Hillary Clinton Update, Economy Continues to Sink, G-20 Fears

1By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (9.9.16)

Hillary Clinton is having trouble with words and phrases that begin with the letter “C.” She has explaining to do on her concussion while at the State Department, cyber security, coughing, The Clinton Foundation and classified documents. In her first so-called press conference in 278 days, she walked off when the questions came up on these subjects.

The European Central Bank (ECB) and Europe’s top central banker, Mario Draghi, have done everything they can do to get the economy going. It has not improved, and the ECB is now downgrading its forecast, which means the money printing experiment by the ECB did not work. To make matters worse, the message from the recent G-20 meeting was “We are living in a global risk society.” The G-20 pointed out the three main risks were “economic, ecological and security.”

The drought in the Western United States continues to cause problems. The most severely drought areas have shrunk some, but the drought seems to be spreading. Now, officials in California are calling for a “high wildfire danger this season.” Just 13 fires have burned 260,000 acers so far this season. There is no end in sight for the drought.

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  1. Matt In Pa

    October is gonna be a dandy. Hold tight folks,and keep your powder dry. Wow,incredible times.

    • Diane D.

      Matt, yes and the same for Friday January 20, 2017.

    • Frederick

      Theres a good article about negative rates and Peter Schiffs analysis thereof on Zero Hedge Well worth the 5 minutes

  2. OutLookingIn

    Hanjin Bankruptcy Consequence

    Chief operating officer Sanne Manders, officer at California – based freight forwarder FlexPort Inc., said rates on Asia – U.S. cargo have risen 40% to 50% since Monday (September 5th) on ALL sea lanes – not just those operated by Hanjin.

    That is an increase of $600 to $700 per container. The average price per container on Asia – U.S. routes rose 56% to $4,423 on Tuesday (September 6th) from $2,835 a week earlier.

    What this knock-on-price-effect will do is make for higher consumer/end user prices and will lower retail corporate earnings.

    Let’s not pretend we have a choice that will prevent another devastating financial crisis.
    We don’t.
    Only the timing is in question.

    • OutLookingIn

      Increased Risk
      Spike in Fear

      The old adage of; “be careful what you wish for…” seems to have landed on the Fed’s doorstep! The recent cacophonous chorus of Fed “jawboning” of a coming rate hike when they meet September 21st, seems to have spooked global markets.
      The all encompassing cross-asset correlation is nearing multi-year crisis extremes. Everything (all assets) are deeply cross-connected. Not only singly, but with multiple connections, across all sectors. The heightened sense of fear in the markets is palpable. One wrong move here could cause a selling cascade to occur.
      Think of it as a ships crew, that are all chained together at the ankles and their vessel is slowly taking on water. If they don’t all act calmly and work together as a team to get in the lifeboat – then they all sink. As soon as one falls overboard!

      • OutLookingIn

        A Higher Level of Insanity

        PIK Toggle Bonds (PIK = payment in kind)

        These bonds are sold at arms length and allow interest payment deferrals. Also allows coupon payments to made with debt.

        Buying bonds that allow interest to be paid back with still more bonds!
        There are $125.5 billion of PIK Toggle bonds issuance in the last 2 years.

        • Galaxy 500

          Wow, sounds like an instrument that the Fed reserve and ECB would buy

    • Charles H

      Good reporting and contribution. Another facet of shattering glass.

    • Paul ...

      OutLookingIn … Excellent heads up you have provided us WatchDoggers … This recent raising of Asia shipping container cargo freight rates by 40% to 50% indicates to me a devaluation of the US Dollar by 40% to 50% has “already been decided and agreed upon” by the Asian financial powers that be!!
      This means gold currently selling at about $1350 (and silver at about $20) should both “re-set higher” by about 40% to 50% which is about $2000 for gold and $30 dollars for silver … and as you say we should expect to see anything imported from Asia by Walmart to have similar price increases imposed … the “sticker shock” to come may just be the catalyst to prod J.Q.Public out of their stupor (that everything will continue along “as usual”) and “jolt them into reality” (making them rush to buy precious metals) which may light a speculative fire under gold and silver that then drives their price five times higher (from $2000 to $10,000 per ounce for gold and from $30 to $150 per ounce for silver)!

