Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.4.14

United States Russia Relations, NATO and Russia-Military Build UpBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

There may not be a shooting war between the U.S. and Russia, but the financial war is game on.  Iran and Russia are in the process of sealing a deal where Iranian oil is going to be traded for goods.  The deal is worth an estimated $20 billion (500,000 barrels a day is what the Iranians will be producing for this deal), but they are not trading in dollars.  Why would Russia, the world leader in oil production, want more oil?  Might Russia want to increase the selling of oil in non-dollar currencies?  This is yet another dollar negative bit of news.  Now, Russian lawmakers are openly calling for the end of trade for oil and natural gas in dollars.  They call the USD “dirty” and “stained with blood.”  Add up the recent trade deals with India and China and anyone using the dollar might be getting a little nervous.  Last week, President Obama was in Saudi Arabia, and now he is considering arming Syrian rebels with shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles.  Of course, as many as half of the rebels are al-Qaeda linked, and the U.S.?  Is the U.S. desperate to keep Saudi Arabia selling oil in only U.S. dollars? 

As far as real war, both NATO and Russia have been building up their military around Ukraine.   NATO just announced war games there this summer.  So, Russian and U.S. troops could be just across the border from each other.  Also, Russian troop strength was blown way out of proportion in the press.  Now, we find out there is really only about 40,000 Russian troops on the Ukraine border instead of the 100,000 that was widely reported.  In Eastern Europe, NATO is planning to beef up military cooperation in many countries there.  Russia is calling this a treaty violation and is demanding answers for the escalation.  Russia says this action is “unreasonable.” 

Things may start heating up in the Middle East again.  The peace process between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) appears to be finished.  PA President Mahmoud Abbas says he will bypass the U.S. and Israelis and is going to try to gain statehood in the international community.  This put the kibosh on the Israelis releasing more Palestinian prisoners as previously agreed.  They have already released three batches of prisoners.  Israel says it’s reneging on the fourth batch of prisoners because “no meaningful negotiations” have taken place since late last year.  This move by the Palestinian Authority will, no doubt, heat things up in and around Israel.  This is just in time for the famed Four Blood Moon cycle which begins on Passover. 

Fort Hood,Texas, has suffered another mass shooting.  This time, it is not considered to be terrorism but a soldier who had a mental breakdown.  This should be drawing attention to mental problems of soldiers returning home from our long wars.  The VA estimates 22 suicides and suicide attempts among veterans and military family members happen every day.  The VA says that estimate may be low. 

Finally, the Obama Administration is sounding the trumpet over reaching the 7 million goal for Obama Care sign-ups.  The mainstream media (MSM) is omitting bad news about the ACA and highlighting the so-called good news.  Check out this USA Today headline:  “Health care’s comeback kid.”  These folks are delusional.  So, all the lying to get this passed about keeping your doctor and health plan is OK—everything’s forgotten?  The lies about saving $2,500 for most people when, in fact, the CBO says most people are going to pay more than $2,000 more in premiums.  Let’s not forget the higher co-pays and deductibles for most people.  Wait until the government taxes you on the portion of health care paid by your employer.  That hasn’t kicked in yet.  As far as those 7 million Obama Care signups are concerned, 6.2 million policies were cancelled.  According to the White House, the number of people affected would only amount to 5% of the U.S. population.  That’s 15 million people negatively affected by this law, and 7.1 million sign-ups is a reason to party?  The government doesn’t even have an accurate count of people who have paid for health insurance.  There is an old legal saying “untruthful in one, untruthful in all.”  The Democrats lied as a party to get this passed, and they are still lying.  The MSM is helping with the lie by their omission of negative facts and stories about Obama Care. 

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    “Why would Russia, the world leader in oil production, want more oil? Might Russia want to increase the selling of oil in non-dollar currencies?”
    Not just that, they want a quantitative boost to their own industry, because they have industry. Although it is not yet that big as Chinese, but they are sending materials and persons into space (to ISS). So for them it is logical choice. Space industry needs lot of industrial support, especially when it comes to machinery, which would be sold to Iran.

    BTW great wrap up and your thoughts.

