Reporting on Trump Continues to be Unfair, Economy Getting Worse and South China Sea War Drums

1zBy Greg Hunter’s (6.3.16 WNW 240)

It was trash Trump week as far as the mainstream media (MSM) is concerned. It covered the Trump University lawsuit wall to wall but not a peep about the ongoing criminal investigation on Hillary Clinton and her unprotected private server. One of the big stories ignored this week by the MSM is former Bill Clinton advisor and pollster Doug Schoen penning a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed piece titled “Clinton Might not be the Nominee.” The title says it all, and yet the MSM ignored this huge red flag raised by a top Democratic insider about Hillary Clinton’s viability as a Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party.

The economy is going from bad to worse, and big names in the financial world continue to warn of impending financial trouble. $100 billion money manager Jeff Gundlach warns of “massive anxiety” with investors about the markets. UBS credit strategist Matthew Mish warns of a “tsunami” that will overwhelm the debt market. There is simply too much debt, and sales and production in many areas are falling.

Finally, it continues to heat up in the South China Sea over China’s man made islands. China claims a 600 mile area as its own. The U.S. says it’s a critical shipping lane in international waters. China is now reportedly setting up an air defense perimeter to counter what China calls U.S. “provocation.” It seems the war drums are beating louder.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(There is much more in the video broadcast.)

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  1. gregd

    Let’s hope the “team of reporters” take a look at this.

  2. Gregory Mannarino

    Thanks for the mention Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the chart and helping with the content.

  3. mike

    Hi Greg, Thanks for your great work. Do you know about the work that Judge Anna Maria Riezinger (Anna Von Reitz [email protected] ) and her team are doing through the International Court at the Hague to depose the fraudulent political system in the US? Is this a scam or a genuine liberty movement? Can you call and interview her?
    thanks michael

  4. Ross

    Greg ,get Jeff Neilson on from Bullion Bulls. He says the present rally in gold is a planned false one and they’ve taken it up to smash it down hard. This makes sense as they need prices really low when the big collapse happens to stop people fleeing to metals.This is an excellent analysis.

    • gregd

      If they could “smash it down hard” I believe they would have by now. But if that’s the case, then I think two things would happen. One, it would shut down all or nearly all gold and silver mines in the U.S. And two, assuming you could buy it at that smashed down price, you would most likely be paying a huge premium, which would make up for the drop in price.
      So if you have it, just hang on to it. And if you can get more at a reduced price, do it. That’s my plan. I’m not scared at all about the price. I feel the same way about storable food, I wish it would drop so I can get more for the same amount of money. Stay strong.

      • frederick

        İ bought at 1290 and thenthe beatdown came naturally to 1200 but İ didnt really care as i could sleep better having bullion instead of BS and then we know what happened with the jobs report which is just the beginning İMO

  5. paul ...

    As soon as that greedy dumb broad announced to the American people that if (s)elected President she will send our children to war with Iran … it was over for her … we don’t need Hillary’s “abortion services” for our young 18 year old children that we took great pains to bring up right, feed the most healthful foods. provide with a good education, etc., etc., etc. … just so she can slaughter them on the battle field for a “donation” to her private charitable trust over her private server!! … and another thing … no one … and I mean NO ONE should be able to stop our Military from performing their Constitutional Duty to save American lives when under attack … Absolutely “No One” should have the power to override our United States Constitution and to tell our Military to STAND DOWN when Americans are under attack!!!

    • paul ...

      I ask a simple question … why do we need to spend trillions of dollars on the most powerful Military/Industrial Complex in the world if it is not going to be used when needed to protect American lives? … What kind of Generals do we have that will “stand down” when Americans were being killed on 9-11? … What kind of Generals do we have that will “stand down” when American boys on USS Liberty were being slaughtered?? … the instincts of two fine soldiers at Benghazi who gave their lives to save Americans outshine all the polished stars on our Generals shoulders! … if our Generals are going to “stand down” when American lives and American soil is under attack … we don’t need a standing army … lets fire them all and hire some other country fight our wars for us … imagine all the trillions of dollars we currently spend on our military/industrial complex being used for something “that works” when it is needed! … otherwise someday a “commie” may be (s)elected president who then tells our Military to “stand down” so as to allow foreign or UN troops to enter our American cities and take us over??? …

      • paul ...

