Economy Rotten-Like Apple Sales, Russia US Moving Towards Conflict, MSM Unfair to Trump

1aBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 236 4.29.16)

The economy is rotten just like Apple iPhone sales numbers. For the first time in 10 years, Apple reported its first quarterly sales drop for their popular iPhone. No, it’s not the end of the world, but it’s a sign there is trouble in the economy.  Sure, Facebook beat its earnings projections, but they don’t make anything.  Other bad news includes new home sales are down.  Manufacturing numbers from the Dallas Fed are down.  Consumer sentiment numbers from the University of Michigan are down.  Spending is down.  Retail sales are down.  GDP in the first quarter came in at a paltry .5%.  Economist John Williams says that number will be revised down and will probably turn negative.  Williams says we are already in a recession or soon will be.  Both Bo Polny and Greg Mannarino say the same thing: we are getting to a point where they can no longer hide the bad economy, and there really is no recovery after all.

What does this mean for the run up in the stock market we have seen in the last few months? Mannarino and Polny also come to the same conclusion, and that is the markets are rolling over and we are headed down.  Maybe that’s why insiders have sold stocks for the last 13 weeks in a row—a record.  Add this to the news of Saudi Arabia cutting oil deals with China, and Russia, as of this week, is no longer pricing its oil in dollars.  Looks like we have a perfect storm of deep trouble for the U.S. and the world for that matter.

President Obama asked Europe for support for a possible war with Russia. While the President was in Germany recently, he asked that all members of NATO back the U.S. in Eastern Europe if war breaks out.  There are all sorts of signs that things between the U.S. and Russia are not good.  Russian fighters have recently buzzed U.S. Navy ships and surveillance aircraft.  The U.S. has sent two F-22 Raptors to Romania to deter what the U.S. says is “Russian aggression.”  Threats continue to be made on both sides.  Meanwhile, in the Middle East, the U.S. sent another 250 troops to fight against ISIS while Iran’s Supreme Leader is complaining about how the U.S. is slow to remove sanctions and has done so only “on paper.”  I say, that’s the deal you get when nobody signs a deal.   The Iran/U.S. deal to curtail its nuclear program is a no deal-deal because you don’t have a deal if nobody signs it.

The mainstream media (MSM) continues to trash Trump. To me, it is painfully obvious that the MSM are afraid of a Trump presidency and, deep down, know Democrats are going to vote for Trump.   According to a legit poll out at the first of the year, 20% of Democrats say they will vote for Trump.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Robbie41

    Hello Greg, Here is two good Steve Quayles Alert’s you should read.



    • freebreezer

      Robbie – I hear what he says, but I find his attitude morally repulsive! Any preper that is ‘sitting back and laughing’ at people starving and dying are morally sick people with no soles and no compassion and are no better than the repulsive islamic terrorist! Thank God Christianity teaches to be a bit better!

      • freebreezer

        Not to be preaching, but it is with a very heavy, heavy heart to contemplate what a EMP would do. I think of all the children with cancer at the hospitals that will die painfully; all the premie babies that will die; all the children in the inner cities that have their parents die trying to find them food, who end up drinking wretched water and die of dysentery; old folks starving and dying from neglect; Young expectant mothers giving birth for the first time that die from no medical care, and this SOB has prepers siting back and laughing at their superiority for being prepared … What a sick, narcissistic, repugnant SOB this Steve Quayle (is) and represents some prepers to be . I am humbled, that I have the foresight to prepare for my family and neighbors! I am sorry for the rant, but that one line makes me sick and represent every thing that is the opposite of ‘my’ Christian teachings! My prayers are that I get to throw away, sometime in the future, all that I have put aside because it is way past its use date! Note – I’ ll probably compost it.

        • gregd

          Lighten up, Stop blaming the messenger. That’s his thoughts on the subject, that doesn’t mean that’s how he feels. He’s a very religious man. If that’s what it takes to wake you up or motivate you, then I’m sure he’s good with it.

  2. Gregory Mannarino

    Even with the Fed. keeping their “EMERGENCY MONETARY POLICY” going ever since the 08′ meltdown, the US economy is flatlining. Warning signs 1. Gold & Silver are making an historic run higher since the beginning of the year. 2. The bond market is also warning of trouble ahead. Your followers may like this “FED. ADMITS “US ECONOMY IS SLOWING” MAINTAINS EMERGENCY POLICY.” Click here:

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory for the comment and link!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Greg M.,
      Thanks for all of your info!

  3. Bob Lamb

    Go Ted Cruz!

    • Greg Hunter

      Ted has lost by a wide margin.

    • Galaxy 500

      Yes, Go Trixie Ted. The annointed on and fulfilment of the mormon prophecies. Yes, Trixie, go home. You’ve lost. You have delusions if you think the GOPe is going to support the Canadian. Heck, Bob. They hate Cruz more than they hate 0bama. It ain’t happening.

      Proof positive Ted isn’t an American Citizen. research project that shows Ted’s mother and father were both Canadian Citizenship and not married at the time of Ted’s birth. You see, Ted’s daddy was still married to someone else and there was no record of marriage of the two, any where. So Ted is a bastard to boot.

      • freebreezer

        Galaxy 500, Talk about bastards, have you seen the picture of Chelsea Clinton next to Webb Hubble? Look it up. It will leave a big Hmmmmm! I wonder who daddy is?

        • freebreezer

          G-500 This is hearsay from a friend from 20 yrs ago, but real funny/sad (not sure the word) … a company he worked at was doing some genetic tracing via the parents to kids in England. This was way back in the mid 90s when all this DNA stuff was taking off. After about 1/3 of parents being genetically traced they had to stop the study for ethical reasons … some of the kids did not match up to Dad. Ooops, I wonder what Mom was thinking?

      • Zach Smith

        Wrong Gee,
        Canadians are just as American as us, their just more north American than you or I! Get my drift!

