Weekly News Wrap-Up 5.10.13

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Israel bombed Syria at the beginning of the week, and it has huge possible consequences to the U.S., Middle East and the world.  The Israelis reportedly attacked multiple sites in Syria.  Part of the raid was meant to destroy Iranian rockets that could strike just about anywhere in Israel.  At least 100 Syrian soldiers were killed.  These scud rockets are a fourth generation missile that are precision guided, carry a 1,000 pound payload and have a range of 185 miles.  The Israelis are afraid of these rockets falling into the hands of Hezbollah, a terror group backed by Syria and Iran.  The Iranians charge there is going to be a “crushing response.”  Syria called this an “act of war.” Whatever you call it, it’s an escalation in a civil war that has already claimed the lives of 70,000 Syrians.  The big problem is going to be payback and implications of this turning into a wider Middle East war and possibly world war.  Russia, China and Iran back Syria.  The U.S. and its allies back the rebels that have ties to al-Qaeda–also a terror group. 

Benghazi whistleblowers testified in Congress, and some bombs were dropped.  One of the biggest was from Deputy Chief Gregory Hicks who said he spoke on the phone with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hours after the attack started.  Hicks told Secretary of State Clinton that Benghazi was under attack.  There was no mention of protests or an anti-Islam YouTube video.  Hicks testified that the video was a “non-event.”  Ms. Clinton knew right then and there it was a terror attack.  Why the talking points for U.N. Secretary Susan Rice on five Sunday talk shows that this was a protest about a video?  Second big question was who told the military to stand down?  It was reported a C-130 could have been there in four hours from the U.S. airbase in Italy.  There were men ready to go from Tripoli to Benghazi in cars to try to save U.S. personnel fighting off waves of attacks.  The attacks lasted 12 hours.  The U.S. flew 20,000 missions to bomb and attack the Gadhafi regime, and we couldn’t get to Benghazi with any air support?   If Hillary Clinton knew there was a terror attack, then why the phony story about a stupid “non-event” video.  

Finally, have you heard of the new Pew poll that says most people do not know that gun homicides have been cut in half since the 1993 peak?  Of course they don’t because the mainstream media selectively reports the news.  If you listen only to the MSM, you’d think they doubled or tripled, but that is not the case.  It is also a very bad fact for those pushing to restrict the 2nd Amendment. 

Speaking of guns, U.S. Senator Inhofe from Oklahoma said on ABC radio that the Obama Administration is attempting to “dry up the market” and deprive gun owners of bullets.  Yes, that’s what the big ammunition orders are all about.  Gun control got voted down in the U.S. Senate recently in a big way.  So, DHS is buying up ammunition by the truckload to keep it off the market.  We are even talking .22 caliber and 12 gage shotgun shells.  If you wanted official confirmation this was the reason ammunition was in short supply, you now have it from Senator Inhofe.  My question is what is going to be done about this? 

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis of these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Fraser

    Hi Greg. Here’s hoping there are NO wars to report on next week! Listen, I have been thinking on John Williams (and PCRs) thesis of impending hyper-inflation, which is important because its timing will determine the “end game”.

    I think the main reason why inflation has not yet taken off is the downward manipulation of commodity prices on COMEX and in London. The manipulation occurs because the major economies of America and Europe are importers of most of their commodities and therefore by lowering the prices they can keep inflation low and export the pain offshore. American and European producers are not competitive at these low prices and yet (by manipulation on COMEX) they can still receive these commodities cheaper than if they existed within their own boarders and possessed the same cheap labour to extract them.

    However this can only continue for as long as the producing countries are willing to accept the USD. Wars are therefore required to maintain the flow of cheap commodities and to keep the producing countries in poverty. And lies regarding QE, the economy and everything else are required to support the value of the USD and to kill anything else that competes, such as gold, the Yen and Euro.

    For example, to provide the West with cheap food, agricultural commodities have been manipulated below the cost of production for many years. Farmers in Europe and America now receive subsidies to keep them going, but farmers in the rest of the world live in poverty and in most cases cannot even afford the food they produce.

    But the main example I want to give is Platinum, which I think offers both a tremendous trading opportunity and the possibility of causing a default on COMEX, which may then spread to other commodities, thereby liberating all commodities from their manipulation.

