Weekly News Wrap-Up 7.4.14

ISIS or ISIL, Updated Ukraine Crisis and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Happy Fourth of July weekend everyone!  Well, the fireworks went off all over the place, and I am talking about real war.  The al-Qaeda linked terror army operating in Syria and Iraq, called ISIS or ISIL, has declared a new Islamic State.  It covers land taken by them in recent fighting and is comprised of parts of Eastern Syria and Western Iraq.  Now, the Russians are sending fighter jets to Iraq and are teaming up with Iran to protect what’s left of Iraq.  The U.S. has also sent several hundred troops to protect our embassy and help the Iraqi government.  So, let’s get this straight, the U.S is going to fight side by side with the Iranians and Russians while we are arming the so-called rebels in Syria who are fighting the Russians and the Iranians who are helping the Assad government.  Are you getting how totally screwed up the Middle East has become?  Wait, it gets better.  There are also concerns that Jordan may be the next target of the ISIS terror army.  Saudi Arabia is very concerned about this because it is on its Western border.  The Middle East is a conflicting mess.

Let’s not forget the U.S. is opposed to what Russia is doing in the ongoing Ukraine crisis.  I characterize it as an on and off cease-fire between the newly installed Ukraine government and the pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine.  As a reminder of the financial war that is going on, the U.S. pressured France not to deliver two large military ships France is building for the Russian Navy.   It is reported that Russian President Putin said the U.S. offered to cut the nearly $9 billion fine of French bank PNB Paribas for laundering money for Iran and Sudan.  Putin called that “black mail.”  The Ukraine crisis is far from over, and a financial war is going full force behind the scenes.

Things have gotten much more heated between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  The bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teens were found, and Israel bombed Hamas in Gaza.  Hamas extremists are alleged to have done the crime.  Not to be outdone, Israeli extremists kidnapped a Palestinian teen, and he was murdered in retaliation.  There are crazy, evil people on both sides of this ongoing conflict, but good people too.  Both the leadership in Israel and the Palestinian Authority have condemned the kidnappings.  Still, tensions are very high in Israel, and I hope this does not lead to more violence.

Closer to home, the illegal immigration crisis on the U.S. southern border is getting worse.  There are charges by U.S. Congressmen of military bases turning into refugee camps for underage illegal immigrants.  There are reports of sick, unvaccinated children that may cause outbreaks and disease.  Many border towns are facing huge increased costs, and some may go bankrupt because of the flood of Hispanic people.  If this is how the President is going to fix the immigration problem, then it is backfiring.

Finally, the stock market hit record highs again and broke the 17,000 mark on the Dow.  Part of the reason is the unemployment report where a surprising number of new jobs were added to the economy.  Unemployment is now down to near 6%, according to the government.  Here’s what the mainstream media won’t tell you.  The surges in new jobs were mostly part-time jobs, and full-time jobs plummeted.  Work force participation is the same as it was in 1978.   92 million people are no longer counted in the workforce; and, please keep in mind, record numbers of people are on food stamps (nearly 48 million), and record numbers are on government disability (more than 11 million).

Join Greg Hunter as analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. allen ols


    I guess this was the plan, per/gen. wesley clark, 7 nation take down, harkens waaayyy back to Bush 1, in early 90’s and first invasion of Iraq.

    Gen. W. Clark speaking, on link below.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Allen. Now Clark is totally mum on the M.E. comments he made on this video.

      • Andrew de Berry (Rev)

        Peace and joy to you Greg: The Lord your God is with thee!

      • Stan

        “Whether you like Bush or not, he had clear policies.” Well yes, his clear policies were to invade Iraq and plunder its resources, while keeping it on the petrodollar. Obama seems to be a bumbling idiot but he has clear policies too – to take the world to war. But let’s not lose sight of the facts, both Bush and Obama answer to the same masters – USA Inc.

        • Greg Hunter


        • Diane Ryan

          Yes, and these masters answer to the same master. The level of evil in the world is of historic (if not Biblical) proportion.

      • Bonker's

        Greg, we cant be mum today, because today marks not only the two hundredth and thirty eight anniversary of the Independence of our original 13 colonies of North America from Great Britain, but also the granting of rights as free men, for all English speaking people throughout the earth, for which we are thankful to God and our founding fathers, who so willingly gave up their lives and all they possessed, so that we may enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

        Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)
        QUOTATION: A lady asked Dr. Franklin. “Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy? A republic replied the Doctor if you can keep it.”

        ATTRIBUTION: The response is attributed to BENJAMIN FRANKLIN—at the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, when queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation—in the notes of Dr. James McHenry, one of Maryland’s delegates to the Convention.
        My Country;

        To our friends and family overseas with the utmost respect; Mother Country and Rebel Country;

        The Seekers;


        Oh Canada;

        Crash Course;
        1812 Horton; Battle for N.O.

        ~A free press, means a free people and a free internet,
        means a free world~ “Try and lick that, you never will in a million years!”

      • allen ols


        tis tru !

        Paul Craig Roberts

        Having Murdered Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and the US Constitution, Washington is now Murdering Ukraine.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Yes, and the worst of all those casualty losses is the Constitution. Happy 4th to all on USAWatchdog. Best always. PM

        • Ncdirtdigger

          No one GRANTS me my rights! They are bestowed upon me and all my fellow men (and women) by God. I am born and live through Him and His son.

    • allen ols

      TWO of the most powerful women in the world.


    • 27leafs99

      Allen & Greg: Being a Canadian, I should have known the US military dictates foreign policy and Presidents have no influence. Everything makes sense now. Can you imagine what would happen if a US Politian campaigned against the US military.

      • Galaxy 500

        If US Military dictated policy it wouldnt be what it is now

        • Galaxy 500

          How sad…you’re either intellectually dishonest or have an underwhelming understanding of the US

      • MrPM


        His name was John F Kennedy-

        and we all know what happened to him when he tried to stand up against the military industrial complex….

        • Galaxy 500

          I heard it was a lone gunman…
          Sorry, couldnt help myself. A favorite line from a TV show. I am buying.organized.crime or the bankers with maybe a side order of pissed off CIA off the reservation.
          Dont think if military was leading we would have left Iraq the way we did and I dont think we would have had those gay rules of engagement.

      • ThirteenthFloor

        Yes the military is used as a weapon to defend the USD. But it is the CIA is where covert operations at play. The CIA, originally the OSS received funding from the ESF (a private fund of the treasury) which had the same director for years. Today, the CIA funds covert from drug-run monies earned in operations like Cari-broc and Afghanistan, as well as Poland, aa well as the Saigon Military Mission in 1954 to start the civil war in Vietnam.

        This is well documented in a large library of materials….however Dr. Jim Willie interview on this same site, discusses this as well.

        The US is widely referred to as Drug Inc. in the third world and in Turkey.

        Other than the short period from Jun 1961 to Nov 1963, the CIA ran covert operations independent of the JCS (joint chiefs of staff). Kennedy issued NSAM 55 forcing the rogue CIA to report to the JCS, but NSAM 55 was reversed 4 days after LBJ came in.

    • brian

      you know, watching that video puts that 9/11/2001 attack in a new light. 9-11, regardless of what really happened, is an absolute keystone upon which this whole foreign policy adventure hangs, it really is the “pearl harbor” that kicked the United States into a war footing and justified the risky “nation building” our nation underwrote for more than two decades now. Given all the irregularities surrounding “the events that unfolding on that fateful day” one would have to be a naive sot not to demand further inquiry, up to and including testimony of certain individuals under oath.

      • ThirteenthFloor

        Brian, I used to live in Battery Park near the WTC. On 9/11 I worked at 140 Broadway on the 50th floor. I watched a plane hit the south tower from 200 ft away in my office. My wife was in the E-train subway beneath the north tower when the first plane hit on her way to work. I supplied compliance recording and software systems for 80 percent of ALL the worlds banks. I lost over 50 customer ‘friends’ and two co-workers in those buildings that day. The point that is often overlooked about that day…over 1 trillion USD worth of bonds from Canter-Fitz disappeared and all the Gold in three major vaults disappeared NEVER to be found or investigated (note that was 600 billion at 2001 price). People fail to realize the WTC was in fact the largest physical bank in the world. 9/11 is the day America lost its freedom, many loved ones, and the greatest bank heist of all time.