        It seems to me that our American Military is being lead by General’s simply looking out “for themselves” … to eventually get a “sweet heart” job in the Military/Industrial Complex when they retire … their ladder of success being the number of stars they achieve before retirement … to get 2 stars they have to be able to “stand down” if a US Embassy is under attack … 3 stars if they “stand down” when American sailors are being systematically slaughtered … 4 stars if they “stand down” when an American City is under attack (including the Pentagon) … 5 stars only if they agree to issue orders to kill American citizens!!!

        • David

          Paul: The military takes orders from civilian leadership…. the President. Blame starts with the Obama administration.

          • Paul ...

            David … If Hitler gave an order to an SS General to kill the Jews … that SS General should have “refused to execute” that order under the Geneva Convention Rules … what I’m saying is our US Generals should also “refuse to stand down” if an American city and the Pentagon itself are under attack by “Neocons within our own government” who are indiscriminately killing thousands of American citizens!

            • Paul ...

              David … as you know under Geneva Convention Rules those German SS General’s “where found guilty” listening to Hitlers orders (to commit a crime against innocent people) … similarly when the 9-11 “holocaust” perpetrated upon American citizens is brought before a Court of Justice … our American Generals can similarly be held accountable for doing nothing to stop it!!! … simply saying “they were following orders to stand down” … does not cut it … they can be found as guilty as those SS General’s allowing the Jews to die!!

      • frederick

        Paul havent you been reading the comments on this site regarding what really happened on 911 and a “stand down” had absolutely nothing to do with what happened The official story is the biggest fiction since Goldilocks and the three bears Look at the people around Bush and Cheney and you will get your answer as to who orchestrated that false flag

        • Greg Hunter

          This is one thing we agree on. No matter where you stand on this issue, the government cannot coherently explain Building #7 that was NOT hit on 9/11/01. This link, and others like it, have been on USAW for years:

          • frederick

            Come on Greg we agree on much more than just that İts just that İ wasnt raised in a very religious household but regardless my father was a good person(dentist) and he treated poor people withour the ability to pay without billing them and İ believe that made him alot better than the holier than thou neighbor who was a socalled good catholic and involved with the mob İ just cannot stand hypocisy and criminal behavior is all

        • Paul ...

          frederick … that is exactly what I am looking at “the people around Bush and Cheney” … it’s all very well that our generals pledge allegiance to the American flag every morning (our flags are all safe) … how about our generals pledging allegiance to the American people??… we have our generals “standing down” when internal and external terrorists attack our city and the Pentagon itself … and recently “actually helping” (ISIS) terrorists by dropping them weapons and warning them of coming air strikes?? … why do we have to depend on the Russians to do their job for them … so I ask the question again … why do we need to spend trillions of dollars on a Military/Industrial Complex that “protects terrorists” and lets the American people fend for themselves (without guns … which are freely given to the drug cartel terrorists in Mexico and terrorists everywhere else in the world)???

    • Russ McMeans

      Amen brother! Hillary epitomizes evil!
      ( the only thing I agree with Lois Farikhan on; who is an evil person too…$

  6. Pierre G

    She’s Hillary-ous

    • paul ...

      Only seeing her tumbling down Capital Hill (like in the Jack and Jill childhood story) would be Hillaryous … but in this case it is pails of money she’s fetching!

  7. Pierre G

    If the Russians and Chinese and even say Botswana if they downloaded emails from Hillary-ous Clinton private server, could they hold it over her head (blackmail) when deals are done?

    • Greg Hunter

      Pierre G,
      Very Good Point!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, can’t we just admit that Hillary is nothing if not consistent? Her time as Secretary of State (nominally) was Whitewater on steroids. Whitewater was simply the Clintons’ slush fund. She engaged in similar behavior as Secretary of State, but now travelling the world and taking bribes with the money going to “new” Whitewater, the so-called Clinton Foundation. This behavior necessitates cover, just as did Whitewater, and the cover this time was the private server with the private e-mail account, so that she could cover her corrupt and illegal tracks. This issue is so obvious to me, but as in the story of the emperor’s new clothes, people see what they want to see. Powerful forces and vested interests are supporting the Clintons. I believe Hillary and Bill are untouchable. I would gladly be wrong. If there is any hope at all for the country, and therefore the world, Trump is our only (temporal) chance/choice. Best always. PM

        • Greg Hunter

          Consistently evil–agreed!!! Thank you for all your comments here. I don’t answer you much but I like your involvement in the site.

    • 8Ball

      Gucifer will never be heard from again… The reason he was extradited is because he knows what was on H’s server, not because he is going to “help” the FBI.

  8. dchayden

    Great wrap up Greg !! Love the tie !!