    While the annual demand for platinum is around 8.07Moz, the annual supply is only around 5.84Moz (a tiny 1% that of gold), which is a deficit of around 2.2Moz that is (supposedly) made up from stockpiles and recycling. The majority of supply comes from South Africa (80%), where workers risk their lives, miles below the surface in searing heat and have to dig out around ten tonnes of earth to produce just one ounce of platinum. The electricity and logistics just to dewater the mines are incredible and it is very dangerous work! As a result, the cost of production (even with cheap labour) is very high at around $1,600. And yet today, those bastards on COMEX manipulate platinum down to around $1.500, or $100 below the cost of production. The result is that the West gets platinum cheaper than if they owned the resource themselves, without having to risk their own lives or do any of the work. However, as a result of this manipulation, many mines are now being forced to shut down, which will cause a further 25% reduction in supply, not to mention mass unemployment and human suffering.

    But herein lies the opportunity! COMEX controls the price with paper futures that trade 3 months out, with around 35,000 open contracts representing 1,750,000oz, But there is currently only 1 contract (for 50oz) standing for delivery in the spot month. This means that COMEX has been able to manipulate this price without anybody challenging them by asking for the physical metal. Whether this is by design or luck, I am not sure, but the current Registered (available for sale) platinum is only 85,000oz (2.6 tonnes or $0.13B). In other words, with only a tiny amount of physical metal as backup, the world wide price has been controlled (and whole countries ruined) because none of the market participants ever stand for delivery.

    I think this could quickly change and there exists a great opportunity for a large (or even small) trader to “break the bank”. Suppose a trader stood for delivery for 150,000oz (5 tonnes or $0.2B), then the bullion banks would be cleaned out, without the ability to restock because of the lack of supply. The resulting default in platinum would cause enough panic to spread to the larger markets. A possible end result would be the collapse of COMEX and the liberation of all commodities from their paper manipulation.

    Most importantly, the banksters would get wiped out and the poor producing countries around the world would finally receive a fair price for their goods. Because make no mistake, this is THE crime of global capitalism and COMEX is THE anti-Christ that keeps the rich consumers rich and the poor producers poor. I believe that hyper-inflation would then quickly follow.

    I should probably disclose that I own 63oz of platinum, but have no other financial interest.

    • Greg

      Thank you for adding content and your analysis to this site!!

      • Fraser

        PS. When Bart Chilton (CFTC) says that he cannot investigate manipulation because “it would crash the whole system”:, he is speaking literally! Because COMEX is just one giant crime scene! GATA (who have attempted to expose gold price suppression over 10 years) are on to just part of the wider problem; which extends to food, energy, interest rates and metals.

        • Greg

          The only interpretation you can give on this statement (also given by Eric Holder) is we simply have to live with the ongoing crime. Crime is now part of the system. What could go wrong? This is an outrage! Thank you for your comment.

    • Chip

      Interesting Thesis Fraser…

    • Illinois Troll

      Frazer – your scenario seems very reasonable, but if a company asked for more Platinum than was available, I don’t know if it would crash the system just yet… Because I think Comex would just do what they are doing now to the buyers of gold; they will say “okay, but there will be a slight delay in the delivery of it. You will see this much now and so much more in approximately 6 weeks”, which would allow them more time to scrape some other deals together. I do think in another year these schemes will all fall apart though, since mining has become so cost-prohibitive. Even Caterpillar is laying off 800??? workers at it’s mining machinery production line in Decatur, IL.

      Greg – good reporting! War certainly is coming, if for nothing else than to keep the dollar on top!

      • Greg

        Illinois Troll,
        I love your comments but don’t like the name you give yourself. A “Troll” you are not!!!

  2. Troy

    Mahalo Greg,
    Crazy Idea: (((GET OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST))) Tell Israel if they start the war, they can finish it, by them selves! I know, would never work. Crazy! Best we stick with plan A. WW!!!. They say threes a charm 🙂

    The US Government let them die in Libya, period! Guns in the peoples hands, bad for total control. No one really cares about the murder rate.

    TrentoVision 5.9.13 – Navy SEAL Extortion 17 EXPOSED – Obama Failures
    WARNING! Watching this may cause warm and fuzzy patriotic feelings.