  2. Galaxy 500

    Great wrap up Greg. Was talking to someone today while standing in line at.the bank. He said we should give the rebels in Syria more powerful weapons. I asked (using your line) if he was going to give them to the.good Al Qaeda or the bad. He had an opinion but didnt have a clue.
    Happy fourth to all. The.hurricane should be passed by about five am here.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500, Happy Fourth to you and yours!

  3. Fraser

    Thanks Greg for another great wrap!
    On this the 4th of July, the meaning and effectiveness of Democracy should be contemplated and I believe that it is of great importance that there exists the choice of a third political party, no matter how small. Let me explain why.

    In my own country of Australia the two main political parties are the Liberal Party (think Republican) and Labor Party (think Democrat) who between them control the legislative output of the Government. But there is also a Senate where Australians have deliberately elected third parties to hold the “balance of power”, which can block any legislation that is not in the Nation’s best interest. This works on a superficial level because the two major parties are always at each others throats and so the third party only has to back one side or the other to affirm or deny. It also works on deeper level because IF the money-men cannot buy the third party, then they cannot buy any of the Government, because they cannot control the final vote on the legislation.

    This system became entrenched back in 1977 when Don Chipp (Liberal) became disenchanted with the major parties and formed a new party called the Australian Democrats, whose most famous public promise was to “Keep the Bastards Honest”, although he also stood for tolerance, compassion, justice and direct democracy, so that “there should be no hierarchical structure … by which a carefully engineered elite could make decisions for all members of Government.”

    Chipp’s resignation speech from the Liberal Party on 24 March 1977 concluded with the following remark: “I have become disenchanted with party politics as they are practised in this country and with the pressure groups which have an undue influence on the major political parties. The parties seem to polarise on almost every issue, sometimes seemingly just for the sake of it and I wonder if the ordinary voter is not becoming sick and tired of the vested interests which unduly influence political parties and yearns for the emergence of a third political force, which owes no allegiance to outside pressure groups. Perhaps it may be the right time to test that proposition.”
    Although the party he founded folded 31 years later (after straying too far from its core mandate) it served Australia well and Australians have continued on with the practice of electing third parties to “Keep the Bastards Honest”.

    The modern day equivalent to Don Chipp is probably Nigel Farage with his UKIP party in the United Kingdom, whose popularity continues to grow. But as yet there appears to be no equivalent in America, even though America is crying out for change, which is evidenced by the latest Gallop poll that shows Congress is less popular than dog poop and that Americans now distrust all forms of their Government and are at their wits end with the current system:

    Judging from the Australian experience and the current mood of the American people, I believe that a third party would become instantly successful by adopting Don Chipp’s manifesto:
    [1] Keep the Bastards Honest
    [2] Direct Democracy
    [3] Protect the Constitution

    Divisive issues such as religion, abortion, gay rights, immigration and gun control should be avoided – not because they are not important – but because the party should be positioned above politics and money, fighting only for Honesty, Democracy and the Constitution. Stray from this foundation and the party will quickly blur into the others, lose its moral mandate and ultimately fall to the money sponsored candidates.

    Yes, I know that American politics is (currently) all about money and not morality, but if the significant force that is represented by alternative media (such as USAWatchdog) were to band together and help the new party, then advertising and campaign expenses could be kept to a minimum and “people power” could win over money. Our Don Chipp was able to dramatically change Australian politics on a shoe-string budget, because the people understood his vision and its urgency and by word of mouth the people carried him forward on their shoulders.

    However you choose to organize it yourselves, I would personally love to see the day when an Independent Representative of the American People pounds into the President and then with the full support of the people goes on to unwind all of the un-Constitutional laws that are killing your country – just like Don Chipp did 40 years ago. Indeed, there are so many urgent things to be done, which neither the Republicans nor Democrats can touch because they are against the interests of the controlling money men – like ending the Fed, jailing the bankers, bringing back sound money and starting an open and honest dialogue in the Middle East, which actually seeks peace rather than US arms sales and hegemony through endless war!

    Over the past few years, I have been hoping that good men like Rand Paul might actually break free and lead the charge. But unfortunately, whether coming from the Democratic or Republican side, they are still bound into their party hierarchy and therefore still bound into their financial supporters, rather than the people. But a few days ago Colin (from NZ) started me thinking about great Australian politicians and when I thought about Don Chipp I realized the solution.

    As I have said before, independent third parties have served Australia brilliantly for the last 40 years. With great excitement, they are now developing and sweeping through Europe and (I believe) that America is cherry ripe to take this next step in the evolution of its own democracy – by establishing an independent third party which is above politics and money – fighting for Honesty, Democracy and the Constitution. You will be amazed by how warmly the concept will be greeted by the people and what an incredible difference it will make to your country! Yes it will require some initial work and the finding of an honest leader, but it should snowball quite quickly from there…

    Finally, can I say that Obama’s first “change speech” fooled me too and that I am now bitterly disappointed. Change was required and was promised after 2008, but nothing has happened except that the rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer. But having been fooled once, anyone who believes the next Democratic or Republican making the same speech is a complete idiot. Yes you need the change that was promised – but no, you will not get it from your current “democracy” – because that “democracy” is being run by the money-men, for the money-men and is not a “democracy” at all. To get the change you want, you will have to follow Don Chipp and change the system itself.

    For those interested in THE MAN, a brief profile can be found here:
    As a keen supporter in the late 1970s, I remember him as a brilliant, hard working, chain smoking, heavy drinking, loveable man with a great sense of humour – who fought for his country against both the money-men and the Government and won(!) – because he appealed directly to the people and his honesty and clear vision were undeniable. And today, when I look around the world and then back at my own country, I appreciate his efforts even more – RIP Don – you were magnificent!

    • I'm ah Michigan man

      Please send some of your Aussie’s mates to Washington! You sound as if your a chip off the old block yourself. It’s summer up here, so if you’d make the trip, your welcome anytime. I mean if we could send one woman,” Victoria Nuland “and 5 billion dollars to Ukraine and topple that Government just think what some honest fair dinkum bloke’s from Oz could do with a Yankee bird in one arm and a keg in the other. All kidding aside mate our Governor Mitch Snyder sounds like Don Chipp. They called him a nerd but you know what Michigan is doing better than most states now and we’ve come from the bottom.


      • Fraser

        MM- chuck in some tickets to the footy and I’m there! But seriously, I’ve been thinking about this problem for ages (selfishly trying to stop my family from being blown up by your neo-con nit-wits) and the above is the best I’ve got. I’m sure it will work, but someone over there has to pick up the ball and run with it! I’ve also sent the above to Ron Paul and PCR, but I doubt that it will be read…

        Anyway, can I add that Don Chipp was indeed our political “tank man” who only differed in that he drew in enormous crowds and support:
        BUT ever since that time, big Government and the money-men have not stopped attacking both the man personally and his work and pretty soon we are going to need another Chipp#2 ourselves!

    • I'm ah Michigan man

      Fraser check out my state; Sorry bout that last one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpkWDvXQuTk

      • Fraser

        Looks great and I’m happy that you are happy. But I have to tell you that every time I travel, I do “the Pope” on my return and kiss the tarmac – so thankful to be born and raised here, in the Land of Oz!

        • I'm ah Michigan man

          To right! Just so you know we appreciate your concern for the big older brother in the family, older brothers can be a pain! Most people here feel, “i’m just a little punk, what can I do? Don Chipp just might be the answer! We cant wait till the game is called out on account of darkness. I appreciate your encouragement and please don’t give up on your mates up yonder, we need all the help we can get, fer sure!
          P.S. Here in the mid-west of the US., its much more down to earth than the east and west coasts, were not as sophisticated, thank God. Were just what you might call real fair dinkum Americans, dinky die!

