Saudi Financial Trouble Means US Financial Trouble, Fed Rate Hike Fake-Out, Bernie Beats Clinton-Again

1jBy Greg Hunter’s 5.20.16 (WNW 238) 

Saudi Arabia is in deep financial trouble, and that spells financial trouble for the U.S. Let’s connect the dots. Shall we?  The Senate just passed a bill that releases 28 secret pages from the 9/11 Report, and it also allows the families sue the Kingdom if it was involved in the attack.  Saudi has threatened to dump U.S. assets if this becomes law.  Some people say they would never do that because it would hurt them.  I say, they may be forced to sell U.S. Treasuries and other assets because they need the money.  This is against the backdrop of reports of Saudi Arabia paying workers and contractors with IOUs and mass layoffs in the Kingdom.  No wonder why Moody’s just downgraded Saudi debt.  This week, we also find out how much U.S. debt Saudi owns.  It’s $117 billion.  I would say this is on the top of the list to raise cash fast, and Saudi is not alone in the need for cash.  This headline from CNN says it all: “U.S. Debt Dump Deepens in 2016.”   China, Russia and Brazil are a few more of the many sellers of U.S. debt.  How long can this go on for without something breaking?  What if everybody holding U.S. debt sells?  Not for some punishing reason but just because they need the cash.

The Fed is faking us all out again or are they? Fed Presidents Lacker and Dudley are pitching the possibility of a Fed rate hike–again.  They are saying things such as “June is a live meeting.”  I say no way they hike rates unless they want to intentionally crash the economy.  Can’t see Fed Head Janet Yellen signing on to that less than 6 months before a Presidential election.  This is much like the story of the little boy who cried wolf.  The economy is terrible and no way is it getting better.

Is the global economy so bad that it is raising the specter of war? The U.S. just hit China with a more than 500% tariff on its steel exports.  Of course, China is pissed, but it is flooding the world with cheap steel, and it is basically causing damage to its global competitors.  Add that to the fact that thing are continuing to heat up in the South China Sea, and China continues to make military threats if the U.S. doesn’t back off.  Meanwhile, in Europe, the Guardian UK is reporting “West and Russia on course for war, says ex-Nato deputy commander.” This war scenario is laid out in a new book by Former British General Alexander Richard Shirreff.

Hillary Clinton just cannot put away Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democratic nomination. Best she could do was a virtual tie in Kentucky and got whipped again in Oregon.  Some of Bernie’s supporters call Hillary “Slillary.”  It is amazing how weak the Clinton campaign looks, especially when you consider that Bernie is competing not only with Clinton but the entire DNC, which gives out super delegates to rig the system in Clinton’s favor.  I think Sanders is going to win California, but that only adds to her problems.  Remember, there is still that ongoing FBI criminal investigation on Clinton and her private unprotected server.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the WNW:

Bix Weir of will be the “Early Sunday Release.   Mr. Weir has some very interesting thoughts on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  He also talk about the problems Saudi Arabia is having and gives a specific timeline for an economic collapse in America.  The interview will post Sunday 5/22/16.

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  1. Dwain Decell

    We don’t know the amount of treasuries is held by SA. When you consider the petrodollar system has been going full steam ahead since the 70s, that amount is likely tremendous. The US has been trading bonds for oil for over 40 years.

    The fact the U.S. balked at investigating SA for 9/11 is highly suspicious since U.S. already knew facts that are now coming out. This stinks to high heaven and smacks of US complicity or blackmail. Whats so hypocritically evil is that the U..S. used 9/11 to justify, overthrow and place sanctions on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran. Millions of innocents have since been murdered displaced, starved and compromised not to mention thousands of US soldiers maimed and killed. If SA is the culprit behind 9/11 and U.S. ignored the evidence and redirected blame on innocent sovereigns, then U.S. officials responsible have the blood of innocent millions on their hands and should be hung out to dry just like they lynched Saddam. If all is true, this evil is unprecedented and should be the story of the century but alas, slimy proud frogs bellow in desperation to seduce and defeat truth, confident they will escape floodlights.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Bada bing, bada boom!

    • frederick

      Dwain do you believe for a second that the Saudis have the sophistication necessary to place the charges to bring down 4 buildings without the US authorities knowing Well if you do ve a bridge for sale they are being thrown under the bus for the true perps

    • WD


      Perfectly put.

  2. FC

    Greg, I feel your frustration, in regards to Hillary, but with Loretta Lynch on the Clinton’s payroll, she will never be indicted……….the Criminton’s have infiltrated all levels of Justice.

    • Oracle 911

      Perhaps you are right, but there may be other means to gain Lynch’s support for Crimton’s indiction. somebody have the right buttons and levers.

  3. Charles Peden

    Dear Greg:

    I wonder if the Defense Dept. had you in mind when they invented the internet and then provided it to the general public? Why is the truth relegated to comedians and alternative news sites? What an amazing world that we live in.

    God Bless

  4. Oracle 911

    Whatever Obama will do, the Saudi’s will drop their holdings, because they don’t have other option. And not just them also the petrol-monarchies of the Persian Gulf, because no-one want be the bag-holder. And I have several questions (as feed for though):
    In what are these Saudi IOU’s denominated and under what law are these IOU’s emitted? (In Yuan and under British law? I hope so.)
    How long it will take until the Saudi’s will selling crude oil in other currencies?
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • freebreezer

      O-911 The big question is whose DEBT are they going to roll over and in to? What country or countries are stable, have the rule of law, and are big enough to absorb this? … the countries below their currency base is not large enough to absorb this, thus it has to be debt instruments … Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, India, Turkey (just to name a few)???? China – with their big slow down and still ran by the communist leaders (and my opinion the biggest powder keg in the history of mankind, this if a 1/2 billion people do not have work)??? … What happens if their economy sputters and sinks? Russia – which is a possibility but no where large enough to absorb this amount of $$$ and they are still loaded with corruption? EU with all their problems? … maybe the British sterling, NZ dollar and Swiss franc (but size does matter when you are talking about this amount of currency)? My point – there is no where to stash the cash if the tide is going out. If the tide goes out for the US fiat dollar, it takes almost everything fiat with it! When the world realizes this watch out for gold, you will not be able to buy it at any price!

