Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.14.13

NSA Whistle Blower Edward Snowden, Americans Under Surveillance and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

This week in the Wrap-Up, we’re going to play “connect the dots” to see what kind of picture is developing in America.  Let’s start with NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden.  He has released information that shows a gigantic government surveillance program that is spying on millions of Americans.  It’s not only in the U.S., but this surveillance program is reaching into Asia and Europe according to reports.  Many say he’s a hero, some say he’s a traitor.  Snowden says he’s just an American, and he says, he’s “here to reveal criminality.”   The White House says the intense spying program is fighting terrorists and perfectly legal.  It’s also perfectly outrageous, and many think it’s perfectly unconstitutional. 

As far as fighting terrorists, how is it we can arm al-Qaeda in places like Syria, and kill al-Qaeda with a drone strike in places like Yemen?  Senator John McCain even had his picture taken with known al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria recently.  What gives?   All this spying must be more than to just thwart terrorists if you are spying on this many Americans.  It’s about control. 

If you want more evidence of a government seeking control, look no further than the IRS scandal where the Obama administration was using the IRS to stop conservatives and religious groups from organizing opposition.  This is an absolute attack on First Amendment rights.  It is also more proof of a government wanting to assert control over its people. 

Then, there are the stories that are now confirmed in many mainstream sources that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is buying nearly two billion rounds of ammunition and buying thousands of assault rifles.  Congress is even putting up legislation to stop DHS from buying any more ammunition.  Senator Inhofe from Oklahoma recently said DHS is buying ammunition to dry up supply.  The only reason for that is to assert more physical control over the population. 

Just this week, Congressman Jeff Duncan from South Carolina revealed he recently toured a DHS facility and found IRS agents training with AR-15s.  He didn’t give any further information but stated on his Congressional web page he is going to investigate further.  Why would IRS agents be training with assault rifles?  Is this how they are planning to collect taxes? 

How about the recent investigations into members of the press being secretly spied upon by the government?  This is about asserting control over the message and not about protecting the country from terrorists.  Please keep in mind, terrorists such as al-Qaeda have been and are being armed by our government! 

Former Congressman Ron Paul said, this week, that the reaction to the Boston bombing was really a test run for martial law.  He pointed out the massive terror attack that killed 3,000 people did not usher in martial law in New York City in 2001.  The terror attack in Boston was horrible and ugly, but only 3 people were killed there, and yet, the entire city of Boston was locked down, and there was a house-to-house search the bombers.  

Put all these stories that have been reported in the news and what picture do you see taking shape?  What does the government see coming?  What are they getting ready for?  All the signs appear to show a government that is preparing to take control and stay in control by force, if necessary.  Why?  That’s what you all should be asking yourselves.   

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Glenn Usher

    Greg, couldn’t have said it better myself. Your first 2 1/2 minutes was bang on! One only needs to look up the word, ‘Hypocracy’ in any book or manual only to find the USA staring them in the face.

    Keep up the great work Greg.


    • Greg

      Thank you Glenn!

  2. Trap

    Be afraid, very afraid! Very disconcerting, everyone should be on the three B’s program.

    Beans, Bullets, and Bullion!!!

    When they came for the trade unionist, I said nothing, I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    When they came for the socialist, I said nothing, I wasn’t a socialist.

    When they came for the Jews, I said nothing, I wasn’t a Jew.

    When they came for me, no one was left to speak out!

    Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller

    • Al Kipf

      DO NOT fear the State. Fear the Lord

    • george

      You should fear GOD…but to not have a healthy fear of THIS or MOST governments is folly

  3. art barnes

    Greg, I’ve seen more and more dots over the years which didn’t seem to make a clear picture but the stories of late sure do! Our government knows there is a better than half a chance of a system economic collapse and or 1930s style depression or worst. What is even more troubling is where are the liberals yelling about government surveillance programs, etc., have they gone away or changed their policies. I can’t believe liberals don’t yell & march about the wars, drones, IRS, and all the things you discussed, do they only yell & scream if a republican puts forth those kind of unconstitutional controls of its people? Maybe they are waiting for another president to come to office before they awake again always giving the first black president a pass, who knows, but it is mind boggling to say the least.
    Greg, one thing you can bet on is that there will be more dots next week to connect. Art b

    • Greg

      Thank you Art,
      I am not liking the picture I am seeing.

