Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.5.13

5By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 4.5.13 

Just three stories today, but they are big ones–North Korea, the Middle East and the ongoing banking crisis.  North Korea has rattled its saber in the past, but not this loudly.  Any talk that this is another bluff to get the world to back off on the sanctions for its nuclear program is underestimating the seriousness of the situation.  North Korea has the 5th biggest army in the world, and it faces the 6th biggest army in the world in South Korea.  Could the North win an all-out war?  Probably not, but that does not mean it couldn’t do serious damage to South Korea.  The U.S. is taking the threat seriously because it has been flying training missions with B-2 bombers as well as stealth fighters.  The B-2 is designed to carry nuclear weapons, and some in Congress are talking “preemptive strike.”  Mistakes can happen, and when countries are armed with nuclear weapons, it amplifies this dire situation.   

The Middle East is on fire, and the center of the blaze is Syria.  There were more reports that the conflict is spreading to neighboring countries.  It was reported that Syrian jets bombed targets in Lebanon.  There have also been reports in recent months of attacks into Turkey and Israel.  Speaking of Israel, the problem of Iran’s nuclear program is nowhere near being resolved, and once again, there were warnings given that Iran is only months away from getting enough material for a weapon.  Iran says its nuclear program is for the peaceful production of energy.  That too is a dicey situation with no clear peaceful resolution in sight. 

Don’t think this banking crisis is over—it’s not.  The situation in Cyprus is far from over, and people like James Turk are warning a big bond default from a country like Argentina could send the financial system into shock.  Other financial experts like Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff and Egon Von Greyerz all warn that bank deposits will be up for grabs in the next financial meltdown.  Greg Hunter analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.  

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  1. Troy

    Aloha Greg,

    Just me or no video this week?

    I’m sure the US government is not provoking North Korea with sanctions or flexing military might. Nor is the US CIA backing foreign Syrian Al CIA dah rebels with opium profits from Afghanistan. Speaking of Israel; yea, no nuclear problem there. Give them more US tax dollars and fight their wars! Iran is the problem, YEP! We are being feed prime USDA BS! it’s all about Money junkies http://www.metacafe.com/watch/wm-A10302B0000001NYXU/pantera_domination_official_music_video/ controlling the entire planet. We are but pawns on a chess board, played like the fools we are!

    PS. Video was filmed in Russia. Seems they like Texas. Strange ;)!?!

    • Greg

      coming up hold tight.

  2. Rev. William W. Joslin

    Great report Greg! ‘Just’ 3 stories? War, more war, and financial collapse… isn’t that enough for one week?

    Seriously though, some reports say North Korea could launch an EMP attack against the U.S. that would put us back into the dark ages. Is it true or propaganda? And if it’s propaganda where is it coming from? Could this whole thing be intended to take our eyes off the impending financial collapse here?

    As for cyprus and the crystal ball analogy, I’ve asked people if you knew your house would burn down tomorrow would you buy fire insurance today? Only a fool would say no. So, why wouldn’t people prepare for the economic collapse that is coming? And if not that, there’s a multitude of natural disasters that happen all the time. And yet, most people are unprepared.

    Thank you for all you do. You’re awesome!

    • Greg

      I like the way you summed it up the better. “War, more war, and financial collapse.” peace bro.

    • Tom

      See the movie Red Dawn, 2012 remake of the original ,came out last fall now on DVD or Blueray. Flimed in Michigan set in northwest, about North Korean EMP attack with Russian help, on the US. Originally China was the bad guy but China protested and backers were afraid of losing lucrative China market. At the time the critic’s poo po’ed the possibility of an attack by the North so the movie was severally criticised. Despite that, it did
      fairly well and most who actually saw it really enjoyed it. I did!

  3. Troy


    Caught the video. Great reporting! if your in to gloom and doom 😉

    Seriously, Big Maholo!

    It’s like watching a bad science fiction reality, reality show.

    • Greg

      Thank you Troy.

  4. Annie Runningwater

    Thank YOU, Greg!!!! Excellent!!!!! As Always!!!!
    I had an image about Cyprus and it’s bank situation this morning, upon awaking. I’ll describe the essence of it with this story that happened to a nearby family this last Christmas: In retrospect, they say that the fire started in the attic, probably the day before, but no body noticed. It may have been a small crack in the chimney, or a mouse chewed a live electric wire, or something like that….small, and it smouldered, smouldered, smouldered. The next day, with the house full of 9 (sleeping) family members because it was Christmastime, very early in the morning, one person awoke to the sound of “rain on the roof.” And she drifted right back to sleep. A bit later, maybe around 6AM, the youngest member of the family, the baby, awoke crying crying. This finally awoke the entire household. Just then, FINALLY, it was noticed: there was smoke and the attic was ablaze! They all literally rushed out with pj’s on, slippers….zoom…..then, suddenly the entire house was engulfed in flames. Just in the nick of time. Amazingly no one was hurt, but the entire ancestral home was gone — a complete material loss. This is the image I had of Cyprus’s situation: smoulder smoulder smoulder….soon to grow into a much larger fire. Thanks for reading.

