MSM Trump Fact Checking Totally Unfair, No Recovery Economic Update, US, Russia, China, War

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 243 6.24.16)1a 

The mainstream media (MSM) calls their latest unfair coverage of Presidential GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump “fact checking.” In reality, it’s a way for the MSM to hide the fact it is unobjective, totally unfair, and only out to destroy Trump in favor of the candidate and party they’re in the tank for, Democrat Hillary Clinton.  The only candidate the MSM is “fact checking” is Trump.  Meanwhile, every week, there is a new angle to the Clinton private server scandal, or her so-called charity, the Clinton Foundation, which some say is a huge charity fraud, or allegations of influence peddling while she was Secretary of State in the first Obama Administration.  There are no teams of reporters and producers on this ongoing story.  There is only “fact checking” by the clearly biased MSM on the candidate and party they hate.

I have been telling you “there is no real recovery for Main Street” for years now, and finally the MSM has stopped saying the “recovery” word when talking about the poor economy.  It’s so poor, the Federal Reserve, once again, could not raise interest rates.  Fed Chair Janet Yellen, this week, told Congress the economy is facing a number of “uncertainties.” She admitted to the Senate Banking Committee that the economy was “surprisingly weak.” Meaning, there is NO RECOVERY.  Debt is exploding central bank balance sheets, while interest rates are being pushed down.

There is disturbing news of increasing tensions with China and Russia that could lead to war. Near the South China Sea, the U.S. is conducting naval drills with two aircraft carrier groups, and China is upset.  In Eastern Europe, NATO is conducting war games, and Russia says Hitler did a similar thing before he invaded Russia from the east.  Neither situation signals an easing of tensions between these nuclear armed super powers.

(-Breaking News- Brexit has happed, but the crash shows how really weak it all was anyway.  Non of this panic would be happening if the EU and the global economy, as a whole, was doing well and honestly growing.  It’s not growing, and there is no recovery.  Just huge amounts of debt added to the global dung heap in order to put off the day of reckoning.    This is reality, and the crash was going to happen anyway because of all the negative interest paying bonds ($10.4 trillion in the EU.)  I predict this is going to really get started this weekend, and Monday and Tuesday  are going to be awful in the markets.  You should all be getting some cash out of your bank and stock up on some food and water now, just incase there is a disruption of credit.)

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.


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  1. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, as you and your guest probably know by now England has voted to leave the European Union. WOW! Now what? Please give me your thoughts on this most massive development, it is going to be good for the dollar short term but beyond that there is too may dots to mark to see at this point what the economic, political, & military repercussions this is going to have on the U.S. & the world in general.

    • Greg Hunter

      Brexit has happed but the crash shows how really weak it all was anyway. Non of this panic would be happening if the EU and the global economy as a whole was doing well and honestly growing. It’s not growing and there is not recovery. Just huge amounts of debt added to the global dung heap in order to put off the day of reckoning. This is reality and the crash was going to happen anyway because of all the negative interest paying bonds. I predict this is going to really get started this weekend and Monday and Tuesday are going to be awful in the markets. You should all be getting some cash out of your bank and stock up on some food and water now, just incase there is a disruption of credit.

      • Mike

        I agree. Dow futures down 603 as of this post. I can’t wait to hear Mannarino and Holter’s take on today’s events.

      • MCasey

        Thank you. And especially with the 3 day weekend coming….some say a bank holiday would most likely occur over a holiday weekend.

      • Russ As I understand, it will take some time for Britain to fully leave and PM David Cameron wants to be in charge of negotiating the departure. It will not be like turning off a light. OTOH will Cameron even continue on as PM with this rebuke (rhetorical)? Either way this is a good thing and should get things moving. The markets are in for a ride but… we should not be in the markets unless we’re ready and able to sustain losses. It’s always good to have cash on hand.

        Interesting times… now we get to see how our model for one world government holds together with a single member leaving — looks pretty fragile.

      • Floyd Bilderback

        We need similar to BREXIT here in USA. We need to vote OUT every politician that has been in elected office 12 years or more. Clean House in 50 States and Washington DC.

        Floyd in Denver CO

        • susan

          Yep, Floyd, you got it! Let’s work on that.

        • Out of UN

          The USA needs to pull out of the communist UN and Nato.
          The UN prescribe all the refugee numbers and targets to member countries and they have to comply.

