High Alert on North Korea, Economy Down Again and Trump Tax Plan

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (WNW 281 4.28.17)

Secretary of State Tillerson and other top U.S. officials have issued a dire warning on North Korea. In a press release this week, the Trump Administration says, “North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is an urgent national security threat and top foreign policy priority.”  This release was issued after a White House briefing to 100 Senators that detailed the possible threat.  Another ominous sign was the test firing of an unarmed ICBM at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.  Meanwhile, North Korea has been making provocative videos showing a military nuclear strike on the United States and also a live fire drill with North Korean artillery.  Many of North Korea’s artillery can easily reach Seoul, South Korea.

President Trump revealed a skeleton tax plan that his Administration says will be business friendly, spur growth and jobs. It proposes a top corporate tax rate of just 15%, and it doubles the standard deductions for most individuals, while taking away most private and corporate deductions.

Meanwhile, the real economy continues to show disintegrating results. The Atlanta Fed is now downgrading the growth in the first quarter to just .2 %.   On top of that, store closings are projected to surpass 8,000 nationwide.  At the top of the 2008 Great Recession, the store closings topped only 6,000 in the U.S.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(There is much more in the video newscast.)

After the Wrap-Up:

Mike Maloney from goldSilver.com will be the “Early Sunday Release.”


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  1. Paul ...

    Some may say “nuclear brinkmanship” is just Trump’s way of “negotiating” with the enemy … but playing “a preemptive nuclear strike game” is just total lunacy when the consequences of something going wrong is “nuclear annihilation” of millions of people … to roll the dice in such a manner … with a possible thermonuclear World War III starting with China and Russia hanging in the balance … throws all caution to the wind … especially for someone so worried about seeing a few babies gassed in Syria yet not cognoscent of the possible cry’s of 320 million American’s babies that can result from these actions?? … is this the way we make America first again? … or are we simply making America “the number one threat” to peace in the world?? … after 16 years of inconclusive and catastrophic wars upon wars upon wars … are we going to war again?? … for who?? … the Rothschild’s?? … to bring about the one world government the Rothschilds want by having their central banks in every country of the world?? … and what do we Americans get for our expenditures of prodigious amounts of money and significant amounts of blood?? … the loss of our privacy and liberty?? … while the “Deep State” profits by bringing back heroin in the bodies of our dead soldiers?? … and what gives Trump the right to “selectively choose” which “bad guys” must be gotten rid of?? … why just the “bad guys who refuse to have a Rothschild Central Bank in their country?? … how about getting rid of the “bad guys” who were complicit in murdering Americans on 9-11 or the “bad guys” now murdering women and children in Yemen?? … is it any wonder Trump is losing support of his base??

    • Paul ...

      Someone should show Trump pictures of the “little babies” being killed in Yemen by the Saudi “terrorist regime”!!!

      • AndrewB

        Great to know there are at least a few sane people who are able to research the facts and reach logical conclusions – people able to put aside their illogical (programmed) emotional responses – to THINK clearly inspite of year upon year of governmental / MSM propagated propaganda. Unfortunately you are in a minority. Even the heroes in the alt / free media cannot seem to break free of years of ‘programming’ when it comes to North Korea and this plays right into the hands of those who control world finances / events.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Apparently ISIS apologised for attacking Israeli forces! You couldn’t make it up.


      • Greg Hunter

        Foreign Press also said Ivanka was booed when she was not. Lots of propaganda out there everywhere.

      • AndrewB

        In general I support your comments but beware quoting / referencing The Independent (fake newspaper). Contrary to its name, this publication was bought by an exiled Russian oligarch and continually produces the most outlandish stories about; Putin, Russia, Donald Trump . . . anyone it considers may be an ally of Russia. Just like George Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth’, the inappropriately named ‘Independent’ is an instrument of propaganda. It should be derided, not quoted.

  2. Corleone

    In Yellen’s understanding, the fact that thousands stores are closing and thousands companies are filing for bankruptcy is a strong evidence of a sluggish recovery that needs another massive heroin injection.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Not only is it the weakest economic expansion ever but it is also the third longest economic expansion in history, according to Mike Maloney. The next downturn can’t be far away.

      • Corleone

        In Yellen’s vocabulary: we see the market is moving on the right direction.

  3. FC

    The canary in the coal mine has been taxidermied, it only has the illusion of still being alive. This economy will never recover without a complete and utter reset and the Globalists know it.
    That’s the reason why they have allowed Brexit, Trump and soon to be LePen to come to power so they can implode the whole system and we the people have our fall guys to blame.

  4. Mario Borsato

    Hi Greg
    I listen to you every Friday for years. Great job my friend!
    It is pretty crazy everything that is going on globally. I’m surprised we made it to 2017 without a major event. Unfortunately I don’t think we will make it much longer without seeing one. Then again the powers that be seem pretty good at kicking the can down the road.
    My concern now is that Trump isn’t the real deal. Everyday he’s done something that makes me think he is just a player in their game. He made everyone think he was gonna change things but personally I think he had been playing us… he’s just another puppet. Soros and Rothschild etc pull the strings. Either that or he really thought he could run things his way and had a big surprise when he took office.
    He’s reneged on most things he said he was going to do or things he said he wasn’t going to do.
    God help us!
    Your brother in Christ!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Meaning nobody cares about war victims or freedom or government honesty….only money? Well then, we get what we deserve.

