Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.27.13

Fighting in Congress over Obama Care, Doubling-Tripling of Health Insurance Premiums & MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

It was a big week of fighting in Congress over Obama Care.  Some Republicans want to stop it, like Senator Ted Cruz filibustered for 21 hours to argue his point against it.  Truth be known, many Democrats are afraid the negative impact the Affordable Care Act is going to have on the economy.  Many people have already been cut back to part-time because of the law.  Statistics clearly show a rise in part-time employment and a decrease in full-time employment.  Some states are reporting a doubling or tripling of health insurance premiums; but, hey, no worries for some big companies, unions and Congress.  Folks like that are exempted from Obama Care.  If it is so good, why do so many want out of it, including the IRS who will be implementing this. 

Meanwhile, the fight over the budget and the debt ceiling rages on.  I know many I have interviewed think Congress will get it together and kick the budgetary can down the road for at least a few months; but, this time, I am a little worried the government will shut down.  This isn’t going to be like the shutdowns in the 1990’s.  The U.S. had a balanced budget, and the economy was going full blast with IPO’s, innovation job creation and productivity gains.  We had very little war in that era as well.  Now, just the opposite, and a shutdown this time could have some real negative effects on interest rates, the dollar and our global image. 

Speaking of global image, the new President of Iran, Hasan Rouhani, just turned down President Obama’s offer to have a face-to- face meeting over its nuclear program.   The former President of Iran would have jumped at this.  What gives?  Is Obama viewed poorly?  Has President Obama’s handling of the Syrian conflict made him look weak?  Is the world taking him seriously?  I applaud him for giving a speech at the UN offering to talk to Iran.  Anything to try to avoid war, but I find it a bit troubling that the new President passed on a face-to-face with Obama.  Not good. 

Finally, I am here in Missouri, and I have good news to report about the crop situation.  It looks like the crops will be pretty good this year.  Yields were way down last year, and prices went up because of it.  This year, there was a 180 degree turnaround.  Many of you asked questions about whether these crops were GMO, and the answer is yes.  Nearly all corn and beans have some sort of genetic engineering, such as drought resistant or bug resistant.  I am told farmers do not have a choice in planting seed without any GMO.  You either plant what they have or you do not plant at all.  Farmers have little choice. 

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis on these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Troy

    The debt limit will be raised, Obama Care will be funded.

    It’s (ALL) nothing more than a side show circus.

    $hite $andwich!

    And…What of Israels undeclared nukes?

    Happy Aloha Friday, and have a great weekend Greg.


  2. Rodster

    Obamacare is a DISASTER and it will have huge ramifications for the US economy. But since our so-called leaders are corrupt and behave like Despots what else is new.

    SEIU the large labor union is p*ssed that Obamacare is hurting their members by reducing their working hours and this is the same Union who pushed for the implementation of this VIRUS on the US economy.

    IMO they as in the Liberals and Progressives know full well the negative impact Obamacare will have on this Nation and they know the train wreck it really is. When Obamacare fails it’s Single Payer that will replace this and the Govt will have 100% control of your healthcare and insurance companies will be completely out of the picture. This is what Barney Frank told us is waiting.

    But remember the words of Secretary for HHS Kathleen Sebelius: “some live some die”.

    I bet Michael Moore has his very special health care plan, the same Michael Moore who told us how wonderful Obamacare would be for the rest of the serfs. 😉

  3. mohammad

    Obama care is coming, and that is going to be associated with ICD-10 coding that is a night mare to all physicians, and the mandated EMR (Electronic Medical Records) that will go with it. It is a whole package that is supposed to kick in sooner than later, that project was started on Bush term when the foundation was laid out for the National ID card.
    Oh i can rant for ever on that matter but let me put some points out.
    The amount of details required for ICD-10 is mind boggling, if a patient fell and seen in the office they want full documentation of laterality (like which side was affected) and get this … circumstances….. so you have to document what the patient was doing at the time of the fall in full details,
    Here is an example:
    THIS SO MUCH INTRUSION IN PATIENT’S PRIVACY to expose all that to insurance companies.
    To add frosting on the cake you have the EMR.
    The insurance before only knows the diagnosis, they are not aware of what ever conversation goes between the doctor and patient, now they KNOW EVERY BREATH by simply a button click.
    When you have paper records the only way to hack it is to break into your office and start xeroxing those records, i bet you the thief will throw the towel after 3 charts, now with EMR they can hack tens of thousands of records in a click!!!!!
    As far as IRAN goes the whole world will wake up to a rude call that Israel and Iran are sleeping in the same bed and they played the whole world!
    that will happen…. and the nuclear program in Iran is Israeli’s first degree. if for some reason they want to hit any site they will do it in a theatrical fashion to get Iran expanding to Saudi Arabia to get the last two cities of the three:
    MECCA and AL MEDINA, after they got JERUSALEM then the kingdom of Israel will be declared with collaboration of IRAN on the ruins of the current superpowers.
    Those Nuclear sites in Iran are the new Israeli’s power plant when Daimona is due to retire without having the pollution of that plant in the holy land. time will tell and unfold events!

