Weekly News Wrap-Up 8.16.13

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

The big story is Egypt.  The military coup that removed President Morsi has turned violent.  More than 600 people have been killed in a violent clash between the Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood is vowing to fight to bring down the military.  This is looking like a civil war, and it is going to get much worse before it gets better.  You may remember the Muslim Brotherhood is the group that was responsible for the assassination of Anwar Sadat in the early 1980’s.  They killed him because he signed a peace deal with Israel that is still in force today.  Everybody thought the so-called “Arab Spring” was going to be a wonderful thing, but it has turned into a nightmare for Egypt. 

Meanwhile, Israel and the Palestinians have started peace talks, but the probability for success is very remote.  There are just too many issues that the two sides do not agree on.  In order to even get the talks going, the Israelis agreed to release some prisoners, some of which were convicted of gruesome crimes.  Secretary of State John Kerry has been pushing for these peace talks, and I hope they are successful. 

The Obama Administration has postponed another part of Obama Care.  The President has already put off eligibility requirements and the employer mandate.  Now, caps on out-of-pocket insurance costs are no longer capped.  You think the insurance companies are getting nervous about getting all these young people to buy insurance they do not need?  You can’t be denied for pre-existing conditions, so why not buy insurance when you get sick or hurt?

Jessie Jackson Jr. has been convicted of misusing $750,000 in campaign funds.  He’s going to jail for two and half years.  Let that sink in for a minute.  The son of a famous civil rights leader is going to the slammer for a crime that amounted to less than a million bucks, and top bankers that have ripped off the public for billions and trillions of dollars haven’t spent a day in jail.  We’ve had bankers launder money for drug cartels and countries on the terror list.  There has been a long list of very well documented crime such as securities fraud, rate rigging fraud (LIBOR), foreclosure fraud, forgery, perjury and downright theft of private accounts, and not a single big banker has spent a day in jail.  President Obama’s Justice Department ignores trillions of dollars in fraud and crime but jails Jessie Jackson Jr. for 30 months?  What’s wrong with this picture? 

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Liquid Motion


    I thought it was necessary to have “Ivy League” membership to avoid Jail terms. I stand to be corrected…so help me God !!!!

    That’s one helluva (w)rap Greg….pun intended.

    • Greg

      Thank you Liquid Motion.

  2. Troy

    Things just keep getting stranger and more chaotic. Good thing it could never happen here;)! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Equc9A1pqQk&feature=player_embedded

    Remember the Golden Rule; those with the gold, make the rules,
    they don’t go to jail. It’s called, Just Us!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Jerry

    Great week of reporting Greg. While I normally don’t get caught up in foreign events, I think the civil war going on in Egypt is worth watching. Let us remind ourselves that a large percentage of the worlds oil passes through the Suez Canal there. If the Canal should be forced to close because of unrest or terrorism, guess how high the oil prices will go? The funny part is our government is hamstrung to do anything about it, since they have secretly been passing money under the table to the Moslem Brotherhood. This time they picked the wrong horse and its going to come back to bite all of us. The timing couldn’t be worse since there are rumors out there of pulling back on QE printing in September. Did you catch that the stock market dropped 225 points yesterday with that rumor Greg? Strange times indeed. For those seeking sage advice about what to do to prepare, that were unhappy with Robert Kiyosaki’s interview, here are my top #5 tips.
    1. Get Debt free
    2. Get Food
    3. Get Bullets
    4. Get Gold
    5. Get the heck out of Dodge.
    Have a great week-end Greg, and stay safe out there.

    • Greg

      That is a good simple 5 step plan! Thank you for posting it here.

    • Troy

      #1 WATER!

      If the SHTF what will it matter if your in debt, and your getting out of dodge anyways?

  4. art barnes

    Greg, what is not being reported is that many Muslim Brotherhood members are killing Christians in Cairo and elsewhere in Egypt, especially on Sundays when they go to services. Heaven forbid that our radical Muslim, religion of peace, & middle eastern loving bias press would ever report such genocide. I don’t know when the world is going to wake up to the Muslim threat, its ideology of aggression to convert or death, I must assume its going to take many more lives of the innocent before that could happens. Unfortunately over 85 percent of Muslims support in one way or another their radical counterparts. The Egyptian military has no options other than protect themselves and its people from the radicals elements and we should be supporting them for their heroic stand against the en-slavery of the “brotherhood”, duly elected or otherwise; remember, Hitler was elected. Maybe we need an “American Spring” sometime, oh, I forgot, those kind of things can’t happen here, right? The American revolution and the civil war come to mind as a contradiction of that axiom!