          • Galaxy 500

            I agree that we should get out of the UN and re negotiate our % of expenses for NATO

      • JC Davis

        Look back Greg I said that June 26 week would be big. Robert L asked why? I don’t know the fall out, but this is a game changer for the biggest thinkers. Interesting who you will have on Monday… If any.

    • Galaxy 500

      What military repercussions? NATO has countries as members, not the EU. The EU has no arms but they are working to get a stealth army to keep the members in line, albeit too late. The first cow has left the barn to escape the slaughter and the other cows are looking around and moving toward the door. The productive cows that is

  2. Kim

    PM spot prices WOW! Waiting to exhale! Hillary is a loose cannon, bottom line it’s about power. She is the Frank Underwood in the government house of cards! MSM is government controlled. Thank you Greg for being a voice for reason in these illogical times! God bless!

  3. Russ

    I’ve been busy following the referendum results in Britain and all I can say is, “How about that Brexit?” Close, but it looks like the EU is going to disintegrate on a fast track.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Brexit: Cameron and the Bremain propaganda had all the subtlety and sophistication that’s usually reserved for the masses in North Korea–threats, fear and woe! Take a well deserved bow England.

  4. Spanky

    Hillary’s supporters (the common folk, not her foreign and corporate sponsors) are either stupid, clueless, or engaging in willful blindness. How else can one overlook her blatant lies and corruption?

    • Robert Lykens

      Spanky, Being the sole conservative in a family of far, far left liberals, I vote for willful blindness.

    • 8Ball

      Hillary’s supporters?? How about the American general public who have been electing worthless charlatans to public office for decades? Now they wake up and see how messed their country is and want to blame someone else for their problems. Look in the mirror…

  5. Charles H


    I just had to burst out with laugh after laugh – not that the reporting was wrong: but the presentation so clearly described the idiocy. “Stop!” And on only one point I must disagree with you – you are as good as your guests. Perhaps not in a position of authoritativeness – but as a reporter, your summations and delivery are First Class.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Charles H!

  6. JC Davis

    Now that is a wrap up !
    Question ? The fall out from Brits vote seems to be playing havoc on stocks around the world. Could a suggestion vote cause a dollar sell off in treasuries ?
    Excellent points made about crooked Hillary. Thanks for the info Greg.

  7. Oxfarmer

    Looks like maybe our black swan has flown in.

    England was not supposed to leave, even one of the big organizers of Leave predicted they’d lose. But outside Muslim controlled London, people dealing with the real results of the wild EU finally spoke up. It gives me hope we might find some guts in this country, too.

    As to Trump, I am soooo sick of all the adjectives applied by the MSM whenever his name appears. He can’t be a candidate, he has to be a ‘real estate mogul’, inexperienced underfunded, dogged by this or that statement gleefully trotted out over and over. They’re working hard, but Trump’s amazing popularity may make all the other issues fade away. I am very glad he is calling Hillary to account.

    • Freebreezer

      Ox – maybe the TPTB did want the exit … they know that the system is collapsing and with no one and nothing to blame except themselves (politicians, bankers and corrupt world corporations) … well this could be their excuse and out in that they now can blame everything (And I mean everything) on the ‘man on the street’ that just does not get it … it is now our fault for causing this event.

      • Galaxy 500

        So the PTB wanted remain but then Brexit so they really wanted the UK to leave. This is the way those conspiracy theories go, just like Glo-Bull warming. It’s hot – OMG, Glo-Bull warming. If it’s cold- OMG, Glo-Bull warming. It’s raining – OMG…
        While I do subscribe to rich people getting together to make money and screw the public over, I laugh at people who think there is some great global conspiracy. These guys that would be it wouldn’t subjugate themselves to other. If they did, it would only be until they could stab their rival profusely in the back. Name a business that was family owned that made it 3 generations without outside intervention. It would be the same with any kind of generational conspiracy.
        Just my two cents take on the world and worth every thing I charge for it 😁

  8. WTF

    OK, I don’t say much but read all, the Nikkei idexes is down 8%. Is this the weekend that
    that monday morn, that you wake up and everything is changed? I just wondor.

    Kevin. West of Longview Wa. KA7LRC 146.52 Monitoring.

    P.S. Great job Greg…..

  9. Nick

    From an OUT voter in the UK .