    • Pam


  4. Oxfarmer

    Here comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for, when the economic Titanic finally sinks into the sea. Alas, Babylon! It takes a lot of bad management to wreak the destruction we’ve seen, but Obama’s done it. And, as Gerald Celente says, if all else fails, take us to war. It’s the only card left in his hand and God send no one is foolish enough to take him up on it.

    I noted O. got a less than warm welcome in London, and in Germany. If he read this blog, he would have known it was coming.

    Greg, you nailed it about the MSM and Trump. As I read various articles I can’t avoid their poisonous little asides, vitriolic reminders of some alleged faux pas, and downright nasty descriptive language. They are simply unable to report something as simple as a delegate number without it. I think it’s remarkable that Trump’s done so well considering how much smear is going on. People are actually making up their own minds. What a concept!

    Keep up the good work, Greg.

    Alas, Babylon!

    • Greg Hunter

      They can’t kill him off because they have lost a lot of power to alternative media. One day soon they will not be relevant because they are being exposed for the liars and thought control weasels they truly are. Thank you for your comment.

    • Linda L.

      Actually I think that all the smear directed towards Trump is just making him extremely popular by exposing the fear/inadequacies of those who oppose him. Trump reminds me of a high speed snowball that just keeps getting bigger as he rolls along.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Greg, Oxfarmer, WDers
      On the subject of the MSM’s dismal failure to deliver at any level, just yesterday there was a fascinating interview with well-known writer Greg Palast [author of the book “The Best Democracy that Money can Buy]

      This was a real eye-opener and would make anyone ask the question as the interviewer put it…..”For a country that calls itself the greatest democracy on earth, what sort of example is this setting.”
      The key points that came out;

      > more than 50% of people in the US believe that the system used to pick candidates for the White House is rigged and more than two-thirds want the process changed

      > joint studies conducted at Harvard and Sidney Universities concluded that the US ranked dead last amongst all established western democracies

      > in the year 2000 George Bush was supposedly elected with a majority of 537 when 56,000 voters were thrown out of the role

      > in the year 2004 in Ohio 150,000 votes disappeared into thin air

      > the common denominator of vote fraud for both parties is quite simply, bias against minority voters

      > in Brooklyn in the 2016 primaries King County controls the voting machine, and 126,000 people were summarily knocked off the roles and the affidavit/placebo ballots that these disenfranchised voters think they have cast are simply thrown in the garbage bin

      > 9 out of 10 of these so-called affidavits are given to coloured voters

      > out of the 7 million people that have been investigated for voting twice, only 3 have been prosecuted, yet this is a widely used tool to eliminate hundreds of thousands of minority groups from the role simply because minority races tend to have a much higher incidence of repetitive names

      > much of this all of this is not about rednecks who don’t like particular races, but absolutely about not liking the colour of their vote…i.e…. is it blue or is it red!

      TAKE HOME MESSAGE….. [Palast’s….not mine]….
      UNSTUPID YOURSELF…126,000 people in NY lost their vote in the recent primaries. If they had checked their vote 3 months before the election they could have possibly avoided this situation.

      Of course, this begs the question….why didn’t they check early…..oooooh, that’s right, probably because they are in survival mode amidst the rat race, and don’t have the time or the resource, or for that matter the inclination…….because they know it is after all only theatre, indeed, it is very bad theatre, and totally rigged anyway.
      To quote Killary…..”what difference does it make”!

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        #2 > the US ranked dead last FOR ELECTORAL INTEGRITY amongst all established western democracies.

  5. robert

    your comments on putin, Ukraine and iran… paul craig robert’s article. from the archive:mh-17. you hit a lot of the this article and don’t realize you have touched on this article….there is a parallel’s just we here it with you not the pressitutes.. thank you god bless

  6. WTF

    Greg, love your site, I have opinions, but I have reservations on expressing them.

    Some people think that, everything will happen slow, but I think? things will happen fast.

    I really don’t know what will happen? I have told the wife that she and I might have to move fast when sh*t happens, in more ways than one, and she up to speed on this.

    We have preped as best we can, 30 fruit trees and 2 garden areas, but have a dreaded fear that won’t be enough. We “can” some of our stuff and do “pickling” and I have said for years, “peace though superior firepower” Live large and take care. If you get to the Northwest, between portland and seattle, up I-5, let me know, it would be pleasure to meet you. Kevin, just west of Longview wa. KA7LRC

    • CrazyCanuck

      Wtf, the pace of the inevitable decline, unwinding, implosion or whatever does not have full consensus it’s true. Egon VonGreyerz and JH Kunstler ( the Long Emergency) both see a gradual dimmer switch light situation, whereas Bill Holter is more of a light switch flip.
      All agree though that paying attention and acting appropriately before the masses is key, and for this, sites like USA Watchdog and hosts like Greg are invaluable!

      • WTF

        CC Thanks for the reply, The problem is people think it is this or that.

        I do not know, and not knowing is hard. The wife and I are going to spend a some extra money at a wholesale site this weekend for supplies.

        Be safe, and thanks for the reply, and since you read the offer I made to greg, Its open to you as well, take care and if you are in the northwest of the U.S. look me up? Kevin, west of Longview Wa. KA7LRC

      • art barnes

        I am a dimmer switch guy, slowly slipping away into a third world status.

        • WTF

          Art, what I really think is, that you will wake up one morning and say what the hell just happened. I could be wrong and I am not saying I am right. but, if timing is an issue, and your thinking you have time to prep, because you think it will be slow, what if you are wrong? just MHO Kevin

  7. Deanna Johnston Clark

    That’s a lot of bad news. But why is this going on?
    There could be good reasons why Apple isn’t selling so much…
    But there can’t be any good reason to declare war on the Russian people. No staged attacks, no drum beating, nada, niente, nyet.
    Why should the people of that or any country pay for our financial crimes and mistakes?
    Ooops! I forgot…WE taxpayers paid for that already!