    We interrupt this broadcast with a word from your government.

    I’m going out first thing tomorrow, and buy a Chinese made American flag and display it proudly. Better yet, stand at the road side wrapped in yellow ribbon, waving it at cars. I’m sure I will get lots of honks and chants. U.S.A. U.S.A.!!! US #1

  3. John

    No Ammunition, No Gold & Silver, Something seems to be about to go down.

    Its called Continuity of Government – And they only care about their survival – not ours.

    Thanks Greg for all you do to wake people up. I think the recent runs on gold & silver & guns & ammo shows that people are finally waking up.

    • Greg

      Thank you John, AndyB and BobD!!

    • Chip

      Hope you are right John…

  4. AndyB

    Greg: the odds of war are extremely high; it has always been utilized as a distraction from political corruption/criminality/psychopathy. And we certainly have that in spades these days; not just limited to the US. Unfortunately, too few are waking up to this fact, but sites like yours are making a dent. Thanks.

  5. BOB D

    Terror is what the western banks have been doing in the Middle East for a couple life times.
    9-11 was some kind of inside job. So four men died in Benghazi big deal , they were play a dangers game for lairs.
    Two things I hate, lairs and thieves. You can’t have a relationship with people who lie. You can’t build a building on a foundation of mud.
    Terror is just a word lairs use because it has a ring to it.
    I guess the bad guys just hate us for are freedoms,ha ha, maybe they hate us for being two face.
    Another good saying for taking more freedom is , lets do it for the little children. sniff sniff

  6. Jerry

    Greg I think its time for an honest discussion about how deeply our government is involved with the United Nations and the Islamic Brotherhood who is in reality nothing more than a front man for Al Qaeda. Benghazi was nothing more then an arms deal that went bad with Al Qaeda. Unfortunately our Ambassador and his staff got caught in the political crossfire. The news media tried their best to help the administration cover it up, but the parents of those brave soldiers that died, wouldn’t let it go away. How well do you think it would play, if people found out that our government was cutting deals with Al Qaeda? Not well considering all the flap about killing Bin Lauden prior the election. You have to keep in mind that the globalist have a long range plan, and see the victims in Benghazi as nothing more than collateral damage. Nothing they do surprises me.
    As far as Israel. This is how I see it playing out. Behind the scenes our administration is telling the prime minister go ahead and do what you need to do to protect your interest, we’ve got your back. When the (you know what) hits the fan its going to be…well we told them not to do it, but they did it anyway. These progressives always find a way to use a crises to further their agenda. In reality I think the President is much closer to the Islamic Brotherhood than we will ever know. I think he views them like ACORN.
    Greg I can’t thank you enough for giving us a venue to vent and share ideas. It really is the only medium of true communication left since the News Media sold us out. Thank you for having the courage to sponsor this site. I hope I can contribute something soon to keep it going.

  7. NickD

    Hey Greg,

    Thanks for another insightful analysis of current events. I look forward to hearing your commentary at the end of every week. More Americans need to inform themselves about the situation in Syrua. If people knew our government was supporting Al Qaeda’s latest spin off in Syria, they would be up in arms. Sadly, only you and a few other alternative media sources are reporting the truth about this conflict. For my part, I have been trying to educate my friends and colleagues in regards to Syria, however, I feel powerless to stop the momentum towards war.

    • Greg

      We are powerless to stop war but we can prepare for the fallout. Don’t give up man!!

  8. While Rome Burns...

    “Nut cases only succeed in multiple killings when
    they can be confident their prospective victims are disarmed.”
    — Vin Suprynowicz
    (1950-) American columnist, author
    Source: Fact or Phobia on Guns: The Choice is Ours, The Linertarian Enterprise, August 31, 1999.

  9. Chuck Allen

    Hi Greg,

    I thought I would send you this note that I sent to the Speaker of the House today. It covers a lot of ground but not hardly as many examples that exist.


    Mr. Speaker,

    Article II, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution states, “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

    I (and others) am asking:

    How much more is required to impeach Obama?
    How much more is required to impeach Biden?
    What will it take to get Clinton removed from office?
    What will it take to get Holder removed from office?
    What will it take to remove most of the Senate?
    What will it take to remove most of the House?

    Here are just a few examples of impeachable offenses committed by this current administration. I am sure you know the others!