    Am glad the crops are good i remember you before in not so good conditions and am really glad for you and your family Greg.

    • Greg


      Thank you for posting your Great insight and professional perspective on the site. This is good info!!!

  4. Jerry

    As far as what is going on with the Affordable Care Act, let me fill you in on what is going on. I am directly involved with the Health Insurance Industry and have first hand knowledge. Last week I was told by the President and C.E.O. of the largest Insurance company in the country that the Affordable Care Act will cost 2.7 Trillion dollars more than the original government estimates. He went on to further to tell us that we would see rates rise across the board between 35%-60% nationwide. But wait it gets even better. Employers who have less than 50 employees have told me that they are planning on dropping their group health insurance plans to avoid the fines and regulatory laws that are coming in 2015. The employee’s will have no choice but to go buy their coverage on the exchanges. Guess what? What do you think they will do when they find out that they will be paying 35%-50% more than they are right now in their group insurance? That’s right drop their insurance and pay the $95. fine. There will be millions without Health Insurance, and the Hospitals and Doctors will have to eat their loses. Mr. Wonderful will then stand before the cameras and say hey ” I tried the free market system and it didn’t work”. Its time for a Single Payer Plan like I wanted in the first place.

    In the process of trying to push this nonsense they will destroy thousands of businesses, and collapse the Medical Industry that covers roughly 25% of our total economy. You couldn’t construct a better plan to collapse a countries economy than this. This plan is doomed to fail, and so is this country unless the people come to their senses and turn this thing around pronto.

    I tell people this everyday, and get that ” deer in the headlight” are you kidding me? Look. I’ve had people tell me, I don’t have time to worry about that nonsense, I’m to busy trying to make a living. If it happens it happens. Really? These are the same people that are going to be showing up at my door when the SHTF with their hand out. Reality can be a harsh taskmaster. Greg do you have any acreage in that corn field that you’d like to sell?

    Greg thanks for your interviews, and for giving us the truth. Have a great weekend.

    • Greg

      Great insight and professional perspective!
      Thank you for posting it here!!

  5. angel aamador

    has the president lost credibility? Is he damaged good?

    C’mon Gregg does a bear $hit in the woods

  6. art barnes

    Greg, Congress has created another “BBB” (big butt blunder) with Obamacare, by the way Congress is also quickly making “BBB” the countries credit rating as well. When the Administration and Congress gets done chopping Obamacare up it will be just another law that does nothing, cost a lot, doesn’t help the people except for Washington D.C. jobs to oversee another basic unimplemented program – how sad indeed.

    The Debt ceiling is a joke, its going to be raised and I don’t know why the American people keep watching this charade as if Congress is going to pay its bills and be responsible like the working people are required to do. Both houses of the elite have created this mess, its been brewing for years & now the “cool-aide” has to be drunk. But you guessed it, only the people have to drink it, the elite, of course, will still drink champagne.

    As to Iran, the Administration’s handling of Syria destroyed any chance that Iran would take any threat of force seriously. The snub of Iran’s new president was telling as to their fear of any threat from the U.S. In fact, Syria is now on track to beat up the rebels and support more terrorism world wide with its big brother Iran. That leaves Israel to go it alone and become more isolated & surrounded by threats; just like the Bible predicts.

    Lastly, I happy about the grain crop(s) but very disappointed in our farmers for going casually along with GMO’s the last 20 years or so, hats off for the very few farmers who stood up, the others can eat their own food.

    • Greg

      art barnes,
      Art the GMO-non GMO question is a bit more complicated that folks think. Here’s what I came up with by doing a little research looking at both sides of the question. I wrote this to another visitor: “I have been doing some research and I am finding a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” scenario. Let’s start with going to non GMO seeds like the good old days. Farming friends tell me that in those days crop yields were much lower. Instead of getting 180 bushels per acre for corn they’d be lucky to get 60 per acre. There would be mass starvation if the world suddenly went to non GMO. Many farmers would go out of business and/or grain prices would have to double or triple. Also, non GMO crops used to be planted with poison to kill grub worms and such. Then it took lots of spraying of insecticide and herbicides to kill bugs and weeds. My friend told me that GMO is much more friendly to the soil and water by a long shot. On the other hand, many health problems are without question linked to GMO food. There is no doubt non GMO seeds are much more healthy than GMO seeds. The world is facing a food crisis in quality, quantity and affordability. I do not have the answers, but if I was given the choice between GMO and non GMO, I take the non and pay up for it.”