  9. DLC

    Greg D: I was waiting to see if Greg H would throw this revelation regarding Bill Clinton’s own “higher education” skullduggery into the mix. I wonder how much sweat equity went into Bill’s 16 million dollar boon.

    If nothing else, we are finally getting a peek or two as to how these people get so rich when they can point to no visible personal accomplishments, never actually worked — and we as workers fall ever further behind.

    If this were Trump’s scam, on the other hand, the R party would be pushing French or Ryan on us, pulling out all stops to investigate and imprison Trump. His campaign would be finished as of now.

    Trump will walk a gauntlet from this time forward. Before November, he’ll have been painted as the biggest evil since Mao.

    But, I think Trump will just continue to storm hell with ice water.

    • gregd

      I agree with you. The more they attack him the more I like him. But some from the Dems are beginning to see what’s truly going on, and they may even vote for Trump now. My friend’s, however’ are so liberal, that they say, they just want to hear their Candidate talking about helping the people(I feel your pain) even though they don’t believe they will do anything. It drives me crazy, but no Democrats that I know, do any of their own thinking. They just repeat the talking points. VERY CLOSED MINDED.I can’t believe the world we live in right now, it’s like a very bad movie that never ends.

  10. Jerry

    This is what I posted a year ago.

    Jerry 06/06/2015 •
    This is how your money will disappear when the bond market explodes this year.
    The next G20 meeting is 11/15/15. I have already posted the letter to the G20 by the Financial Security Board entitled “Post Crisis Agenda Moving Forward”.

    I was wrong on the timing. The ESF stalled it off. What’s happened since then?
    – IMF gives SDR to China
    – AIIB has almost 100 member countries.
    – CIPS signs an agreement with SWIFT.
    – China opens Gold Exchange in Shanghai to reset benchmark. (coming)
    – China sets up Yuan exchange platforms in London and Frankfort and Dubai.
    – China purchases two of the largest gold vaults in London.
    – Supercomputer goes on line to transfer CIPS transactions.
    – Russia corners oil market pricing with purchase of Morgan Stanley’s brokerage firm.
    – China refuses to take dollars for gold backed Yuan.
    – Saudi Arabia threatens to dump 850 billion in U.S. treasuries ( yet to be decided )

    Are the banksters ready yet? You tell me.

    • Jerry

      Gold shock waves are coming.

      • Jerry

        Yep. Its getting ready to go down. Follow the money.

        • Greg Hunter

          Soros is buying gold at the “well head.” (just like oil.) He wants all he can get.

          • Jerry

            WOW Greg !!
            Talk about timing. You nailed it about buying at the well head. Check out what the Chinese are doing. Things are heating up.

            • Greg Hunter

              The Chinese will NOT tell their people to buy gold and allow it to be crushed. This might be signaling a stand to deliver call to the COMEX and LOBMA that will totally sink these fraudulent markets. This is going to happen in days, weeks or months but I suspect some big Chinese gold moves are going to be finished business before the end of 2016 at the very latest. Good stuff and pivotal information. Thank you for posting this and all you post for us!!!!!

      • frederick

        Jerry looks like that was false info as gold soared yesterday on a dismal jobs report İ was long VERY long and İm having a great weekend Not saying there cant be a pullback but medium term İm bullish

    • Jerry

      Yep. Things are great all over. Abe wants stimulus for entire world. How does that work?

      • JC Davis

        Jerry if you ask me this is a non election. Trump has admitted he has bought politician’s , and he has made millions off this crooked system. Yes he says he wants to change it ,but really ? Truth is he cant, and would not if he could, furthermore he calls Hillary crooked at the same time he admits he has done crooked deals. What am I missing?
        Now Hillary is nothing more then another puppet for the powers that be.
        This is a non election. Trump is a stage for Hillary to win upon. Sad day for America.

  11. JC Davis

    Enjoyed the WNW, Greg your facial expressions crack me up. I am still laughing.
    Hillary has more balls then all of congress. Lazy, Drunk, or plain incompetence she resigned office to get out of the spotlight, then has the nerve to run for the highest office in the land. Well one can see if she was not running she would be in a court room today.
    I hear protesters fought with Trump supporters again last night.
    Emergency Monetary Policy is the worlds largest EMP bomb.
    Thanks, JC

    • paul ...

      JC … “Hillary has more balls then all of Congress” … now there is a “new type” of transgender mutant Putin will have to deal with (if Trump is not elected)!

  12. DLC

    “The Thief”

    This would be Bill Clinton if he were Russian. Same modus.