  5. Kim

    Nice wrap up! Looking forward to Mike Maloney!! Would it be possible for Chris Martenson soon?

  6. Lee Lewis

    I feel so sorry for the Koreans who just wanna be left alone but never are. I feel a little guilty for saying this but my advice to Kim Jong would be to aim his nukes at Yellowstone, it would be wise for the US to be aware that 1 well placed nuke would wipe them from the face of the earth permanently. I expect that Putin is well aware of this. Scary stuff.

    • Greg Hunter

      You “feel a little guilty” you are talking about a devastating attack on not only America but a global winter of Biblical proportions. You are an Idiot!

      • AndrewB

        Greg, Unpalitable as it may seem, Lee has a point. The point being that the hubris in Washington (reference Dr Paul Craig Roberts) blinds the Hawks to the huge risks they are subjecting the world to. The assumption always appears to be that nothing and nobody can stand up to American military might – the same miscalculation which led to a humiliating defeat by North Vietnam. I follow many alt media / free media commentators who profess to be fully awake to CIA inspired ‘false’flags’, etc., but when it comes to the subject of North Korea everyone seems to lose all objectivity. I can only conclude this must be the result of decades of brainwashing by the MSM.

        • Paul ...

          Lets use a little logic here … what is Trump doing going to war with North Korea when they were not the ones who did 9-11 … shouldn’t Trump be attacking Saudi Arabia instead (the biggest and evilest terrorist regime in the Middle East)?? … I’m not saying Kim is a nice man but put yourself in his shoes … you have a Satanistic “deep state” cabal after you … calling you “nuts” … all because you won’t give up your weapons of mass destruction (the way Iraq’s Saddam and Libya’s Qaddafi did) … perhaps Kim is not as crazy as we are being told … perhaps he would rather spit in the face of the Satanist cabal rather then being “hanged” or “sodomized” like Saddam and Qaddafi were (because they (and he) refuse to allow a Rothschild Central Bank complete control his country’s finances)??

          • Frederick

            Paul Do you still buy that story that Saudi Arabia carried out that very sophisticated false flag Please I thought you were smarter than that brother

            • Paul ...

              The Saudi’s were complicit in the crime and easily provable … Obviously Others Were Involved … but when our generals go to war … they should at least go after the country that left their passports at the scene of the crime (not Iraq) I don’t remember any “North Koreans” hijacking those planes on 9-11!!!

              • Frederick

                Paul Do you actually believe that passport they found in the wreckage was from an airplane? It was so obviously planted there and those Saudis were nothing more than Oswald was in the JFK assasination Patsies The real perps have NOT been positively identified but plenty of people are highly suspect

      • Ron


        Well said. The North Korean Unstable needs no help.

        In Him

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Reagan used to talk like that….I think it was because nuclear bombs didn’t exist when he was growing up, so they didn’t seem ‘real’. A certain football terminology creeps into some males talking about mass murder….women, of course, used to stand up to them for acting like idiots. from “The Honeymooners”:

        “Alice! I’m the King and you’re nothin’! YA GET ME, ALICE? NOTHIN’!!!!”

        “Yeah, Ralph, big deal…OK, so you’re the King of Nothin!!'”

  7. Baird Seymour

    great reporting

    thank you

  8. Stephen Amato

    Greg, you should look into a religious health share plan, like Samaritan Ministries. I have this and I have 4 kids. My insurance was going to go up 10 times. Yes, 10.

  9. John Tipping

    9/11 …
    Can proceedings start here ?
    Larry Silverstein (& complict others)
    must be criminally charged (to the FULL extent possible)
    for destroying Government Documents & Property
    plus Private Documents & Property
    which were housed in building 7 (WTC7) …
    Larry Silverstein admits WTC7 was pulled down on 9/11
    What Was In Building 7?
    in ANY case it was inexcusable for him/them
    to destroy WTC7 ESPECIALLY (most most especially)
    on the same day & timeframe as the other 9/11 events
    in DOING so, it seems
    HE/THEY were trying to
    hide the demolition of building 7 in the 9/11 devastation
    & of course, WTC7 must have been (already) wired for demolition
    it just needed someone (Silverstein) to give the go-ahead
    & someone to press the button …
    it didn’t NEED TO BE demolished on 9/11 THAT’S for SURE
    he could have left it (demolishing WTC7) to the next day …
    the next week …
    but no …
    he wanted it mixed in with the rest of the 9/11 main event
    Larry Silverstein decided to demolish WTC7
    when the 9/11 event was in progress …
    if WTC7 was going to fall down anyway (which it WASN’T)
    LET IT fall down …
    don’t in the heat of 9/11 decide to demolish a building
    (not situated CLOSE to the main event)
    (and NOT struck by planes, and struck by little if any debris)
    WTC7 didn’t need to be demolished …
    it just needed that area cordoned-off
    and the area WAS KEPT SAFE ANYWAY (for the actual demolition)…
    this is not a conspiracy theory …
    it’s just looking at the facts …
    just as the fictional Sherlock Holmes
    would do it’s NOT taking things at face value
    – but examining the facts – & THEN theorizing …
    unlike GWB who theorized FIRST (adamantly)
    didn’t fit with/suit HIS/THEIR NARRATIVE …
    It was reported in a News bulletin that WTC7 had collapsed
    WELL BEFORE it actually collapsed.
    BBC Reports 911, WTC 7 Collapse BEFORE it Happens
    So it is clear (to me) that it was known
    (well before it happened)
    that WTC7 was going to be demolished (on 9/11)
    (the BBC report above proves that !!!)