      • Oracle 911

        What law are you talking about, Gods? Currently there is no country which follows it.
        But if you look for rule of conscience in general population, you can find 1 or 2.

      • Tin foil hat

        How about SDR? Yuan will be added as one of the components by the end of this year. I think gold will be the last additional component right before the SDR becomes the de facto global reserve currency.

  5. Pierre Guimond

    Excellent WNW great energy and passion!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Pierre.

  6. JC Davis

    Greg while listening to your WNW I looked up at the muted TV the headline read Hillary claims Trump is unqualified to be president. Funny how there are two sides too every story, and facts are not important.
    Have a fun weekend.

  7. Old Guy

    What amazes me Greg is the media wants to display all of the RNC faults and yet the DNC is even worse. I am not a Sanders fan and Hillary should be indicted. I worked in the Intell field for 20 years and what Hillary did would land you and I in jail. Yet people will vote for her!!!! I imagine the world is laughing at how stupid the voters in this country are.
    Both parties are flaunting how corrupt they really are in front of everyone and nothing changes. Sanders continues to win but is losing. Hillary was anointed after she dropped out for Obama.
    Honestly I will vote for my local issues and screw the presidential elections. Neither party cares about their voters. What does indeed piss me off is the media play on the RNC and yet nothing is ever mentioned about the DNC on national news. Local channel are now seeing the light but it is a quick blurb and off to sports.
    Our government and for that matter most Americans think we are exceptional and we sanction elections in other countries as fair and if not we sanction many countries. Yet looking at the current election cycle how can we sanction any other country when our process is so corrupt? I am ashamed of what we have become.

  8. Chip

    VERY good WNW Greg! I see in the comments section at ZH you getting recognized which is a good thing. Have a good weekend… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip.

      • allen ols

        Go to the 26:40 min mark and listen to 15 seconds of the Bernie sanders dem. strategist Harlan Hill , who says he will flip for trump if Hillary gets the nom. But what is telling is at the 42 sec mark he talks gold.

  9. Michael WORLD BE FREE

    Greg, excellent wrap up with real HONEST reporting, love all you do. Wednesday you talked with Rob, and I am scared over the economic explosions coming, but you keep me and others grounded with GOD THE FATHER IN CHARGE. ty

  10. Tommy

    If the MSM had an ounce of curiosity they would look into the Clinton Foundation. It wouldn’t take too much to reveal what is going on in that honeypot. But they are much more interested in twisting comments from women to make him look like a lech. The real journalist would have a field day on examining the Clinton syndicate but they won’t. They dare not.

  11. Jerry

    I agree. The Saudi’s will probably dump U.S. Treasuries because they’re in survival mode. The ESF will probably mop them up, because that’s what they do. But guess what? It won’t make any difference. The Chinese just opened their new global exchange system today, and countries around the world will start lining up to accept Yuan for trade instead of dollars.

    Every country in the G20 knows what is coming down the pipeline for the United States. But most Americans are totally clueless thanks to the daily dose of propaganda peddled by the MSM. They won’t even report the carnage in Venezuela out of fear of spooking the American people as to what might be coming here. We’re supposed to roll over an accept 0.3% GDP as the new norm will our administration worries about where transvestites pee.

    I love this country, but what it has become is an embarrassment to our ancestors. I can’t even imagine what my grandparents would think, if they read todays headlines.
    There are days I feel ashamed that I haven’t done more to save our heritage for my kids and grandkids. That maybe I should have been more involved in our local and state governments. I can promise you this Greg. If by the grace of God we somehow manage to survive the coming reset, I WILL BE! Thank you for all you do, and for giving us a form to share our thoughts. God bless you.

    • Jerry

      Enter the Dragon. Yuan Bond sales beginning today in the United States.

      • allen ols

        go to the 15 min mark and listen to 25 min mark;

        • Jerry

          Thank you Allen. I happen to agree with 99% of everything Rob Kirby says in this interview. The one difference is that I believe the United States and the Chinese have the same puppet master. Namely the “City of London Corporation” ( IE Rothschild’s) . Having been in business myself I know deals like CIPS and SWIFT merger don’t just happen. The Rothschild’s have been grooming the Chinese as our replacement even before NAFTA. Greed has a way of finding new markets, and 1.5 Billion Chinese are a much bigger market than 300 million.

          I believe the globalist will fold over our current fiat system into a gold backed one (courtesy if the Chinese) until the central banks can finalize its digital replacement . Wiping out fiat currency is one step along the way of accomplishing that goal.

          I agree with Rob. Time is very, very, short. This week one of my contacts who works work a major locating company told me orders are backed up 3-4 weeks because they can’t get the communications wiring to complete the orders. That tells me the government is preparing something major. As usual they go to the front if the line when it comes to product fulfillment.

          • Faith

            Jerry, I have reached a similar conclusion. The US consumer is worn out. We already have everything we need. For the most part. People are retiring and they will not be filling up houses with more stuff. Most people have houses, and garages, filled with stuff. The US consumer market has been mined and is over.

            When you compare the Chinese consumer market to the US consumer market, there is no comparison. How do you compare 300K to 1.5 billion? Consumers.

            There is a reason that Jim Rogers relocated to Asia and has encouraged his children to learn Chinese. I have also advised new parents to teach their children a foreign language, including to teach them Chinese.

            The world is shifting.

