Weekly News Wrap-Up 8.2.13

US Closing Embassies In the Middle East , Economy Killing Obama Care Law and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The U.S. is temporarily closing embassies in several countries around the Middle East for what is being reported as an al-Qaeda threat.   The State Department says these are just “precautionary steps.”  Embassies involved are in countries such as Israel, Qatar, Egypt and many others.  It must be a pretty widespread threat to close this many at one time.  I find it bizarre we are closing embassies because of some sort of al-Qaeda threat and, at the same time, we are arming al-Qaeda backed rebels in Syria. 

The Russians have granted NSA leaker Edward Snowden temporary asylum.  The U.S. is ripping mad over this.  There is a big difference of opinion over whether Snowden is a hero or a traitor, but one thing he has done is start a conversation over the massive spying the government is doing on its own citizens.  The House narrowly defeated a bill to rein in NSA spying, but there are surely more votes to come.  The Senate is also looking into ways to curb the spying.  Here’s how the USA Today newspaper is spinning this in its editorial page this week.  They call him a Benedict Arnold.  Really?  He’s a traitor for releasing information about massive unconstitutional crime?  Many say Snowden is a hero for letting America know about this massive spying program.  In another Op-Ed piece about leaker Bradly Manning, the newspaper said, “Leaving his actions unpunished would invite wholesale abuse by others.”  I think USA Today should stop masquerading as a journalistic enterprise and just admit they are shills for government propaganda, which is once again legal. 

Speaking of abuse, the IRS scandal is growing and this is a very big deal.  I have long said I believe the Obama Administration was using the IRS as a club to thwart its political enemies, and now we find out the IRS was also coordinating with the Federal Election Commission.  This is criminal and an assault on the First Amendment.  It is outrageous, and it is NOT a phony scandal.  

Finally, the latest on the economy killing Obama Care law that kicks in starting in October.  Now even the IRS union is asking for an exemption.  They like their healthcare coverage and don’t want to switch.  Boy, that’s rich.  The people responsible for enforcing the law don’t like it one bit.  

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Troy

    Ramblings of a madman: (Disclaimer: Harmless;)

    Shut down? Looks more like attack by US pending??? Just my 2 cents

    You mean the NSA knows I visit your site? Oh my! Thank You Snowden!

    IRS, The 16th wasn’t even ratified by all the States. Yes they should be exept. Don’t be un-American;)!


    Good Job Greg!!!

    • Greg

      Thank you Troy for weighing in here man!!

  2. Derrick Michael Reid

    Mr Hunter asks the question, HOW are we going to get better.
    Of course, I have all the answers Gregg.

    The Problem is that the congress spends it time
    buying nanny-state votes, vying for political power,
    to lock up the voting blocks and the voting booth,
    to selfishly sustain political power.
    There is always tradeoff between “spying” and “freedom”, which is a tradeoff between totalitarian control and liberty, in reality.

    The cop of beat in 20th century America, spied on houses,
    as he walked, lights on, or lights off, he was data mining.
    The problem is that the senate does not work with the president,
    to defined presidential limits, because neither one will serve the nation, but instead engage in political power jockying and the blame game, and hence, the US is dysfunctional respecting prescribing the presidential limitations on spying, with a view of balancing “spying” and “freedom”. Snowden is a leaker. But that is the symptom of the power lock up between the two major parties resulting in the dysfunctional interplay between the president and senate, which should be with confidential candor, with bills brought before congress to set the limit on presidential spying power.
    The problem is thus the political lock of the two major political parties. The symptom is arguable to much “spying” and not enough “freedom” and visa versa. I hope this helped. Yours always. Derrick.

    For your amusement:

    Gregg, send me a message [email protected]
    so you can get the missives by email in a timely way.
    Thanks. D

  3. Patrick

    Government employees at issue with the laws they are expected to enforce is age-old. My personal experience with the state of New York’s recently passed “SAFE-ACT” at times, pitted veteran Police Officers against one another, degenerated to the point of pointing pistols at each other, and (not so) subtle “warnings” directed towards supervisors. There’s ALWAYS goofery and lively banter between type “A” personalities. The shear viciousness, and passion displayed was indicative of what can only be described as a “wild ride” for Americans as we bumble into the years henceforth.
    Needless to say…I’m glad to be retired, and pray for us all several times a day. (And I’m not particularly religious)

