Weekly News Wrap-Up 5.9.14

Russian Bombers Off California, Benghazi Scandal and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The Ukraine crisis is spidering off in ways no one dreamed of a few months ago.  Even though Russia says it is backing off, the economic and psychological war is intensifying.  Big headline in USA Today says “Putin Diffuses Tensions in Ukraine Crisis.” Putin says it is backing some troops off from the border, but NATO says there is “no evidence of withdrawal.”  My sources say Russia will not do an overt invasion; it will just let Ukraine sink into chaos.  Ukraine will need an estimated $50 billion in a few years to stabilize the country.  Where is that going to come from?  The U.S. is imposing sanctions on Russia; and, now, even the IRS is going to be targeting Russian banks.  Meanwhile, there are reports of Russian bombers doing test runs off the coast of California.  Also, the Russians are doing attack simulations that test their nuclear arsenal.  Could we have a shooting war?  Sure, but I don’t think that is what is going on, at least at this point.  I think we are seeing war on a new level.  As I said, it is both psychological and economic.   Could fear cause financial trouble for the West?  You bet.  Then there is the reserve currency status of the U.S.  I think Russia is kicking into high gear the attack on the dollar as the reserve currency used in trade settlement.  The trajectory is clear.  The U.S. dollar is going to be used less and less in trade.  I think Russia intends to hurt the West by cutting off the funding needed for war. 

An IRS official at the center of the IRS targeting scandal is now in contempt of Congress.  The House voted to this week to hold Lois Lerner in contempt for not answering questions in the investigation over the IRS targeting conservative groups.  Congressman Trey Gowdy, a former prosecutor, says Lerner testified and made 17 separate points before she pled the 5th.  Gowdy contends, either you testify or you don’t.  You cannot do both.   Contempt of Congress is rare, and six Democrats joined with House Republicans to vote in favor.  What is amazing to me is the USA Today totally ignored this story.  You would think a news organization would at least want to follow a very important First Amendment issue.  It is outrageous to use the IRS as a weapon no matter which party in power does it.  This is what I am talking about when I say the mainstream media “lies by omission.”  The House also voted to ask Attorney General Eric Holder to step aside and appoint special counsel.  26 Democrats voted with Republicans on that issue. 

Trey Gowdy has been picked to head up a committee to get to the Benghazi scandal where our Ambassador and three others were killed in a terrorist attack.  Gowdy is a former federal prosecutor.   The White House said the attack was “spontaneous” and did not have al-Qaeda ties.  Both points are 100% false.  Lots of questions are still unanswered.  Many think this a cover-up that protects the President and Hillary Clinton who is the presumptive Democratic candidate for President in 2016.  Some also want to call this a hoax that is motivated by politics, but four people were killed and that is no hoax. 

The Al-Qaeda backed rebels are on the run in Syria.  They have retreated from a major city in Syria.  This is a blow to the rebels cause, and it will make the Assad regime just that much harder to unseat.  General Wesley Clark said, years ago, that the plan was to topple Middle East governments and Syria was on the list.  I don’t think it’s over, but the plan to rearrange the ME has been interrupted.  

Eric Holder is now saying no bank is “too big to jail.”  He is referring to some European banks that allegedly are engaging in illegal tax shelters and violations of U.S. sanctions.  That’s’ funny.  Holder said, a little more than a year ago, that the financial system might be in peril if big bankers were jailed.  Holder said in Congress that he was concerned that criminal charges against top bankers might have a “negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world economy.”  They let JP Morgan pay a fine to avoid criminal prosecution for helping the Bernie Madoff $60 billion fraud.  HSBC admitted to laundering money for terrorists and drug cartels and also paid a fine.  This headline, to me, is all show and no go.  Not a single top banker has gone to jail for massive and provable frauds–not a single one. 

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Eric Holder has a real problem. How does he take down the same people who finance him and his other cohorts in their executive circles?!

  2. Mike Soon Over

    Greg, your one of my first sources in the morning, you and Zero Hedge. I’m trying to bring others to your site, you deserve more viewers. Thanks and keep doing the good work of “WE THE PEOPLE”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike for the promotion!!

      • DavidC

        It’s hard to disagree with Mike’s comment. So I won’t!

        Your Jim Willie interview the other day was fantastic.