    The little boy in this pic stole the show, however. I’m forever looking for something other than Hollywood rot starring the same 10 liberals, also something with a message and no obligatory F words.

    You get to glimpse everyday life socialism and how one gets by when it all goes kaput.

  13. Artable

    I have been in business for 30 years, a small business owner. Compared to Trumps businesses I would be comparatively a tiny microscopic guppy in a very big pond. Nonetheless, I have been involved in many dozens of lawsuits. 3500 law suits for an organization the size of trump’s is NOTHING. How many lawsuits do you think other large businesses incur?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding this perspective!! Good point, and Trump won the overwhelming percentage of the suits.

  14. Mical

    Our leaders commit us to war against a common enemy just before things go so badly at home that the populace perceives our leaders as the enemy. Governments always protect themselves at all costs, and losing thousands of military or civilian lives to warfare, is greatly preferable to them than losing control of the population. Government control over virtually everything is far greater during war, and that is what they will need very shortly.

  15. pat the rat

    I talk to my cousin Gail who is a book keeper, she says that what Clinton most likely did was set her books up so that money coming in is eaten up by the fees. This is how you set up a bad charity!

  16. Jim G

    Don’t know who you and your bromance buddy Mannarino remind me more of – Abbot and Costello or Laurel and Hardy.

    In any case. both of you are always good for a laugh or two. Keep up the good work.

  17. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, I have watched with interest how the whole media has continued to malign Donald Trump ever since they figured out he was going to win enough delegates to become the presumptive nominee. Since becoming the presumptive nominee the MSM has bombarded him with negative reporting, most of them unfair, bias, & half truths. The MSM is in full court press against him becoming president, frankly its unprecedented. Our democracy is at stake here, if the MSM get away with it, which they might, then the Trump candidacy will likely be the last time anyone on the outside will ever try to become president in the future as anyone with such ambitions would see the futility in it and decline to act. Further, if they “steal” this election with “Dresden fire bombings” of deceitful journalistic practices the Republican party will be reduced to the extent it will become not relevant. I believe the MSM will get away with it, I really do, you can’t shame them, they have very little if any ethics as with Trump they feel the ends justify the means. I can’t see how a Trump candidacy can overcome such fire power against it. Trump always says he hasn’t even started with Hillary, well, in my view, the MSM hasn’t even started with him either. This is written by a Trump supporter, but realism dictates being rational and with that all said I hope the working people of this country will see through the ruse created by the MSM against the Trump candidacy. If they do not they get what they deserve; more political correctness, more debt, more urban crime, more loss of jobs to overseas, etc.


      Arthur, our democracy has been stripped ever since JFK was murdered and especially after the (9-11-Obama) ADMINISTRATION took control. Its a NWO flowing ahead of us.

      • Lois

        You forgot who is in command! God, the father and his son Jesus, is more powerful ! Believe and have no fear, it’s all in His hands. Get right with him, and grab a chair, helluva show!

    • Russ McMeans

      Our anger can overcome the mainstream Media. Easily. Barring Barak from declaring Martial law and suspending election 2016. ( I predicted this back in fall 2007)… Should have kept that darn email post… Also I suspect Greg is right- he called it a long time ago; Hillary will not be the nominee. She’s toast.

  18. angelo

    Greg and Gregd,

    The video link that was posted mentioned how the education system was turned into a commodity. This is the same with healthcare. Obamacare did exactly that to healthcare and then they tie Medicare reimbursements to a vague and subjective HCAPS system. The hospital industry should know this but probably chose to ignore it because their paycheck is more important than providing healthcare.

  19. AndyB

    Greg: as you alluded, the Clinton Foundation is the elephant in the room that no one in the MSM will touch with a 10 foot pole. Forget the possibility of a slap on the wrist and a pardon re the server, the pay-for-play of the contributions and speaking fees as a quid pro quo for State Department favors is just too, too obvious. This is high treason, with the ultimate penalty of death. I can see the FBI being mute (perhaps) on a pardon for the server, but not for the treason. I think we all should petition the Govt for a public hanging, or pay-per-view with the proceeds going for a new investigation of 9/11.

    • Paul ...

      Andy … and when “enemies within” conspire to bomb a US city and the Pentagon (9-11) … their treasonous acts alone … obviously nulifies any order the “these enemies” give to our milltary “to stand down” … the US Constitution gives our military the power to fight “ALL ENEMIES” foreign and “domestic” … and this is the reason why our Constituton is now being destroyed!!!

  20. john duffy

    For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and they did not know until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of man. (Matt 24:38-39)

    • Greg Hunter

      This is the most important thing and thank you for the comment John.