  4. jerry

    Thanks for your weekly reports Greg. It is really the only source of real information our there. When I heard about the State Department warning about a terrorist attack by al-Qaeda I had to laugh. Aren’t these the same people we’re planning on arming in Syria? The same people we armed in Libya? Just another diversion. LOL. As far as Edward Snowden…yawn! Talk about a “phoney scandal”. Does it really matter what he leaked, when we have the NSA, IRS , and every other agency rifling through our emails and private records? I’m more interested in putting Louis Lerner under oath and finding out what she’s hiding than catching Snowden, especially with the IRS preparing to regulate the Healthcare Industry. Here’s some real world news Greg. I have talked to several employee’s at Walmart recently who say they are having their hours cut back to part time status. Don’t tell me that The Affordable Care Act isn’t going to have an impact on the economy. Many of these people are having to work 2-3 part time jobs to support their families. Is it any wonder why people are dropping out of the work force in favor of unemployment and disability? Maybe that’s what the government wants. More dependence, and less independence. Have a great weekend Greg, and thanks for your reporting.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jerry for the comment and kind words.

  5. PeterB

    News on TV? Advertising yes, news? No.
    Hunter Thompson said back in the 1970’s that future presidents would make Nixon look like a raving liberal. Prophetic.

    Thanks for the interview with Catherine F.
    Less interruptions would have been nice.


  6. Jim H

    Great wrap-up Greg!
    Everything you discuss has behind it the “Intelligence Community”. There is so much weirdness taking place everywhere we look in regard to finances, military, privacy and truth. Fox is even now reporting Obama’s administration (whoever that is in this case) is moving CIA agents present in Benghazi all over the country and giving them fake names.


    The condition of our world today in my humble opinion is a result mostly of decisions made by the few that affect the lives of the many and at the heart of it is “Intelligence” owned and operated by the very few. I remember when Perot rented a very small army to rescue 2 employees held hostage. The mission was a total success and I was proud. Much later is when I questioned the ability of a private citizen with money’s ability to make that happen. Still believe Perot and family to be great patriots but what of those with money who are not (maybe even in America). I wonder who the differing “intelligence” agency’s belong to? Are the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and Black Ops at odds or fighting one another also? How can I have so much protection and feel so much less seccure? Something big is in work here, maybe what Catherine in your interview with her mentioned about waring factions at the top level fighting for control. They can well afford to fight but what happens to the 99% as a result? Keep after them Greg. You do great work.

    • Greg

      Jim H,
      Thank you for your comments.

  7. henry

    Should USA Watchdog interview Neil Keenan?
    Is he for real?

  8. Marc Farmer

    Hello Greg,

    Anyone listening to your wrap-up knows that this is not going to end nicely.

    Being in the physical bullion purchase/storage business, I find it very intriguing that most of my clients have not already jumped into this fantastic buying opportunity. It would seem that most have been seduced into complacency peppered with fear and just don’t see it or can’t move.

    I have very much enjoyed the range of interviews you have carried lately on your site and if anyone takes the time to listen closely they should get the drift. I am very hopeful overall but know that the linchpin break seems very near today and most seem unprepared.

    No one can ever say that you have not tried to warn them of the consequences of not linking the dots.

    Many thanks for all you do.

    Ciao, Marc

  9. Luis Chavez

    Greg, it is always a pleasure to listen a brave Man.
    Bravo, bravo, bravo.

    Luis Chavez
    Queretaro, Mexico

    • Greg

      Luis Chavez,
      Thank you very much my friend for your support.

  10. M.Smith

    Greg a well rounded wrap to week a full of uncertainties! Some other U.S. news that has failed to meet the MSM standands as news.

    1. From http://www.enenews.com wit links to http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-08-01/the-plutonium-gang-ch2m-hill-dismantles-the-hanford-nuclear-site. A piece of the article states “Hanford is one of the most dangerous places on earth”! This one is well worth the time to read & the links that go with it!

    July 31,2013, ST Louis, Fire at Landfill has moved beyond equipment to stop fire from reaching nuclear waste stored in landfill, “fire line breached” & something needs to be done, but there is nothing we can do, experts say! I would say this should be head line news, but hell the war on terror is what pays the most to the networks & keeps the sheeople away from the really important events that will have a huge difference in their lives near term & long term if, if? it happens!

    The terror is ‘of not knowing’ if a explosion could happen at any time at the Hanford, Washington nuclear waste site! True terrorism made in the good old USA by our own government with corporations who took Tax Payers Wealth to invent this tool of terror! Destruction that leaves a finger print that can be traced to the source. We in the USA are getting a taste of our own know how & it’s not very pretty if you visit the Cancer centers that have become a trillion dollar business on our on soil! Let us pray that ST Louis & Hanford don’t become our own Fukushima’s, damn the stuff filling the Pacific & the USA from Japan’ burning nuke plants is more than enough!