  3. Colin 'the farmer from NZ'

    An awesome weekly wrap up Greg.
    There is a hell of a lot of happening every week now and Watchdog does a great job keeping us up to date with it all.

    Looking from down under it appears to me that the use of the $US as a reserve currency for global trade is now in free fall. I think the percentage of world trade denominated in $US was roughly 50% in 2000 and down to 33% in 2012, so I hate to think what it will plummet to by years end.

    The delusional and hypocritical behaviour of Obama continues and is only eclipsed by Kerry when he is having a really bad day. These two incompetent psychopaths behave extremely badly and are fast becoming the laughing stock of the world as they drastically hasten the demise of the entire US economy.

    Hope you have a great weekend Greg.

  4. Joanna

    Eric Holder was in contempt of Congress over Fast and Furious. What ever came of that? That’s right, nothing! Lerner is now in contempt of Congress? Ohhhhhhh really? What’s going to come of that? Most likely nothing again! Washington is nothing more then a big dog and pony show. These psychopaths are committing some of the biggest crimes against their own citizens and no one is arrested or jailed……. BUT if a normal, everyday Joe standing up against the mass corruption on Wall Street and Washington, you’ll be pepper sprayed, arrested and/or beaten by the corporate paid Stasi (aka police). As Gerald would say, there is no longer a Justice system in this country because it’s a “JUST-US” system. I don’t believe anything will come out of the IRS scandal or the Benghazi scandal. It’s just a dog and pony show for the masses just like Fast and Furious and also the 9-11 Commission! The day I believe in the system will be the day Obama, Bush and Cheney are thrown in jail for mass murder! I sure won’t hold my breath!
    Keep up the great work Greg!

  5. woody188

    “Not a single top banker has gone to jail for massive and provable frauds–not a single one.”

    Says it all right there doesn’t it?

    Welcome to the US oligarchy. You want justice?

    Better grease some palms.

  6. Smaulgld

    Love the point re media omission.
    Seems like if Obama resigned over Bengazi, IRS, Fast and Furious there might be scant news coverage or perhaps a headline trumpeting
    “Hillary Eyes 2016 Run”

  7. Mitch Bupp

    Benghazi is about gun running to known terrorists by the State Department and the CIA …… material support for known terrorists and more than 4 died because $500 million of weapons were transferred to enemies of our State!

    When are these corporate citizens going to get the death penalty?

    • J C Davis

      Mitch. You said it right brother. Greg, and all we must stop talking about this dead end distraction of the video, and focus on the gun running. The video is nothing more then a distraction.
      Thank you Mitch.

    • Tin Hat

      Benghazi is more than just arming the Al Qaeda fighters in Syria. I strongly believe It was a staged kidnapping gone bad.

      Right after Morsi won the election in Egypt, he requested the release of the blind sheik. Obama wouldn’t be able to pull that off without raising more than a few eyebrows even with a compliance mainstream media. He needed a good reason to release the blind sheik to appease the Muslim Brotherhood. He also needed an opportunity to demonstrate that he is an effective leader right before the election.

      If an American ambassador were kidnapped by angry mobs over a video offensive to Muslims, if this angry mobs which were spontaneously organized and therefore unidentifiable didn’t make any demand for his release, if Obama then asked Morsi to intervene and assist for his release, if the kidnappers then demanded an exchange for the blind sheik, then Obama would be able to demonstrate to the Americans that he is an effective leader like Ronald Reagan in the Iran hostage crisis.

      That would explain why Obama was missing in the situation room. Whatever he could have done in the White House situation room would only make the staged kidnapping less likely to be successful and his actions much more difficult to explain later on as event became more chaotic. In all likelihood, he was probably yelling at Morsi for losing control of the alleged protesters all night long.

      There is one crucial question which nobody has yet cared or dared asking. Who made the arrangement for that meeting between the Turkish diplomat? If that meeting was not initiated by Chris Stevens himself, then he was setup either by the Turkish or his own country.

  8. Jerry

    Greg here is another dot to connect. Did you notice the payment by the IMF to Ukraine was not in dollars? It was funded by a basket of currencies that were quickly converted to Gold.

    That alternative is known as the BRICS bank, and is the cornerstone for the growing disconnect from the dollar and the Western banking system. The BRICS bank was first capitalized in September of last year, with a $100 billion donation coming out of an agreement between five economic partners. Russia, Brazil, and India each contributed $18 billion to the BRICS currency reserve pool, while China added $41 billion and South Africa the final $5 billion. This seed money was just the start for a new centralized bank that would be run by the BRICS, and attempt to stay outside the hegemony and corruption of the global banking cartel.