    • Mohammad

      I will reply to few quotes from your post Art if i may,

      “when the world is going to wake up to the Muslim threat, its ideology of aggression to convert or death”

      Had it been true there would never been one single Christian in Middle east.

      ” The Egyptian military has no options other than protect themselves and its people from the radicals elements and we should be supporting them for their heroic stand ”

      Supporting a killer to unarmed women, kids is never been a virtue, actually best thing we can do is to stay out and pay more attention to what is coming to us at home, am in Michigan and Detroit is USA, in another word BROKE!

      I am a middle eastern and it is very obvious from my name I am Muslim, i was born in Damascus Syria, and around my place there was an Italian missionary as a church and hospital at the same time, that church had a kindergarten, I was raised as a child in that kindergarten and i still have pics with my classmates with a nun on the right and another nun on the left, and a huge cross in the yard.
      We never when we grew up converted them and they never converted us, actually the church and the hospital are still there in the same place, functional despite the war that is ripping the country.

      What we may take home from this little story is:
      If people are left alone they will live in peace, BANKSTERS AND THEIR PUPPET GOVERNMENTS CREATE WARS, they fund both sides like they play the spread in stock market to end up winning always and me and you may or may not lose, what decides that you may ask me? I would say KNOWLEDGE, FAITH and LOVE! If you have them you win.

      let me have another quote from your post please:

      ” Maybe we need an “American Spring” sometime”

      OH MY, from someone who’s country was destroyed by THE SO CALLED “SPRING” I would say:

  5. mohammad

    Hi Greg,
    Allow me please to give you a view from someone who was born, lived most of his life in middle east and i will give it in a time line so i can clear my point.

    -Israel allowed the elections that brought Hamas to power to happen despite their absolute knowledge of the mood of the palestinians at the time and that they would favor Hamas, why was that allowed? they could of derailed it or prevented it from happening (please do not tell me that Israel is democratic country cause i will LMAO), Israeli’s have the intelligence to know the results.
    My answer is they wanted Hamas to reach power to split the Palestinians and to create the powerful Gaza that the Israeli’s will isolate uni laterally to destabilize Egypt later on (please remember that Hamas is MB) the ultimate step will be mass transfer of all Palestinians from their land to clear the road to the KINGDOM OF ISRAEL that is coming.
    -Why Mubarak was forced few years back by US to allow MB to reach the parliament in an election that US and EU did all they could to force Mubarak to conduct it with observers from allover the world? That by it self set the stage for MB to drool over capturing the power in Egypt.

    -Why Mubarak who was one of the oldest allies of US was asked by US to step out of power on the first week of the so called “ARAB SPRING” and cleared the way to the militants MB to reach the power.
    Why US , EU was in collaboration with the MB Turkey, let me repeat it Moslem Brotherhood Erdogan of Turkey, to kill Qadaffi and clear the western border of Egypt for all the arms to flow to MB from Libya? had qaddafi been in power The egyptian MB would not have any support from the western borders of Egypt as they would now.
    It is clear that the stage is been set for a civil war in egypt, i am sure that a lot of shorting in the egyptian sovereign bonds is taking place and the banksters are cashing on the innocent blood of the people there.
    you mentioned once Armageddon with Catherine interview when you talked about Syria, you are right Greg it is coming and the kingdom of Israel after getting rid of most of the surrounding Arab population with designed civil wars that people are falling there easily into is materializing.

    What scares me is to see the 50/50 split among people in US same as the same split of the people in egypt that borough Morsi to power is happening, am afraid we are seeing in Syria and egypt a preview of what is coming here in US.

    • Greg

      Thank you for adding your ME perspective. Your talking divide and conquer in the ME and the US. Hard to argue with your logic and analysis.

    • Troy

      Good post!