  2. bob

    i’m starting to believe that this obamacare is the straw that finally breaks the middle classes back. it will also spell doomsday for small business, kill people to lower population.
    when you look at everything through our industrialized history, we’ve been lied to time after time. we as a nation have grown fat and lazy. 1980’s let the good times roll. great times means nobody is looking or paying attention, nafta is signed into law. factories start rolling out, before you know it the water that you are in went from warm to boiling. we were spoon fed all the reasons for every war since ww2. we created much or all of them, mean while what is micheal jackson doing or madonna or somebody in hollywood doing, as if it is one of your friends or children. msm taught generations to look one way why the gov’t and corporations proceeded to do their thing.

    • Galaxy 500

      NAFTA was a great evil. I saw how it allowed me to crush my competitors in Canada where there was about a dollar difference in average wages. It was clear to me that this would end a lot of jobs here. They people at Springs Mills told my mother and the other workers not to worry about NAFTA but the day after it passed Springs announced that they were moving the plants overseas. The CEOs sold out the workers and the country just for a bigger bonus.

  3. William Betts

    I know many of your readers are very curious about who had JFK murdered. There is a new book out that pretty much lays to rest who did it..The book- The Man Who Killed Kennedy, The Case Against LBJ. What this book also identifies is that Johnson was a walking psychopath that could function in normal society, just like a lot of these people in this present administration. The book is by Roger Stone, available at Amazon…. Betts

  4. mark

    I have been watching you coverage on Ukraine. When you consider the views outside of the west I sometimes wonder if you have a west bias. Lew Rockwell and many others around the world feel that the west was behind the Coup. If this is the case we have put Russia in a tough position. I think Putin is smart enough to not use nukes. After all Russia and China have economic weapons to use against the west that would be far more damaging. Keep up the good reporting.
    Idaho Mark

    • Ugly

      Mark. It is like this.
      The USA was once like an ice cube, very solid. Then slowly a melting pattern happened and we were 90% solid and 10% liquid. Then more policies and more melting, thus soon our country became 50% solid and 50% liquid. As time went and more liberal policies and now the USA became 25% solid and 75% liquid. All Russia and China has to do is continue watching the melting of the USA. Everyone on the outside sees it, but unfortunately those of us on the inside do not see it. We have created more liquid than we have solid. Soon we will be 100% liquid and no solid. Russia and China and BRICS knows this. Why go to war when you can just wait for the self-destruction….

      • Jim H

        Isn’t it amazing how communist for profit, socialist for profit and capitalist for profit all seem to end up in the same place, with 1% holding all the marbles. Wonder how a system where things are done for free and for nothing because it’s good for the masses would work out? Seems to me any system allowing some dudes cd to draw interest (while he sleeps) from the sweat of others is kind of backwards unless of course you’re in the 1% club.
        Maybe we are asking the wrong questions.

    • oN dA bLEACH

      Anglo-American dual world power, [UK.&US.] King of the South.

      The Russian [Bear].__King of the North

      !914_____”One Hundred years IN fulfillment of Bible prophecy”——-2014
      __________w o r l d w a r I—–w o r l d w a r II======III?

      __________I S I T A W R AP?
      +++++++++++++++++++++++g a m e o n!


      • Curlly




  5. Robert Bodendorf

    Hi, Greg, I believe the straw was placed on the camel’s back a long time ago. People are just watching and waiting for anticipated results that are different from those taking place already. People are increasingly sick and dying even though more and more money is poured into a failing medical system. Could population reduction be for real? I see a favorite site of yours is wtc building 7, after the commercial plays through click on the top center video “believe your own eyes” and watch a plane disappear into a building with no shedding of debris and ask yourself if that is physically possible. If “they” can get you to believe that , well let’s just say that’s a pretty heavy straw for a camel to carry. We’re already deep into a shitstorm and people are still looking to see what’s going to happen. How do you counter such complete control where people don’t believe what they can see with their own eyes but what they are told on tv? And Israel has no plans of doing anything except exterminating the Palestinians, they consider them vermin. They will continue to have “peace talks” until they starve or drop phosphorous bombs etc on every last one of them. Does it make sense that Israel has over 200 nukes and says Iran can’t have one? Only in this country. Israel is the terrorist of the middle east, and if people wake up here to what they have done and are doing to this country there will be big trouble, but “they” do control the mainstream media, so that is doubtful. Go to Veteran’s Today for good news on that front. Thanks for all you do.