            • Jerry

              I totally agree Faith. Take a look at this picture. Do you see anybody missing?
              Us. The United States is an afterthought to the rest if the world. The Donald is right. We don’t win anymore. The bigger question is, how long will they let us keep reserve currency status? And those ghost cities in China? They’re waiting to be filled with China’s new middle class while Detroit crumbles in decay.

        • WD

          Excellent interview….one of his most concise!

      • Jerry

        More Chinese takeout. Gold prices surged in April. It won’t be long now before the game of “gold musical chairs ” stops. (Courtesy Rob Kirby)

    • Connie Holt


      Is the End Near? NO! At least not what’s dear to us all.

      God will not let humans continue to dominate one another and threaten the future of mankind? No, as we have seen so many times on this site, he will step in and bring an end to centuries of misery and oppression. The Creator of humans and the earth wants you to know that his time to take action is approaching.

      When you travel by car, you might first consult online sources, maps, and written directions. Then, as you see signs and landmarks that match what the directions say, you gain confidence that you are nearing your destination. In a similar way, God has given us his Word, which describes striking global trends. As we see those landmark events unfolding, we become convinced that we are in the time period leading up to the end of human rule as we know it.

      The Bible explains that world history would reach a unique, pivotal time period that would culminate in this end. That time would see a combination of worldwide events and circumstances that differs from anything in mankind’s history.

  12. frederick

    What Clinton did sounds an awful lot like “treason” to me but İm not a lawyer İ also just read a story called “Bill Clinton declares war on Poland” about how Billy has been criticizing the right leaning new government in Poland and how it has really pissed off the Poles overseas as well as ten million Polish Americans who could swing the vote in trumps favor in key states such as NY İll NJ and PA because of this İt was nice to read though Anything to work against the Hildebeast works for me

  13. paul ...

    Those suffering with a paper loss … hang in tight … clearly China is acting just like FDR (calling in the gold) ,,, but from the entire world not just in the US … once China has collected enough gold they will do exactly what FDR did (raise the official price by almost double) “overnight” … remember what happened? … first FDR re-set gold’s price from $20 to $35 (about a double) or like the dollar going to 50 cents … then gold went from $35 to $350 (about 10 times) or like the dollar going from 50 cents to 5 cents … then gold moved from $350 to $1750 (about 5 times) or like the dollar going from 5 cents to 1 cent … looking at history from a different perspective gold remained constant in value … what changed was the value of the US dollar … with all the fiat paper money printing by the Fed recently the value of the 1913 dollar is probably 1/10th of a cent right now … and when the world follows the Saudi lead and dumps treasuries the Fed will simply print more fiat dollars driving its value to 1/100 of a cent … gold will remain the same BUT it will be priced 100 times higher in ever more worthless fiat dollars … so eventually you may get 100 x $1200 or $120,000 worthless fiat dollars for one ounce of gold … would you want to sell it all at that point? … not on your life … you should sell only as much as you need to spend immediately on goods and services … because there is no limit to how much fiat the Fed can create (remember Zimbabwe where you couldn’t buy an ounce of gold for a trillion Zimbabwe dollars) … stay the course … don’t lose faith in crooks doing more evil then you can imagine in your wildest dreams … simply look at Sillary Clinton!

    • paul ...

      So as you can see above … gold is not some “get rich quick” investment (unless you happen to catch the “re-sets” that FDR did and what the Chinese will likely do very soon … what gold simply does is preserve purchasing power … if a freezer full of meat costs one ounce of gold today ($1200 dollars) … one ounce of gold will buy you a freezer full of meat years from now when it may cost ($1,000,000 dollars) for the same amount of meat … you don’t make any profit… what you do is preserve purchasing power … it is important for each family to determine now just how much gold they will need to survive at the “subsistence level” in the years to come … say for example … your family needs $24,000 dollars per year to barely survive today … well then you will need to buy 20 ounces of gold (at $1200/ounce) to make ends meet for each year of your life in the future … for example … if you are 60 years old now and plan to live to 100 … then you will need a 40 year “survival protection policy” … at 20 ounces of gold for each year … a minimum of 600 ounces of gold will be required … and that’s it!!!

      For the younger folks the required amount of gold they will need is probably beyond their means of achieving … being they have been given 28 hr/wk jobs by Shillary and her Neocon buddies … is it any wonder young people are voting for Bernie … they “will need” a Socialistic government to protect them from the unbridled printing of fiat the Fed and other central bankers are doing!!!

      • paul ...

        So lets not bemoan the fact that gold has not returned an immediate “profit” for you … gold is not “an investment” that returns “profits”but simply a way to preserve the value of the excess money you earn now for use in the future (putting cash under the mattress is not what you want to do) … the only “investment angle” of buying gold (and silver) right now is a Chinese re-set (like what FDR did in the early 1930’s) where a “quick profit” can actually be made …

        • paul ...

          During the times when gold temporarily goes into retrograde you benefit by the fact that the dollar gets stronger allowing you to purchase more gold … lowing your average cost … but have no fear … remember the Fed took the 1913 dollar from 100 cents to 1 cent today … do you think that all of a sudden the Fed will get religion and stop here? … not likely … with the economic problems we now face the Fed will likely bring the 2016 “one cent” dollar down to 1/100 th of a cent fairly quickly!!

  14. diane s.

    Great wrap up Greg
    You really socked it to them!
    Love it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diane.