      • art barnes

        Thanks for reply, and I think I understand the issues although very complex. The problem is, of course, trying to survive on the farm and making a profit to keep it and I respect that to a point. I still applaud the few farmers who are not buying seed from the “globalist” and I am seeking out the small farmer who can produce it for locals and make a profit. The others be damned as they are part of the “global” problem even if they want to swagger as they walk because they “feed the world”, and, as I previously said, they can eat their own food because sooner or later if just some of the black swans come into play we will being doing that in earnest. All businesses must soon decide to go back to serving its people who include themselves, family, and neighbors or make profits for profits sake. I predict that business ethics, including banking, will be brought to task sooner rather than later and I for one will welcome the new “ethics” forced out of necessity by the greed that has taken over the business of America.

        • Galaxy 500

          Can you give a source for non-GMO seeds?

          • art barnes

            Infowars, Alex Smith has them in his store on his Website.

      • Ken

        Bravo Greg, the best we can do is to provide healthy food for our families.

        Industrial corn, beans, wheat. Yuk. I’ve grown wary of any commodity based food source. Simple long term solution. Libertarians start voting with your stomachs and spread the word if you get a chance. Stop eating food for slaves. It will take time; it may save your life.

        Very interesting interview on the Paleo/Primal Diet from Jack Spiro’s Podcast last week, with ex-G man Gary Collins


  7. Brian

    Call me cynical Greg, but I just cannot help but wonder, are the same corporations, banks and government interests that have been caught hiding mischief of the financial kind also hiding, minimizing or otherwise misrepresenting other inconvenient truths as well? Things like, oh I don’t know, the health effects of GMO foods, why some countries are banning them and the existence of something called genetic pollution. Or things like the actual level of radioactivity in our environment and the actual condition of many of the nuclear power plants currently operating past their original service life in this country. Or hey, how about how we are all literally wound up and sent walking and running around and around gathering up and saving all our nickles and dimes, proudly displaying ribbons on our cars, letting the world know we are part of the “search for a cure” instead of identifying and dealing with the CAUSES of so many diseases we see today, things like cancer and autism.

    I have a bad feeling that the congenital liars we have running the show are hiding some really really bad things and that when the truth finally starts to rear its ugly head about what has been going on here we will all be too sick, too tired, too dumbed down. too broke or too dead to do a thing about it.

    Have a good weekend!

  8. Robert E. Salt

    The 9/11 terrorists are deliberately killing off and incapacitating our servicemen who would have been capable of defending the homeland, and they are attempting to disarm and bankrupt the American people. This has all been going on while we were sleeping. How much will be left when we wake up in the morning? God help America!

    • Galaxy 500

      Let’s not forget Obama, and I question his claim to Christianity because he was raised Moslem.Children learn what they live and most children return to the religion of their youth. So much about Obama is fraudulent. He lies more than he speaks truth and the MSM propagates fictions as fact.
      Looking at what he has done/is doing , as opposed to what he says.

  9. Galaxy 500

    Obama was viewed as a hero is now viewed as a zero by the world. Truth ishe was a fraud from the start.
    Greg, Jesse Jr’s mistake is he didnt steal enough. Corn here in eastern is a bust for second year.

  10. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, Obama’s proposal to meet with the Iranian president may have been good, but it’s the ONLY good thing in Obama’s speech. He bought Rouhani’s line that the Islamic republic of Iran “will never develop a nuclear weapon.” Neville Chamberlain bought Hitler’s promise that England and Germany should never “go to war with one another again.” Obama never mentioned the slaughter of Coptic Christians in Egypt. Obama imputed blame to America for our being involved in “the Muslim world”. Anybody remember 9/11 and who perpetrated that atrocity? On top of that, in direct defiance of his oath of office and his responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, this charlatan signs the UN arms-control treaty. Obama’s so-called foreign policy is nothing short of a disaster for all of us.

    • mohammad

      “Anybody remember 9/11 and who perpetrated that atrocity?”

      those two and half hours are worth listening to in order to understand who perpetrated this atrocity, the video is a representation by Dr Judy Wood.


      • Paul from Indiana

        Send me a transcript. Or publish one and furnish the address. I have neither the time nor the bandwidth for something that big. I’m not above educating myself, but it is a known fact that 4 flights were hijacked by and thousands died on 9/11/2001 at the hands of Muslim “extremists”. To claim otherwise adds insult to injury.

        • mohammad


          Those two hours are worth it since lives were lost in the towers and countries were destroyed. I think their souls deserve at least 2 hours to listen to a scientist that is not dealing with conspiracy crap rather dealing with facts,,,,that has been said I will summarize the video to the best of my ability and i hope i understood it well (if someone watched the video please correct me where i may go wrong):

          -She does not put a theory then pursue it, rather she collected FACTS and from there she went.
          -There is ample EVIDENCE of a breakthrough technology in 9/11 event.
          -There was no debris if you want to factor in the weight of the buildings, they literally were DUSTED, yes some debris were there but nothing compared to the weight of the two towers, the third building is another story by itself. She even calls it DUSTIFICATION. (The weight of the twin towers was 1.500.000 tons!!!!!!)
          -There was significant amount of zinc in the debris, if it was a hot process then the zinc should be minimal since it boils and evaporates before copper or Aluminum or iron and so forth, there was even organic material that was abundant that revokes hot process (and here the fire from the jet fuel is totally different than the collapse).
          -There was significant Tritium present in the Debris and that can be seen in COLDFUSION process.
          -and on and on…..etc!
          It is worth listening to the vid from the scientist who put it there!