  4. A.C.Dassing

    Good points.

    One correction: The AR-15 is not an “assault rile”. The AR-15 fits into the misguided category of “assault weapon” simply because it looks more scary that a field rifle.

    Review: http://www.assaultweapon.info/

    • Greg

      Noted and appreciated! Thank you.

    • george

      By definition, an “Assault Rifle” is a select fire military rifle capable of full auto or burst auto fire. IT is NOT a semi auto rifle made to look bad, a “black” rifle or a semi auto version of a military rifle. This is merely another attempt by the media to sensationalize and vilify firearms

    • jc davis

      Sure scares the so called law enforcers.
      A.C. Dassing I am not sure if this guy has an ar15. But he has the right to carry in Texas. Or so he thought.
      The war on American citizens has began.
      The war on Syria is heating up.

  5. Steve Gutmann

    Another superbly informative news video Greg! Keep up the fine work you do. I figure that if you have not talked about something, it is not
    newsworthy. Thanks again for your effort, Steve Gutmann

    • Greg

      Please don’t give me that much credit. Thank you very much for supporting the site but there are other good sources out there. Thank you very much for your kind words!

  6. John

    People don’t want to hear about this stuff, Greg. Even when I try to tell some of my own family members about this, they get angry with me. We are hooped.

    • Greg

      I and many others have the same problem. Don’t give up.

  7. AndyB

    Greg: many of us have been connecting the dots for a long time; unfortunately the overwhelming majority are either clueless or totally accept the “everything is to protect Americans from terrorists” meme, not understanding that the real terrorists control D.C. and, unfortunately, too many states. Government of, for, and by the Marxists (Cloward-Piven)and Fascists (banksters, DHS and the intel communities). Who’d have thunk it just a short 30 years ago?

    • Greg

      Good point Andy B!

    • Rebecca

      More people may be aware than one knows.
      They are being discreet.
      I find people coming up to me to talk about what’s happening, but they do not do it openly. And they speak with a whisper.

      Maybe more are aware than we know.

  8. tsuki

    It is not only Feinstein. What about Rep. Peter King? He wants to prosecute journalists who expose or write about “national secrets”. I guess you should write about the Kardashians, because this is the most secretive administration, bar none.

    And this BS they are handing out about only collecting the telephone numbers or email addresses. Hmmmm, let’s time travel to 1970 and the COINTELPRO hearings (back when we had real government). The FBI had the authority to face scan mail and packages, which they were doing. But, they hid the fact that they were opening and copying hundreds of thousands of letters from the post office without a warrant.

    PRISM is COINTELPRO on steroids. And yes, they are listening to phone calls and reading emails. They are because they can. That is the nature of unregulated power.

    I was listening to Chris Hedges. Not only do they have all the emails, phone numbers and conversations, but unlike COINTELPRO, an FBI (government) projects, PRISM is being collected by private contractors. Congress cannot regulate the private firms. Who knows what corporate hands, or foreign government hands this information will end up in.

    Finally, the smearing of Edward Snowden. High school drop-out? GED? Low level? I think 200K a year is quite a bit of money even for overpaid Stasi. They are such liars.

    • Greg

      Great point! It’s members on both side of the aisle!

    • BLT

      you speak the truth. I made a comment on Facebook a while back about how the Sandy Hook incident might not be what it seems and that the toxicology report of the kid had never been released. The next day both my Facebook and email accounts were hacked sorry but there is NO WAY it was a coincidence. when I got back in my email it asked me if it recognizes the location I had logged in from last, it pinpointed somewhere in Turkey, yeah that Turkey, no Gmail I don’t recognize that location, but you know who I bet does? the NSA

  9. tsuki

    PS. You have probably read this, but I thought I would post it anyway.