    The pen is mightier than the sword.
    As an added bonus Cameron just fell on his sword and is working out his notice period !
    A total cabinet reshuffle and new UK prime minister and a new direction.
    Big thanks to Obhama and his well thought out “vote in tour” as it turned thousands to the Leave side.

    Hopefully some of the other Europeans nations get a chance to choose self determination and democracy over NWO / EU dictatorship.
    The financial implications for the big banks, the Euro, the pound, gold and silver will be interesting over the next few weeks.
    Keep stacking and preparing as the global economy just had to put a finger in another dam hole !

  10. Jerry

    This is what I posted a few weeks ago, and no one was paying attention. Take this for what it is.”A SMOKESCREEN BY THE CENTRAL BANKS TO COVERUP THEIR TRANSITION FROM THE DOLLAR, TO THE GOLDBACKED YUAN”

    Jerry 05/11/2016 •

    You and your readers may want to mark JUNE 23rd on your calendars. This will be the next inflection point of the global economic collapse. On June 23rd England and most likely Germany may be leaving the EU for greener pastures with the AIIB. Yuan bond sales in England are off the charts and are the highest in the world outside of Beijing. Frankfort has already been established as the main Yuan trade hub in Europe and have offices and trading platforms in place throughout the EU. Why now?

    The LBMA is predicted to default on physical delivery sometime the first part of June. Should that happen, the gold price fix will shift from London to the SGE in Shanghai and the Chinese will reset the gold price, with a much higher benchmark than it is right now. The central banks will have exhausted their ability to control the PM markets with paper contracts, and the dollar is going to get slaughtered in the market as people rush to the gold backed Yuan for safety. The British and Germans know it its coming. That’s why they were the first ones to sign on to the AIIB over a year ago. Now with CIPS and SWIFT in place and SDR by the IMF, they are ready to push the plunger and let it rip. Even the anointed one couldn’t stop it.

    • Jerry

      Do you still think Washington is in control, and won’t allow the UK to leave the EU? Not even the ESF can stop this one. Its like a financial bowling ball headed down the alley. Its just a matter of where the pins wind up. My bet is with the AIIB.

  11. andyb

    Greg: every week you point out with excellent examples how far down the rabbit hole we have gone as a country. It’s no longer a conspiracy theory that US culture has been taken over by Marxists, and the Government by true Fascists, two ideologies that we successfully defeated 70 years ago. Simply amazing that we let this happen.

    • Galaxy 500

      Now this is one thing I believe in. The liberal mindset to destroy America.

  12. Dirk Diggler

    This election just proves how corrupt the system is. It has shown me the GOP would rather lose a race than have the status quo change and lose their power. To me this election has been about the elites keeping power no matter what.

  13. Clare

    You were on fire tonight, loved your comment about storing food, metal and water on one side of the sword to live and on the other side it’s a bonus if nothing happens.

    Loved yr analysis of the economic situation as always.

    Big fan from Australia.

  14. Mike Jose

    Hi Greg

    Thank you for all your great work. I follow every podcast here in the UK. If you would like to talk to a founder member of UKIP, the Brexit party, who served as a member of the European Parliament on the Economics committee for five years, I can recommend my good friend and ex-boss Godfrey Bloom (retired). He is still a regular in the UK media, talks and lectures in the UK and US, and appears regularly in the main and alternative media. He is a long standing bond fund trader in the City of London before being in politics, and of the libertarian/Austrian school.
    [email protected]

    I have his mobile phone no. if you need it, and I can forewarn him that you are interested if need be. I may be able to get Nigel Farage too if you would prefer, but that is a little more work on all sides as he is a bit busy.

  15. Rich M

    Way to go Briton!!!!! And Trump almost stood alone seeing it, supporting it, and calling it.

    I can only imagine(guess) Romney, like the Clinton’s and Bush’s or any of the establishment (even Rubio and Cruz probably) would have been totally against the UK leaving the EU.
    Folks, this one simple fact that Trump saw it and was for it PROVES what he is truly about. He is the real deal as far as his desire to fight against the globalist agenda. I think there are a few other’s who agree with Trump on this… perhaps his new friend Huckabee, and of course Ron and Rand Paul…. I find the whole thing interesting as once again, Trump, the billionaire businessman (whom Clinton, Romney, Obama, and the MSM all say he has no clue) yet Trump almost stands alone and is once again RIGHT!!!!! Think what this kind of thinking and actions can do for the USA….. if it’s not already too late.