  11. Derrick Michael Reid

    There are many pernicious cycles these days led by treacherous cretins. Some treacherous cretins are at the heads of government, other in the underworld bowels of wall street, while others sit almighty on the high court, trashing the constitution, day in and day out, trashing concepts of limited government and real money. But American oligarchs are at the core once again in treacherous cycles, among many that are open loop with positive feedback, exponentiating the country into ruination. In the early last century, America had industrial chieftains, would got to big for their britches, monopolizing markets, and anti-trust slayed those dragons, and put them in their place during the industrial revolution. Today, its a different ball game, in the HFT information age, where industry is considered evil or obsolete, and hence starved to death through weaker wages and manipulated markets, and targeted by a plethoral of socialization taxes and regulations by the totalitarians in charge. The evil monsters that have raised their heads from the underworld over the last half century are the financial oligarchs, fed a rich diet of QE and ZIRP, to acquire capital for manipulating all markets, for self enrichment, bonuses, and confiscation of wealth, enabled by the totalitarians in the white house, in congress, and on the high bench. Industrial chieftains at least gave workers and the unions a fair shot at sharing in the newly created wealth that is created by industry. Todays financial oligarchs have absolutely no redeeming quality about then, for their world is the rig market, where wealth is confiscated with impunity at tax payer expense, at industry’s expense, at the worker’s expense, at freedom’s expense. They operate with positive feed back, exponentiating, lacking serious negative feedback from society in general or the department of justice, or for example the CFTC in the bullion space. A nefarious cycle has been created over the last 15 years, where leftist political heads, publicly profess to get them dirty wall street SOB, through sharing, to pander the people to cement political power, yet will create the very same arena for the financial oligarchs of banking and finance to confiscate the wealth of the people. The game is open loop and positive in feed back, uncontrolled and wicked, as the pandered people will willingly vote yet again for totalitarians, to then be only slaughtered like pigs, without enough government teets, as they have been pandered to be, voting for totaliatarians, who will seek some give back, from the financial oligarchs, but only through the government, to then hand out to the people, in totalitarian lock down, in a vicious death spiral, where state dependents and state employees garner more power as the private sector people are totally enslaved as state dependents and tax mules, as the financial oligarchs run rough shod over the markets, making even more riches, perfected through undue influence over all government functions, as the tax mules are slaughtered wholesale as there soon wont be many of them tax mules left, and thus giving their all for the totalitarians to cement political power from their campaign contributing financial oligarchs, cementing a fascist marriage from hell. This nefarious fascist cycle can only be broken through economic devastation, bringing about either civil war voting with guns or political upheavals ruling the voting booth.

    Dang, what a rant. eh? Makes GC look like a white shoe boy! LOL

    • Galaxy 500

      A damn good rant!

    • sabretooth

      Your “rant” is convoluted and often makes little or no sense.

  12. Oracle 911


    Obama lost his creditability, situation around JPM is a charade for public and GMO is one of the rider of apocalypse. Sadly the farmers can’t choose what kind of seed they plant (lawsuit and stuff).

    So, good luck with the harvest, Greg. And next year you should plant some kitchen garden too.

  13. Derrick Michael Reid

    The senate can vote for a debt limit raise, and kick the can, or pull the plug on deficits, and in either case, the economy implodes. THEY ARE TRAPPED, just like the FED and QE, ZIRP, and no taper, both in their own cesspool of their own creations, of unsustainable social programs, hand outs, bankster socialism, of the nanny-granny state. Of course they will kick the can, and then pander the people that THEY saved the country and banking industry, and avoided another depression. HOW NOBLE!

    Congress and FED should be deemed extremists, terrorizing the people, for blowing it all up.

  14. Dan

    “I applaud him for giving a speech at the UN offering to talk to Iran. ”

    I don’t Greg. Because I suspect his “offer” is based solely on the fact that PUTIN squashed his ambitions of launching a pre-emptive Syrian invasion à la Iraq.

    What the Obama (I like to refer to him as an object, much like the great Paul Craig Roberts likes to refuse to capitalize the Obama’s name when writing about him/it) what the Obama DIDN’T do as I was saying was to respond to any of the pretty harsh opening remarks made against him by Dilma Rousseff, president of Brazil in her opening UN speech. Remarks that were HIGHLY critical of the Obama and his spying policies. She’s now pushing the idea of a Brazilian based internet that avoids cable-routing thru Amerika entirely.