      • Scott

        + 1

        Thanks, John!

    • Russ McMeans

      It’s starting to rain harder now all over planet Earth; it’s raining the truth.

    • Gerson

      You know John, I was thinking of this, this morning. I wonder how this would work out, when so many people are out of Jobs. Another thing, will it not be too obvious that the economy is tanking for them not to do something to throw our attention somewhere else?

  21. Ken

    Why Donnald Trump will smoke the competition this November.

    I called into a national talk show just after Trump announced and said he will go all the way. Of course I was instantly cut off, the host went on a tirade about what a terrible person he was and stood no chance of winning. For the longest time after that all the big shot political, consultants, lobbyists, special interest and NGO’S did their best to drive a stake through his heart like he was Dracula. But it had just the opposite effect. You want to know why?

    1. The Generally Dumb Public get it GDP have finely figured out how the political class has screwed them over!
    2. Free Trade can be summed up in six words.
    Out sourced…. Off shored…. Down sized.

    3 The middle class jobs they could not export, they brought in the cheap labor to take
    them! Illegals from across the border!

    4 Then you expect us to pay for all their medical {emergency room} visits as well as
    all the anchor babys. EBT’s, free phones the list goes on and on.

    5 They use our tax dollars to buy votes from a politically engineered under class that
    depends on the government for its survival.

    6 We have crime in cities like Chicago where the urban core are killing each other at
    a unbelievable rate. Then they blame it on the NRA and expect us to swallow it hook
    line and sinker.

    7 We have watched as “Fast and Furious” was swept under the rug. Also we were lied
    To about Benghazi. Now we have the State Department E-mail leaks. The kicker for me was to find out the Russians had 20,000 of her missing e-mails!

    8 So when Mr. Trump comes along and voices what we “The Silent Majority” have said to each other for years. That our political class have suppressed for years. Hell
    Yes we are going to vote for him! When I use the term Suppressed I am referring to a long train of events. Ross Perot a lot of us got out and beat the pavement to get that man on the ballot. He was the only and last 3rd party Candidate who was allowed in a debate with the Democrats and Republicans.
    It looked like he had a chance until he dropped out screwing any chance for a third party in this country for the next fifty years
    . Next Mr. Buchannan took a crack at it in 96 but the party cut him off at the pass so to speak.
    Next the Ron Paul following started to build a head of steam, but he was vanquished as well. The final nail in the coffin was the “Tea Party” the next generation that was tech savvy. By God they were going to elect the folks to get it turned around. Well
    What they got instead was the IRS sicked on them!

    So who cares if Trump is a Republican or not we don’t. We just want our country back. In other words SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN WE WILL TAKE IT FROM HERE!


    Folks in flyover country
    Hicks in the sticks
    Or any other insult you want to call us.

    P.S. To the Élite……YOUR FIRED!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am from Missouri and I feel your frustration!! Thank you for the comment.

    • Tracy Welborn

      This is a fantastic comment. Thanks Ken. If Washington establishment folks, Democrat and Republican, would read and really get this – they would understand. By the way, does anyone know where Mark Levin stands on the Trump nomination? I’m not going to listen to his show anymore. He’s insulted me for the last time. He doesn’t get that we are trying to survive as a people. I don’t know, maybe he’s changed his tune.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Ken, this is the last chance for us fellow non-political correct hard working people, Trump or its over for us types this side of a real revolution. The MSM & the others who worship the new religion of political corrections are smarter than our side, they have shamed us into believing that we should stand down as their burn our flag, give our jobs away, allow open borders, tax us into oblivion, take our guns away, and the list goes on & on. Well, I for one, will not be shamed into non-action any longer. Trump is the last island, if he loses our voices will only be heard and or silenced in the streets, running another nice & polite country club republican who believes in foreign war(s) for oil, fiat money, Federal Reserves, massive debt, and offshore jobs is how we got here in the first place. After that, I give up on the ballot box for any help, I won’t be fooled again.

    • Russ McMeans

      Best post comment by far here! THANKS KEN!

    • Jon

      My biggest problem with Trump is his past pro-choice stance. Granted he recently decided he was pro-life, but I don’t trust any stance that evolves during an election. I agree that God the Father is in charge. However, nearly 60 million abortions and counting in the U.S. If there is one thing that would disqualify us from having the protection of the Almighty, it’s this. We can’t afford a president who waffles on this subject.