  8. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Hey ya’ll! It’s a beautiful Friday morning! Wake up and smell the coffee! Hi. Greg and Big D!

    • Russ McMeans

      Hey Deanna! So how the hell am I going to be on Greg’s site with a flip phone? This puppy- a $750 dollar iPhone 6, is my news source, there is no desktop machine or a home to put one in. My wife is next to me snuggling on my left and the phone is in my right hand! Though a prepaid flipster would be good for doomsday- yes…. If the networks aren’t too busy!

  9. JC Davis

    Greg there is so much to cover ,and so little time too cover it all. You do a good job in such limited time.
    It all starts with light.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you JC. How can anyone say God the Father does not exist? He’s showing us he’s all around us every day!

      • Robert G

        Psalm 14:1 (KJV) The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt , they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. “” Almighty God calls them fools and rightly so.

      • RJ


  10. Tommy

    I’m pleased to use your forum to make my announcement that I have asked J. Lo to be my running mate should I secure the Republican nomination for president. I’m awaiting her response but wanted to get this out before the Indiana primary.

    • Greg Hunter

      Too funny. I laughed out loud when I read this and I am still smiling.

    • art barnes

      Too Much! Too Funny! Lyin’ Ted – Can’t have a President that stupid.

  11. Jerry

    I would highly recommend that your readers begin finalizing their preparations ASAP.
    China is in the the final stages of their plan to set Gold prices in Yuan instead of dollars. Should that happen the dollar will be in free fall and there will be nothing the ESF can do to stop it since Gold is not a paper instrument.

    • Jerry

      Movement is also being made in the oil market towards the Yuan. Here you have Tony Blair making deals with the Chinese for Saudi Oil. Gee I wonder why?

    • Jerry

      This is definitely worth a listen. The Guerilla has been WAY ahead of most alternate news sources for quite some time. In fact I learned about the Chinese Gold Fix from him two years ago, and then I zeroed in on the timing.

      I agree with his assessment that the western banking cabal is in panic mode. The SGE is about to crush the fraud that’s been going on in the COMEX by delivering physical gold, and there’s nothing they can do to stop it. Deutsche Bank was just the beginning of the fraud reports. The covers are about to be pulled back on Goldman Sachs, Barclays, and HSBC. And when their fraud comes to light, the last vestige of trust in the dollar will be gone, and with it the dollars reserve currency status.

      As Paul Harvey used to say “and now you know the rest of the story” !

    • Jerry

      I’m posting this interview for some of your readers that still think we have an unlimited amount of time left before the SHTF. Here we have the former president of Goldman Sachs saying that “this will all end in tears”. Look at his face.–will-end-in-tears-153344130.html#

      • freebreezer

        Yeah – I am sure that all the Goldman Sucks will be crying alligator tears when this falls apart.

  12. Chip

    Great WNW Greg. Love the media bias examples. Check out the Coburn article on ZH…

    “America doesn’t trust you anymore. That’s the truth… and that’s not one party, that’s both” raged former Senator Tom Coburn during a hearing before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs this week. As FreeBeacon reports, Coburn, making his first appearance before the Senate since his farewell speech when he retired in late 2014, pleaded with Congress to take action to reform government, quoting de Tocqueville, that an ever more centralized control reduces its citizenry “to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.” Guy nails it! Have a good weekend… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip!!

  13. Russ

    Great weekly wrap Greg. For those who haven’t seen it, here the Telegraph article you mentioned …
    “Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins when sperm meets egg”

    • art barnes

      Amazing when life begins, maybe a lot like how the universe was created, He spoke it!

      • Greg Hunter

        God is real and so is the phrase “Let there be light.” Thank you for all your comments.

  14. Marty

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for all that you do… great shows all the time.

    Just wanted to point out that Amazon does in fact make things… besides electronics like Echo & Alexa, Fire Tablets, Fire TV, array of Kindles and the dash button… they also are content creators with numerous great shows and movies.

    Amazon is still on the rise… Apple is on the down slope which is understandable. Without their visionary leader they are doing things like creating a smaller iPhone (dismal sales) and creating a laptop that is almost exactly like the Microsoft Surface (except the Apple product isn’t as robust and it costs a lot more).

    • Greg Hunter

      I stand corrected. Thank you.

  15. Charles Turner

    As a Brit, Donald Trumps foreign policy speech was the clearest that I have every heard from an American politician. I think every American should listen to it and then watch the You Tube video of General Wesley Clarke to see how far America has sunk in both the Bush and Obama administration and why you need someone who can break the mould with both government and military interventions. Also why should America subsidize Nato to the tune of 73% if all its spending with the UK and Germany the next largest contributors at around 6 to 7% each, and the final 13% being made up by 25 countries. Germany is one of the richest countries in the world and has budget surpluses, not a 17 trillion hangover. In England we have a saying that he is ‘not everyone’s cup of tea,’ he could be accused of being a misogynist, a narcissist or a reality showman. But so what, take the negatives away and he is a leader of leaders. That is what American needs

  16. Charles Turner

    you tube link.

  17. art barnes

    Greg, this is what happens when the top leaders of a country only work & worry about their new religion of political correctness. On top of that, the President himself sees a bigot behind every tree and is more concerned with his religion of peace instead of his own country. The President and his administration have now overshot their anti-Christian and anti-American exceptional-ism and watch in disbelief as the people speak out. They never could have imagined average Joe has had enough as they thought they had silenced him for the last 50 years for good with their political correctness shamming. Well Greg, the shamming is over, the country has had enough & you can feel it. The Democrats are worried that many in their own party are rethinking their entitlement, immigration, trade and foreign policies. There is an old saying that you can only “push someone so far”, Obama and his religion of peace & political correctness have overshot their pushing. Also, as the old song of the 60’s said “the times they are a changing”.