  15. Jallen

    I really look forward to your weekly wrapups!!!
    Some thoughts follow;
    1. What happens to the PETRO DOLLAR; if Saudia Arabia sells its oil in non dollars?
    2. Who is the biggest liar; Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton or Debbie Wasserman Shultz?
    3. Should Hillary go to jail for selling favors (Military Weapons) to foreign nations
    for Huge donations to the Clinton Foundation. FBI are you listening? How about submitting Hillary to a lie detector test and watch the needle dance.
    4. Will Bill Clintons ex lovers silenced by Hillary Clinton come back to haunt her campaign? Has Hillary not learned; what goes round comes round. Perhaps Hillary can put Bill in charge of “Babes for Hillary’. Then we can learn what Hillary really thinks about women’s rights!!!
    5. Will Obummer allow trans genders use the same whitehouse bathrooms his daughters use? Just saying.
    6. Perhaps when Obummer vetoes the Saudi 911 exposure bill it will include the picture
    of Obummer bowing before the Saudi King.
    7. Will the USA come out with a new US Treasury backed currency and put the the Federal Reserve and all the Big Banksters in jail? Let Freedom ring America, remove the noose from around your neck.
    8. Will Bill Kristol and his Neo Con buddies join the army and fight in American Neo Con wars. Bill put up or shut up.
    9. Will Obummer golf on a golf course without a trans gender bathroom?
    10. Interpretation of Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest; Allan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen for doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results!!! I.E. QE from 1 to infinity; go Allan, Ben and Janet paper America from coast to coast. A big shout out for Bernie Sanders for going after the Banksters!
    11. To all out Liberal / Progressives friends; did you not learn anything from Stalin?
    Look at Hollywood, almost 100 percent Liberal / Progressives, they fall all over themselves to see who can be the biggest political fool of all. The country is going to hell in a financial hand basket but they are Politically Correct. Truly a case of the Blind leading the Blind! What a bunch of phonies.
    12. Greg week after week proves why newspapers like the USA TODAY, WASHINGTON POST AND THE NEW YORK TIMES are called RAGS and win the PIED PIPER FLUTE AWARD for off the cliff reporting. Nuff said!
    13. Jallen prediction; Americans are turning their backs to Judeo (Torah) / Christian principles (lead by its own Government) and does so at its own peril!!!
    This ends another Jallen rant.

  16. andyb

    Greg: The Saudi wells might be running dry (rumored now for 2 decades). Certain Saudi members of the monarchy have been proven to be, along with the US neocon Zionists, great supporters and enablers of global terrorism. Even so, it appears that the USG is throwing them under the bus with the 28 pages; which is a false flag on a false flag. It’s all a red herring to distract from the real “inside job” . No Saudi (agent or contractor)would have had access to plant the explosives in Bldg 7, one of the most heavily secured buildings in NYC, containing over 5 law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and a multitude of secrets. Regarding the sale of USTs, Rob Kirby has often explained that the ESF could absorb any and all that the Saudis might sell, nonwithstanding a domino effect from other countries.

    • Robert Lykens

      andyb –
      Although not a neocon, I’m a fervent Zionist, in accordance with the perfect, eternal Word of God.

      Are you saying I’m a supporter and enabler of global terrorism?

      • Jallen

        Robert Lykens,
        Please define your definition of Zionism.

        • paul ...

          If Zionism is Jewish nationalism there is nothing wrong with it … however many Zionists are Neocons … it’s the Neocons that must be stopped!

        • Robert Lykens

          Happy to.
          Zionism is the concept that Israel is the land which God gave to his chosen people, the Jews. This land is not the tiny strip which is today called “Israel”, but includes all the territory from the Nile to the Euphrates, as delineated by God himself in Genesis 15:18.

          Zionism is also a concept for the future of the entire Earth:
          At the return of (the Jewish) Jesus Christ to the earth, where will he first set foot? – Israel.
          His foot will rest on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem. The Mount will split in half at the Presence of the King.
          Jesus will enter Jerusalem – through the Eastern Gate, which has been sealed and through which NO MAN may pass until the Prince enters through it (Ezekiel 44:1-3).
          Jesus will enter the rebuilt Temple and reign as King of the Earth for 1000 years.

          Jerusalem, Israel will be the Capital of the world for that 1000 years. Righteousness and Justice will flow like a river from the Temple during that time.

          That is Zionism.

          Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion.
          – Psalms 129:5

          For the LORD hath chosen Zion; he hath desired it for his habitation.
          – Psalms 132:13

          • Greg Hunter

            So you don’t believe in the return of Christ. The 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth after his return is in the Bible. This prediction is a part of Christian belief as well. I usually find people that use Zionism as a criticism are just using it as cover to hide their hate of all Jews. Is that what you are doing Robert? Are you against Israel and the Jews? The Bible says “Israel will have an everlasting name.”

            • Robert Lykens

              Greg, what in the world are you talking about? Please read my post again; I affirmed both the return of Christ and his 1000-yr reign.
              I didn’t say anything that could remotely be taken as you say.

              • Greg Hunter

                So sorry Robert. I misunderstood. My bad.

      • frederick

        İ already knew that by the comments that you have posted and it pains me to think that there are other Americans as brainwashed as yourself and İ truly fear for the country due to such false beliefs

        • sk

          Rational argument does NOT work against delusion, Frederick, psychiatry 101.

    • sk

      The Saudi Arab angle is a con job within a bigger con job. A red herring to sidetrack people who are asking questions. And only 1% of Americans – if that – realize it. So gullible. Just remember that God – or Nature or Karma – does not regard kindly those who exploit simple, gullible people. What do you think, Mr. Lykens?