  3. Dan Howe

    Hi Greg,
    I used to really enjoy your site, but lately you have been EXTREMELY biased in favor of Trump & against Clinton. What happened to your unbiased reporting?? You have become the mirror image of the MSM – sad! I know, if I don’t like it, I can start my own site. No, I’ll just frequent the more unbiased sites. For the record, I wouldn’t vote for either of these fools. I’m sure that I’ll be called a troll now because that’s what you & some of your followers do to anyone who would dare to express a contrary view (i.e. Gina) instead of debating the issue maturely & intelligently. You do understand that it’s about an even race right now, right? So, obviously some very intelligent people intend to vote for Hillary (or more likely, AGAINST Trump). But, let’s only hear from those who think exactly like we do – hmm, sounds just like what the MSM does (& Nazi Germany, for that matter). We wouldn’t want to associate with anyone who could possibly think differently because WE KNOW WE’RE RIGHT, just like we GUARANTEED that Hillary would be indicted, and wouldn’t be the Democratic nominee, and can’t possibly get elected and the economic system is going to crash last year, etc. Anyone who thinks that either Hillary or Trump will change “business as usual” is just as clueless as the rest of the sheeple. Certainly a millionaire or billionaire will want to shake up the system that made them what they are, right? I dare you to print this instead of censoring as you have done in the past. Sometimes the truth hurts!

    • Frederick

      Dan I have to take exception to your criticism of Greg and us Watchdoggers If.I may speak for us I would say that we realize very well how flawed Donald Trump is as a candidate to the point where often I question his sincerity however that said Hillary has shown her true colors too often for any intelligent rational thinking individual to not see through her lies

    • Tommy

      Bothers you when the shoe is on the right foot but you have no problem when it’s on the left foot. Get a life Gina.

      • Rodster

        Haha, Gina morphed into Mina and now goes by the name Dan. How hopelessly pathetic but then again Gina is a paid government troll.

    • Southern Girl

      Who tinkled in your cheerios this morning. Greg tries to wipe away the dust and cob webs…just wondering if you are not falling under the category of Normalcy Bias????
      Maybe YOU just don’t want to hear the truth…truth hurts right back at you.

    • Tracy Welborn

      Cut the passive aggressive crap Dan. Your judgement and disdain sound whinny. Just state who you are going to vote for and why. Not voting for either one of these “fools” just makes you unable to make difficult decisions. No, I don’t think your a troll – I think you’re a manchild who doesn’t really say what he means.

    • Chip

      anyone who votes for hiLIARy is either ignorant or stupid. greg reports FACTS here that the msm ignores. that is not biased reporting. debate based on “feelings” is not true debate and greg, I, and other readers of this site would rather not waste our time… Chip

    • BLT

      In case you didn’t notice”Dan” we only have 2 candidates and one has basically been accused as you put it “by some really smart people” of covering up murders of our own ambassador and other Americans, and selling top secret info to your favorite people, other criminals. Your argument reeks of sour grapes. Say something about Trump that would make us think your right and you will see how open minded we watch doggers can be. When you come off “butt hurt” you lose the possibility of not being treated like a child or troll or whatever. A good salesman can sell anything and you have a lot of work to do…as do I honestly.

    • allen ols

      for example/ read my lips, no new taxes bushey

    • andyb

      Dan: some of your points are valid, especially the one that accuses Greg (and many commenters here) of being biased against Hillary. OF COURSE WE ARE. Only a brain dead, cognitively dissonant person could vote for a congenital liar, scandal plagued individual who, by her own admission, seeks USA hegemony through military aggression, leaving millions of dead and totally destroyed societies in the wake.
      Yes, Trump has issues and has made many mistakes in his first attempt at political office. But as a Vietnam vet, I totally applaud his pledge of disengagement from war and his focus instead of rebuilding America. Such wasted money and lives since the end of WWII. And for what, pray tell? Trump wants rapprochement with Russia instead of baiting Putin into WWIII, while Hillary and her fellow neocons seek hegemony over just another sovereign country. And whereas Hillary wants an even greater invasion of illegals and refugees, Trump wants American interests to be foremost. The education part (50%) of my property tax bill has doubled since Obama opened the floodgates because the education cost of illegals is overwhelming the local school systems. Healthcare costs have quintupled in ten years for the middle class partially due to the free health care benefits for illegals and refugees.
      So Dan, there is a reason why we are anti Hillary and Pro Trump. It’s called logic and common sense.