    • Paul ...

      If the Satanistic “deep state” can get those black hoods off their heads while dancing around worshiping the anti-Christ … perhaps they will be able to see exactly what country did 9-11 (and who we should really be going to war with) … hey fellas … it was not Afghanistan … it was not Iraq … it was not Libya … it was not N. Korea … and it was not Iran … stop with the black robes and your killing and eating of blood and babies … stop your perverted sex with infants … and maybe … just perhaps … you will figure out … it was Saudi Arabia that did 9-11!!!

      • Frederick

        No Paul you are just plain wrong about that

        • Paul ...

          Frederick … I know others were involved … but lets at least “focus our military” on the one culprit country “we definitely know” had their men aboard the planes that hit the towers (that were demolished with the help of others)!!!

  10. Boston Custer

    [High Alert on North Korea], Economy Down Again
    USAWatchdog.com 4/28/17
    A city in Washington state awakens to the surreal sight of foreign paratroopers dropping from the sky – shockingly, after an EMP attack. The whole of the U.S. electrical grid has been taken down. The U.S. has been initially invaded by the North Koreans and the Pacific northwest corridor is the initial target. With China and Russia no doubt waiting in the wings, quickly and without warning, the citizens find themselves prisoners and their town under enemy occupation. Determined to fight back, a group of young patriots seek refuge in the surrounding woods, training and reorganizing themselves into a guerilla group of fighters. Taking inspiration from their high school mascot, they call themselves Wolverines, banding together to protect one another, liberate their town from its captors, and take back their freedom.

    This movie was filmed in Michigan, coincidently known as the Wolverine state and it’s people know as Wolverines. General George Armstrong Custer led his Michigan cavalry into Battle with, “Come on, you Wolverines!”
    Yes, and only WWIII could be fought, filmed and allowed in Detroit. Detroit is now out of bankruptcy, so who say’s war doesn’t help the economy!

    Red Dawn TRAILER (2012) Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson
    Red Dawn in HQ
    Red Dawn free
    Beyond The Trailer
    Red Dawn: From Boot Camp To Michigan
    The cast talking about the update of the 1984 film. Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Connor Cruise and Will Yun Lee chat up the film, training for the role, bonding with the cast, working with director Dan Bradley, and film’s lighter moments.

    Military Vet Warns of Coming Red Dawn in America
    Closer Than you Thought
    A friend in need is a friend indeed?
    WWIII Plan?

    There is Hope
    Isaiah 2:4 He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.
    New International Version , Copyright 2011-2017 Biblica

  11. Jerry

    This is what a broken health care system looks like.
    In Missouri both United Healthcare and Aetna left the government exchanges for 2017. In the process they cancelled all of their policies leaving only Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield as the only carrier left in the exchange to offer coverage. If Anthem should leave Missouri, we will essentially have no carriers offering coverage in the exchange.

    So what does that mean? No coverage! What most people fail to realize is that outside of The Affordable Care Act there is NO other coverage……period. The only other option is to take you’re chances buying a Short Term Medical Plan (which doesn’t cover preexisting conditions) or go into a Health Share Program which by definition is not insurance.

    I must admit I am losing faith in the ability of this administration to fix the problem. If they roll us into a government single payer plan, you can kiss all those tax cuts that President Trump just put on the table……goodbye. In fact you can look for tax increases in the excess of 30%. How do I know that? My son who lived in Canada for two years experienced first hand high import tariffs, high property taxes, and back breaking personal taxes in order to pay for their National Healthcare Program. There is no free lunch…..period. Government programs are not free.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      The Republican Party told the voters, they needed a majority in -the House, the Senate and the Oval Office-and then they would repeal the ACA. Oops, we got fooled again, repeal ain’t going to happen-not because they can’t, it fairly obvious- they won’t! In the future the GOP will be on par with the old Whig party-I will look and vote elsewhere. Who wants a group of politicians that will tell you one thing during the campaign, flip-flop later because they stand for nothing and are continuously defeated on issue after issue without a fight. R.I.P GOP!
      P.S. Did you see the recent news article where the UN sent a letter to the US Government telling them repealing ObamaCare was against “International Law”.

    • Faith

      Jerry, sorry to hear about this situation.

      It is disheartening. I don’t understand why they cannot allow insurance companies to sell across state lines! The state monopolies have ruined insurance. People move. People may have multiple addresses or no fixed address (with regard to full-time RVrs).

      How hard would it be to make health insurance able to be sold across state lines! This is so frustrating!

      • Jerry

        The first mistake we made was turning our healthcare system over to a bunch of bureaucrats. It presently cost $1400. a month per person for the government to administer Medicare. And they think that’s a great deal? Meanwhile the payoffs and the money printing go on. At least until the global currency reset takes effect….and then its back to roots, potions, and medicine men.