    • Greg

      What a great descriptive story!! I love the way you related it to Cyprus! Thank you for sharing it here!!!

  5. Rich

    Hey, just emp them game over.

    • Tom

      See Red Dawn the remake, now on DVD or Blueray, North Korean EMP takes out the grid. Very surreal!

  6. AndyB

    Greg: things are certainly coming to a head. So many possibilities going forward, none of which will be good. I actually expect a Friday night USD devaluation of at least 33% before a long holiday weekend; the 4th of July would be especially ironic. Or, another false flag as an excuse for martial law, an occurrence which is already foretold from the military buildup of DHS.

    • Greg

      now you are scaring me! Thank you for you analysis. Anything CAN happen and it’s bad.

  7. pdog

    Dear Greg:

    Thank you for providing a voice of reason and wisdom. Those such as you give me hope.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your kind words and support pdog.

  8. Mike H

    This week my wife went to the local branch of our regional bank to make a cash withdrawal. The manager told her she was “fortunate” the bank had enough funds on hand that day. All future “large” cash withdrawals would require several days notice so the bank could schedule to have the funds on hand. Uh-mm…can you say Cyprus?
    I am sure the bank would be more than willing to accept any large deposits without prior notice. Peter Schiff is absolutely correct, only keep enough cash in the bank to pay your bills and debits. It is not like the bank is paying you any interest anyways.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mike H for the real world reporting. Everybody should take notice of this comment!!!

    • Mike R

      The lack of cash on hand has been true for a long time. Same thing happened to me 5 years ago. Rarely would you find a bank that’ll have $10,000 on hand, and allow you to withdraw it.

      If you want to withdraw cash do it in $4000 to $5000 amounts towards the beginning of the week, but not Monday.

      Another way to do it is to visit several branches of the same bank in your area. I’ve done that on the same day in my area, and most are within close proximity.

      I think it’s been ever since the patriot act, that banks rarely have more than $20k on hand, and maybe even less on any particular day.

    • Mike R

      I would bet a whole lot of people are withdrawing cash from the bank to put “under their mattress.” Discretely.

      Stealth bank run of sorts, and or deposit diversification into numerous different types of banks.

      Would be foolish to have too much cash in the bank.

      Another interesting google trend….


  9. M.Smith

    The US,UK & Canada will use Bail in’s also, it’s in the Fed’s web site! The fall is coming faster than we know! Now 2.5 million records of off shore accts is & will be exposed as the days go by, you can find more on Ed Steers web site! Later I will add links to the sites of the off shore accts! Thanks Greg for your work!

    • Greg

      Thank you M Smith, Henry and William Betts.

  10. Henry

    Hi Greg. Just as in the case with the corporate media’s false claim that Iran wants to “wipe Israel off the map”, it seems the corporate media is making false, deliberately inflammatory claims regarding North Korea, too.


  11. William Betts

    Dr Paul Craig Roberts has a column on the FED manipulating the price of gold and silver. This is against the law, but the USA is an outlaw now. Your readers should get the dope from PCR. Don’t be a fool and sell your gold and silver!!!! Betts

  12. Brian

    Should what happened in Cyprus happen here, we could expect things to be much more difficult. Large international conflicts, total economic chaos to the degree that no one knows what things are worth and the supply of those things is severely diminished and all the attendant lawlessness that goes with such conditions would be here…..not to mention how our own government would respond to this, given what they are doing now we could expect martial law, restrictions on everything we do and wide spread attempts to seize anything with value, for the common good.

    I have over the years converted most of my paper assets into tangible assets and a good portion of that is in metals……..but I got to tell you Greg, if the poop really really hits the fan the way it looks like it will, you and I and anyone else with gold and silver would trade it all in for just one shot at turning back the clock and trying to prevent what is happening from happening.

    I salute you for doing what you have to point out the epic and endemic corruption and naked criminality that exists in our banking system and our government, because at the end of the day, anything any of us can do to prevent the collapse of the civil society and the framework of law supporting our liberty is worth all the gold in the world my friend!