    • Fraser

      To help the understanding, here is a sporting analogy. Think of a Soccer match played in front of a packed stadium – only the Referee doesn’t show up. Without anyone to enforce the rules (Constitution) the players on both sides start cheating and the game quickly descends into chaos. At quarter time the players stop playing altogether and invite onto the field a whole bunch of whores, drug dealers, gamblers and other illegals. The public starts to boo and then threatens to break up the stadium and kill the players. Don Chipp alone stands up and walks off the field and comes back on dressed as a Referee, carrying a baseball bat. He chases away all the illegals, beats up a few of the players and then gets everyone to restart the game by the Rules. The resulting game is so well umpired and played at such a high standard, that the crowd cheer and Don Chipp is appointed Referee for every game for the next 9 years until his retirement and is then replaced by his deputy for the next 22 years. That’s what he did – how he did it (technically) is also interesting. But for now I just reference his book – “The Third Man”.

      • Fraser

        The key is to find (about five) honest Senators who are willing to stop playing the political game itself and instead “hold the balance of power” and act as “independent umpires”. I also note that you already have two Independent Senators, Angus King (Maine) and Bernie Sanders (Vermont) and that (at least) another Thomas Ravenel (Texas) is running this election cycle. So there is some chance for immediate change IF these men (plus two more) can be convinced to band together under Don Chipp’s manifesto (or similar). The ideal candidates should be political agnostics – straight down the middle, caucusing with neither side and (of course) unquestionably honest. If none of the above candidates are suitable, then find or elect some who are!

    • Mike Soon Over

      2016 Obamas America, I’m sure you seen it if not the Hope and Change s$#@ fooled many Its now free on Google

  4. bob

    obama is asking for more money for a cause that we caused. i’m trying to figure out why we got rid of the nut job that we put in power that actually kept them all quiet in iraq. there is so much treason and fraud in this country that we would need a large prison, wait how about reopening alcatraz and still having tours. we can have them doing all there own work and seeing them living like us or a reality show on the island. isreal, kidnapping, adults needing adult supervision. world war 111 is well on the way. the immigrants are coming into the country as future voters for the dems. i don’t agree with the repubs either. here is a pipe dream. what would happen if we all the working class, to not go to work and not go out and spend a penny for 2 or 3 days. then not exactly return to normal. i am actually cutting back in every aspect possible. either i am sending a message or i am helping excelerate our demise. i love this country as much as you do greg, but we were aloud to be over taken by the corps and the gov’t, which are in bed together and been a lie after lie for as long as i can remember. it will take blood on the streets and people pulling together to fight the banks our gov’t. and corps before you see the right “change” for the better.right now we got what the people voted for”change”. obama led you to believe his ‘change was for the better, he was 100% correct. you have your “change”, it just wasn’t for our better. now lets all go out and enjoy our 4th and watch the fire works invented by our future leaders.

  5. Mikkel Jacobsen

    Hello greg ..

    Yes I agree,,,,
    And thank you fore reporting on relevant issues in the middle east, and just as important bringing good and relevant guests on ,, to give us some insights on,,, what is realy going on behind the scenes,,
    The threat to the petrodollar is a really important key issue to understand,,, and USA Watchdog is doing a good job…conveying important stoff ,,,,,,,but just in my opinion,,, I often think about the fact ,, that when the world reserve currency status is finally gone. ,,,, China and Russia Will probably be seen by many as,,,, the BIIIG heroes and winners,,,
    And to some extent of course they are right,,,,, bringing down wallstreet , Langley ( maybe) ,,, and the overall hegemony,,,,, Well done ,,, good job ,,, so we are maybe sopposed to think that ewrything is fine….. Well I disagree,,,, Well just how much historic experience dó they have with the term FREEDOM,,,, would it be fair to say that they have implemented those values in their législation ,,,, just as one exampel …. I Think NOT …
    We in the West ( europe and usa )HAVE the experience ,,, have done All the suffering ,,, bit by bit,,, through endless wars , a lot of pain and heartache ,,,, but now we largely just fell asleep,,, we are not awake,,, full of apathy and denial,,, afraid of the socalled terrorthreat ( All – CIA -da ) A’s Jim Willie says ,,,,, The masses are easily controlled,,, so it seems,,,,, BUT ,, I just Think that ,,, at a very late stage more people will wake up,,,
    In Europe and USA ,,, because of the very valueabel experiences we had in the past,,, a rich history,,, FREEDOM is stronger than anything else,,, 🙂

    And lastly ,,, Dó FSA ( free syrian army ) , IF ( islamic front) and other groups have hundreds and hundreds of kilometers of frontline with ISIL/ISIS ,,, TO DEFEND????
    Some of the al Nusra group defected back to ISIS where they came from in the first place,,,,some of the moderate groups in the eastern Syria WHO ARE fighting ISIS there,,, are now threatening to lay down their arms ,,, why ? ,,, because of lack of support of arms and other supplies,,,,
    Complete failure by the west, badly organiced opposition in Syria,,,, and the PORTRAYING of the conflict through spin , lies and propaganda….
    Well just in my humble opinion,,, even though the opposition have all sorts of internal problems,,, there is a healthy part,,,, and those are the ones we are letting down.
    The Russians are protecting their interest there,,, through the ASSAD regime- bombing people back to the stoneage. The American government is saying one thing and doing something else,,,, apparently they want chaos and commit suicide themselves at the same time ,,, blaming’ the others’….of course …. highjacking the public uprising in Syria and in the middeleast and USE IT fore their own covert purpose…

    Ok enough with that,,,

    Have a nice 4 th of july Greg and ewrybody…

    Mikkel Jacobsen

    • softplacetoland

      I don’t understand one thing. You are obviously aware of many things that drag your country down including mainstram medias and their role in all that. And yet you still tace as truth what same medias are telling you about Russia, China and other “non alligned” countries. Even talking about pain and suffering and freedom Americans experienced. I find it very arrogant to say that since I belive you don’t know how much suffering was there in this world experienced by non Americans. More intense in last few decades in many ways caused or “helped” by USA. If you check history you may learn that Americans in the end didn’t suffer that much compared to other countries. That much obvious almost rendering comparasion unnecessary. No, you’re not exceptional in that way. In some other ways you are. Ones which may soon convince most of world citizens there is only one thing world can do to defend itself from aggressor and aggressive behaviour. So, after all warmongers maybe get what they wanted.


    I think that the attached article will help explain how
    our Nation has gotten to this point. I hope that you and your
    readers/listenership will take a few minutes to read what
    the agenda is. All the events to this point are premeditated,
    the are no coincidences. Have a great fourth.


  7. Ugly

    Happy 4th everyone. Enjoy what we still have. Enjoy today, plan for tomorrow….

    • lastmanstanding

      Same to you my brother from the south…more garden going in this weekend.

      I am attempting to see if I can get another rotation of crops started…I know I will be able to get certain things with no problem but we will see.

      • Ugly

        Keep going. At my house we have two garden spots. The north one my wife takes care of and it is your normal looking garden. Mine is the south one where I have Jerusalem Artichokes and heirloom lettuce. They re-grow each year with no plantings. Yes, it looks like a weed patch, but I know what is edible and what isn’t. The re-growing gardens are the ones I want….good luck in the Big Sky!!!!

  8. Jerry

    Greg thank you for all your hard work, and for U.S.A. Watchdog. In celebration of Independence Day, I have this prophetic advice from Thomas Jefferson.

    There are many who come to your site that believe that the events that happen world wide on a daily basis are merely happenstance, or chance. That we are all ” helpless victims of luck” (which is short for Lucifer by the way) caught up in random acts. I do not believe that for one second, any more than I believe the planets were accidently placed in their orbits. Our founding fathers knew about the danger of Central Banks and that is why they wrote the Constitution in the order they did. For century’s the bankers have had their hands up the puppet sleeves of just about every government on this planet in order to manipulate the masses, and control world events. Some even believe that Bankers (the money changers) were instrumental in the plot to crucify Christ. Do not believe for one second, that world events are not being orchestrated for an ultimate preplanned goal. THEY ARE. Globalist (like Christine Lagarde and others) might think that they are in control, but THEY ARE NOT. They are being used as pawns to achieve a much greater goal of world domination, in which digital currency will become the mechanism to control the masses. How can I know that? Research the history of the City of London Corporation (West Indies Company) and you will find your answer. Who do you think Bankrolled the economies of China and India, and the BRIC nations?