    Courtesy of this inept and corrupt moron, Amerika can now scratch Brazil off from it’s already ever-dwindling international list of friendly nations.

    YES, the Obama IS indeed becoming more and more IRRELEVANT. As is Amerika itself. And the reason is quite clear: in a nutshelll, NOBODY LIKES A BULLY !!

    Keep up the great reporting Greg! Thank you.

  15. gerald

    Uh, didn’t they vote for this a couple of years ago? As I recall, they passed it without reading it. This is all just a show for the sheep.

  16. Marie

    Greg, there is a BIG difference between a naturally developed genetic trait to increase disease resistance (hybrids) and actually splicing in a foreign genetic piece of material from another species (GMO) (such as roundup ready corn has bacteria genes spliced into the corn genes so the corn will manufacture its own BT insecticide) this would never occur naturally, whereas hybridization (cross pollination that produces a different child than the parents) does occur all the time in nature.

    It’s the unnatural genetic splicing that has been proven to cause cancer, inflammation and death. There are studies that have been done that show cancerous tumors in mice who ate the GMO corn vs the hybridized or open pollinated corn; there are people in India who saw many of their animals die after foraging the GMO cotton, when they never died from the hybrids etc. before, and were able to repeat the result in experiments (death to those eating GMO, but not hybrids etc.). If you look there is a great deal of information out there that completely contradicts any “safety” in their use or consumption (even before they were introduced!). Farmers have also seen reductions in the health/fertility problems of their animals when getting away from GMO’s.

    Farmers do have a choice; look at organic seed offerings; they cannot contain gmo’s but they can be hybrids with drought resistance etc. There are also other sources of non-gmo seed, A person just has to look for them and many are coming to do so.

    Currently most soils are biologically dead because of the chemicals used. If you re-balance the soil minerals and improve its biology you don’t need special seeds or tons of expensive chemicals. The regular seeds will do wonderfully. Weeds are the doctors of the soil and they only grow in response to an imbalance. Fix the imbalance (using water soluble soil testing; what is actually available to the crop) and the weeds grow weak and don’t overtake the crop (in fact you will see the bugs feasting on them and not your crop), your crops will be stronger and more disease resistant because of the soil, and the natural bacteria that help the crop take the minerals out of the soil and air, not because of some genetic trait. The result is that over time the nutrition of the food grows as well as yield and the soils are repaired and improved for the next generation. It’s a win-win for the farmer and the consumer. See aglabs.com

    See seeds of deception documentary and materials from Natural News
    A good website to check out; http://responsibletechnology.org/gmo-dangers “The most comprehensive source of GMO health risk information on the web”

    • frosty


      Well said.

      How can what leads diminished personal responsibility, increased dependency, unhealthier lifestyles and lower standards of living be called progress?

      Take monoculture farming for example. It has been touted as being the most efficient, and profitable form of agriculture yet developed. It allows us to produce and eat a wide variety foods grown on massive farms and shipped to our local markets from a thousand miles away. But that’s not the whole story. What is left out is that this form of agriculture goes against nature. It is therefore not sustainable.

      If the same crop is grown on the same piece of land year after year, not only does the soil lose its ability to nourish the plant but the disease organisms that attack that crop will build up in that area until they become uncontrollable. Though nature prefers variety, the modern corporate solution has been to dump more and more oil-derived chemicals onto the land and to invent GMO the crops to fight the disease organisms and the result is we now have dead land and un-nutritional, unhealthy, or even poisonous, crops to eat while big agri-corporations make tons of money on the deal. That’s called progress?

      Nature will provide adequate sustinence as long as we work within its parameters but it will not long tolerate attempts to exploit it unnaturally, as if it is a cog in some humanly created machine. Saying that tons of petro-chemicals and GMO foods are necessary to prevent a catastrophe in the complicated agricultural system is like saying that tons of more petro-dollar must be printed and exponentially increasing debt are necessary to prevent a catastrophe in the complicated economic system. This is no coincidence as such demonic advise comes from the same horse’s mouth that corrupted these systems in the first place. Having listened to it, we will eventually reap what we have sewn.

      For a true, lasting solution, we will need to reject dependency and embrace personal responsibility. We will need to become more agriculturally self-sufficient by learning to plant, tend and harvest our own natural and healthy foods in our own gardens or small farms and to support those who have demonstrated an ability to farm by husbanding the available natural resources.

      We will need to stop supporting those who would exploit and ruin our natural resources for short term corporate profit and then tell us that more of the same is the only viable solution to a problem so complicated that only they, not we, can begin to comprehend it.

      Two good books to help get started…
      John Seymour…”The New Complete book of Self-Sufficiency”
      Carla Emery’s…”The Encyclopedia of Country Living”

  17. Tim

    Great report Greg. Nice to see you out in the corn.