  18. Casey

    Greg, great wnw as always. I didn’t see you mention it but I read somewhere that Carl Icahn is coming dropping all of his Apple stocks.

  19. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    I don’t know if you are aware of the solar eclipse on August 21 of this year. Some are already calling it the Great North American eclipse. Calculate a range 6 weeks either side of this eclipse and stay prepared. If you will follow the link you will see that this eclipse’s shadow falls almost on the middle of the US. Expect to see major geological events during this period of time. I tell folks all the time that an earthquake does not have to be geological it can be financial or military, or all three. Once again we are in the sabbatical year of the cycle of Earthquakes, famines and pestilences.

    The August 21 solar eclipse IS in 2017, not 2016, which is the first year of the cycle of war. Sorry, I don’t multi-task very well anymore. The solar eclipse of 2016 (Sept. 1, 2016) is only 2 weeks short of the lunar eclipse (Sept. 16, 2016). This constitutes a super cycle and you plot 6 six weeks to the outside, either way, of the eclipses. I think you will see that it lines up with Bo Polny’s July date and into October.

    Yah bless,

  20. Willard Ferch

    The spiritual war in world affairs is mind-blowing. From that perspective, who profits from: Open lesbian & homosexual characters in prime-time programs, bible & prayer removed from schools, our troops removed from Iraq, bullying Russia into a war, making deals that are not deals, class warfare, racial strife, etc.? The list is endless. With the devil’s minions having just about complete control of authority & power in a nation, that nation is bound for the ash-heap of history. It took real catastrophes for back-slid Israel to change direction, so what will it take to turn this country around? I reckon we’ll have to wait and see. Great weekly wrap-up. John Williams is special! Fiddlin

    • art barnes

      No wonder we are about to go over the cliff of history, hope a few of us remember the leaders/traitors who sold us out when we are living in the vast American waste land.

  21. andyb

    Greg: The BS in the MSM gets worse and worse. Here we are baiting Putin by placing war materiel close to his border, either in the Black Sea off Crimea or in Romania. That would be the same as the Russians putting a sub in, or overflying Long Island Sound or the Potomac. Tell me the difference. Our brain dead Congress would immediately issue a Declaration of War.

  22. DownEastPrepper

    Greg, Thank you for your Friday round-ups and your weekly guests. I always look forward to your three weekly postings. You and your guests are generally right on target. Please continue your outstanding work!

  23. Paul

    Greg even though I give Greg Mannarino and Bo Polny respect for their knowledge, I feel most of their predictions are Confirmation Bias they remember their hits and praise them, but seem to forget their wrong prediction which are much more.

    • Greg Hunter

      Well, so far they have been right. I am confirming that.

  24. diane s.

    Great slam on Hillary. …..Your cartoon should have showed Greg throwing a pie in her face!
    Love it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Diane S.
      It was actually a slam on USA Today but I don’t feel bad for Hillary getting mud splattered on her. It’s her mud.

      • art barnes

        Hillary dodges another indictment, remember White Water, among many more?

        • Greg Hunter

          Only if we have a total market meltdown or all-out war. We will see.

  25. Rock

    Thanks Greg for another great week of work.
    Your point about the light that has now been discovered the moment that an egg is met with sperm is a big deal. It is consistent with the words of Scripture that says that Jesus is the Light of the world, and that all things are made by and through Him. Huge. Wow. It is easy to see the Light of the World putting His finger on it and life is created. I do not know what explanation “science” will put on it, but it will give some levity. The gate to heaven is narrow, and nobody gets to the Father but through Him. For those that do not know Him yet, please come to know Jesus as your savior before it is too late.
    Have a nice weekend.

  26. Diane D.

    Thank you Greg. Honestly there is not much left for the MSM to spin. I pray that the Neocons do not start another phony war. We now have a generation which knows of nothing but continuous foreign wars, deceit and shedding of innocent blood.

    Off topic, but if anyone wants to drift back to a better time, take 3 minutes to watch this video taken at the White House:

    I miss Ronald Reagan. I miss America. One went to Heaven. One went to Hell.

    • art barnes

      Yea, well, the neocons will do it, mark my word, they have it all planned but are just waiting for a false flag moment such as a free fall dollar and hyperinflation to avoid taking responsibility of destroying our great nation. Believe me, the neocons will never go to jail or admit their traitorous behavior, they must find a scapegoat to shoot at claiming they were the ones who are responsible; scorched earth policy in the end.

  27. Dave

    Verbal contracts are valid and legally binding. It is a long established precedent. A deal is a deal.

    Are the parties acting in good faith if one side seeks obscure loopholes to avoid upholding their end of the bargain?

  28. HankH


    I just don’t see Trump getting to 1,237.
    So no reason (for anyone) to anoint a candidate until they hit that goal… on the 2nd or 3rd ballot.

    Cruz has outworked & outsmarted him with his organization and building an effective, delegate winning ground game. It will be tough but I believe Cruz takes IN, NE, SD, WA, MT, NM and the big one, CA. Trump takes NJ and maybe OR…both fall short of 50% + 01 (1,237).

    2nd ballot wins. Trump knows it too.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you are good with disenfranchising millions of voters? You are good with cheating the front runner (by a big margin) for a lawyer work around? I am not and either are the VOTERS!!! It’s not about Ted or his “delegate winning ground game.” It is about the will of the people and Ted don’t have the will of the people behind him. He cannot win because he cannot put the Northeast in play. We saw how well he did last week.

      • HankH

        That is possible, Greg. But do you really think Trump puts the liberal Blue (N/E) states from last week’s primaries in play anyhow??? I just don’t see it.