    Yes our founding fathers were wise to fear Central Banks. I have no doubt that God almighty himself, had a hand in writing the Constitution. And it is at this critical point that we must realize that it is ” hanging by a thread”, and that if we as a people do not wake up the masses to this truth, we will be the authors of our own destruction. Thank you Greg for all you do. You are a true patriot ! Happy 4th.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry and Happy Fourth to you and yours. I appreciate your involvement with the site.


  9. Jerry

    This information was so damning to the globalist, that you tube took it down.

    • Galaxy 500

      Utube takes down a lot of stuff for various reasons. Them removing it doesnt validate it. Using that reasoning, child porn is damning evidence of global cabal. Ten days left. Get those rubles ready. The bet was for ten…want to move it to a hundred rubles?

      • Greg Hunter

        I don’t know what the exact date Lagarde was forecasting but she was clearly forecasting something big going down in “2+0+1+4=7.”

        • Ugly

          That was cool….

        • Galaxy 500

          I respect where you stand on this and maybe you are right. We’ll see.

      • Jerry

        G 500
        I’m beginning to think this bet is rigged. If I’m right, I may not be able to collect from you. 🙂

        • Galaxy 500

          Youre not going to win….not to worry. And last time I looked 10 rubles =$0.25 I’ll send it to Greg and he can get it to you. Loser pays postage
          I called my friends and told them to put the war on hold for thirty days just so I could prove you wrong.

        • Galaxy 500

          I just sent a nearly three foot long copper head to that big snake pit in hell. She said she was from the government and was here to help. I’d have let her live but she was aggressive

  10. Charles Cubel

    The middle east is a snake swallowing it’s own tail.

    • Galaxy 500

      Just killed one and she was definitely an extremist terrorist

  11. Liberal Conservative

    People are missing the point about the youth immigration at the border. Our armed services are going to need an additional 800,000 troops in order to prosecute the next set of military conflicts. Where are they going to come from ? If we are going to achieve the objectives of the new American century, we need to get things going and make it happen now. Obama has finally demonstrated his agreement with what needs to be done. If Hillary was in office, I think we would have already been there. I saw a poll that says Romney would have been better in office than Obama. He certainly wouldnt have dragged his feet. If Hillary doesnt win the primaries, then we should probably target Romney for POTUS or maybe Jeb Bush. As Americans we need to start getting tghings done.

  12. Gonzo

    Read that the Iraq constitution allows for the establishment of autominous partitions in line with the various provinces along sectarian lines. The readers here probably know about Sykes Picot after WWl, which gave the colonialists border definitions. This Isis appears to be forcing the issue to quasi pre WWl tribal areas of influence with a slightly different twist. Maybe this is the natural tendency to gravitate back toward indigenous regional tribal areas of influence. Albeit violent to western eyes. Putting humpty dumpty back to its pre colonial construction may be what is trying to occur at this time. Whether we like it or not, it is none of our business, the west has already done enough damage to the area.

    • Gonzo

      Just wanted to add. I fully agree with Allen, as part of the equation my historical point and Allen’s point of Western interference both influence the situation. In view of the western interference, they seem to need as the rank and file, those groups that have a deep ideological bent. In this case they supported ex.Sadam Sunni military and Sunni ideological defenders. It is a collaboration of the two for different objectives. I think the Sunnis win over the efforts of the Westley Clark’s of the west. One is fighting for control of somebody else resources, the other for their civilization.

  13. vincentg

    I’m surprised no one is talking about the $15.00 per hour minimum wage.

    Yes fifteen dollar per hour is where many are pushing it city by city and state by state.

    Did you not see the news from a city in the state of Washington?

    Did you not hear Chicago or New York?

    Why the number fifteen?

    Does it kick many off public assistance?

    How is that going to help the job numbers?

    As for the other stories it’s simple – we have a complete incompetent in the white house.
    Maybe it has to do with the old proverb “Give a begger a horse and he’ll ride it to death”

    After all we put a person that was from a broken home and poor into the highest position in the world.

    I have to ask people that voted for him “Did you not see what you were buying”

    • Eddie Laidler

      I can tell you we (family) as small businessmen selling your favorite french fries are already preparing for the hike.
      The first step we took was limiting employees to 29 hours per week instead of 39 so we would not have to pay the Obamacare penalty which would have made our margins impossible.
      Next comes more automation.
      We expect a 9.50 minimum wage here in Ohio in the future. Smaller margins.
      We expect sharply increased food prices coming through the distribution center in the fall. Smaller margins.
      The last thing we will do is raise prices.
      Sales vs last year are down 2 to 3% . Smaller margins.
      Most of our employees will not be getting a second job to make up the lost wages.
      Guess how they will be making them up? Gov. entitlements.

      Most people look at us and say we are ripping off the workers.
      We are trying to stay in business.
      We are not the well recognized corporation behind the the logo.
      We are job creators though.

      So you see we just created 25% more jobs just trying to stay in business.

      Now you see why the borders are wide open.

      These jobs in Fast food were never intended to raise families on and that’s why the food is cheap.

      I have to go now and finish filling out the myriad workers comp claims from people trying to get free money. Every twisted ankle or phoney strained back costs us higher premiums.

      I’ll see you in the Dollar Menu.

      happy 4th

      • Ugly

        I have lost my desire to work harder and try to make more monies. In fact, when this agriculture season is over in October I plan to lower my hours and income and enjoy the life that is left. I will use the axiom of ‘Work Smarter, not Harder’….in fact I am going to use the old 80/20 rule in business. That is 80% of your income comes from the 20% of your main customers. And the reciprocal is that 20% of income comes from the other 80%. I am dropping business to get to the 80/20 rule. Now that my debt is down, I can afford to drop the 80% pain-in-asses and stick with the staples. Yes, I will lose 20% income! but will gain hours in life….that is what I will do….

      • Fraser

        Hear what you are saying. Best you can do is repay staff and customer loyalty with your loyalty. Margins come and go, but your reputation only goes ’til its gone.

      • Galaxy 500

        I understand, totally. One of first few jobs I had were for restaurants. Worked them in HS at night and one weekend. Low Skill jobs that required little intellectual …just good old fashion elbow grease and showing up on time. These are not your life time employment type jobs. It shows you how degraded that our education and society has become. A job is not a social program…its a job. A fair exchange of labor valued and paid at the going rate.
        The Panera Bread CEO was on TV saying he was for a $15 min wage. Hate these charlatans. Nothing stopping him from raising the pay now. Then he started on how they were going to do away with cashiers with automation. Oh…it wasnt going to cut.jobs though.
        Looking camera straight on and lying. He’ll term those cashiers to get his ROI.
        Good luck, peace and prosperity

      • vincentg

        I don’t think 10 will stay.

        This seems to be another big push to go to 15.
        My experience is when you here one state after another talking about 15 then 15 it will be.


        Seattle’s $15 minimum wage — USA’s highest — challenged
        Forget it the State has the right to create laws and the feds can’t tell the state it can’t raise it’s own tax or set minimum wages it feels is best.


        SAN FRANCISCO: City voters will decide in November whether to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour in 2018.

        CHICAGO: City aldermen are calling for a $15 minimum wage

        From my experience when one state or city from a state has made such a move the others will follow quickly.

        Pressure from those that have raised it to the surrounding areas or even to the state will force them to raise it also.

        I personally don’t think there should be a minimum wage law.
        But from what I am seeing and for what ever reason the number 15 has become a battle cry and I suspect we will see many cities pushing hard to pass it late this year.

        You can chalk this up as the pain for saving the banks and the Government.

        On one hand the Fed is forcing inflation in order to save the banks.
        If housing prices fell it would wipe out many banks.
        So if housing prices have risen too fast you simply hold the price up and allow inflation to catch up to percentage wise.

        The other problem is the Government which cannot afford a rise in interest rates.

        This inflation problem will get worse over time.
        Thinking of it has a flood where water levels rise pretty high only the best swimmers will survive.