    • Freebreezer

      Jerry … you forgot about the 43,000,000 people getting a free lunch every day thanks to food stamps … this via the courtesy of all us working stiffs that pay in to this ponzi scheme. The sad ending to the story is that those who paid in will not get a free lunch when they need it because of the 43 million above have consumed it all.

  12. Brad Skiles

    Great wrap-up, Greg! We certainly don’t know what is happening behind the scenes AND how the fat little guy will respond to the taunting.

    This summarizes what I’ve been hearing from you and others, what would happen if there is a military event:


  13. Jerry

    The currency reset is happening in real time behind the markets according to my sources. Whatever currency is coming, either internationally or domestically will be backed by gold in some form, in order to dislodge the markets from the dollar.

    As of right now there seems to be a private exchange system in place where private investors are cashing in U.S. treasuries for gold backed currency in advance of going public at some future unknown date. I am personally hesitant to sign onto these exchanges because I don’t know who’s running them. It could be AIIB, or it could be our own government with another Ponzi scheme. Who knows? Evidently you are vetted before you can gain access to their networks anyway so I might not qualify anyway. In any event I prefer to deal with investors I already know.

    • Jerry

      I’m going to go out on a limb and make a prediction here. For weeks I have wondered what President Xi of China and Donald Trump were talking about behind closed doors.
      North Korea? Partly, but that’s not all. I speculate that President Trump knows that the Chinese are putting together an alternate exchange system backed by gold, and he wants in on it. The deal? The U.S. must come up with a gold backed currency of its own,
      ( which the Donald has talked extensively about)
      and helping China get rid of the hermit king that lives in North Korea so it can open up trade throughout all Asia.
      This week congress was called to a closed door session at the Whitehouse just prior to delaying the budget for another week. Why? We were led to believe it was about North Koreas. But according to my sources (which can’t be verified) he is laying out the case for a gold backed dollar that will be embedded within the new budget proposal that is to be passed this Friday May 5th. Once again this can’t be proven, but it does match up with what “The Working Group” have doing with the banks over the past several months. Its like moving fish from one tank to another. You don’t shatter the glass or spook the fish, you spoon them out one at a time.
      Don’t wait for an announcement, or a time period, there won’t be one until after the transfer is complete. All I know is insiders are already cutting deals to get in on the ground floor and I’m sure the Donald doesn’t want to be left out. But then there’s the other question. What do we do with the hermit king? Stay tuned!

  14. foggygoggles

    When there’s no rule of law, TPTB can continue the ponzi scheme a lot longer than ANYONE’S predictions, making the latter completely pointless.

  15. Flattop

    For those who doubt the value of PM’s. The bible quotes God as saying ” The gold is mine and the silver is mine ” If God says that gold and silver are his money, then its my money.

    New subject: How long do you think it will take for the economy to start improving under the new tax plan??

  16. andyb

    Several comments Greg:
    1. I have been preaching for years that, ever since 2008, true GDP has been negative and has been grossly massaged and manipulated just like unemployment and CPI stats. Thus, the Obama “recovery” was pure BS. I suggest that fellow posters go to chapwoodindex.com that shows, via reasoned methodology, that inflation has averaged over 10% per annum (compounded!!!) over the past 5 years. So even if an annual GDP was real at 2.0%, the inflation deflator would show it to be negative (2.0% minus 10.0% = -8.0%). Both David Stockman and PC Roberts feel that we have gone past the tipping point and that there is 0 chance of a recovery, regardless of any policy changes Trump might try to achieve. Barring a debt Jubilee or default (unlikely), the US and many many others will have to pay the piper. I agree.
    2. The North Korea war-mongering, I believe, is a distraction. China will not allow any military engagements before stepping in to defuse the situation. Rather, North Korea will be the excuse for another 911 against the American people in order to achieve the wet dream of martial law. Connect the dots of the Patriot Act and Obama’s militarization of police forces and government agencies (why does the USPS, NASA, or the BLM need millions of rounds of hollow core ammo?).

    The elites/deep state/whatever always do their tyranny agenda on an incremental basis. How many understand that Obamacare was the crowning achievement of the Cloward-Piven Strategy?

    • Mr. Byrd

      I think your comments in (1) are spot on. I hope that what you say in (2) is wrong. However, I fear that here too you might be right.

    • Chip

      Agree with your thesis andyb… Chip

  17. Roger D

    Trump supporters did not want to hear, ‘But what about government by the Constitution?’ Silly me…

    Folks who call themselves Christians did not want to hear the warning of George Washington, one of America’s finest Christian leaders about ‘avoiding foreign entanglements’. Silly me…

  18. Mr. Byrd

    This is msm style scare mongering. A more balanced view may be found elsewhere. Readers might want to check out recent articles (and links) at Anti-war.com.



    • Paul ...

      What the American people must keep in mind is … North Korea was not the “terrorist nation” that did 9-11 … Trump (if he wants a war to help the economy) should be going after the real terrorist nation that “actually attacked America” (Saudi Arabia)!!! … we have a POTUS that seems to have an “unfocused mind” … he should be going after the terrorists that have killed Americans here on American soil … what did Afghanistan ever do to us? … what did Syria ever do to us? … Iraq, etc., etc, etc. !!!