  18. gerald

    Greg. I really love listening to your take on the world situation. I look forward to each episode daily. It is difficult to see a bad economy from my neck of the woods. Housing is booming, both new and old. People around here sure seem to be spending money on whatever they want. I would like to know is it possible for some areas to be less affected by another crises? I have done some preparation, just in case, but find it hard to get too wound up in all this gloom, when we seem to be experiencing boom.

    • Greg

      Yes some areas are doing better than others, but lets make one thing crystal clear, if the Fed stops suppressing interest rates it’s game over for the housing boom. The average yield for the 10-year Treasury for the past 40n years is around 4%. Mortgage interest rates are set off the 10-year which is currently at around 2.6%. If we go back to the average for the 10-year, then mortgage interest rates shoot up to about 7%, not the 4.4% we have now. What happens to the so-called housing boom when rates go back up to something more normal? Heroin addicts feel great too until the artificial high wears off.

    • mohammad

      Part time jobs cannot maintain a 30 year mortgage, if we do not get our manufacturing jobs back we are doomed!

  19. Coalburner9

    You are doing a great job.
    Just want to say, since you are in the corn field, your friends can probably tell you one of the main reasons there will be no recovery of the US Economy. To be a prospreous America we need several pillars in place for success. Good money, good education system, and Constitutional laws that allow economic success. America today has real deep detailed troubles for each of those. One example, in todays news, the huge gold mining company that bought into and spent a half billion dollars on the Alaska Pebble Mine proposal walked out, cold turkey. The writer cites several reason that can be overcome but it is like he was uncertain about the real reason. It is the same one that brought most building and earth moving to a halt by the time the latest crash happened, 2007 and 2008. In fact I believe the money crash hid, or shielded from view a bigger reason for the fall and the real money reason there is and will be no recovery. IT will take at least a decade or two before that changes. Yes it is USEPA with a little help from the USFWS Endangered Species Act. For those that have not experienced this it may be hard to believe but it is true. You cannot turn one shovel of dirt/soil without their approval and they do not approve. Remember Obama’s humiliation “Shovel Ready Projects”. Yes they can bleat it is not so but that is because those who know never get to the argument. Look at coal, refinerys, pipelines, industrial landscaping, commercial building,or mining, EPA says no! Either politicians are to dumb to connect the dots in government or it is more about protecting the petrodollar. Yes EPA is an arm of the administration and we must keep buying oil from the Middle East rather than develope our own because we need the House of Saude to protect our ever weakening petrodollar and the Environuts get to win too. I do nto mean conservationists or what were once Environmentalists, now appalled by the reckless fanatical products od liberal Universities. The strategy keeps the Democrats and Moderate Republicans (warmongers like McCain) in office. There will be no full recovery until everyone in America is broke or taken their money and left the country. Especially the liberals living out their fantasy lives on someone else’s hard earmned money. They will have to go broke and be broken. Sad but I have watched this be reproven week after week for the whole 2000’s I do know how these agencies work and have fought them for more years than you want to hear. Sad for the country but the coming depression has reasons behind it that cause the economic problems in our homeland. Other countries, not the west will recover first and it will forever put us second rate for the next 500 year cycle. Money, power, and brains are fleeing the USA and you cannot blame them. Sure we may recover some from time to time but unless things change away from the attitudes of todays majority it is going to be a long way down for the Middle Class in our lifetimes. No people working, no middle class and eventually the non producing rich will be poor too.

    • Greg


      Amen brother!


  20. Susa Glenn

    Please research the GMO issue further. This is an absolute disaster in terms of which countries will not buy GMO crops and also in terms of the health safety issues for Americans. Most GMO crops are “Roundup Ready” which allows more Roundup to be used on the crops. Please research the health implications for the US population. Here is a good place to start: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/07/30/glyphosate-toxicity.aspx . Also, research Monsanto and the recent bill Congress just passed protecting them: http://rt.com/usa/monsanto-congress-silently-slips-830/ . Finally, consider the implications of the damage to the health of the American public due to the GMO crops in light of Obamacare and the economy.

    • Greg

      Susa Glenn,
      I have been doing some research and I am finding a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” scenario. Let’s start with going to non GMO seeds like the good old days. Farming friends tell me that in those days crop yields were much lower. Instead of getting 180 bushels per acre for corn they’d be lucky to get 60 per acre. There would be mass starvation if the world suddenly went to non GMO. Many farmers would go out of business and/or grain prices would have to double or triple. Also, non GMO crops used to be planted with poison to kill grub worms and such. Then it took lots of spraying of insecticide and herbicides to kill bugs and weeds. My friend told me that GMO is much more friendly to the soil and water by a long shot. On the other hand, many health problems are without question linked to GMO food. There is no doubt non GMO seeds are much more healthy than GMO seeds. The world is facing a food crisis in quality, quantity and affordability. I do not have the answers, but if I was given the choice between GMO and non GMO, I take the non and pay up for it.