        • Galaxy 500

          Most jobs are created by small biz. A small biz owner cant afford to pay $15/hr for $7/hr work. Jobs are not a social program, they are an exchange of more for your labor. The places that have raised the min wage like in Washington state are experiencing fierce resistance and legal action. I dont think it will stick

  14. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, Great wrap as always, especially the end. I’m with ya, I love America and what it is supposed to stand for. I’ve been “waking up” for quite some time now, but for about the past year now, I’ve found my blog as an outlet to gently present information to family and friends. I end each post asking to simply start a conversation. I can’t even seem to get comments. No one seems to give a sh@#$%^! They’ll wave their flags today and cheer Dow 17,000-the great job news ( one sentence blurb on the local news) and basically continue to slowly surrender their freedom and liberty and bend over and let their families get groped, swabbed and spied on if that’ll “keep them safe” from those who “hate us for our freedoms”. They swallow it all hook, line and sinker. They’ve been conditioned to frown upon and marginalize anyone who doesn’t just go along. I fear that they’ll only notice once they are standing and waiting in a line or worse yet still not then. My fear is for what future awaits my children if enough people don’t wake up. Keep up the great work!

  15. allen ols


    It doesn’t take a PhD in Sociology to conclude that Iraq was better off with Saddam Hussein than it is today.

    It’s not that Saddam was a great leader without blood on his hands. It’s just that what six US presidents have done to Iraq over the past 35 years has been much worse than anything Saddam ever did to the people of Iraq.


    Under Saddam, Iraqis had a thriving economy that included a wealthy middle class, a high functioning infrastructure on par with the most developed nations of the world, and free healthcare and free education through graduate school. Today, Iraqis have an effective unemployment rate of 50%, a difficult time getting water and electricity, and bombed out hospitals and schools.

    In Saddam’s Iraq, women’s rights were guaranteed in the constitution, religion played virtually no role in government, Sunni and Shia got along relatively well, and al-Qaeda didn’t exist. Today, Iraqis are facing Sharia law, Sunni and Shia are killing each other, and al-Qaeda in Iraq (now known as ISIS) has become arguably the most powerful non-government force in the world.

    Good job, America

    The reason Iraq is in the mess it is today is not because of some long-standing feud between Sunni and Shiite Muslims, it’s because six US presidents, spanning ten terms, have created a situation that made today’s Iraq inevitable.

  16. ROY

    The situation about the massive immigration of illegals into the United States, is a result of the last 80 years or so of the United States military intervention policies in Central america. The military has invaded just about every country there to support american companies interests. Any government elected by the people there, that might have restore order, has been crushed by the american military to keep the bananas flowing to the United States. A few hours of searching the internet, will provide you with the information that this is true. We have killed any form of self government by these people. I think there was some american politician once quoted as saying, this idea of socialism is a disease that must be stopped. They would have had a government not much different than most european countries like germany. Now most central american countries are a cesspool of misery, disease, corporate dictatorships and rampant crime. Any good citizen there who tries to make their country better is hunted down like a rabid dog. Now the masses of children trying to flee this hell hole, are coming to United States, enjoy what you have sown. This will not stop, these people have nothing to lose. I wish we could send the entire American congress to the highlands of Guatemala for a year to live as a peasant farmer, let them experience first hand their policies at work. More americans should visit more of these countries to see what other people have to endure, so the americans can live their good life. Most would not like what they see. I have lived for several years in a place where the level poverty that these third world children live in, still upsets me, never really get use to it. No human should have to live in such conditions. The kids just tell me life is very cheap here, no one cares if i live or die. I think the policies of the international corporations/american government are now being applied to the american people. Their policies worked well for them in other countries, why not in America.

  17. art barnes

    Greg, with all you said, you ain’t seen nothing yet, this world as we know it is coming apart, sound like it may be time for a new world war. The only thing not mentioned was Asia, China & Korea will come into play as soon as things get too rough for the U.S. and its military complex to handle; just wait, watch & see. Meanwhile, back on the home front the central bank continue to print to infinity & the markets are feeding at the troth like the pigs they are. Every week it gets more interesting, clearly no real intelligence is running the show, its crisis management. Sooner or latter there will be too many fires to urinate on and put out and fire will scorch the home front.

  18. Mikkel Jacobsen

    A bit more,,, to better clarify ,, some of the above was easy to misundlerstand:
    The moderate opposition in Syria is fighting BOTH Assad and ISIL/ The Islamic caliphate,,, and have done so fore a long time!!!!!
    Would it be fair to say that ,,,, that it is very UNDERREPORTED!!!!and POSITIVE NEWS…
    EAWORLDVIEW and PETER CLIFFORD among others..has good reporting,,,,

    Mikkel Jacobsen

    • Galaxy 500

      How do you tell the good al Qaeda from the bad al Qaeda?

  19. Chuck Allen


    Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day!

    How can we believe anything the government says?
    How can we believe anything the MSM has to report?
    How is it that Obama has not been impeached?

    The real problem is Congress! Over the last 70 years they have consistently worked to destroy America and they have almost completed that objective.

    How is it that the American people have let it get to this point….?


    • Galaxy 500

      How is it that Obama has not been impeached? The RINO Republicans are spineless and ballless.
      And as Mitt Romney said, 47% of the people will never vote for a real Republican because that will.end the gravey train. Some people need assistance however, the charities are better at determining who has real need as opposed to who wants to sit on their ass and get the FREE ride.

      • Ugly

        Not much can be done when the Senate is controlled by Democrats. The House cannot impeach by itself. Now if the Senate goes to R control, then we will see. I think you know that, thus just trolling again….

        • Galaxy 500

          I hope that changes in Nov.

          • Ugly

            Me too. At least to the Lame Duck level….

  20. pdog

    Dear Greg:

    Please take a look at this link. It’s about changes at the IMF. very specific.



  21. windcatcher

    Independence Day 2014:
    Be sure to fly the United States of America flag upside down, in flag etiquette, an upside down flag is considered a “distress” signal.
    The American People are under attack and in “distress” today on many fronts (our democracy has been overthrown and our Free Enterprise System of capitalism economy has been destroyed) by the same criminals that successfully carried out the “inside job” attacks on 9/11/01. The American People have been under attack for 13 years!!!
    Illegal immigration is just another fascist bankster/ big oil/ military complex/drugs criminal cartel orchestrated attack to destroy American Sovereignty with secret and illegal trade agreements and UN Agenda 21st Century.

    • Ugly

      America is gone. The best to do is to adjust your lifestyle now and prepare for the New America.

  22. Chris

    Those employment numbers do not look too rosy. But I have a question: How many people are just gaming the system? Working under the table and collecting the freebies the government is giving. I think we would get a better picture if we had a way of identifying those individuals. As a matter a fact, it’s pretty easy to get a government check these days.

    The situation in Iraq is going to blow in the face of our leaders. Doesn’t anybody in the military have the balls to say enough is enough? We are not going and to hell with you. My Vietnam War vet neighbour told me the other day he will not shed a tear for American soldiers who will come back in body bags. The tyranny is out in the open, and if these soldiers failed to notice, they deserve all they get. I agree with him to some extent. But on the other hand, the military pluck these soldiers straight out of high school, and we can agree that people that age don’t really know what is really going on.
    Anyhow, Happy 4th of July.

    • Galaxy 500

      If you stand in line at a grocery store or in line at a pharmacy, you’ll see people pay with food stamps or Medicare and then get in a new Cadillac Escalade or Tahoe or other big ass gas guzzler (Its not jealous…we could buy almost anything with wheels, its just that keeping up with the Jones or trying to impress someone with a car isnt on our lists of important things) . There is no way they could afford the lease payments, rent, food, and especially gas on welfare even with subsidized housing. They have income coming from somewhere, whether is the sale of some of their 270 30mg oxycodone tablets they pay $3 for or some other less than legal method, including working under the table. I wish it didn’t make me so damn angry

      • Ugly

        That goes on daily. Food with the card and then load them up in the newer SUV, while chatting on the O Phone….

      • Chris

        Galaxy 500,

        I remember back in the 1960s if you were on welfare you could only afford to put food on the table and pay your rent. That’s it. Today, like you said, people who are on welfare are living the high life. Not all of them, but a good percentage are living as if they had a $100,000 a year job. They must be getting an income from somewhere else. It’s the only way I can explain it. Like you, I am angry beyond belief. I’ve told my story on this site of how I lived on the streets of Los Angeles during the mid-70s for a few years. Never collected a government freebie, I just kept working the crap jobs. Although the pay wasn’t enough to support me, it never crossed my mind to go on welfare. If things got tough I sold my blood for extra money. If a person like myself can make something out of himself, I believe anybody can. I guess it’s just laziness and not wanting to better yourself.