      • Deanna Clark

        It’s one thing to disagree hotly with Hillary and write about her health and other issues. It’s another to have no pity and be sarcastic about a person who obviously has copd or other very serious sicknesses.
        The mean streak is as bad as 2008 online and it only reflects back on the weakness of the meanie, as always!! It makes it look as though Trump supporters are too cowardly to express a little decent compassion…and it appears she needs it healthwise.

        • Paul ...

          When a women lies out her mouth constantly one has a hard time believing other things out of her mouth (like a cough) … decent compassion can only rightfully be shown if she releases her medical records … simply observing her character traits one has to be very careful she is not trying to pull the wool over our eyes once again … being sarcastic is a result of her previous attempts to hood wink us … if pity is due she has to prove her condition is real … if she won’t release her medical records I assume she is as healthy as a horse hee hee heeing (like she did when Qaddafi was killed and his gold stolen) … to express a little decent compassion requires proof on her part that she is indeed sick and not just lying to us again!!

      • Paul ...

        The “education part” of our homeowners tax bill should be funded by the corporations that use these publicly educated workers in their factories … why do American homeowners have to subsidize the corporations workforce … and as most of our American jobs have already been sent overseas by Hillary and her gang of neocons what cents does it make to double our education taxes to train kids to flip hamburgers?? … the Fed prints money for the banksters to bail them out … how about the Fed printing up some money for American homeowners to bail them out of higher and higher education taxes being imposed on us because Hillary and Obama want to bring Mexican, Syrian, etc., etc. families here to America!!!

      • Dan

        I appreciate your reply sir & you make a number of valid points. That is the kind of reasoned response that I can relate to & respect. Although I stand by my original comment, I have some regret over its tone & the omission of my opinion that Greg has, hands down, the best lineup of guests regarding our country’s & the world’s dire economic situation. I always look forward to & appreciate his interviews on this topic as well as the majority of the comments. Thanks for the reply! Dan

    • Jallen

      Dan Howe,
      If you have not figured out how much America has deteriorated, vote for Hillary and read all the other websites you want! Perhaps you can make a donation to the Clinton foundation, I am sure you will get your money’s worth. Our country is on the brink of disaster and you still have not figured it out . Perhaps you will enjoy a cashless society, where every financial transaction will monitored by the big Liberal / Progressive government. Perhaps you are happy with our current school system, where education is the last thing they worry about, as politicl correctness is far more important.
      Perhaps you are happy with the government land grabs. Try taking 10,000 dollars out of the bank, you will be reported. Perhaps you should visit Hollywood, you will fit right in with the opened minded hollywood types, you know, vote and donate your money only to liberal / progressive democrats. Perhaps the 19 trillion dollar debt excites you, Hillary will provide free college, and any other goodie she can think of to bribe voters, who cares how far in debt we go. Perhaps you like the condition America’s infrastructure is in. Perhaps Nancy Pelosi is for you, did she not say ‘ Just pass it and then we can read it’ when calling for a vote on Obama Care? Perhaps you like GOVERNMENT FOR SALE, Oh, slap my hand, Hillary will be offended.
      Just in case you have not figured it out, ANYBODY BUT HILLARY and if you find fault with that, you deserve every thing get from the Liberal / Progressive government, as they will make a financial slave out of you. Wake up Dan, time is very short to turn this around. If things do not change soon, you will be living under a totalitarian government. Dan, go hang out with the intelligent people, who vote for Hillary, I am sure you will find them open minded! Perhaps, your wife, daughter or significant female in you life, can share share a bathroom stool with the TRANSGENDERS, I am sure that will work out just fine. You see, Dan, the other side will not allow you to have a choice.
      Dan, may I suggest you talk to Bernnie Sanders and ask him how Hillary and the DNC handled the Democrat primaries, I am sure it is you cup tea.
      You got to be kidding me Dan, is this you definition of intelligence.
      If you can find a better website take it!!!!!
      Best of luck to you.

    • Bobby

      Way to go Dan! You are the Man.

      I admire Greg for letting it thru, unlike most of the posts that I make which he censors.

      This site is very biased and really no different than any MSM site.

      • Paul ...

        No Bobby … not biased … truthful … did Hillary’s heart bleed for the Syrian women and children she sent Saran Gas to kill? … did Hillary’s heart bleed for Qaddafi’s injuries she inflicted upon him? … did Hillary’s heart bleed for the American workers she put out of their jobs by supporting every outsourcing legislative law on the books? … the list of heartless actions on her part goes on and on … and now according to you just truthfully mentioning her immoral evil actions on this site is interpreted as being biased? … no Bobby … the truth may be a bitch … but it is not bias!!