    To me, this is not only a statement that the world is pushing away from the dollar, but that the dollar may be worthless down the road. Greg you are absolutely right. The Ukrainian situation has pushed up the timetable for the implementation of the new world trade platform by the G20 and the rest of the BRIC nations. In fact I’m hearing that Russia, China, and India recently ran a test run, using new computer systems and programs for the new exchange system, and it worked perfectly!

    Folks, the Banking Cartel can only stall the Chinese off with cheap Gold for so long, so brace yourself. And Greg, in my mind when that time comes, the news media that have failed the American people, should fall on the sword along with our “to big to stop printing money” government. The IRS scandal. The banking scandal. And the rest of the corruption that has seeped into our nation, will be swept away by the wave of destruction that will soon wash over this nation. God help us all.

  9. Wes

    Good morning Greg,

    Thanks for the news wrap up! This Eric Holder business has always been way to convieniently timed… His 180 degree policy change from last year, about “pressing criminal charges on banks” is very concerning, It seems as if last year, no one was willing to “call the baby ugly” and decided that banks were well enough alone, but now that we have talks about QE taper, interest rates going up, and the general instability of the stockmarket/housing market, he wants to say “oh lets prosecute big banks” or “hey lets start indicting these large bankers”. I think IMHO, Eric holder realizes that an indictment of any of these giants would bring the stockmarket to a large standstill or even a huge market reset. What is your input on this?

    ***May 9th 2014*** National MONSANTO stock selloff! SHOW these companies we do NOT want GMO polluted food! SELL YOUR MONSANTO STOCKS!

  10. mohammad


    Thank you for the update and the week wrap,

    So far it seems that Catherine Austin Fitts is the most credible as far as how it will be, SLOW BURN is what she said and so far it is, cannot wait until i hear from her again, thanks one more time for the effort you put.

    • Greg Hunter


      She is booked and will be on soon. I have Martin Armstrong on Monday but I might make it an “Early Sunday Release.” Stay tuned.


  11. mohammad


    As far as Syria yes the rebels were delivered a blow in HOMS, but here is the fear all Syrians have:
    Most of the retreated rebels from Yabrood are heading south to the northern out skirt of Damascus, and most of the retreated rebels form Homs are going to join.
    Now Damascus has approximately more than 5 million citizens living there normally, with civilians draining to the city from the destroyed parts of the country for safe haven, that number has increased significantly.

    The real fear now is the battle of Damascus.
    That is what all Syrians are dreading.
    No doubt Bashar Assad will run as a president for another term.
    US will have a window of opportunity to topple him in those coming 2 months.
    That battle if it takes place will be a disaster that pales every thing happened in Syria so far.
    Will watch and pray it does not happen but am afraid it will!

    • Greg Hunter

      Scary but Great perspective man!!! Thank you.

    • Ugly

      Sorry to hear what is happening to your homeland in Syria–it does make me sick to hear of what is going on. Libya made me sick as well. From your postings, I cannot determine if you want Assad gone or not. Out of curiousity, are you for Assad or the Rebels? It seems to me that the rebels are there for another reason. I feel it is a NWO thing and the innocent people are caught in the conflict and dying. I would be interested in your take and history on this scenario. Thanks. Ugly….

      • mohammad

        Assad is bated, as well as the Syrian people, both of them fell in the trap dug by the elites that will harvest both.
        I see the early signs of it here materialized in the Bundy ranch fiasco, the government is bated in land grabbing and the ranchers and militias are bated in defending “freedom”, that tingly word that i heard in the streets of Damascus 3 years back, not that am against it but because it is the BATE.
        Now I hear that in May 16th they are asking people to go to Washington D.C. for “American Spring” , when i read it and heard it from Fabian Calvo i said oh my goodness not again.
        We need to wise up both government and people so we do not destroy the gift of god to us which is this beautiful country, I have seen my old home destroyed in front of my eyes, i will try to awaken the good in every one so they do not destroy my only left home, I do not guarantee i will succeed, deep inside me i think i may not, But i will keep putting the good words out!