  23. There's gonna be a great day

    Dear, Friends, family, countrymen and world citizens. As I get older, that spiritual part of me has taken an even deeper root within me. It has caused me to have a deeper appreciation of people, their joys when they are happy and their struggles when life gets tough. For most of us this weekend, we have an opportunity to share with others a very special commodity, which is our time. It’s an opportunity for us to spend our time thinking about others, talking with others and sharing our treasure with others. It is really about giving, giving away the most precious gift of all—our time. So this holiday weekend, don’t waste your time on things that don’t matter. Spend your time with those opportunities, people, friends, and family members that will enjoy it and in some cases need it as we behold the fateful day draw near when freedom will be a fond memory! . On behalf of myself, friends and family , I want to wish everyone a very happy day of remembrance, this July 4 th., of the freedoms we still enjoy. Now that we are a global family, us Watchdogs and as the days go from bad to worse, “Peace on Earth and Good Will to all Mankind.” It has never had a greater meaning than it has now. Let this be our prayer for everyone – That you will know the PEACE of God in these dark days ahead, and do what you can to bring HOPE and comfort to others as your God has given it to you. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/1340465/Palace-breaks-with-tradition-in-musical-tribute.html


    • Dan

      GREAT message!

  24. Coalburner9

    Happy 4th to you. It is probably going to be the best for a number of years to come! Glad you left out LeGuarde. I mentioned numerology to my better half the real math expert. I was shocked at her answer. She is willing to jump me for too much time on the computer but this reaction was new to me. Nothing positive. Which made me think that Leguarde’s order givers told her to humiliate herself and why? I guess to antagonize the conspiracy types. Go figure, the head of a world financial system who answers only to a few oligarchs and God makes a fool of herself to give one of the most powerful, some mystery nut job, a couple of laughs. That is sick humor and I guess Jim Sinclair’s predictions may be true. I have them posted above my computer. 2014 and 2015 are not going to be good for “the little people”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy 4th to you and yours too 9!

  25. EyesWideShut


    Great weekly wrap up! You keep saying that things are a mess! And they are a mess almost everywhere you look. However, these crises are not the culmination of a myriad mistakes made by leadership. These crises have been created by design! Order out of chaos!

  26. Coalburner9

    The competing powers try to control and plan their menace but with the competing of other interested powers and the bumbling of governments and most organizations who use people to carry out their deeds, many fail or get pushed aside. That is why I do not buy that everything is planned and carried out as they desire. Some of it fails because of the human weaknesses in the people they use and their own weaknesses. On display everyday is our favorite sock puppet who makes blunder after blunder because he just knows less about human beings than most who reach his station in life. Makes you laugh sometimes the way we all find humor in fiasco’s.. Today is a good day to find humor!

  27. allen ols


    go to the 18:04 min. mark on this inerview of John Williams-shadowstat-man and listen to 4-5 min. or so. al ols


  28. art barnes

    Greg, forget to say Happy 4th of July to you and yours. We better still celebrate it while we still have some freedom left. a b

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Art. Happy Independence day to you and yours.

  29. allen ols


    Our culture……

    When it comes to the issues at hand concerning our culture, we can clearly see that the majority of professed Christians are guilty of contributing to America’s state of moral anarchy (which they so boldly proclaim), proven by their support of antinomianism and the effeminate lifestyles they perpetuate.
    It is revealing that these “churches” are “coming out” and exposing “what” and “who” real Christians have always known them to truly be: counterfeits that open doors wide to the gates of hell.
    Side note: This is nothing new. It reminds me of an evil king named Jeroboam in 1 Kings 12:31, who “made priests of the lowest of the people, which were not of the sons of Levi.” These appointed priests were not ordained or appointed to stand in the place of or as God’s ministers, by God. Yet, there they were because of an evil king (a man) who usurped himself above God and His Law. (By the way, Barack Hussein Obama has appointed over 225 radical homosexuals, lesbians and transvestites to governmental positions.) What was their end? Destruction.
    1 Kings 13:24 says, “And this thing became sin unto the house of Jeroboam, even to cut it off, and destroy it from off the face of the earth.”
    Jonathan Edwards rightly said, “Boldness enables Christians to forsake all rather than Christ, and to prefer to offend all rather than to offend Him.”
    We can see today that the opposite is true. These effeminates that prop themselves up in the pulpits of America do nothing but preach what Christ condemned – and boldly. Instead of protesting sin, they protest God’s sacrifice for sin (namely the blood of His precious Son, 1 Peter 1:9) by denying everything that Christ died for. All of this to their own damnation, and justly so (Hebrews 10:28-31).

    Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/07/homosexuals-accomplices-spitting-towards-heaven/#z97dPrXf0GcuQvWj.99

  30. allen ols


    The continuing collapse of our economy took another hit this month with a record 92 million Americans now completely out of work.

    Up 111,000 from the previous month, there are now 92,120,000 Americans, 16 and over, who not only didn’t have a job, but stopped actively seeking one in the last month.

    While the government is still claiming a 6% unemployment rate, the actual unemployment number is almost 29%, with the number of those who are “underemployed” hovering around 16%. But if you looked at only the mainstream media reports about the economy, you might believe things are getting better. In fact, despite numbers that show the exact opposite, a number of mainstream media news outlets ran the headline this morning, “Has the Labor Force Finally Stopped Shrinking?, “Economy on the Rebound.”, and even “President Obama, has fully pulled the country out of the despair of the Great Recession.”

    The June Jobs report numbers are an absolute joke.

    Read More @ OffGridSurvival.com

    • Ugly

      Allen Ols….

      The only evidence we need about our future and economy comes in two forms. First, if the economy was good then printing trillions each year would be unnecessary. The dollar would stand by itself. Second, if the economy was good then banks would be paying 3-4% interest on your savings account for storing your dollars in their bank. But neither is happening. The dollar cannot stand by itself anymore and banks are not going to pay interest on a worthless commodity….

    • J C Davis

      Allen I just had a argument with a co worker about your posting. My point to him was The ymca has over a hundred part time employees, and 13 full time employees. Most part timers are less then 20 hours a week. When you count the hours of employment it starts looking very scary. After all a recovery depends on Gross Domestic Product. America is just not producing enough. Thanks for posting.

    • Jerry

      Don’t waste you time listening to government reported figures. Its all one big lie. There’s nothing funnier than watching the feds sprinkle sugar all over this turd called the U.S. economy, claiming its a delicious jelly donut.

  31. Jerry

    For those of you who are interested in finding out more about who controls the economies, and markets throughout the world you might find this information interesting.

    Once you get past the American hubris that we are all familiar with, you will realize that this company ( who is the City of London Corporation) has been involved with world domination for a very, very, long time. I have recently learned of their involvement in financing not only with the Chinese, and Indian economies, but the Russians as well following the collapse in the 90’s. Why is this important? Because these are the same people who own the Federal Reserve Bank.

    Haven’t you wondered where the Chinese have been getting their money to buy the massive amounts of Gold they have been buying? Their economy has been so stretched that it has created “ghost cities” because no one could afford to buy real estate. How about Belgium? Where did the money come from that Euro Clear used to buy our bonds with? You guessed it. The same people that are running the Federal Reserve Bank. Contrary to popular belief, this is not accidental, any more than the deaths of over 30 Bankers was accidental. There is an orchestrated plan in motion that is thought out, and preplanned.

    You see, the truth is we’ve been manipulated for quite some time for what’s about to happen. Chinas most favored nation status, NAFTA, and many other laws were passed just so the boys in London could groom our replacement who just happens to be China.
    They have the largest consumer base. The largest manufacturing base. And thanks to the City of London Corporation, the largest financial base. The only thing they lacked was natural resources like gas and oil, and thanks to the Russians they now have that.
    Its nothing personal. Its just business. And in order for their new system to function properly, they had to get rid of the old debt based system. Thus the reset.

    I don’t know if the signs and numbers we’ve seen recently mean anything, but I know this. Codes have been used for years, not only by militaries but buy economic traders as well. I wouldn’t discount anything.