        Neither guy gets to 1,237 (50% + 01) before the convention’s 1st ballot, so the will of the people, up to that point, will prove indecisive at best.
        *Let it play out and see where it takes us…at the 2nd ballot


      • woody188

        That and the RINO’s call him Lucifer in the flesh. 🙂

        • Greg Hunter

          I thought what Boehner calling Cruz Lucifer was totally out of line and unfair. Boehner should look in a mirror once in a while, but then again, vampires cannot see themselves in a mirror.

          • Galaxy 500

            Greg, it does show one thing. That Cruz is delusional if he thinks the GOPe machine is going to give him the nomination.

          • Jerry

            Why would you believe anything John Boehner says? The mans an alcoholic. The sad part is Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi probably help get him there. As for me , I will vote for anybody who doesn’t have the stench of the senate on them.

          • HankH

            Boehner’s statement shows how dishonest he is….he & Cruz only met once or twice and only exchanged cordial introduction pleasantries. Cruz is a senator and Boehner was a congressman so they did NOT work together. As Cruz stated, they barely know each other.
            Boehner on the other hand has gushed about being texting and golf buddies with Trump (the insider)…I wonder if there are any Trump hotels or casinos in OH(?) or if the Donald was a contributor to JB.

            The brilliant Krauthammer stated this week, Trump has to get 1,237 (50% + 01 more) before the convention or he will Lose…the GOP nomination is very much in doubt.

          • woody188

            I totally agree, Boehner was way out of line. Quite shocking really. Another strange turn in what has to be the oddest US election ever.

      • 8Ball

        Perhaps the real plan is to cheat Trump out of the nomination, alienate the Republican electorate and give the presidency to Clinton?

        • Greg Hunter

          Trump is in and the republicans will get behind him. Remember Trump saying recently he will be “flexible.” Who do you think he is talking to? Clinton will be indicted or the FBI will leak all the info and charges on her. Obama will NEVER allow her to be President–NEVER. Besides that, she cannot win-especially against Trump. Husbands and wives will vote the same way.

          • art barnes

            Interesting reply Greg, Trump better not be so flexible with the establishment that the wall doesn’t get built and the jobs go over seas while the Muslims come this way. If so, one term nothing done and just another failed Presidency.

            • Greg Hunter

              He has to get in and I think he will. We will be way better with Trump than Hillary or Biden.

    • Galaxy 500

      Basic math skills says Trump crush the 1237. Sorry but a vote for the Canadian is a vote for Hillary. You see the Dems will litigate Ted’s lack of NATURAL Citizenship.

      • JC Davis

        Right G500. The republicans forced Obama to get his fake birth certificate. The Democrats will discredit Ted much worse. It makes me question the Republican resolve to the constitution. The fact that the RNC has allowed Ted to get this far.

    • art barnes

      Lets meet in Vegas where betting is legal, I got a buck says he gets 1237.

  29. Hatemail

    The economy may not be recovering but gold sure is.
    Enjoy your weekend Greg.

  30. Diane D.

    Congratulations Greg. Today’s SurvivalBlog home page has TWO links to USAWatchdog; your recent interviews with Gregory Mannarino AND Bill Holter. With more than 320,000 unique visits per week, that’s getting the truth out!

    • Robert Lykens

      And just think…we were Watchdoggers when Watchdoggers weren’t cool!

  31. Paul ...

    HankH … You know … on the first day Trump is elected he will be briefed and likely told about a big planet entering our solar system that is creating the increased volcanic and earthquake activity on Earth and that will bring in a swarm of meteors that will hit our planet and make it look like the surface of the moon (which is what happened the last time it entered our solar system) … this volcanic, earthquake and tsunami activity caused by meteors falling not only on land but in the ocean will likely also be accompanied by a Yellowstone eruption and all the horror that entails … so Trump’s plan to bring corporations and jobs back to America may have to be “modified somewhat” so as to put our “new” manufacturing capability underground “along with the work force and their families” … as a man of the people (more then Cruz) I don’t believe he will feel comfortable allowing only the elite to hide underground … he will probably think about begin a massive infrastructure project to “hollow out” living quarters for as many people he can under the Adirondack mountain range before the binary star (Nemesis) and its planet (Nibiru) begin to reek havoc here on earth once more as was foretold it would in the Bible and Sumerian texts.

    • Galaxy 500


    • Linda L.

      I’ve seen pictures of a planet with associated moons in the direction of the Sun, taken from different locations around the earth, but not sure about the validity of these photos. Just out of curiosity, what region of this planet do you live on, and do you have an underground bunker? (not that it would make a difference in circumstances like this).

      • Paul ...

        Linda … I live on Long Island (New York State) … so I’m in a tsunami “kill zone” … but luckily have relatives in the Catskills (high enough above sea level) … but still … even getting to high ground is no protection from falling meteorites … so I must still find a cave for protection … some calculate Nibiru’s path to make an Earth fly bye on or about “Passover” (seems the word “pass over” is very apropos) … we may have avoided danger this year (as long as Yellowstone doesn’t blow) … but by such calculation Passover 2017 is the next time to worry … there is still uncertainty as to “the exact time” of the passing but once Nibiru finally gets here Earth will pass through a swarm of meteorites following in Nibiru’s path like the tail behind a comet … as we pass through the tail … meteors will rain down on Earth and pock mark it with craters the way we now see the craters on moon (from a previous encounter) … Nibiru’s path around the Sun should take about 6 months but in that time Earth will pass through Nibiru’s tail “twice” on its way through the incoming tail and again when it passes through the outgoing tail … so there will be “two” meteor bombardments on Earth … the Earth will remain in bad shape years after Nibiru leaves the Solar System (probably for about 7 years)… because volcanic activity (ash and dust) released into Earth’s atmosphere will cool the planet significantly … after the “two” meteor bombardments are over survivors should move down out of the mountains to warmer areas where food can be grown … but hopefully once Trump is elected he will begin to build underground shelters for us Americans the way Russia is currently building shelters for its population (food can be grown below the Earth using hydroponic techniques) … once the danger ends … humanity will have 3600 years of stability … before the brown dwarf star Nemesis and its five(5) planets return once again!