  6. Transverse Waves

    There will never be a peace treaty in Israel because Christian Right will never allow it. Christian Right believes that based on the book of Revelations, the day Israel makes peace, marks the “7 years peace” and the beginning of the end. After 3-1/3 years of peace, the treaty is broken and Satan comes to rule the world. Two motives prevent the Christian Right to allow this; obviously, they don’t want Satan and end of the world events to occur. Secondly, this teaching has been so prevalent in the Christian community that if after 3-1/2 years of peace nothing happens, many will lose faith.

    • Greg

      Transverse Waves,
      I am Christian and this is never talked about. Yes, it is in the Book of Revelation, but again, I have never heard it talked about in the many Christian churches I have attended across the country.

      • Charles H.


        LOTS of denominations group under the “title” Christian: but FEW take the Bible literally; and beyond that, less go into detail about prophesy and Dispensational details of Scripture. That being said – Old and New Testaments present a mosaic of interwoven partial prophesies and internal evidences, that when correctly linked does give a good idea of events and signs of times for us today. From my Biblical, Born-again salvation Baptist background – I have a good deal of experience in these issues.
        I have to disagree with Transverse Waves somewhat, and will explain why. First, the next thing on the ‘prophetic calendar’ is the “Rapture” of the “Church” of those born-again Believers (not necessarily confined to the Baptist realm). These ‘true’ Christians belonging to God’s family – won’t even BE on earth for the beginning of the seven years of Tribulation (3&1/2 years peace with Israel; 3&1/2 years “Great Tribulation”) I believe that the event of the Rapture will signal the beginning of Tribulation; and even consider the Holy Spirit will leave the earth with them – allowing all evil to break loose. It is a point of extreme controversy WHEN Tribulation begins. I think it is evidenced by the change of the Seven-sealed of the book to the Trumpet Judgments of Revelation Chapter Six. The Seven Seals – Conquering; Peace Removed; Famine; Death – are all present today, only lacking a Martyred Remnant and Anarchy are yet to be completed. If the Rapture happens after these, then the Trumpet Judgments (Chapter 8, the last Seal opens the Trumpets) won’t include Christianity. AND IF WE’RE NOT HERE: WHY WORRY ABOUT IT. “Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly.” And I certainly object to the idea that a ‘Christian Right’ can or would ever prevent God from acting in His own timetable.

        The Second Point Transverse Waves makes is even worse. What marks the transition from the first 3&1/2 years of Tribulation to the last 3&1/2 years of Great Tribulation – is when the Red Sow (sacrilege) is offered on the alter of the newly rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. Reputedly, much of the material is already bought and instruments for the restoration of animal sacrifices are presently readied for the new Temple: but without THAT being in-place – no firmly established time-frame event proves Tribulation to the world. But my real objection is, beyond these obvious omissions, is that “If after 3&1/2 years of peace nothing happens, many will lose faith” – is a conjecture of horrendous falsity. It seems to justify why supposed Christians would oppose an Arab/Israeli peace: but it also betrays a foregone conclusion of DOUBT. This causes me to think that Transverse Waves is a clever and somewhat familiar person to basic Christian teachings, but is looking at this from the outside and is not truly a real Believer. Besides the Screen-name is a scientific one, which is a polar opposite of sacred/spiritual Biblical Authority.

        So, true born-again Christians, the Body of Christ won’t be subject to the judgments of Tribulation – only those who believe they are Christian and are not in the spiritual family of God through Biblical, Holy Spirit sanctioned faith will be left behind to endure. There is a difference of making a CLAIM to the name of Christ; and actually BELONGING to God with the literal, Biblical salvation by Grace through Faith. After the Rapture, and the true Church is out of the world – those ‘left behind’ must not take the “mark of the Beast” or they seal their eternal doom. Salvation will no longer be sealed by the Holy Spirit for a Scriptural Faith: it reverts to Old Testament economy of “dying in your faith’ trusting the promises of God, which the Patriarchs had to evidence.

        So a brief wrap-up is this: real Christianity will experience a “Pre-Tribulational” Rapture and won’t be on earth to go through Tribulation – TW errs on this point. And secondly, rather than speculate on those left behind experiencing some failure of faith – the real issue is to warn and teach that to take the Mark of the Beast, or implanted chip will seal their fate and judgment before God: they must trust God unto death. This is the condition God makes, and He is never wrong. Better to be saved now with a God sanctioned Biblical faith; than to miss the opportunity and have a more difficult requirement to fulfill for Heaven later. Either way, it’s possible and a mercy. This is the real deal.