  13. While Rome Burns...

    To protect assets Buy ABCD: Anything Bernanke Can’t Destroy

    The song for the Musical Chair game has ended… some don’t understand what that means for them. God bless their Souls. The fiat paper money has been over produced and they need more. If overt money printing continues the economy hyper-inflates too quickly. Trillions will be robbeed from the savings, pension, hedge accounts to ‘squeek on by’ while they position themselves against what they know is going to happen. Read the writing on the wall…the game is already in the 8th inning. Read the latest Jim Willie(Hat Trick Letter), Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Jim Sinclair, Jim Rogers, Zero Hedge.com, and you’ll get the data to reposition yourself ‘while Rome burns’.
    PS: subscribe and donate to support these services that bring news not available elsewhere!

    • Greg

      Thank you Rome! love this quote “To protect assets Buy ABCD: Anything Bernanke Can’t Destroy.” Thai one too “PS: subscribe and donate to support these services that bring news not available elsewhere!”

  14. SavagePossum

    Hi Greg,
    It seems to me if “someone” wanted to inflict major harm for minimal effort, they would simply deliver a “dirty” bomb via Scud type missile with a launcher packed in a Conex box on a container ship to a few miles off the east, west or third coast onto respectively NYC, LA or Austin ( and any other city in those regions). Medical isotopes, wastes from university or test reactors or sub 20% enriched uranium would suffice. Major panic, mass evac of urban population, banking shutdowns, harbors locked down, etc with no need for technology intensive devices. Have we forgotten 9/11 was accomplished with, in essence, old technology? First indicator of 9/11 that was missed – a large shorting of certain stocks.
    When a magician wants to work his illusion, his beautiful, leggy assistant moves around, he gestures artfully with his “free” hand diverting your attention from where the illusion is happening.

    • Greg

      I hope out military and police know what you know!!

  15. John Smith

    Chart of bitcoin price: bitcoin.clarkmoody.com

    Google trends: Search “bank run:”


    Google trends: Search “bitcoin:”


    Charts of Money printing Worldwide:


    Have a nice day!

  16. Bryan Kemila

    Hi Greg – here’s my blog address for your perusal. There’s something that folks need to know besides the catastrophic financial mess we’re experiencing. The information I’ve put together over the last 7 years will be very hard to assimilate. I’m just passing the site on to you, so that as this thing continues to unfold you’ll have a bit of a heads up. The address is illuminatiMATRIX.wordpress.com. This is not a conspiracy blog (though it may seem like it at first). This is not a truther blog, or a new age blog. The blog has over a million words, hundreds of charts, and my artwork. There are also 2 videos to watch if interested. To help you get a bit of a grasp of what the blog entails, go to page 19, scroll almost half-way down the page till you get to the pictures of the Foundation Stone under the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Then watch the ROCK VIDEO that explains even more, including how the topography of the Stone/Rock also matches the topography of the 11 Western States. The Dome was built over the Stone by the Islamic people in 690 AD, shortly after Muhammad’s death. This is 1393 years ago. The USA is only 237 years old but the topographical features are still shown on the Stone, along with the USA / Canadian border, amongst many other details. Keep scrolling down a bit farther until you see the 11 Western United States overlaid on this Stone. Then go to page 29, until you come to the chart showing the Washington DC National Mall stretched out over the USA as a nation.

    All of the information is of my own personal study. There are now hundreds of thousands of hits on the site with hundreds of regular followers. Like I say, … this will be hard to comprehend. I’m just passing it along for you to refer to later on to assist you in understanding what is occurring. If you have questions you may email me, but please keep the email private as it attracts to many nuisance replies.

    Thanks for reading this comment and all the best with your work.

    • Tom


  17. Chip

    Great wrap up this week Greg. Get prepared. Storm’s a brewin’…

  18. Nathan

    Well lets see ? We have “training troops” in 35 African nations . We are helping the French in Mali/Nigeria . We have troops on the Jordanian border (Training the FSA) . We’re still not out of Iraq or Afghanistan . We ARE NOT currently drone bombing Pakistan and Yemen because Robert Gibbs told me we aren’t . Near wars with Syria , Iran and North Korea . Russia’s doing surprise military naval drills and China is gathering its army on the Korean border . This is going to be one (bleeped) up year . Throw in the BRICS nations starting their own banks and I’d say were pretty screwed .

    Keep up the good work G.

    • Greg

      What an accurate and concise summary of what is going on. Bravo man!!!