      • Frederick

        Paul Your constant beating the drum that a backward bunch of desert dwellers were able to premiere three skyscrapers for demolition in NYC is pretty hard to believe That was a false flag by people within our govt with full access to those buildings Don’t be naive

        • Paul ...

          I know Frederick … but we have been attacking countries that had nothing to do with 9-11 for 16 years now … don’t you think it is time we at least get “one” of the ones involved in attacking the Pentagon and killing Americans … after we get the Saudi’s … we can go after the others involved … if your neighbor across the street burns down your house and leaves his passport in your driveway … are going to burn down all your neighbors homes on the block in revenge “except for the one who actually did the crime”????

  19. Chief Two Beers

    Let’s say the economy is only growing at 1 percent a year. But inflation has been calculated in many areas at around 10 percent. Guess what that means? The economy is currently contracting at 9 percent per year. Things are looking a lot better here on the Rez.

  20. Doug C.

    Once again I get the feeling that this is all just theatre once again. North Korea has been setting off rockets/missiles on and off for years. Are there possibilities that this is once again the CIA making up video’s and saying it is NK doing it. Yes, Kim is a little guy with a big ego, but one question: What does NK gain by provoking the biggest army in the world (other than being potentially wiped out)? Answer: NOTHING.
    It seems suspicious that once Tillerson came back from Russia, the big push has stopped in Syria. What was he told? Quick 90 deg. turn to Korea and nothing but none stop fear mongering about NK in the news now. Ever since the Sarin gas story was destroyed by the internet, thats the end of that. Now that the NWO/NeoCon’s have talked Trump into sending Cruise missiles into Syria (a soveriegn nation) without any NATO or UN cooperation, they have him where they want him. Impeachable WAR CRIMES actions. So much for the Trump that was going to cut back on the Military Industrial Complex. Another one bites the dust. Until the “Dispicables” stand up for what THEY believe and put a stop to the NONE STOP WAR the US wages, there will be nothing new. War, debt and death.

    • vincent_g

      If a missile landed close to you would you feel different?

      Japan is very worried and if you lived there you would have trouble sleeping.

      I know I had sleepless nights when the Cuba problem happened.

      Kim Jong-un is a monster
      This person kidnaps people from other countries!
      Lures them under false pretenses to a location where he can drug them and sail off into the sunset with them.
      Take a good look at him before you blame the CIA
      Do you trust a person like that with nukes?

      I for one agree with Ron Paul that we should disband the CIA as it seems they cause more trouble than they cure.
      If not disband them then new rules should be put in place that excludes any congressman or senator from visiting the CIA for any reason.

      Politics can not be used to guide the CIA!
      Also the CIA should be a reporting agency only!

  21. francis m reps

    Your previous guests Mr. Mannarino, and Mr.Bill Holter already answered your questions about out economic future. It Sucks. Of interest is the fact that China…Japan…and Sooth Korea are quite capable of handling the bellicose words of the twenty seven year old man in North Korea sporting a “BAD “Haircut. We happen to have a bellicose leader with a “BAD” Haircut as well. Americans must keep in mind that our Military..Industrial..Congressional complex is simply a giant HAMMER FACTORY. If there are no “nails” { Russia..China..North Korea } Employment of this Hammer enterprise will suffer. Heaven forbid the Hammer factory re tool itself to repairing the infrastructure , or making life better for the peaceful citizens of this country. The absolute lack of humanity exhibited by the current potus { small letters } by his killing innocent Syrians in an air strike fora truly BOGUS reason does not bode well for what is left of this Republic.

    • Laurie

      Donald Trump was not happy when Edward Snowden revealed to the public that the NSA was using mass surveillance on the general population without them knowing it.

      Donald Trump Calls Edward Snowden Terrible “Still a Thing Called Execution” (Redsilverj)

      • Greg Hunter

        I don’t agree with Trump on this point but he may be just head faking the Deep State.

    • Frederick

      Assad may be but he’s also not a bully He hasn’t threatened anyone the last I heard Bad comparison Greg

      • Greg Hunter

        I don’t think so.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think he is practicing the art of deception. You do realize the DOJ is probably going after Clinton’s server company? http://freebeacon.com/issues/congress-seeks-prosecution-clinton-private-server-companys-obstruction-investigations/

  22. Lake M

    It was obvious from the beginning that Obamacare would have a major economic effect on the nation’s economy. Except the real news media forgot to tell their constituents.
    Families with marginal disposable income got a slap in the face, first quarter 2017, from the new inflated premiums charged by health insurance companies. In many states, there is now only one insurer left, creating a beneficial monopoly for the last company standing.

    Many parts of the American empire collapse are evident: the multiple geopolitical crises and military conflicts, health care crisis, internal political crisis, economic crisis, debt crisis, income inequality crisis, constitutional crisis. productive crisis. A grand RESET will result from coming paper asset and currency crisis… as you said, Greg,… “nobody knows when”. A serious war changes the whole equation. Perhaps a life or death situation could result. I’m sure many who are aware have been talking with their God about the subject.