    • J C Davis

      Dan when I close my eyes, and think of fraud a image of Hillary Clinton comes before me. That is not false reporting that is truth. You may not be a troll, so research it for yourself then prove Greg wrong.
      If he is right be man enough (like I was) to admit it, and change .

    • Paul ...

      Hey Dan … you say we are “extremely biased” against Hillary who seems to be your Patron Saint … do you think Hillary showed “extraordinary extreme bias” when she hee hee hee’ed when Qaddafi was dragged through the street, killed and his gold stolen? … what is good for the goose is good for the gander … if you want to defend a person without a heart don’t try to make our hearts bleed for her … she has no moral code and the people voting for her are likely also without morals (queers, intellectuals, and most Democrats)!!

    • Galaxy 500

      “Some times the truth hurts…” which is why your mendacious and intellectually dishonest post caused my to laugh. Facts are not biased. The truth is not racist. The Clintons have a demonstrable history of nefarious activities and being able to pervert justice.
      You don’t like Greg reporting facts?
      I love the way you misdirect, use innuendo, and out right lies to shape thought. Alensky would be proud of you. I especially like the troll reference. Funny Dude. If it waddles forward and quacks, it’s duckspeak. What does being a paid troll pay? SORRY, I couldn’t help myself.
      The only time I know Greg ever stops posting is when it is utter bovine skat, antisemitic rants, pro moslem fantasy and libel. Other than that, he let’s it fly.
      As far as fools, Greg allows them to post and I have proof: He let’s both you and I post. Pretty generous aye?

    • Galaxy 500

      Thinking is hard and it doesn’t appear to be your forte any more than honesty appears to be a strong suit.
      Dude, don’t go away mad😃, just do away.

    • Charles H

      Let’s take a look at your comment, Dan,

      Repeating the descriptive, and variation of “BIAS” three times in a row – simply amounts to “hammering”. It is overkill and abusive. If I were acting “bitchy”, and became very irritating: one could address my attitude and say… ‘you are acting this way’; or one could just keep calling me “a bitch”. Your approach resembles the latter. And this isn’t “a tone”: it is flagrant recrimination.
      And, again, for the record: this site isn’t “about” ‘debating issues’ – it is about CONSENSUS and CONTRIBUTION – you know… staying “on topic”; ‘being on the same page’, and the like. Debate is just a code-word pretext to ARGUE. And why would I debate with anyone who seeks concession or compromise on my part: but who never budges an inch from theirs?
      The meat of your meanness begins with the inference that ‘very intelligent people’ intend to do what we here obvious won’ t – and sets an unfair and unsubstantiated comparison. That’s a big hurray! for your side; and we get the sad face. Nice.
      The heart of the comment is insinuating intolerance and likening this site to the MSM and associating it with Nazi Germany. What (unnecessary) and illegitimate tripe. Firstly because this Greg Hunter quotes facts, figures, and uses citations: his reporting is done truthfully – while the MSM publish lies and misrepresentations – these two cannot be likened in any way whatsoever. It is a ‘nice try at turning the tables’: but it doesn’t work. Being completely wrong matters little when you intend on smearing mud on someone else. Perhaps the “Nazi” reference is simply projection on your part – because, secondly: it is a completely unjustifiable label.
      The rubbing Mr. Hunter’s nose in his past mis-calls is particularly telling. It sure makes a good platform to launch out into a bit of righteous indignation in your conclusion. Anyone who doesn’t believe the Status Quo won’t just go on is like unto a “sheeple” and ‘clueless’?? You, at least, are (a) consistent – stinker.

      The ‘Hurtful Truth’ here is: you, Dan, are an ass. And one with no compunction to throw it all out for the whole world to see. Mr. Hunter would have done you a great favor to have censored your comment completely; but while he did this to show fairness – I think he also did it to let you hang yourself. Good job!
      So you got some play here – and now you and Bobby can pat each other on the back, believing you did something special. Pathetic. ‘Intelligent and mature’ debate involves addressing core issues: not attacks and brow-beating, of which NEITHER indicate maturity or intelligence. You are your own worst enemy: and don’t know it. Classic. (And, yes, I am – and I know it.)
      Charles H

    • Old Dog

      You have made valid points.
      First, I agree that it matters only a little who is elected.
      There is the government we are allowed to see, and the shadow government that is actually in control.
      What does matter is the “persona” the American people elect to office will alert the Shadow Government to how quickly they can push forward their agenda.
      A Liberal president elected will signal that the majority of people are willing to accept dramatic changes and will speed up the progress.
      A Conservative president will show a public fighting back against the changes being forced upon it and will hopefully caution the Shadow Government to slow the progression. Neither will stop the process.