  21. Nathan


    I think Rouhani didn’t shake hands with the President because of the political implications back in Iran . Remember its custom after Friday prayers to have anti-western flag burnings . Bending to the West has to be a slow process that doesn’t show weakness . I personally believe that Iran will allow IAEA inspectors in very soon . Keep in mind an Associated press article about 3 months ago showed the cementing over of a key nuclear site . My worry is that Israel (who once again said Iran is “6 months” away from the bomb (for the 20th time in my lifetime)is starting to panic . Don’t get me wrong I am Pro -Israel but I think we should watch them closely .

    Just my two cents
    Keep up the great work .

    • Greg

      I thought this was a bad sign. New president of Iran doesn’t accept a face-to-face with President Obama. Yes they talked on the phone but that is not the same thing. Sorry about the Coast to Coast booking. They run the show. I like them very much, but I am at their booking mercy.

    • mohammad

      It takes the Iranians more than a year to make a rug!!!!!

  22. Nathan

    Oh Ps.

    I work night shift here in Asheville and was SO excited when George Noory introduced you to do a bit the other night . I was thinking you were going to be the guest then it was only a 30 second sound bite . Grrrr .

  23. Peter

    So the crop report shows a better yield this year? To me that means more poison will be dished out to the animal and human population. Looks more like a eugenics program initiated by monsatan and back by the full cooperation of a sold out political class controlled by a banking cartel energized by evil doing its best to “kill the useless eaters.” Think GMOs are harmless? Check out new research: http://www.ogm-alerte-mondiale.net/?lang=en

    A more sane solution is a return to nutrient dense cultivation which insures healthy plants that are naturally resistant to insect damage due to the plant’s development of complex carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and phyto-nutrients. Insects can’t digest these plants so they stay away – insects are scavengers that target nutrient deficient plants. Nutrient dense cultivation practices preserve and build up soils unlike current synthetic cultivation which burns out organic matter and destroys beneficial soil microbes.

    “Nations endure only as long as their topsoil.” Henry Cantwell Wallace, US Secretary of Agriculture 1921 – 1924

  24. `David E

    I noticed Greg that your auto focus on your camera works sporadically. It seemed to be completely out on one of your recent interviews and on and off at the beginning of this. As usual your information is top notch and I never miss a one. Thank you.

  25. Jim H

    We continue to ask the same questions we’ve been asking all my life and receiving plausible answers from both sides of the isle meant to cause further divisions between us and keep us asking these same questions. The first time I remember hearing the word trillion concerning America’s finances was Sept. 10, 2001. Donald Rumsfeld told us the Pentagon could not account for 2.3 trillion dollars. I remember the hair standing up on the back of my neck. To date there has been no explanation given under oath by anyone about this. Fast forward to Sept. 2013, and we are told of 16 trillion as if it’s just standard operating procedure. Congress realizing this figure as well as a debt limit crisis come Oct. decides to take a well earned vacation. This is real Alice in Wonderland stuff. No Media chasing these guys down asking if it might not be better to fix this tiny little problem before relaxing. Alan Grayson & one or two others are the only ones asking real question of the culprits and they are usually rewarded with losing their next election.
    For profit has always and is still used to keep the same old class system intact so the few may enjoy the fruits of our labor. Take any main Stream recognized form of government, Capitalist or the two evils Socialist and communist. These all have a for profit system the only difference being who gets the profits. They are all pyramid schemes and ours being the newest form is just bearing the same fruit of the other two. I will pose a statement and then ask questions that the statement answers.
    For profit is the reason that even when you have resources, technology and people power to do something, you can’t do it.
    Why did my child who needed a new heart have to die?
    Why can’t Granddad have the hip replacement he needs?
    Why is our infrastructure crumbling?
    Why don’t we have a more peaceful world?
    Why are sociopaths allowed to be decision makers?
    Why were the inhabitants of Diego Garcia moved to a desolate rock over a thousand miles from their home?
    Why do nations hide bad motives beneath good ones?
    Why are prisons over crowded?
    Why is there a worldwide epidemic of drug addiction and alcoholism.
    Why must good people starve?
    There are thousands more where those came from. Even if for profit isn’t the whole reason, it is the biggest.
    The standard of living (since the 80’s) in America has taken the route of Socialism on the way to communism and as sad as it is for this ex Republican (not a Democrat either)
    to say, I’m not so sure with this debt that we won’t end up worse than either of them.
    Question is, how do you get from a consciousness of fear and greed to a consciousness
    of spirit that wants to do the right thing for free and for nothing.