      • Nathan

        Wow “Transversewaves” I’ve never thought of that way . Very interesting thought .

    • Mohammad

      Yes i agree with your note there will never be a peace treaty but for a totally different reason, to explain what am saying i have to make few points:

      There is a fundamental difference between Judaism and Zionism, to understand the difference i will refer you to the link of a respected Rabbi of Brooklyn and it could not be said any better by him (Rabbi Weiss):


      If you agree with what he said (and obviously you are free not to) you will find that Zionism highjacked Judaism same way Islamic militants highjacked Islam.

      Why am saying all this?

      It takes me to the point you made that the holy bible is talking about the end of time, we have similar thing called Islamic eschatology that talks about he end of time and i will try to lay out the map to it from our side:

      It started when God created Adam and then created Eve from him, Satan was to lose his position because of envy and disobeyed god when he was asked to bow to Adam out of respect, the refusal caused him to be cursed and turned into an eternal enemy to humans.

      fast forward and here we are around the time when Satan will face up with Jesus in a final conflict that we are in the early stage of it.

      Satan will claim he is Christ from Jerusalem and in order to do that he has to accomplish many things among them is having control of the kingdom of Israel from the river to river, HE HAS TO DEAL WITH GOD’S MONEY…MEANING GOLD AND SILVER, he also has to have the temple.
      He is been in the driving seat for a while in 3 stages two of them already happened and the third is yet to come, Pax Britannica was the first stage, Pax Americana was the second and we are near the third which is the kingdom of Israel on the ruins of US.

      After that claim Jesus descends in Damascus Syria and the Armageddon takes place in Golan heights, Jesus prevail and the believers will be happy and the kingdom of Israel will be destroyed.

      Gold and silver is hoarded for a much deeper reason then merely the new world currency which is a temporary step towards the gold/silver currency kingdom of Israel will eventually deal with.

  7. OutLookingIn

    Thank you Greg.
    The “right” connections. Junior just does not have the right connections. Which on Wall street means $$$$ in the amount of billions & billions. Just the fact that the son of a prominent civic leader is going to jail for thrft, speaks volumes about the state of the countries moral compass. Directionless.

  8. Wild Bill

    I can’t repeat often enough to read Isa: 19. We are living in prophetic times and still nobody gets it. It will get worse.

  9. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, I agree with you most of the time, but I am hopeful that the peace talks are NOT successful, as that will mean the end of Israel, and what you see in Egypt will become commonplace across the region we call the Mideast. Any deal, any treaty, any “agreement” will involve concessions Israel cannot afford and by which the so-called Palestinians will not (ever) abide. The so-called Arab Spring is likewise a disaster, as the constant infighting among these factions will continue to weigh down the US, as we seek “stability” in an inherently unstable region. We have been struggling to come to terms with these realities since the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.

  10. AcePilot


    If memory serves, the penalty for NOT having health insurance
    under the ACA is the GREATER of :

    1% of your gross adjusted income OR $95, whichever is GREATER.

    The result is then multiplied by the number of months in the year
    without insurance and divided by 12.

    Thus, if you are poor and three months late getting insured,

    $95 X 3/12 = $23.75 deducted from your next tax refund.

    Hope this helps clarify . . . standby for changes.

  11. Dan

    I noticed that you mentioned how the uneven implementation of Obamacare is going to hurt the Demorats during mid-term elections.

    As if they could care LESS.

    BOTH the Demorats AND the Repugnicans are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Wall St. They ALWAYS use the same game plan, to wit: empower one party, use it to implement highly unpopular policies until public support withers and the Amerikan Sheeple turn to the OTHER party expecting “change”.

    Rinse, lather, repeat AD NAUSEUM.

    The Amerikan Sheeple have an UNLIMITED capacity to take it up the a$$ without flinching. This country is F I N I S H E D.

    And that was my dos centavos.

    • Diane

      Gosh, Dan, this is very sad commentary you posted.
      I fear you may be right. We have turned from a Constitution republic to corporate fascism.
      I pray people like Greg and others stay on the internet and the radio and continue to tell us the truth.
      Perhaps people will finally wake up….perhaps………

  12. James Hastings

    I find myself forming a habit. Each Friday I look up a few sites for the weekly rap-up. Yours is the first.