  10. Jerry

    The only thing I can say Greg is “BINGO”! Greg you have managed in one post to connect all the dots into a full picture. It is patently obvious to any sensible observer that the “Central Planers” have big plans in store for this country when the collapse comes. The State has seized control of every major industry in this country, from G.M. to the Insurance Companies, right on down to AT&T and Google. The bigger question is why? No one in congress has the guts to answer it. The answer is, that is what Socialist, Marxist, totalitarian counties do. We are there my friend. The days of free expression are just about over, and the Constitution is literally hanging by a thread.
    The question is what is coming next? I think you have covered it here many times, but I think it needs to be restated for those that are new to your site. One of your guest, ( David Quintien I think ) said it best. Put your investments into something that you can sink your teeth into. (literally) Anything that is made of paper will be gone. I have seen some of your other posters give you grief about the Gold Market, talking about the benefits of the so called “Bull Market”. My comment to them is good luck with that. I have a feeling I will be stepping over your corpse as I leave town. Greg thanks again for all you do.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jerry. How do we get out of this before it’s too late.

    • Tad

      Those in the graveyard, who die with the most toilet$paper win!

    • John

      It should be pretty obvious what the next part of the agenda is, they have already been working on it for at least a year:

      That is trampling the 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms, that is not to be infringed. Once they get the weapons from American citizens it will be nazi germany X 100.

      ‘The law doesn’t matter in this day and age..we’re exempt from the law.’

      That is what the cops, our politicians & all their favorite corporations, wall street, banksters & our military think. And it even looks like a good portion of the church is going along with them too, just like the catholic church marched in all the nazi parades. It seems like they have to have the church as cover for all their crimes. The reason He says punishment starts at His house first. America is the first nation to come under judgement.

      It looks like most everyone has chosen the Judas Spirit instead of the Holy Spirit. Kind of like red pill, blue pill choice. A lot of people can’t or refuse to leave the matrix. As in come out of her my people or join in with the punishment phase for those who have betrayed their fellow man.

      The end of our current reality is almost here. It looks like the big boys have vacated their paper positions in stocks & metals and have taken the physical side of the market & metals, because along with ammo, physical gold & silver are in very short supply. Before long it will be food in short supply. I believe it is not long before they pull the plug on us & thru WW3 they attempt to cover up their crimes against humanity.

      Still a little season to repent & turn from your wicked ways. As Yahshua says “your sins are forgiven, go & sin no more”.

  11. Brody saari

    My stomach knots up for you guys more and more everyday. The whole ubisoft video game thing is absolutely disgusting. I wonder how much Obama was paid to be the project manager on that one. Its unreal how things are being played out with little more than a bat of the eye by MOST sleeping americans. I remember growing up my best friend’s parents were a little off the chart in terms of their thinking and I found it quite entertaining. I look back and am shocked at what they saw coming!!!!

    Thanks for your hard and now dangerous work reporting the truth.

    • Greg

      Thank you Brody for your kind words and support.

  12. Brian

    The level of corruption in our government has passed some kind of threshold and many in power are now seeking to prepare for the inevitable day when even the most dumbed down and distracted society is going to have to call a duck a duck.

    The folks enriching themselves at the publics expense and committing a whole raft of unethical and illegal shenanigans are building a police state to protect themselves from the public that is now rousing from its deep slumber.

    I have come to the conclusion that the only hope we have of somehow saving this nation from the total chaos it is headed for, is to do in whatever capacity and with whatever resources and time we have available the very exact same thing you are currently doing. That is to point this insane bullshit going on all around us out to as many people as possible and get them to look for themselves at what is going on…….there is nothing else we as individuals can do without resorting to violence and thus experiencing all the horrible avenues such a thing would create.

  13. Kim

    Knowledge is power! We may not be able to control what is happening but at least we can understand it with our eyes wide open! So we can make smart decisions about how we live! Thank you for keeping us informed!

    • Greg

      Thank you Kim for your comment and support!

  14. george

    This shows who the power hungry people are. Anyone supporting this NSA surveillance of US citizens is not for Constitutional rights.
    They say that they could have prevented 911 if they had this working back then. If you believe this horse hockey, then tell me how they missed the Boston bombing with this system in place AND several warnings from Russia. The only purpose of this program is control and subjugation.