  17. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, been around site since the beginning, probably about 1,000 post or so, think the world of you and your blog, but Greg, you need to stop touting Hillary’s possible indictment as it just not going to happen. This is not to say I don’t think she is not deserving of a jail term, its just that Hillary is above the law, pure and simple & she is going to get a pass. There has to be an reason that the FBI is dragging their feet & will do so until after the election. A, B or C will happen, A, if there is going to be a recommendation for indictment, they that will be delayed until after the November election, if she loses a recommendation will happen. B, if she wins, well, it will be buried. However, C, if she gets a clear stated pass from the FBI, then in that event, that announcement will happen very soon, prior to the Democratic convention. Between A, B, & C, I leaning on C, Comey & Company comes and announces something like there were certainly irregular and departures from stated norms of protocol but there was no intent to commit any criminal act or hide any criminal activity, and, as such the F.B.I is forwarding its investigation to the Justice Department without any recommendation for criminal prosecution.
    As I have said many times on your site, Hillary & Company has the goods of Obama and so many others she will survive without criminal prosecution, having her lose the election may well be punishment enough. I could write a book why Hillary won’t be indicted, Lynch won’t have it, Obama doesn’t want any of his activities be aired, etc. among a hundred or so others, that is just the way the Clinton machine does business; payback a bitch & they know were the bodies are buried.

    • Greg Hunter

      I made two predictions on Hill. #1 She will not be president. # She will be indicted. One or both of those predictions will be true. A new prediction: At the very least all the charges the FBI are planning will be released indicted or not. Thank you for your comment and we will see.

  18. john duffy

    Let’s face it Greg, the corruption is systemic! This is going to get ugly. I fear for my grandchildren.

  19. Bill

    Greg. First, that’s a great cartoon. Second, I have heard that the Saudis are considering selling their US treasury notes to china, who will then require the US to redeem the treasury notes which we will be unable to do. They will then attempt to take control of US oil, gas, and other assets of this country. Any truth in this??

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s when war breaks out.

      • Tin foil hat

        I think it all depends on how they would control the US assets. If they are going to exploit the environment and treat Americans like slaves, there should be war.
        However, what if they invested and developed these assets creating good middle class manufacturing and R&D jobs here in the US? Should we fight them for doing things which our politicians wouldn’t?
        The way I see it, we should encourage Chinese dollar recycling. The recycling is the support which we need to unwind the Ponzi gradually. There are two ways to repudiate the Chinese dollar recycling. One is to sanction or declare war on China, the second option is hyperinflation by popping the fiat bubble like Weimar Republic did with their war debts.
        One must asks the question why Venezuela and Argentina are both resources rich and flat broke. I think nobody can answer that question better Trump and that’s why we need him to negotiate in a way we would not be taken advantage of.

  20. matt

    Better leave Russia alone. These sick leaders are going to get us killed for no reason but THEIR sick agenda.

    • frederick

      Matt İ agree Putin is being unfairly denonized for an agenda obviously not that he is perfect and it is VERY dangerous and reckless

  21. HankH

    Great update Greg.
    Lots of Yuge(!) news this past week that have great implications for our country and our future. Unfortunately the US Pravda is in the tank for the bad guys (crony payoffs).
    -The tariffs levied against China (500%?) & continued economic threats, could lead to overt economic warfare if not a shooting war (remember what provoked Japan into bombing PH).
    – Saudi Arabia, who likely has control(capture) over Obammy, could now turn to Putin for support and WILL begin to dump their reserves (Bonds).
    -Brexit will become a reality which will cascade into other EU states doing the same.
    – Nationalism in France, Germany, Italy et al is coalescing….will end Muslim dreams of a renewed caliphate in Europe…this could turn bloody.
    -Gold & Silver will flourish and the stock markets (ie, FANGs) will Dump.
    *But Hallelujah, Adonai is in control!!*

  22. Larry Galearis

    Try Googling out “Rollover”, the movie (or on Youtube), just the intro part, for some idea of what the Saudis could do. And why is Washington being so stupid about yanking on that leash? Maybe “doing stupid things is a “style” thing? 9/11? Well, sure the Saudis names came up, but as far as I am concerned 9/11 was a false flag event. Perhaps the people who really run things think throwing a little dirt on the Kingdom can be a “disinforming” distraction for Washington that is worth the geopolitical risk of a blow back from the Saudis. But to be sure Iran and Russia (and most of the unaligned nations) are vastly bemused by this nonsense because it is a lose/lose for Washington.
    As for 9/11, maybe it is time to get Paul Craig Roberts back again to tell us why 9/11 was an inside job?
    We live in interesting times. Thanks, as usual for your commentaries.

    • Diane D.

      Yes 9/11 was a black ops false flag event. The THREE towers were taken down by controlled demolition using explosives. Who had access and resources to pull this off. Saudi Arabia played only a small part at the behest of those masterminding the black ops.

      For those who say ‘ridiculous, tell that to over 2,500 professional architects and engineers, 250 pilots and aviation professionals, 320 commissioned and non-commissioned US military officers, 400 professors, 400 medical professionals, and untold numbers of fire fighters law enforcement and government officials who have risked their careers to demand the truth about 9/11.

      • paul ...

        You are right Diane … they are shooting the Saudi’s in the stomach (the same way they shot Oswald) to try and cover up who really did the crime!

      • frederick

        Of course you are correct about 911 Diane and the truth can be revealed by giving lie detector tests to everyone in the bush cabinet as well as larry”pull it” Silverstein and judge Hellerstein That would be a start anyway but it will NEVER happen as long as we are “owned” as George Carlin said

  23. Lake M


    You are so correct in the treatment of Hillary Clinton for President or as I say Shillary Hillary for Prison. MSM has exposed their bias and status as journalists.
    Journalism is dead within the corporate media. Remember Dr. PC Roberts said most of the NYTimes and other main news outlets were bought and paid for by the CIA.

    And now Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. Perhaps a Amazon boycott could influence this oligarch to return to higher journalistic standards. Nah, what am I thinking… unless?

    Again, thanks for all your time and energy Greg.

  24. Dawn Garmon

    At least the Republicans, albeit unwittingly, have chosen Trump.
    The fraud in the Democratic primaries, by contrast, is reminiscent of
    third world standards.

