Weekly News Wrap-Up 8.10.12

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

There’s a new U.S. intelligence report that is raising urgency over Iran’s nuclear program.  The White House has, once again this week, reaffirmed its commitment to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  Commenting on the new information, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said, “A nuclear Iran is taking shape right before our eyes.”  Barak also said, “There is not much time left for deciding.”  It is understood he was referring to an attack on Iran’s nuclear program. 

Meanwhile in Syria, the civil war there rages on.  The Syrian army is on the offensive in that country’s largest city, Aleppo.  Also, the Syrian Prime Minister reportedly defected this week, but there is no end in sight to this bloody conflict.  More than 20,000 Syrians have been killed in the last year and a half of fighting.  In Europe, the debt/solvency crisis continues.

Mario Monti, the unelected banker who is now Prime Minister of Italy, wants continued bailouts and wants Germany to go along with the money printing. A German Constitutional Court is weighing if all the bailouts are even legal.  Mr. Monti doesn’t want to wait for democracy to work, he just wants to continue to bail out the insolvent banks at the expense of the people.  What do you expect—he’s a banker.

Speaking of bankers, Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren is pitching “open-ended” quantitative easing of “substantial magnitude” to get the economy moving.  Yes, he said, “open-ended.”  Sure looks like we are going to be printing lots of money for a very long time.  How could we not have more inflation?

In the U.S., there is good news and bad news in housing.  Home prices increased more than 7% in the second quarter in most markets.  The bad news is mortgage delinquencies rose for the first time in a year.  Can you say bottom bouncing?

Finally, CNN has just reported the lowest primetime ratings in 20 years!  I guess that means they are in last place.  Let’s hope the viewers and heading to the internet to places like USAWatchdog.com.  Join Greg Hunter for analysis of these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. AndyB

    Beneath all the propaganda, one can connect the dots to see that the globalist totalitarian agenda is being ramped up at a horrendous pace.
    From abrogation of nation state sovereignty in Europe (of course we’ll bail you out, just sign the debt slavery agreement on the dotted line), to the sovereign destabilization in the Middle East (we were against AQ until we were for them), to the growing police state in America (to protect us from all the false flag government inspired terrorism).

    If I can point to the catalyst for these desperate attempts, it would be a combination of the pending global implosion and the knowledge of same which is spreading to more and more sheeple thanks to the truth telling internet.

    Apparently the internet revolution has already destroyed too much statist “spin” and awoken more than just a few sheeple.

  2. Joseph F. McNulty of Greensboro, NC

    I never knew during your days as a TV-geek at Channel 2 that you would someday be a FEARLLESS reporter, covering stories that the mainstream media ignores. I truly enjoyed listening to you on “Brad and Britt,” both originally on WZTK-FM and later on WSJS-AM, but I notice that “Brad and Britt,” who have now moved to WBT-AM in Charlotte, have not had you on or even mentioned you since their program started July 2. Are you still in contact with them? I sensed that “Brad and Britt,” two Obamabots posing as “moderates,” have become unhappy with you because you are just as hard on Obama as Bush for the financial mess. They obviously would prefer an account that stopped the financial story in 2008 — when EVERYTHING could be blamed on the Republicans. Have they turned away from you and “USAWatchdog”? I look forward to Fridays because that is the day when you post your “Weekly News Wrap-up.” I have been looking forward to you appearing on “Brad and Britt” in the run-up to the Democratic convention in Charlotte. What gives? Do not misunderstand. There is plenty of blame to go around to all, including the Republicans and Bush. I just want a reporter — like you — who is honest enough and fearless enough to call events as the REALLY are, no matter who or what gets damaged. Great job. Do not ever think that you are hollering in a empty pipe. We hear you.

    • Greg

      Joseph F. McNulty of Greensboro, NC
      Yes I am. We are great friends (Bread and Britt) and they have said they will have me on their new station, I just don’t know when. Thank you for support. I love Greensboro. Beautiful place.

      • Joseph F. McNulty of Greensboro, NC

        Thanks, Greg. Can you announce when you will be on since I have to make some preparations to listen to “Brad and Britt” in Charlotte (listen on the internet because their signal is too weak here).

        • Greg

          Joseph F. McNulty
          I’ll try but can’t guarantee it.

  3. George Too

    Greg, How can “OPEN ENDED” QE not be any thing but the trigger that pushes the US off the inflation cliff?

    • Greg

      George Too,
      Much more infaltion in food and energy is a lock. Thanks for checking in.

  4. Edafe mukoro

    Mr.Greg,i am a Nigerian who is an astute follower of your site…i want to say that ur incisive analysis of both politics and money matters has revolutionise my concept of MSM…i am now getting wiser in my commodities investment and not blind to terrorist who pose as politicians…thank you so much sir!

    • Greg

      Edafe mukoro,
      Thank you for your kind words and support.

  5. Bob

    When people talk about homes as investments, I can’t help but lol. Would you call your bed a investment, how about your eating table how much is that worth.
    My home went down about 100,000 but I never plan on selling and wouldn’t of paid the inflated price in the first place.
    Even a hillbilly could see homes being inflated and the cheap labor being used to build all these worthless debt booms.
    Retirement is having a home paid off and a bed you own, anything more is BS. That’s how it was in the pass and about all the average working stiff can hope for.
    America is still a rich country but you can’t use debt for worthless things like fancy cars and trips you can’t pay cash for and worthless WARS.
    One good thing about debt the youth will pay it off with inflated dollars just like I did and you are doing. It don’t seems fair but that’s how it’s been done with paper money over and over. If it helps to put food on the table and keeps revolution off the streets, that’s the price we pay for being foolish humans.

    • Greg

      Thank you Bob and Jeff.

  6. Jeff C

    Thanks Greg. Best 5 minutes of news watching I have spent all week. (No wonder CNN is cratering!)

  7. Pure Propaganda

    I always love your articles Greg, but the sentence above about home prices increasing 7% in the second quater is MSM propaganda, I believe. Sure, it’s possible that in housing markets that totally tanked (Florida, Las Vegas, Phoenix), home prices may have increased some, but I cannot believe that in this near-depression that home prices have increased 7% in one quarter! No way, Jose. The housing market is an accident waiting to happen. It is an elephant hanging by a thread! Thanks for your great work and helpful info Greg!

  8. Karen

    Here it is 2am and my friend had to close the internet DJing session with your weekly wrap up. That’s a true fan. He is asleep, but says you look worried for America, or your friends at CNN. I told him, I never heard of you until you left them, so that should tell you, you made a good career move. Til Friday next, God bless..

    • Greg

      All I can say is wow!! What a nice compliment. Thank you and your friend!!!

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