      Unbiased reporting does not exist.
      I would postulate that it has never existed. The opinionated news was just not as conspicuous or audacious as it is today.
      Every editor makes editorial decisions as to what he will print/report in his publication, and few editors ever rise above the temptation to slant the news.
      Editors and reporters are human!
      So, one learns to fact check for yourself. Read both sides of any issue on your own volition. Strive to use logic and sound reasoning in discerning the news.
      Do not expect perfection.
      Separate the wheat from the chaff!
      Keep the wheat. Throw out the chaff.
      That’s the best we can hope for today in this presidential election environment.

      And keep emotions at bay as much as possible.
      There is enough raving and hateful name-calling going on.
      Yes, sir, you have a right to have an opinion and on a public forum in the United States you have a right to express that opinion.
      That’s one freedom everyone on USA Watchdog should cherish and RESPECT.

      • J C Davis

        Old Dog it is my opinion both Hillary and Bill should be Hung Till dead on the white house steps. I don’t hate them , but I love the lives they have killed. I love the people they have lied too. I love the people they have stolen from. They call out in spirit for hope.. Clintons are destroyers that will reap what they sow. People are what they do. They will get their reward.

  4. Dan Howe

    A medical professional friend of mine says she might have LUNG CANCER because of her coughing fits – now there’s some unbiased, ethical & responsible journalistic reporting! If USA TODAY said something like that about Trump, you’d be calling for everyone at the paper to be fired.

    • Greg Hunter

      Something is seriously wrong with Ms. Clinton and many MD’s have weighed in with concerns of her health.. I offered speculation and it was stated as such. Trump, on the other hand, is not standing in front of and coughing for several minutes during a speech.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        The problem with Clinton isn’t her coughing. It’s her clinical psychopathy (more C’s). I’d say she’s a charming psychopath (even more C’s) but I never found her that charming. In fact, she makes my skin crawl, my palms itch and my gums bleed. I don’t think the general public understands the problem with ranks of the federal government being populated disproportionately by psychopaths. Contrary to what some scholars report, today psychopaths represent a majority of the population. Yes, it’s true that not long ago there were relatively few but because so many laws protect them from themselves and others, they proliferate at the expense of conscientious humans. (It’s why Plato wrote more than 2,500 yrs ago: Conscientious people don’t need laws to be conscientious and unconscionable people will always find ways to violate laws. – which means that laws are a limited tool for governing and usually create more problems than they solve.) Psychopaths aren’t humans. They aren’t men or women. They’re “its”. Asexual parasites that exploit others for gratuitous entertainment. Look at laws promoted by parasites like Clinton and Pelosi (ie VAWA, Title IX, Title IV-D) which allow unconscionable people to parasitize off from conscientious ones.

        • Deanna Clark

          And those are just the visible ones…the ones willing to take the heat. What’s the sport in persecuting them?
          The psychopathic people I’ve known are charming…it takes an enormous independence of soul to resist their personality. They use the word ‘love’ a lot and often speak of how much they love their family, their country. ..even God. Concealment is their genius. To me the classic is Madoff…the sweet Uncle Bernie looking after “our people”. And what a perfect name! He’s very popular in prison, I’ve heard. Hillary is like Michael Corleone…more the total cynic, convinced she’s doing the best for others. She considers those who oppose her platform ignorant and hypocritical of the real world.

    • Paul ...

      Notice the “medical professionals” say “Might” have lung cancer … but we all know how Hillary lies … so this “coughing fit can be an act” … she is probably practicing these coughing fits so she can use it in the debates to get off the stage when Trump hits her with some serious questions like (Do you think gassing Syrian women and children is ethical to promote a political objective?) … Cough … COugh … COUGH … dizzy … wobbly … must leave the stage … Trump says … see she won’t answer my question … and the media jumps on him for being so rude, so inconsiderate, just another heartless man picking on a poor innocent women … and the question Trump asked never gets answered … so Trump should be asking those questions now … the Lucerferian moral character of Hillary must be exposed to the world now for all to see … before she uses her “coughing gimmick” to walk off the debate stage and in doing so garner the “abused women pity vote”! … so lets consider the question again in our own minds before the theatrics.
      Is it ethical and morally right to “gas women and children” to promote a political objective (the way the former Nazi’s did to the Jews and the current neocons wanted to emulate upon Syrians)???