  23. Christopher Earl Strunk

    As an overview of what is going on, Doug Hagmann interviewed my partner Eric Jon Phelps on the Jesuit Order in 2014 see or listen to https://youtu.be/h1Yi43NMP6g

    I wrote a short ebook last October about what is at stake. https://www.amazon.com/JESUIT-SOCIAL-JUSTICE-versus-DROIT-ebook/dp/B01M5FY86O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493401983&sr=8-1&keywords=jesuit+social+justice

    All this is well planned years ago by the Jesuits in a Hegelian mase

  24. Wayne D

    Greg has provided a very good summary of the most recent issues concerning the key interdependent factors of war and the economy. The level of tension from ongoing undeclared wars and from near-hysterical warmongering rhetoric, as well as the potential for new wars, has never been higher. The US economy is essentially moribund, best indicated by the cited GDP of nominal 0.2% “growth” but in real terms about minus 5%.

    The continued histrionics of the CONgressional fools in their latest Kabuki Theatre episode once again demonstrates their disdain for their alleged constituencies. That is, policies are determined only by their allegiance to party, actually just two sides of the same Demopublican-Republocrat coin.

    I was particularly amused by the comment alluding to those fancying themselves movers and shakers in TPTB that can control all, especially through computer-based scenarios prepared for every eventuality. This uttered by government morons who never wrote a line of software code in their lives and have no concept of a sample space or of the law of unintended consequences. A true (Talib) Black Swan is unknown and unpredictable, and hence can be utterly devastating.

    Such hubris brings me to the most recent take on all this by Paul Craig Roberts. He appears more of the mind than ever that humanity is allowing itself to be swept into extinction by the insanity that personifies the Washington, Despicable Cesspool neocons. See http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/04/27/washington-plans-nuke-russia-china/ . He suggests their adherence to the Wolfowitz doctrine of world hegemony by the “exceptional” and “indispensable” American nation has convinced them they can successfully first-strike Russia (and China) and preempt/survive any retaliation.

    I have commented in the past about Russian weaponry being at least a generation ahead of the US from reports that, minimally, it can seal off its airspace and its (nuclear) warheads have unpredictable target trajectories, against which the US has no defense. Are the 17 US “intelligence” agencies and the Pentagon unaware of such potentials?

    So, is the N. Korea situation a pawn in this operation? Is it the ultimate distraction to divert attention from this pre-emptive strike against Russia-China? To divert attention away from US and/or global economic implosion or re-set?

    It appears to be the same old story, the Hegelian dialectic to Create the problem(s)-Observe the target’s reaction-Propose the desired solution. Fear-mongering, this time through maximizing chaos, is perhaps the primary tool to subdue and control the population. This is how the Stockholm Syndrome works, as the captive looks to its captor for salvation. And even comes to identify with it as part of the self-preservation process. This is how our government views its livestock, er, citizens.

    Are we truly that fast approaching the midnight hour on the Doomsday Clock? What can the individual do? Fear works at the brain’s reptilian core and emotional responses to threat, which keeps one submerged in a “flight or fight” response mode. Don’t allow yourself to become part of the neocon-generated mass insanity. Instead, think, use your neocortex (that pinnacle of humankind’s evolution) to stay rational. If ever clear-headed thinking was needed, the time is now.

  25. Russ

    Thanks Greg, another good weekly news wrap. There’s a good read at: http://kingworldnews.com/associate-paul-craig-roberts-just-warned-u-s-economic-implosion-now-accelerating/
    It is a summary of the real state of the economy. The last line will be familiar to any regular visitors here. …”the Deep State has resorted to the last stage of history’s Empiric life-cycle curve: when all else fails start a war…”

    That said, war can be avoided. As much as some folks want us to believe a major war is unavoidable, the future remains unwritten. The fact is that war is expensive in blood and treasure. There are some who profit, but only very few. Discussion of North Korea needs to quietly go away and allow everyone to step back; it’s a face saving thing for Kim Jong-un.

    There are a lot of unknowns regarding what’s happening with quiet, behind the scenes diplomacy. At least President’s Trump and Xi seem to be talking; I think that’s a good thing.

    • Russ

      This of course assumes that Kim Jong-un is in fact rational and that China’s President Xi has some influence with North Korea. I’m not sure either of those can be assumed as factual.

      The current Kim may actually be as unhinged as he seems and President Xi may have no control over their wayward puppet. If that is the case, it’s probably just as well that we confront this situation before Kim builds more nuclear warheads and gets his long range ICBM issues straightened out.

      • Paul ...

        Kim Jong-un is unhinged because he won’t allow the Rothschilds to control his country’s finances? … unhinged because he doesn’t want to end up like Saddam and Qaddafi? … yet our government is not unhinged? … when we hear Trump say: Hillary should be in jail (then that she is a nice lady)? … or that Janet Yellen must go (then that she is a nice lady and can stay)?… Trump seems to have surrounded himself completely with “betray us” neocons!!

  26. SolarGuy

    Hi Greg

    I hope all is well.
    I left a comment and you posted it so no problem there. I thought you wanted our name for security reasons. Didn’t think you were going to show them.
    Can you change to SolarGuy and remove my name Mario Borsato.
    Thank you

  27. Nelson

    It gets more surreal.
    Just received my auto policy renewal.
    One of the new provisions in the claims
    and recovery clauses in the policy now
    says that the insurer will not cover the
    vehicle(s) in the event of nuclear war.
    Should I look for a new insurance co.
    or a new home in the southern hemisphere ?