    Greg, from a economic stand point, it would not take much to send us back to the wild west days! You were great this week as always!

    • Greg

      Thank you M Smith for the analysis and for extending the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

  11. Arthur Radley

    House Members Voting to Continue NSA’s Dragnet Surveillance Received Twice as Much From Defense Contractors


  12. Albert Tesla

    i must say greg, i laughed a little when you rubbed your hands together at 6;00 minutes and had that eye of the tiger look.

    when i am on the buss and train going to work, i read main stream media such as usatoday and what have you, and i read it as if its name was the onion news, i read it as if its entertainment, i read it to get a good laugh.

    and then when i look at the other passengers reading these papers so intensely with a genuine interest in understanding the world they live in, i almost feel sorry for them, they are so misinformed.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your comment and feedback. MSM has put people to sleep, but maybe that’s the point.


  13. jerry

    Greg I keep going over your interview with Catherine Fitts. There were some things that she said, that continue to haunt me. When she talked about the “Death of the old System”, and the emergence of a “New System” , along with 40 Trillion dollars that can’t be accounted for, it led me back to this piece done by frontline. It has some uncanny similarities to what she was saying. What do you think?


    • Greg

      I think the country and the world for that matter has been robbed and we are headed for an extreme crash not a slow burn.

  14. j.c. Davis

    Greg, Seems I remember in one of your interviews with Gerald Celente saying the G8 would not be invited to the G20 summit. Maybe some false flags from the MIC will be the G8 reaction.
    Snowden is a all American hero for standing for truth in a country full of liars. Just as Greg Hunter is a hero for trying to warn of the economic troubles before 2008. Thank you hero Hunter.

    • Greg

      Thank you J.C. for the comment.

  15. j.c. Davis

    Greg. Is there anyway to install a like and dislike selection. Some posters nail things so good.

    • Greg

      J.C. not yet. So sorry. It’s good idea.

  16. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    I am also puzzled by the seemingly contradictory policy of this government toward “Al Qaeda”. Is it an organization that someone goes out and joins or is it a mindset. Are we fighting an organization or like the red scares of the 1950’s are we fighting an idea which anyone can be accused of subscribing to. I would suggest to your audience the late USAF Col. Fletcher Prouty’s book The Secret Team. It provides great insight into how secretive intelligence agencies work and how unaccountable they are from someone who was in a position to know. I suspect if his 1969 book were published today he would be sharing a cell with other “whistle blowers”.
    I would also like to commend Catherine Austin-Fitts for her insightful comments about the old and new economies. I know Detroit well and perceived this some time ago. Unemployment among the working age population hovers around 50%. A university study determined the level of functional illiteracy at 50% and was very generous in defining functional literacy. There is little prospect of most of these people finding even minimum wage jobs as most of those who are employed have. This growing segment of the population is being written right out of the economic indicators. Their food and energy costs aren’t counted in the consumer price index calculations reported in the media. The unemployed aren’t counted as unemployed because they are increasingly unemployable. The days of an 18 year old 10th grade dropout walking into a factory and getting a $20/hr job with a defined benefit 30 and out pension with medical insurance are over. The industrial revolution ended 30 years ago. Yet these people still exist, they still receive entitlements, They still consume and they still vote. They ARE an entirely separate and growing economy with few prospects.

  17. Mike S.

    Personally, I think they are shutting the embassies down as part of unofficial sequestering. What better way to make employees take vacation time or use or lose time. Oh, and lets blame it on terrorists just to justify all the espionage that we are doing. Just a thought.

  18. Derrick Michael Reid

    Morning Gregg. Here is some good morning cheer.

    I dont why they are closing embassies, only to make one observation. The BHO foreign policy is generally appeasement, notwithstanding Afghanistan surge and Drone hits, which may be strategically viewed as rear guard actions, on the retreat, and confrontation is generally ruled out, and cut and run is the means to perfect current foreign policy, generally. Hope that may help. Yours, Derrick

  19. JJ

    Another hysterical reaction by the “Coward of Benghazi”… the investigation and the CIA component of it (and the suppression of agents) is getting REALLY smelly… so get ready for a false flag somewhere soon… to divert the sheep…

  20. j.c. Davis

    More people fired for reporting the truth.

  21. Matt

    Greg – enjoy your commentary and interviews. Top Notch. I would be very surprised if this “imminent terrorist threat” produces results. I think it is incredibly telling that we suddenly have this threat, and talking heads are saying that “NSA spy grid” picked all this up… and helped us stop it! B S. It is a shine job to put the slightly annoyed public back to sleep regarding the Unconstitutional actions of our military-industrial complex.

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