      • Paul ...

        I hope Trumps advisors are preparing him on how to respond to a Hillary coughing/fainting fit … to be caring and concerned and ask “are you alright” … otherwise … you know the MSM is going to paint him as a “heartless man” badgering “a weak innocent woman” suffering with a concussion, Alzheimer’s, lung cancer, Parkinson’s, etc., etc. … all the qualities that make her (unlike Trump) “extremely fit” for office!

        • Paul ...

          Hillary is a “shapeshifter” extraordinaire … to the neocons she presents herself as Hitlery … to women she presents herself as happy wide open mouth sillary … to normal men she presents herself as illary … her shapeshifting is for personal political and monetary gain … most likely she has no set beliefs or any internal moral or ethical code … to get the Luciferians to back her for President she probably simply opened a Bible … found the list of what God said Thou Shall “Not Do” … and put it on her “To Do” List!

          • Paul ...

            Are there any eye movement experts out there? Remember that movie the “Many Faces of Eve” … where Eve would have a seizure and then switch personalities … well when I look at Hillary’s eyes as she is speaking … I detect “shifty eye movement” just before she presents a “new personality” to cover over or justify what she has done!

            • Southern Girl


              Laughing my @ss off at your remarks…what a sense of humor you have or is it just dry wit. Keep them coming I always look for intelligent people on this site.

              Still scream laughing!!!!

        • Deanna Clark

          It isn’t an act…she is swollen and bloated, possibly from steroids. There are worse signs.
          The quality I love in Winston Churchill is his magnanimity. He wrote caring letters of condolence yo his worst political enemies if they suffered a bereavement.
          I disagree that such things hurt one’s cause. She will not get my vote because of her platform and past record. I can spare her some pity.

          • Paul ...

            Aye … like a white whale she is … she took an arm and leg on me … look for the birds men … look … the birds … she rises … after her men … she will not escape … see the hell and fury in her eyes … fear not men … she is only a whale … a big one for sure … but a whale none the less … raise your lances men … throw strong and deep!!!

        • vegasrob

          The script is already written. It matters NOT how Trump responds to her illness, he will be greatly disparaged regardless of how truly concerned he may be.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Bleak and ferocious…but possibly so. This policy didn’t begin with her…it’s the Wolfowitz blitzkrieg of the MiddleEast.

        • Frederick

          No Deana it began on Sept 11 2001 and is documented to have been planned well before that horrible day

          • sk

            It’s one and the same group of people, Frederick.

      • Jeffrey

        … they are subhuman of the dark side ; of their god and being .

      • Galaxy 500

        No one who wants to win would feint inability to serve for an office they seek to win. Just my two cents

        • Paul ...

          But if it can’t be won any other way then by garnering the sympathy vote … would Hillary do it?

    • jim c.

      Dan , If you can`t handle the truth then stay away, If the lye`s make you feel better keep watching cnn,cnbc,and read the lying news papers. Wake up .

    • eddiemd


      Since she has already had a thrombosis of her brain, maybe she has had a pulmonary embolism also. Could this cause her coughing? Possibly. She is most likely on anticoagulation which should prevent further clotting. If she had a clot in her legs, they could place a IVC filter.

      Reasons for cough.

      1. Infection
      2. Allergy
      3. Acid reflux.
      4. Asthma
      5. Neoplastic- lung cancer primaries vs metastatic
      6. Medication- ACE inhibitors
      7. Autoimmune- rheumatoid, lupus, Goodpasture, etc
      8. Sarcoidosis

      She looks ill. Release her medication list and that will tell most of the story.

      Maybe WikiLeaks has her medical records. That would be epic.

      I doubt she has lung cancer. I suspect autoimmune or even sarcoid. Antiphospholipid with a possible pulmonary embolism based on the history on the thrombosis in her brain.