  22. Tommy

    Shazam! The unemployment rate is 4.7%! Now why don’t you people do like Obama says and stop talking the economy down. What a joke. I remember decades ago when the rate dropped to 5% businesses couldn’t find warm bodies. They had to raise wages to steal employees from other businesses. That just isn’t happening today. If the real rate was 4.7% we would be having shortages of goods and services because the demand would far exceed the supply that was being produced. More BS from our rulers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tommy. Your point is well made. If you stop counting enough people you can get that unemployment rate down to 2%.

      • chad

        Didn’t O adjust all the formulas to these to make things look good?

        • Greg Hunter

          If he did things still suck and that is with phony data.

    • Richard

      The real employment numbers today were not what was reported but when you include the monthly birth/death adjustment numbers the BLS uses, and the numbers of guessed at employees at mostly new smaller businesses the BLS added in 224,000 guessed at employees meaning today’s numbers were actually -190,000.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Richard. Worse than reported!!

  23. John M.

    Great analysis Greg! So many things going wrong, I can’t see how America does not become worse than Venezuela. Venezuela is trying to latch on to the dollar system for survival as their currency becomes worthless. What happens when confidence in the US dollar finally is shattered? There will be no place to go except into chaos and revolution. Those anti-Trump protesters in San Jose, CA yesterday do not give me much hope as America is becoming militantly socialistic. At least the Bernie supporters are usually somewhat more laid back, as they probably smoke a lot of dope.
    Enough already, let it all happen. Getting tired of the anticipation of what’s coming.

  24. Jerry

    Contrary to what many believe, we don’t have much time left. The economic pressure is building worldwide, and its just a matter of time (months) before the banking elites are forced to release the financial pressure. We could debate all day by what means they will take, but at the end of the day it probably won’t bode well for any of us that are not in the financial loop. If you don’t have food preps start here.

    P.S. FEMA camps do exist. They’re called reservations. And no I’m not talking about staying at the Hilton. Whenever our government doesn’t know what to do with you, they just sweep you in the dustbin of history and put you in some rat hole.

  25. Bruce Maclean

    Hello Gregg
    Your description of the contrast between the MSM coverage of Clinton and Trump shows why the MSM is steadily becoming irrelevant and is being replaced by information sources like usawatchdog. Out with the old, in with the new.

    Re: The intensifying confrontation between the USA and China. The neocons in Washington are leading American on a course that can only end in disaster for America. The neocons are preparing for “a bout in the ring” with China: a bout fought by American rules. The Chinese are preparing for a street fight which has no rules. For instance, the neocons are crying foul over the Chinese military buildup in the South China Sea because this goes against American rules. The Chinese aren’t going to play by American rules. The Chinese aren’t going to fight a fixed fight. These neocons are picking a fight they cannot win.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bruce. Not covering the Clinton “email and bribe” story is like ignoring man walking on the moon the first time. Not covering this is, as Jim Sinclair says, is “Too Stupid to be Stupid.”

  26. Pinocchio

    In the cartoon above, Hillary looks like…………

  27. Donna S

    Please repsond to MICHAEL BIERLEIN post, as I would like some of the answers as well.

  28. Russ

    Thanks Greg, as usual a good take on current events in politics and the economy. That said, I’m reaching saturation on the political BS going on with this election cycle. There is simply too much in the way of personal insults and vitriol which will not subside until after November — if then. It’s all very personal and very unpleasant. I can only take so much of the political reporting lately — starting to tune out. I may start getting all my political news on Friday mornings 😉

    We definitely need a major change in direction for the economy and not the change of which O’ spoke; we need a change back to the vision of Washington and Jefferson, and away from the Socialist vision of Karl Marx and O’. We’re running out of future money to borrow and when the bond market fails, it will be very abrupt. That’s where politics meets the economy head-on and you did the same segue at the 10 minute mark in this news-wrap.

    The second half of this news-wrap was very good information and I really liked the chart Greg M. contributed; the chart showing the curve “flattening” was very educational; the abrupt change may not be far off. When the bond market does reach that point and tips over, it’s going to get ugly and for those who think it’s already ugly, it’s just getting started. Too many people smarter than me have been saying to watch the bond market for too long. The talking heads who will inevitably say “no one could have seen it coming”, but we all know that a lot of people have seen it coming.

    Did you see what gold and silver did when the non-farm payroll was (NFP) was announced? All the PM’s are up over 2% while the dollar index is down 1 1/2% — ugly and it’s just starting.

    On the side-lines with my popcorn.

