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It’s official–Russia invades Ukraine.  Now you know why I have led every Wrap-Up with Ukraine.   I have been predicting wider war in Ukraine, and now we have one.  The President said in a press conference that there is not going to be a military response to this escalation, but my sources say the U.S. has been covertly helping the Ukrainians.  How do you think they have been able to overtake the pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine?  Looks like Vladimir Putin has had enough and is now directly involved with his military.  The Ukrainians have reinstated the draft; so, don’t think this is going to blow over quickly.  Even though Ukraine is not a NATO country, you can count on U.S. and NATO help to intensify.  How can bankrupt Ukraine expect to fight the Russian military?  It cannot do it without big time help, and it will be provided.  President Obama said he was going to ask European members of NATO for more sanctions, but sanctions will make an already bad economy in Europe even worse.  Maybe this is why the number two at the Fed, Stanley Fischer, was outlining bank bail-ins in a speech two weeks ago.  Haven’t we been told over and over again that the economy was in “recovery”?  Why lay out an official plan for bailing out systemically important banks now?  War will implode the economy, and a big one is coming.

Meanwhile, in the Middle East, everyone is talking about ISIS or ISIL or, simply, the Islamic State.  The Islamic State has taken over large parts of Iraq and Syria.  Now, the Islamic State is threatening the Golan Heights on the Northern Israeli border.  The President said in a press conference he “did not have a strategy” for dealing with the Islamic State.  What???  This after the Secretary of Defense and the head of the Joint Chiefs gave a press conference that said the Islamic State was an “imminent threat” and that IS was “not like anything we have seen.”  How could the President go on television and look any weaker and more disconnected?  The President may not have a plan, but they surely do.

The Israelis and Hamas have agreed to another cease-fire.  The Israelis wanted Hamas to disarm before they opened the borders of Gaza and extended fishing off the coast.  The new cease-fire allows the borders to be open for humanitarian aid and construction material to rebuild Gaza.  Hamas did not agree to disarm.  So, why did the Israelis cave in?  I think that the military wing of Hamas has been damaged so badly that it is now much less of a threat.  Israel sees wider war coming and wants Washington to resupply it with offensive weapons such as Sidewinder missiles that the Obama Administration stopped recently.  I heard Karl Rove on TV talking about destroying the Islamic State while helping the moderate Syrian rebels take down the Assad regime.  What kind of foreign policy is this?  I have been telling you all for months the U.S. has been arming the rebels and that a large part of them were al-Qaeda.  ISIS is an offshoot of al-Qaeda.  Our policy just keeps making bigger and bigger messes.  Even if the President does not have a strategy, wider war is coming to the Middle East.

Let’s not forget China.  The U.S. is sending another carrier group to Japan.  The Chinese buzzed one of our spy aircraft, and tensions are running high.  Do you think the Chinese think the U.S. is spread a little thin?  You know they do, and when you look at the wars and rumors of war, can you envision anything but global war.  Please keep in mind, that just this past week, the world’s biggest oil company, Gazprom, in Russia officially started accepting payment for its energy in rubles and yuan.  I am sure that’s not causing any of these war tensions around the planet.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Neil

    I think the invasion claim is another false provocation. At this point the incredible lies being told in the west’s media are really beginning to annoy me in the same way the cock and bull stories of weapons of mass destruction did. The Russians are not the problem.
    I don’t know why Mr Putin doesn’t just tell the White House to go fix their economy and not cause trouble on the Russian border while recalling words like ‘ash in our mouths’ per Cuba.
    Now that Mr Obama has safely secured his place in history with the Nobel Peace Prize his priority seems to be to improve his golf game as much as possible before he leaves office. All the big jobs are apparently done.
    Mr Putin has been very reasonable so far. I would quite understand if the Russians just stopped being diplomatic and moved in to the Ukraine in force. Probably they should have done that from the beginning.

    • Greg Hunter

      Lots of lies on both sides and they say “The first casualty of war is the truth,” that’s how I know we are headed for a big one. Thank you for your comments.

      • Neil

        Greg I like your work so far but when you come out with ‘its official Russia invaded’ I do begin to question your journalist integrity. Who is the official who declared this and why should their word be accepted outright. What happened to your investigative bent when you opened with that premise?
        BTW my take on Fukushima is that the economic collapse will probably mean Japan will not be able to afford any serious measures to contain the radiation as say Chernobyl sarcophagas. Its likely the site will be abandoned as being too hot to work on and what has been done will fall into disrepair. It may well be in that case that we have a couple of spent fuel pools burn. The Fukushima event is not over.
        Keep up the independence you started with. Enjoy your videos 🙂

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I totally agree with your post!

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        I will also go with PCR’s call as well as your own.

        • Greg Hunter

          Do you really think Russia is not heavily involved? Really? Yes there are plenty of lies going around, but that my friend is the very first casualty of war. This is war. This is what I have been predicting. I sadly am proven correct and it is going to get much worse. There are always three sides to a story. There is one side, the other side and the truth. Everything Russia says is the truth? Really?

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


            You are shooting from the hip – you need to be aware that my response was to Neil’s first post not his second. If you check the alignment of them you will see this is the case
            I did not agree with his second post which questioned your journalistic integrity. This is something I would simply not do – I think far to much of you Greg to ever go there!

            I totally agree with you – the first casualty of war is very much “the truth”. The fact remains however the Washington monolithic bought and paid for MSM machine absolutely dwarfs anything that the Russian have in the way of bought and paid for media or misinformation mechanisms. No of course I am not so dumb as to believe everything the Russians have to say but like a lot of westerners I believe nothing that comes from the US State Dept mouths anymore. To many of us they have totally destroyed their credibility with their constant lies and terrorist-like activities. I believe that the current administration has permanently ruined the reputation of the US.

            My personal view for what it is worth is that Washington has no business meddling in the affairs of the Ukraine and if they had kept their noses out there would not be a civil war let alone the very real danger of it escalating into a full scale war. Washington yet again has blood all over its hands and to many of us around the world the scale of this murder and terrorism is becoming intolerable.

          • Alex from Russia

            I think this can be a help to find truth. Like Neil, I think you shouldn’t say so loud “It’s official–Russia invades Ukraine” “http://www.opednews.com/articles/Memorandum-For-Angela-Mer-by-Coleen-Rowley-Angela-Merkel_Ukraine_Ukraine_Veteran-Intelligence-Professionals-For-Sanity-140831-791.html

  2. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    I wont be so sure about the “Russia invaded Ukraine” story. Simply because the US gov/NATO leadership was caught lying about Ukraine.
    Do you remember about the story how Russia shoot thought their border and as “evidence” showed photosof bomb craters? Well I do, and it appeared the US used intelligence photos made in 1950’s and it was photo-shopped to appear as satellite images.
    I suspect the current “evidence” is similar case, they used German intelligence photos from WWII (maybe from 1944 autumn) and they photo-shopped them to appear as satellite images.

    About US gov, well it not just presented itself as miserable lairs and incompetent meddlesome annoying stooges. And thus they became the laughing matter for the world. I bet they are wondering why they hear things like this: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-27/merkel-slams-us-hegemony-america-cant-solve-all-worlds-problems-anymore

    Let me cite myself:
    What is peak of malice?
    Putting incompetent people into place of power (well they are competent in one thing how to enrich themselves while they rob you blind).
    I’m afraid now even the US deep state is incompetent and stupid.

    You can bet every conflict around Russian and Chinese interest is linked to the US$ and thus the US hegemony.

    Just my 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    PS: Assad is Alavite not Shia.

    • Oracle 911

      Hi Greg
      Do you remember how I told the powers behind the US deep state likes 11 and 22?
      Then let me tell you about 2 strange coincidences.
      1st, a Space-X rocket financed by DARPA (Ministry of defense) exploded on 22nd August this year: http://sploid.gizmodo.com/spacex-rocket-exploded-in-the-air-during-a-test-launch-1625843365
      2nd, on 25th August this year Army’s hypersonic missile exploded: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2014/08/25/the-armys-experimental-hypersonic-missile-just-exploded-four-seconds-after-takeoff
      -the number of that day 2+5+8+2+0+1+4=22.
      I think “somebody” is trying send a clear massage: “Don’t meddle into our business with your military.” I suspect the massage was not received and understood (or perhaps yes, if we take a closer look).

      BTW there is strange coincidence about the date of 9/11 and how it was a inside job. And if you look at the coincidences great turn points happens at 11th, 22nd or on days with number 11 or 22 (or maybe 33, but that is rare).

      Just my crazy 2 cents
      Oracle 911

      • Oracle 911

        And forgot to mention there is an another crazy fact, somewhere in data’s of catastrophes/turning points is a signature of 11 or 22.
        Maybe this has a connection to the Sun’s 11/22 year sunspot cycles.

        Another my crazy 2 cents 🙂
        Oracle 911

      • Galaxy 500

        Agreed, crazy indeed

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Oracle 911

    • Neil

      Why is this war Greg? Are you declaring war against Russia here on behalf of the US? Where is this proof you cite to affirm your opinion? Russia may be providing light arms to the pro-Russian faction and humanitarian aid but I don’t think the Russian army is in Ukraine.

      • Greg Hunter

        Please don’t be ridicules. I am not declaring war on anyone, but I have been predicting wider war is coming no matter who’s side you are on.

        • Neil

          Well there are apparently three sides 😉 and I find myself in the middle, or geographically well off to the side. I make a point of watching all your videos so I do like your reporting 😀 Enjoy your weekend.

          • Greg Hunter


            Thank you for your support and comment. This is very hard to navigate.