    What a total joke Hillary’s speech was 2 days ago stating “that Trump will push us into a recession”….. What’s even more pathetic is that’s what Romney has been saying against Trump for some time…. Yet the more they blab on, the more people are waking up. Besides, we haven’t been or practically have not been OUT of a recession since 2007. Just ask the 30% (or however many) folks who are unemployed, under-employed, or gave up looking. Whether Trump or some other brilliant billionaire, he is EXACTLY what we totally need to have any chance out of this mess.

  16. Galaxy 500

    Great Wrap up Greg. Brexit. Another political misjudged by the elites

  17. Mical

    Greg, please be a little more careful when you say what is not in the Bible.
    Lev 20:13 If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.
    [please do not post this, I don’t want to embarrass you]\
    Really love your work brother.

    • Charles H


      Simply put: this part of the Law is superseded by New Testament authority and omission. In a ‘Christian Bible’ context: Greg Hunter is correct: such death penalty is not in force (as Dietary law). The abomination does not change; but the Mercy of God extended toward this world (through Jesus Christ and not Moses) increases, as well as our response to it.

  18. James Hastings

    Great job. Thanks for the warning to your viewers. All you can do is caution everyone. The ability of the Government/Corporate complex….to drag this out, is getting depressing. I was hoping the Brex vote would send us over the edge. 🙁

    • susan

      James, me too!!!

  19. Rich M

    It’s 5:15 PST and with the Brexit decision….

    the futures for the DOW is down -2.89%,
    S&P – 3.57,
    NASDQ -3.62%

    At this time the futures for gold is +5.14%
    Silver +3.53%

    Oil futures are also way down right now by about 4%.

    The DXY is up by about 2.84%, which is typical as it is seen usually seen as a safe haven by the sheeple and foreign currencies….

    My point here is that…. We can only wonder if this gold sticks as the TRUE safe haven it is.

  20. Robert E. Salt

    Hats off to Ben Garrison for a great WNW illustration with plenty of detail!

  21. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great report. Is there anyway you can let us know when you are going to be on another show as a guest? I am a long time listener of Tru News and that was a fantastic interview you did with Rick. If you are on some of the other talk shows I would like to hear them as well.
    Part of the Hippocratic oath says”do thy patient no harm” and the advice you gave qualifies in that respect.

  22. Brian

    Thanks for preparing us for the roller coaster ride we are on line for. Your guests and view point are very helpful.

  23. Paul ...

    BREAKING NEWS: Bernie Sanders will vote for Hillary (his arm likely twisted) … but Bernie “did not endorse” Hillary … so Democrat’s for Bernie are free to vote for Trump (so as to defeat the neocons plans for a worldwide nuclear Armageddon)!! … it has now become plainly obvious that Hillary “is not” going to be indited … because it has come to light that the neocons “actually helped” Hillary to make her server “unsecured” … most likely because they purposely wanted Hillary to release critical information to Russia that could be used to attack America and thus get the Neocons nuclear war started … but Russia did not take the “bait” … and the neocons are furious … they need an excuse (any excuse) to start their much needed nuclear war (to cover up all their fraud and Ponzi schemes) … so they are now provoking Russia with “war games” and sending warships off to China to provoke them … but nothing seems to be working … so the neocons recently enacted some NATO rules stating that “if one of our computers is hacked by Russia it will be considered an act of war and therefore will require NATO to launch a nuclear first strike against Russia (I wonder if Hillary’s computer is the one the neocons will claim was hacked by Russia??) … so far all their efforts to get a nuclear war started have fail … but the neocons could claim that that Hillary “got gas” drinking some OJ with Russian Vodka … and therefore “this threat to the neocons (s)elected Presidential nominee justifies starting a nuclear war with Russia … the fact that millions of Americans and Russians will die as their cities are nuked is of no concern to the neocons … they desperately need a nuclear war to create so much havoc and destruction that they won’t be brought up on charges of treason for their 9-11 crime … so they will cover-up their 9-11 crime with a crime of even higher magnitude … and the MSM (in bed with these criminals) actually think that nuked cities and dead and dying people will be interested in buying their newspapers after such a war of Armageddon they contributed toward occuring???

    • Paul ...

