Weekly News Wrap-Up 7.19.13

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Fed Chief Ben Bernanke testified in front of the House and Senate this week about the economy and money printing.  The headline in USA Today says it all, “Fed Help Won’t Fade.”  Remember, this is $85 billion in bond buying each and every monthThat’s $45 billion in Treasury bonds and $40 billion in sour mortgage debt.  I call it the fraud and mistakes of big banks. Why doesn’t anyone in Congress ask which banks are getting $40 billion each and every month?    This is a half-trillion bucks a year, and nobody in Congress wants to know where it is going? 

The Fed money printing orgy produced record highs in the stock market and 16 month highs in crude oil.  It stands at $108 a barrel.  Higher gas prices are coming.  We also had the biggest U.S. city in history file for bankruptcy—Detroit.  What a strange paradox?  The city unions have to feel pretty screwed right now as pensions and healthcare are going to have to be cut drastically. Let’s not forget about the bond holders who will probably get about 10 cents on the dollar.  In all, it was a $20 billion blow-up.  More cities will surely follow Detroit’s move to shed debt. 

Meanwhile, the Zimmerman verdict outrage continues to distract Americans about the real issues of unemployment and an imploding economy.  The Zimmerman outrage is a total false issue and totally made up by the Left.  Look at what conservative black commentator Larry Elder had to say to Piers Morgan recently on CNN.  Elder said that Morgan should ashamed of putting up the idea that blacks have to be looking over their shoulder because they are being hunted down by whites.  90% of black people are killed by black people, same as white people.  Remember, Zimmerman is not white but considers himself Hispanic.  It is a fake and contrived problem that is being used to distract us from real issues. 

Here are a few real issues.  Obama Care is kicking in at the beginning of next year, and it is an economy killer.  Already, part-time jobs and temporary jobs are spiking, and full-time jobs are imploding.  Democrats know this, and that is why the Obama Administration has put off the employer mandate to provide healthcare for employees until 2015.  Companies with 50 or more employees are required to provide healthcare or be fined.  It is a political move to postpone the law because Democrats know it will cost them in the 2014 mid-term elections.  President Obama said this week that “some folks are rooting for the law to fail.”   His administration just postponed a big part of it!  Isn’t that because it’s already failing?   

How about all the lawsuits against the Obama Administration over the unconstitutionality of the NSA spying and data collection on all Americans?  How about the recent appeal ruling that puts back into place “Indefinite Detention,” which guts the due process of the Constitution?  One judge blocked it and, this week, an appeals court unblocked it.  Now, the government can throw a bag over your head and drag you off forever without charge or trial.  That is simply outrageous, and, yet, not even mentioned by the mainstream media.  

What about the Syrian civil war where the al-Qaeda backed rebels are losing?  Now, there is more talk of ratcheting up the violence by sending arms to al-Qaeda rebels?  Also, there is talk of direct U.S. military involvement.  That should make the Russians happy.    More than 100,000 Syrians have been killed in the two year civil war.  Secretary of State John Kerry said Syrian refugees fleeing to Jordan is the biggest humanitarian problem on the face of the earth.  Issues like these are being clouded by the nonsense of the Zimmerman trial and verdict. 

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. FredQ

    Hi Greg, We were happy (ecstatic) when the idiot called Morgan left England. Please don’t start quoting him,even if his quotes are perfect for ridicule (and mirth). He is imo a moron of the highest order and shouldn’t be rewarded with even minimal coverage.

    Apart from that, many thanks for the roundup!



    • Greg

      Thank you FredQ for your support from the UK!!

    • Tad

      Pip pip, and all that rot!!

  2. Fraser

    Thanks Greg… But IF the law says people helping terrorists (such as Al Qaeda) should get bags on their head and IF the Obama administration is supporting the terrorists (such as Al Qaeda) in Syria – THEN why don’t law abiding Americans put a bag on Obama’s head?

    • Greg

      Bing, bing, bing!!! Very good point that I failed to make in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. Thank you for making it for me!!!!!

  3. jc davis

    Greg. You gift wrapped this one completely. I will ask all viewers one question. what part of the constitution has not been changed, or violated with no prosecution ?
    I must say there are many non issues in the lame extreem media.
    Thanks for your hard work.

    • Greg

      Thank you JC and Barry!

  4. Barry

    Good report Greg. You need to get Paul Craig Roberts back on to talk about his latest article “Coup d’etat” on his blogspot. Thanks!

  5. art barnes

    Thanks for the weekly wrap-up. If you don’t mind let my little brain wrap it up for the common folks: Going to hell in a hand bag.

    • Greg

      art barnes,
      That’s a wrap!!