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote,”And Israel has no plans of doing anything except exterminating the Palestinians, they consider them vermin”
      Yasar Arafat was offered over 95% of what he wanted by Israel and he declined. After all, if there was a Palestine State, he wouldn’t be able to steal billions. They refuse to say that Israel has a right to exist. Yes, I think scum is pretty accurate. If the Mexicans were dropping rockets on TX, the people there would have already resolved the issue while Obama continues to draw lines.

    • Greg Hunter

      Robert Bodendorf
      You said, “Israel has no plans of doing anything except exterminating the Palestinians, they consider them vermin. They will continue to have “peace talks” until they starve or drop phosphorous bombs etc. on every last one of them.” This is over the top and totally unsupported with fact. I guess shooting rocket after rocket into Israel is some sort of peace plan to you? Lots of sin to go around in the ME.

      • e sutton

        Yeah, let’s get involved in it! We have lots of cash, and we’re printing more and more of it everyday! Wars, wars everywhere! What’s money for if not to spend! After all, those dear Israelis are our good friends, right? And Muslim brown people must be exterminated!

        • Greg Hunter

          e Sutton,
          Come on, don’t you think saying “And Muslim brown people must be exterminated!” is a bit unfair. Lots of sin on both sides in the Middle East.

          • SRV

            “Lots of sin on both sides in the Middle East”

            Yet the US pours $billions$ into one side and throws the odd verbal support crumb at the other. Almost like they were “owned” by one… oh wait, they are , aren’t they!

            … and Christmas is on the way Greg, so maybe if you’re a really, really good boy the ACA will magically implode Dec 25/14 and all your (and Faux News Inc) dreams will have come true (putting over 15,000,000 newly insured/covered under Medicaid out in the street, but that’s a small price to pay for a “win” for my side against that evil guy in the WH) 🙂

          • Galaxy 500

            15 million newly insured??? Yeah, you’re sure drinking the Obama administration lies . You know like “you can keep your doctor”, “Unemployment is 6.7%” and the world will end if Obamacare is repelled.
            The truth is that Obama didnt need to destroy the healthcare of the middle-class to give it to the 10% they claim didnt have it. Obama had both houses of Congress for two years and he did nothing to help employment BUT he sure helped the big banks and govt hiring. Obamacare isn’t abi utility health care, its about control and taxing the middle-class.

        • Galaxy 500

          So your vote is for the Israelites to allow their brown brothers to kill them? Very white of you

          • Curlly

            srv, all research studies show you cant buy health in fact you shorten your life. The US has the most expensive sick care system in the woild and the worst health. So we both feel for the newly insured except in different ways.

    • Jim H

      Isn’t it amazing how communist for profit, socialist for profit and capitalist for profit all seem to end up in the same place, with 1% holding all the marbles. Wonder how a system where things are done for free and for nothing because it’s good for the masses would work out? Seems to me any system allowing some dudes cd to draw interest (while he sleeps) from the sweat of others is kind of backwards unless of course you’re in the 1% club.
      Maybe we are asking the wrong questions.

    • tims

      Palestinians are terrorist country sent terrorist to kill israeli peoples. Dont fool to the people mr. Robert Bodendorf

  6. Robert Bodendorf

    Oops, the block to “Believe Your Own Eyes” shifts around . Its well worth a watch.

  7. Jerry

    Another great weekly wrap-up. I particularly liked the cartoon caption. So true! I think Obama spiking the ball in the end zone, doing a dance, may have been more appropriate.

    Greg the economic battle lines are clearly being drawn. Color me suspicious when I see reports like this.


    The Banking Cartel is clearly circling the wagons, and making plans. The only question is how deep the EBU influence runs into the Federal Reserve and our banking system?
    I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  8. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, Thanks as always for your Friday Morning dose of truth and reality. I especially appreciate it this morning after hearing the Dimwitts on CNBS discussing the latest hokus pokus job numbers….. turns out “they” revised last month up to 197,000 making this month’s 192,poo a drop off- I was waiting for someone to mention the old weather story. Not one person brought up : ” hmmm, it’s spring, if all the snow stopped shouldn’t the number be bigger?”
    And on Obamacare, here’s another little gem I didn’t hear mentioned much in the enrollment celebration:

  9. Cassandra, 3rd

    Once again the Fort Hood shooter was on mind altering psychiatric medication. So many suicides and shootouts that result from the putative cure, not from the disease. What the veterans need is good job prospects in a healthy community. What they don’t need is quack medicine.