  25. Fear Not

    Thanks for another excellent analysis of what we’re not hearing from the MSM. This weeks “rumors of war” are disturbing at best. Our military is at pre-WWII levels, and the U.S. is still acting as though we’re a super-power, poking the bear and dragon in the eye with a stick. Well, I think Russia and China learned something during the collapse of the Soviet Union, and that is, why fight a war head-to-head with the U.S. military, when all you need to do is collapse their dollar? Then watch the military’s legs get cut out from underneath them through draconian budget cuts. And after they complete their decoupling from the dollar with separate, and competing financial systems, I’m sure they’ll feel confident enough to make your move and try to fracture NATO. At least, that’s what I would do if I were Putin. Greg, it kind of feels like 1939 all over again.

  26. Larry Galearis

    Might as well provide the link to “Rollover”. Best segment is at the 3:30 mark:
    But dumping treasuries has been rather more common this year. China has been doing it – but just slowly enough not to tank the debt markets and influence the USD too adversely. The Chinese, and other countries that hold treasuries – have to as these represent trade dollars received for real goods sold to the USA – as reserve assets. The East needs to slowly use this paper to exchange for, among other things, to buy gold and silver and to address investments in infrastructure within their country. A crashing dollar serves nobody but at the same time the inevitability of a dollar fall must happen. Keep in mind that if any country shows any policy of attacking the USD it will be attacked (as Iraq and Libya were) by the US – or as Brazil is currently being attacked for regime change – as a BRICS nation. Fundamentally the world’s problem is to get rid of the dollar tyranny without getting attacked by Washington and the unaligned countries are getting squeezed by being robbed of their commodities under the USD rigging system (with those industries failing) and being shown the muzzle of a gun if they object to the robbery. This is why war is so threatening now, and the US MSM, is working so hard to “disinform” the American people. The propaganda machine in the US is comparatively speaking, more “efficient” than what Hitler created in the 1930s and 1940s. For the most part Americans have little clue about what is going on in their world. These are harsh realities that many patriotic Americans are loathe to consider about their country, and to these people I can only repeat that Washington is not the United States; Washington is just the evil government of the present that will now abuse anyone who it perceives as a threat to its hegemony.

  27. WTF

    O.K. I know you will hate me for this, but I went to your donations page to donate 50 U$D and saw a link to the Clinton foundation. WTF. Please do not comment as nothing you could say will help? Kevin, west of longview wa. KA7LRC and my handle here is WTF.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have Google Adds and I have no control what Google puts up. I am not a supporter of the Clinton “Fraud” Foundation.

      • WTF

        O.K. I now understand, thanks for your reasonable response, Kevin, west of longview wa.

  28. Pinocchio

    Most of USA’s debts consist of numbers on computer screen, so they will be paid by sending numbers to foreign governments’s computer screens. Hurray…..

    Welcome, Hillary. Welcome, Darkness.

  29. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Earlier this week the White House spokesman came to the mike and basically said (rather bluntly I thought) that if the bill passes to allow 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia it would put the US in danger of suits in the courts of many countries we have secretly caused to collapse. He made it clear the message was from Obama, straight.

    I wonder what America is? Who would they sue?

  30. Robert Lykens

    We absolutely must challenge China’s building of islands in international waters. What if they wanted to build an island in the Gulf of Mexico? Or at the entrance to the Panama Canal? Those are international waters too. What’s stopping them? Only the fear of being challenged by a military might which could hurt them.
    The waters in the South China Sea which China is militarizing are much closer to Vietnam and the Philippines than they are to China.

    I say challenge them, and challenge them with ever-increasing boldness. Station a US Navy fleet next to them and do hourly flyovers.

    In my opinion, the US should go to the South China Sea and build our own military bases right next to China’s. That’s what we’d do if we had a president who didn’t bow to China’s leader.

    • Diane D.

      Exactly what part of the Constitution supports defending the South China Sea?

      George Washington was one of the greatest Americans to ever live. His Farewell Address is arguably the most important address ever given on US soil. Washington specifically warned America against such entanglements.

      • paul ...

        Diane … what Robert forgets is that “roaming US islands” (our aircraft carriers) in international waters all around the globe … is more of a threat to the world then a couple of Chinese “stationary islands” that don’t go anywhere!

      • Tin foil hat

        Diane D.
        My sentiment is exactly the same. However, we should be prepared to do to them what we did to the Barbary pirates just got in case. That’s why Trump is right on target regarding rebuilding our military.

    • Hatemail

      Why? The US has no significant export trade to China. Why should we give a damn about some specks of sand in the ocean. Besides, it just may be a military trap the Chinese are setting. Draw us in close then sink the US fleet.

      • Robert Lykens

        We can’t let ourselves be motivated by the fear of “what if”.
        Whether you like it or not, America has allies across the world who we must defend. Also, we (supposedly) are the champions of freedom and uphold that standard to the world.
        America is the answer, not the problem. Believing that America must withdraw its influence around the world is Obama-esque.

        • Tin foil hat

          Robert Lykens,
          Diaoyutai Islands are the only islands we should risk having war against China. Japan and Australia are the only countries I consider our true allies in that region.
          As far as I’m concern, Philippines can drop dead since they closed our base there and threw us out. S. Korea can drop dead too since they have often shown hostility toward our troops over there.
          I feel neutral toward Vietnam. They seem not to hold any grudges toward Americans and welcome investments from oversea.

    • Robert Lykens

      China’s activities in the South China Sea threaten freedom and our allies’ well-being.
      This article details the threats better than I could:

      American isolationism is a non-starter. Nothing was ever solved by sticking one’s head in the sand.

      • Tin foil hat

        Diaoyutai Islands are the line in the sand. The rest of the disputed islands have nothing to do with us unless China demands to tax all vessels traverse through that region.