    • jc davis

      George. Five out of five stars !
      The reason can only be to see what would happen if a city was totally shut down..
      Nothing happen.

  15. Robert E. Salt

    The word is that the Snowden affair was a setup. It’s a case of problem, reaction, solution. We’ve had the problem and the reaction. The solution is a national ID card.

  16. Jerry

    To answer your question Greg, sometimes you can’t pull a plane out of crash dive no matter how hard you pull on the control lever. Our fate was sealed during this last election. The only person that could have possibly pulled us out of this nose dive (Mitt Romney) was thrown out with yesterdays trash. The people of this country chose social programs and big government, over physical responsibility and free enterprise. The truth is, the main reason the Treasury keeps printing money, is because there isn’t enough tax money coming in to sustain all the programs that this government has created. Our total debt including federal debt, is somewhere between 125-130 trillion dollars.
    Can any sane society continue to sustain that type of debt? Its never been done before that I know of.

    • Charles H.

      Spot on, Jerry. Here’s my reply to a Yahoo! article. “FEMA Camps need guards, cooks, and plumbers. Three squares; no cares; and power over others. All government dependents are pre-approved.”

  17. Troy



    Your much appreciated by many!

    MAHALO for all you do!

  18. Al Kipf

    The Kenyan Occupational Government, much like Ol’ Blue Dress, has been VERY CLEAR about intentions all along; i.e. the fundamental transformation of America. Who DIDN’T know Ol’ Blue dress and Hitlery were one worlders?? Shrub I & II benevolently appealed to the haughty neo-cons. Regardless, all the above are stooges of the international banking syndicate. NONE of this should come as a surprise.

    Clearly, political change via the ballot box has long passed.

  19. JRMFL

    who is the largest terrorist nation…

    • Al Kipf

      International Banking Syndicate is the largest terror organization.

  20. Arthur

    “Just this week, Congressman Jeff Duncan from South Carolina revealed he recently toured a DHS facility and found IRS agents training with AR-15s. He didn’t give any further information but stated on his Congressional web page he is going to investigate further. Why would IRS agents be training with assault rifles? Is this how they are planning to collect taxes?”

    Uh, yeah. I think it’s pretty well established that the IRS is already doing that and apparently for more than just collecting tax. Anyway, that’s how it went for Sherry Peel Jackson. Nice lady. Former IRS agent turned stay-at-home mom. Accepted what she thought was an easy $50,000 challenge to prove that the income tax is legal. Instead, after research, she became convinced it is not legal and started talking about it publicly. Eventually, helmeted rifle-toting SWAT-types came to the door. She was no match for all that in just her pajamas. Metal detectors for her yard, too. Spent a few years in jail.

  21. dean


    I heard a two hour interview on the George Nori Coast to Coast AM show on wednesday. The man he had on was an author and NSA expert.

    He made the point that Edward Snowden had said nothing that was not PRIOR PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE .

    And thus no crime has been committed by him . Have you heard this ?

    Best Dean

  22. Cameron

    Well said Greg. Keep it up as I am sure you will.

    • Greg

      It’s hard to wake people up but some are coming around. Thank you.

  23. Scott

    I always appreciate your great insight, Greg. You would make such a great top news anchor, if only the corporate mainstream news talked about crucial news issues with the intention of spreading the truth. Thanks for never selling out.

    • Greg

      You are very kind but I am happy where I am. Nobody walks in my office and asks me to “tone it down.” I can say what needs to be said.