    • Jim H

      Did anyone in the media google the side effects of ambien? This goes all the way back to columbine and nearly every mass shooting in our nation. I have personally seen normally well adjusted people flip out when on or out of these type meds. They actually lose control. But the profit margin for these killers is too large to prompt discussion.

  10. Dale

    I don’t know how much longer this economic war will go on. It looks like things are escalating a lot in the past few months. Something big is going to happen soon.

    What portion of your assets would you hold in Gold/Silver, currency, food etc.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not know your situation but I would hold something like 6 months of cash. You can never go wrong with food and water. Many very wealthy people I have talked to say the rich are holding as much as 50% of their net worth in gold and silver. Please keep in mind these people do not have house payments or car payments and have pretty much zero debt.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, I’m a prepper, as you know, but prepping, while important, is being overemphasized. Since we don’t know the nature of the threat exactly, we can’t be exactly, thoroughly prepared. The key to survival is to ditch the adversarial “us against the mob” mentality, and we MUST develop as the mainstay of the survival strategy COOPERATION and TEAMWORK among those who want to survive and go forward with the chance to start anew. Best always to all Watchdog participants.

  11. Galaxy 500

    I spent about eight hours driving the past few days with a good portion through rural NC. I make this drive every few months and I see more empty store fronts each time. Someone may be experiencing an economic rebound somewhere but not here.
    I look forward to the weekly news wrap up to see you take on the week. Thanks for what you do , Dude.
    For all of the people that think the police are not above the law read this. http://www.wnd.com/2014/04/new-revelations-about-mom-killed-by-capitol-cops/
    “Sanders also had a word of warning: What happened to this unarmed, suburban mother could happen to anyone.
    “The people of this country should be very, very concerned when the police feel like their actions are beyond reproach,” he said. “That’s not what the framers of the Constitution intended.”
    But all police are not your enemy. My wife and I will attend a candlelight vigil tonight for a young police officer who died in the line of duty protecting our community from scrum.
    I dont approve of Jesse Jackson Jr but explain to me why he is in jail for misappropriation of campaign funds when “Dingy Harry” Reid, dishonorable Senator of NV, commits campaign fund misappropriation and gets to just write a check and laugh it off?
    Why are our servicemen sitting ducks on their bases? I hear morons says they just couldn’t carry m16s around as someone might have a bad day. Point 1) being shot by an Islamic extremist or a mental case is a really bad day. Doesn’t anyone in the military remember that the guards in Beirut didnt have ammo the night the truck bomb drove through the gate and killed d hundreds? Point 2) saying some can carry side arms is hardly the same as having M16s.
    And why do we allow the gay community to punish people that disagree with their life choices? I dont see the other side attempting to punish the gays. Makes you wonder…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the real world reporting 500!!

      • Galaxy 500

        The new Mayor went to the 35 yr old career criminal’s funeral while the black city aldermen invited the murderer’s family to the murdered policeman’s candlelight vigil. Which was cancelled and a local lawyer had one on his property so the murderer’s family couldn’t disrupt it. This mayor will not have a career in politics, a group of us will make sure of that. Hes scum.

  12. Galaxy 500

    Anyone remember the way the govt always made their numbers in George Orwell’s novel 1984? If so, are you surprised that Obamacare not only made it to seven million but exceeded it?

  13. Janet Gaudiello


    I’ve gone to many sites over the last so many years. I have talked to Hartmann, Rivero, and Ed Schultz before he became a propagandist. You are superior to all of them. Why. It’s your unassuming, down to earth style. You lack their tremendous egos. I really enjoy you, and I mention your name to everybody.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow Janet! Thank you for the support and viral promotion!!

      • Dale

        I agree. I don’t believe everything that anybody says but I agree with you the most 🙂

        • Greg Hunter

          Opposing views are always welcome, thank you.