  6. jerry

    Great weekly rap up Greg. Thanks for your reporting. When you look at the over state of the economy, you have to ask yourself why President Obama doesn’t get more involved and try to turn things around? I contend its not that he doesn’t care, “he just doesn’t give a crap”! I really think his overall agenda is to help implode what is left of this country, and help move us into the NWO. Just before a ship sinks, all the rats run to the top, and look for a place to jump off. That’s what you’re seeing now, with Janet Napolitano leaving DHS, and Ben Bernanke leaving the Fed in the fall. They don’t want their fingerprints left on the body of work they’ve left behind when the SHTF. If you’re waiting for the Federal Government to come bail you out (like they’re doing with the city of Detroit) when things collapse in about 6-8 months from now, you’re going to have a long wait. Does the word Katrina mean anything to you? Honestly Greg, its come to the point I can’t even watch the news anymore. This Kabuki dance they put on ( with the Zimmerman trial) is nothing more than a diversion from the “REAL” problems we are faced with right now.
    I guess when you don’t have any solutions, all you’re left with is smoke and mirrors. And that is what we have now. The Feds have shot all their bullets (except the ones DHS is planning on using) and nothing has worked. Its a sad lesson to learn, that Socialism is nothing more than shared misery. I hope someday, the American people will embrace the Free Enterprise system that built this country once again. I am grateful for patriots like you Greg who are not afraid to let their voices be heard. Thank you for your hard work.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jerry for adding your analysis to this post.

  7. George

    If Zimmerman is a “White” Hispanic, wouldn’t that make Obama a “White” African American?
    Why does the MSM give Obama a pass? He is a failure as President and he will be remembered as the President that had the chance to fix American unemployment and bring manufacturing back to the US but instead pushed Obama care that is sure to destroy what little of the economy that is left.
    All of the current scandals, which the Obama administration insist there is nothing to see here move along, bring daily revelations showing perjury, cover-ups and misinformation. They resort to character assignation of the IRS Inspector General, Mr. George, saying he is partisan. They claimed the Col. congress wanted to question has retired which isn’t true. In the face of all of the transparent lies told by this administration, why would anyone believe there propaganda that the economy is in recovery?
    They gave Obama the Nobel Peace prize, what he and his stooge Carney really deserve are Oscars for the acting job they are doing. After all, who could continually tell the same lies in the face of overwhelming, demonstrable proof to the contrary without rolling on the floor laughing?

    • Greg

      Good points George. Thank you for making them here.

  8. George

    Wow, Larry Elder blew Piers Morgan out of the water. Piers claims Rachel Jeantel speaks three languages, from what I saw on the witness stand, English is not one of them. Piers calls her a “smart cookie” but somehow she can’t read cursive. Rachel says she had a 3.0. Those grades seem out of line with her performance during the trial.
    Please do not misunderstand what I am saying. This is not a personal attach on Ms. Jeantel but a commentary on what, at first blush, appears to be the effects of social promotion.

    And if she was the “Star” witness, why did they charge Zimmerman at all as per her testimony, Trayvon threw the first punch.
    excerpt: “Florida’s star witness in the George Zimmerman trial, Rachel Jeantel, said on Wednesday that she believes her deceased friend Trayvon Martin threw the first punch that ultimately lead to his death.
    “In my mind… Trayvon. It was Trayvon,” the 19-year-old told HuffPost Live’s Marc Lamont Hill, when he asked who swung first.”

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jul/17/rachel-jeantel-trayvon-martin-threw-first-punch/#ixzz2ZVJlIMZS

    MSNBC said she is only 19, give her a chance to get an education??!!!
    If that is not patronizing to African Americans, I don’t know what is. If you give people a pass on performance instead of shepherding them to potentiation, they lose and we lose as a country. while this is a problem for African American children, it is also a problem for all children. Why would we allow our children to be inculcated with liberal gibberish, the best of which is blatant nonsense to the ultimate evil of “everybody wins?”
    In the real world, only the best and brightest or the ones that expend extraordinary effort win and THERE ARE NO FREE LUNCHES or MAMOGRAMS.

  9. Chip

    great wrap up Greg. Spot on about the Travon distraction. That’s all it is. With dozens of black on black murders in Chicago every week, where are those trials?

    • Greg

      I have the feeling many black people know they are being played. This is a cruel issue when we should be talking about how to really fix the economy. A good economy will do wonders for ALL Americans.

  10. Frank Brady

    Great piece, as usual Greg. As Detroit goes, so goes the nation (and in the not so distant future)!

    Thank you.


    • Allen Ols

      Greg is this for real ie. “As detroit goes so does etc….”