      One does not need to be Einstein to figure out what the neocons plans are … PLAN A: bait Russia and or China into a nuclear war to create so much havoc and destruction that the neocons will never be taken to trial for their treason on 9-11 … PLAN B: implement the financial destruction of the world monetary system so that again the “mad max” havoc created will prevent the neocons from going to trial for their treason on 9-11 … likely PLAN C: place a nuclear bomb down “Old Faithful” to set off Yellowstone! … the “good guys in our military must act before the neocons implement any of their evil plans (to save themselves from being brought to account for their treasonous actions on 9-11) and we citizens must act to elect Trump!!

      • Paul ...

        The US military should surround Yellowstone National Park with anti-ballistic missiles systems and screen all tourists carrying back packs (with a possible miniature nuke weapon) … if Russia and China can maintain “their cool” until Trump is elected … and we can begin rounding up the evil neocons that the banks in Germany point out … we may have “a chance to survive” this coming Holocaust the evil neocons have planned for us!

        • Paul ...

          Everyone with a subscription to a MSM newspaper (who are obvious co-conspirators with the evil neocons) should cancel their subscription immediately!! … we must begin to take action to save your children from the horror they have planned for us!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Sanders = Sellout. I think many of his voters will see it the same way.

      • Galaxy 500

        Paul says that the fix is in the Hillary indictment. I don’t think that ship has sailed yet.
        And it’s fruitless to think that the so called neocons had any effect on Hillary’s bathroom server set up by a guy with almost zero expertise in that sort of thing

  24. woody188

    My worry is Brexit gives the Globalist/Progressives the excuse they were looking for to collapse the Western banks. Now they can blame it on those “foolish British voters” for the collapse instead of blame coming back to them.

  25. Bill

    GREG; Maybe you should open up a school of media integrity for those msm knuckleheads. Sometimes I wonder if they realize you terrible their reporting really is. As usual, the Friday wrap up is spot on. Keep up the good work and God Bless you

  26. Robert Lykens

    I’m actually surprised that “Leave” won. I’m so used to nonsense and foolishness being the new norm, I just expected it again.
    On my list of positive aspects of the Brexit, Hussein Obama and Hillary being on the wrong side is at the top.

    Now word comes that France, Italy and the Netherlands want their own referendum on exiting the EU. Good for them, I hope they get it done.

    Could we see the same here in the US? There’s a strong secession movement in Texas. I’d love to see the entire South secede from the doomed US.
    If that ever happens, I predict starving leftists trying to sneak into our new nation within a year.

    • JC Davis

      R L the night before the vote I said to myself they will stay even if the vote is leave.

    • JC Davis

      Robert you were the only one to question why when I said the week of June 26 would be a game changer.

  27. swimmer

    People can and will overlook the blatant lies and corruption of any candidate they support. In fact, it’s the same way that families and friends overlook the lies and/or corruption of their family members [think of millions of spouses willfully blind about their serially adulterous partners, for starters]. Tribalism trumps ethics.

  28. Colin/IRL.

    Nice Wrap up Greg.
    On a Separate note “Jerry” has been AWOL for a while. Hope he’s ok.
    Jerry what say you?

  29. Chris


    This is my first time posting a comment here. I normally don’t because people doing what you do are usually inundated with massive amounts of e-mails, comments, etc., and don’t usually have the adequate amount of time to needed to address many of them, let alone all, especially one like this that you may not exactly be very fond of, but I just had to post this one due to a completely false statement you made during the weekly wrap up today.

    First let me say, that I listen to all of your interviews, as well as your weekly wrap up, and have for a very long time. I also recommend your YouTube channel to all as you have some of the best guests available with insight as to what’s really happening. Your interviews of these people are great, are loaded with very useful reports and I thank you for doing them.

    That being said, it’s the wrap ups that I get less out of than desired and I’m only going to address one item from today’s.

    When listening to the wrap up today I heard you say that no where in The Bible say that “gays” are to be put to death. Nothing could be further from the truth, which leads me to conclude you don’t read AND study that Bible of yours very much.

    Promoting acceptance of sodomites and no punishment for their crime as commanded by The Great I Am, is acquiescence thereto !

    If we had obeyed The Great I Am, that became flesh and dwelt among us in the first place, we wouldn’t even see these sodomites as they would not even exist outside of the closet.