  24. Jim H

    Happy Friday Greg
    About 12 years ago, I quit watching FOX news, when I finally realized FOX, CNN and all but one of the MSM had become the new National Inquirer. Nothing but entertainment (much divide and conquer) for the masses. I began listening to NPR because at the end of every segment they mention their donors. The Rockefeller Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and a list of who’s who to make your hair stand on end. I listen to them because they tell me where we are going form all the recent changes in government in the Middle East to the “fact” that all the major polls show that America wants a Gay Boy Scout. Of course this is all Corporate/Government/Intelligence controlled garbage but in the end I see that where they they pointed is where things went. I am convinced our (should read their) intelligence is being used to data mine peoples habits in all areas to provide intel to Insurance companies, banks and other corporations looking for a buck. Just what are all these secret intel (NSA, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and TSA) doing in our name? And these are the ones we know about. I remember when Ross Perot put together his own Army to rescue a couple of his employees. They rescued them and no one in America even raised an eyebrow about Ross being able to do this. I believed Ross was a good man but what can others with even more money do. I am very careful when using the word “our” when referring to Corporations/Government/Intelligence. There are good people in them all but when one understands compartmentalization one realizes many good people can do many bad things without even knowing it. Thanks for all you do Greg and have a great weekend!

    • Greg

      Thank you Jim for your comment and support.

  25. Ron Young

    Greg: what effect would exposing and bringing back the original 13th amendment (royalty clause)have on whats going on in washington?

    • Greg

      I do not know. You are welcome to do some research and post it here. I will approve it. Thank you for posing the question but I do not have the time or resources to give a good answer.

      • George

        You don’t need this data center in UT if you are not collecting video (Skype, UTube), audio (cell, VOIP, POTS), emails, etc. And it must be long term storage. It looks like we may be entering the age where you burp and sarcastically say “Excuse me” to an empty house and a disembodied voice says “Certainly”
        The more I think about this and talk to friends that are PHD’s in computers and Info management, the more concerned I become. Lets face it, the volume of calls from Botswana, or Latvia don’t require a lot of storage; this data center is a weapon aimed at the American public.

  26. daan the man

    Greg, top of the top!

    Keep up the great work! You are a real freedom fighter.

    • Greg

      Just trying to inform people daan the man, but thank you very much!

  27. george

    a new revelation is that we are buying military supplies from CHINA…how well is that going to work when they are at war with us using our own tech against us

  28. george

    On This Day in 1933…the U.S. Confiscates Its Citizen’s Gold.
    Happy Anniversary, 80 years ago today the takeover started and the US Constitution was voided

  29. jc davis

    Greg, and posters.
    I love this site, You guys live, and believe what you post. From congress, the president, and now the supreme court. They stand to protect there own interest. Not America. That is why Mr.Snowden Is a rare item, and a fine jewel. IMO.
    Many things I could say. yet from Andy B, to George, To troy, Robert, to jerry, and all the other regular folks that come here.. I sincerely Thank you all for STANDING. Jc. davis

    • Greg

      jc davis

      Thank you for standing with us all here. I think we all just want the country to be the best it can be.

  30. MAL

    As I noted once before Greg assuming the DHS is trying to dry up the supply of ammunition and so called assault rifles might be a logical assumption but what about 2707 armored personnel carriers. Are they trying to dry up the supply of those too?

    • Greg

      It’s all part of their fear for civil unrest. Good point on the 2707 vehicles.

    • George

      you need something to get the ammo, assault rifles and Gestapo troops to where they can bring them to bear on the American public that are disappointed that they have been robbed of all their savings and all their freedom. what better way than an armored transport.

  31. Roderick

    If only Congress would grow some… we would stop this fast track to tyranny.

  32. herman gerbils

    Man, the Sunday puppet shows are beating the war drums so loud it sounds like a Tommy Aldridge solo, where he throws the sticks away and starts pummeling with his hands. It has been interesting to see the various scandals being used as cover for Syrian war preparations and now the Syrian “chem card” being played to change the subject back (remember the sarin stockpiles our Al Qaida contractors heisted in the sacking of Libya). Haven’t heard you on Coast to Coast lately Greg, a little to real and sane for TPTB?

  33. Al

    Simply BRILLIANT! But I am revolting, just not with weapons. They can buy all the ammo they want it won’t mean a hill of doodoo.

  34. Jerry

    Greg I’m having some issues opening your video. Are you using Windows Media Player?

    • Greg

      It works fine for me. I am sorry you are having trouble!

