of MF Global on “risky trading strategies.”  He’s suing to recover losses to clients. MF Global went bust on Halloween 2011. 

Lawmakers are secretly talking about exempting Congress from Obama Care.  It’s not a secret any longer.  If Obama Care was so good, why is Congress and its staff trying to get out of it?    

I am currently in Missouri, and the swing from drought last year to flooding this year is extreme.  The drought is over in the Eastern half of the Midwest, but there are still some extreme drought conditions in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska, to name a few.  Flooding can be just as bad as drought, but both are damaging to crops.  Don’t expect a price break in the rising cost of food this year. 

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis of these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. bob d

    no gun found in the boat. Crazyyyy ,a new story every hour.

    • Greg

      Bob D.,
      Yes, and it creeps me out. We simply are not getting the entire picture.

      • droidX-G

        Greg, you dont think the gov’t would lie do you? Wait…they lie on the stats they give…they lie on every thing.
        But just becuase he didnt have a gun.when.caught doesnt mean.he.didnt.have one. Guy.with.blown.off legs identified bomber. You conspiracy nuts.think some guy let his legs get blown off for dun?
        I beleive he did it.

  2. Allen Ols

    Greg. Tks for your work I am waiting for your next interview w/jim willie. And i s the pond in the background yours, and. Don’t forget to buy storage wheat rice. Beans etc. As prices soar.

  3. Troy

    Boston bombers: EVERYTHING IS A LIE!
    Congress: ABOVE THE LAW Hello?

  4. buggymak

    Keep that good work.very informative.

  5. Trap

    Good wrap up Greg, Corzine will never see a day behind bars. As for the run on gold have a look at this.


    • Greg

      He better hope the government does not collapse.

  6. George Too

    Apt comparison between 911 and the Boston terrorist attack. The FBI and the liberals at Justice do not know what a terrorist looks like; either mentally or emotionally. They ignore red flags so they can be politically correct…or get back home for dinner on time. Is anyone surprised that the new agency set up to facilitate the sharing of information so another 911 attack doesn’t happen is a failure? Look at the Time Square bomber. What a catastrophe that would have been! We were saved by the incompetence of the attacker, not by the people paid to protect us.
    Had the Boston terrorist left Boston immediately after the attack and planted bombs in NY…

    The whole world is shaping up into a powder keg; so many fuses: from war and famine to economic collapse. North Korea, Syria, and Iran on the war front; Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy, the US…the whole world on the verge of economic collapse.
    Some grandmother is going remove a nickel too much from a bank somewhere triggering a collapse of the worlds banking system.

  7. art barnes

    Greg, the sanctions against Iran are not working, will not work, and Iran is steadfast in defying them no matter what the cost. Therefore, in my humble & uneducated opinion, an attack will be done at some point within the next year or so. Hillary got out, can run for president and campaign that she was for the attack if it goes good, or she was against it if it doesn’t; master political chess player.

    On a second note, I believe the Mass. Governor & Boston Mayor along with Homeland Security had known of a threat but decided to ignore it due to the billion dollars or more the event brings in to the state and the City of Boston. Very few newsman are asking those questions, and when they are they are taken out of the conference room or ignored as “kooks”. I always believe if you want to know an answer for something follow the money. I’m not saying they had the specific threat of the two bombers, but Navy Seals with dogs all over, bomb sniffing exercises going prior and during the race, intelligence threat ship & assets nearby in Boston Harbor, etc., etc.; in my mind more than just usual security precautions.

    One more rant: When is the U.S. Government going to acknowledge that over 70 percent of Islam is either supportive of the radical movement or actively engaged in arm conflict. That number has been supported many times in recent polls but not publicized. Will it take another 911 or worst until its understood that Islam has declared war on the west, I submit it will! God Bless America. Thank you for your site.

  8. George Too

    Does this make any sense? “DHS Denies Ammo Purchases Aimed at Civilians” http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2013/04/25/dhs-denies-ammo-purchases-aimed-at-civilians

    DHS says you are a radical/possible terrorist if you believe in the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, or have more than seven days worth of food stored. Why is homeland security (the US version of the Gestapo) spending so much time looking at normal citizens that are concerned about the direction the country is going instead of the Islamic terrorist that are killing women and children?

    I think Liberals figured out that if they can not take our guns away they can render them useless by making ammo impossible to obtain.