    Obama’s forced implementation, (with the aid of Congress), of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”

    Obama’s lack of concern, (with the aid of Congress), for the ongoing destruction of the dollar and America’s future

    Obama’s lack of protection of U.S. Foreign Service facility in Benghazi, Libya where four Americans died

    Obama’s lack of enforcement of our nation’s immigration system, (with the aid of Congress)

    Obama’s Fast and Furious gun-running scandal

    Obama’s decision to order the assassination of an American-born Muslim cleric

    Obama’s “recess appointments” to the National Labor Relations Board even though Congress was not in recess

    Obama’s constant attack on the U.S. Constitution, (with the aid of Congress)

    Obama’s launching an undeclared war (No Approval by Congress) to remove Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi

    Obama’s release of hundreds of illegal-alien criminals from U.S. detention centers, (with the aid of Congress)

    Obama’s policy of permitting drone strikes on American citizens, (with the aid of Congress)

    How many more criminal acts against America does this man have to commit before the House takes action to remove him and ALL of his criminals from office? Mr. Speaker TAKE ACTION NOW to save America from any more harm this administration can evoke!

    Charles D. Allen
    From the Lost State of California

    I hope this message get at least some attention, even if it is negative. Then I will know someone actually read it.

    Keep up the good work Greg. We all appreciate it.


    • Greg

      Thank you Chuck and chip for the comments!

  10. Chip

    Have a good weekend too Greg. Enjoyed this round up. Very passionate delivery.

  11. Angie

    “What difference does it make?”

    This was not a bad call for there is something more sinister involved here. If it can be proven that this administration and those under its influence purposely left those people out there as “bait” then someone is going to hang Hillery and it will be YOU.

  12. DJ

    At least Nixon did not kill anyone.

  13. Bob

    I’m sad to say this but I do not trust my government at all…It’s all a scam people…Prepare for what’s coming…store food,water,ammo,guns and a good woman if you can find one for the long cold nights that are coming… 🙁

    • Illinois Troll

      Bob – You better stock up on more than just food, water, ammo and guns if you do find a “good” woman for those “long cold nights”… Or else stock up on diapers in addition to everything else!!!

      • Illinois Troll

        I’m talking birth control items, of course!

  14. ed wooster


    Comment about the hoarding of bullets.

    Isn’t hoarding an unfair trade practice. During a disaster doesn’t the government arrest and prosecute people who hoard food and water and sell at a price much more than the original cost.

    What needs to happen is a citizen or lawyer in every county in the United States of America needs to file a lawsuit / injunction against the government DHS to stop the bullet buying and be forced to give reason why they are hoarding bullets.

    There is no stated emergency so NDAA does not cover this egregious practice.

    This is certainly an idea that might work. So far I have seen no one come up with a solid plan about solving the problems which are occurring. All I hear is lots of crying, wailing, etc. but no PLAN STAN.

    I am well tuned into the internet sites so I do not consider myself a sheeple.



  15. Brody saari

    As always, thanks for everything you bring to the table, Greg. As always, doing my best to spread the word up here in BC especially now since the government is working towards making it easier for your authorites (see FBI and CIA) to operate up here under the “perimiter security” agreement. Just seems like a way to “absorb” a resource rich country when things go south. Anyway, what is the comic this week??? I cant figure out the face or whatever that is LOL. My wife thinks it looks like a… well, I think you’ll know.

    Have a safe weekend everyone!

    • Greg

      Thank you Brody and Allen!

  16. Allen

    Thank you for your website. I do have a rather different theory on why Israel attacked Syria. It is known fact (although not reported in MSM that the Syrian rebels are in retreat. The Syrian army is not broken as hoped by western and Israeli powers and is gaining ground. This attack was on several sites, including the 4th division which is the elite soldiers run by Bashar Assad’ brother. I believe this attack was made to trigger Iran and Syria into a response, allowing Israel and by extension, USA entry into a full war with Iran. Of course Iranian rulers, with all their savagery and oppression of their own people, are smarter than that and will not be suckered into it. That “crushing response” they mentioned is for internal consumption and that of their lackeys in the region. So no WW3 on this thing for now.