    • smaulgld

      Don’t forget to share these stories using the tweet, google + and face book buttons to the left!

  14. wheedle

    It’s amazing how many people are still oblivious to current events that could change their lives dramatically. There are some who believe the market crash in February 2009 has no significant meaning. For me it means (1) the game has been rigged a very long time, a game that benefits those who control it, and (2) the game is broken and “they” are pulling out all the stops to keep it going. These are perilous times and contingencies must be put in place to weather the storm.

  15. Country Codger

    Wow! Greg, great recap. The cool demeanor, you used to display in your earlier videos, is crumbling. The insanity of it all starts to get to you. You’re doing a fantastic job so keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Country Codger,
      I kind of lost it a bit at the end but that is how I feel. The MSM is totally lying by omission and it makes me sick!

  16. Kevin

    Classic update–clearly what’s really going on.

    Thought Professor Black’s minimization of Obamacare affects on the economy interesting (3/31/14 USAWD interview). I wanted to say, “really…really?”

    Thanks Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s wrong about Obama Care but right on target on all the fraud. That is really why I booked him.

  17. WD Deni

    Greg, I watch the news sometimes(not much anymore) but they keep painting Putin as delusional, self absorbed, on the borders on insanity.

    George Will, who I do respect to a degree, said; “Russia produces nothing but oil, vodka, and misery they make nothing and have no real economy. Putin is suicidal in his quest”

    I understand to a degree about the economic war, what is the bottom line on Putina nd Russia’s directive and their economy? Are they really that weak?
    Thanks as always!

    • Greg Hunter

      Russia is not weak. Why do you think we did not go to war in Syria? Thank you for all your comments and support.

    • Jerry

      The Readers Digest version of what is going on is an economic war between the East consisting of China, Russia, and the BRIC nations , and the Banking Cartel that runs the U.S. and Europe. Contrary to popular underground theory about planned collapse, the Banking Cartel is trying to delay the death of the fiat dollar, while the East is pushing to go back to the Gold standard using the Yuan as reserve currency. The elites will pump with the Fed printing until they can’t extract any more wealth out of Wall Street and then they will dump, ushering a currency reset. But don’t be fooled, they have stolen massive amounts of Gold from countries like Ukraine, to retain their position. Putin is not a clown. He knows what is going on. He’s the one that set the trap in Ukraine for the Cartel. And as we say in the Ozarks, the Bank puppets in Washington “stepped in it”, But don’t worry the MSM will shift our focus to a new false flag, since Syria and Ukraine didn’t work. My money is on Venezuela since they have oil that could keep the petrodollar going.

  18. David

    Many thanks for a cogent overview; you know, I gave up on the MSM 15 years ago, and fired Time/Warner which in these parts of NC is the ONLY provider (antennae do not work~you have to have cable). Savings: about $8K. So, if I want news, I search out sites like yours.

    1. There is NO “recovery”. When about half of the adult work force is NOT working, true unemployment is MUCH higher than what lies are being told, which means the economy is circling the drain. No way around that.
    2. The big shift in public perception is that the public knows they are being lied to without exception. Yet the lies continue as if that strategy is still effective. That’s what I call delusional. The alt. media now has the upper hand as long as they will realize it and appropriately work at pulling together instead of fighting each other. What we face is too important to continue presenting a confused front which is indicative of infiltration and co-opting by the establishment that will always find a new low to stoop to in order to keep their advantage. In the end there is no advantage; the whole thing collapses into a big steaming pile. Common sense tells you this is something to avoid at all costs.
    3. “When all else fails, they take us to war.” This often repeated by Gerald Celente; The truth is, we go to war by OUR permission, and not by any other factor. What, are they going to war themselves and get their own white shoes dirty? I don’t think so. Will there be a war if we say, “Not only NO but HELL NO?” I don’t trust BRICS as a force of virtue and good. To me, it’s another face of evil trying to dominate the world when they don’t have any more right to it than the NWO does, and for all we know, the NWO could be using them to keep the chaos going. They love chaos you know.
    4. When they ascend to power, truth goes out the window. The lying will be our self-inflicted destruction, just the way the “father of lies” would want it.
    5. The United States (corporation) and Russia have been at odds for generations. The basis for this animosity is purely “Orwellian”. KNOW the back story you people. Without it, you cannot see the forest for the trees. If there was ever a time for us to repudiate all this nonsense and tell them “NO” as responsible adults should~ it is right now because by the divide & conquer strategy, the American people are fractured and divided into countless pieces making us incapable of defending ourselves and it comes down to this: If you want to live, you will have to stop this nonsense that is escalating into a nuclear war. Those who are doing the escalating speak for themselves, not for us, and what they are working toward doesn’t consider any of our interests. We can see the outrageous lies behind their rhetoric…maybe the time is now to call them on it?