    One last question. If this is all conspiracy theories, why have no Bankers been jailed ? Heck why have no investigations been done into the 30 some odd Bankers who have been murdered? Something to think about. Enjoy your 4th.

    • Saint Lawrence

      The quaint old first American Revolution, Ancient English history, and
      City of London,
      good comment Jerry and certainly on the target.
      Unspoken, the second American Revolution occurred already.
      The green bullets, the fake elections, the fake stooges in Washington …
      Who are the oligarchs?

  32. Cry Me A Ruble

    I am back. What has almost destroyed this world is sibling rivalry. The seed of Abraham. The Jews through Isaac and the Arabs through Ishmael. These idiots will never come to an understanding. In fact according to the bible they will be the cause of the end of time. I wish I could be an optimist. Take care my friend.

  33. Galaxy 500

    Here is an update on the ugly race in MS where Thad Cochran paid a dem.pastor to buy vote for $15

    • Greg Hunter

      This race is NOT over. The old guard GOP, what a bunch of cheaters! Ron Paul was also cheated in the primaries when he ran fro president.

    • Ugly

      That is why my church attendance has gone way down. Too many democrats sitting in the pews with all their warm fuzziness….I will donate to Christian radio and to sources of my choice….

      • Galaxy 500

        I understand. The Presbyterians are backing BDS anti Israeli movement. Not a dime

    • Cry Me A Ruble

      In my passion I referred to the Jews and Palestinians as idiots. Actually they are just two parties fulfilling biblical prophesy even if they don’t even know it.

      • Galaxy 500

        If King Saul had obeyed God, there would be no problem as he was told to put them all to the sword

  34. Ordinary Concerned Patriotic American

    You are correct in the sense that we need a lot of soldiers although your number is actually very low. We are going to need 800,000 troops for Iraq alone. Pencil in another 450,000 for Libya, 375,000 for Syria, 670,000 for re-escalation in Afganistan and 200,000 to secure the Saudi Arabian and Iraqi borders plus all the support personell in the general area (1 million ?) and this becomes no small affair. Along with thuis, we must cut expeditures to ISIS, the PLO, HAMAS, Muslim Brotherhood and Al Absqua brigades. They can not be trusted and any weaponry we send them seems to end up in enemy hands. In addition, we have to stand ready to confront the Russians and even the Chinese if they want to try any rough stuff in the Middle East or the Ukraine. It wont be all bad though. With an invigorated arms industry, we can count on some very good times ahead not to mention a much more managable unemployment rate. Plus there are some very good investment opportunities out there. I am investing in industrial capacity crematories in the middle east, which I expect will be very busy once the action gets under way. Cheers everyone and Happy 4th ! USA !

  35. allen ols



    You see, the truth is we’ve been manipulated for quite some time for what’s about to happen. Chinas most favored nation status, NAFTA, and many other laws were passed just so the boys in London could groom our replacement who just happens to be China.
    They have the largest consumer base. The largest manufacturing base. And thanks to the City of London Corporation, the largest financial base. The only thing they lacked was natural resources like gas and oil, and thanks to the Russians they now have that.
    Its nothing personal. Its just business. And in order for their new system to function properly, they had to get rid of the old debt based system. Thus the reset.

    • Greg Hunter

      Allen and Jerry,
      Not that many years ago I would have never believed this–I DO NOW!!!

    • Ugly

      Hal Lindsey spoke of this stuff in the 1970s. I thought he was just trying to sell books and tapes, which I bought. Now I know he was right, especially about the anti-Christ being born around 1967-1973? If so, then this person is around 45 years old….I thought this was future stuff, but little did I know it may well happen in my and all ours lifetime….good luck folks, hug your kids and enjoy today’s moments….

  36. allen ols


    NOW MSM is finally talking!!


  37. Jerry

    Greg I don’t think this point could be made any clearer.

    The Russians view the situation in Ukraine as a battle for survival. This thing is coming to a head.

    • Greg Hunter

      Great stuff once again. Thank you for originally posting the Lagarde (IMF) stuff. Your posting is the reason I got Steve Quayle on to talk about it. I guess July is the “magic 7” month according to Lagarde. I don’t know the timing, but Lagarde was clearly forecasting something big going down in 2+0+1+4=7.

      • Ugly


  38. Ken

    Hello Greg,
    Does anyone believe one thing coming from this administration or from their corporate owned presstitues? Like in the Clinton and the Bush administrations, it’s all lies.
    OK, let’s all be honest with each other, in your heart of hearts you know 911 was an orchestrated False Flag, right? This has resulted in America losing its civil liberties and becoming a police state.
    We are in a state of chaos and why?
    Our economy is falling flat on its face. You can see the retail markets crashing. The stock market is an illusion, sorry folks it is, period! We are in one war after another in a desperate attempt to keep the world trading in US dollars but they are moving away from the US dollar and are trading in their own currencies.
    The banksters own and run the US and these are the psychopaths that think we can win a first strike nuclear war with Russia and China.
    So what’s going to happen as a result?
    It’s not that hard to figure out, since the US default in 1971 when Nixon took us off the gold standard we have been printing trillions of dollars (physical and digital dollars). It was a slow burn of Petro dollar coercion and debtor suicide until 2008 when we finally crashed. So instead of acknowledging our debt abuse what did we do, we added gas to the fire, QE1, QE2, Operation Twist, QE3, “tapering” and now QE to infinity. The world is tired of paying for our standard of living and enabling the debt addicts, us, as in the US. While the middle class and poor have seen a huge decline in their standard of living the 1% has seen the opposite meteoric effect.
    As the countries move away from the US dollar, the dollars have to go some place and that place is right back to the good ole USA! There is no way in Hades that we can inflate that amount away.
    So what do we do?
    In the past, our answer to the severe crashes in the early 1900s and the great depression, we went to war, reset the debt clocks and started the debt cycles all over again.
    You can see this desperate attempt being orchestrated in the Middle East and Ukraine. Will cooler heads prevail? We will see and see soon as we are agitating Russia and China.
    Billionaire Nick Hannauer sent a message to his fellow 1%ers and said:
    “To My Fellow Filthy Rich Americans: Wake Up, People. The Pitchforks Are Coming”
    Some economists are claiming that very soon we will have the President, like when Bush announced in 2008, standing in front of the podium that our economy had collapsed, that there has been a global currency reset. That the US dollar is no longer the World’s Reserve currency. A reset where all currencies will retain their value within 5 % of each other based on their assets. This will prevent panic until the Americans realize what this truly means.
    They went on to say that the problem is that our debt is more than the world’s combined. As a result, within a few weeks of the reset, our dollar will lose 30% of its value and inflation will sky rocket. Pensions will be confiscated and capital controls will be put in to place.
    While this scenario is harsh, it’s better than the WWIII option! Something has to give folks, we just can’t print into eternity. The piper has to be paid at some point and we are long overdue.
    It’ sad that until the dollar crashes, the US people will look away or keep their heads buried in the sand. While denial seems to rule the US people, unless we stand up and remove the psychopaths leading us into economic ruin our fate is sealed!

    • Jerry

      Ken you are so right.
      Something is going to be done alright, but the American people haven’t a clue what it is.
      The people who actually own the economic systems we use, are to flush the toxic dollars right out of the system, like a plumber using an auger on clogged pipe.

  39. Davis

    Has Obama reached his “A Bridge To Far?

    In the fall of 1944 Allied military commanders in Europe had become quite impressed with themselves given the rapidity with which they had pushed the Wehrmacht back to the French frontiers and into Belgium. This led the British commander, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, to propose a daring airborne assault into the Netherlands and across the Rhine river that would open the plains of Northern Germany to the Allied armies and possible end the war in Europe by Christmas of 1944. This became know as “Operation Market Garden”, and Hollywood later depicted it as “A Bridge To Far”.
    The operation was a costly disaster. British and American Airborne units found themselves dropped right into the face of marshaling German armor and mounted infantry units and were unable to long secure their objectives once the Germans counter attacked. The follow on ground units also faced heavy and determined resistance and were unable to move forward to relieve the beleaguered airborne units. The airborne units then had to undertake a fighting withdrawal back to allied lines and suffered heavy losses.