  17. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    Great reporting as always.We are always trying to predict the trigger to a world collapse.Black swan In order to do this would say, people lose confidence in govt. and rebel as history would show.So i’m gonna throw out my prediction. I’ve been collecting PM’s for some time and contrary to some that say there is no shortage,i know there is.The brands i have bought in the past are gone and i continue to keep changing.Delivery dates are being pushed further out. Also premiums are rising,that never have before.That and much research.So with no doubt, the shortage is real.In conclusion the greatest fear to govt. would be a run on the fractional banks.With that in mind many PM exchanges are also fractional as well.IMO it’s only a matter of time when this all comes to light and there will be a run on the metals which in turn will lead to a loss in confidence and the domino effect begins.I’m waiting for China’s next announcement on their current holdings which some say will light a fuse.I know they are deep in US debt but they have also hedged themselves via US banks.

    Well thanks again Greg
    TC and God Bless

  18. Stephen Clay McGehee

    I follow a number of news sources, but your Weekly News Wrap-Up is truly one-of-a-kind. This is the ONE place where I can get a synopsis of what is going on that is truly important without all the clutter and bias of the “main stream” sources.

    • Presidents have their daily briefings.
    • We have Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog Weekly News Wrap-Up.

    Your Weekly News Wrap-Up (and your regular posts) gives us an accurate perspective of what is really going on in the world and what we need to pay attention to and prepare for. Thank you for putting it all together for us.

    • Greg

      Thank you Stephen for the kind words and support.

  19. DS Armstrong


    Great stuff as were all three of your previous postings.

    Please connect with Jeffery Sachs and try to get him for an interview.

    Columbia Economist Dr. Jeffrey Sachs speaks candidly on monetary reform can be found on YouTube or Goggle the name. He is a breath of fresh air and is The Real Deal.

    All the gold and silver in the world will do squat for you if we live in a totally totalitarian government which is where we are headed. Celente keeps hammering the point and if anyone cared to delve into the Boston Marathon tragedy, they will see 10,000 “troops” looking for one scared kid who was the patsy and the first thing they did was to make certain he could not talk. Oh yea, but he could write his “confession”. Those troops were an experiment to see if they could lock down an entire city and violate every US Constitutional Right Americans have left.

    We are now “governed” by a criminal enterprise that would make our founding fathers gasp and Hitler delight.

    You are correct in that the war drums are beating and the Middle East is now the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end. Wake up people and do something. It is still “we the people”.

    Benghazi is the first step. Obmama and his entire administration are in on the fix. Congress needs to do their job and we need to do our job if we ever want to enjoy life as we know it again.

    Three things: Nothing occurs in a vacuum; we are at a crossroads of history in the cross hairs of truth; this entire conspiracy since 9-11 has been by design and implemented over time with each step building on the last. There is a reason for what is happening and it is not serendipitous. The New World Order is close at hand unless real Patriots with courage stand up and defend their way of life.

    From the illegal foreclosures to the exporting of jobs to putting the American people on their asses after stealing their wealth via every illegal means possible including inflation, confiscation, via the stock market flash trades, via currency debasement, it is all by design and implemented over time in order to steal America from us. Your pensions are next and everyone from judges to cops to city gardeners will feel the effects of “bail in”. Obama care is the final nail in the coffin nailed in with a certainly of the negative outcome. We are being led by traitors who know exactly what they are doing. I’m neither a Republican or a Democrat as they are one and the same so get over it already. You are being used and abused by the party stereotypes–it is called divide and conquer.

    The first rule of depots that history teaches us is that we are to be disarmed so there is no resistance. The enormous push against guns is to disarm you and if I were a betting man, I’d say the government has their fingerprints on Sandyhook as much as they do Boston. Make guns the villain when guns are not the problem. It is a known statistic that gun violence has been cut in half since the mid-90s. Look it up. The background checks are to ascertain who has the guns, not to stop the violence. After all, which country sells more guns than any other country–take a wild guess. Which country uses violence and starts illegal wars more than any other country? Who invaded Iraq when they had nothing to do with 9-11? On and on it goes.

    The 1.5 billion hollow points purchased by the DHS are for target practice and we are the targets. Those hollow points will be transported by the 270 reconditioned military vehicles which is ironically enough, the same number of military vehicles that Hitler used when he started his invasion of Poland–and what was Hitler after? Gold, and revenge for the rapacious war reparations from WW I.