      • J C Davis

        ED she is smoking Bills cigars dreaming of the day of revenge on him. Got no feelings of favor for a devil worshiper that will kill, steal, and destroy so easy

      • M.A. R

        Folks – Hillary definitely has a tumor in her lung. My mom had the exact same type of coughing, and it would be for similar lengths when it happened, and the sound of that cough is very different. In fact, it doesn’t have to be lung cancer. It could be another cancer type. In my moms case it was breast cancer. It had reappeared after more than 20 years after original chemo, and treatment. The cough keeps re-occurring, and cannot be gotten rid of by lozenges or a glass of water, though her mouth likely is getting very dry from the cough. the smallest of tumors can be a total irritant, and far worse than any drainage from sinuses. Behind the scenes Hillary is likely coughing nearly non-stop. My prediction is that Hillary is going to have to drop out of the race very soon. Of course, it will be due to health conditions, but unspecified, and left as a mystery. (they’d never say its cancer). Those ‘pens’ that big black dude is carrying, are not EPI-pens by the way. Its other meds. Hillary has had this cough going on months now, which is another potential sign it is cancer. Also the cough is getting worse in duration, and it sounds deeper when she does cough. Its starts out sounding dry, but then as you listen it starts to get deeper, more course, and it just doesn’t go away for her. Not from allergies. Its also very possible its going un-detected. It did in my mom’s case. Until some very wise doctor suggested she go in for a CT scan. For a long time it was thought to be allergies. I suspect its going to come about when she has to get into the real debates, and the stress of it all causes major fatigue, even dizziness, or near fainting. Thats also why those people were by her side helping her up those steps. It was to prevent a fall, due to potential for sudden dizziness. That can also occur when there is a tumor in a lung. But this does not mean its lung cancer. Its very possible that the prior period she was out of commission, was not for any brain injuries or a fall, but due to chemo treatment for cancer. All the thousands of emails ? Likely a ton of them were in fact private, and probably related to getting treatment for cancer. If you know you are going to be running for office in a few years, you know if you are Hillary you have to hide it. Shes pretty good at lying and hiding stuff. In fact years of practice at this sort of deception. Trump likely know this. Hence the ‘you release full medical records, and I’ll release my tax returns.’ He knows she will never in a million years release those records. Though Wikileaks may do that for her.

        • eddiemd

          She had a deep vein thrombosis in her leg in 1998 per the ABC story followed by the brain incident in 2012. This should mandate lifelong anticoagulation. The larger issue is her probable hypercoagulable state. What is the possible underlying condition? Autoimmune? Neoplastic? Abnormal genetics?

          Release the records (personal medical, family medical history). The public deserves to know.

          Trump by the way does not appear to be the shining light of health. He should also release thorough records to include family history.

    • mike

      Dan, It looks like the medical diagnosis is :progressive dementia.


    • Galaxy 500

      So Dan, you disagree with Greg and 71% of medical professionals. You’re entitled to your opinion in this once great country of ours, even if it is based on fantasy, lies, or wishing upon a star … but Dude, you’re not entitled to make up your facts. There is plenty of evidence that Hillary is gravely I’ll. She has little stamina and these coughing fits are not caused by hypothyroidism and/or it’s treatment. She even admitted to the FBI that her mental facilities are compromised.
      The only fools out there are the ones that don’t vote Trump. And then there are the biggest fools, the ones that don’t vote.
      But what a great thought shaping attack, comparing Greg to USA Today. Oh, it is a feeble impotent attack that reflect everything about you and nothing about Greg. It shapes everyone’s thoughts about you Dan. Well done.

      • sk

        It’s ‘mental faculties’, dude. How are your own doing?

  5. Rick Geisler

    One of the repeating patterns in the course of human history is one of arrogance and repentance. We as a people have reached the pinnacle of arrogance and have no where to turn but to kneel and beg for a different future than what is about to hit us. I have been reading Isaiah and the prophet professed many similarities to our times that are uncanny. One is: Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
    Does anyone think that Obama wanting Trans-genders mainstream and wanting grownups of opposite gender of any sexual orientation next to our little girls and boys is good? Evil has slithered its way into our midst and it is time we faced it or get what we deserve. The founders knew this day would come. The Progressives hope we Americans give up out of disgust and let it all burn down. Then they will be able to globalize the demonic “one world” they want. Jefferson and Monroe and others discussed this future time in letters. The question is are “We The People?”

    • Greg Hunter

      Very good point Rick! Thank you.

    • fred

      wow, that’s amazing.. !

      hey, i’m concerned that i may have malaria, if i send you a video of me blowing my nose could you confirm my suspicion?

      thank’s in advance

      • fred

        the above should have been in reply to eddiemd, not you Greg, see!, i’m delirious!

      • Southern Girl


        Can’t wait for the video…make sure you have good sound.