    This terrible failure, brought about by the combination of overconfidence and hubris forced the allies to delay their plans for the push into Germany until the spring. Except the Germans were not going to wait on the allies and used the delay to organize and launch what became known as the “Battle of the Bulge” that nearly reversed the allied gains and if it had succeeded could have pushed the allies back into France.

    Such may be metaphor for the Obama administration’s operations to flood the entire country with under aged and disease ridden children from Central America. The administration has achieved what it sees as victory after victory and faced little more than token verbal resistance from the public and empty blustering from an all but spineless and impotent Congress.

    •Black Panther voter intimidation. Bluster and words from Congress followed by no action whatsoever. Political repercussions, zero and the media pushes it down the memory whole.
    •Fast and Furious gun running operations to dangerous criminal cartels in Mexico. Two American Border Patrol Agents and hundreds of Mexican citizens killed with those very weapons. Bluster and words from Congress followed by no action whatsoever. Political repercussions, zero and the media pushes it down the memory whole.
    •Internet spying into the Constitutionally protected research files of the Associated Press and other news media outlets. Bluster and words from Congress followed by no action whatsoever. Political repercussions, zero and the media pushes it down the memory whole.
    •NSA spying on virtually everything. Ditto, ditto and ditto.
    •IRS political targeting of opposition groups. Ditto, ditto and ditto.

    With each new event the administration cements the pattern of reaction to public and Congressional opposition as “Dude, that’s so two years ago, so what difference does it really make.”

    But then we had a sea change of sorts that has forced the media to report, even if somewhat dishonestly, public reaction to government lawlessness. First we had the Bundy Ranch events where hundreds of people turned out to oppose the BLM’s use of post-facto law to try and drive Clive Bundy of land that he and his family had been using for generations. The specter of an armed confrontation between BLM thugs and citizens standing in defense of Mr. Bundy’s rights caused the government to retreat for the moment and resort to their fall back tactic of using the compliant news media as its spear point in attacking Bundy personally as a deranged individual and a racist.

    It must be admitted that this is an effective tactic, especially when the weight of media and government can be focused on a single individual and/or event in a remote and isolated location.

    But now we have the debacle of the administration essentially opening our southern border to any and all comers. There is now growing evidence that this flood of Central American children has been planned and instrumented by the administration. The usual leftist meme of “We must protect the children.” isn’t working as hundreds of citizen are turning out in various locations where ICE and Home Land Security are attempting to buss in and dump hundreds of these illegals.

    This has potentially created a big problem for the administration and their media lackeys. They don’t have a single event, location or person upon which they can focus their pressure on. Additionally it becomes harder and harder for the media to ignore hundreds of people gathering in numerous very visible and public locations especially when these protests are occurring in very “Blue” states like New York and California. Yes the administration and the media will try to portray this reaction as a manifestation of racism and so-called “white privilege” but without any single individual or event to target this becomes a much more tenuous position.

    Portraying as racist honest soccer moms and hard working taxpayers, who are only trying to protect their own children from disease and their communities from further degradation, many of whom who probably voted for Obama once if not twice, is a dangerous tactic. If any of these protests turn
    violent especially in a Blue state, the public’s alienation from and resentment of government will only grow, especially as the 2014 election approaches. (It’s interesting to note that they are not attempting to dump any of these bus loads in states with close Senatorial races.)

    Making it worse for themselves Homeland security is both blocking duly elected public officials including Congressmen from viewing the facilities and conditions where these illegals are being held and they are threatening the medical personal treating them with arrest if they dare to reveal or talk about the diseases that are running rampant and no doubt getting worse under such crowded conditions. Measles, scabies and TB have already been documented.

    The administration faces the further problem that if they are forced to back down in the face of mass public gatherings in protest of their actions, then the tactic will become more prevalent, frequently used and cemented in the minds of the opposition as an effective tool in fighting government tyranny.

    The question then become one of when and how, and just how willing, will the fascists in DC be to turning loose their jack booted and militarized SS police thugs on an already defiant and angry public. Just how are they going to portray the suburban house wife and her office working husband as “domestic terrorists”?

  40. Brian

    Since when is it a fact that Israeli extremists kidnapped the arab boy.?

  41. NY Cop on the beat

    All the news we are hearing should gravely concern all Americans, but there is a lot of intelligence that has recently gone unreported or under-reported with some intances being a double edged sword. The influx at the southern border for example will be a huge manpower boost to our military recruitment, but we also have intelligence that Jihadest terrorists are making their way across the border with nuclear and biological materials. This should set off alarm bells in every jusrisdiction. Only an alert citizenry will preserve our way of life because absent this, the terrorists will have unfettered access to make 9-11 look like a garden party. These people hate our freedoms and way of life and we will be required to fight harder and make more sacrifices than at any other time in our history. The intelligence clearly indicates that these organizations are intent on executing massive operations accross the country and even in little towns and rural communities. We need everyone to be wide eyed and alert. These people will stop at nothing to kill as many of us as they can. Get to know your local law enforcement officers. They are your friends and the intelligence is only complete with confirmation input from a vigilant and alert citizenry. If you see anything suspicious no matter how small, point it out so that the safety of the homeland can be insured. God bless America and remember that when God is with us, who can be against us ? Our God is an awsome God and he reigns from heaven above and will provide us the necessary tools to defeat the enemies of freedom.

  42. Merc

    …immigrants will run all over your decimated country, causing great fear and keeping people scared – that is the plan…import millions of needy, hungry people and then let them go ape on us when TSHTF.
    Get it?

  43. J C Davis

    Greg. I am having usawatchdog withdrawals. I am without full internet access. So for two hours on Sunday I play catch up. Really miss the info you produce.

  44. Larry

    Greg, good summation of the weeks events. The point that needs to be made is that if Washington(White house) really wanted to stop the flow of illegals into the US they could.
    But we all now this is about good little democrats who will vote the party line and make the Republican party irrelevant well into the future. O has been about two things sense he has been in office. 1. Making America look like Europe and 2.setting up America politically to never vote in a Republican President again. We all know that they are well on their way.

  45. Galaxy 500

    When will there be peace in the Middle East? Thats actually an easy question to answer. When the Arabs, Palestinians, Egyptian and Syrians love their children more than they hate the Jews.

    WHERE WAS THE PALESTINIAN OUTRAGE WHEN TWO EVIL PALESTINIANS KIDNAPPED AND MURDERED TWO ISRAELI AND ONE AMERICAN TEENAGERS? Oh, I forgot…They celebrated those deaths. The only way to.defeat this type of evil is to kill them. You cant reason or change the mind set of a people that give their children vile, irrationality hatred with their mother’s milk.
    “Thousands of Palestinians furious over the killing of a local teenager swarmed the streets of East Jerusalem on Friday to demand a new intifada. The fierce ­ clashes with police that followed the teen’s funeral stirred fears that a mass uprising could already be underway.

  46. Diane Ryan

    Greg, your Weekly News Wrap-Ups are like ‘State of World’ addresses. Like Jerry said and other fellow Watch Dogs will agree, thank you for all your hard work.

    Every void will be filled. Let us pray for what rises from the ashes of this once-great nation.

  47. Galaxy 500

    Obama is bring jack booted thugs to keep real.US citizens from protesting but not to keep illegal.aliens from stealing benefits in the US.

    I guess we will.find out if Boehner has a set?

  48. Don

    Thanks so much for what you do. I find myself visiting more now. I have tried to use the normal way to get info. and complain, that is through my senator, Mr. Inhofe, in Oklahoma, but he is quiet about most all my concerns. The things I’ve written to him about that he did answer was he wanted, to send troops or whatever was needed back to Iraq, which thing I was against. I have written him about many subjects, and he will not answer anything about, the BIS, IMF, World bank, Federal reserve, NWO, that we’ve heard so much about in recent years, or about the UN and its long term goals of global government. The need for new currency, issued by treasury, not through IMF drawing rite. This could have been done long ago, but then again it would have restrained the hedgemony of the US, which thing our elected officials seem to be most concerned with. So, to have a site, like this, at least allows me to see, that I’m not alone. I do not know how long they will go to destroy the people they’ve been elected to serve, and the nation there elected to protect, but, now I’m very frustrated. Enjoy you and your guest, and lets pray that the Lord my give us the grace, and not judgement as a nation. Thanks from oklahoma

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