  19. Alyce

    Right now, I’m waiting for my safe to be delivered from my local safe co. While I was in the store a few days ago, I noticed their phone was ringing off the hook. The owner told me his business is booming & he had to hire 2 more people. This was during the week, middle of the day & that store was busy!

    • Greg

      Very insightful and important reporting from the real world. Thank you for this!!!

  20. Derrick Michael Reid

    Flag this message
    Re: My apologies
    Friday, April 5, 2013 1:39 PM
    “Paul Roberts”
    Add sender to Contacts
    “Derrick Michel Reid”

    I appreciate hearing from you.

    On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 3:03 PM, Derrick Michel Reid wrote:

    From: Derrick Michel Reid
    Subject: My apologies

    Message Body:
    At first, I thought of you as just another mainstream gov hack, but you are obviously warning the folks. I got you wrong, and my sincere apologies. Education can take time. God bless you. VOTE PCR in 2016!

  21. Charles H.

    Hey Greg,

    Without a doubt – this has been your most emotive presentation to date. WOW. I fully expect someone to make a cartoon effigy of you at some point.
    Back in the day, during bootcamp, a singular black friend once gave me advice his mother told him: “Never borrow sorrow from tomorrow.” And considering we can only pretty much be responsible for our own actions; that is there is only so much we can do – it is not very good to let stress eat our lunch. That said – when has the world been without war? Ethnic Cleansings? Political Persecution where MILLIONS have perished?
    I deleted two previous comments, but give you an extract from one. How about the vested military mentality – where a little war once in a while is a good thing? All the research and development, training and practice culminates in WHAT? The Real Thing; because it justifies it’s existance. If N. Korea takes war to the next level – wouldn’t that serve as a lesson for America to never again defund the Military Industrial Complex? And if it serves to cast aside the coming U.S. bankruptcy for reorganization to a NWO – it’s a two-fer. My point here is: what may be unthinkable to us, is everyday bread to others. And whatever Obama SAYS doesn’t matter: he is a Liar. I worry more that America WON”T stand-up to what it needs to.
    I have done about all I can to prepare: no debt; draw downs, PM’s; arms and CCW for me and my wife; a new set of tires; boxes of cans of food, etc… But that is NOT the real preparation. Three of four Bible Gospel accounts describe this time via “the Olivet Discourse” to a “T”. The “wars and rumors of wars” are upon us. I have personally vetted much of Holy Scripture; the signs are also here for those with eyes to see. AND the solution of preparing for eternity is also found there. Truth is God’s only language; and the ground whereby we may draw nigh to Him. Nobody gets around His Appointment Secretary – Death.
    Believe and say whatever anyone will – God is ending the time for sinful man; it IS His creation. If we are only looking toward America, and the world: our sights are too low. If anyone has, to this point, overlooked God’s Word, the Bible – it may be good to consider THAT as a needful preparation also. To leave God out of the equation of man and life on earth – is to omit the greatest factor of the formula; and no proper solution can be reached from such incompleteness.

    • Greg

      Thank you Charles and Rebecca for adding your perspectives!

    • Tom


  22. FNPMItchreturns

    North Korea threatens the area but Japan has already dropped a nuke on their economy. I wonder if this could be the beginning of the end. The suppression of physical assets is in full swing. The metals will crash before the dollar because of manipulation. The end will come like a thief on the weekend….

    thanks Greg for your work!

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and short analysis.

  23. art barnes

    North Korea behavior isn’t the usual threatening for money as in the past, today’s rhetoric must have China’s approval to act like this and I think Iran is part of it as well, the gang of three (China, N. Korea, & Iran) have checked the administration on going into Iran by dividing the military on two ends of the earth, this of course places little Israel on its own without a queen. Major move on the “gangs” part, placed our king in check with a 27 year old pawn. Outcome in the near term, Iran get its nukes and uses it for regional domination and world terrorism setting the stage for the final outcome of Revelation when a new King arrives.

  24. Robert

    l think that this would be the top story of the year.

    China and Australia Agree To Stop Using U.S Dollar


  25. Derrick Michael Reid

    JPM and FED bank conversation
    Posted by Derrick Michael Reid on Saturday, April 06, 2013 1:59:40 PM
    Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall? Well inferentially, this is how they spoke.

    FED: hey JPM, price is too low, supplies fying out the window, do something now!

    JPM: Roger that, we will get the bullish sentiment up and rock awhile, turdites will go nuts of course.

    FED: As will many, but our target is about 2400 gold and 75 silver for now.