    • frederick

      thats crazy warmongering nonsense and i would expect that from someone who calls himself a Zionist That area has been basically Chinese since the tenth century and doing what you propose would be highly antagonistic and could escalate things to nuclear war i guess you would be OK with that as well right?

      • Robert Lykens

        Frederick, I’m sorry you feel as though you must be hateful to make a simple point, but I guess that’s just the way you are.

        I’m following my God and his Word. Would you advise otherwise? Or should I sit at your feet for lessons on the true meaning of God’s Word, which apparently you think I’ve missed?

        Frederick, there are many, many verses in the Bible in which God proclaims his love for Zion. Should I tear those out of my Bible and throw them away?

        • Tin foil hat

          Robert Lykens,
          I don’t know if you realized that you sound almost as bad as the Muslims.

          • Greg Hunter

            Tin foil hat,
            Are you an atheist? I think Robert sounds fine.

            • Tin foil hat

              I believe there were ancient aliens. If I had to brand myself in a religious category, I guess I’m a gnostic Christian who reject any organized religion rather than an atheist.
              I believe Jesus is the one true God/Ancient Alien who loves peace and the humankind.
              There is no way the only God I believe in would favor warmongers just because they happen to live in Zion.

  31. Robert Lykens

    If nothing changes, Hillary will be the Democrat candidate and stands an excellent chance of being elected President.

    I think Hussein Obama would far prefer Sanders over Clinton:
    – Sanders is an avowed socialist like Hussein himself.
    – Hussein’s evil legacy would be assured if a leftist/socialist followed him.
    – Hussein hates the Clintons and would love denying them a return to the White House.
    So what’s a good America-hating muslim socialist to do?

    Indict Hillary. Let her name get dragged through the mud from, say, August all the way through the election. The media could never ignore an indictment like they’re ignoring the investigation. Then, in a presidential and magnanimous gesture, Hussein can pardon Hillary before he leaves office in the basket of pardons that all presidents make on their way out the door.

    Such a move would dramatically energize Democrat Party voters. Sanders, a populist like Trump, would probably sweep to victory over The Donald. Hussein could thereby deliver the White House, and probably Congress, to the Democrats.

    I’m not making it a prediction but it’s such an obvious move I’m afraid Hussein can’t miss it.

  32. Robert Lykens

    “Identifying yourself as an “American” is now considered to be a “microaggression” and should be avoided because it might offend minority groups.”

  33. A. Bona, M.D.

    Dear Greg– you are correct. In order to keep political favors for money secret, a private server is needed. Thus she avoids all Freedom of Information requests with this little illegal trick.

    • Greg Hunter


      Hillary = Criminal. It is really just that simple and the left and the right at the top want the fraud and crime to continue unabated.


    • paul ...

      A. Bona … since Shillary was doing “official US business” on those servers we should be able to request all the info under the Freedom of Information Act … remember the info on those servers was not labeled “secret” so we can use it in a court of law to prove “money for favors” criminality!

      • paul ...

        And if Shillary’s lawyers say the documents can’t be use in court … it is a clear “admission of guilt” … that will put her directly in prison! … this is the quandary (and why it is taking so long to figure out how to get her off the hook)!

        • paul ...

          If the charges against Shillary are dismissed … the FBI has to find that all the documents on her unsecured server were not SECRET … if just one document is found to have been SECRET … it is a violation of the espionage laws and requires an indictment filing to the Justice Department … if the Justice Department then says it can’t use the evidence in a court of law against Shillary because the evidence is SECRET … it is a Prima Facie Case that Shillary is Guilty!!! … Thus the big delays as all her Neocon buddies scratch their heads (trying to figure out how to save Shillary)????

  34. Laura

    Greg, thanks again for all you do.

    You are rockin’ the blue shirt!

  35. 8Ball

    “Government” = Organized Crime operating under the guise of leadership.

  36. DANNY


  37. Jeff

    i cant beleive bix wier who is on this sunday forgot to tell about his 2016 timeline thats what we were all waiting for! dang

    • Greg Hunter

      Bix Weir is on Sunday and the interview is very interesting take on financial news coming our way and political analysis on Trump and Sanders campaigns.

  38. diane s.

    This guy would be a great interview.
    Don’t know who he is, but he has some good comments.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Jeremy Irons is an actor. I’m surprised he’s not better known.

    • markp

      DS, he’s an English actor; played a bag guy in one of the Die Hard movies amongst his many acting accomplishments.

  39. Sayonara

    This country and the rest of the world is Berning up. Essentially half the people in this country believe leftist socialism is the best form of government. When in fact you look at every country in the world that has an autocratic socialist form of government and they deteriorating at an accelerating rate. The best example in progress is Venezuela.
    What shocks and appalls me is that there is no an uprising in this country to reestablish an open market capitalistic system that creates a healthy standard of living.
    I cannot believe that this corrupt and war criminal witch Hillary is this far along running for POTUS and has the magnitude od support that she has.
    We are living in unbelievable times.

  40. Don

    Good wrap up Greg, your experience comes shinning through. You know, the bigger question to me about SA is what part did Bush or others play. There’s just simply to much evidence that it was an inside job. The truth of what happen is needed for the healing of our nation. You know that, the Saudi’s was always a protected relationship, but now that the petro dollar is in trouble, there survival could be questioned. They simply cannot eat sand. But your right about Saudi and US financial ties, and a sure weakness in there nation is a good indicator of the US dollar is in deep trouble. On the Hilary front, I can’t understand why any American would support her election. It just astounds me. An now Russia claims to have 20000 emails they hacked, and they can’t find any emails from her IT expert. As is the case with anything, concerning the Clintons, there is layer after layer of concealment, and corruption signs all along the road. It is my opinion, that if there not able to get her in the white house, and Trump is elected, the corporate, and banking cartel, will crash the system either under Trumps watch or maybe Obama’s to allow him to stay in office. The finishing touches of Obama care, and the Law of the Sea Treaty, are two primary objectives for the elite to accomplish. They are defiantly planning to complete the framework of the global government, during a Clinton administration. Trump, somehow showed up at this time in our history, as one every globalist was threatened by. It is my hope, he is not a Trojan horse, and the attacks we seen from all over the globe, was an indication, he is for real, a true nationalist, and will destroy the power elite in Washington. We have to somehow get big money out of our political process, so a respectable person can run without having to be a billionaire. I always love it when you close with the reminder, God the father is in control. Farewell my friend, Lord bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t see how this ends well. The Saudis were the lynch pin of the “petrodollar.” Now will the Saudi’s lead to its undoing??