      • Geo. T (formerly George)

        First, you insult Greg’s intelligence and then his integrity. I do not post often however I could not let your vitriol go unanswered. You wrote, “Where is this proof you cite to affirm your opinion?” I hate to quote the propaganda arm of the Russian government but it provides all the proof needed. http://rt.com/news/182812-russian-soldiers-detained-border/
        Ten Russian military men were captured…Russian’s comments,”“The servicemen in question were indeed patrolling the Russian-Ukrainian border. They had probably crossed it by mistake through an area which wasn’t manned… as far as we know, there was no resistance during their arrest,” a Russian defense source said, RIA Novosti reported.” Based on your self proclaimed higher deductive powers, I am sure that you interpret this little gem as the unvarnished truth. Ten more Russian armed tourists out for an evening stroll. And here is another bastion of integrity, like yourself that would make Gobbles blush. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/europe/2014/02/ukraine-announce-interim-government-201422571956775789.html
        “East Ukrainian pro-Russian separatist leader Alexander Zakharchenko said serving Russian soldiers, on leave from their posts, are fighting Ukrainian troops alongside the rebels, Russian state television reported.” and “Among us are fighting serving soldiers, who would rather take their vacation not on a beach but with us, among brothers, who are fighting for their freedom.” I am sure that your intimate knowledge (and by that, I suggest you have a fundamental lack thereof and a fairy tale understanding of the world and what passes as fact) of the military and Russia allows you to conclude that Russia allows soldiers to carry their kit, including small arms and ammo with them on leave. Can you really be that intellectually dishonest?

        and further stated, “Russia may be providing light arms to the pro-Russian faction” S300 missiles are light arms? What do you consider heavy weapons? ICBMs?
        I realize that we are feed disinformation from numerous sources. You can have all the opinions you want, which seem to have only a passing acquaintance with the truth, however, you are not entitled to your own set of fantasy fact wise.
        And when you start throwing out idiotic demagoguery about Greg declaring war, its an indicator of the weakness of your argument. Its a common ploy by people that have no facts to support their cause to throw out such hyperbole and personal attacks. Look up proxy war, you wont see Greg’s picture. There is a war going on now. And its official.
        I agree with those that say that Europe and NATO can not support the Ukrainians. I would love to hear Obama’s reasoning on the meddling in the Ukraine. Did he really think Putin would allow to be locked out of his only warm water sea port?

      • Geo. T (formerly George)

        I apologize for the length of my retort.
        and Neil, while you are in the “middle”, could you advise if you believed the Russian line that the satellite imagery is from a video game? I don’t play any but with your wealth of real world experience, perhaps you can give us your opinion

  3. Stan

    Greg, I believe you may started this wrapup with a false premise – unless I’m reading most of the credible alternative media incorrectly, I don’t believe Russia has invaded Ukraine. That’s not to say it won’t happen at some stage but right now the precious metals markets certainly don’t believe the BS from Kiev and the Western MSM.

  4. collateral Damage

    Bravo Greg, extremely well done.


    Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
    Because their words had forked no lightning they
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
    Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
    And learn, too late, they grieve it on its way,
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
    Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    And you, my father, there on the sad height,
    Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light. –

    Another good Read, Kevin Phillips, ‘Wealth and Democracy’.

  5. andrew

    I think you’re jumping the gun with parroting the MSM message that Russia has crossed the line and is now actively involved in warfare. Sure there is some covert help for the separatists, but not at the level of the Russian army entering Ukraine. Also, these separatists or militias are kicking Ukrainian butt right now. That knowledge is missing from your wrap-up, Greg. It appears you are referencing old news about the Ukrainian army “overtaking the pro-Russian separatists.” That’s not happening. Ukraine will be divided in two with the Novorussian forces having earned their own nation. Western Ukraine will devolve into a self-recriminating hell hole as they enter another revolution to throw out the current regime.

    • collateral Damage

      Empires generally don’t decline by going quietly into the night.

    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      What’s missing from your analysis? The Ukrainians were being routed and all of the sudden developed a backbone. Do you think that was a coincidence? That was driven by the good old USA providing some special forces and intelligence.

  6. vincentg

    By pushing Europe to more sanctions it has one result.
    The result is more pain.
    Pain has a way of turning into hate.
    Hate has a way of turning into violence.

    The US foreign policy is a flat out disaster.
    Our policy should not be predicated on what we want conditions to be in any country.
    It is not the role of our government to judge or to pass judgement on other countries.
    Nor is it acceptable for this country to interfere with events in other countries for political or financial gain.

    But it seems the people of this country don’t care what happens as long as it doesn’t bite them.

  7. vincentg


    You have a noise in the background that is distracting.
    It sounds like someone tapping on the desk or on the mike cable.

    It hurts the quality of your show.

  8. Smaulgld

    Thanks for mentioning the Fed’s plan for bailins- I saw that in Fischers speech and reported on it immediately.
    To my surprise no MSM outlet or indeed ANY news site noticed or reported on it.
    Luckily, my post got picked up by dozens of alternative media sites.
    Have a great long weekend

  9. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    Thank you for yet another great week of reporting. You are still my ” #1 go to site”

    Obviously I was all ears with the James Corbett interview as you well know the whole FED fiasco is very close to my heart. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole interview and agreed with pretty well everything.
    Except that is for the bit where he said that the FED is a “stunning failure”.
    He neglected to mention the fact that the FED is owned by a cartel of privately owned banks. Therefore by definition it is not a “stunning” failure at all. Quite the contrary it is actually a huge success in rewarding its ownership and in the process completely disenfranchising the middle class and the honest working man of the US.
    For me it was disappointing for James also to fail to mention what 99% of commentators also gloss over. This is the #1 reason why this ludicrous model has survived. It is simply that almost everyone is too gutless to mention the ownership structure.
    This MUST be talked about before anything will change.
    What is even more bazaar and needs to be public knowledge is that the original contract was fundamentally illegal from day one. There was no consideration [no payment] for the shares that these banks allotted [alooted] themselves. My understanding is that they simple printed the money out of thin air and helped themselves to the ownership.
    To put it mildly I am absolutely gobsmacked.
    What the hell is going on?
    THE PEOPLE OF THE US – Why has this corrupt, illegal, unconstitutional creature survived for 100 years?

    “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.” – James Madison


    • Silence is Golden

      I too was of that opinion for a very long time.
      I couldn’t agree more with what you have been saying. There is indeed a lot of “Glossing over” …perhaps for a very good reason. No one wants to get too close to the truth OR should I say no one is permitted to divulge the truth.
      If YOU understand who owns and controls the Fed then you have a much clearer picture about the monumental task at hand (in terms of arresting the criminality). Clearly the FED is one of several privately owned (by “City of London”) institutions which have unfettered control over the monetary system. They therefore at any one time via these institutions and their fractional reserve practices, have control over the entire globes’ resources.
      But that is only 1/3 rd of the equation of the problems we all face. When considered in isolation, its (Bankers or The Merchants of Venice and Genoa) reach has infiltrated every corner of the globe. Now consider the other 2/3 rds. Their reach is as vast as the first 1/3. Almost the entire planets’ population is affected with their disease.
      The truth is out there for all to see. Those working behind closed doors, in secrecy, know that the masses have no time nor inclination to question or analyse the reality of our world and how it is governed. In truth they are the invisible government. The same ones who wish to preserve their domination and control. Working in secrecy is their MO. Protecting their secrecy is paramount.
      Let me add that a very small percentage of people comprehend the process of reasoning and have an ability to observe a problem as opposed to passing an opinion on it.
      George Orwell put it very well “Those who control the present control the past. Those who control the past control the future”.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Silence is Golden
        I get where you are coming from but surely the private ownership of the FED is not a difficult concept for the masses to grasp. If they can understand this they can also surely fathom that this is a massive conflict of interest that should not exist!
        I cannot accept that people of your intellect have given up and no longer challenge or try to change the status quo. This is tragic!

        • Silence is Golden

          No Colin, I have not given up, I just realise the enormity of the entire issue which btw should not be viewed in the context of David and Goliath.
          When you come to terms with that, then eliminating the FED only resolves one piece of a very complex puzzle, notwithstanding their century of criminality against not only a nation but the entire globe.
          Salvation lies with self-destruction of the Beast. I believe very strongly that collapse will come from within when the resistant cells overwhelm the host. Only then can the world rid itself finally of these creatures that have roamed the Earth for what seems an eternity.
          I believe we are all created equal. Our self appointed rulers believe they have the right and privilege to rule as the chosen ones. This, in time, will be corrected, but there is very little we can do about the course of events to arrive at that destination.
          I wish you well good Sir in your quest.

    • M Jackson

      Spot on, Colin. So true.
      Americans are uneducated on the Fed. And history. The WW II generation follows rules; as the Boomers realize how ruined their retirements are, they will activate. We must keep naming names- Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller, Mellon, Clinton, Rubin, etc—Corbett is excellent, but you are correct, he needed to point out who these bankers are, personally. The entire structure needs to be continually discussed so people can generate consciousness on this and begin to move & change their patterns. Silver use could creep back in, just through change in consciousness.

      Keep up the great work, Greg! Excellent site.

    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      By this time, we are all well acquainted with your position on the FED and most, if not all agree with it. What do you propose? Armed insurrection?
      The one weapon Americans have is the vote and I am stupefied by the number of people that post here that refuse to vote. The only thing that one can conclude is that these people are hoping for collapse. And nonvoters, do not blather one saying you do are not. If you do not oppose something, you agree with it. The argument that they are all the same is for the weak minded and those that lack the ability to discern nuance.

  10. woody188

    Seems to me ISIS/ISIL is a CIA or Mossad front. They have tremendous publicity when a devil is needed. They are armed by the USA. They are allowed to grow stronger and capture huge land masses. Their violence is used to beat the war drums. Their videos are aired long enough to gain traction then are promptly removed so they can’t be scrutinized. I’ve never seen any video removed from the Internet like the Foley video. Now experts are saying the video may have been staged. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/james-foley-killed-off-camera-expert-article-1.1915845

    It just doesn’t add up. I think these leads to boots on the ground in Iraq, with an invasion of Syria the actual goal. That plays right into US and Israeli interests, hence my theory.

  11. Pollard

    Sorry, but to my disappointment you have fallen for the newest media big lie. There is no invasion of Russia in Ukraine to speak of. The number of Russian volunteers is probabyl no higher than the Blackwater, CIA, Polish etc. “specialists” directing this pointless and criminal massacre against the civilians of the Eastern Ukraine. They keep lying, and lying, and lying, every day of the week, and yet you fall for the “invasion” lie? Look at what Paul Craig Roberts had to say about it, debunking the story.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you think Russia is not heavily involved in Ukraine as NATO and the U.S. then it is you who are falling for the “lie.”

      • andrew

        For more in-depth reviews of what is happening in Ukraine regarding the degree of Russian involvement, check out these two important web sites, admittedly pro-Novorussian.



      • fred

        No Greg it is you who is the biggest fool for falling for the MSMs lies and if anyone should know better it is you sir Cheers

        • Greg Hunter

          If you think Russia is standing by as a spectator in Ukraine it is you who is a fool. UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin admitted there “were Russian volunteers in Eastern Ukraine. There is no hiding that.” (Quote from the AP.) Russian soldiers on summer break did not go into Ukraine unarmed ridding bicycles. It is in the profound national interest of Russia to be in Ukraine. I would not expect anything different especially when the U.S. and NATO has “advisors” there too. Next time you feel it necessary to come and trash me over and over again on the FREE site I provide please man-up and use a real name. This may not be a D-Day invasion but Russia is heavily involved and this conflict is leading to war. This has been my overarching point for weeks.