  35. Saint Laurence

    Add these dots:
    China practicing for first dome city on Moon or Mars.
    It is a new ball game, China 5 US zero.
    Dont let Washington Hollywood actors distract you.
    Vision of your future:
    you say, “how much for this gallon of milk?”
    Cashier, “135 Yuan please, or 22.50 dollars.”
    China is on the rise and America is in decline.
    TPP: https://www.eff.org/issues/tpp
    Observe the taxes and obomacare and agenda 21 and loss of wealth =
    what is happening in the USA.
    Personal debt is trillions and mounting.
    Gov. debt is past 16 trillion (54000 per person).
    US Corp. debt is estimated at 57 trillion.
    Student debt is past 1 trillion.
    America is so in debt that we can never get free.
    China may be your next boss, landlord, owner.

    • Greg

      Saint Laurence,
      Thank you for the dots!!

  36. Chip

    Greg, great wrap up. I just listened to this today and had written this to my senators and congressmen…

    Why are we funding Syrian Rebels? Why would we give them arms? This rebel group is composed of our supposed enemies Al Qaeda. I participated in two wars against Al Qaeda so I am just a bit confused why you would want to give them weapons. There have been as late efforts in the senate to limit our second amendment rights yet we arm Syrian rebels and Mexican Drug Lords in fast and furious. What is going on in Washington DC? I have friends with DHS and USACE who are being furloughed. Border Agent friends are telling me their hours are being cut and their fuel is being rationed so they can’t patrol as long or as far as they would ordinarily do.
    Are you telling me that we as a nation don’t have money to secure our borders or continue to build the nation’s infrastructure but you do have money to fund the Syrian Rebels and to arm them? Money for a one hundred million dollar vacation to Africa for the Obama’s? Money for F16’s and M-1 Abrams tanks for Egypt? Seems the “sequester” is designed to intentionally inflict maximum pain on the American public to create the illusion there is no way to reduce the size and scope of our federal government. That we have not had an approved budget in five years and continue to run up trillion dollar deficits is disturbing to say the least. I urge you to defund this initiative to fund/arm the Syrian rebels and to discontinue our interventionist policies around the world. We have plenty of our own problems right here at home that need to be addressed including our insolvent social programs (Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security).
    With respect to immigration. I urge you to support the securing of our borders first and foremost before addressing what to do with folks that are here illegally. I am fully in support of LEGAL immigration and streamlining the policies and procedures for that certainly make sense. Social programs for illegal aliens only serve as a magnet to draw people with no hope across our porous border.
    With respect to the surveillance state and recent revelations about the NSA. Assaults on our first, second, and forth amendments by this administration and the federal government in general are unprecedented. I urge you to remind your fellow congressmen the wise saying of Ben Franklin, “those that would give up liberty for security deserve neither”. These men were bright, intelligent, and debated and wrote the constitution because they had experienced firsthand the over reach of tyrannical governments and kings. This is a well tested document that has served this country well. There are those in congress that think that they are somehow smarter than our founding fathers. I assure you they are not. I urge you to support and defend that document as you swore an oath to do so upon entering your current office.
    All the best to you and yours.

    • Greg

      Thank you Chip for the comment and content!

  37. George

    I am watching the NSA testimony to Congress. If you listen to the way they parse their answers, I believe they are not being truthful. We have no names and addresses in that database. doesn’t mean they don’t have other databases they cant match it. We delete all inappropriately collected data. YOU CAN NEVER delete something once it is out there. Ever heard of back up files. Do you think they actual delete the info from all the backup copies. Hell, no.

    People, in 7 years more people are murdered in Chicago that died in 911. While 911 was terrible, the murder rate in the USA has been FIVE time higher than 911 or more since 1969. If they are going to argue that it is worth recording all our calls, emails, etc to prevent terrorist attacks like the Boston bombing where THREE people died and inflicted scores of others with horrific injury, how long before they decide to use it to “PROTECT US from OURSELVES?”
    AND…they didn’t prevent the Boston bombing EVEN with all this data collection AND multiple warnings from Russian antiterrorist units.

  38. George

    It just occurred to me that the NSA may not be “collecting” information…Google could be giving them the info. You have to look at the semantics these pond scum politicians use and parse it.

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