    Here’s what He Commands as His plan for His people regarding the sexual pervert problem and the ONLY solution:

    First, there’s the need for the offender to turn back to The Great I Am that became flesh and dwelt among us, with Confession of Him as his salvation and Kinsmen Redeemer, repentance and baptism (full immersion) in His name. Acts 2: 38.

    If the sin continues: 1 Corinthians 5: 4-5.

    For those who will not repent: Leviticus 18: 22 – 29; 20: 13. That’s the death penalty, Greg.

    The general principle is to rid the land of the evil: “Then all Israel shall hear and be afraid, and will never again do such a wicked thing among you.” Deuteronomy 13: 11.   And 17: 7 “So shall you purge the evil from your midst.”

    Now, before you say something like: “That’s The Old Testament”. I would ask you: Oh, is that when God was wrong ???”

    Well, here’s from the Apostle Paul in The New Testament: Romans 1: 22 – 32. Verse 26 & 27 clearly describe sexual perverts, both homosexual and lesbians.

    From verse 32: ” … although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.”

    It’s the so called “Judeo-Christians”, “Fundamentalist Christians”, “New Testament Only Christians”, “Southern Baptists”, etc., lead by false prophets such as Graham, etc., that teach the lie that God’ Laws, Statutes and Judgments have been done away with, ” are contrary to us”, etc., etc., when Christ Himself said the exact opposite: Matthew 5: 17-19 What, He didn’t get the memo ???!  

    “Unless they speak to the Law and the testimonies, there is no light in them.”

    “The conclusion, when all has been heard, is: fear God and keep his commandments, because this applies to every person. For God will bring every act to judgment, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil.” Ecclesiastes 12: 13-14.

    Moreover, what’s with this calling them “gay” ??!!

    Call them what they are: Sodomites, sexual perverts, etc.   Calling them anything other than what they are, in essence, promotes the acceptance and tolerance for them.

    The only solution for this nation’s ills is to turn back to Him, His Laws, Statutes and Judgments, His Kingdom/Will on earth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let me rephrase: Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Christians are the ones that are supposed to provide the judgment judgment. Only God the Father provides judgment. That is the point. Don’t be ridiculous.

      • susan

        I believe that all sin is equal, which means two men, for example, is the same as a man and a woman, unmarried living together. Sin is sin.

    • jim c.

      Chris, I agree with you, most people just continue to let the gay`s be open and free with there sexuality , If the gay`s want to be together it should be in the privacy of there own home, All the marriages and the adopting of children by them is SICK. Being gay is nothing more than there sexual preference, KEEP THAT DISCUSTING CRAP TO YOURSELF.

    • Galaxy 500

      Where in the New Testament does it say kill gays? We don’t stone for adultey anymore nor do we do the eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
      You are misinterpreting ostracization with killing.

  30. David S

    I think Trump is a nut but a thousand times better than Hitlery. A vote for Hitlery is a vote for WWIII. It would be great if u could get Stephen Cohen on to talk about Russia/ US relations.

  31. Diane D.

    Finally, the people won a battle against the globalists. I know the globalists are likely to retaliate with a false flag event, blame it on Brexit and ‘nationalism’, and say that the solution is GREATER global unity and world order.

    Here in the US Trump gained ground and the globalists’ future North American Union (NAU) lost ground. All in all, we might get a little more time to kick the can down the road.

  32. Marcus West

    Today was one of the best shows I actually laughed at some of your comments and it makes my day……….Thanks Greg your one of the best people who give out the news

  33. monty bissett

    They need to get the big dog in that sit in. Obummer has lots of experience at that. By the time the Dems and DOJ get finished with Orlando. The attack was done by a hillbilly white holly roller with a bible under each arm yelling out ( Praise the Lord ). Obummer doesn’t want to use the words Muslim extremist but has no problem calling them the JV team. I would suggest the extremists more pissed with JV team than MUSLIM EXTREMIST.

  34. Robert Lykens

    It’s 3 pm. Your Plunge Protection Team is hard at work.

  35. Mike E.

    Has USA Today always had a big blue Pentagram on their Logo?

  36. Robert Lykens

    300,000 muslims admitted to the US in the last three years alone.

    I’d look up the number of illegal Mexicans sdmitted over the same period, but I’m sure it’s too depressing.