          • Stan

            Greg, having Russian volunteers fighting side by side with the Eastern Ukraine separatists is quite a different thing than the Russian defence forces officially invading Ukraine. To paraphrase Alexander Zakharchenko, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Donetsk National Republic, who said with a look of amusement during an international press conference yesterday: “If Russian divisions were fighting in Ukraine, they wouldn’t be fighting here – they would already be in Kiev.”
            Great press conference – http://vineyardsaker.blogspot.com/2014/08/watershed-press-conference-by-top.html

            • Greg Hunter

              You are playing a game of semantics. This too is a form of propaganda. Russia is not standing by as a spectator in Ukraine. UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin admitted there “were Russian volunteers in eastern parts of Ukraine. There is no hiding that.” (Quote from the AP.) Russian soldiers on summer break did not go into Ukraine unarmed, ridding bicycles. It is in the profound national interest of Russia to be in Ukraine. I would not expect anything different, especially when the U.S. and NATO have “advisors” there too. This may not be a D-Day invasion, but Russia is heavily involved, and this conflict is leading to war. This has been my overarching point for weeks.

        • Geo. T (formerly George)

          Fred (Flintstone??)
          A personal attack? Really?

      • andrew

        This helpful review (8/30/14) on whether Russia has invaded, from one of your guests, Dimitri Orlov:


        Also another relevant Ukraine focused site:


  12. J.C. Davis

    Greg It has sure been a week of change. I am reminded of Jim Willie saying the end of the year will look nothing like the beginning. It is looking more like we will not make it out of 2014 without a lot of blood shed. Fear not, and stay awake for the day is turning to darkness. Thanks for all you do.

  13. Mikkel Jacobsen

    Hello Greg

    You are making a lot of good points,,,

    Still I see your coverage of the Syrian conflict as if you willfully ignore that there is a 3 WAY CONFLICT,,,,, Yes of course the US made mistakes,,,,,, Arming someone they shouldent arm….. They do it all the time ,,,,,The problem now regarding the US administation ,,,,, nobody Can really believe in them ,,, they have lost all credibility,,,,,, More and more people and nations realise that its all about protecting the banks and the dollar,,,,, The US government has been hijacked by special interests,,,,
    So now we ( the world ) ,have to wait fore the dollar and the US government to FAIL ,,,, and ADMIT that they failed( they will probably never do so ) ,,, before we can have new credibel administation to work with……
    Back to Syria…
    The term ,, : ‘ moderate al Quaida ‘ ,,,, I find it hard to take seriously,,, Think!!!!!
    Yes there are al Quaida groups there ,,, Al Nusra etc,,,,
    The moderate opposition ,, FSA , Islamic Front,,,, are being ignored,,,,
    They are fighting BOTH IS ( Islamic State ) , and the Assad regime ,,, since they represent the same kind of intolerance,,,,
    I believe that there are more dynamics in the Syrian conflict than mentioned here,,,,
    Look to Scot Lucas on Eeaworldview ,,Today,,,, fore more thorough journalism. ,,, just in my opinion,,,

    “Israel sees a wider war coming ” ,,,, Well maybe ,,,, maybe it is in their interest ,, or part of their strategy ( the administration )….. : Well according to the Snowden revelations ,,,, they trained Baghdadi ,,, the leader of IS ,,,, !!!! Together with mi5 and CIA ,,,

    I tend to believe Snowden A LOT more than any goverment reprecentatives in the US and the rest of the world,,,
    The problem with Wall Street , certain families , central banks or IS ( Islamic State ) are not their actual agenda,,,, but that too many either believe in the narrrative they represent or FEAR the narrative they represent,,,, making them an easy pray fore manipulation,,,,,that has to do ,,, in my opinion ,,, with EDUCATION ,,,, AND THE NEED TO THINK OR MEDITATE ABOUT ,,,, WHAT IS EDUCATION ????


    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      You wrote,”The moderate opposition ,, FSA , Islamic Front,,,, are being ignored,,,,”
      Someone posted a while back something to the effect that the moderate Islamic opposition is a myth. Upon reflection, there are fewer simple truths. These actors are moderate? Its like saying King Cobra venom is moderate compared to the venom of the black mamba. While some believe “enemy of my enemy is my friend,” it is a foolish strategy the way it was deployed in WWI and onward. It is the height of lunacy in Syria.
      Based on these groups, Assad looks good. The world was at a higher degree of stability before Obama meddled in Libya, Egypt, Syria and the Ukraine. The only conclusion one can reach is that Obama’s goal is chaos and he is delivering this to the world and at home.

  14. Marcelo

    “It’s official–Russia invades Ukraine. ” Greg, I think you swallowed the US/Nato narrative. Any proof of the Invasion ? The CIA representatives in Kiev , Willy Wonka, Yats & all other criminals keep crying wolf, the problem is that at this point few people believe in what they are saying. Paul Craig Roberts explains it very well in his last article. http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/08/28/washington-piles-lie-upon-lie-paul-craig-roberts/

  15. Ugly

    Great wrap up for our dismal future. The MSM covers none of this. Americans are about to find out that ‘Ignorance is not Bliss’ and that we had better wake up as a Nation. People on welfare will have nothing, and people with money will have nothing too. It is about to go. Shock n Awe is about to happen to us….

  16. art barnes

    Greg, “a convoluted mess” even with Bush & Obama’s Administration couldn’t be a intentional policy, its just the unintended consequences of incompetence of policies of
    “just go shopping” & golf masters running the show. Why are the people worried about the Religion of Peace in any event, oh, did the infidels recently read their Bible? Folks, get ready for the last crusade from the modern day Moors (Islam), its in full swing, from its military & the breeding us out of our own countries.

  17. pumpkinhead

    Good summary Greg . I stand corrected.

  18. Jerry

    Greg I firmly believe that the conflict in Ukraine will spell the doom for not only NATO but the dollar as reserve currency status. Here you have Ukraine asking NATO for help.
    The oligarchs that run the world banking system are orchestrating these moves. They know if the United States does nothing, that it will send a message to the free world, that the United States is no longer a super power, and more importantly that the dollar is not deserving of reserve currency status. On the other hand, they also know that if the United States does launch an attack with NATO, it will collapse what is left of the EU and send gas prices through the roof, driving a financial stake right in the heart of NATO. Classic checkmate move.

    So what is the purpose of the Ukrainian conflict? The paradigm shift away from the dollar has already taken place world wide, with over 130 countries signing currency swop agreements with China. Russia included. The globalist needed some way to dislodge the dollar from reserve currency status , in order to install their new gold backed Yuan system. Ukraine fit that bill. What better way to do that, than by destroying NATO? Like you said Greg, Gazprom feeds the economies of Europe.
    Without NATO, who’s left to stand behind us?

    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      What interest, economic or otherwise, does NATO or the US have in the Ukraine? I do not see a pressing reason to be involved.

      • Jerry

        I’m going to make this simple. We no longer control our government. The globalist who run the world banking system do, and their intent is to collapse the dollar by either projecting our weakness to the world in Ukraine , or by pushing us into a war with Russia. Forget politics. This has nothing to do with politics. This is about the destruction of the dollar.

        • Galaxy 500

          Thanks for “keeping it simple” for him…hahaha
          Not sure you needed to dumb it down for him.

  19. Jerry

    Survival Gear- Sleeping Bags.
    Your last line of defense in any survival situation is a good sleeping bag. When its cold, and there is no other source of heat, it will literally save your life. I prefer goose down, because it packs down to the size of a loaf of bread. Here’s one I recommend.

  20. Silence is Golden

    Great wrap for a very eventful and thought provoking week. You have a great ability to get right to the pointy end of business. Kudos.
    The reserve currency is officially on the ropes. There I said it for you.
    One more observation …..Is it by any coincidence that the US is or has been involved in all the hotspots around the globe?

    Hard to also believe the US President doesn’t have a plan….hmmmm !!
    Previously he also said in response to the barbaric act against James Foley…”There has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so it does not spread. It has to be a clear rejection of these kind of nihilistic ideologies.”
    I believe they are truly very concerned. The concept of nihilists forming a greater union is not to be taken lightly. It can quickly infiltrate western societies and cause undue chaos.

    Having a plan signifies some element of control. Then again does he really need one. After all its not his war to fight. The CIC is the official title and yet he still needs the cooperation of the other Euro member nations of NATO to instigate “more sanctions”.

    Things are so screwy at the moment that I bet if you went to Home Depot you would find they would be out of stock (of screws).

  21. Sylvia

    Of course the Ukraine is bankrupt. Didn’t the U.S. confiscate their gold and remove it from the country way back when their new U.S. approved leader was installed. Hey ! Could we stop interfering in other countries business and mind out own business? Some of us are getting tired of needless war and the foreign entanglements that our Constitutional founders warned against. Our foreign policy is destined to lead us into trouble.

  22. nightshiftsucks

    Love your site Greg, I wonder if the US govt has labeled you a terrorist ?

  23. kashif

    Greg i respect you and love your channel. However Russia has not invaded Ukraine, this has been confirmed by zerohedge.

    Not to say they cant be helping the eastern Ukrainians, however there is no outright invasion.

  24. Dave

    Hi ya Greg

    Nice wrap up….but you are very misinformed about Russia invading Ukraine ‘
    Anyhow i love your show and thanks


  25. mike

    Re IS.
    Quit telling us it was ISIS or ISIL and now IS …blah blah blah. We all know now… Like saying Nissan was Datsun in all Nissan ads. It gets annoying. Stop beating around the budh and tell us the news.. Great info you have though.

    • Greg Hunter

      Well Mike, so many are calling it by so many names I just want to be clear but I got your point and I thank you for making it here.

      • JM

        ISIS = vhs and ISIL = beta
        Just saying..

  26. wd

    Hi Greg, You are right the Russian rebels were winning easily at first then suddenly they are being pushed back by Ukraine military. They had to have gotten help from somewhere.

    Obama has no intnetion to intervene militarily there, nor do they have a strategy for ISIS, they have had a few months for ISIS and nearl a year for Ukraine….Whats up!!!

    I think US is confused as to what to do in Ukraine, ( Russia just keeps going regardless of sanctios and threats). Dont be suprised if US hangs NATO out to dry.

    I remember the Cuban missile crisis, and have seen the whole US vs USSR thing, but I have never seen any of their leaders;

    1) Have such absolute disrespect for our country
    2) Have such disrespect for our leaders.
    3) Act without any regard to future consequences
    4) Continually and easily out flank our strategies…

    By the way; James Corbett was excellent- I really enjoy an X’s and O’s type of analysis
    of what is happening. Almost like a mathematical formula. On the money!!