  29. Bill

    Greg; I believe the Doug Shoen article is the democrats testing the waters to see the response of the average democrat when they take Hillery down, or to possible soften the blow by preparing them. In any case, I believe the FBI is moving in and the noose is getting tighter as the days go by. On a different subject, during my time with the LORD this morning he said ” look at what is going on in Venezuela, that’s a picture of whats coming to America…God help us!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Bing, bing, bing!!! You are correct sir. Thank you for weighing in here.

    • Russ McMeans

      I was in Costco yesterday. Staring at all that stuff and thinking about Venezuela. Amazing to ponder!

  30. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Regarding the Democratic convention being rigged for Clinton with superdelegates, as I recall that’s how Obama got the nomination instead of her when he ran the first time. Don’t hear much mention of that now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hill will be dumped again. Let the indictments fly!!!!

  31. Nick-Dog

    Fabulous work and analysis Greg. A friend of mine who is a contractor with a private intelligence firm, privately warned me a year and a half in advance of the first news story about a potential stand-off in the South China Sea with the US. At the time I was dubious, until news stories started popping up. His concern was a lights out type attack (not necessarily EMP) on our grid and utilities infrastructure, and he we are today being warned by China to stop our aggression in their “territory.”

    I believe Gregory Mannarino and others have speculated that when the markets tank, there will likely be a more or less simultaneous event (or more than one) on which to blame the collapse. Who knows for sure, it could go a 1000 different ways, “but let he who has ears to hear, hear.”

    Thanks for all you do. God Bless, –Nick

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you N-D for your comment and intel!!

      • Nick-dog

        Yes Sir, you are welcome! It’s rare that I have something unique to share in terms of Intel, but I am glad I could add to the conversation! Best, -N-D

  32. Indiana Jim

    Gold up $30 today. Things can turn in a hurry should events precipitate change.

    • Greg Hunter

      Indy Jim it sure looks like the Fed is NOT raising rates unless they want to crash the economy. Thank you for your comment.

  33. Greg Hunter

    I can’t argue with a single point. The fact that any and all the scenarios you have pointed out are even possible, should scare the hell out of anyone. You just have to prepare as much as you can and GET RIGHT WITH GOD THE FATHER AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. “Fear Not” God the Father is in Charge!! (Even if it doesn’t look like it, HE is firmly in charge.)

    • Scott

      Gotta’ shout out a hearty AMEN!

      Of all the things we can/do to prep for terrible times, the most important decision we can ever make is to trust the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. Without Him, no prep will do us any good.

      Good for you for standing up for the Lord, Greg! ^_^

      • Greg Hunter

        Mohammad Ali chose to deny Christ all of his adult life. At the moment you die, you either have Christ or you do not. NOTHING else is important. We are all sinners and in the end all we really have is Christ or the black hole of nothing. Grand Funk Railroad had a song with young kids speaking at the beginning. The last child to speak says, “If you are good you live forever and if you are bad you die when you die.” Without Christ “You die when you die.”

    • susan

      Thank you so much Greg. My husband is a minister and he is coming down hard in every sermon. Hopefully everyone will truly listen and pay attention. There is no political correctness around here. Bible based and Christ centered.

      • Greg Hunter

        The Bible is the original and best black and white document ever produced. Amen Sister.

  34. wondrouscat

    Michael Bierlein you have posted the most zeitgeist post ever capturing the general overall sentiment of basically losing our minds over this. Your guess as to what might happen is as good as anyone’s.

  35. Sayonara

    The Tsunami of paradigm change is upon us. The out right criminality and corruption of government and MSM is astonishing. The real problem is that those of us who believe in and voice common sense values are literally being beaten by out of control Marxist thugs on the left. Been to Trump rally lately? Take a look at what happened in San Jose last night. And the Mayor of San Jose blamed the thugary on Donald Trump and his supporters. This country in my opinion is gunshot to the head. We are now just a time certain of becoming an exponential Haiti.
    The tragedy is that no one stood up and fought the tyrannical left. Such a pity.

    • Russ McMeans

      Trump is standing up against the Establishment as we speak. And I put my Trump 2016 bumper sticker on my truck to piss off the libs in Calitopia, where I live.

  36. glen

    the war drums are beating in SE Asia for sure, state sanctioned executions without trial by jury of apparent ‘drug dealers’, has gone wildly public.
    some big bucks being offered now in the war on drugs for those willing to execute rather than arrest.
    the war on drugs has escalated with the ‘body count’ now a measurement of success.

    • Paul ...