  19. Mitch Bupp

    Greg, The entire 2-party monopoly is under attack. Between gerrymandering and primaries the Republicans and democrats need about a three percent swing in the vote to win. The Republicans are under attack for the way the “party” changed the rules mid-stream to get Romney a clear victory. If the voting system is run by “private” parties which can change “at will” to get the establishment candidate on the ballot then why is public money financing all of the primaries? this is just part of the issue….. Thanks Greg and we can hope they pit Jeb Bush against Hillary ……. This would be the best outcome to end the two-party monopoly of American politics……though the thought turn my stomach

  20. Stu

    Thanks for the weekly wrap-up Greg!

    Love your reports and interviews and the time and efforts you take to keep us informed!

    Best Regards,


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Stu!

  21. Diane Ryan

    Another excellent Weekly Wrap-Up. Who needs the 24/7 MSM?

    We are praying for the best (preservation of liberty, NOT preservation of an evil government) and preparing to save liberty the best we can. USAWatchdog is certainly helping us find truth amongst the MSM’s lies, deception and the globalist-orchestrated chaos. Thank you Greg for your courage to reveal the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diane Ryan for your comment and support.

  22. smaulgld

    More “workplace violence” at Fort Hood.
    Great wrap up! Have a great weekend.

  23. allen ols

    greg, nice job with what u had , u can only get what they can give.
    here is a POINT OF VIEW.

    MUST WATCH: Jim Rickards Visits Keiser Report & Exposes Himself as a SHILL For The Establishment, Covering Up CIA Involvement in 9/11 Insider Trading

    by SGT, SGT Report.com:
    In the second half of Thursday’s Keiser Report,Max interviewed Jim Rickards about his new book, ‘The Death of Money’. Max and Jim discussed the insider trading in American and United airlines stock in the days leading up to 9/11. The 9/11 conversation begins in earnest at 14:35.
    Rather than revealing the TRUTH about 9/11 insider trading, Criminal Foreknowledge and Insider Trading leads directly to the CIA’s Highest Ranks, once again Rickards makes the following hallow, water boy-for-the-establishment claim:
    “This was insider trading BY terrorist associates, I want to be scientific and rigorous about the evidence, and separate this from some of the crazy theories out there that somehow the US government was behind 9/11, that’s all nonsense. And again I want to separate myself from that.”
    To Max’s great credit, at 18:00 he calls Rickards out on this very transparent argument and specifically cites trading firm Alex Brown and Buzzy Krongard as being directly involved in 9/11 airline stock put options trading:
    “We know that these trades were done at Alex Brown, which is a firm not too far from the CIA, which was run by Buzzy Krongard… he then took a job as the Deputy Director of the CIA under George Tenet DURING the events of 9/11. So here you have a firm, in Baltimore, where the trades were done, that was run by the guy who is now the Deputy Director at the CIA. Your thoughts, your comments.”
    At which point Rickards totally exposes himself as an establishment, Bankster-CIA shill.

    • Galaxy 500

      I am going to have to disagree with the whole CIA did 911. If the CIA wanted someone dead or evidence removed, they wouldn’t have taken down WTC. I know that popular with some kooks out there. While I am not an engineer, I talked to one who specializes in demolition and said it was poppy cock. Look up D H Griffin out of Greensboro NC for his credentials. I’ll take the opinion of someone who blows up stuff for a living over a bunch of hacks with an ax to grind.
      And please dont take this as a defense of Richards.
      I find it hilarious that people can come up with some Rube Goldberg scheme to destroy WTC to cover up some “evidence” when they could have stolen, deleted and/or killed a few people. It just doesn’t make sense. But to be each his own. We have not had credible leadership for sometime and thats what leads to these crazy conspiracy theories.