        • Paul ...

          If Trump can show some real leadership he will rapidly begin building underground shelters for all the American people the way Russia already has done … Russia wants to save the entire population (not just the criminal elite) … 5000 underground shelters have been built in Moscow alone … where the entire population of the city can run to safety within minutes …
          The failure of leadership in our country is “a crime against humanity” but for Neocon criminals who think nothing of killing women and children … they can care less … in their mind “what difference does it make”!!

          • Paul ...

            Hopefully all the explosions being heard under Walmart stores could be shelters the US is building for the American people … but that is only “a hopeful guess” on my part … what we desperately need is a real leader like Trump to tell us the truth about us living in a binary star system … as well as the truth about 9/11 … and the truth about vaccines … the truth about chem-trails, and the truth about etc., etc., etc.

    • HankH



      I have no doubt, if there were an imminent threat of mass meteor strikes that a Prs’ Trump would make sure his people & his interests would be protected. The rest of us unwashed losers, idiots, liars, slobs, bimbos, etc, etc would be on our own.

      “A man of the people”?!?!?!?

      God IS in control so it will all work out.

    • Tracy Welborn

      Uhhhh. Hmmmm. Not sure what to say here.


    Hillary’s happiest moment was when she found out that John Kerry lost the election, but things did not go as expected from then on and the song still remains the same.

    • art barnes

      But she sure has enriched herself even though she will, in my mind, never be President. First her much beloved African Americans she has pandered to for 50 years turned against her and anointed Obama, now Trump will clean her clock leaving her bewildered that her own women kind left her for billionaire Manhattan real estate developer. Go figure, she just doesn’t get it that she has been judged and came up wanting.

  33. pat the rat

    Now that I think about it the DNC should be taken the lead on Clinton email investigation You don’t want her to be indited in the middle of the of the campaign with Trump , that would be a hell of mess!

    • Greg Hunter

      They are pretending that the huge national security breach created by Hill’s private unprotected serve and her taking bribes through the Clinton Foundation are not crimes. The MSM is also pretending there is not an ongoing FBI investigation. This is outrageous behavior from all parties.

      • art barnes

        Disagree Greg, the fix is in, Comey was appointed by Obama, Obama & Lynch won’t stand for an indictment, just knowing she will lose the election is payback enough for the Obama Administration. That way, Clinton doesn’t expose Obama for the anti-Christian Muslim that he is, and Obama gets his payback for her 2008 run for the Presidency wherein she made lots of bad blood with the Obama camp.

        • Greg Hunter

          We will see. No matter what Hill will never be President.

          • art barnes

            I do agree with that Greg.

          • diane s.

            Pray, Greg is right.
            She is a dangerous criminal who has made millions at the expense of innocent people.
            How can a woman who has been in ” public service” all her life have amassed millions and millions of dollars?

  34. Charles Peden

    Dear Greg:

    I cannot fully express the deep appreciation that I hold for your work. So clear, and concise and such a real assessment of the circumstances of our collective American life. No doubt that you have sacrificed much in the pursuit of the truth.

    Godspeed Greg,

    Charles Peden

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Charles. Here’s what I was saying in March of 2008 while still at CNN. Please note this was BEFORE the 2008 meltdown:

      • Galaxy 500

        And Greg, your were telling the truth then and are doing it now.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you 500!!

        • diane s.

          Greg would never be able to speak freely on MSM.
          Possibly on Fox BUSINESS channel, but never on CNN.
          We are happy he is here and provides Watchdog.

      • Chip

        very cool to see you “back in the day”… Chip

  35. Bill

    Hello Greg! First, just wanted to let you know that I appreciate soooooo much what you do and the time you spend doing it for us. I was hoping I could ask you a question about IRA transfers to gold. I got the recent posting on gold/silver options to buy coins, but I was wondering if you have any recommendations on looking at transferring my IRA current stock market investments into a reputable gold/silver option. There is a lot of information on IRA transfer kits to gold and not sure where to begin there. I really just feel that my current investments are going to go “poof” soon and I want to have a viable option so I don’t lose everything when this thing collapses. Thanks!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am going to keep it simple. Sell your IRA pay the tax and penalty and put your funds under your direct control and do it fast. 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing. The IRA was not invented for you my friend. I am not an investment advisor and you are starting this a little late in the game. All the best.

    • Tin foil hat

      I looked into the IRA transfer to gold and I didn’t like it. You would trigger penalty and tax the moment you take delivery. What good is gold IRA if you don’t have the goodies in your hands?

      I wouldn’t put all the eggs in one basket by transferring all of the IRA in physical PMs unless you truly believe the reset is imminent. Going all in causes too much stress if things/timing didn’t go according to your expectation.

      20% of my net worth is in PMs, 5% in stocks, 5% in IRA and 5% in cash.

  36. Galaxy 500

    A top 3 draft pick, Laramie, allowed bog video which cost him an estimated 7 million dollars. The millennial are stupid, don’t believe the rules app l you to them and want free stuff. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.
    As a friend of mine says, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

    • BetterChetter

      Galaxy5 – remember the quote, let he among you who has not sinned, cast the first stone? – so you’ve never done anything as a youth that you regretted? I have.

      Also, his name is Laremy, not Laramie, and he smoked a bong, not a bog. And what’s the ‘app I you to’ ? You’re struggles with spelling can make you look stupid, if I were to judge you as you judged him.
      He’s a young man from a poor family who excelled in sports. Cut him some slack.