      With SE Asia up in arms about the drug problem … it could put a dent in the drug trafficking out of Afghanistan … now what of all that drug money the US makes and the profitable money laundering entailed “that must be protected” … looks like US Aircraft Carriers are needed in the region!

      • Paul ...

        It is time for America to begin hanging drug traffickers … the way the following seven countries do … … this will put a dent in pockets of the elites … who grow their heroin in Afghanistan and ship it here in the coffins of dead American soldiers (killed protecting the elites Afghanistan poppy fields)! … did the MSM ever ask Obama the question: “Mr. President why exactly is our military sacrificing our sons and daughters to protect the poppy fields in Afghanistan???

        • Greg Hunter

          Due process and Constitution is best, otherwise all you have is mob justice.

  37. Silence is Golden

    Trump on Edward Snowden….from 2013

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll bet trump has changed his mind on this one. Snowden is a patriot while the criminal and the real traitor Hillary Clinton is running for president–for now. Thank you for adding this.

  38. RichM

    To Al Hall:

    I have been gone and posted under Greg Mannarino’s post a question to you from your GET OUT AND TAKE SOME PROFITS comment….. here is is.

    Al: What about miners. I have been waiting for them to come back up which they have some. I want out of the stock market altogether but sure would like to make back what I lost from 2012 -2015. I know when it happens there could be a bank bail-in so my money may dis-appear but what are the chances the miners could shine one last time before that happens?

  39. Charles Turner

    The press is corrupt on a worldwide basis. In the UK we are having a referendum on being members of the EU. The establishment have lined up all the elites worldwide to condemn an exit including your president who said that the UK would be at the back of the queue (line) for any trade deal and Jamie Dimon who announced that 4000 JPM staff would lose their jobs.

    Last night we had Sky News, a mainstream news channel, broadcast a 1 hour debate where for the 1st half an hour one of the leading exit members Michael Gove was interviewed on a one to one basis and then took questions from the audience. He did very well from very hostile questioning and largely won the audience over. He was clapped regularly in contrast to the current prime minister David Cameron who went through the same process the night before. What happened next was shocking. Throughout the evening Sky news showed 30 second clips of the Michael Gove struggling. They chose the worst 30 seconds out of 1 hour and completely misrepresented the whole debate. For people that didn’t watch the interview and just tuned into the news it presented a completely different story. The media propaganda is shocking and so powerful in influencing people that don’t scratch beneath the surface. Everyone that visits sites like this scratches beneath the surface but so many seemingly intelligent people dont. That is what is so scary.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Charles you are correct. The MSM press is totally corrupt and I try to highlight this every week in how they report and what they CHOSE to report. The MSM is killing itself to propel a totally distorted and false narrative. If they reported everything and told the truth my site would not be relevant but that is not the case. I do not see them changing and they are arrogant and pompous. I know I used to work for top MSM companies.

  40. Ron

    The end of the Obama administration has never looked so good

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Ron. Let’s hope he really goes!

  41. Tracy Welborn

    It looks like they may be laying the groundwork for an “unforseen” attack on the Federal Reserve/Treasury by, let me guess, “terrorists”, “right wing extremists” or whatever the current enemy of the state may be.

  42. Tracy Welborn

    You have the best – by far – comment section on the web. Watchdoggers are THE most informed community I’ve read. I come to your comment section and browse it like I do Zero Hedge and Drudge. Your guests are top notch and provide plenty of intellectual material to digest. I also appreciate you weeding out the psychotic remarks that are so prevalent in other blogs.
    Is Watchdogger the official fan designation now?

    • Greg Hunter

      I have said this before, I have some of the smartest people on the internet commenting here. You’re comment is simply backing me up, and I thank you for that!!

  43. Doug C.

    Great wrap up. I believe China is setting up a perimeter missle web because they WILL, and have been working to eliminate the US $ world hedgemony through oil deals in Yuan. They know that the NeoCon’s will try to Nuke them if they succeed, and are getting prepared to protect their country and countrymen. Russia as well. Absolute great work on your comparisons of HRC and DJT and the MSM coverage. It is amazing the 180 degree difference in coverage. It will be an interesting year.

  44. freebreezer

    Micheal – If not married, find a nice Amish girl. If every thing goes to hell, it will not matter … they know how to live off the grid!

    • freebreezer

      I am half jesting … but I was down in Amish country two days ago, and it struck me over the head … If all this crap hits the fan, it will matter very little to the Amish. EMP – no big deal – or to them – what is and EMP? … they do not use electricity! They grow their own food and are entirely self sufficient; They are very community organized; there is something here we all can learn from!

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