  27. America1ster

    You lost me with the 1st sentence.
    What do you mean it’s ‘official’? No evidence of Russia invading has been presented, but you just accept the CIA/Obama narrative, why? There has never been a reason for Russia to invade, the west has been doing everything it can to provoke Russia into invading so they can justify their own planned aggression.

    You are just parroting the Obama/CIA narrative., which is pure BS.

    Nothing but lies has come from USA MSM concerning events in Ukraine, and your analysis is just more of the same. RUSSIA HAS NOT INVADED!

    OSCE monitors from both Russia and Ukraine DENY Russian invasion…http://rt.com/news/183356-russia-poroshenko-invasion-ukraine/

    • Greg Hunter

      Let me get this straight, you are quoting RT which is funded by Russia as your independent source? Really. You think RT would ever be critical or expose anything Russia did. That said I realize there is plenty of propaganda coming out on both sides, but my point has been all along that the region is headed for war no matter who did what to whom. That is the overarching point of this section of the Wrap-Up. Thank you for your comment and feedback.

      • America1ster

        Ukraine/Obama have been making unsubstantiated claims against Russia since the day the CIA overthrew the elected president of Ukraine and put in their puppets, Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko.

        Concerning this specific current false accusation that Russia, against all logic, has invaded Ukraine again NO PROOF has been given, yet you just accept the claim?

        Sorry, I do not blindly accept RT as an info source, but since I know every word from the US MSM is without any truth whatsoever, I do believe it is enlightening to see what the claims are of those being accused by the US MSM.

        You may be right that a broader war is inevitable, but Russia is doing everything it can to avoid that possibility while the west is doing everything it can to provoke it.

        • Greg Hunter

          Wider war has been my theme for weeks and this is what is taking place. In war, it is said, “The first casualty is the truth.” Gigantic lies on both sides say war is coming and it will be very big. Thank you for your comment.

        • Geo. T (formerly George)

          You wrote, “but since I know every word from the US MSM is without any truth.”
          Everything? I agree they are a self serving lot but even they stumble into the truth from time to time.

      • JM

        Its not official until Putin says it is. Just like Amerika helping Kiev is not official until Obama says it is.

      • Nicholas Hellstrom

        Mr Hunter,
        You typed: Let me get this straight, you are quoting RT which is funded by Russia as your independent source? Really

        I type: Let me type this straight, you get your info, “it’s official, Russia has invaded, (you are not providing any proof but just quote) from the same media that lied and continue to lie over and over and got caught over and over. The propaganda that is being spread by to so called ‘western media’, whatever that means, is working for RT (Russia Today), and makes them look good.
        You are an (independent) Journalist yourself , so you should know better, do home work and be critical.

        We all know that the so called “develolped west” (developed in what??) is desperate for a war, to hide their economic problems and restart it (thats what they believe). Majority (whatever that number is) of the people that are awake, knows that, it’s so in your face, but it’s hard to accept for some people (Ohh, I cannot believe my country is doing this mentality).

        They need more lies. In Brazil they, private MSM (they are similar as fox and CNN but are “sometimes interested in telling close to the truth” when it’s needed, for business interests) and Alternative media online, reported how Ukriane were buying used Russian tanks from Hungary. Do you know about that? The only media source i could find in the US was through this link http://whatreallyhappened.com/node/344630

        As an independent journalist you know you should be critical of all sides, even if the info comes from within your own yard which you ‘trusted’ for years (but know they lie).

        • Galaxy 500

          So you.point to unsourced info supposedly showing Ukraine buying Russian tanks and then some photos that could be.from any time and place in the.last decade as proof…and you call.out Greg? Wow, the height of hypocrisy

      • Galaxy 500

        Same things I have noticed about people quoting Pravda…erh, ah…Russia.today

        • Mason

          At least you are not calling it the “Russian Times” anymore, like you used to do. You are learning, albeit very very slowly. 😉

          • Galaxy 500

            Its a parody of the New York Times…Russia Times…just one.of my.feeble.attempts at humor

            • Mason

              Ok, fair enough.

    • Jerry

      “There has never been a reason for Russia to invade, the west has been doing everything it can to provoke Russia into invading so they can justify their own planned aggression”

      What planet do you live on? You don’t think Russia has a vested interest in control of 20% of the gas that flows into Europe, not to mention allowing NATO to set up military operations close to their Black Sea naval bases? I’m smelling sheep dip .

      • America1ster

        The point is the Eastern Ukrainians have not needed Russian troops help. Russia OWNS the gas, it’s only interest is in seeing that the gas continues to flow as per it’s contracts, Ukraine on the other hand is dead broke and has desperately trying to provoke Russia by perpetrating a hellish attack on the civilian populations of Donetsk and other places, desperate to get the USA to help them repel this invasion that Russia as I said before, has ZERO interest in.
        They rebels already won the war all by themselves, of course the US media won’t ever portray it as such, instead Ukraine’s puppet government again makes wild specious accusations against Russia and the US media simply regurgitates the spin. I follow Greg regularly and was surprised that he to had voiced that CIA approved message, apparently my view is the concensus.

        I didn’t accuse him of being a CIA goon though, I think he is one of the good guys too.

        • Galaxy 500

          You said Greg was propagating the CIA/Obama line…did I mis read that?

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow, Greg….
      Can you believe this guy? You.a.CIA shill….hahaha, I’ve had a tough week…sick again. God knew.I.needed a.good laugh so.he.sent.this.troll to your sight.
      While I.disagree with some posters here , I have known you for decades and your integrity is beyond reproach.

      • andrew

        I would recommend that people in the alternative news community be careful about the quick and easy claim that Russia itself has invaded. People need to understand the various nuances. What various blogs have been saying, is that Russia is indeed providing covert aid, but not its own ground troops or artillery. Novorussians have been trained inside Russia and returned to help beef up the NAF (separatists, militia, Novorussians, eastern Ukranians), Russian volunteers have taken up arms inside eastern Ukraine, munitions have been provided covertly, intelligence has have been given to the NAF – all true. However, no Russian TROOPS. So are we just mincing words here on what war ‘is’, and Greg is correct in his words, or are we missing an important distinction in what is going on?

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you.

        • JM

          If Russia invades, we will know it without any doubt. They can roll through that county like the wind. It would be over in minutes.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


      “1) Have such absolute disrespect for our country
      2) Have such disrespect for our leaders.
      3) Act without any regard to future consequences
      4) Continually and easily out flank our strategie…”

      Yes, but do you ever remember a time when the US had such a collection of incompetent lying fools in Washington.
      The majority of the world now laughs at their bazaar meddling behaviour.
      We shouldn’t be laughing however. Their meddling is actually tragic and threatens the very existence of mankind!

      • wd

        Colin I agree, but never have I seen them “tit for tat” us and constantly leave us with our shoulders shrugged.

        I am convinced there are multiple dialogues going on here;

        1) What these NATO countries are telling US vs what they are saying to each other in the deepest of secret places.

        2) The latest news is that NATO is going to send a “strike force of 10k” people. Is NATO really going to sacrifice there young people for this?
        Do they really know what they are up against. I believe ( and I may be wrong) that they are telling US what they want to hear, and when the bullet hits the bone, US will be day late and dollar short in helping out these countries.

        NATO force are a mixed up collage of a UN like security force. If they make a move they will be wiped out.

        My friend’s fiance just got back from FRance after being threre for months and she has told us that “the economy is bad desperately bad”.

        Anglo-American empire is pushing this and it will collapse.

    • Agent P

      It won’t be the U.S. that ‘hangs NATO out to dry’, it will be Germany that finally wakes up and says ‘no thanks’ to the U.S., which is why the U.S. is so hell-bent on inciting a conflict. Yes indeed, Paul Craig Roberts Does have this situation figured out to a ‘T’, and he has been out in front of the entire mess and all aspects of it, from the beginning.

      Germany remains the lynchpin. If Germany should decide to ‘defect’, it could spell near immediate disaster for confidence in U.S. policy, and hence, the $Dollar. Most have no idea of just how fast dominoes could start toppling if Germany was to exit U.S. foreign policy ‘Diktat’…

      • wd

        Agent P,

        Yes I agree, I think the US is posturing before doing anything, they will let NATO take it on the chin, then act. I think Germany will cut loose as the this heats up.

        Germany has nothing to loose as this could be its firts chance to be free since WWI.

        BTW I have so much respect for Putin as opposed to our pseudo leaders.
        That may be wrong but so be it.

    • Sandman

      I think what you meant was:

      I remember the Cuban missile crisis, and have seen the whole US vs USSR thing, but I have never seen any of OUR leaders;

      1) Have such absolute disrespect for THEIR country
      2) Have such disrespect for THEIR leaders.
      3) Act without any regard to future consequences
      4) Continually spout lie after lie after lie and have the majority of Americans believe it without question.
      Do you remember watching the Olympics last winter. I think this whole thing has been planned for quite a while. Our media was so disrespectful to the Russian’s it was kind of sickening to me.

  28. Tatyana

    Love, love, love your weekly wraps, very clear and understandable language, (English my second language) Your point of view is so trustful, your overview very honest and help to figure out what is going on in the world around us, your political and economical review of the week is so interesting and you always choosing most important things , thank you very, very much, it helps a lot to understand what is going on around the world, I’m always awaiting next Friday to hear or read your next weekly wrap-up!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tatyana.

  29. Outlookingin

    Greg, don’t get caught with your pants down! The break away eastern half of the Ukraine, with big help from “Mother” Russia, has in the past week launched a very successful multi-front operations, all of which have succeeded.

    The push south to the Azov Sea has given them the port city of Novoazovsk and are now pushing west along the coast road towards the areas largest city of Mariupol.

    A very successful blocking action west of Gorlovka, has prevented the western installed oligarch controlled Ukraine administration from sending any support.

    Meanwhile operations carried out by the separatists in and around Lugansk, Donetsk and Volnovakha, have pushed back the poorly supplied and demoralized Ukraine ground forces, with some large areas along with their detachments now surrounded.


    • wd

      Great call Outlookin,

      The master Putin hoodwinks them again, with minimal forces, amazing they cant seem to corral this guy.

      I would love to see that big room where our top strategist are thinking this out and trying to figure out what to do in the wee hours of the morning, but wait I forgot Obama-big dumbo does not get out of bed before 10 am!

  30. KR

    “It’s official–Russia invades Ukraine. ”

    It’s official, I am no longer following your blog. I can get the same BS “analysis” from the White House Press Room, thank you very much.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for just leaving, instead of pestering me with mean comments.

      • Brad

        Well played Greg Hunter. Well played.