  9. George Too

    Former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine should be in jail and his entire fortune should be forfeit. Where is Holder? Of course, Holder should be in jail for providing guns to the drug cartels. May God forgive us for putting these bozos in charge

  10. Jerry

    If the government wasn’t so busy trying to gather information on law abiding CCW citizens they might be able to track down real terrorist.
    The whole Boston bombing thing seems suspicious to me, simply because it happened on the same day the gold markets were being plundered. Its the old don’t look over there, look over here tactic the elites seem to like to use, and of course the media follows along like a bunch of lemmings. Greg it is refreshing to see that someone outside the puppet box is paying attention. Thanks for your work I really appreciate it. By the way Greg, can I have the address of those people that were giving you crap about your predictions? I would like to go buy their house for pennies on the dollar when the collapse comes.:)

  11. Rod

    Thanks Greg,
    Another great week of reporting. Just a little update from the West, We are dry! Dryest spring I can remember, the fall and past summer were also record dry. We lived in smoke from fires all summer last year and it looks the same for this year. Yes there are pockets of moisture in some places but overall the farm country is suffering badly. Ive been in Ag all my life and have never seen such extreme weather. Ammo and supplies are also scarce but you can still buy some if you know where to look. Most people are unaware of the dire circumstances this country is in. Food and life supply items are going to be priced into the stratosphere if relief doesn’t come from the drought, or in your case flooding!

    • Greg

      Thank you Rod for the reporting!!

  12. Tam Duong

    You are right about the Obamacare. It’s a disaster and those people in Congress and the Executive Branch know that because they implemented it to rob the American people after they Cyprused them from the bank accounts. We are getting robbed in day light and these people are so brazen that they don’t care how they rob the American people. Eventually, the American will make these corrupted politicians know what they think of them by their actions.

  13. Tiger

    Greg, Do you have the bill number for the Obama-care exemption for congress?

    • Greg

      I do not because they are secretly talking about the exemption. This was widely reported.

  14. hjb

    russia who have been trying to screw us since stalin…discrediting the FBI ? i would nt believe putin and his gang if he said the moon came out at night…The FBI strikes fear into our enemies and protects us and says “no one is going to bomb you tonight”..AND WITH ALL THE CRAZIES OUT THERE THERE HAS BEEN NO INCIDENTS IN THIS COUNTRY SINCE 9/11…

    • hjb

      i will never again try to write a comment on this blog

      • Greg

        I was traveling and it took me longer than usual to post the comments. I hope you change your mind and keep posting.

    • Greg

      This info and revelation came from Congress.

  15. Charles H.

    Hey Greg,

    Here’s a simple breakdown – of how God deals with nations.
    1. His hand of blessings and protection bestowed.
    2. His hand of blessings and protection withdrawn.
    3. His judgment wring forth punishment.
    We are probably at number 2 now, lacking blessing and protection, and having natural and supernatural catastrophies – hence the irony of draught and floods concurrent, and government intel acting like deer in the headlights (evil influence).
    Did you catch Marc Faber mentioning his suspicion the US will probably do another Confiscation? Holding gold OUTSIDE the US, is next level stuff.
    You’re looking good – it’s the best part of your post. And give yourself credit. So many of us would be hurting without you around.

    • Greg

      Thank you Charles.

  16. Illinois Troll

    By allowing Israel to start a war, it takes the heat off of the US for being the aggressor. If these wars are coming, which it seems they have been pre-destined to have (see ret. Gen. Wesley Clark’s statements about the US’s war agenda), then look for some bombs from Iran or Syria (actually from the CIA who launched them from Iran or Syria) that Israel will have to “defend” themselves from… I love Israel, personally, but I don’t like it when any country starts a fight needlessly or for someone else who won’t do it themselves… As far as the flooding goes, you are right about the food prices! Many of the fields around here are flooded or have standing water in them still, which will prevent the farmers from getting in at the right planting times. So should be another rough year for the agriculture industry, but a really good year for the farmers who have higher ground!

  17. jc davis

    Greg: I am hungry for my watchdog food… where is the comments?

    • Greg

      Sorry JC I was traveling and I am putting them on now (Sat 4:34 EST.)

  18. Ugly

    I trust nothing about the Boston Bombing. Innocent people lost lives and the story changes. Too much junk. I don’t believe anything the MSM and Govt says anymore.

    • Chip


  19. Al

    You are very conscise and to the point and I am telling everyone I see about you and your site. Every CNN / FOX watching dead head sheeple bee (I can’t say drone) who gets “programmed” by the lame stream media should decontaminate their mind by watching usawatchdog.com
    Much success and blessings

    • Greg

      Thank you Al for the kind words and for the promotion!

    • Chip

      Concur with Al’s statement…

  20. jc davis

    For all concerned: Keep in mind evidence can only be called a theory when it can be explained away. I don’t like Glenn Beck, however he points out some really good questions yet to be answered.

  21. M.Smiith

    Greg, thought the folks would like know this, it affects all of the world as we know it! http://www.nukeprofessional.blogspot.com/2013/04/report-from-steadily-increasing.html. The public deserves the truth no matter how bad it is & you beat the MSM hands down any day of the week.

    Greg, with all the great interviews you have done, it seems Martin Armstong has a different view on Gold, he relys on his computer he built & it just drives many crazy to hear him put it down, I would like to hear your view on what he preachs! Thanks for all you do. Hope the flooding stops soon, we feel down here in TN too!

    • Greg

      M. Smith,
      Please read the comment I posted from Pieter. This is some of the best analysis I have read from a commenter on this site or on any site for that matter. I think it will answer your gold question very clearly.

      • M.Smith

        Thanks, it was eye opener!

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