  24. Sylvia Sterling

    Hi Greg
    Listen to you every Mon Wed and Fri. without fail, and enjoy your guests and your comments.
    My hearing is quite perfect, but can not hear your Friday comment unless I am
    sitting here 8 inches from the computer. Could you please turn your volumn up?
    Would like to hear you from across the room. Thanks.
    About the same volume as the Corbett report. My Best Sylvia

    • Greg Hunter

      Sylvia Sterling,
      I am working on fixing this. Thank you for your feedback.

  25. 8Ball

    To paraphrase Lt. Huxley in the “Demolition Man” movie: Take your Obamacare and shovel it! You got a bit worked up over that one…

    Obamacare is an insult to the intelligence of any thinking person. They have the skeletal Sebelius hyping one and then the chubby Yellen is going to save the economy. Just borrow about 75lb from one and add to the other and they could be clones…

    The problem is that most Americans no longer have the ability for critical thought.

  26. Ugly

    The oil deal of Russia and Iran will be big. It is called a ‘baby’ step. Several baby steps can lead to one giant step. What this does is that it sets the ‘New Deal’ that goes around the dollar. It will be the beginning of many beginnings. People laugh that it is $20B only. But remember it will have an magnifying effect. That is $20B loss could affect the USA economy by $100B. When these trades happen in the $100 to $200B range, then that could hurt our (USA) economy by a $Trillion since there were no more new dollars generated in the world reserve currency. Events are happening fast….

  27. Jerry

    wonder no more. Here is the definition of economic war in all its splendor.


    Speculation, is now fact. Greg do think this will be a prelude to war, or collapse .

  28. Larry Carter

    Greg, thamk God you found your true voice outside of the MSM. Keep on keeping on

  29. Galaxy 500

    Rep Jim Moran (D-CA) says that Congress is under paid at $174K…triple the national median income. This is another example of entitlement. He compared himself to a board of directors (which pays less I might add) of a powerful company. If these bozos sat on a board, they would be terminated for fraud, financial malfeasance, there a conflict of interest.
    I think Jim changed his name from MORON to Moran…the French spelling

  30. Dale

    We say thank you Lord for men like Greg Hunter.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind. I thank and pray to God and his son every day. Thank God for you too my friend.

    • Dale

      Is there more than one Dale here. I did not write the above comment 🙁

      • Greg Hunter

        I think there is so use the first letter of your last name or the # 1.

        • Dale

          No problem Greg, I was just curious if there was a glitch. BTW, I do agree with him though 🙂

  31. Fraser

    Really great wrap Greg, you covered a lot well.

    The different approach by the various parties in this ongoing Financial War has been interesting. Up until now, the BRICS nations have used the proverbial “Chinese water torture” – one drip per hour on the forehead – which has been enough to drive every one crazy! Then after the West made the mistake of trying to take Ukraine, the Russians have come out swinging and shouting. How the West responds will determine the future of life on this planet.

    Whether the West likes it or not, the BRICS nations (representing over half the world’s population) are seeking to share power. Instead of war (which seems likely), I suggest that the West engages with this process as soon as possible and tries to manage the transition into some mutually acceptable form. A “carrot & stick” approach works better than either “carrot & carrot” or “stick & stick”. Most importantly, engagement with the East could be profitable for the West and help buy time for the Western economies to rebuild.

  32. JM

    Greg, I love your work and the great info that you’re able to give us. I just ask of you one thing. Please try to take some rest and relaxation time when you can. We’ve all got to enjoy our time while we can. Thanks again!

    • Greg Hunter

      So much to cover and so little time. I am just trying to make a dent in the MSM propaganda. Thank you for your support and concern.

  33. Smaulgld

    The Us does’nt like the Russia/Iran barter deal and warns Russia http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-04-04/us-threatens-russia-sanctions-over-petrodollar-busting-deal

    And a comic example of economic cheerleading after yesterday’s poor job report from the chief Economist at Deutsch Bank https://twitter.com/lavorgnanomics/status/452063468989210624

  34. Brady

    Another great wrap up Greg!! Is there any you can up the volume level on future videos some ? It would be greatly appreciated, Ive got me sound/settings maxed. Thanks

  35. Galaxy 500

    Can you explain why Jesse Jackson Jr is in jail for misappropriation of campaign funds and yet Harry Reid gets to write a check to pay his misappropriated funds back? Time for “Dingy Harry” Reid to go

    • Greg Hunter

      Simply outrageous and nobody in the MSM will say a word!!! WTF!!!!! MSM lies by omission.