  31. Charles H.


    I’ll repeat myself here – Russia might just take everything East of the Kneiper River; and hang Kiev and western Ukraine around NATO’s neck. Germany is balking at alliance with the US, and Merkel will “officially” turn East. NATO itself may disintegrate…
    Fukashima is magnitudes worse than Chernobyl – both by the volume of the (each one) bigger, three reactor meltdowns; and by position near the Pacific. Gorbachev mentioned that Chernobyl’s cost ended the Cold War. Fukashima has doomed Japan – it’s all smoke and mirrors until it all crashes. Scientists has a shot at fixing Nuclear Power after Chernobyl: but became the prostitutes of an Industry/ Government. And they sure aren’t “putting-out” any solutions so far. The Spent Fuel Pool of Reactor 4 STILL could topple and put the icing on the cake. The “tonnage” of water spilling into the Pacific is what is washing-over the melted piles, becoming highly radioactive, and carrying away trace hard nucleides with it. Biblically – the life of the body is in the blood, and the life of the Pacific is being killed. It is a stretch – but in certain aspects this fulfills the Revelation Ch. 8, verses 8 & 9 – where this functions as the ‘Burning Mountain’ cast into the sea, where a third part of the earth’s sea becomes blood; where I submit symbolizes it’s death. The ‘third part of the ships’ destroyed could mean the commerce destroyed. Don’t eat the fish, gang.

    And one last thought to chew on… Merkel; Yellen; LaGarde – the complete reversal of male/female role-playing. As the world refuses God, and knowledge of Him – going farther and farther into experimentation, testing the limits of behavior (homosexuality, abortion, gender-reversal, etc) : it will be sought that women should be given charge – to pull man’s butt out of the fire. It is an extension of the ‘Hope and Change’ groping: but the spirit behind it will float a female American president.
    “Cover me?”

    • andrew

      Russia is not going to “take” anything. They do not want to shoulder the rebuilding of a war shattered country and economy. They just want a buffer. All this fantasy of Russia as a newly renewed and ambitious remake of the Soviet Union is a fallacy. People are making a mistake to jump to this conclusion. We in the West have been such aggressive hegemonists for so long, we can’t imagine another country being less ambitious. The Russians just want to have a stable country with a good standard of living, same as China, same as most countries. They are still remaking themselves after a devastating run as a failed socialist state.

      I think it important for war mongering people in the alternative press to take a step back and look at what they are perpetuating. This is a MSM meme and plays into the neocons going for war. DON’T assume Russia and China at this point in time want what we want. They just want to do business. Sure, they have problematic fiat money systems, cronynism, and oligarchies, but mostly this is about getting The US/West to stand down, and coming up with a more level playing field for finance.

      We are the warmongers painting our reality wherever we can – DON’T take the bait!

      • Charles H.


        You aren’t lumping me in with “everyone else”; or just jumping the gun on me are you? I don’t understand your exhortation to : “not take the bait”.

        You understand that I, myself, am not part of the “alternative press” – I only, briefly, stated a conclusion; or restated one. I don’t subscribe to the MSM – so how should I know what is their meme? And I assure you that I am FAR from being a Warmonger. I got cured of that from Vietnam.

        ONE WORD, Andrew, and you totally misread me. I know the US bartered the Coup and is behind the illegal Kiev government; that Russia only wants a stable economy and standard of living; and that Putin is level-headed, and will insure a buffer.
        In your fifth sentence – you suggest that I am one who: “make a mistake to jump to this conclusion” ?!?? Apparently you don’t read much of my comments; or you are flying off the handle in jumping down my throat. Either way – you need to unplug a little.

        You say: ” They do not want to shoulder the rebuilding of a war shattered country and economy.” Are you not speaking FOR all Russian leadership? Historically, the Ukraine and specifically Eastern Ukraine is Russian speaking and sharing cultural heritage – so whether or not they “WANT” to rebuild that part of the country, a minimal buffer zone: in my opinion they will invest enough to showcase the disparity of the Western NATO-leaners – who aren’t going to get squat from the West.

    • g

      when the women take charge?, good luck you’ll need it

  32. Ncdirtdigger

    While I am no fan of our ‘policies’, if we do not do everything in our power to support/sustain the petrodollar, it will be bad bad times for the folks in red, white and blue. This includes attempts at undermining any challengers to it (Russia).

  33. Greg Hunter

    There is always three sides to a story. One side, the other side and the truth. The truth is no matter what side you take, war, and an ugly one, is coming.

  34. Galaxy 500

    So you agree with PCR on this…did you.agree with his insane antisemitism, anti Israeli pro Hamas rant? If he is that.far.off there, makes the.rest.of his fine.quality.analysis suspect

  35. Galaxy 500

    Seems like the night of the long knives. You have a bunch of posters here insulting your intelligence over your announcement that Russia has invaded the Ukraine. We invaded during the Olympics and they are.just returning the favor. These fools in the EU are talking about cutting Russia out.of the SWIFT system. Going to.be.a.cold winter in Europe my.friend. Cold.hard facts.may not be in vouge but the.truth.will.set you.free.
    Keep up.the good work

    • andrew

      I am not insulting Greg’s intelligence. He is doing a wonderful job getting the message out. I visit this site every time he posts. I am a loyal follower. I am closely watching events in Ukraine, and this is changing daily. Not everybody has the time to dig deeply. It is easy to inflame the situation by having incomplete information and imagining the worst. The nuances are important to understand. This is not a black and white situation. If Russia wanted a takeover, they would be in there with THOUSANDS of men, artillery, and planes and it would be over in a day or two. This is a covert war, obviously, same as how the West goes about it in the early stages. Putin can not risk an all out war, which is what the neocons want.

      Anyways, we are shortly to have a major false flag occur. You can tell the media is ratcheting up the fear. TPTB can’t deal with Ukraine right now, as they don’t have an angle to move quickly and it is falling apart for them. It will be an ISIS blamed false flag. They are talking about our southern border, and also a Cyber attack. Keep your loved ones close….

      • Geo. T (formerly George)

        Forgive me for interjecting reason but If ISIS/ISIL/IS/Al Queda does attack, it wont be a “false” flag. It WILL be the real thing. If you are unable to understand how simple it is for these well funded terrorists to attack the USA, I suggest remedial education. The US’ southern boarder makes a sieve look like a bottle cap. I would expound on how easy it is but I refuse to provide aid to the enemy. Contrary to what some seem to believe here, not everything is a conspiracy by the CIA/USA. These are the same geniuses that missed the fall of the Soviet Union among others Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.
        America’s enemies are circling and looking for weakness: and they abound in staggering number.

        • Sandman

          ISIS or whatever you want to call it is very suspicious to me. Kind of seems like a CIA thing. So if that is the case then it is indeed a false flag. That doesn’t mean people aren’t going to die though.

  36. andrew

    Russia will not be drawn into large-scale conflicts but partners need to understand that it is better not to mess around with Russia, President Vladimir Putin said on Friday.

    “I want to say immediately that Russia is far from getting involved into any large-scale conflicts. We do not want and do not intend to do this,” Putin said at a youth forum in central Russia.

    The warning was made.

  37. art barnes

    Greg, I just had to chime in about Russia & the Ukraine. Yes, there is approaching a wider war, its coming as you have said on many occasions. Just who will blink if anyone I can’t say as of yet, but I do believe the U.S. & the FED needs something like a war of some sorts to stop the Petro Dollar from collapsing to Rubles & Yuan’s; so, exactly how this plays out we might not actually know until the history writers sort it all out. But one thing I do know is that you can frighten anyone if you tell them in advance that your not going to sock them in the nose which is what Obama said yesterday “there will be no troops on the ground in Ukraine”. Obama probably just should continue to go play golf as he is just to naïve to be a leader of the free world & his religion of peace is also on the march and we will see this new war of the modern day Moors more often and I suspect in our backyards. Thank you Greg, have a nice holiday.

  38. Jerry

    Greg, the argument over whether Russia has invaded Ukraine or not by many of your readers is irrelevant. The fact remains that whatever happens there will be used as lynchpin to destroy the dollar by the globalist.
    People pay attention…. Russian and China ( the two largest economies outside the United States) are no longer using the petrodollars for trade. It is only a matter of time, as tensions rise, that China will dump all of its US Treasury bonds back into the market. http://www.presstv.com/detail/2014/05/31/364945/us-reacting-to-chinas-no-to-dollar/
    As previously stated, the globalist will use Ukraine to split NATO. And when that happens, King dollar will be knocked off his throne. That’s what this is about. Its not about who shot down the plane? Who invaded who? Its about the death of the dollar…period.

    • Greg Hunter

      The U.S. is in very deep financial trouble. Yes sir!!

  39. todd

    I feel like all the major news outlets are hyping the Ukraine thing [brain washing if you will] the general publc so that we americans will be willing to fund any European,russian conflict which might result,i have to admit I don’t know much about whos behind the federal reserve,but I feel its powerful European banksters………my point is,i have a son who someday soon, the fed and their ilk may demand [draft] my son to fight for their investments and interest in the region,i say hell no,i will not sacfrifice my son to defend the very crooks who have been fleecing the American taxpayer for the last 100 years,same goes for Taiwan,the banksters chose to invest in companys, who the Chinese believe are part of their country,i will not give them my flesh and blood!

  40. danT

    Greg I agree with PCR and most posters here, 1000 troops ain’t no invasion and I don’t even buy that. Good website though I listen all the time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dan T,
      I guess I did not make my main point clear. My call for weeks has been that this conflict was under reported (until this week) and I was forecasting things to get worse and a wider war would follow. That is what it looks like we are getting. Now, UK PM Cameron is wanting to kick Russia out of the SWIFT payment system. This is getting very ugly. Sure, Russia did not go in with 10 divisions, but it is in Ukraine and it is clearly in it’s national interest to be there. Please grasp how big and how fast this could spin out of control. This is my main point.

  41. danT

    Ncdirtdigger the best way to maintain the petrodollar (reserve currency) is to remember it is a privilege and not a right and make sure those that hold it hold value. You don’t do it by undermining anyone.

  42. danT

    Greg I am not so sure about the under reported part but I am pretty sure the western press is lying about the situation. You say Russia is lying too well that may be, but are we not supposed to be above that here ?
    “A wider war” I agree that may be coming and if they keep poking The Bear with sticks rather than using diplomacy and a grasp on sanity they will get one and with a possible outcome no sane person would want. Problem is there is probably more than a couple psychopaths involved were with way to much power and influence.