    • Greg

      Thank you James for your support!

  13. charles

    Thanks for your great interviews. Please, more readers need to step up to the plate and send Greg some cash on the donation button — he deserves it for his hard work. Where else can you get interviews like this? Yes I put my money where mouth is. You will receive a personal thank you from a first class reporter,something that our drowning nation needs more of — truthful reporters.

  14. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Being that the Prez, Eric Holder AND Jesse Jackson Jr are of the same tan levels, this situation Jr finds himself in sure looks like black-on-black crime.

  15. Donna

    I read your article and I do believe as a Christian we are coming to the end of times. But, something I do not get is what Jerry said:

    1. Get Debt free???????????????
    2. Get Food
    3. Get Bullets
    4. Get Gold
    5. Get the heck out of Dodge.

    If I am worried about having food and ammo why do I need to be debt free?? If the banks will fail what does it matter? If there will be no jobs then what? Please clarify this for me. I totally understand the next four. I have been prepping for the economy to tank and hyperinflation to begin. I believe it will be total chaos!!!

  16. Nathan

    Obamacare is a train wreck . Two of my former employers (SkyWest airlines and an affiliate of Delta airlines)have already cut back to 28 hours for full timers , my mothers corporation has plans to do so also , Walmart is hiring temps only , my friends wife is losing her job as a computer analyst ,and Mission hospital here in Asheville , NC has to trim 350 million over ten years (35 million a year) which is of course leading to lay offs (And of course I’m currently going to school for : radiology ) . So I can personally attest that this is going to get ugly . So I’m left dumb founded . Does the US government not realize that this will seriously hinder tax revenues ? Grrrr .

    Love ya Greg Hunter (Keep doing what you are doing)

    A fellow North Carolinian .

    P.s if you’re ever in the Asheville area you’ve got a free waterfall and hiking tour guide .

  17. Cupcake1001

    Greg! They are sneaking a conscription bill through parliament in the UK. This has not been done since prior to the two world wars! The main population have no idea that its being pushed through. This is outrageous!

    • Greg

      Cupcake 1001,
      Thank you for the heads-up and for posting the link.

  18. james

    $750,000 for two years in a hotel/prison? Where do I sign up? I don’t ever recall making that kind of money.
    And that old argument of “everybody else is doing it”…. Sorry that doesn’t wash…. lemmings come to mind.

  19. Laser the Liquidator


    Your insight into JJ Jr. is spot on.

    I’m personally fighting a case of Bain Capital & Goldman Sachs attorneys confessing to lying under oath and “deliberately” leaving it stand before the court when they knew they could get caught. (This is Fraud on the Court by Officers of the Court).

    It is disheartening to see that the slaughter of innocents can happen in the hundreds of millions and billions of dollars – OPENLY.

    And yet let one peon get out of line and away he goes!

  20. Jerry

    Donna to answer your question.
    I learned from my grandparents who survived the dustbowl depression in Oklahoma, that it is important to be debt free. Yes the Banks will fail, but there will always be Bankers who have money. “The game is rigged”. They own the board. If you don’t own your home, they will take it from you in foreclosure. It has, and always will work that way. There will always be people who have money. Do not by into the myth that when the collapse comes, it will take everybody down. That is simply not true. There are many on the sidelines, who are waiting for the opportunity to buy up as much wealth as they can under a fire sale. I know many personally. That is why Gold will be such a hot commodity. When goes to $10,000. and ounce, it will give you tremendous financial leverage. Hope this helps.

    • mohammad

      I am afraid Greg if gold gets to 10000$ it will only buy a handful of dates, if you can find them around!

  21. Derrick Michael Reid

    Its cute how treason is now called transparency, the drug legalizers never had it so good. I guess Snowden is just another victimless crime, as all crimes are becoming. Is murder still taboo with extended vacations at state expense, rather than public square immediate hangings? Just asking. So, they all want no rules, its liberty of course, as society slides down into the rabbit hole of complete chaos.


    Do you get it?
    The most of all fundamental questions facing the USA today.

    Question to all, will A Lincoln’s December 2nd 1862, last hope on earth implode into ruination ala Alex de Toucqueville, or do we see the light and implement the solutions now presented before your eyes. Only time will tell. God help us all.

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