  12. Diane Ryan

    It is possible that Ukraine chaos could ignite WWIII, I believe Russia and China are not ready yet. The nuclear gap is closing fast now (by design). The US hasn’t built a new missile in 20 years. Our government is systematically removing ICBM missiles from our 450 silos while the Russians are building at least 12 per year. Russia’s new missiles are capable of outrunning US’s old solid fuel ABMs and they can be carried on rail cars. Nobody depends on ‘sitting duck’ silos anymore except the US. The US is engaging in nuclear suicide.

    It will come as no shock to the USAWatchdog-faithful, that our treasonous government is purposely LIEING to us when it comes to nuclear war survival. The federal government wants its sheep to believe 1) that a nuclear war would be such a terrible catastrophe that it is an unthinkable impossibility and 2) that if a nuclear war were to break out, it would be the end of mankind. This is NOT TRUE, especially for those located (or can evacuate to a rural retreat) outside major US cities. Many millions of Americans COULD SURVIVE an all-out nuclear attack and live through the difficult post-attack years.

    If you want to know the Truth and ‘How-To’s’ (with lots of pictures/diagrams) for easily and quickly building basic effective family nuclear shelters, read Cresson H. Kearny (former Oak Ridge National Laboratory) book, ‘Nuclear War Survival Skills’: Updated and Expanded 1987 Edition. Interestingly, the book is temporarily out-of-stock at Amazon. Gee, I wonder why?

    BUT FEAR NOT: While copyrighted, the material can be distribution without permission if done in compliance with stated rules (see Page 4). KI4U (http://ki4u.com/ ) has made the COMPLETE BOOK AVAILABLE FREE in digital format by downloading a PDF file at http://www.ki4u.com/nwss.pdf

    Sorry for the long post and possibly off-topic, but this book could save the lives of your loved ones.

    • Greg Hunter

      Diane Ryan,
      Never feel bad for putting up a comment like this. It is perspective and analysis folks need to hear. You and other commenters help make this site what it is!!! You continue to prove my point that ‘USAWatchdog.com has some of the smartest people commenting on the web.’ Thank you.

    • Anne Elliott

      I think an EMP or terrorist hack attack to take down our electrical grid would be more likely than a nuclear attack… But the results may be the same since every nuclear reactor in the US would go “Fukushima” if that happened.

      • Anne Elliott

        When Janet Napolitano, previous head of Homeland Security, says an attack taking down the national electric grid is not a chance, but a certainty, that is what makes me get ready.

  13. Brad

    Always good insights from Greg Hunter in the weekly wrap ups.

    Holder’s take is that “European” banks are not to big to fail, which may be his acknowledgement of the trouble Deutsche bank is in with the law enforcement in Germany, and preparing the ground for undeserved praise if criminal charges are laid.

    I look at the IRS and Benghazi scandals from the elites point of view as non issues for them. With the mid terms approaching the elites need the voter to cast in favor of their duopoly and need issues to rouse the voter along divisive lines in support of either, as it makes little difference which in the plutocracy’s managed democracy. The specter of having sizable numbers of voters leave their channelled political process would not bode well for their managed system and would require serious interventions and cost to try to nullify or co-opt this trend before a multiplier effect takes hold. Third party political substantiation could spell political revolution that would be difficult to quell for the plutocracy.

    In these times of turmoil, of which most is kept hidden from public sight because the MSM lies by omission or simply fails to have the knowledge of, the value of USA Watchdog becomes very important. I see other web sites linking more and more to this site. Kudos to Mr. Hunter!

  14. Ugly

    Your statement, ‘I think Russia’s intent is to hurt the West by cutting off the funding needed for war’ is true. All Russia and China has to do is do business away from the dollar and then just wait it out. Time is on their side, it is no longer on ours. They know that if they can do another 30% trade of petro or world without the dollar, then our day of judgment will approach fastly. They can end it by dumping t-bills at any moment. Basically, they are calling the shots much more than we know….