  28. Joe Pittinger

    Joesph Pittinger
    Joesph Pittinger14 hours ago
    Greg Very serious question Who would your father in heaven say is the greatest threat to the earths Population, the greatest warmongers & killers of Mankind in the last 60 years?
    Did you ever Stop and think what JC was telling us about the moneychangers in the temple.I do not think we have understood This message . What do we now have controlling the White House ? Wall Street money changers???
    Lot of sausage to be made Slogan of Washington DC prostitutes running the country.
    Greg love your program you are the best keep up the great work

  29. TPJ

    Hi Greg, As always your work is excellent. I’m not well researched here but do we really know that PRNK has a nuke? All the tests have been underground. TNT could easily be used to simulate an underground test. It would seem that PRNK may just be a tool of PROC just as Iran may be a tool of Russia. Just asking the questions. TPJ.

  30. vincent_g

    Yes Greg your quite right.

    NK is a major problem and I can’t see that this can be solved without military action.
    Nuclear first strike not only is on the table – it maybe the only way to go.

    Should we attack them and not be able to disable their nukes millions of people will die.
    From what i see this crazy dictator will use nukes if he is attacked.
    He may use them for no reason at all.
    The world can not have such a person in control of such weapons.

    But if we nuke them the chances are good we will obliterate all their weapons.

    So it’s time to choose which people are expendable.

    Which do you think our government will choose?
    Which will you choose?

    It’s a shame that the people of NK will have to pay the price for a lunatic leader.

    • Paul ...

      “This crazy dictator will use nukes if he is attacked” … and what will we do if we are attacked? … it doesn’t mean your a crazy man … it simply means you are warning your enemy “to back off”!!!

      • Paul ...

        Speaking of backing off … it is something you confused generals should be doing … hey generals … I’m not a military man but I know who attacked America on 9-11 … I know who attacked the Pentagon and the World Trade Center on 9-11 … when you guys were just sitting on your ass watching America being attacked (and although Donald Rumsfeld left his post as Defense Secretary to help put some injured people into an ambulance that was not his “official duties” as Defense Secretary) … then when you generals finally got off your ass … “you attacked the wrong country (Iraq) … you generals better get your heads on straight before shooting up countries that never attacked us … do you remember it was “not the North Koreans” in those planes that hit the Pentagon and World Trade Center? … don’t you think that after 16 years you generals would attack the “real enemy terrorist nation” that attacked us on 9-11 … the ones who took American lives while you guys stood down??? … you generals are still going around attacking nations that never attacked America??? … are you in bed with the nation that attacked America?? … seems like it … and its an evil Satanic perversion to be in bed with our enemy … but then again most everyone in Washington are acting against the American people … it is evil and perverted … but not in the crazy minds of the Satanic pedophiles who think it is normal to rape and plunder our infant children!!

        • Frederick

          Paul first of all it wasn’t a plane that hit the Pentagon That much is certain if you look at the impact hole it’s WAY too small and no wreckage was found It was a missile no doubt and NOT a Saudi missile I believe Your Saudi obsession is just misguided Respectfully because I generally agree with you brother

          • JMiller


            Funny how I saw pictures of what appear to be airplane debris that was at the Pentagon crash site and read witnesses accounts about people finding airplane debris. What about all the witnesses who saw the plane hit the Pentagon? And do you also believe that it was missiles that hit the Twin Towers and not planes as some conspiracy theorist do? Sorry but the government is not going to fly missiles into buildings out in the open in broad daylight and hope that all those witnesses think that they were airplanes.

            You said that the impact hole at the Pentagon was way too small. What impact hole? Are you are referring to that picture of the exit hole in one of the inner walls (the C ring) as being the impact hole?


            Sorry but I believe that the exit hole could have been made by the remains of the fuselage which would understandably be smaller than when it was before it hit the Pentagon. Or it may even be possible for the hole to be caused by part of one of the engines.

          • Paul ...

            Frederick … obviously there “were others” involved in 9-11 … but are we going to let our military continue to go around the world destroying countries that had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11 … 16 years and 7 wars later and we still didn’t “at least” get the Saudi’s????

        • Frederick

          Paul it wasn’t a foreign nation that attacked us it was traitors within our own govt with assistance from some fringe lunatics who were paid off to hijack those planes And the Pentagon WAS NOT hit by an plane

    • Alex

      Since the world can afford the crazy dictators in the USA to possess nuclear weapons, the world can afford the crazy dictator of North Korea to have some too! Let’s just stop with this twisted logic – why should some countries be allowed to have nuclear weapons and should others try to develop some, they should be bombed (or even nuked) by the countries who already possess nuclear weapons (in fact the USA used nuclear weapons against Japan and has threatened to use them against other countries many more times, more than any other nuclear power and one can conclude that USA is far more dangerous to the world than North Korea)? So the USA wants to protect herself from North Korea? Well, North Korea wants to protect herself from the USA too (and rightfully so if one just takes a look at the Middle East where neither Saddam, nor Gaddafi, nor Assad had nuclear weapons). The North Korean dictator was actually talking about a reunion of South and North Koreas a few years ago. If the USA really wants peace this is the path that should be followed. Yeah, it might be costly to South Korea (and the USA – but isn’t it better to spend money on developing an area than bombing/nuking it?). It is worth it – everything is better when the other option is a major war. However truth is the shadow government in the USA needs wars – they need to increase government spending (and GDP) and send a message to Russia, China and Iran in order to prop up the dollar system for a little longer. Almost every empire caused chaos before collapsing and this is the case for the USA too. Last but not least – don’t you think that these aircraft carriers and THAAD systems are way too close to Russia and China? Is it a coincidence?