    JPM: Roger that, first we clean up the commerical/hedgies/SmSpec shorts, those fools, easy pickens I tell you.

    FED: yes, nice to see the market always playing ball, ALWAYS!

    JPM: what a racket, graceful retreats, and we get to clean their clocks, on the bottoms and the tops, thanks much, for keeping us in the game with ZIRP, TARP, QE.

    FED: well really we have no choice, not with them deficits running open loop, regardless of who is voted in, the set up is working just fine, the peeps got no clue, and voting in a budget buster was brilliant on our part.

    JPM: Yeap, dont matter which party or bafoon gets in, we will make tons, supporting both parties.

    FED: Always keep in mind though, that one day, we will loose control of market making, but that is years off, when the FRN get dist by all.

    JPM: I know, but we will have sufficient warning, as the end game approaches, and until then, its all systems go. Blythe needs a raise.

    FED: No problem there, the QE is intended and is used for bonuses. Treat her nice, and dont get stingy.

    JPM: Roger that. Now back to them suckers …… laters.

    FED: wait a minute, in those end days, we will need to rebalance, and become the buyer of last resort for gold.

    JPM: Roger that, go balls out long as the end days approaches, siting on hoards of gold, during a new gold standard, but until then …

    FED: Yes, and until them, keep the racket alive….. laters

  26. George

    All it would take is about 10% of one banks customers to take their money to cause a run

    • Greg

      We just might get that, but it will be the big money first. It will be all electronic until the very end, when it’s too late.

  27. Davis

    Suckers On A Leash

    In the latest round of Wall Street and Banker propaganda Morgan Stanley’s Gerard Minack has warned that any calls for the ‘reindustrialization’ of America is bearish for stocks (and ponzinomic profits).

    Total bullcrap from an bullcrap banker, what a surprise. Nothing more than another diatribe of the usual propaganda that there is no difference between industrial capitalism and financial capitalism. The former produces wealth while the latter is parasitical on the former.

    The primary reason that the whole globe is in such deep crap is twofold. We have allowed the bankers and their political puppets to feed us the aforementioned propaganda (which we have swallowed whole) and we have we have also swallowed the British imperialist concept of “Free Trade” as opposed to the “American System” of Hamilton and Carey of “Fair Trade” and tariffs and supplemented investment in industrial and technological development.

    So now when we do develop new technology the first thing we do is take it to China to manufacture with cheap labor and where the Chinese don’t hesitate to rip off the technology and go into competition with us and pay no royalties what so ever. Worse we let them get away with it just so long as they keep lending us back the very same money they stole from us in the first place. This is of course just fine with the bankers as they take a healthy cut of the action through the FOMC process.

    From the time of the Revolutionary War up until the Wilson administration the federal government was financed primarily by taxes of liquor and tariffs on imported goods (primarily goods that were in competition to domestic manufacture or supply). But then Wilson begat the three horseman of our current apocalypse, the federal income tax, the federal reserve bank and prohibition. The loss of revenue from liquor taxes, combined with the cost of trying to enforce the Volsted Act was just the excuse the government (and the federal reserve) wanted to start jacking up the income tax rate (that were promised to never exceed 2%, yeah right). Little surprise then that some of the prominent families (i.e. Kennedy. Harriman etc.) made their fortunes as financiers of liquor smuggling. All this was off the books of course. Just like FDR who got his money from his maternal grand father who made his fortune smuggling opium up the Pearl River into China right along with his British imperialist pals.

    Unless and until we reject the propaganda, break the power of the banks (and their political tools in both parties) by reinstating the Glass-Stegal Act, and taxing the hell out of cheap foreign goods and encouraging reindustrialization (and real jobs paying real wages) we are just a bunch of suckers on a leash. And as long as the vast majority of the populace remain ignorant suckers and willing fools of partisan politics we have earned and will deserve our fate as debt slaves to Wall Street.

  28. Scott Cole

    We need to be cognizant of one basic fact. The world financial leaders (The Closed Circle) are taking advantage and inciting the several world situations to keep our eye off the real game. The absolute destruction of the American way of life and the USD. As the storm swirls around us, Russia, China, Brazil, and India are buying gold for their new world banking order. Many other countries are beginning to follow. The gold and silver markets are being manipulated by the world financial leaders. Wake up people! Buy gold! Prepare the larder with food. The crash is coming. The civil wars are coming. The shortage of food and water are coming. If you are not prepared you and yours will suffer and/or perish. Listen to Greg, Peter, and Jim!!!!!! However, you must act! The world wants us to suffer and become a third world power! So goes the Roman Empire!

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