Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.27.12

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The mainstream media is constantly pushing the so-called “recovery” story, and this week was no exception.  On Wednesday, Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke raised his forecast for growth and said the economy was improving.  Really?  Bernanke reaffirmed near zero percent interest rates through 2014 and said, this week, that more bond buying or money printing “remain very much on the table.”  Is that the sign of a good economy?  How about the record number of Americans that are on food stamps?  How about the latest Case-Shiller report that showed housing prices down—again? How about the recent unemployment report that was not so hot?  If unemployment was measured the way it was by Bureau of Labor Statistics in 1994 and earlier, it would be north of 22%.  That’s right where it’s been for months, and we still have a “recovery”?

Russian Special Forces are training with U.S. forces in Colorado next month.  The reason: to counter terrorists here in the U.S.  That’s a little frightening when you consider so many experts say the U.S. is on shaky ground financially.  What are they preparing for–a financial collapse?  A new Pew poll says only 33% of Americans think the federal government is doing a good job.  Big surprise.   North Korea made an unusually specific threat, this week, when it said it would reduce South Korea “to ashes in less than 4 minutes.”  Tensions are rising on the Korean peninsula since the failed North Korean missile test a few weeks ago.

Newt Gingrich is out of the GOP presidential race, and that leaves just Romney and Paul.  Paul vowed to stay in it until the convention, and he has the backing and money to do it.  Speaking of Ron Paul, he is currently fighting against the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act or CISPA.  Dr. Paul says it is an assault on the 4th Amendment (illegal search and seizure).  If the bill is signed into law, it could allow Google and Facebook to report to the National Security Agency about Americans’ private lives.  Greg Hunter brings you all these stories and more from the USAWatchdog.com Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Mark Leiby

    Thank you Greg for your continued front line reporting in what can only be described as an accelerating global economic world war.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mark for your comment and for your support! Yes, we are at the beginning of economic war and it will be financially bloody for all sides.

  2. Barry

    When will the sheeple wake up? The Dow has been skyrocketing all week. I was reading yesterday on zerohedge that the feds come out with a weekly unemployment number, then the next week they will raise the previous weeks number so they can show this week as LOWER than the previous week. Without the adjustement up of the previous week, it would show each week rising. What a SCAM!

  3. slingshot

    Russian troops training on U.S soil. Why not? They have drones in the air to spy on us. They say there are no free speech zones and you can be charged with a felony if you violate the space. They want a kill switch for the internet. Assualt on 2nd Amendment by treaty with the United Nations. Presidential decree of confiscation and supreme Federal law and control of the land.
    If 1 percent of what the conspiracy nuts say is true, we will all go willingly to the FEMA camps.

  4. Chuck Allen

    Hi Greg,

    Right on… what recovery? It is amazing that anyone would even believe this BS anymore. The financial rape of America is so insidious that it is like the preverbal frog in the pot. The frog doesn’t know it is being cooked until the water boils, then it is too late.

    Russians training on American soil (for terrorism) is indeed very scary. I believe, like the frog above, when American discovers it has been cooked, we will try to riot. However, foreign troops will enforce martial law and force us into the new FEMA camps around the country. U.N. light blue hats will be seen everywhere!

    The actual (22% +) unemployment in our country is more of a threat than North Korea, at least to Americans. However, South Korea, Japan and that whole region does have a real problem.

    As far as Newt Gingrich goes, he never was a real contender, but he has powerful money friends. I still stand behind Ron Paul, just because he is different and has been for decades.

    Congressman Paul has a remote chance to win the Republican nomination if every voter under 25 years old votes for him. They have the power. Romney is just another shill for the globalists…no “real change” there; just more of the frog in the pot.

    The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act will be another loss of our American freedoms thanks to congress. The “enemy within” is winning. I believe Obama will be re-elected for his second term, allowing him to turn the heat under the pot to full power.

    American frogs are in real danger!

    • Greg

      Chuck Allen,
      Yes, the Frogs are in real danger. I hope they wake up before they see bubbles boiling!!

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