    • Sayonara

      Great Post Don!
      I believe the Petro Dollar is sayonara. There is no value to it as result of $20T of debt that will never be paid in anything resembling real money. The Chinese possess the world’s manufacturing engine due to the short term greed of international corporations and their political cronies. The Saudis are not completely stupid, the middle eastern culture is that they run with the strong horse. America used to be the strong horse – not anymore. America and the rest of the west is a weak and dying horse. The Saudis have demonstrated they are starting to run with strong horse by their new economic relationship with China. The end of Petro Dollar is imminent. That is why Janet Yellen was meeting unscheduled with the POTUS and VP as Alasdair Macleod speculated. I think the next 8 months will be the most interesting in human history.

      • Faith

        Sayonara, I agree. I have never been this nervous. What will happen first? War? Financial collapse? An EMP strike on the US?

        I expect riots this summer in urban parts of the US that will probably make the Watts Riots in Los Angeles pale in comparison. Europe is on the verge of imploding. Will it happen this summer or, even worse, during the winter when Russia can cut off the flow of natural gas to Europe? Will Turkey be given visa-free access to Europe? Most Europeans do not need a visa to travel to the US. If Turks visa-free access to Europe that also means, by default, visa-free access to the US.

        Get ready for a bumpy ride. Turbulence ahead.

        • paul ...

          Faith … good work … I think you figured out the Neocon “plan” to flood the US with refugees … perhaps the Neocon plan was to create conditions to send millions of refugees to Europe and then do a deal with our NATO partners “to help relieve them of their economic burdens”??? … imagine shipping 90 percent of the refugees over here to the States … that would put such strain on the welfare system (along with the illegals coming from Mexico and South America) to “collapse our economic system” … the result being Marshal Law likely under control of a Neocon appointee!

          • paul ...

            Once Trump is in … he will put up the wall and vet (unlike Obama) every refugee coming in from Europe … this will help to secure our economic and public welfare system from further deterioration! … it is very unlikely Shillary will do this!

    • Tin foil hat

      I have come to the conclusion that if 911 were an inside job, then the SA is not the mastermind. There is no way even for corrupted politicians to allow SA to get away with murdering over 3,000 Americans unless they are our partner in crime whom are about to get thrown under the bus.
      I believe Bush did it, or merely followed instructions, to deter nations with ambition to challenge the dollar reserve status. 911 was the false flag which he needed to get things going. The fact that all victims’s families were compensated handsomely, which I found a little strange at the time, is indicative that Bush probably felt horrible regarding the decision.
      I suspect those Americans who support Hillary know instinctively that she will do anything, including war, to keep the Ponzi or status quote alive. Our inflated standard of living is not supported by our GDP, it’s supported by the Ponzi.
      Many Trump supporters who rely on their pensions and social security may have to work again if Trump were elected. I hope they would not turn on him when that happen and understand they are doing it for the better future of their children and grandchildren. Come to think of it, that is the sacrifice we’d have to make for the better future of the entire world.

  41. matt

    Here is the bottom line. We, I say WE, people who believe in God, Protection, and Free Will are die ing off. Once were done off with, it’s over.

    • Robert Lykens

      Matt, the darkness is indeed gathering. However, remember Jesus’ parable of the ten virgins.

      Five were wise and five were foolish.
      The five wise virgins went to meet their bridegroom, taking extra oil for their lamps.
      The five foolish virgins took no extra oil.
      The bridegroom tarried, then came when it was darkest – at midnight.
      The five wise virgins had enough oil, but the five foolish virgins had run out.

      Be wise, Matt. Go to “them that sell” and replenish yourself with extra oil now, before midnight falls.
      Matthew 25

      Remember also, Matt, that you are the light of the world. Let your light shine before men so that they may also see as you do.
      Matthew 5:16

  42. tulip

    The Saudis have reorganized their oil leadership.
    They appear to be sitting pretty…

    • Greg Hunter

      You are not “sitting pretty” when Moody’s downgrades your debt and you are paying your workers with I.O.U’s.

      • Craig Bradley

        Gold, Fiat, and I.O.U.

        Actually, the Saudi’s and Arab Emirates both have lots of gold bullion. So, they can pay their workers in gold coin. Gold bugs would prefer and love that almost anywhere. Gold is non-discriminatory. Its real money, as they often say around here. Paper money is just fiat and an official I.O.U. too.

  43. Diana Dee Jarvis

    For Moody’s to downgrade a sovereign’s debt, the situation must be even worse than they’re letting on. If the Saudis want to ditch the petrodollar, then it seems to me US is no longer obligated to defend them militarily or give them any kind of aid.

  44. Jim Ledyard

    Thanks Greg for all you do. With information from Jim Willie, V-The Guerrilla and the WNW, it allows me to connect the dots.

    V’s expose of “The New Silk Road” is an eye-opener.

    Now that I know… it makes me want to run to a bunker and hide, but I take your advice, “Fear Not… God the father is in charge”. Thanks again.

  45. CPDLC

    Cheers Greg. I love your wrap-ups. Very entertaining. Regards from the UK.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CPDLC.

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