    • Galaxy 500

      Not buying that we need only grow in poor soil that’s poppycock

  26. BLT

    So monsanto really does own the food supply. No wonder we are seeing these crazy health effects that never used to b around. The media: controlled by the elites, the money supply: controlled by the elites, and finally the food supply. No wonder we are slapped in the face over and over by these crooks! They have the right to do whatever they want. After all, whatcha gonna do about it?? Thats what I thought. At least we have the truth! Thanks greg! You rock sir!

  27. J C Davis

    Greg I love the new backdrop. I killed two copperheads this week just like the one I saw behind you. LOL Well I named them Obama, and ben.
    When I was a boy I sent a letter to the senator of Tennessee. Suggesting how to use the prison system as a self producing system replacing the food stamp program. He wrote back saying it would be unconstitutional to allow a government organization to compete with private company’s like Kroger. As I see it Obama care is doing the same thing when it forces everyone to buy from a private insurance company. I for one will not except Obama care even if it is FREE. It is for sure they will not take my money, and constitution without a fight. Pissed off? Yes I am. All Americans should be. Thanks Greg.

  28. Tim miller

    i am a wheat (and other things) farmer and as far as i know there is currently no GMO wheat being produced for resale in the USA , only research.

    • Galaxy 500

      That is my understanding also. You can not sell HIM wheat overseas.

  29. oldnurse

    I suspect that just as many republicans are worried that people are going to like and benefit from Obamacare. Certainly, it’s clear that many of the people who hate Obamacare, hate it because it is NOT universal coverage [I have many close friends in this categoy]. So the polls are, to some extent, intended to deceive, depending on who is polling and who is releasing the info.

    An update in case you didn’t get it, is that Rouhani called the White House and asked to speak with Obama. They talked yesterday.



    GMO is a no-no good period!

    There is no masking the evil of moninsaneto.

    The diabolical takeover of the food indistry was so it could be controlled and used to poision the masses in just anoher part of the population reduction agenda.

    It is all pretty simple, and very plain Jane to see.

    Those who do thier best to grow and eat organics from farms they know are from real organic farms will not have as many health problems as those who eat the crapy GMO products. Every one is in choice, and everyone should be told the truth Greg.

    • Anne Elliott

      Organic doesn’t necessarily mean non-GMO, though… Got to be careful about that…

  31. Jerry

    If anyone has any doubts about a NWO forming a new Banking system after collapsing the old one should listen to the head dog himself.
    These people control the system we live in. Congress is just a puppet show. The real deals are cut behind closed doors.


    Hey Greg. Did you catch Mr. wonderful press conference on Friday? For the second straight time, he said the government has the lowest deficit spending in last 60 years. Am I missing something? I guess they can shut that press off and avoid raising the debt ceiling on Tuesday then…right?

  32. Mickey Smith

    Greg, this hot, please check it out, when these people talk it’s for real!
    Only 3 comments but very good, there’s truth in this article & I feel it!
    Thanks for your work, I wish could send some funny money your way, but man feeding myself comes 1st!

  33. Shadow of Doubt

    Hi Greg,
    I thought I would check with you regarding the reports I am getting out of Panama. I have about 10-12 of my peers that have expatriated from the good old US of A. Many of them are now in living in Latin America. However, I have been receiving some pretty credible emails out of Panama that many of these individuals are now having a hard time getting their money out of their banks. The “expats” say the local papers are calling it a bank holiday. I have seen nothing on TV or in the news to verify this—have you?

    You are my go-to news source, so keep up the good work!

    • Greg

      Shadow of Doubt,
      I have had some of my sources say they thought this was planned and it was simply an upgrade of their system. On the other hand, if your sources on the ground are having trouble getting money out of their banks that tells me this little “upgrade” they are doing is (at the very least) causing confidence problems. Once confidence is lost in the system it is difficult to get it back.
      Thank you for posting your info here.

  34. Derrick Michael Reid

    Rob Kirby, He connects the dots, to the Government, but JPM is not the government, and the commercial weak link, and even if they have a client, who orders a dump, and that client is the US government ESF using the FED and banksters and greedsters, it does not matter, in equity, that JPM has been ordered to price manipulate for the government. Just because the government asks you to commit a crime, does not give you the right to commit a crime, and mere agency of mala en se in equity is not defense. I had it right the first time, go after JPM in equity for price manipulation in a gun totting state.

  35. J C Davis

    OMG I lost 67 million bucks somewhere…Where could it be?
    See this link of how 67 million is missing from the Obama no care slush fund.

  36. Po Rich

    I wouldn’t particularly want to meet with the President, or most US politicians either, would, in all probability, consider it a waste of time.
    Maybe the new President of Iran is somewhat of a realist on that topic also.

  37. rich


    You need to be careful holding your meeting in a cornfield, especially if you are giving any secret information.

  38. Paul from Indiana

    Unless you have your funds parked in an arrangement outside of the reach of the USA, you will be able to emigrate only with the money you can physically carry. “Electronic” money will be the first casualty of the bail-in. Emigres and expatriates surely shall have taken this into account.

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