    • Paul from Indiana

      RL, Per Pew Research, there are more Hispanics now in the USA (55+ million) than there are citizens in the whole of Canada (35+ million). There are 20 million more Hispanics now in the USA than blacks. And any of those Hispanics who are in the country illegally are ALL 100% criminals beyond any other criminality which they might, and many of them do, undertake. If we take the government at its “word” with +/- 12 million illegals, and some estimate the figure as high as 20%, then 21.8% of all Hispanics in the country are here illegally. That’s better than one out of five. Let than sink in. As recently as 1960, the country was 89% white. I was born in 1952. Society is vastly different in my lifetime. Best always. PM

  37. Robert Lykens

    6 things you can do to disarm the shooter if you’re ever in an Orlando-style attack

    • Paul from Indiana

      RL, I’ll be drawing and firing. Thanks for the tips. Best always. PM

    • Galaxy 500

      My question is: Why would you go anywhere that was a gun free mass murder zone to begin with?

  38. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    As you observed, mass murder by Islamic terrorists has become a frequent occurrence in America. It almost seems like an event to be expected periodically, like the change of seasons.

    I believe your assessment is correct that the Democrat Party is unwilling to acknowledge the abject failure of the Obama Administration to counter this threat. But his actions as recounted in your report, cannot be explained as merely incompetent and ineffectual. Rather, it is reasonable from their nature to conclude that they are calculated to promote Islamic terrorism within the United States.

    I suggest a model to explain the actions of the Obama Administration, some of which have unfortunately either been ignored or even encouraged by Republican leaders, like Paul Ryan. But the model explains still more. Models are used by scientists to provide tentative explanations for as yet unexplained phenomena. They are evaluated over time as further observations are obtained.

    The model I propose for consideration is as follows: the ruling class would like to transform America into a Saudi Arabian-style theocracy. The members of the ruling class (such as the Bush and Clinton families) have associated with the members of the Saudi Royal Family for many years. They have seen how the House of Saud, with the help of the US Government, has transformed Arabia into a private domain.

    It is governed by the principles of Wahhabism, an Islamic movement that has imposed a Seventh Century culture, religion and political organization on Arabia and has sanctioned the beheading of homosexuals and the treatment women as inferior to men. Isolated from the rest of their society, the Saudi Royal Family is free to practice whatever corrupt behavior they please, whether consistent with Islam or not.

    The advantages of such a political, religious and cultural order for the American ruling class are easily seen: totalitarian dominance based on absolute control of government, economy, finance, culture, and especially religion. But, just like the members of the Saudi Royal Family, the members of the ruling class would have no personal constraints. They could continue to exploit all others through wealth confiscation and chattel slavery, while practicing whatever depravities in private they seem to enjoy. Yet there would also be no inconvenient traditions like due process of law; instead, they could amuse themselves with mass executions based on show trials arranged as entertainment.

    Briefly, the phenomena that can be explained by the model include, (1) the importation of Islamic terrorists into the United States causing disruption of American society and facilitating the imposition of Sharia Law, (2) the official attempts to confiscate firearms from law-abiding American citizens preventing them from defending themselves against Islamic terrorism, and (3) the decades-long war on men, together with the longstanding oppression of Christianity, producing a generation of resentful, impecunious and apostate young men who might well be persuaded to improve their social status by converting to Islam and participating in the Islamization campaign.

    What do you think?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Gene, I don’t call him the “Muslim-in-Chief” for nothing. Best always. PM

  39. StClare

    Wouldn’t it be interesting, IF the “powers that be” WERE trying to bring down the economy on purpose, if it got away from them and they wound up running for their lives instead.

  40. Michiel de Jong

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks again for all your comments, you still didn’t loose your sense of humor!
    Keep up the good work. Greetings form good ol’ Europe.

    • Greg Hunter

      Our European brothers and Sisters are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your comment.

      • red

        this brexit has the perfect “mea culpa”vibe too it, too many peons’ sneaking out the exits’ . I said 6 weeks back they could not let this keep going another 4 months. They’re bringing this thing down & they will claim, see you did it to your selves’ next time do as we ask. They’re bringing this down from monday’s over.

  41. Rick Thorne

    Love your weekly news wrap up. But you stated the the bible doesn’t say to kill gays. It really does in Leviticus. “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It
    is an abomination.” And 20:13: “If a man lies with a male as with a woman,
    both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to
    But this is the OLD Testament. Tech. NOT Christian.

    • Greg Hunter

      The Bible does not say Christians should kill gays and that is my point. I am talking New Testament here. Besides that, God is the arbiter of judgment and punishment. Please do not be ridicules.