    • Greg Hunter

      I was leading every Friday news cast with Ukraine when nobody was alarmed about the crisis. (You can go back and check my wrap-ups for the last few weeks.) I have been leading with this story because I thought it had the potential to spin out of control. It appears to be doing that and it will have very serious with deep consequences no matter what side you like. This has been my over arching point.
      Thank you for all your comments.

  43. David Brown

    The obvious financial angle is to hold precious metals. If these regional wars involve the US at any important involvement, the dollar may as well be DOA.

    • David Brown

      For my sake Greg, perhaps an edit function is in order.

  44. Jeff

    BTW We are ever so close to a false flag event and this 3 day weekend would not surprise me…….. But you can bet on one thing and that’s that any event will be blamed on Russia. What the hell, how about a 2 for 1….ISIS attack SPONSORED by Russia…….. Russia will deny any involvement but of course they’re lying…….. This argument that everyone’s lying sounds so much like my ignorant, lazy friends/family (sorry but true) excuse to not seek the truth. They say it’s impossible to know who’s telling the truth and thus not worth trying…….. All BS and sadly a product of America.

  45. danT

    Gravity asserts itself, a vacuum is filled, the pendulum returns to center and the proud and arrogant fall. All we can do is wait and watch how it all unfolds but in the natural course of things we probably have a pretty good idea. I guess I could have added a disturbed hornets nest emptys. Seems kinda relevant.

  46. mohammad

    Hi Greg,

    Nothing in ME had puzzled me more than ISIS that i did never get a grasp on its funding, which if known the party behind it will be exposed. Few points though to consider and ask:

    1- Most of ISIS leaders were in the prisons of Iraq and Syria, and with the early signs of the Syrian civil war those leaders were RELEASED, US knows for sure that the top leader “Abu Baker Al-Baghdadi” was in their hands and he was RELEASED to say to the officer who transferred him: ” see you in New York….!”


    2-Every one knew the attack of Musil was coming, orders were given to the Iraqi forces from Maliki then to ABANDON their posts and their weapons and retreat…! , hmmmm.

    3-when the invasion by ISIS to Musil took place there was to the tune of 500 million dollars in the bank of Musil that ISIS captured…..!, I would think like any 4 year old kid that if al Maliki knows about the eminent attack that he would withdraw the money from the banks their instead of having serving them to ISIS on a plate of gold.

    4-It is known and documented that Al Maliki as a top commander to the Iraqi army gave orders to the border patrol troops in the southern Saudi and Jordanian borders to ABANDON their posts and their weapons….!

    5-When I talk about Al-Maliki (that is knocked off his position now) i refer to his back bone IRAN and RUSSIA. Please notice that top commanders and fighters in ISIS are Russians from Chechnya and Kazakhstan…etc.

    On Gaza issue:
    Few points also to reflect on in another post.


    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Mohammad,
      I am happy you have come back to comment. I want to know how in the world the ISIS can sell millions of dollars of oil on the open market and not be hit with sanctions from the West. HUMMMMMMMMM. It is a very crazy world of lies and propaganda.

      • Charles H.


        The Arab/Muslim situation is straight Kibuki Theatre. Obama arms the “Rebels” to fight “Radicals” – but it is all posturing. From the Guantanamo Five to supporting “Regime Change” to arming ‘soft’ or ‘sympathetic’ Muslims – it is a shell game to empowerment, because at some point: unification under radical leadership ( like Is or ISIS) is certain. The WORLD is posturing for power – in position economic, geographical, and ideological: and military is always the backbone. The Muslim world is not going to allow itself to be left out or left behind.
        Doc – we love you. You are a great man; a civil man: we don’t hear enough from you.
        Forces are gathering, and events will transpire where you won’t understand. The Arab world will tap EVERY source – East, West, North, or South, for as long as it can and as much as it can: then it will consolidate under a War Cry of survival and patriotic zealousness for it’s beliefs. I foresee a complete radicalization of the known Muslim world in the near-distant future: which will shake your very soul.
        Greg, – IS or ISIL can sell the oil because Obama lets them.

        • Greg Hunter

          Charles H,
          If you remember I have been pointing out for more than a year how the U.S. was arming the Syrian rebels (al-Qaeda) and how wrong that was. Looks like it has blown up in our faces again and yes I too wonder if it was on planned. Thank you for your comment.

        • mohammad

          Thank you Charles, my soul is really shaken by the calamities in Iraq and Syria, I agree with you on the note of radicalizing the muslim world, and it leaves the voices of the moderates unheard, this thing in ME is on the way to roll into WWIII, at least it is the way I see it.
          And thanks JC Davis i miss all the members here. I was in Syria (Damascus) for a while visiting with my mom, and came back recently, it is a total devastation there and it is the only safe part of the country left. I was not able to use my car there and was walking all the distances (which is good for health) because of the many many checking points by Syrian army (I have to admit it kept Damascus safe so far).
          i could not fly to Damascus rather i had to go to Beirut and from there by land to damascus passing through 7 heavy checking points (again that was ok as long as it keeps damascus safe since it has about 8 millions finding a safe heaven there).

      • mohammad

        Likewise Greg am happy to be back on your forum, here is a whopper on yahoo news today:


        • Galaxy 500

          Hi Doc,
          Whats the whopper? That 0bama is on the side of the terrorist. Actions speak louder than any denials. Glad you made it home from the war.

    • JC Davis

      Mohammad . Good to see you posting. I have missed reading your point of view several times. Welcome back.

  47. Jeff

    Do any of you believe that if Russia had just invaded with a 1000 troops the MSM wouldn’t be all over it ? All over it…….. And the stock market would have dropped 1000+ points. The press does nothing but look for ways to discredit Russia. You think they could sit on this news ????? Ukraine has promoted lies about 2-3 times a day since this began………… There is one thing I totally agree with and that’s Ukraine is going to explode (That being a no brainer). The other no-brainer someone mentioned is Germany being the key to the Petrodollar. They are the only efficient economy in the Euro camp supporting the rest. They will leave and join up with that lying country Russia (and the rest of the BRICS) and a dying Europe will lick their wounds with the US……. Too bad it was the US that caused 90% of the pain worldwide.

  48. Agent P

    A cursory look at major media sites and their comment sections provides living, real-time proof of how easily a public can be led to War. It is a tried and true strategy that works nearly every time like a charm, and today’s ‘modern’ and ‘sophisticated’ society is No different in this regard since societies well before the automobile or even the telegraph existed…

    Create a boogie-man, demonize him to death with 24/7 nonstop coverage of his actions – whether real or perceived, and simply keep it coming until fear and anger reach a level that ‘justifies’ action by the governing body – i.e., the excuse to initiate War. The United States – its citizenry as well as its elected officials, had better think long and hard about inciting Russia and Mr. Putin. This is not shooting fish in a barrel like Iraq or Afghanistan, where you need only worry about surprise sneak attacks and roadside explosives and where superior weapons technology to dispense with ‘pests’ is at your beckon call.

    A confrontation with Russia – assuming it didn’t go immediately nuclear, would still end life as the average American knows it, in a matter of weeks. The Russians will stage an all-out assault on every weak point they can exploit – it won’t simply be battle tanks and AAA batteries on the Ukrainian border. In short, life and priorities for Americans will take an extreme shift from silly, diversionary pleasures to hardship the likes unknown by anyone under 80 years of age. You’re not likely to be watching drone or FLIR youtube clips of Apache helicopters fragging ‘enemy combatants’ from afar. You’re going to wonder which store has any food left on the shelves and about that 1/4 tank of gasoline you have left in your automobile.

    The American people themselves have some real soul-searching to do with regard to their political ‘leadership’ and where that sophomoric leadership is taking them.

    • Greg Hunter

      Well said Agent P. I have long thought the Ukraine crisis is a global game changer.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Agent P
      Great post!!!!

    • Neil

      Rational world citizens have an urgent need to end this dangerous nonsense propagated by Strangelove USA Inc. and frankly Greg(sorry) isn’t helping when he tells everyone the war has officially started. Thank God he left CNN before he could broadcast that to the public. “Good Morning America, please proceed to your nearest fall out shelter, the Russians are coming.” Realistically Americans aren’t going to do any soul searching or long hard thinking that amounts to any intervention against their own government’s wish for national suicide by world cop. If people were really concerned about their country there would already be million citizen marches on the White House, not that Barry will be there because he is usually found on the golf course contemplating strategies he understands and appreciates. This President is a coward for real responsibility and has a stupid antagonistic mouth considering the potential consequences. There is nothing exceptional about the USA presently but its exceptionally bad outlook, self defeating policies and corrupt behaviour. If they want to go there its better they go there alone because its just not worth anyone else getting involved and suffering for which is not of their making.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are a fool if you think the war has not already started. A financial war is in full bloom and the metal on metal contact is here as well. There is propaganda and it is a precursor to war. The French President also thinks so:French President Says “There Is Risk Of War” As Europe Plans Additional Russia Sanctions Link:http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-30/french-president-says-there-risk-war-europe-plans-additional-russia-sanctions By the way the next time you would like to come on the free site I provide to trash me, please be man enough to post a real verifiable name. Own your words.

        • Neil

          Greg you said something you just didnt think about in your Friday roundup this week. Get over it. My name is the email address I provide with each of my comments. If I trashed anuone in my posts it was Mr Obama. Without contributors your esteemed free site would not get any traffic. Sometimes people are going to disagree with you. Dont take things so personally. Cheers.

          • Neil

            Btw the French President has an abysmal approval rating. Just because he says it is so doesnt mean it is however I grant you it does add to tbe orchestrated anti Russian propoganda campaign underway. You cannot be blind to that aspect of geopolitic.

            • Greg Hunter

              There is no debate there is propaganda. Again, my main overarching point is where it is leading the world, and that is war. This is what I am talking about: “Seven NATO allies to create new rapid reaction force-report.” Link: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/08/29/ukraine-crisis-nato-military-idUSL5N0QZ5KE20140829 They are talking about a force of 10,000 troops. Russia could put up 100,000 in a week. Where does this stop? I hope is does stop before what I have been forecasting comes to pass. By the way, I actually agree with you on some the points you made.

              • Neil

                Here you can read a disgraceful bit of BBC reporting http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-28998293
                Russia practically in a war against Europe. I mean that is just an audacious and scurrilous misrepresentation considering the US has done its very best to foment conflict in the Ukraine as they have done all over the world. Clearly there are people who want to manufacture a war and its up to good people like you and your readers to see those lies don’t come to fruition. We see the big dirty game for what it is. I do value the space you provide here for people to put their views. There are too few of them these days.

          • Charles H.