      • Greg

        You mean Detroit’s bankruptcy? Yes and the saying says it all about the future of many other big US cities.

  11. Troy


  12. Doug

    Great report as always. Just curious, I email and badger my MP and MLA all the time here in Canada about a number of Political issues. Do people not ask/force there Senetors or Congress man/women to explain or ask openly in the Congress where the money is going? If enough people where asking would they not have to give them an answer or be prepared to not have a job the next time there was an election? If I lived in the U.S., I sure would want to know which banks (where my money might be) were on on ther verge of going under. Call them, email them and force them to ask real question or get the hell out of office. The media obviously is being bought off as well by the “Democratic” (by name) party since nothing of value is ever reported, just blather.
    Keep up the great job.

    • Greg

      No one has asked the Fed which banks are getting nearly $500 billion a year. As my friend jim Sinclair says, “That is too stupid to be stupid.” Oh and by the way, Bank of America just reported it’s profits were up a whopping 70%!!! Go figure.

  13. Devin

    Great Work Greg!

    • Greg

      Thank you Devin for the support.

  14. John

    Benn watching your show for a few weeks now Greg.
    I like your honesty and straight talking although of course much of your content is USA based i still find it of interest as it is bound to effect the UK in the long term. Plus like you i am interested to see if gold starts going back up.
    All the best

    • Greg

      Thank you John. I know I am USA centric. That’s why I trademarked the USAWatchdog.com name. That said, we are all interconnected in this shrinking world. Thank you for your comment my friend.

  15. Ugly

    It is probably best to admit now that–

    It is finished!

    Now what?

    Greg, thanks for the real info. None of us Americans can claim that there were never any warning signals.

  16. Angie

    The race card has been played for far too long and many people are tired of it. All the major networks are covering this issue including the conservative Fox network. Newsflash boys and girls; we are all being played. As you have pointed out that our civil liberties are at risk and they are giving race baiters time on all the networks.
    Please America, please wake up!!

  17. Chuck Allen

    Hi Greg:

    Most of the problems associated with the economy, not only nationally but also internationally, are a direct result of inactions and actions by our Congress.

    Is it not clear; that the biggest problem in our country today, is not any one president, but the terrorist group that funds everything…CONGRESS? These yahoos have been doing it for decades and always slipped under the radar for any type of scrutiny. They continually authorize payment of trillions of taxpayer dollars without hesitation. What’s up with that? When will someone put the spotlight on them and heat them up just a little?

    Obama, or any other president could not do the destructive things he is doing if Congress did not FUND IT! Some how the spotlight needs to be trained on them for the traitors they really are. We could start with abdicating their responsibility for control of our money instead of allowing “THE FED” a private bank, to bankrupt the USA. The list is too long to identify here, but it covers at least the last 100 years.

    Have a great weekend.

  18. Doug

    Folks, we are the minority, AND MSM and the Administration know it.. “what was once Lawful has now become Lawless”… This site and others similar to it can only inform us of the dangers we face and how we might survive in Anarchy, even in the face of, for instance, homeland security buying up all our ammunition. As far as the uninformed, ever walk around in your local shopping mall lately? I rest my case.

    Great week Greg, thanks.

  19. Jeff

    Greg, so tell us,…Where is the money going?..The market? We all know what that will eventally cause. I have been out of the market when it hit 11500. Not enough kahunas to go back in, after many years, its time to retire.

    What are the “Sour debt bonds”you spoke of? Is that like selling a bad stock portfolio back to the broker?

    I am still waiting for the crash????

    • George

      Sour debt bonds = Detroit and other municipalities and T-bills/bonds are not looking like a good bet either

  20. M.Smith

    Greg, this video(http://www..youtube.com/watch?v=51361-OUdfw&feature=youtube_gdata) shows some of the economic data the USA has incurred as the ones in charge of the daily screw ups at Fukushima nuclear plants goes un checked & gets worse. It leaves out the toll on our food, water & long term medical cost. This why the government will keep this out of the MSM. The same goes for what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico with BP’s bull crap stories & Texas Brime’s sink hole never makes the MSM head lines, but it will & when it does I hope Tennessee is still here!

    Looking forward to Monday’s news, Thanks Greg for the true reporting!
    M. Smith

  21. Derrick Michael Reid

    We stand at the threshold of totalitarian-Socialism, but it will not last, it will snap, so what is the outcome? Freedom, Economic Collapse, Civil War, Total Anarchy, or Totalitarian Stalinism? You make the call.

    • George

      I am afraid we are going to get the last four before we get the first, if we ever get the first back.

  22. Bruce Granger


    You should get Karen Hudes on for an interview. She’s the
    real deal whistleblower while Snowden gets all the attention?


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