  42. Anthony

    The NWO has taken a hit Greg. It was meant to be the EU, African Union, Asia Pacific Union, Amero the ultimate agenda.

    Plan B?

  43. Cuzco

    Greg, you should get Hillary on your program. She’s Great!

    • Greg Hunter

      Great at what?

  44. A. Bona, M.D.

    dear Greg– thanks for your video and addendum on brexit. just fyi: zero hedge had article I think thrs evening our time that showed a poll that about 20% of sanders’ voters will vote for libertarian Johnson, and approx. 20% will vote for trump. this is big–it means about 40% of the millions of young people and millenials who support sanders will either directly or indirectly vote for trump. Also given brexit and what happens in Britain happens in us about 6 months later or so, a landslide for trump is not out of the question. thought you may like this poll to use on future vid. thanks, tb.

  45. Larry Galearis

    It seems to be a thing with me to discuss failings of the American MSM, but I have to give the creatures who are running this machine full marks for success. In noting the commentaries of your listeners it there is little reference to the real danger of a Hillary as president and that is that no president since WW2 is MORE likely to start WW3. So even as the machine purposefully ignores her long list of real flaws of character, crimes and misdemeanors, the most ignored is her attitude, her predilection for taking on Russia militarily in Syria or elsewhere. Foreign policy is avoided. Not that Americans have ever been very involved in foreign affaires and presidential elections but with a double digit lead over Trump in national polls, Americans are about to elect a corrupted individual and a war monger for president and there is little reference to this very real danger represented by Hillary. Again I urge you to try to get Stephen F. Cohen on your show; he is extremely worried about whether we survive her as president.
    Best regards and thank you for all your astute commentaries.

  46. DLC

    RIP Germany, Europistan.

    A 30+ year veteran dragged off because he intoned the name of God in a flag folding ceremony. This intolerance cannot continue.

    We dare not lose our resolve. EU and elites standing by with their shovels.

  47. DLC

    18.7 immigrants do not have to swear allegiance to the US? Can Ameristan be far behind?

    Bix Weir threw out a suggestion that Trump should have Sanders as his V.P. Sanders is “supporting Hillary” as opposed to that ‘bigot,” Trump. Big surprise there. Libs never give an inch. Their hand would wither before they would vote for anything other than a Democrat.

    A neighbor likes Trump but asked me: “Is he more like a Democrat or a Republican?” That was his voting criteria. If Maduro of Venezuela were Hillary’s V.P., my neighbor would vote for Hillary. My siblings are like this also, and I imagine there are many who simply will not admit they are voting their demise.

    Their payoff is taking that half of the country down whom they despise — even if they go down the same chute. Crazy? That’s a lib.

    I also never underestimate the power of dependency. Just watch when EBTs become a memory.

  48. Redemocracy8

    Just superb, thank you. You are part of the moral backbone of this country, in my humble opinion!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 8!

  49. RTW

    Trump is absolutely right about Hillary. She is without a doubt, the biggest liar, most corrupt, as well as the most untrustworthy person to seek office….EVER. The scariest thing, though, are the amount of people who are willing to vote for her. Anybody with a teaspoon full of brains can see what she and her patner are. Both are despicable, sleazy slugs who leave behind, a trail of slime wherever they go. Nobody else in modern history has had as many scandals as those two. They all can’t be right wing conspiracies. This woman, and I use that term loosely, cannot be allowed anywhere near the WH. There are few certainties in life, but one thing is for certain….this country will not survive Clinton as President.

  50. RTW

    I think we can chalk up another failure to Barry. He goes over to the UK to help out his buddy, Cameron by showing him “how it’s done”. Instead he succeeds in ticking off the Brits with his pompous, arrogant, attitude. Many people who were on the fence, decided to vote for leaving the EU after his speech. I also think that they still felt that slap- in -the -face Barry gave them, when he sent back the bust of Churchill along with that lame excuse of “not enough room” in the oval office. Nobody bought that. He also took it on the chin during the mid-term elections when fellow dems told him to stay away during their campaigns because they actually wanted to win. Barry has been an abject failure his entire political career with his greatest day yet to come…the day he walks out of WH for final time, letting the door hit him in the ass on the way out. We’ll be closing the book on the worst 8 yrs of this country’s history, we cannot afford adding another chapter with clinton.

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