            Every so often, someone like you comes to this site – one who displays a proto-typical anti-social attitude; generally characterized by someone young. You directly TRASH the host, in NO UNCERTAIN terms; then try to disarm him by twisting blame to something he said: but you don’t supply what he said! And trashing Greg Hunter FIRST is NOT ameliorated by trashing Obama last.
            Anyone who casually throws the phrase: “get over it” – is both callused and closed-minded. You will find no readership here. I have never been so amazed at how someone could so label themselves as ungrateful, unappreciative, and critical in so short a comment.

          • Greg Hunter

            You name being in you email is not owning your words. Put your verifiable identity out there for all to see. “Get over” posting anonymously.

      • Geo. T (formerly George)

        Its one thing to debate a man’s analysis, its quite another to insult him. There are Russian troops in Eastern Ukraine and by definition, it constitutes an invasion. If you want to debate the magnitude of it, all well and good, but a personal attack is poor form.
        That being said, I do find your statement: “There is nothing exceptional about the USA presently but its exceptionally bad outlook, self defeating policies and corrupt behaviour.” somewhat compelling. Obama has destroyed relationships with longtime steadfast allies that may never be repaired. Outside of chaos and the destruction of America, both morally and financially, there appears to be no goal for his actions.

    • Jerry

      Agent P
      Totally agree. Hey….that rhymes. The American people are asleep and have no clue what’s about to befall them. The Oligarchs that run the western banking system are preparing to the merge the dying fiat system we currently use, with a gold backed Yuan system. That is their objective. They have always used wars to propagate what they’ve wanted to achieve, The Bretton Woods system we use was set up after WWII.
      The Federal reserve Bank got its hooks into our system, as a result of debt generated by WWI. This time they have a long range plan to go digital, but it involves moving the world economies into one banking system. Ukraine is just one more step along the way to world domination.

    • Charles H.

      Agent P,

      Great post. Ditto with the gang. Exceptional analysis and insight expressed.

  49. g

    You have to ask yourself a simple question – WHERE in the hell is all the ammo coming from?????????????????? – on either side, militants, islamic state, other bs unmentioned, etc… who thinks here these ukraine separatist peoples who look 3 times worse then walmart people in the usa get 7.32mm ammo for the ak’s they all seem to be sporting, i can guarantee that all ammo anyone has ever owned in ukraine since 1950 and hid in the attic was fired in the first 30 days of conflict, same thing for the islam wantabees, hasnt anyone noticed the arms they are using, russian made ak’s, where did they get them, who gave it to them, the usa? we dont make ak’s in the usa or the ammo for them, i know we armed some of them but common, something else is going on and our attention is being diverted to bullshit on top so we can see the reality underneath. that is what scares me. and so enjoy your weekend.

    • Agent P

      Thank you Charles H., Jerry, Colin and the host, Greg Hunter. Appreciate all of you guys and this site. When you boil it down, we’re all on the deck of the same listing ship – we need to do whatever we can to right it and prepare in the meantime.

      All the best,


    • tryT


      What Brand AK-47 Do you have! What Brand is Best!
      From Treestand asked 3 years 7 months ago
      LOG IN or REGISTER to answer

      Answer (1)

      Submitted by Caleb Bigsbee 3 years 5 months ago
      If you can find a true Russian AK then that is gold, the good non Russian ones are made in Romania and Yugoslavia both have a heavy Russian influence another is China made.
      +1 Good Comment? YES Vote up! NO Vote down! REPORT

      What American made AK-47 is better than the rest, and is one made, USA, that is light weight?
      From richschmidt41 asked 3 years 8 months ago

      Submitted by cmikles1 3 years 8 months ago
      There are several American makers of AK’s. The first is I.O. Inc., aka Inter Ordinance. They make Ak’s based on Polish factory drawings. They have match grade barrels, which they tout will shoot 1 in. with irons. I don’t believe that, but the accuracy will be improved. They are made from all new parts, not parts kits. They are 7 pounds.
      Century Arms International’s Centurion 39 Sporter Rifle is 100% American Made. The sporter is heavier at 8.2 lbs.
      According to G&A’s Book of the AK-47, Arsenal Inc. makes an AK’s, but I wasn’t able to find anything on their website. Probably 7 lbs.
      I would go I.O. Inc. they have a limited lifetime warranty, parkerized, and a good barrel. Good Luck and happy shooting.
      +1 Good Comment? YES Vote up! NO Vote down! REPORT
      Beekeeper’s picture
      Submitted by Beekeeper 3 years 8 months ago

  50. g

    “It’s official–Russia invades Ukraine. ” whats wrong with that statement? Who in the hell is supplying and training the separatist? of course its the bear otherwise they all would of been dead right now and peace would prevail. Why do u think the bear is doing military training on the ukraine border, they drop of ammo there and they leave, every time they have troops near the border the separatist deal a blow to the ukraine army right afterwards within days. its so see through. its the same thing the fbi did on the mexican border arming the cartels couple years back, anyway america better just get the hell away from this they cannot win, its too far to manage properly.

  51. Paul

    For your viewers. Not Dollars but SDR s

    IMF Completes First Review Under Stand-By Arrangement for Ukraine and Approves US$1.39 Billion Disbursement
    Press Release No.14/399
    August 29, 2014

    The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today completed the first review of Ukraine’s performance under an economic program supported by a Stand-By Arrangement (SBA). The completion of this review enables the disbursement of SDR 914.67 million (about US$1.39 billion), which would bring total disbursements under the arrangement to SDR 2.97 billion (about US$4.51 billion).

    Overall, economic policies have generally been implemented as agreed in the program, as the Ukrainian authorities have persisted in taking difficult measures despite the volatile political situation. However, the conflict in the eastern part of the country is taking its toll on the economy and society, and compensatory measures will be critical to achieve key program targets agreed for 2014 and beyond. The program remains highly challenging and continues to hinge crucially on the assumption that the conflict will subside in the coming months.

    In completing the review, the Executive Board approved waivers of nonobservance of performance criteria related to international reserve accumulation and the cash deficit of the general government on the basis of corrective actions taken. The Board also approved waivers of applicability of performance criteria related to the cash deficit of the general government, the cumulative change in net domestic assets of the central bank and publicly guaranteed debt. In addition, in light of the slight delay in completing the first review of the program, the Board approved the authorities’ request for merging the remaining two reviews scheduled for 2014, while keeping the total financing under the arrangement unchanged.

    Ukraine’s two-year SDR 10.97 billion (about US$16.67 billion) SBA was approved on April 30, 2014 (see Press Release No. 14/189) to support the government’s economic program, which aims to restore macroeconomic stability, strengthen economic governance and transparency, and launch sound and sustainable economic growth while protecting the vulnerable groups.

    Following the Executive Board discussion, Ms. Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director and Chair, stated:

    “The Ukrainian authorities have firmly implemented policies to stabilize the economy and revive growth. This strong policy record despite the much worse-than-expected environment is encouraging in light of the implementation problems that derailed previous programs and thus augurs well for the authorities’ ability to keep the program on track. However, the escalating conflict in the East and ongoing geopolitical tensions have weighed heavily on the economy and society, causing a deeper recession and deviations from program targets in the short term, in particular on the central bank’s net international reserves and the budget and Naftogaz deficits.

    “To compensate for these deviations, the authorities have committed to a strong policy package. Specifically, they will (i) take steps to accumulate international reserves, (ii) tighten the fiscal stance in 2015–16 relative to the initial program targets, and (iii) step up efforts to put Naftogaz on a sound financial footing by improving bill collections and adjusting energy prices as needed.

    “The authorities recognize the importance of maintaining exchange rate flexibility and refocusing monetary policy on price stability. They will remove administrative exchange restrictions and controls gradually at a pace consistent with macroeconomic and financial stability.

    “The financial sector reform program has proceeded as scheduled. The regulatory and supervisory framework is being enhanced, bank diagnostics are on track, and the capacity of the Deposit Guarantee Fund to fulfill its mandate is being strengthened. Efforts also continue to strengthen banks’ capacity to resolve bad loans, including incentive schemes for voluntary debt restructuring.

    “The authorities remain committed to fiscal consolidation. They have adopted a supplementary budget to meet the revised deficit target. Efforts in this regard will focus on spending restraint and fiscal reforms to reverse the debt dynamics, while improving social safety nets. In addition, after a temporary increase in the Naftogaz deficit, the authorities are taking steps to return to the programmed deficit reduction path already in 2015.

    “The authorities intend to press ahead with critical structural reforms to address governance issues and improve the business climate. Work continues on the establishment of a strong anti-corruption agency, enhancing the anti-money laundering framework, and simplifying the regulatory environment.

    “Downside risks to the program remain very high. The program success hinges on a timely resolution of the conflict in the East, as well as on the authorities’ strong policy performance and adherence to the planned reforms. The authorities’ program continues to be an appropriate response to the existing challenges and constraints. Financial and technical assistance from the international community in support of Ukraine reform efforts are indispensable for achieving macroeconomic stabilization and reviving growth.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes sir SDR’s are coming and the UDS will no longer be the reserve currency.

      • Geo. T (formerly George)

        All IMF accounting is done in SDRs, is it not? Why would this be an indication of anything sinister? Other than the normal sinister actions of the IMF?

        • Greg Hunter

          If SDR’s start replacing the USD in global trade you can bet soon after we will find out it’s real value and it ain’t going to be pretty for Americans.

  52. Sambo

    Great weekly wrap up Greg, you hit every nail on every head with every swing. This country’s leadership has positioned itself as all failing societies have on a path of failure. Spread to thin globally, too many irons in the fire, debt ridden and for all the wrong reasons it seems. Still there is enough of good for us all to try to save. As you say fear not and thanks for all the great information that you share with us.

  53. JC Davis

    Greg The Rothschild’s oligarchy is concerned about losing control. Russia, and china have shown they have the upper hand in the future world petro dollar. Strange how so much panic happen in one week. Any and all lies is open game to hold control in the minds of wicked men.

  54. Daisee

    I don’t think Merkel will exit the west. She spoke to Obama the other day and I’m sure he reminded her he’s got everything he needs from her cellphone to keep her in line.

    • Charles H.


      Merkel faces continued economic alliance with a loser; or national interests that her citizens won’t allow her to blow. She’ll play her cards well: but there is little future with America.

  55. America1ster

    USA has become that which it was created the antithesis of, a giant oppressive empire.
    One hundred years ago everyone knew that gold and silver is the real real money and the paper was just a marker which represented the money.

    One hundred and one years ago some traitors in the US government illegally sold control of US monetary system to the ancient international Rothschild banking cartel. Since that day the cabal has used it’s devices to bribe itself into total control of the government, the people, and the treasury of the USA, and used that control of our treasury and military to attempt to accomplish their secret agenda of total world domination. The constitution gave congress the authority to COIN money, 100 years later the FED now claims that gold is nothing but a ‘barbaric relic’ and actively suppresses the price of gold to prop up the fiat dollar.