  15. mark

    Dear Greg,
    I wonder if you would allow one more comment in regards to the whole Source verification issue raised by Billy with respect to Dr. Jim Willie and his source he only refers to as “the Voice”. After another review of Billy’s inquiry for verification of Dr. Willie’s claims and his curiosity as to who “the Voice” is and whether there is anyone out there who can verify this source which Dr. Willie often cites as a reference to his claims, I am sorry I did not comment to Billy that Dr. Willie himself has explained how he came by this most excellent source. As I recall, this individual sought out Dr. Willie after he himself reviewed Dr. Willie’s published work (the Hat Trick Letter and public articles) and was impressed with an exceptionally high level of expertise with which Dr. Willie is able to develop intel or ” connected the dots” of his documented research so as to forecast where things are headed and how they are most likely to unfold. This individual became not only a Hat Trick Letter subscriber himself, but also became one who recommends Dr. Willie’s Hat Trick Letter to many of his colleagues who associate in very high circles of influence. In addition to making such a strong personal endorsement, this individual (who for obvious reasons wishes to remain anonymous) began to personally feed information to Dr. Willie and those in his discussion forum as a kind of way of confirming or denying that intel which was being developed in Dr. Jim’s Hat Trick Letter research discussion forum. Far from just being a “rock star” that makes money by publishing unsubstantiated information through an internet newsletter service which “anyone can do” according to Billy, this is not the case with Dr. Willie.

    • Jerry

      If you had inside information about the inner workings of the Bank Cartel, would you want everyone to know who you are? If think that is wise, your name could be added to the list of dead bankers rather quickly. Anyone who thinks hit squads don’t exist live in fantasy land. They do. My cousin was employed for years as a mechanic by one in Chicago.

    • Winston Churchill

      By my count the BRIICSaA (Brazil,Russia,India,Iran,China,S.Africa, and Associates now number 89 countries.
      Ukraine is the catalyst forcing mass switching away from the petro dollar.
      Until recently nobody wanted to be the first to openly defy Pax Americana, but
      America’s own hubris has hastened its demise by decades.
      We live in interesting times.

  16. Chip

    Good wrap up Greg. Have a nice weekend yourself… Chip

  17. Coalburner9

    Dear Greg;
    I think you may want to post this on your sideboard. I believe it is as big a deal as author Peter Pomerantsev says. It now has a name “Nonlinear Warfare”, although we have seen it developing in the US, China and Russia for a few years now. You could say it started with Egypt, with the seeds even before that. Of course it has a doubledged blade. We have been cut using it especially in Egypt where we citizens have no idea yet wha tthe administration was trying to accomplish by putting th eBrotherhoos of monsters in charge. We stuck it to the Saudi’s also unexplained and now the Russians and the US still seems to be behind the curve with the big boys and girls. That could be because we have lesser thinkers running our government no-a days. Or maybe they do nto yet realize their disadvantages.
    Keep up the good work Greg!

  18. Solomon

    Quite an indication of the depth of the corruption and criminality in Washington, Don’t Care when Banksters, Shylocks, and Shysters get a free pass, but Americans wanting to organize and conserve the remains of the Republic are labeled domestic terrorists and harassed and fined by the IRS. Caring and working Americans are being herded towards serfdom or a Second American Revolution. Either path will be destructive.

  19. allen ols



    Yellowstone eruption: Report claims that US has contingency deal with Brazil, Australia to move millions of Americans
    Posted on May 8, 2014 by The Extinction Protocol

    May 2014 – WYOMING – If the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts then millions of U.S. citizens could end up in Brazil, Australia, or Argentina. That’s according to the South African news website Praag, which said that the African National Congress was offered $10 billion a year for 10 years if it would build temporary housing for Americans in case of an eruption. The potential eruption of the supervolcano, one of the biggest in the world, has been a hot topic ever since videos of animals allegedly fleeing the area before an earthquake were posted online. Although the veracity of the claims haven’t been backed up, dozens of bloggers and others have been trying to figure out what, if anything, is going on. One of the latest theories is that the U.S. Geological Service and its partners, which keep an eye on the caldera, are hiding data from the public. The Praag article says that the South African government fears that placing so many Americans in South Africa could dramatically change the country.

    “South Africa will not be part of the plan, because there is a risk that millions of white Americans could be sent to South Africa in an emergency situation and that this would pose a risk to black national culture identity,” Dr. Siph Matwetwe, spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs, is quoted as saying. “We have our own challenges, even if there is enough housing and infrastructure available, it will destabilize the country and may even bring back apartheid.” The gigantic volcano in Yellowstone has erupted three times over the last two million years, covering a huge area of surrounding land. Maps from educational institutions and government officials project that up to 17 states could be fully or partially impacted if the volcano erupted again. The far south of Canada could also get hit, as well as the far north of Mexico. Scientists aren’t sure when it will erupt next, although many have sought to assure the public that it probably won’t for a while. In reality, the volcano could erupt at any time, though officials would in theory be able to detect an impending eruption and alert Americans to the threat. –Epoch Times

  20. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Greg, I would like to welcomed to your site by others, I have posted in the past, have donated to your cause at lest 3 times I started as Kevin and then someone else joined using the same name. So It became Kevin2, but haven’t posted in months. I post on
    TSHFan.com as Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. If I become cructicl of your posts, You will have my real name, all you have to do is ask. I believe I can share information that will be helpful to preppers and others. Kevin Larsen, Just west of Longview, Wa

    • Greg Hunter

      Be critical all you want. Just be objective and fair. Thank you.