    People, listen and support this site and Greg’s guests. More importantly support yourselves, your family, and the truth. They are telling you the truth not for us to sit here an do nothing but to get into the fight by writing our congress persons and remembering that all politics are local. You can make a difference–just by becoming informed and ignoring the two party system which is now a one party system–you are an American and yes you just might have to stand up and be counted before you are stood up and shot. I refer you to “Thrive” below.

    Finally, This is YOUR country. Defend it and others will follow. There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.

    Speak to your local sheriff who is the only elected law official in your county and see how he feels about what is happening.

    If Greg allows this, I’ll give you six sites to visit: http://www.solari.com, www paulcraigroberts.org, http://www.matttaibbi.com,www.fedupusa,com and http://www.zerohedge.com. One last one and very important is http://www.FAIR.org/

    Don’t forget that USA Watchdog is right up at the top of the list. The one thing all of these sites have in common is they are seeking TRUTH.

    People need to take ONE positive political action; just one and do it without regard for any particular party.

    Benghazi is the Nixon moment for this administration. They left those Americans to die for a reason–someone knew too much; we don’t know which one ala the recent movie with Tom Cruise “John Recheter” But we do know that there is a coverup of enormous proportions. It is always the lies and coverup that get them. Don’t ask who, ask why!

    Remember: United We Will Stand and this is YOUR Country; it does not belong to the politicians, not Wall Street, not the “Banksters” and not
    the Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderberg Group or The Rothchilds

    Finally, Watch the documentary “Thrive found at http://www.thrivemovement.com

    God Bless the Principals upon which America was founded.


    • Greg

      DS Armstrong,
      Thank you for providing your analysis and links!

  20. George Silver

    Tell me Greg. Why is it that nations that have nuclear weapons find it necessary to attack nations that do not have nuclear weapons with preemptive strikes in the name of self-defence?

    It also clear from videos posted on the internet that the Israelis are using depleted uranium weapons. In other words weapons of mass destruction. There are probably already thousands of innocent people dead.

    • Greg

      Good question George.

  21. pieter

    evening Greg,

    I cannot understand the double standard in the western press. Can you imagine Iran bombs few sites in the us, israel of europe. Then the cries in the zion press would be loud and demand action.
    Now I heard a very good translation for Israel another better name for it is Rotschildtistan, very funny and to the point.

    What a double standard in this world the west is supplying as much arms it can to Israel for free just to keep controlling the tap of the resources.

    The west should condemn the attack on Israel und start desarming this evil state it is getting out of control the leaders of this dwarf state in the middle east which is treating world stability.
    Nowadays I hear no western leader talking about demands from the world comunnity to stop this agressive actions by the zion state.

    This is all because our monetary system is kidnapped by the banksters since 1913.

    Wish you great weekend,


  22. Jerry

    DS. There is a lot of truth in what you posted. Its time for people to wake up. DHS and many factions of our government are busy preparing for the final push that will be coming soon. In Missouri where I live DHS even laid their hands on a list of 185,000 concealed to carry permit holders via a French purchasing company associated with the United Nations. If that doesn’t get your attention then maybe the fact that the IRS has stockpiled an enemy’s list to target audits for groups they consider threatening. How far do we want this to go people? Bullet hoarding, drone observation, internet monitoring, what’s next food hoarding? For what purpose? I have seen our representatives ask them what they are planning to do with this information, and so far they have refused to answer. It really doesn’t take much to add two and two. You don’t use hollow points for target practice. You don’t gather information about your enemies unless you are assessing potential targets. You don’t tell bald face lies to the American people (IE Benghazi) unless you know you have nothing to fear from anyone. I concur that we should write your congressman. Better yet do what I did, go see them in person and let them know there will be consequences for their actions. History is watching us. What will be written is yet to be decided.

  23. MAL

    I understand the thinking behind the idea that the purchase of billions of rounds of ammo as well as thousands of fully automatic and semi automatic weapons was a ploy to reduce availability and raise the price. My question for Sen. Inhofe is why 2707 armored personnel carriers for a domestic agency? Are they trying to raise the price and reduce the availability of those too?

  24. M.Smith

    I forgot, hold on! Set tight, don’t give up!

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