  37. Linda L.

    My daughter has thousands of dollars sitting in her bank savings account right now from a house she sold last year, which amounts to all her assets. She and her husband and 2 small kids are planning a vacation get away in June without a worry in the world. I’ve tried to warn her to take some of her funds out of the bank and invest even a portion in the precious metals and to prepare with adequate water/supplies for what’s approaching, as they’re surely NOT prepared. Sometimes the old saying of “ignorance is bliss” comes to mind because because my daughter plans for a big, bright future….new house, studying to get her real estate license, planning new exciting trips/vacations/even Disneyland…ugh etc. All awhile I try to get through each day with the awareness of what’s coming, which is a very painful/agonizing feeling inside, especially when I think of my grandkids and their questionable futures. I don’t want to appear like the depressive, middle aged drag around my family, so I pretend that all is well… and we do have fun together too with my house being the meeting spot for family dinners/gatherings. My cute little grandkids really make me laugh. But on occasion when politics happens to come up or something related, I slip, blurting out the truth, with my perspective on the economy/dollar/what’s important for planning purposes drastically in conflict with my daughter’s views. This is my daughter’s latest response to my last slip, and it some respects, the ignorance/denial really is blissful in the moment. And if she were gone tomorrow, she really could say that she enjoyed herself to the bitter end:
    Please don’t worry about what ‘MIGHT’ happen. Of course we are careful and we always take precautions and make sure we have certain items, but we can’t live being scared that something bad might happen. We could all be gone tomorrow or be here another fifty years…I just want you to see and experience some of the wonderful things in life! I love you!”

    • JC Davis

      Linda L.
      Life is gone in the twinkle of the eye when compared to eternity. Enjoy what time we have as much as possible. I see nothing wrong with making memories to remember.
      That said, She will come around to her future when she gets informed in her time. All we can do is love them, and set aside some preps for them.

    • MCasey

      “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. – Mahatma Gandhi” Sadly, there will be no real “winning”….

    • BetterChetter

      Thanks for the beautiful sentiments from your daughter. She sounds like my son.

      For 7 yrs., I’ve tried to share USA WD or Celente info with my family – accountants, engineers, programmers – and they will not be brought down into the armageddon scenarios that I consider. I even did some doomsday prepping, but overspent & had to sell – taking a loss recently. Good experience – but if I could do it over – I would put my energy (thinking, feeling) into living as your kids do. I’ve carried the emotional weight of coming calamity for way too long – it’s a heavy load.

      • Greg Hunter

        Gold is flashing a big warning something is wrong.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Linda L.
      “The less people know, the more stubbornly they know it.” Osho

  38. Don

    Brother Greg, I just had to share this with you, knowing your a lover of America and care deeply for its future. I just herd Mr. Trump in a speech say, his presidency would never sign any agreement that gives up our nations sovereignty in any way to a global body or anyone. He said the international agreements would be negotiated on a national bases, and any future agreements would never give anybody control over the future of our nation. He said he does not support globalism, period. Few people new, and it was being hid from the public, that our leaders that were supporting these agreements were doing just that. They were signing our nations sovereignty away. Everyone should be aware of this fact and guard against it, in the future. I was so proud of Trump, that I had to write you.

    • Tee

      Hi Greg and Hello linda L and to many of you as I see humble spirits here Linda the family truly is an important thing and I feel I understand how you feel, Got same situation over here in my family I try to talk to them they don’t under stand there Ol dad so I just say when things start to get bad stay out of the riots etc and say your prayers don’t loose connection with God

  39. Galaxy 500

    What do you think of the illegals rioting at the Trump rally in CA?

    • Greg Hunter

      It is a sign they know he is going to win!! See anybody riot with Romney???

      • art barnes

        Interesting observation Greg, sounds about right in my mind, no body believed Romney could win excepting maybe himself. I knew it was over when he pick Paul Ryan, he couldn’t even win his own state.

      • Craig Bradley

        Jimmy Carter (smiling) said in 2012 that Mitt Romney running for President would be the best thing for the Democratic Party. He was correct. Why could Jimmy Carter see what other’s seemed to miss or were unwilling to admit? Conservative voters got a defective product from their party store.

  40. Colin/IRL.

    Greg Just watched your CNN YouTube post. It’s great to see you were sounding the alarm back then. The evidence is mounting that a slow down at a minimum is coming. The Fed will keep the printing press running Hot for as long as there is confidence in the US$ to keep the economy propped up. The effort that is going into keeping the appearance that everything is fine makes me think that we cannot possible have a slow decline despite what clued in people like CAF and N.Pritts say. Think of an elastic band which is the economy wanting to contract from over exertion(QE/market/Libor/Commodities Manipulation) but TPTB cannot/will not allow that to happen so they press on believing they can keep going, controlling the Matrix. Unfortunately the band is going to snapback or snap. When it does, it’s going to be brutal. I hope I’m wrong but there is just too much evidence to the contrary.
    No wonder China/Russia/India and others are making preparations for what’s coming. Jerry and WD’s like him have provided dozens of links supporting the reality that this will end badly. With the SGE, Oil for Gold backed Yuan to name a few, will the reins of the future be handed off, given away, taken away or simply left in the dirt after a war which PCR certainty thinks is being baited.
    Keep up the great work Greg, people are tuning in and spreading the word. Sainte.

    • Greg Hunter

      I believe it cost me my job at CNN. I had great ratings. That said USAW was the 2nd BEST thing (other than meeting my my wife) that has happened to me.

  41. art barnes

    Well, well, well, Trump on a roll, who would of thunk it? Sanctuary Cities, illegals rape & murder and get released to do it again, anchor babies, robbers suing homeowners who they robbed, transgender bathrooms, Obama phones, fiat dollars, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan – wars that don’t end & never in victory, gun control, permits for everything, militarization of the police forces, carbon tax, jobs gone overseas, former beautiful inner cities turned to waste lands, changing our Presidents on our money, unisex everywhere, hate crimes for Muslims but not for Christians (work place violence), no prayers in school, and so on and so on & so on. Trump, the last chance!