  36. Jerry

    Greg let me see if I ‘ve got this right. We’ve got the Russians trading for oil with the Iranians. We’ve got the Chinese and BRIC nations buying oil from the Russians using the Yuan. We’ve got the Chinese setting up financial trade platforms with the Germans and England using the Yuan. The Russians declaring economic war on the U.S. – see this headline:


    And what does our media focus on? A revisit to the missing passenger plane. Come on. Just how stupid are the American people? Greg I’m afraid when the curtain is pulled back and the American people find out how much the MSM has hoodwinked them with this diversion propaganda, they will be screaming for blood. The funny part is, the very people that they’ve been protecting will allow them to be the sacrificial lambs when the shooting starts. You should thank the lord, you’re not in that number.

  37. Mike Gunther

    Great job as always Greg! Just a real world observation this week. Tried to cash my Federal Refund check at the bank. Had to wait while special fraud screens filled out on bank computers. Took 15-20 minutes and was told it was Federal Fraud Protection. As a retired police officer I told them I never heard of such a thing. When I asked if they would do that if I just put it in checking account instead of getting cash was told no. Then spent some money at a Tractor Supply Store and was asked my phone number for their records because I paid in cash. I refused, and asked the cashier if there was a problem using cash anymore and he just shook his head in disgust. Seems like the “System” wants to track everything we do electronically and is making it harder and throwing up speed bumps to using cash. Is any else seeing this as well?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the real world reporting Mike Gunther.

  38. Jerry

    Greg I hate to keep posting, but I have a question, that you might be able to answer. Since the Russians have laid their cards on the table about their plan to collapse the petrodollar (see above post) what do you think the Bond brokers and Investment houses on Wall Street will do, when they get a whiff of this news?

    Somehow I get the felling the Saudis have done a backroom deal with the Russians after the Syrian debacle with Obama and watching their production drop 80%. If they have sold us out to the Russians and accept the Rubble or Yuan as payment in place of dollar, don’t you think this is a game over scenario? Your thoughts?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know when it’s going to be “game over” but it won’t be really over until there is a global war. I think that’s coming, and I pray I am wrong.

  39. Glen

    Greg, can you please bring back Karen Hudes? When you interview this quack it rounds out all the tremendous interviews you do and makes us appreciate them more. I like hearing about her new alien conspiracy theory’s etc and want to hear more about the Jesuits and the 300 thousand tons of gold that is hidden in the Philipines that will be returned to us etc. Great stuff and it really brings in the comments as well. Of course, this is no reflection of your ability’s and talents which are undoubtedly awsesome. Thanx

    • Galaxy 500

      Bring HUDES back? Yeah. .. lets talk about fictional gold hidden in a magical make believe location. That adds a lot of value. Greg, if you interview her again, ask her where the goose that lays the golden eggs is being held because that is the source of the 171,000 tons of gold. This goose can save America! All we have to do is believe.
      Dude, the kooks make the rest of us look bad. If Hudes is such a World Bank outcast, doer of good works, why is her husband still working for them? Her we purpose appears to lead people astray and/or misinformation. Dont buy gold, they have 171,000 tons in the jungle.

  40. Geo. T (Formerly George)

    Great weekly report as always. You really got into it!
    On the Obamacare front, the Dems are crowing success. What would failure look like if this is a success. While I am an independent, I will be voting Republican as it is imperative that we stop these socialist democrats. The republicans are flawed but NOT A SINGLE ONE voted for the biggest lie and power grab in American history.

  41. Tony

    Hasn’t the US been trying to prevent Iran from selling its oil for U.S. dollars? I am wondering if this move is the result of a plan between Russia and Iran to circumvent those efforts by allowing Iran to import goods in exchange for oil and Russia can then sell the oil for dollars. Possibly this is more of a reflection of the dependency of global trade on the U.S. dollar than a plan to undermine the currency’s position in global trade?

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