  21. `David E

    Hi Greg. Great weekly wrap up as usual!

    Could you do me a favor? Is there a way you could turn the volume up? I have my volume on my Mac Powerbook Pro all the way up and I have to strain to listen. I usually do not have that problem with other sites.

    • Greg Hunter

      David E,
      I have been working on this ongoing problem. I do not know why on some devices the audio is low. I’ll keep trying. So sorry and thank you for the feed back.

  22. Agent P

    Regarding Mr. Holder: In my humble estimation, by the time the current sitting president leaves office, scandal will have so damaged the office itself along with his cabinet, that people will be loathe to elect another ‘Black president’ for a generation – at least.

    Why do I bring race into the discussion? Why else…? This administration has done its level best to make the entire 8 year term, an issue of race – up to and including (on several different occasions) the attorney general himself. In fact, the ‘zeitgeist’ of the past 6+ years has been one of race politics – on every level; sports, entertainment, social issues – even foreign policy; all predicated on racial division. From the sports arena to’health-care’, to the newsroom, the underlying message of this administration has been one of race victimology and division.

    And it is a shame for Black people who want nothing to do with it, but to simply be productive, proud Americans. In this regard, the current administration has done near irreparable harm to the very group of people they purport to represent and care about so much –


    • Anne Elliott

      Well said! Anytime a different type of president is elected – whether they be the first Catholic or the first in a certain political party or the first of a certain race or gender, the best way to prove your kinship with all of the masses who elected you is to focus on the similarities, and not be divisive. This Administration started out pretty good in the first year in his first term with being inclusive, but is ending very poorly. It is a travesty, too, because many will equate his race with his actions, even though that should never have been an issue. Sadly, Obama himself has made it an issue. I just wish that Condi Rice or Colin Powell had run instead of this guy!! But maybe that’s what the Elites wanted – more divisiveness between the masses.

  23. Dwain

    Government is conditioning the public for despotism. I Think this is why congress, courts and media are ignoring justice. They are well aware there is no escaping a welfare/counterproductive economic state. Lawlessness gotten away with today would have nearly started a revolution 20 years ago. Evidently, their strategy is working.

    US war provocation intensification is just a measure of proximation to the financial cliff. Russia appears to be a last ditch effort

    It appears an unprovoked Putin, to the angst of the west, will turn our reproach upon our own heads.

    • Paul from Indiana

      This is a valuable and brilliant insight along with a courageous, declarative observation. Just as the Jews in Europe in the ’30’s collectively could not fathom the reality of the situation (normalcy bias), we Americans, raised in the tradition of liberty and individualism, “protected” by the Constitution, can’t see collectively what is happening to us. Best always to all Watchdog participants. PM

    • Agent P

      Dwain –

      Probably one of the most succinct, eloquent and insightful posts of the current global dynamic vis-a-vis the U.S., that I have read of late. Not to mention that you are 100% Bang-on correct. Good on you sir –


      • Greg Hunter


  24. bob

    the way you see it greg, i will 100% agree with you. the banks are a total fraud and bernie was an easy person to throw under the bus to distract us. but the banks were just as guilty or more than bernie.
    wouldn’t be easier to bring these thugs to justice and suffer through some bad times as opposed to all out civil war? i’m going out on a limb here but i’m starting to believe that the elite are not human. the stories are starting to pop up everywhere. there is no compassion what so ever, as if we are nothing but ants. war, money and greed, holding back technology, please roam around the internet, if 20% is true which i believe is much more, everybody would be enjoying a better life. if we all had compassion for one another, even without the elite or whatever you want to call who runs the situation, aka banks, we would have it made.
    we would not need unions if companies treated there employees correctly and didn’t use them as merely pawns. yes the unions are now as corrupt as the corporations are.