    • Flattop

      vinccent g
      Sec State Tillerson says he isn’t insane, just a super big ego. A first strike is always to take out communications and radar which makes them deaf and blind. After the first strike the military chain of command will collapse as it always does under a dictator who makes all the decisions. Also, I believe there will be a mass exodus of their army crossing the border into South Korea where there is food and freedom.

    • Roger D

      So our only 2 choices are nuke or be nuked? Surely you remember the words ‘Defense’ and ‘Anti-Ballistic Missiles’? Oh that’s right, America’s ABMs are protecting Europe and Israel while Hawaii is left naked. Why?

      NK is not our greatest threat. DC is.

      • Frederick

        Roger Bingo

  31. Tad

    I wonder if perchance, Trump mentioned during his meeting with 100 US senators, that an unavoidable or “accidental” battle with Russia and China might ensue while simultaneously engaging North Korea.

    Probably not.

    Did this meeting have any association with the seldom utilized War Powers Act? A variant probably last initiated in 1941.

    At this point, the American people don’t need to be sold a bill of goods. They know the routine.

    Defense stocks, gold and silver, or hightail it from America.

    • Paul ...

      I can’t see how Russia was not mentioned as an enemy of the deep state to the 100 US Senators … especially since Russia is now arming the Taliban in Afghanistan (probably with flamethrowers to burn the poppy fields??) !!

      • Paul ...

        Nuclear War is what the deep state wants … they got rid of Flynn, Bannon, etc., etc. so Trump’s been effectively neutralized … the only one to pick up the flag for the American people is Trey Gowdy … the deep state is now intent on having him neutralized too … but he is standing up to them!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV5rr3uGYpw

  32. Peter

    The economy is struggling but Trump is attempting what Regan did to create jobs and mend the economy.. It took a year or more to work, but cutting taxes worked well in the 80s. The current bad economy can still be blamed on Obama, if a president is at fault. No president has followed the proven fix, except for Trump. I expect a turnaround in 2019.

  33. larrythelogger

    1, I don’t understand why there is not one peep from anyone about reducing government spending wrt the economy, not one. Why can’t the spending be decreased instead of increased every year? I’m not talking about rate of increase reductions (that we’re told will starve school children, kick the elderly into the streets and destroy the environment); I’m talking about reducing government spending. How in the world can growth alone pay for a 17 TRILLION dollar debt that just keeps getting bigger?

    2. Yes, thanks to Madelaine Albright, Fat Elvis has nukes but he seems to be having real difficulties getting them outside of his own country. Perhaps the real threat is Fat Elvis nuking NK with one of his tumbling missiles.

  34. Justn Observer

    Titus on the ‘REAL’ Sovereign Power…!

  35. Justn Observer

    Ph’d Farrell, Richard Dolan, Catherine Austin Fitts- interesting flow of the money…https://youtu.be/pHBBxtxuJVE

  36. francis m reps

    Hi Greg, Your response to Shaz regarding Trump’s promise to the NRA about backing American’s Constitutional right to bear arms is ” suspect ” to me. Yes…he may be slightly better than clinton. His loud and repeated promise ; ” I will appoint a special prosecutor …indict..try, and jail Hillary Clinton “. was a sincerely enunciated during his campaign. Trump’s promise not to engage in foreign military action was abandoned when he murdered 36 innocent Syrians on the flimsiest of pretexts. Surrounding himself with swamp creatures from Goldman Sachs is another tell about the true core of this poser. Greg; your argument that he has done some good things that Hillary would not do is not germain. Mussolini made the trains run on time….Hitler put the German people back to work..Trump stopped TPP. So what ?.. Better than Hillary ?? Is that it ?.Many innocent souls ; with family members in Syria who are grieving over their irredeemable loss because a weak loud mouthed fool { who fooled a lot of decent..fed up…Americans who believed his very clearly stated promises } no longer exist . Not my president….no way…Trump may be a MANIFESTATION of America’s disgust with the status quo. but he definitely is NOT THE MAN.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not suspect to me Francis. It’s real and opposite of NWO.

    • Frederick

      Francis You are correct and millions feel exactly as you do

  37. Kareem Salessi

    “Take 10 minutes to become a 9/11 Ground Zero scientist”



  38. Kurt F. Braun

    I would think a war with North Korea would be a huge debacle. A lot of innocent people would meet a horrible fate. The conventional would be just as messy as a limited nuclear exchange. Either way, South Korea would pay dearly. China would be over-run by 2 million or more refugee’s. A picture of pure mayhem. The domino effect could be anybody’s guess as far as China’s and Russia’s reaction. God help us all.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree. Whoever wants nuclear war is mad.

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