    But not ALL of the countries of the world have completely succumbed to the shadow global financial dictatorship, and many are trying to escape the consequences of using the now less than worthless, toxic FRN as international trade currency and avoid turning their people into perpetual debt slaves like the USA has done.

    The leader of these hold out nations is Russia. Not only is Russia spearheading the anti-FRN campaign, it is also the richest country based on natural resources, and has out-maneuvered the USA and OPEC and secured long term gas/oil supply contracts with many nations in Europe and Asia.

    Having completely depleted the coffers of the USA the broke and desperate empire has fixed it’s gaze now on Russia, it’s very survival absolutely dependent on securing a new financial resource to fend off the BRICS challenge to the dictatorships global hegemony via the dollars reserve currency status.

    Towards that end the dictatorship has shown repeated willingness to use any and all means it deems nessecary, including gassing, murdering, and displacement of entire nations and people’s without any remorse.

    Russia, in my eyes and the eyes of the world, is the good guy in this struggle. Greg says that both sides are lying, so I now ask, please give me an example of Russia lying about anything happening in the Ukraine.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t need a home work assignment for you or anyone else. You have a lot to say so you really should give starting your own site a shot. That said. The Russians lied abort arming the separatists. That is a fact The Russians lied about having troops inside Ukraine. The evidence from that comes from Russian Ambassador UN Ambassador Aitaly Churkin who said there were Russian “volunteers” inside Ukraine. (Yeah Russian solders with uniforms and weapons because they did not go there unarmed riding their bicycles).) Please stop with the silly word play about invasion. Is it a D-day invasion? NO, but you are dreaming in a fantasy world if you think Russia is not heavily involved inside of Ukraine. I would not expect anything less as this has profound strategic importance to Russia. This is why a real war is very likely and this is why I have bee sound the alarm about this for weeks and you with your fake name (American 1ster) were nowhere to be found. Please take my advice and start you own site-p-it’s easy. This is your last comment on this subject. (By the way, NATO/U.S. has plenty of “advisors” inside Ukraine too)

    • Galaxy 500

      How much.do you.earn for trolling.and attacking websites that disagree with your master’s lies?

  56. Ed Brad

    Hi Greg!
    I’m a fan of yours, but you are all wet on Russia and Ukraine.
    Check out what someone (a) who knows the area and (b) isn’t enthrall by the neo liberal noise machine has to say about a purported Russian invasion. Dimitri Orlov — time to have him back on USA WatchDog.
    Cheers! Keep up the good work!


    • Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe

      Thanks for the link, Ed. Dmitry’s view on the Ukranian issue should be required reading for everyone here.

    • Galaxy 500

      Can you understand a differential of degrees of.invasion? Orlovs post is.mostly the.full might.of.the.Russian military…perhaps Orlov,.and you by.extention, should look.it.up.in a.dictionary

  57. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg: I enjoyed reading your this week events review. Since one of the commentators before me already alert your attention to the recently excellent article written by Paul Craig Roberts, regarding the western press lies, I have nothing more to add but to strongly compliment your cartoonist. He made me laugh really hard and loud but only in the privacy of own home. Thank you!

  58. Jerry

    Not that it matters, but I’m beginning to get reports from my source that the supposed Russian invasion of Ukraine was a false flag event put on by NATO to gin up support for war with Russia.
    He has stated NATO has drug out a bunch of old Russia tanks to simulate an invasion.
    I guess this one, you will have to decide for yourself, since there is so much propaganda going on, on both sides. The oligarchs are playing with their puppets, who are not cooperating so far. Stay tuned things are about to get interesting.

    • Galaxy 500

      I dont see anyone ABLE to.fight Russia even if.there.was.the.will, which doesnt exist.either. Your sources are.coluorful but I.dont see anything thats going to.get the.west.fight Russia, especially the Ukraine. Why.would NATO.need.to.drag Russian tanks out.of anywhere? You are aware they.are standard Ukrainian kit? So someone saying NATO is doing so.shouldnt hit very high.on the credibility.meter…at least not one based on fact.and logic.
      And Russia.is.accepting.Rubles …got.it. Reminds.me of a deal.in the.80’s with.France. They demanded we.pay.in French francs while.we wanted to pay.in dollars.to.limit.our risk…we looked at.trending and agreed to pay in Francs, which.declined by.nearly.40% before we paid. I.agree with you that everyone is pushing the.dollar.out. The basis for the dollars current valuation is almost solely derived from its use in trade and not the broke ass American tax payer
      Dude, you know me. I don’t buy into the super.secret conspiracies and the “everything is a false flag” attack. Are there false flags…Gulf of Tonkin, anyone?
      Sure, but I dont buy that NATO is attempting to frame Russia so it can attack. Whose going to fight Russia? It aint gonna be Obama, or Merkel, or Holland, Or Cameron. So that leaves who? Sweden? Norway? Belgium. Putin will get a land bridge to Crimea and may take the.oil.pipeline back. Happy labor day Dude
      Those rubles we bet are worth even less now.

  59. Ugly

    Repent everyone, cause the end is near.

    Also, if Hal Lindsey does come on here I would like his take on the Fall of Babylon (rev 18) and what we should expect of the anti-Christ.

    On a side note, folks get some dlights, they are solar and work good and cheap….

  60. diogenese

    I am glad I am old , I will not have to try to survive in the wasteland these assholes are making .http://www.blacklistednews.com/NATO_planning_%27rapid-deployment_force%27_of_10%2C000_troops_to_counter_Russia/37608/0/38/38/Y/M.html
    As soon as the these troops threaten Russia there will be a bright flash and they will no longer be a threat .

    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      Did you read this? And it worried you? Fear not. Its a Russia Today article and its for comedic relief. Reread it. Denmark, Latvia, and Norway are grouping together to threaten Russia? Fear Not.
      “Source: RT
      NATO is reportedly working towards the creation of an expeditionary force composed of 10,000 troops from seven different member states as a result of escalating tensions with Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.
      According to the Financial Times, the force’s creation will be spearheaded by Britain and involve contributions from Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, and the Netherlands. Canada is also interested in joining the group, but it’s not known what its final decision will be.
      Although no formal announcement has been made, British Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to declare its formation at the upcoming NATO summit in Wales on September 4th.”

  61. Roger Huddleston

    America staged a coup in Ukraine to foment chaos. Just like Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc… Don’t forget all the destruction throughout Central & South America courtesy of USA’s “special forces”. The United States of America is nothing but a militant fascist empire run by scum who will kill anyone, including blowing up their own country, in order to keep control of the global monetary/banking systems. Meanwhile, the overwhelming vast majority of mush-mind americants happily slurp down whatever cool aid is given them. SECEDE…SECEDE…SECEDE!!!

  62. John


    Please read this very informative article “The Ukraine Rope A Dope” (9/27)
    which describes the current Ukrainian military disaster taking place as “the Mouse Trap”…Ukrainian brigade after brigade has been encircled and wiped out by the NAF separatists …At the time of this post the NAF have encircled 9 formations of Ukrainian troops with an estimated total strength of 20,000…NAF units have now counter attacked to the south near Odessa and due to this squeeze “the Left Hook” Ukrainian units in Mariupol are now rapidly become encircled…All of these recent events mean a few things:
    1st…peace talks are for show 2nd… Ukraine /Kiev will be landlocked
    3rd…Ukraine will cease to function as a country 4th…If NATO were to move into Ukraine they would be surrounded on 3 sides by Russia, Novorossyia and Belarus.

  63. Geo. T (formerly George)

    Please accept my apologies for the numerous posts. It was impossible for me to stay silent. Most sources acknowledge that there are Russian troops assisting the rebels in the Ukraine. People here seem to be unable to understand the nuance between a “full scale” invasion and one of a 1,000 troops. I’d love to seem them debate evasion version invasion. Even Orlov seems to be missing this. Peace and out GT

  64. Judge Roy Bean et al

    BAGHDAD/BEIRUT (Reuters) – Islamic State’s beheading of a U.S. journalist and its threat to “destroy the American cross” suggests it has gained enough confidence seizing large areas of Iraq and Syria to take aim at American targets despite the risks.


  65. Sambo

    I don’t care what anyone says, Greg Hunter you do a great job for us all with your information, par excellence. As far as David Cameron being crazy you just hit another nail on the head squarely. As our friend Dr. Jim Willie says the US has been shooting their self in the chest, the feet and other places one dares not to mention with all the Sanctions. Now Cameron wants the west to shoot themselves in the Head.


  66. Brad

    What the “Ruskies” have invaded again…the second time in a couple of weeks and with over the whelming numbers you’d expect if the Ruskies got serious?! Ah well we all make mistakes and that’s not so bad,,,remember what they did to the last guy who was perfect. Greg, OSCE officials have reported that the latest invasion report by Kiev was an “error in translation”. This is code for the Donbass army (officially now,no longer a militia) is kicking our Ukie butts because we don’y supply our troops and they are led terribly so it must be a Russian invasion that’s beating the pants off of our morale busted military.

    Wonder if Dr. Willie still thinks Germany will eventually switch sides and if he’s giving any odds? I’d also be wondering on his take of Iran potentially signing off with Gasprom and on with the western Nabucco pipeline ( Azerbaijan to Turkey, picking up Iran’s gas on the way to Europe) effectively killing what Willie calls the Shite line and probably Gaspreom’s South Stream to boot? Not saying this is anything but a set back for those interested in international law and order but interested in Willie’s take.

  67. Galaxy 500

    This weekend Dennis Kucinich had a fabulous insight…the only moderate moslems opposition groups in Syria are the ones without weapons. One of the few times I have agreed with Dennis. You cant arm these evil bastards and not expect.to be shot in the back.

  68. diogenese

    Western media just shot itself in the foot. ( IF ANYONE NOTICED )
    All the ho ra and look at the pictures ,WHERE DID KIEV GET A HUMMER ?
    Western denials of non intervention are BS , Putin is right he could take the ukraine in 2 weeks but he has had 5 months to do it , if Russia wanted Ukraine it would have it , Europe’s military is not big enough to fight its way out of a wet paper bag .

  69. Jeff

    Greg Thank you for posting my comments. I know they can be highly opinionated…….Here’s the latest on this discussion of Russia attacking. IMHO these guys are sticking their necks out and thus are worthy of consideration (being truthful) ……… [ http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-09-01/ex-nsa-director-us-intelligence-veterans-write-open-letter-merkel-avoid-all-out-ukra ]

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