  25. Calgirl

    (A short list of why) The Truth Sucks…sometimes

    The government is:

    going ballistic buying ammunition/guns
    giving combat vehicles to local police departments
    constructing “interment camps” here in the U.S.
    preparing us to receive a police state

    doing their best to keep us dumb & happy
    providing false data relating to economy/employment

    impoverishing the middle class
    disparaging the one thing that can save us economically…precious metals
    promoting economic/racial dissention
    stealing our healthcare
    trying to eliminate Christianity
    giving control of the internet to the U.N.
    dumbing down our educational system
    poisoning us with GMO’s, floride, vaccines
    doing nothing about the gram-negative bacteria (anti-biotic resistant)

    instigating and fostering unrest throughout the world
    reneging on long standing treaties

    They are not:
    Helping us prepare for the coming economic collapse
    Promoting community/sharing/trust/prayer

    We must prepare as best we can, not only for ourselves but for those who refuse to see.

  26. Lucho

    Just read this on J.Sinclair’s site, and thought you might like to see it too. Like Sinclair writes, it is significant because of the good chance of happening in north america too. As if the BLM/Bundy ranch situation weren’t bad enough…


  27. Larry Galearis

    I really agree with most of what you say, Greg. I follow what is happening in the USA (but not on the MSM) simply because I find it so disturbing. When you say that Putin is maneuvering the USA away from a military confrontation (economic, financial warfare) by making it difficult to finance a war machine, I do not find it all that reassuring. This is because the infrastructure for a nuclear attack is already there. If there is a mindset that the USA could “win” a nuclear exchange in the White House – as is the belief of Paul Craig Roberts – and it is a manifest destiny mindset fueled by the Wolfowitz Doctrine that is in operation in the White House – then the clock really is ticking down to midnight.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hard to disagree with your logic here. Thank you.

  28. Jerry

    Anyone who does not think the economic clock is ticking, and that we are in the final countdown stage needs to read this headline from the middle east.


    The Saudi’s know there is a new economic trade zone coming with the Chinese, and they want to be part of it. Greg, my question to your readers is this. If the dollar loses reserve status, and the Saudi’s replace the oil peg with the Yuan, how long do you think the dollar will hold its value?

    • Greg Hunter

      Not long. The powers are positioning themselves and this is so big it has required a long set up time. I feel like an ignorant pawn most of the time.

  29. Coalburner9

    Dear Greg:
    And to Diane Ryan. Fear Not! If Russia or China comes for us, it will not be nucs. They will break out their best new toys and we will bring out ours and make theirs dissappear. They know it too! I cannot give any details because I do not know any. My bet is China and Russia know much mor eabout our defense than the people ingeneral. But I been around defense for a long time and I fear not! Fortunately, Obama couldn’t even interfere with our defense in a real shooting war. He is too stupid to mkae decisive calls on more than a few of the worst gory on TV political promotions. Sorry but I doubt anyone would tell these morons what we have.

  30. mohammad


    Israel is seeing US weakened by the policy of Obama, and sees that Obamas objectives are to stop the ability of Iran to produce nuclear weapons shy from STOPPING IRAN’S NUCLEAR CAPABILITIES. That is what Ihud Barak had said recently:


    Barak: US could destroy Iran’s nuclear program in ‘fraction of one night’

    Former PM says America “is perceived to have been weakened” over the last several years, but could still destroy Iran’s nuclear arsenal in operation he said would be easier than planned campaign against Syrian chemical weapons.”

    “An American military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities would take a “fraction of one night” to complete should US President Barack Obama choose to order one, former prime minister Ehud Barak said in Washington on Thursday.”

    And on Syria he said:
    “He conceded the difficulty facing the US on Syria, while commenting that Assad had “saved himself” by using chemical weapons on his own people. He was referring to the deal Assad made to rid himself of his chemical arsenal in exchange for effective immunity from US attack.”

  31. Ron

    Hi Greg;

    You are quickly becoming obsolete. Why? You need to get Jim Garrow. He is going viral.
    He is everywhere and he is blowing the lid off the Obama administration in a big way.
    I don’t know this may be to much for you, this is not mainstream stuff. The Chinese aren’t coming, they are here. Obama tried to pull off an EMP attack on America to kill 300 million Americans and give the U.S. to China! The story is big, do you think you can handle it?


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