    • freebreezer

      Art – Well, well, well said!

  42. Peter

    I agree the economy is rotten and appreciate this website and Greg for calling it like it is. That being said, the stock market is still hanging in there somewhat, but it makes no sense.

    Trump drives brainwashed liberals crazy and exposes their lunacy and hate for all to see. I’m confident Trump will take it to Hillary like no other candidate would dare and he will drive her poll numbers into the ground. He has already started and Hillary can not take it, regardless of what she says!

  43. 8Ball

    Another photo from the the wayback machine…….jpg?dl=0

  44. 8Ball

    Something in the USAWD blog software is not allowing the full posting of the “you decide” link.

    If it does not work, try pasting the above portion into your browser and then type in ….jpg?dl=0 after that. It should work. That last character is a zero, not an o.

    Apologies for the trouble.

  45. Deano

    Rob Kirby will be right again, his timeframe of 2-3 weeks IMO will occur next week.

  46. Pinocchio

    One of my sources inside Pentagon told me two weeks ago that Saudi Arabia would get some portable nuclear bombings and riots around Mecca, if they dare to dump US bonds and to price their oil in euro, yuan, or any other currency. The portable nuclear bombs would be supplied by Pentagon alone (without any coordination with CIA) and the bombing execution would be conducted by moslem Nigerians.

  47. Craig Bradley


    The real story, albeit implied, is that China wants a bigger “cut of the action”. China sees the money making potential of Apple and wants to keep a bigger share. I’ll bet CEO Tim Cook probably is not exactly supportive and may be resisting ( holding- off renegotiation of terms). The reality is in China, its China’s terms or you can go to half-rations.

    Carl Ichann sold-out because of China and its leaders. CEO Tim Cook, like many of us, does not want to cede any control, but China has the upper hand in their country. See how it goes if Trump puts a 35% Tariff on Chinese-Made I-Phones. Apple would have to assemble them somewhere else, probably adding to the cost of the product or less profit margin and less revenue.

    All the same in the end. The consequences of “America First” policies would be retaliatory tariffs, less global trade, global frictions, and a loss of business for large American multi-nationals who really control who is nominated for being the candidate. Trump would have to scale-back his promises after being elected if he wants to survive for long. A one-term president can not accomplish much if Congress drags its feet.

    Apple can not grow without China and India, where the undeveloped population numbers are globally. Donald Trump’s America First reflects decades of losing markets and control. Its too late, I am afraid. Globalism has eaten the average American’s Lunch and the career politicians are at the table getting theirs. Apple is headed back to the Orchard if Trump is elected.

  48. Paul ...

    This is interesting … first the American Neocons kill over 3000 of “their own” American citizens in NY on 9/11 to get a war started … now they have their puppet ISIS “they armed and created” forming “hit squads” to kill another 3600 American citizens in NY to get another war started … we must elect Trump to remove these psychopathic “American killing” Neocons from power!! …

    • Paul ...

      Most of those being targeted in NY have had their right to own firearms taken away … instead of just telling the targets they are on a “marked for death hit list” why not issue “special UZI machine gun permits (and 35 caliper hollow point bullets)” to them … so they can defend themselves … rather then becoming sacrificial lambs so the American Neocons can have “an excuse” to start their next war in the middle east! …

  49. wondrouscat

    Donald Trump is to the country what Jessie Ventura was to Minnesota. He needs five times the protection he has now, and be very, very cautious always. I can think of a million ways they could get him – his private airplane worries me even because a mechanic could easily be paid off to sabotage it. The globalists hate him.

    • Gil

      Don’t you think that they would have gotten him by now if they really wanted too!!?? I think it’s fairly obvious… for some unbeknownst reason Trump is off the hit list… ! Perhaps Israel which are his friends may have something to do with it… ?

  50. Paul ...

    As gold rallies toward $1400 dollars per ounce it can give us an opportunity to sell some of our gold to the Chinese and buy silver … listen to this technical analysis explaining why it may be a good idea …

    • Paul ...

      Remember … Harry Dent said he will “throw in the towel” on his prediction that gold will fall to 350 if gold rallies above $1350 an ounce … well we are almost there Harry!!!

  51. Deano

    Get Harvey Organ back on!!!! if you cant reach him go via silverdoctors where he posts all the time. Last time he was on usawatchdog was 2014

  52. Faith

    New interview on the SGT report with Bill Holter.

    Take care everyone.

    I expect that any day we will wake up and find out that the world we knew is gone.

  53. Zach Smith

    The Secret Cause of Dollar Collapse On 28 May 2016 .

    Obummer [PRAY FOR WAR~]

  54. WD


    The US seems to be pushing war on all fronts, I am concerned about this b/c even during the cold war we never seemed to push it this hard….maybe I am wrong.

  55. Oxfarmer

    Whoa there, you folks digging bunkers because of Planet X, etc. Didn’t our Lord tell us there would be ‘signs in the sun, moon and stars’? And didn’t He say that when men’s hearts fail them for fear for what is coming, for the heavenly powers will be shaken…then..aren’t we supposed to lift up our heads because our redemption draweth nigh??

    Craig B., I don’t think Trump is so stupid as to put tariffs on imports and not balance it with breaks for companies doing business here. We don’t have any incentive to make US products now bc it means going out of business. When money can be made here and not there, watch how fast things change. It has always been about money. Speaking as someone who buys US made whenever possible, I read the apologies of folks who made, say, towels here for many years or blankets for almost 100 about how they just couldn’t compete with Chinese slave labor. There’s no excuse for that. There should be a way to level the playing field.

    Businesses moved to China, they can move back. In fact, a friend who works in high places at Pitney says they are moving some things back. It’s expensive to travel around the world and then be lied to. What is so often forgotten is that China is still a totalitarian state. At any time these factories can become state owned. Then what?

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